Forty-Seven Days with Jesus (2024) Movie Script

(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
- [Joseph] I don't care what
they say, I really don't,
let's just stick to our guns.
- [Victor] And that's
all well and good,
but the agency specifically
asked for this ad campaign
to showcase the negative sides
of being a first responder.
- [Joseph] Yeah, yeah,
they're just trying
to sensationalize the piece,
we don't need that,
we gotta keep it
- [Victor] Joseph, let's
just give the agency
what they want.
You and I both
know, we only have
about two more months of
capital to stay afloat.
- [Joseph] I really believe
that my dad's connection
to them is gonna help us.
- [Victor] I understand
that your dad
was a firefighter, but...
- That was a long
two-minute call.
- [Joseph] Yeah, sorry,
how many bars do you have?
- Zero, Captain.
Wait, didn't you charge
the car last night?
How much longer you think?
- Hmm?
- How much longer?
- At least an hour.
- No cell signal,
no juice in the car.
What year is this?
You think it still works?
- Whoa, they still
exist. (chuckles)
Do you have any spare change?
- It depends.
Is it for dad or for Victor?
- Dad.
- Hmm, side pocket driver door.
(upbeat music)
- I thought I told you people
I already have an extended
warranty, thank you.
- [Joseph] Hey dad,
it's me, we're alive.
- Oh, Joseph, it's you.
- We're gonna be a little late,
I'm actually at the
old refill station.
- Lake, what are you
doing at the lake?
- [Joseph] Late.
- Oh, why late?
- The car ran outta juice.
- I thought you said,
it can go 300 miles.
- Yeah. (laughs)
Hey dad, how you feeling?
- Everybody keeps asking
me, how I'm feeling?
I'm fine.
Hurry up, I'm starving.
- [Joseph] All right,
love you, see you soon.
- (chuckles) Love you too.
I told you.
(phone rings)
- Hello!
- Victor!
- Joseph!
- Yeah.
Hey, I lost service,
but I found a payphone.
- Those still exist?
- I know, it's all dusty.
- [Victor] I don't doubt it.
But right after you disappeared,
the agency got back to me.
- Yeah?
- [Victor] Apparently
their idea didn't fly
with the firefighters
so they pitched yours,
and they loved it.
- Shaba daba ding
dong, baby, let's go.
- [Victor] (laughs) Yeah, they
told me they wanna meet soon
and hear the full pitch.
We got some work to do, buddy.
- Daniel, back off,
you're gonna go blind.
- Actually, there's
an ocular study about-
- Oh, oh, 17.
(Emma mumbles)
- [Speaker] Holy cow,
they live a long time.
- Mom, dad, save me.
- You're on your own, kid.
- The prime directive
prevents me from interfering.
- You always say that.
- Arghh!
- Ah!
(speaker chuckles)
- Ooh!
Hey, is this Tiffany?
- Jeremy, please,
not at my parents.
- Okay, I could get a good
350, 400 easy for that.
Let me-
- No!
- Okay, it's perfect.
- No.
- Okay, how about-
- No.
- They have two of them.
- Why do they need both?
- There's all set, you
don't just take one.
- There's more of them?
(upbeat music)
(Brenda screams)
- Daniel, mom and dad are here.
- Oh, there's my Pookie Lukey.
- Hey, hey!
- (chuckles) There they are.
Hey, Joey, lovely!
So good to see you.
- You okay?
- I'm good, yeah.
- Hey, mama!
- I'm so glad you made it.
- Yeah, me too.
Hey, sis!
- Hey!
- Jeremy, thanks for
bringing the kids up.
- Yeah, we were gonna
start taking bets on
if you'd actually
show up or not.
Aw, you have pointy elbows!
- You're welcome.
- Daniel, where is my hug?
- [Speaker] Not so fast.
- Anda.
- Hey, sweetheart!
- [Connie] Hey, are
you guys hungry?
I'll go warm up the leftovers.
- Hi, dear!
- Sure, thanks, mom.
- [Speaker] May the
stars be our vanguard!
- Uh, uh!
(speaker laughs)
- (laughs) You would not believe
what you have in
that old toy bin.
- This would sell for-
- What a great find, honey!
- Yeah.
- So Juliana-
- The factory mixed up
the original voices between
Lothar and Quadramum,
making this an
extremely rare find.
- Jeremy?
- Hmm?
- Please.
- Oh!
- Hmm.
- So Juliana, how's
work at the hospital?
- It's been great.
Yeah, I'm getting
a lot of shifts,
and we've got some sad stories,
but mostly good stories,
and the patients are
always really grateful, so.
Well, sometimes they're not,
but we get through those days.
(Juliana chuckles)
(speaker chuckles)
Anyway, how's everything
going with the ranch?
- Oh, it's going really good.
Blueberry season is
just around the corner.
Our prayers have been answered
with all of this rain,
and we are gonna
have a great crop.
Aren't we, Poppa?
- Mm-hmm.
Your mom and I were thinking-
- Uh-uh-uh, finish chewing.
- I'm sorry.
So we're thinking
the best time to go
picking berries would be...
Where's Joseph?
- Oh, he is on a work call.
- This late?
- Oh, you say the
meeting is on Saturday?
- [Victor] Yeah, so?
- Come on, man, that's
the day before Easter.
- [Victor] You know how
tight the timeline is,
these guys move fast.
I told them we'd both be there.
- Yeah, but not
in person, right?
- [Victor] Of course.
We need to show them
how committed we are.
- You mean how desperate we are.
Come on, man.
Why would you agree to this?
- [Victor] Well, wait,
are you telling me
you can't be there?
You told me that
this was gonna be
our once in a lifetime shot.
- Yeah, and you
knew the entire time
that I was gonna be up here.
Not too smart, Victor.
- [Victor] What's gone into you?
Why don't we just
skip the theatrics,
so I'm not wasting my
time reeling you back in
like I've always done, huh?
- Ah!
Look, Victor, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I'm not there
with you during this time.
But we haven't really
talked about this,
but this might be my
last Easter with my dad.
- [Victor] Okay, I'll
see what I can do.
- Hey, there he is.
- Hey, sorry about that, guys.
(Nonna mumbles)
(Poppa chuckles)
- So, hey, hey, hey, hey!
So what's going on?
- So, dad, we started
a new campaign.
Guess who we're working with?
- Wow!
National Association
of Firefighters.
- Yeah, Victor and I
came up with some ideas,
and they like everything so far,
so they wanna hear some more.
- I owe my life to them.
- Yeah, it's been
a real whirlwind.
Right, babe?
But, hey, if I'm out of
commission this week,
please, I apologize in advance.
- But you're good
for Saturday, right?
- Saturday?
- Have you read the family chat?
We're taking dad's boat on the
lake Saturday with everybody.
- [Jack] Yeah, I can't
wait to see Daniel
take the helm the first time.
- [Jeremy] You never
let me drive it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah (mumbles)
- Joseph?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it sounds great, dad.
- Perfect.
And this means so much to me.
Hey Jeremy, what do you say?
Tomorrow morning we
head over to the lake
and swap things out.
You good?
- Yes, Your Highness!
- [Jack] Can he come too?
- So you're gonna start talking
or do you need me to ask?
- Well, being late?
- No, about you and Juliana.
- Oh!
- Well, are you at
least working on it?
- Yeah, yeah, we're
going to counseling.
- Oh!
- Therapist says that I'm
just under a lot of stress.
(Nonna speaking in
foreign language)
(Joseph speaking in
foreign language)
Hey, did Dr. Levy say
anything about dad's lungs?
- He did, which is
why we're taking
that stupid boat out
on the lake Saturday.
- Hmm.
Is it that bad?
- He's gonna be fine.
Hey, I'm the one asking
the questions here.
So what are you working on?
- We're meeting with the
agency, so mostly just prepping-
- No, that's not what
I'm talking about.
- Speak of the devil.
- Joseph, look, I know that
you have a lot to take care of.
Why don't you just relax and
be here with your family?
- I will. (chuckles)
Go relax, go lay down,
I got the rest of this.
- No, it's been a long day.
Piece of cake.
It's meditative for
me, it'll center me.
- (chuckles) Okay.
Thank you.
- Love you, mom.
- [Connie] Love you too.
(Nonna speaking in
foreign language)
(Poppa laughs)
(Emma laughs)
(Poppa laughs)
- This is like,
(Emma chuckles)
that'd have been pretty crazy.
- Emma-
- Yeah.
- I know you're...
- Shh-shh-shh!
- Dad, what are you guys doing?
I thought you went to bed.
- Dad, Poppa just started
telling us this amazing story.
- Oh yeah, dad, what are
you telling them this time?
- Oh, calm down, Joey.
- Poppa called it
the 47 Days story.
- Yeah, and it takes
that long to tell.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, watch it.
- All right, dad,
come on, it's past 11,
they need to go to bed.
- I'm putting them to
sleep, (chuckles) look.
- Dad, I can't have them
staying up all night,
this is crazy, they don't
understand this stuff.
- They should have heard
this story years ago.
- And you can tell it to
them on Easter morning.
Come on, Emma is six.
- I'm seven now.
- Joey, you were five the
first time I told it to you,
and you loved it.
- I've been staying up
this late like all week.
- Uh-huh, yeah.
Well, I've gotta go
do my treatment, so
Joey, you take over.
- No, dad; dad, I can't, no.
- You know how I tell it.
And Daniel, get off
your damn phone.
- [Emma] What treatment?
- Well, Emma, don't worry
about that, we'll see here.
Where did Poppa leave off?
- They were just
arriving in the town
and everyone was starting
to gather around.
- Yes, I know
exactly where we are.
Let me find it.
Are you ready?
- Mm-hmm.
As they started to
walk into the city,
they looked to their left,
they looked to their right,
they saw all kinds of people
headed to the city center
because someone
special was coming.
(upbeat music)
Have you heard the good news
He is coming this way
He is coming to
reign as king
To set his followers free
Have you heard the good news
He is coming today
He is coming to
raise the dead
And make the blind to see
He is Messiah
He is the chosen one
His name is Jesus
He is God's only son
Have you heard the good news
He is coming this way
We will crown Him
as King of Kings
And Lord of our lives today
Worship and wonder
And praises and honor
belong to the marvelous king
Bow down before Him
and humbly adore Him
For He was the
(indistinct) king
Waiting and watching,
expecting to see Him
His path will be glorified
He is the master
creator redeemer
This glorious
king passing by
Have you heard the good news
He is coming today
He is coming to
raise the dead
And make the blind to see
He is Messiah
He is the chosen one
His name is Jesus
He is God's only son
Have you heard the good news
He is coming today
We will crown Him
as King of Kings
And Lord of our lives today
We will crown Him
as King of Kings
And Lord of our lives today
Crown Him as King
Crown Him as King
Lord of our lives
Lord of our lives
Crown Him as King
Crown Him as King
- So how do we know what's next?
- I don't know.
Dad's busy, and Poppa and
Uncle Jeremy went to the lake.
- [Speaker] Hmm,
this looks good.
- [Juliana] Do you
mind passing the OJ?
- Yes, there you go.
- You?
- Oh, I need to
get my coffee too.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- [Connie] Joseph,
breakfast is ready.
- I'm not in disagreeance
with you, I like that,
but I just think that
if we just put a little-
- Joseph (mumbles)
- Bit more time into it.
- [Victor] We can't
afford to spend
more time on this, Joseph,
the pitch is on (mumbles)
- Yeah, hey Victor,
hold on, hold on.
I'm sorry, I'm trying to
catch up from last night.
- Honey, food's gonna get cold.
I thought you wanted to spend
some time with everyone,
- Joseph?
- Yeah, I'm still here.
No, it's just my wife, Juliana.
- Hey, Nonna, last
night Poppa and dad
started telling us
this amazing story
with people singing and dancing.
- With dad?
How late were you up?
- Like midnight.
- Till midnight?
- I wasn't up that
late, I fell asleep.
- (chuckles) I'm so proud.
- (laughs) So where'd
your dad leave off?
- They were about to have
the last Passover meal.
- [Connie] Hmm.
- Last, why last?
- Um, I think your mom and
Aunt Claudia know this.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Oh, no; no, no,
you know the story
way better than I do.
- Oh, (chuckles) here we go.
They were all sitting in
a circle on the floor,
and there was ton of
food in front of them,
and they were talking
and hanging out
kind of like what we are.
- Let's get factional here.
What was he actually eating?
- You're really asking the
hard-hitting questions there.
- Unleavened bread.
- Seems like you
know it just fine.
- Okay. (chuckles)
(Nonna chuckles)
So I want you all to remember,
when we go to our
favorite restaurant.
- Little Joe's.
- Yes, exactly,
and they put us in that
really nice area upstairs.
Jesus and his friends were
at a place just like that.
- My brothers, before we
begin this last Passover meal,
there's something I
must share with you.
I am the lamb of God
The Passover lamb
The sacrificial lamb
Who sheds His blood for you
Do you understand
why this I do
I am the Passover lamb
who gives His life for you
I do this willingly
to conquer death
I do this willingly
to set you free
The power of sin will
have no hold on you
Because I share
my blood for you
You are the branches
I am the vine
The grapes are crushed
To make the wine
My body crushed
And my blood shed
to give new life
To those now dead
We should have the
attitude you have
For you are very nature God
I did not believe
that my equality
Gave me a status
to retain forever
But rather when
the time had come
I relinquished my
glorious position
And laid yourself nothing
Taking on the very
nature of a servant
And allowing yourself
to be remade
In human life as
And being in
appearance as a man
I humbled myself
And further humble myself
Now being obedient to death
Even death on the cross
I will do this for you
So that your sins
will be forgiven
And we'll all meet
together with God
In His highest place
Giving you a name
above every name
That your name Christ Jesus
Every knee shall bend
And every tongue confess
Under and above the earth
And in heaven
that you are Lord
You are Lord
To the glory of
God the father
To the glory of
God the father
To the glory of
God the father
I am the lamb of God
The Passover lamb
The Passover lamb
- Yeah, Jesus still loved Judas
when he knew the whole time
he was gonna betray him
and even get Him arrested.
- Wait, He got arrested?
- Yep.
- His friend turned him in?
- [Juliana] Yep.
- Why would Judas do that?
- I think Judas was really
just thinking about himself.
- Did he want to hurt Jesus?
- Sometimes people do things
without realizing the
consequences of their actions.
- I don't get it, Jesus
didn't do anything wrong.
- You're right, he
didn't do anything wrong.
People started recognizing
Him as their savior,
which threatened
the local leaders.
- Rewind.
Where did they take Him?
(dreamy music)
- So this,
this is the man who has
caused such unrest
throughout Judea?
- [Speaker] He is a threat.
(somber music)
- I fail to see how your
petition is warranted.
- He is a threat to Roman rule.
(Pontius laughs)
Some claim He is a king.
They proclaim it in the streets.
(somber music)
- Is it true?
A king.
- My kingdom is
not of this world.
- [Pontius] So you are king?
(somber music)
- I came to speak the truth.
- Truth.
What is truth?
This man has done nothing.
- Innocent blood will be on
your hands, if you release Him.
- Under Roman law, I see
no charges for this man,
but to keep the peace.
Do to Him as you need.
(thrilling music)
My dear Father
Do not gaze on me
There are others who will
see what you ought not to see
You knew I was the one
God's one and only Son
And now you know my
work on earth is done
There are many who will
care for you when I'm gone
All my sisters
and my brothers
And especially John,
she is your mother
You are her son
The time is here
My human life is gone
My dear mother
Do not gaze on me
There are others who will
see what you ought not to see
You knew I was the one
God's one and only Son
And now you know my
work on earth is done
Unto your hands
I commend my
- Oh, come here you guys.
Oh, it's okay, honey.
- Why don't we take a break
and go outside for
some game time, hmm?
- Great idea, right?
It'd be nice.
- Mom, croquet, rematch?
- [Claudia] You're
on, I call blue.
- I got yellow.
- [Juliana] Come on,
Emma, I'll go get dad.
- Hey, come on.
(somber music)
There we go.
- Yep?
- Hey!
- Hey!
- We're doing game
time, you wanna join?
- Sorry, I can't,
I'm working on the NAFF
tagline at the moment.
- You might just wanna
pick your head up
every once in awhile,
see what's going on.
It's life, Joseph.
You might miss it if you
don't open your eyes.
- Okay, okay, all right.
- Okay.
- Let me just...
There, done.
What are we playing?
- Your favorite, croquet.
Everybody is waiting.
- [Jeremy] Oh, you're
gonna send your own father?
- Sayonara, sucker.
(Claudia laughs)
- I failed.
I failed as a parent.
(Claudia laughs)
- Ah, it's wonderful to
finally have everyone here.
- Connie, I love you so much.
Sorry, it took so long
for us to get here.
I think with Joseph's
work and Peggy-
- Hey, it's okay, sweetie.
You're here now, and
that's all that matters.
- [Emma] Dad, your turn.
- Hey Victor, what'd they say?
- Dad?
- Huh?
Yeah, yeah, keep playing
without me, I'll be right back.
- [Juliana] Emma, you're up.
- Okay, good, well,
listen to this.
I came up with a tagline
for the campaign.
Since 1947 the NAFF
has been helping-
- There he goes again.
- Across the country
to deal with (mumbles)
Yeah, I like it, I like it,
I'm in agreeance with all of it.
So I think that covers us.
What do you think?
- [Victor] Yeah,
great work, man.
Now let's move on
to the art assets.
- Right, yeah.
Well, do you mind if we
pick that up a bit later
'cause I'm actually in
the middle of something
with my family at the moment?
- [Victor] (chuckles) Okay,
then when can we talk about it?
We only have two more days.
- No, I know.
- [Victor] You need to
get your head in the game,
we have to be 110% ready
for the meeting on Saturday.
- [Joseph] Yeah.
Yeah, of course, of course.
- [Victor] There's just
a few more specifics
we need to sort out, then
you can be with your family.
- [Joseph] Yeah,
okay, like what?
- [Victor] Well, we
gotta figure out-
- Go, go. (laughs)
Everything okay?
- I'm just dealing with
more of Joseph's stuff.
- Oh, stuff.
I have dealt with Jack's stuff.
- Like what?
- He'd tell me, "Oh yeah,
sweetie, I'll be there",
and the next thing I knew
he'd taken another shift,
he was gone for days.
- I just overheard Joseph
talking with Victor
about working on Saturday.
- [Connie] Oh boy!
- How did you
handle it with Jack?
- I had to stand my
ground for what I wanted,
and it wasn't easy.
We fought, we walked out,
but I learned something,
to be loved is to be understood.
Juliana, forgiveness isn't
just about letting go,
it's about understanding.
(Connie speaking in
foreign language)
He who doesn't risk doesn't win.
And I'm glad for
all the risk I took
to have what Jack
and I have now.
- I won.
- Oh-ho-ho!
- Yay! (applauds)
(speaker mumbles)
- I'd have gotten it.
- Good job!
- [Speaker] That's two for you.
- One for me.
(Brenda laughs)
- Angry bear.
- Howl.
- Wolf.
- Tiger.
- Wolf.
- Tiger.
- Angry (mumbles)
- Animal.
- Claws, claws.
(speaker mumbles)
- Cat claws.
- Cat.
- Like (mumbles)
- Werewolf.
- A dinosaur.
- Werewolf.
- Beauty and the beast.
- Lion.
- Snake.
- Got you.
- A lion.
- Lion, lion, okay.
- Lion, lion, lion.
First word, lion.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Second word.
- A broomstick.
- That jumping (mumbles)
- Witch.
(speaker mumbles)
- Pinocchio.
- Long nose.
- Unicorn.
(speaker mumbles)
- Falling apart.
- Connie, I'm home.
What's going on?
- Dad, help me, charades.
- [Jack] Come on. (laughs)
- I got it, "The Lion,
The Witch and Wardrobe"
from C.S. Lewis.
(family members cheering)
- [Speaker] That's my boy!
- He has to cheese.
(speaker laughs)
- How is the lake
looking, skipper?
- Oh, it is filled to the
brim, it's gonna be fantastic.
- Hmm.
- I can't wait
to catch my first fish.
I'm gonna name him Bubbles.
- I can't wait to eat him.
- Daniel, come on.
- Oh!
- [Speaker] Ew!
- Don't be mad, honey,
but Jack took us to his
garage sale on the way back
and I found this.
(speakers chuckle)
- Well, this only flies
'cause dad took you.
- Can I have it?
- No, you may not.
You hear that, honey?
She wants us to starve.
- Hey, handsome, the
next time you wanna start
story time with the
kids, let us know, hmm?
- I keep asking,
what happens next?
- Poppa, Juliana.
- Hey guys.
So sorry, I gotta
get back to work.
- Oh, honey.
- Come on.
- Uh, come on!
- Honey, what are you doing?
We're just getting started.
- Joey, why don't you
give it a rest, huh?
Just hang out with the family.
- Dad, I can't, I'm sorry.
Later, I promise.
- Oh!
- Well, so...
Oh! (laughs)
Where did they leave off?
- He just got crucified.
- Oh, yeah, well, I'm sure
that was kind of rough,
but actually this next part
is pretty difficult too.
- Is it more gross?
- [Connie] Brenda?
- I'm just asking.
- No, Brenda, sweetie,
it's not more gross,
but this next part
is pretty scary.
But you know what,
Poppa is gonna be there with
you through the whole journey.
Everyone dealt with Jesus's
death in a different way.
Judas couldn't even
live with himself,
Peter denied ever knowing Jesus,
and Mary Magdalene
filled with grief
went to mourn his body.
(somber music)
(upbeat music)
(thrilling music)
Faithful sing forever
Glory be to God
Hallelu Hallelu
Gloria Gloria
Hallelu Hallelu
Gloria Gloria
Rightful reign forever
All glory be to God on high
Glory be to God
- So how is the
whole thing going?
- It's coming together.
- I'm really looking
forward to Saturday.
- Yeah,
me too.
- So should we talk about
the commitment you made?
- What are you talking about?
- I overheard your
conversation earlier today.
- Okay, what do you
think you heard?
- Were you even gonna
tell me about it?
- Jules, if we don't get this
contract signed, it's like...
You know this isn't
just about money, right?
- Yes, I know, it's about your
dad and the NAFF, I get it,
but I'm not sure how much time
we have left with your dad.
- Mama.
- Hey!
- I can't sleep.
- What's wrong, sweetie?
- I'm scared.
- Scared of what?
- Did that really happened?
- What are you talking about?
- You know, story.
- Oh, sweetie,
let's let mama get
some sleep, okay?
And we'll talk about
this in your room.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- But, daddy.
- Yeah?
- I'm hungry.
- (chuckles) Come on.
Let's go.
One, two, three.
All right, what
do you wanna eat?
- Mm-hmm, whipped cream.
- Whipped cream?
- Yeah.
- I can't give
you whipped cream.
- Cheese?
- Cheese,
I'll meet you in the middle.
- What is it?
- It's a Mr. Cheese.
It's good, it's like,
it's whipped cheese.
Open the mouth.
- Hmm.
- You like it.
- More.
- More, here, take it.
- So Poppa was
saying that, I mean,
did Jesus really... die?
- Yeah,
He went through all that
so that we don't have to.
- Don't mind me.
- Hey!
- Daniel, what are you doing?
- Eating.
- So that's where
it ends, right?
- No, He comes back
and stuff happens.
- Spoiler alert.
- Mr. C.
- Daniel, you know it's
more than just stuff, right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I get it, dad.
What about you?
(somber music)
- Jules?
- I need you to turn it off.
- Turn it off?
I can't do that.
- I don't think you realize
where I'm at with all this.
Your family means
everything to me,
and your father
is not doing well,
and you and I are not working.
- Jules!
- Emma said that you forgot
how old she is today.
- Jules!
- Really?
- Jules!
- I have supported you
through all of this.
I am not gonna go
through Saturday alone.
If you don't show up, I
don't know what I'm gonna do.
- Jules!
(upbeat music)
- I remember when the
angel spoke to me.
I recall the very words he said
That my Son would
be the Savior
Now my precious Son is dead
He always took the time
to speak to outcast
His words were always
gentle and kind
Many times He's
gone to heal a leper
His spirit was heal
the sick and blind
He drove those seven
evil spirits from me
He set my mind,
soul and spirit free
The woman I was
once is gone forever
And now I'm weeping
grief for so is He
Remember how He raised the
brother Lazarus
He called Him from the
grave and back to life
Look the stones rolled away
The stones rolled away
His body is gone
He is not there
Where have they taken Him
Where is my Lord
What have they done with Him
Jesus our Lord
We came to bury Him
Now He is gone
Where they have taken Him
Our precious Lord
My Savior the living God
From the dead He
is not here
He has risen
He has risen
Oh He has risen
He has risen
Lord Christ has risen
(choral vocalizing)
- Hey, wait for me, you guys.
Last one there is a rotten egg!
It's really pretty out here.
- Yeah, it is.
I can't believe how green it is.
- Wait, where did
all the cows go?
- I don't know.
- Do you ever wonder
what they're thinking?
- Sounds like you
gave him an ultimatum.
I think he did the right thing.
- I hope so.
I feel stuck.
- What?
You're not stuck, he is
coming tomorrow, right?
- No, he hasn't said anything.
I don't even know how to...
Claude, you know how he can get.
- Yeah,
I do.
My brother is very stubborn,
and often doesn't see what's
right in front of him.
Jules, what do you want?
Don't think about anyone
else for a second.
What do you really want?
- I just want my
partner back, my friend.
I want my family to be whole.
- [Jack] You alive in there?
- Yeah, dad, what's up?
- [Jack] I need you to
come out to the barn
and gimme a hand.
- Sorry, dad, I can't right now.
- [Jack] Yeah, I'll
see you out there.
- So how'd He come back?
- How'd who come back?
- Jesus.
- It's just a story.
- What?
It isn't real?
- When was the last
time you used this?
- [Jack] I don't think
Emma was even born yet.
- Wow!
You're right.
(Joseph laughs)
- Yeah, that's the spot.
That was when you tried to moor
the boat for the first time.
- Shouldn't have
taken the wheel.
- We were gonna crash.
- We were gonna crash, daddy.
- Yeah. (chuckles)
- You're absolutely
right about that.
- Hey!
You want it when I'm gone?
- Dad!
No, come on, you're
not going anywhere.
(Jack chuckles)
- Two best days
of owning a boat.
First day buying it,
last day selling it,
or giving it to your son.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Hey, are you gonna
be okay tomorrow?
- Hey, I'm fine,
I'm going tomorrow.
Even if I'm dying, I wouldn't
miss it for the world.
(somber music)
- Mom, she hasn't told me much.
What's going on?
- Well, Dr. Levy
is waiting to see
how I respond to the chemo.
- Okay.
- You need to get that?
- Juliana asked me not to.
- (chuckles) Well, if
she didn't, I was gonna.
- All right, come on,
is it really that bad?
- Yeah, it is.
This is the first
chance we've had
to talk since you got here.
Joey, I'm really
worried about you.
You're making the same
exact mistakes that I made,
and it's painful to watch
- Dad, I have to make
a choice for my family.
- Yeah.
Well, you can pretend
as much as you want,
but your choice is really
affecting your family,
especially Daniel.
You know what, I'm
telling the story,
he's completely disconnected.
- He's disconnected
'cause he's a teenager,
and you're telling him
a story about the Bible.
- No, no, no, no, no.
He is not interested
because his father is not living
out the truth of the story.
(somber music)
- I'm in a bind, dad.
They asked to do
the meeting tomorrow
and I agreed to it.
- (chuckles) Oh boy!
- I tried to get
them to move it.
And you know how
these people are,
they don't sleep,
they don't care about family
activities and holidays.
I don't know, what am I supposed
to do in this situation?
- The only thing I
can think to tell you
is that your drive to
provide for your family
can't come at their expense.
(chuckles) You might
wanna take that.
- Hey, what are
y'all doing out here?
- Just racing.
- Uh-huh, who won?
- He did.
- I did.
- Yeah, right. (laughs)
Hey, Brenda, why don't
you go back to the house
and help your dad pack
for tomorrow, hmm?
- Roger, Roger.
- Be careful.
- I will.
- So what's really going on?
- When pop was a firefighter,
was he always busy?
- Are you kidding?
- I told you.
- Told you what?
- Dads are always busy.
- We were just wondering
if it was normal
with how much dad worked.
- Hmm,
I won't lie, it
was very difficult.
And when Poppa was always away,
it made me think same things
you're thinking right now.
- But it got better, right?
- Yeah, because I was patient.
- How long do you had to wait?
- Patience isn't about waiting,
it's also about having
a positive attitude
while you wait.
- So we should just accept what
little time we have with dad
and be happy about it.
- No, that's not
what I'm saying.
Daniel, your father's heart
is in the right place,
but he needs you both to be
patient until he figures it out.
- I miss dad being
like he used to be.
- I know, mi amor.
I know.
Hey, where did all the cows go?
- I don't know.
- Did you chase them away?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- No.
- Did you say moo?
- No.
- I think you said moo.
- (chuckles) No.
- Let me hear you say moo.
- Moo.
- Oh, come on, you can
do better than that.
- Moo.
- There you go,
that's my boy, moo.
- I moo better than you.
- You don't moo better than me.
- Yes, I do.
- I moo better than you.
- No, I moo better.
- Who moos better, Emma?
- Daniel.
- Oh, you too.
- I told you.
(Connie laughs)
- Yeah, sorry about that,
just chatting with my dad.
- [Victor] Oh yeah.
How's he doing?
- Yeah, he's doing all right.
We are actually just getting
the boat ready to take out.
- [Victor] Oh, that's great.
Anyway, I've been
trying to reach you
because the agency
rep called me back.
They loved your tagline, and
they love the art assets.
- They love them?
- [Victor] They do.
Looks like all the hard
work is paying off, man.
We're all set to nail tomorrow
at two o'clock, right?
- Yeah, I can't do tomorrow.
- [Victor] Oh, come on, man.
Are you serious?
- I gotta spend
time with my family.
- [Victor] (chuckles)
Don't you realize
this is for your family?
- Okay.
Let's just do Monday.
- Hi, dad!
- [Victor] Do you
know how hard it was
to set up this remote meeting?
I'm doing everything I can
to make this happen
for our company,
and this is how you repay me.
Not cool, Joseph.
- Can we at least do a
little bit earlier then?
- [Victor] Fine, I'll see
if they could do noon.
Wear your best shirt and tie.
- Hey!
- Oh!
- So how did it go?
- We're good.
What, you don't believe me?
- Hey, could you
do me a big favor,
and grab those fishing
poles over there?
- Yep.
- Hey, I was thinking maybe
when we get to the lake,
you could tell the
next part of the story.
What do you think?
(upbeat music)
- Dang, looks like
you needed to retreat
to the oasis of silence as well.
(Joseph chuckles)
- Yeah, yeah, great
minds think alike, huh?
(Jeremy laughs)
(upbeat music)
Hey, did you have any
luck selling the toy?
- Toy? (laughs)
I think you meant to say,
original, unopened,
Lothar action figure.
And if you must know, yes,
I just sold it for a
very substantial amount.
- Nice!
May the, how's it go?
May the stars be our-
- Be our vanguard.
Now we're talking.
(Joseph chuckles)
Hey, I got a question for you.
About how much of your work is
preparation versus execution?
- It's about 80% prep,
20% execution roughly.
- How long have
you been working on
this one for the firefighters?
- Well, really ever
since my dad...
- Yeah,
yeah, I feel you.
(somber music)
You ever bounce things,
ideas off Juliana?
- I don't think she really
cares about what I do.
- Wow!
(somber music)
I can't even begin to think
how crazy my business
would be without Claudia.
- What are you getting at?
- I'm just saying,
I don't know what I would
do without her in my corner.
(chuckles) I can't tell you
how many times I've gone to her
and asked for her opinion.
- Yeah, I get it, man, cool.
Good for you.
It's funny, it seems like
everybody up here has an idea of
what I should be
doing except for me.
This meeting that
I have on Saturday-
- Geez, Joey.
- I have a real chance
to make a difference
for my family, Jeremy,
for people like my dad.
- Joseph, I-
- Would Claudia ask you
to give up what you do?
What would she say?
No, what would she say, Jeremy?
Yeah, goodnight, man.
- Hey, hold on a second.
You wanna know what she'd say?
Make a choice.
Trust the journey.
Goodnight, Joseph.
- A little to the left.
Huh, I can see the rings.
- What?
- No, lemme see.
- Property of Santa
Barbara Fire Department.
They know you have this?
- Of course, they let me borrow
it right before I retired.
- You're gonna give it back?
- When they ask me,
sure. (chuckles)
- [Daniel] I can't believe
it's all happening out there.
- [Jack] (chuckles)
Pretty wild, huh?
- Yeah.
- It reminds me that things are
always moving all around us.
- [Daniel] What do you mean?
- [Jack] Well, if you
ever feel stuck or lost,
remember, God is always
at work in our lives.
- Why is it called 47 Days?
- Well, because
it's the story of
the last 47 days of
Jesus's life on earth.
- So why did you
put it together?
- Well, Daniel, if
you really wanna know,
when things between me and
Nonna weren't going so well,
I realized that I needed
to be a better man.
So I started filling that
book page after page,
night after night
with God's words.
- So what happens next?
- Well, after Mary
Magdalene saw Jesus,
she rushed back to the apostles
to tell them that he was alive,
but they didn't believe her.
- That can't happen.
- I don't understand.
- [Speaker] You said
something different.
- I did.
- You said he was gone.
- But what I said was true,
what we saw was true.
(speakers mumble)
- What did he say?
- I saw Him, He was there.
- He was-
- There was no one there-
- Mary, how do you expect us
to believe what you're saying?
- I don't know what to tell you,
He was there, I touched Him.
- There's no one to touch.
- John and I were there.
I touched His wraps.
- He has risen.
- I need to see
Him in the flesh.
- [Jesus] Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid
Be at peace.
Be at peace
Why are you troubled?
Why are you troubled
With doubts in your minds?
With doubts in your minds
Look at my hands
Look at my feet
It is I myself
Touch me and see
I am the Messiah
The lamb without blemish
Destined to suffer and die
And rise from the
dead on the third day
And you are alive
- You're standing right here.
- You've done exactly what
you said you would do.
You have conquered death
Risen from the dead
- You're flesh and bones.
And we can see it is you
It is you
It is you
- Don't be afraid.
Go to Galilee and
I'll meet you there.
You will reign as
King of Peace
And all for eternity
All for eternity
For eternity
- Lake, lake, lake, lake.
- Lake, lake, lake, lake.
- Lake, lake, lake.
- Lake, lake, lake.
- Lake, lake, lake.
- Lake, lake, lake.
- Brenda, honey,
you can't drive.
- Why not?
- You don't have a license.
- Why does he get to drive?
- He has a license.
- Why is dad dressed
like a clown?
- Daddy, come on, let's go.
- Are you gonna tell them?
- Guys, I'll catch up
with you later, all right.
I just got a couple
of things to do.
- What?
- Hmm, so what time do you
think you can get there?
- Oh, the meeting
doesn't start till 12.
- Really?
- This thing floats?
- Daniel, don't talk
about me like that.
- Come on, you two.
- [Speaker] Were you even born
the last time we
took the boat out?
- [Daniel] You're
confusing me with Emma.
- All right, troops.
Roll out.
- [Emma] Bye dad, see you there.
- [Victor] Hey Joseph,
can you hear me?
- Hey Victor!
Hey, yeah.
- Looking sharp, man.
Now before I let the
clients into the meeting,
let's just make
sure we remind them
of your family-friendly
- Yeah, looking forward to it.
- [Victor] Okay, it looks
like we're all here.
Thank you everyone
for your time.
You know the other half of
our firm, Joseph Burdon.
Let's give him the
floor, shall we?
- Gentlemen...
- [Victor] Hey, (chuckles)
Joseph, I think your feed froze.
- I know my partner
isn't gonna like this,
but I have a chance today to be
with one of our own
firefighting heroes, my dad.
He is the reason why I believed
in this campaign, guys.
And I'd be a hypocrite if I
continue this meeting with you,
so I'm gonna go be with him
and my family for Easter.
So, I'm sorry.
- [Victor] Joseph...
(upbeat music)
- Ah!
(speaker mumbles)
(speaker applauds)
(Brenda mumbles)
- Horrible!
- Oh!
(speaker chuckles)
- Coming in hot.
- Babe, are you ready?
Ready, yay!
- All right, yo!
- Back up here, back over here.
- I don't know.
- So you just gotta pat
it on top, like this.
- Back off, back off.
- It's too short.
- All right, you take it.
- There you go.
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Did you give me abs?
- No.
(speakers mumble)
- Oh-ho-ho!
(Jeremy mumbles)
- Nonna, Nonna, Nonna!
- Oh!
(upbeat music)
- How long do we have to wait?
- It's called fishing,
not catching. (chuckles)
- Please just give me a
moment to explain myself.
- Give you a moment.
Joseph, I've given you
enough time, I've had it.
- Don't stare, guys.
They're figuring it out.
- Jules, I've
sacrificed so much.
- Ignoring us is not
a sacrifice, Joseph.
I feel like I'm the only one
fighting for this marriage,
and I can't do it alone.
- They've been
fighting a lot more.
- Everything's gonna
be okay, don't worry.
- I don't think you know how
they talk to each other, Poppa.
- Daniel, you remember
last night with the stars
and all the planets?
I have faith things are
moving in the right direction.
- You really think so?
- You don't?
- No.
- Emma, that's okay,
everyone has their doubts,
even the disciples doubted.
(thrilling music)
Did He not say He would
make us be fishers of men
And we fish
through the night
And have not even
caught one small fish
Not one small fish
Did He not say He
would do wonderous things
As we get right
out here on the sea
But tonight we can't
catch one sardine
Not one sardine
Where is He now
It's been days
since we've seen Him
But others have said
He's appeared to them
Why not to us
Just the other day
Did he not say He'd leave
To make a place for us
Did He not say that He would
go where we could not follow
But did we ever dream
that He would leave us
As He has now
Though we walked together
Broke bread together
Sang songs together
He was one of us
The God like us
He was flesh and blood
What more He was gone
Friends, have you
caught any fish?
No, not one
Cast your net on
the other side
It's the Lord
It's the Lord
It's the Lord
- Hoo-hoo-hoo!
(speaker mumbles)
(speaker laughs)
(speaker mumbles)
- Huh, huh, huh, hoo!
(Brenda mumbles)
- Oh gosh, I swear,
if we have to go to
the ER because of him.
Hey, you guys want snacks?
- Snacks.
- Snackies.
- Snackies.
- Let's go.
- Works every time.
- Good girl.
Learn from the best.
- Thanks.
(Connie laughs)
- Hi!
- Hi!
- There you go.
- Hey, when do you guys
wanna go on the boat?
You wanna go next?
- Yeah, next is good.
- Brenda, you wanna
go with your dad?
- [Brenda] I'm too
scared to go on.
- Oh, she could stay with me.
- Oh, okay.
- Excuse me.
(somber music)
- I am sorry, Bubbles.
- Just a few more minutes.
- I wish we had unleveled
bread to go with that.
- What are you talking about?
- Brenda, it's called
unleavened bread.
- Yeah, that stuff.
What's so special
about it though?
- Well, it's a symbol
that Jesus's ancestors
passed down to Him,
and Jesus used it to talk about
sacrifice and forgiveness.
- Who is He forgiving?
- Us.
You and me.
- Everyone.
For all the terrible things
that we do to each other
and to our world.
- You mean just to
those who believe?
- Believe.
Isn't this real?
- Oh, oh, Emma, it's real.
But whether we choose to believe
or not is a whole nother thing.
And it starts with accepting
his forgiveness and sacrifice.
- I just don't get
why people would do
all those terrible
things to each other.
- I think people do terrible
things to each other
when they're afraid.
- Afraid?
- People act outta
fear all the time.
- Even Peter denied
ever knowing Jesus.
- [Daniel] What
happened to Peter?
- He admitted to his
friends he was wrong,
and he apologized from
the bottom of his heart.
- And they forgave him.
- Apparently Peter
is not the only one
who needs to be asking
for forgiveness.
- [Speaker] Feel free to
engage, Captain Outrider.
- Well,
sometimes we see
faith and logic
as opposing forces,
but faith is actually the key.
The key to viewing
the world in a way
logic alone simply cannot.
Without their mutuality,
we would be blind
to the complexity
and the beauty
of the universe.
- Jeremy, that's beautiful.
- Thanks.
Quadramum said, season
two, episode one,
19 minutes and 42 seconds in.
Imagine this.
- Quadrilla, who?
- [Jeremy] (chuckles)
Sorry, it's Outrider,
the Space Odyssey series.
- [Jack] And you thought
we would get that?
- [Jeremy] Yeah,
it's in syndication.
- I am sorry for ending the
conversation abruptly earlier.
- No, I should be
the one apologizing.
I'm sorry for everything.
- Well, you've
apologized before.
What makes this time different?
- I was sitting
at my dad's desk,
and my eyes found
our wedding photo,
and you looked so happy.
And I realized that
there is nothing
in this world worth
losing you over.
I'm sorry, Jules,
I really am.
And thank you for being
so patient with me.
(upbeat music)
- Even me?
- All is forgiven, Peter.
- How do you expect us
to forgive like that?
- Live as I have lived,
and reflect what I've shown you.
Mirror of my soul
There you are
Always here for me
Never far
Patient and kind
Strong and true
Lord, you're the
mirror of my soul
The man that you see
pretends to be strong
To never be sad
To never be wrong
But there you are
Mirror of my soul
Reflecting the
man I long to be
If only I can be like you
Patient and kind
Strong and true
Not shadows on the mirror
But reflections of my soul
Not half a man
But finally made whole
He is here
The man I long to be
Here with you
Not the man you see
Not half a man
But finally made whole
Reflecting the
mirror of my soul
Reflecting the
mirror of my soul
Reflecting the
mirror of my soul
- That's Orion's belt,
and those two stars
are his shoulders.
- Look at that one,
it's so bright.
- Oh, that's Saturn.
- How do you know that?
- Poppa's telescope, I saw
all the rings last night.
- He still has that.
(Juliana laughs)
That old man.
I love him.
Jules, I can't imagine
this life without you.
I don't know how we got here.
- I kinda think it's your fault.
- I kinda think you're
right. (chuckles)
This whole trip
being up here with you,
and the kids, the story,
the bonfire,
walking with you on the beach,
it's really touched me.
I'm so sorry, Jules.
I love you so much.
- It's okay, Joseph.
I forgive you.
And I love you too.
(upbeat music)
And I know that this life
can get tough at times
There's no way to stop,
pause or press rewind
- Hey, one, two.
So we keep moving
We keep grooving
- Good job, honey. (chuckles)
- [Speaker] You think
that's gonna stop him?
- I'm out, I'm out, I'm out.
And I'm grateful for you
Oh, dude!
- Hey, pro tip.
You might wanna do
more cardio at the gym.
- (chuckles) No kidding, uh.
- Ooh!
I'm thankful for
Thanks, man.
My life
When you
Hey, man, I'm sorry
about the other night.
- Nah, all good, brother.
Cannot rush the future, only
greet it when it arrives.
- Okay. (laughs)
Well, greetings.
- Yeah.
- Brenda, honey,
honey, easy, slow down.
No eating blueberries in
the car and no shotgun.
- [Brenda] Aw-aw!
- Why can't I have another
piece of Nonna's blueberry pie?
- Darling, I said no, didn't I?
You wanna fight me
all day over pie.
- (laughs) I forgot
how difficult it is
to get those kids
bolted into the car.
My goodness!
- Yeah, you ain't kidding.
Oh, this is...
- The first pickings.
- Thanks, dad.
- You're welcome.
- Joey, I don't know how
you figured it out so fast,
but I'm really glad you did.
I'm really proud of you.
- Emma's finally
bolted in, you ready?
- Yeah.
- Hey, hey, hey, wait, here.
Emma said you wanted the
rest of the blueberry pie.
- I didn't.
(Joseph laughs)
Thank you, mom, you're amazing.
And thank you for the
best story time ever.
- Oh, story.
Give me a second, be right back.
- Where's he going?
- I almost forgot.
There you go, dad, left
it in the guest room.
- Hmm.
It's yours now.
- No.
Come on.
- Come on, Joey.
- Thanks, dad.
- Ah, those kids.
- Okay.
- All right, all right,
all right, all right.
(Juliana laughs)
- [Connie] Okay,
bye, watch your step.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Bye Poppa, bye Nonna.
- We've got a heck of
a family, don't we?
- Oh yeah, I'm so glad
everybody made it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Should definitely have
them host it next time.
- Absolutely.
(Poppa chuckles)
(upbeat music)
- Hey guys, I wanna
apologize to both of you.
I'm sorry,
I haven't really been very
present with you lately.
- It's okay, dad.
We know that you have
to work for the family.
- No, Daniel, it's not okay.
I know I gotta work, we all
gotta survive in this world,
but bills are bills,
work is work,
family is family.
And anything that takes you away
from your family
is not worth it.
I don't wanna miss
you guys growing up.
I love you guys.
- We love you too, daddy.
So what's next?
- [Juliana] You gotta pee?
- No, the story.
- [Juliana] Oh! (chuckles)
- Oh!
- Well, He goes to heaven.
- And that's it?
- Oh, well, not exactly.
- Dad?
- What?
- Did you steal Poppa's
composition book?
- No, Pookie Lukey,
he gave it to us.
- Dad?
- Yeah.
- Do you really believe
in all that stuff?
- Yeah, I do.
And I'm gonna start
living like I do.
- So what does it say?
- The disciples
started their journey
to spread Jesus's words
of love and forgiveness.
- I told you.
- What?
- Told you what?
- That Poppa was right.
- Right about what?
- That everything
is gonna be okay.
(somber music)
(upbeat music)
Save time
To realize
How good we are
How good we are
How good we are
Save time
To realize
How good we are
How good we are
How good we are
- [Jesus] Live as I have lived,
and reflect what I've shown you.
Mirror of my soul
There you are
Always here for me
Never far
Patient and kind
Strong and true
Lord you are the
mirror of my soul
The man that you see
Pretends to be strong
To never be sad
To never belong
But there you are
Mirror of my soul
Reflecting the
man I long to be
If only I could be like you
Patient and kind
Strong and true
Not shadows on the mirror
But reflections of my soul
Not half a man
But finally made whole
He is here
The man I long to be
Here with you
Not the man you see
Not half a man
But finally made whole
Reflecting the
mirror of my soul
Reflecting the
mirror of my soul
Reflecting the
mirror of my soul
And I know that this life
can get tough at times
There's no way to stop,
pause or press rewind
So we keep moving
We keep grooving
I am grateful for you
I am grateful for you
I am thankful
For all my life with you
Grateful for you