Four Daughters (1938) Movie Script

What's the matter with you, Emma?
I forgot the soup bowl for dinner.
Soup bowl? Bah!
I hope your soup bowl is better
than your music. That's enough.
Darling, don't be mad just because we
didn't turn out to be four little genii.
Anyway, you seem to forget
there is a genius in the family.
If you're referring to Kay's voice,
it's just an ordinary voice.
It needs years of hard
work and training ..
Why father, when you applied at
the Foundation for the scholarship ..
You wrote: "A thrilling voice.
The greatest this side of Tetrazzini ."
Well I couldn't spell "mediocre".
Anyway, they expect
a father to exaggerate.
Spell "exaggerate".
E.X.A ..
Besides, what the use of having a voice
like Tetrazzini if you're lazy to study.
All you think of is stuffing yourself
with chocolates and reading trash.
Look at it: True Love Stories. Bah!
Dad, you should be glad
we're the way we are.
Instead of frumps with
long noses and eyeglasses.
That's what you really deserve, Mr Lemp.
The trouble with you Dad,
is that your old-fashioned.
I suppose you'd like this house full of
jazz and swing and crooners and whatnot.
Will you be quiet! Will you stop it!
Madness, madness, madness!
I can hear you at the back of the
house and so can all the neighbors.
Well, let the whole world hear.
I've been a good person.
What have I done to
deserve such daughters?
How many more times must I remind
you about your blood-pressure?
Listen, you are my sister, not my
doctor. And it is my blood pressure.
If I want it to go up, it will go up,
and I want it to go up!
I tell you this modern fashion
isn't and never will be music.
I won't insult my ears with it.
I'd rather hear Brahms
played with discord.
I'll go to the Hall Of Records to strike
my name off your birth certificates.
Yes! That's what I'll do ..
Daddy, Daddy ..
Keep smiling, Dad.
Let me kiss you goodbye, Daddy.
I don't want a kiss from any of you!
Keep smiling, Dad.
You want an umbrella?
It won't rain.
Let me fix your tie.
Let it hang.
I never knew a man who got so
much enjoyment out of being angry.
Girls, you shouldn't
tease him like that.
Hello, Mr Lemp.
Hello, young man.
Emma, here comes your heartbeat.
Stop kidding.
More flowers!
You know Ernie, you shouldn't.
Well, this time, aunt Etta.
You see, what I'm trying to say is ..
Never mind. Take it easy. Take it easy.
Hello, everybody.
Hello, Ernest. Hello, Ernest.
Hello, Emma.
What is it today, Ernest?
Ernest, you shouldn't.
Why, the flowers you brought
yesterday are still as fresh as can be.
Well .. it's .. it's for you.
Why Ernest, I didn't know
you needed glasses.
I'm Thea, the clever sister.
There is Emma.
Now run to her with the orchids,
and bless you, my children.
But this time .. it's really for you.
For me?
You're just a small town Lothario.
Yes. Thanks.
There is a card inside. A fellah came
into the shop and .. he suggested I ..
"Mr Benjamin Crowley".
"I hope you'll wear these tonight."
Why Thea, who is he?
Where'd you meet him?
Look girls. I just met him this morning.
He's so handsome.
Where'd you meet?
He was with Amanda Rawlings at tennis.
He drove up in a great big gray car.
Thea, you say the handsomest ..
Well, make that the most distinguished.
Is he tall?
Well ..
Yes and no.
Is he young?
He's young enough.
And he's rich?
He's strictly surtax.
He's president of the Booster Society
and Secretary of the Saltmarsh gun club.
He loves duck dinners.
And he probably has indigestion
every Tuesday and Friday.
What did you say his name was again?
Mr Benjamin Crowley.
Well, I guess I'd better ..
He can't be so very rich.
He asked me to go to the Country Club
dance tonight.I accepted.
You didn't?
I did.
Well, I guess I'd better get going.
I beg your pardon?
I said, I'd guess I'd better go.
Oh yes. Well, goodbye.
Oh Ernest, what did you
have to bring them for?
You see, you've spoiled everything.
Why didn't I have had the thrill of the
delivery boy rushing up to the door ..
"Flowers for Miss Thea Lemp!"
Don't be silly.
Well, it seemed foolish, me living
next door. It saved the boy a trip.
Of course, Ernest. It was
the sensible thing to do.
And you're just in
time to get your socks.
Oh, I forgot.
Here they are, Emma.
Do you think orchids are just my type?
Well, they are beautiful at that.
That's romance for you. Orchids
in one hand, socks in another.
Here, Ernest. They're all mended.
Gee, I don't know how to thank you.
Don't thank me. Aunt Etta darned them.
Oh. Well, thank you for
handing them to me.
Oh, aren't they marvelous?
If there is anything I can do ..
They're dry. You don't
have to wring them.
Look out.
If ever someday he finishes
a sentence, I'll marry him.
I hope he does.
Hey, Emma.
Will you just wait here
a minute. I've got ..
It's for you.
Ernest, you can't afford this.
Well, as long as Mr Crowley can
send orchids to Thea, I guess ..
Well ..
I guess I'd better run along.
Hey, Emma. Emma.
Where is your slip?
I can't find it anywhere.
I've been looking all over for it.
Thea Lemp, you're not going
to wear another slip of mine.
I want this stocking, Thea.
That will make a pair.
I'll be glad to do your hair for you.
Well, heaven's sake, let's get going.
He'll be here any moment.
Hey, what's going on in here?
Never mind that. Let me have your slip.
Maybe someday you'll want mine.
Hey, Emma.
You'll find it in my drawer
over by the window.
A fine state of affairs when I
have to look in Kay's drawer ..
For my slip so that Thea can wear it.
Here we are, work ourselves
into a lather and you ..
Kay, why don't you do something?
I'm doing very important work.
I'm relaxing for you.
When a Lemp beauty goes out, the rest
of the family becomes a nudist colony.
You all think Master Ben Crowley
is worthy of all this here fuss?
Why sure he is, honey-child. Master Ben
Crowley has got money and lots of it.
What Thea wants is butlers like the
Rawlings, with servants to order around.
We get along.
Yes. Making over old dresses.
I want people in a crowd to
point me out in a crowd and say:
"There goes the smart Mrs Crowley."
But suppose you don't love him?
Love is overrated, old fashioned.
Last generation.
Last generation or not.
I still want love.
Storybook style, with all the trimmings.
A knight in shining
armor on a white horse.
Don't be silly. Where are you going
to find a white horse these days?
Why worry about the future?
If you've got anything
coming to you, it'll come.
Ann, tell them I'm right.
About love, I mean.
I don't think you are.
I wouldn't mind mothering someone
like a kitten or a puppy or a baby.
And I want fun. Lots of laughs.
All the married people I've seen,why
there a little bit short on laughter.
Maybe if I had a baby
without any husband.
Now you are talking nonsense.
Oh I don't mean having a baby. Just
mothering someone. Oh, you get the idea.
I hope not.
Ben is being announced.
He would be punctual.
That's his car. Isn't it a beauty.
It looks paid for.
I'd still like a white horse.
Gee Thea, an open car. It will muss
your hair up every which way.
No it won't. I'll wear your scarf.
Oh, I was afraid of that.
The orchids. The orchids!
Let me fix .. oh, you forgot the cape.
Give me the cape.
Where is the cape?
It's on the couch.
I wish it were gold dust.
Here's the cape.
You're a darling.
Wish me luck.
Aren't we going to meet him?
And have him wonder why he picked me?
No, you're all much
better looking than I am.
But I'm the smart one. Goodbye.
Come on, Kay. Here's your
chance to see Master Crowley.
Must I?
Good evening, Thea.
Good evening, Ben.
Thea's answer to a maiden's
prayer. Not mine.
Ah, you can't sing for
your own amusement.
One, two, three, four. Forte piano ..
Quiet. You're disturbing the cooks.
I'm afraid my sister's cooking
needs some inspiration.
[ Singing: ]
"Oh, once I felt that i would go .."
"A rosy, rosy, rosy of
wow wood. Yeah, man!"
What .. sacrilege!
I can't understand it. This duck is
beginning to show signs of life.
The more I look at it, the more I'm
convinced it looks like Ben Crowley.
Is everything going alright, girls?
Now don't worry.
It's going to be a perfectly wonderful
dinner. Oh, I hope so.
Just leave it, thus. We'll take
care of Mr Crowley's condiments.
Calm down, Thea. You're going to look
as if you really did cook this dinner.
That reminds me. Ann, have
you got your lines straight?
Then let me hear it.
Oh Mr Crowley, I just can't get over it.
Thea cooked the whole dinner. Every inch
of it herself and just look at her ..
She's as fresh and beautiful as if
she'd just stepped out of a bandbox.
Gee, I'm hungry.
That's wonderful.
Well, I think I've finished
setting the table.
Thanks, Dad.
Now the next thing to fix is ..
Oh Dad, your tie.
What's the matter with my tie?
Be a dear and let me fix it, will you.
Oh, go on then.
To think that I have to go through
all this three more times.
[ Doorbell ]
And that is Mr Benjamin Crowley.
He finally got here.
About time. I'm starving.
Now you girls do a little last minute
prepping. I'll answer the door.
Oh no. You'll not go out in that apron.
That might be a good idea.
Let Mr Crowley see how bullied I am.
No. You put your coat on, Dad.
I'll see to the door.
Girls, you tidy up in there and
don't forget the flowers.
Oh, Kay.
Slip this sweater on.
I wore that dress last night.
Good evening, Ben.
Good evening, Thea.
May I have your hat?
Oh yes. Thank you.
Well, you have a very lovely home here.
Your coat?
Say, you're looking beautiful tonight.
Thank you, Ben.
I hope my watch is right.
I've been driving around the block.
Afraid I'd be here too early.
You're right on time, as usual.
Well, that's my long suit: punctuality.
I believe in hitting appointments ..
Right on the nose!
I've been taught not to point, but do
you know the finest father in the world?
I added that for a
little sentimental touch.
How do you do. Glad to meet you, sir.
The pleasure's mine, Mr Crowley.
Thank you.
Would you like a little wine?
Well, I don't care if I do.
We have some very nice
home-made blackberry.
Thank you.
And this is aunt Etta.
Well, well, aunt Etta.
I've heard a great deal about you.
Have you?
What have you heard?
Well .. only the best.
And this is my sister Emma.
How do you do, Emma.
And this is Kay.
How are you, Kay.?
And this is Ann. The baby.
I was the baby in our family too.
Would you like to sit down?
Yes, I would.
Your very good health, Mr Crowley.
Drink hearty.
Nothing like a little home-made
blackberry to warm you up a bit.
That's what I always say.
I made it myself.
Would you like to sit down?
Thank you.
Now if you will excuse me, I will
have to go and attend to the dinner.
A rosebud garden of girls.
You're quite a poet.
That isn't original with me.
I .. I must have read that somewhere.
Well, the fellow who wrote it must
have certainly seen this family.
Come along, come along.
Dinner is all ready.
We've got duck.
I always say there is nothing like
a good, home-cooked dinner.
I think your home is charming.
Thanks. You sit here. You get
a nice view of the kitchen.
Thank you.
Oh Mr Crowley, I just can't get over it.
Thea cooked the dinner, every inch
of it herself. And just look at her.
She's as fresh and beautiful as if
she'd just stepped out of a band-box.
Yes, she is.
May I have your gloves?
Yes .. oh, my gloves.
The duck smells delicious.
We thank thee Lord for the bounty we are
about to receive and ask thy blessing.
Oh .. oh!
What is it, aunt Etta?
You might as well face the situation.
Ann forgot to light the
oven under the duck.
For the sandwiches we
are about to receive ..
We thank thee oh Lord
and ask for thy blessing.
I wish I could stop lying to my diary.
You saved a little boy from
being run over today.
No, but it makes good reading.
That sounds like Thea,
It is.
I'm dying to know what's happened.
So am I.
Thea came home.
Hey ladies, wake up!
Emma, how do you spell "intoxicated"?
Emma, Anne!
For heaven's sake, she'll
wake up the whole family.
I've got something to tell you.
I've got something to tell you.
Whats happened?
It has happened.
Tomorrow at Tiffany's. A ring.
It must be a 100 carats.
For Pete's sake Thea, what
happened? What did he say?
Well, I was looking so beautiful
in Emma's dress. Yes.
And your hat .. and your coat.
Well, what did he say?
"Thea" he said .. oh,
I go to phone him ..
What did Ben say?
He said .. all I am,
all I ever hoped to be ..
Oh, I'll tell you later.
Ask Ben if he minds being a
bigamist. I want a ring, too.
Aunt Etta!
Aunt Etta.
Do you think she really loves him?
She's going to marry him.
I mean, do you think she loves
him as much as she loves us?
Well, it's a different
kind of love, Ann.
You mean a stranger could come here and
mean more to me than Dad or aunt Etta?
More than my own sisters? More than you?
Oh, you're certainly
not very worldly-wise.
Oh, Ann.
Don't lets get married, ever.
Let Thea and Kay if they
want to, but not us.
We'll grow old together.
Beautifully, gracefully.
Wait and see. We'll both
look just like Whistler's mother.
Yes, but if we don't get married, how
can we look like anybody's mother?
You'll feel a lot differently one day.
You're a lot younger than I am.
Five years. What's that?
And I practically brought you up.
Why, didn't I have mumps and chicken
pox and measles when you did?
I was your companionship.
You little wretch. You gave them to me.
No. I shared them with you.
Oh ..?
Look at me.
You haven't met anyone? I mean ..
You're not holding out on me are you?
No, apparently I'm headed for the shelf.
The Lemp family is going
to have one old maid.
Two .. and we'll have a cat.
A tortoiseshell one.
We'll call it Bathsheba.
Topaz, because it will have yellow eyes.
And the longest, most gorgeous tail.
Wait a minute.
Don't make it too beautiful.
We want her to be an old maid, too.
What's the big idea?
Is this your gate?
I've an interest in it, yes.
It isn't much good for swinging.
You know that, don't you.
Well, you have a nerve. I've swung on
it for 18 years. It's done right by me.
Evidently my standards are much higher.
The fault lies with you not the gate.
You don't know how to swing on gates.
I don't know how to swing on gates?
No leverage. That's your
trouble. Mind if I show you?
Not all all. After all, its your gate.
Alright. Now, watch this.
The way to do it.
Say, that is good.
Is this how you do it?
Almost, huh?
Now, a little more pressure on the
ball of your foot and you've got it.
There, that's it. Now you've go it.
This is the third or fourth or maybe
the fifth happiest day of my life.
Oh, excuse me.
Of all things ..
Hello, Mrs Richfield.
How do you do?
This is mister ..
Deitz .. Felix Deitz.
Old friend of the Lemps.
This is Mrs Richfield.
How are you, Mrs Richfield?
I'm fine, thank you.
And Mr Richfield?
Why, he's fine, too.
How is his back? Better?
Much better.
I'm so glad to hear it.
Goodbye, Mrs Richfield.
Well, of all the ..
How do you know Mr Richfield?
First time I ever heard of him.
But I don't understand. How did you
know his back was bothering him?
Oh, well Mrs Richfield ..
Looks like a woman whose husband
would have trouble with his back.
Mrs Capper.
There is a young man with .. Ann Lemp
Say, what is this "old friend
of the family" business?
A slight exaggeration.
You see my father was a very
good friend of old Mr Lemp.
I'm his daughter. He's not so very old.
Oh, so you are Miss ..?
Ann the gate-swinger.
Well, Ann.
In this pocket I've a letter to
your father. In this pocket ..
If fact, he's quite young-looking.
Granted, but what ..?
Right now he's down at the Foundation.
He works there as Dean of the faculty.
In fact, he's one of the youngest
looking Deans they've ever had.
I'm sure he must be.
This happens to be a letter to
the President of the Foundation.
Could you possibly direct me?
Why yes, it's down one block.
An there on the corner you'll find it.
the Foundation? Thank you.
No, the traffic officer's booth.
You can ask the policeman where
the Foundation is. He'll tell you.
Thank you again.
You're welcome.
I must be stuck.
Oh, by the way.
What have you for dinner tonight?
Lamb chops. Why?
That will do very nicely.
Nobody invited you for dinner.
Your father will. I'll see to that.
Au revoir.
See you for dinner then.
Goodbye, Mrs Richfield.
Well, I ..
There is no reason to set the extra
place, Ann. He won't be here.
I've seen him. He'll be here.
He'll not only be here.
But he'll tell us where to sit.
Monopolize the conversation,
do the carving, say the grace.
And help himself to a
second portion of dessert.
That's my impression of Mr Deitz.
And my impression of your impression
is that Mr Deitz sells vacuum cleaners.
Well, whatever he sells, you'll buy it.
Oh no.
I'm completely won over.
Kay, may I use your face powder?
You may not.
I'm won over too.
I'm going to be the beauty tonight.
I refuse to be disturbed
out of my usual calm.
I shall devote myself
exclusively to my lamb chop.
You had better.
Don't forget, you're engaged.
By the way girls, what's he look like?
Well, he's ..
What's that?
That is Mr Deitz.
Would you like a try?
Your father was a great
musician and a great man.
What would he say to these antics?
My father would help me to swing.
Your daughter would approve it. Bah.
I tell you this modern music won't live.
Now Beethoven, he has lived.
And will live for hundreds of years on
every opera stage, every concert hall.
Opera stages, concert halls.
Do you call that living?
You and your jazz and your swing. Bah!
Now, promise me you
won't say "bah" again.
Alright, I promise you.
I've got ..
Something is wrong here.
Father. Why, hello there.
Well, we thought you'd never get home.
How is my handsome Dad?
Did you have a hard day, dear?
Something is still wrong.
Hello, Deitz.
Hello, Lemp.
Father dear, won't you ..
Girls, this is Felix Deitz.
He is a blasted young pup.
He prefers jazz to the classics.
He is arrogant, disrespectful,
argumentative, conceited ..
He .. and I like him.
I forgot to say I've no talent whatever.
You told me that all the way home.
I can see that just by looking at you.
I'm Thea.
You look talented to me.
Thank you.
What do you do?
I compose. Oh.
I'm Kay.
How do you do.
How do you do .. what do you compose?
Trash. If he'd only
listen to Beethoven ..
Modern tone-poems, I call them.
And I think so little of Beethoven, I
wouldn't even bother to steal from him.
No, you promised me faithfully
you wouldn't say "bah" again.
I'm Emma. Positively the last sister.
I'm very glad to know you, Emma.
I'm very glad to know you.
Go head, produce more.
I'm not in the least bit tired.
Excuse me.
I thought you said there
were no more sisters.
Come and meet the youngest.
Delighted. Etta.
This is Felix Deitz,
son of my old friend.
This is aunt Etta.
How do you do.
I'm pleased to meet you.
Not only the youngest,
but the most charming.
You embarrass me.
Aunt Etta. I'll sit by you at dinner
and we'll hold hands under the table.
In other words, I'm just your type.
I'm flattered to be with
such a lovely family.
He's the brightest thing to come into
the house since the electric percolator.
There is no hope for it. I'm afraid
you'll have to see quite a lot of him.
You know the President of the Foundation?
Yes. Hard-boiled, isn't he?
Well it took this young man
here, just 7 minutes ..
To talk himself a job at the foundation.
Ten minutes. I timed it.
It included introductions and goodbyes.
That means you must live in Briarwood,
doesn't it, Mr Deitz? It does.
Oh, we all want you to feel free to come
and swing on our gate any time you like.
The emotion chokes me.
Well, this calls for a
special celebration.
Emma, put the best silver on the table.
We did, Etta.
And the dinner napkins
with the monograms.
They're on the table. I put them
there just on Ann's description.
Oh .. well ..
Do you know Mr Deitz that those napkins
and that silver have not been used.
Not once .. not even when the
Mayor was here for dinner.
I'm honored.
Thanks, Lemp.
That's alright, Deitz.
Home-made blackberry.
Oh. I made it.
Well .. where are you going to live?
I hadn't thought about that yet.
There's a hotel in town, sort of small.
And mangy.
I don't think you'd like it.
Well, there are a couple
of nice rooming houses.
Suppose we discuss this after dinner.
In the meantime, my lamb-chops
are getting cold.
A very good idea.
Aunt Etta, here's what we'll do.
Suppose you sit over there by me.
Right over there. Miss Kay,
we'll put you right in this chair.
Oh no, that's specially
reserved for gate-swingers.
Miss Emma. I think you'll be comfortable
right over here beside aunt Etta.
Miss Thea, a very
special seat for you here.
There. Isn't that better?
I suppose you have no objection to my
sitting in my customary chair, have you?
Not at all, sir. Make yourself at home.
Thank you, sir.
Well, what did I tell you, girls?
I'll tell you a secret.
I like him.
Over the hills.
That is, I meant to say there's ..
There's some beautiful rhododendrons.
I thought maybe we could walk over ..
We can't right now, Ernest. I've
got to finish mending Felix's sweater.
The moths have declared
a vendetta against him.
Oh look, my button.
I saw that Ernest, and it
won't do you a bit of good.
Oh, this is gorgeous.
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
I wouldn't mind building
right on this spot.
And you could buy it for a song.
Put the house right over there facing
the creek. In your name, of course.
Subdivide it and give it a fancy name.
I'll bet I could make a pretty penny.
Darned if I wouldn't consider it, too.
If you'd only name the
day for the wedding.
Thea, it's almost June.
Doesn't the idea of being
a June bride intrigue you?
Let's leave it to the fall. I promise
you I'll be much more definite then.
What's the verdict? Does he
love you or does he love you not?
That's what I'm trying to find out.
Why, haven't I told you that?
Etta, what's cooking?
Barley soup.
I don't like barley soup.
Felix likes it.
Hey Felix.
Come here.
What is it?
Do something about the sun,
won't you. Its in my eyes.
Why not put your hand over your eyes?
You do it. I don't want
to pamper myself.
See, that's all there is to it.
Is that better?
That's good.
Hey, Emma.
Excuse me a minute. You do it a while.
I'll fetch that bucket.
I can manage.
You can carry it back when it's full.
That's the idea.
Here we are.
Here, give it to me.
Why is it no musician can ever
make a decent knot in his tie?
Because a musician is ..
Let me fix it.
Say, you've got a
steady job fixing my tie.
That is if you can take time off from
your cooking and sewing and cleaning.
Sounds like interesting work.
I'll find the time.
Well, I suppose we're
holding up aunt Etta.
She must be waiting for the water.
We'd better get back.
I'll take it.
You look positively radiant, Emma.
That's because the sun is shining and
the flowers are in blossom and ..
Kay loaned me her face-powder.
All this bunk you read about
druids living in trees and loving it.
I'll take the Lemp home any old time.
It's not drinking water, Ann.
Who's afraid of a little typhoid?
Oh no you don't.
Deitz, I don't like your tie straight.
Cut it out. Emma fixed it.
That's a lot better.
You look better with hair mussed.
Oh you want a fight, do you?
Come on, I'll take you on.
Somebody had better go to the
stand and get some more hot-dogs.
Father has made a way with the dust.
I'll go on my bike.
I'll race you there.
I bet I can beat you with
only a pedal and one foot.
Get me a case of beer!
Hey, what's holding you back?
You got an anchor on your wheel?
A slow starter. Watch me on the stretch.
Look out!
You see, things were quiet
until you came to live with us.
There is something about you
that always sets people laughing.
There's an effect you have, too.
Yeah, what?
You do something to a room.
The minute you enter it, it lights up.
Who, me?
Maybe an Edison has an explanation
for it but I can't understand it at all.
Somehow, what happens to
that room is transferred to me.
I glow, too.
I haven't noticed it.
Oh, it's an inner glow.
The expensive kind.
We're a great combination,
aren't we. Light and laughter.
Yes, but we can't have
one without the other.
If you don't light up, I can't laugh.
Vice versa.
So we two ..
We should never be further apart
than a stone's throw, should we.
I'll vote for that.
I don't know whether this fits
into the conversation or not, but ..
Your eyes are very beautiful.
If fits.
Holy smoke, the hot-dogs. We left
a whole family starving back there
And there's a few members of
the family that I'm very fond of.
Wait a minute.
Here's a little memento
I picked up for you.
Oh Felix! That's darling.
It's nothing. Just a little trinket.
It isn't worth very much.
One of the charms says "I love you".
I hope you like it.
Oh, don't thank me.
Just promise me we'll go back slowly.
I promise.
Gee, I'll bet they'll be starving.
Felix. Felix, now stop it.
Stop it, you hear me?
Felix, listen to me.
Listen. I don't mind you wasting your
time but don't waste it on my piano.
First prize is a thousand dollars.
I'll use it to buy you a new piano.
You'll win first prize will you,
with this collection of cat-calls?
Come on, you've got a
class to teach at 3 o'clock.
There is still half an hour.
I'm waiting for Mickey Borden.
Who's he?
A piano player I picked up.
Going to help me orchestrate
my compositions.
It's criminal wasting another
person's time on this abominable ..
It's not exactly a waste of time. Mickey
is out of a job now. I can use him.
Tell him from me.
That orchestrating this stuff is one
step lower than being out of work.
Will he be here soon?
He's an hour late now, but he
may not be here for a week.
In fact he may not get here at all.
I was un ..
I was under the impression that
only trombone players drank.
Mickey doesn't drink.
He's just a little ..
Well, unpredictable.
Well, I'm very glad to hear it.
No completely sane person could
do a good job on that stuff
Furthermore ..
I'll see you at the Foundation.
[ Doorbell ]
I'll get it.
Is this ..?
It is. Come in, Mickey.
We're waiting for you.
I've been struggling with
this opus for days.
Say, you're going to find this
arrangement right up your alley.
A rug on the floor.
A smell of cooking in the
kitchen, piano and flowers.
It is homes like these that are
the backbone of the nation.
Where's the spinning wheel?
Shut up.
Did you miss the train?
I ignored the train.
I thumbed my way up.
Why? I gave you enough for the fare.
Well, I bet the four dollars on a
horse I could have bought for seven.
It had a lovely name, Felix, that
I can't for the life of me remember.
This time of day there's a lot of traffic
from town. You shouldn't be late.
Oh, I had lots of offers from small fry.
Fords, Chevies, but I
held out for a town car.
It's a poor man's privilege.
Well, I have to get over to the
Foundation. A class from 3 to 4.
Suppose you get a room here for
a few weeks until we're through.
Save you a lot of travel.
That's alright with me.
I was evicted this morning.
I'm going to miss those cobwebs.
Well, look over this first movement. I'll
be back after 4 and we'll get you a room.
Just so it's the other side of the rail
tracks. I can't breathe this clean air.
Say, there's a lady in the kitchen.
Introduce yourself to her.
The name is "aunt Etta".
I know the type.
See you later.
I thought it didn't sound
like Felix playing.
As far as I know, you may be a burglar
and have designs on the piano.
According to Felix, I'm
supposed to introduce myself.
Mickey Borden.
I guess you are aunt, aunt
The name fits right in with those
curtains and that hob. Domestic.
My name came first. Then the curtains.
What type of aunt are you?
A rough voice hiding the soft heart?
Or are you ..
The "sweet-simple land-sakes-alive
Felix should have prepared me for you.
How about a cup of tea?
May I throw in a couple of cakes?
How did you know I hadn't eaten
since yesterday morning?
I'm the "near-sighted-you-can't
hide-a-thing-from-me" type of aunt.
I see.
Well you needn't look so noble.
Tea is only a little hot water.
I'll go and put the kettle on. I'll let
you know what I think about you later.
Hello, aunt Etta.
Hello, dear.
You're home early, aren't you?
Yes, I couldn't finish my lesson.
Steven Spratt broke his violin.
Oh isn't that too bad. Did he drop it?
That's what I claim but
he says I threw it at him.
This is my niece, Ann.
Ann, this is Mickey.
Mickey something-or-other.
The name just goes
with that shirt and tie.
He's a friend of Felix, I think.
We just know each other.
I'm orchestrating his composition.
I was going to make
Mr Borden a cup of tea.
Just a little hot water.
Get set. You're in for something.
Got a cigarette?
Why yes.
Here you are.
Cork tipped, no less.
You've scared it. It always behaves
that way in front of company.
Oh, just keep on playing.
You know, I read someplace, that the
invention of the cigarette lighter ..
Increased the use of matches
a thousand percent.
I laughed when I read it.
You could have at least smiled.
Say, is that part of
Felix's composition?
Something of my own.
Why, it's beautiful.
It stinks.
You are probably right.
I was only making conversation.
Still, I hope you're not
entering it in the competition.
You know, round these parts,
we want Felix to win.
I couldn't enter it if I wanted to.
It's only got a middle.
You only wrote a middle?
Just a middle.
Oh, no beginning, no end?
You think that's right to leave a song
dangling in midair with no face or feet?
Why not?
Well for one thing, a full bodied
composition may easily win first prize.
I wouldn't win first prize if I were
the only entry in the contest.
Mathematically speaking,
I think you'd stand a fine chance.
You think they'd let me win?
Of course.
The fates, the destinies, whoever they
are that decide what we do or don't get.
What do you mean?
They've been at me now
nearly a quarter of a century.
No let up.
First they said, let them
do without pianists.
They'll get along.
Then they decided.
He doesn't need any education.
That's for sissies.
Then right at the beginning,
they tossed a coin..
Heads he's poor. Tails he's rich.
So they tossed a coin .. with two heads.
Then for the finale, they
got together on talent.
Sure they said. Let him have talent.
Not enough to let him do anything on
his own. Anything good or great.
Just enough to let him
help other people.
It's all he deserves.
Well, you put all this together,
and you've got Michael Bogart.
That's the name I was born with.
I thought if I changed it, I'd
throw them 'em off the trail.
Didn't work.
Of course, you know
you've been very silly.
Who asked you to listen?
You are insulting a person who believes
that a man decides his own destiny.
Who believes that if a man has enough
courage and enough ambition ..
I guess I deserved that.
But I know enough of music to know that
if you finish your composition, you'd ..
I tell you they won't
stand for my winning.
They are up there, working
overtime against me.
What some people will
do for time and a half.
Here, have another cigarette.
We won't talk about it anymore.
I can see it is a painful subject.
Ha .. it's my favorite subject.
Talking about my tough
luck is the only fun I get.
But ..
Oh,aunt Etta, help.
I can't cope with him.
Were you laughing just then?
Were you laughing?
Oh yeah, I think so. Why?
I wish you'd do me a favor.
Throw your head back and just laugh.
No reason. Just laugh.
I knew I was right.
You don't know the first
thing about laughter.
I see the sort of thing I'm up against.
The gay-young-thing type.
An unimportant species.
It isn't the quality of your laughter I'm
complaining about. It's your attitude.
Yes, when I wanted you to laugh just
then you wanted to know why you should.
As if a person had to
have a reason to laugh.
Someday I'll give you a talk on the
difference between a laugh and a giggle.
Oh aunt Etta, you were right.
I've had enough.
Now then. Cream or lemon?
No see here. You're just being
purposely contrary minded.
You'll take on or the other.
Quick, now? Which?
Now don't try to be hard-boiled, Etta.
It doesn't come off.
I'm going to have some tea
and figure this man out.
Wait until he gets a sandwich.
He won't be so vicious.
Can you read them?
Thea .. Ben .. Felix .. Ann.
Dad .. aunt Etta.
Emma .. Ernest .. Kay.
And .. Mickey.
You deserve better than that.
We cooked the lot in a week.
There. Hows that, better?
You like yourself?
You got me grinning like an idiot.
I knew you'd see a resemblance.
Say, were you sneaking round my
room yesterday when I was out?
How did you guess? I tried
not to leave any fingerprints.
The minute my back is turned
you put curtains up on me.
That isn't all. Next time you're out,
I'll slip a few flowerpots on your sill.
No. No flowers.
Why not?
Well, they use up all the oxygen.
Hey listen. Get tough and I'll be
up the lace pillow cases.
You just tried.
You may object to living like a human
being but at least you'll sleep like one.
My landlady has got orders
to shoot you on sight.
When I've finished with your
room, I'll start in on you.
Just look at yourself.
What's wrong with me?
Your hair is reaching for the ceiling,
your tie is at half mast, and ..
Mickey, there is something about the
State of New York I want you to know.
Huh? What?
Well in the State of New York it
is strictly constitutional to have ..
A crease in the pants.
Tonight is Dad's birthday party.
I think a pair of pressed pants would
add the right touch to the celebration.
I'll think about it.
I've got to go in town
and buy Dad a present.
In the meantime, how about doing a
little work on your own composition?
Ah .. shut up.
Think what a kick it would be
to those destinies of yours ..
If you run off with first prize.
What if I do win?
Oh, here it comes again.
My picture in Life,
a new suit and hullabaloo.
And one morning, I'm walking down
the street minding my own business ..
When a bolt of lightning with my number
on it follows me round the corner and ..
Out like a light.
Oh, Mickey.
Yup. That's the way I'm
leaving this world: lightning.
I'll give odds.
Somewhere Mickey, is a straight-jacket
with your number on it. Just waiting.
Come here and you can lick the spoon.
Why, Mickey.
I don't want you to think that this
is a spur-of-the-moment kiss.
I planned it for a week.
Pretty mild for a start.
Just a friendly kiss.
We're going to be
great friends, aren't we.
Yeah .. I'll work at it.
In fact we'll be such great friends ..
That we won't have to give each
other anything for Christmas.
And don't let anyone tell you I
haven't done wonders for your smile.
Well, I've got to go now. I'm late.
Were you on the train?
Yes. Relieve me of these packages
and I'll show you my ticket.
Don't know how I missed you. I walked
through the train on the chance ..
I sat up with the engineer.
We're old friends.
I see.
And whose hand was on the throttle
when we rounded that horseshoe curve?
For just one moment I thought
we weren't going to make it.
So did the engineer.
Seems I picked the wrong time to powder
my nose but I'll know better next time.
You won't take this personally, I hope.
But hereafter I'll take
the bus into town.
Oh, I know the bus driver.
We're old friends, too.
Well, there is still the bicycle.
Well, we'll walk.
I love you, Ann.
What did you say?
I love you.
I can't hear you.
I said, I love you.
I won't say it again.
You love me?
Since when?
Since the moment I first saw you.
You can't be original
when you're in love.
Well, what?
That was in the nature of a proposal.
I expect something in
the nature of an answer.
Of course I adore you, Felix.
A good start.
But couldn't we go on just the way
we are? You know, lots of laughs?
We could be married
and still go on laughing.
There have been cases.
I love you, Ann.
I can't swing on a gate and I'm not
much good at bundle-carrying, but ..
I'll try to make you happy.
You're this crazy world to me, Ann.
And the crazy world before this
and the crazier world to come.
In fact, I love you.
I'll warn you I'll probably
laugh at the ceremony.
What do you think I'll be doing?
You're sweet, Felix.
Would you hold these just a moment?
Why, sure.
"For he's a jolly good fellow.
For he's a jolly good fellow."
"For he's a jolly good fellow .."
"Which nobody can deny."
"Which nobody can deny."
"Which nobody can deny."
"For he's a jolly good fellow .."
"Which nobody can deny .."
Happy birthday, Dad.
I'd appreciate the sentiment a
little more if you were all in tune.
Well I never .. a radio.
A very peculiar radio.
It doesn't play jazz.
We made the down-payment ourselves.
Well, that's how your
mother got the piano.
Look, Dad.
A velvet smoking jacket.
Oh, we just threw a few
old curtains together.
It will make your old 5-cent
cigars look like golden coronas.
Take a glance at all these, Dad.
It looks like a Christmas tree.
Why .. why, look. Toscanini.
Here is my gift, Daddy.
Many happy returns.
Here's something to keep you
warm the when you listen to Bach.
I just happened to be passing
Tiffany's the other day.
Tiffany's, Ben.
Why Ben, you shouldn't
have been so extravagant.
Tell me, does it yodel?
I don't care. A watch with a Swiss
movement ought to be able to yodel.
Here, Dad. We're just
bribing you to stay young.
I accept the bribe.
That calls for a speech.
Speech .. speech!
Well, I ..
This has .. been the happiest birthday.
I shall always remember.
I don's suppose I've got
many more birthdays.
Another crack like that, and we'll send
you to bed without dinner for a week.
Oh don't mind your father. He's
just trying to appear philosophical.
But he hasn't got the
beard to go with it.
Come on, let's cut the cake
before I flood the place with tears.
I put too many candles
on your cake anyway.
You too. Well, that was a kind thought.
I didn't ..
I got it myself for you.
If you don't mind.
Well, thanks.
That puts me in the class with Ben
Crowley. I know his kind like a book.
He's the "I-sold-papers-when-I
was-kid-now-look-at-me", type.
I've got your type
neatly cataloged, too.
Any bets?
At any birthday party, you're the
sort that always pipes up with:
Isn't that right?
You win.
So, to prevent you from
making that little speech.
I got you a present myself.
Cufflinks with initials.
This is no joke.
These are good links.
Well, I always do my shoplifting
at the best counters.
Here is a customer.
You made this all by yourself?
In that case, I can't do without you.
We elope tonight at twelve.
That's a date.
Sure? Sure.
While your about it this afternoon,
why don't you get a new tie? Look at it.
Oh, it's alright.
Say, you girls are looking
beautiful tonight.
You don't look at all like your father.
Felix, if I were ten
years younger. Oh, bah!
I think he's already guessed.
You think so?
Hold this.
Yep, got it.
Hear ye! Hear ye!
Everybody listen.
I have a commercial
announcement to make.
What is it?
Go ahead, go ahead.
Felix and I are engaged
to be married. Look.
Well, that's wonderful.
Well, well, Felix.
So .. you're going to be married.
She swept me off my feet.
Ann. Darling.
Aunt Etta.
Gee, isn't that swell.
If we ..?
Say, don't I get kissed?
Why, of course you do.
I think I'm marrying the wrong girl.
Oh, you go on with you.
I'm jealous. I have a good slightly-used
career I'll exchange for a husband.
Must resemble Felix.
I'd like to add my good
wishes. Thanks, Ernest.
I'm glad too, Felix.
Oh, I'm sure you're both
going to be very happy.
I feel it in my bones.
Thank you, Thea.
When do you two children
propose to get married?
Well, as soon as my laundry gets back.
In August sometime.
How about some coffee? I'm not too
happy to have forgotten about that.
I'll start it perking.
Oh, Emma.
I'll give you a helping hand.
This marriage business
isn't contagious, is it?
I don't know whether I should give my
daughter to a composer of modern music.
You don't?
Just this once, Dad.
Ann .. I think I'll
beat you to the altar.
Do you still want me to be a June bride?
I certainly do.
Bring on the orange blossoms.
I don't know what to say.
Why should you say anything?
June? Then I'll still be
here for your wedding, Thea.
But Kay, you'll be here
for my wedding, too.
Nonsense, Kay. Where else would you be?
Philadelphia, studying
for that scholarship.
And please, I've heard all
the jokes about Philadelphia.
But you're going so suddenly, Kay.
Well, I .. I decided it was about
time I got serious about my work.
What has got into my family?
Well, I think I ought
to propose a toast.
Come on everybody.
Let's drink to the happy couple.
This is for you, Ann.
Oh, thank you.
Happiness, Ann.
If you'd bury your head
in my shoulder ..
There'd be less chance of those
people out there hearing you.
I can't help it, aunt Etta.
I love Felix, you know.
Ah,, somebody else will come along.
Oh yes they will. In about six months.
That's the usual time.
Now don't contradict me, Emma.
I know all about these things.
Being a spinster.
Emma, Emma!
Emma, you haven't even ..
Why Emma, darling. What's the matter?
Oh you mustn't feel like this.
I'm not going away, I'm going
to stay right here with you.
Nothing is going to chance
for us, really it isn't.
I know, dear.
It's just that I ..
I bet you thought I'd never marry.
I didn't think I would, either,
but we're all going to.
We'll have housefuls of
children. All violin players.
Emma, you like Felix don't you?
Of course she does. We all do.
It's just Emma can't get used to the
idea of losing the baby of the family.
Any more than I can.
Oh come girls, pull yourselves
together and help me with the coffee.
Aunt Etta is right.
I'm just being silly, Ann.
Come on, let's get this ..
I won't marry him if
you don't want me to.
We'll still be the old Lemp
girls with our tortoiseshell cat.
No .. no.
There isn't anything I wouldn't
do to make you happy, Emma.
Of course, dear. I know that.
Really Ann, they're all going to begin
to wonder what's happened to us.
You sure it isn't because it's Felix?
I mean.
You've never seemed to like
him as well as the rest of us.
But really Emma he's awfully
sweet and such fun.
After we're married,
you'll learn to love him.
Ann, stop chattering.
If we don't get some of this
coffee in to those people in there ..
Nobody is going to love anybody.
Come along, now.
You take the plates
and I'll pour the coffee.
Thank goodness there is one
steady hand in the family anyway.
Well, the coffee wasn't any good anyway
And just because I'm .. I'm ..
Well that's no reason I've to stop
trying to make a human being out of you.
I'm the girl who brought chintz
curtains in your life. I'm not going ..
Must you look so beautiful?
Who, me?
You're getting married. Now a ..
Another dream shot.
If that isn't tough enough ..
But you've got to look like
a convention of angels.
Why must the light hit you just right?
If your nose was shining
and your eyes dull.
Jehoshaphat .. it would
make things easier.
But look at you.
Not a hair on your head out of place.
A girl can't get married without a
permanent. It wouldn't be legal.
Nice work.
My congratulations.
They take a guy in out of the cold, give
him a look at real family, real people.
The old man, aunt Etta.
They throw Ann in his path and let
her get a half-nelson on his heart.
Then .. out in the cold again.
Here is a new lease on the gutter.
Oh Mickey, please listen to me.
Nah ..
You always said it was my fault.
I never put up a battle.
Alright. I'm full of fight now.
Ann, no-one else can have you!
I love you. You hear me?
Please, come to your senses.
You see, Ann.
The theory is all cockeyed.
It's no use fighting.
I accept the verdict. What's more,
I'll attend the wedding.
My smile will be just
as brave as Emma's.
Emma .. why should Emma ..?
Why should Emma?
You mean to say you don't know
that Emma is insane about Felix?
Emma in love with Felix?
Mickey, you must be out of your mind.
I guess when you're used to
being on the outside looking in ..
You can see a lot of
things other people can't.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Poor Emma.
That night when you told
everybody, I was watching her.
Her face went as white as a sheet.
She ran out the room.
When she came back her
eyes were red from crying.
That made me feel very close to Emma.
But it wasn't that.
It couldn't have been.
It was because I was
getting married. You see ..
Emma and I have always been so close.
Oh Mickey, I don't believe you.
You're only saying it to frighten me.
Go ahead. Get married.
You'd better go home.
People are waiting.
But it isn't true.
You were lying, weren't you?
That's as good a name for it as any.
Well .. I got to go. Got to pack.
Goodbye, Ann.
Allah be with you.
Goodbye, Mickey.
You go first.
I want to look after you.
Hey, Emma.
Yes, Felix?
What is this, is it a tie or a canoe
paddle? I can't make it out.
When it's in that shape,
it's usually called a cravat.
It is?
Isn't it awful what getting
married will do to you?
Any other day I'd have
a good answer to that.
Well, go to work, Emma.
Whatever it is, tie it for me.
Gosh, I'm jittery.
My fingers have turned to jelly. Feel.
Oh, they're cold.
Say, so are yours.
You know, I should have rented
an outfit instead of having it made.
It would have fit better.
How's it coming?
Wait a minute
It looks alright.
This is the end of my steady job,
isn't it? Uhuh.
Say, isn't that a steal from something?
And a good one.
Hey .. just leave me
enough air to say "I do".
I'm sorry.
Now hold still.
Well, how do I look?
The price tag showing?
No, you look very nice.
Striped trousers. Isn't that symbolic?
Here comes the groom .. the dope ..
Her comes the groom ..
You got 3:12?
My watch says 3:08.
What time you got, Adam?
Oh .. 3:15, Ben.
Excuse me.
What you think's happened?
All girls get the fidgets
on their wedding day.
She probably took a walk to calm down.
I took a walk on my wedding day.
Whatever possessed the
child to do such a thing?
It should take her at
least 15 minutes to dress.
What time did you say you had, Adam?
I told you, Ben. It is 3:15.
I wonder what the hall clock says.
It says for you to put your watch
away and quit acting the pompous fool.
I'm sorry, Thea.
My first wedding.
I could stand a bracer.
[ Doorbell ]
That must be Ann now, Etta.
It's just about time.
It's a messenger boy. A telegram.
No. Never mind. I'll get it.
Ah, the wire we've all been waiting for.
Pioneer furniture company.
Congratulations and our furniture
sale starts Monday. Easy terms.
Oh, Emma.
Emma, it's for you.
Probably from Kay.
What's wrong, Emma?
What's the matter?
It's from Ann. She's ..
She's married Mickey Borden.
Let me see that telegram.
What does it say?
"Dear Emma, you must
break the news to Felix."
"Make him understand
that this is for the best."
"I found out just in time to avoid
making a dreadful mistake."
"Mickey and I will be married
by the time this reaches you."
"Felix will understand and forgive."
Sorry, son.
What are we going to do?
Ben, why don't you do something?
Don't stand there looking so helpless.
I can't go in and face all those people.
But somebody has got to do something.
I'll take care of it.
I'm sorry Reverend Thompson.
But the family wanted me to speak
for them, to you and to their friends.
"Break the news to Felix."
"Make him understand
that this is for the best."
"A dreadful mistake."
"Mickey and I will be married by .."
Oh this quiet. It hurts my ears.
Only one in my orchestra now, Etta.
Oh cheer up, they'll all
be here for Christmas.
I'm writing to Ann now.
Let's continue, Emma.
But play it louder.
All I ask is a little noise.
You hate vegetable soup, don't you?
No. I kinda like it.
For my sake, hate it.
Well, I just discovered something about
myself. I can't make vegetable soup.
Well, could you salvage
something from the vegetables?
An omelet, or a stew or something?
I must have done something wrong.
Those vegetables in the pot.
They disappeared.
Well, anyway we can look forward to the
Christmas dinner your Dad's making us.
I read aunt Etta's letter again.
It gets better with every reading.
In the meantime we'll go down to
Joe's Room and get a bite to eat.
What will you do for money?
We spent the last you had on
a couple of tickets to Briarwood.
I can get rid of something
I don't need anymore.
Yeah? And after that, what?
Well after that, social
security will take care of it.
I'm afraid not.
Although I feel old
enough to be eligible.
I can't make any money orchestrating.
I wish there was something
else I could do.
A few gray hairs at your temple and
you'd be a wonderful bank president.
I'll bet you'll be glad to get out of
this dungeon for a couple of days.
Oh, it isn't so bad.
After all these months.
Do you still love me?
It's only four months. Sure.
You really do?
Get a notary, I'll sign an affidavit.
You still love me?
You must be crazy.
That's a statement that will get you
into the most exclusive insane asylum.
Listen, you wouldn't do so bad
yourself on the entrance exam.
Come on, I'm hungry.
I don't see it.
You don't see it?
Now look, you're at the
piano, I'm at the drums.
Earl here is doubling
on trumpet and sax.
And Sammy is with the fiddle.
I tell you, it's a cinch.
Sure, we can clean up and
have a lot of in the bargain.
Say, there is where you have
lot fun: South America.
How do you know? You ever been there?
No. But I seen postcards, ain't I.
South America sounds interesting.
Say, what kind of lightning
they got down there?
Oh, there must be Lulus.
You know, that's a topical country.
"Tropical". Topical means right now.
Well, was I wrong?
Say, what's so old-fashioned
about South America?
What is all this?
Wouldn't mind a change.
What the cost to get there?
Now you listen to me, Michael Bogart.
With or without the missus?
Well ..
No snap judgments, now.
Oh, two or three hundred smackers.
Of course you know that's second class.
Well, that's the end of South America.
I was in Washington a year ago,
and walked through the Mint.
That was the first and last time I
ever seen three hundred dollars.
Well, you got anything you could hock?
Well, what do you get
for wives these days?
Well, she'd bring more than the average.
Thank you.
And if one of my three sisters was
a brother you'd all have black eyes.
More coffee?
One check.
It's alright. I want to recapture the
feel of a walk through the Mint again.
Say, Mickey. Try and dig up the dough,
will you. You know we want you with us.
Goodbye, Mrs Borden.
Oh yeah. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas. Come on, Earl,
Yeah, merry Christmas.
Thanks for paying the bill.
Say .. maybe I can wangle three
hundred dollars out of Ben Crowley?
Micky, you'll do no such thing.
It'll be a strictly legal wangle.
I promise to pay 6% and promise to sign
all the papers he shoves in front of me.
You can't Mickey, you can't.
Why not? He's in the family isn't he?
He sneaked in through marriage. We didn't
charge him for it and we don't intend to.
Listen Mickey, unless you promise
you won't speak to Ben, I ..
I won't go home.
Okay, okay.
I promise I won't ask. I'll go further
than that and offer to loan him money.
Here. Have a cigarette.
Now it's my turn to ask you something.
These last four months.
Have you been happy?
I've been closer to it than
I've ever been before.
Then, why do you want to
go to South America?
Perhaps to give its lightning
a chance at me. Only fair.
If you weren't married to me,
if I wasn't around your neck ..
You would get there
somehow, wouldn't you.
A stowaway or something.
As a matter of fact, two can
stow away as cheaply as one.
No, Ann. If I go, I want to
go in some sort of style.
What's up?
I'm wondering .. if I found a wallet
in the street or something like that.
I was just wondering if I'd be a big
enough of a heel to run out on you.
How are you betting?
Nothing I would do would surprise me.
Make that two.
Here we are.
You stick close to me Ann,
will you. I feel kinda funny.
Thanks, Ernest. It was awfully
nice of you to meet us.
All I know is I got my orders.
Oh I see, Emma is bulling you
even before your married.
Something fierce, but it's a
funny thing, I'm thriving on it.
Now wait, Mickey. I want
Ernest to carry all the suitcases.
It puts him in trim to wash the dishes.
Yeah, you see what I mean?
Well, you sure have him under control.
Oh this is nothing, Wait until we're
married. He'll do he cooking then,, too.
Yeah, but will I eat it?
Let me in on this, Ann.
It looks like a good thing.
Hello, Ben.
May I?
Glad you could get here, Mickey.
I'm glad to be here.
Hello Lemp.
Hello, Deitz.
How are you, Ann?
Well, how's he been
since he won the prize?
There is no living with him. He walks
about with a check in his lapel ..
And a contract for the Seattle Symphony
Orchestra pinned to his hair.
Shades of Sebastian Bach.
Oh, come along, let's
have some Tom and Jerry.
Boy, do I need that. Was it cold.
Merry Christmas.
Ann, come and see the Christmas tree
Hello, Mickey. Merry Christmas.
Same to you, Felix.
Congratulations on winning the prize.
Don't forget that your
orchestrating helped a lot.
Beethoven did his own orchestrating.
He didn't need any help.
He was a musician.
Christmas cheer, Mickey.
Thank you.
Like some, Felix?
Yes, thanks.
Where is Kay? Isn't she here yet?
Poor Kay. Too bad she couldn't make it.
We've a surprise for you.
Kay can't get here.
Why not?
Well, she couldn't be in Briarwood and
sing over the radio at the same time.
Could she?
Oh, aunt Etta.
Oh, is Kay going to sing on the radio?
Tonight at 8:30 National Network.
And we've already sent her a wire
telling her how wonderful she was.
Isn't that great?
Kay on a national hookup?
Well, what have you got to say now?
I haven't a word to say
until I've had my dinner.
Dinner? That turkey ought
to be ready by now.
Why, Ernest.
That'll cost you two dozen roses.
Well, there's no point in
wasting this good mistletoe.
In love and war,
surprise is half the battle.
Oh now Ben, don't be silly.
Here is my chance. I've been
wanting to kiss you for months.
Lemp, the Latin lover.
Etta, come here.
Now, shoulders back, chin up.
It took a long time but
my charm finally got him.
Aunt Etta, dinner is ready.
[ Radio: ]
"The honor of presenting that young
lady who won the Foundation scholarship.
"Miss Katharine Lemp.
Miss Lemp will sing .."
"On wings of song."
"How worthy of my dearest."
"Upon the wings of my song."
Not bad. Not bad at all.
You know, with time ..
Adam Lemp, if you don't say right now ..
That our Kay has the loveliest, sweetest,
purest voice that's ever been heard.
Of course he thinks so, aunt Etta.
He's just being modest.
Well let him be modest about
his own flute-playing, then.
And not about our Kay's singing.
I am too old to change.
Musicians are all like that.
I remember when I was a boy.
There was a musician lived next to us.
He was the most eccentric ..
I'll have to be running along.
There is just time
enough to make my train.
So soon, Felix?
Yes, sir. I really must.
Why, Felix.
Ernest, his bag.
Alright, alright. I'll get his bag.
You know, I've heard
of hen-pecked husbands.
Butt this is the first I've heard
of a hen-pecked fiancee.
I'm the youngest.
I'll get his coat and hat.
Felix, I'd like to tell you
about that funny musician ..
We'll start with the prettiest.
Goodbye, aunt Etta.
I'm so sorry to have you leave, Felix.
Can't you miss your train?
You know, they'll never believe
you're a great musician in Seattle ..
If you get there on time.
Goodbye, Adam.
Goodbye, Emma.
Goodbye, Felix.
Goodbye, Thea.
Come on, Ben. No trouble?
No, no. No trouble at all.
I can use the fresh air.
We'll just have to use the car.
We expect a letter every
week. A full report.
I'll send press clippings for your Dad's
benefit. Make sure he reads them.
Bah ..
I'll hurry Ernest up.
Here you are.
I hope it's your coat.
If it doesn't fit, it's mine.
It's plenty cold out. Be sure your
scarf is up around your neck.
It's there.
Whoever said "out of sight,
out of mind" was a liar.
Probably Shakespeare.
He said everything.
Goodbye, Lemp.
So long, Deitz.
Here you are, Felix.
Goodbye and have a nice trip.
Goodbye, Emma.
Goodbye, Felix.
Do you mind if I drive Felix to down to
the station? I've something to tell him.
Sure. Go ahead, Mickey.
Just drop me off at the drugstore.
I need some cigars.
I'll walk back. Maybe I can walk
off some of this Christmas dinner.
I just thought I'd drive you down.
Right. We ain't much time.
I'll step on it.
You get in. I'll sit on the outside.
I'll get out at the store.
You don't mind?
No, of course not.
That's fine.
I asked Ben to let me drive you down
because this is the last chance I hat ..
To tell you I'm sorry ..
I messed things up for you
Ancient history, Mickey. Forget it.
Busting things up, that's where I shine.
There is one saving grace, though. I
usually end at the bottom of the pile.
How things been going with you, Mickey?
No complaints
After my fashion.
Everything is alright, then?
Saw Jake yesterday.
Talking about you.
He said ..
Jake is a bigger liar than I am.
Do me a favor, Mickey.
How much do you need?
I've been lucky lately.
Let me lend you a little
something, to tide you over.
Say, don't you ever get tired of being
a swell guy? It would bore me stiff.
Thanks, Felix. But I cant take it.
Why not?
I don't know.
Maybe it's because I'm a new man.
The old Mickey would have taken it.
The old Mickey was no fool.
Well, there is your train.
Better hurry. Behind the seat.
All aboard!
All aboard!
So long, Felix.
Thanks. Here you are.
Something for Ann.
Use it any way you think
will make her happy.
Bye, Mickey.
Wait a minute.
Of course it was too bad
Kay couldn't be here.
But then it was so wonderful hearing
her voice. Yes.
The things we've crowded
in since last Christmas.
This time last year Thea wasn't
married, you weren't married.
Kay hadn't won her scholarship,
Felix hadn't won his prize.
Oh, we didn't even know Felix then.
Emma, I've got to know.
You and ..
And Felix. I thought you
were in love with him.
I was.
I guess we all were.
But looking back, that day you were
to marry Felix I thought that if ..
The world should come to and end now,
it would just be an anti climax.
I know better now.
And I really owe it all to you, Ann.
To me?
You see .. if you'd married Felix.
I suppose I'd have
gone on all my life ..
Thinking I'd missed my prince
charming on his white horse.
And when when your telegram came,
everyone just went to pieces.
That is, everyone but Ernest.
Ben, who blows the loudest
trumpet, he couldn't do a thing.
I'll never get over the
way Ernest took hold.
He was so quiet .. capable.
So dignified.
Well, that started it.
Now I can't imagine life without
me ordering Ernest around.
And if ever Ernest gets to ordering
me around, that will be alright, too.
Funny how long you can be around people
and not know how much they mean to you.
Take you and Mickey for instance.
Gracious, Ann. You're not
crying about a broken plate?
You don't have to, it isn't ours.
We borrowed it from Mrs Ridgefield.
It isn't ..
It's just being home and everything.
If you're going to ask
me if I'm happy, I am.
That never entered my mind.
Mickey has done everything
to make me happy.
He's trying very hard.
Of course.
[ Scream! ]
Thea, please, please.
Thea, what's wrong?
What's happened, Thea?
It's Ben. He's had an accident.
I cannot hear you. Shush.
St Joseph's Hospital?
Alright, I'll bring his wife with me.
Is he badly hurt?
I'm afraid so. My car is outside.
We'll go with you, Thea.
Poor Ben.
I didn't make him happy.
I didn't even try.
Thea, you mustn't.
He's always been so kind and generous
and I never showed any appreciation.
Ben will be alright. It isn't too late.
You'll have a chance to
make it all up to him.
But suppose .. suppose he is.
Oh Thea, please. You mustn't.
Thea, it's not Ben.
Ann, it's ..
He was driving Ben's car.
Is he hurt badly.
More of their work.
They wouldn't even let
me go out in style.
Don't try to talk.
You'll be alright.
Only lightning couldn't get you.
I have your word for it.
Can be manufactured.
You know.
Oh, Mickey.
I think perhaps it's better if you ..
I know his type.
Got a cigarette?
Could I?
Yes, alright.
Cork tipped.
Oh, Mickey.
Oh, Mickey.
[ Rusty gate squeaking noise ]
Hello, Lemp.
Hello, Deitz.
You haven't done right by my gate.
Listen to that squeak.
I wouldn't swing on a
gate that didn't squeak.
Why is it women hate to use an oilcan?
Why do men smoke smelly pipes?
It isn't the pipe.
It's the tobacco.
Stonewall Jackson cut plug?
I've chewed it for years.
I've smoked it for years.
It has like an intensity.
Oh, I'm so glad you're home.
What am I doing on
this side of the gate?
Say, this is where we came in.
Steve D