Fossil (2014) Movie Script

We need to take the covers off the pool.
Sarah and Tom are getting a divorce.
Here we go.
It's crazy.
They've been married less than us.
Well, it's either that or kids, I guess.
Now apparently, there is a lovely little
medieval town
about ten minutes from here.
I'm thinking we should... we should go and
investigate tomorrow.
I'm quite up for some pool time though.
Uh-huh. Fine.
We could do both.
I'm gonna go into town and get some
breakfast stuff.
You want anything?
I'm back!
Do you want some breakfast?
- No need to shout.
- Oh shit!
I'd love some.
By the pool would be nice.
By the pool. Okay.
- What are these?
- What?
I thought we were trying again.
We were.
We were? And...?
I changed my mind.
This is something we agreed.
Something we actually talked about,
unlike every other
fucking thing.
What's that supposed to mean?
You know what it means.
Jesus. Look, I know it was hard...
No, you don't.
You have no idea what it was like.
No idea? No fucking idea?
I went through... You said...
We agreed.
Is that all you have to say?
I don't want to go through it again.
We haven't been through anything yet.
Fuck you.
Fuck sake!
- Hi.
- Oh my God!
What happened?
I found this.
You have blood all over your head.
What? I fell.
I fell on my walk.
It... It's fine, really.
We'd better clean it up.
No really, it's fine.
Don't you think it's beautiful?
It's like a perfect shape. I know it's cut
off, you know, at the bottom there,
but I've never ever come across anything
like this.
Paul, I'm going to sleep in the
spare room tonight.
I'm gonna sleep in the spare room tonight.
What? Why?
Because I get too hot and I know you don't
like the window open.
The window open?
I just need some space.
What the fuck is happening?
You have to tell me what is going on.
- You're scaring me.
- Well, explain and I will stop.
Explain what?
The pills; the spare room.
- I can't.
- Yes, you fucking can!
Why are you taking the pill again, huh?
There's people in our pool.
What the fuck is going on?
Who the hell are you?
Hey man, we thought the cottage was
Well, it's fucking not, so get the fuck
out of the pool.
Dude, are you okay? I mean, you've got
blood all over your face.
Yeah. I'll be a lot better when you get
the hell out of here, yeah?
Okay. Okay, we'll be on our way.
You know, we didn't realise anyone was
staying here.
The place looked pretty shut up, man.
But it's no problem. We'll go.
Yeah, you will!
What's going on?
They're fucking trespassing.
That's what's going on.
You know, we'd never have come in if we
knew you guys were staying here.
It's okay. There's no harm done.
No harm done?
We're paying good money for this place.
How about a bit of fucking privacy?
- Well, work is actually paying for...
- That's not the point.
This is our holiday. This is my pool.
Go and get your own fucking pool.
Okay, man. We'll get out of your hair.
There's no need to have a heart attack,
you know.
Get the fuck out of the pool!
Hang on just one second.
Paul! Paul!
Would you calm down?
He's not done anything wrong and that
poor girl's half scared to death.
Nothing wrong?
They are fucking trespassing.
- You're bleeding.
- Fuck the bleeding.
What the fuck are you doing?
Ssh. You were so rude to them.
It's embarrassing.
Oh, embarrassing.
They are high jacking my pool.
- They didn't know you were here.
- We're gonna be going now.
- It was real nice meeting you.
- Oh, don't be silly.
I think everyone's just a bit tense and we
all need to calm down.
I'm sorry my husband was so rude.
I think we should all just have a glass of
wine, you know, as a peace offering.
It's okay. We don't want to cause
any more problems.
No, no. It's not a... not a problem.
I think everyone just went a bit crazy.
Why don't you two have a seat and I'll go
inside and find some wine
and get Paul cleaned up.
Make yourself at home.
Fuck it.
You wanna stay or do you wanna go?
- I wanna stay.
- You wanna stay. Fair enough.
Whereabouts are you staying?
Well, we're on like a walking trip around
the area, so kind of hotel hopping.
We're staying in... what's the name of
that place?
I don't remember.
Anyhow, it's a little town a couple of
miles down the road.
- Village.
- Village.
Oh, the medieval village. Yeah.
WE were going to visit there at some point.
And you...?
- A romantic holiday?
- Exactly.
Something like that.
Paul, this is Julie and Richard.
- Hi.
- Look, I'm sorry. I...
I overreacted and...
It's okay.
How's the head?
Oh yeah. Yeah, it's okay.
So you guys are here for some romance
and we just dived on in and ruined it.
No, no. Not at all. We're just here on a
short break and it's...
it's really nice to have the company.
Well, cheers!
- Cheers!
- Here's to romance anyway.
Do you have family or kids at home?
No. No, we're still young.
She says that now, but just you wait.
She'll want a cat soon.
No, I hate cats.
And you? Do you have any kids?
Fuck no. Or not that I know or.
No. We are definitely too young.
What do you do, Richard?
- What, like work, you mean?
- Uh-huh.
At least not for a while now.
No, I got a bit
of money a while back
and that's been doing me well
these past few years.
Don't you get bored?
Fuck no!
I mean, come on. The world's way too big
to get bored in, right?
What, what did you do?
- Well, that's a long story.
- Uh-huh.
You know, a lot of different things.
The last thing I did was write a book.
Paul's writing a book too.
- Well, well, I'm...
- I say everyone's got one
- in there somewhere.
- What's yours about?
Well, I spent a lot of time on the road
with bands, you know, musicians.
So it's kind of a novel based on that.
You know, it's pretty wild times.
- Did it, er, did it sell?
- Paul!
No, no. It's a fair question.
It sold... a bit.
Still get a cheque every once in a while.
Anyhow, we should be getting back
and leave you folks in peace.
No, don't be silly. You should have
another glass of wine.
In fact, why don't you just stay here
for the night?
I mean, it's so late and you don't really
want to go walking miles in the dark now,
do you?
It's not that far.
But it's easy. We have a guest room.
You can stay in there.
It's no problem.
I don't know.
- If you want.
- Yeah.
Okay, if it's cool with you guys.
Sure. Why not?
Salut now.
Oh, and here's to your book.
Imagine if you were in their position.
What do you mean, 'in their position'?
Hobnobbing around, gate crashing people's
holidays. Never doing any work.
Yeah, imagine that.
Oh, and they seem so nice.
That's what holidays are all about, you
know, meeting people and relaxing.
It'll be good, I promise.
Do you want the window open?
Paul, not while they're next door.
Just come to bed.
Hey man. Good sleep?
Not bad.
You want some?
No, it's a bit early.
Your head looks better.
Let me cook you some eggs, huh?
No, really. You don't have to.
Oh fuck it. The least I can do
is make you some breakfast.
Another beautiful day.
- Mills is taking a swim.
- M...
So how do you like 'em?
Oh, er... Scrambled.
Fucked up eggs coming right up.
Fucked up eggs. Fuck it.
Where's, erm, Julia?
[French speech].
She likes to sleep in.
Good morning, sleepy head.
Me and Rich are gonna head into town and
get some spice for the barbecue.
You don't mind if I take the car, do you?
Did you need it to write?
What do you think you're doing, hmm?
I thought they were gonna stay
for one night, yeah?
They are.
Mills. Mills, we don't even know
who these people are.
Oh, this is ridiculous. I wanted us...
What did you want?
- I wanted to spend some time with you.
- Well, that was working out.
It's just for a couple of days, okay.
- Rich, you ready?
- Ready when you are.
- Morning.
- Shit. Sorry.
Sorry, I didn't mean to...
I just wanted to grab my...
It's okay.
I have to get up.
I'll just be down by the pool so erm...
help yourself to food.
Yeah, anyway.
Don't you miss home?
Not really.
I mean, maybe if I had a family, I would.
Why didn't you settle down and have kids?
Sorry, it's too personal.
No, it's fine.
Well, it never really crossed my mind,
except when other people started asking
No, I'm kidding.
I mean, sure the chicks I was seeing
started talking.
I just never really got involved in the
That's a wise move.
Well., maybe.
Hello Paul.
Are you disturbed?
No. No, no. No, I'm... fine.
As far as I can tell, people change their
minds every single day
so the idea of spending 60 years with one
person, kind of passed me by.
You're very forthright.
- Hey, you asked.
- No, I like it.
You know what we were talking about
earlier, about kids.
I did... I did get pregnant
about six months ago.
But I lost it.
That sucks.
- You okay about it?
- Yes.
It's just weird, you know.
We should get going, I think.
You know, a girl told me she'd had an
abortion of mine once,
well, after the fact.
I was kind of relieved she didn't even ask
me or I think I may have had some kind of
'knight in shining armour' response.
C'est la vie.
Hey, I just had a terrific idea.
Let's go.
How's it going?
Oh, slowly today.
And there are people who can do that;
spend so much time
in a little mental world.
Yeah, it's alright.
Are you pissed off we're staying?
Oh no, no, no.
It's okay. You can tell me.
I think my wife would kill me.
It's... It's nice you being here.
We were getting a bit restless.
- Are you sure?
- Hmm.
You wanna take a swim?
Maybe later.
How are you doing, mon petit...
- It's for me?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- It looks good.
You scared me.
What's this?
Promise you won't get mad.
Oh no, no, no.
We're not going on the river.
It was Richard's idea.
- You know I don't like boats. I...
- I want to see.
We go here?
I love that.
You're gonna love it, man.
Get me a beer and we're ready to go.
For fuck sake.
I've got another message from Sarah.
Tom was cheating on her for eight months.
What a bastard.
Married for a year and he
starts cheating on her.
I should give her a call.
I never thought he was right for her.
I should have trusted my instinct.
So how's it coming along?
It's heating up.
Now that's a picture.
You want a hand?
Beer alarm.
Well, oh, I like an alcohol routine.
You want one?
Yeah, sure.
Well, cheers.
I'm sorry, man.
What about?
Mills told me about your losing the baby
and all.
I'm sorry about that.
- She told you about that?
- Yeah.
That must really suck.
You know, I was telling Mills,
a girlfriend of mine once got herself
in a situation...
I'd rather not talk about it.
- Okay, sure.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm not kidding.
This fucking dude would not quit.
I mean he kept coming over, what was it,
every half hour or so;
sitting on the grass, chatting away.
You know, 'Je suis' this, 'Je suis'
fucking that.
The guy had fucking mirrors on the insides
of his shades.
Anyhow, long story short. As we're packing
up, he asks for Julie's number.
My God! What did you say?
I just laughed.
Mills, you're smoking a lot.
You just put one out a second ago.
Didn't you say anything?
No, I mean this guy was like 19 or
You know, and Julie let him down real nice
and gentle like.
Anyhow, as he's walking away, you know,
dragging his ego behind him,
he stops and he looks me straight in the
eye and he says,
- "Vieillard."
- What does that mean?
It means 'Old man'.
You know, I kind of figured he missed an
opportunity and he could have said,
- you know, 'Dirty vieillard.'
- Yeah.
So I'm just saying we love the people who
make us feel good about ourselves.
That's why we love 'em.
So you look at relationships. I mean,
look at us; look at you.
You know, why are you with each other?
Are you with each other
'cause you love the other person or 'cause
they make you feel good about us...?
What is it, hmm?
Stop being a dick. You're being rude.
I'm not being rude. I'm just being honest.
Why does it matter?
Think back, yeah, to when you were what,
say, I don't know, 25.
She was five, six.
Yeah? It's pretty fucking weird
when you look at it like that, isn't it?
Yes, it is pretty fucking weird
if you look at it like that.
But I don't.
And I'm not six anymore.
Well, hey, I certainly hope not.
I mean, what about when he's all old
and wrinkly and you're in the,
you know, the prime of your life and you
wanna go skiing, or hand gliding, or...
- Hand gliding.
- What?
I don't want to go skiing.
You know, that guy at the pool,
he probably thought you were her father.
I mean, it's not his fault he got the
wrong impression.
Look at her. She's a great looking girl.
I think you need to lay off the whisky.
Oh, fuck off.
If you can smoke so much,
I'm allowed a few drinks.
Oh, come on. Come on, everyone lighten
For fuck sake, you don't even know when
to stop, do you?
Oh yeah, once again I'm the fucking bad
guy, huh.
Excuse me.
You okay?
I'm so sorry.
He's just had too much to drink.
Ah, fuck it. You know, we all do that from
time to time.
Thank you for a lovely dinner.
Sleep well.
You don't have to apologise for me.
Sometimes you're such an arse.
They're our guests and there's no need to
be so bloody rude.
What? I was...
I was just having a bit of fun.
You're lucky Richard is so understanding.
If I was him, I would have...
Oh, you'd have what?
I'm going to bed.
You can clean this mess up.
I wanna sleep.
Come on!
I should be pissed off with you too.
What reason have you got to be angry with
Oh now, let me think, huh?
(a) I didn't realise your miscarriage
was for public consumption,
(and b) you have invited two complete
strangers to fuck up our holiday!
Grow up!
- Shit! It's stuck in the fucking leaves.
- Woo!
Well, they don't seem too upset anyway.
Because they're fucking nice.
Oh come on, I was drunk.
I don't think they're having much fun.
No, they're not.
- Let's lighten them up a little bit.
- By what?
How are you doing?
Are you having fun?
Yeah, it's amazing!
Yeah, lovely.
Let's have a race.
- Oh shit, no.
- Down to the tree on the right!
They're having a...
- Okay!
- Are you ready?
Three, two, one! Go!
Mills, come on. Mills, hurry.
Go, go, go. Move, Richard.
- Go, go, go.
- Move it, Richard.
No, let them win.
Let them win.
Mills, we can win this.
Oh, we're going sideways, Hun.
Richard, they won!
How is the writing?
Oh yeah, yeah. It's okay.
Yeah, I've done a fair bit.
It's about time.
It's taken him about four years so far.
How long did it take you, Rich?
Well, I don't know. A few months.
Well, hey. It's different for everybody.
You should ask Paul. He'll tell you.
I wouldn't know.
I found some pages in the room
and I started reading them.
Oh you know, you shouldn't really
be doing that.
Well, because it's like,
it's a personal thing.
Paul, did you mind?
Why not?
It's brave of you dude,
because she is a
harsh critic.
I'm not that bad.
Well, he never lets me read it.
As if you've shown a lot of interest.
I have.
If you want to read some, you are more
than welcome to.
I thought you wanted to keep it to
- When did I say that?
- Well, you never offered it to me.
Jesus! You can read it if you want to.
I don't have to read any
if that's a problem.
Julie, it's nothing to do with you.
Don't worry.
You could've asked me to.
We could've asked each other a lot of
I'm gonna go find Richard.
Julie, it's fine.
Well, this is embarrassing.
Is that all you're worried about?
It's funny.
What is?
I just had dj vu.
You see?
The trees, the light with the water.
I almost think I must have dreamt that
moment before,
like I predicted the future.
You know what I mean?
Er, yeah. Yeah, I think so.
I like it.
I should have them more often.
But I never know if it's really...
a moment I dreamt or it was just dj vu.
What are you laughing at?
You think I'm funny.
No, no. Not at all.
I like the way you explain it.
Rich, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
What about?
It's not you guys.
I sensed something was up,
but I kind of figured it was you two
dealing with all that shit
you were talking about.
Hey, it takes time,
especially for us dudes.
You know, we're not used to dealing with
that kind of stuff.
There's another thing that feels
even more strange. It's...
It's kind of the opposite when,
when you feel that you don't recognise
something or someone
just for a moment and, then you realise
that you actually do recognise everything.
Have you ever had that?
No, I don't understand.
It's like dj vu. It's that weird type of
feeling but you experience a situation
that you, you rationally know you
recognise but it...
It all just seems totally unfamiliar.
You get that same out of body sensation
that something is very...
Like weird.
Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
No, I never had that.
Shit, you okay?
Did I hurt you?
Are you alright?
- Hey, hey, hey. What is it?
- A bad time.
Come on, what is it?
- I just need to speak to someone...
- Okay, ssh.
Deep breaths. Deep breaths.
What happened to the girl
in the sunshine, huh?
Oh, Paul. Look!
Oh God. Hang on.
I'll get it. Hey, take this.
Are you gonna jump?
Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! Fuck, it's cold.
How do I stop it?
Just stop paddling.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
I'm sorry. I... I...
Let's just go.
- Hello.
- Mon cheri.
What happened to you guys?
I love this. I love the...
Hey, what was going on there?
- What did he do to you?
- Nothing.
I'm fine.
Well, he had his arms around you.
It's fine.
Looking hot, Mills.
Richard, I've found it.
Should I read it?
Go on. Shoot. It's the internet.
Everyone gets an opinion.
Flashes of boredom drowning in a fog of
self regarding clich
in adolescent fantasy,
my children's essay from primary school
make for more informative
and entertaining reading.
What? It's funny.
I went to high school with this guy and it
seems he's still the same sly
or dry-minded nose-picking stoner he
always was.
Luckily, his brother never had a chance
to see his shit.
Where are you going?
I loved it.
What's going on?
We're just reading some of Richard's book
Some random opinions on the internet.
Can I have a cigarette?
Is he okay?
Je ne sais pas.
And I had to make a choice at some point.
I had to go,
'Okay, for now this is what I choose to do
and I will make my way with this.
Otherwise, where...'
I don't like the idea of choosing only one
That scares me so why do I have to do
Because you do.
Well, you don't want to miss the boat.
You gotta earn money, sweetheart.
Oh, really?
Come on, don't be such a dick.
It doesn't suit you.
You've been grumpy all night.
And why, I don't know.
And I'm not your sweetheart.
Okay, cheri. I think you may have had a
little bit too much to drink, no?
Europeans. Fuck me.
Well, you may as well catch up.
I'll get some more.
The dark ribbon of the procession had
What are you doing?
Is this your book?
Okay, I don't think it's the right time to
be reading from that right now.
Yeah, I, I don't think...
- I'd rather you didn...
- No, no carry on. I'm intrigued.
Carry on.
Hey, do it.
We can both crash and burn in one
evening. Make a fucking night of it.
She stood apart, as if removed from
and the rhythms of life
surrounding her.
He brushed through the crowd, driven by a
fierce, fragile need
and grabbed her arm.
"Look away from me if you must.
It won't change how I feel for you,"
he said, pulling her to him.
"Let me go," she said. "You must let me
The pinch of the musicians swelled
and dancers began to move in pairs
across the stones.
He held her fast.
"You say it's done, that it isn't anymore
our person, nor anymore our son.
I'm sorry I told you I pictured a son. It
wasn't a son when all it was was blood.
But it was your blood and mine.
I love you.
I want to stop this bleeding, my love.
I feel like we're bleeding away."
Shouts and laughter punctured the air
around them.
Was it a relief like some parasite, and
you've killed it?
Could you stop, please?
It's beautiful.
Mills, are you okay?
Let me in.
Mills, come on.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
A good try.
Oh, just one bad review, dude.
You shouldn't take it so hard.
Now, you guys need to deal
with that shit some more
or it's gonna get way outta hand.
And what the fuck's it got to do with you?
I'm just trying to make things easier for
you, man.
What the hell are you talking about?
She didn't have a miscarriage, dude.
Of course she did.
Man, you've gotta be fucking kidding.
Do you need me to spell it out to you?
That's ridiculous. She was; she was 16
weeks pregnant.
I'm not saying that she wasn't pregnant.
I'm saying that she didn't have a
Why would she tell you that?
I don't know, man. I mean, she needed to
tell someone.
She wouldn't do that.
No, she did, on the river when you and
Julie were alone.
Why are you making this up?
Come on, why the fuck would I do that,
You know what, I've said my piece.
Ah, fuck! Crazy fucking son of a bitch.
Jesus Christ.
Fucking crazy fucking son of a bitch.
Can't even fucking...
Stay the fuck down.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I aint the fucking angry kid, you know.
Stay down.
Paul, Jesus Christ.
Fucking stay the fucking...
Listen, you think you're the only guy
who's got any fucking things to...
Just calm down.
I'm not your fucking babysitter.
You think you're the only guy
who ever lost anyone.
I'm your fucking...
What did you do?
Wake up, Richard.
Why won't he wake up?
Why won't he wake up?
Mills, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Richard, he's drowning.
We have to help him.
Where is Richard?
He's gone.
He's gone where?
I don't know. Erm, he just wandered off.
I mean, I'll do it. You don't have to...
don't have to help.
Just go to bed and get some sleep.
- It's okay.
- Stop it!
I'm sorry. I just; it's been a weird night
and we need some...
Please. Please, just go to bed.
We'll be just fine.
- Salut Paul.
- Morning.
I found something in the pool.
It er...
It must have fallen in.
Would you like some breakfast?
No, I'm fine.
But could you take me to the village?
I want to see if Richard went to the hotel.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
We can go whenever you want.
Oh. Camilla's not feeling too good so
she's gonna stay in bed.
So what do you think you'll do, if he's
not there?
I don't know.
You and Camilla, you're okay?
Yeah. Why?
I'm sorry.
Julie, I'm gonna get some medicine for
I'll be about 15 minutes.
What are you doing?
I'm getting rid of his stuff.
If you've got a better idea, you'd better
fucking come out with it.
Where is he?
What happened to him?
I got rid of him.
Well, what else was I supposed to do?
Where's Julie?
Looking for him in town.
- Paul!
- What?
I got rid of it.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
What's going on?
She got a message from Richard.
He's gone to Paris.
Are you feeling better?
Thank you.
He's gone.
I know.
He came by.
He didn't say anything.
He just looked at me.
And then he came upstairs
and took all of his stuff
and got back in the car and
drove away,
just like that.
What? What car?
He just left.
Didn't you try to talk to him?
Yes. Yes, of course I did.
But he just ignored me
like I wasn't there.
He had this weird, blank look on his face.
And then he came inside and took all of
his stuff...
just like that.
He didn't say why he was going?
I left him.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my
life and
I was younger than you are now.
I imagine you were running around and
jumping into bed with all sorts of women,
having a whale of a time.
Something like that.
But he came back for me.
So he loved you.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.
Why; why are you talking about this?
I'm just saying that people don't always
know what they want to do and
Richard might change his mind and come
running back.
You never know.
I don't mind about Richard.
I'll just be alone for a little while.
And you're so young.
You have plenty of time.
You sure I won't miss the boat, like him?
What are you talking about?
He had a great life.
To Richard.
Where are you going?
To the toilet.
Can I go?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, sure.
We need to get rid of her.
What do you mean?
There's nothing else we can do tonight,
is there?
So we're just gonna have to deal with it.
What are you talking about?
That's Richard's phone.
Why do you have his phone?
Julie, we can explain.
- Julie, it's very simple really.
- It was an accident.
An accident?
What happened?
We got into a fight and...
And what?
Please, we just need you to sit down and
talk about it.
I don't want to sit down.
I need you to sit down.
I don't want to.
Sit down!
I thought I switched it off.
What do I do?
Go after her.
Wait! Julie!