Found (2012) Movie Script

My brother
keeps a human head in his closet.
Every few days
it's a new head.
Usually, they are black women.
But one time he had
a white man's head in there.
I was going bowling
with my friend David one day...
And I needed
to borrow Steve's ball.
He wasn't home, so I took
it without asking permission.
That's a big no-no.
When I opened the bag at the
bowling alley, I almost cried.
I didn't tell anyone about it,
and I used David's ball instead.
I lied and said the one I
brought was too heavy for me.
I'm surprised
they couldn't smell it.
It's another black
woman's head,
And her hair
has been ripped out.
I've seen lots of
horror movies,
And the heads in those things don't come
close to looking like the real thing.
I can't explain what it feels
like to hold one of them.
At one point
it had thoughts and feelings...
And it kissed somebody
it loved.
Now it's just a bloody head
in a bowling ball bag.
I hope I don't end up that way.
If Steve found out I was in his
room, he'd probably kill me too.
I worry about him
finding out.
What if I put the head back in
the bag facing the wrong direction?
If he's a killer, he probably
thinks about things like that,
Because he's crazy.
The first person
he would blame would be me.
Big brothers blame little
brothers for everything.
Dad says
that's just the way it is.
Didn't you hear me
yelling for you?
I was upstairs.
What are you
working on?
Me and David are making
a graphic novel.
Like a comic book?
David said
they are graphic novels.
What are
graphic novels?
Does that mean that
they're really graphic?
It just means
they use pictures.
Anyway, me and David have each
been working on a superhero.
Here's mine...
Bag Lunch.
And here's Roach man.
David drew him. Hmm.
We take turns drawing the backgrounds.
Tonight I get to draw the blood.
I wish you could get interested
in things that weren't so horrible.
You know those movies used
to keep you up at night.
I'm not five anymore.
I'm 12. God!
Hi to you too.
I said hi.
Get your things off the table
before your dad gets home.
I wish my mom wouldn't
worry about what I watched or drew.
The only reason she cares is because of
a picture I drew in art class last year.
My teacher freaked out
about it,
So Mom had to come to school
and talk about it.
I guess some people are afraid
that if a kid watches horror movies,
He'll grow up to be
a killer or a psycho.
But I'm not a violent person.
I don't even like killing bugs.
I get good grades and I do what people
tell me to, so they just shouldn't worry.
Dad tells Mom all boys are interested
in horror movies and graphic novels.
He says it's normal, and that
I'll grow out of it someday.
But if that's true, then
I don't wanna ever grow up.
Not ever.
Hmm? Sorry.
That must have been
one heck of a daydream.
What if we went bowling
this weekend?
I have to work this
weekend. Maybe next weekend.
You have to work this
weekend? Everyone's working overtime.
It's mandatory.
Well, I guess it's
just you and me, kiddo.
And Steve.
And Steve.
Can we go see
a movie?
As long as it's not
a horror movie.
Let's try something different
for a change.
I'm sure we can find
something family-oriented.
There's oil
on the driveway again.
- I asked you to park on the street.
- I do.
Our cars don't leak. Just
your piece of crap does.
I didn't park
on the driveway.
Don't ignore me, Son! That's
your oil in the driveway.
It's not my problem
if you don't believe me.
Not my problem?
If you're gonna live here,
You're gonna have
to respect our wishes.
I pay rent, so why don't
you respect mine and leave me alone?
Don't you close that door
on me! We're not finished, mister!
What do you want
from me? What do I want?
It's too late
for what I want.
I wanted you
to not flunk out of school.
I wanted you to make something
of your life!
- I have a job!
- You call that a job? Working in a factory?
That's a monkey job! You
honestly expect me to believe...
That you'll be happy working
there the rest of your life?
It's my life, so stay out
of it!
If you weren't living in my
house and messing up my driveway!
It's my house, Son!
If I find any more oil, I'll
have that trash heap towed away!
Oh, goddamn it!
Welcome back to WTNS...
And Mysteries
of the Unexplained.
Tonight we're talking
about he who lives deep, deep,
And I mean deep into the woods,
As we discuss
all things Sasquatch.
You know, Bigfoot, the Yeti...
And quite possibly
my great Uncle Teddy.
If it is hairy and scary and
you saw it, pick up the phone.
We wanna hear your story.
I can see your light
in the hallway.
Better shove some clothes under
the door so Mom doesn't see.
Hello. You're on the air.
Yeah. Hello.
Yes. You're on the air.
Well, I just
wanted to say...
Me and my husband heard of
Bigfoot down here in Kentucky...
Way back...
I think it was 1978.
Yeah, he was making the rounds
quite a bit back in the late 1970s.
Yeah, uh,
me and my husband...
weird for Steve to talk to me,
But I guess he still wants to do
the big brother thing sometimes.
Hey, I got the coloring
done. Wanna see? Sure.
Hey, David! Come on!
Um, how about later?
Okay. After school? Sure.
I'll meet you at the junkyard.
Cool. See ya.
See ya.
All right!
Everybody get in line!
Nice lunch box, Marty. Did your
mommy pick that out for you?
Yeah, only babies
watch cartoons.
Are you still
a baby, Marty?
Marcus Sanders, do you
want after-school detention?
Miss Thomas,
Marcus flipped you off.
Be quiet.
Did you stick up your middle
finger, Marcus Sanders?
After-school detention
for a week.
And no recess either.
- What?
- You heard me.
All right,
from this moment on,
While we're in the hallways and the
restrooms, there will be no talking.
Anyone who talks will get
after-school detention...
And, as a punishment, will write a very
long sentence on the chalkboard 1,000 times.
1,000 times?
Andy just got
after-school detention.
- But...
- And no recess either.
Anyone else?
You were in there an
awfully long time, George.
Is that you, Marty?
Why don't you use the
urinals like the rest of us?
You're afraid we'll see
how small your dick is?
- Open up, Martin.
- Go away!
Open up,
or I'll kick your ass.
- He's got a tiny dick.
- He's got a little one?
An itty bitty.
I never saw one so little.
Levi, get in there.
- You guys are fags.
- Yeah, right.
Marcus Sanders,
what did you do?
He called me a fag.
They crawled under his stall and
they tried to look at his thing.
You shut up, you little runt.
- His what?
- You know.
Is that true?
Do you wanna
talk about it?
I wish I could take the rest of the day
off with you, but I got to get back to work.
Can David spend
the night tomorrow?
Please. We haven't had
a movie night in a long time.
All right.
But you got to give me a kiss.
Mom says
everybody has their private things...
And nobody likes having
their secrets exposed.
But I can't help it.
For Mom,
It's a box of old love letters
from some man named Danny.
I try to read some of them,
but they're really cheesy.
I guess Mom
must have really loved Danny...
If she kept his letters
for so long.
It makes me wonder why she
didn't marry him instead of Dad.
Dad keeps his secrets
in the garage.
Dad's magazines
aren't like Mom's.
Hers are about gardening and
keeping your house looking pretty.
Dad's are full of naked women
with big boobs.
I wonder if she knows
Dad has these magazines.
I'll bet she'd be really mad...
If she found out
he likes to look at them.
I'll have to remember that
in case Dad makes me mad.
- What the fuck are you doing?
Your door was unlocked.
And that gives you permission
to come inside? Give me that.
Don't you ever come in here
without my permission. You hear me?
I'm sorry.
I won't.
Why are you home
so early anyway?
Some kid
punched me at school.
You punch him back?
Why not?
I don't know.
Well, why'd they punch you?
I was in the boys' bathroom and Marcus
came in and started bothering me.
What'd he do?
He tried to look
at my... You know.
He tried
to look at your dick?
He didn't see it. But he told
everyone I had a small one.
- You didn't do anything about it?
- I called him a faggot.
That's good.
But then he punched me. The
principal said I could go home.
Next time,
you got to punch him back.
But I'll get
in trouble.
Look, do you wanna be the kid
that gets picked on...
Or the kid that gets in trouble?
I mean, what's the worst
that could happen?
What'd they do
to this Marcus kid?
Couple of Saturday
That's nothing
compared to what he did to you.
Look, I didn't mean to
yell at you like that.
If you wanna listen
to music in my room,
Just ask first, okay?
Okay, I will.
It's okay.
Marty? Yeah?
Which Marcus was it?
Marcus Sanders.
I got you good,
you got to admit.
Get that out of my face.
Wanna see something
really scary?
My mom said you could spend the
night tomorrow if you want to.
It's this way.
There it is.
Tell me it's not real. No way.
I heard that Old Lady Baker lost
her child about 20 years ago,
And I bet this might be it.
Let me see the coloring
that you did.
This is good stuff.
So do you wanna spend
the night tomorrow?
We'll watch a movie and keep working
on our graphic novel some more.
Yeah, I guess so.
So you heard about what
happened at school today?
I heard.
What did they say?
Marcus told everyone
that you have a small dick...
And that he beat the shit out of you
in the bathroom for trying to kiss him.
He said
I tried to kiss him?
Yeah. Levi too.
And they told everyone.
I can't believe it.
They didn't even see anything, and
now they're spreading lies about me.
You know Marcus.
He's a dick hole.
I see the lights on in there.
I know you kids are in there.
I told you, boys.
Stay the hell off my property!
It's dangerous!
Get the hell out of there!
I see your shadows moving in
there! I'm gonna come in there!
- Great. Another degenerate nigger.
- Stan!
I'll stop calling them that
when they stop acting like it.
don't listen to him.
So what'd they do to this
little pervert that hit you?
Saturday detention
for two weeks.
That's it?
Marty, if you want to, you can
stay home from school tomorrow.
Give us some time to clean up,
and we'll go rent some movies,
And I'll pick up a pizza for you and
David on my way home from work tomorrow.
You've had a rough day.
No one should have to go
through something like that.
This one seems to be empty.
Yeah, if it's not in there, it's
either lost or stolen. Sorry, kid.
We are off to a
disturbing start to this evening's show.
But people have to know
exactly what I went through that night.
It could happen to anyone.
I mean, those Grays were rough.
Steve, are you awake?
I need a flashlight.
Can I borrow yours?
What the fuck? I thought
I left the goddamn lights on.
Why the fuck do the lights
have to go out tonight?
Because I fucking need
to find something, that's why.
Where the hell is it?
It must have rolled
under the bed.
Come on, come on,
where is it?
Can you handle this?
I can handle
anything you got.
Mom? Dad?
They're not home.
They left for work already.
You look tired.
The storm kept me up all night.
Me too.
Why aren't you
at work?
I'm getting ready to leave.
What time do you think
it is anyway?
I don't know. My clock
was blinking this morning.
It's not even 8:00 yet. You
got the whole day ahead of you.
So, what are you gonna do?
Watch movies. Mom took
me to the video store.
- Get anything good?
- Deep Dwellers and Death Rattlers.
Death Rattlers
is pretty cool.
It's about a motel where guys
go to screw zombie chicks.
Hey, you're bleeding.
What if I hit Marcus back?
What if it just
makes him more mad?
What if it doesn't
hurt him any?
What if it doesn't
hurt him at all?
What if he just keeps
beating me up?
I don't think I can do it.
Don't worry about Marcus.
Today's your day off.
You shouldn't worry
about anything.
Hey, while you're gone, can I
go through your movie collection?
David's spending
the night tonight,
And I was wondering if we could
watch Hellraiser again.
All right, but only
'cause you asked this time.
- Be careful with my shit.
- I will.
If you like Hellraiser,
watch Nightbreed.
It's Clive Barker too. Bunch of freaky
monsters running around in a graveyard.
You'll like it.
This is the
Steve I miss... normal Steve.
Why do there have
to be two Steves?
Come rub some lotion on me.
In a minute.
Man, he'd be jumping
out of that water to rub her down.
This movie's not very realistic.
Maybe she asks him
to rub her down all the time.
Maybe he's tired of it.
Look at her.
How can you get
tired of that?
- Rodney!
- Damn it, woman! What do you want?
Here we go.
Marty! You missed the
boobs. Eh. They'll be back.
Oh, hey, I came up with a
new character... Carnival Sin.
I came up with him
during math class.
Cool. I like it.
Your strap's
kind of in the way.
Then take it off.
Anything happen
at school today?
Not really.
Marcus wasn't
even there.
I have another movie
we can watch after this.
What is it?
Headless. My brother stole
it from the video store.
He stole it?
Is it gross?
I don't know.
I haven't seen it yet.
What's it rated?
This is stupid,
isn't it?
I don't know.
Somebody help me!
No! No!
Help! Help! Help!
Somebody, help me!
Help me!
No, no, no, no!
Please don't!
No, no, no!
Please stop!
Please stop!
That's great.
Oh, no, no!
Your brother's
really sick.
Man, that head
looks so fake.
Are you okay?
This is gross.
You big pussy. Maybe you should
stick to PG-13 horror movies.
Shut up.
At least
that's pretty cool.
- What?
- The makeup.
Oh. Yeah.
Are you shaking?
Yes, you are. You're
scared. No, I'm not.
Little Marty's afraid.
Cut it out.
Just watch the movie.
All right. Just try not
to shit yourself.
Why are you teasing me?
I'm just playing.
Chill out.
The idea that
Steve uses this movie for inspiration...
Makes me feel dirty.
I imagine Steve doing all the
things the killer does in the movie.
What the...
I wonder if he wears a mask.
I wonder if he uses a machete
to kill his victims.
I wonder if he eats their eyes.
Did this movie turn
my brother into a killer?
Will it make me
wanna kill people too?
I think I'm a little
smarter than that.
Besides, I can't even defend myself
against bullies in the school bathroom.
How would I ever have enough courage to
take a knife out and end someone's life?
Weak. Really fuckin' weak.
That was the weakest
horror movie I've ever seen.
It didn't even
have a story.
It's a slasher. It doesn't
have to have a story.
Well, I don't care what it was.
Why in the hell did we watch it?
I thought it was
going to be good.
You thought wrong.
What's wrong with you?
I'm bored.
That's it?
I thought we were
gonna have fun tonight.
I thought we were.
You wanna watch another movie?
I don't think
you can handle another one.
Told you I wasn't scared.
Yeah, you are. You're
lying. No, I'm not.
You couldn't stop shaking
during the whole thing.
Maybe Marcus and Levi
were right.
Maybe you do have a small penis.
What did you say?
I said maybe you do
have a small dick.
Are you crying?
You wanna see something
really scary?
A bowling ball bag?
Are you kidding me?
It's not the bowling ball
bag. It's what's inside.
Like the movie, right? I
guess there's a head in there.
And I guess
you want me to open it.
If you want to.
I'm not making you.
Oh, man.
What did your brother do,
Take a shit in this thing?
Fuck you.
This is the last time
I'll spend the night with you.
Why are you being mean?
You wanna know why?
It's hard being
your friend, Marty.
Everyone makes fun of you.
And when you're not there,
they make fun of me.
You know
what that's like?
Yeah. I know what it's like.
It sucks.
I'm tired of taking up for you.
Nobody asked you to.
'Cause I don't want to be
your fuckin' friend anymore.
I'm not like you, Marty.
I'm not a fag.
Then open the fuckin' bag.
You want me
to fuckin' open it? Fine.
Is that...
You scared?
Please tell me
you're fucking with me.
This is a joke, right?
Steve kills people all the time.
Look at it.
Look at it
or I'll tell Steve.
You know why Steve did this?
Please. I'm sorry.
Because Marcus punched me. He told
lies about me. He was picking on me!
I won't pick on you.
I promise.
I won't tell anyone.
You're just like Marcus.
- I won't do it again.
- Good.
I think
I'm gonna be sick.
Go to the bathroom.
Don't throw up in my room.
I lost my
only friend. My best friend.
When I go back to school
on Monday,
I won't have anyone to talk to.
Not anyone.
Be quiet.
What's wrong?
We were watching a movie
and he started feeling sick.
Are you all right, David?
Can you call my mom?
All right, honey.
I'll be right back.
Go get his things ready.
Heavy Metal ]
His parents are on their way.
Are you okay?
I'm sick.
Thanks for
calling. Come on, David.
Good night.
Good night.
Hope you feel better,
Steve knows.
He knows
that I know his hobby.
He knows that I
know about the heads.
And he knows David knows.
I just hope
Steve won't hurt me.
Why would he? I'm his little
brother. He's my big brother.
It's David that
should have to worry.
But I might
have to worry too.
Nobody is safe...
Not now that Steve knows.
We still going to the movies
this morning?
Okay. You all right?
Yeah. It's just allergies.
What happened to David
last night?
He got sick.
You okay?
You two fighting?
He's gets picked on. He doesn't
want to hang out with me anymore.
That's bullshit.
That kid's no good anyway.
What time is it?
It's about 10 minutes
till the show starts.
Gotta go to the bathroom.
I'm in here.
I'm in here.
Go to another stall.
- Open the stall, Marty.
- Steve?
Open it
or I'll kick it open.
I'm trying to use the
bathroom. Open the fucking door.
Did you tell Dad?
Tell him what?
Don't fucking
play stupid with me.
I didn't tell him anything.
Are you sure?
Have you told anyone?
Nobody. I promise.
You say one more word
and you're dead.
You hear me?
You'll be dead.
What about David?
Did he see it?
Yes. But I warned him.
I told him you'd kill him
if he told anyone.
If he does, he's dead.
I'm not fucking around.
I know you're not.
You really fucked up, kiddo.
You really fucked up.
How long have you known?
How long?
Is there
something wrong?
Mind your own
fucking business.
We're not done.
I'll see you tonight.
Man, that guy's
an asshole.
He's my brother.
Grunting, Groaning ]
It just started.
That reporter said zombies
were going to be everywhere,
And now... zombies are everywhere.
You okay?
My belly hurts.
Try not to get sick in the car.
I can pull over
if you need to, okay?
Don't worry about your car.
I'll be fine.
I'm not worried
about the car, Marty.
Laughter ]
Elizabeth, look at me.
Did you buy the lobster? Yes.
Did you bring it home?
Come on, Marty.
I know you're here.
You always come here.
I can see you.
I just want to talk to you.
Leave me alone!
Just get off.
Get away from me.
I told you a million times not
to go in my room without asking.
I know. I'm sorry.
Have you told anyone else?
No. Just David.
He won't tell anyone.
I told him you'd kill him.
It's not like that.
Then what is it like?
It's the niggers.
It's like Dad says.
They're infesting everything.
The fucking mall,
Mom's church, the factory,
The fucking government.
I can't get away from them.
You probably hate them
as much as I do.
What about Marcus?
He punched you.
But that was just him.
They're all the same.
They're nothing.
They're dirt.
I can't let David
mess things up.
If he says anything,
you know what I have to do.
What about me?
I could never hurt you, Marty.
Thank you
for killing Marcus.
Anything for my little brother.
Hurry up.
We're going to be late.
I don't believe in God anymore.
God wouldn't let one of his
children be treated this way...
Especially me.
I'm always good at church.
I'm always good at school.
I'm quiet and I get
good grades.
And I'm always the one
that gets treated bad.
So how can I believe in God?
Hey, good morning.
How are you?
Good morning. Great, thank
you. Have a wonderful time.
- Hey, Marty, how are you doing?
- I'm fine.
The Biblical
virtue of perseverance...
Is very, very rare today.
It runs counter
to most people's mind-sets.
Perseverance takes a long-term
Rather than focusing
on the immediate present.
Perseverance is patient.
It keeps waiting, it keeps
trusting, it keeps believing,
Even when things
take longer than expected.
Perseverance is important.
Where are you going?
I gotta go to the bathroom.
Well, hurry back.
As well as to
the true nature of God.
I heard about you at school.
It's true, isn't it?
in the midst of trial...
Reveals to us who we are, and it
also reveals to us who God truly is.
Fuckin' homo.
Watch your step.
Does Pastor Donald
know what you are?
Does your mom?
Huh? Answer me.
Say something, faggot.
Fucking little faggot pussy boy.
We have only
to keep believing.
We have only to keep praying.
We have only to persevere.
Stop! Help!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop!
Help! Oh, my God!
You did this!
This is all your fault.
Can't you control your child?
I'm going to
get in trouble for this.
Oh, God.
I'm going to get in trouble,
And I don't care.
Marty, would you like
to talk to me?
Would you like to tell me
what happened out here?
Because we'd
really like to know.
Marty, we're really concerned
for you.
Your mom says you've been
having trouble at school lately.
You really hurt Trevor.
Did you see his face?
He shouldn't have picked
on me and called me names.
Did you ask him to stop?
I ask him every week,
but it doesn't do any good.
Have you told your mom
about this?
No. She doesn't listen.
She doesn't notice
anything important.
Marty, you can't go around
just beating people up...
If they say something
you don't like.
He started it.
Not me.
Two wrongs do not make a right.
You're a smart young man.
You must know this.
Then what was I
supposed to do?
You tell an adult.
That never helps.
But did you even try?
No, because
it doesn't matter.
Marty, we're not out to get you.
We're just trying to make sure that this
never, ever happens again in the future.
Will you promise me the next time someone
does or says anything that hurts you,
You will tell an adult?
Some people say you should
stick up for yourself.
Never with violence. Do you
understand? Never with violence.
You cannot solve your problems
by fighting.
You have to sit down and talk
it out. It's the only way.
Marty, would you...
Do you think you would like
to apologize to Trevor now?
No. He should apologize to me.
It's his fault.
- It's both your faults. You can't...
- No, I'm right.
I finally stuck up for myself
and maybe he won't do it anymore.
And what if it happens again?
Then I'll beat him
into a tree again.
That is not
what I wanted to hear.
Marty, I need to know
that you won't do this again.
I can't tell you that.
It makes me sad...
To see such a young man
so angry.
What do you say?
Like you mean it.
I'm sorry. Do you have
something you'd like to say?
Do it again
and I'll beat you up again.
Come on, let's get out of
here. I can't take this anymore.
- My son apologizes, and your son threatens him?
- What?
I hope you know what kind
of son you're raising.
Get over here right now.
What do you mean, telling her
you'd beat her son up again.
What's wrong with you?
Like you mean it,
young man.
I'm tired of people
always winning and me always losing.
From now on, I'm going
to make sure I always win.
Looking at what I've done
to Trevor makes me feel proud.
Instead of getting hit
and taking it like a wimp,
I stood up for myself
and did some damage of my own.
It may not have been as bad as what
Steve does, but it's good enough for me.
I hope you go to hell.
I have never been
so embarrassed in my life.
You are in big trouble
when we get home, mister.
What was I supposed to do?
Let him keep beating me up?
You didn't have to do
what you did, Marty.
Kids get picked on.
I'm sorry it happens, but it's
not an excuse to attack someone.
You don't know anything. You don't even
know what goes on in your own house.
- What?
- Do you even know how to be a mom?
You messed up Steve
and now you're messing up me.
How dare you.
How dare you
speak to me like that.
She's just
like the rest of them.
But she won't win this time.
She won't see me cry.
I just got off the phone
with Trevor's parents.
Care to explain yourself,
young man?
Because it looks like
you're in some deep shit.
He was picking on me.
So you beat him up?
Yeah, I did.
- Stanley!
- Shut up. Stay out of this.
How did that feel, huh? Did it hurt? No!
You could have killed that boy.
Then what, huh?
What then? I don't care.
He got what he deserved.
You could have
killed that boy.
This ain't a game, Son.
They're probably
gonna sue us,
'Cause his face is cut and
gonna have to have stitches.
This is serious!
No, I'm serious!
I'm tired of people
pushing me around.
Why don't they get in trouble?
Why don't they get smacked?
You guys are assholes.
You don't care about me.
- Don't you hit him again.
- You need to shut your mouth.
No. Marty's been through enough.
Leave him alone.
I don't recall
asking you a goddamn thing.
I'm not kidding, Dad.
Leave him alone
and go back to your TV.
Get the fuck out of here.
You touch me again,
And you'll regret it for
the rest of your fuckin' life.
Oh, really?
What are you gonna do?
Stop! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Get out.
Get out now.
Touch Marty again,
and it'll be a lot worse.
Get out,
and never come back here.
My life is starting
to feel like a horror movie.
But who's the monster?
Is it Dad?
Is it Steve?
Is it me?
Joan from Regal Park,
You're on
Mysteries of the Unexplained.
Am I on? This show is trash.
You are trash! Am I on?
Honey, I'm not sure
what you're on tonight.
You should be ashamed...
and I hope you
suffer when your time comes.
I know you will,
in blood and tears.
And I will look down
on you with no pity.
No pity.
I mean, what if children
listen to this show?
Did you ever stop
to think about that?
Are they asleep?
They went to bed
an hour ago.
Where are you staying? Don't worry
about me. I'll get a motel or something.
What about you?
Have they bothered you
any more?
I just went to sleep
without supper, that's all.
What are you going to do?
I need you to stay
in my room tonight.
I need your bed.
It's stronger than mine.
No, yours is stronger.
I've jumped on both of them.
Mine is really old.
Yours is in better condition.
Why do you need it?
Just stay in there tonight.
But I have school
in the morning.
I just want to sleep
in my own bed.
I'm asking you nicely, Marty.
Just stay in there
Listen to me.
Something is going to happen tonight
that's going to change everything,
And I need you
to stay out of the way.
Because I don't want
to hurt you.
Are you going
to hurt Mom and Dad?
Are you?
They hate us, Marty.
Dad treats you like shit.
Mom treats you like a baby.
Aren't you tired of it?
What are you going to do?
I'm going to free you.
I'm going to free
both of us.
They're bad people, Marty.
But I don't want you
to kill them.
Please don't.
Please don't make this
any harder.
I don't want anything
to happen to you.
I'll call the cops.
Don't even joke like that.
I swear.
They'll lock you away forever.
You wouldn't do that to me.
I'm your brother.
If you were my brother,
you wouldn't do this to me.
You're just like
Marcus and David.
You're just like Dad.
Don't fuck with me.
I need to do this.
I need this.
Get off! Somebody help!
Say one more word
and I'll fucking gut you.
What the hell
is going on out here?
Stay outta this.
Oh, you've got some nerve. You're
not even supposed to be here.
And why are you
out of your room?
I asked you a question.
Leave him alone!
He was just trying
to help his brother.
Oh, piss on that. I'm
calling the fucking cops.
Oh, my God. Stanley.
Stop! Steve!
Please! Don't!
No, Steve!
No! No!
Everything I used
to love about my brother is gone.
This isn't Steve.
This is a stranger
wearing Steve's skin.
And I have to stop him.
I'm trying, Lisa.
Lisa? Lisa.
I'm coming, baby.
Love it.
Love it!
Love it!
I'm coming, honey!
Don't try to talk.
You'll gag.
I'm coming, baby. I'm coming.
Oh, please.
Help! Stanley.
Please! Help me!
Oh, Stanley, help!
Help, Stanley!
Come get me
loose, you piece of shit!
Oh, please, he's going
to kill me, Stanley!
I'm coming, baby. I'm coming!
No! No. No. Please don't.
She's dead, Daddy!
No. Cut me loose, you
piece of shit. Now!
You want to see?
If you ever touch your
mother, I will beat you down.
Do you understand, you
piece of shit?
Say good night to Mommy,
- No!
- No.
You piece of shit!
How could you do that
to your mother?
My, God. I will fucking
kill you!
Come here!
Fight me like a man.
Fight me like a man.
Fight me like a man.
You put oil
on the driveway.
Oil on the driveway.
Oil on the driveway.
My life really
has become a horror movie.
And you know how they end.
You can't understand right now,
But in the morning,
you'll understand.
I'm sorry.
When you're older,
you'll thank me for this.
You'll see.
Everything's going to be okay.
They can't hurt you anymore.
You know, I would never
do anything to hurt you.
I'm your big brother.
I let you borrow my movies.
You deserve to know
what happened.
In the morning,
I'll show you, okay?
I'll show you everything.
Please stop crying.
Please stop crying.
Stop crying.
I didn't make you sad.
I didn't make you cry.
Stop crying!
It's Monday morning.
School will be starting soon.
Will anyone notice I'm gone?
Will they notice
Dad's not at work?
Or that Mom's
not at the office?
I wonder when they will come
search the house.
I try to move
and it hurts all over.
All I can do is wonder...
Wonder when I'll be found.
I look at Mom
and I look at Dad,
And they scream at me
with their empty eyes.
My mind wants to scream
and kick and freak out,
But I keep myself
under control.
If I lose it now,
I might not come back
for a long, long time.
Stuff like this
can really warp a person.