Four Souls of Coyote (2023) Movie Script

When we have cut down the last tree, caught the last fish, and poisoned the last river, we will realize that money is not edible."
Yes, send it over immediately. Arrived.
My secretary will find an appointment.
But here it indicates how it is?
Yes Yes.
What's with the field force? We are already here, but there is hardly any field strength.
I can't believe this, I thought we were in the 21st century.
Here it says that it will rain tomorrow, then the Indians will dig out by themselves.
Yes I know, it should be here somewhere, yes. Lady!
...wait, hold on a moment, Lady!
this jobber wants something.
Yes? What does he want? Who are you?
I'm Sanders, the construction manager.
THE! I'm glad, what do you want?
It's just that they're looking the wrong way, lady.
What do you mean by that?
Just turn around!
Hmm.. Walter!
...Wait, wait, we found it,
I will call you!
Oh, that's big!
Did you get my hint?
No ma'am, I was in the field
but now you can tell.
We leave tomorrow morning. Prepare your people.
But the environmental study has not arrived yet.
He will arrive, we have to keep going until then.
Madam, the regulations forbid us to start without the study.
Oh yes? All right, so what's your name, Sanders,
you can look for another job.
Whoever is not behind the wheel at 6 tomorrow morning,
unfortunately we have to break the contract with that.
And the Inians?
What Indians?
...I have to pick this up now.
Yes, yes,.. well here at the end of the world...
...of course
of course... Good, I'll report back when it turns out.
Didn't you shake a lot?
The own,
but it was good for my bones.
Come on, we'll walk from here
but it's not far.
Don't be so fast my little grandson!
That way.
Here we are, Grandpa.
But it's good to feel the grass under my feet,
and the wind on my face.
We will have nice weather tomorrow.
They came, they came! Sheep!
Come on, come on!
Grandpa is here!!
Come! Come sit down!
Come on, come on!
Sit down, Grandpa is going to tell us a story!
My friends!
Here we sit on the mountain
where the Old Creator rested,
after creating this world.
That's why the story
what I'm going to tell you today
it will be a tale of creation...
At the beginning of time
it was total darkness
nothing existed
just the dream...
My young brother!
My young brother, come closer!
Well, good...
You also know that outside of this huge water
is there no other in this world?
I think there's something else under the water.
I have a feeling there must be something there.
If you think so, my young brother
dive in and find whatever it is.
Our intuition was good.
because there is something in the depths.
I don't know what it is, but it exists and it does.
My young brother!
Bring up what's below!
This is what I wanted.
I'm making a big deal out of it, you'll see.
I spread this handful of mud around us,
and it will be our home.
My elder brother! You have done a wonderful thing.
I love it.
Thank you, thank you, Old Creator!
I feel great
I don't miss anything anymore.
Of course I miss you!
we are lonely
I feel like we're going to get bored soon.
I need companions!
You are the greatest and most powerful being I have created.
You are Tatanka.
You are the Bison.
Good name!
Tatanka, Tatanka!
I like my name!
Run, gallop, my pride!
I will be the Bison.
I will be that.
Now I'm making a resting place for myself.
I want to sleep.
To rest.
Sweet dreams, brother.
I don't want to dream now.
Isn't it the Great Mysterious One who sends us the dreams?
You maybe right.
Then there's nothing we can do.
We have to accept it.
But what is his intention with it?
Well, I don't know
I'm just the Duck.
I cannot understand the intention of the Great Spirit.
Who are you?
You know, you make us dream.
Wow, you're ugly.
And we love ourselves.
Give me something to eat now, I'm hungry, Old Man!
There is no eating in my world.
But we would eat it.
We are also horny.
Create us a female here! We want meat.
Meat! Meat! Meat!
Aha! Then I know who you are.
You are the Kojot who has four souls.
You know, you dream me.
You are disgusting.
Get out of my dream!
Hey brother.
You are so Beautiful.
You must be the Bison.
What are you chewing?
What makes you grow so big?
Ah, so weed.
Good idea.
There is enough grass.
Phew pfff.
How can you eat this? Blow.
My esteemed friend!
You are so big and strong
won't you just give me some of your meat?
You have enough. But I barely got it.
I could use it very much brother.
so that's all that famous magic consists of?
Whatever you are, you smell good.
What are you good at?
I? Nothing, I'm just about to sleep.
Your world is tiring, my dear brother. Good night!
And these?
Mm, well... he.. he...
I am the creator and not you.
You're just arguing.
these are badass, brother. And they are weak.
It can be.
But, but I created two of them!
Two different ones!
This is Hoksila
this is the Wichincala.
Hoxila. Wichincala. Good names. No?
They are not alone like your creatures, Old One.
And these are not animals!
What is an animal?
That he is not human.
Are these people here?
Is that what you call them?
People, yes.
To make them different from yours.
Because they are disgusting. These jeans are beautiful.
They are nice?
Haven't you seen The Bison yet?
The Bison is fast, gorgeous,
the strongest, the greatest in creation.
They will grow too,
they just need to eat.
Eat, eat, eat, eat...
to eat!
I want meat, meat, meat, meat!
Then I'd rather eat them!
I will eat them!
I forbid!
These are your creatures.
You are responsible for them.
Do you know what that is?
You have to keep them alive.
Where did they go?
Have you already lost them?
And then?
I warn you Kojo,
if they die, you're done too!
You can take that, Old Man.
I'll show you.
Then show me!
Get on your horse!
My creations! My creations!
Sneaky coyote. Where did you go...
Shameless kind!
Go back to where you came from!
Look at us!
Do you see how beautiful we are?
Smell us.
Don't you want to faint?
Enjoy us little ones!
Life is good, good, good...
Hau my young brothers.
Where did you leave your fur coats?
What is a fur coat?
A fur coat is what I have, but you don't have one! Haha.
You're going to get cold hahaha.
You will struggle.
I don't, I never have.
And why are you wearing your head down?
Wow! We don't have fur coats, but we wear our heads on top.
I know.
I've been watching you since morning.
Who are you?
I am the Eagle.
I see everything
what's going on down there.
And, brother
how are you going to climb down that tall tree?
And how did you climb up there?
You still have a lot to learn, my naked brothers.
I am a ruler.
Lord of the sky and air.
I'm upstairs, you're downstairs.
I am above, above all.
My creations!
Where are you?
My little, fat, sweet-smelling creatures.
Hejja-ha-yo-heya-ya-ho hey
No btynk!
Where are you taking that bag?
HE! Haha my feathered brothers!
I'm on my way to a party.
For a party?
And what do you carry in your bag?
Yes! In this?
This is where I carry my songs.
All beautiful songs, I will sing them at the ceremony.
Songs! But good,
but good,
sing for us
Not possible.
I'm in a hurry.
I'm already late.
Sing for us! Sing.
No one has ever sung for us.
OK good. I sing.
Yes! Sheep!
But when I sing to you
let's find the way. Let's do it right. Huh?
Well, while I sing, you will dance.
Good? Good!
You stand in line, fat ones in front, thin ones in the back.
Very good! And now close your eyes
to enjoy the music more.
When I start singing, you start dancing nicely
forward in line. Huh?
Did everyone close their eyes?
Yes, we closed it!
It can go?
It can go!
Brother, brother! what are you doing brother
These are ducks, aren't they, brother?
Ducks of the Old Creator.
Mm, Now they're mine because they can't move.
I will eat them and then they will be my body.
Forever? I do not understand you.
Then find out. I, the Coyote, killed them.
They became mine.
Mine, mine.
I created killing ha hayaho
i created the kill heya yahoooo.
Will they never be again?
I can't understand this.
Because you are stupid! Huh?
Can't you fit in your skin, Kojot?
No, no, I didn't eat!
Do not lie! I saw you!
The duck was the first living thing in the world!
You Did not Know?
I? No! I did not know.
I'm ignorant bro. Forgive me, brother.
I just for my kids...
I'm responsible for them, you said...
But I can't stand you killing my creatures!
What should I do with you? How can I get rid of you?
Look, they are eating.
They thrive.
They are the eaters, not me.
Let them eat. And then! Huh?
Will they never live again, Dad? Never?
Oh, how clever! Well, he understood everything.
Look at them!
Can't you see I modeled them on you?
About me?
Yes Yes,
just take a closer look!
About me?
Kojot, avoid these kids!
And I forbid you to kill!
I spoke.
Do not kill,
do not kill.
Do I eat grass?
Eat grass, Old Man.
He killed a cow.
From now on, everything is destroyed once.
You see the trees are red now.
The leaves fall to the ground.
Autumn is here.
Everything dies once, even the Bear and the Eagle.
But you and me too.
And will the world be like this from now on?
Yes, but don't be afraid
because from death comes new life.
The big circle turns around.
The trees will bloom again,
the sun regains strength
and it will always be so as long as the sky is blue.
nothing is forever
only the earth and the mountains.
The Great Mysterious One permeates everything.
Therefore, the water of the river is also your blood.
Life is what surrounds you.
The warmth of your body comes from life.
What have you good-for-nothings been up to?
Whose creatures are you?
Oh, great spirit, you eternal mystery,
who speaks to us with the wind
and whose breath gives life to the world,
listen to me.
Be wise
to understand your intention.
Let me understand the dream
that you sent me.
My honorable brother! Bison!
Don't feel like competing?
Would be,
but no one dares to stand up to me.
And I bet you that this boy is a better runner than you are.
Did you come here to insult me?
No, no. I'm serious.
This boy runs on two legs
that the created prairie had never seen before.
No one has beaten me in running yet.
Only the wind is faster for me.
That's interesting,
because this little skunk just beat the wind in a race. Huh?
This is true?
How could that be true?
I never lie.
But in this game you have to run with your eyes closed.
Open or closed, it keeps going.
Even if I fall asleep, I'll still win.
I saw!
Get on your horse!
You killed again!
The Old Man forbade killing.
I? Rather you.
I do not! I just ran.
I just stood in the sun.
The Bison simply jumped into the chasm and crushed itself to death.
his liver can be yours.
Look at this!
It's bison liver!
Lightning! Lightning!
That's enough!
What were you created for?
if not destroy?
I did not create you.
It just happened to me.
But it happened.
I, the Lightning, happened.
I am the power of the world.
I betrayed
I betrayed you!
old man
My partner! Where are you?
Hot, hot.
Do you feel it?
I betrayed you.
You know?
I betrayed you.
Nothing wrong. Nothing wrong.
The prairie is burnt, there is no grass.
It's cold!
No fruits!
The waters freeze.
This is not good.
There are two people
there are two different ones.
I saw them warming each other up.
I want a partner too.
We want a companion too!
Kojot and those naked creatures killed the strongest of us.
They killed the Bison.
Do you tolerate this, Old Man?
I created a fur coat for you against the cold.
The grass will grow back soon.
And for Coyote, I finally got rid of his desire to kill.
And what about the Bison?
What will we do without him?
And what about the females?
Where are the females?
We want a companion too!
This is what remained of the Bison.
But now I'm creating two of these.
Two new Bisons.
There will be a male and there will be a female.
And I will do the same with you.
I will split you in half and make two of you.
You will be half the size, but you will have companions.
Hey me now!
Now I! Now I!
Shall we feast on fish today, my friend?
I thought you were burned in the fire.
I thought you were burned.
Fire doesn't choose.
What are you doing anyway?
Don't you see?
I'm going to catch fish for my wife.
Are not you afraid of?
Look around Kojo, do you see how many fish are in the stream?
Something has changed,
the prairie is also full of animals.
They multiply by themselves, we have become very many.
If animals are already reproducing, it means that they are re-creating themselves.
They don't need the creator.
No need for the Old Man!
What good is the Old Man then? For what? No?
You don't change anything, Kojot.
I mean...
If the old man has become redundant, and the creatures reproduce and multiply, then...
sooner or later they will overgrow, won't they. And then I'll come...
I'll help you, hehe...
Look who I found.
Look what I got.
Will we never get rid of you?
Even if you are not vital!
So you fucked it up, you chick.
Both the animals and you, everyone has a good time.
I'm the only one left out!
what's wrong my dear
What hurts?
What's happening?
What is wrong?
Don't look at me!
You must have fed him grass.
What's happening?
What is wrong?
Something wants to come out of my body.
I feel.
What should I do? How can I help?
You see? I also created it.
I created a boy.
I have a son!
Well, that's how it happens.
Look here! Boy.
A creature of my creature!
Hey, he's a nice kid.
You have nothing to do with him.
He is only ours.
He's cold.
It will get cold.
If it runs out of heat, we lose it.
I know.
Get warm.
Life needs warmth.
I need to find the lightning.
Lightning...oh...My young brother,
visiting Lightning doesn't seem like a very wise idea.
Somehow you can only get along with him.
Hoksila is brave.
He goes and gets the little one fire.
He takes care of us.
I just said that your master is still inexperienced,
he would be out of luck facing the Lightning alone.
Of course, if I'm with him, that's completely different!
Are you keeping Kojo with me?
That was exactly my plan anyway.
Go ahead.
I will get your attention.
You get the fire until then.
But be quick, because I'm putting myself in great danger.
Thank you brother!
Thank you Thunder Creature!
Who are you naked worm?
I bite into you and you burn like dry grass.
I didn't come to die, but to set you free.
I need the fire.
Give it to me and you will be free.
I do not trust you.
What is that?!
I knew it!
Look what I brought. Fire!
Where is Hoksila?
Where is?
Where did you leave it?
Answer me!
What did you do to him, you wretch?
I warned you it was too dangerous.
You damn...
But he also said that if something goes wrong
I entrust you to me...
Wise decision, eh?
Look here, I'm pretty too!
You are pathetic Kojot!
Get out of here, you wretched worm! Now what's the problem?
Haven't I always been good to you? Don't touch me!
A woman cannot live without a man...
What's wrong with you now?
Don't believe a word he says
hit me dead! That was enough.
I took care of them my friend while you were there.
You got the fire, very good.
We don't need anyone anymore.
We can form our own tribe.
I will be the boss.
We don't need the old man anymore.
Either you or you can be the boss.
Of course you have to be the boss,
I just, I just...
What do you want?
We want the human cub.
We want meat. Give it to us!
We want to eat. We want to eat!
The kid is mine.
Get out of here!
Do you want to eat?
To eat?
Gobble up!
Hey brothers!
What found you? Are you all lost?
Will I never have peace in this world?
What can be so important that you spill each other's blood?
My heart lies in the dust.
So sit down here around me
let's sort things out between ourselves now
once and for all.
You have nothing to earn here! Get out of here!
It's our turn!
You were created by Kojo. A naked freak.
You have neither fur nor claws.
I am made of the same mud as you.
I beat my own fruit to death so that you could have your fill,
so make room!
And which of you dared to go up there,
and faced the Lightning?
Who got it and made fire his friend?
I don't have fur or claws, but instead I have fire.
Make room in the circle, because we are all related!
My brother,
would you light this pipe for me
The pipe burned through and that's good.
We sit here between the four heavens, in the middle of the world.
Our words ascend with the smoke to the Great Mysterious One.
This circle cannot be broken.
Everyone is equal here.
Everyone can speak freely here.
Where did your big voices go?
Talk to me.
We want to hunt too.
We want to eat meat too
our little ones are starving.
My people are also starving.
There are too many of us.
My brothers say it well.
There are many of us on the prairie and we have nothing to eat.
We want to hunt.
That's right, we have to hunt! We need this! We want meat!
I believe that those who are hungry eat.
But only kill as much as you absolutely have to.
This prairie belongs to all of us,
neither of us can live without the other.
Birth and death are part of the cycle.
I spoke.
So be it.
Multiply and hunt.
Live and die while the sky is blue,
and while the grass is green.
Nice speech Old man.
I see everyone is here
you all gathered.
Even the traitors are here.
I remember when they were little
and you didn't trust them, Old Man.
But I fed them.
He took you there as an end!
That's how they thank you.
All your words are poison.
You never get a place in the circle.
Now you leave the prairie,
so you can't make more trouble.
Never see you again.
I'm done with you.
You're jealous.
That's why you want to get rid of me.
I created the best things.
You created death.
The lie and the strife.
Take your skin!
Get out of here!
Perish! Get out of here!
Cover up! Bring your Irish back! We don't even want to see it!
My friends!
go home now
live, multiply.
Let each lead his own people.
Creation is complete.
The circle is now complete.
I've done my job.
I got tired.
From now on
you are yourselves.
HE! Are you still awake?
it's over?
No, it's over!
What happened to Coyote?
Coyote was banished, but he still had one life left.
He wandered outside in the freezing night...
I am Shunka, the coyote,
I wander alone.
Eternal Mysterious, Wakan Tanka,
look down on me
I only have this one life left.
I know you wanted it to be.
Where are you taking me now?
Are you the Kojot?
Aren't you afraid?
It's me.
And I'm afraid.
we met once
I will never forget that.
Then you're a fool for coming here
because now I will take your last life.
I came to die my brother.
Just hit me dead.
I have no place among the living.
Why do you call me your brother?
Because I'm an exile like you.
I have to cross the big water.
Nobody needs me here.
So hit me dead.
I'm here.
It's a good day to die.
Beyond the big water?
Who was exiled?
Who also chained you here.
He created me in anger. And he immediately regretted it.
She is our evil stepmother.
He created me in a dream
and he already regretted it.
See my friend
because it's very cold here.
I didn't hurt you stepbrother.
Solve it. I will go with you.
Spirits of the four heavens help me.
underground watchers,
you who watch over the earth, listen.
You Great Mysterious One who is everywhere, look down on me.
I stand in the wind and cry out for strength.
I was a boy, I became a man.
I will lead the tribe of people.
Help me.
Help me to walk on the right path.
Tanka song.
Let everything be okay now.
I'm tired.
Let me sleep.
Tanka Song,
I don't want to dream!
I don't want to dream.
This is the edge of the world.
And what is beyond the water?
I do not know,
but it can only be better than that!
Is this a good idea?
You are strong and I am cunning.
What could be wrong?
Thank you, our swift-footed brother, for gifting us with your meat.
Let me help you!
Wow, how big!
Oh, big deer!
Let me help!
What do they say our weather will be like?
Wakan Tanka is kind to us,
the sun will shine.
Not a rain cloud anywhere.
My little grandson!
Shout out that we'll start dancing tomorrow!
Yes grandpa!
Where are you?
I was thinking of coyote.
How we treated him.
Ah. Sometimes I think of it too.
Don't beat yourself up.
Check us out.
We have everything. Listen! Listen!
I don't miss anything in the world. It's time to strengthen the Great Circle.
Tomorrow at sunrise...
You are a good boss. let's start dancing! Get ready!
What is this here?
There seems to be a lot of people here.
They barely have room.
I could destroy them with one blow.
That's not what we came for.
I want to talk to them.
Who are you?
Justify yourselves.
We came from across the great water,
and we want to talk to the boss.
With the boss!
With the boss!
We're taking them to the town hall!
Departures! Get on your horse!
When can I hit them?
I'll tell you brother, don't be afraid.
Give back!
Next agenda item.
I would now like to ask our scientists,
have they found the philosopher's stone promised for today?
Never mind.
Twelve hours to thirty-two minutes
we still trust in your graces.
Next point!
Interrogation of envoys from across the sea.
Bring it out!
Get on your horse!
I instruct the ambassador to tell him what he knows.
Yes, Your Grace.
Beyond the great water,
where the sun goes down
there is an island shaped like a turtle.
That land is vast and rich.
Cross with me. I know the way.
What do you mean rich?
In the area?
Rich in water, grass, fish, game.
And in the ground.
They all fit there, and even your grandchildren.
And why is it good for you if we cross?
I want revenge.
And this?
Here, next to you, this kind of devil?
This is my friend, the lightning.
Anyone bitten dies instantly.
He is stronger than any weapon.
My friend, hit them!
Give back! Give back! Give back!
And gold?
Here you go?
Is there gold there? Ah yes. Naturally. Ratio.
I'm gold. Me too and my friend. Yes. We are good gold.
What are you wearing here?
The captain asked if there was gold in that land?
It doesn't know what gold is!
It doesn't know what gold is!
How can I explain to your barbaric mind?
Yellow, small, shiny pebble.
Of course, yellow pebbles!
There is, there is a lot of that.
Do you need it?
We're on it.
we eat
we can't get away from gold.
We even wipe our bottoms with golden pebbles.
We will conquer that land
for the greater glory of the crown!
You will lead us there.
Your name is now: Dog.
Gorgeous gentlemen, gorgeous!
The eagle wants to tell us something.
Bad omen.
It can not be!
Lightning left the world.
Something terrible is coming.
Get ready!
Who are these?
They are pale and hairy.
As if they had been born by bears and humans.
You were a good dog.
You are free.
Are you still alive, you traitor?
don't worry dog
we will take revenge for you too!
I am the commander of the Seventh Cavalry Regiment.
I take possession of this land on behalf of the state!
Leave it to us or we will take it by force.
I am the father of human beings.
I've lived on this earth for as long as I can remember.
But I still can't fulfill your request.
How can the sky
or to give the heat of the earth?
If it's not yours, take it now!
We're not going anywhere
but we can all fit here.
There is plenty of room.
Come in and smoke a pipe!
You wanted it.
get ready
My brothers!
It's a good day to die!
To the river!
Come on, come on! To the river!
Captain, Captain please! Wait!
Come on, you scabby bastard!
After me!
Old, old!
Do not do this!...
where did you hide...
Old, old, old!
Wake up! Wake up!
Old man, help me, please help me!
I made a big mess.
What's that rumble? What's happening?
Our creatures are in trouble.
Those wild men down there, they destroy everything that lives.
They kill with lightning.
Well, I saw them in my dream!
Did you bring them to us?
Wakan Tanka wanted it that way.
He created them.
Now you can make up for everything, Kojo.
Save them!
We have to get them up the mountain!
They will be there for sure!
Coyotes? Is that really you?
Me! But now running, up the mountain.
We don't run away. We are fighting.
But they could not win against them.
Up to the mountain! Everybody!
You too! Up to the mountain. Come on!
What are you waiting for?
Come, because they will pierce your wrinkled skin!
don't worry so much
I'm not that easy to deal with.
I was created by the famous Kojot.
Do you know who that was?
You monster!
Tanka song!
Embrace this warrior!
He comes to you with straight steps and a pure heart.
He was the first person.
The first man.
He was my only companion.
I really loved him.
I think I know what white people are looking for
why they never rest
Um, really?
And will you tell me?
Of course Grandpa!
I think they are looking for their place in the great circle of the living.
Do you think my little grandson?
You maybe right.
If so, we could help them find it.
What do you think?
Tanka song!
Look down on us and the earth that is left!
Soften the hearts of these people today,
and open their eyes
to see the beauty in the world!
Bisons! There!
Look! Bisons!
Let's go, Grandpa!
I'm too old for this, my grandson.
I'd like to rest.
Here on the mountain.
You just go!
What are you waiting for?
Tell me, what are you waiting for?
Let's go!
Let's go! What are they waiting for? Don't you understand?
Sanders, I warn you, there will be consequences!
They are fired, everyone is fired! Damn it!
Kevin! Come on, aaaah!
We did not weave the fabric of life, we are only a thread in it. /Chief Seattle/