Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013) Movie Script

There's no one mere.
Just keep watch.
Someone might see us.
- Alex, light!
- Okay. Here.
Alex! Pattern!
Chocolate. Cream. Chocolate.
Can I join?
You're acting like kids.
Oh no! Hurry before it's too late!
Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
Baby Jesus,
we want Mom and Dad to make up.
Please keep them together...
so that us four can also stay together.
Baby Jesus, can you give us
a baby brother?
Good idea!
Man an g, stop that.
Dust might get on the food.
- Where's CJ?
- I already called for him.
Mom, I need to take money
from your retirement fund...
for the repairs of the van.
Teddie didn't send her
share full this month...
since she needs money
for her new apartment.
Oh wow! Good for her.
She finally listened to what
I've been telling her.
Mexicans make for bad roommates.
- Cubans, Mom.
- Whatever.
Well, I already talked
to Bobbie and she said...
she can cover Teddie's sh are
and send it next week.
- She's just a bit busy right now.
- Okay.
Gabbie, have you sent
your M.A. application yet?
- Man an g, where is Toti Marie?
- She's still out.
So slow.
Gabriela. Why do you keep delaying?
- Teddie easily got a job abroad...
- CJ!
"Because oi her MA.
Who will take care of you
and CJ if I leave?
You always use that as an excuse.
Good morning!
You 're late.
Man an g, servin g spoon.
You wear shorts at work?
Ah, no, I'm not going to work.
I have somethings to do
with my girlfriend.
I mean, fi an ce.
Fian ce?
Big sis... Mom.
I'm getting married!
What?! Getting married?!
So he and Nicole got back together?
How I wish it were Nicole.
But no.
- The new on e. Princess.
- Oh my gas!
The one he met on that cruise?
Rem. Rem. Smnd 'm int me, phase.
But she looks like afoot!
Huh? Who is this Princess anyway?
Hello, Teddie...
To your classrooms. Now!
Haven't you been reading
my e-mails or my FB updates?
Ah, I haven't checked my e-mail
or Facebook for quite some time.
I've been busy with trainings,
You know.
So who is she again?
The delusional, wannabe broadway singer,
who's short on both talent and looks.
An d words.
When Fieb Fieb introduced her to me,
she barely talked...
and just clung to him like a leech.
I haven't seen this girl yet...
...and I already dislike her.
Maybe she cast some witch's spell
on our baby brother?
Hey, don't forget to upload
the images by 9:00AM tomorrow.
Does Mother know? How did she react?
Of course she's not happy.
CJ barely knows the girl.
When did they meet?
Four months ago on the cruise,
Ah! Yes! Yes! Fieb Fieb went on a cruise
to move on from Nicole.
Wait. So this is all your fault!
Why me?
It was Alex who came up with that idea.
Excuse me girl!
You agreed with the plan!
- Leo, where's Penny?
- Back there.
Besides, was I the one
who bought the ticket?
Oh, so it's my fault now.
Had I known that that sister of yours
was behind all this...
I wouldn't have agreed
to that stupid idea.
By the way,
the Wedding's happening in two weeks.
Two weeks?
She's pregnant?
- Shotgun wedding?
- No.
Th en what's the rush ?
- He thinks it's true love, so why wait?
- Weh.
True love, my ass.
Cheesy. Absurd. Nonsense.
Yes! Yes! Totally lame-- Aaah!
I knocked over my friend's drink.
An yway, whatever our opinion may be...
you all need to come home
for the big event.
What?! Go home?! Even me?!
Yup. Fieb Fleb's wish and Mom's orders.
Good morning, ma'am!
We all need to be there.
All of us... Ah.
Even Teddie?
Wait a minute.
I'm not sure about that.
I need to check my schedule.
I've got so much to do.
Lots of teach er semin ars, you kn ow.
Hectic schedule.
- Teddie! Teddie!
- I need to check-- Here he is!
My friends are here.
I'm going to unwind tonight.
I need to go!
Hurry up! Clean up the mess!
I should fire you!
Okay. I'm heading out now.
I'll call you. Bye.
My apologies, sir!
Going back to work, sir!
- Don'! you wan! to keep you job?
- Yes, yes. I do, sir. Sorry. Yes. Yes.
What about Bobbie?
I'll check my sched.
I'll check my sched.
Wait. The director is calling me.
Penny! My savior. Come here. So?
I'm sorry, Alex.
It's the last day of shooting.
I can't hand over the petty cash.
I've got no money to lend you.
It's fine. No worries.
- Alex!
- Yes, sir!
Do you want me to do your job?
And you can direct instead?
Shit! Bobbie, you're so stupid!
- Hi!Hi!
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Wait. You got off
from your daughter early tonight.
I was excited.
I mean,
I haven't seen you in how many days.
And I really missed
your horrible cooking.
How was Shanghai?
- It was lonely without you.
- Ugh.
I give up.
Just eat the biscuits
Gabbie sent from home.
Here. Your daughter's favorite.
Babe. Hey. Hey, babe.
Let me see. Let me see.
Such a beautiful hand.
This would be a perfect fit.
Are you sure you're
still not ready to wear this?
Are you sure you want to marry me?
- I don't even know how to cook.
- I'll cook for you everyday.
Just... just be my wife everyday.
- Trixie won-t be happy
' Why not?
- Because she hates me.
- Trixie doesn't hate you.
Yeah, that's why I had to get
a hundred dollar haircut...
just to remove all the gum
she stuck onto my hair.
Okay. Maybe Trixie hates you
just a little bit.
See? So just give this to her,
tell her it's from me.
Maybe she'll hate me less.
And then we can get married already?
- CJ first.
- What?
Yup! He's getting married in two weeks.
Looks like your girlfriend got
kicked out of her apartment again!
Good morning, ma'am!
I'm sorry for the mess.
I missed you.
You left your phone again? Hmm?
Forgot to charge.
Went out drinking with the band
after the gig.
So, where are you going
to stay this time?
At h om e.
All my sisters are coming home anyway.
Fieb Fleb's getting wedding.
Oh? All of them are coming home.
To go to sleep, yes.
You're walking out on me again?
Tex! me when you're no longer insane.
I love my life! Hoo! The best!
Come on. I really need your help.
Hey! Please.
- Fm waiting!
- Yes. High t. Here.
What an idiot!
Hey! Come on! Just this once!
Lend me some money so we can
go home together to Manila.
- Please?
- I can't Teddie.
I can't afford to spend
a single penny right now.
I'm saving all my money
for something important.
- More important than me?
- Oh, don't do that to me.
I really need you right now.
Why don't you just tell
your family the truth?
Admit that you've been laid off
from your teaching post.
They might send you some money.
They might even pay
for your ticket home.
No way. Forget it.
You don't know my family.
Unfair. You're being cute again.
Fine. All right.
Let's go home together.
Thank you!
I knew you won't let me down, Frodo!
You're the best! And the nicest!
Thank you.
Because of that,
I'll do anything you ask of me!
- Anything?
- Yes! Anything! Just tell me!
Okay. Make me your date
at your brother's wedding.
No. They might think
you're my boyfriend.
Ah! A better idea!
Introduce me to your family
as your boyfriend.
Hello, Philippines!
My Love!
Hey! Don't leave me behind!
- You don't love me.
- Correction. You don't love me.
But I love you.
Taxi !
Give me your bags.
Trixie, go with Auntie Bobbie.
Trixie, come here.
Trixie, get inside the car. Come on.
- Trixie, come on. Go. Get inside.
- Come here. Trixie.
CJ, you're still there?
You need to set up the barbecue grill!
Toti Marie! The ingredients?
Done! Spices. Meat. Vegetables.
Very good. Wash these, please.
CJ, heat up the grill!
- Gabbie, are the rooms ready?
- Manang is cleaning them right now.
- You should be the one doing that.
- Okay.
- Let's review.
- Okay.
Your mom was a high school principal.
You r late fath er
was a district superintendent.
Alex is an assistant director.
Gabbie's a teacher.
Bobbie works in New York
as a communications manager...
...and Gabbie stole Bobbie's boyfriend.
Wrong. Alex did that.
Alex. Okay.
- Hello?
- Where are you?
Um, I'm still in my apartment
but I'm ready to leave.
What's the rush ?
Th ey're at th e airport already.
They might even get here before you do.
Man an g, those are Alex's.
Bring them to my room.
I'm hurrying.
About to start my car now.
Toti, Teddie's goes back there.
I'll sit here.
- How about Bobbie?
- Manang, that's Teddie's.
Wait a minute.
Bobbie brought along two more.
We need another ch air.
Why? There's a spot here.
Teddie brought her boyfriend.
Since when did Teddie have a boyfriend?
So we've been together for two years--
- Two weeks.
- Okay. Okay.
You 're not a waitress.
You 're not a maid someone else's house.
You are an English tutor...
and your top student is the cousin
of the king's godson.
- The godson of the king's cousin.
- Got it.
- Babe. Babe, you okay?
- Yeah.
Hey, I need to fly out to Singapore
in a few days...
to meet up with some clients.
- You okay with that?
- Go do your thing.
Thanks, babe.
Sir, not a problem.
Sir, I can do that. All right.
How many days and,
what are the exact dates, sir?
Uh-huh. All right.
Actually, sir, we talked
to Mr. Chang the other day...
I'll get it.
- No, I'll get it! I'll get it!
- I'll get it!
- No, I'll get it!
- No, I'll get it!
- No you won't!
- Ouch! Ouch!
Hi! You must be CJ.
Your big sister Teddie
really has great taste.
- Mom, that's Bobbie's.
- Huh?
- I need scissors.
- Scissors? Yes, handsome!
You 're so sexy!
- Hi! Gabbie.
- Gabbie.
- Finally.
- Yes.
In the flesh.
- Ma'am.
- Hi.
I'm Tristan.
Very nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
By the way, why do you need scissors?
What happen ed?
What happen ed to your hair?
Who did this to you?
Wait, calm down.
- It's messed up.
- Scissors! Scissors!
Give it to me! Here!
- Come on.
- Give 'em.
Don't move. I'm cutting now.
What is the meaning of this?
- Teddie!
- Teddie!
- I missed you!
- My child!
- Big sis!
- Oh, CJ!
You're so pretty, Teddie!
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Gabbie said you brought your boyfriend.
Where is he?
Finally, we meet each other.
I am your daughter's one true love.
- I'm CJ.
- Frodo. Hey congrats, broth er!
- Mother!
- Teddie!
I missed you so much.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
- Oh! Bobbie! Bobbie!
- Manang!
- Bobbie!
- Teddie!
- How are you?
- How are you?
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine, Mom.
Big sis!
Thanks for coming.
Anything for you.
Hey. What happen ed to your hair?
What's this?
Everyone, this is my daughter, Trixie.
And this is Tristan.
Tristan, this is Teddie, Gabbie, Manang,
my mom, CJ...
...and Toti. And...
Frodo. Pm Teddie's boyfriend.
Big sis!
Th e on es from abroad got h ere
before you did!
I got stuck in traffic. Sorry.
It's fin e. Everyon e's h ere n ow.
- Mom!
- It's good you're here.
- He asked.
- Come on.
- Hey!
- She just arrived too.
You look good! How are you?
How's it been?
- Teddie's boyfriend.
- Whak?
- It's true.
- Serious? Really? Wow.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Let's... all get inside!
Let's go!
- I miss the ambience of the house...
- Where should I put these?
...the smell of my room.
- This goes to her room.
- Me too, my love!
No, Frodo.
You 're staying in a different room.
Yes, Mom. He's staying with CJ.
Teddie, Bobbie,
you're going to sh are a room.
Well, you can stay with me
in our old room just like before...
- ...with Gabbie.
- No, I'm okay with Teddie.
Wow, Love!
You never told me your family
ran a gold mine.
That's not even all of it!
Teddie's masters degree diploma
is still not there.
Do you have it?
I'm sorry, Mom.
I left it in Spain. It slipped my mind.
But don't worry. I will just mail it.
Hey, babe...
where's your masters degree
from Columbia?
You finished already?
- Moth er just forgot.
- Oh, yes. Fm sorry.
I remember now.
You already told me.
Send it to me so I can have it framed.
Okay, Mom.
Hey! Why are you the only one
without medals?
We ran out of gold. Got it?
Why did you have to bring her along?
Tristan said it would be a good chance
for me to bond with Trixie.
Made sense.
- Frodo, what do you do?
- I'm a gardener.
Oh you! Don't be so humble!
Mom, he's really uhm...
a landscape architect.
Ian dscape architect.
- Ah, landscape.
- He's just too humble to admit it.
I'm just a glorified garden er.
Ian dscape architect.
Then the count was pushed into the pool!
- You're so funny!
- So are you, Mother!
Ah, how about you, Tristan?
What do you do?
- Ah, I just try to be funny.
- You're funny.
I work as a senior manager
for product design at Ernst & Young.
My team develops marketing
and financial solutions...
for local and international clients.
Do you find your job exciting?
Yes, ma'am, I do.
Especially now because I'm being asked
to handle more clients here in Asia.
I might be asked
to relocate soon, actually.
Teddie, is there an opening
in your school?
Maybe you can put
in a good word for Gabbie.
Mom, I'm doing just fine here.
Looks like she is, Mom.
She seems happy here.
- Let her be.
- Teddie, she could do better.
We could all do better.
Me again?
My films are getting recognized.
One even got into a film fest last year.
Film and Arts of Sorsogon Fest 2012.
What was that movie called again ?
And who was that actress?
Something... Someday...
Someday, Sisa Will Be A Star!
- Starrin g Su san Su arez
- Wh at?
- Someday, Sisa Will Be A Star!
- Again?
Someday, Sisa Will Be A Slut!
Watch the language!
It's like you're all kids again.
If not for Fieb Fleb's wedding,
none of you might have come home.
That's right, Manang.
Good thing I'm getting married!
Hey. Are you sure about that girl?
Of course, big sis.
Why? ls there a problem?
Well, Alex said she's chararat.
- Hmm?
- Ch ararat?
Why? What's chararat?
Ch rarat... ch ararat...
Un attractive.
Sugarcoating. Ugly!
Uhm, my love...
I'm ugly too and you fell for me.
He has a point.
Regardless of how she looks,
that is not the point.
You're too young.
Do you know what you're getting into?
- You 're only twenty three.
- What about Mom?
She was my age when she
and Dad got married.
Th at was a different time, son.
And th ey loved each other.
- We do love each other.
- Love? Four months?
The length of our relationship
is not important.
Th ere are couples who've been together
for years and still break up.
Fine. But why do you want
to marry her right away?
Her grandfather
doesn't have long to live.
He wants to see his grandchild
from Princess before he dies.
What if she's infertile?
- What if you're just horny?
- Psst! Language!
Do you really think so low of me?
Th at I'd marry her just for sex?
Or she's marrying you for sex.
What if they really do love each other?
Fieb Fieb is a big boy. Let him be.
Excuse me?
The other day you were just as against
the marriage as we were.
Th at was the other day.
He seems sure.
Let's not ruin it for him.
So what's the point of him
having a parent and older sisters...
if we won't help him?
It's our job to make sure
he makes the right decisions...
an d correct th e wron g on es.
Why are you all so convinced
he is making a wrong decision?
Didnt he say that about Nicole?
He said he was sure...
that he made the right decision
to propose to Nicole.
And then what happened?
She dumped him.
Th at was Nicole. This is Princess.
Th ey're different.
Let them have their happily ever after.
So, we'll just let him jump into this
...without thinking or planning about it?
That's it?
Not everything needs to be
thought about or planned.
When you're lucky enough to find love--
It's okay to disregard your family?
Is that it?
If that love gives you
genuine happiness.
Even if that happiness
hurts other people? Really?
Are we still talking about CJ?
You all have good points.
But the one who needs to hear them
has already walked out.
Fix this.
We're sorry.
We're your sisters.
We're overprotective of you
because you're our baby broth er.
Sorry, but I really don't like her
for you.
But I will try to get to know her
so that I can see what you saw in her.
I'm sorry.
I just wanna make sure
you're not making a big mistake.
It's your whole life
we're talking about.
I was the only one
defending you back there.
- You called Princess chararat.
- Oh.
Are you still mad?
Can you please try to behave
when we meet her family tomorrow?
Mmm... tomorrow.
We have to behave.
Good luck!
You'rejust like Mom.
You think I'll screw up all the time.
What? I was talking about us.
We should all behave.
- All of us.
- No need to remind me.
I have no issue with CJ
getting married to Princess.
It's you three.
Especially th at oth er on e.
Kept making sarcastic comments.
You could be mistaken...
There you go again.
You keep siding with her.
Siding with her?
I'm just giving her
the benefit of the doubt...
becau se sh e's n ot h ere
to defen d h erself.
And what do you mean by, "again"?
When did I ever side with her?
When you... The time... then.
None of you took my side, remember?
But that doesn't mean I took hers.
You're both my sisters.
Why do I even have to take sides?
Okay. Fine. You win. You win.
Good night.
Babe, you did well tonight.
You survived the dinner.
The whole family
almost got into a fight.
You guys were arguing over an issue.
An d it's n atu ral.
You'll h ave your differen ces.
Unless, it wasn't just about that.
Don't start.
I don't want to talk about it.
I'm here because of CJ's wedding
and nothing else.
Okay, Okay'-
Hey. My babe is in a bad mood.
Because it looks like we have something
to talk about.
About what? About Trixie?
Yes. And about your relocation thing.
Do you really need
to get reassigned abroad?
Babe, this means
I'm getting a promotion.
Aren't you happy for me?
Of course.
You're with me on this, right?
Sleep here with me.
You daughter is right there.
- We'll be discreet.
- Tristan...
Oops! I'm sorry!
Lock the door next time, okay?
Come on. Don't hide your face.
Bu! Pm shy.
Plus, I wan! you to really miss me
before tomorrow.
Teddie, you're still up.
Oh, I'm just appreciating our wall.
I'm just so proud of our achievements.
Love? Love, wait.
Wait. I just want to say good night.
- Good night.
- Wait a minute.
Can I get a good night kiss?
Tristan got a good night kiss
from Bobbie, right?
- Good night.
- Good night, love.
- I love you, my love.
- I love you, too, my love.
Get some sleep.
My love, Pm scared for tomorrow.
You think they Mil like me?
Of course.
They haven't met you yet
and they already like you.
CJ, you never mention ed
your girlfriend lives in a mall.
Big house.
Not big-h eaded, I hope.
Please take a seat.
The master and the mistress
will be down shortly.
Th e go ests h ave arrived.
Cue in the master
in three... two... one...
Action !
The Salazar family!
Finally, we meet.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Sir.
CJ, you can call me "Daddy" already.
Your sisters are so beautiful.
But where is your mom?
Is she coming?
I'm Grace, CJ's mom.
Oh, come on. You must be kidding!
You must be joking.
She looks just like your sister.
Welcome Grace!
I'm Honey Boy.
You can call me Honey,
but my wife would prefer you call me Boy.
- Call me Boy.
- Okay, Boy.
Dad, let me introduce
to you my big sisters.
This is Gabbie.
- Good morning, sir.
- The old maid.
Hi, sir. Alex.
Ahh... the black sheep of the family.
This is Teddie.
- The made in Spain.
- Maid?
That is absurd!
She is the English tutor
of the King's son. Flight?
I meant she lives in Spain.
- Bobbie.
- The New Yorker.
Let me guess. Caregiver?
I am a corporate communications manager.
I am required
to have an extensive vocabulary...
so I never use inane
and poorly-worded language...
like black sheep and old maid
to describe the people I just met.
Wow! I'm getting a nosebleed from that.
But intelligent.
I'm Tristan Harris.
Bobbie's boyfriend.
And this is my daughter Trixie.
That accent will give me
a nosebleed too.
That is Manang and that's Toti.
Introductions over.
Cue in the mistress
in three... two... one...
Hello! Welcome to my humble home.
Halloo! Halloo! Halloo!
Hi, ma'am.
- I'm Jeanette.
- Hello, Janet.
No! Not Janet. Jeanette.
Get it right.
Jean ette.
Ma'am, where is Princess?
Speaking of the devil.
The devil is here.
Descended from the rare line
of beauty queens...
Shining. Shimmering. Splendid!
The one and only...
- Hello, my love.
- Hello, my love.
Pri n cess An toi n ette...
Hi, Mama.
...May ...Balls!
Oh, you should see the church.
It's so divine!
And on the day of the wedding,
it will be filled with colors of rainbows.
Rainbow? That's the theme?
No. ifs the motif
of the entourage dresses.
The theme is Under the Sea.
It symbolizes CJ'S
and Princess' first meeting at sea.
Ho... Hold on.
Under the sea?
You're kidding, right?
Are you serious?
Of course.
Do I look like I'm kidding?
This is my serious face.
And this is my joking face.
And because the theme
is Under the Sea...
my princess will be
the beautiful mermaid.
While the entourage and bridesmaids...
will be the sea creatures
from th e ocean.
- What?
- What?
Hurry! You'll see.
Starfish. Sea horse and octopu s.
Beautiful. lsn 't it?
Jeanette, isn't that a little too much ?
- A little?
- Yes. A little.
No. It's not a little.
It's really too much.
You look worried, huh?
Do not fret, my dear.
Pedring is already taking care
of th e dresses.
Pedring Magbutayis my couturier
since my beauty queen days.
Just one look at the photos CJ sent him...
and he already knows
all of your measurements.
- So, the gowns are done huh?
- Yes.
And you're shouldering all the expenses?
So what is our contribution?
As I've said,
we are taking care of everything.
Money is not an issue.
At least n ot for u s.
So you think it's an issue for us?
I n ever said th at, my dear.
Is that what you think?
Well, you can think that it now.
Sasa, th e pren u p please.
Love, sorry. I had no idea.
CJ, I hope you understand.
You know that what you earn in a month
I can earn in an hour.
You might not be able to support
the lifestyle Princess is used to.
- I am just protecting my...
- Um, excuse me.
What do you think my brother
is going to do to your daughter?
Use her for money?
It's not like that at all.
This is just a precaution.
I do not want my daughter
on the losing end.
Losing wh at?
They're not even married yet
and my brother's already lost.
Everyon e...
It's okay.
My intentions are pure.
You better!
Gram p s.
- Hello.
- CJ, remember wh at I told you ?
Take care of my granddaughter
or else I will haunt you after death.
. Sir? '
- Gramps.
- Sir.
Gramps, are you okay?
Water. Give him some water. Sir?
Are you okay?
- Water!
- Give him room!
Call an ambulance. Go, go.
Sir? Hurry!
I hate them! Such snobs.
Just because they're rich ?
And wh at was the prenup for?
Do they think we are going to steal
their filthy money?
I bet their the money they're shady.
And Princess shining,
shimmering, splendid...
She's nice.
She is a good girl.
And her parents are good too.
Even if they're condescending?
- Arrogant?
- And ill-mannered?
Differently man n ered from u s.
Regardless of how th ey are
you shouldn't have behaved that way.
Especially you, Bobbie.
Mom, Bobbie was just trying to defend us.
And you too.
That was still the family
of CJ's fi an ce.
CJ wants to be a part of that family.
Sh ow some respect.
- Well, good night.
- Are you okay?
Yeah. Why?
Wait! No, no!
We have to stop this wedding.
Let's meet in the kitchen in five.
I will just change.
So what are we going to do?
Yes. We need ideas. Anyone?
Everyon e?
Hey! Are you with us?
Yes, I'm here.
But I'm on New York time.
I have a Skype call with my boss
in a few minutes.
And I have to finish my report.
So that explains the blazer
in this blazing heat.
But go on. I'm listening.
Okay then. Think. Come on.
I'm sure the Balls are dirty.
Ba-ah ls.
Whatever! Those Balls reek of dirt.
Obviously, they did not start out rich.
And you don't get rich that fast
if those Balls are clean...
Teddie! Sheesh!
So demure. That's because you
don't know how balls smell like.
Oh my goodness! I need to stop.
Me and my dirty mouth!
Think!Come on!
But in all seriousness, wh at sort
of business do those Balls have?
But their most profitable
is their chain of men-only spas.
So she is listening.
Let me see!
Papa's Spa.
Endless joy. We give happy endings?!
I knew it.
Those Balls are dirty.
I knew it!
No, you don't know it.
You have no evidence.
- She has a point.
- I know.
Su perstition.
They will be scared to get married
in the same year...
if one of us gets married first.
I'm out.
Frodo and I just got together.
You're ruled out too, Old maid.
- You do it then.
- Why me?
You 're th e on e
with the longest relation ship.
Why not Bobbie?
That's a lame idea.
Unless you can stage
a wedding by tomorrow...
then you might be able to stop them.
And even if I love CJ,
I'm not gonna rush into a wedding...
just to stop him from rushing into his.
Unless Alex is willing to do it.
Are you 9
I'll ask Ch ad.
And if he says no?
Yet an oth er reason wh y it won't work.
Chad? Yeah, right.
Oh my goodness!
Bring back the past!
Bring back the past,
and you shake up the present.
Who's the present? Princess.
- Who's the past?
- Nicole.
Bobbie, find Nicole on Facebook.
She will help us stop this wedding!
When the priest says
"Speak now or forever hold your peace?"...
she will say
"I object to this marriage!"
- And I object to that idea.
- Why? What's wrong?
Number one, Nicole is not here.
She's in Switzerland.
And number two, why would CJ
leave Princess for a girl who hurt him...
and actually became the reason
why he met Princess?
So, we're stuck.
Back to square on e.
What are we going to do Bobbie?
Have you heard about
the optimal stopping rule?
You have to pick someone to be your mate,
in this case, it's Princess...
thinking that that person
has the highest weighted average...
of desirable qualities
in a diminishing pool of options.
We need to expand CJ's...
Wait! It's my boss.
CJ's wh at? Options?
I think that's it.
Expand CJ's options. Right?
Why didn't she just say so?
My love, why did your family
leave in such a hurry?
- Did lturn them off?
- Of course not, my love.
I think they were surprised.
They just haven 't met someone
with a unique...
sense of fashion like you.
So what do we do, my love?
What do I have to do
to make them like me?
You don't need to do anything.
Just be you and they will love you.
Are you sure?
I love you so they will learn
to love you too.
And I think they're smart enough
to know that.
- Oh my goodness!
- Teddie!
I am so smart.
Gabbie, call Toti Marie. Hurry!
Hurry! Now!
Remember what Bobbie said last night?
- Get up and listen to my plan.
- Quiet!
Remember wh at she said?
CJ fell for Princess
only because he lacked option s.
Well then, let's give him options!
Options! Options! Options!
Introduce CJ to different girls...
and show him what he will be missing
if he marries Princess.
Boys' night out!
I'll talk to Chad.
He can give us a list of the best bars
to meet women.
A decent bar, okay?
We only want decent girls for CJ.
College graduates, prim and proper,
smart, sweet, sophisticated.
And one who doesn't wear
a disco ball to a family meet-up.
Girls with unparalleled beauty.
Just like Nicole.
So simple. So easy.
And don't tell CJ
we put you up to this, okay?
We had nothing to do with it. Okay?
If you tell him we're involved,
we will deny everything.
Ah! Super secret assignment.
I love it!
So, let me have it.
- Have what?
- The budget!
You expect me
to shoulder the whole thing?
Boys' nigh! out.
You 're late. You pay.
Welcome to Toti's paradise!
This is wrong!
CJ, I prepared all this for you!
You said it would be decent.
Hey! These are decent girls!
They all came here in school uniforms.
Toti Marie!
CJ, just sit and relax.
Come here! Sit, sit!
CJ, all grooms need a bachelor's party.
Just look. No touch.
Window shopping.
Let's ju st... eat.
And drink!
- Any luck contacting CJ?
- No. And Tristan?
No luck either.
Where the heck did they go?
- Toti Marie didn't say.
- What time does mom wake up?
- She's usually up by seven.
- I'll just make up excuses.
I'm here! Let's go! Come on!
- Wait for our call, okay?
- Huh ?
Let's file a missing person's report
with the cops.
I think you're overreacting, Teddie.
So where do we look?
There are a zillion bars around here.
But what if they get here ahead of you?
I'll call you when they get here.
What the--
Oh my goodness!
They really bonded!
Tristan. Tristan, wake up.
Tristan, your daughter might see you.
Where have you been?
- Motel.
- Motel?
- And what did you do in the motel?
- Window shopping.
- What?
- What?
Window shopping?
Toti ! Toti !
How do you even window shop in a motel?
- I did what you said...
- What?!
You told me to give him a good time.
Show him what he will be missing...
if he marries Princess.
Window shopping.
- Introduce him to other girls.
- Window shopping.
To give him options!
Options! Options! Options!
Shopping window.
I said "decent bar"!
ls a motel decent to you?
- You're so stupid.
- So stupid.
I'm sorry.
- Come on.
- Open the gate.
Come on! Get out!
Let's go before mom sees you like this.
Come on.
Teddie, I can't believe you came up
with this stupid idea.
Hey! This was not my idea.
You're the one who said...
the only reason CJ fell for Princess
was becau se h e lacked option s...
so, I let him have options.
By giving a party full of hookers
with STDs?
My God!
Hey, I didn't tell Toti
to hire prostitutes for the party!
Th at was her stupid idea.
Based on your misinterpretation
of what I said.
Then next time,just shut up
so you don't get misinterpreted.
If you don't want my opinion,
then stop asking me for it.
And you, Gabbie.
You actually agreed to this?
Becau se sh e h ad th e same interpretation
of wh at you said.
Why? What did you think?
That CJ would dump his girlfriend...
just because some bimbo flashes
her boobs at him?
Maybe CJ was right.
You do think that low of him.
Hey! That's below the belt.
Huh? Why?
When I tell you the truth,
it's a low blow.
When you tell a hurtful joke,
it's nothing personal.
They're jokes. They shouldn't hurt.
Jokes are half meant.
You just have an answer for everything!
Good morning, sisters!
What happen ed to CJ?
Drunk after a boys' night out.
So th at's wh y.
I woke up today feeling like I had
to bring hot chocolate for breakfast.
It will get rid of his hangover.
CJ, we're so meant to be.
I already know wh at you need
even before you tell me.
My CJ is so cute.
Oh no!
All of you look exhausted too.
But don't worry.
I will cook breakfast for all of you.
In my kitch en ?
Whipped cream?
What do we do with the breakfast
you cooked?
We'll still serve it.
Wow, Gabbie! Those look delicious.
They are delicious.
Mom, your meds.
Come on! Let's eat.
Is this wh at Princess cooked?
No, Mom.
- Especially for you, Mom.
- Oh, thank you.
Wow! Finally!
Something I can eat!
- Oh, you like continental food.
- Yeah.
Hi, my love. Are you okay?
Yes, my love. My love, I love you.
I love you, too. Eat up.
This is good.
What brand is this mix?
Oh, no. That's my own recipe, Mom.
It's really good.
- Teddie, taste it.
- No, I'll just stick to Filipino food.
Bobbie, taste it.
Gabbie, you should try it.
It's good.
I don't like anything sweet.
Good morning.
The gig ended late.
- Mom.
- Good morning.
Oh my God!
Do you know I've had a crush on you
since I was in high school?!
Oh, my love.
Please, don't get jealous over this.
I'm your biggest fan since high school!
Your son gs are the soundtrack
of my life!
I dreamed about marrying you.
But you're too late now.
I already found my love.
Is I! okay if you sing me
my favorite song later?
- Uhh... sure.
- Thank you!
No. I want to watch.
- Never felt this way before.
- Never felt this way before.
- Why did you have to bring him here?
- Couldn '1 ask for anything more.
What's the problem?
He is my boyfriend.
Everyone's boyfriends are with them.
Why can't I have mine?
You make me wanna love you more
and more and more...
- I... I love you big time.
- I'll just place it here.
Especially the K-l-S-S-l-N-G...
With my B-O-B-B-I-E.
Somethings gotta give and I don't know
how to live without you.
Oh my God!
That spells Bobbie's name.
Bu! now Pm smitten
like a kitten swingin' on a tree.
Oh! The kid can spell better than her.
- How insensitive, CJ.
- She doesn't know.
You really think I would tell her
about what happened...
between him and Bobbie?
Of course not.
Woohoo iallin' in love with you
is the best thing ever.
Stay with me forever.
Now, ifs hard for me
to eat or sleep or think.
It's weird.
Pm thinking of you.
Looks like that song brought back
some memories, huh.
- You really felt it.
- Did I choose the song?
I didn't say you did.
You were giving her the gaze.
Like a lovestru ck boy.
With piercing eyes...
Really killer looks.
Who asked me to come here?
Who invited me?
Who insisted?
You should have just put blinders on me.
Like a horse.
To prevent me from looking.
I should not have come here.
Sorry. Hey!
I was just kidding! Hon!
I knew it! I told her
she shouldn't have invited him over.
I feel sorry for Tristan.
This can cause a rift
between him and Bobbie.
Let h er be. Sh e's Miss Sm arty-Pants.
She'll know how to fix their rift.
She knows everything.
lsn 't it why she keeps blaming us?
Because she knows everything.
She was just speaking her mind.
I don't think she meant to offend you.
Well, next time she should learn
to shut up...
if she doesn't want to offend.
She talks to us
like we're her employees.
I'm still the eldest here.
Look, are we really going
to fight over this?
We all want the same thing.
To stop CJ from marrying Princess.
What do we do now?
We're one week away from the wedding.
What about... that spa?
I'll look into it.
I have a gut feeling
there's something there.
But Bobbie said that will never work
unless we have evidence.
Oh! Bobbie again! Right.
Fine. I'll take care of it.
Don't worry about it.
If I make a mistake,
it will all be my fault.
Bobbie won't need to say "I told you so".
I'll take the hit.
Why did you bring Chad here?
How long will it take for you
to welcome him to the family, Mom?
When you've made up with Bobbie.
But, Mom...
You know I've apologized
to her a million times.
Ever since she got back...
I've been trying to talk to her
and make up.
Just like you wanted, right?
But she always snobs me.
It's n ot fair th at I'm always th e on e
always adju stin g to h er.
It's high time she forgave me.
Will you always think I'm wrong?
It's your timing that's wrong.
What you did was so insensitive.
Don't forget to pack your passport.
Want us to take you
to th e airport tomorrow?
You never told me
he wrote you a song.
I've forgotten all about it.
Well, it's not a very good song.
I kn ow. Ch eesy.
You just had to listen to that everyday?
I only heard it once...
When he proposed to me.
And you said yes?
At least now I know
th at you're n ot allergic to marriage.
Do I have to write a song for you too
for you to say yes?
I love you.
I love you.
- Give me your bag.
- Thanks, babe.
Trixie, I can't take you
with me to Singapore.
Daddy's meeting a lot of clients
and I can't take care of you. Okay?
You have to stay here with Aunt Bobbie.
Why are you leaving me with her?
She's bad. I don't like her.
Okay. New York time, not Manila time.
Trixie. Hey, Trixie.
She hates me.
I know she hates me.
No. That's not true.
Carrie, I'll call you back.
- Trix, she doesn't hate you.
- She does.
Aunt Bobbie loves you.
Trixie, be a good girl
while Daddy's gone, okay? Please?
- Yes, daddy.
- Give me a hug.
Hopefully, while Pm away...
you can win her hear!
and you two can get along.
I think it's hopeless
between me and her.
But, babe, just...
Just try, please?
For me?
For u s.
I want us to be a family.
When I get back,
this should be on your finger.
Is this an ultimatum?
This is me...
...saying I love you.
Bye, babe.
I love you.
Be a good girl, huh?
Trixie, let's go.
Stop hurting my dad.
Stop making him ask you to marry you
if you're just going to keep saying no.
Kid has a point.
How long will you make him wait?
You could just end it you know.
He looks like a good guy.
He looks like he's in love with you.
You look like you love him. Right?
Why don't you marry him?
You've been together a while.
I could say the same for you and Chad.
You love him. He loves you.
Why don't you marry him then?
You know nothing about how I feel.
So don't give comments
about my personal life...
because I don't give comments
about yours.
Hi. Where's Ch ad?
- Hi.
- Alex.
- This is...
- Hi. I'm Mocha.
And I'm his honey.
Oh, hello.
- I'll go ahead, Chad.
- Okay.
Nice session.
Come here. She's just a friend.
You don't need to be jealous of her,
Marry me.
Will you marry me?
I'm kidding.
Just thinking about how to stop
Fleb Fleb's wedding.
- I got you.
- Well, you looked serious.
Best actress h ere.
I'm really sorry.
I'll send money as soon as I can.
I've just got a lot
on my plate right now.
My love needed my help.
Of course. I'll visit soon.
- Hey, let's focu s.
- Papa's Spa.
Wow! This is exciting.
I knew it.
Th ere's someth in g fish y
about these Balls.
Sir, our happy ending package
is the best seller.
Happy ending for on e.
Yes! Sure.
Remember, before the happy ending
happens, call me.
Yes, love. Yes.
You 're h ere to expose th em,
not to enjoy yourself.
Remember to call me
when you get your happy ending.
- Don't forget, okay?
- Yes. I won't.
- This way, sir.
- Okay.
- Yes!
- Don't forget!
The pride and future of my brother
is at stake here.
I know.
Oh never mind.
Remember, the pride and future
of your broth er is at stake here.
I know.
- Let's go, sir?
- Ouch!
See you later, love.
Come on!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Yes?!
- Is that you I'm hearing?
Sir, are you ready
for your happy ending?
Happy ending? It's time?
I'll call Alex's contact now, okay?
Don't enjoy too much!
Hello, Chief. Are you ready?
Are you ready, sir?
Okay, relax. Close your eyes.
No peeking, or else th e h app y en ding
won '1 be as pleasurable.
Sir? Sir! Thank you for coming
in such short notice!
- The happy ending is here.
- Where?
- Th rou gh h ere.
- Hey, that's the men's area.
Shut up. Shut up.
Chief, it's time we expose out
the illegal activities of these Balls.
Think about what would
make you happy right now.
What is it, sir?
For Teddie to tell me she loves me back.
I love you, Teddie.
I love you, Teddie.
- Are you feeling happy, Sir?
- Yes. Oh, yes.
- Sir...
- Yes.
- It's h ere.
- Yes...
It's here. Open the door!
Sir, is she yoAha!
ur h aPPV ending?
Wait! I thought... this...
Where is the happy ending?
It's done. He had his happy ending.
Actually, you were his happy ending.
Huh? Chief... It's... It said in the...
So, you're his happy ending.
Case closed.
Your mind is too dirty...
Thank you, Chief...
for assisting us in preventing
these perverted minds...
from besmirching this reputable
establishment's name.
A Salazar...
I'm so sorry. I made a mistake.
Next time, don't advertise
a "happy ending" in your spa.
The happy ending package is what made
our spa famous in the first place.
Our happy ending is about encouraging
happy thoughts.
It's very clean. Not like you.
You have a dirty mind!
- Right, Sir?
- Right.
So, you're trying to find dirt
on the Balls family.
I wonder if I should do the same
to the Salazars.
- Huh? My family is clean.
- Are you sure?
No skeleton in the closet?
No dirty little secrets?
No little white lies? Huh?
Love, calm down.
What do you mean "calm down"?
Didn't you hear what that Janet said?
Dirty little secrets, white lies.
She's going to investigate me.
Do you think she already knows
the truth?
About me? About us?
You think she already
had me investigated?
- I guess.
- You guess?!
- Maybe.
- Maybe?!
- Why don't you just come clean?
- About what?
Th e truth, th at I'm n ot an architect...
an d you're n ot a teach er.
Ah... The truth that I was one
of the teachers who got fired...
wh en Spain's econ omy crash ed?
Becau se th e prin cipal th ou ght
I wasn't th at good an yway.
Beoau se he thought I wasn't that smart.
They will understand.
They're your family.
Especially your mom.
My mom will understand
that her favorite daughter...
is a failure?
Not to mention, a fake and a liar?
- Is that it? Huh?
- It was just a suggestion.
Then next time, make sure
your suggestion is worth my time!
Don't just say thoughts
from your stupid mind!
Right! I am stupid...
because I keep following you around.
- I'm sorry.
- No! No!
Why, Teddie?!
What were you thinking?
Princess and her family
did not deserve this!
That's the business of the family
I'm marrying into...
The one you'll be related to!
The one who'll have my children!
- I'm really sorry.
- She pushed through with the spa.
CJ, I'm sorry.
I just assumed there was something
wrong with the spa...
when I saw they were offering
a happy ending.
Well, you assumed wrong!
Do you know Uncle Boy
wanted to sue you?!
I had to get on my knees and beg him
not to go through with it!
If it were me,
I would have had you arrested!
- 04!
That's too much!
She was wrong. She admitted it.
She apologized. lsn 't that enough?
It's not enough!
- I want to know why she did it.
- Obviously, she's concerned about you.
We don't want you marrying someone
with a questionable background.
- What?! Wait!
- That's why we did what we did.
So you knew about this?
Why didn't you stop Teddie?
Are you part of this?
Are you, Gabbie?
We all are.
- We just don't want you to...
- All of you?!
- Bobbie, you agreed to this?
- No.
I did no! agree to this.
- Whatever plan we talked about...
- So you made plans?
Al! of you?
What were you trying to do?
We wanted you to realize
that Princess is not the girl for you.
Didn't you promise to behave
before the meet-up?!
Yes! And we did just like you asked.
Even when your future in-laws
were being insensitive and judgmental.
Just because they wanted a prenup,
they're judgmental?
Aren't th ey?
Hello?! They insulted you.
They insulted us!
- Are you just letting that slide?
- Oh. Hold on.
- You talk as if you're a saint!
- What?
I'm still offended
that you called Princess chararat!
Am I not entitled to my own opinion
about your ugly girlfriend?
How would you feel if I called Chad
an asshole? Huh?
Well, he is an asshole!
Because she banged both you and Bobbie!
- 04!
- Don't you even go there.
- But it's true!
- Shut up! That's enough!
- You shut up!
- You're intruding in my life!
- We do it because we love you!
Think about that before you raise
your voice at all of us.
CJ, I was just trying to protect you.
You're our baby broth er.
- We prayed to God for you.
- I know you did.
But just in case you missed it,
I'm no longer a baby!
I'm a grown up now
making grown up decisions!
Unlike all of you!
Learn to accept the fact
that I'm marrying Princess...
whether you like it or not!
0h my God!
o my G! Why, Teddie?!
What made you go through
with this stupid plan?
- No, Bobbie...
- No, that plan is really stupid.
- No wonder he's so mad.
- Hey...
What were you thinking?
Were you even thinking at all?
- My God!
- Bobbie...
I get it. I messed up.
Stop shoving it in my face!
Now instead of making him leave Princess,
it made him do otherwise.
- How stupid!
- I was wrong but I'm not stupid!
- What? Did I say you're stupid?
- You just did, didn't you?
You're misinterpreting me again.
- I said the idea was stupid. Not you.
- No, you did.
- You just said it.
- Please, stop it.
If only you would let me
finish speaking.
This is why you always misinterpret
wh at I say.
- Stop making excuses, Bobbie!
- What?!
You think being a New Yorker
makes you better than us!
This isn't about me!
It's always about you
and how good you are!
You've done nothing but fight
ever since you...
ls there a problem?
No, mom. We're just playing...
Charades, Mom.
- Ch arades.
- That's right.
Your turn.
Worrying is bad for you, remember?
You wouldn't want to get stressed.
You might get sick again.
I'm just sad, Man an g.
I hoped that when all my children
came back home...
they would all get along again,
just like when they were kids.
If only they could remain as kids, huh?
Always having fun.
They'd fight then make up in an instant.
They'll get around to that,
even though they're all grown up.
Of course it's harder to do it now...
having their own beliefs, own opinions,
own principles to uphold.
But if you think they will drift apart
because of it...
that's never going to happen
because their lives are intertwined.
It's intertwined by the love
of their moth er.
Oh! Stop worrying!
Stop stressing out!
Bobbie, I'm hungry.
And I'm also thirsty.
I don't want water.
I want juice.
I hate orange!
I like grape.
Oh. What now?
Ch ocolates.
Pm don e.
You ready?
Thank you! Let's go!
Frodo, wh ere are you ?
- Trixie, careful! You might fall!
- I'll be fine!
0k, babe. Yeah, I can see her.
Yes. Okay.
Just let me know
when you'll be back, okay?
I love you. Bye.
Yes. Is it urgent?
Can I call you later?
- Are you going out today?
- No, mom.
- Where did Teddie go?
- I don't know, Mom.
- Where's Alex?
- Present!
Why the roll call?
Wherever you're going,
make sure you get home by 5PM.
The Balls are coming over.
Mom, I have work today.
A small sacrifice for your baby broth er.
You better make sure
your sisters know about this.
I can't get a break in this house!
Can we talk?
Maybe later.
I saw Chad with another girl last night.
So what?
He's cheating on you.
Just because he's with another girl
he's cheating?
Can 't he have other female friends?
They were flirting while buying condoms.
Why are you telling me this?
To let you know that Chad
is playing you.
Wow! Concerned, huh!
Didn't you say "Don't make comments
about my personal life...
because I don't make comments
about yours"?
Did I get it right?
Okay. I've said my piece.
I've done my part as your sister.
What? Wow!
Didn't hear that for five years!
So, I'm your sister?
Don't feel like one since you've been
avoiding me for the past five years...
after you r ex-boyfrien d
and I got together.
My God, Alex!
After everything you've done to me,
you expected me to keep talking to you?
You already broke up
before I came into the picture.
You coming into the picture
is why we broke up.
You broke up because you left him.
You left him for a job in the US.
- Th at was for our future.
- Future?
Future my ass!
You just wanted to get ahead!
All you cared about
was your career, right?
- Chad almost lost it when you left him!
- So you replaced me?
How many times did I tell you
to take him back?
And less than six months later
you became a couple!
Hey! I asked for your blessing!
I told you Chad was hitting on me!
I asked you if it was okay for us
to get together.
- You gave your blessing!
- And you really believed I meant it?
Of course! It came from your mouth!
Read between the lines, Alex.
- I didn't do anything wrong!
- Yes, you did!
Because if you had any amount
of decency in your body...
you would not have asked
in the first place.
- Don't go all English on me!
- English or not, you know what I mean!
Admit it.
You've liked Ch ad for a very long time.
- But he courted me.
- Fine! You win!
You're right! I am wrong again!
I stole him from you! I'm the stupid one!
I'm a big mistake!
Do not use your supposed stupidity
as an excuse...
for all the pain you've caused me.
The only thing I ask of you, Alex...
- responsibility and respect as sisters.
- I see. So I'm a bad sister.
Why are you fighting?
- Trixie, let's go inside.
- Bobbie!
- Bobbie, are you crying?
- No, I'm just...
- What do you need? Toothpaste?
- Yes, please.
- Frodo didn't say you were coming.
- He doesn't know.
A surprise? How wonderful.
He finally gets his first visitor.
It's a shame.
Frodo was such a good kid.
But nobody wanted to adopt him
for some reason.
He spent his whole life here.
And after he got a job in Spain,
he stayed here wh en ever he came home.
He's like family now.
- Frodo, where's my dress?
- Your dress?
- And my rubber shoes?
- Wait. Hold up.
Sorry, I did not have enough budget
for them.
Your big brother Frodo
had to help a friend in need.
I felt bad for her.
Bu! I promise to send them next time.
Rubber shoes. Dress.
All of it. Is that okay?
I'm sorry.
Even the kids I dispossessed.
It's okay. Don't mind it.
Actually it's not okay.
Because while we continue this act,
a lot of people were getting hurt.
I know.
It's just so hard because...
All my life...
What they know...
It's so hard to tell them
that I'm just a maid.
Your family will understand you.
They will still love you.
If they don't love you, so what?
I'll still love you.
Even sometimes you're an n oyin g.
Your house is so shiny, Grace.
Full of gold.
Thank you.
My husband used to say,
we may not have much money...
but we'll always be rich with gold.
But that's not true!
Those are fake!
What do you mean ?
Those are gold-plated. Look!
Would you actually
put real gold on display?
Teddie's here,
so I guess we can start the fitting.
From Mama Pedring...
the designer who brought you
my pageanhuinning gown...
and my larger-than-life wedding gown...
Come in.
I checked Nicole's FB account.
She's here in the Philippines.
We still have a chance
to stop this wedding!
Wow! I'm so excited!
So, you like it? Huh?
Is... is that going to be my gown?
Yes. Moth er of pearl.
- So, you like it?
- Chararat!
Ch ararat? Fren ch word for?
Different. Unique.
Don't sugarcoat it.
They're hideous, Mrs. Bayag.
Just plain awful.
We can't possibly wear
those to the wedding.
- I'm sorry.
- But you have to wear these!
Mama, let's not force the issue.
But these gowns cost a lot of money!
We'll just pay for them.
How much are they anyway?
Each gown costs
more th an fifty th ou san d pesos.
Lend me money.
On second thought,
the gowns are just fine.
- Let's just wear them.
- What?!
I knew it!
You can't afford these gowns!
- I'll pay for all the gowns.
- I don't need your help.
No, no, no, no, no. Cannot be.
I want your wedding to be perfect.
Jeanette, I'm sorry.
My children didn't mean to offend you.
It's just that it's really...
...too much.
No, "0, no, no, no, no.
Honey Boy, this can't be.
I worked hard on these for Princess.
They didn't even help us in any way.
And there's no time.
We will fix this.
I believe that when it comes
to family business, compromise is needed.
Since we did not consult
you about the gowns...
I understand why you don't want
to wear them.
Thank you, Boy.
But I also don't want my wife's efforts
to go to waste.
- So why don't we just play for it?
- Huh?
If you win, you can be in just
your undergarments for the wedding.
I don'! care. Bu! if we win...'s the gown s, baby!
- Honey!
- Honey girl, I have made my decision.
- Well? Game?
- Game!
What game?
- English!
- Two syllables.
- Three, three syllables.
- Movie.
- One word.
- Everyon e.
- Ah! All of us?!
- I know! Jesus Christ Superstar!
Three syllables.
Then, Jesus Christ!
That's three syllables.
- Be serious!
- Trying to be a smart ass...
- Titanic!
- All right!
- Song.
- They're good.
How can that mean song?
She Bangs!
We're so good!
Two words.
- Food. Food.
- Food. Food.
What food?
Sounds like.
- Bobbie!
- Bobbie!
Bitter gourd?
Bitter gourd juice?
How does that sound like Bobbie?!
Peanut bitter!
Bitter Pan!
Stu ck in the past! Arrogant!
Unforgiving! Cold-h earted bitch!
What the heck?
Barbecu e.
- Matador!
- A song, song song.
English song.
- Great.
- Great. Great.
Preten der.
- Oh! You mean great pretender!
- Yes!
Yes! Very good. Very good.
- Alex?
- Anaconda?
- No.
- Oh. I thought it you meant a snake.
When Harry Met Slutty?
I think they're fighting.
Oh, sorry. I meant Sally.
My God, Bobbie!
Four words.
- Filipino?
- Lovesick crazy woman!
...Two ...One!
What is it?
Sisa Will Soon Be A Star.
The movie she worked on!
Oh. So stupid.
Very good. Very good. Very good.
- English movie.
- Yes. Yes.
Liar, Liar!
Looks like they have an inside joke
about you.
Dumb and Dumber!
Moron 5!
Maid? Maid!
- Maid in Spain.
- Of course.
Ah! Maid in Manhattan!
- All maids!
- Maid! Maid! Maid!
Maid in Manhattan!
What's so funny, Jeanette?
- Come on, Mom. Let's continue playing.
- No, CJ!
Somethings off.
They've been making fun
of Teddie all night.
Why are you making fun of my daughter?
- Grace, we bear no ill will.
- No.
You're making my kid
the butt of your jokes.
Why are you subjecting
my daughter to such ridicule?!
Because she is so ridiculous!
- My daughter is ridiculous?!
- Yes!
You're the ridiculous one!
With your phony Russian accent,
botoxed face and your plastic boobs!
You are in my house.
You have no right to insult or make fun
of any of my children!
Get out!
Mam a.
- Ju st leave.
- The exit is that way.
It would be my pleasure!
But before I go,
I just want to make one thing clear.
These are perfectly real and not fake!
Unlike your daughter!
- My daughter is not fake!
- Mom.
Well, not according to my investigation.
- Who are you to investigate her?
- Ask the maid in Spain!
Let's go, Pedring!
Take the gowns with you!
Princess! Let's go!
ls there something I should know?
Teddie, tell her.
It's about time.
You know what this is about?
We've known since last year.
Last year?
When Bobbie was supposed to go
to Madrid for her birthday vacation.
You didn't want me to go, remember?
You said you had a teacher's
conference in Paris?
I still went to Madrid.
I saw you in a bar.
Bu! I stayed away because...
I know you'd be ashamed.
I didn't want to tell anyone else
if you weren't ready to do so.
- What do you know that I don't?
- Alex, just be quiet.
Quiet? Teddie is my sister too.
It's my sister you're pressuring
right n ow.
- Alexandra!
- We're not pressuring her.
So what is it?
- Why me, Mom?
- Please! Roberta!
Mom, it would be better
if it came from her.
Teddie, we're your family.
If anyone should know
who you really are...
the true you, it should be us.
How long are you going
to keep up the lie?
Do you think
this is easy for me, Bobbie?
Th en tell us, so you can breathe easier.
Fine! I'll admit it!
Mom, I'm sorry!
Sorry, Mom.
When the recession hit Spain...
I was one of the teachers who got laid off
because they said I wasn't good enough.
And I also didn't
get a master's degree...
becau se I wasn't given
a scholarship grant.
Ever since I was fired
from the school...
I took on multiple jobs to earn money
so that I can send you some.
I served as a waitress
in the bar Bobbie mentioned.
I also took a job as a maid.
That's where I met Frodo.
The truth is, I borrowed money
from him to pay for the trip home.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry.
Sorry, Mom.
Did you honestly think
I wouldn't understand?
It's not like that, Mom.
I know whatever happens
you'd still love me.
But I'm the one with the problem.
I'm the one who couldn't accept my fate.
I haven 't achieved anything
you wanted for me, Mom.
I'm the least successful
out of everyone.
And whatever I do,
I can never be as good as Bobbie.
Yes, Bobbie! You!
Whatever you put your mind into,
you're always the best at it!
But me, no matter how hard I try,
I could never get to your level.
You were always better than us,
weren't you ?
You were th e smartest on e.
Th e prettiest on e.
L! was always you!
You're my sister, Bobbie, and I love you
but I've always been jealous of you.
I can't help it, Bobbie.
Why do you sound mad?
Did I do something wrong?
I'm actually the odd one
out feeling jealous of all of you.
Because you all have something I don't.
I wish I had your maternal instinct.
I wish I had you charm and innocence.
I wish I was as adventurous as Alex.
I wish I had your sense of humor
because I think you're so funny.
Mama does too.
I guess that's why all her attention
is with you.
- Are you saying that I'm unfair?
- No, Mom.
I'm saying you have your favorites.
Th at's n ot tru e.
Mom, remember when
I was in grade school...
and I graduated as the Valedictorian
and got so many medals?
And then Teddie got one?
You chose to praise her.
And do you remember
when I went home real hungry.
You got mad at me for eating
the food you saved just for Teddie.
And one time you bought pairs of pants
from the mall...
and you said I should wait for Teddie
to pick out hers first.
She's the eldest
so she got to pick first.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you felt that way.
Mom, it's okay.
It's okay. I understand.
I've accepted it...
that Teddie and CJ get
special treatment from you.
They are your favorites.
And Papa's favorites
were Alex and Gabbie.
An d th at's okay.
Th at's okay.
Becau se th e fact th at you raised me
was en ou gh.
You fed me.
You gave me an education.
And cloth ed me. You loved me.
You and Papa.
And that's good enough for me.
Because growing up...
...Alex was th ere.
I was h er favorite.
Now, ever since I came home...
all I heard from everyone
was that I was a smart ass...
that I was a bad person.
Thai Pm such a bitch for being
too harsh with my words.
I'm sorry if you feel that way.
I'm cold... I'm sorry.
- Bobbie, that's not true.
- CJ, it's okay.
Maybe that's wh at I really am.
Becau se I ch ose to be th at way.
I h ad to be.
Especially when I went to New York.
Alex, maybe you're right.
I prioritized my career.
I left everything behind to succeed.
But believe me,
I did not do that for myself.
I had to go there for us.
For our family's future.
Because we were deep in debt
from Papa's illness.
Then Mama had an operation.
Then CJ had to go to college.
Gabbie wasn't earning enough.
Teddie needed money to go to Spain.
And you were still looking for a job.
And I didn't want you
to stop pursuing a film career...
because you said you find joy in it.
Th at was your forte.
You wanted to succeed for Mom.
So despite my strong desire to go home,
because I was so lonely...
I chose not to for you.
Even though I missed you.
I held myself back.
I steeled myself.
I made sacrifices becau se I n eeded to.
But just because I'm cold
doesn't mean I can't get hurt.
That I have no feelings.
I'm hurting right now.
I'm sorry, Bobbie.
I didn't know you felt that way.
Mom, I'm notjudging you, okay?
I'm sorry. Sorry.
I thought I was being fair.
Becau se in my h eart,
I loved you all the same way.
I focused on Teddie and CJ...
becau se th ey were weak.
They were sickly, remember?
Always n eedin g attention.
But you three...
you've always been independent.
You were strong.
Bobbie, I'm sorry. Okay?
Mom, it's okay.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
But I want you to know...
I'm so grateful
for all you've don e for u s.
Thank you, Mom.
You, Teddie,
I'm thankful for you too.
You made sacrifices in Spain as well.
I want you to know...
I will love you no matter what.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry, Bobbie.
You 're smart too. Okay?
Com e h ere.
I'm sorry
if I had any shortcomings, okay?
Mom, I'm the one
who should be apologizing.
I've never helped you in any way.
I always rebelled against you.
Even though I gave you a hard time...
I just wanted to prove to you
that I can make it...
- so that you'd be proud of me.
- I know. I know, Alex. I know.
Sorry, Mom.
I'm not perfect.
But I am your mother.
And I will always love you
the best way I know how.
I love you, Moth er.
Teddie's crazy.
She thinks she's the least among us.
But it's obvious
who the petty one really is.
Don't say th at.
- No one is petty in this family.
- Right.
We're just different.
Don't sugarcoat it.
It's okay.
I've accepted it.
Maybe that's why I dated Ch ad, too.
Bobbie, when you and Chad broke up
and he tried hitting on me...
I tried to control my feelings.
Really. I tried.
Because I wanted you two
to get back together again.
It eventually became difficult...
Becau se...
It feels so good to be
appreciated by someone.
Ever since you left...
I lost a best friend.
Who will accept me for who I am.
That's why I got so hurt
when you got mad at me.
I felt...
That I had no right to be happy.
I had no right to be loved
because he's my sister's ex.
Sorry, Bobbie. Sorry, okay?
Because I wanted to be loved badly,
I hurt you.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
- Sorry.
- I'm sorry, too.
I got hurt so bad...
It became difficult for me to see
that you've been hurting, too.
. I'm sorry.
. I'm sorry.
- So, are we best friends again?
- Best friends.
- I'll make it up to you.
- Me too.
But I think there's someone
that we need to see first.
- Hurry! Come on!
- Where are you going?
We'll go with you.
Who knows what that bastard will do.
Relax. We're just going to talk.
He's not like that.
No! Bring Bobbie with you!
If you need back-up,
we'll be right here.
Hon, let me explain.
I chose you over my family.
I hurt my sister because of you.
But they're right.
You're just playing me.
I wasted my life for you.
That's for me.
That's for Bobbie. You asshole!
Just leave that desperate bitch !
- What did you say?!
- Alex...
Come here!
- What the hell?!
- Ouch! Chad!
- Alex!
- Alex, what are you doing?
She called me a desperate bitch!
- How dare you!
- What are we going to do with her?
- Teach her a lesson!
- Hit her!
Just get her ass!
- Get ready, bitch.
- They want me to hit you!
- Hit her!
- Knock her out!
One! Two! Three!
Very good!
- Hey! That's enough!
- Let's go! Hey!
Th at was awesome!
What? Where is she?
Hurry up! Ain't here yet.
Okay, okay. Ch ocolate, Peanut butter...
Strawberry, butter, cream.
Chocolate, cream, chocolate, cream.
Ch ocolate, cream!
They're very playful.
They like to smear each other like that.
You, too!
And me, too!
Now, the kids are playing!
Sis, don't!
I might trip!
She's coming! She's coming!
What's happening?
What's going on?
Welcome to the Salazar Sandwich Club!
Why do you girls look like that?
What are you doing?
Mom, we made something for you.
- Here.
- Th an k you, Trixie.
You are our favorite Mom!
Well, you don't have a choice!
I'm your only mother.
Thank you.
For looking after Mama.
And for taking care of us.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, too, Mom.
Th an k you, sisters.
What's this!
You'll finish your MA in New York, okay?
You'll stay at my place.
So that you and mom won't fight anymore.
What about mom?
What's the point of me being a maid?
I'll be the one to look after Mom.
And I know that Bobbie
will give me a fat paycheck.
' Really?
. Yes!
0k. I'll double your salary.
Yes, please.
I need money for shopping.
That's why!
Excu se m e.
But whose is that for?
That's for Fieb Reb.
He was named after those.
That's why he's sweet!
Fieb Heb. Yes?
The Wedding's not pushing through?
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Con dolen ce.
Th an k you, sisters.
Con dolen ce.
Con dolen ce.
Thank you.
I think, it's better this way.
He no longer feels pain.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
I hope we could put the past behind.
Past is past.
I'm sorry for everything
that has happen ed, Mrs. Balls.
It's okay, Teddie.
We were a little hurt
for what had happened.
Beoau se you thought poorly of us.
But, like what I've said
past is past.
What really saddens me...
is CJ and Princess' wedding.
That's okay, mom.
But I've already paid the church.
Th e reception.
The gowns.
Even though they're ugly.
It won't go to waste.
There will be a wedding tomorrow.
Isn't it bad luck?
Trixie, hurry up! Your daddy's here!
- Daddy!!!
' He?! hon ey.
- Daddy, let's go to the church!
- Church?
Let's go, man!
They're all waiting for you!
- Why?
- Come on!
Bobbie told me the wedding
was can celled?
Not anymore. Come on! Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Don't you think I'm a...
Let's go! Let's go!
'That way!
' Hurry up, Dad!
He's here.
I'm confused.
I thought the wedding
was can celled because of the curse.
Let's go, dad.
- Here, Bobbie. He's all yours.
- Thank you, baby.
You were right.
This fits my finger right.
Just like you.
You're the right one for me.
Oh my goodness!
They're just like us, love.
Love? You love me, too?
We're not the ones getting married.
Save it for n ext year.
Hey, hey, hey!
You can't get married next year!
We're getting married.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry if I made you wait.
You're worth the wait.
I wonder when we'll get married.
- I love you, Bobbie.
- I love you, too.
Yes, they've already kissed!
You may now marry the bride.