Foster Home Seance (2018) Movie Script

I was fixing food for the kids and we all heard a scream
I ran to the bathroom to check on her
And I opened the door and,
and she was all full of blood
She took her own life
She turns 18 tomorrow
and I believe
that is why she did it
Because we are a family here
we all love each other
and she didn't want to leave
She didn't want to leave
I think I have everything I need
We'll be in touch
Hello my beautiful children
everyone come outside so we can take a family photo ok... come on
Come on everybody
let's make a beautiful picture okay
Oh my beautiful girls
picture time
Have the kids finished eating?
They are finishing up now
Okay, thank you for that
Yea... Are you Okay?
Yea, I'm... I'm Okay
What happened?
I guess your old enough to know
She took her own life
Slit her wrists... wide open
I don't believe it
She would never do that, She was the strongest one out of all of us
I know
I don't know what happened... um
I guess she just wasn't ready to be released
She turns 18 tomorrow
we won't tell the kids
Gotta keep brothers and sisters safe
and um...
We will just say that she's sick
just like Joe okay?
Is he gonna get better?
Time will tell
But we don't know yet
Im gonna go do the dishes
Thank You, are the kids in bed?
Yea there in bed
Okay... Thank you, I would be lost without you
You go t bed
Okay sweetheart
you have had a hard day
Sorry Ma'am we are going to have to shut the home down
We will contact CPS to find homes for the kids
Even though they are making us all leave...
We are all still family, okay
Unfortunately Ma'am, you can't take anything from the house
We don't know what contaminated by the rabies
You try to have yourself a good night
Doctor, the table is ready for your next patient
Okay... Just give me a few minutes I am going to read my emails and then I will come get him okay?
Yea, No, I'm Here Um...
Bob's not here yet
But the lights are on
So should I just go in Er...
Alright, well go ahead and go in and start spraying down
That way you can godhead and get ahead of the game there
Before Bob gets there, just be careful
As you know, three deaths ther, Rabies they say
But, lets be honest man
I think it was something else
People say its haunted in there so just be very careful
When you spray spray around
The lady has told us do not touch anything
Leave everything as is be extremely careful
Are you okay with that?
Yea, Okay, yea, no its fine... Okay
Yea bye
Is that you?
Bob, you scared the shit outta me... Don't do that
I don't like this place
We're done
Hey Boss, Yea, No we're done
Wow that was quick good job
Just go ahead and turn off the breaker in the back
And just make sure you lock the front door
You want me to ah
the breaker
Yea, No I'll get it
Thanks a lot Bye
Yea, No we're good
Hey Bob, The boss wants you to...
Go... turn off the back breaker
How's it going my names...
We are on the set of Brothers James: Retribution
We're gonna give you an all access pass
to whats going on back here
all you have to do is follow me
we are getting ready to do this awesome gunfight
The Brothers James, James O'Kelly
Their here to confront the bad guys
So come meet the bad guys
Right here we have some honest to goodness
real banditos
There the kinda guys that will steal your milk money
and slit your throat, not necessarily in that exact order
Alright here, go ahead and tell me a little bit about yourself
As far as the movie?
Yea, whats your character
well my character
got up on some gold miners
I was hired to slit there throat for the gold
so I came to town
To get my pay and my partners pay
fort he work that we'd done
we will be waiting out here
to get these drunkin' bastards to pay us so we can leave
Did you hear that folks. Now this man's a real cowboy
We here at Brothers James like it to be as authentic as possible
Thats a real cowboy, now let me introduce you to a real lawman
Sir, Tell us a little bit about yourself
My names Albert
and I actually play his partner
We walk up on this mining camp, get hired to kill some boys
like he said were here to collect our money now
Thank you sir
Now, every movie is not really a movie unless you have some bad guys
Now lets meet the villains of the show
Right here lets walk quietly
Not to piss em off or anything
Hows it going fellas
Alright, these are our villains
Can you tell us about yourself and whats your motivation
I'm Damian Lee
I'm Kurt fowlers side kick
He's the brains of the operation
We're getting ready to have us a good time
We're headed down to mexico
Kurt tell em who you are
Im Kurt Fowler, I'm A cold blooded killer
and I've got a lot of gold in my pockets now
folks these two are some mean bastards
and Im glad there gonna die, anyways stay tuned
Brothers James: Retribution, things are about to get western
This next patient he is going to have to wait on Dr. parra Okay.
I've already notified Dr. Parra
I'm gonna have to take off
Is everything okay?
No, I just found out one of my brothers died
Oh, Goodness. I'm so sorry
Well at least I get to see my other brothers
Lemme get the keys
Alright, I will see you tomorrow okay.
You can do this
You, can do this
you can do this
I can do this
I can do this
Come on! answer the phone
Are you Busy?
Yea of course we can meet up
Until next time oven
Yo, whats up man?
Long time
Been a while man
Your still riding?
Yea, went from a bicycle to a motor cycle man
Well from a tricycle remember?
Yo, can you believe that Julz is gone now?
No, Man I still can't believe it
We went all these years without talking to each other
Then we get that one message
Now he's gone
Sucks that we ahd to wait for something like this to happen to get together, but it is what it is
Have you contacted anyone else
Nah man, you're the fist person I actually meet
Has anyone else responded
I talked to Isaac
He's responded Um...
Nothing from Tommy though
You remember growing up there right?
Yea, kinda
That one kid
That they had um... next door to us
The possessed kid
I thought he was sick though
I talked to tommy a few years ago
He had rabies dude
Thats what killed Makayla
I fuckin' knew it I was just to young to understand back then
Yea, I mean Makayla got bit by him
She died over night
You remember everything starting going to shit after they brought that kid over
You know Mama Janice she was always trying to help anyone
Well yea but look where it got us though
Hey so um... what time are we supposed to meet?
At seven I think Allyson said
So what time is it?
Quarter til 6
Should we go
Yea when you're ready. where you parked?
I'm parked right over here man
Im parked over there
Alright see you over there
Holy cow
What up Ball sack?
Hey Mikey
Whats up?
Shit you start working out?
Oh, you know how it is guys when your with a latina she feeds you, so you gotta keep it off you know
Take some notes man
You take some notes, are you fucking kidding me?
Have you heard from tTommy?
No, I was Just about to ask you the same thing, so nothin'
No man, you know he's always working
I doubt he will be here
Hey, I thought I saw somebody on the porch right now
What when you rolled up?
You guys been waiting long?
No we just got here too
Just give em a second I need to take it all in
Can you believe we grew up here
It's been a while
I don't know man I got a bad feeling about this
Shit, are they really gonna go in?
Do you eat?
I been eating bitch
Do you eat at home?
I know how to use an oven man, I can make myself some shit
Yea probably a toaster
I can stop by I can cook something
I was just using the oven earlier today
I'm just looking out for you
Hey Ally
Holy shit
I'm not letting go
Let's go Isaac, there's more of us
C'mon buddy
Ally, like you are being creepy as Fuck up here by yourself
What are you doing up here?
I'm sorry I work a grave yard shift I'm so used to it
You been here long
So, you been inside?
You didn't go in
I was just waiting for you guys
No way thats Ally?
I'm not going in there if there's no power man
Wanna go check out the fuse box?
Nope I'm out, I will be on the side walk
Be right back Allyson
from the line its this box right here
Yea, same as before
Remember when we were kids and they made us come out here overtime the powers went out?
In the mud in the rain in the snow
You got a knife on you?
What makes you think I got one?
'Cause your white
Yea, its a good point
It should be this one right here
Oooo, Sheet!
Yea lets go
Hey isaac you should let ladies go first
Oh, I'm sorry Ally
I mean Mikey
Know I'm The pussy of the group but
You guys are not concerned about the door being open?
I'm gonna go in and check, You haven't been in there
Go ahead Fast and the Furious go for it
Give me a second I am going to check and see if its clear
I say we should just ditch this fool
Hey oh wow, ball sacks my hero right now
I turned the power on
It looks clear
I don't know whats creepier
The fact that
The door was open, or the fact that
this place looks immaculate
We should go around and check first if someones in here
Alright, lets Scooby Doo the joint
Hey Mikey can you get that room?
Don't volunteer me for anything man, I will lend you my helmet
Just check the fucking room man, Jesus Christ
Alright, I checked it
All clear
everything alright
Basements good
Have a good look
You sure
Yea its clear... pretty clear
Allison you wanna check it
I will go double check
I al ready check... whoa
Oh my God
What happened?
Thats where he went, Chewie remember
You scared me half to death
Hey you still wear your watch backwards
Well its the only non adulating thing I do
Ah I mean we are all sitting in the same place we sat when we were kids you know
It's like nothing changed
No offense man, we have not changed but you have
Thats true, whats with the hair?
and those huge muscles of yours and shit
What are you trying to say?
Well yea, I mean did you lose a bet?
Did I what?
Lose a bet?
Yea I lost a bet with, GOD!
Has anybody heard anything from Tommy?
No he never responds back
You know, he hates group messaging, I will just private message him
Well as much as I like strolling down memory lane, why are we here?
Did you forget already?
The pact we made with Julz?
Right after all those kids that...
Okay how, how could I forget... ok
I think about them almost every day
Ally, I, I have dreams about them okay
I just can't believe Julz Passed away in a freak accident
Can you also refer to them as... They have names dude
Okay I'm sorry, I try to forget about it, thats how I cope alright
But why, why now, why here?
You remember Julz used to think about how
We should all just
By this house when we are old and
Look I know, I know its childish we all have our families
and I get that its just...
But you guys are family I get that okay
where a family
yes, yes...
You know before we go on we should shut off that porch light before someone comes
So thats why because
Where here because were honoring
Because we're here to do a seance
Really Mikey?
I've done it before
Shut the fuck up
Out of everyone you doing a seance
Yea I know
The scardest Kid here and you wanna do
I've done it once and we used cemetery dirt
well I used cemetery dirt
and DNA, although it did not go to well
Its bad enough I see em, it's bad enough I dream about them
alright and you wanna do...
Wanna see them one more time?
(loud bang Whoa
Oh Im sorry Sir, I know we are not supposed to be here it was all her idea
Mother Fucker, Mother Fucker, Thats Tommy
Is this guy for real?
No, don't get up
Tommy, I knew I recognized you man
You still smell the same
You look like your going to represent me in court
Man its been a while
Do I still smell the same?
Yea you do
So do you
What did I miss?
Oh you know besides the fact that
You know hey hows it going
I have not seen you in years
You don't answer my fucking phone calls
Yea, were doing good we decided to break into our old foster home
We al decided to get together and, well, I don't know... have a seance
Which is a really bad fucking idea
I mean is it really though?
Doesn't sound like that bad of an idea
Ah, Mikey wants to do the seance
Why not?
Why Not?
Let's do a seance
Lets do it
So what do you know Mikey, What do you know about a seance?
Well we need to get some salt
and we just need to like create a little circle with salt
Wait, who are you? How do you know about this?
You can't be serious?
It's not that bad of an idea
I've got experience
You do?
You've done this before?
Yea I've done it before but I completely failed at it the first time
Thats not good
But I'm pretty sure we can succeed this time around
Okay what do we need?
We need some salt
Okay lemme just go to the kitchen and get some salt
I got some right here
What do you carry salt with you all the time?
Yes of course
What are you an alcoholic?
He likes Margaritas
Hey, hey before we get into this and we all sell our should to the devil
What was that song that Mikey used to play all the fucking time?
Oh my god
I'm sure he has it
I got it right here
Of course he does
Yea thats it, thats it
Fuck Yea
Hear that?
Who was that?
Like M, MP
MP or something
MP two... it was MP two
MP squared
MP squared
Thats right
You make a circle like that
thats it
Now we think of, we think of the person who we want to speak to
Okay and who's that?
The kid in the other room
I though thats who we are gonna talk to
You mean the kid that bit Makayla?
Why would we think of him?
Oh man, I thought thats what the whole point was
No we are here for Julz
Ok then lets talk to Julz then, just think of Julz
Everybody think of Julz
and then...
and then lets think about Julz
Lets bring julz here with us
Alright sounds good
We can do that
What the fuck are you doing?
Shh... Gotta do this
Julz if your here...
Give us a sign
Let us know you're here
Your brothers and I are here for you Julz
Give us a sign
Nope, Nope, nope, nope
Fuck I just Fucked up
I wasn't supposed to blow out the candle
What do you mean you were not supposed to blow out the candle what does that mean
I panicked
Jesus Mikey
Okay, But what does that mean
I have no idea
Alright this is the first time I blow out the candle
You said you fucked up, what does that mean, your supposed to know what that means
It means that Julz is here
If anything then we trapped Julz here
Yea because if you blow out the candle you trap the spirit...
Good fucking job Mikey
The whole point was to contact Julz not trap him here
I think the best bet is we just investigate the house and leave as soon as we can
Yea, thats a good idea we need to leave here asap
Oh shit
What the fuck?
Isaac! Tommy!
Ally!, Ally!
What happened?
I don't know... they got...
They got Aaron
Shh, be quiet
We gotta get outta here, we gotta get outta here now!
Lets go then
Wait he's coming
Who's coming
I'm gonna try to get to the front door
Do you remember if we jiggle the front door it will unlock
Yea you just have to keep jiggling it till it opens but your freaking me out
Whats going on
Hold on, Hold on!
Oh my god its Aaron!
Be quiet!
I'm gonna go okay
This is 911 returning your call
Send the police right away someone is trying to kill us!
Don't worry you will die soon
Ally, Ally watch out he's right there Ally,
Ally watch out he's right there Ally,
Ally watch out he's right there
Ally, Fu... kill him, kill him Ally, fucking kill him
Ally, whaaat the fuck
Oh fuck what the...
Ally what did you just do?
St... Wha... What the fuck did you just do?
Please just fucking stop
Oh fuck
No Ally just stop, just fucking stop!
Just fucking stop, just stop, just stop
Don't, don't, don't Ally Noooo
Ah, Fuuuck
SHIT!, shit, shit, shit
Ah shit
No Ally
Ally Just stop, Just Stop, just Stop Ally
Just stop please just fucking stop
Ally, wait, wait, wait, why are you fucking doing this, why are you doing this Ally
It's the box
What fucking box, what are you talking about Ally
The box needs nine souls
Ally what the fuck Ally
hat are you talking about, just stop just put the fucking knife down
The box needs nine souls
Ally, your acting crazy right now, your just acting crazy, just put the fucking knife down
You want to be elite
I need to feed it
Nine souls
Ally, stop, just put the fucking knife down Ally
Wait no, no, no Ally, No, no
Nooo, Ally
I need, I need one more soul
One more soul
I need one more soul
one more soul
One more soul
One more soul
Oh sweetheart nooo, its okay
One more soul
It's okay
It's okay
It's okay, it's okay
Momma Janice
Oh My God!
Oh My God, whats going on?
One more soul is you