Fort Apache the Bronx (1981) Movie Script

Hey, check this out.
She's been working
the night shift.
Ain't she freezin'?
She's so wacked,
she thinks she's in the Bahamas.
Here she comes.
You been partyin', baby?
Shit, I been partyin'
all the time.
I'm a party girl.
Well, party on home, baby.
Take a little rest.
Rest? I don't need no rest.
I'm on the case, you know?
Y'all wanna come party with me?
Not now, baby.
I got somethin' fine...
for New York's finest.
Well, we're on the job.
Shit, I'm on my J-O-B too...
just like you.
Shit, an important job.
Y'all just take a look at this.
What is this,
the gunfight at OK Corral?
As long as there's cop killers around,
I'm gonna be ready.
Don't make no difference how many guns
you got. You only got two hands.
Murphy don't need no hardware.
All you gotta do is breathe
on the suckers, and they give up.
You can't get your man with six bullets,
you might as well go in with a tank.
Anybody know those two guys?
Loomis was in the car with us,
wasn't he?
Just out of the academy.
The other one too.
He was a rookie too?
What was his name?
What difference does it make?
They still had their coffee
in their hands when they got it.
The head and the face,
almost point-blank range.
Sounds like a hit.
Look at Beau Brummell over there.
They could be dropping bombs
on the Bronx...
and he'd be standing there figuring out
what jockey shorts went with his tie.
Jealous. Typical bust-out
cop reaction, you know?
A guy's got a little style,
tries to rise above his circumstances...
and you gotta knock him.
That's what we need,
a cop with style.
I ain't no 20-year man
like you, baby.
Look at the threads in there.
I'm dressing for success.
I got a self-image, man.
Here he is, ladies and gentlemen.
The Million Dollar Mouth.
Wait until I cruise up here
in my Bentley. Yeah, Bentley.
Grab him!
Get the needle out of his arm!
- Hey, mofo, I ain't no junkie, man.
- Give me some help here!
Come on. Knock it off.
- What's the charge?
- Indecent exposure.
Just showing his face
is indecent exposure.
Next patient.
Goddamn switchboard's out again.
I'll take a look at it.
Pantuzzi, I'll need a car tomorrow
to get my junk outta here.
- You think you can arrange that?
- Yes, sir.
We're gonna miss you, boss.
In two days, you won't even
remember what I look like.
Maybe in my last couple of days
you can stop the bullshit.
It's all right, though.
You guys had it easy with me.
This new guy'll
cut you to pieces.
Who's the new guy?
Captain Dennis Connolly.
I heard of him.
He's a headquarters guy.
Been kissing ass so long,
he wipes his nose with toilet paper.
Oy vay!
A headquarters hero.
I give him three months up here.
We lost two guys
on the 8-to-4 today.
I'm sure youse all know about it.
Got the reporters outside...
and there's a special unit from downtown
that's working on the squeal.
They'll all be gone in a couple
of hours, and we'll still be here.
Now, until we clear this thing...
we're moving targets.
That's those of us that move.
It's not a good idea
to let the folks up here know...
it's open season on cops.
Now, you guys, every one of you,
got your stoolies.
Canvas your sectors,
toss everybody.
And never mind from downtown.
It's on us to get
some information on this.
It'll be our asses if we don't.
Okay? Enough said.
All right.
Got a rape of an 11 -year-old girl.
Suspect described as
black male, 6' 6"...
240 pounds, still at large.
Victim has provided
a sketchy description.
It's over at the desk.
We got complaints on a crap game
in back of St. Anselmo's.
The sisters called it in.
That's sector Adam,
Boyd and Williams.
Don't move it.
Bust it. All right?
We gotta let 'em know they leave
the church and the grounds alone.
Track star on Brockton.
This is a skinny dude
with felony shoes...
and a World War I pilot's cap.
Right? Snatching purses
from the welfare ladies.
Now, as you probably know,
Captain Dugan is retiring.
He's been replaced
by Captain Dennis Connolly.
We were gonna throw
Captain Dugan a racket...
but with the different tours
it didn't work.
So we set up a collection
to buy him a present.
Any of you wanna contribute,
there's a kitty on the sergeant's desk.
Knock it off.
You're dismissed.
She never, ever went.
- I did so!
- You did not!
The neighborhood will be full of stars
with all these TV cameras around.
People will be blowing each other away
just to get on the news.
You see a lot of fires
'cause they look real good on the tube.
- A cop killing is a media event.
- Big deal.
Put a black border around his picture
and give him an inspector's funeral.
And people sending your ex-wife money
from all over the country.
She'd like that.
Meanwhile, there ain't a chance
of making a collar on this...
with all these hooples around here.
Look on the bright side, though.
We get our names in the papers, right?
We can be real serious on TV.
With your good looks maybe you'll get
to ball an anchor lady.
Yeah? Ah, not with my luck.
If it was raining anchor ladies,
I'd get hit with Walter Cronkite.
I'm going to fly!
I want to fly! Mira.
I don't want my blood to splatter
all over you, my people.
I know you're gonna miss me!
Anybody know this guy?
I do. He's my roommate,
and I hope he breaks his stupid neck.
Come on, Raquel.
Don't you wanna kiss and make up?
Hell, no!
He stole my Donna Summer wig.
- The bitch.
- You the super?
Mind the car.
I don't know about Carl anymore.
I don't know what's the matter with him.
- What are you wearing, Chanel no. 5?
- No, it's Windsong by Matchabelli.
Stay away!
Hey, Carl?
Wait a minute. Come on now.
Think it over, huh?
You can become a star
if you wanted to.
Go ahead. Put on the wig.
Let's see what the wig looks like.
Is Tom Snyder here yet?
- No. He said to wait for him.
- Tom!
He said to wait here.
Tom Snyder! Tom!
I'm coming down, Tom!
Carl, wait! No!
I'm coming down!
Is Tom out here?
Is Tom Snyder here?
All these people.
My people.
I love you, my people.
Oh, fix my wig!
Fix my wig.
Oh, I'm a bad girl, bad girl
Such a dirty bad girl
Beep, beep
Yeah! Yeah!
Stop it! Tom Snyder!
I want Tom Snyder!
Hold it!
I'm a bad girl!
Such a dirty bad girl!
Last chance for love
I need the last chance
I need the last dance
For love
- What happened?
- Ajumper.
We don't have
psychiatric facilities here.
So sedate him.
- Send him to Bellevue in the morning.
- Where's your medical degree?
Back at the house.
Wanna come by and see it?
Nurse, see if this guy
has major medical.
What are they gonna do
with me, Murphy?
- You don't need these cuffs anymore.
- I don't wanna go to jail.
You got it all wrong, Carl.
- This guy ain't going to jail.
- No way. Don't worry about it.
Hey, Isabella.
We ain't filing a complaint.
Just put him down as a patient.
If you say so.
See, Carl?
Everything is gonna be okay.
I'm all messed up.
Ain't we all?
- We'll be back to see if you're okay.
- Thanks, Murphy.
It'll take about an hour.
- Good. Let's go eat.
- Bye, Andy.
So long, Slick.
Take care of yourself.
So, what'll it be?
Puerto Rican, Puerto Rican
or Puerto Rican cuisine?
Decisions, decisions.
Isn't that our man up there?
- The guy with the World War I cap.
- I don't wanna chase this dude.
The big, bad policemans is here,
so don't rip nobody off.
- Son of a bitch! Right in our faces!
- Let's get him.
Murphy, Murphy, Murphy.
You got a cigarette?
- Why didn't you just drop the bastard?
- Here.
Oh, yeah, right.
Shoot a purse snatcher.
They'd crucify me.
You say he pulled a knife,
and we back you up.
That's all you gotta do, Murph.
You lay it on 'em.
I know how to flake a guy
as good as you do, Morgan.
You'll get a heart attack
before you ever catch a nigger, Tarzan.
What's his problem?
He thinks I'm a liberal.
Get back here,
you motherfucker!
My recollection don't recall it.
I don't remember. What do you want?
Captain Dugan's office.
Don't you monitor the people
who ask to see the commander?
What if I was a lunatic
with a gun?
Then you wouldn't be
a police officer, Captain Connolly.
Or would you?
What's your name, Sergeant?
Kickin' ass and taking names,
huh, Captain?
Well, I'm
Sergeant Anthony Pantuzzi.
I got 22 years on the job...
and I'm ready to retire tomorrow if I
get a hard time from my new commander.
I'll take the half pension
before I'll take any crap from anybody.
Captain Dugan's office
is over on the right...
as close to the street
as he can get.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Come in.
Captain Dugan.
- Connolly.
- Yeah.
You picked a great day
to take over.
This place was jammed
with reporters all morning.
Page one of
your first day up here.
- You like press conferences?
- They're part of the job.
That's for sure.
They put it out
you volunteered for this job.
- I did.
- I'll tell you something.
You'll do better walking the beat
in Beirut than you will here.
You're supposed to have
some background material for me.
Yeah, I got it.
Block-by-block rundowns.
Ongoing investigations,
trouble spots...
community people...
personnel evaluation.
I'm interested in the ratio
of rookies to veterans.
I didn't break it down that way.
Two rookies in a car
is always a mistake.
So I'm going to be blamed
for those killings?
And I'll be blamed
till they're cleared.
How about corruption?
Anybody on the job now
in my precinct is clean.
Your precinct has the worst
absentee record in the city...
the most disability claims...
the highest percentage
of men on sick call...
the least convictions per arrests,
and there are no men on the take?
So they toss a numbers runner
for a couple of dollars...
turn a pimp upside down
for some loose change.
There's nobody
getting rich up here.
There's nobody doing anything.
These men aren't motivated.
I mean, this is Siberia, Connolly.
Sixty-five percent of the men here
have been transferred.
We got the connivers,
the slobs, the shirkers...
guys who beat up
the wrong guinea...
who gave a diplomat
a parking ticket...
screwed a bigmouth hooker
or shook down the wrong peddler.
There are plenty of good
police officers in your command.
You're the one
falling down on the job.
That's right, blame Dugan.
Sure, let the politicians
and everybody else off the hook.
Blame Dugan.
That's the easy way.
You got a 40-block area
with 70,000 people...
packed in like sardines,
smelling each other's farts...
living like cockroaches,
and that's Dugan's fault.
You got the lowest income per capita,
the highest rate of unemployment...
and that's my fault.
Why aren't I out there
getting all these people jobs?
The largest proportion
of non-English-speaking population...
in the city.
Dugan's fault. Why ain't he out there
teaching 'em to speak English?
Four percent Spanish-speaking cops
on the force.
Hey, Dugan, get your ass
out in the barrio and recruit.
Families that have been on welfare
for three generations.
Youth gangs...
winos, junkies...
cop killers.
- You finished?
- Yeah, I'm finished.
I'm going to Florida, Connolly.
I'm going fishing.
So you can bring up your computers
and your slide rulers...
and all your
psychological techniques.
I mean, this neighborhood'll
bury you.
There's enough dirt in this precinct
to bury every smart-ass cop in the city.
What you readin'?
Oh, Jesus.
Another one of
them self-help stroke jobs.
Why don't you read something ordinary
like Dick Tracy or the Yellow Pages?
No, man. This is crucial.
See, you don't understand.
People give out a certain
kind of message with their clothing.
Oh, yeah?
I'll be out of these pajamas
in a couple of years.
How about that fashion plate?
What's his message?
What the fuck
you talkin' about, huh?
- The bitch is treacherous, man!
- Keep it off the streets.
I put her out on the line,
and she don't come back with nothin'.
She used to be the main whore
on the set.
- It's not that bad.
- She could pull anybody.
Pull 'em out of
a goddamn Cadillac...
doin' 75 on the FDR.
But now she ain't worth nothin'!
Nothin', the motherfuckin' bitch!
You gonna run this guy a benefit?
I'm not kidding you, man.
The bitch is nuts, man.
She been smokin'
that angel dust, you dig?
I mean, that shit'll
make you crazy.
I mean, I can't even deal with it!
Just keep it off the street, huh?
Let's run a nice, clean sector here.
Come on.
I don't know you, huh?
- Do we sit in the same pew?
- I guess not.
Easy there, Wild Bill.
I'm just going for my wallet.
I wanna show you
my driver's license.
That's a nice coat.
How'd you like me to cut it open
and let all the rats out?
This coat cost more than you make
in a year, motherfucker.
He knows your name.
I told you I was famous.
- That's yours, huh?
- Yeah. That's legally parked.
- Oh, motherfuck!
- That's a defective headlight.
Oh, shit!
Man, that's my car!
No windshield wipers.
Don't try to buy me, you scumbag!
Try to grease me again,
and I'll turn your head like a doorknob.
Murph, slow down, man.
Come on.
- Keep it off the street!
- Come on, Murph!
What's the matter with you
all of a sudden?
Son of a bitch thinks he can own me
for a couple of bucks.
Like he owns a lot of other cops.
He's just doin' business.
Like we do too, huh?
We're living in a world
we never made, my man.
Keep it off the street!
Everything's cool.
Get over here, bitch.
What's wrong with you, Charlotte?
Now you're puttin' the man on me.
What the fuck's gotten into you?
Get over here.
You want it?
What's all this Indian junk?
Well, the precinct
is nicknamed Fort Apache.
The men put that up, Captain.
Guy goes on vacation,
he brings back some kind of souvenir.
It makes the place look
like a fraternity house.
- Take it down, Lieutenant.
- It's not a good idea, Captain.
Let's see about
gettin' this place painted.
That's a problem.
Painters won't come up here.
We'll have to get those civilians
out from in front of the precinct.
Can't do that.
Excuse me?
This is the only place the old folks
can go without getting mugged.
It's the same with the mothers and kids.
This isn't a police station.
It's a fort in hostile territory.
You understand?
Fort Apache.
Here's the final disposition.
- How's he doing?
- He's resting now.
We're sending him to Bronx State.
He'll be okay.
You wanna go have a drink?
Two hundred cops ask me out every day.
Why should I say yes to you?
'Cause you say yes
to all the others.
I guess that makes you
the only cop I say no to.
My, you certainly have
a way with women, don't you?
- She's crazy about me. Can't you tell?
- Oh, yeah.
In an abandoned store right here
there's a drug operation.
We traced it to the hospital.
Narcotics has got a man inside now.
- The hospital?
- Yeah.
There have been reports
of thefts of morphine...
surgical cocaine, syringes.
Also, sales of drugs
in the hospital.
These rookies could have stumbled on
a felony in progress.
Those guys were shot
at almost point-blank range.
Even a rookie's gonna make a move
if he sees something's going on.
No information
from the street so far?
Are you kidding?
Anyplace else, a guy sees a cop
get killed, he runs to the phone.
Here, the doors close.
There could be five people out there
who know who did this.
In a few hours, ten, maybe more.
But not us.
Up here, Captain,
cops are like husbands.
They're always the last to know.
Don't she know enough
to come out of the rain?
He didn't kill her.
Must be our good deed for the day.
- What was this all about?
- Ambulance call.
Sure don't like to go into
dark buildings with cop killers around.
Decisions, decisions.
Okay, what's goin' on?
Okay, hold it. Hold it.
All right.
Hey, kid. How are ya?
Murph, how do you say "room"?
Calle. No, that's street,
I think. Sala.
She's havin' a bambino.
You speak English?
- How old are you?
- Fourteen.
You know something about babies, then,
'cause I think you're having yours now.
- No.
- Yeah.
You have to.
I know.
You kept your coat on for four months.
You didn't tell nobody.
You can't hide it now.
It's okay.
We'll help you, okay?
I gotta wash my hands.
Make sure she don't pass out.
Come on.
You gotta help me.
Come on.
Come on.
That's good, that's good.
Come on, Nina.
Come on.
You're almost there.
Come on. Push. Push.
Keep trying.
Here we go.
Here we go.
It's coming now, Nina.
It's coming.
All right.
Dr. Silverman,
call your office, please.
Dr. Cosmo,
you're needed in Surgery.
Hey, bro.
What's happenin'?
No credit this time.
Sorry, man. Got a brand-new badge.
Nice cut on it.
- What can I do for you?
- I'm gonna cop a bundle.
Get your money ready.
Money, money, money, money.
Okay, bro, what you want?
You don't look too good.
This will take it out.
Do two.
It'll straighten you out.
Look, I'll catch you guys later.
All right?
I think you guys
are trying to take my job.
- What's the matter with him?
- Postoperative depression.
He just delivered a baby.
You all right?
Oh, yeah.
That's my 17th
in 14 years up here.
You could almost be an obstetrician.
You need a drink.
I need a nurse.
You supply the booze,
I'll supply the nurse.
You asking me out?
I get asked out by 200 nurses every day.
Why should I say yes to you?
'Cause you say yes
to all the others.
See if you can find
your way back here at midnight.
You take more time getting ready
than my old lady does.
If that's a proposition,
I'm already engaged.
- Sorry, pal.
- Man's got a heavy date tonight.
Man's gonna score.
The man is seeing
his fiancee tonight...
which means the man's
gonna get shut out.
Back off.
You're talking about the woman I love.
You know what a nice Catholic boy means
when he says he's in love?
It means he
ain't gettin' no cho cha.
No cho cha for the kid.
- No cho cha.
- Not even a cho.
You scruffy Irish potato eater.
What do you know about style, huh?
What do any of you know about style?
Look at youse.
I'm giving out a heavy message
tonight with these clothes.
What is that?
The message is:
Take me!
Please take me!
A whole year we've been goin' out.
I'm gettin' back pain from the anxiety.
- Please!
- Poor little baby.
Please take me!
We're gonna need a padded patrol car
for this fruitcake.
I didn't think you'd come.
I had to break a date
with Charlie's Angels.
I hope you don't regret it.
Hey, cowboy!
Tough guy.
What's he doin'?
Going out with nurses now?
It makes sense. He catches something
from her, at least she can cure it.
- Date night?
- What'll you have?
- Bacardi and Coke.
- Me too.
No beer?
What is it, your birthday?
- Make 'em doubles.
- You won't get me drunk.
- For how much?
- My money's on the lady.
- You wanna join us?
- Excuse me!
She always gives me the cold shoulder.
Now all of a sudden she wants to talk.
She's jealous.
Shh, Andy.
I got pizza.
Pizza. Come on.
Open the front door.
Go on.
Andy, it's after midnight.
Just let me come in
for a minute.
Open the door.
For God's sakes,
my parents are sleeping.
Listen, if you don't wanna do nothin',
how come you wear outfits like that?
You want me to wear
a cop's uniform to bed?
Let me come in for a second.
One second. Come on.
Don't get crazy on me now.
Nah. Don't worry about it.
Just gonna eat the pizza, I promise.
Don't worry about nothin'.
- Bad?
- Yes.
I can't believe I'm on a date.
You don't do this all the time?
How about never?
Why? You married?
No, I'm not.
Well, I'm not married now.
I was.
I don't know why I'm having
so much trouble with this.
I'm divorced.
It's no big thing.
- Kids?
- Yeah. Three girls.
So what about you?
So what about me what?
Well, tell me a little something
about yourself.
That's what you're supposed to do
on a date, isn't it?
Yeah, only I don't like
talking about myself.
Well, I don't like
talking about myself either.
So let's talk about
two other people.
I'll tell you about yourself,
you tell me about myself.
The one who's right wins a drink.
Okay. You start.
- Square business?
- Tell it like it is.
Poor family.
You're the oldest.
You got a lot of brothers and sisters.
You got a brother in the joint.
Your mother's sick.
You got a scholarship to nursing school
and did real good...
but you can't get a job
anyplace but here.
- How am I doin'?
- I don't know yet.
You smoke a little reefer,
fool around a little bit.
You ought to get married,
but the selection ain't that good.
You come from
three generations of cops.
Your grandfather and your father
and your brothers are all cops.
All your friends are cops.
It's a good thing there are lady cops,
or you wouldn't have any sex life.
You get drunk every night.
You think all men are thieves
and all women are sluts...
and you don't trust anyone
but your partner.
It's my round.
No. The drinks are on me.
Theresa, am I stuffed.
You could've at least had one piece.
It wouldn't kill ya.
No, I'd just gain a hundred pounds.
"I'd just gain a hundred pounds."
- We'd work it off. Come on.
- Andy, stop it. My parents.
They're sleeping.
Don't worry.
My father gets up every night
for Brioschi.
Oh, man.
If your father's stomach's gonna mess up
my sex life, forget about it.
Come here.
Yeah, I'll come here.
Don't you think I want to?
I don't know. Do you?
I do.
I do!
Can't it wait till we're married?
Wait until we're married?
No, see, you don't understand.
You keep forgetting
that I'm a cop.
Any day that I go to work
could be my last.
- Today we almost got blasted.
- I don't wanna hear it.
Five guys opened fire.
They started blastin'.
Now, that's more like it.
How long have you been a cop?
Eighteen years.
It's too long.
You ought to at least
be commissioner by now.
You sound like my ex-wife.
No, I made detective.
I got a gold shield.
I just didn't keep it very long.
What did you do?
Come on. What did you do?
I nailed this guy
on Westchester Avenue.
He was going about 65 miles an hour.
He's really drunk.
He's all over the road.
And he was a local hood.
He was a guy that I put in before
for extortion.
So, anyway, the next day,
the guy gets out.
He drives his Caddie by,
gives me the finger.
So on this one
he just laughs in my face.
He says, "A summons?"
He said, "My God, my lawyer's gonna
take care of this tomorrow, you jerk."
So I thought, I said...
"The guy's right, I'm a jerk."
So, I leaned across, grabbed his
car keys and threw it in the sewer...
and said, "See if your lawyer
can take care of that tomorrow."
This guy is jumpin' up and down
and yellin' at me.
- I ate his driver's license.
- What?
Yeah. And right after that,
I ate his registration.
The registration tasted better
than the driver's license.
Well, he said...
"My lawyer's gonna make one call
and you're finished."
I said, "Finished?"
So I laughed in his face.
The lawyer made the call...
and they took away the shield...
and put me back in a monkey suit.
Well, the moment of truth.
Yeah. Hey, listen,
thanks for the drinks.
I guess I ought to be flattered
that you're not makin' a move on me.
It means you respect me.
I don't go to parties
where I ain't invited.
You want an engraved invitation?
- What is that, a walk-up?
- And I'm on the fifth floor.
Let's climb that staircase
to paradise.
Let's go to your place.
You got any other names
besides Murphy?
Hey, don't get personal.
I'll remember you said that
when we get to your place.
John Joseph Vincent III.
Big name.
Ah, big man.
We'll see about that.
You don't need a girlfriend.
You need a maid.
Ain't they the same thing?
Uh-uh, baby.
You're in the wrong century.
Help, police.
I'm glad we did it.
Are you?
Glad we did what?
Wise guy.
Did you enjoy it?
Yeah, it was all right.
It was just all right?
There wasn't
enough pepperoni on it...
and the anchovies tasted
like shoe leather.
I didn't mean the pizza.
I meant me.
Oh, you?
Yeah, yeah, you were okay.
But there wasn't
enough pepperoni on it...
and the anchovies
tasted like shoe leather.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
John Joseph Vincent Murphy III.
You called?
Yeah,J.J. That's what
I'm going to call you from now on.
No, you ain't.
A big Irish cop.
How can you work
in a neighborhood like this?
You think I can't understand
these people?
The Irish are a lot like
the Puerto Ricans.
They are the Puerto Ricans
of England.
They like to drink
and dance and sing...
make love.
I'm talking about the ones
on the other side.
Something happens to them
when they come over here.
They become a bunch
of tight-assed priests...
or ward heelers.
What the hell am I talkin' about?
Son of a bitch!
I have to pull off the highway
into this jungle.
Come on!
Hello, lover.
You wanna go out?
Come on.
Let's take a little walk.
How much?
Well, if I was sellin' it, baby...
you sure couldn't afford it.
But I'm gonna give it up...
'cause I likes you.
How you doin'?
This ain't a motel, baby...
but it'll do just fine.
It looks okay to me.
Nobody can do it like I can.
Come on down.
Sit right there.
Recreation will leave
a potential for employment.
Money comes in early June.
A fantasy comes true
in September."
This is the life.
- Yeah. Just don't get too used to it.
- Tough guy, huh?
That's right.
You're not tough.
You're a pussycat,
just like me.
My water's boiling.
- No!
- Yes.
Hey, punk.
Man, what a racket.
You know what the number was yesterday?
- What?
- Number 444.
Except for a little single action,
we cleared 3,200 bucks.
Sometimes I think bookies
have a patron saint.
You'll pray to that saint
when they bust your little operation.
Maybe it'll get you 90 days
instead of a year.
You're just uptight because
you didn't get laid last night.
- What are you, Joyce Brothers?
- Leave me alone.
Hey, Pop, would it be
a first-class piece of detective work...
to assume you've been downstairs
pressin' the grapes?
I got four barrels
ready for Christmas.
I got this guy all the way from Jersey
ready to buy my wine.
My brother's a bookie,
my father's a bootlegger.
I could make a fortune shaking down
my own family without leaving the house.
What are you laughing at?
Knock it off.
Don't start with me, punk.
What's this South Bronx People's Party
that keeps comin' up?
They're disco revolutionaries.
You know what I mean?
They got federal money to open
a storefront on Fox Street.
They make a lot of hate-cop noises.
They preach armed revolt...
but they spend most of their time
ballin' white chicks from Scarsdale.
Dacey, you followin' through?
Yeah, we're gonna pay 'em a visit.
Might go to Scarsdale first.
Might as well, for all the production
we've been gettin' from you down here.
What am I, a mind reader?
You got 50,000 potential cop killers
in this precinct.
You want me to toss them all?
I want you to bring the South Bronx
People's Party in for questioning.
That's what I want.
The boss wants production.
What we're gonna do is take a few
anti-crime units out of each tour.
You guys will be plainclothed,
unmarked car.
Mulhearne and Tessitore.
Lane and Baker.
- Corelli and Murphy.
- Corelli don't got no plain clothes.
Let him wear a tuxedo.
What do I care?
The idea is to make a lot
of felony collars, okay?
I'd like a minute, Sergeant.
Hold it down, fellas.
Hold it down.
The captain has something
to say, all right?
We are making zero progress
on the investigation...
of the murders of our two men.
This case must be cleared...
even if we have to take
extraordinary measures to clear it.
Every day that we lag is another day
that we lose respect...
in the neighborhood.
Pick it up.
Startin' on this tour...
I'm gonna want you
to start makin' arrests.
All of you know of
criminal situations that exist.
Up until now,
you looked the other way.
That's gotta stop.
Every suspect that we bring in...
will be questioned by the squad.
We're gonna bring 'em in,
book 'em...
toss 'em
and see what they spit out.
And we won't quit
until we get a lead.
I don't expect something
for nothing from you men...
so I'm offerin' a deal.
You collar us somebody
who gives us information...
you get a week added
to your vacations.
Ah, who's gonna be minding the store
when we're all on vacation?
I don't follow you.
Well, we could all go around with
our noses buried in the penal code...
we could make a hundred
bum collars a day.
So the jails will be full,
the neighborhood will be empty...
and meanwhile you ain't gonna be one
step closer to clearing those killings.
If you're afraid to do
some police work, Murphy...
you can stay in and clean out
the shit houses until your retirement.
Shut your mouth, Murphy.
As for the rest of you,
my offer stands.
Two leads?
Two weeks, and so on.
Call it bribery.
Call it dedicated police work.
Just get out on the street
and bring in those cop killers.
I won't question your motives.
Okay, knock it off.
You're dismissed.
Let's go downstairs and get
into something more comfortable.
Come on.
Plain wheels, plain clothes,
plain brains.
Plain, plain. What are you always
putting yourself down for, huh?
I feel a lecture coming on.
You need one. I appreciate you
more than you do yourself.
- I can see your hidden potential.
- You got good eyes.
A guy like you
with all you got goin' for you?
Shit, you could conquer the world.
Instead you keep holdin' yourself back.
You gonna be my guru, huh?
You gonna tell me how to release
the hidden powers within?
I tell you.
I can give you some tips based on my
extensive study of the road to success.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
The first thing you're
gonna have to deal with...
is this problem you seem to have
with authority figures.
You have a lot of trouble
taking orders, am I right?
You have what they call
very low self-esteem.
Before you make any progress
at all in your life...
you're gonna have to get
in touch with your feelings.
I keep trying,
but the line's always busy.
Is this stoolie reliable?
We'll soon find out.
- I'm calling my lawyer.
- Yeah?
- Never mind that, tons of fun.
- Hey, what's the matter with you?
I'm gonna give this bastard
a workout! Come on!
What's the matter with him?
He's a little upset
because of those cop killings.
I'm no cop killer.
Cops are my best customers.
You ain't seeing no lawyer
till I'm finished with you, fatso!
Hey, hey, cut it out!
We're here to see if we
can get a lead on that case.
Talk to the creep across the hall.
He's been dealing guns for weeks.
All right. Take it easy. Calm down.
You'll give yourself a heart attack.
Okay. Please don't tell him
I gave him up.
- He'll kill me.
- Don't worry.
Listen, arrest yourself.
Go wait in the van.
Okay. Watch it, man. He's mean.
He's stoned on downs all the time.
He blasts his goddamn radio
at all hours.
Some people got no consideration.
Wanna go in?
I don't hear no radio.
He could be sitting behind that door
with an M-60.
That's okay.
Nice touch.
Not her.
Not her.
This guy does all right.
Okay, sports lovers.
Knock it off.
All right, music lovers.
Out of the cars.
This is a raid. Come on.
Get out of the car
and on the pavement. Let's go.
- Give us a fuckin' break.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What about last week, man?
Last week don't count.
Come on, John, let's go.
Hey, you, let's go.
Get out. Get out, man.
A little scene here.
- Move it.
- I know you're comin'.
Long time no see. How's everything?
I know it is. Get out of here.
Andy, get those guys out of the van.
We're gonna grab a bus.
How you been?
Long time no see.
Come on, ladies.
Come on, let's go.
This ain't no picnic.
Police business.
We're taking the bus.
Hey, this is a ball, you know?
I always wanted to drive a bus.
Hey, come on. Cheer up.
Yeah, cheer up, cheer up.
We got a bus full
of cop killers here.
Super sleuth strikes again.
You're letting that Connolly guy
get to you again.
Forget about him.
The guy's an empty suit.
He acts like we're a bunch of jerk-offs.
All we want to do is drink and screw.
Hell, there ain't one guy in this house
who wouldn't give his right arm...
to get the guys
that killed those two rookies.
I know guys who'd shoot their mothers
and their feelings wouldn't get hurt.
You can't go turnin' this neighborhood
upside down...
every time somebody gets killed,
not even a cop.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Get out!
Come on in. Come on. Let's go.
Innkeeper, we need lodgings
for the night.
Don't leave 'em here, Murphy.
Please, put 'em up on the stairs.
I'll book 'em after I get through
with this bunch. Please.
We'll be here all night
with this group.
All you guys, listen!
Book your people,
then move 'em up to the squad...
so the detectives
can talk to them.
We'll authorize overtime
for all the men on the 8-to-4...
so we can process the suspects.
It's like Grand Central Station.
How are we gonna get the next tour out?
- Knock, knock.
- What is it?
- We got a bit of a riot building up.
- Where?
In the Bronx.
I wouldn't bother you
if it was in Philadelphia.
Special Investigations sent some people
to that clubhouse and they went to war.
We've had three 10-13s.
The crowd's heading for the precinct.
Call every available car off patrol
and get some backup from Borough.
Hey, you got a filthy mouth.
What happened here?
We went in to question them,
and they started to give us a hassle.
Why weren't my desk officers
informed about this?
Why wasn't I informed about
the following those people have here?
You sent us out on this. You should
have told us what we were getting into.
- Name, please.
- I ain't tellin' you my name.
We ain't tellin' you nothin' till you
tell us why we've been arrested!
They cooperating?
They ain't even being sociable.
You think we killed your cops, man?
We wouldn't waste the bullets.
You wanna go to war with me,
tough guy?
I've got 17 assaults and 5
assassinations of officers to clear.
I'll nail your ass to the precinct wall
if you hassle me.
Do you understand?
We were at a nuclear power
all day that day.
At Sarah Lawrence, man.
You want to check it out?
We've got 500 witnesses.
You want to go up against 500
honky college girls, man?
- Go ahead.
- Yeah, stiff, go check it out.
Then you can let us out.
Hey, hey, stiff!
You wanna tell me your name again?
Let the brothers go!
Let the brothers go!
Let me across, ladies.
That's it.
Out of the way. Lovely.
N.G. On that bunch
of revolutionaries up there.
- The only thing they shoot is beaver.
- Let the brothers go!
Let the brothers go!
- You the leader here?
- Ain't no leaders here, man.
- Just one soul with a million voices.
- You're interfering with the police!
- Let our brothers out of that dungeon.
- That's a violation of the law.
If you do not cease your activity,
I will place you under arrest.
You let our brothers outta
your dungeons, then we'll leave.
I'll give you five minutes
to disperse.
Let the brothers go!
- Give them five minutes to disperse.
- We've had these things before.
You let them blow off steam a little,
they go away.
Give them five.
Then release tear gas
into the crowd.
Let the brothers go!
Gas 'em.
Fall back. Let's go.
Everybody back.
Let's go, guys. Back.
Way back. Come on.
Okay, Jimmy.
Release the gas.
- What the hell is he doing?
- He's going to war.
You two!
- Come with me.
- Dutch treat?
What did you say?
I got no beef with these people.
You're just making things worse.
You've forgotten how
to take orders, Patrolman?
Get him! The field jacket!
- Damn it!
- Watch it!
Book this man
for incitement to riot...
assault, attempted assault...
criminal anarchy,
disturbing the peace.
You men give your names
as arresting officers.
When he's been booked,
bring your prisoner to the squad room.
You think you can hold me here?
You think so, you jive-ass mother...
We don't want you in here.
Cool it, let us book you,
you'll be on the streets in an hour.
- Can the revolution wait that long?
- It'll wait.
Give your name
to the nice sergeant.
Let's go to work!
My, my, you're in
a positive mood today.
I'm in love.
"I'm in love."
In the 41 precinct,
a report of a 10-13.
Assist patrolman, 163 and Fox...
in the 41 precinct.
Report of a 10-13.
What the hell happened?
We came out on this fire,
they started bombin' us from the roof.
Up there!
Murphy and Corelli,
get up on that roof.
- Police.
- Hold it. Police officers.
- Freeze.
- Against the wall.
Spread 'em out.
Come on, spread 'em out!
Come on, spread 'em.
- Man, what the...
- Hey!
Come on, let's take a little nap
with your friend down here.
- Look at this over here.
- What?
Look at this.
Young love up on the roof there.
It's a cheap date.
Instead of going to the movie,
they walk up on the roof...
and watch the buildings burn.
Would you look at them muffs.
Yeah, Morgan and Finley,
what a couple of hotshots, huh?
Hey, Morgan!
They can't hear you.
What... Hey!
Hold it!
Morgan, you asshole!
Leave the kid alone.
Hey, he didn't do nothin'.
Hold it!
Put me down!
- Hold it!
- Hey!
Did you see that?
I didn't see nothin'.
Will you just disperse, please?
Nothin's gonna happen here.
We'd like to get
your cooperation here.
Stand behind the barricades.
Cooperate with your police department.
Will you go home, please?
Back up a little bit there, please.
Just back up.
Thank you very much.
Don't wanna see anybody get hurt.
I don't feel very sartorial tonight.
You okay?
What do you mean, "okay"?
I mean, you're not gonna go out
and do something crazy, are you?
Like what?
I don't know.
That's what scares me.
Let's go out for a drink.
You know, I've been
on this job 18 years.
I think every minute of it
is on my face.
Of all the blood,
the beatings, the scams.
Not here, Murph.
I could walk into Grand Central Station,
everybody would know I was a cop.
People only know what you tell 'em.
- You can fool anybody.
- I'm lookin' you right in the eye.
- You know what I see?
- This ain't the place for this.
I see that kid
fallin' off that roof.
I'm lookin' you right in the eye,
and that's what I see.
That'll pass. You know it will.
I wonder what my face
is gonna look like tomorrow.
What the hell
are you doin' in my car?
The body was discovered
after the fire.
Death was caused...
by injuries sustained in a fall.
Now, we have witnesses
who say they saw...
two cops throw the decedent
off a roof.
Anybody got anything to say?
I didn't throw anybody
off a roof.
I didn't throw anybody.
Wait a minute.
What day was that again?
Don't try to cover this
with jokes.
Sorry, Captain.
Anything else?
Maybe one of those witnesses
threw the decedent off the roof...
and they're trying to
lay it on us.
That's occurred to me.
Everybody's always looking
to knock us anyway, Captain.
Especially up here.
People don't appreciate cops up here.
I'm aware of that.
I just wanted to go on record
with you men.
I'll go straight to the wall
with you on this...
as long as I'm satisfied
that you're clean.
That's all.
Murphy, you wanna hang in
for a second?
I didn't hear any denials
from you just now.
I don't like suckin' around
in public.
I want you to look me in the eye and say
you know nothing about that homicide.
I didn't throw no kid
off no roof.
And you don't know who did.
Are you askin' me
or are you tellin' me?
Get outta here.
What happened? What did he say?
Nothin'. He took me off
his Christmas list.
Quit foolin' around
and tell us what happened.
- Listen...
- Hey, hey!
Will you go to your room?
The man don't feel like talkin' now.
So they bring this guy out.
They hoist him up. His hands...
His hands are tied behind his back.
He's got 95 bullet wounds.
Hey, Murph, come down here
and join the party.
- Where you goin' with that?
- I'm taking your beer down here.
Leave it!
Collection time.
Okay, girl, come on.
Go on, mama. Get the money ready.
This man needs some bread.
She's all right.
She's just a little too high.
Got yourself a new old lady, huh?
Hey, baby, what's happenin'?
Don't worry about her.
She's okay.
I ain't worried.
- I'm interested.
- Hey, Jose.
Everybody knows you got a joint.
Let's get down to business, all right?
Come on, hustle.
Get the money. Get the money!
Jose, why don't you chill out, man?
Stop messin' with the bitch.
Shit, man.
I think I'm in love.
Hey, baby.
Pretty little boy.
Yeah, baby, that's me.
Did you ever see a snake...
little boy?
Yo, Hernando, check this out, bro.
Check this number out.
A snake has a dance...
and a snake has style.
And a snake will sneak up on you
every time...
and give you that smile...
with its tongue comin' out.
Oh, yeah, baby, do it.
A snake's
a cold-blooded killer, baby.
But you don't care...
'cause you're too busy lookin'.
You goddamn whore!
Drop that!
She cut my face!
- Bitch.
- Drop it!
You killed her!
Oh, shit.
She's dead.
Oh, my God, she's dead.
Shut up! It's your fault for having her
here in the first place.
She's no pig.
She's nobody, man. Wrap her up.
Let's get her outta here.
Roll up this thing.
Get up. Get back!
Get over there! Do it.
Aw, shit.
You gonna have a drink
with me or not?
Murph, what do you think
of that son of a bitch, huh?
Captain Connolly.
That clown they dress up
as a cop.
That fuckin' banana.
Who does he think he's playing with,
some chickenshit rookie?
I been on the job too long.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, they may get me for coopin'
or scorin' a little nooky on the side...
or maybe even
shakin' down a bodega.
I never said I was
the smartest guy in the world...
but when he comes up with
this phony witness shit...
They got witnesses, Einstein.
Deaf and dumb ones, right?
Real live ones.
The kind that put you away.
Hey, Murph!
Murphy, come here!
What are you talkin' about?
They got the little chick that
was hiding behind the junk pile.
What chick?
Yeah, they got me
and Corelli too.
A-number-one police work.
Poor kid wasn't bothering nobody,
you throw him off the roof!
You shut the fuck up!
You fuckin' creep, I wish I
was man enough to turn you in!
You motherfucker,
I'm gonna turn you in!
- Shut your mouth!
- Are you gonna write me up?
You bring me out
on something like this?
I gotta keep two cops
from killin' each other, huh?
"Write you up," you piece of shit.
You're lucky I don't shoot you.
Now, get out of here.
Go run your car into a tree.
Get your fuckin' hands off me!
Get the fuck off!
Get him home.
You call in sick tomorrow.
I don't need nobody
to take me home.
Go on, break it up!
Shut up!
All right, man.
We'll take care of the window tab.
All right,
let's get the hell out of here!
Breakfast time.
How'd you get into this?
Clendennon called me.
I figured you'd be up here.
- Here.
- You like being a den mother?
I'm your friend, right?
So I look out for you.
I'm glad he called me.
I'm givin' Morgan and Finley away.
You gonna back me up?
Why not?
They killed that kid for no reason.
- They're no good anyway.
- I know that.
So I can't be a stool pigeon.
The kid's dead. We can't help him.
We'll just make trouble for ourselves.
So we just let those two guys
get away with murder, huh?
Another Puerto Rican is dead.
Why worry about it?
- I didn't say that.
- It's the neighborhood, it's the world.
It's this, it's that.
People get shit on so much,
a little more don't make no difference.
- I didn't say that either.
- We're cops. We gotta stick together.
We gotta cover each other.
Meanwhile, boy, if that kid
had been Irish or Italian...
He wouldn't be living up here
in the first place.
He'd be in Ireland gettin' blown away,
or in Italy gettin' murdered by his own.
You read the papers.
We're not gonna change the world
by givin' two cops away.
That's just talk, Andy,
and you know it.
We both know what's right.
We ain't got the guts to do it.
Guts? What are you talkin', guts?
You mean brains, don't ya?
Shit, I'll go through fire with you,
and you know I will.
But I gotta live with these guys.
You turn a cop in,
and you're finished.
Might as well quit the force
and move out of the city.
Even if you get a transfer,
your rep follows you around.
It just ain't worth it.
Especially when you won't be
doing anybody any good.
I ain't a stool pigeon, Murph.
I'm sorry.
- Is that what I'd be?
- These guys have families.
- Is that what I'd be to you?
- You want me to say it?
You turn two cops in,
and you're a rat, yeah.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Get something to eat, take a shower,
you'll feel better.
You don't wanna spend your day off
in the Bronx, huh?
Come on!
That's right. Just pass me up like I
was some drunken bum on the street.
Better move that car
before you get a ticket.
They'll never take me alive.
What happened to you?
Tried to score
with an orangutan.
That's about your speed.
- You still hungry?
- Mm-mmm.
- You cold?
- Oh, yeah.
This your lunch hour?
I'm off today.
Don't you have anything better
to do with your time off?
Not really.
I'm kind of a lonely guy,
you know?
- Poor baby.
- It's not that bad.
I didn't even know I was lonely
till I met you.
What's that supposed to mean?
I'd go out drinkin', chippyin'...
sit at home, watch a ball game
with a six-pack.
Sounds like a nice life.
It was okay.
Then all of a sudden I'd just get lonely
and start thinking about you.
Maybe I'm taking this
too serious.
I need a nice, hot bath.
Bubble bath.
I save it for when the kids
come to visit.
And they all wear pants
In the southern part of France
There, you look like
a Hollywood starlet.
Want to take my picture?
I'll take your picture.
You look like a little kid
when you do that.
Where you goin'?
Home, man.
Can't stay here forever.
Sure, you can.
Then it wouldn't be as much fun.
Speak for yourself.
Go back to sleep.
You're sweet.
- What's the matter with you?
- Nothing.
I just have to get back home.
I know you like me.
I have to leave.
- Do you have to get high?
- What are you talking about?
I saw those track marks
on the back of your legs.
When you sleep with a cop,
you got no secrets.
Yeah, man, I wanna get high.
I wanna get down right away.
Can you dig, baby?
You cops are weird, you know.
Like you see everything,
but you don't know anything.
Do you wanna get high?
Look, you think I'm a junkie?
You think I'm strung out?
You see, that's what I mean.
You could stay in this neighborhood
forever and you'd never understand.
I get high once in a while...
just like everyone else
in the hospital, even the doctors.
- Like everyone else in the country.
- That's right.
Everybody else in the country
don't stick needles in their veins.
Smack's like a vacation for me.
You know?
A few hours floating on a raft
in the Caribbean.
I don't take a vacation every day.
I don't need one.
In other words,
I'm not a junkie, okay?
If you want it so bad,
let me get it for you.
- You?
- Yeah.
We keep it down at the precinct
to give to stoolies.
There's tons of it.
Let me carry you for a while
till you grow out of it.
I would think you'd give me a lecture
about cleaning up my act or something.
See, you could be around cops forever,
you'd never understand them.
Yeah, well,
I know what that kiss means.
I'm gonna drive you home.
How 'bout we get out
of the Bronx some night?
- Sounds good.
- Go downtown, see a show.
- Sure.
- Little change of scenery.
It stays in your head
no matter where you go, though.
You know,
sometimes I'll be someplace...
and I'll turn real fast...
and I'll think I see blood
all over the walls like in emergency.
Or I'll see an old man
sitting in a park...
and, like, for a second, his mouth
just kind of flops open and he's dead.
People pass you,
and they're laughing...
only you think they're screaming.
Yeah, some things you can't
get out of your mind.
You know that kid?
You know that kid
that was killed the other day?
Thrown off a roof.
You're not gonna tell me
you did it, are you?
That's a relief,
'cause we figured it was cops.
You did, huh? Just like that?
Yeah, people were throwing garbage
down on them.
This kid wasn't doin' anything.
My partner and I
were on the next roof.
Two guys from our precinct...
come in and threw him off.
You understand what I'm telling you?
I mean,
I know who killed that kid.
You asking me what to do?
I don't know.
Just make it easy on yourself'cause
it doesn't make any difference anyway.
You're never gonna bring that kid back
no matter what you do.
- If you rat out those two cops...
- Rat out, huh?
That's what you're talking about,
isn't it?
If you'd seen my brother throw that kid
off a roof, there'd be no problem.
You'd arrest him in a second.
It's only 'cause they're cops
that you got this conscience about it.
- Is that wrong?
- Let me off.
Don't talk like that.
Let me off.
- You don't live here.
- I'll walk the rest of the way.
- It's raining.
- Let me off!
Good-bye, baby.
Will I see you again?
Sure. Sure, if you want to.
That bitch from the hospital,
she's with that cop again.
Gettin' it on with him, huh?
She's gonna lead him right to us.
Fuckin' slut.
You're just jealous, that's all.
Jealous? What would I want
with a slut like that?
I'm not talkin' about the bitch.
I'm talkin' about the cop.
He's more your speed,
right, Joselito?
Come on.
Cut that shit out, man.
I'm gonna take that bitch
off the count.
You know, that'll get to you.
Why don't you just relax, man?
You get too excited.
Why don't you let me
take care of it, all right?
I mean, the man is on the case.
What you gonna do?
I ain't gonna do nothin', man.
You gonna burn her?
No, my man.
She gonna burn herself.
Come here, man.
This is the real deal, Neal.
This ain't no wack attack.
I'm gonna rock her world.
I'll make her panties twirl.
Straight from the cooker
without a chaser.
This is hers.
That is hers.
Hey, baby! Come on.
Come in from the cold, man.
How you been?
You okay?
What's the matter, man?
I got a message
from your girlfriend.
- She told me to give you this, man.
- All right.
So, like, what's happening, man?
How you been?
Okay. Where's your boy Jose?
He's havin' a massage.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
He's not comin' with you?
No, man, right now
he's got things to do.
I got things to do.
You mind letting go, bro?
I gotta go, man, for real.
You take care, right?
You'll be okay.
- You in love with Jose or somethin'?
- You ain't goin' nowhere.
Hold it, man.
We gotta get his partner.
Jose, it's a bust!
Freeze! Hold it!
Stay here. Freeze!
Put your gun down.
Put 'em down or I'll blow
his damn brains out!
Put your hands on top of your head.
Don't make me repeat myself,
goddamn it!
Jose, get them guns, man.
Hold it right there. Move.
Right there. Stand still.
You, get up! Get up!
Get up, goddamn it!
The 41 precinct,
report of a 10-13.
Jefferson Hospital.
Repeat, Jefferson Hospital.
- It's probably your girlfriend.
- Report of a 10-13.
- Just can't get enough, can she?
- Jefferson Hospital.
What's going down?
Narcotics blew a bust.
Dealers caught on.
They took a bunch of doctors,
nurses and patients hostage.
Nurses? Where are they?
They're in the administrator's office
on the sixth floor.
You get any names?
We'll get their names when we
get them out. If we get them out.
See if she's down here.
We'll have to evacuate the hospital.
That's impossible.
We have patients who aren't ambulatory.
- We'll carry them out.
- Please. You don't seem to understand.
- These men are desperate.
- You wanna just let 'em go?
Why not? If you know who they are,
you could pick them up later.
Get him away from me!
You made your point.
Take it easy.
Nurses and attendants,
please move all patients...
back into their rooms
Stay with them
and barricade the doors.
Clear the operating room.
Suspend all therapy.
Get these people outta here!
- What's his name?
- Hernando.
Hernando! Listen.
You been around.
You know we ain't goin' anywhere.
Why don't you let those people go
and come on out?
What for?
Tell me what for.
To spend the rest of my life
in prison? No!
Not me, baby! No!
You better come up with a better offer.
Everybody's staying here with me.
You're gonna come here and get me,
and that means...
you're going to kill me,
and that means they're going to go too.
Listen, Lieutenant.
If they're in the anteroom,
the administrator's office is empty.
Maybe we can drop two guys down...
come in from behind.
Take a chance.
- You know the layout?
- Sure.
- Make a drawing.
- Quiet out there, huh?
You guys talking it over?
You people thinking it over?
You don't think I mean business?
Come here!
Get up! Get over there!
Are you guys thinking it over?
Shut up, goddamn it!
All of you, shut up!
Stay still!
I'm talking to you!
Come on!
There's one doctor here
who needs a doctor!
Next they're gonna need
- We're gonna have to go in.
- We got the hostage squad comin' over.
I am not gonna negotiate with him.
He's blowin' people away in there.
- What do you mean?
- The son of a bitch just shot someone.
Tell Emergency to lay out
their harnesses.
Got any suggestions
as to who we can dangle?
It's my squeal.
I'll stick with it.
- I'll go with youse.
- We have to go up this way.
- How many guns they got?
- Four for sure.
- Yeah?
- Look.
We're gonna need some time.
Two minutes exactly.
Then you go in.
We'll keep them occupied.
- Tell him to put it on the clock.
- Put us on the clock.
- Now.
- Now.
Hey, come on.
Talk to us.
I ain't rappin'
to you street pigs.
I'm rappin' to your commissioner.
He's on his way,
so don't blow your cool.
Shut up!
Everybody, quiet! Quiet!
I said quiet, everybody!
Get up!
Get against the wall!
Up against the wall,
goddamn it, all of you! Move it!
Move your asses against the door!
- Come on, move! Move!
- Get up against the door, man!
Do what he says, bitch! Move!
When them cops come in, baby,
you'll be the first one to get it.
You hear that?
He's crazy! He's crazy!
Shut your mouth! Shut up!
Out! Come on.
Let's go!
Get outta here! Come on!
Get these people out.
- You okay?
- I don't know where she is.
Let me through.
What's wrong?
An overdose.
I gotta get her movin'.
She's dead. It's over.
Come on. Move.
Keep movin'.
Come on. You can do it.
Come on! Come on!
Come on. Do it!
Oh, honey. Murphy, Murphy.
Come on.
Give it up, Murph.
Come on.
Give me a hand.
Morning, Murph.
How ya doin'?
What is it, Murphy?
Well, what is it?
I'm not a mind reader.
You got your stoolie.
What does that mean?
You have trouble spitting it out?
Write it on a piece of paper.
Slip it under the door.
Morgan and Finley are the guys you want.
They threw that kid off the roof.
How do you know?
I seen 'em do it.
I'm a witness.
Get the Bronx AD A's office
on the phone.
I want a district attorney
and a stenographer here right away.
You sure took your sweet-ass time
with this news.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, what does it look like?
Isn't it funny?
Being a stoolie
is my last official act.
You're a good cop.
I don't think you'd be good
at anything else.
I'm gonna run for president.
What do you care?
I need all the good cops I can get so
I can run this precinct the right way.
- The right way?
- Yeah.
The right way.
That's by the book, ain't it?
You made more waves up here in one
month than Dugan did in five years...
and did it get you
your cop killers?
What it got you was
a hundred bum arrests...
another burned-out building
and a dead kid.
Jesus, I've been draggin' my ass in
and out of this precinct for 14 years.
It's too much.
I feel as burned-out
as those buildings on Charlotte Street.
I ain't doin' nobody no good.
And you got your nose
buried so deep into that book...
you don't even see
what's going on around here.
I'm not proud of what's happened
up here, but I can see.
I can see the people out there.
Not just the hookers,
the pimps and the junkies...
but those people who are trying
to build something up here.
And I want them to know
who's running this precinct.
I want them to know that this precinct
isn't a clubhouse with a freak show...
but the house of the law
and that the law means something...
and that it's there to serve 'em.
That's the book, Murphy.
You got a better way?
If we can take the whole neighborhood
and bulldoze it into the East River...
and you and me with it.
You want to quit? Go ahead.
I'm not built that way.
That's nice, Captain.
That's nice.
You keep tryin'.
I'm quittin'.
You don't want this?
Save it for the sweeper.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
You have to go down
to the grand jury tomorrow.
Yeah, I know.
The men will know about it by then.
They saw the stenographer
comin' in here.
They know I'm not dictating
my life story.
They know.
Anyway, hold onto this
for a while.
You can always
throw it back in my face.
I'm not going anywhere.
I thought it was a hit.
You ain't worth killin'.
Don't be too sure.
I gave Morgan and Finley away.
Yeah? So what else is new?
I figured you would.
- That means they're gonna subpoena you.
- I know.
- What are you gonna do?
- Let me put it this way.
I'm not gonna commit perjury
to protect those two bastards.
- You could say you didn't see nothin'.
- And leave you hanging like that?
What kind of a creep would I be
if I did something like that?
You know how I feel about you, man.
I'd go up against
the goddamn world for you.
- We're partners, baby.
- Not anymore.
- What do you mean?
- I'm puttin' in my papers.
What? You're gonna leave me alone here
in the garden spot of the Western world?
Just can't hack it anymore.
Look at that.
- You gonna let him get away with that?
- You betcha.
I'm a civilian now.
I can look the other way.
Yeah, right.
Tell me about it.