Founders Day (2023) Movie Script

[BlueFinch Film Releasing
music theme]
[Mainframe music theme]
[ominous music]
[church bell tolls]
[car motor revving]
[bat hits mailbox]
- Whoo!
- [rock music]
Mother fucker!
No one could ever
Stop us now
[Harold] Halloween
was yesterday, Melissa.
[Nancy] Harold.
[Harold] Just look at her!
[Melissa] Don't look at me.
[Harold] Oh, right.
You do all of this to blend in?
You're such an asshole.
[Harold] Why don't you
look in the mirror, honey?
You look like a...
[Melissa] Like a what?
- Like a what, Dad?
- [Harold] It is very important
how we present ourselves
right now.
[Melissa] Like a lesbian?
- [Harold] Oh, come on.
- [Melissa] Fuck you.
[Harold] I don't care
who you like.
- [Melissa scoffs]
- [Harold] We all just have to
- package ourselves.
- [Melissa] Package ourselves.
Yeah. Right.
You really think
that I want to wear
red and blue neckties every day?
You really think that that's my,
- that's my personal go-to?
- Jesus. And you wonder why
Adam takes extra shifts.
Okay, everyone, just calm down.
Believe it or not, Melissa,
it matters
what people think about you.
And the story that
you're telling right now
reflects poorly on me
and this campaign.
Well, we couldn't have that.
[car engine approaching]
[door opens]
Where are you headed, honey?
I've got some cookies!
Fuck you.
Hey, Ted.
[car door closes]
[unsettling music]
["Number One"
by Robin Loxley]
[gear shifts]
Why do you even bother?
'Cause I don't like loose ends.
Plus, it's low-key interesting.
Did you know
- that designated survivors...
- Please stop.
Two minutes.
Keep the car running.
I like this song.
[clicks tongue] Wish me luck.
[both chuckle]
- [campaigners rallying]
- [car door opens, closes]
You're losing yourself
Face it
You're just
Looking out
For yourself
Face it
Thank you!
[Adam] Okay, thanks.
You're just
One, please.
Oh, sorry, we're closed.
No. What are you doing here?
You know the...
the party's tomorrow night.
Shut up! God.
- No, no, no. No.
- No, no.
Come on.
Dude, I've had to hear
this shit for, like, years.
You said you picked up the...
Yes. Check the booth.
Thanks for the idea.
She's gonna love it.
Are you sure you don't
wanna help me close up?
Please, just for
old times' sake?
Sorry, Adam,
I don't work here anymore.
[Adam groans]
[door closes]
[Allison clears throat]
[Rob] No one asked
you, Faulkner.
Listen, dude.
- I'm the manager...
- Manager?
- ...and customers...
- Oh, wow.
- don't need to see you...
- Just because your old man
isn't here tonight doesn't mean
you all of a sudden...
- hey, yo!
- ...when they come out here...
She's mine now.
I figured your Ivy League head
would be able to
comprehend that.
No, Rob.
He's right.
Thank you.
- You got it?
- [Allison] Yeah.
Okay, cool.
See you tomorrow.
Say hi to Melissa for me.
[door opens]
[campaigners rallying]
[protester] Change!
We need change!
Hey... Gladwell.
[campaigner] Gladwell sucks!
[campaigners protesting
Wanna walk?
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
[insects chirping]
Me and my dad were talking
about Raleigh and he...
Just do me a favor
and skip to the part
where you tell me
how it'd all be
if things were different.
Hometown girl
goes to the big city.
I know how that story ends.
Okay, first of all,
Raleigh is not a big city.
You know you don't have to go.
- Melissa.
- Just ride out senior year.
I know your future
isn't here or with me, but...
What is that supposed to mean?
I'm not like you, Allison.
I'm landlocked to this town.
Look, I know we're not
gonna be together forever,
but could we at least
pretend for a few more months?
Just till the end of summer?
Or at least graduation?
[soft music]
This is the straightest
thing you've ever done.
It was your brother's idea.
[both laugh]
- [padlock clicks]
- [Allison] Here?
- [Melissa] Yep.
- What are you doing?
- Stop.
- [Melissa] Just stay still.
- I have an idea.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- [padlock locks]
[Allison] Oh, yeah,
that's perfect.
Now you're really
not going anywhere.
Please stay.
Melissa, I told you...
I... I know, but...
Don't make this harder
than it already is.
I love you, Allison.
I just... I, uh...
You know how hard it is for
me to talk about my feelings.
And you know how much
I care about you.
So then say it back!
And stay.
[sedan revving]
[shouts] Are you looking
for a show, asshole?!
[unsettling hum of sedan]
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Melissa, stop!
Hey, come on out, bro!
Yeah, we're up each other's
pussies right now.
I can't believe
you're missing it.
[Allison] Melissa. Come back.
[Melissa breathing hard]
[Allison] Melissa,
please come back here.
It's probably just Tyler
jerking off in the woods.
[Allison screaming]
Melissa! No!
Ah, no, no, no, no!
- [Founder battering with gavel]
- [Allison] Oh, no! Stop!
[ominous music]
No! Melissa!
[Melissa] No, please stop!
- [Founder batters with gavel]
- [screams]
Melissa! Melissa!
Get away from me!
[campaigners clamoring]
Four years!
Four years you had
to change this fucking town.
Who is that?
[Allison screams]
Allison Chambers?
They killed her!
- What?!
- They killed her!
Killed who?
They killed Melissa!
They killed Melissa!
I got her. I got her.
- She's on our side.
- Back the fuck off.
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Get off of me!
Get off! They killed her!
[intense, ominous music]
[dramatic music]
[DJ] [VO] It's WLST,
looks like you got
another chilly morning
here in Fairwood.
Thanks for starting
the day with us.
Hey, did anyone drive down
Main Street last night?
Looks like things
are really heating up
in the race for mayor.
We're just days away
from going to the polls
and I wanted to
open up the conversation.
Caller 1,
you're Team Gladwell.
Tell me why.
[caller 1] [VO] Listen,
it's about consistency.
Gladwell's been steering
the ship steady for four years.
We don't need some
blowhard coming in here
and rocking the boat.
[DJ] [VO] All right. That seems
to be the crux of the argument
from the Gladwell camp.
Caller 2, you've got
the opposite stance.
[caller 2] [VO] Yeah, lady,
you can call names all you want,
but you know you're just
threatened by his energy.
[caller 1] [VO] [scoffs]
That is so typical.
[DJ] [VO] All right, all right.
Hang on a second,
let's hear him out.
- [caller 1] [VO] You have any...
- My man Faulkner has fresh ideas
and he's not afraid
to ruffle some feathers.
That's someone who's actually
going to get things done.
[caller 1] [VO]
And you're telling me
Blair Gladwell
hasn't gotten anything done,
- is that what you're saying?
- Half of my tax dollars
- towards her pantsuit collection?
- [caller 1] [VO] Oh...
[caller 2] [VO] No.
[DJ] [VO] All right, let me ask this.
- This is the real question.
- [caller 1] [VO] Oh, my God.
[DJ] [VO] Why do you think
the opposition
is so strongly in support
of their candidate?
Clearly, you both got
a lot of passion behind you.
[caller 1] [VO]
Well, that's easy.
He's a used car salesman,
[caller 2] [VO]
A lot of businesses,
people would say he's
a successful businessman.
[caller 1] [VO] Oh, okay. Yeah,
he gets people all excited
about being outside the system.
[caller 2] [VO]...knows
how to get things done here.
[caller 1] [VO]
He doesn't have a single clue.
[caller 2] [VO] Gladwell,
that baby is a cult leader.
[DJ] [VO] All right,
all right, all right.
I gotta throw it over
to weather.
We'll keep this going
after the break.
If you want to jump
into the conversation,
509152 WLSand Happy Founders Day.
I miss you missing me
Like you used to yeah
Like you used to [ah]
I miss you kissing me like you
Used to like only you do [ah]
You know the good things
Are never as good as the bad
And your love is better than
Anything I've ever had, oh
- [bell ringing]
- I miss you missing me
[Mr. Jackson]
And following construction
of the governing chambers
and Saint John's Church,
Fairwood was granted township
by the General Assembly.
Which is actually the reason
for this weekend's celebration.
And it's a big one,
the tricentennial. Hm?
But you know
what's more important
is actually what we celebrate
after Founders Day;
on Tuesday, hm?
Anybody tell me what it is?
It's an easy one.
All right.
All right, everybody.
Let's, uh...
let's have a little talk.
I know there's
a lot of speculation,
I know there's a lot of
rumors going around,
people got stories
in their head,
but let's not jump to
any conclusions
- until we...
- [Tyler snores]
Good morning, Mr. Allen!
Care to hazard a guess
to the answer?
Or possibly the question?
[Britt chortles]
You tryna throw hands, old man?
[Britt laughs]
[Mr. Jackson] No, in fact,
that was not the question.
But I do hope to find
this level of passion
in your research papers...
[continues faintly]
[message sent]
[message beeps]
[soft, unsettling music]
[Britt] More my type than yours,
don't you think?
I mean, I get dumping
the competition's son, but...
Adam ended it.
Not me.
Was that before or after
his sister broke up with
Michael Myers out there?
Will you please shut up?
Pop a Xanax, Gladwell.
[Mr. Jackson] All right,
all right, all right.
Everybody, listen.
I know what you need.
A little Rebuttal Tennis.
[students groan]
No, no, no, no,
you know you love it.
Adam, Lilly, to the front.
And in honor of
the upcoming election...
[map rolls upward]
Better a cautious commander
than a rash one.
Lilly, you're for.
Adam, you're against.
Winner gets a treat
from the scales of justice.
Loser gets extra homework
and it's going
to be really hard.
Impulsive choices
lead to chaos.
Impulsive choices save lives.
Any unconsidered option
leaves untapped potential.
which is why being decisive
is such an important thing...
Haste makes waste.
Discussion is more
important than...
Action defines a leader.
Please, please.
Stop interrupting.
You'll never understand what the
other person is actually saying.
History books
tell you what somebody did,
not what they talked about.
Well, if someone doesn't
have all the information
before they cut someone out,
then I'm pretty sure
the history books
are going to say they were
really petty and stupid.
[students murmur]
[knock on door]
[door opens]
Excuse me, Mr. Jackson.
Sorry to interrupt.
That's all right, Finn.
Welcome back to room 102.
What can I do for you?
[buzzer blaring]
- [Thomas] Excuse me, I...
- [Harold] Thomas.
- [Thomas] Hey.
- [Harold] Hey...
We don't know much yet.
Neither do they.
Is Melissa, she...
It's not looking good.
- [Harold] Adam!
- It's not.
I tried to reach you
all night on the phone.
[Nancy] Harold!
We're hopeful.
There's still a lot
to learn, they say.
Allison? How is she?
She probably shouldn't
have taken Melissa out
on a date last night,
- I'll tell you that!
- [Adam] Dad!
- How's...
- [Nancy] She's fine, Thomas.
They just brought her in
for questioning.
[Thomas] Thank you.
[distant radio chatter]
It'll be fine.
[Comr. Peterson tapping pen]
That's an...
oddly specific weapon.
Any other details
you can think of?
Strange details?
Allison, I know this is
uncharted territory for you,
and... for what it's worth,
it is for me, too.
Sleepy town's kind of my thing.
we're gonna work on it.
You, me, and the boys here.
And we're gonna find him.
[door opens]
Honey. Hey, hey.
- Hey, hey, hey. [shushes]
- [Allison] I... [sobbing]
[Thomas] Are you okay?
I'm so sorry I wasn't here.
It's okay. It's okay.
Mr. Chambers?
We haven't formally met.
Sorry it's under
these circumstances.
I'm Judith Peterson.
[Thomas] So, um...
what do we know?
- We don't know shit!
- [Simon] Larry.
I'm sorry, but it's true.
You know it, I know it,
and soon the whole damn town
is gonna know it.
We have to follow
Blair's lead here!
You're worried about
losing the deposit...
Enough. This is devolving.
Oliver, are we ready to
go to a vote?
Still missing Len Jackson.
School doesn't
get out till three.
- He'll abstain.
- Noted.
All right, everyone.
I've said my piece.
All those in favor?
[paper rustles]
All right, Blair.
Looks like this one's on you.
[door opens]
Oh, excuse me,
this is a closed...
You can't honestly be
considering doing this.
Mr. Faulkner,
I am so sorry for your loss.
Blair, I swear to God...
Calm down, Harold.
[Harold] A town festival.
A family festival, huh?!
With a mass killer
running around it.
Respectfully, I think that's
a gross oversimplification.
Mr. Faulkner, I'm sorry,
but this really is council only,
so if you could just...
I think I have every right
to weigh in here, kid.
Thank you.
How did you even know
this was happening?
Janet told me.
Sorry, Blair.
[disbelieving gasp]
Thank you, Janet.
All right, everyone, clear out.
All right, you heard the mayor.
Let's go.
Move. Go. Let's go.
Tread lightly, Faulkner.
You think you're so smart?
Not as smart as you.
[door closes]
I see right through you.
Harold, I am trying to be
a beacon of unity
for our town right now.
In these especially difficult
times, Founders Day...
Don't you dare lecture me
about unity and Founders Day.
Harold... I am deeply
sorry about your daughter.
And I assure you
we will get to the bottom of it.
But don't think that means
you can come into my office
and posture like this.
It's embarrassing...
for both of us.
[nameplate thuds]
[breathes deeply]
You're doing the right thing.
He's going to leverage this.
I already know it.
And we're prepared for that.
Nothing garners sympathy
like a dead kid.
[Oliver chuckles]
Any wandering eyes?
[sighs] Clear.
[lighter clicking]
Do you think he did it?
Nothing. It's stupid.
Uh, incoming.
Oh. Lilly, honey.
Why aren't you in school?
I get off two periods early
on Fridays. Remember?
We were gonna go for lunch.
Oh, yeah.
Of course I do.
I'm so sorry, sweetheart.
- Just so much going on here.
- Yeah.
I don't know if you heard.
I heard.
Yeah, we all did.
You still have that
mace I gave you
for your birthday, right?
That's my girl. [chuckles]
[bell ringing]
[items clattering]
Help! Help me!
Get off her!
Get off of me!
[students screaming]
[all scream]
[Tyler laughs]
[Tyler] So good. So good.
So good.
What the hell...?
Jesus Christ! Get up!
Get up, both of you.
Relax, Jackson. It's a joke.
Saturday. Nine a.m.
One minute late
and you're suspended.
- What?!
- That's not fair.
This isn't a democracy.
Get the fuck up
and apologize to Allison.
Right now.
- Ah!
- [laughs]
Two Saturdays.
- [Tyler] Ow!
- [Britt] Shit.
Are you okay?
You know, people
keep asking me that.
[emotional music]
It was due today.
I know, but under
the circumstances, I really...
You know,
I'll never understand
why you never got involved
in student government.
Never saw the point.
No one else cares.
Why should I?
- [Mr. Jackson] Hmm...
- [inhales deeply]
[Mr. Jackson] Well...
I'm gonna miss you.
And I'll miss these.
- [wind howling]
- [tense music]
Iron bars will bend
and break, my fair lady.
What a puzzle box is this?
Nursery rhymes.
Always the mark of a mad man.
[Harold] Excuse me. Officers?
I should probably, uh...
Uh, I got it.
Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner.
Good afternoon.
Just skip the formalities.
Have you found her yet?
[Dy. Miller] Currents
were crazy last night.
They're checking
a little further downstate.
[Harold] Further downstate?
What if she's alive?
There's always hope.
- Do you think...
- And this message?
What the hell is that?
Whoever did this
is just getting showy.
But that's how these guys
start to trip up.
- Maybe we should...
- What?
We should go. You'll call me.
The moment I learn
anything, of course.
[reporter] Mr. Faulkner!
Could get I statement?
[Harold] Uh, yes, of course.
How are you?
[reporter] Doing very well, sir.
Thank you.
I would just like to, uh,
get your reaction
to how the police have been
handling all the events...
[tense music]
[Harold] [on TV] Nancy and I
are profoundly grateful
for the outpouring
of love and support.
And we want nothing more than
to find Melissa safe and sound.
But our... our thoughts
turn to the community at large.
And we just want to say
that we hope
that no other family
in this fine community
has to experience the same
horror and turmoil
that we have
these last 18 hours.
[door opens]
Mr. Chambers.
- Adam.
- Hi.
I was just watching
your dad on TV.
- I would have thought...
- Is Allison home?
But I don't think this is...
Okay, come on.
- [Adam] Thanks.
- Hey, of course.
[owl hoots]
[door closes]
'Cause I blocked his number
already a few weeks back.
And then I started
couch surfing,
which is why I didn't...
I didn't even hear until...
It was just like he got...
he got so intense and he just...
It's like he...
Cares more about his campaign
than he does people who...
I'm sorry,
I'm talking out of turn.
No. No.
Please, he's... You're right.
Adam, your...
your dad has a tendency to
shut out the world sometimes.
It's gonna be okay.
[Adam] Thank you.
Excuse me.
[both phones vibrate, pinging]
Oh, shit. What?
I'll tell her that we're
not going to be there
- because she shouldn't even...
- [Allison] I... no... I...
[phone vibrates]
Maybe it'd be good
to be around people.
[beer can opens]
["Number One" by Robin
Loxley playing on speaker]
[Lilly] Adam?
Hey. Um... [clears throat]
Looks like we're out.
I'm so... sorry.
Sorry, can I...?
Uh, yeah.
["Number One" by Robin
Loxley playing on speaker]
Why do you keep
leaving me on read?
Lilly, I can't.
I know, I'm sorry.
I'm here even though I know
you don't want me to be.
I am.
Okay, I can't help it.
We are not our parents.
I never stopped
wanting you to be here.
So stop pushing me away.
Touch me again,
and watch what happens!
She's putting everyone
in jeopardy!
The world doesn't stop
- because...
- Oh, give me a break!
You really think Faulkner
- isn't...
- Simon, hey! Hey!
What has gotten into you guys?
[Mr. Jackson] Gentlemen.
Let's not lose ourselves here.
Didn't see you there, old man.
Stop surrendering to emotion,
both of you.
Tell that to Faulkner.
Canceling the tricentennial?
the tricentennial...
The town needs something to...
Len, whose side are you on?
You should know by now
that popularity contests
are irrelevant to me.
The die has been cast.
Go home. Big day tomorrow.
All right, you heard the man.
Get outta here.
- [Oliver] Hey.
- Hey.
[Oliver] Whiskey neat.
- Pilsner.
- [Oliver] Ah, thank you.
Oh, Len said
you were on the way.
[man] Hey, Peg, can I get another
one over here?
Yeah, yeah. I'm coming.
Thanks for that.
They've been butting heads
since they were sophomores.
How were the kids after I left?
As you'd imagine.
[Oliver] Really glad you were
able to make it over.
Good for optics.
We're doing the right thing,
aren't we, Mr. Jackson?
What do you think, Oliver?
You're doing it again.
What's that?
Asking questions
instead of giving answers.
Hey, can I stay with you?
Are you sure that we can't
help with...?
Oh, no, it's no big deal.
I don't have to open tomorrow,
Yeah, that would be me.
Um, call me
if you need anything.
Yeah, no, I'll be fine.
I'm staying with Allison.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[door closes]
[Rob] He's got you
right where he wants you.
We're friends.
Well, if you want to go
pity-fuck him, be my guest.
Excuse me?
Go ahead.
Suck the sadness out.
Just make sure you swallow.
Ugh. You're disgusting.
- [bottle shatters]
- [gasps]
What the fuck?!
You're a whore.
You've got to be kidding.
Clean up your mess.
Are you serious?
More than you ever were.
[door closes]
[ominous music]
[Peg] I know your dad, Donahue.
You've got six more months.
It's just a beer.
It's just my license.
I got a cop right there, moron.
- Shit.
- Problem here?
No, Finn.
He was just leavin'.
Same shit, different day,
hey, Donahue?
Aren't you off the clock,
Deputy Miller?
Really wanna narc on me
in your off time?
You make it really hard not to.
[Dy. Miller] Take a breath,
[inhales, exhales]
Let it out.
All right, that's a good boy.
Fuck this.
Well, excuse me.
Whole town's on edge, huh?
Kid's a wild card.
Yeah. Runs in the family.
Let's go.
[Mr. Jackson] Mm-mm.
[phone vibrates]
[zipper zips]
[distant rattle]
[keys jingle]
[suspenseful music]
[distant rattle]
[suspenseful music builds up]
[liquid sprays]
[Tyler] Argh! What the fuck!?
Hey, fucking stop!
Holy shit!
- [Britt laughs]
- I can't fucking see.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Oh, my God,
wait till you see this.
I can't fucking see anything!
Don't be a bitch.
Give it 30 minutes.
You'll be Gucci.
Thirty minutes!?
What is wrong with you guys!?
Do you have any milk!?
- [Britt laughs]
- Get the fuck out!
She's probably right, Ty.
Gotta be up early
for the dinosaur.
I'm blind...
I'm actually blind!
[Britt] Don't be a bitch.
- Let's go.
- [Tyler] Ow! There's a door!
Happy Founders Day, Gladwell.
Let's go.
[Tyler] You have the coldest
heart in [indistinct].
Go to hell, Brittney.
[door clanks]
[phone battery warning vibrates]
[phone battery warning vibrates]
[host] [VO] Show starts
in one minute.
We promise to satisfy
your hunger, your thirst,
your sweet tooth,
so visit our
refreshment center now.
Let's go!
Let's all go to the lobby
Let's all go to the lobby
Let's all go to the lobby
To get ourselves a treat
[pepper spray spraying]
[screams in pain]
[bone cracks]
[grunts, cries]
[bottle shards clanking]
[groaning, crying]
[knife clanks]
- [blood squelching]
- To get ourselves a treat
- [music stops]
- [body thuds]
[host] [VO] And now,
on with the show.
[Adam] [VO] It was never
gonna work out.
She thinks I broke up with her
because of my dad.
[Allison] Didn't you?
I mean...
Guess it kind of
sealed the deal but...
Melissa saw Lilly with Rob.
They were behind
the movie theater...
[exhales] It was when
we were still together, so.
[inhales] That's why I...
She doesn't know
and she can't know.
She won't.
Melissa told me about
all this stuff with Rob,
but she never mentioned...
It was right after
they ended and...
and she was really
embarrassed about it.
You know? For both of us.
You... you really
put her back together.
[knocks on door]
Should I even ask?
[emotional music]
You need anything?
No cocoa?
Popcorn? Marshmallows?
[Allison chuckles]
Look, I, uh...
I know everything
is impossible right now.
And I thought the move
was tough and...
everything with Mom and...
I'm really proud of you
for the friends you have here.
[distant thump, crash]
It's okay. It's okay.
- It's okay.
- Dad.
Okay. Don't move.
[suspenseful music]
We have a dog.
A big fucking dog.
Is anyone here?
[suspenseful music]
[distant rattle]
[intense, suspenseful music]
[engine revving]
- [door opens]
- [Thomas] He's out here!
[car engine revving]
Look at the mailbox...
Don't move.
Straight to bed.
[tense music]
[muffled argument]
[Harold] Get out of my way.
You know, you can't
keep doing this to us.
Nancy is a nervous wreck
right now.
- Dad...
- And I hope you're happy.
I really do.
[car door thuds]
Harold, I'm sorry.
He told me that...
You could have called me.
Oh, and I almost forgot.
There is a big
Melissa tribute event
this afternoon
at Founders Day.
Courtesy of Mayor Gladwell,
so dress to impress!
[Thomas] Harold, come on.
[car door slams]
[car engine revs]
So did they get you, too?
Not this time.
Well, that makes sense.
Everybody loves you, man,
which is more than I can say
for me right now.
Well, I wish I could say
Harold will come around,
but knowing him
as long as I have...
- [cars whiz past]
- You don't have to say. I know.
How you dealing
with all this stuff?
There's no roadmap, but...
we're making our way.
[car passes by]
[Oliver] All right,
just stick to the outline.
Keep it thorough, but concise.
but approachable.
Maternal but sexy.
Exactly. It's crunch time.
We need all the votes
we can get.
Cheryl! Oh, my God.
Look at him.
He's getting so big.
- [laughs]
- Hi Cheryl. Hi.
- [Cheryl] Thank you.
- This is gonna crash and burn.
Where's Lilly? Maybe
a little mommy-daughter time
will calm you down.
She left before I got up.
Texted she was meeting
some friends at the diner.
Didn't say who, but I have
a sneaking suspicion it's...
[Oliver clears throat]
Adam! And family...
How is everyone doing
this morning?
Nancy, I meant to call.
I am so sorry.
It's fine. Thank you, Blair.
Uh, we left some chairs
out for you over by the...
Oh, yeah. Bu... but the...
the caramel apples
and the face painting?
Yeah. Yeah, we couldn't
miss that. Yeah.
Just a really perfect way
to honor Melissa. Thank you.
We're doing what we can.
I trust we can get past
our differences today, Harold.
Don't you?
You wish.
Come on. Come on.
Don't express [indistinct].
[Mr. Jackson snaps his fingers]
Come on. Give 'em up.
Oh, forget the eyedrops
this morning, Mr. Allen?
- [scoffs]
- [Mr. Jackson laughs]
Don't look at my nudes,
I'll try to resist.
All right.
Two thousand words:
"What I remember
that I learned in high school."
Full sentences.
No pictures.
Have fun, kids.
[door closes]
Fucking walking corpse.
[Britt chortles]
[insidious music]
[car honking]
Whenever you're ready
to go, just say the word.
I don't want you to miss out
on anything while we're...
I left something at school.
Let's fuck on
this old man's desk.
[clattering and clanking]
Come on.
Trying to tell me what to do?
I don't think so.
I'm the fucking apex predator.
I'm the alpha.
Who's the baddest boy?
Don't ruin this, Tyler.
Come here.
[kissing harder, ragged breaths]
[Tyler] You like that, baby?
[Britt] Um... uh... um...
Hang on. Just let me...
Just give me a sec.
Stupid button.
Just give me a second.
That good, huh?
[smashing with
scales of justice]
I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson.
I learned my lesson!
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[wooden floor creaking]
[mic feedbacks]
Good morning, everyone.
I'm Oliver Hull,
majority leader and co-chair
of the tricentennial
planning committee.
It is my distinct honor
to introduce
Mayor Blair Gladwell
this morning,
who would like to say
a few words.
Thank you, Oliver.
Many of you have asked why
we are moving ahead
with today's festivities
in light of the recent tragedy.
My answer is this:
we are here today
because we cannot and will not
give power to evil.
Like you,
I can't begin to comprehend
this unfathomable tragedy.
[gate creaks open]
[flies buzzing]
This moment does not define us.
At our most vulnerable,
it is how we rise above
that reveals
our true character.
[flies buzzing]
You're scared.
[trash thuds to ground]
[running footsteps]
We all are.
- But now more than ever...
- It's gonna be us up there soon.
Harold, I'm so sorry
to hear about what happened.
Thank you so much,
Can I count on your vote
on Tuesday?
What the hell?
so that we may
reclaim our fear
- and transform it into a vehicle.
- Finn! Finn! Finn!
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
The dumpster...
There's a body right in...
Oh, fuck!
one that will lift us
out of this darkness...
Shut it down. Now.
Show me.
[Blair] ... and back
into the light.
We are friends.
We are neighbors.
We are family.
All of us are family.
Let us prove that nothing
can ever take that from us.
Thank you, and have a...
[mic feedbacks]
Uh, excuse me, everyone.
Pardon the interruption,
but due to a development
in the case,
Founders Day festivities will be
suspended effective immediately.
The police on duty
will be able to answer
any further questions
at this time.
Who is it?
[screaming, crying]
All right,
that's a positive ID.
- [flashlight clicks]
- I'm gonna get her out of here.
Lilly... Oh, my God...
- [Dy. Miller] Where will you be?
- Her office. Town hall.
Was she workin'? Lilly?
Uh... there was a party.
I left first.
Lilly was still...
When was that?
Ran into him at the bar.
You see anyone else?
Right. Okay, Rob,
I'm gonna need you
to come down to the station
with me.
What? Why?
It's just a matter
of procedure.
I didn't kill her.
I didn't say
that you did, right,
but you're the last person
who saw her alive.
I found her.
I fucking told you guys
about this.
Hey, hey. I understand,
but right now,
there's a certain way
that things have to happen.
I'm not going to jail, Finn.
Are you in cuffs?
No. But if you don't
calm down for me right now...
Get fucked!
Innocent people don't run,
No more dead bodies!
[locker opens]
[locker closes]
[chalk scratches on board]
[scratching on board continues]
Allison, I...
[breathes heavily]
You weren't supposed to be here.
[knife clicks]
[yelling] Help!
Somebody help me!
I can explain!
- Dad, help!
- Mr. Chambers, help!
- [Thomas] What's going on?
- There's someone in the school!
[yells] I'm sorry.
- [Thomas strains]
- [blood squelch]
[Allison screams]
[screams, cries]
Fuck. Fuck.
[blood splattering]
What the fuck?
Oh, fuck.
[blood splattering]
What happened?
[groaning, spluttering]
It wasn't supposed
to happen like this...
Oh, God.
[door thuds]
["We Want More"
by Keep Shelly In Athens]
The road is long
And the shards of time
Floating by
Won't be caught
My shoes are gone
Stones and glass
Are piercing my skin
Just to show
Why our hearts are crying
And bleeding out
In the hope we fall away
We want more, we won't fall
We want more, we won't fall
We want more, we won't fall
We want more, we won't fall
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
- [Harold] Thomas!
- We want more [retaliate]
- You son of bitch!
- We won't fall [regenerate]
You son of bitch!
How could you do that to him?!
I'm so...
[Allison] Mr. Faulkner, stop.
Harold, I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry.
He was going to kill her.
- Get off me.
- We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
- We want more [retaliate]
- Harold! Harold!
We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
We won't fall [regenerate]
We want more [retaliate]
- We won't fall [regenerate]
- [thunder crashes]
Walk me through it
one more time.
This is ridiculous.
You should be out there
finding whoever did this.
And you said
Adam spent the night
- at your house last night?
- Yes.
- A-and you never thought...
- No.
No, because it's possible.
[Allison] Adam never
left my room.
It couldn't have been him
at the theater.
Someone else must.
What about you,
Mr. Chambers? Oh.
What time'd you
nod off last night?
I mean, you don't
need to be exact.
An approximation's fine if...
What exactly are you implying,
Judith Peterson, Commissioner?
My dad didn't do it.
Never said he did. [chuckles]
Just, his whereabouts
are unaccounted for
on the night
of the two murders and...
folks are...
[sighs] starting to take notice.
I was in Raleigh
with the house inspector
on Thursday...
Thursday morning.
That's... that's plenty of
time to, you know, get...
get there and back
and, uh, you know...
Murder two kids?
I'm on your side here,
Mr. Chambers.
We're just...
we're trying to dot our T's
and cross our I's, you know?
We under arrest?
No, not at all.
Absolutely not. Nope.
[jar lid clanks]
We're leaving.
You... you want to take
a few more for the road?
No, I... I... I mean,
I get 'em at cost.
[door closes]
Guy in the candy store
really likes me.
I think he likes me too much.
We are leaving. Tonight.
- Dad.
- Fairwood's going to hell.
It's not gonna look good.
I don't care how it looks,
Allison, okay?
I care about you.
Just listen to me.
Get in the car, all right.
We're gonna pack a go-bag,
- just listen...
- Mr. Chambers?
So, calm after the storm's
always so beautiful, isn't it?
Just one more thing.
Just, uh, something
that occurred to me,
just one more question.
I mean, if... if...
if you don't mind,
if it's not too much trouble.
Mr. Chambers?
You get in the car,
and you start it...
don't move.
Thank you, sir.
We are going to see to it that
we get to the bottom of this.
That you have to say
Dad! Dad!
I swear to God.
- Don't fucking touch me!
- Hold on, hold on, hold on!
You shut up, shut up, shut up.
- I didn't kill her, Allison!
- Then why'd you run!?
It's what I do!
I don't have
anywhere else to go,
It's just...
that I thought you might...
Know something?
Nobody does.
- It's like they're...
- Looking for someone to blame?
Something like that.
[door opens]
[stopper pops, thuds]
They're, um, ready for you.
Just one more.
Listen, I can't
begin to imagine
what you're going through
right now but you need to...
That wasn't a question, Oliver.
- [door closes]
- [church bell tolls]
[overlapping chatter]
[man 1] Right behind you.
[overlapping chatter]
[man 2] Right behind you.
Christ, Len.
We didn't think you'd make it.
You sure you're up for this?
I'm... I'm okay.
I... I... I wasn't the one
Well, you sure as shit
came closer than any of us.
All right, everyone.
We are going to get started
without the mayor.
She needs some minutes.
She's here?
She's insisting.
Buckle up, boys and girls.
This is gonna get interesting.
[tense music]
What happened that night?
Um, my dad's
gonna be back soon.
I don't have time to
sit and wait for you...
No, Rob.
Tell me why
I should trust you.
[door opens]
I'm sorry about that,
Mr. Chambers.
- [Thomas] It's okay, Finn.
- Hey... um...
Off the record?
I... you know,
I can't imagine the toll
that this is taking on you.
On both of you.
If it makes any difference,
I know you didn't do it.
And I think Peterson does too,
it's just...
there's... there's a process
for these kinds of things.
- [truck engine revving]
- [Rob] Watch it!
- That's your truck.
- [Thomas] Allison, baby!
Allison! Allison!
Let's go!
[Thomas] Shit.
[car engine revving]
- Next right!
- I know! I know!
I have a grandson
in kindergarten.
What part of that
do you not understand?
Please. I... I empathize.
Deeply. We all do.
Oh, you empathize?
Great. That'll go perfect with
your thoughts and prayers.
That isn't productive.
What is it with you people?
Charlie can't sleep, Mr. Hull!
He sees the news.
He sees our faces.
It has been less than 48 hours.
If you'll just give us
a little time,
- I'm sure we can...
- [townsperson] Time!?
We need action!
- Yeah.
- Five people are dead!
Five people!
- And they aren't your people!
- Yes, yes, yes.
Including the killer. Yeah?
- One of the killers.
- That's speculation.
How many of you think
this isn't over yet?
How many?
- [townspeople clamoring]
- Hands up! Hands up!
No way this is over.
He's a serial killer,
for God's sake.
That's what I thought.
So, Oliver, tell me...
who's next?
- Yeah.
- [door opens]
No one.
When I took the oath of
office four years ago,
I swore to protect Fairwood.
To protect all of you.
Like any community,
we have our blemishes.
Our, uh, missteps.
But this has always been
a good town.
My friends,
what is happening here...
it's not an accident.
This is calculated.
It is the mark of a monster.
It is the mark of change.
is killing our children.
Someone has killed... my child.
Someone hell bent on uprooting
life in Fairwood as we know it
and... and making us forget
who we are
and where we've come from.
My friends,
if... if we are to survive,
we must have consistency.
A trusted voice who can lead us
out of this blanket of night.
Which is why when you go
to the polls on Tuesday,
I implore you to re-elect
Gladwell for mayor.
What did she just say?
[podium slides]
Starting tonight,
and under my leadership,
we shall march
through this town.
All of us. United!
Searching from home to home
until we find this killer
and restore balance
to Fairwood once again!
[Oliver whispering]
This will be
our legacy to Lilly!
And the others.
Because we cannot let our town
succumb to this monster!
So choose your weapon,
and join me!
She's out of her mind!
I am your mayor!
You're not my mayor!
[loud clamoring]
- You get off...!
- [Oliver] Mr. Jackson!
[intense music]
[door slams]
[Harold] Hell of a speech.
It's a hell of a speech.
You can't be in here.
Dear Mayor Gladwell:
Thank you for
your steadfast support.
Put that down.
Shh. I'm reading.
That's not yours.
Neither are those kickback
checks in your safe.
Consistency, right?
Same vendors
for all municipal projects
for the past four years.
Made me curious what else
was in these little fan letters.
But so far,
just seems to be groupies
who love a woman in power.
Oh, what's this?
You don't know
what you're talking about.
- [laughs]
- Oh, I do.
How does it feel, huh? Huh?
To lose the thing
that you care about most?
Don't you talk about her.
Because my son's blood
is on your hands.
My daughter's blood
is on your son's hands.
Maybe if Lilly
wasn't such a slut...
Fuck you!
You raised a murderer,
- and then you victim blame!?
- Apple doesn't fall
- far from the tree.
- [Blair laughing]
- Maybe it should've been you.
- [Blair laughing]
You stay the hell away from me!
Oh, what are you
gonna do with that, huh?
What are you, gonna write
a fucking letter?
Get out of my office.
It's my office come Tuesday.
Possibly sooner if the mob
out there has their way, huh?
Go to hell.
Your circle jerk is over,
Because change is here.
You killed them.
No, you killed them!
Nothing garners sympathy
like a dead kid,
Between you and me, I would
have gotten over Melissa.
She chose her path.
But coercing Adam into
carrying out your sick plan...
Corrupting my little son...
Listen, you animal!
I should kill you with
my bare hands,
you psychotic bitch!
[screaming in fear]
[screaming in fear]
[grunting in pain]
[blood splattering]
[screaming in fear]
[rapid stabbing]
[Harold] Aah!
Get me out of here!
Please let me go.
Don't, please.
No, no...
[grunts in pain]
You're not gonna
fucking kill me.
Yeah? Huh?
You little bitch.
Why don't you take off
your fucking mask?
Want a piece of this?
Come on.
Come on! Come on!
[screaming in pain]
No, no, no, no, no, no...
[rapid stabbing]
[agonal breathing]
[bell ringing]
[knocks on door]
I know...
I know who the other killer is!
Oh, jeepers.
[pants] And I don't wear a gun.
[wet squelch]
Melissa used to
give me little notes
with rhymes like this.
Said it made it easier for her
to tell me how she felt.
This feels... personal.
You said you wanted to
retrace your steps.
We came in from this side.
Walked over here.
I gave her the lock.
You're sure there wasn't
anybody else out here with you
that night?
I don't remember.
- It was really dark...
- [car approaches]
Oh, shit.
[Dy. Miller] Allison!
Allison, get away
from him right now.
I'm sorry, I just...
Right now! He's dangerous.
Oh, fuck you I'm dangerous.
- We have new evidence.
- Yeah, I bet you do.
- What are you talking about?
- Yeah, fucking right.
I'm gonna explain everything
but I need to get you
to safety first.
What happened to your face,
Your dad... attacked me.
[Allison] What?
We were driving
down Main Street.
And he pounced.
- No.
- Allison, I'm sorry.
Him and Rob were partners.
- My dad was not part of...
- They coerced Adam Faulkner...
- Bullshit.
- That's enough
out of you, Donahue!
- Hands behind your back!
- Finn, what are you doing?!
- [Rob] Fuck off me!
- I'm trying to save you.
We have backup coming for him.
But you and I have to
get out of here right now.
Where is my dad?!
He's at the station, all right?
He's locked up.
Let's go.
We can sort
this whole thing out.
You really gonna believe
this shit, Allison?
We do not have time for this!
If we are not at the house
by the time your dad wakes up,
we are in big trouble.
You just... you just said
he was at the station.
- No, Rob, please!
- Don't.
- Finn, don't. Stop! Finn...
- [arguing]
[gun fired]
[gun thuds]
[Dy. Miller groaning]
[body thuds]
[Dy. Miller coughs]
I'm sorry.
[coughing] I'm sorry.
- [Dy. Miller groaning]
- [Rob] Allison,
I need you to get the key.
I need you to unlock me.
Please, Allison.
Come on. I need the key.
Allison, please.
Just get the key and unlock me.
- I'm sorry.
- You saw what happened.
- I'm sorry.
- You saw what happened. It was all an accident.
- No, no, no. Allison!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
No, no, no, Allison.
Wait! Wait!
[intense music]
[car tires screech]
[ominous tone]
[light switch clicks]
[suspenseful music]
[floor creaking]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[blood squelch]
[muffled groaning]
Allison, it's me!
[muffled screaming]
[glass shatters]
[floor creaking]
["Number One" by Robin Loxley]
Play your silly games
On someone else's time
I don't need a friend
With such a vicious mind
Take a second.
I know it's a lot.
- [handcuffs clank]
- Yeah, I know. Sorry.
Those are the real deal.
Straight off of
Commissioner Peterson. RIP.
Now you're really
not going anywhere.
Face it
You're just
I don't understand.
You two...
[music slowing]
- How?
- [car engine revs]
[Melissa] You looking
for a show, asshole?!
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Melissa, stop!
It's probably just Tyler
jerking off in the woods.
No! Melissa!
[Melissa] No, no, no.
Please, please, no. No.
No, please. Please.
Stop. Let go.
Let go. Let go of me.
No, please!
[Allison screaming]
[car engine whirrs]
For yourself
Face it
You're just looking out
Why, because I couldn't say
I love you back?!
Jesus, Allison!
It's not all about you, okay?
I mean, yeah, that might've
tipped the scales a little bit,
but I killed my own father,
- for Christ's sake!
- You what!?
It was always about
the campaign.
How people saw him. Us.
I was just a prop.
Then a burden.
This whole town's
an echo chamber.
Till you're behind closed doors.
What about your mom?
Probably wine-drunk
and sobbing herself to sleep.
She's irrelevant.
I worked my mommy issues
out on Blair Gladwell tonight.
Jesus Christ...
- [Melissa scoffs]
- And Adam?
We looked out for each other.
[VO] I saw them.
I saw them in the alley...
[Adam] You saw them doing what?
You've already started
talking, just keep...
I saw... I saw them kissing
in the alleyway.
- Rob?
- [Melissa] Rob.
Rob. Fucking...
- awesome.
- You're not going to text her.
Why? Why not?
I have to talk to her.
You're not going
to talk to her.
- Why?
- She doesn't deserve you, Adam.
Say it.
She doesn't deserve you.
What do you want to do?
[Lilly screaming in pain]
[bone cracks]
Help me...
[screaming in pain]
[blood splatters]
Face it
You're just
Looking out
- For yourself
- [dumpster lid clangs]
But you two had to go
and ruin that, didn't you?
All's well that ends well,
You and your accomplice here
are about to be killed
- in self-defense.
- Melissa...
The obsessive busybody,
with her dad of the year,
become disillusioned
with society
and decide
to make a statement.
Kidnap the misunderstood ex,
lock her in a basement,
and frame her and her
brother for murder.
It's actually pretty
comfortable down there.
Thanks for the keys last summer.
[Allison] Melissa, please.
No one's ever gonna buy that.
You really don't think
people are going to believe
a girl locked in a basement!?
[phone vibrating]
[phone vibrating]
It's done.
I'll be here. Upstairs.
[phone thuds]
You can look. It's okay.
You may have noticed
your little outfit change, too.
It's nice to see you without
your clothes on one last time.
Don't worry. [scoffs]
I didn't do anything.
We, um, we can
if you want to, though...
[Allison sighs]
Come on.
I missed you.
I know it's too late,
but nothing made sense
without you
and I guess I just...
Yes, you do.
You won't believe me
if I say it now.
Try me.
["Farewell" by Modern Heaven]
[grunts in pain]
Come on, Allison!
I know you're a better kisser
than that!
Holy shit.
Oh, this is gonna make it
so much more believable.
Don't get excited.
[indistinct chatter]
I know I left the
particulars up to you, but...
Mr. Jackson?
Oh, Melissa.
What a mess you've made.
Melissa, can I have a moment?
We don't have time.
No... Mr. Jackson.
[screams] Please!
[Melissa] What's it matter?
[Mr. Jackson] This is
totally irresponsible.
[Melissa] Save the lecture.
Finish her.
[Mr. Jackson] This is not
the plan.
[Melissa] I've got blood
on my hands.
It's time yours get
a little dirty.
Allison. Allison.
Don't move, please, okay?
Just don't move.
Baby. Okay.
[Mr. Jackson] This is totally
outside the parameters
- which I established.
- [Melissa] I am tired of
taking orders from men.
All you do is watch and wait.
Are we a team or not?
[Allison] Mr. Jackson, please.
[Melissa] Shut up.
Do it.
You okay?
You know,
people keep asking me that.
Who cares!?
Let's go!
No waiting. No monologuing.
End it, or you're
going down with them.
I'm sorry.
- [gavel knife clanks]
- [Allison] Oh, God.
Please. Please.
- [Allison screams loudly]
- [grunting in pain]
Len, the bed!
Lift! [grunting]
Run! Run!
I'm gonna kill you!
Don't run from me!
No, you don't!
[blade thuds]
You fucking bitch!
[overlapping grunting]
- We can make it work!
- [screams]
- [screams]
- [thud]
[blood splattering]
[choking, agonal breathing]
[body thuds]
[Mr. Jackson] [into phone]
Yes. Yes, officer.
Yeah. They're still breathing.
Ah, yes, I'll... I'll...
I'll... I'll be here.
Thank you. Thank you, officer.
As fast as you can, please.
Don't move!
And don't hurt my dad!
Please; just listen to me.
If I wanted to hurt your dad,
I would have done it by now.
Just listen to me. Okay?
Now would... would you like me to
get you out of those cuffs?
Melissa always
wanted it to be you.
I... I never did.
She was gonna kill me.
Well, you know her.
Big ideas, impulsive.
Always so impulsive.
[handcuffs unlock]
You can imagine
I didn't have many options
for something like this.
I don't understand.
Oh, please, you don't
need me to explain this.
You got an A on the paper.
The line of succession.
Mm. Definition?
The individuals entitled
to hold office
in the event of
a premature vacancy.
Textbook. [chuckles]
Three hundred years ago,
our founders put in place
a system wherein, should the
office of mayor become vacant...
...the longest-standing
council member
will take over
the powers and duties.
- Mm-hm.
- So you killed the candidates...
so you could be the mayor?
I didn't kill anyone.
You used them.
Well, they had their own
motivation. Hm?
I just... I just gave 'em
a little guidance.
[door hinges squeaking]
[dramatic music]
[disturbing music]
[distant screaming]
[Oliver] [VO] We're doing
the right thing,
aren't we, Mr. Jackson?
[Mr. Jackson] [VO]
What do you think, Oliver?
[Oliver] [VO]
You're doing it again.
[Mr. Jackson] [VO] What's that?
[Oliver] [VO] Asking questions
instead of giving answers.
Currents were crazy last night.
They're checking
a little further downstate.
A town festival?
With a masked killer
running around it.
We're doing the right thing.
[overlapping argument]
[Mr. Jackson] [VO]
You should know by now
that popularity contests
- are irrelevant to me.
- [rapid stabbing]
But it wasn't just
the candidates. What about...
Political theater.
Faulkner and Gladwell
couldn't be the only ones.
It would have been too obvious.
But they didn't do anything!
Oh, please.
Britt? Tyler? [scoffs]
I know it's ugly.
I'm not going to pretend
that it isn't.
Some people have things to lose.
I don't. Not anymore.
I'm old, I'm... ooh,
I know how it goes. Hm?
Different faces,
names on the lawn signs,
but it's always the same.
Nobody cares. Not really.
They just want it
to look like they do.
And you're gonna change that?
I'm going to try.
At least here in Fairwood. Hm?
[Thomas] Allison?
- Allison!
- I'll get him.
He's going to be fine.
Let me check on him.
[distant siren blaring]
What are you going to tell them?
What should I tell them?
The truth.
Just not all of it.
I'm a concerned neighbor.
Keep the press out of here.
[car door thuds]
[muted radio chatter]
Should we go see inside?
[indistinct chatter]
[Oliver] Move, move, move.
[Nancy] [reading]
...and to see him bow
and walk along beside her.
Some people without brains
do an awful lot of talking,
don't you think?
Oh, there's the mayor.
Can everyone say
"Good morning, Mayor Jackson"?
[kids] Good morning,
Mayor Jackson.
Good morning.
Listen, you guys have
a fantastic day. Okay?
Really nice to see her
come into her own.
She's got big shoes to fill.
Al. How are ya?
Board of Education
is gonna be fine without me.
Here. For you.
Hot off the presses.
You know, Oliver?
I'm just going to wing it. Hm?
Mr. Donahue.
This feels weird.
Ah? Well, you're a hero.
How long do I have to
keep this on for?
Good morning, Fairwood.
[people] Good morning.
Good morning, everyone.
I can't tell you
how grateful I am
to be here this morning.
I know it's unprecedented
for a first year
to be elected SGA president
and I don't take
that responsibility lightly.
As some of you probably know,
one year ago...
A year ago,
some unimaginable events
befell our town.
We lost friends. Family.
And for a brief
yet terrifying moment...
I thought I lost myself.
I don't know if I'll ever
get over what happened.
The healing continues.
But the community
that we make together?
It's up to us.
Now we can't change the past.
I can't change the past.
Mine, yours, or anyone's.
But as someone once told me...
The next chapter
is yet to be written.
Our next chapter
is yet to be written.
Let's make it a good one.
[audience applauding]
Let's make it a good one.
[audience applauding]
[mouths] I love you.
[intense, ominous music]
["What You Want" by Ghost]
She is a black cat
In the snow
She is a white rose
In summer
All that I ask
I already know
That one is not
Like the other
I let it get under my nails
I feel the sun
Bleach my hair
Can't shake that
There's no running from
What's already there
I go to ask her
What it means
That I don't care
She says to me
With vacant stare
Do what you want
Take what you need
'Til you get free
Don't settle down
For nobody
'Til you get free
Cradle the sun
In both my hands
Until it burns
right through
I hold the moon
Under my tongue
Like a pill that's blue
She likes to
Follow me to sleep
Whispers into my dreams
I know that there's
No running from
What has always been
It's all a waste of time
She says
But I don't care
Say to myself
When no one's there
Do what you want
Take what you need
'Til you get free
Don't settle down
For nobody
'Til you get free
Hold on to
Anything that makes you
Feel like you
It's all God's dream anyway
So might as well stay moving
I don't know
Why we don't just
Talk more about it
Way more often
Do what you want
Take what you need
'Til you get free
Don't settle down
For nobody
'Til you get free
'Til you get free
'Til you get free
'Til you get free
["I'm on Your Side"]
Breathe in
It's all alright
Believe it
I'm on your side
Don't you see it
Here in my eyes
Believe me
I'm on your side
On your side
[Yeah whether you're]
Living on the run
Or sitting safe at home
Crying out your lungs
Honey, don't you know
Say the word
I'll be there
There to make it right
Ain't a thing
In the world
That could keep me tied up
Say the word
I'll be there
There to make it right
Yeah baby I
I'm on your side
[I'm on your]
My arms are
Open wide
Believe it
I'm on your side
When your heart
Can't see the light
Believe me
I'm on your side
On your side
Say the word
I'll be there
There to make it right
Ain't a thing
In the world
That could keep me tied up
Say the word
I'll be there
There to make it right
Yeah baby I
I'm on your side
[I'm on your]
There to make it right
Yeah baby I
I'm on your side
I'm on your side
I'm on your side
I'm on your side
I'm on your...