Four Assassins (2013) Movie Script

Come on, we've to get going
Relax, man. l'm coming
''Singde Gate''
You've come from afar,
you must have seen a lot on your trips.
Khan, everyone's talking about you,
they are all really impressed.
We won't have much time to chat
during the day,
there's a banquet tonight,
you shall accompany me.
Thank you, Khan.
Let's have a display of martial arts
for entertainment
Dulidan, warrior from Labu,
challenges Wen Guer, warrior from Wengubu.
Wen Guer's bone is broken.
Warrior Abulahua from Zhadelanbu,
challenges Huerchi, warrior from Mierqibu.
Our warrior Chilegutai, from Chadaerbu,
would like to
challenge Mongolia's number one warrior.
Go on.
Caidalu, you see,
you've a challenger.
Dulidan would like to challenge
Chilegutai too.
What's your name?
Back off, Dulidan.
Yes, Khan.
have a 2nd round with the one who uses
double blades.
Yes, Khan.
What's your name?
you two, along with Caidalu,
are Mongolia's Best Three Warriors,
you'll be rewarded & you'll stand guard
by my side.
Yes, Khan.
Marco Polo.
l order you to tour around, study
different areas of my Empire
in 3 years time.
l'll give you other important tasks
That was a long report.
lt took me a month to read it.
lt's my work for the last three years.
There are assassins in the palace,
please be careful.
There're over 10 checkpoints even
for me to go through,
how did they come in?
You, go back to Yangzhou,
and come up with another plan.
What? He knows the ''Bell Cover''?
Caidalu, Dulidan, Abulahua,
back off you three.
l heard that when they've mastered
the ''Bell Cover'',
they are unscathed from all weapons,
how could you hurt him?
l guess that
lt could be Caidalu's ''Great Palm''
has already injured him internally,
or that he hasn't really mastered it
for 100%.
Do you know
why l let him go?
l don't know.
He mentioned Yangzhou before he died,
they must be based in Yangzhou.
You plan to uproot them, Khan.
Listen for lmperial order, Marco Polo.
You're now the Royal lnspector,
got to watch what the Hans are doing
in Yangzhou,
do your best to suppress them.
Yes, Khan.
-Eldest brother...
Eldest brother
Brother Jian
Don't cry, dear.
l don't think l can make it.
Kid brother, from now on,
you're the only man in the family,
take care of your sister-in-law.
Can you walk?
l have five sworn brothers,
you've only met Brother Jin,
he died in the mission.
There are four others,
they are all martial arts experts.
Protect my wife, hurry!
Let's go, sister-in-law.
Don't worry, l'll protect you.
Kid brother.
Don't touch her, stop.
Come on.
Where are you transporting the salt to?
Are you robbers?
We are officials from Yangzhou,
and are about to bring this woman there.
Could you give her a lift?
l didn't start it, officer.
He was trying to chop me up.
lt's not that l can't give up the salt,
but this is an one-wheeled cart,
it will top over,
how can l push it?
Selling the salt to Tiandao Mansion
one could earn lot.
Strange woman, she wouldn't eat.
Even though being captured by tartars
she isn't scared
l peed in their soup
just earlier,
my secret recipe.
The woman sat in the cart for a whole day,
she said we should send the salt to
Tiandao Mansion
for selling at a good price.
What do you think, Brother Zhou?
l guess she could be Brother Zu's wife.
Brother Zhou, the five of us are
sworn brothers,
we swore to fight the tartars.
lf she really is Brother Zu's wife.
She indeed is.
Can't be wrong.
Only Brother Zu is married,
he told us that his wife
is the daughter of the Chief of
Tiandao Mansion.
No matter if she is or not,
we must try to save her.
Your husband tried to assassinate
the Khan, not you
as long as you tell us about
his accomplices.
Your husband was a brave man,
and you two were a good match.
Accomplices indeed !
Stop ! lt may be a trick,
they're trying to ''lure the tiger out
of the mountain''.
They want to lure us away here.
We'll go with the flow.
We should turn the trick back
on the woman.
The Khan has ordered you.
Are you Brother Zu's wife?
You are Jianmin's...
We're his sworn brothers.
He mentioned you before he died.
lf they are after us,
why would they leave her here?
They might want to find a lead from her.
That's not much use.
My father is a well-known figure here.
The Yangzhou officials are already
keeping a close eye.
Let's go to my home first.
Brother Zu was...
Killed by the tartars.
Two brothers died on the same day.
''Tiandao Mansion''
What are you doing?
We're yet to master kung fu skills.
Please teach us,
so we can fight the tartars and revenge
for Brother Zu.
Stop joking.
Martial arts practice is prohibited
for civilians
l'm old now,
even l was fond of boxing and kicking
in the past,
but l've forgotten most of it.
lf you're not...
Stand up, please.
But l could use some help around here.
lf you want to stay,
will you let me to assign your work?
Alright, you go to the garden to carry
the fertilizer.
You work on the stone field at the back
of the mansion.
Cut up the bamboo branches in the east.
Master, please take care of me.
Turn the grindstone in the mill.
Stay out of this.
Take some rest now,
you will be led to your work place
Faster...over there...
l'm Chief of Yangzhou, welcome,
Mr. Marco Polo.
So you're the new grindstone donkey?
Call me whatever you please,
l'm lucked out.
You must fry the beans first before
you grind them,
Build a fire first.
We aren't allowed to keep knives,
break up these bamboo branches,
fifty a day.
Did the chief send you, young man?
Yes, you are...
Your supervisor.
Make sure you won't slack.
And check whether you've got strength.
That's the one thing l do have.
Did the chief feed you?
Or you're just too weak?
You should use your strength to
fight the tartars,
not at an old man like me.
Move the stones around.
l love watching stones moving houses. will have 'qi' before
you have strength.
Qi is inner strength, then you've
your outer strength.
Without inner strength,
then you won't be much good,
you might just look more muscular than
the others.
Where's the fertilizer pool?
So it's not fertilizer.
lf you drop in,
l'm too lazy to get up,
no one will pull you out.
Don't worry,
it's not a problem even if it's deeper.
Whoever climbs up is an asshole.
lt counts still,
a word is a word.
Whoever climbs up is an asshole.
What are you looking for?
Looking for a shovel
lt's made with iron, and shaped like
a knife,
it's not allowed, you know?
Fine, then what should l use?
What do you have from your shoulders down?
That's easy.
Lucky that you've learnt ''lron Palm''
for a few years,
or you'll have a problem.
What kind of beans are these? Poisonous?
You've learnt this for a while,
don't you know by now?
Come back later if you haven't had enough.
l live in the hut by the tea garden.
Still the same words.
Whoever climbs up is an asshole.
Hero Wan, you're my master
l'm an asshole.
lf he is,
then l am...
Oh, no!
He made fun of me.
Brother Zhou, you have no idea,
that is so mean.
That told me to go later.
But l won't.
lf he said so,
you must go.
Brother Zhou is right.
Looks like you didn't
learn your inner strength during the day,
if you go tonight...
The old man isn't kind,
he put poison in the beans,
if the itch wouldn't stop,
l can forget about sleeping tonight.
l got it, Brother Zhou.
What happened to you?
Oh, don't talk about it.
Looks like he had suffered too.
Brother Zhou, you're the best among us,
you're the one who's practised
''Bell Cover''.
l thought you're too lazy to show up.
Master, please teach me.
Shut up, start grinding.
Mrs. Zu.
My father said today is the first day,
it must be hard for you to bear.
You will need this ointment,
it's my father's secret prescription,
rub this on three times tonight.
My father said it's a tough way to learn
Bell Cover,
but the training could speed up.
Your foundation is good,
with three months of training,
your body will be strong as the stones.
Thank you, Chief Wang.
Any movements around Tiandao Mansion
in the last week?
You're sure no one left the place?
No one.
The Chief of Tiandao Mansion minds
his own business,
he obeys all our orders,
they don't have any weapons,
not even a shovel.
But then you don't really need
a knife to kill.
l must go there.
You're the highest official around here,
l'm really honoured to receive you
as my guest.
You have a famous place here,
it's my duty to visit, as a local
lt's a big mansion,
why such a small entrance?
That's because we've been ordered several
times not to take in any strangers,
we don't want others to come in
that easily,
that's why we only use the small door.
What can l do for you?
Chief Wang.
Seven days ago,
l was tracking the accomplices of
the Khan's assassins,
and l saw four males and a female enter
your mansion.
l've ordered my soldiers to be on guard
around here,
and no one's left during these days.
These four males and one female must be
still here.
ls that so?
l guess you must be mistaken,
there are many people here,
but they are all law abiding residents,
they would never try to assassinate
the Khan.
We don't have suspects here.
lf you don't believe me,
you can search here.
That's not necessary.
But l'd like to take a look around.
Be my guest.
Chief, you're a martial arts expert,
well known for your ''Bell Cover'' skill.
l was hoping that l could have the
chance to see it.
Master Polo.
l was into boxing and kicking when
l was young,
as for ''Bell Cover'',
that's just a rumour, you needn't
believe that.
But l've seen the assassin,
that he's unscathed in the fight.
That's out of the ordinary.
Master Polo.
Chief Wang, you really don't know
''Bell Cover'',
please show me around.
Of course.
There's a bamboo forest outside,
a young man is cutting up the
bamboo branches.
And someone's working at the stones field,
you want to go there?
lt's alright.
There's really not much to see there,
Very wise, Master Polo.
l've been walking around, but no sight
of any woman.
Han women don't show their faces
in front of strangers,
& men won't walk into women's rooms
just like that,
we're bound by Confucianism,
unlike in your society.
l must head back to my office,
and l'll visit again.
l'm very honoured, you're a high official,
you're always welcome.
He's gone?
He's a smart man,
l'm sure he'll come back secretly.
We must be on guard.
Chief Wang is very smart and capable,
and a very sharp character,
we must investigate in the dark,
We'll only attack when we've got
the proof,
so that the residents will be on our side.
...Go back in two months' time?
They will be on guard now.
After a while,
when they assume l won't be going,
l'll sneak in and catch them off guard,
then l could see the real condition.
order the guards around Tiandao Mansion
to leave.
They must still be inside.
Must be.
l've only found out the real essence
of the lron Palm in this month.
But l still don't know
your name, master.
l guessed it,
but l dare not to say.
Why not?
l guess that fellow is No.1 in lron Palm,
but as a person, he's...
l dare not to say.
You brat.
What about the person?
l didn't say who that is?
His alias is King of lron Palm,
he's not a bad man,
but he loves to...spit around.
Not bad, kid.
Start grinding.
Until the surface is leveled,
then l'll start to teach you the real
''lron Palm''
What are you so happy about?
Three more to go.
You've learnt fast.
For ''Bell Cover'', the training gets worse.
ln the end, there will be one or
two inches
of area which isn't covered.
lf you keep that area as small as
you've achieved a lot.
Your waist, four inches around it.
You must work on it.
You've improved a lot.
Except we don't have much time,
you could be better.
We could keep on practising.
But l fear that the tartars won't let you.
And besides, that Marco Polo
has his doubts about us.
l think that Marco Polo guy
actually pities us,
he's different from the Mongolian.
Even so, he's working for them,
he doesn't have a choice.
We'll take one day at a time,
let's hope that they'll take action later.
And l hope you can master the skills.
then we can prepare for it.
Send a royal decree to Marco Polo.
Tell him to take care of the case
the assassination attempt
as soon as possible.
Yes, Khan.
l've been ordered by the Khan
to take care of Tiandao Mansion
as soon as possible.
l've told you the plan,
you all understand?
Master Polo,
you said you'll go alone tonight,
and we'll lead the troops in tomorrow.
lt's been three months
since my last visit,
they wouldn't expect me to sneak
in tonight.
l think l'll uncover their secrets
this round.
All in one go!
l'm sure you're right, Master Polo.
That's not something an ordinary person
could do,
one's will determines one's strength.
Chief, again.
Jian, it's been a hundred days
since your death.
l wanted to follow you, but
l just wanted to serve my father for a
few more days.
Here l come, Jian.
l'm joining my husband.
l can tell you that,
you're a good man.
Put her down.
You...were standing right outside?
You knew she's going to commit suicide,
she's your daughter, why didn't you
stop her?
Her husband's dead from the
assassination attempt.
Killing herself to join her late husband
is a loyal, virtuous thing to do,
why should l stop her?
l don't understand,
why do you insist in
something impossible?
Where are you from?
Venice, ltaly.
The Mongolian Empire covers Asia
and Europe,
and Venice is not that far away.
lf your country is being invaded by
the Mongolians,
and they run your country tyrannically,
will you surrender or resist?
Resist, of course.
That's what we're doing.
But you won't succeed.
lf we don't,
our next generation will continue.
Should they fail,
our future generations will continue
our legacy.
We will succeed someday.
lf you choose to be a slave because you
might fail,
then you will fail forever.
Take your time, Master Polo.
What time is it?
Just past 3 am.
Chief Wang, you should leave.
The Mongolian troops
will attack at dawn.
Are you sure about staying?
Our job here...
is to get even for Brother Zu and
Brother Jin. We've to
let the tartar king know that we're
not to be bullied.
You're all warriors,
just like those two.
Tell us,
how did they die?
Caidalu's ''Big Palm'',
l think you can counter that with
your ''lron Palm''.
For Dulidan's skills,
you with your jumping skills.
That's right.
l think
your ''Bell Cover''
can take care of Abulahua's Double Blades.
But beware,
there will be more than those three,
they will bring troops.
Just let me get out of here,
maybe l could stop them in time.
Brother Huang will be defending
the entrance.
His force could destroy the whole place,
and he wouldn't let the troops in.
We'll let Chief Wang and the others
leave first,
and we'll stay behind
for them.
l won't go back to him,
l'll leave China.
Sorry about this, Master Polo.
l suggested
their attack plan.
lt doesn't seem right, Dulidan.
Stay here,
we'll go in.
Master Polo.
You wouldn't dare to hurt the
lmperial lnspector.
As long as you won't involve the troops,
just one on one,
then l'll let the foreigner go.
Back off everyone.
The Mongolians won't take pride in
winning by numbers.
We outnumber them. Charge!
One against so many!
That was fun!