Fortuner (2019) Movie Script

Hey Nandu! Why are you smoking
in front of the hospital?
My wife is sick.
She has gone in for a check-up.
What happened to her?
The usual gynecological problems.
- Gynecological problem?
The treatment is so expensive..
- How much did this cigarette cost?
10 rupees.
- 10 rupees!
How many cigarettes are you
carrying with you? - One more.
You're ready to spend
after something that can kill you..
..but you can't afford
to save your wife's life.
What nonsense!
Look! Smoking kills.
But, this sanitary pad can save a life.
Don't laugh.
At the price of two cigarettes
you can buy this sanitary pad..
..that'll save your wife from
the gynecological problems caused..
..due to the use of dirty cloth
during menstruation.
Quit smoking to avoid
chances of a fatal disease.
You can save two lives with the money
you're spending in buying fatal cigarettes.
One yours and the other your wife's.
Give it a thought and then laugh.
Smoking doesn't make you a hero.
Buying this makes you one.
Hi, Preeti!
Good morning, Mr. Swamy.
Mr. Guruswamy, good morning I say.
Mr. Guruswamy!
Good morning, sir.
Hey, don't disturb the system.
If it reboots, I will give you boot shots.
Our boss keeps saying that there is
no computer expert as good as you.
They say that you search the mouse
in the laptop.. well that you surpass even a cat.
He is irritated.
It was not me, boss said that.
- Get lost, you bugger!
Even you are not understanding
my situation and feelings.
Darn these situation and feelings!
You bought a new house, a car
and your wedding is fixed too.
Our stubborn boss
has approved a month's leave for you..
..then what the heck are the feelings
and situations you are talking about?
Pal, I am not interested
in getting married to that rural girl..
..who has such low mentality.
By the way, what's not good about her,
her beauty or her behaviour?
I don't know all that,
I saw her many years before.
But she doesn't have parents.
- Hey!
Are you serious?
How did she take birth then?
Is she a test-tube baby?
Hey, test-tube babies are awesome.
Please listen to me.
A girl like her is
not a good match for me, pal.
I need a posh girl.
- Oh, I see.
I am a white collar worker,
whereas she is a torn sari woman.
The pair would be so bad, right?
My mom is not at all understanding
my situation and feelings.
I can use this excuse
to get him pay for my drinks.
Mr. Guruswamy, this is not
an ordinary issue, this is quite serious.
So, there is a suitable place
to discuss this at BAR.
Let's go there in the evening
and discuss this properly, what do you say?
- Still, I have a doubt.
This virtual girl...
who is she according to you?
UI Team Anusha..
- Oh, I see..
Oh, shucks!
I was going to say that
it would be good if the girl is like her.
Like her?
You mean, a girl like her?
Like Anusha?
Hey, you will get
Blood Pressure free with Diabetes.
You will get arrogance free with beauty
if you want a girl like her.
God has created Anusha by mixing arrogance,
attitude and superiority complex.
Pal, she is like a fire-bomb.
I am so sorry, ma'am.
- You rascal! - (Slaps)
Here you go, live example.
Pal, maybe she took birth
as a Celestial nymph.
I don't know much about it,
but I am sure about one thing.
Listen to me..
..she is not a good match for you.
- Hi, Swamy. Good morning.
"Come on, girl.."
- (Laughs)
- (Laughs)
Hi, guys!
Good morning.
We are gaining huge profits
and are really getting lucky day the day.
All that is because
of your hard work.
If there are dedicated workers like you,
the company will progress very fast.
The company has grown,
and of course, your salaries also.
So, congratulations!
Beyond that,
I have one good news for you.
Congratulations, Anu!
You have bought Lawrence
to our office.
You should lead
the back-end team, okay? - Thank you.
Hey, Swamy!
She will be a Team Leader.
Please share your thoughts with her.
Did you get it?
- Enjoy your work!
Work hard and party harder.
Anu, meet me in the cabin.
Congratulations! Very good!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Anu, you don't have to worry about
the new team and the new work.
Swamy will be very helpful
to you in the new team.
In fact, Swamy deserved
this promotion more..
..I recommended you, you know?
The mind asked me not to,
but my heart said, go ahead.
Anu, I will keep
giving you promotions.
I will keep changing your teams..
..and to my cabin.
My cabin to my house,
my house to my bedroom.
Sleeping alone on a double-bed
and thinking about you.. really hard, you know?
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
Like a crocodile
who is so powerful in the water..
..that it can even pull
an elephant into the water.
Don't consider me weak,
I am terribly strong in the bed.
You know, I don't believe
in this marriage and all.
Everything about it
is so irritating and disgusting.
It doesn't make sense.
In a room,
if our minds match..
..we can keep rewinding it and be happy.
Just once, Anu.
I will take care of your status
and promotions after that.
You bloody scoundrel!
You think I am a bitch?
Did you think you can take undue advantage
of me just because I am an orphan?
I have seen many like you.
Hell with your job
and hell with your promotion!
Do you know what will happen if I complain
to the Sexual Harassment Wing?
Hey, relax!
Why are you overreacting?
I just asked what I wanted.
If you are not interested, no issues.
I didn't force you, right?
Don't mix it up with your promotion.
Many girls wait for such promotions
and you deserve this.
Please take it.
Excuse me, I am not that kind of a girl.
Once again, congratulations!
Let us end it here.
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"Without her, I have no life.."
"Please understand my pain.."
"I followed her till eternity,
she never looked back.."
"I called her like it was my duty,
she never answered.."
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"You entered my life
like the sunrise.."
"You are the heroine
for my life story.."
"Your steps are like dance moves,
your bangles rhythm is like music.."
"Your words are like a music,
sing it in my ears.."
"Be the dance or trance,
take my heart away.."
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"Without her, I have no life.."
"Please understand my pain.."
Just tell me once, I can even carry
a Shiv Linga for you like Bahubali did.
Stupid! I don't want a guy
who carries a Shiv Linga in Bahubali movie.
I want a husband who carries the groceries
home in the beginning of the month.
"I feel like I have failed
for the first time.."
"Like the red signal in the traffic.."
"Like the answer
that never flashes during the exam.."
"Like an ad in the FM,
why do you need so many breaks?"
"How do I tell her
how much I love her?"
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"Without her, I have no life.."
"Please understand my pain.."
"I followed her till eternity,
she never looked back.."
"I called her like it was my duty,
she never answered.."
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
Hey, girl with an attitude!
Do you consider yourself
a Celestial nymph?
You are just an average girl,
you can never get a better guy than me.
I have been requesting you
every single day since two years..
..but you are consistently rejecting me.
Understand one thing,
no one will try to woo you.
My father is an MLA.
Just wait and watch, I will get married to
a girl a hundred times better than you..
..and bring my child
on a walk in this very road..
..but you will still be walking
wearing the same old bag..
..then you will realise my value.
I will kill you!
Idiot, when did I say
that I don't like you?
First of all, stop this same old drama..
..and say something to make me happy.
Okay, listen to me now then.
I am a graduate in Hotel Management.
- What?
Did you think I was a spoilt brat
just because my father is an MLA?
I am running a hotel in partnership
with my friend, Prashanth.
I am busy with that business.
Are you serious?
Are you into hotel business? - Yes.
Okay, tell your parents about me.
First, get married to me.
Then we will see the rest.
Thank God!
We boys only pretend to be fast,
but are very slow..
..whereas why do you girls pretend
to be slow when you are so fast?
My mom has already agreed..
but convincing dad is a bit difficult.
When someone wants to give you boot shots,
it is wrong to buy them a new pair.
I don't want all those excuses,
that's your problem.
By the way, I will visit
your hotel tomorrow.
You are cheating, sir.
You showed me that house,
but are handing me over this house now.
It's not like that,
the other customer processed it faster.
So, I could not allot you that house.
I am so sorry, sir.
But I wanted that house, sir.
- This house is good too, sir.
Sir, there is a lot of difference
between the two houses.
Actually, it is the son of an MLA
who has bought that house.
He came with a recommendation,
so we couldn't do anything about it.
Sorry, sir.
Have you explained it to him?
- Yes, sir. I have.
No one should drive faster
than 10kmph in this road.
No one should use
this road unnecessarily.
No one should enjoy the loud music
in a car or a house.
Good morning, Partha sir!
Hello, ma'am.
He is Prashanth!
We pursued Hotel Management together..
..he used my help to pass in the exams.
- Oh, really? - (Laughs)
I will order coffee or tea later.
He is my best friend.
So, I made him a partner
in this hotel business. - A partner?
He feels bad if I call him a partner,
I should address him as a brother.
Okay, done.
I am the Boss,
but he frames the conditions.
He minds it if I call him a brother,
I should call him a brother in Kannada.
Am I right?
- Brother, may I know who she is?
Hey, Rascal Rawalpindi!
Is this how you work?
Don't you know who she is?
She is Anusha, the great queen
of Jayanagar 4th Block.
Oh, so she is the one!
- Yes.
Okay! Welcome to our hotel, ma'am.
- Thanks.
Can I look around Partha's hotel?
Partha's hotel?
- Don't give too many reactions, idiot.
It's not scripted,
try to understand.
Actually, he is not too fond
of this hotel word.
We should say it as restaurant.
- Oh, I see.
There is nothing to look around.
All you have is four walls, a kitchen..
..and sweating cooks
in the kitchen. (Laughs) - What?
What do you mean?
- Should I deal with her reactions too?
I mean, chefs.
Ma'am, ignore his nonsense.
You take a look around. - Yes, I will.
Except the kitchen.
- Okay.
You are really great!
You are also.
"You are like a lotus,
I can't live without seeing you."
"I can't get away
with the magic of jasmine.."
"I can't get away
with the magic of jasmine.."
"I can't live without you.."
- (Door creaks)
Hey, naughty!
Mother, what did you decide?
What's there to decide?
I have got you married,
now take your wife along.
I will stay in this house.
What's so special about this house?
Come and look how the house
in Bengaluru is, you will love it.
You can live there peacefully.
A home is not meant
only to live peacefully.
You were quite young
when your father abandoned us.
Every wall of this house
has seen my pain and has consoled me.
These walls made me muster up
the courage to make what you are now.
No, son.
I won't leave this house.
I agreed to get married only because..
..I thought you would come with me
to Bengaluru.
Otherwise, I was never interested
in this marriage. - Mind your tongue!
Why should she come with me
if you are not coming there?
I will visit her often.
It would be better for you
if you take her to Bengaluru.
You are superb!
She always ignored you,
but you have convinced her for wedding now.
Very good!
Wouldn't it be better if you
informed your dad about it?
Did my dad inform me
when he got married?
He didn't.
Your logic is really strange.
Anusha will know that you have lied
to her someday, what will you do then?
What can I do then?
I will confess my lie to her
and act innocent.
She will get angry..
..I will buy her a new pair
of slippers to hit me until she calms down.
It's okay if she calms down,
what if she leaves you completely?
Anusha, tell me.
I don't know
how uncle would react, so..
This is just a trial wedding.
Your uncle will get you married in real
with all the pomp and show in our place.
That will be like a feast
to the TV channels.
They will keep repeating
the same wedding cassette till it gets worn out.
Anu, your uncle loves his son a lot.
You don't be afraid,
just come home and stand beside me bravely.
I will deal with your uncle.
(Horn blares)
You don't worry whatsoever,
seems like your uncle has come home.
- Okay, Aunt. Goodnight.
"Should I pinch myself?"
"I am not able
to believe if this true.."
"Should I pinch myself?"
"I am not able
to believe if this true.."
"Do not leave my hand.."
"Do not break my dreams.."
"Do not go away from me
even for a moment.."
"Let us not even think
about going away from each other.."
"Should I pinch myself?"
"I am not able
to believe if this true.."
"I want you to palm my face.."
"So that, I can keep
looking at you.."
"I want to be with you
in every birth.."
"And feel your breath on mine.."
"I am not able to speak.."
"Shedding tears of joy.."
"I have worn your gift in my neck.."
"I don't want anything else from life.."
"Should I pinch myself?"
"I am not able
to believe if this true.."
(Door bell rings)
Oh, you are already here!
Come in, come in.
How are you, dear?
Come in. - Mom, won't you
welcome us traditionally?
I will do that if your dad doesn't
kick me traditionally, come in now.
- Oh, God!
Go and get the veneration platter.
Now, don't ask me
to fulfil more traditions.
If your dad doesn't kick me,
I will do all that.
Come in soon.
Enter with your right foot first.
Come on in.
God, please save me!
Only You know what would happen!
Mom, why are you so tense?
Where is dad?
He will be home any time.
I have called him.
God, please save me.
- When I am so calm, why are you tense?
You have the snacks, we have got them
prepared especially for you.
You are a boy, you will be calm obviously.
You will remain silent
when your dad comes..
..but I can't.
What do I do now?
Oh, he has come!
God, what do I do?
Only You know what he would do.
What do I do?
Hey, come soon and take them.
God, what would happen now?
God, please save me.
God, please help!
There shouldn't be any problem in the
mass-marriage we have organsied. - God!
Those hundred couples..
Get me some water.
Who is this 101th couple?
- Dad, actually.. she is my friend.
What kind of a friend?
What is this?
Hello, Uncle.
My name is Anusha.
I don't like creating
a scene unnecessarily.
Partha and I got married this morning
in the Sub-Registrar Office.
We came here to inform you about it
and take your blessings.
A wedding is where the elders
get their children married.
If you get married in some office,
it means that you are being misled.
Now what I should give you
is forgiveness, not blessings.
But he never does anything
that deserves forgiveness.
Uncle, you have
misunderstood Partha.
I don't have to ask you about my son.
We have given him birth
and we are tolerating him now.
My ill-fate!
I think, you have been fooled as you got
married to him..
..because he is the son of an MLA.
I didn't get married depending on you,
we know how to live like a family.
If you have any such ideas,
you better get rid of them right now.
You are not going to get anything from me.
- Uncle, your money is not.. - Let's go.
Partha.. Partha..
- What are you doing? - Be quiet, Mom.
You come with me.
I want to talk to him.
- Anu..
Sorry, please don't mind me.
He has completed Hotel Management,
he owns a hotel too.
What more do you want?
So, he has told you the same story.
I thought he has lied only
to other people to hide his cowardice.
You have fooled
this innocent girl big time.
Shame on you!
Even my slippers
lead a way better life than you.
Do you really own a hotel?
Girl, he has been paying
to get passing marks since 10th grade.
I knew that he won't be
a good human being if he remains home.. I threw him away from the house.
Just imagine!
His mom sends him money
every time he demands.
His friend owns a hotel, he feeds him
every time he visits that hotel.
He has free meal
and roams around in the car.
This is the life he is leading.
It's believed that
one shouldn't oust the newlywed couple.
The door is open.
Hey, come here.
Get lost!
What are you looking at?
"I scribbled my dreams
on the sea beach.."
"It got washed away
with the water wave.."
"I scribbled my dreams
on the sea beach.."
"It got washed away
with the water wave.."
"I can't even trust
my own shadow now.."
"After the boat I trusted drowned.."
"I can't even trust
my own shadow now.."
"After the boat I trusted drowned.."
"I scribbled my dreams
on the sea beach.."
"It got washed away
with the water wave.."
(Door knocks)
"I am like a bird now
which has lost its feather.."
"The dream of reaching
my destination makes no sense now.."
"I couldn't recognise
your fake smile.."
"My dream has got shattered.."
"No proof is needed
for the broken heart.."
"Aren't tears the proof enough?"
"I scribbled my dreams
on the sea beach.."
"It got washed away
with the water wave.."
"In his world with no secrets.."
"I am entering
with these small steps.."
"When someone calls him.."
"It feels like they are calling me.."
"How can I look at him
with my shyful eyes.."
"While my fingers
are drawing imaginary pictures.."
"I am going on the chariot of love.."
"This excitement is too new for me.."
"I will hold your hands
and come with you.."
"Your dreams are mine now.."
"I will hold your hands
and come with you.."
"Your dreams are mine now.."
"I have started weaving dreams.."
"Help me complete them.."
"I will hold your hands
and come with you.."
"Your dreams are mine now.."
(Phone rings)
Yes, Mom?
Partha, what happened last night?
Did Anu say anything?
Did you people fight?
I wouldn't have minded
if she had scolded me and insulted me..
..but she is a strong girl.
She has a strong mind
and weak body.
What would you do now?
- What would I do?
I will correct my mistake.
I know that it will take time.
Everything is in her hands, Mom.
If she...leaves you alone?
Why is everyone
making me feel scared?
Do you all think
I am not capable of convincing her?
I have lied to her to get married..
..but I really love her.
I will fight to make her
live with me all my life.
It's okay if she doesn't treat me like
a good husband..
..or treats me like I am an idiot..
..but I just want her to stay with me.
I can't even hear that
she won't be with me..
..then how can I live
if she leaves me alone?
I will go to the Paying Guest,
pack my bags and go to my office.
I will come home from office,
you get the bags.
Should I drop you?
Spare me.
- I'll call you back.
- Yes, sir.
You reported to work a day before.
Is everything okay?
Why have you come to work when you are
supposed to work somewhere else? - Exactly.
I was done with my work, so..
- What's wrong with you?
Only after you get married, you work
day and night. Am I right, Rekha?
Sir, wish Anusha too.
My grandpa got a heart attack,
I got to know that only after he died.
Similarly, now I got to know
that she has got married.
I am your boss. Forget inviting me,
you could have at least informed me.
Sorry, sir.
It was unplanned.
Unplanned, you say?
- Yes, sir. Poor girl.
Only children come unplanned,
not weddings.
Am I right, Rekha?
Okay, just kidding.
So, when is the party?
We will discuss it and throw a party
at home, sir. - Excuse me!
You can't get together.
I agree that you have got married.
You can only discuss it,
a house party is also good.
The ambience should be good,
that's it. Okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Now, please carry on with your work.
- Okay. - Okay.
So, you are not going
to give me anymore money.
You have always given me money,
now how can you refuse?
How would I pay for my food?
I know, Partha.
This is what your father wants.
He told me to not
give you any pocket money.
He has instructed the servants
to keep an eye on telecalls with you.
Such a pain!
A maid will keep
an eye on the owner now!
Anything is possible in politics.
Okay, hang up.
- Okay.
Now, what do you want?
- I have prepared tasty Sambar for you.
I want to have food with you.
I asked you about
your life and future.
I will never lie to you.
I will somehow correct my mistakes.
I don't understand
what profession I should choose.
I am confused.
I will take a good decision
as soon as possible.
My colleagues are coming home
in the evening, I am throwing a party.
Don't behave like a stupid with them,
maintain some decency.
I mean, don't open
your mouth in front of them.
I better go outside,
that would be good for you.
What would I do
if I don't talk to anyone?
Just nod your head
for everything I say.
'She respects me a lot.'
'God gives the tongue to talk,
but wife locks it.'
Shruti, are you still alive?
You and your face!
I am throwing a party
to my colleagues this evening.
First of all, change your looks.
What's wrong with this look?
Do you want to know
what's wrong? - Yes.
You look like a scarecrow.
Don't you have 'Chudidars'?
My father had bought me some
during my school days.
They don't fit me now.
- During your school days?
Till what grade have you studied?
This much.
- 7th grade?
Yes, very good.
Did you pass or failed?
I failed.
- Very good!
Don't wear this old fashion this evening,
instead wear the one I have brought for you.
Wear the bangles
that I have bought, got it?
One more thing,
don't apply oil to your hair.
Let them loose.
That way, you will look modern.
Got it?
(Door knocks)
(Door knocks)
Shruti, how long do you take?
Yes, I am adorning myself just
like you have asked me to, please wait.
No matter how much you adorn yourself,
you will look the same. Come outside soon.
Okay, I will come in a while.
You carry on.
I am telling you, understand
my situation and feelings.
Come out soon.
Congratulations, pal!
- Hi!
Congrats, Swamy!
- Thank you.
Enjoy the party, man. Have fun.
- Sure.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Hey, Swamy! - Hi!
Why did you come alone?
Where is your wife?
Is she a bit slow?
- She is coming.
Is he?
- Yes, she is.
Sweetheart, don't act over smart.
Hope you remember what I have told you.
- You have got a good taste.
You have caught a village belle.
Very nice!
Hey, why did you wear this sari?
Where is the dress I gave you?
- I have worn them inside.
They looked indecent,
so I covered them with the sari.
Cheers to everybody!
- Cheers!
Wish them a happy married life!
I wish you a happy married life!
- Let us all have fun!
Come, let's have some drink.
- You carry on with your drink.
Hi! Vidya! Saraswati!
Did you find the party boring?
You are so well-educated,
still you are afraid of talking.
If you are so timid, can we live
with these corporate people?
Hey, please stop crying.
My wife will kill me
if she sees you crying.
Please stop crying, I will go away.
I didn't do anything,
I don't know anything.
In the next birth, I will be your son
and pursue masters degree, okay?
See you.
It's not about you, my husband.
I don't have buffaloes, but cows.
And I have...studied
till this much grade.
That too, I have failed.
Why did he lie?
She has completed her graduation
though she comes from a rural background.
She is pursuing masters here.
- I don't have buffaloes, but cows.
This is such a great fate!
Both of us are treading the same path,
but in two different vehicles.
It happened with me too.
My husband, Parth, owns a hotel.
Happily married, happy life.
I am very happy with him.
Whatever my wife said is also a lie.
Maybe, she wanted
a husband who earns well..
..but I met her.
So, she has told all the lies
to patch the broken threads.
Does that mean, even my husband
wanted a well-educated girl?
I think so.
It's true that I don't deserve
to be the wife of him.
My aunt asked me to get married,
so I got married.
But I didn't know
this was the truth. - Seriously?
You didn't know,
but I did this knowingly.
What can we do now?
See you again.
Bye, bye.
(Car engine starts)
Yeah, yeah, got it.
Yeah, yeah.
Did you have your food?
Come home, I will serve you food.
One lady, two hands.
Did you prepare all these dishes?
Not only this,
I can cook many dishes.
Then it is good that your husband fought
with you and left with an empty stomach.
Say sorry.
No wife would be happy if her husband
leaves with an empty stomach.
So, I was going
to give away the food to a dog.
But then, you came.
Please don't.
Before you give away the food to dog,
turn towards my house, I will be there.
You shouldn't waste food,
Mr. Shyam Murthy will get angry.
Who is he? - He is the brand ambassador
for headache medicines.
My wife, the woman with an attitude,
I am talking about her father-in-law.
I swear on the dog,
whenever any food is left
come to the terrace and bark.
I will drop in here.
So, shouldn't I give away
the leftover food to dog?
No way, pack it for me.
I will have it for dinner.
Which hotel did you bring the food from?
How did you get the money?
The hotel..
My friend, Prashanth..
On the friendship basis, I took
a loan of Rs. 1000 without any interest.
He told me to return it
whenever I can.
Do you know why
I am still living with you?
Not because I am hoping
that you would change.
I just don't want everyone to know
that you have fooled me.
Don't take loan from everyone
and add up to my woes.
Do not humiliate me.
Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!
Hey, MES! - I have told you,
I don't have buffaloes, but cows.
I have studied only till this much,
moreover I have failed in the exams.
I will get you get good grades.
You cook really tasty food.
I have completed Hotel Management.
I mean, I haven't completed it,
but it's okay.
You prepare food, I will sell it.
Why don't we start
a 'give and take' business?
I know how to 'geon',
not sure about 'take' though.
It's simple. Just prepare any dish
you know and I will sell it.
Let's share the profit equally,
what do you say?
How will you sell it?
- Just like people sell vegetables.
No, I won't do it. My husband will cut
and boil if he comes to know about it.
The brinjal?
- No, me.
Your husband returns home only at night.
How will he know what happens
when he is not home?
What if people doubt that
there is more to our relationship?
Forget about the people.
This is a good decision to teach a lesson
to your husband and my wife.
We should stand on our own two legs.
- Then how do you think I am standing?
On your husband's legs.
- Really?
That's why, he often says
that he will kick me. - (Laughs)
Oh, you have realised it now.
I will get whatever I have at home,
prepare whatever you get at your house.
Let's start the business tomorrow.
What about tomorrow?
My husband is not home.
- That is why, I came.
MES, didn't I tell you
about the food business?
Open the door now. - I have told you,
I don't have buffaloes, but cows.
I have studied only till this much,
moreover I have failed in the exams.
I will get you good grades.
Oh, so everything is ready.
I don't know why, I feel scared.
What if my husband comes to know about it?
Throw him some food,
he will calm down.
He is not Anu's husband that I will
throw food to him, he is Shruti's husband.
Do you know what
the common problem of ever woman is?
No matter how many dreams you have,
you hide it under your sad eyes.
Just take a deep breath twice,
you will get the courage.
(Inhales sharply)
(Exhales deeply)
You are..
- (Laughs)
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"To cut the expensive fruits.."
"Let's go happily.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
Sir, the car is an expensive one.
Is the food expensive too?
Sir, this is my first time.
So, I will accept how much ever you give.
The GST is not applicable, come on.
- Give me some then.
Three, four..
My God, is it really so profitable?
The profit margin is
more in food business.
People would have become lazy
if they didn't have a stomach.
Now I know why my wife and dad
always asked me to work hard for food.
You are really a great cook!
Why don't you come
with me to the hotel?
It's hard for me to manage alone.
No, I won't come.
My husband will cut and boil me
if he comes to know about it.
"When time calls, we should go..
We should understand its importance.."
"A simple leniency is enough for
our people, we should be very careful.."
"We have worked hard.."
"Now, let's reap the benefits.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
Hey, why are you so slow?
- Sir, almost done.
It's a waste to pay you guys.
Make it soon. - Just a minute, sir.
Is it ready?
- Yes, sir.
Say 'rolling' then.
- Rolling, sir.
- Rolling, sir.
Okay, I welcome you all
to the special programme on food.
Everyone knows
how expensive Fortuner car is.
A couple is selling North Karnataka food
in the same Fortuner car in full fledge.
Come, let us find out more about it.
Hello, lady.
- Hello.
We have come to make
your Hotel Fortuner famous.
What are the dishes in your hotel?
'Jawar Roti', 'Palya' and 'Susla'.
What do you want? - Superb!
Are you the one who prepares food?
- Yes, I prepare it and he sells it.
Oh, is he your husband?
No, we just stay nearby.
- Just stay nearby?
What do you mean by that?
- We are neighbours.
Oh, so they are neighbours.
- Don't you understand anything?
Cover your face and stand aside.
Show your face to the camera,
not your back.
He is the owner.
- Sir, please don't shoot.
Please turn the camera off.
- What is the problem?
Sir, please understand.
Don't shoot, please.
Don't touch the camera,
I will shoot it.
Shoot it,
I will give the voice over if needed.
Sir, you are not understanding it.
You cover your face and stand aside.
- Show your face, what's the problem?
Sir, please don't shoot.
Please try to understand.
I won't understand, so what?
- Sir, please don't shoot.
Hey, give the camera here.
- Don't touch the camera, return it.
I won't!
Return the camera. - Promise me that
you won't shoot, then I will return it.
I get paid to shoot things like these.
- No, I won't return it.
So, you won't return it.
- No, I won't.
Your restaurant name is Fortuner, right?
I will change your entire fortune, idiot.
Wait here, I will come back.
Let's go, guys. How dare he snatch
the camera! I will teach him a lesson.
Sir, the camera.. - What were you doing
when he snatched the camera?
What kind of a cameraman are you?
I will teach you a lesson today.
I won't spare you.
Hello, sir.
It's me from TV5.
Here's your money,
the food was great! Will visit again.
- What is it?
They came.
- Hello, sir.
What are you looking at?
Go and get the camera.
My people are here.
What do they think
about the media professionals?
Come aside, you people.
- Sir, we are innocent.
Why did you make a bomb hoax call?
- Sir, none of us did it. Please, sir.
Please let us go, sir.
- This is how I teach lesson to people.
Sir, I don't understand
why you are doing this.
Sir, what was our mistake
that you have called the police?
You that we are innocent.
Sir, I have returned the camera,
then what is the problem?
Sir, please tell them to stop. Sir, please.
- I'll hit you if you don't move.
Sir, why are you seizing my car?
Please let it go, sir.
Sir, what is this?
We are not opposing anything..
..but we just want to live,
and live respectfully.
We want that respect
only from our spouses. - Exactly.
Well, the sound of your language
is really wonderful.
Okay, I was there today
and I somehow managed it..
..but tomorrow someone else will be there,
and they will misunderstand you.
What if they create problems
for your restaurant?
I might not have learnt
much from my father..
..but I have learnt a lot from my aunt.
She says that noble deeds
are always accompanied with hurdles..
..and that we should
still cruise ahead.
If everyone thinks like you,
it would be great!
Actually, I thought of inviting
you both for panel discussion..
..but we can do that later.
First of all, let us correct
what has gone wrong.
First of all, let's go to the police station.
What do you say?
I will talk to them, you can resume
your restaurant tomorrow. - Sure, sir.
'Oh, so they are neighbours.
- Don't you understand anything?'
'Cover your face and stand aside.'
'Show your face to the camera,
not your back.'
'He is the owner.
- Sir, please don't shoot.'
You don't worry.
Come on, everybody is here.
- Look, don't call and irritate me.
Hey, what's this?
- I'll call back.
Haven't you taken a lunch break yet?
- Not yet, sir.
Come on,
I will take you to a good restaurant.
Anu, you also come. Come on.
- Oh, free lunch!
Ma'am, let's go for lunch.
- No, you carry on.
He will buy us lunch, come on.
- I know that, you get lost!
She is such a fool!
Where is the owner?
Why do you need to see the owner
when the food is right here?
There's special 'Jawar Roti'.
- Serve five plates of it.
Oh, sure.
Please be seated, sir.
Come soon.
- Here you go, sir. You too, ma'am.
Prepare more 'Rotis'
from tomorrow because..
Let's go.
What are you looking at?
(Car engine starts)
Sir, you said that you would return soon.
There was so much work, you know?
Dilip, you saved my honour!
Here is Rs. 50 tip for Dilip
who saved your honour!
You should better change the title
of this restaurant to 'Family Wreckage'.
I didn't know your choice
was so bad. Good luck!
Stand with your head high
at least for today.
Don't be upset, it is my son
who deserves to feel ashamed.
Swamy, there is nothing to be ashamed of.
First of all,
get rid of your doubtful thoughts.
When he was doing wrong,
you supported him.
Now, he is trying to do
something in his life.
You should actually be happy about it.
She roams around with someone.
God knows what all she is
up to in the garb of business..
..and you are asking me to let her
stay with me! - Hold your tongue!
Nothing as such has happened here.
It's okay if the husband doesn't
fight for her wife in the society..
..but he shouldn't do something
that humiliates her.
Shruti is one in a million,
she is as pure as fire.
Then push her in fire.
We will see what we should do
if she comes out alive.
As if you are as noble
as Lord Sri Ram.
I hate what he is doing
and it is about my prestige!
Stop shouting
about your prestige.
I wanted to smile wholeheartedly,
but you made it worse with your colleagues.
Partha, you don't understand girls.
I have an idea, ask your dad
for some money and start a restaurant.
Stop meeting that girl.
Sharada, I don't want him
to weave his future with my money.
You work in office and she sells food
on streets, what's wrong in this?
It is not about right and wrong.
Just ask him
if he will stop this or not.
Why won't he stop it?
He will definitely stop it,
he should stop it for you.
Why are you quiet?
Why don't you try to talk sense into him?
Don't listen to others..
..there is a very thin line
between love and doubting.. can't erase it, but you should run
your family taking care of it.
If she agrees to live as my wife..
..stop her nonsense business..
..and remain home behind
the closed door, yes.
Will your family run well
if he stop his business?
We will see about that.
We don't know what happens next.
A woman should hide her wishes..
..deep within her heart
for the sake of her family.
Stop that business
and look after your family.
Even I am trying to say the same.
Consider this as a golden opportunity
to correct your mistakes and stop it here.
Go and tell this to that girl.
- For the sake of your wife, go now.
I have to talk to Partha about it.
(Phone rings)
Hello, Mr. Partha?
Is the restaurant closed today?
Yes, for permanently. Burn the name plate
and give me the ashes.. that my mom relishes it.
People will always find
an opportunity to comment on us.
They misunderstand it even
if we try to serve food as our livelihood.
Even if a man
and a woman roam together..
..their imagination will go till bedroom.
I am not able to convince
my husband and mother-in-law.
Let us stop this car restaurant here
with a heavy heart.
Instead, let us start a big restaurant.
Have you brought your camera
again, sir? - No, girl.
I am trying to atone
for my mistake.
You have become an inspiration
to the unemployed.
We are getting a lot of calls
at out TV station.
So what should we do now?
You don't have to do anything,
I have a plan for you.
You should just agree to it.
Both of you will start a good restaurant..
..I have convinced the
Bank Manager to give you a loan.
Just bring all your documents
tomorrow, is that okay?
Sir, should we really start
a good restaurant?
If I don't help people like you,
God will punish me at the right time.
I will wait for you in the bank
tomorrow, come without fail.
I have never had any bad intentions
at you. - Neither have I!
I have never tried to bother you.
I have just worked hard.
This is not fair, why is
everyone misunderstanding us?
It is their mistake,
then why should we get the punishment?
You are right.
They are punishing us
for their mistakes.
When I was jobless,
they called me names.
Now that I am working hard,
they are pointing a finger at my character.
Yes, hard work never fails.
We shouldn't be afraid of the bee sting
if we want to taste the honey.
We can find gold
if we dig hard and deep.
What do you think about
starting the restaurant?
Let the coin decide it.
If it is heads, I will run the restaurant
and you will be a helping hand.
What if it is tails?
- If it is tails.. run the restaurant
and I will be a helping hand. - Done!
I want my husband
and mother-in-law too.
Even I want my wife.
I have worked hard to convince her.
I can't say that I will go away
from her even as a joke.
At least, now try to understand.
Sharada, let's go.
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"To cut the expensive fruits.."
"Let's go happily.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's have a goal.."
"And work towards it.."
"Let's think about
the drawbacks too.."
"And calculate our steps.."
"Let's play this game called life.."
"And win it.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
"Let's do something
productive, my friend.."
"Why waste time.."
(Anklets tinkling)
Looks like you have grown arrogant
since you are earning well.
How dare you enter my room!
Why? Should I buy a token
to enter my husband's room too?
You are thinking too much
and getting angry with me unnecessarily.
Please have some sweets.
Hey, I had maintained standards..
..but you ruined it all by selling food
on the streets with another man.
You are earning
through wrong means.
What does that mean?
- Do you want to know?
Just understand who you are.
Just understand what you are.
Shame on you!
You made me a laughing stock
in the eyes of the society.
They say that my wishes, dreams
and deliberations are all fake..
..and that anyone can fool me easily.
You proved it so easily.
You made me a fool!
I know that you are hurt.
You can shed tears if you feel like,
at least I will wipe your tears.
If you make fun of me at a time like this,
it feels like stabbing my heart.
I have worked hard
to start this restaurant.
It's okay if you can't support me,
at least wish me luck.
Wish you all the best!
"No one is happy.."
"Everyone's heart
is full of sorrows.."
"One should atone
for his own sins.."
"Why get angry on the God?"
MES, looks like you couldn't sell
the sweet at your house too.
Are you waiting for a dog
to give it away to him?
Let me have it.
It's all God's blessings.
I don't think God really exists.
I have never seen a person
like my husband.
How many husbands have you seen?
Don't joke around now,
I feel like crying.
It has become common that we will have
to take the medicine..
..if they get a headache.
What worse could have happened now
that you are so hurt?
Of course, I am hurt.
He has never seen me like his wife.
Do you even know what he said?
No wife would want
to hear it from her husband.
I am not a demanding wife
like other women..
..I don't even ask him to bid me goodbye
with a smile while he goes to office
I don't even demand gold jewelry,
I don't even want a lot of love.
But just two sweet words
are enough for me.
The teachers who doesn't
admit the kids to school.. not give 100 marks
to them in the exams.
You are joking around again.
I am not liking it.
You talk so sweet
when you are emotional.
Shall I give you a free suggestion?
If you talk like our Kannada
serial actresses..
..shedding tears as well as nose fluid.. will look cuter.
I don't want anything.
Even if she comes to me and says
that she has changed and she loves me..
..I won't believe her.
Her arrogance is more important
to her, let her be like that.
I just want her to understand
who I am and how much I love her.
- It's okay.
You are not good at consoling.
When you are crying, you shouldn't try
to wipe someone else's tears.
I didn't want to say that,
I was asking for the cup.
(Door knocks)
(Door knocks)
(Door knocks)
(Horn blares)
Here you go, sir.
What is it?
- This one?
Oh, a book on how to woo wives.
Please, sir.
Look at the modern times.
It was not the same
when my dad was young, he escaped.
Now, do you realise
how big an issue is wife?
'How to Woo Wives.'
Whose wife, sir?
Our own wife
who makes our life hell.
The wife who is holding our collars
is not even letting us hold her feet.
What happens if a jaggery ball
is thrown in fire?
It will melt and become soft.
Read this book
and start loving in a new way.
No matter how rigid the wife is,
her heart will melt.
And you will get
a baby in six months.
If we make haste in planning babies,
it is said that they will become fools.
I am not in a hurry
for children, sir.
"You are like a lotus in the mud.."
"You are like a lamp in the temple.."
"You are like a lotus in the mud.."
"You are like a lamp in the temple.."
"You are like a lamp in the temple.."
"You are like a calf
dancing in the fields.."
"You are like a calf
dancing in the fields.."
"You are a nectar like a mother's milk.."
"You are a nectar like a mother's milk.."
"You are like a lotus in the mud.."
"You are like a lamp in the temple.."
"You are like the voice of the peacock
dancing in a flower garden.."
"You are like the fragrance of the flower
in the garden.."
"You are like the fragrance of the flower
in the garden.."
"You...only you.."
"You are like the fragrance of the flower
in the garden.."
"You are like the fragrance of the flower
in the garden.."
We are here to enjoy.
Forget all your problems
and enjoy the party.
Only to encourage you people,
we organise such parties.
Have some beer.
Taste some beer, it tastes good.
My Hostel Security used to say
that it tastes like donkey piss.
Excuse me.
Hey, sorry guys.
- Come on, sir.
Okay, we can go.
Not a problem.
Let's go.
We can go.
Enjoy! Cheers!
- Thank you.
I can understand
your situation and feelings.
Here, drink some.
- It's okay, sir.
This is for you, have it.
Just look at her.
Then you will understand
how to take the problems your wife..
..has created for you in a positive way.
Did you get me?
Sir, just because our time is bad,
we can't act like animals.
I have scanned Anu
the first day she joined.
You express it to everyone,
but I don't...that's the only difference.
Then what are you waiting for?
See, Anu's husband
has pouched your wife.
So, why don't you try to pouch Anu?
You are wasting time
thinking nonsense.
Sir, actually..
- Listen!
The iron is hot,
this is the right time.
Go and talk to her.
I said, talk to her.
Go ahead.
Look at you, shameless!
What did you say to her?
Don't you know
that I am already married?
Even I am married,
but what's the use?
You are looking
for your husband in me indirectly..
..but you are not realising it.
So am I.
I always wanted a wife like you..
Oh, sorry.
I wanted you to be my wife.
I think, this is the right time.
- (Slaps)
I didn't think
Swamy is wrong here.
It is Anu's mistake.
Are you nuts?
Don't use your political ideas here.
You are making the situation worse.
How can he talk like that
to our daughter-in-law?
Don't talk nonsense
and ruin my son's family.
I have enquired in their company.
He doesn't want to accept
that village girl as his wife.
Whereas, she never wanted
a good-for-nothing husband like your son.
Even if we force them,
we can't change their heart.
It is impossible.
Swamy always liked Anu.
- (Slaps)
How dare you eye
someone else's wife!
I think, if they don't like to run a family
with the one they have got married to..
..they can stay with whoever they like.
What are you even saying?
- Shut up!
First of all, you and your son
stop living the life of a pity.
Once they calm down,
their families will be fine.
That is your misconception.
What do you say, ma'am?
I have nothing to say,
this rascal has already said everything.
I leave everything
to their own wishes.
As they think.
What do you have to say, Swamy?
If she is ready,
I am ready to get married to her.
What do you all think of me?
Don't I have a heart and dreams?
I thought, I will have a beautiful life
with the person I loved..
..but he made me a laughing stock.
Now, you all are humiliating me.
No, dear.
Even I don't know
if I am alive or already dead!
I want Anu, Dad.
Please don't discuss this
in front of me ever!
Even I don't want
to be a villain in your life, son.
Sharada, let's go.
The food is really tasty.
All thanks to your training.
She manages everything.
That is why, the food is so tasty.
- I only prepare food..
..but he does all the cleaning,
washing, maintaining etc.
Only because of his help,
we could run this restaurant.
There is no use surrendering
to your problems.
We should find solution
to them ourselves.
Shruti, you tell his wife the truth.
You explain it to my son.
Even the stones melt,
then why can't people's hearts?
This is what I call an idea!
This is not even expensive.
This will definitely work.
That is why, it is said that
a old woman in the family is necessary.
I never expected this.
I received an escalation mail
from the management.
This is disgusting! We are getting
humiliated in the production environment.
Shame on us!
I need the root cause for this.
Please reply by mail.
Get out now!
If anyone is not interested in working
in my team, you can just get out!
Any, what happened?
What's the problem?
Don't ask me, ask him.
Swamy, what happened?
- How would I know?
Ask that woman.
- Hey, mind your tongue.
There is a problem between us,
but don't bring it to office.
Otherwise, I will have
to teach you a lesson.
So, you will teach me a lesson?
Go ahead and teach me.
Your husband must be teaching
some other lesson to my wife.
Teach a lesson to your wife
before pointing finger at my husband.
Shut up, both of you.
You both are creating a scene.
Please sort out your personal
problems at home.. looks disgusting
to discuss it in the office.
Isn't he talking disgusting?
Oh, so your husband is
not disgusting, he is interesting?
You are crossing your limits now.
I will kick you out of my project!
You and your attitude!
God has given you this darned life
only because of your attitude.
Yes, I have an attitude. Didn't you know
that when you were ogling at me secretly?
You don't even deserve
to stand in front of me.
At least, you don't talk
about deserving.
You deserve a MLA's son,
whereas you are too good for me, right?
What is this?
Come here. - What did I do?
- You go to that house.
Wait here quietly.
(Door knocks)
(Clouds rumbling)
Sister Anu, are you home?
Sister Anu?
Sister Anu, are you home?
Sister Anu?
Why have you come at this hour?
Partha is not home.
I came to talk to you, Sister.
Your husband talked a lot in the office,
have you come to add up to my woes?
Sister Anu, I have come
to talk about Partha.
Who are you to address me as sister?
After all, who are you to talk
about Partha?
Partha is a very nice person,
he loves you a lot.. - Please leave!
You don't have to tell me about Partha,
I know everything about him.
He loves you with all his heart,
please try talking to him once.
He is waiting for you to talk to him.
He started a restaurant for you,
but when I asked him to stop it, he didn't.
Now, what can he do for me?
He didn't start the restaurant for me,
but for you.
You stupid fool! Do you think you can
convince me with your sweet words?
He is working hard to deserve your love
and to make the lie a truth.
He is not able to look into your eyes
as he had lied to you..
..but he is waiting that you will
understand him and love him.
He knows me better than you.
- He can do anything for you.
Instead of you, if he had said
all this to me, it would have been better.
He is hesitating
because he has hurt you.
Please try talking to him once.
If you are ready to live
with him happily..
..I will go away from
the restaurant business.
Forget that, but Sister Anu
is a very nice girl.
She is not at all angry with you,
she wants to talk to you.
Really? Are you telling the truth, MES?
What did you tell her?
But your husband is quite rigid.
I told him that
you are a very sweet woman..
..and that he will know what you are
only if he tries to see it.
You should be fortunate
to have a wife like her.
I am unfortunate,
I don't want anything.
You take that fortune along.
I am sorry.
- It's okay.
He will realise someday, I am sure.
You go ahead. - Okay.
Oh, here you are!
I have a lot to talk with you.
Let's sit and talk.
What are you doing?
Anu, you are making me
feel uncomfortable.
Please don't change all of a sudden,
I won't be able to tolerate it.
Hurt me or love me,
but in installments.
I am not strong enough
to take it all at a time.
First of all, stop staring at me
and tell me what you want to.
Why do you like me?
What can I say
if you ask me all of a sudden?
It is hard.
It's okay, tell me why you like me.
When I didn't know what I was,
I had a reason.
When I decided to marry you,
I had a different reason.
When you didn't leave me even after knowing
the truth, I had many reasons to love you.
When you shed tears in the corner,
I had many other reasons to love you.
When you didn't even look at my face
despite staying at the same house..
..I loved you in a different way.
Now, when you are staring at me constantly,
I have a reason to love you.
Only the maturity level of my love for you
is changing, but not love for you.
I want you,
I want only you!
You should stay with me
and keep threatening me!
But if you say that you would
leave me alone, I will really die!
It's not important
how much you love me..
..and I don't even want
to ask that at this stage..
..but I am still not able
to come over your betrayal.
You said that
you would die without me..
..the give me one reason
to stay with me.
(Phone rings)
Bloody rascal!
(Clouds rumbling)
Do you know
what your partner told me?
She told me that you
can do anything for me..
..but I am not sure of it.
Anu, I am ready
to do anything for you.
You shouldn't break your promise.
Are you ready to do anything?
We have come so far,
at least now believe me.
Will you leave me
because I want freedom from you?
I want to go away forever tomorrow.
You shouldn't try to convince me.
Not you, not your dad or mom,
no one should try to convince me.
I feel ashamed to say to the court
that I am married to you.
Please do not show your face
for divorce formalities.
I am not sure if I wanted it,
but I have got a lot from you.
I don't understand
how to return it to you.
You can ask anything if you want.
Are you expecting anything from me?
If you want,
I am ready to sleep with you.
Will you ask me what I ask for?
Promise me that you won't laugh.
Before you go,
I will prepare food for you.
No matter how bad it tastes..
..please have it and tell me
once that it tastes delicious.
My son loves you a lot, Anu.
Please don't hurt him.
Every time you shed a tear,
it hurt him.
He is our son.. he is committed like his dad
as well as staggering like me.
He is such a person..
..that he makes everyone cry
while he laughs.
Mom, are you done?
Make it fast,
the cab is already waiting.
Anu.. Anu, please don't go.
Uncle, you were right.
I don't deserve to stay
in a well-to-do family like yours.
I argued a lot with you that day.
Please forgive me.
Sometimes, we say 'see you'
to people we don't even know.
You have done a lot for me,
my ego hurts to say 'see you' to you.
The food was delicious.
You are the reason for it.
If you ever blame me,
I will kill you.
Okay, go away!
Do you think you
are a Celestial nymph?
Do you think my son
won't live without you?
You don't deserve
to live with my son!
"The heart is suffocating.."
"Without love,
the heart is giving up.."
"The heart is yearning.."
"The heart is yearning for her touch.."
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"Without her, I have no life.."
"Please understand my pain.."
"I made a mistake,
but whom should I confess it to?"
"After she left me,
what would I even want?"
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"Without her, I have no life.."
"Please understand my pain.."
"I agree I lied,
you could have corrected me.."
"I apologised to you so many times,
you could have forgiven me only once.."
"Amidst the roar of the silence,
the heartbeats are not heard.."
"You asked questions,
but never wanted the answers.."
"With the tear drops,
the words ended.."
"Oh, my God..
I better die.."
"Oh, my God..
I better die.."
"Oh, my God..
I better die.."
"Oh, my God..
I better die.."
Shruti, where are you?
Where are you?
Where did you go?
Where should I look for you?
I have been looking
for you everywhere.
Oh, God!
Where did she go?
Swamy, where has Shruti gone?
She is not around.
I am talking to you, wait there!
Can't you hear me?
Shruti is not seen since morning.
Hey, insensitive guy!
Then say thanks to our family deity.
What are you even saying, rascal?
Thank God, at least now He understood
my situation and feelings.
Are you thanking God
since your wife has gone missing?
It has been six months that we got married,
she has never been like my wife.
You have never been
a husband to her either.
If she starts a secret family with Partha,
how can I be a husband to her?
Go and check, she must be with him.
(Horn blares)
(Horn blares)
Hey, come on out!
What is it, sir?
- Come on out, I said!
First of all, leave my collar.
Oh, really? You scoundrel,
what have I ever done to you?
What have I done, you rascal?
Are you proud of your
father's connections and your complexion?
You idiot Swamy, you dissatisfied soul!
I feel like breaking your legs, but I am
quiet because you are Shruti's husband.
Partha! Let my son go!
- Let my hand go, you rascal!
Let me son go! Get lost!
Swamy, why are you fighting?
What's wrong?
Hope you are all right, Partha.
- Come on, fight me!
Yes, everything I have is yours.
You can't even control your wife
and you dare to hit my son!
His dad will get you bashed up!
- Of course, he will! - Move back!
Mother, are you really idiot?
At least, now understand
my situation and feelings.
He is the one who misled your
daughter-in-law, why are you slapping me?
Hey! - No one understands
my situation and feelings.
You got a street food vendor
to hit a software engineer.
Go to hell!
Go to hell, everyone!
Swamy! - Hey lost!
- You are responsible for everything.
Partha, let's go home.
- Aunt, what is all this?
- Where is Shruti?
Let's go.
- I didn't see her since morning.
- Come on then, let's find her.
Why would you find her?
How are you related to her?
Let's go home.
- Mom, let me go!
Shruti is an innocent girl,
what if she harms herself unknowingly?
Partha, let them do whatever they want.
- Please let's go and find her.
The worst case scenario would be
that she will die, that's it.
Let her die. How would
it make any difference to you?
You just take care of your own family.
I will see what I have to. - Let's go.
Her husband doesn't want her,
no one wants her..
..her death won't mean
anything to anyone.
What is this, MES?
Mother-in-law told me to lock
myself in the room..
..and she will make my
husband concerned for me.. I was quiet.
Let's go to the restaurant,
Dilip can't handle it all alone.
(Car engine starts)
Please try again.
Please try again.
The card is not getting accessed,
it's my log in time.
Check what the problem is.
Excuse me, sir.
May I know your name? - Guruswamy.
Can I have your ID, please?
It's my log in time, what..
- Please be seated, I will check.
Sir, only two minutes.
Mr. Guruswamy?
- Yes.
I am Pallavi from the HR Department.
Can I have your laptop, please?
- Sure.
Hope this laptop doesn't have
your personal data.
No, no.
- Okay.
I have my personal laptop for that.
- All right, Mr. Guruswamy.
So, you must be aware of
the cost-optimisation..
..that's happening across the company.
So, that list has your name.
If you are ready to put down
your papers today..
..we'll consider it as a normal exit.
Otherwise, we will have to
give you a termination letter..
..and then don't expect
any benefits from us.
Thank you.
What did you just say?
Are you kidding me?
What's your name?
- I am Pallavi from HR.
Pallavi, you can't do this.
I have been working here for three years.
I even got the Best Employee
award last year.
Don't you have a heart?
- Listen, listen..
I am not authorised to give you
an extension or something else.
I am just here to complete
your exit formalities. - Oh, God!
You just wait,
I will call the higher authority.
Then you can talk to him.
No use calling anyone.
- No, I will call. Just wait.
This is happening as per the contract
you have signed. - Okay, I agree that.
Just wait,
the line is getting connected.
See, whether or not you have to stay in
the company.. completely company's decision.
It's clearly mentioned
in the contract letter.
Didn't you read the contract-letter
before signing it?
(Phone rings)
Which hospital?
Just understand
where your lives are leading to.
Why did you want to die
just because someone fired you?
Losing a job is
not like the end of your life.
The computer is going to yield
you only money, not peace.
Learn to identify between
computers and human beings.
Learn to love people.
Look at her face once.
No one can love you
as selflessly as her.
At least, now understand
who is on your side.
Drink it, rascal!
For how long are you
going to force him?
I don't want him, I can't take it anymore.
It's you who have got me caught in this.
If you are okay with it,
let me live with you.
If you feel like I am a burden to you,
let me go. I will go somewhere.
Actually, it was your name
in the cost-optimisation list..
..but I fought for you
and got Swamy terminated.
How can I retrain myself
when he ogles at you in front of me?
I did it for you.
Only for you.
Oh, God!
Are you really going
away from my son?
Your plan didn't work,
so I have started a new plan.
What are you doing here?
You are still the same, aren't you?
At least, do you know
what you are up to?
How could you believe
that I love you?
If you are angry with someone,
you can hide it behind a smile.
But you can't hide love
behind anger for too long.
Do you know something?
Whoever wanted to live carefully with me
are treating me carelessly.
Your love stands no chance
in front of my pain.
You are so egoistic, aren't you?
You are still arrogant, aren't you?
You shouldn't let your tongue loose
just because someone is ready to listen.
Everyone is busy
with their own work.
No one has the patience and time
to care for someone else.
Everyone is fake here.
No matter what we do,
they will find only weakness.
They try to play games with us
with that weakness..
..but only if we entertain it.
Why do you entertain such people?
Am I not concerned for you?
Am I not trying to know how you are?
Why are you hurting me just because
someone else was careless towards you?
I will kill you!
Let me cry peacefully.
Everyone made look like a villain.
Didn't I stay with you
even after you fooled me?
Couldn't you understand my love then?
But what did you do?
What did you do?
You left me for Shruti.
I feel like dying!
If you had let me sleep on your chest
only once and apologised to me..
..I would have got convinced.
Where is your partner?
She went back to her village
with her mother-in-law.
Great then!
Let's close that stupid restaurant
and start a posh restaurant!
Anyway, I have resigned from my job.
You did great!
Let's do that!
Partha, I am not liking it.
Sister Anu is calling our restaurant stupid
and you are okay with it.
Just because your wife came into your arms,
you are ready to shut the restaurant down.
I am a partner to the restaurant.
Sister Anu, you can work
with us if you want.
Shame on you!
Did you start lying again?
She was the one who told me
that you are not normal..
..and that I should lie to you
to convince you.
I swear!
MES, what the heck!
You don't know
how to talk to your wife.
You should talk to your wife
wholeheartedly. - Oh, shut up!
She doesn't understand simple words,
forgetting understand the feelings.
Hey, attitude queen!
You are the heroine of my life,
don't act like a villain.
If you get angry for every little thing,
our entire life would fade away.
I am planning kids.
Anu, sorry!
"I followed her till eternity,
she never looked back.."
"I called her like it was my duty,
she never answered.."
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"You entered my life
like the sunrise.."
"You are the heroine
for my life story.."
"Your steps are like dance moves,
your bangles rhythm is like music.."
"Your words are like a music,
sing it in my ears.."
"Be the dance or trance,
take my heart away.."
"Oh, my God.."
"I better die.."
"Without her, I have no life.."
"Please understand my pain.."
"I feel like I have failed
for the first time.."
"Like the red signal in the traffic.."
"Like the answer that never flashes
during the exam.."