Fort McCoy (2011) Movie Script

Good morning.
Hello, Mr Stirn.
Follow me, I'll show
you where your cabin is.
Okey dokey.
When I was nine years old,
My family moved from the banks
of the Mississippi river,
To the woods of Wisconsin.
It was the summer of 1944.
The war was being fought in
faraway places like Italy
And new guinea, and my family
wanted to help here at home.
My father was a barber, and we
were headed to the army base
And prisoner of war
camp called Fort McCoy.
There, he would cut the hair
of soldiers and prisoners,
And these strangers would
change our lives forever.
Through the fence
I saw prisoners.
Some were just boys,
not much older than I.
And others looked like no
one I'd ever seen before.
Sargent Dominic Rossi.
My wife Ruby, Gertie, Lester,
and my wife's sister Anna.
And please call me Dom.
And if you folks
ever need anything,
I'm posted at the mp gate.
I didn't realize the prison
camp was going to be so close.
I was surprised to see them out.
Work detail.
And don't worry, ma'am,
they are well guarded.
How many are there?
We have about 3,000 Germans and
all the japs captured so far,
Including Sac Machi,
the first PW of the war.
Why are they bringing
the Germans all the way
To the states?
England ran out of room.
Plus, they wanted them here
because of all the rumors.
What rumors?
That Hitler was planning
on air-dropping weapons
To the German PWs in England.
They've been bringing
over every German captured
Since November of '42.
Let's go find Goldilocks.
It's all so much
bigger than I expected.
We always have around
35,000 of our guys in basic,
All ready to ship out.
So we definitely
appreciate having
A new barber on the base.
Glad to be of
service, in some way.
And a new operator.
It was nice meeting you, sir.
My pleasure, miss.
Do you think there might
be some work for my sister?
Travel pay office
always needs help.
I'll look into it.
I have to pee.
Then go.
There you are.
You all right?
Fine daddy.
Don't be running off like
that, you scared your mamma.
And your daddy.
What were you doing?
I had to pee.
There's a toilet in the house.
Darling, they're
going to love it here.
My dad fought for
Germany in the great war.
Before he came over.
He thought Kaiser was bad.
Now Hitler, Nazis,
something else.
I've got cousins over in
Germany, for all I know.
And why the japs
took their side?
My brother signed up the
day pearl harbor got bombed.
He got killed in Italy.
I'm sorry.
Herb got sent to the
south pacific, though.
My wife's brother bud
got sent there too.
Hey, I hope herb makes it back.
My dad's taking care of
the farm all by himself.
My dad tried to sign up twice,
but they said he can't fight.
But he's so strong,
he can lift me
And my sister in the
air at the same time.
Why don't you take your
brother over to the PX,
Get yourselves a treat?
OK daddy.
I'm, uh, 4-f. I've
got a heart murmur.
I need a bus ticket to
Chicago for the weekend,
And petty cash for three days.
Grab his file, honey.
Put his furlough pass in it.
Then you've got to type
up a travel pay voucher,
Get it over finance.
And then a bus voucher,
and get it processed.
And the tickets
will be sent here.
Oh great, first day?
It's her first client too, you
got a problem with that, bud?
OK, Sam Dolnick.
Aren't you violating
some child labor law?
I'm 18.
OK, that's it.
You'll just have to come back
once it goes through finance.
OK, well I'm leaving
tomorrow, so, uh.
Now we'll just
take that and put it
At the bottom of the stack.
That way he might have to
come back a few more times.
Ha ha.
Fort McCoy.
Please hold while I
connect your call.
Oh, darn.
I lost him.
Fort McCoy.
Please hold.
Fort McCoy.
About 2 o'clock, sure.
I think you have
a visitor, doll.
Oh, lunch time.
I'm so honored
you found the time
To slot me into your very
first lunch break, madame.
Nice joint.
Thank you.
Eight cents.
There you go.
Thank you.
Why does her skin stick up?
It's her bosom.
Fort McCoy.
Certainly, one moment.
Fort McCoy.
Please hold.
Hey, my favorite
kids on the base.
We're the only kids on the base.
Looks like tank likes somebody
besides you there, slim.
Is this your dog, mister?
He adopted me when I got here.
That's because you
let him sleep with you.
Heard him barking inside
a tank down for repairs.
Don't know how he
got in there, though.
Kids, this is Texas Slim.
Like the comic strip?
Oh yeah, Texas Slim and dirty
Dalton, like in the funnies.
You kind of look like a
dirty Dalton, partner.
We have to pick up
our mom from her shift.
Say hi to her for us.
Bye, Lester.
I'm back.
Wondering if my ticket and
pay vouchers are ready.
I haven't gotten to it.
Heavy workload?
I was hoping to leave for
Chicago on the 6:00 am bus
Tomorrow, so I kind
of need it today.
You seem pretty anxious
to get to Chicago,
You'd think it was Shangri-la.
I'll send it over to
finance for processing.
Fine then, Dolnick.
These are purple cone
flowers, and those
Are black-eyed Susans.
See the dark middle?
What are the little purple ones?
Those are wild clover.
Monarch butterflies love them.
But these are my favorite.
Queen Anne's lace.
Every may my mother
put them in a vase next
To a statue of the virgin Mary.
Because may is
the month of Mary.
Aren't they pretty?
It's still may for
a few more days.
Yes, it is, should
we pick a bouquet?
Let's get home.
Come on, sweetie.
Next stop, Elkhorn,
And then on to Chicago.
A letter came from bud today,
he was on the island of Saipan.
Loose lips sink ships.
He's not there anymore.
Is uncle Bud gonna
kill some japs?
Honey, don't say that.
He told me today he wants
to grow up to be a soldier.
Darling, all boys want
to grow up to be soldiers.
I'm going to buy some smokes.
You need anything?
No, thanks.
Anna, can I ask you something?
Of course.
How old were you when
you first kissed a boy?
I was 15.
Just asking.
But don't tell your
mom or my mom, OK?
Why not?
Hang them out the window to dry.
Things are just a little
different nowadays.
Our moms are a
little old fashioned.
Don't make me shoot you.
We got him locked down.
What was he doing?
The japs keep
trying to run away.
Either to kill themselves,
or to get killed.
They want to die?
For them it's shameful
to return home alive.
They all want to be kamikazes.
Oh, honey.
I heard.
Evening, frank.
Well, I'll let you
folks get some sleep.
And not to worry, we've
added two extra guards
To the Japanese barracks.
So if there's anything you need.
Thank you, we'll be fine.
Thank you.
They're trying to die?
I never heard of such a thing.
I have to show you something.
What the hell is that?
I bought it, to be safe.
I wasn't even going
to tell you about it,
Because I don't think
we'll ever need it.
But I want to show
you how it works.
Put your hands like this.
Now, look at my nose
through the triangle.
Close one eye, then the other.
Now, whichever eye sees my
nose, that's your dominant one.
That's the one
that you aim with.
It's kind of neat.
Which eye is dominant?
My left.
Oh, southpaw.
My little southpaw
sharp shooter.
Now, you want to, to
hold it with both hands.
All right?
Hold it up.
And close your right eye.
Now look down the barrel at
this little thing at the end.
And you aim.
And then you pull the trigger.
It's not loaded.
Ugh, take it.
You're going to hide a gun
next to our sleeping children?
Now look, I'll take it down
to the table in the kitchen
Tomorrow morning, OK?
Don't worry, we'll keep
the bullets up here,
It will be safe.
Thank goodness.
All we need is a loaded
gun around Lester.
He thinks the war is a game.
What are we doing here?
There's prisoners wandering
around, tanks driving by,
Soldiers and guns in our home.
Christ in a sidecar!
Honey, can you
train the new guy?
I've got to go into Sparta
and fatty some cheese curds.
No problem, Florie.
What the, god damn it!
How am I supposed to
keep track of this shit!
Stupid asses.
I can't believe he
was ever a minister.
Beloved by his
congregation, no doubt.
I'm gonna see you later.
Get a move on!
I'm starving in here.
Did you know when
you left, that you
Were going to be working here?
I was observing.
Hey look, it's the boy!
Is he in jail?
He's not in jail, he's a PW.
What's that?
Well you don't know.
Shut up.
What are you doing?
Get down!
How did you get up there?
Sam, I need those documents!
Yes, sir.
We just him to swine them.
I mean sign.
Well, it's a pig order.
Don't let him hog the inventory.
One little apple and two
small leaves, and that
Was the last of those
valiant thieves.
The end.
Good night, pumpkin.
Daddy, what's a PW?
It means prisoner of war.
So it's a camp?
Yes, it is, in a way.
Well, what did they do?
They fought in the war.
Did they kill people?
I suppose they did.
A lot of innocent people
have died in this war.
Even the kids?
The boy PWs, did they kill?
I don't know.
I don't know everyone's past.
Is uncle Bud killing people?
Well I, I guess he probably is.
Could he be a PW?
If he were captured, yeah.
Good night, pumpkin.
Good night, daddy.
The summer I was nine,
do you know what I did?
I used to go night
crawling with Bud.
Do you know what that is?
It's when you go
looking for earthworms
That come out at night.
We'd fill a coffee tin
with dirt, take a lantern,
And go find them.
And in the morning, our mother
packed us each a sandwich,
And we'd take our fishing poles,
our sandwiches, and our coffee
Tin down to the river.
We caught sunfish,
sturgeon, catfish.
That's what I did all summer.
Night crawling and
fishing with my brother.
You shouldn't have to be here.
But I'm having fun here.
Oh, mom, it's OK.
Sweet dreams, angel.
hallelujah, hallelujah,
hallelujah, hallelujah.
Heavenly father, we
come today, before you,
To pray for our boys overseas,
and for the boys here with us.
That you will guide them,
and watch over them here,
And wherever they are sent.
And for their loved ones
who are left behind.
The wives, the mothers,
and the children.
Lord Jesus, we ask that you
bring an end to this war,
And let your perpetual
light shine upon us.
Nice to see you, Arlene.
Thank you for a good sermon.
Thank you, sir.
You must come for
dinner, father.
Do you play cards?
I love a good hand of bridge.
Oh, me too.
I'm going to go to
the club and get a pop.
Can we go?
Can we go?
You may go.
We'll be right back.
Be good.
Goodbye, Lester.
Five ball, corner
pocket, soldier.
Man, nice shot, buddy.
I didn't see you in church.
Either you're not
catholic, or you're naughty
And you don't go to church.
Hello, Anna, I'm bob.
Nice to meet you, bob.
It's nice to meet you, too.
Well, I should get going.
See you around, kiddo.
I'm not a kid.
Come on, Lester, let's go.
You're supposed to
brush up and down.
It's getting late.
Finish up and get
to bed, sweet peas.
Keep your mouth shut.
All right.
One heart.
Did he ask you out yet?
The way you two flirt?
We don't flirt, we fight.
Who's that?
Oh, Sam Dolnick,
who works with us.
Sam's a nice guy.
Just got back from the
front, Sicily and Italy.
Poor guy.
Heard he saw some rough stuff.
And to be Jewish too?
Yeah, he don't
announce that, though.
Now he's stationed next
to a bunch of krauts.
No offense.
None taken.
We're Americans.
He he.
Go to bed.
Spades, your call.
You've got to tell
me what to play.
Mom, there's the buzzer.
Oh, my apple kuchen.
Hey, come on over.
What's your name?
I'm Gertie.
Heinrich, can you play with me?
My mom is making apple kuchen.
Want some?
It's a dessert.
Hold on.
I hope it tastes all right.
I had to use maple sugar.
Mmm, mmm.
What happened to you?
You're all set.
You keep those cubbies
out of that slump.
Fingers crossed.
Oh, hey!
You left a minute early.
I'm going to have to report
you to fatty for a flogging.
What's wrong?
I was just joking.
No, it's not that.
I... about Sunday.
I saw your Mary medal,
and just assumed.
It was a gift.
It's nice.
I was thinking, um, do you
want to do something some time,
Or do you think your sister?
I know you're really young.
Look, buster, just because you
had a big birthday in March,
Quit thinking you're so mature.
You memorized my birthday?
No, I processed your
furlough, remember?
Yeah, I've processed
about 100, I
Can't remember when one
of those guys was born.
How rude.
So, do you want to do
something some time, or not?
I already said OK.
OK then, tomorrow, 7 o'clock?
Do you want to
know where I live?
I already know.
You memorized where I live?
How rude.
Where are you going?
To a dance in Sparta with daddy.
Can I borrow that
lipstick tomorrow night?
All right.
I'm doing something with
the soldier that I work with.
The one back from Italy?
Do you have a date?
Will we have the
pleasure of meeting him?
Of course, at 7:00.
After you've
gone and left me crying,
After you've gone there's no
denying, you'll feel blue,
You'll feel sad, you'll
miss the dearest pal.
Frank, do you mind if I
ask your wife to dance?
Fine with me.
Thank you, Dominic, but
I'll just wait with Frank.
Aw, go ahead, you
love this song.
Go ahead.
Damn, Frank, I could feel
the guns going off from here.
You'd better put your
dancing shoes on.
I'm a lousy dancer,
I'd just get up there
And embarrass myself.
Penny, look at Delilah.
Goodness, could that
dress get any lower?
Somebody needs to
stitch that up.
What a beautiful lady.
Yeah, if you want
to call her that.
What's the matter with you?
Hey, I just calls
them as I sees them.
Why don't you calls
them someplace else?
Why are you so sore?
Would you care to dance?
I'd like that.
It's rather warm, I'd
love some punch first.
Allow me.
I just want to ask you, why
can't girls be altar boys?
Because they're
called altar boys.
Why don't they just
call them altar girls?
Girls are doing all
sorts of jobs nowadays.
Some of the PWs are so young.
Hitler will take about anyone.
One minute I'm filled with hope,
Seeing them out
playing like any boys.
Next minute I'm terrified.
I just hope our captured boys
are being treated this well.
We've adhered to the Geneva
convention to a T. Equal
Housing, food, even letting the
officers wear their uniforms,
And I mean that... I mean
that just burns me up.
I heard the Germans
are making our guys
Sleep outside like farm
animals, and well, I can't even
Say in front of a lady how the
japs are treating our boys.
My brother's over there.
I'm sorry.
All right, boys, this is
the last song of the night,
So live it up.
Thank you for the dance.
Thank you.
Thank you, Frank.
It must be tough being escorted
by a barber with two left feet
With all these dashing
young soldiers around.
I didn't even want
to dance, Frank.
I won't feel sorry for you.
I thank god every night
for your heart murmur.
If you didn't have it, I swear
I'd break both your legs.
Oh, thank you, I guess.
Count your blessings, baby.
You're married.
Who's the lucky guy?
Charlie Wakefeild, from
Higginsville, Missouri.
He had a weekend leave to
say goodbye to his folks,
Before finishing up
his last days at basic.
I was singing across the
river, at the back velvet club,
In Kansas City.
We fell in love, at 2:00
am, after I got off work.
Married the next day.
I thought his mother would
have a heart attack when
We dropped by to tell her.
We had six days together, if
you count the night that we met.
I'm not even sure I'll
remember his face,
We never did take a photograph.
So you're a widow.
Can't you tell?
I'm in mourning, wearing the
color of death, blood red.
You wear that ring, they
all think you're married.
Well I am, aren't I?
There's no rulebook on this.
I didn't know what I
was supposed to do.
Married two months, he dies.
Am I going to take
off the ring, apply
To have my name
changed back to what
It was just a few weeks ago?
They charge a fee for that.
I actually asked.
So why do you stay here?
Slim, where I'm from, the
question is more, why not?
Well, it's getting late.
I'll be right back.
We haven't officially met.
I'm Ruby Stirn.
Delilah Wakefield.
It's nice to meet
you, Mrs Stirn.
Call me ruby.
Do you play bridge?
Almighty god, our sons,
Pride of our nation,
this day have
Set upon a mighty endeavor.
A struggle to preserve our
republic, our religion,
And our civilization, and to
set free a suffering humanity.
Lead them straight and true.
What are we listening to?
Give strength to their arms,
Stoutness to their hearts,
steadfastness in their faith.
They will need thy blessings.
Their road will be long and
hard, for the enemy is cross.
While our country listened
To president Roosevelt, as
thousands of our soldiers
Landed on the
beaches of Normandy.
My world was small,
and magical, filled
With my family, the woods by
our cabin, and my new friend,
Oh no, please don't be broken.
If I touch you, your
mommy won't hatch you.
Thank you.
Hil... Hilfe?
Thy will be done, almighty god.
You've been
listening to President Franklin
Delano Roosevelt.
You need a bath, dirty Dalton.
What's Hilfe?
Hilfe, in German.
What does it mean in English?
I don't know.
I thought you knew German.
But grandma said
when you were little,
You only knew German, because
auntie Florence and uncle
Art thought it was cute
to hear you speak it.
I don't know it, Gertie.
But grandma said.
I forgot.
OK, sweetie?
OK, daddy.
Wait, where'd you hear that?
Your turn.
This place is filthy,
and the heat, the drills.
Yeah, speaking of
drills, sweetheart.
I just want one
cup of hot coffee.
I want to go home.
What's going on?
What's wrong?
Bud is injured.
The navy sent a
letter to mother.
He kept his ship afloat
for two days in a typhoon.
Where is he?
In a hospital, in San Fransisco.
Oh, my god.
His leg is broken, and
his skin has jungle rot.
What the hell is that?
They're pouring
liquid penicillin on it
To try to save it.
I'm so sorry, sweetheart.
At least he's alive.
I know.
Did you hear, dad?
Uncle bud is a hero.
What in the?
No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We can't go outside.
What is going on out there?
They're, they're dropping
flower sacks on our roof.
Target practice.
The planes.
You let them drop
fake bombs on our home?
I came home to warn you.
I hope they don't hit my date.
Row, row, row your
boat gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
merrily, life is but a dream.
Row, row, row your boat.
Here, take these.
Ruby, I know the number.
Just in case.
It's just a date.
Well, be careful.
Hello, Sam.
I'm Frank Stirn.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Those are our children,
Gertie and Lester.
OK, so we should go.
I like your scooter, mister.
Oh, um, sorry, I thought I had
a car, but it wouldn't start.
Uh, that's OK.
Take my car.
Oh, no, sir, we're
just going to Sparta.
We insist.
Uh, thank you so much.
I really thought I
had a... uh, thank you.
Can we drive the scooter?
Have fun.
Oh, and I'm sure you'll
be back at 11:00 or so?
You look nice.
Thank you.
Your family's nice.
Why don't you get
a little closer?
You'll see better.
So I finished
high school in may,
And my mother said
that I could move
In with Ruby and her
family for the summer.
Do something important,
dolling out travel pay.
But what I really want to do
is join the women's army core.
But my brother Bud told my mom
that the WAC girls are wild.
I still might, though.
Can they end up
near the front line?
The nurses can, I guess.
You, you've really
done something.
I mean, really fighting.
Four years?
I'm done in August.
What do you want to
do when you're done?
Be a radio announcer
in California.
Please bless my grandma
Josephine, and my other grandma
Josephine, my grandpa John,
my grandpa Paul, my mom
And my dad, my uncle Bud in
a hospital in San Francisco,
My aunt Anna on her
date, wherever she is.
And my brother.
And my friend Heinrich,
so he can stop being a PW
And go home.
Did you think Sam was nice?
Sounds good.
That's not an answer.
What is it?
Cubs lost.
Big surprise.
You're kinda purdy.
powerful Lancaster bombers
Preparing for another
night raid on Nazi Germany.
Raids calculated to smash the
heart of the Nazi war industry.
Away, and over the sea they
roar, loaded with bombs.
Each bomb big enough to blast
an area of 10 city blocks.
I like you.
Hey, Heinrich!
Judy Garland is amazing.
I also love her in
for me and my gal.
Didn't you?
I never saw it.
You never saw it?
Oh, you were fighting.
How stupid of me.
It's all right.
No, it's not.
I was in a movie
theater eating popcorn,
And you were on the other
side of the world fighting
For your life.
You were a kid.
You should have been
in a movie theater.
Please quit making
reference to my youth.
Hold on.
Wait, I see it.
You grew up.
More PWs.
That's good, that means
we're catching them.
We ship 20,000 Nazi PWs to
safety in America every month.
Do you know how many spots
we've used in our ships
To rescue Jews in Europe?
One ship.
874 Jews have been brought
over here to safety.
I didn't know.
Oh my, what was that?
I'm not sure.
Aw, a flat?
This thing was bare.
Of course, no spare,
rubber's so short these days.
I can't believe I blew
your family's tire.
Neither a lender
nor a borrower be.
If I had a nickel
for every time my.
You said yourself,
the tire was bare.
What kind of a
knucklehead shows up
For a date on a scooter?
We don't have a choice.
You lose something?
Be careful on that think.
Okey doke.
Get out!
Get out.
Get out.
I will use it.
Get away from my children.
Dominic Rossi, please.
He said he got
lost on work detail,
And he needed directions
back to the camp.
Someone lost
knocks on your door,
And waits outside to
ask for directions.
They don't break into
your home and accost you.
Ruby, I'm not defending him.
He's an SS officer
for Christ's sake.
Are you OK?
I'll be OK.
Can I get you a cup of coffee?
No, thank you.
Please, of course.
So, where are you from?
We've all been thrown
into this place.
Most of us would have never
met if it weren't for the war.
I can honestly say I probably
would have never found myself
In Wisconsin.
Did you have a girl
back in new york?
Not particularly.
What did you do there, before?
Ha, ha.
I'm kind of embarrassed to say.
Why? What did you do?
I ran a wicker furniture store.
Why is that funny?
I don't know.
I didn't find it funny
while I was doing it,
But I guess after
a year in Tunisia,
And another guarding a PW
camp, wicker furniture.
You know, it just seems
kind of funny to me now.
You know?
Yeah, I can see that.
What about you?
What did you do before?
I was a girl, then a
wife, then a mother.
So was that the first
time you used a gun?
I just need to find out
where Frank hid the bullets.
You mean it wasn't loaded?
Wow, that's uh, impressive.
Anna, are you OK?
We had a great time, but
we had to ride on the rims.
Sam is so sorry, he's
really embarrassed.
Well, I should get going.
Oh, thank you so much,
Dominic, for everything.
I'll tell you once
we get Anna settled.
What am I, two years old?
We're like sitting
ducks out here.
I'm just sorry I wasn't here.
You couldn't have known.
It was nice of Dominic.
Why did you call him?
I was afraid.
No, I mean, instead
of somebody else.
How dare you?
We live in the
middle of nowhere.
I have soldiers on one side,
and prisoners on the other.
Why did I call him?
Who the hell was I
supposed to call, Frank?
Florie's tiny husband, who lives
20 minutes away and delivers
Milk for a living?
Dominic is a military
police officer,
Whose job is to protect us.
And he's our friend, Frank.
He's my friend.
You know better, Frances Stirn.
Why are we here?
Because they asked me.
If being a measly base
barber helps the war effort,
It's the least I can do.
Stop doing that.
Putting yourself down.
Do you know how bad
I feel for these kids?
Half of them I'm giving the
last haircut they'll ever get.
But it's not your fault.
They won't take you
on age alone, Frank.
You're too old.
No, just this month they
started taking men my age.
Is that really what you want?
To be in a ditch
somewhere in Italy,
Killing boys like the
ones living next door?
Or on a ship in the middle
of the ocean, a floating
Target waiting for
a Japanese plane?
Is that where you'd
rather be, frank?
Why are you doing that, daddy?
Just to be safe, sweetheart.
From now on, you
and your brother
Need to stay in the yard
if you're going to play.
What about the ducks?
No, you need to stay
in the yard, sweetie.
I should get going.
Slim, you shouldn't have had
to put up fence on your last day
Oh, I wanted to.
I appreciate it.
There's meat,
bread, berries, jam,
And maple cookies
for the train ride.
Oh, thank you, Mrs Stirn.
Hey, slim!
Excuse me, ma'am, I've got
some business with my buddy.
Hey little guy.
I've got a really
big favor to ask you.
But that's what best
buddies are for, right?
Texas slim, dirty Dalton.
I'll do whatever you want.
I need you to take care of
tank for me while I'm gone.
You mean it?
On one condition.
You gotta let him
sleep with you.
Every night.
He gets a little
scared at night.
We all do, sometimes.
Bye, Slim.
Bye, Gertie.
I'll get your bag.
Do you really want to go?
Oh yeah, got an
important job to do.
Thanks, buddy.
Besides, when else could I
get to see a beach in France?
You OK?
Yeah, sorry.
Do you want another, Frank?
Hey, it's the barber.
Frank, uh, Stirn, right?
That's right.
Stirn, that's like, a
German name, isn't it?
That's right.
You know, I found
it real peculiar
That you chose to
cut hair of soldiers
Like me, instead of fighting
with the rest of us.
You know, I propose we start
a German internment camp,
Like they've got for the japs
trying to pass themselves off
As Americans.
The only problem is,
it's hard to pick out
The pretty-boy krauts
from the rest of us.
You blend right in there,
don't you, Herr Stirn?
What is it, daddy?
It says, help, only
it's spelled with an E.
Hmm, I thought it meant
something like that.
Who said this?
My friend Heinrich.
Who's that?
He's a PW.
It's about baby birds.
Sweetie, you know the new rule.
I know, stay in
the fence to play.
Smell funny, Bob.
Good night, pumpkin.
Oh, Lester.
No, no.
Is he bothering you, Dom?
No, he's fine.
Oh, watch out.
We'd better head home.
But what about the fireworks?
We can watch them from home.
I think we're going to stay.
Stay dry.
All right.
Bye, Lester.
See you around.
Come on, Lester.
Bye, have fun.
Bye, Heinrich.
See you later, Heinrich.
Got an extra blanket?
Sure, there's room for three.
No there isn't, get lost.
Hey, hey.
Who shared his care package
with you last night?
No, you didn't share it, I
won it with a straight flush.
Gambling is illegal, boys.
That's right, Sam.
Oh, it's so pretty.
Where are they?
I don't know.
Let's go!
We'd better go this way.
Come on!
Come on, let's go.
How come you don't
tell me anything?
What are you talking about?
I sit across from you
for eight hours a day,
Talking your ear off.
And then almost every
night after work,
Except if we're in the movies.
No, even then I
usually say stuff too.
I mean about the war.
Anna, it's just something
I don't like to talk about.
You can respect that, can't you?
Of course, but.
I know you have nightmares.
Bob told me.
He was just worried about you.
He should be worried
about himself,
He ships out next month.
That is a terrible thing to say.
It's true.
What's true, Sam?
I don't need to tell you.
You've seen how many guys
leave here, never to return.
There's a telegram a day, just
in the little town of Sparta.
How many travel
pay vouchers do you
Process for guys without
arms, legs, eyes?
Wake up, Anna.
Well, you made
it back all right.
I did?
Lucky me, huh?
What is it, Sam?
We talk too much, Anna.
I'd better get you home.
I know.
I love you.
Good night.
Good night.
I love you too.
Ugh, it's slow today, hon.
You were funny at
the picnic yesterday.
Wasn't that a hoot?
Fort McCoy.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
Slim didn't make it.
No, he, he promised that
he was going to come back.
I'm so sorry.
No, he said he was
going to come back.
I just heard it
on the switchboard.
Come here, tank.
Sit, tank.
It's not funny, sit.
It's not funny, sit!
OK, you're my dog now.
You understand?
You're my dog now.
Because Slim isn't coming back.
You've got to do what I say.
like so many of our soldiers,
Died on the beaches in France.
Slim was our friend, and
it brought the war home.
You're boring.
I heard Slim made it past the
ramparts before he got hit.
Florie's brother was mowed down
before he made it to the sand.
She said he.
Hey, sweetie.
Do you want to go into
Sparta for some ice cream,
Or something?
No, thank you.
I know it's hard, honey.
Do you want to go play
with your brother?
I, I'm really upset.
I know, pumpkin.
We're all very sad about Slim.
Why don't you go outside
and get some sunshine?
Poor kid.
Let's swim.
We have to keep clothes on.
You can.
But it's sprinkling.
You're gonna get cold.
Come on.
I will not.
Yes, you will.
Come on!
It's amazing!
I'm coming out here every night.
Come on.
It starts with I if you enlist.
But weren't even at war yet.
We were.
It's a Muzuzah.
It contains part of the Torah.
Why do you have a Mary medal?
It belonged to my
friend from my battalion.
His mom wanted me to have it.
Sam, I want to know.
His name was Dan griffin.
We were breaking
through at Monte Casino,
And everything turned,
we all got split up.
It started raining.
Danny and I were running.
We couldn't tell
Jerry from our guys.
Gunfire, tankfire,
bombs, grenades.
The line got blurred.
We jumped into a foxhole
under some trees,
And just shot toward the
lights going off everywhere.
I didn't think we'd
make it, but Dan did.
A round only caught my hand,
but Danny, it lifted him up,
Threw him back in the hole.
It all happened so fast.
The last thing he
said was, Mary.
I thought maybe he had a girl
back in Chicago, or a sister
Named Mary.
His mom said no.
He was an altar boy who
always said those prayers
With the beads.
The rosary.
So the last thing he
did was call out to Mary.
Hail Mary.
We were caught in the
fox hole two more days.
Well, me and Dan's body.
I had to... I had to pretend.
I laid under Dan's body
to pretend I was dead.
His body saved my life.
I'm so sorry, Sam.
Me too.
He was a really good guy.
I want to marry you.
Yes, please.
I'm getting married.
I'm not saying I'm against it.
I'm saying there's
a lot to consider.
Marriage is a huge
Sam's a nice guy but,
Anna, you barely know him.
I mean, his culture,
his religion.
You have to think
about children.
How would they be raised?
Would they be baptized?
Anna, you're too young to
be making these decisions.
I can't believe,
you, of all people.
I'm just saying you're a much
different person at 18 then
You'll be in your 20's or 30's.
Who's to say what
choices you'd make.
You met Frank at the
same age, and you'd
Make the same decision now.
I don't know that I would.
I'm the ring bearer in
my aunt Anna's wedding.
That means I bear the rings.
Gertie, I think
it's time for you two
To go pick up your mamma.
Fort McCoy.
One moment please.
Fort McCoy.
Perfect timing.
Yes, sir.
Two o'clock, right,
just dial me.
Fort McCoy.
Yes sir, one moment.
My mom was crying.
Good or bad?
I think both.
And my dad wants to know
if you have insurance.
What about my being Jewish?
I forgot to tell them.
Now your parents.
Can I just write them?
Frank, we don't always know
what God's plan for us is.
No, father.
I believe he calls
us in different ways.
Yes, father.
You know, each person
makes a unique contribution
To this world.
Each person has
to find the value
Of their unique contribution.
And, you know it's not
so much what you have,
It's what you can give.
I've been looking for you.
I have big news.
Sam and I are getting
married on the 19th.
Oh, congratulations.
Thank you.
We'd like you to
perform the ceremony.
I'm sorry, I I can't, but I'd
love to be there as a guest.
Anna, Sam's Jewish.
The church won't allow it.
He would have to convert,
and that takes time.
Anna, I'm sorry.
I wish you and Sam all the best.
I forgive you.
No, no she's not.
Well that shouldn't.
Pop, listen to.
Yeah, that's, that's, that's
not going to affect my decision.
Because I love her.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
They can't make it.
Hello, Dominic.
Afternoon, ma'am.
How are my favorite
kids on the base?
We're the only.
Well I've got some jerky
that both you and Tank like.
There you go, Buddy.
What do you say?
You're welcome.
Look, Tank.
No, Tank.
No, bad Tank.
Bad Tank.
Go back.
Go back!
Go back.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
He did it.
I tried to tell you.
What, sweetie?
The Nazi in the uniform.
He did it.
I saw him.
Daddy, he did it.
It's OK.
What did you see?
I want to leave this place.
I know.
I don't care if they
have to get local sheep
Shearer to cut hair.
Sweet dreams.
Ha ha ha.
So, uh, do you, Sam,
uh, Simon Dolnick,
Take Anna Gerkey to be
your lawful wedded wife?
I do.
Do you, Anna Gerkey, take
Sam, uh, Simon Dolnick
To be your lawful
wedded husband?
I do.
Then, by the power vested in
me by the state of Wisconsin,
I now pronounce
you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Uncle Bud!
Sorry I'm late.
Buddy, you made it.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
Oh, look at you!
Are you OK?
Poor Buddy.
Look at you.
This is Sam.
Hi, I'm bud.
And he manned the engines
all alone for 48 hours,
On a broken leg.
My leg wasn't
broken until the end.
You liar.
And he received the bronze star.
That's amazing.
You girls are
embarrassing your brother.
Go, go dance or something.
Is that what you're planning
on driving my daughter
Out west in?
Yes, sir.
It needs some work, but uh.
Take mine.
Just count it as a wedding gift,
On top of whatever
Josie got you two.
I can't take your car, sir.
Just get my little girl to
California safe and sound.
You hear?
Yes, sir.
You know, they do
have radio stations
Right here in the Midwest.
Yes, sir.
But you're still planning
on going to California.
Yes, sir.
Come dance, daddy.
I don't know what
these kids are thinking.
They're in love.
Your collar's crooked, father.
Thank you, ma'am.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
That's the way I like it.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
How you doing, doll?
I knew those two were going
to get married the minute
They started arguing over
that travel pay voucher.
A sure sign of love.
To the bride and groom!
To the bride and groom.
You know, you're the only
single one left around here,
Don't waste your
time talking to me.
All right, I'm going.
Well, put a step in
that giddy-up, go on.
Delilah, would
you like to dance?
I don't know.
I think having me as a dance
partner might be a curse.
I don't believe in superstition.
May I?
It's not so bad.
No, I could make
a habit of this.
Many times I've
Tried to rewrite the
end of that summer,
But it was Nazi in the uniform
in the casket, and my friend
Heinrich who marched behind.
I dreamed that after the
war, Heinrich would visit me
And we could finally play.
And that Slim would come
back to pick up tank.
And Sam would forget
What happened in the foxhole.
Come on, tank.
And that no one was hurt.
The innocent millions had lived.
But always, I wake from that
dream, another day older.
And despite the losses
and pain, we still
Found laughter and love.
I've learned that evil cannot
conquer the human spirit.
It exists, but so does goodness.
And in between lies
a long, blurred line.