Four Flies on Grey Velvet (1971) Movie Script

You can tell me the truth,
did I play badly?
Of course, you're getting it wrong.
You have to follow our rhythm.
Don't worry about it, Mirko.
Our combination can't be touched.
Thanks, Roberto.
See you round.
Dirty son of a bitch.
Wait a minute.
- What do you want?
Take your hands off me.
- What? What do I want?
What do you want?
You've been following
me for a week...
I keep seeing your stupid face
behind me. What do you want?
Are you crazy? I don't know
what you're talking about.
I've never dreamt of following you.
Stop playing the fool,
what do you want from me?
Let go of me.
Damn it, let go of me.
I'm not joking.
Go away.
Go away or I'll stick it in you.
Go to hell!
Are you awake?
- Yes.
Good night,
or good morning...
Whatever you want.
Who was it?
-I don't know...
There was no reply.
Goodbye, Roberto.
- Goodbye.
Take this filth back and don't
make that mistake again.
I'd like to see you in my shoes,
with all the mail I have to deliver.
- Hi, Maria.
What's going on?
- That idiot.
He always get the addresses wrong.
It's embarrassing sometimes...
I keep getting mail
addressed to that pervert...
You know, Rambaldi,
the guy who lives next door.
It's always pornographic magazines...
With nude women in certain
poses you wouldn't believe.
What are you doing all alone there?
- Nothing.
Why don't you stay with us?
It's true.
I saw it with my own eyes.
- What?
Nothing important,
an execution in Saudi-Arabia.
They still cut people's heads
off for serious crimes...
The prisoner has his hands
tied behind his back...
Then he's made to kneel down in
public in an enormous piazza...
At this point,
the executioner arrives...
He has a scimitar in his right hand,
and a thin dagger in his left hand...
He cuts along the prisoner's
neck with the dagger...
As the blood pours out it causes
his body to remain rigid...
Then the executioner raises
the scimitar quickly
and strikes down on his neck...
...Which is supported by
the dagger so it won't bend...
And the head rolls down on the floor.
My God, that's horrible.
Did you hear?
Who invited him?
Andrea. What nice things
have you written lately?
A very interesting story,
it's very similar to
Mirko's description...
It's about the funeral of a
famous French chef...
The service is attended by cooks
from all over the world...
...and the ceremony is very moving.
An instant before the coffin
is closed forever...
Those present scatter
things on the body...
Parsley and paprika.
I could kill you now...
but it's not the right time.
Who will come to help you?
The police perhaps?
You can't tell anyone.
You're alone.
What happened to you?
- Nothing.
I couldn't sleep.
Go back to bed.
I heard noises.
-I said it was nothing.
There's something wrong.
Did you think I hadn't noticed?
Come on.
Why won't you tell me?
What's wrong?
These last few days...
- I already told you, it's nothing.
I killed a man.
I killed a man a few days ago.
What do they want from you?
-I don't know.
That's the strange part.
He never asked me for any money...
But he threatened me,
phone calls, letters, photographs...
Items from the deceased.
And just recently I was attacked.
I've got everything in here.
It's not here anymore.
Of course!
He took it all before...
That's why he came.
Is this really true?
- Yes, I stabbed him...
I read it in the newspaper
the next day.
- Did they also mention his name?
It said an 'unidentified body'.
You don't believe me, do you?
It could've been a dream.
Perhaps you've been
working too much and...
Why don't we talk to Luigi?
He's a good friend of yours.
Sure, you're right.
He's a psychiatrist...
So you think I'm crazy?
- What are you saying?
Okay, go back to bed.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone,
God damn it!
What was the name of
the man you killed?
Carlo Marosi.
Then this must be his...
The initials are C.M,,
and it's stained with blood.
Where did you find it?
- On my bedside table.
I'm sorry, but what can we do?
I can't go to the police...
I can't tell anyone.
Nina, will you help me at least?
Let's leave, please.
Let's go far away...
I'm so scared.
Do you know where God is?
You surprise me, brother.
God is here...
God is there...
He's everywhere.
Right now, he's fishing.
Hey, brother...
You got a 10007? (Lira)
I've only got this.
It's not much but I'm happy.
Pampered fool,
my name's Diomede, not God.
Why doesn't anyone
call me Diomede?
If you want to give me
a nickname
give me something
more appropriate...
Instead of calling me God,
why don't you call me
omnipotent God?
That's what they all call you.
- What do you want?
I happened to be passing by.
- Like hell you were.
Come on.
How many did you catch?
The water's so polluted now,
the fish are all ill...
I feel sorry for them..
Instead of eating them,
you want to put them
in bed and call the doctor.
Fuck you.
- What have I done?
No, not you.
The parrot.
That's my stuff, you animal.
His name's Fuck you.
There's little to laugh about...
It was already his name
when they gave him to me...
They say you should never
change their names...
Sure, it's not very refined,
we could never fit into society...
Imagine their faces: "My dear,
I'd like you to meet Fuck you."
What's the problem?
- I'm in trouble.
I killed a man and someone
is blackmailing me.
Is that all?
No, it's true.
I'm being serious.
Okay, tell me what happened?
What should I do with this?
- Put it in your mouth and eat it.
But it's raw?
- That's when it's good for you...
A hundred percent phosphorous,
protein and all the rest.
It looks disgusting to me.
As I thought, a typical city kid.
Washed, ironed and dumb .
It's like this...
I killed a guy,
someone I didn't even know...
It was an accident. The police
still don't know anything...
But someone saw me...
Someone who was there.
They took pictures of me killing him.
Now they're blackmailing me.
But that's not all.
It isn't just anyone.
It's someone who knows me well...
Because one night when I
had some friends round...
I found one of those damned photos
stuck in between the records.
It wasn't there half an hour before,
one of them must have put it there.
Are you going to pay?
-I don't have any money.
You can ask your wife,
you told me her family was rich.
But he still hasn't asked for money,
that is what's so strange.
They're limiting themselves to
persecuting me and I don't know why.
It's a nasty business.
Two recommendations from God;
Get yourself a private investigator...
Someone who keeps his eyes
open and can protect you...
Because I also believe
your life may be in danger.
Arrosio could take up your case.
A bit eccentric but
he's smart and cheap.
Second, get the professor
to watch your house.
The professor?
- Yes, exactly...
You should've met him,
he lives nearby...
He's always lying in his hammock...
We call him 'professor'
because of his elegant ways...
He kisses the ladies' hands,
he doesn't fart in public...
...and I know 1,280 verses
from the Bible by heart.
What's wrong?
For, let's say, 500 lira...
Okay, let's make it 800 a day.
Keep an eye on my friend's house...
He's a great musician.
Why are you blushing?
- Who's blushing?
You've gone red, right professor?
- Red like president Mao.
If you see anything strange;
blackmailers, murderers, or similar...
I'll intervene, with violence.
- No, tell us.
A fish.
- No.
Damned bastard.
What do you want from me?
What do you want?
What do you want from me?
Special delivery...
- What?
I've got a letter to deliver, I didn't
think I was doing anything wrong.
Sorry, I didn't mean to...
What is it?
Do you want to hit me?
You don't understand.
-I can't understand, eh?
You beat me up and
almost strangled me...
You wanted to kill me.
What have you got against postmen?
I'm not stupid.
I'll told you,
I've got the proof here with me...
I assure you.
Exactly, I want all of it.
In cash.
I'm not interested in
what you're doing.
I'm only interested in the money.
Don't try anything funny.
Otherwise I'll take
everything to the police.
Yes, okay.
I understood.
I'll be there.
"They'll beat you up.
Hit her again.
"And don't behave like a girl.
"Don't cry."
"You should never cry."
What's going on?
- Help me.
Who's there?
- I'm locked in the park.
There's someone following me.
Help me.
Hurry up.
- Don't worry, I'll climb the wall.
Do something.
- I can't, it's too high.
I'll go and look for a ladder.
@g HbEqg Y, OUS
They want to kill me.
- What are you saying?
They're here.
Hi, Roberto.
- Hi, Dalia.
How come you're here?
- My cousin is on holiday...
She'll be our guest for a few days.
Look, if I'm a nuisance I can leave.
What are you saying?
Listen to this story and
see if you like it...
I call it 'The rape of Frankenstein'.
I wrote it in a moment of impulse.
Do you think it's the right time?
How did Dalia get here?
She just turned up.
That's all.
You know how she is.
Did you want me to tell her to go?
- Yes.
I'm sorry.
What about the others?
They always turn up unannounced...
Not only that,
the maid has disappeared...
She hasn't been seen
since this morning.
The Austrian psychiatrist explains
to baron Frankenstein
that his creature was bloodthirsty
because it couldn't make love...
The libido was frustrated,
so it turned to murder...
The baron is dazzled by the
logic of his explanation...
He returns to his lab and this time
he produces a monster with a dose...
of sexuality, but the baron always
exaggerates his doses and measurements
So the monster is so sexually charged
that it sets about raping women...
The baron escapes by a whisker from
the outrage and is tormented by a
by a doubt..
That the monster is a fag...
But it's not like that...
This horrendous news circulates
around the village...
The abominable creature
rapes everyone it meets...
The men arm themselves
to stop the rapist...
Meanwhile, the local governess,
who has just turned 75...
Takes off her knickers and her bra,
hoping she'll meet it...
To discredit herself
for the love of science.
What's wrong with you lately?
Nothing, why?
- Come on, Roberto...
There's something wrong, you didn't
even turn up to rehearsals today.
I had things to do.
Yes, exactly.
I understand.
Yes, of course.
It was the police...
They found the maid
with her throat cut.
They said...
It was a maniac.
They'll come and
talk to us tomorrow.
I'm scared...
This person's serious.
It's not blackmail anymore.
They want to kill you.
How can you live here?
Where there's someone who comes
and goes when they want.
Someone spying on you.
Following you...
Who wants to kill you.
- What should I do?
You've got to make a decision.
Either we go away,
or you tell the police everything.
You've forgotten one thing...
I killed a man.
It's frightening, I know,
but don't forget it...
I'll get fifteen years.
His name was Carlo Marosi...
...and I killed him.
It's me.
Shall we meet up at mine?
Yes? Really?
I think you'll come.
Things have changed, isn't that right?
I read the papers as well, you know.
This time someone was killed.
Or am I mistaken?
I wanted a real son,
not a weakling like you.
What have you done?
You'll end up in an asylum.
Asylum! Asylum!
Excuse me, did someone steal
your cat? -Yes.
Then it's true, I saw someone coming
out of your house last night...
...with something wrapped up
in a cloth. It was a dark figure..
Look at what I got when
I tried to stop him...
He got away and I woke up
fifteen minutes later.
Be careful...
This time I'm armed.
You know;
The sum we agreed upon on...
I don't think it's enough anymore.
Take your toy back now.
I've had enough.
First, I had to pretend to be dead...
That was okay, but then the night
visits where I risked getting caught..
Not to mention what you
made me do to the cat...
But now we're talking about murder...
That maid.
Yes, I know, she knew everything...
You didn't have to kill her.
We never talked about murder...
I wouldn't have accepted.
Now leave...
Can I help you??
- No. I must've made a mistake...
I was looking for Arrosio,
the investigator.
No, no, wait.
I am the private investigator.
- Yes?
That's right.
It's nothing.
No, no.
Sit down, please.
To be honest, I...
It's dangerous, I think...
- Yes, yes.
I know what you're thinking;
someone docile like me...
...would jump on a chair and
scream if he saw a mouse.
Isn't that right?
Yes, that's exactly
what I'm thinking.
You heterosexuals.
I imagine you've never had
a homosexual experience?
I'm not up on these things.
- No? We're men as well...
It's just that our species
are a little different.
Who's paying? You?
What did he have?
A steak, three sandwiches,
two eggs and a bottle of beer...
Here's the bill.
It's a good thing he wasn't hungry.
Thank you.
I must tell you I'm very
unsure about all of this...
Your story seems a little incredible.
- Well, I don't know what to do.
Yes, it's a real big cat to skin...
It's a good thing the statistics
are in our favour.
The statistics?
- Of course...
You understand, my dear,
I'm an investigator...
...who completed all his
studies with the highest marks...
Demonstrating an enormous
familiarity and versatility...
...for the most important techniques.
Not only that...
During the three years I've
been in this profession...
I haven't even solved one case.
Not even one?
- Not even one.
Don't you find?
Yes, I think so,
but doesn't that mean...
It means this;
Statistically speaking...
One of the most impressive
negative sequences
is destined to be interrupted.
84 failures...
It's a fantastic record.
Absolutely fabulous...
A run like that can't possibly
remain uninterrupted.
I could stay in my office and the
criminal would come all by themselves.
You wouldn't do that?
- No...
Your case fascinates me in
a very particular fashion...
I assure you.
What do you want?
Please tell the postman not to
make any more mistakes.
Do you ever clash with your wife?
Anything you remember?
- No.
Are you very wealthy?
Well, I'm not anyway.
And your wife is?
...she recently received
a large inheritance.
What is that supposed to mean?
- No, nothing.
You don't think...
What did you write down?
It's nothing, just notes.
I've finished.
You can leave me here.
You won't notice me at all,
never dear.
Just phone calls.
There's trouble in sight,
they've been there for half an hour...
Get out of here, quick.
"Run far away from your home."
Genesis, 12:1
I'll be with you shortly,
I have to go with them...
It's about Amelia.
I've seen the photo's of the body...
It's horrible.
- Mrs Tobias.
Yes, I'm coming.
Listen, you do what you want,
but I can't take it anymore...
I won't come back home,
I'll go elsewhere.
I've also made my choice...
I'll wait until this dirty
game is over...
So I'll stay here.
But you're right.
It's good that you're leaving.
Stay with your relatives
for a while...
...and call me sometimes.
Have you still got it in for me?
I'm leaving tonight.
Why didn't you leave with Nina?
- That's none of your business.
Don't get upset...
It will all work out, you'll see.
All, what?
Nina told me all about the
blackmail and everything else.
Don't worry, I won't betray you.
- Yes, yes.
Besides, Nina was so upset,
she needed someone to talk to.
Now you also know everything,
do you have any advice for me?
Yes, first have a nice hot bath.
To relax you.
Then we can think about it.
- Don't miss your train, Dalia.
I've got some great bath salts.
- I don't feel like having a bath.
My God!
You idiot.
You really scared me.
Look, it's all wet...
Sit up straight, I'll massage your back.
Is that better?
Don't do that.
Stop it, you pig...
Stop it.
You know, Roberto,
besides being cousins,
Nina and I are really good friends...
But I don't feel any
remorse making love to you...
What do you think?
Am I a little perverted?
I need more information...
Anything to do with the blackmail.
Photographs of you and your family,
your friends, addresses...
Anything you can find.
- It's all in here.
Hundreds of photographs.
Take them.
Your wife, I imagine?
- No, she's a friend...
A relative.
Good evening.
There's some more over here.
What happened?
- Nothing, it was a nightmare.
You missed your train.
I get the impression I'm
going to miss many more.
No, it's impossible.
- It's me Arrosio...
I don't have any real news,
but I studied the photo's you gave me...
I noticed a strange similarity.
- What similarity?
It's probably nothing,
I'll tell you later...
Listen, you won't hear from me for
a few days, this is why I called.
- Okay, I'll see you round.
Wait a moment.
Does this name mean anything to you?
'Villa Rapidi'
No, never heard it before, why?
- It's nothing, bye.
Damn it.
Yes, she suffered from
a form of paranoia...
Especially in the early stages it was
characterised by violent attacks...
To be more precise, it was some
type of homicidal mania...
Her confinement lasted three years...
Following the death of her father,
all the symptoms seemed to disappear.
Therefore, we declared the
patient completely cured...
Despite this, there is one particular
detail I shall point out...
He may not have been her real father.
Roberto, telephone.
It's Nina.
Hello, dear.
No, no news.
I've got no desire to leave.
No, no.
No, I told you already.
Looking for someone?
Hi. You're just the person
I was looking for.
- Sure.
I immediately thought
that person's renting
it out for his sordid business.
But nobody comes.
It's the truth.
Are you serious?
- Would I lie to you?
No, I believe you.
Look, that person's leaving.
Thank you, my friend.
Not at all.
Call me sometime.
- Count on it, bye.
Excuse me.
You worked it out.
I got it right this time...
What a masterstroke.
...and then I established that
in 4000 years of human history...
We've only had 240 years of peace.
Incredible, no?
I'm sorry, Andrea,
but I'm not in the mood...
...what did you want
to see me about..
What did you want with me?
Nina called me, she pleaded with
me to persuade you to join her.
I understand.
Listen to me for a moment, please...
I don't know why,
but she was very worried about you...
Why don't you listen to her?
Is there another woman involved?
- No, not exactly.
You want to destroy your marriage...
You want Nina to end up like Maria Pia.
- What's Maria Pia got to do with it?
She's got everything to do with it,
don't you know she's in love with you?
She's been in love with you for years...
She never got married,
she's never been with other men...
She's just there,
adoring you in silence...
Alone like a dog.
Ladies and gentlemen, please note the
extraordinarily refined interior...
It's not the usual trim that's so banal.
No, ladies and gentlemen...
We've made it better;
pure natural silk...
And I'm happy to announce that if one
of you happens to have an accident...
...while our exhibition is running...
You can purchase this
coffin with a 25% discount.
God damn you!
Nice little place for an appointment.
I chose it on purpose...
Because, like this, seeing how many
people are speculating on bodies...
It might take away some
of your fear of death.
Deep down,
dying is an inescapable fact...
...which enters into
precisely governed trades.
Excuse me.
Could I have a light, please?
Thank you.
Then, as if that wasn't enough...
There's the strange dream
about my decapitation.
The strange part is while I'm dreaming...
...I'm not afraid, it's as though
I'm the protagonist in a scene.
Thank you.
You see, it's like a premonition.
An omen.
Do these things happen,
or am I going insane?
In the end, the secret was revealed
to Daniel in a nocturnal vision...
Daniel 2:19
- That's right.
Listen to me, it's more
serious than you imagined...
You must go to the police immediately.
- Sure, then I'll go straight to jail.
Please, make yourself comfortable.
What do you say?
Do you like it?
It's a bit tight and
it's also uncomfortable.
I can assure you none of our
clients who purchased this coffin...
...have ever complained because
they found it uncomfortable.
I'm still not sure.
Someone suffering from paranoia is
playing a strange game with you...
Whoever it is really wants you
to suffer before they kill you.
Fine prospect, but what can you
tell me about the other victims?
A double coffin for double deaths.
The mechanism has stuck...
Someone discovered the game,
they realised who was persecuting you.
...So they had to kill him.
He must've developed
a taste for killing.
Death is in his blood.
Suffering excites him...
We're dealing with an
authentic paranoid killer...
People like that
are capable of bloodshed
for reasons we'll never understand.
Listen, why don't you take your
wife's advice and go away for a while?
Do you think they'd stop?
I don't know,
but you can always try.
I noticed a strange similarity...
Strange similarity.
Who could hate me so much?
I can't right now.
No, he's recording now.
Is it something important?
Yes, I'll tell him to call home.
Okay, let's listen to it again.
Someone named Dalia rang earlier.
Call her back, she said it was important.
Yes; thank you.
Mrs Tobias.
We have to carry out some
tests on her body...
And it's absolutely necessary that
one of her relatives are present...
Her parents are in no condition to do it.
- Nor am I.
Ask my husband.
Is everything ready, doctor?
- Yes, sure.
I must talk to you for a moment.
- What about?
We want to carry out a
test on the girl's eyes...
As you probably know;
Often, the last image the victim sees...
...before they die, is embedded on
the retina for a few hours after death.
Now, with a difficult procedure,
but not impossible...
It's possible to photograph this image.
Experiments carried out in Germany...
The United States,
and here in Italy recently...
---have had surprisingly good results.
In some cases it's been possible... distinguish the murderer's face,
at the very moment
he committed the crime
What is it?
They look like flies.
Four flies.
Yes, it's true.
They look just like four flies.
What the hell does it mean?
Yes, that's one solution,
but you shouldn't move from here...
You choose the location, not him...
You just have to stay here and wait.
Sooner or later, they'll show up...
...and you'll be ready for them.
But you're going to need balls, kid.
Are you aware of that?
I know,
but I want to finish this.
I'm tired.
- Okay...
I'll call you every now and then.
- Hi, it's me...
How are things?
Fine, for now.
Nothing's happened.
Do you want me to come there?
It's better if there's two...
What's going on?
What are you doing with that gun?
What were you doing here in the dark?
My God.
For a moment...
I thought...
Did you really have to come back now?
What's wrong with you?
- You have to leave immediately.
No, I was wrong to leave before.
I want to be close to you.
Not now, I don't have time to explain.
You have to leave right now...
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Nina, come back tomorrow!
What's going on?
- Nina, I'm waiting for someone...
You go out that door and you run,
run to my car out front...
Here are the keys.
Drive around the city,
it doesn't matter where...
Go far away from here.
Have you understood?
Now go.
They look just like four flies.
I really am an idiot.
I always have been.
I didn't have to look very far.
What are you saying?
Have you gone insane?
It's you I was waiting for, Nina.
You killed Dalia as well.
The last thing Dalia saw...
...was your medallion swaying.
It was you.
You did it.
It was you!
Get your hands off me.
Now move away.
You worked it out too soon...
I wasn't expecting it.
Get back.
Against the wall.
I wanted to see you die slowly...
Stay back.
Because you looked just like him.
I hit your arm, eh?
Does it hurt?
I know what it's like...
I've suffered a lot as well.
My pig of a father!
He made me suffer.
He wanted a son at any cost...
He felt cheated because I was a girl.
He made me dress like a boy.
And he beat me.
He beat me!
For years and years...
He was capable of anything.
But I disappointed him...
I didn't respond like a man.
He said I was insane...
Like my mother.
She died in an asylum.
He had me locked up as well...
Three long years.
Do you know what the doctors said?
They said I was a maniac...
An insane maniac...
A maniac.
How could they know...
...about all that I had suffered.
I didn't have time to get ..
because he died alone.
He died before I could get out...
Before I could kill him.
I had to find someone else...
...who could pay for him.
For everything he had done to me.
I had to get revenge.
And I found him.
Because I met you
I couldn't believe it,
It was like a miracle
You were alike as two drops of water.
Stay still!
I came as quickly as I could.
She's insane.
She's completely insane...
I also understand the
meaning of my dream now...
I'm not the one sentenced to death.
It's not me...