Fortress (2021) Movie Script

Today marks an important
milestone at Invespia.
Two years ago, we set out to
architect a cryptocurrency exchange
that would elevate the trajectory
of global finances forever.
Well, thanks to all of you,
I am humbled to announce
that we have exceeded
our annual investment goals.
I deeply appreciate the trust, friendship
and support of every Invespia partner.
Now, I know it's become
a bit clich in the tech world,
but this is not hyperbole
when I say that we are
in the process of changing
the world as we know it.
Yeah, dude.
You're the fucking clich.
[tense music playing]
Target on the move.
Local on standby.
I'm sure you're wondering
what a handsome Brit like me
is doing all the way out here.
Well, mate, this is a great
place to meet women.
I tell, ya.
And it's excellent, as long as
you know how to drive,
the GPS does all the work
for you, right.
Which is a good plan,
as long as you're not driving
out in the middle of nowhere
where the GPS don't work.
I guess what I'm saying is I
hope you know where you're going.
Where you going?
Oh, yeah.
It looks like
it's the next left
about three miles up.
[driver] You're traveling light.
[Paul] Yeah, just here for
a business meeting.
Actually, would you
mind waiting for me?
I'm, uh, gonna try to catch
the 3:00 outta here.
Oh, sure. Do you want me
to grab you a coffee, as well?
Milk, sugar?
No, I'm not waiting.
This ain't a limo.
I mean, how am I supposed to get
another car if there's no GPS?
[driver] I don't know, mate.
That sounds like something
you should've pre-planned,
don't you think?
[Paul] Right.
We lost contact.
Hi, Robert. This is a beautiful
day today, isn't it?
It sure is.
Good morning, sir.
And how are you today?
Another day in paradise.
So we received
an interesting call.
[Robert] Interesting?
From your son.
I wasn't going to speak with
him, but he's coming for a visit.
Everything okay?
His flight has already landed.
I can't wait to meet him.
Kate to base.
Do you copy?
[cell phone ringing]
- Go for Ulysses.
- [man] Come on, man.
Yes, sir.
Copy that.
They're telegraphing a bat cave.
Ready for this?
Listen up, everybody.
The mission is simple;
get in and get out quietly.
Neutralize anybody
that stands in your way.
Acquire the assets
alive for the boss.
- Am I clear?
- [all] Yes, sir.
Let's load up.
[door opens]
Good God.
What's that?
This, mate, is where
you told me to take you.
What's this all about?
- Hey, how...
- [guard] Please turn off
your vehicle's
engine, sir.
This is private property.
No unauthorized vehicles are allowed
- on our premises.
- Alright.
They're expecting me.
My name's Paul Michaels.
May I please see your
security access credentials?
Credentials? I'm here to see my
father, Robert Michaels.
Sorry, Mr. Michaels,
all visitors are required to have
security clearance
At a retirement community?
I mean, that-that's ridiculous.
[driver] Oh, hello.
Hey, Matthews.
Is this guy for real?
Keep your eyes on them.
Roger that.
Mate, are you sure
you want me to leave you here?
[sighs] TBD.
It's alright,
Mr. Michaels is authorized.
Yes, ma'am.
[driver] That a friend of yours?
[Paul] Not yet.
Get out.
The Terminator's coming back.
Mr. Michaels,
you're free to enter.
Just you.
Mate, where I'm from, getting
rescued by a beautiful woman,
that's a good piece of luck.
Definitely a step up from you,
my friend.
[driver chuckles]
We got last
known location.
Let's move.
[speaks Spanish]
Kate Taylor.
I'm the director here.
Nice to meet you,
Miss Taylor.
Miss Taylor sounds rather like
a junior high teacher.
Call me Kate.
[chuckles] What's with
the Fort Knox routine, Kate?
Just a formality,
Mr. Michaels.
Well, if you're Kate
then I'm Paul.
Fair enough.
I've heard a lot
about you, Paul.
Oh, yeah?
What'd you hear?
Your dad
is very proud of you.
Is he? Are we talking
about the same guy?
I'll escort him
from here.
[keypad beeping]
So, what is this place?
I mean, I thought this was
a retirement community,
what's up with the guards?
They take their jobs
here quite seriously,
as well they should.
Forge Mountain is an
destination retreat
for executives
in need of a reset.
Invitation-only retreat?
Marketing lingo.
Basically, we have a network
of corporate partners
and offer a variety of on-site
programs for their executives.
I thought you said my father
had been living here for years.
Also true.
We have a very few
who are long-term residents.
Never would've imagined my dad
living in a place like this.
Wasn't much of an outdoorsman
when I was a kid.
Well, I'm sure you two
have quite a lot to catch up on.
I'm still getting nothing.
That's fine.
They can't have gotten far.
We'll catch up
and intercept them.
Ah, did they warn you of the
communication challenges here?
The original architects in the
'50s labeled it an energy vortex.
And what's that mean exactly?
An area conducive
to spiritual healing.
Sounds very scientific.
The scientific explanation
is that there's a large
concentration of a rare iron ore
that scrambles the
electromagnetic waves,
making satellite communication
next to impossible.
It's called "native dead space"
in the satellite tech world.
- Ah...
- I was hell-bent
on a career at NASA
when I was a kid.
I was obsessed with
the place beyond the sky.
- You know?
- Oh.
So, did you do it?
Well, my mother
was a music teacher
and my dad sold medical devices.
Not exactly
astronaut pedigree.
- Yeah.
- But I play a mean recorder.
[Kate laughs]
[tires screech]
- [horn honks]
- What's going on?
Howdy, thanks for stopping.
Not like I had
a lot of choice, was it?
Listen, we're part of a
special forces team for the DEA,
and we're gonna need your help.
My help?
Yes. Can you give me the address
of your last drop off?
[chuckles] Look, mate,
I can't give you the addresses...
It's very urgent. See, the man
that you just dropped off...
well, he's transporting a very
deadly, new synthetic drug.
Look, mate, I don't
want to get involved, honestly.
I'm late for where I'm going.
Hey, can we move this shit
out of the road?
I wanna go!
- Are you guys serious?
- Do I not look serious?
Yeah, look, you do, but...
Look, mate,
you gotta talk to the company
if you want
that sort of information.
I could lose my job over...
You're gonna lose a lot more
than your job, friend.
there wasn't an address.
The guy had directions
on a piece of paper.
That's it!
I can't remember
anything else.
Okay. Okay, alright.
It's about ten miles down
on County Line 12.
There's a dirt road on the left,
there's no sign,
it's just a dirt road.
There's a gate...
opens to the gate.
There's guards
at the gate at the end.
- Are they armed?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Thank you for your help.
Hey, you expect a
strongly-worded email to the DEA!
I know my rights!
Hey, you tell your partner to...
[man] Nothing personal.
- Hey... Wait, wait...
- [gunshot]
Please, don't take this wrong,
but I'm curious to know
how you found
your father was here.
Our residents have a saying
that anonymity
is Forge Mountain's
most attractive amenity.
Sorry to pry.
Don't be sorry.
I'm sure it's not a secret,
we haven't spoken
in a long time.
An attorney that manages
my mother's family estate
put me in touch.
I'm sure he's
excited to see you.
[Paul chuckles]
- Really?
- Yes.
You're not
a great liar, Kate.
Alright, in all honesty,
he was completely shocked.
But I'm sure he's happy
to see you.
Ah, here we have
all the amenities:
pool, target range,
river with loads of fish.
And in the summer months
there are so many grandkids
and nieces and nephews,
it becomes a perfect playground.
You're very passionate
about the place.
I am.
[sighs] We have our dining
hall, Michelin starred chef.
And loads of outdoor activities:
yoga and tai chi
and the book reading club.
Well, everyone seems
very happy.
You must be
doing something right.
- [groans]
- And loads of bugs. [chuckles]
[tense music playing]
Strange, boss, I've got no
overhead of that entire forest.
It's like some black hole.
Got eyes on the dirt road the
driver says ends at the gate.
Weird. I got no map of that.
Now look at the clearing
in the trees.
[woman] Perimeter fencing.
That's a lot of land.
What is that place?
Got a few ideas.
Only one way to find out.
Move out.
It appears the target has moved
into some sort of compound.
Zero visibility and likely
no outside communication.
[man on radio] Infiltrate
and secure the targets.
Use any means necessary.
Targets must be taken alive.
I'm on my way.
Copy that, sir.
[Kate] These are the long-term
resident cottages.
A bit more roomy
and much more secluded.
And here we are.
[door opens]
Good to see you, Paul.
[door closes]
Hey, Dad.
Oh... okay, then.
I'll let you two catch up.
[Robert] Thanks, Kate.
Come inside. Relax.
Come on.
[tense music playing]
[Robert] Take a seat.
You look well, Dad.
I stay busy.
Well, that's good,
you'll live longer.
- [chuckles]
- Yeah, that's what they say.
So I saw
the Prairie View house sold.
I loved that house.
We had some good times there.
Did, uh... did Uncle Bill or
Aunt Katie get in touch with you?
Not since your, uh,
your mom died.
Dad, you vanished.
I tried to contact you
for years.
It was a difficult time.
Yeah, well, that's no reason to
shut everyone out and disappear.
Look, I know emotions ran high
after the funeral,
but that was three years ago.
We need to try
to put things back together.
I think we should have a...
a serious talk.
Yeah, there is, uh, something
I'd like to talk to you about.
But I'm-I'm gonna hit the bathroom
first, if you don't mind.
[tense music playing]
Got a security cam,
What are we
walking into here, boss?
Doesn't matter,
the job is clear.
[tense music playing]
[water running]
[door closes]
You can do this, Paul.
You deserve this.
You heard
of cryptocurrency, Dad?
Digital assets.
You've heard of Bitcoin,
Yeah, sure.
Well, I wanna show you
how our marketplace
streams transactions
in real time.
Just like a stock exchange.
Real time, huh?
Glad you're excited.
- What?
- There's no WIFI here.
This is my company.
Ah. How'd you get online?
My entire existence
resides in the ether.
I can get online
from the bottom of the ocean.
You know, I lived and breathed this
company for the past five years.
We're gonna revolutionize the
world's relationship to money.
We have a ten-year road map that
will not only solidify Invespia
as an industry leader
in cryptocurrency,
but as a major player in the
global financial marketplace.
I'm really happy for you,
What do you got there,
kitty cat?
Magnetic plastic putty.
Scrambles the camera signal,
doesn't send
a hardware failure alert.
[Ulysses on radio]
On my signal, Alpha.
Don't miss.
Miss Garner,
I've got a camera down.
[Garner] Yeah, looks like
another wiring short.
Damn ambrosia beetles
chew up the cables.
Just take it offline for now.
You know what, send a north boundary
patrol down to check it out.
Roger that, ma'am.
Alpha team, go.
Jones, do you copy?
Jones, come in for base camp.
Do you copy?
We've, uh...
We've hit a bump in the road.
A key investor's pulled out
at the worst possible time...
pushing the exchange
to the verge of destabilization.
Sounds rough.
What are your options?
We need a quick
injection of cash.
A stop gap, until I can finalize
a pending strategic merger.
How much?
Five million.
Five million?
Does it look like
I have five million?
What's this?
Closing documents
for a short-term loan.
What collateral?
Guess the land
in my mom's family trust.
Is this a joke?
We've got a local.
Hold your positions.
Turn to channel three.
- [static buzzes]
- Sandra, what's, uh...
- [static]
- [dialogue choppy]
Jones, you're breaking up.
Do you copy?
[static ringing]
Sandrita, do you copy?
He's got a sidearm.
Hold. Hold.
I have every right to borrow
against my inheritance.
It's not yours yet.
That's why I'm asking
for your help.
You only came here for money.
I shoulda known.
You disappeared.
I-I haven't heard from you
in three years.
Nobody has.
You know nothing.
Well, so far so good.
What's the plan?
We'll take him
when he doubles back.
That camera
will be back up soon.
Better he sees a hole in
the fence than nine commandos.
Copy that.
Your mother
never wanted that money.
She turned her back
on the family, not me.
- Why?
- It's complicated.
Yeah, well,
life's complicated, Dad.
Especially if you don't
run away from it and hide.
Look, this is my last chance.
Everything I've built
is about to implode.
Good people will lose
their life savings.
I know it's been
a difficult couple of years.
But for the first time
in my life I need your help.
You don't understand.
No, I understand everything.
You've been absent my whole
life, work always came first.
I had to teach myself
how to be a man.
Even when Mom got sick.
You left me
to take care of her, too.
Is that why you got
the old photo album out,
to remember who I am?
This was a huge mistake.
[door closes]
[Jones] Sandra, come in.
It's almost time,
my shift is over.
We should
take this guy out.
Hold your position.
There's a hole
in that fucking fence.
Do we have a problem?
No problem, boss.
Standing by.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I've been on sites
like this,
the government
sets these traps.
If they hit the alarm,
we're all fucking cooked.
I say we
get that motherfucker now.
Fuck this shit,
you're on your own.
What the hell do you
think you're doing, soldier?
- Stand down.
- It's that bullshit.
[Jones] Sandra.
Base, we have a problem.
The fence has been...
[static buzzing]
What's wrong
with the fence, Jones?
Jones, the camera's back up.
Do you copy?
Jones, behind you!
Holy shit.
Dang it.
Miss Garner!
- What happened?
- Jones was ambushed!
- They killed him?
- [Garner] Who?
Who the hell is that?
Holy shit.
Issue a code black.
- Do it now!
- Okay, okay.
We have to lockdown immediately.
If anyone on this team
compromises the mission,
you will be removed
without hesitation.
No second chances.
We need to split up, sweep these
cabins, and secure the targets alive.
By any means necessary.
Let's move out.
You heard him, move out.
[Paul] What was I thinking?
This was a fucking mistake,
I knew I shouldn't have
come here.
[door opens]
You been keeping tabs on me?
Of course.
You're my son.
So you knew about Invespia,
but you let me
make my pitch anyway?
Yeah, it was cute.
- Cute?
- Yeah.
Have a nice life.
I'll do it.
I'll sign it.
Thanks, Dad.
But first we gotta talk.
[alarm blaring]
What the fuck is that?
It's an emergency alert.
- What kind of emergency?
- Just relax.
- It's a drill.
- What is this place, Dad?
It's complicated.
[man] Come on, come on.
Push it, push it.
That's it, that's it. Come on.
Hey, can I offer you
guys a water?
- [door closes]
- [man] Drive.
Were those gunshots?
- Yes.
- What the fuck, Dad?
Hang tight, I'll look.
Is that a silencer?
I'll be right back.
[door closes]
Where is he?
Fuck you.
I'm not telling you shit.
[soft chuckle]
[gun cocks]
Fuck you.
- [silenced gunshot]
- [groans]
[people yelling in distance]
- Thanks.
- Paul's inside.
Get to the fortress.
- Where's my dad?
- Come on, we're leaving.
No, what's going on, Kate?
We have to get to the fortress.
Code black.
Code black?
What's the fortress?
It's our emergency shelter.
- Okay, well...
- Get your bag.
What's the emergency?
You know,
I should go help my dad,
he probably doesn't even know
how to use that thing.
- [silenced gunshots]
- [people yelling]
- Was that my dad?
- Come on, we're going out the back.
- McNeill.
- Yeah, boss?
Main unit's requesting backup
at residential.
I'm heading over to assist.
Nobody in or out.
Copy that.
Where's Michaels?
- I'm impressed.
- So am I.
Why are all these people
looking for my dad?
You'll have to ask him, Paul.
There's a river through here.
[tense music playing]
[gun beeping]
This is Hut One.
We've got a suspicious vehicle
approaching the area.
Requesting permission
to fire at any aggression.
[man on radio] Permission
granted. Fire at will.
Roger that.
Come on, buddy, make a move.
[Kate panting]
- Hey!
- What?
[bird squawking]
I swear, I just heard something.
- [gunshot]
- [groans]
[Kate yelps]
It's okay. It's okay.
- [grunts]
- [Paul groans]
The charge will neutralize
in a minute.
[Paul] What's...
It's like a taser.
Hang on, I'll be right back.
[Paul] Kate!
What is this place?
Garner said
they'd send transport.
- There must've been an issue.
- [man] Freeze!
Hey! Just take it easy, okay.
Don't fucking move!
Boy, you are playing
the wrong way.
Down on your fucking knees!
You ready to watch
your boy die, Michaels?
I'm gonna kill these
two motherfuckers right now.
Listen, I wouldn't do that.
Holy shit, sir!
Excellent shot.
Damn, I wish I had
my GoPro rolling.
Thanks for coming in hot.
[man] My pleasure, sir.
- [gasps]
- [chuckles] Cute couple.
We... we're not.
We gotta get our asses moving,
let's go. Come on!
You okay, Paul?
Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Yeah, I can see that.
Get to the fortress.
You coming?
Nah, I'm having fun.
- My man. [chuckles]
- Seriously?
Come on. He knows this land
better than anyone.
Except maybe
your girlfriend here.
Hang on, folks.
You ready?
You better buckle
your asses up, lovelies,
next stop, the fortress!
No worries.
[hip hop music playing]
Oh, yeah!
About goddamn time
we had some excitement
around here.
I love this track.
I love it! Whoo!
Last stop, lovelies.
Thanks for the lift.
You coming with?
Nah, I think I'm gonna
go for a little spin.
Try to rustle myself up
some more trouble.
Be careful, I don't know
who these guys are,
but they're well-trained.
This ain't my first rodeo,
You just take care
of your boyfriend here.
Oh, we're not...
Ah, right, sure. You're not.
I heard that one.
- [Kate] Help me.
- [man] Whoo. Be good.
After you.
Kate Taylor,
clearance level ten.
Thank you.
Welcome to the fortress.
The entire space has a
reinforced steel beam framework
and 18-inch concrete walls.
It was originally designed
to house up to 100 people
for an indeterminate
period of time.
So this is
no retirement retreat.
Not exactly.
I misled you.
In the interest of transparency,
I'm in fact not British.
I'm American.
Research shows that people
find a British accent
more trustworthy.
- Also...
- [chuckles]
...this was originally built as
a secret military compound.
Military? Well, that-that
explains all the security,
but why would my father...
it's a place for operatives
who've been
compromised in the field.
It gives them a chance
to live a semi-normal life
when the outside world
becomes no longer safe.
No longer safe?
Speaking of safety,
this is the infirmary.
Let's get you checked out.
Hey, boss, we got two more
bodies over here.
Everything looks good.
Are you feeling okay?
We have a small arms security
attachment here at the facility.
And we have an emergency
protocol at Fort Baker,
about two hours away
via chopper.
So this is all closed-circuit
internal communication?
How do you get word
to Fort Baker?
We use an intranet
networking system.
Paul, I'd like to introduce you
to our head of operations,
Brigadier General
Barbra T. Dobbs.
Retired, of course.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
Sorry about the disruption
to you visit.
But I've known your dad
for a long time.
How do you know my dad?
Uh, General Dobbs,
they're approaching
the hot zone.
Garner, team in position.
Roger that, General.
Let's end this nonsense.
Weapons down, weapons down!
Hold fast, men.
Final warning.
Weapons down.
[Garner] Wait a minute...
Something's not right.
Fall back, it's an ambush!
- Say again.
- It's an ambush!
Fall back, fall back,
reach cover! [groans]
Let's move, people.
[Ulysses] Nice timing, boss.
Let's get this done.
[Kate] Who are they?
I have no clue.
- It's Fredrick Balzary.
- Dad.
That's not possible.
It's him.
What does he want?
We've deployed an elite
ex-Delta Force master sergeant
to do recon at the section
of the forest
we believe to be the origin
of the sniper fire.
He will be our ace-in-the-hole to
help us understand what's out there.
I'll leave you guys to it.
And what about the ground crew?
We detected seven
on thermal imaging,
and we'll see what Sergeant
Blain finds in the forest.
Our internet messaging
system is offline.
They must be jamming it.
We're unable to reach
Fort Baker for support.
They wouldn't get here
in time anyway.
We pulled back the main security
force to the auxiliary building
just to our north.
How many left?
Five security guards
and Sergeant Blain.
It's like they're sitting ducks
out there.
Let's not underestimate
Sergeant Blain.
He's here because he assassinated
a dictator in broad daylight.
[Garner] Well, maybe if you
told us who this Balzary is,
we could put
a goddamn plan together.
That's need to know.
What I can tell you is
that he's a notorious criminal
that we've been
tracking for years.
So, what does
he want with Robert?
[tense music playing]
No more bullshit, Dad.
Tell me what's going on.
Yeah, I was CIA.
For 30 years.
Doing what?
I watched financial markets...
in Europe.
At least that was my focus.
Uh... are you kidding?
My whole life
is global finance.
And that's all you did?
Watch the markets?
Neutralized it.
So today isn't the first time
you've killed people?
And all this time I thought you
sold MRI machines to hospitals.
I'm sorry I lied.
You didn't trust me.
Paul, it's the job.
I wanted to tell you.
Did Mom know?
Of course.
So this place is some kind
of government hideout?
More of a place
for old operatives.
Like me.
I wish you woulda just told me.
Instead of disappearing.
Me too.
I'm gonna give you a code.
I need you to remember it.
It may save your life.
[tense music playing]
Echo Two in position.
Locked and loaded, sir.
Clear to fire.
[man] Copy that.
Come on, baby.
Alright, there you are.
Come on.
I said fire the fucking weapon,
Another bad guy
down for the count, folks.
Looks like I'm ahead,
And counting.
Blain's taken out
another sniper on the hillside.
Ah, that's great news.
I'm worried about the ground team.
Agree, General.
The facility was designed to
temporarily safeguard
against enemy attacks
and natural disasters, but...
Balzary's made contact,
Patch him in.
Mr. Balzary, I didn't peg you
for an outdoorsman.
It's true, the Riviera
is more suited to my tastes.
And why are you in possession
of one of my radios?
Well, I can assure you
that its previous owner
has no further use for it,
as I stare here
at his dead, rotting corpse.
All I can really say is,
it's gross.
Enough with the pleasantries.
I have a serious grievance
with you and your government.
It's your government, too,
or did you just forget about
your American
birth certificate?
I renounced that alliance
long ago.
I am now a citizen
of the world.
You know, I can send you
to our complaints department,
but I'm warning you, Frederick,
there's a very long
waiting list.
Forgive me, friend, for lightly chuckling
at your attempt at wit, General.
But I'm not
in the laughing mood.
You've stolen
a tremendous amount
of money from my business.
Money that did not belong to me,
money that my clients
are holding me
personally responsible for.
Alright, that's old news.
Tell that to my wife,
being held captive in some Siberian
hell hole while you make snide jokes.
Did you know, General,
that each and every day,
that same Russian mob
sends me a new video of my wife.
And if you were to see just one,
just one single video...
I promise you would
not be laughing.
Deals with the devil
are tricky that way.
Funny, you are
quite the comedian.
Speaking of the devil...
can I speak with
my once friend and confidant,
my own personal Judas?
Put Robert on.
[Dobbs] Robert's not here.
Alright, and the money is gone.
Correction, it was gone...
until I found it.
Ahh, silence, I love that sound.
That's right, I found it.
All of it, in fact,
still locked away
in that little electronic
treasure chest
at the bottom
of the cyber ocean
just waiting.
Just waiting to be opened.
You see, that's the nice thing about
money, don't you think, General?
It's patient.
Very patient, I love that.
Now, I just need Robert to make like
the little pirate he is and open it.
Yeah, that's impossible.
Enough chit-chat, General.
You either figure it out
or I'm on my way.
That is not gonna happen.
Oh, it is.
I promise you it is.
It is inevitable.
I will be
knocking on your door.
The only question
I have for you, General,
as it falls upon your shoulders
if you don't figure this out...
how many people must die first?
Dad... what was that all about?
I spent six years...
trying to get that bastard.
I infiltrated his inner circle.
That's where I was
when your mother was dying.
I told myself
I was doing the right thing.
But it was all for nothing.
No, it wasn't.
[Dobbs] Kate's right.
When Robert made his move,
it was brilliant.
He wiped out
Balzary's working capital.
Six-hundred million
gone with the click of a button.
It disrupted arms deals, drug running,
human trafficking, you name it.
And he gave law enforcement
a moment to catch their breath.
It was the pinnacle
of an outstanding career.
If he found that money,
my career would be shit.
He wouldn't be here
if he already had it.
He found the shipwreck account,
a virtual treasure chest,
without a key, and he believes that
Robert is the only one that can open it.
It can't be a coincidence they
got here at the same time as me.
They must've followed me here.
This is my fault.
- It's not your fault, Paul.
- It is.
He would've gotten me.
Sooner or later.
Look, I hate to say it, but...
they gonna probably
use you as leverage.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
[tense music playing]
[man] Get ready, he's coming.
- [gunshots]
- [yelling]
[man] It's this way, over here.
Security team neutralized.
All clear.
What's the list for?
Just making sure we know
who to look for
when this is all over.
Good call.
Though I don't think we're gonna
find too many alive out there.
I have to try.
You know that path
that leads along the river?
If you go into the forest
about 200 meters,
you're gonna come up on
a hidden ammo silo.
Why are you telling me this?
Just a hunch.
Alright, they need us out there.
Come on, let's go.
- [monitor beeping]
- [typing]
Balzary's team has broken
through our final stronghold.
That was the last
of our armed guards.
Won't be long until those
mercenaries are knocking on our door.
But we're secure,
[scoffs] The fortress
was build 70 years ago.
Explosive devices
have evolved since then.
We should prepare
to defend ourselves.
Why's it gotta be
so damn complicated?
Uh, try the button far left.
[Paul chuckles softly]
Well, I don't know
how I missed that.
Been that kinda day, I guess.
How you holding up?
From what?
From almost getting killed
or finding out
my entire childhood
was based on a lie?
We haven't spoke
in a long time, you know.
Even after my mom died...
neither of us
really put in the effort.
At least now I understand
it wasn't my fault.
People like Robert and I,
we choose this life.
And before we realize
the cost to our loved ones,
we're in so deep that we can do
nothing but continue to see it through.
But I've never met a man more
proud of his family than your dad.
You wanna know
the last time he called me?
Three years ago.
Tell me about
my mother's funeral.
[footsteps approaching]
Excuse me, General Dobbs,
they need you in the command center.
Tell them I'll be right there.
Your dad had to sever all ties
with you in order to keep you safe.
With all this going on,
surely you can see why.
But he missed you
every single day.
Miss Garner...
they're here.
[tense music playing]
Okay. Let's get into position.
Three, two, one,
fire in the hole!
Anybody home?
Don't shoot. I'm not armed.
Stay sharp, men.
- Where are your friends, Mr. Michaels?
- The escape hatch.
Escape hatch?
Up there.
Put the weapons down.
Weapons down, soldiers!
Hey, whoa! Don't do it!
- [grunting]
- [Garner] Let him go!
[Dobbs] Sorry, Garner.
[chuckles] Gotcha.
Goddamnit. I hope it's worth it.
Save the morality speech.
Oh, so much racket.
Oh... [chuckles]
Hello, Robert.
So good to see you.
Is this your son?
Looks just like you.
A little bit more, uh...
You know, on top, but...
Now, Vlad, is this how
we treat our guests?
Let him go.
What happened to his face?
[Kate] He tried to help you.
I'm sorry about
the nasty look, Robert.
But, listen, don't worry,
I made a deal with these gentlemen
that everybody
walks out of here.
Garner's not walking anywhere,
thanks to you.
Stay the hell away from him.
Hm. Hm. Hm. Hm. Hm.
Stay the fuck away!
Rise and shine, Paul.
Been one hell of a day, huh?
I mean, you must feel like
a fish out of water.
Not a trendy sushi joint
or a soy milk latte around.
Stop! Just stop!
It has nothing to do with him.
Oh, but it does, Robert.
The moment you betrayed me,
the moment you stole 600 million,
you put Paul here right...
smack dab in the middle.
I keep getting knocked off.
Something's wrong.
The connection's unstable,
triggers a security kick.
The system thinks
you're a shitty hacker.
And I have a feeling
that's exactly what you are.
You are a chip off
the old block, huh?
so, how do we fix it?
You don't try to use a satellite
uplink in native dead space.
Even with that much power linked
to its own orbiting designator.
You'll never get
a strong enough connection.
Hm. What's the solution?
A wave rider.
A what?
This guy's full of shit.
[Paul] Leave her alone!
- [Balzary] You have ten seconds...
- Please! start making sense
- You don't have to do that.
- Nine, eight...
Just cut me loose
and let me use my own machine.
- Two...
- It's right here in my bag.
[Balzary] Ah...
I had him.
Vlad, Ulysses,
please watch these two.
Sophia... you're up.
Let's escort this gentlemen
into the other room.
Show us, Paul.
You two assholes
stay right where you are.
[Balzary] Please,
feel free to take a seat.
please, explain this to me.
Well, like I said,
it's called a wave rider.
A prototype I designed.
Instead of going up
to connect to a satellite,
it spreads out to create
its own individualized signal
- from a circuit of regional cell towers.
- No way.
Not out here.
This is an offline
closed storage digital wallet.
This isn't a standard
cash account, it's crypto.
My dad created this wallet?
From what I know, we just need
the code from your dear old dad.
And we're good to go.
Well, it's not that easy.
Careful now.
Just tread lightly.
You see this?
Damascus steel.
It's really...
it's quite beautiful, don't you think?
I do.
You know if I were to, uh,
slit your throat
you would actually see the blood
spill from your jugular
before you even felt anything.
Okay, oh...
Can I just say something,
Don't allow me to interrupt.
You actually need a passkey
to access digital assets.
But exchanging crypto
for standard fiat cash,
it's not as easy
as a wire transfer.
It needs to be hosted on
a cryptocurrency exchange.
And the assets sold to buyers.
But that takes an in-depth
registration process
and oversight by the exchange's
central authority.
[stutters] It can take months
to find buyers.
Let alone an exchange
that is willing and able
to handle this type of volume.
Well, I guess it's fortunate that I
just happen to be a chief investor
in a cutting edge
crypto exchange.
Oh, really? Which one?
It's called Invespia.
- That's my company.
- Hm.
What the hell you talking about?
WinCo Corporations.
Bluepoint Global.
Kilney Partners LLC.
Any of these sound familiar?
Just a couple
of my money market funds
that happen to dabble in crypto.
That's impossible.
I've met with
all of those fund managers.
Well, yes.
These are legitimate
investment funds.
They just happen to be
under my control.
But don't worry,
I know what you're thinking.
I intend to continue
my support of Invespia.
You see, you are
extremely good at what you do.
Albeit I don't
understand much of it.
But what I do know...
is everything is set up.
You activate the 600 million
in digital assets
on the Invespia exchange.
I already have buyers waiting
to complete the transactions,
and then you authorize
the cash transfer
from Invespia
to an offshore account.
So you waited...
you waited to pull support
from Invespia at the right time,
knowing that I would have no choice
but to contact my father for a loan.
Think about the future.
Think about the transaction fees
Invespia will instantly collect
in a matter... of seconds.
Your company... your company
will immediately be
cash positive
and ready for
the next evolution.
I can see it now.
You and I will be partners,
and the best part...
you will walk out of here
in one piece.
Now, enough wasting time.
I need you to convince your
father to give you the passkey.
You already did.
I'm gonna give you a code.
I need you to remember it.
It may save your life.
Did he now?
Then what are we doing?
What are we waiting for?
The buyer transactions
have all been finalized.
Now authorize the cash transfer
to the offshore account
and we're done.
I can't. Not for 15 minutes.
Don't start a new game
when you're already winning
the first one, Paul.
Invespia's bound to a 15-minute
buyer ride over session
for all asset purchases
before funds can be reallocated.
Find a workaround or I will.
It's embedded in the software.
Mandatory for compliance.
In the meantime...
Kate and my father and I...
will be leaving.
Uh... how's that?
We're walking out of here.
When we're safe and sound
I'll authorize the transfer.
Otherwise, the money will be locked
away, again, but without a key.
[Balzary laughing]
I'll kill him if you don't
authorize the transaction.
You're gonna
kill us all anyway.
Not if you cooperate.
- I am a man of my word.
- So am I.
I know your goons
can track me down
anytime they want
if I don't follow through.
I'm committed to make Invespia's
success by any means necessary.
This guarantees the company
has a bright future.
It's a win-win.
Why would
I throw that a way?
You remind me of me, Paul.
But Robert Carter Michaels,
he stays with me.
He pays his debit.
Ulysses, please escort Paul
and our young lady-friend here
to the perimeter
of the facility.
Once there, he'll give you
an authorization code.
Radio it to me.
And then I'll give you
the go-ahead
of when to let them go.
You see?
I am a man of my word.
I'm not leaving
without my father.
Paul, just go.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, son.
Now, go.
Cute moment.
Zip-tie their hands.
[tense music playing]
Slow down.
[breathes deeply]
we're alone at last.
Well, it doesn't match your
complexion as nice as mine but...
it'll do.
[Robert groaning]
I'll fucking teach you.
That's right.
No one... robs...
from me.
He's gonna kill us
when he gets what he wants.
Get ready to make a move.
Whoo! [laughs]
Fucking fingers are swelling up.
You see what you did to me?
What your fucking face
did to me.
You keep it up,
I'm gonna make sure
that your death is excruciating.
You piece of shit.
Frederick, go put that on ice.
I got this.
Don't mind if I do.
You want some ice?
Why would you do this?
You are
the only honest person...
that I knew.
They left me
down here, Robert.
It's nothing personal.
I can't take it down here anymore.
I have to see sunshine.
You're undoing everything
that I sacrificed for.
Even my wife's final days.
For this.
I'm sorry, I can't...
I can't stay here.
Interpol is tracking him.
The minute
he lands in Europe
they're gonna
pick him up, okay.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
Be strong.
Be strong.
Oh, for fuck's sake, get up.
- Help!
- I said get up.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[tense music playing]
Now, what were you
and Robert chatting about?
Just, uh,
reminiscing about old times.
Mm, reminiscing, huh?
Well, as they say, life can
only be understood backwards,
but it must be lived forward.
Speaking of which,
the explosives are ready.
Ulysses, what's the status?
Does no one answer
these fucking walkies but me?
Ulysses, do you copy?
Frederick, a word please.
Go find them.
No one leaves this mountain.
Copy that.
Why are you releasing
your rottweilers?
I mean, we had a deal,
Kate and Paul walk.
Well, I guess we both made a few
independent decisions now, haven't we?
- What are you talking about?
- You truly underestimated
my relationships in Europe,
now didn't you?
And you forgot one very
important thing.
What's that?
Nobody trusts Americans.
- [gasps]
- [grunts]
Oh, yeah.
- [inhales]
- [whimpers]
It's kinda sexy, isn't it?
In like a "holy shit,
I'm dying," kinda way.
Drag her body out of here.
You have a towel?
She really was
getting under my skin.
Alright, close to time.
Keep an eye on the charges,
keep an eye on the computer.
Roger that, boss.
I shoulda killed you.
Yeah, shoulda, woulda,
coulda, didn't.
Well, if it's any comfort,
you'll be joining your boy,
Paul, in the afterlife.
Sooner rather than later.
Whole family together.
Sounds like
a happy ending to me. Yes?
Any last words?
Actually, yes.
[laughs] I can't believe
you're this stupid.
Mm, how's that?
All transactions
are final.
Your money's gone.
For your sake, and your son's
sake, I hope you're wrong.
[Balzary groans]
[Blain] Close your eyes, sir!
[tense music playing]
[Blain] Sir, your gun, catch.
[rapid gunfire]
Blow the explosives,
let's get the fuck out of here.
My man!
Boy, you really cracked
the shit out of him, sir.
Ha! Nothing like a good old-fashioned
headbutt to end the day.
Thanks for coming back.
Ah, shit, you kidding?
I wouldn't miss this shit
for the world.
I haven't had this much fun
since my honeymoon, sir.
[Robert] I didn't know
you were married.
[Blain] Oh, yeah.
Only lasted a week though.
But goddamn, what a week.
- How you doing?
- Good, you know.
Just give me a minute.
I'm gonna go for burgers after.
You like burgers?
See you in hell, asshole!
[Robert] I need to help my son!
I'll lay down
some covering fire for you.
[Robert] Beer's on me.
Hell, yeah it is.
You hear that, assholes?
It's Miller time, motherfuckers!
Ulysses, tell me
you still have Paul.
- Ulysses!
- [voice echoes on walkie]
They say life could be
understood... backwards.
But it must be lived forward.
That's right.
Do me a favor...
try and save my wife.
She suffered enough for my sins.
Please, Robert.
We just have to get supplies,
then we'll get to the extraction point.
I'm not leaving here
without my father.
Neither am I.
I'm not leaving here
without both of you.
Get on your knees.
Now, asshole.
Now Simon says
put your hand on your head.
- Okay, good.
- Just-just give it up.
All-all your buddies are dead.
You two okay?
Car's outside.
Hey. Hey, comeback!
Oh, come on, that's my ride!
Great, sure, don't wait for me!
[sighs] Easy to forget about the guy
who's been saving everybody's ass.
Literally, all day.
No problem, uh...
I'm just gonna hang tight here,
wait for the cops to come.
Sitting with my...
uh, new friend.
Just tell them
to be on the lookout
for all the dead mercenaries.
That I helped take out.
Most of them.
[Balzary grunts]