Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror (2022) Movie Script

- We are the unsung.
We are the ones who see everything.
We are the ones who know the truth.
Recently, there's been one
of you causing problems,
And we don't like problems.
At the leftivist,
you called us out.
You sit there watching
as your men are oppressed
and your culture is canceled
right before your eyes,
but you chose to threaten us.
We don't like threats.
You said there would be no
consequences for your actions.
You were wrong.
Jonathan Miller of 100
brook drive in reading,
these are consequences for your actions.
Everybody knows who you are
and where you are now.
And the unsung,
well, we know what to
do with snakes like you.
My unsung heroes,
You have everything you need.
The hunt is on.
Find him.
- Hey, how are you?
- Yeah, not bad, thanks.
The, uh, keys working.
- Yes, finally. Oh, my gosh.
Thanks for getting it fixed for me.
Um, oh, sorry. Are you busy?
- No, no, no, it's okay.
I, uh, just finished.
- Okay, cool.
Um, you hungry?
- Yeah, I'm starving. You?
- Yeah, yeah. - Yeah.
- That's, uh, you want me
to cook something while...
- That would be lovely, yeah.
Feel free. Make yourself at home.
- Okay.
- Should be some stuff in the fridge.
I'll be in, in a second.
- All righty.
- Hey, what's up?
- So, what's with all the cameras?
- Well, there to keep, uh,
you and I safe, you know?
- Safe?
- Yeah.
- I don't really,
I don't think we need that many cameras.
- Well, you know, there's
a lot of expensive stuff here
and I like to keep an eye on everything,
make sure everything's okay when, you know,
we're not here, you know?
It's, it's just something that, uh,
yeah, it makes me feel safer, you know?
- Okay. - That's why I like,
look there's another
little one just up there.
You see? - Mm.
- Okay, I guess I'll just
have to get used to it.
- Hi. - Hi.
Okay. I'm gonna go unpack.
- Okay.
- See ya.
- See you later.
- Hey, bill. What's up, bro?
- Dazzle! Bit of war of nations, mate?
- Yeah. I'll play some won with you.
I kicked your ass last time though.
- Nah, nah, I've been
practicing. I've been practicing.
I'm gonna take you down, man.
- Okay. If you're sure, let's get at this.
- All right. I'll send you an invitation.
- Nice, man. I'll see you in the lobby.
- Right.
Let's have this.
- War of nations.
- Right, here we go.
Let's get under center.
- Conquer the hill.
- Yeah, fucking come on.
- First kill.
- Yeah, I got him. Here we go.
- Fuck!
Oh mate! Did you see the head shot?
- Nicely done.
- Oh, the banshee man,
ready? Flag him, flag him!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I got him.
Boom! Headshot.
- Double kill.
- Ugh, come on.
- Man down. - Ugh, damn it!
- Fuck, I'm dead.
- Bill, where you at, man?
They're coming down the flank side.
- I fucking died.
- Don't worry, just re-spawn and get at it.
- Wait there, I'll be
there in a second, man.
Come on.
- 30 seconds remaining.
- Okay, bro, we've got 30 seconds left.
Let's do this, come on.
- Yeah, come on! - Nice!
Come on.
- Bah, bah! Got him.
- Coming down the right flank now, bro.
- Dodge!
- Kill. - Fucking come on!
- Yo, we got a camper. Top left.
Top left. Go, go, go, go, go.
- Come on, and...
- They're coming down
the center. Let's do this.
- Yeah!
- Game over.
- Geez. That was fucking hard, man.
That was...
- Yeah, but we annihilated them.
- Cheers, dazzle! Cheers.
Uh, dazzle, dazzle!
- Yo, what's up?
- Know that guy you destroyed,
that fucking guy you took down?
- Be more specific, man. I
take people down all the time.
- Oh, what was his name?
Oh, at the leftivist. At the
left, yeah, that was him.
At the leftivist, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I remember.
- Yeah, fucking, , dead.
Gone. Finito.
Expelled from the game.
- What? How?
- Anyway, another game? Reload?
- Yeah, fucking right. Let's do this.
Oh, my god.
That's heavy.
What a loser.
Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
- Hey, baby.
- Oh, hey. I wasn't
expecting to see you today.
- Yeah, I finished work a bit early,
so I thought I should visit you, you know,
maybe do something tonight?
- That's a nice surprise.
- Yeah. What are you doing?
- Oh, it's just, um,
this, this guy that I used
to know back in school,
um, he got bullied a lot and, uh,
like, I tried to help him
out as much as I could.
- Yeah.
- But, uh, just found out
that he took his own life recently.
- I'm so sorry.
Hey, come here.
I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
- I feel so bad, aw.
Um, how about we do something tonight?
- Yeah?
- Yeah, just me and you.
Just spend some time.
We can go to our favorite pizza joint.
- Yeah, we can get the little garlic
breadstick finger things.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that'd be nice.
- Okay, awesome. Um, I'm gonna get ready.
- Okay.
- And you can just, uh,
just feel better, okay?
- Mm-hmm. Okay. - Okay.
- I'll see you in sec, babe.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
Thank you, Jonathan.
- Hey, we're in .
I mean the pub probably doesn't help,
but this will!
Nope, that didn't work
either. It's not my day!
- That did not work at all.
- I tried. I tried.
- Next time. - I tried so hard.
- Do you have any drinks or anything?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
- Okay.
- We got gin.
- Ew, I don't like gin, ew.
- But this is good gin.
- Is it?
- Like, really good gin.
- Okay. I guess I'll make do.
What are you doing?
Shit! Did you forget to
pay the electricity bill?
- No, of course I didn't pay,
no, I definitely paid the electric bill.
- Okay.
- What? What?
- Oh, my god. - What?
What the f...
- What?
- Is that? What the fuck?
- Shit.
- Okay.
- What is going on?
- What the hell was that?
- It was, the wax melt's broken.
What the fuck?
- It's okay.
- How did that even happen?
- Honestly, it's okay.
It's, like, super cheap
anyways. You can just...
- Yeah,
but it looked really nice.
Oh, fuck it.
- Okay, wow, I'm a...
- Mm.
Ah, fuck it. We'll leave
it there 'til the morning.
- Okay.
I'm just gonna get some gin.
- Okay!
- Babe, come on. Come to bed.
We have to finish the party
we just had in the kitchen.
Part 2!
- Ugh!
- Come on, I've got some gin.
- Yeah, I can't argue with that.
Okay! We'll save the
sinister voices 'til tomorrow.
- Save it for tomorrow.
Okay, come on.
- Show me the way.
Almost, yeah, come on.
- I'll have to do
something about the stairs.
You ready for this?
- Conquer the hill.
- Let's go.
- Go, dally, go on.
Come on.
- Here we go, man. Top right,
they're coming out of there.
- Yeah, sure.
- First kill.
- Nice.
- Wounded.
- Did you see that?
- Nope.
I was busy killing this little shit.
- I just stabbed this dude three times
and he's still not going down.
- What the, what's going
on with this game, man?
Oh, it's just boring now, ugh.
- I swear these people are modding.
Noobs everywhere.
- This fucking shit game,
I've had enough of this.
- Oh, by the way,
you know those security
cameras I've got around the place?
And there's videos of weird,
moving objects and stuff, yeah?
- What, what are you on about?
- Man down.
- Fuck's sake, I'm down again.
It's, it's like a flash or something,
but it looks like a face.
Like, like a screaming face.
- What?
What are you talking about, man?
You're fucking losing it.
- Nah, I swear to you,
I'm telling the truth.
Let me send it.
- All right. Come on then.
Send it over. I wanna see this.
- Yeah, definitely.
Okay, right.
All right, I'm closing out of it now.
- Game over.
- Right, where did I put it?
- Come on then.
- Okay. Right, I'm sending it!
- Right, okay.
Let's just open that.
What am I looking at?
- Take it back, man.
There's, there's a flash.
- Nah.
What? Nah, man there's nothing there.
- Like, five-ish seconds
in, there's a flash.
You pause it and there's a face.
Like, a screaming face.
- Right, I see a light.
Hmm. Okay, I guess there's something there.
- Thank you, right?
- Nah, nah, man.
You're fucking losing it still.
I, I dunno. I dunno.
I think you need to record more, man.
Just, you know, you might get something.
- Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right.
- Yeah, I'd say keep
recording, you paranoid fuck.
- Yeah, laters.
- Mm.
All right.
Show me what's going on.
Camera's set.
- So, is this your plan
for the rest of the day?
- Um, yeah, pretty much.
I'm gonna find out what's going on.
- Okay, well I'm gonna go out, so...
See ya.
- Oh, okay, cool. Have fun!
- Yeah, you too.
- Mm.
- Bye, love you. Bye.
- Yeah, looks good.
Not getting away from me.
- Kill.
- Kill.
- So I wake up, come in the bathroom
to check out what was going
on last night, and look at this.
Yeah, real funny.
- Yeah?
- Wha-what is this?
- I don't know. You tell
me, what is this?
- Well, that's what I was gonna ask you.
- Yeah, um, I used to sleep
walk, like, a long time ago,
but I got it all taken care of.
I got help for it.
- You never told me that.
- Yeah. It's not that big of a deal.
It's just, I got it taken care of.
We're good. We're good now.
So I mean. I mean, what does that even say?
It's that "troll?"
- You tell me, you're
the one that wrote it.
That's better.
- Hello, my unsung heroes.
Today, I come to you with sad news.
The toy company Lazro,
a longstanding staple in our country,
a symbol for longevity,
a symbol for power,
they've finally fallen.
You see, Lazro, if you don't know,
they're responsible for
airing the series "power men"
for on one of our mainstream TV channels.
Unfortunately, they've
given in to the PC agenda.
They changed the
longstanding title of "power men"
to "power people."
How could do this?
How could we allow this to happen?
Changing the title of "power
men" to "power people"
is thereby removing the power of men.
I mean, where do we go after this?
What happens next?
Are men no longer allowed to...
What's going on?
Okay, let's try this again.
My unsung heroes,
today, I bring you sad news.
A longstanding institution in our country,
the toy company Lazro,
that aired the amazing
series the "power men,"
have finally given in to the PC agenda,
and have been forced to
change the name of the show
to the "power people."
This is removing power from men.
At what point do we say enough is...
Why? Why are you not working?
Everything's fine.
Okay. Let's try this one more time.
- My unsung heroes,
today, I bring you sad news.
The toy company Lazro,
the producers of the long-running
TV show the "power men,"
have finally been toppled by the PC...
What the fuck is happening?
Very funny.
Yeah, good job.
Great, good job.
Well done. Very funny.
You can turn a light on and
off in the middle of the day.
You need to come up with
something better than this.
Oh, shit.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Fuck's sake, you fucking prick!
What the fuck?
What the fuck is going on?
Enough! Ah!
What now?
Oh! Ah!
Oh, shit!
Leave me alone!
- Being a perv.
- I mean, a guy can't
make a mistake? Like...
- What the fuck, gosh. Okay.
Him groping a woman,
that's a mistake to you?
- Well, uh, he gets really drunk, right?
He's also a very tactile person
and he's also really boisterous.
Sometimes that comes out
in, you know, different ways.
- Oh, my gosh. Okay, um...
Did he not learn from the whole, you know,
the past year or so, of women coming out?
No, nothing, none of that,
none of that stuff rings a bell to him?
- Is his time up now?
No, no, I'm joking. I'm
kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
Like it's...
- Next time, next time he's here.
- Yeah.
- Okay? Make sure he's
not anywhere near me.
In fact, I don't want him
anywhere in this house
when I'm around, okay?
- Okay, all right, that's
fair enough. Okay.
- Cool.
- Hey.
- What?
No, just...
- Kill.
- Kill.
Do it now!
- Nat, Nat, what the fuck?
What the fuck was that about?
- What, what happened? What...
- Oh, no.
- What happened?
- The fuck!
- Wha-wha...
What, what happened? I...
- I just woke up to you choking me
and now there's fucking "incel"
written on the fucking bathroom mirror.
- I'm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
I-I-I promise. I thought
I'd taken it care of.
I'm, I'm sorry. I...
I didn't mean to hurt you. I...
- You didn't hurt me, it's fine.
It's not fine.
It... - I'm sorry.
Just, just come back to bed.
It's okay. Just come back to bed.
- Can you just go and sleep
on the sofa downstairs tonight, please.
- Please, I'm, I'm
sorry, darryll. I'm sorry.
- Yeah, I get, I know you are.
I know you are. - I'm sorry.
- I know you are. I know you are.
But it's just gonna be safer
if you go sleep on the sofa downstairs.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
- Yeah, I know.
- Razzle dazzle! - Hey, bill, mate!
- All right. - How you doing, Billy boy?
- Yeah, I'm good, all good.
Same, same old, you know?
- Nice, right. Gimme two secs.
- All right.
- Make yourself at home.
- Oh yeah, mate, you know
I always do, you know me.
Oh, fuck. It's his seat, isn't it?
Jesus, he gets all funny
about those bloody seats.
- You always take my seat.
- Yeah, I know, I forgot.
All right. What we got
going on here then, mate.
What's this?
- So, this is what I've been doing
for the past couple of days.
Watching the cameras so
that I can see what's going on
and trying to check for, uh,
more strange phenomena.
- Thrilling. Okay.
Right. Let's give it a go.
- So, all the cameras are set up there.
Different screens, different
cameras around the house.
- Yep.
- Trying to catch something going on.
- I can see that.
- Well, yeah, but, just in case.
- I'm gotta get rid of all these, mate.
I'm make, I'm making a comeback.
- You better?
- Yeah, yeah, you need to-
- oh. The power of three.
- Fuck off. - Aw!
- I got, I-I gotta pick all that up?
- Aw, yeah.
- Fuck you.
- Yeah.
- Fucking shit. Fucking hate
this game anyway, stupid game.
- Oh, you picked up so
that means I get to lay again.
- I'm going to the pub,
man. Let's go to the pub.
I'm bored of this.
- What? But I...
Thought we could stay there for, like,
a few more hours, like, just in case.
- What, watching this shit?
- Well, yeah, man. We're
sinister voice hunting.
- No, man. We are staring at
the screen, watching nothing.
- Yeah.
- Pub. Pub, pub, pub, pub, pub, pub, pub.
Come on, this is fucking boring, man.
You spent two days, two days
watching this screen
with nothing happening!
- Yeah, all right, fair enough.
- Yes! Come on. - All right, okay.
All right. - Let's go!
- Let's finish these.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
Mm, lovely.
- Yeah, a bit wet that one.
We're going to the pub
we're going to the pub
- Yep, we're going to the pub.
Come on, man. Hurry up!
Oh, all right?
- Hey, bill. How are you?
- Yeah, hm?
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm good.
- How's your day been?
- Mm, yeah.
- Come on.
- Hey!
- How you doing?
- Good. Um, I thought
I was cooking tonight.
- Uh, yeah, I, uh, I've
been looking forward to that.
I thought it was later on.
- No, it was after work, so right now.
- Okay, um, we were literally
just heading out for one pint
and then, uh...
- Okay. - We'll be back.
- I can just, no, it's fine. I can just go.
- No, no, it's okay. No, no, no, it's okay.
You stay, we'll be back in,
well, I'll be back in, in, I
don't know, half an hour, tops?
And then we can eat together.
That would be, that would be really nice.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Guess I'm just staying here tonight.
- Okay, cool. Right, we'll see you soon.
Well, I'll, I'll see you soon.
You can get the dinner on the table, yeah?
- Yes.
- Bye!
Pub, pub, pub.
- Hello!
- Hey.
- How you doing?
- Good. How are you?
- I am, yeah,
I'm good, thank you.
What you've been doing?
- Just watching movies, all night.
- What did you watch?
- Um, just a Disney
film. Couple Disney films.
- Oh. Oo, oop.
Hello. - How was it?
Hey. How was the pub?
- Mm, it was good, thank you.
Bill was, like, super well
behaved, like, perfect gentleman,
so that was good.
- I'm glad.
- Mm.
Mm, thank you by the way.
- For what?
- Mm, for being so understanding.
- Yeah. Yeah, anything...
Actually, nothing happened on the cameras.
- No?
- Yeah, nothing weird.
- Nothing?
- Mm-hmm.
- Not even like a "oo"?
- Um, yeah, I'm actually kind of tired
so I'm gonna go to bed.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You don't want to stay up
and watch some films with me?
- I've watched so many,
honestly, so you know what?
You enjoy the night. I'm gonna go to bed.
- Mm-Kay. Night night.
- Good night.
- Love you.
- Good night.
- Mm.
Mm, mm.
Bill, mate, what's wrong?
You seem pretty angry.
- Oh, man, daz.
Jesus, man.
Right, so, fucking listen to this, man.
So I went to the pub, right?
Went to the pub the other day,
and there was this phat bird.
She was, oh, she was
absolutely stunning, she was.
- Oh, yeah?
- Nice. You know, done up to the nines.
Fucking beautiful.
So I give her a little, you
know, tap on the arse,
you know, as you do, 'cause
fucking why not, you know?
Anyway, crazy-ass bitch turns around,
and fucking starts shouting me,
"you can't do that. I'm
not a piece of meat,"
you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, shouting,
and the whole pub's
looking at me at this point.
It's, it's, it's really
embarrassing sort of thing.
It's like, why'd you
dress up like that, man?
Why, why, why you...
If don't want to get
little bit of male attention,
you know, you don't, -
exactly, you put it away.
- You don't dress up like that, you know?
Fucking, fuck her.
So anyway, right. Listen to this, right.
So I, I left the pub obviously,
'cause I'm embarrassed as shit,
and I, I followed her home.
I just, you know, just to see
where she lived and stuff.
- Okay.
- Turns out, she only
lives around the corner,
and, uh, I'm trying, I'm
thinking, let's do our thing.
You know, let's expose her.
Not expose her like that way,
you know, nothing like that.
Uh, you know, you know,
fucking put some shit in letter box
and you know, throw a brick at her.
Fuck her! You know, come on.
- That's not really
the kind of stuff we do.
We can't be physically be putting shit
through someone's letter box or,
you know, throwing a brick at someone.
If we do things physically, we get caught.
- Not brick at her. I mean,
through the window, you know.
- Either way, what we do is different.
We're going against people
that undermine us socially.
- You never let me pick any of the targets.
You're fucking, you're always the one that,
"I'm in charge and I..."
- You know. - What are we gonna achieve?
- "What I say goes," you know?
- Look, I understand that.
But we're fighting against an agenda.
- Well, I wanna pick someone.
It's my turn to pick someone.
- We expose people online.
We don't do physical shit in real life.
That has consequences.
We can't expose her for that.
- Right, right, right.
- Even if she did react
in some stupid way.
- Whatever.
Right, you know, think about it.
She wasn't even all that fit, mate.
She wasn't, she wasn't,
no, fucking, you know,
I wouldn't, I wouldn't actually, you know,
I didn't even fancy her
that much, to be fair.
- There you go.
- Feminists, where they get off on it?
Feminists, you know, you can't do anything.
You know, you're not even
gonna be able to touch-
what, what, what, what the? - What's next?
- Wha-wha-what's going on? Fucking...
- Bill? Bill, what are you playing at?
Bill, for god sake, gets some water, man.
Bill, stop fucking around, man.
- You okay?
- No, not really.
- I'm sorry. Here, come here.
- I'm...
It's crazy, you know?
Like, I'm talking to him one minute,
and then the next minute,
he's choking and splattering.
And then we find out he had a heart attack.
And you know what I
said to him at the time?
I thought he was coughing.
I thought he was choking.
And I was like, "grab some water."
Now he's fucking dead.
- Darryll, who was, who was, bill?
Um, was he, was he a good guy?
I-I just heard from people
that he was, you know,
kind of like on the wrong side of history.
- On the wrong side of history.
that supposed to mean?
- Well, like, the other week
when we were at the pub,
he was, you know, assaulting women.
Do you remember that?
When he was groping them,
touching them, flirting with them?
- You know, I've known bill,
I knew bill since he was a teenager, right?
Sometimes he drinks a little bit too much.
Sometimes he goes a little bit too far.
Sometimes he gets overly flirty.
Doesn't make him a bad person, does it?
- No. Um...
The drinks don't make
him a bad person at all, no.
Uh, it's just his actions.
His actions do.
I just, I just wanna know, like...
I feel like he really didn't like me.
He didn't like me at all.
Is it 'cause I'm a woman or i-i...
- Oh, come on.
He's not some sort of
misogynist fucking Nazi, is he, Nat?
- I didn't say he was a Nazi. I...
- That he's a bit weird around you,
because for ages, it's been me and bill,
and then for the last,
you know, six months,
he's not seeing me as often, so.
- Okay, I feel like that's
just hard to believe
that he just is jealous
of our relationship.
I don't think that's what happens.
I don't think that's what happened.
- And you think now is the
time to bring this up, do you?
Today of all days? Right now?
- Yes, yes, right now. I need to know.
I need to know who, who your friend was.
- I'll tell you who he was.
He was bill.
He was caring and his
heart was in the right place.
Even if he did fuck up sometimes.
- Just tell me. Honestly, honest, just...
- I'm sick and fucking tired of this, Nat.
We've already spoken about the pub.
I thought this was done and dusted.
I don't understand why you
wanna keep bringing it up.
Fuck's sake!
- Mate, it's just not the same without you.
Oh, come on. Man the fuck up.
This is not something to cry over.
What would bill have wanted?
That's what bill would have wanted.
- My unsung heroes,
today is somber day.
Today, we remember.
We remember those who have
given everything for our cause.
In this game of cat and mouse,
there will be casualties.
Casualties for our cause.
Men who have given the lives for us
so that we may continue.
Today, we remember.
We remember our fallen heroes.
We remember the fallen
soldiers of the unsung.
It is time.
It is time for us to say, enough.
We cannot go living in this PC-mad,
male-hating world anymore.
It is time for us to strike back.
It is time for us to
take back what is ours,
and it is time for us to remember
those who have fallen for our cause.
- What the fuck are you...
- What the fuck are you doing, dude?
- You're just like bill. I...
You, oh, my gosh, I'm leaving.
I'm getting the fuck outta here.
You're just like...
- Wait. Nat, wait!
Nat, wait! What, Nat!
Come on!
Voicemail. Are you kidding me?
Right, you, you can't
pick up the phone now?
I'm, I'm sick and tired of this.
I don't understand why you're acting
like such a spoiled, little brat.
Look, when you're,
when you're ready to apologize to me
for the way that you left, call me.
- Kill her.
- Just go away.
Just leave me alone.
- Kill her.
- Fuck off.
Oh, come on.
- Kill her.
I play some won. Yeah.
I can't hear him if I'm
playing this.
I'm okay.
Here we go.
- War of nations.
Okay. I'm doing it.
Here we go.
- Conquer the hill.
- Okay, here we go.
Catch me if you can
run to right stand
jump in my
- First kill.
- Fuck you.
Catch me if you can
it's so inviting
fast as you can
catch me if you can
see how I disband
it's all in my plan
- Double kill. - Yes!
Don't you wanna see
what we can come too?
Don't you wanna see
what we can come too?
Catch me if you can
- No! No!
No, fuck this. No, no, no.
You can fucking send this to...
- Hey! What did you just say about
going back under a bridge?
- Get that camera out of my face, mate.
- No, I'm recording you.
- You're a fucking troll.
Go and live under your bridge.
You're scum, mate. You're scum.
Will you stop it already.
- You don't need to
throw a can at me, do you?
- Well, it seemed like
the best thing to do.
You are trash.
- I've, I've just
been assaulted by this man
in, in the streets all because
he's thinks - you keep trying
to create drama.
- He is so much better than me.
- Just trying to create
drama out of nothing.
- Well, I'm not the one
who threw a can at me, am I?
- This is fucking old.
- So, what are you...
- What are you
gonna d... Why? Why?
What was the point in that?
Wha-what are you getting from this, huh?
- What am I getting from it?
- What? Is that it?
- Just a little bit of satisfaction.
What are you getting from all of this?
Has to resort to violence.
- Will you just stop it already.
- No, I'm recording you.
- I have enough of you.
- I'm going
to report you for this.
- I've absolutely had enough
of you. - You just assaulted me
in the street by throwing
an object. - Assaulted you?
Are you serious?
- Yes!
- God damn. Ah, you are
relentless, you know that?
- Yeah, I am.
Yeah, 'cause I've just
been attacked by someone.
- Attacked, attacked? I threw...
I'm sorry. In my opinion, I
just threw a can in the rubbish.
Can you go and just
fucking kill yourself, mate?
- Whoa. All right, that's it.
No, I'm not having that.
I'm fucking reporting you.
That's a threat on my life.
Fucking snowflake.
Ah, how the fuck?
Can't even fucking go outside anymore
without fucking people doing shit to me.
I should have fucking knocked him out.
Should have fucking
gone down to that level.
Who wants to message me?
- We are the unsung.
I am strong boy, a strong man, mommy.
Well, I think we're all pretty tired
of that at the moment, aren't we?
Darryll Williams, our new doxing king,
turns out he can't actually take,
well, what he's been doing to other people,
now can he?
You know what?
Through my entire career of this,
I have never seen someone as pathetic
and attention-grabbing as darryll Williams.
And I say his name with emphasis,
so you can take a look at it,
because darryll Williams,
the person who made someone kill themselves
and really thought he was
the biggest man in town,
turns out he's not.
And you know what?
We always expect these
men in their basements,
who have the mommies and stuff,
and clearly, Darryll's
got some mommy issues.
- Who the fuck are you? - "Power men"
to "power people?"
It's a name. Darryll, it's a name.
- That's fucking rich. - And you what?
You're whole little spiel on it,
it doubled their viewings.
- Probably someone who probably thinks
it's fucking fine - because men like you,
to kill babies. - Are pathetic.
You have fragile masculinity,
and women don't like men like you.
Or did the whole thing
with your girlfriend,
seeing you and running off in horror,
is that what you are?
- How fucking dare you.
- Did that not do it for you?
Aw, did it make it shrivel down?
Aw, darryll Williams,
you're the biggest man
in town. - Fuck you, you little whore.
- What the fuck do you know?
- Because no one wants to
be near someone like you.
And men like, you're ,
so enjoy. - I have enough of this.
You fucking...
- Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
- No, not again.
No, not again. Enough
with the fucking lights.
I'm trying sleep. Enough!
No! - Kill yourself.
- Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Not the voices! Not the voices!
I've had enough of this!
- Kill. - Leave me alone!
No! - Kill yourself.
- No! - Kill.
- I've had enough - kill yourself.
- Of these voices!
Leave me alone!
- Kill yourself. - Enough! Stop, please!
- Kill.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself now!
- Fine!
- Kill yourself.
- See, I'm doing it.
- Kill
- my unsung heroes... - Yourself.
- Kill yourself.
- I have been driven, - kill yourself.
- Driven to madness.
- Kill yourself.
- I'm finally being canceled.
Do I deserve this?
- Kill yourself.
- Shut up!
- No. - Kill yourself.
- But here we are.
Another one of us has
been driven to their wits,
and by the agenda of the fucking left.
Is this what you want?
Is this what you want me to do, huh?
- Kill yourself.
- Fine.
- Kill yourself.
- So be it.
- Kill yourself.
- I'll join the rest of our fallen heroes
because I cannot go on anymore like this.
I can't live in this
world with these people
t-that get away with this,
this constant confounding shit!
- Do it!
- I leave the rest of the fight to you.
- Do it now!
- Fine, you want me to do it now,
I'll fucking do now, fine!
- Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself.
Do it!