Foster (2011) Movie Script

It's good news. There's nothing
wrong with either of you.
There's no reason, from a medical
standpoint, why you can't have children.
Are you positive?
Well, there could always be something
that we haven't spotted,
but then again, it could also be
Often when one has
experienced trauma,
one can't underestimate the impact
the mind has on the human body.
What about, um, IVF, doctor?
Well, that's an option,
if you wanted to go down that route.
It can be quite expensive.
How expensive?
Uh, try a few thousand.
And that's per treatment cycle.
Crikey, the cost of eggs today!
Imagine if you went organic.
You know there are other ways. There
are plenty of children that need a home.
What, you mean adoption?
Adoption, fostering.
I'm just gonna fly to Africa.
Hey, seems to be the thing
to do these days.
Oh, babes. Come here.
It'll be alright, I promise.
Hey, I've got a better idea for now.
Got any ice-cream?
Oh, aye. Now you're
speaking my language.
I can't believe how much
Audrey's grown.
Oh, that was delicious.
Thank you so much, Zooey.
Not at all. A pleasure.
It's just lovely to see you guys.
It's been ages.
Mwah! I'll speak to you tomorrow.
Have a great night.
Goodnight, Alec.
See you soon.
What a precious little girl.
So I've been thinking about it.
I think we should go through with it.
With What?
You want to foster?
Sarah and I were talking about it earlier.
Ah, another crazy idea from Sarah.
No, just hear me out.
There are thousands of kids
who need a home.
And then there are people like us
who have nothing but love to give.
I don't know.
What's not to know?
Just having a child that's not mine.
Sorry, that came out wrong.
This is my bed.
It's not very comfortable,
but it'll do for now.
To reduce the risk of tooth decay
and cavities,
it's important to brush 2-3 times a day,
especially after eating.
Every man should have one nice outfit.
Not everyone knows how to
tie one of these properly.
It all comes with experience, really.
It's important when trying
to look one's best
to wear a blazer that
complements one's shirt.
For instance, a stripey blazer
wouldn't look good with a stripey shirt.
Best to stick to solid colours.
Breakfast is generally considered one of
the most important meals of the day.
This cereal is packed with
essential vitamins and minerals
and has added calcium for healthy
development of bones and teeth.
Given my age, this is really
the best I can do.
But the important thing is
to try as hard as one can.
The other kids come and go.
I'm really waiting for the right time
and the right ones.
You have reached
your destination.
What should I know
that's not on your form?
We love children.
Who doesn't?
Do you have any children of your own?
I ask just because on your form,
you left that question blank.
Well, the truth is...
The truth is, um...
...I've been unable to conceive
since, um...
...since the accident.
The doctors think it's psychosomatic.
I see.
I'm sorry.
Our children are... special.
And as such, we go to extreme lengths
to ensure that they go to special homes.
There's a process.
I'm sure you understand.
And these things can take some time.
But what's meant to be will be.
The day's quite structured.
We run a tight ship.
This is the play area.
We have children from
all backgrounds, all ages.
Some we've had since
they were babies
unwanted at birth, for whatever reason.
We're the closest thing
they have to family.
On your form, it said you own
a toy manufacturing company.
Is that right, Mr Morrison?
Yes, that's right.
How terribly exciting that must be!
It is! No, it's great.
We've been hit a little bit
by the recession, but who hasn't?
Oh, quite right. Quite right.
What's your favourite toy?
Oh, that's an easy one.
Hands down, LEGO,
because of the infinite possibilities.
You know, you could make
a house or a plane or a ship.
You name it!
How about you, Mrs Morrison?
Excuse me?
A bookstore, right?
Children's books, aye.
My mum helps me run it.
I see!
Right! We'll be in touch.
Thank you.
See? That wasn't so bad now, was it?
No, it wasn't so bad.
"And there they will stay,
they're out of my way."
"They'll never come back,
not even to play."
"The bedbugs I've seen,
they're out of my sight."
"And now I can sleep.
Goodnight, and sleep tight."
Ah, that was beautiful.
Who wrote it?
Oh, well, you can tell her yourself.
As well as the owner
of this beautiful store,
my lovely daughter also wrote that story.
My mother and my manager.
God, I'm so embarrassed.
You should write more. You've done
nothing for the past two years.
Aye, really?
I'm loving this stow time.
It's great for your business!
Look at all the children!
If they didn't come for the stories,
they'd definitely come for the outfit.
You look like Mary Poppins.
Well, I have to get into character,
you know, for the children.
Thank you. Have a good night.
Hello, Zooey.
You know who I am, right?
Aren't you...?
Eli. Mrs Lange sent me.
She did? But, um...
I really... I mean, nobody called or...
They fast-tracked your application.
You clearly must have
made an impression.
Nice house, but where
shall I put my stuff?
How did you get here?
Black taxi. The traffic was appalling.
But their knowledge of back streets
is second to none.
Do you have anything to drink,
by any chance? I'm parched.
Oh, um...
Do you want some juice?
I couldn't trouble you for
a cup of tea, could I?
Aren't you a little young for tea?
Yes, OK. Fine.
Do you have CNN?
Excuse me?
CNN, the news channel.
Ah, I think so.
Do you mind if we watch it?
I guess not.
I used to watch
the World News channel,
but I found the reportage
a little left-wing, you know?
Hi, it's me. Can you talk right now?
Yeah, sure, go on. What's up?
Remember that little boy
from the foster home...
the cute little funny one
in the suit and hat?
Not sure that I do, but go on.
Well, he's here.
What do you mean, He's here?
He's here in our living room.
What's he doing there?
He's watching CNN
and sipping on a cup of milk.
No, no. I mean... what?
I don't get it.
Alec, I think you need to come home.
His name's Eli.
What's he doing?
Taking a nap. He said he was tired.
It's a bit odd, isn't it?
I mean, he just shows up on
our doorstep, no call, no warning.
Mrs Lange said there was a process.
What should we do?
Well, you've called the agency, right?
I left a message for Mrs Lange,
but she hasn't called me back yet.
So, Alec, I understand
you own a toy company.
Is that right?
Yes, that's right, Eli.
How's business these days?
So-so. Could be better.
Been hit by the recession? The economy
has taken a bit of a tumble.
How old did you say you were?
How do you know about the recession?
Doesn't everyone?
I mean, it's only in the news
every second of the day.
You'd have to have your head in the
sand not to know about the recession.
I blame the subprime mortgage lenders.
They allowed people to borrow
far more than their annual income.
He's cute. Can we keep him?
Let's just check with Mrs Lange.
These things normally require
a lot of paperwork.
It's always about paperwork.
Gosh, what's going on?
Excuse me. Hi.
I'm looking for Mrs Lange.
She had a bit of a fall.
Broke her leg and hit her head.
Look, sorry to be insensitive.
I know it's an awkward moment.
But one of your boys showed up
on our doorstep with these papers
and we wanted to make sure
everything was OK.
You'll have to excuse me.
I don't normally deal with the children.
I work in accounts.
The application does appear to be
in order from as far as I can tell.
Well, there you go, then.
And this is her signature on the form.
Jane, the paramedics want
to have a word with you.
Look, Mrs Lange would
never, ever let a child go
without first vetting the parents fully.
She must have expedited
your application.
So if you're happy...
I'm happy.
We're... happy.
I tell you what. I'll run this past Mrs
Lange just as soon as she comes to.
Thank you.
This is insane.
Let's not talk about it here.
Is everything OK?
It's fine.
Really, did I do something wrong?
No! No, sweetheart,
you haven't done anything.
We've just... got some adjusting to do,
that's all.
I see. Then, would you mind
turning the music back up?
Come on, guys, sing!
I'm fine, thanks.
You know all of those
teeth-whitening products'?
Apparently it's nothing more
than hydrogen peroxide.
Can you believe it?
Just household bleach.
How funny is that?
He's a funny one.
Where does he get
all those big words from?
And that suit!
You awake?
Everything OK?
I heard this book is particularly good.
"War and Peace"?
Perhaps we could find something
a little more child-friendly.
"There's a hole in the oor
near the bed by the door."
"I'm certain I've never seen it before."
"I'm sure it wasn't there
on Saturday night"
"when I climbed into bed
and switched off the light."
"On Sunday I woke up, fell out of bed,"
"bumping into the oor
and bruising my head."
Yes, sweetheart?
Will you sleep in here with me tonight?
Course I will.
Morning, Mum.
Oh, you startled me!
What time is it?
How did you sleep?
Me? Couldn't be better.
How about you?
Where's Alec?
He's gone to work.
Oh. This early?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
You're already highly over-extended.
Um, without any more security,
there isn't really much more we can do,
I'm afraid, Mr Morrison.
Um, you are gonna be able to meet
your financial commitments?
Oh, thanks.
It's just that the bank
is coming down quite hard these days
on customers who are unable to
meet their monthly commitments.
I hate to remind you that your property
can be repossessed...
It'll be fine.
Just 'cause, you know, moments ago
you were applying for another loan, so...
It'll be fine.
Sorry, could I just...
Could I have that pen back, please?
Thanks very much.
Where'd you learn to cook?
Delia Smith.
Hey... you don't have to
call me 'Mum', you know.
I know. I can call you Zooey if you like.
Well, whatever makes you comfortable.
OK, Mum.
Hey, so I was thinking -
maybe we should go shopping
and get you some new clothes
so you don't have to dress up every day.
I don't dress up because I have to.
A man should look his best at all times.
Quite right.
Just in case you want to dress
more casually.
I appreciate the gesture.
Tom! Tom, come in, come in.
Alright, Mr Morrison?
Yeah, fine, fine.
What's up?
Uh... sorry to disturb and all.
It's just that... well, me and the boys...
...were wondering what the situation was.
What situation?
Well, about pay cheques and the like.
Oh, I see. Pay cheques.
You and the boys.
Me and the boys.
Tom, in all the years
you've been working here,
have we ever let you down?
That's just it, sir.
I've been working here since your father
started the company.
45 years I've been here.
I'm just, uh...
...going through a bit of a rough patch
at the moment
you know, with the recession
and everything.
I understand that, sir.
But I've got a family to feed.
The truth is, Tom...
The truth is, Tom, I've had to use the
last of our money to pay off the debts.
Otherwise there is no factory.
Look, if you could... well,
if all of you could just bear with me,
it'll all get sorted.
Let me have a word with the boys.
Thanks, Tom.
What's in here?
That's a room we don't go into.
Why not?
Maybe one day I'll tell you all about it.
That's Chelsea Gardens.
Do you want to go inside?
Alright. Come on.
I used to come here a lot.
It's beautiful.
Isn't it?
Morning to you both.
Lovely gardens, they are.
I could spend days sitting here.
Potts is the name.
That's a funny name.
I'm a funny man
once you get to know me.
I'm Eli. This is Zooey.
Nice to meet you, Mr Potts.
We should probably be on our way.
They spend hours
working on the flowers
after dark, when the gates are closed
and no-one is allowed in.
I've seen them with my own eyes.
It's like a little party.
Crafty little things, they are!
What do you mean?
He knows. Tell 'em, young man.
Do you mean... fairies?
See'? Fairies.
You do believe, don't you?
In "Peter Pan", aye.
I've seen you around.
Mmm, live just over there.
Oh, yeah, that's it.
Couldn't spare an old man a few bob
now, could you?
15 May 2007.
That's... when...
Yes, I know.
How do you know?
Lots of comings and goings.
I've seen you around.
Well, I'll leave you both to it.
Enjoy your day.
Strange man.
Oh! What an unexpected surprise!
Mum, there's someone
I'd like you to meet.
This is Eli.
Well! Hello there, young man.
Zooey's told me all about you.
Did she tell you that my favourite artist
is Chagall?
That she failed to mention.
Did she tell you that I
prefer a Mac to a PC?
No, not that either!
So I guess she didn't
tell you everything, then.
No, not everything.
It's Alec.
Nice cardigan.
a man of distinguished taste!
The stitching's superb.
Well, that's because I did it myself.
Is everything alright?
No, there's a problem
down at the factory.
Thanks for your support. As usual.
I didn't say anything.
You didn't have to.
Come on, Eli.
No. No, I'm sorry.
You're asking too much.
Chaps, please.
Just a little bit more faith.
All I ask is that you stick with me
for a little while longer.
I'm sorry, Mr Morrison.
Just until...
Tom, please!
I'm sorry, sir. I tried to speak to them,
I really did.
Well, what about you?
You'll stay, won't you?
Yes, I'll stay. I'll stay a bit longer.
Hiya. Hey, what's going on?
They're gone.
Who's gone?
Well, apart from Tom, everyone.
My father would turn
in his grave if he could see me now.
Oh, don't say that.
Well, why not? It's the truth!
The company he started 50 years ago
has taken me just two years
to burn to the ground!
I can't compete with the big boys,
and we're in debt up to our eyeballs.
We can borrow some more money.
Take equity out of the house.
There is no more equity
in the house, Zooey.
What do you mean?
This helicopter sucks.
It only goes up and down.
Not now, Eli.
I'm only saying. Helicopters are
supposed to go up, down and sideways.
What I mean is there's no more equity.
There's no more money.
I'll just wait over here, shall I?
I can't believe you mortgaged the
house - our house - without telling me.
I trusted you!
Come on, Eli.
Zooey, please.
Who needs a hug?
You know what I say?
Better out than in.
Tragic what's happening
in the world today.
So... tomorrow,
you're gonna start school, OK?
Can I ask you a question?
Yeah, of course.
Do you still love him?
Do I still love Alec?
I guess so. I mean...
He's my soul mate. We've been together
since we were at school.
So, what's the problem?
What, are you a psychiatrist now?
Sometimes it helps to talk to a stranger.
You're not a stranger.
You know what I mean.
I suppose... I suppose we've forgotten
how to have fun.
Our relationship functions,
at least on the surface,
but so many things
have been broken since...
Since what?
Are you sure you're only seven?
OK, time for bed, young man.
Come here.
Hey, I want you to know...'re a very special wee young man.
You too.
Don't worry, he'll be fine.
Hi, guys. Someone order a taxi?
Ah, yes. That would be me.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Thank you, young man.
Sweet Mary, mother of...
Hi, Dad.
Eli! What are you doing?
I thought you might need a hand.
With what?
With work.
No, I'm fine, thanks.
You don't look fine.
I am, really.
If you call an empty factory "fine",
then who am I to argue?
Shouldn't you be
at school or something?
Or something, yes.
OK, come on. I'll drop you back.
And, Eli, please, just call me Alec.
Yes, sir.
No, just 'Alec' will be fine.
Come on.
You do stock some great products.
Why, thank you.
I think so too.
Check this out.
It's one of our new toys.
I know!
So, what's the problem?
The problem, my little friend, is money.
As it always is.
It's the root of all evil.
Oh, you're telling me.
Look, I better call Zooey,
let her know that you're here.
Eli, What the hell?
Get inside, both of you.
You can't just order a taxi
and leave school whenever you want.
Well, how do you expect me
to get around?
Have you been on
a London bus recently?
Taxi is really the quickest
and most efficient way.
You know what I mean.
You hungry, Alec?
Yeah, I suppose.
Hi. Someone ordered Chinese?
Who would have thought your common
duck, of all things, could taste so good?
Stick it in a pancake,
add some spring onion and hoisin sauce
and Bob's your uncle.
Eli... please just ask me next time.
Yes, OK. Sorry.
But now you're here, you've gotta
admit... how good is this crispy duck?
Yeah, it's really, really good.
What? I'm just saying!
I mean, he's got a point. As far as
crispy duck goes, this is pretty good, no?
We've still got a lot to talk about.
Yeah, look, about that...
Look, you can talk your hearts out later.
Now, can you pass me some of
that crispy shredded beef?
He knows how to order a good Chinese,
I'll give him that!
Perhaps I should spend
more time with him.
I'm sorry.
I genuinely am.
We can't survive on the bookshop alone.
I know.
We're meant to be a family!
I'll get us out of this mess. I will.
Look, I'm gonna go out
and get some air, OK?
Where'd you get that?
From the room next door.
You must never go in that room.
But I just thought...
Do you understand?
Scared the bejesus out of me!
Where have you been?
How are you this evening, Mr Potts?
I've been better.
I was asleep until you woke me.
Hey, look on the bright side. At least
you don't have to go to school every day.
I mean, what's up with that?
You could learn a thing or two.
How are you settling into
your new home?
Well, they're a lovely couple.
He's a little hard work,
but I'm sure he'll soften eventually.
These things take time.
I don't have forever, Mr Potts.
You can't rush it.
Everyone's different, you know?
Oh, I suppose.
Good to see you again.
And you, Alec.
Have a seat. Fruit jelly? They're shaped
in the form of US presidents.
Er, no, thanks.
Are you sure?
Actually, I wanted to talk to you
about your line.
Hmm. OK, what's up?
Well, there's no point in
beating about the bush, I suppose.
You see, the thing is, with this
recession, margins are tightening, and...
...we can't afford to stock
the smaller lines.
Well, that's OK.
We'll take a look at the margins
and see if we can make it work for you.
In the last two years,
things have gone downhill.
I fully understand your situation.
I feel dreadfully sorry for you.
John, how long have I known you,
I was at your wedding, for God's sake.
I was at Alice's christening!
Yes, I know, I know.
We'll always be friends. That's why
I wanted to tell you face to face.
But please understand.
It's just business.
For you, maybe.
For me it's my livelihood.
There is one other option, I suppose.
If you ever thought of selling this place,
I might be inclined to make an offer.
It's not for sale, John.
I just thought you could use the money.
My father built this place from scratch.
Yes, and a good man he was too.
You'll just have to come up with
some new ideas, that's all.
Oh, Well.
You know where I am.
Hi, Dad.
I know it's been a while
since I've come to see you.
Truth is...
Oh, Dad, I've messed up.
If you were here now,
I know exactly what you'd say.
What would he say?
Gosh! You startled me.
Who are you?
Potts is the name.
I tend to some of
the old headstones is all.
Keep them neat and tidy.
I see.
What would he say?
I'm sorry. I thought I was alone here.
I can go if you like.
He'd say...
"Alec, I built this company from scratch
with not a penny to my name."
"Don't let me down, boy."
And... you let him down?
You know, graves do
funny things to people.
You'd think people are nutters
talking to the dead.
See this rosebush?
You'd never think something as beautiful
as this could grow from a grave.
I don't follow.
Well, there's that old expression,
you know...
Er... what is it?
Up from the ashes
grow the roses of success..
Mind how you go now.
And not just that.
When we got home,
he'd ordered Chinese food.
And not just any old Chinese.
I mean, this crispy duck
was out of this world.
It was the best I've ever tasted.
Sounds like someone
I'd like to hang out with!
The point is I just can't get used to this
whole instant family thing, you know?
And how are things with you and Zooey?
We've got some other
big problems right now.
Like what?
Money. We're barely skating by.
It's amazing how much friction it causes.
You two... used to be all over each other.
Yeah, maybe in school.
You'd never know to look at him,
but he was a striker in the football team.
All the girls were in love with him.
But we just clicked.
On our first date,
he took me rollerskating!
But that was back in the day
when rollerskates had
four evenly spaced wheels.
I remember she spent most of the time
on the ground!
He spent the whole time on the ground!
He couldn't skate to save his life.
But wow.
He was gorgeous.
We were so in love.
Lucky for you.
Sounds like you two used to
have a lot of fun together.
Yeah, we did.
We did.
What are you doing here?
I was just thinking.
Maybe Eli could come
and hang out with me for a bit.
I think he'd like that.
There. That should do it.
How did you do that?
It wasn't hard. It actually had
the capacity to fly in all directions.
But the switch on the circuit board
had been disabled.
It must be a European modification.
What are you doing?
Trying to find
a way out of this mess.
What's that?
You mean there's a whole land
made of LEGO?
Never found time to go there.
But one day.
...would you like to pick out
a toy from the warehouse?
Of course. Anything you want.
These are old-fashioned wooden toys.
They used to be very popular
at one time.
Now I'd have to pay someone
to take them off my hands.
The craftsmanship is beautiful.
I agree. Exactly.
Kids nowadays
want electronic shit.
I mean, "stuff".
Of course I can supply that,
but so can everyone.
I just can't buy in the quantities
from abroad that everyone else can.
Yeah, that rubbish breaks so quickly.
I agree! I know!
You know, we should go out some time.
That's what families do, right?
They go out together.
Look, I'm in sort of
a funny headspace at the moment.
I understand.
Whoa, that's beautiful!
The Russian dolls?
And there's five more inside.
All yours.
Really? Thanks!
Hey. Where are you going?
Didn't Alec tell you? We have to go
and pick him up from work.
How long have you been there?
Just a couple of minutes.
You should wash up -
we have a very busy day ahead of us,
a very busy day indeed.
Do we? But I'm at work.
I can see that. You look very busy.
Very funny.
Um... clearly you know
nothing about this.
About what?
We should really get going
if we want to beat the traffic.
Eli, what's going on?
Go straight on.
Oh, keep going straight, guys.
I'm sorry, Alec.
Eli said you arranged this.
Hey, look, don't worry about it.
Think of it as inspiration.
For what?
For what?
For work.
It's like field research.
You're in the kid business.
You need to know about kids,
what we like.
Eli, my inspiration
dried up years ago.
I'm nothing but an empty well.
Your well has just hit a drought.
Eventually it will rain again.
Hey, we're almost there.
Eli, where are we going?
Oh, you cannot be serious.
Oh, I am. Deadly.
We'll start off
with something gentle.
This is crazy.
Can't you go on it by yourself?
In case you hadn't noticed,
I'm seven.
It would behoove you
to accompany me.
I'm too big for this ride.
In your mind maybe, but not in here.
You're too big for this train.
Well, that's what I said,
but he wouldn't listen.
Alright, everyone.
I You don't look like
you're gonna move.
Put your arms in the air!
Come on, Alec,
where's your sense of fun?
Yeah, where's your sense of fun?
Ready, steady, go!
Wait! Hey, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey! Come back!
I Don't you know
you'd better not stay.
Whoo-hoo! Victorious!
That's just not fair. You had
a much faster car than I did.
Alec, don't be such a sore loser.
What? It's true.
Oh, it's true?
Congratulations, young man.
Here's your driving license.
Whoa, thanks.
Oh, look, it's got your picture
on it and everything.
What about me?
Here you are, sir.
Thank you.
And my wife.
I mean, they're really
designed for toddlers.
Yeah, it's not necessary.
No, no, no. You passed your test too.
You deserve one as well.
Have a wonderful day.
En garde! Hah! Take that!
Take that!
Ah! You win!
She's really great.
Yeah, she is, isn't she?
I Don't you know
you'd better not stay.
More than that. Come on.
What, are you on a diet? Go crazy.
Alright, then. Here we go.
Alec, show this woman how it's done.
Give her some whipped cream.
There you go.
What do you call that?
You can never have
enough whipped cream.
Alright. You asked for it.
No. No. It's going everywhere
Stop, stop.
This is fun.
This is fun.
You know, for a while there,
I forgot all about...
I know.
No more.
No more for him. No more.
Oh, please, no more.
Don't bring any more over.
If you're not too tired, there's
one more place I think we should go.
You see, what I don't understand is
why they had to move the wheels.
I liked the wheels
when they were evenly spaced.
I mean, what's with
the straight line?
You sure you're up for this?
Hey, I was a brilliant skater
back then and you know it.
- I'm sure I haven't lost my touch.
- Oh, God.
How hard can it be, huh?
Oh. Ooh, Alec.
Come on, guys!
I hear this book
is particularly good.
Oh. Come on, then.
"He put his head back,
closed his eyes,"
"and shouted out loud
to the sky above."
"Hey, can you hear me?!"
"Can you see this?!"
"The kites are ying!
The kites are flying!"
That was a good book.
Yeah, it was.
I haven't read that for...
...well, for a couple of years.
You know, having fun's
not so hard, is it?
You're not a bad kid.
Not once you get to know me.
You're not such a bad father.
Yeah, well, look, about that...
You see... Zooey and I...
Are soul mates.
You've been together since school.
Yeah. That's right.
We met when we were 16.
Isn't that crazy?
Not many people I know
have been together that long.
We were so in love.
She still loves you very much.
What, she said that?
She didn't have to.
Have you seen that?
The moon.
It's beautiful.
Zooey, I'm sorry.
No, not tonight.
It's Chopin. The preludes
are particularly melodic.
Where'd you learn to play that?
At the home.
It's beautiful.
Alec was teaching our son to play.
What son'?
This was our... son,
Samuel Christopher Morrison.
He would have been
about your age now.
This was his first football game.
He loved football.
Let's see.
And he loved chocolate ice-cream
with coloured sprinkles.
And sandpits.
He'd take his shoes off
the minute he saw sand.
He was my shining light.
My little angel.
He was my whole world.
What happened?
It was an accident.
It happened two years ago.
What do we do now?
It just happened.
And our lives have never
really been the same.
I go to bed at night
and try to wake up normal,
but there's not a day that goes by
that I don't think about him.
Not a day that I don't...
...blame myself.
Samuel loved animals.
He used to sleep with
this bear every night.
I still wake up thinking
he's gonna be there.
The love that you feel
for your child... stronger than any other love
you will ever experience
in your life.
And there's a hole
in my heart so big...
...I feel it will never be... healed.
I was thinking... perhaps
we should clear out the room.
What do you say?
Beautiful, aren't they?
What are they?
You mean fireies.
Depends on your point of view.
Don't I know you?
We met at the graveyard.
Potts is the name.
Oh. You seem to be everywhere.
You're not following me, are you?
I might be.
Well, nice to formally meet you,
I suppose, Mr Potts.
I'm Alec.
Nice to meet you, Alec.
So what is it you do, sir?
At the moment,
not much of anything.
Toys, mainly.
Oh, I love toys.
Yeah, me too.
But times are tough, Mr Potts.
What seems to be the problem?
Sometimes it helps to talk
to a stranger, you know.
It just wasn't supposed
to be this way.
Are you a religious man, sir?
Perhaps I was once, but not any more.
Why not?
How can I be?
How can I believe in a god
that destroys lives?
Maybe it's like a test.
Well, then, it's a cruel test.
For what it's worth,
here's what I know.
We, and by we, I mean humans,
for some reason we find it hard
to let go of the past.
I'm not saying
there's no place for memories.
What I'm saying is
you can't live today in the past,
because then your future will look
just the same as it did yesterday.
You can't live in the future either,
because then today will pass you by.
The only way to be truly happy
is to connect with the present,
connect with the moment.
How was it, Mum?
It was delicious, as usual.
The beef was a little overcooked.
Glad you approved.
So you met Mr Potts, then?
Who's Mr Potts?
Potts. In the gardens.
Oh, yes, Potts.
Second time, actually.
Hmm. What did you talk about?
Life, I suppose.
You know, he's a curious one.
Can't quite work him out.
He's a mystery.
You never can tell what's going on
inside someone's head.
And I bet what's inside his
is a few short of a box of marbles.
Mystery indeed.
Oh, gosh.
Are you OK?
Russian dolls.
Eli, you're a genius.
I always thought so,
but thanks for the validation.
I've got an idea.
Oh, excuse me.
Mr Burns, please.
Well, could you ask him to check
his emails? It's very important.
Mr Bugazzi. How are the kids?
Great. So, listen, I've got
a proposition for you.
Mr Matsuhiro. Yes.
I'm arranging a presentation
and I'd love for you to be there.
OK, now, you're sure
you've got it all down?
Got it, everything. It'll be fine.
You look good, little man.
OK. Let's do this.
Morning, sir.
Thank you so much for coming to help.
Let me fill you in.
Gentlemen, good morning.
Who are you?
Mr Morrison sends apologies.
He is unable to attend.
I am his proxy.
His proxy?
How old are you, young man?
Christ, I've got underwear
older than that.
Slightly more information than
we all care to know, Mr Burns,
but thank you.
Are there any more questions?
Of a professional nature?
Good. Then let's get started.
It's great to see all the major buyers
in one room at the same time.
Now, I recognise we haven't always had
the lowest wholesale prices.
We may not get all the latest
electronic rubbish from China.
But what we do have
is good old-fashioned toys,
made on good old-fashioned values.
Good old-fashioned prices
would be better.
Now, young man, we're very busy.
Do you or do you not have
a new product that
you wanted to show us?
I do.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we can't reinvent the wheel,
but we can repackage it.
I introduce to you...
The Mystery Box.
What's inside?
Five great toys
for the price of three.
Which ones?
It's a mystery.
Yeah, I need to know which toys.
You can't.
Why not?
Because it's a mystery.
How will people know
what they're buying?
Well, they wouldn't, John.
They're buying a mystery.
Everyone likes a good mystery.
Well, I don't get it.
It's a wooden box with
a question mark on the front.
It's a bloody mystery, John,
that's the whole point.
It doesn't really matter
what's inside.
That's half the fun -
not knowing and then finding out.
It's bloody genius.
He says, Well done.
There's nothing like it in Japan..
He would like to place an order.
But you know there's a minimum order
for 10,000 units...
For 20,000 units, initially.
And that really exceeds it,
so that'll be quite delightful.
Well, you certainly have my order,
young man. I'll match it.
Well, I'm in for 20.
Me too.
I'll go for 10.
I'll certainly match that.
Yeah, absolutely.
Oh, very well. We'll match it.
And there's the man himself,
right on cue.
Well done, Alec. Well done.
And sending in the kid,
a stroke of genius.
Thank you, sir,
for securing our future.
Thank you, Tom.
You've gotta admit,
it's pretty cool.
Who'd have thought you could
get so excited over a box?
I know.
And to think it's got
all the same toys inside.
This calls for a celebration.
Nice passing.
Come on. Here he is.
World Cup Final.
Nice save, Alec.
Hey, you know, I was thinking,
if you want... you can call me Dad.
I mean, if you want.
Always when
I'm bleeding sleeping.
Sorry. Mind if I join you?
How's it going?
Really well.
Alec has come round.
He has a good heart. And his business
seems to have picked up.
Glad to hear it.
There's one last thing that
I think that you should do.
Why don't we say hello to Mr Potts?
Hello, the three of you.
Oh, speak of the devil.
Alec, you've met, I believe?
How's the square?
Same old, same old.
Hey, listen, what are you
doing for Christmas?
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Can I have a Mystery Box?
Mysterv Box, eh?
Get your wonderful Mystery Box here!
Merry Christmas!
Look, everyone's here.
This is fantastic.
I know. It's so weird.
Cheers to you.
So tell me, Mr Potts, when was
the last time you had a bath?
Can I have some mulled wine?
You're far too young to have
mulled wine. Come on.
Maybe just a little sip,
but we won't tell Zooey.
You alright?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just not used to that mulled wine.
Merry Christmas.
What do you say we play
one of my favourite games?
Oh, aye. And what game
would that be, sir?
It's called Guess The Presents.
I love that game.
Alec. No, don't. Get out.
This must be a shirt.
We'll have to wait till tomorrow.
What about this? Hmm, let me guess.
It's a Rolex.
It is, isn't it?
Say it's a Rolex. Come on!
Oh, I couldn't possibly say.
Patience, young man, patience.
Oh, I love presents.
Don't you love presents?
What's not to love?
It's lovely to see a family
celebrating Christmas together.
That's exactly how it should be.
Do you have family, Mr Potts?
Oh, yes.
Everybody has a family somewhere.
If they don't, they should.
Have a guess what this is.
Oh, a remote-controlled car!
Don't shake it.
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
I can't take this.
Sure you can.
Because I look at you,
and I think you were a child once,
with a mother and a father
and a home.
What happened along the way?
Where'd it go wrong?
I mean, you could have been my child
who I loved and cared for
and cherished.
You could have been my child
living on the street.
You're every child of every parent
who ever lost his way.
Happy Christmas to you.
Watch that little chap.
He's special, he is.
God has heard.
What is that?
It's a book
on the etymology of names.
That's what Samuel's name means -
God has heard.
That's right. I forgot.
God has heard.
Right. It's time for you
to go to sleep.
Happy Christmas, little angel.
Do you believe?
In what?
In angels.
Hmm, I don't know.
Haven't really thought about it.
Do you?
It would be nice to think
that someone's watching over us,
taking care of us.
Aye, I suppose it would.
Now it's time for you
to get some sleep.
And tomorrow you can open
all your gifts.
I thought I'd give this to you now.
It's a Rolex, isn't it?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, God.
Oh, God, you're preg...
But how?
I mean, the doctor said that...
He said it was up here.
Sweetheart, we're gonna have a baby.
Oh! Oh, God, it's a miracle.
It's nothing short of a miracle.
I'm just worried about Eli.
How do we tell him?
Happy Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Eli, sweetheart, we want
to tell you something.
Hey, I'll get that.
You go and get Eli
and we'll open presents.
Is that Mrs Morrison?
Yes, it is.
Who's this?
Hello. It's Jane.
Sorry, do I...
Jane, from the foster home.
Oh, Oh, hi, Jane.
What can I do for you?
I'm so sorry to call you
on Christmas Day.
I do hope I'm not disturbing you.
No, no, not at all.
It's just that, well,
Mrs Lange is out of hospital.
She's feeling much better now.
Oh, I'm pleased to hear that.
That's great.
And it was all a bit of a rush that day,
that day that you came.
That application that you gave me,
I ran it by Mrs Lange, and...
Well, you see, the thing is...
How shall I put this?
There's never been a boy here
called Eli.
There never has been.
And as for the paperwork,
well, the picture that was with it,
it's totally blank.
There's nothing on it.
In what? Do you believe?
In angels.
That's what Samuel's name means...
God has heard.
Dear Zooey.
By the time you read this,
I will be gone.
Don't worry.
I know where I'm going.
I always know.
It's where I've been
that's more important,
and you guys
have been really good to me.
I know how hard it was for you
dealing with Samuel's death,
the pain you must have felt.
I want you to know
it wasn't your fault.
Lives are taken from this world
with seemingly no reason.
It's all part of the mysteries
of a box we wish we could see inside
but cannot.
Bad things sometimes happen
to good people.
There's no reason why things happen.
They just do.
The pain goes
and in time will get replaced
with memories of the past.
You'll forget the hurt...
..and begin to remember the joy
he brought to your life.
I love you, Mummy.
I hear it will be a girl.
Cherish and love her,
as I know you will.
Only a parent can know
the love for a child
and how much joy
they bring into your life.
And as for me, don't worry,
I'll see you again one day.
Love, your little angel, Eli.
Hi. Mrs Lange sent me.
It would be nice to think
that someone's watching over us,
taking care of us.