Four Hours at the Capitol (2021) Movie Script

(engine starts)
Announcer (on radio):
From the heart of
our nation's capital...
Reporter (on radio):
Well, hello, everyone,
and welcome to
"Washington Watch."
Coming up...
Officer Michael Fanone:
January 6th started off
pretty much like
any other day for me.
Got up, got a workout in.
Rep. Madison Cawthorn
(on radio): Go and fight
in Washington D.C.!
I'll tell you,
and at 12:00 today,
we will be contesting
the election!
But it, it wasn't until
I started listening to
the speeches that
were given at that rally
on the 6th,
that I felt that, uh,
that day was gonna
be a bad day.
Donald Trump Jr. (on radio):
These guys better
fight for Trump
because if they're not,
guess what?
Rudy Giuliani (on radio):
Let's have trial by combat!
And I could tell,
that today might be a problem.
I've been a police officer now
for almost two decades,
and that day,
to think that I,
and a shit ton
of my fellow officers
almost lost their lives,
pisses me the fuck off.
(somber music playing)
(indistinct chatter)
Oh, thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Hold on, let me
turn it around, Drew.
All right, let's hope my WiFi
stays up this time, guys.
I got up very early
on the 6th.
I was trying to get in
where President Trump was,
uh, but the line was, probably,
50,000 people in line
trying to get in.
Oh, they're not lettin'
anybody in anymore.
It's full packed already.
And I saw some
friends of mine, and...
they said, "Hey, uh, let's go to
the Washington Monument."
So I went to
the Washington Monument,
and that's where I saw
a lot of people that I noticed,
and knew who they were.
(indistinct shouting)
Proud Boys (chanting):
Fuck Antifa...
Eddie Block:
Everybody knows me
as a Proud Boy,
but that's 'cause
I'm the crippled guy
on the scooter
who films everything.
(Proud Boy shouting)
Uh, you have to be a man
to be a Proud Boy, number one.
We're a group of, uh,
men that believe in God,
and we believe
the American way of life
is the best way of life.
We're like brothers.
We vet people.
We wanna make sure we get
the best of the best.
And I'm not talkin'
about physical-wise
'cause, I mean, look at me.
We're talkin' about just people
with the values that we have.
You know,
you don't beat up women,
you, you don't go against,
you know, the United States,
stuff like that.
Everybody just started
marching down the grass
towards the Capitol.
Let's go!
(indistinct chatter)
I'm goin' live. Mask up!
Share this video, guys.
You're walkin'
with the Proud Boys
to the State Capitol.
They felt that
the election was stolen.
They felt that their vote
was taken away from 'em,
and they felt this
was the only way to get
their voices heard.
Crazy cripple comin' through!
It, it looks like soldiers
'cause we are soldiers.
-Ready? Let's roll!
-We're good.
-Block: Whose streets?
-Crowd: Our streets!
-Whose streets?
-Our streets!
Rep. Buddy Carter:
You know, I, I wouldn't
say it was a normal day.
We knew that it-- Of course,
we would be voting on
election certification.
You know, they were moving
toward the Capitol.
You know, this is America,
and they have
every right to do that.
To rally and, and to protest.
Share this video, guys.
You're rollin'
with the Proud Boys.
Nobody else is live,
but Eddie Block
with the Proud Boys.
Protester (shouts):
Do your job!
Rep. Jim McGovern:
That morning, I, I showed up
to work pretty early.
I could hear people chanting.
I opened the... door,
went out to the balcony,
and I could see them,
uh, from a distance.
It just never occurred to me
that a mob would get
into the Capitol Building.
They can smell the testosterone
comin' towards 'em.
Leah Han:
I am a staff assistant
with the Speaker of the House,
Nancy Pelosi.
I just came very early.
I'm the one who usually
opens up the office,
so it didn't seem
too different that day.
Ethan Nordean:
We're goin' this way.
You can adjust accordingly.
We're turning-- turning right.
(dramatic music plays)
(cheers and applause)
Tayler Hansen:
You know, right as I got there,
the energy was just
through the roof.
It was seriously something
I have never seen before.
I have never seen
that many people
in one area
for the support
of one president, or one thing.
I mean, it was amazing.
President Donald Trump:
We will never give up.
We will never concede.
It doesn't happen.
-You don't concede
when there's theft involved.
Now it is up
to Congress to confront
this egregious assault
on our democracy.
And after this,
we're gonna walk down,
and I'll be there with you,
to the Capitol.
He told all of us
to be out there,
and everyone
was just listening,
and we all know
with Trump supporters,
I mean, they admire this man.
This man is--
It's-- He's their, he's their
savior, essentially.
Other than, you know,
our Lord Jesus Christ.
President Trump:
Because you'll never take back
our country with weakness.
You have to show strength,
and you have to be strong.
And we fight.
We fight like hell.
And if you don't
fight like hell,
you're not gonna have
a country anymore.
Ashley Gilbertson:
I turn up at this rally.
You know,
when Trump was speaking,
it was blind devotion.
Crowd (chanting):
Trump! Trump! Trump!
Gilbertson: When you
have the President
of the United States,
and he stands up
in front of you and says
that your democracy
is being stolen
and it is your
job to protect it?
You must go to the Capitol
and fight?
What're you gonna do?
(wailing sirens)
Rioters (chanting):
Fuck Antifa!
I saw that first
group congregate.
They were Proud Boys.
Proud Boy:
Fuck Antifa!
I started going with them
when Trump's speech hadn't even
gotten near, uh, the end yet.
President Trump:
To use a favorite term
that all of you people
really came up with:
we will "Stop the Steal."
Proud Boys are out marchin'.
Crowd (chanting):
Whose streets?
Our streets!
Whose streets? Our streets!
Whose streets? Our streets!
Whose streets?
We were just marching.
You know, everybody was
just happy, you know?
We're makin' our voices heard.
Let's, let's run around here.
We're the new
police around here.
Bobby Pickles:
Trump, you know, my president
asked us to be there,
so I'm gonna go support him.
There's that, that part
where he's like, "Yeah,
go to the, go to the Capitol."
And, when that was said,
everybody was just like,
"Okay, let's go to the Capitol."
(tense music playing)
Protesters (chanting):
Fuck Antifa!
Fuck Antifa!
Fuck Antifa!
Fuck Antifa! Fuck Antifa!
-Fuck Antifa!
-Fuck Antifa!
Fuck Antifa!
-Fuck Antifa!
-Fuck Antifa!
What do you think
is gonna happen
when you have that
mob mentality kinda thing?
All the right ingredients
are there creating a recipe
for what happened.
Protesters (chanting):
1776, that was the year
that we gained
our independence from England,
so we chant "1776"
because it reminds us
of revolting against
our government.
Protesters (chanting):
1776! 1776!
(crowd yelling)
People were pushing in,
and I kinda just followed
right along with them.
(crowd yelling)
Somebody yelled, uh,
"Hey, they're running."
And next thing you know,
the whole crowd
just took off from me.
And I was like, what the--
You know, holy shit.
What the hell's goin' on here?
You know, I'm holdin' my camera,
and I was like,
"There goes everybody."
They're storming it.
Storm that shit.
Protester (shouts):
Get the rope!
There was no symbol, no sign.
It was just everybody
acting in unison.
And then, that's when
all hell broke loose.
Protesters (chanting):
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
-Get back!
-Get back!
(indistinct shouting)
Hold the line!
We go over one fencing,
then we go
to the next fencing,
all the way.
It's just like bedlam,
sheer bedlam. Nobody cares.
Nobody cares about law,
or anything like that.
That's it.
This is awesome.
Nobody gives
a fuck right now.
Hell yeah.
Holy shit!
(crowd shouting)
Officer Winston Pingeon:
The morning of the 6th,
we had a roll call.
There really wasn't much
information provided to us.
So, I walked away
from that roll call
like I pretty much did
any other roll call of,
"You know, we'll see
what today comes."
We still really didn't know
what we were going
to be in for,
and how bad it was going to be,
until, basically,
it was too late.
Protester (shouts):
Get real jobs, you fags!
The initial breech
first happens.
It was 19 minutes
before Trump's speech
actually finished.
You know,
they run up the stairs,
and they start taking it.
The cops just kept retreating,
kept retreating,
kept retreating
'cause, I mean, they had a mob
walking right towards them.
I mean,
not even two minutes,
and they had
broken through
all the barriers,
and, actually,
made it to the Capitol.
I was one of the first ones
in that area.
Crowd (chanting):
Whose house? Our house!
In this initial phase,
the cops were just
getting overwhelmed.
Crowd (chanting):
Whose house? Our house!
Whose house? Our house!
Whose house?
Our house!
Crowd (chanting):
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
At this moment, there's
a lot of fighting between
patriotic people
and Capitol Police.
And you really do believe,
you know,
a tyrannical
government is basically
taking over the country,
then you're gonna, you're gonna
have some crazy stuff go down.
Protester (chanting):
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
It was just us versus them
trying to enter
into the Capitol Building.
Back up, please!
Please, back up!
Crowd (chanting):
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
Defend the Constitution!
You took an oath!
The crowd was very hostile,
and like, very quickly,
we were completely surrounded.
(shouting, arguing)
Even when they were saying,
"We're getting in the building,"
I remember thinking,
"No, you're not.
That's not gonna happen."
(somber music playing)
Madam Speaker,
members of Congress...
Rep. Eric Swalwell:
The joint session gavels in
around 1:00 PM.
You have Vice President Pence,
and, and Speaker Pelosi.
It's, essentially, a, a time
to just count and certify
the electoral college votes.
The Senate
and House of Representatives
are meeting in joint session
to verify the certificates,
and count the votes
of the electors
of the several states
for President and Vice President
of the United States.
This was a, uh,
a big vote in our mind
because I had decided that
I was going to object
to, to certification.
We gotta fight.
That's what I was doin'.
I was fighting
for my people,
for my voters.
Uh, debate is not permitted
in the joint session.
Rep. Ruben Gallego:
So we got onto the floor.
Everything was, was
proceeding somewhat normal.
At that point, I, I did not
fully grasp what was
happening outside.
Um, and I don't think
any of us really did.
Rep. Swalwell:
Just a few minutes into it...
we, we just didn't know
how many people were outside,
and what the capabilities of
the Capitol police officers
were, uh, to stop them.
Protesters (shouting):
Join us!
-(indistinct shouting)
-Join us! Join us!
So, we're out here
at the Capitol today.
Fuck yeah, bro!
What is the solution to
this situation right here?
Take the fucking
Capitol, bro!
Fuck these traitors!
Fuck 'em!
And it all happened so fast.
I got up to the front
of the line.
Um, so that's, that's kinda
when I really realized,
"Okay, this is-- It's about
to hit the fan right here."
The Capitol Police
came out with guns
and started shootin'
people with pepper balls.
(yelling and fighting)
I saw some blood just kinda,
you know,
squirt out just
out of the corner of my eye.
I mean, the man's got a hole
in his cheek this big.
Hey, brother.
What happened to you?
Let me see.
-God bless America!
-Hansen: God bless America!
We the people of
the United States of America
declare our independence.
Shit's gonna make a hole
in your lip real permanent.
(metal clattering)
When it really escalated
is when the, the man picked up
the barrier and hit
a cop over with it.
Let's get 'em, boys!
Come on!
Hansen: From that moment,
from when that cop
got hit with a barrier,
it just broke on--
into pure anarchy.
Go! Go! Go!
Brendan Gutenschwager:
I was just, sort of,
just in shock
that all this was
already escalating
because, in my head, I'm like,
"Donald Trump's
still speaking,
and these groups
are already here."
If this was what was possible
with this amount of crowd,
what was going to happen once
tens of thousands,
potentially even more, 100,000,
um, what was gonna happen
once they were all here?
We're coming for you!
(crowd yelling)
Couy Griffin:
January 6th.
It was soccer moms,
it was vets,
it was truck drivers.
Protesters (chanting):
We want Trump!
It was America. It was America.
I believe that Donald Trump
was anointed by God.
I felt like it was very
important to go, you know?
Stand in support
of our president.
Protesters (chanting):
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
You quite literally had people
from all walks of life.
I mean, you had
Trump supporters,
you had these QAnon groups.
Crowd (shouts):
Jake Angeli:
Nick Alvear:
Everyone was lovin' it there
because we're living
in a world where
people aren't necessarily
open to our ideas,
open to our beliefs,
so now you get to be with
everyone who is on your page,
and that was massive.
It was beautiful, actually.
And that's the spirit
that, that took over
the, the patriots
at the Capitol that day.
It was us being pissed
because we knew what happened.
There are a lot of people,
still to this day,
that feel like the election
was, was either stolen,
or that there was
a massive amount of fraud.
Get water on your bandana!
Water on your bandana!
I've talked to people
who had their vote stolen.
It's not a myth.
Do you not have an obligation
to voice those frustrations?
Fuck you, man! Fuck you!
(indistinct yelling)
You've lost control!
(dramatic music playing)
Commander Ramey Kyle:
The call came over the radio
that the U.S. Capitol
needed assistance.
It sounded like, uh, things
were, uh, very intense
at the Capitol,
so I started
makin' my way there.
(indistinct chatter)
Well, when I first arrived,
it just sounded like
a battle was raging.
U.S.A! U.S.A!
You fucking traitors!
And right then,
I, I knew we were in,
we were in for a big fight.
Hold it!
Hold it, hold it, hold it!
I run to the Capitol.
I run like hell.
And I feel like
I've just run a race.
And all of these
stages being set--
You know,
the, the big platforms
for the Inauguration
have already been set up,
and I'm standing next to that,
and I can see the stairs.
And I start going around,
and you see people
with pitchforks,
you see people with
baseball bats sticking
out of their bag,
and you see people in full
like tactical outfits.
(somber music playing)
As more people filled in,
it got more violent.
And that's when the gas
grenades started going off.
(loud boom)
-(indistinct chatter)
I'd say there was
about 30 more minutes
of just straight rioting.
Ow, fuck!
Hansen (shouts):
Hey, hey! Fire!
(indistinct chatter)
Commander Kyle:
They were spraying
pepper spray or bear mace.
They were throwing punches.
They were hittin' officers
with, um, poles
and pieces of scaffolding
that they had taken off
the, uh, inaugural stage.
There was hammers.
I remember at one point,
a gun actually fell out
of one of the individuals
in the crowd.
Of course, I, I didn't
have anywhere to put it,
so I had a long trench coat.
The entire day of, of fighting,
I had that, that person's gun,
their personal gun,
inside my, uh,
trench coat the entire day.
(indistinct chatter)
I think if we had pulled
our weapons and, and
started shootin',
I think there would've been
a large loss of life.
Maybe on both sides.
It, it felt like
we were 100 to one.
Uh, officers were fallin'
off the line.
They were, uh, bleeding.
They were injured.
I mean, I was terrified that--
If they broke our lines,
um, they were gonna be able
to encircle our officers,
kinda pick 'em off one by one.
Inspector Robert Glover:
I remember walking
through blood.
It came from one of
our sergeants who lost
a portion of his hand.
We're civilian police officers.
We see trauma every day,
we see the worst of humanity
every day.
But nothing can
prepare you for that.
This is something that
you would see in combat.
How're you boys doin' today?
Good, man.
What brings you guys
out here today?
Support Trump,
show, show a force
against these
bastards up here.
-What do you think
is the solution
to all of this?
There's two routes.
Pick wisely,
We are the people!
Fuck the political elite!
Fuck the political class!
There was still
the main riot going on
that the cops had to deal with,
but the riot
was actually moving.
Um, they really kinda
gravitated towards
the outer scaffolding.
And I went in
for a brief moment,
and, I mean, what I saw
in there was just insane.
Where they just kind of
battled back and forth
with the police.
Back down!
He's got a hammer!
Look at this! Look at this!
Oh my god!
I'd say that lasted for about
20 to 25 minutes, um, kinda
the battle in the scaffolding.
Gentleman's time has expired.
Rep. McGovern:
You know, I began getting texts
from my daughter Molly.
She was like,
"Why are you there?"
I just assumed
everything was fine.
I had no idea that anything
else was going on.
The gentleman is recognized...
Rep. McGovern:
Speaker Pelosi
was in the chair.
We were on the House floor.
We had no TVs there.
We, we were paying attention
to what was happening
on the House floor.
There was, you know,
texts coming in from
friends and family,
and, and my fiance saying like,
"What-- Are you safe?
What's going on?"
Death to Congress!
(indistinct yelling)
-(indistinct chatter)
Oh! They're going in!
Hansen: They got up
on the side stairs.
They just rushed it.
And, I mean, I'm just following
a crowd of hundreds
if not thousands of people
just walking up these stairs.
I just happened
to go over there
right when they
started to surge.
It was like this...
universal adrenaline rush
having, you know, breeched
this latest police line,
making their way up the stairs.
We're not here to hurt you!
And then, at the top
of the stairs,
there were like
10 police officers,
and that was it.
One of 'em, at one point,
whacked the baton
a couple times
against the fence,
and... within like a minute,
basically, just gave up.
Protester (shouts):
Fuck 'em. Let's go!
Seeing those police disappear,
that's new.
Like now, these people
are about to get...
into the back doors
of the Capitol.
Jayden X:
This shit's ours.
Fuck yeah.
I can't believe this is reality.
Dominic Box: As I'm going
up the scaffolding,
and getting to the steps,
there was a kid who, probably,
captured the emotions
I was having.
Look at D.C.! Look at it!
Look at D.C.!
Box: I don't even know
what the emotion--
I mean, I was,
I was proud to see
the American spirit
that was on display.
(dramatic music playing)
(glass shatters)
The man, who I didn't
know him at the time,
was a Proud Boy,
Dominic Pezzola,
had a police riot shield,
and uses that
to smash the window.
Protester (shouts):
Go, go, go, go, go!
Protester (shouts):
This is our fuckin' house!
(somber music playing)
I'm with the first
like 20 people or so.
It was chaos.
It was total chaos.
We were faced
with the potential
to go forward, right, or left.
And I feel like everybody
looked at each other.
We're like, "Which way?"
And nobody knew.
So, in the moment,
I didn't have a fuckin'
clue where I was going.
I was just following the crowd.
So they start walking
through these passageways,
and they're ornate,
and they're marble,
and the lighting
is beautiful in there.
It's like stunning.
It's just a beautiful building.
It felt like
I was on a really psychedelic,
insane tour of the Capitol.
Rep. Swalwell:
Speaker Pelosi's
aide bolts over,
and, and he says,
"Ma'am, we gotta go."
It was like a, a whoosh.
The Capitol Police came in,
security came in,
and whisk the Speaker away.
I just thought, maybe,
she was being called out,
you know, for a meeting.
I, I didn't think it
had anything to do with
a, a large group of people
descending into
the Capitol Building.
I had no idea any
of that was happening.
The House will be in order.
And so, then
I was in the chair.
I've taken over,
uh, for the Speaker
on a number of occasions
over the years.
The House will be in order.
Rep. Jason Crow:
Things started to move
very quickly.
My colleague, uh, Dean Phillips,
from Minnesota, uh, yelled out,
uh, down to the floor
to the Republicans,
"This is because of you!"
Rep. Dean Phillips (shouts):
This is because of you!
Things started to get
very tense at that point.
Shut up!
Rep. Rosa DeLauro:
Clearly, we all understood
that something was going on.
The Capitol Police came in,
they stood at the podium,
and they said,
(clears throat)
"Everyone take their seat,
uh, regular order."
Which means we're gonna
continue and, you know,
go on, uh, with the, uh,
with the, with the debate.
We can get order,
we can resume.
We heard that there
was a break-in close by
that was near our office,
but not super direct.
I mean, our office does have
the sign at the very front
that says, you know,
"Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi."
So you clearly know
it's her office.
We didn't really know
what was gonna happen,
but then we started hearing
all of the chanting.
We were like,
"Okay. It's time to move."
And we decided
to go across the hall.
We turned off the lights
and just like settled down.
And then, once
the commotion just...
got louder, we all hid
under the table, and--
to feel like more secure.
Like everyone just
held their breath,
and it was just silent.
But yeah.
Protesters (chanting):
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
So, I'm going around.
My mind is blown.
I got the sense that
there's some people here
that are fuckin' around,
and playing dress-up,
and there are some people here
that are not fuckin' around.
There's people carrying
the Confederate flag,
there's people carrying spears,
and baseball bats.
And I see this officer...
by himself,
shouting at everybody,
"Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Like stop right where you are."
And I can see him like,
one hand is up,
and he's shouting,
and he's really shouting,
he's being very forceful,
and he's fingering his weapon.
He's got his hand
on the, on the holster.
He's unclipped it.
I was like,
"Someone's gonna get shot."
He is razor's edge
to pulling his gun.
And I remember thinking,
if he pulls his gun,
this thing is a whole different,
it is a whole different thing.
It was a very
frightening situation.
And he doesn't pull his weapon.
And they were calling
for blood. You know?
Igor Bobic:
It was in that moment
where you can see
on that video footage
that I took,
that you see
Officer Goodman
confronting this mob.
They had refused
to listen to his orders,
and advanced up the steps.
As we made our way
up to the second floor,
Officer Goodman led them away
from the, the nearest entrance
to the Senate Chamber itself.
So if they turn
right instead of left,
if they didn't follow him,
they were, you know,
two or three seconds away from
entering the Senate Chamber,
all of the Senate in there.
Officer Byron Evans:
I'm on the inside.
Mr. President...
The Vice President is there...
and I'm just listenin'
to the radio.
And it just began to escalate
more and more like,
you could hear officers' voices
getting more elevated.
I just had all these
thoughts in my mind like,
you know, "How many
people are in here?
"What are we gonna do
if they come in here?
"Um, could there be
a shootout on
the United States Senate floor?"
Officer Keith Robishaw:
Officer Goodman kind of
rounded the corner
near the Senate Chambers,
and he ran towards us.
We all looked at each other,
and we were like, "Okay."
And I think we all took
that brief moment, like,
this is the final...
line in the sand,
like, "They will go no further."
You work for us.
Tensions are high,
they just had
to fight their way in.
They've showed their
intent for violence.
You know, they're
screaming things like,
"We're comin' for you, Pence!"
You know,
"You can't hide from us.
We're gonna find you."
If I said I wasn't scared,
I'd be lyin'.
I was terrified.
I didn't know what to do.
Justice is comin', baby!
Obviously, there's the guy
with the, the Shaman attire,
and the horns,
and he had the spear
with the American flag on it.
I don't know what
level spear it is.
I don't know
anything about spears.
A spear's a spear to me,
you know?
It's got a sharp, pointy
end on it, it's a spear.
(indistinct chatter)
Sen. Dick Durbin:
It was about 2:15.
We were in the Senate Chamber.
Mr. President...
Two men I'd never seen before
came onto the Senate floor,
which is unusual,
went up to Pence,
said something to him,
and literally yanked him
out of his chair,
and pulled him out
and out the door.
Capitol Hill policeman came up,
and stood before us,
and said,
"Every Senator,
stay in your seats.
"And we wanna tell ya
that this is a safe chamber.
We have this room protected."
Not minutes later,
the same policeman
stood up and said,
"Everything's changed.
Evacuate as fast as possible."
Sen. Charles Schumer:
All of a sudden,
a police officer in
a bulletproof vest
with a big machine gun
strapped across his waist
grabs me
by the collar like this.
I'll never forget that feel.
And he says,
"Senator, we're in danger."
We walk out the door.
I was within 20 feet
of these insurrectionists.
These people were ransacking
parts of the Capitol.
They took us
to this secret place.
I'm not supposed
to say what it is.
Speaker Pelosi was there.
We made frantic efforts to
get more military there,
National Guard,
and others to come
because there, clearly,
were not enough protection.
We were tryin' to get
the Secretary of Defense,
the acting Attorney General
to get Trump to make a statement
to ask them to leave.
Uh, they didn't really
follow through on that,
(indistinct shouting, chatter)
We were standing on that line,
and there was the six of us.
Meeting violence with violence
at this time
would not be safe
for me and my fellow officers.
The sheer number
of them compared to us,
I knew in my head there
was no way that we could
all get physical with them,
so I took it upon myself
to try and talk to them.
No attacking, no assault,
remain calm.
"You're not here to hurt us,
we're not here to hurt you.
We just want everything
to simmer down."
Everybody, this
must be peaceful!
This has to be peaceful!
We have the right
to peacefully assemble!
The Shaman of QAnon is there,
shouting at everybody.
It was really tense,
and then it wasn't.
And then they walked
out of the room.
These protesters retreated
and went back downstairs
and tried to find
a different way
into the chamber.
Our house! Our house!
I walked in.
The hallways were
packed full of people.
You know, it was surreal
in the moment.
And you can tell
that it was surreal
to everybody around.
They all had the same feeling.
And it was almost a feeling of,
you know, empowerment
or enlightenment in that,
you know, we're
in the people's house,
you know, this is--
We're actually here.
When I walk in,
it almost felt like you
were on hallowed ground.
Like it had, you know,
I've been to Notre Dame
in, in Paris,
and it has kinda that,
like "Ahh" type of feeling,
and that's almost what it,
it felt like in the Capitol.
(grand music playing)
We're charging the Capitol.
We're charging
the fuckin' Capitol.
I'm recording this whole time.
I filmed from the top,
looking down.
It was just an amazing view
to see so many people.
Yeah! They're takin' over!
Holy shit!
(Nick laughs)
And it was in that moment,
I turn around,
and I see now
that people are going in.
And I was like,
"Oh my gosh. We're going in?
We're going in."
Oh my god!
Protester (shouts):
Woo! Woo-hoo! Woo!
I started believing in Trump.
I believed in his message.
And 800,000 kids
go missing a year
in, in the United States
that are being held captive
and tortured and killed.
That's usually what gets people
into the door supporting Trump,
is because we can all relate
to having love for children.
And if children are being
kidnapped and tortured
and enslaved, sexually...
it's wrong.
And so, with, with Trump,
he's absolutely
trying to end that.
And, and I believe
I'm part of the first wave
that is bringing
the awareness of this...
And so, you have
the final stairs
to get up under the Rotunda,
and that's where I ended up.
That was quite
an interesting vibe... yeah.
The people were... cheerful.
We made it!
I was nervous and freaked out
with all this energy.
Time to smoke weed in here!
(indistinct chatter)
(somber music playing)
I definitely enjoyed
a little bit of weed then
to soak in.
It's a very beautiful building.
I was looking in my fanny pack,
and I realized
I had seven joints.
And I looked around, I said,
"Do you smoke? You smoke?
You smoke? You guys wanna--
You guys wanna smoke?"
And they're like, "Yeah."
Need some?
-Richie McGinniss:
I'm good, thank you.
How come you're smokin'
weed in the, uh, Capitol?
'Cause I can.
What, what strain is that?
What strain of weed is that?
This? Pinkberry.
Think it was,
actually, a great idea.
There's so many people
up there that were
amped up on energy.
A contact high
would calm 'em down.
And it may have,
it really may have.
Seven joints
under the Rotunda...
could've prevented some
serious shit. Yeah.
Where are you, Nancy?
We're lookin' for you!
Naaancy! Oh, Naaancy!
We knew that they were there.
Like we knew that
they were close by,
and I think that
was the scary part.
(voice breaking):
Like, I'm in the dark right now
like hiding under a table.
Can I speak to Pelosi?
Yeah, we're comin', bitch!
(distant yelling)
I was thinking,
"If they find us,
"are they gonna keep us hostage?
"Are they gonna
like torture us?
"Like, am I gonna get raped?
"Like, I don't know.
Like, am I gonna get shot?
Like, do they have weapons?"
And then, they started
banging on our door.
And they just didn't get in.
Like I still...
don't know how they didn't,
but, like, they didn't, like,
again, maybe they just
didn't think it was
worth trying to open
because it looks like
there's nothing back there.
Like, I thought
I was gonna die.
Like, I didn't think I was
gonna go home that day.
And I knew that if I texted
my parents that
like I love them,
like I was going to cry,
and I just-- I couldn't.
Like, I was not
gonna let myself cry.
I just figured that,
you know what?
If I'm gonna die, like,
my parents will just
know that I love them, so.
This is why I didn't text them.
(protesters chanting)
Defend your Constitution!
Defend your liberty!
Defend your Constitution!
-Guess what? America showed up!
Protester (shouts):
(yelling and fighting)
(dramatic music playing)
Hey! Let's take a seat, people!
Let's take a seat!
Let's vote on some shit!
Protesters (shouting):
Yeah! Yeah!
This is for America.
This is for the people.
This is, this is for freedom.
At one point, I had, uh,
walked into the Senate Chamber
with the rioters themselves.
They kept screaming,
you know, "We made it!
I can't believe we made it!"
You know,
"We got in. Oh my god!"
They were celebrating.
They were joyous.
-Get out that chair.
-No, this is our chair!
I agree with you, brother,
but it's not ours.
It belongs to
the Vice President
of the United States,
but he isn't here.
It's not our chair.
"Objection to counting electoral
votes of the state of Arizona."
-Can I get a photo of that?
-Wait, no, that's a good thing.
Robishaw: There's people
in the Senate chambers,
and that's when
I noticed the Shaman.
I walk in behind him,
and that's when
I realized I was alone now.
I was by myself.
Fuckin' A, man.
Glad to see you guys.
You guys are
fuckin' patriots.
Look at this guy.
He's gotten
covered in blood.
God bless you.
One guy had a hole
through his cheek,
bleeding out of his mouth.
I got shot in the face
with some kind
of plastic bullet.
Any chance I could get you guys
to leave the Senate wing?
Protester: We will.
I-I've been makin' sure
they ain't disrespectin'
the place.
Okay, just wanna let
you guys know this is,
-like the sacredest place.
-Protester: I know.
I know, hey, no,
I'm gonna take a...
I'm gonna take a...
He gets up on the podium,
and, in my mind, I was like,
"I, I can't do anything."
You know? I can only do is,
you know, shout orders,
and if they listen, great,
if they don't,
I, I can't force them.
I'm all by myself.
Jesus Christ, we invoke
your name! Amen!
(somber music playing)
Inspector Glover:
We held for almost two hours,
down on that platform.
Our communications
were fragmented at best.
Unbeknownst to me, because of
the fractured communications,
protesters had already
gotten in on the interior
of the United States Capitol.
Officer Daniel Hodges:
They, uh, started
attacking us in earnest.
A guy came up and got his thumb
in my right eye,
and tried to gouge it out.
I actually had
my radio stolen from me.
So, during this whole time,
I didn't know what was going on.
-(horn blowing)
Commander Kyle:
The fighting was
just so intense,
and, uh, we were
really out of options.
I knew it was only a matter of
time before we were overrun.
Push! Push! Push!
Push! Push!
Push! Push!
Inspector Glover:
We were flanked,
and I had to make a decision
at that moment in time
to get us out of that, that
into a better position.
--Protester: Push now!
Hodges: We just had
to keep falling back.
We found a, um,
sort of, side stair that
led up from the West Terrace
to an upper landing.
(crowd yelling)
Commander Kyle:
The crowd kind of
saw us pullin' back.
I think they were
emboldened by that.
I think they thought
that they were winning.
As soon as we started,
um, you know, backin' up,
you know, people were still
tryin' to come up behind us.
Hell yeah, baby!
Inspector Glover:
As we were moving up
to that new high ground,
we sent officers inside what
everyone is referring to,
the tunnel.
Commander Kyle:
We got in the door,
we locked it,
thought we could
take a breather,
but, um, I don't know.
It seemed like
within 45 seconds,
they, they were able
to break that door down.
Protesters (chanting):
U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
We lined up officers
about six deep.
(Commander Kyle shouting)
Protesters (chanting):
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Inspector Glover:
We could not allow them in.
Otherwise, there'd be 15,000
people in United States Capitol
endangering members of Congress.
(dramatic music playing)
-(indistinct yelling)
Hansen: So I'm just
kind of following people.
I mean, there was people
running around in random areas.
Trump supporters
had pushed through,
and, eventually,
that's when they continued
to push down the hall
directly to
the congressional doors.
Protesters (chanting):
U.S.A! U.S.A!
U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!
-(indistinct chatter)
-(distant yelling)
Rep. McGovern:
At that time, I began to hear,
out in, you know,
coming from the hallways,
you know, shouts.
(protesters shouting)
(indistinct chatter)
There was a little bit
of a commotion.
Either the Sergeant at Arms,
uh, or the Capitol Police...
basically, sent me
messages saying,
you know, "You need
to adjourn the House."
Without objection, the Chair
declares the House in recess,
pursuant to clause
12B of rule 1.
Protesters (chanting):
We want Trump!
We want Trump!
We want Trump!
Rep. Carter:
Oh yeah, you could hear
'em loud and clear.
But I was angry.
I was so mad.
I thought that was
the dumbest thing,
and I, and I say that from
a Republican perspective.
How could y'all be so stupid?
Guys, we, we were winnin'.
We, we were winnin'
the moral wars.
(officer speaking)
Rep. Gallego:
A Capitol Police officer
walked in, and...
is asking people to, to, um,
get their gas masks ready.
Please grab a mask,
place it in your lap,
and be prepared
to don your mask.
(indistinct shouting)
Really the moment that
I saw everything change,
was when a man in
the crowd began yelling that,
"Hey, they're not
gonna let us in."
We're goin'!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal! Stop the steal!
-Stop the steal!
-Kick it in! Kick it in.
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
I was right next to
the front of the doors.
I had pushed my way up.
I heard, "Get 'em."
I heard the word
"Get 'em" a lot.
And everybody was pushing
up against the door.
People were trying
to break into the door.
I kinda realized, okay,
you know, Congress is sitting
right behind this door.
(indistinct chatter)
Rep. Gallego:
You know, people
are hyperventilating.
It was just bad.
They were scared.
I mean, they were
really, really scared.
I was an infantryman in
the United States Marine Corps.
I had to deal with some
very aggressive crowds
when I was in Iraq.
Individuals, themselves,
aren't usually a problem.
But when they get collectively
together and they create a mob,
the mob is the weapon.
Protester: Use your helmet!
Use your Kevlar!
Rep. Gallego:
I was ready to fight.
I saw a lot of shit
back in my day,
but I was not gonna die
on the floor of the fuckin'
House of Representatives.
Like, I was not gonna
get taken out by some
insurrectionist bastard.
My plan was to stab somebody
in the eye and in the throat,
and take away
their weapon, and...
fight to survive.
What seemed like for
a very, very long time
we were awaiting
to get instructions
on how we would...
evacuate the House floor.
The door is not open!
The door is not open!
Let's find an alternate way!
All right, back up! Back up!
I, uh, looped right out of,
uh, the initial
congressional doors
to the left, um,
down the left corridor.
And I saw a woman.
She had this Trump flag
wrapped around her,
and she, she had this big bag.
She seemed so patriotic.
So I began to follow her.
Down this hallway,
you walk down
a little farther deeper,
and then there's
almost the exact same
identical set of doors.
Yeah, there they are!
Back there!
-What the fuck?
-Open the door!
(indistinct chatter)
Rep. Gallego:
What happens, eventually,
a Capitol policeman walks in
and says that, you know,
"We've secured
a route for everybody.
We need everyone to get out."
I walked off the House floor
into the Speaker's Gallery.
Congressmen were being escorted
right on the other
side of this door.
Rep. McGovern:
So when I walked out,
I saw this mob.
Protester (shouting):
They're leaving!
They're leaving!
They were angry,
and, and filled with hate.
It was just chilling.
Fuck the blue!
Rep. McGovern:
They're here to kill us.
And I gotta be totally honest,
at, at that moment,
you know, I wanted
to stick up my middle finger
and say, "Fuck you!"
We don't wanna hurt 'em!
We just wanna go inside!
(indistinct shouting)
Whoa, there's a gun!
There's a gun!
Hansen (shouts):
Hey, he's got a gun!
He's got a gun!
-Oh, shit!
(indistinct chatter)
That shot rung out,
and she just hit the ground.
I got down and, I mean,
I, I just watched her...
her life drain right
out of her eyes.
She needs help!
She needs fucking help!
You did that though!
You did that!
She's gonna fucking die!
You wanna be next?! Get out!
The medics can't get to her
if you guys are here!
They gotta get to her,
you gotta go!
Hansen: This woman's name
was Ashli Babbitt.
I mean, at that moment,
I had no idea that she had
served 14 years
in the Air Force.
I had no idea of any of that.
-Get the fuck back!
Hansen: In that moment,
I, I kinda busted out.
I remember walking in a daze,
and I was so out of it.
And I remember just
walking in a straight line
out of the Capitol.
They just killed a girl!
They just fucking shot a girl
right in the goddamn stomach.
They're shootin' kids.
They're rapin' kids,
and they're shootin' kids.
I didn't see the whole
Ashli Babbitt getting shot,
but everyone
was talking about that.
It spread like a wildfire.
They shot her and killed her!
-Hey, what is her name?
-I don't know her name,
but she's fuckin' dead!
Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester:
They had evacuated
the whole floor,
and left-- we don't know if
people forgot that we were
all up in the balcony,
up in the gallery or not,
but we were up there.
Rep. Crow:
That was the moment where
I realized we were trapped.
It, it was clear to me that
there was no plan.
The Capitol Police, uh,
had lost total control,
there was no
command and control,
uh, very little communication,
they were surrounded and, and
outnumbered and outmanned.
Rep. Blunt Rochester:
So we literally got down.
They were down there with
their guns pointed at the door.
They broke the glass?
Everybody stay down. Get down.
Rep. DeLauro:
The security had
barricaded those doors,
uh, and you could also see
that the insurrectionists
had broken
the, the glass in those doors,
and punched holes in it,
and were, you know, reaching in.
You're a-- You are a traitor,
if you don't let me in.
(rioters yelling)
Rep. DeLauro:
Everybody was making a call,
and we know--
all know the stories of 9/11
where people called...
their loved ones,
and it was the last phone call.
(indistinct chatter)
I called my husband,
and I just said,
"Stan, um, I'm all right."
"Just call the kids,
tell them I'm okay."
And then I did
tell him I loved him.
And I said, "I have to go."
I just started to pray.
And it started
kind of soft, the prayer,
but it got louder and bolder.
(praying aloud)
Right after I prayed,
we could hear this
banging on the door,
and it was actually folks
coming to, um, rescue us,
to evacuate us
from that gallery.
Rep. Crow:
We were surrounded by police,
and saw at every
intersection we came at,
and every corridor,
there were, there were police.
Get back in the hallway!
Stop comin' forward! Get back!
Are you gonna use that on us?
Are you gonna use that on us?
Rep. Crow:
They had just cleared
a very small path,
uh, through everything.
Uh, it was hectic,
there was a lot of noise,
a lot of commotion,
uh, I could, I could
look in the, the eyes
of those officers, and saw
the fear and the anxiety.
You're okay. Keep comin'.
You're almost there.
Almost there.
Rep. Crow:
I went through the tunnels,
got to our secure location.
We received word
after we all got there,
that the rioters,
uh, you know, were essentially
in control of the Capitol.
Rep. Blunt Rochester:
There were so many
of us in that room.
Not knowin' how long
we would be there.
Rep. Adam Kinzinger:
For hours we were
sitting there,
the President didn't say a word.
The President of
the United States
who runs the military,
the Commander-in-Chief,
if he says a word,
things happen.
To me, that was beyond the pale.
Rep. Gallego:
I saw a bunch of buses pull up,
and they were buses
to evacuate us.
And let me tell you, in coups,
when you leave the Capitol,
you've lost.
And so, I, I started texting
every member I could
in all of our text chains.
I'm like, "Do not leave.
"Like if they tell you
to leave like do not leave.
"Like you're safer
staying here.
"Like we get on those buses,
there's no guarantee
we're ever coming back."
That's the one thing
I remember that, that--
I, I remember a lot of things,
but I remember like just being
freaked out by seeing
these buses pull up.
That was my fear, was that,
you know, they would
hold the Capitol,
and that President Trump
would declare Martial Law,
and say that
we'd lost order,
and then, you wouldn't see
the, the certification
ever take place,
and then he would
just stay in power.
We the people!
We the people!
We the people!
We the people!
There was still
a very large crowd
centered mostly
around this one tunnel.
That tunnel isn't
just some tunnel.
That is literally the tunnel
for inaugurations where
the President walks out.
Every four years, you're seeing
that on international news.
Quincy Anatello:
When I was at the doorway
of the tunnel,
it was almost like
this crowd was rockin'.
Almost try to get enough
momentum to push and charge
toward the police officers.
We were all, all together
just kinda like, you know,
tryin' to, tryin' to get in.
Protester (screams):
Stop it! Stop it!
The battle for the tunnel,
it just kept building.
They were using whatever
they could get to, to use
as, as like weapons.
Commander Kyle:
It was pretty much a fight
like the entire time.
We had a lot of officers
that got injured,
and they couldn't see you,
and they couldn't breathe,
and, you know,
I would tell 'em,
"I'm sorry, but you gotta
get back in the fight.
We're about to lose this."
I didn't want my name
going down in history
as the guy that
gave up the Capitol.
We need fresh patriots
to the front!
They actually were calling
for fresh, red-blooded patriots
to the front lines.
"All right, new team.
Go! You guys come out."
We need fresh people!
We need fresh people!
We're almost through!
We need more!
Eventually, I was
at the front line.
One of the terrorists
in front of me,
he, uh, grabbed my gas mask.
He was able to, um,
rip it off completely.
Help! Help!
I was pinned
against the door frame.
Uh, it was, um, becoming
difficult to breathe,
so I was
effectively defenseless.
(shouting in pain)
Commander Kyle:
It was dire. I thought
we were gonna lose it.
And it seemed like-- there
was times where there was just,
there was no relief in sight.
(intense music playing)
I got my body-worn camera,
and, uh, I was
with Jimmy, my partner.
I tell people
like I was late to the party,
and early to leave.
(police radio chatter)
I started hearing
radio communications that were
more like in line with combat.
(police radio chatter)
Officer Jimmy Albright:
Like, to hear the radio
transmissions of officers down
is very chilling.
Officer (on radio):
We have another 10-33...
We started gettin' heckled.
"Which side are you on?"
Just dumb shit like that.
Protester: Whose side
are you on, fellas, huh?
It didn't bother me, man.
I've been a cop for 20 years.
I've been called
a hell of a whole lot
worse than "traitor."
Yeah, that shit
doesn't faze me at all.
Talking to Jimmy about it,
you know, being called
a traitor takes on
a whole different meaning.
I have literally bled
for this country in combat,
in Afghanistan.
And they were all yelling,
"Fuck you!"
"You're on the wrong
side of history!"
"You are traitors to your oath!"
And it was like...
how fucking dare you?
Fanone: I heard a, uh,
distress call come out
for the Lower West Terrace.
Started headin' that way.
(somber music playing)
Jimmy and I decided, you know,
that was where we were
gonna ante up and kick in.
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Fight for Trump!
Jimmy and I have been
workin' together now
for about five years.
He's definitely
one of my best friends.
We hunt together,
fish together,
drink beer together.
There's nobody I would
rather have at my side
in a fight than him.
As soon as I walked
through the double doors,
I saw Commander Ramey Kyle.
He's got no gas mask on,
no protective gear.
He like brushed off his hat,
put it back on, and then,
you know, marched right
the hell on out into
the, uh, into the tunnel.
(muffled shouts)
We, we couldn't leave.
There's no way we could leave.
(police radio chatter)
On the other side
of this double doors
was 40 or 50 officers
battling 15,000 people.
Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
I mean, it was
like pure chaos.
It looked like some,
you know, medieval battle scene.
Protesters (chanting):
Pull the cops out!
(indistinct yelling)
(protesters chanting)
Pull the cops out!
The guys that were outside,
that were on the line,
had been fighting there
pretty much since
the fighting had begun.
If you've never been in a fight,
like a physical fight,
I don't know that people
can understand or appreciate
the effort that it takes
to fight somebody
for even 30 seconds.
These officers that were there
before Mike and I got there,
had been doing it
for like 45 minutes.
-Fanone: Need to get some
fresh bodies up front.
-Albright: Alright, let's go.
I just felt compelled to get
you know,
my ass to the front.
Get some fresh guys up front!
Let's get some
fresh guys up front!
I knew I needed
to get out of there
before I collapsed,
or was taken out front,
and, you know,
lynched or whatever.
Come on, who needs a break?
Let's get some
fresh guys up front!
Officer (shouts):
Back up if you need a break!
Thankfully, they were able
to, uh, create enough space
for me to get out of there.
They were able to extricate
me from the front line.
Fanone (shouts):
Get 'em to the back!
Let's get some
fresh faces up front!
Fresh faces up front!
I remember holding
onto Mike's vest...
'cause I didn't want to
get separated from him.
Fanone (shouts):
Come on, guys, I just got here!
Come on, take a break!
Jimmy and I made
our way to the front.
That was like another
"oh, shit" moment.
It was a crazy fuckin' scene.
Back it up!
They were tryin' to kill us.
There's no doubt in my mind.
-Back it up!
-Give us the right people!
We just need to close the door!
So I started
like yellin' out,
"Gotta get these doors closed."
"Like, we got injured
officers in here."
And all hell broke loose.
Like, they didn't
like that shit at all.
(indistinct shouting)
-I'm trying!
Fanone: You know, it was
like body against body.
Bone crushing...
You guys just sprayed me
in the face!
Fanone: You know,
it wasn't hittin' guys
with your fists
as much as, as it was just like
using the force of your body.
Yeah! That's America.
And then, I was screamin' out,
"Push these
motherfuckers back!"
And I don't know if anybody
fuckin' heard me or not.
I think it was more just
tryin' to rally myself.
Come on, MPD! Dig in!
Push 'em back!
Dig in!
Come on, MPD! Come on!
Push! Push!
Alright, let me out!
I mean, we were
fightin' for our lives.
Back up!
Protesters (shouting):
Push! Push!
Albright: I got you, Mike.
That's my hand on your butt.
Fanone (shouts):
Push 'em back!
Back up!
We managed to push 'em back,
and we kept pushin' 'em back.
(intense music playing)
It was at that point that
Mike was to my right...
and there was a guy in front
of me, and he was holding
like this six-inch-long
black knife.
And I remember like
slapping it out of his hand,
picking it up off the ground,
and then just
passing it behind me.
I looked back to my right,
and Mike was gone.
He just wasn't there anymore.
-Protester: Make a hole!
Make a hole!
Drag him over!
A mob grabbed him,
started pullin' him down.
And I was just like,
"Oh no, this guy
is, like, dead."
A member of the crowd
grabbed me,
and I remember
hearin' him yell out,
you know, "I got one!"
Protester (shouts):
Hey... I got one!
And then I knew like,
"Yeah, I'm fucked."
I remember just kinda getting
pounded from every side.
And then I remember
people yelling out
to, "Get his gun."
"Kill him with his gun."
And then, uh,
I started getting tased,
uh, at the base of my skull.
It was excruciatingly painful.
(Fanone screaming)
I remember yellin' out
that I had kids.
Tryin' to appeal
to somebody's humanity.
(Officer Fanone speaking)
And it worked.
And, uh, ultimately,
I think that led to my survival.
Which way do you wanna go?
(Officer Fanone speaking)
-Protester: You want
to go back inside?
-Fanone: Yeah.
(indistinct yelling)
Make way! Make room!
(somber music playing)
I remember looking down
and seeing this crowd,
like, attacking Mike.
somebody from the crowd
was dragging him up toward me.
And I remember grabbing him,
and pulling him back behind me.
And then, once I knew
that other officers
were pulling him back,
I turned back around
to make sure nobody else
was like following him.
I mean, he was
completely unconscious.
This is my partner.
This is one of my best friends.
And I dragged him
around a corner.
It like dawned on me
at that moment
that he was having
difficulty breathing.
I got it! He's my partner!
Come on, Mike!
I just remember the whole time
thinking like he was gone.
Mike, stay in there, buddy.
Mike, it's Jimmy.
I'm here, Mike.
And the whole time
I was talkin' to him like,
"Mike, it's me. It's Jimmy."
You know, "You gotta,
you gotta hold on, man."
"Let's go deer hunting.
We still have to get
a deer this year."
Take his vest. Mike!
Mike, I'm here for you, buddy.
(Fanone coughing)
Come on, dude.
Come on, Mike.
Come on, buddy,
we're goin' duck huntin' soon.
And that's when
Mike started coming to.
I mean, I had no idea
at that point the, uh,
extent of my injuries.
Only that, you know
I was, I was fucked up.
You all right, bro?
(Fanone laughs)
While we were up there,
I could see where there
were people that were clashin',
and, and I hated to see it.
And I also saw thousands
of peaceful patriots
standin' around me.
We've been screamin',
we've been fightin',
but now I want you
to pray with me!
I turned away from the Capitol
to thousands of people
that were below
that were comin' up.
And I got their attention,
and I was able
to pray with 'em.
That God will hear our prayer,
and heal our land.
(indistinct prayer)
In Jesus' name, amen.
Man! Are we live?
All right, y'all,
we're here at the Capitol
on the lawn.
It's a great day
for America.
The people have
already shown that
they've had enough.
People are ready for fair
and legal elections,
or this is what
you're gonna get.
You're gonna
get more of it.
Oh my god!
Up, up, up, up!
In regards to my opinion,
and those acts of violence
that were no doubt
takin' place on that day,
I think that you're
really stretchin' whenever
you say that it was
supporters of President Trump
that did it.
Just because somebody
has a Trump shirt on,
or a Trump hat on,
can you guarantee that that
person is a Trump supporter?
You have to be very careful
with assumptions.
President Trump:
I know your pain.
I know you're hurt.
We had an election
that was stolen,
but you have to go home now.
We have to have peace.
We have to have law and order,
we have to...
Trump told us to go.
I remember thinking, "All right,
let's get outta here. Let's go."
President Trump:
We love you.
You're very special.
But go home,
and go home in peace.
He says go home.
He says go home.
-Donald Trump has asked
everybody to go home.
-We don't care!
-We're staying!
-Okay, then stay, motherfucka.
I don't give a shit.
-This is the people's house!
-Yes! This is our house!
This is the motherfucking
people's house!
There was a woman
screaming at the top,
"No! Don't leave!
If you leave, they win!"
Gettin' angry just does
that to ya, ya know?
You just don't know how
you're gonna do it logically,
but you're just so pissed
that you're seeing the world
slip through your fingers.
Things had already been
goin' on at the Capitol there
for over four hours.
I had just gotten the alert
about the emergency
curfew order the mayor
had issued for 6:00 PM.
The number of police
to protester ratio
was at a point where
police were willing to
actually do lines
to physically push people back.
We were fortunate to have
other agencies assisting us,
so there were officers there
who, uh, were fresh
and ready to go.
You know, after
hours of basically
hand-to-hand combat,
I was just exhausted.
If you shoot people,
it's on your conscience.
You're gonna start a war!
Commander Kyle:
Back in the tunnel,
Virginia State Police,
uh, showed up.
Full gear, it was
one of the best sights
I've ever seen.
I mean, they all looked like
they were like seven feet tall.
You know, strong,
ready to go, and, uh,
we did not lose the door.
We held it 'til the very end
and we were able to push out.
Alright, get outta here, guys!
(alarm beeping)
Finally, you saw lines
of police go on the offense,
and surge forward.
(intense music playing)
They started firing
tear gas at them,
uh, flashbangs, things
to try to push them back,
in significantly larger numbers
than they had earlier.
And it started to work.
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Everybody said, "We better
get the heck outta here,"
and everybody started leaving.
But nobody thought
to turn around
and help me get down,
so I was kinda stuck there.
A whole bunch
of nice Proud Boy patriots
helped carry me up here,
and now the police
don't know how they're
gonna get me down.
And then, this Metro PD
officer comes up.
He was bein' a real dick,
and he's like,
"Goddamnit, now I gotta carry
your shit down the stairs."
-It's not shit. It's my scooter.
-Listen, man, I've had
shit thrown at me today.
Yeah, I've been maced and--
or whatever the fuck--
you guys are spraying
me, too, so.
I'm leavin'.
There was the Capitol
where I was.
I can say I was
the last man standing
on the Capitol Building.
Think that's somethin' special.
Let's get back to work.
Sen. Schumer:
As we reconvene tonight,
let us remember, in the end,
all this mob has really
is to delay our work
by a few hours.
The most important thing
is that we resolved
we were not gonna
let the insurrectionists
have their way.
And we have to go back
and resume counting the votes,
which we did,
and I'm so glad we did that
because it showed that
these sons of guns,
you know, I could
ring their necks,
they're such horrible people.
These sons of guns
were not gonna prevent us
from doing our job,
and having democracy
continue to move forward.
Today's events did not
happen spontaneously.
The President who
promoted conspiracy theories
that motivated these thugs,
the President who
exhorted them to come
to our nation's capital.
This mob, was in good part,
President Trump's doing.
Incited by his words, his lies.
We had to finish that day.
We were not gonna
leave that floor again
until we certify the election.
Rep. McGovern:
I kind of assumed
that, maybe,
after this terrible tragedy,
you know, that we
would go back, and just...
all come together,
and do the right thing.
You know, I was here
when 9/11 happened,
and, um, Democrats
and Republicans gathered on
the steps of the Capitol,
and, you know, with one voice
sang "God Bless America."
And I, I just-- I assumed
that that would happen again.
And it didn't.
I rise to support the objection.
I rise in support
of the objection.
When I objected to Arizona,
when I objected to Georgia,
when I objected to Pennsylvania,
I was convinced that's
what I should be doing,
and, and I still feel like it
was the right thing to do.
If I had it to do over
a hundred times again,
I'd do it the same way.
The kind of
willing blindness
or the willing amnesia
of, of people in my party
is probably what's
the most disappointing.
There were a lot of people
I was ashamed of.
Madam Speaker, I rise in
support of the objection.
Madam Speaker, I rise
to claim time in support
of the objection.
You know, these are
smart people that know better.
They know the truth.
And if nobody is
challenging that narrative,
you can't expect the people
that we're supposed to lead,
if they don't hear that
the election wasn't stolen,
you can't expect 'em
to believe that.
Rep. McGovern: A lot of those
people that showed up
at the Capitol that day,
it's frightening
to think that there are
people out there who,
who believe crazy stuff.
But we have to figure out
how to deal with that.
You know? How, how do we
help people understand
the difference between
fact and fiction,
between the truth
and conspiracy theories.
Trump, in regards
to election fraud,
you know, he said,
"They cheated, they cheated,
they cheated, they cheated."
And then once it came
right down to it,
all of a sudden, he was gone.
(mischievous music playing)
But at the very end
of Trump's presidency,
the only ones that
are locked up
are those that stood
by him the strongest.
On January 17th, I'm arrested.
They put me in jail
for nine days
without even lettin' me
come out to take a shower.
I'm a firm believer
in capital punishment,
and I'm a firm believer
in hard labor,
but to lock someone
in a cell for nine days,
and not even let
him take a shower.
It's un-American
and it's inhumane,
and it should've never happened.
If I was the one sittin'
on his side of the desk
on that show called
and I had Donald Trump
sittin' in front of me,
I'd probably say,
"You're fired, Mr. President."
So I was back in California.
There was just a huge
pound on my door.
I have a brand-new
St. Bernard puppy
named Donald J. Trump,
and so I'm like,
"Hold on, let me make sure
my dogs are secure."
FBI Agent:
All right, hands where we
can see 'em, all right?
They told me they were
lookin' for information on
the Proud Boys, basically.
FBI Agent:
Does your dog bite? Okay!
And they said, "We're taking
every piece of electronics
you have in your house."
But you name it, they took it.
What, what strain is that?
What strain of weed is that?
That video went viral.
6.7 million views on Twitter,
and it basically
got me in trouble
because family
ended up seeing it,
and they ratted me
out to the FBI.
So, this is the "Make America
Great Again" hat.
And is now,
because I won't wash it,
stained with sweat, tear gas.
It, it wasn't an insurrection,
it wasn't an attempted
takeover of,
of anything.
But it did show,
very clearly for the world
to see, that
there's a large, large group
of American citizens who
value their vote,
their voice,
and this country enough
to walk up
and knock on your door and...
and walk through it.
(somber music playing)
President Trump:
Uh, it was, uh, zero threat.
Right from the start,
it was zero threat.
Some of 'em went in,
and they're, they're
hugging and kissing
the police and the guards,
you know,
they, they had
great relationships.
I had, what would amount to,
like a mild heart attack.
I also learned that
I experienced a, you know,
traumatic brain injury.
What I most struggle with is,
you know, kind of, some
of the emotional after-effects,
or psychological trauma.
And it certainly doesn't
help when, you know,
elected leaders won't even
acknowledge that it occurred.
I still haven't
made sense of it.
Sandra Garza:
Brian was a United States
Capitol Police Officer.
(laughter on videotape)
We'd spent, you know, a little
over 11 years together.
Brian was assaulted
on January 6th,
and then he was
on a ventilator.
Um, on the 7th,
his heart stopped.
That was one of the most
painful moments of my life,
knowing that, that he was gone,
that he was not coming back.
The number one person I want
to see held accountable
is Donald Trump.
And then, all of the people
that enabled him.
They all have blood
on their hands.
It's not just Donald Trump.
It's all of them.
Not just the people
that died that day,
but all the suicides
that occurred after.
It's not right. It's not right.
Erin O'Reilly Smith:
When he came home
after that day,
Jeff became a completely
different person.
He wasn't sleeping,
he wasn't eating.
Um, there was obviously
something that happened
that changed him.
An MPD officer showed up
at my door with the news.
Jeff had used
his service weapon...
to take his own life.
Um, it was his
MPD-issued firearm.
He was off from,
basically, the 7th until
he returned on the 15th.
Um, when he left on the 15th,
I kissed him,
told him I loved him,
and told him I'd see him
when he came home.
And he did not come home.