Fotograf (2015) Movie Script

ACTOR No one wants to know the truth.
- How's that?
- People want fantasia.
- Fantasy?
- Fantasia.
I want to know the truth.
The truth is interesting to me.
Hm... painful. We can't torture people.
Life is not a stroll
through the rose garden.
Fine, but we'll rather inflate it a bit, OK?
The wife is in fact
one's closest relative, right?
And to sleep with one's
closest relative is, in fact, incest.
And it's a criminal offense.
So watch out.
Though I do have the feeling that it does
happen sometimes. Chin up. Don't move.
Got it.
Screenplay by
Produced by
Line Producer
Costume Design
Art Director
Film Editor
Music by
Director of Photography
Directed by
(Ladies, I urge you to keep cool...!)
- Done. Gorgeous.
- I can't anymore.
- Jan, I really have to pee.
- So run.
Excellent. Beautiful. Done.
Thank you.
Freely inspired by the life of
the famous Czech photographer JanSaudek
THE 90s
Jan lets us peek into
a world of his own desires and fears,
and gradually we arrive
at a world more mysterious,
the world within our very selves.
Could I ask you
for a few words as well, Jara?
Jan, don't give up on who you are.
Be yourself.
Friends, don't worry,
if you feel ill through the exhibition.
Let that nausea go!
The pictures are washable!
But seriously now.
I want to salute every woman in my life
who, strenuously and in vain, tried to
uplift me, sustain me and make me famous,
pull me out of the ditch and
yank me away from other women
simply, to bring me on the right path.
It didn't work.
But there's still time! Don't give up.
- Bravo.
- All the best.
- Hello son.
- Ciao.
- Hi Jan.
- Hello beautiful.
- You already saw the photographs?
- I saw them. -Splendid.
- Hey dad. Ciao.
- Hi.
- Hello. -Are you dating someone?
- We're all friends. I'm not like you. -No?
Would you like one?
No. Thank you.
Klarka, you alright?
- May I offer you?
- Thank you.
- We're leaving.
- I didn't finish my drink.
- You'll have one on our way.
Don't make a scene here. -Me?
- Pardon us. Thanks.
- You're a jealous man!
- Regards.
- Regards.
When are you going to surprise us
with something new, Maestro?
What new?
Shall I photograph helicopters perhaps?
You've moved nowhere
since your last show.
But I'll love to move... like this.
Or perhaps like this.
- Or I can move this way.
- A new direction would be enough.
Every new thing is an old
and well forgotten one. Farewell.
Why, in your opinion, must a creator
always come up with something new?
Creation isn't about records, is it?
If we don't understand something,
we kill it or ridicule it.
Or we silence it with banal demands!
- Daddy! Ciao!
- Wait... Hi.
What are you doing? Practicing Yoga?
Did you recall you have a family?
You're painting again? That's good.
My, my... the rare visit.
- Hello.
- So how long you'll stay? -A little while.
Marketa? I had some negatives here.
You know about them?
Did you put my negatives somewhere?
Mom, dad's asking about something.
I had all my negatives here.
Where are they?
- Do you hear what I'm asking?
- He's asking! So he is asking!
- You should confess!
- To what? -To all your filth!
You know what?
Give me back my negatives!
You took them?
First, you pay.
Either you'll live with us or you pay!
I can't anymore, understand? I'm alone
here on everything. Always alone.
I've given you everything. The house
is in your mom's name. What now?
That was our lifesaver!
The commies would've taken it.
You were selling to the West illegaly.
You were all
too happy about at the time.
It wasn't dad's fault he was banned.
- A million!
- What?
A million. I don't want to watch
throwing our money away with the sluts.
- A million, and you can go!
- Look. Can we talk normally, calmly?
- I care about you all.
- Calmly, huh?
- The whole time you're off with sluts!
- Who cares about the sluts.
He takes them around the world,
buys them cars!
You're not normal, get it?
- Mom!
- Please, calm down.
Don't touch her or I'll call the police!
- Hello. I'm Liba Holy.
- Holy Liba. Come in.
- We spoke this morning.
- Yeah? I thought it was someone else.
I'm a bit out-of-it.
Come in, since you're here.
- Why did you call so early...?
- I know you're an early bird.
Girls, Liba - a lady I don't know.
Come in and don't you worry,
no one will bite you.
Hmm... hello.
Come in. Some liquor?
- It may trick your shyness.
- I'm not shy.
Not even champagne? Look, the bottle,
in contrast to me, seems very trustworthy.
- No, thanks. I don't drink.
- Are you sick? -I hope not.
- Sit.
- Thank you.
I like being my own boss
and not being bossed by alcohol!
I only drink when I get
something from it. Like sex.
Don't you worry, it won't happen today.
There aren't enough candidates here.
So, how can I serve you?
- You me? Rather how can I serve you.
- Right now? I'm in!
I admire you very much!
That's so sweet.
- I'd love to work for you.
- As a model?
What would you want to do?
Jan has plenty of all.
That depends when. Not always.
- Jan, don't say that.
- Calm down, ladies, calm down.
How about to stop by
for tea and a small talk?
Thanks, but my husband has a gastric flu.
That's a shame.
I wish him calm... meditation.
I'm a good organizer. I'm not
afraid of meeting with authorities.
- I like to arrange stuff.
- Ciao, my girls. Come here.
- Oh, I'll nestle here and...
- Jan, no more photos today?
I don't know. Ask Alice.
- For me this is lost time.
- I'll leave too. -I'm sorry. Don't go.
Girls, I'll escort you. Come.
The girls are here for the shoot.
Are you doing it?
- No. I don't want to do it.
- Then work on the plans.
I have to take it to the gallery tomorrow.
- Christ, can't we postpone it?
- Excuse me. I'm not afraid of any work.
- Even the unpleasant kind.
- Drop it.
- I've no other work than that.
- I'm a village girl. I like physical work.
Do you like teamwork? In a good team?
Where often there are team contacts?
I have a good team.
And very often I call
for general gatherings!
I will not be your audience!
Do you hear me?
- Gathering bulges out... What are you
saying? -I'm too good for this!
Klarka, you've never been
and never will be an audience.
I don't want to be here. No!
I'm canceling today.
Get dressed. No more photos today.
Don't take them from me.
I'm much happier when I'm not alone.
You spoil everything, Alice.
- Jan, where's the toilet?
- The toilet's in the WC.
She wants to do my work. You can't
just hire someone off the street.
Jeez, those kinds they come and go...
Don't waste time with her. You need
to be fit in the morning. Pick me up at 9?
We'll come back here.
And don't drink anymore.
So girls, home. Move it.
Bye... See you... Bye.
You're still here?
- That's it for today you may go, okay?
- You have a water leak over there.
You're a water worker,
a water-witch... a bewitching liar?
I'm studying management.
Water is as costly as gasoline.
Listen, you're somehow dangerous.
Tell me, my dear, who sent you here?
- The KGB?
- They haven't been around for some time.
Not that long. They still have power.
I know you have a lot of
wonderful people around you.
But for some difficult things
a man is on his own.
All things are difficult. Except for easy
women. But even those can be heavy load!
- Do you want me to wash the dishes?
- Let's leave it all till next time.
You'll see, Jan. I'm a good workhorse.
So I'll call you tomorrow, okay.
I'm calling tomorrow!
You don't take my call.
I was passing by so I stopped.
- You don't take my call.
- What happens?
A thousand things,
but you only have time for your women!
- Calm down. -I'm not calming down.
- Relax. I'm here purely for work.
Work? It doesn't bother you,
fucking a married man?
- I'm not screwing him!
- You're embarrassing, you scarecrow!
- Pardon me! Step aside!
- Who are you telling "step, aside"?
- I'm telling you...
- Don't let her provoke you.
- Now its my fault, right?
- Come on, Alice.
- Why me? Why just me?
- Alice, I...
I don't deserve it.
I'm the only woman you haven't touched.
I made a point among us
that sex and job don't mix.
But getting my face smashed
for nothing, that's not fair.
I'm very sorry and...
My wife is nervous about me and...
...she's not a bad person, really.
Let me see. I'll help you.
- It's my fault. I'll yank it...
- Ouch...
Yes... and from the little foot
we take off the little stocking.
Show me. I'll wash it here.
I soaked your belt... this...
Alice, you've got a beaver.
You've got a beaver.
Amazing. You never said anything.
I've got you. Easy.
Don't move so much. Wait a moment.
- That's it. Ow! That hurts.
- Jan...
Jan, Jan!
- Jan...
- I never knew.
You pig! You pig!
You boar... you pig...
Let go. Alice, let go.
Let go.
- Hello.
- What are you doing here?
- Jan's waiting for me.
- For you? Not likely, bye.
What you're doing? Stop. Alice...
- I'm sorry, the machine's shut down.
- What?
They will restart!
The juice ran out,
the machines' shut down.
- So we'll go with hand crank.
- No.
Okay, fine.
Jan, hello.
I was supposed to come by today.
You were supposed to call today,
my dear, as I remember.
- I'm off to the bank, then I'm
moving something. -So I'll help you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Here's your money.
I don't want it.
Now, please. Here you go.
Thank you.
You didn't understand dumb thing
what I wanted. Nothing at all.
Put the negatives in the trunk.
Did you read it? It's not a bad book.
Everyone nowadays writes. Every hooker!
Please, calm down. It's nothing.
Hello, Liba?
It's over now. Can you come for us?
Good evening, Maestro.
I'm Michal Explorer.
I'm writing graduate thesis
"The Intersection of Compulsion
Research and Human Creativity."
The intersection of what? What's it about?
It's a study of how
an artist understands his creation.
Mr. Intersection,
an artist like me is an idiot.
The artist doesn't understand anything.
An artist creates from necessity - so
that from his efforts, he gets beaten up.
- This little snout...
- Stop it. Call me, Mr. Intersection.
- Thank you.
- Come love, come along.
Where did you get so drunk?
What's she doing here?
- I...
- Why does she have your car?
Relax. She helped me move,
so she still has it.
- Why does she have your car?
- She helped me move!
- Where shall we take the miss?
- She's with me, so to my place.
Don't touch me, Lida.
Don't touch me, I'm telling you.
I'll puke on you!
Go. Carefully.
I'll puke on you.
I'll puke on you! Slowly!
- Come here. Give me that.
- I'm gonna throw up.
Christ, Klarka wait.
You're not well. Here's a bucket.
- Watch out, Liba.
- Yeph.
A little more.
Thank you.
Good night.
Enough of this. Jan and I can manage it.
That's cool. I don't mind.
- Well I do, damn it!
- Why?
Get your things and go home.
- And I'm asking why?
- Because I can't stand people who impose.
And who are you to talk to me like that?
You'd be very amazed at who am I.
That's it. Beautiful.
Don't be shy.
You possess so much femininity.
Don't hide it.
Just don't hide it. Show it off. Take hold
of that tender, small breast. And kiss it.
I'm going to photograph it.
Hold it. Good.
I've come up with another image.
Like this, in the corner.
Come, Cleopatra. Hop in there.
Take that... it looks like a spring of
water, pouring between your breasts.
I'll put this here so her hair
doesn't get wet, she's off to the opera.
And with this work-hardened,
rough hand... you scrub her crotch, yeah?
Jan, you received the prestigious
French award, Knight of Arts and Letters.
- I'm a knight.
- Your work's been seen around the world.
You've had very significant exhibitions
and you also publish your books.
I have to ask you: what do you think
of critics and criticism in general?
- Do you know what they wrote after
the opening of Beethoven's Fifth? -No.
"An orgy of cacophony and vulgarity.
Thank God its first performance
will be its last."
A slight error then.
But the artist must suffer it.
Is this the vocation of the critic?
To crush everyone who's got talent,
take away their passion to
create, to generate value.
- They simply forbid creativity.
- Did someone hurt you once?
Chiefly, the women I've met have hurt me.
That's their nature, always they ruin you.
I thought you're
a great admirer of women.
Yes, I absolutely admire
their beauty, their strength.
But a collar of mutual
coexistence is simply destructive.
At least for me.
I'm an excellent target for attacks.
- Why?
- Because I make mistakes.
Then I regret it and fear.
I fear judgment.
It's known about you
that you worship somewhat stout ladies.
- Maybe I'm confused, but I...
- I like that form.
- Not an appetite for the petite.
- No.
It occurs to me that there can be
a connection with your upbringing,
you lived in a concentration camp
because of your mixed origin.
You experienced hunger
and thinness evokes in you misery;
while plump, exuberant faces
could signify joy, abundance, peace?
You're right, pretty lady, but
allow me to add something more natural:
Man isn't a dog, he doesn't eat bones!
Top of the morning, Jan.
Here are the new designs you wanted.
- Thank you.
- And something else. -What?
Your panties are dangerously slitting
your butt. Careful! Not to cut an artery.
They're supposed to be that way.
You should know that.
But please Alice, a normal guy
doesn't need any teasers.
A woman's underpants
should be cotton with long knickers.
I ordered you a plane ticket to Amsterdam
for your exhibition. It occurred to me...
- What occurred to you?
- How about going together?
I... I have to make a phone call.
Liba, could you come, please?
Yes, right now. Please hurry!
Liba, darling, only you
can save me from a miserable death.
Amsterdam... chu chu...
- Nice. Nice.
- Magnificent.
I strip you of these
dangerous panties, yeah?
You must've been around the corner.
- Yeah.
My, you are really resourceful.
Madam, I am enchanted by your charm
or am I titillated by... your tits?
Not at all, you're adorable.
We have a lot to do.
And all before the editorial lunch.
From there
we have to go to your lecture.
What lecture?
I don't know anything about it.
- I do Jan's schedule.
- You're mistaken. I'm doing it today.
No, you're mistaken.
All scheduling goes through me.
- Jan wanted me to arrange this.
- Can you explain it to me?
- Talk to each other.
- I will not talk with just anyone.
I do the schedule!
I'll not work with someone I don't know.
I do the schedule
and I will continue to do it.
May I?
What a situation! It's...
I'm sorry for her,
but it can't be helped, right?
Listen, tell me...
I hope you don't have a tooth brush
and nightie in the suitcase.
I don't have a nightie or toothbrush.
I have to leave for a moment. Stay here.
Don't go anywhere.
Wait here for me.
No one's taking care of me.
Would you make me a coffee?
Sure, come in.
I'll take care of you, comfort you.
Liba, Liba...
Can you use a computer?
- Yeah.
- So get up. I'll dictate to you.
May I?
So, write: Positive entrance!
Dazzling glow.
Sunny gate of glory,
joyous clamor and my satisfied cry:
I'm in the world.
And already... that first hour of life, I know of
the lots of breathtaking encounters,
love and understanding to come.
And above all else,
I meet women everywhere -
that river from which all drink
and whose grace
is lavished upon us. Nothing compares.
- Got it?
- Nothing compares...
And now the same from a different angle.
Write: Negative entrance!
Blinding, blinding and stinging light.
Wailing and din all about.
Suddenly I become
a stranger in my own land.
Weeping, I clearly perceive
how cruel life will be,
what slights, humiliation
and misery I'll experience,
arrogant rejection
from noble and poor alike.
Among all these sufferings,
I've forgotten what tortures me.
I bring to mind the women
I've met on the way,
who, like all the others,
will harass me to madness.
To each one, I speak to you.
To each one, I speak to you. Got it?
Thank you.
Do you only take photos with old cameras?
Are you going to try digital cameras?
When I'm infirm, I'll try it.
- Next question?
- Do you have a credo to live by?
Of course. Never stop.
Because once you stop,
you'll never start again.
You must progress - another meter
and you'll find the treasure.
- What kind of films do you like?
- I like porn.
In porn, there's always a happy ending.
Have you ever failed during love-making?
Many times. But I always
find my tongue somehow.
- Jan?
- Wow, you're still here?
It was a mess here,
I sorted it out your way.
I found letters from the tax office
and the police. It could be a trouble.
It will be a trouble.
Who would write me pleasant thing?
It's always some summons or penalty,
courts, fines. I don't give a damn.
You're done for the day. Bye.
I'm not going to let
any bad news to you.
I wanted to ask you
about that picture. Who is it?
You don't recognize it? Once
in a bad mood I painted this monster.
As a self-portrait.
But no one could figure out what it is.
Let's see you look at it! Who is it?
Don't underestimate the kids.
It's dangerous to lie to them.
- You had children so early?
- Yeah, I did.
That's it, my Madonna,
beautiful Madonna.
At me... look at me.
That's it. Look beautiful.
A little more my way.
- State police!
- In the name of the law!
- Where are you going? -Who are you?
- I'm his wife. -She's my wife.
Do you have a warrant?
- Get dressed. You're coming with us.
- Watch out with those negatives!
- Calm down!
- Don't touch him!
- Please, leave him alone!
- Move!
- The gentlemen are well-mannered,
aren't they? -Take him away!
- Where are we going? -Interrogation.
- What kind of interrogation? -Move it!
Then I got 12 months hard labor
for distribution of pornos,
capitalist manners
and propagation of Zionism.
- That's horrible. -Nothing compared
to how they treated others.
- How did your wife take it?
- Bravely. Don't you want to stop?
Then everything slowly started to change.
They didn't want my pictures anywhere.
I can't take it any longer.
We have nothing. I can't buy anything.
I'm sorry, but you have to find
a different, normal job.
Hey... Are you there?
A horrible feeling
to know nobody wants you
- and you can't support your family.
- Hungry kids.
Until today I regret
when my wife and kids came
and I didn't open the door.
Then it was only remorse after remorse,
and ire and hatred.
Before long, my dear wife
got herself a suitor
who walked as if he'd been
stepping through shit. Like this and this.
Don't be sad. It's good.
Then he started throwing darts
into my pictures
and, before long,
they changed the lock in our flat.
Don't forget that I worked
at a factory as a manual laborer.
At that time,
they called it photo-reproduction.
It was hard work.
That job doesn't exist anymore.
- Why'd you do it?
- Why, why...
Because I had to
support myself somehow.
I needed an official stamp
that I had a job.
Without it, I would've been jailed for
sponging. That's how it went at that time.
I worked there 30 years!
And at night,
I shot and shot and shot.
You have beautiful eyes.
Who could've guess that those moldy walls
would become so crucial for me?
An American gallery owner
found me there, Madame Baruch.
She wanted to know the cost
to destroy the studio that way.
Then she bought two pictures,
and then another and another.
That time, Destiny, in the guise of
Good Fortune, walked in my poor door.
Shortly, life changed for me.
Great. Let's tighten
that corset a bit more.
- Hello. I'm Liba.
- Eva. Pleased to meet you.
- I'm the new assistant here.
- Jan, hi.
Eva, hi. I'm glad you came.
- Let's shoot now. -Not today.
- Why not? -It bothers Marek.
Glad to see you, son. Come by more often.
- I don't feel the demand. -Make first
an offer. The demand will follow.
He's such a grump.
You have to wean him off it.
It won't happen. He takes after his mom.
You know everyone.
You probably don't know Michal.
- Michal Explorer.
- He researches how creation is created.
Would you like a coffee?
Come ladies, we'll do that second picture.
Here, on this side.
Katka, you stand here.
- Katka... over your head like that...
- It's unbelievable.
So, this is set.
Nice. Basically the same,
we'll only show the breasts more. OK?
We have to put it below the titties.
Explorer, I have a favor to ask you.
Would you model for me?
I'll put you in my photo.
Sit here.
Take off your jacket and shirt, please.
That's good.
- Jan, telephone.
- Liba, help me here.
It's an unknown number.
I'll call it back later.
- I'm supposed to sit here and stare?
- I am.
- I've seen this a many times.
- I love it.
I'll leave this here... I'll do it, Liba.
I know how to go about it. No one
knows who's actually looking at him.
That's it.
It looks very nice.
And I'll... I'll grab it like this.
You see how inventive you are?
And squeeze it a bit.
And the same way with your right hand.
Squeeze that little butt.
And try like this... Drop the head...
...with suffering,
under the entire burden of the womanhood.
Simply an exhausted human being.
Now don't move.
- Okay then, are you ready?
- Yeah. We're ready.
Katka, you too.
We're doing the last shot now, okay?
Nicely. Good. Perfect.
One moment. I'll put this on.
Like this.
Here, like this. Good... Take it away.
And a bit like that. Perfect.
No, no, straight. That's it.
Good morning!
- Are you there?
- Yes. I'm working, developing.
- I'll make something good, okay?
- Yes.
My God! Are you alright?
Ma'am, are you all right?
What are you doing? It's utterly cold.
- Leave me, I just wanted to
wash up a little. -Come out, please.
- Stand up.
- Wait.
Stand up!
Hold on. You're completely cold.
You could have drowned!
Jan, come give me help!
Wait. I'll do it alone. Going to sleep.
- Get dressed.
- I'll do it myself. Going to sleep.
- Whose is this?
- No.
Liba, watch out.
Liba, watch out.
You can kill yourself here
Where've you been?
The girls wanted to know you better.
To discuss spirituality. Between
the sheets, to broaden your horizons.
I'm not into women.
I am! We don't understand each
other on this. Have you tried it?
- No. -So you're still a virgin, then.
Would you do something for me?
You have to shoot those athletes.
Should I set an appointment?
- Kiss the girls. -The appointment.
- Katka, come here. Please.
- I don't want to.
- Give the girl here a kiss. Please.
- I don't want to.
- I want. Here, one little kiss like this.
One more, and a little lower.
Wait. One more, a teeny one.
No. Enough. I've got a lot of work.
- No, no, no.
- Liba... -No.
Yeah, okay fine.
- Come, girls. Let's go home.
- Where's my bra?
Let's get up! Hop, tushie, up.
- Are we going home, then?
- I'll try to find it. Got it.
Got it. How'd you get there, little one?
Wait. It's all tangled...
Jesus'n'Mary! Jesus, that's marvelous!
That's marvelous!
I'll do it. I simply can't wait.
Look out. Just me. Just me.
- So... are they there?
- Just about.
So, girls...
- Where's your skirt?
- I don't know.
Where is that skirt? Oh, here...
- And also a purse.
- A purse? I don't know where the purse is.
- Yuck! There's vomit here!
- What do you mean, vomit?
- Where?
- Right here.
I don't know. Maybe someone puked,
so what? The ladies are clean.
They wash regularly,
once a week... like me.
Fear not, Liba,
hygiene is carried out regularly!
We change our underwear punctually.
Amongst ourselves.
Your scholar wouldn't lie
on these sweaty, puke-stained sheets.
She already lay here, among
other things, and she never complained.
I don't understand at all.
I give her money and she keeps calling.
Everyone wants something from you,
always bothering you.
- I don't answer and they call back.
- Here, I'll deal with it.
- I don't have my glasses!
- I need my glasses.
- Where'd you have them last?
- I don't know.
Someone's ringing!
That's my illuminati.
Like clockwork.
This is Liba, my new assistant.
This is the Doctor of Philosophy
in Bohemian Linquistics, Madame Zilova.
Have fun, Jan.
I don't have to know every Jane
passing through your door.
So many have, right?
She's very efficient. She manages all my
affairs, puts everything in order for me.
She's not like Alice. She was
depressing, she disheartened me.
She is a keeper. She's a workhorse.
You should send her away soon.
I don't like to meet any of them.
- They're all airheads and bimbos.
- What bimbos?
She's no bimbo. She's presentable.
Some music?
Really? I should inspect her.
- Wait.
- So come, come, come.
Come. Come to me.
- Heel.
- Wait... so...
- Would you like a glass?
- No. I came by car.
- I'll have something.
- Stop talking already.
- I've already stopped and am drinking.
- You can only neigh.
That's it! Come.
- I have an excellent salami.
- I don't want it.
I won't pig out before!
And you know I don't eat meat.
- In 30 years I've never seen you eat!
- You going to make evil eyes at me?
And the cruel face?
You women like it, don't you?
When a man roars, when he's like a tiger.
- That he spits blood.
- That he's sweaty.
But such a man also needs
- No time for tenderness.
- Understanding, love. Let's have a chat.
So chat.
How go your studies
for your next degree as a...
- Shut up!
- So, let's get to it! -Excellent.
- Let's hurry!
- So...
More! More!
That's not working.
This is excellent.
You have a superb,
sophisticated style, darling.
I'll edit it for you at home.
Don't leave.
Bye-bye, Jan.
- Do you hear me?
- Let's call each other. -I'm lonely!
Exceptional people
always feel lonely, love.
- That's bullshit.
- It was beautiful. You're an animal.
And be good!
I know this place. It's from your famous
picture, "Naked Woman Over The City".
Yeah, that was my first wife.
And the third seized the negative.
I have to tell you that your morning's
deed gave me a tremendous feeling
because, most of all,
it is the action what counts
no pointless talk.
You're an excellent model.
I'm going to make a big star out of you.
Jan, would you teach me this?
I'd like to be able to do it.
Could I possibly photograph you? May I?
- Liba, who can pee farther, yeah?
- How am I to pee farther?
You gotta... pull the panties to one side.
Strech it a bit and push your twat up.
Look at how you pee. Generally speaking,
all you girls pee further than me.
- I pissed on myself!
- You're pissing on me, Liba!
- Which of my pictures do you like
the most? -I can't say I like any of them.
- What did I do badly?
- Nothing badly, you did what you feel.
Probably, you don't feel anything.
You shoot it for the look.
You have to try to tell some story,
something from you, some weakness
or longing or love, pain, woe.
- What?
- No one's here. You're dreaming.
- They're everywhere.
- It was only a dream. No one's here.
No one's here. I chased them all away.
- Hi!
- Greetings!
Hi Liba.
Come here, my little Liba.
- Hi, Liba.
- Daddy!
- This is Jan. This is from us.
- Thank you very much.
Holy. Pleased to meet you.
- This is my mother.
- Hola. -And sister.
- Still a Holy for now.
- I have... -It's gorgeous.
- You should love it, it's pricy.
- Jesus truly loves you.
- Liba, that's a nice car.
- Jan bought it for me.
If only my simple "Thanks" could
resonate in his ears like a fine gem.
- Sis, what are you mumbling?
- Those are all my cousins.
Nice to see you, Holy. Excuse me, Auntie.
- Holy.
- All are the Holy here.
How can you let him photograph you
naked? Such a disgrace.
What do people say about it?
Being naked isn't bad.
That's the way God made us.
So what? You're some model?
A respectable girl doesn't do that.
And you call yourself a good Christian?
Oh no...
What did you promise me?
Leave my mom alone.
You said not your sister,
but nothing about your mother.
The Holy.
Absolutely all the Holy are here.
I'm here regarding the fuck!
Said the Count alongside...
What? I'll kill you.
It would be a beautiful death, if you'd
crush my head with your beautiful derrire
Jesus really loves you, doesn't he?
A good Jewish boy worked hard for love.
Let's sing.
What kind of man are you?
Come on, let's sing along:
My dear travelled...
What? You know it.
- So, let's sing along.
- sweet maiden, to Bavor.
Tra-la-la to Bavor.
Tra-la-la to Bavor.
And she tore her box,
her gash, her hole, her twat,
the beaver near her butt over a pail.
Tra-la-la over a pail,
tra-la-la over a pail.
The sauerkraut is sour, the carrot sweet.
The front is hairy, the butt sleek.
And I plough my dear alone.
- Flowers.
- Yeah. Stay outside.
How do you feel?
Give me...
I'm going to see the doctor.
- Come with me. Don't stand around here.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry, you feel worse.
You have the rest of
Jan's negatives, return it.
- It would be beneficial for us all, no?
- Out.
- Are we expecting someone? -That could be
the crew, about the documentary.
- No.
- What "No"?
- I'm not here.
- It's agreed upon.
- Don't open. I'm not home.
- How can I not open... Jan...
- I'm going to open it. It's agreed upon.
- I'm not here!
Hello and welcome. Come in, please.
- Here is where you should set up.
- Jan, come and join us.
He's probably hiding. Jan!
Jan, come on! They're waiting.
Welcome, ladies.
I apologize. Today it won't work.
- We must move it to another time.
- Another time? But we're agreed on today.
- I'm not feeling very well.
- You can't do this to us. Ms. Liba...
- I'm telling you I don't feel well.
- Ms. Liba, please persuade Jan.
- We don't have another day.
- I apologize, Jan isn't feeling well.
We have a family problem.
Jan has a seriously ill wife.
Jan, I don't want to ask you
anything uncomfortable.
Just maybe about
your childhood and adolescence.
Childhood? That terrible time,
which everyone adores?
When everyone orders you about and
you understand nothing? No, thank you.
- I apologize you have to go.
- Your childhood...
- I'm not well. Respect that.
- You think that was caused by the war?
That was but one thing. The second thing
was my tremendous desire for pussy
but it never occurred to any owner of
pussy to comfort me by spreading her legs.
Would you spread your legs for me, ladies?
It takes so little to make you happy?
Sometimes yes.
What are you smiling about?
Wait a moment.
I truly apologize. Please don't be angry.
Here's a present... as an apology.
My, it's magnificent.
Really, I can't accept this.
If you like this, take it. I'll scribble
something for you next time.
I accept it with your promise that
next time we'll get through the interview.
I promise we'll get
through it next time. Good-bye.
Miss director! I apologize
but I have to take back the painting.
Tomorrow it's traveling to an exhibition.
I can give you this smaller one instead.
It's of the same value.
Thank you. But please, the interview.
I'm counting on you.
- I'm thinking about it. Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
Jan, you specifically said
that this painting is good.
I gave her the one you don't like much.
- How could you take that liberty?
- What?
Because of your welfare.
You can't hand out all your stuff.
That's not your thing! So, I give
someone a picture and you take it back?
What are you thinking?
When I return,
it'd be better if you're not here.
"Jan, I love you."
Jan, don't be angry.
I don't want to stalk or disturb you.
You've never stayed anywhere all night.
Are you okay?
I don't give a damn.
The night is beautiful!
- And where are you?
- I don't know where I am.
- Really, where are you?
- I don't know.
In the matrix of Prague,
where I was born,
where I experienced
so much evil and so much good!
I'm coming for you, OK?
Just tell me where exactly you are.
Where am I...
There, where princess Libuse foretold.
I see a great city!
Incidentally, did you know
that Libuse was a man?
- So where should I go?
- I'll find out. It's just here.
I'm looking now. Wait a moment.
It's... what is this?
By, by Foot... futil... hills.
By foot... by Foothills, Liba.
What? By Foothills?
I don't know that.
Look at the tram number.
Or, at least what the next stops are.
Fragrant, Pungent.
Standing, Dangling. Wait.
Jan, please, for real.
I'm in Nusle.
No, no, no. Liba, I'm in Liben.
I've been looking all over for you.
You're soaked through. Come on.
Get this car going. Let's go.
Come on, quickly home.
Let's go!
- You scared me.
- We're going home!
I'm here.
I have an idea.
I should use an artist's name.
Why? To be more fine, noble.
A few bucks and it's done.
I'm thinking of Rachel.
That's a beautiful name, Rachel?
You think for a few bucks
you'll be someone else?
- What?
- An artist's name? What do you know?
What do you have against it?
You're butchering such a beautiful name!
You know what?
Show me how you're constipated.
Push it! Show me how you're constipated.
How I can show you I'm constipated?
Push it!
Show me how you push when
you're constipated. I need to shoot this.
Jeez, stand up and show me
how you're constipated. Squat down.
Squat down and push.
Jeez, push! Push!
You see, it... I give you a... Come here.
Sit here and push! Do it!
Great. Truly nice.
You know diddly-squat.
- You know what I need?
- What?
More than your artist's name?
I need that you finally...
...lick Katka's butt.
Jan, leave it.
- I like you.
- You spoil everything!
Like... like...
I need passion that can crush a rock!
Everyone's full of shit about morality.
Everyone's so virtuous!
Fucking hypocrites,
with heads full of perverse images,
and they are offended by me!
Liba. I badly need you to call your mom.
I need your mom to come here.
Why? I don't understand.
I need her to get me past this loneliness.
Can you arrange for your mom to come?
- Hi.
- Ciao. What are you doing here?
I was passing by. It's nice here.
Really, beautiful things.
- Why'd you come?
- I want to talk to you about something.
- It's sometimes difficult with Jan.
- You're not serious.
Now you're going to cry here
and I should comfort you?
We can be friends, since we're family.
- We're family?
- Almost family. Don't be so narrow-minded.
You could tell me
something about Jan, couldn't you?
You want me to tell you
something about him? Like what?
I don't know. What matters to him, or...
You've known that from the start.
Don't complain. I have work to do.
- Hi, Jan.
- Hi, Milan.
This is Liba, my assistant.
Liba... pretty. Do we know each other?
I think you've confused me with another.
At the moment, I'm totally unknown.
- I'm going to get a drink. Want one?
- Sure, grab me something.
Man, I think I know
where I know her from.
She wanted to be my assistant.
I then sent her to Jirka David
because I didn't need one.
Excuse me.
Don't scream, please.
I don't understand
when you're screaming. What's going on?
Wait there for me. I'm coming for you.
Klarka, are you okay? What's with you?
- Klarka.
- I feel bad!
What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
- Klarka. Calm down!
- Why did you bring her here?
- Calm down. What'd you do here?
- You... you took the radiators off.
Where are they? -Sold it.
Don't eat that.
Don't eat off the ground.
- Where did everything go?
- I sold it.
I don't know, I sold everything.
I got shit for it.
It was awful trash, what you gave me.
Klarka... where are
all the photographs I left here?
That's another thing. Those were good.
I gave them to my lover
and he bought a motorcycle with them.
Klarka, you need money?
Why'd you do all this?
You had to say that you don't have money.
I'd give it to you.
Calm down, please. Are you working?
Don't talk to me like a preacher.
You look after everyone,
but you don't give a damn about me.
Without you, my life would be different!
I could've studied, had a normal guy.
- Are you going to work?
- I could've had a normal guy!
Straighten out. Otherwise,
I'm putting you in rehab. Let's go, Liba.
You're gonna send me to rehab?
I'll send you to rehab!
- You stopped caring for me!
- Klarka.
I was good for you
until that one appeared! That cow!
You came,
and you're a maid, a maid, see?
I was a personality.
You're a sponger,
you're a sponger, a sponger...
Come on, Jan. This is pointless.
You can help her best by leaving,
so she can pull herself together
on her own. No more talk.
She has to go to rehab.
You shouldn't have hit her,
I shouldn't have let you.
Excuse me, but it was one slap to sober
her up. That doesn't hurt anyone.
- What does she want from you? Did you
promise her something? -What's it to you?
I like her.
- You know what? Stop the car.
- Don't make a scene.
Did you hear? Stop.
- I'd like to know all those you bypassed
before me. -What are you talking about?
Little girl...
You always will be my little girl.
Come, I'll snuggle you to bed.
Come, sweetie.
Okay, now we'll enact
a situation where a client comes
and wants you to do
Angry Mommy for him, yeah?
- Now, yeah?
- Yeah, now.
- Where were you, you bad, little boy?
- Where were you, you bad, little boy?
- Look, the dirt under your nails.
- What's that dirt under your nails?
Hit me. You naughty boy.
Like that and like that.
It was beautiful.
Did you wash your dick? Show it to me!
I won't wash it for you forever.
You're a big boy now!
No one will want to be friends with you.
Thoroughly! Or you'll be alone, alone!
I won't wash you forever, yeah?
But don't laugh.
- Wait!
- That's it! Like that.
By God, you're a professional.
- Someone's ringing.
- Someone's ringing. Excuse me.
I'll go answer it.
- Can't say I'm missing that Bohuna.
- Finally. Your timing is exquisite.
We're already shooting.
What have you got on?
Pants so tight
they must press on every organ.
I feel just fine in them.
Clearly we have to remove them.
A woman should wear a skirt!
And this over your head,
if you would bug me.
Or if I won't want to look at you.
I'll lift it up.
- Jesus, that's such a beautiful smell.
- No. I have to have a wash!
You didn't tell me Bohuna was coming.
I'm leaving.
- What's happened?
- She stole my man. My private man!
You're a stupid, swollen tit.
- Hooter! Tit!
- How dare you? You're whore!
- You're a whore! You're a regular whore!
- Stop it, girls. You're both right!
- I need to shoot. Stop it!
- Are you thinking with your tits?
Ladies, I urge you to keep cool!
Good morning. I knew you'd miss me!
I'm fixing breakfast. Want some?
Is that you? Where's your mother?
The morning bird still isn't awake?
- I'm Liba, hi.
- Hi.
It's a pigsty here. I'm opening a window,
okay? The stench is awful.
Don't be mad, Jan. I have to talk shop.
I have to run to the tax-man. You've
got a trouble with an unpaid penalty.
Alice didn't say anything.
Good that you fired her.
Then I'm running to an appointment
with gallery manager. Sign it here.
- It's for the installation. Are you okay?
- Probably just a heart attack.
Come on. Sign it, Jan, please.
I'm really in a hurry here.
You approve the installation.
Here are the photographs sold to France,
the delivery protocol.
And the contract. It's fine.
I checked it with the lawyer.
Sign this copy, too.
At 1pm we'll go by the notary for the
power-of-attorney for buying the house.
And tonight there's that charity concert.
That shirt stinks. Is it yours? No.
- Want something for breakfast?
- I'm cold.
I'll make you tea.
So... that's also mine.
What is it?
What happened, Anicka?
Anicka, why are you crying? What?
What... mom?
We came to the hospital
and I saw only the empty bed there.
Momma was already gone.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry... so sorry.
What can I do now?
Dear friends, we are gathered here
today with our deceased.
Our deceased was a strong woman.
Despite this,
life was not easy for her at times.
Let this earth be easy on her.
Let her recline
in the tranquility of eternity.
It's said that you're
an expert on women. Are you?
- Only a woman can be an expert on women!
- That's true.
That intangible and relentless
sum of fragility, courage and love,
on the other hand, dishonesty and vicious
treachery... impossible to comprehend.
Attention - they can't be
otherwise because they...
- Maintaining life is on them.
- Are you an enemy of marriage?
Yeah, I am. I realized too late
that I'm unsuited to marriage.
That sacred bond, which is intended
only for the strong, noble ones
who are willing to sacrifice all...
I've never been successful at that.
Now I have a quite personal question for
you. Do you live with a significant other?
After I was widowed, I told myself,
no more significant others.
Tell us, what kind of woman you like.
Physically. How a beautiful woman looks.
This cult of youth
and emancipation, skinniness...
That's for pedophiles. It's unnatural.
Those who contend that they like
scrawny women are lying.
- I agree.
- It's unnatural.
A mighty ass, that's the hood
for the love engine, right?
Definitely, no argument, yes.
- If we're open now...
- We're not open. I'm open. You're not.
- Ok, you are being open.
- We'll try.
I heard you've also
had relationships with men.
Yeah! I once had such a beautiful period.
Taking the communion "Under both kinds."
I recall Vaclav Cerny... a young actor.
It was a wonderful time, heavenly.
Jan, listen to this.
Popular actor, father of 3 children
living happily in a harmonious
marriage for 30 years,
- is suing a famous photographer.
- Don't read it.
It's important. And seeks 7 millions
all of which he's donating to charity.
I got carried away.
I shouldn't have said it! I regret it.
I knew it would be a trouble.
His lawyer Mr. Jasny never loses a case.
If proved that the plaintiff
has sustained such harm
as to threaten to dissolve
his marriage, he may succeed.
There is a risk they could
place lien on your property.
Impossible to prevent this.
Because of that crap I'll have such
problems? Is there no way to oppose it?
I also didn't say that much, did I?
Besides, it's all true.
That fag.
Transfering to the kids, it's like to
throw the money in the river.
With me, it'd be like in a safe.
An impregnable one, I hope.
If anyone found out,
they'd think I got mad, trusting you.
And if you rob me,
I'll wring your beautiful swan's neck.
There... There's Anezka.
Hi Anezka. I'd like to transfer
my accounts into this lady's name.
Fine, may I have your ID's?
Of course.
- Please.
- Thank you.
- We're transferring all accounts?
- All accounts.
I'll keep the signatory powers.
If the lady permits.
And here's the payment receipt of
the property transfer tax.
So much money for the transfer?
I would be better to give it to a charity.
You give enough to charity.
Come see where I'm putting it.
I trust you.
You'll have the promissory note
here in the safe. See that?
So I'm putting it here.
- You hide the key well somewhere.
- I trust you. You're the only one I trust.
If you wanted to rob me,
you'd have done it long ago.
You've had quite a lot of chances,
yet you saved me some money.
Come to me.
You know, I'm...
- But I'm pretty much a coward.
- You?
Oh yeah. I was always afraid.
My whole life I've been afraid.
I was afraid that someone's
going to beat me up, that I would fail.
That I earned cash under-the-table,
that someone would blow the whistle,
and that they'd forbid me to work.
I was afraid of the KGB.
Don't fuck with me!
We want you to feed us
information about these people.
We know they're prepping
your exhibition in America.
We'll let you go there, to the U.S.A.
You'll be able to legally sell your work.
You'll be accepted into the artist guild
and don't have to go back to the factory.
We need your service in return.
What about it?
I can't. I simply can't.
- I can't do it.
- Sign it and your life will change!
I just can't sign it.
I'd rather hang myself!
- Sign it!
- I can't sign this.
- If you don't, I'll make your life hell!
- I guess I'll hang myself!
Some people they wanted me to
inform on I later found on the police list
among the informants. None of them
ever apologized nor blushed out of shame.
Again they're carrying me there,
that old way
Where I tread,
with vest all puke-stained
In my grave, give me 2 kegs of beer
And instead of a priest,
a whore who sings clear.
Dear ones, I'll tell you
a story from recent times:
when my nasty tongue got me
in the pickle I'm now in
I decided to live culturally.
I enter a gallery.
They are open, they are
probably reconstructing the building.
modern plastic pipes, wiring, sand,
some beams, a toilet bowl!
And then I see the catalog.
And I drop to my knees:
this is the exhibit!
A Post-Conceptual installation! Damn!
I'm looking through the catalog
to understand.
I am, after all,
a European, not a jackass!
And I read: "The continuance of
artistic creation evokes the complex set
of a-priori norms
of imaginative self-reflection
while the institutional congeniality of
this post-modern point-of-view
and vision..."
My hair bristled,
my hair bristled and I read on,
" introspection
are of the smallest quintessence
in purely post-conceptual ethics."
I hope that my humble booklet
will be intelligible to all.
I want to introduce to you...
- What's with you?
- ...the rising star.
My top model and photographer,
who has so many of her images
in the epilogue of this book. Liba!
Liba, join us!
- Join us! Don't be shy.
- Hello.
I'd like to ask you to
introduce their book to the world.
We wish only the best and that it be
more successful than the previous book.
Best of luck.
- May it do well.
- May it be liked.
I'd like to also... May I say something?
I'm obviously not a schooled photographer.
When a person has
capacity for communication,
when he knows what he wants to talk about,
I think it's easy for them to do it.
Boring. Disgrace. Scandal.
- Sorry but don't do it!
- What?
You can't afford to let someone forge
your photographs and still support them.
It devalues your work! Understand?
If you'd help someone talented, that'd
be great but you're supporting copying.
You're throwing the original
and the imitation into one bag.
Sorry, but I have to leave,
running to work.
We'll call, write, okay? Bye-bye.
- Jan, excuse me. May I interrupt you?
- Yes.
You accused me of forgetting to
pay the penalty at the tax office.
You never had any penalty.
- Are you serious?
- You fired me without any emotions.
- You were unfair and cruel!
- But you liked it. No?
Jan... I beg you pardon?
Hello. I'm Seidlova.
I'm from Mlada Fronta Magazine.
Your assistant has been promising me
we'll arrange an interview, and nothing.
Time's running out for it.
I've blocked 6 whole pages.
You've got to hold your horses. Watch out!
Call an ambulance! Klarka?
- Jan, come here!
- Klarka...
- Klarka! What happened?
- She fell down the stairs.
Excuse me.
That's Jan's cousin Klarka.
She's not his cousin! She's his daughter!
Sorry, you must be confused.
That's not Jan's daughter.
Confused? No way! I knew her mother. And
the little girl Klarka since her birth.
She has a bad concussion.
- How'd they give you that information?
- They told me. And what?
Why'd they tell you?
Because you're her father?
What is this bullshit?
I'm not her father.
I've heard these rumors.
And you believe them?
- And?
- What "And"? What "And"?
What is this interrogation? Jana would
have told me that she is my daughter.
- So take a paternity test.
- You see how pushy you're?
I've had it with you. Get outta here!
Get outta here! Now!
Yuck! Get out of here!
You're a beautiful.
You've nothing to be ashamed of.
Like this we'll do it.
I'll take this brooch away.
So we don't get pricked.
A little like this, the strap aside
as well, and your hand down.
Don't be afraid.
Breathe. Try breathing deeply.
You see, you're still beautiful.
Show me...
- No. Not that.
- Yes. Come on. The little knee.
And now we'll open them a bit.
- Grab me there.
- No.
- Put a hand there for me.
- No.
- Yes. Yes.
- No.
Grab me by the balls.
Don't be afraid.
You're full of desire, of love,
only you don't have any one to give it to.
Mom, Jan, are you home?
- Hi, mom.
- Hi, Liba!
Are we going now?
Are you taking us to the train station?
Where's dad?
I'll take you to the train station. Come.
Lawyer Jasny and your ex...
- ...lover. Say it. I'm not ashamed of it.
- Lover are willing to withdraw the suit.
They would be satisfied
with an apology in the press. Agree?
An apology is enough?
How'd you manage it?
You're incredible.
I will gladly apologize.
That's the reporter about your interview.
Okay, tell her that I'll do it.
I'll do it today even.
- So get going. I'll arrange it.
- Fine.
You know what?
Have her come by in 2 hours.
You have to turn it in tomorrow?
But unfortunately he can't today.
Don't cancel it. I have an idea.
How about an interview with me?
I know no one knows me,
but I can tell you
a lot of curiosities about Jan.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure is mine.
We don't have much time,
so let's get into it, yeah?
Liba, how long have you
actually lived with Jan?
Almost 5 years.
- Was it a tough 5 years? -No, it was
the most beautiful years of my life!
- You're not jealous?
- May I take your order? -Still water.
- Aren't you jealous?
- No, why?
Jan tells me the truth.
A person has to respect that,
especially these days
when people lie so much.
Look at my photographs.
What do you think about them?
Could you print them for me?
Do you like them?
They're candid, aren't they?
I can't stop looking at you.
You're an utterly interesting type.
Wouldn't you want me to photograph you?
Dad, next time be careful
and think first before saying something.
So we don't have to declare you
insane for your own good.
- Thank you.
- Marek's right. Let's leave it at that.
- To your health and no court.
- To your health.
"In shitting yes'day I did know
The sess I to my arse did owe:
The smell was such came from that slunk,
That I was with it all bestunk:
O had but then some brave Signor brought
her to me I waited for in shitting!
I would have cleft her watergap,
And join'd it close to my flipflap,
Whilst she had with her fingers guarded
My foul nockandrow, all in shit."
You're going to talk anal all night?
You read too little.
That's a Renaissance: Rabelais.
You should read more.
And need some tutoring.
Come by for some books.
You'll learn something new.
- Marek, what's the matter?
- Nothing. I can't stand his horseshit!
I don't mean Jan.
What happened with you and Eva?
We're getting a divorce.
Do you regret it?
It sucks.
Hi dad. Buy Mlada Fronta. It's there.
Front page, then the whole interview
inside. Beautiful. I'm happy.
Please buy another 10 at home,
so we have it, yeah?
You probably don't know,
but you've made yourself
a completely different person for me.
I want to have your children!
You don't have to be afraid.
I don't want you to sacrifice.
I don't even want your love.
I want your genes.
I want talented children, Jan!
I don't want to bring into
this world kids who'll have a bad dad.
Enlist someone else for this, okay?
Your kids don't deserve to
have an irresponsible dad.
- It looks really good.
- The building's in a preserved state.
It has original fixtures.
- Liba? The kitchen's also okay, isn't it?
- I like it. -Me too.
What's this?
This is a nice room, Liba.
When you sin, you'll repent up here.
I would get it. I like it.
Liba will sort out
the formalities with you.
- I bid you farewell. Have a good day.
- I'll call, yes?
It's great, I'd like to
bring my friend here,
he is a building engineer,
to look it over.
- Okay.
- I'll try to bring the price down more.
That'd be good.
Don't worry about thing,
I'll need your power-of-attorney.
Jesus. Take it like that and hack!
Now! Really tastefully.
Now do it this way.
One moment.
Hold it. Smile, for real.
Everyone show their teeth.
That's it.
- I'm afraid.
- Come on, sweetie. Give me your hand.
Watch out.
Come on.
Please come with me.
The doctor will be here shortly.
I don't want to go there.
- Here, sit.
- You said you needed something important.
You want to photograph me?
I wouldn't have come.
That's it... show me.
- You have gorgeous eyes, you know?
- Yeah.
There's a mysterious gleam in them.
But repressed.
Something's missing.
It's as if Eva has you... excuse me.
As if she has you pinned to the ground.
You're so completely uptight and hung-up.
You need to take off, spread your wings.
Look at me.
Why the show here, Liba?
How was Jan as a dad?
He tried, but somehow
it never worked for him.
I don't know.
Mom suffered.
I guess she passed it on to us...
That's a mistake. I'd never deprive
kids of their dad just over infidelity.
- Take it off.
- I gotta go now.
- Why?
- I gotta go.
Some other time... gleam, wings, flame.
We'll party one night.
'Til next time.
Bye-bye. Watch out for yourself.
Don't leave me here.
I'll visit you. You'll pull
yourself together here. You'll make it.
I'm afraid.
You'll be happy here. Believe me.
You'll find friends here. You won't be
alone. You'll help each other.
Wendy, you're very kind. We thank you.
This one came out well. I like it. Look.
- Do you like them?
- I'm not into admiring myself that much.
Do you need something?
I want to get to know you
a little more, Marek.
What are you up to, Liba?
You wanna have sex?
Why just sex?
- I'm not interested in my father's lovers.
- I'm not Jan's lover anymore.
Or his lovelorn "ex" s!
- Jan and I are still partners, but we
don't unite in sex. -Well, there you go.
And I'm not interested.
Maybe it would've been better
if you'd been with me.
And why?
You'll see.
Do whatever you want.
- What is it?
- I have a surprise for you.
- What kind of surprise, dear God?
- Now! Please...
I want you driven up
to the scene like a true king!
It's a beautiful car.
So, please.
- What? Me first?
- Please. -Thank you. Hello.
Wow, it's beautiful.
It's beautiful.
- What's this?
- Everything's organized.
You're going with us. And you guys
go straight to the gallery.
Liba, you shouldn't have done this.
Liba, I like attention,
but only when it concerns work.
You know what?
We'll see each other there.
Hello. Thank you.
Dear guests, friends...
I welcome you to Jan's and my exhibition.
The greatest to be held
in this venerable hall in 10 years!
You can find my photographs
in the adjoining hall.
So, where is my discoverer?
Hello all. Friends.
People often say to me:
Jan, show us how you truly are. Open up.
Truth is, I'm really a walking quandary,
but one thing I know for sure:
that it's impossible to
ignore things that've happened.
Because history gets in our genes.
So, God be with you.
Have a good time.
Have a good time.
Yeah, enjoy yourselves!
That was very sincere, Jan!
- I also must rebuke you!
- What have I done?
Who have you created?
You're giving her a big hand up.
You're talking about me, ma'am?
When one tries a new thing,
the other likes to kick him.
The lady would only smear
her shoes if she kicked you.
Ladies, I urge you to keep cool...!
I'm glad you came.
You're looking mighty good.
- Can I take a picture here?
- Of course. Shoot it.
- Can we meet tomorrow?
- You'll teach me photography?
It would be my pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.
- Me too.
With the director,
we're about to publish a calendar
for which famous actresses
will be photographed semi-nude.
- The proceeds would go to charity, right?
- We wanted to ask the Maestro,
but probably he would've been
too expensive for us.
Then it came to us
that you might want to shoot it?
- Seriously? This is incredible!
- We'd like to have it by his famous wall.
We want something similar to
what Jan does. But cheaper.
Most happily!
That picture, I like that one, so I say
let's shoot something like this with you.
Come on.
You haven't been caressed enough...
you need to be fondled.
Not there.
Somewhere else... somewhere else.
- Sleep.
- Fondle me elsewhere.
Hello, Anezka. My card is acting up.
I'd like to withdraw some cash.
And then, could you transfer
some money from this account to mine.
But this account is closed.
- How closed?
- By the owner of the account.
The money was transferred elsewhere
and the account was closed.
When did this happen?
When was it shut down?
A few days ago. Unfortunately, though,
I can't give you any further information.
What this means? Why did you do it?
- There wasn't any money.
So I shut it down. -How come?
The purchase and renovation
of the house cost millions!
I'm all but a scrooge!
You know that money's not all for me!
You've got a salary like the president!
But such theft... such wicked theft!
I haven't stolen anything!
I pay all expenses from it!
Why'd you close out the account?
Tell me, why?
Even though if there wasn't any,
you closed it!
How about my fees?
What account they are going to?
I'm really sorry.
We'll open one now. I didn't manage it.
You're always with that Wendy!
She takes up all your time!
What do you get from her?
You say what an inspiration I am.
- She just demotivates you!
- Where'd the promissory note disappear to?
A mysterious robbery?
A strange disappearance!
You put the key here for me.
What's the game?
Prostitutes are visiting you, not me.
You are not careful.
Please don't bring my prostitute
into this, okay? They're decent girls.
I promise you, I put everything in order.
I thought it out well.
I wanted to protect you.
You would've given it all away.
Don't hurt me!
I'm pregnant.
You're going to be a grandfather.
- Wendy!
- Hello.
I've come to wish the family well.
- Here's a flower for mom.
- Thank you.
- And a congratulations for dad.
- Thanks. -Zita!
- Please bring some water for the flower.
- Okay!
- They're beautiful. What are their names?
- Jan and Rachel.
I have great news, Jan.
Your exhibition
will be extended another 2 weeks.
It's run 6 months already!
That's a record.
- The highest attendance of all time.
- Bravo.
They sold every photos. It's fantastic.
Wendy is the bearer of great news!
Besides, a nurse is a blessing for me!
Wendy, why are
so many nurse so horribly nasty?
Because they have it hard, Liba.
That's why I've decided to
make it easier for Wendy.
Wendy, show us your hand.
See, a sparkling ring.
- We've gotten engaged.
- Congratulations!
- Sit a little longer.
- I have to run.
- So let's go.
- We'll make up for it another time.
- Jan's in love.
- He looks happy. I don't recognize him.
Wendy, I'm crazy about you.
I've never experienced this.
My love!
Sorry Jan, but don't turn
this house into a brothel.
Take your concubines elsewhere!
To the apartment, but not here! Clear?
- Actually, who was here?
- Wendy. -Yeah, Wendy.
- Just her? -Watch out,
Wendy works me like 5 others.
So, you're screwing her only.
We don't screw. We seem to make love!
So, you make love?
I've got something to tell you.
Your Wendy is not
a good influence on you.
You've entrusted with all
and now you want to get rid off me.
You're completely off your head too.
Don't you worry.
Wendy will have different concerns soon.
- We're expecting your brother-in-law.
- Expecting who?
- Your hubby will have a little brother.
- What? -Wendy's going to have a baby.
Are you kidding me?
Fuck that! You're not serious!
I wanted to have a child with you!
Then you stopped to sleep with me!
You stopped because you were afraid
you'd get a vaginal infection!
Why? Why couldn't it have been me?
Why couldn't I be
the mother of your child?
You pig! You shit...
Cretin! Cretin!
What're you staring at?
What's with you? Hunting Jan down?
At least I took care of him.
- He had to drink to bang you, right?
- Are you afraid for him or for yourself?
Get the fuck out of here bitch!
Be careful with them, okay?
You can't take those pictures
they are already sold!
Only I handle all sales.
And I have to check them first.
You don't get it, I have
an exact delivery date to the new owners.
The deposits were paid long ago.
It was worked out with Jan.
Jan can't work anything out.
He doesn't have the rights for it.
I don't understand at all. I'll call him
and he can discuss it with you.
- Just call him.
- Fine.
- Yes.
- Liba!
Where are my things? Where are my
negatives? Absolutely everything is gone!
In a save place
and about the rest I don't know.
Don't play this cruel game with me.
Where are they?
- In the safe! For your own good.
- You just won't let up on the safe!
I can no longer watch
as you throw everything away.
Your sluts. You let them walk everywhere.
You leave them alone in the studio.
Then they piss on the Persian rug.
I've cleaned it many times.
Give me my negatives.
I have to make more prints.
- Where are the photos? -In the safe place!
- Lay off with the safe.
Where are they?
Almost everything is sold!
No. I have the exclusive right to
sell your photos and paintings.
I have the exclusive right to sell.
What rights?
- Including your future output.
- Since when? I know nothing of this!
- A long time. And now you know!
- A long time... And now you know!
Here's our contract for exclusivity,
I'm the sole owner.
My company is the holder of
all rights' to sell your work.
What's this?
- I never saw this.
- Please...
You signed it. Better than I can.
I didn't sign anything.
You signed it freely!
I doubt you remember.
You were drunk. You shouldn't drink.
- You maliciously tricked me! -Maliciously?
I didn't know you didn't read it.
What's this here?
You're getting 85% and I'm getting 15%?
Why would I impoverish myself?
Naturally, from now on I'll, pay for
this house, trips, all your materials.
This house is mine.
I'll pay all. Trips, expenses, all.
You're the self-destructive type! At the
same time a good guy who can't say no.
No worry, we'll sell everything
and cut gallery's commission.
No! I arrange everything
from now on! I don't need you!
You don't have any rights.
I'm in charge of all.
How come? Give me my things
or I'll see you in the court!
Court will take years.
I'm going to sue you,
I'll get my negatives back.
You'll just waste time and money.
Be happy
that I'm looking after your affairs.
I'll be like a child in a sweetshop
if you look after it... Police?
- Is it quiet in there?
- Yeah, everything's alright.
The negatives were here.
Please take pictures there.
And then shoot more there.
Over there you can take pictures.
- You're the owner of the house?
- Yes! -What was stolen?
Everything. 3.000 negatives.
All I've done in my life!
- Gentlemen.
- Hello. -What's going on here?
- The gentlemen are investigating
the robbery. -Who are you?
- I'm the owner.
- Co-owner?
No, the sole owner. Here,
I've brought you the deed and my I.D.
- Jan is the grandfather of my child.
- Give me that.
I bought it. This house belongs to me.
How come your name is here?
What scam is this?
Don't believe this, this is a sting.
Some negatives...
Not some negatives.
I lost my entire life's work.
Nothing's lost. I've checked everything.
From what are you concluding
that nothing can be missing?
I also have a theft report
concerning your studio...
Yes, they robbed me there also!
- Who's the owner of that space?
- I'm the owner of it. -No. I'm the owner.
- Okay.
- So you're the owner.
Okay. Come by the station tonight.
- Bring all evidence, the deed.
- Okay. We'll stop by.
That's everything?
Wait. Not that, I need that.
We must investigate this here.
We're taking every step that's necessary.
I believe you.
But you must do it now, here.
Why don't you take her fingerprints?
She has a friend upstairs,
how about if she will take all away,
I'll never see her again. You're losing
valuable time. Don't walk away, I beg you.
- One moment!
- Jan, please don't make a scene here.
- Come on.
- Please don't leave. Stay here.
- Sit down.
- You have to investigate.
It's fine. He's a bit hysterical.
- Have some water. You alright?
- No.
Excellent. So, like I said,
come by the station tonight. Let's go.
- You signed the house over to yourself?
- Yes.
- It won't hold up in court.
- It was paid for from my account.
That's a scam.
- De facto it was my account.
- Our courts don't care about it!
The account was in my name.
My family contributed to the house.
Where would they get the money? Unless
they sold all the pictures I'd given them.
No one's throwing you out.
You can live here.
- You can have the whole bottom floor.
- How could you do this to me?
I would have done
everything for you, Jan.
I loved you.
You didn't love me.
I'm afraid something happened to him.
Pull over! Stop... go back.
This is where he jogs. That'll be him.
- Where?
- Stop!
Jan? Jesus. There he is!
- Jan!
- What are you doing here?
- Go away. -Get up, dad.
- Grab him. -You can't lie here like this.
- Lift him up. -There was such
a beautiful quietness here.
- Good.
- Leave me alone.
Why is it you just
spoil everything for me?
What the...
- I'm in a monastery?
- No.
We're looking after you.
We're the Sisters of St. Juliana.
You have pneumonia. You had
a very high fever. You were raving.
Where's my stuff?
- Where's my phone?
- Not here.
Your family didn't want
anyone to disturb you.
I have a lot of commitments. Let me go.
- Damn, you're strong, madam.
- No... don't say that word.
- What? "Madam" bothers you?
- Quiet.
Congratulations on your
first solo exhibition.
You raise kids, you look after a firm,
and your photos are a hit.
Where do you get the strength?
Right. I've got plenty of strength.
Nothing's really been a burden for me.
One shouldn't just complain
but must pivot well. That's probably it.
Who said I have pneumonia?
Was a doctor here?
Some people criticize
that you imitate the maestro.
Where'd you get that? Absolutely not!
He taught me craft,
but that's not a photograph.
A photo... it's about the soul
and I have an independent one!
But you make similar scenes
against the maestro's walls.
Yeah, indeed.
Jan and I inspire one another.
I have to see someone
but we don't say goodbye yet, right?
Thank you.
Where is he?
We know everything. Where's Jan?
What's it to you?
No kidding. Return everything
to Jan that belongs to him!
It's taking a great effort
not to smash your face in.
Who you think you are? Once in blue moon
you screw him, then you disappeared.
I was with him when he felt sick.
Don't lecture me here!
You knew what you were doing.
He never pretended.
None of his faults gives you
the right to rob the man and destroy him.
- That's vulturism, lady.
- I've stolen from no one!
I saved Jan!
And I saved Jan's work.
And you, dear, watch your beak.
Or I'll sue you for slander.
- Is that clear?
- Pathetic.
- Where's dad? -If you were more
interested, you'd know. Get lost, brat!
- How do you dare?
- You too, interloper. No one invited you.
Hello. I'm... Sorry.
- Michal Badatel. Do you remember?
- Yeah, I remember.
Do you know where Jan is?
I haven't been able to find him.
- You can all get out!
- We are going to call police!
I'm glad to see you.
Can you explain to me why are you
so indulgent with these dumb photos
and heap such scorn on Jan's?
Dear Vera, because
no one gives a shit here
about the difference
between mediocrity and genius. That's why.
A mistake.
Evidentially, nothing's wrong. Look.
I can breathe like a diver. Someone
gave me some pills, righteous sisters.
Are you even a sister?
Or a virgin?
I was told you should have total peace!
Sister of Mercy, may I,
with your love and understanding,
free your tits from your blouse?
Do something for this miserable sinner!
Commit an act of Christian charity
and tell me:
are you physically equipped
the same as the sinners outside?
Do you have it... do you have...
A cunt?
Return to your bed!
What is it?
- What's going on?
- Hello! Open up!
- We're coming for dad.
- You can't come in here.
What is that you wearing?
- Get dressed. -I have nothing.
- Are you okay? -Yeah.
How'd you find me?
Marek eventually came
to his senses and told us.
Dad, the house is yours, after all.
So you'll live here with us.
- This is dad and this is Karel.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Jesus, your belly's big!
- We wanted to tell you. -Congratulations.
Come on.
How would you like to prove it?
The truth is a beautiful thing, but
I have to decide based on the evidence.
Right now, I have no evidence
that the defendant took your negatives.
I don't know if I can prove
that the truth is the truth. That's hard.
One thing I know for certain, even if I
prove it, nothing will be returned to me.
And the worst bit of this story?
I can't even look at a photograph.
Perhaps that's unimportant
sorrow for the people,
but for me it's fundamental.
- Thief! -Hush. You're drunk!
- Don't mind her. She's not worth it.
Jan, wouldn't you like to come by
for lunch some time?
The kids would love to see
grandpa. Little Jan takes after you a lot.
He has your talent, always painting.
Good day, Maestro.
I've been waiting for you.
Can I talk to you? I'm Natalie.
I don't know who you're. Not today.
I brought my work with me, if you could
look at it. You were recommended to me.
Recommended by whom?
Your mother? Do I know her?
No, probably not.
What do you have there? Let me see it.
This one's from school.
I was thinking that you could use my help
and I could learn something from you.
Could I work for you?
That hasn't been here for a long time.
Alright, come. Let's work.
- God be with you.
- Be well. -Thanks.