Fourplay (2018) Movie Script

[no audio]
[indistinct chatter]
[rap music]
[chatter continues]
[upbeat music]
Almost ready?
[Tom] Honey, they are gonna
be here any minute.
- [Tom] Hey!
- I heard you!
[music continues]
[door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
[outside traffic]
[radio music in the background]
[toilet flush]
[outside traffic noise]
[breathing heavy]
[Tom] Honey, you're all right?
Yeah, babe.
I'm just not...
...felling too well.
[Toms sighs]
[Tom] Maybe you eat some food?
- [sighs]
- [Tom] Come out.
I'll take care of you.
[door opening]
What you mean
you're not feeling well?
- I'm okay.
- Really?
What can I do to make
you feel better?
Are you drunk, already?
Need a prescription of nooky?
You said they'll be here
any minute.
- [both laughing]
- [Anna] Ouch!
- [Tom kissing]
- [Anna] Babe, you're hurting me.
- [Anna giggling]
- That's not hurting you.
That's just...
That's just a little
love squeeze.
- My little baby.
- You are crazy.
Yeah, I am crazy.
I am crazy for you.
I am crazy for our future.
Oh, cheesy, too.
Yeah, I am crazy about some
cheese. Did you get the cheese?
[giggling] I got the cheese.
- Dance with me, baby.
- [Anna giggles]
Dance with me, baby.
Oh, baby, baby.
- Oh, baby, baby.
- [glass broke]
- Oh, sh...
- Shit.
[both gasp]
[Anna] My grandmothers vase.
- Shit.
- Perfect.
- Sorry.
- Look at that fucking mess.
I can fix this.
[Anna] It's been in the family
for years.
Yeah, I know. Here, let me...
God, you are such a fucking kid.
I confess, I said I am sorry,
all right.
Yeah, you are always sorry.
You are always too late.
Come on. I can do this.
No. You don't do it
the right way.
Right. Of course,
I don't do it...
- Don't start twisting...
- I am not starting.
...the things I say.
[no audio]
I'm sorry.
Can we just try to have
a good day today, please?
I'm gonna finish getting ready.
[glass noise]
[door bell rings]
Yeah, coming.
[rumbling noise]
- [door bell rings]
- Yeah, yeah.
One second.
[door bell rings]
[door opening]
- Hey!
- Hey!
Need a plug. Almost dead.
Make yourself at home.
- Suzy Q!
- Hello...
- ...Mr. self employed.
- Yeah!
Feels good, doesn't it?
Yeah! Well, I am a little
scared but...
Oh, I bet.
That's all good.
Can I help you with this?
- Yes, thank you.
- Okay.
You find it?
Yeah! Yeah, all good.
Okay, what are you drinking?
[Tom] Margarita, but I'll have
whatever you having.
- [Joe] Fantastic.
- This is a little thing
I made for you and it's more
of a good luck charm.
Wow, look at this.
[Joe] Is that
the Buddha's ghoul thing?
No, it's not.
What is it? It's a nut.
You have to open the nut.
[Joe] You got to open the nut.
- I knew you gonna say some...
- Oh, here it is.
You see how cute?
There's this woman in China
that told me how to make them.
- Okay.
- And it will bring you good luck
so, I figure you can put
it in your new office.
[Joe] In your new office drawer.
Very thoughtful of you.
Thank you.
In the event, this is Barking
Iron Applejack whiskey,
100% New York apples,
small batches.
It is fucking smooth.
- This is great.
- They're delicious.
What the shit, man?
You didn't had to do this.
Joe, your shoe.
Excuse me, we are talking
fine liquor, here. Am I right?
You are right
but you know the rules.
Come on, man.
Take them off.
- Seriously?
- [Tom and Susan] Yes.
You know it's not me.
Don't give me hard time.
- Just take them off.
- All right, all right.
Jesus! Where is she?
- She's getting ready.
- Fuck.
Here it is, of course.
- Here are my shoes.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
- [both laughing]
Baby, can you be more you today
and not that guy?
I am that guy.
Remember, you married him.
Yeah, I love him to.
Just, please, be less of him,
today. Okay?
Thank you, baby.
Come on, Anna.
[singing] But I say
it just to reach you, Anna.
- [giggling]
- [Tom] Julia?
[Tom] You are talking
about the Beatles song?
- [Joe singing]
- It's Julia, Joe.
Half of what
I say is meaningless
But I say it just
to reach you
- Julia!
- Anna!
- It's Anna.
- No. It's definitely not Anna.
What are you talking about?
The song was composed
and performed as a solo work
by John Lennon for his mother,
Wow. Aren't you,
miss smarty pants?
Why don't you sing it for us,
- You are such an ass.
- You got a great voice.
- Yeah, right.
- Brighten up our day, please.
Okay, get me drunk first,
I'll sing what ever
you guys want.
[Joe] I can do that.
- Let's do it.
- Start pouring.
I am going to wash my hands.
You got it.
[Susan] Very nice.
[outside noise]
[Joe] Hey.
[door closed]
[door closed]
[Tom] I got some stuff
cooking in the oven.
[Susan] Oh, wow.
[Tom] Would you want...
Do you want this apple stuff
or do you want something else?
You decide. I have to celebrate
to maturity today.
You make the rules.
Hey, I like that.
I don't think she'll go for it.
I am sure today
is gonna be different.
[Tom laughs]
Probably not.
Come on. She's proud of you.
Oh, yeah, she is but...
you know how she sees things.
Stop it right there.
Sometimes you have to go
all in and you are doing it.
Well, I appreciate it.
To you.
[glasses click]
[outside cars honking]
It's a little...
- It's strong. Good though.
- [Susan laughs]
- I could use it.
- [Tom chuckles]
How is it going with you, guys?
Us? Yeah, we are great.
- Couldn't be better.
- Oh, I am so happy.
Really happy.
Trying to convince her
to go back to counseling.
That's a great idea, Tom.
[Joe] All right.
Need a drink.
- [Joe] Cheers.
- [Tom] Cheers.
- [Joe] So what do you think?
- [Tom] I like it.
[police sirens outside]
[door closes]
- [sighs]
- Shit.
[cars honking outside]
[cars honking outside]
[no audio]
[Susan] Where's Anna?
[Susan chattering]
- [Joe] Are you okay?
- [Tom] Yeah, yeah.
[cars honking outside]
[Joe talking in the distance]
[Anna sobbing]
[door closed]
[toilet flush]
[knock at the door]
[Tom] Honey?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm coming.
[no audio]
[door opens]
- Feeling better?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I had to take something.
- Okay.
My stomach, is just...
Come here, come here.
Let me see. Let me look at you.
- What?
- Let me feel you. Come here.
[Anna giggles]
I think I know
what the problem is.
[Tom] You're too beautiful.
Thank you, baby.
- Are they here?
- They are here.
[Anna giggles]
[Tom] Ah, you guys are so cute.
[all giggles]
- Hey love.
- [Anna] Hi.
There she is. How are you doing?
Not bad.
How's the restaurant?
Haven't been in a while.
It's busy.
- As always.
- [Tom] Yeah. That's my girl.
Always working.
[Joe] Well, we love what we do.
[Tom] God know,
she deserves a break.
Maybe you should just do it.
Doesn't work like that.
Yeah, it's not that easy.
We can take a little
weekend getaway.
If I had some spare time I
actually like
to start renovation
if I am not in the restaurant.
All work and no play
makes Anna a dull girl.
Are you saying am boring?
- [chuckles]
- What?
No, am just...
Come on, babe.
Saying you need a little break,
that's all.
[Anna giggles]
So, you are still
thinking about renovating?
I am.
Let me know if you want
the fung shui consultation.
I completely forgotten
about that.
- Don't worry about it.
- Am sorry. When can you come in?
Whenever you want.
Tomorrow morning at 10am.
Mondays are slower,
at least they are slower.
Okay, perfect. Monday.
Tomorrow at 10.
- Okay.
- Exciting. I can't wait.
You guys want
to see the living room?
- Why?
- Come on.
What did you do?
Did you arrange it?
- [Anna] I took some
of your advice.
- [Susan] Really?
- [Tom] Yeah, check it out.
- [Anna] You'll see.
- [Susan] Let me see.
[Anna] I did the best that
I could, anyway.
- [giggles]
- [Susan] It's okay.
- [Anna] The feng shui...
- [Susan] Wow...
[Susan] You did it.
[Anna] As you can see I didn't
use feng shui for the furniture
but I took your advice
on the paintings...
- [Susan breaths deep]
- [Tom] Yeah.
[Susan] This is perfect.
Doesn't it feel good?
[Tom] Yeah, it does.
[Joe] Sus has as gift.
She transformed my office,
makes me feel more calm
and productive.
- [Susan] Thank you, baby.
- [cars honking outside]
[Tom] I mean, I would have
liked it blue but...
- [Susan] No.
- [Anna] We agreed on it.
Yeah, we agreed.
Orange is the perfect color
for a living room.
Guys, this is the social color.
Look, it brings people together
and encourages connection.
Blue, I told you
is for the bedroom.
Because it calms you,
relaxes you,
and prepares you for the night.
Yeah, the orange is good.
It connects me to the new TV.
- Did you notice this?
- Very nice.
We are gonna watch games
here or what, man?
[Joe] All in brother.
I mean, I would have gone bigger
but I got overruled by boss.
[Anna] I think it's big enough.
[Susan] Agreed.
[Joe] Can't never be too big.
Hey, cheers to that.
[Susan] I love this view.
[Anna] It is a nice view.
[Susan] We should
move up here, Joe.
I know you are not complaining
about our loft in Soho.
No. You know I love
our place but...
...'cause there is something
about a bridge.
I don't know it just
brings me peace and
makes me feel all creative.
[Anna] It was definitely
a selling point for us.
[Tom] I love the view, too.
But it's weird,
every time I see a bridge,
I always think about
people jumping off.
[everyone laughing]
- [Joe] That is bad.
- I don't know. Yeah.
I had a reoccurring dream
about the Brooklyn Bridge.
[Susan] Such a beautiful dream
Since I was seven years old.
- [Tom] Yeah?
- Yeah. I am walking
from my old neighborhood
in Carol Gardens
and I get up to the bridge,
and all of the sudden it's late
at night and I am all alone.
I keep walking, I see
lower Manhattan light up
and it's gorgeous and am walking
and all of the sudden the bridge
opens up
and becomes like a draw bridge
but it's not,
- it's the Brooklyn bridge.
- [Anna giggles] Yeah.
But am not scared, am fearless.
I walk to the top
and I am standing there and I...
like, this is my city.
This is my bridge.
And I start to fly.
Am, like, floating over
the eastern river,
spot the Statue of Liberty,
and am about to land
in the Battery and...
I wake up.
- I think I know what it means.
- [Anna] What does it mean, Tom?
- Can I go?
- [Susan] Yeah, go ahead.
You are narcissist.
- Oh, come on, man.
- What?
- [Joe] Guilty as charge.
- Am I wrong?
[Susan chuckles]
[Joe] Tell them what it means.
I don't know, am no expert
but I just love the idea
that he was the same Joe then
that he is now.
- [Anna] I can see that.
- Because crossing the bridge,
without fears means that
you are ready to face whatever
the future holds in store.
I'm flying, like you said,
it's so beautiful, it's...
It means that nothing
can hold you down
or keep you
from reaching your goal.
- I already knew.
- My husband.
- Seven years old.
- [Anna] No.
I think, am right, though.
[Anna] I don't think dreams
mean anything at all.
It's just our subconscious
squeezing a bunch
of thoughts together.
Come on guys.
- [giggling]
- They don't mean anything.
I don't know, baby.
It's a thing to speculate on.
Yeah, even if it's our
subconscious squeezing
our thoughts together,
what comes out of it
can give you precious insight.
[Anna] Maybe.
[Joe] Then there is a theory
that we are actually dreaming
when we are awake.
And we are awake
when we are dreaming.
How's theory is that?
- Judge Judy.
- [everyone giggles]
- You're so full of shit.
- I believe dreams are messages
from past lives.
Or moments of our future
that we haven't lived, yet.
You know when you have
a deja vu?
You can even see
them as life premonitions.
I do.
[Anna] You're saying
your psychic, now?
- [Joe] My little witch.
- [Susan giggles]
Our dreams can say
a lot about our desires,
our fears...
[Anna mumbling]
[Anna] Maybe am just saying
I would never live my life
based on what my dreams tell me.
[Anna] Do you have
any reoccurring dreams?
I'm having more of a reoccurring
nightmare, right now.
- It started about a year ago.
- What is it?
- It doesn't mean anything.
- You never know.
[Tom] Come on.
I'm in the middle of a field,
and am running from something.
It's cold and dark
and mud everywhere,
and I find this little hole.
I crawl inside to hide,
and there's people in there.
I look outside
and there's this big,
nasty Borg,
and I know
that's what chasing me.
So, I take a deep breath
and when I exhale steam comes
through the hole
and the Borg sees me
cocked his head
and starts running towards me,
and then I wake up.
[Joe] Scary.
- [Anna] Very scary.
- [Susan] Wow.
You are running
from something that hurts you.
And if it's find you again,
it will hurt you, again.
And that's usually
associated with insecurity.
Anxiety, like if you
are avoiding something painful.
[giggles] I don't know.
It can be a million
different things, you know.
Dreams are like that,
your like, well maybe this...
[Susan giggles]
You never told
me about that dream.
[Anna] It doesn't mean anything.
I guess.
Kill the Borg next time.
Easier said than done.
It's gonna take
you some courage.
There's a light house underneath
the bridge and ever since
we moved in, I've been having
this reoccurring dream about it.
- [Susan] Where is it?
- [Tom] Yes, there's a lighthouse
it's right on the shore,
underneath the bridge.
A national landmark.
[Joe] Does it look like
a small penis?
- [Anna] Oh, Jesus.
- [Joe] I think I have
the meaning of this one.
Why? Are you having that
reoccurring dream?
It's all you, buddy.
- [all laughing]
- No, actually in my dream,
- asshole...
- [Joe] Yeah...
I'm on a boat, right.
And am completely dehydrated.
And I've got this really thick,
really long and pointy
hipster beard,
and I am headed
towards the shore,
and I see this flashing light
from the lighthouse
as the fog starts to disappear.
And then I see all this people
just standing on the dock
but they don't have a face.
My heart starts racing,
I start breathing fast,
I want to go back
but it's too late,
and then I turn around
and I see,
- Anna standing behind me...
- Oh?
What? She, you push me over
and I wake up.
That's so funny.
What's so funny about?
The last time you had this
fucking boat dream,
- it was your mother.
- Yeah.
And then the time before that
it was your brother...
- Well, it's reoccurring.
- Oh, wait.
- Now it's you.
- You liked your boss, right?
Yeah, he was like
a father to me.
Okay, I know this one.
So, all the people that you care
and trust, love are there.
There is the fear
of losing them,
and to being controlled...
But wait, wait.
I think it's just because
of your new job.
You are going to be fine.
We are victims
of our own faults.
Who isn't a victim
of their own faults?
I like the dream, really.
Well, maybe you like it
'cause you feel safe
and this is, sort of,
reoccurring pattern.
You starting to change my mind
about the dream thing.
I like the dream because
I had this beard in it
and I can't grow one
- [giggles]
- in this life 'cause am patchy,
so, I think that's what
dream represents.
- That's true.
- It's not about the loved ones,
- and my job it's about my beard.
- Yeah, right.
I got the opposite problem.
I have to shave at lunch
everyday if I want to keep
a smooth look.
So jealous of you
and your big ass beard.
- [Anna giggles]
- We always want
what we can't have.
I would have liked to have
had a bedroom in here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- First time you told me.
- Well, I didn't think
you'll like the idea.
- Well, we can change it.
- No, make it blue if you switch.
Nah, it's too late.
Yeah, I guess it's too late.
Our doorman said,
that he and his wife
have the happiest marriage
because of one thing.
Lots of sex?
- That's what I said.
- [everyone giggles]
No, it's because they change
the colors of their walls
every six months,
they completely rearrange
the furniture...
He says it keeps their minds
of wanting to kill each other.
- [Susan giggles]
- That's true.
I think it would make
us do the exact opposite.
I think it's charming.
Whatever works, right.
- [Anna] Right.
- [Joe] Cheers to that!
Oh, I need another one.
- Oh, please.
- You guys, drinks?
I have my drink over there.
- [Joe] All of us.
- All right. We're good.
We're feeling connected
from the orange...
- [Joe] Orange...
- [Susan] Of course.
That's what it does
Feeling warm.
[Susan] Brings
all of us together.
- [Joe] It's nice TV, dude.
- Yeah, I know.
I got a great deal on that, too.
Because it was a floor sample.
So I got it at 50% off.
[Susan and Anna chattering]
- Fill her up.
- Yeah, you got it.
[Susan] It just takes
a lot of time.
- I love this chair.
- [Susan] I saw that.
It's amazing.
- [Joe sighs]
- [Susan] I love it, too.
Why don't you
sell it to me, dude?
[Tom] Oh, that's never
gonna happen, Joe.
[Susan] Let's not try
this again, please.
[Anna] I wouldn't mind.
[Tom] Hey, that is the first
piece of furniture
that we both together.
- [Anna] Fine.
- [Susan giggles]
[Tom] Can't believe
you'll sell it.
It's an object.
I have the memory.
Well I would like to have
the object with the memory.
Sorry, Joe, we would
never, ever sell it.
- [Joe grunts]
- You have zero romanticism.
- That's not true.
- It is true.
I'm the one who always cries
during movies.
[Anna] Oh, that's true. He even
cried during The Avengers.
- Homo.
- [Tom] Hey!
I was invested in
the characters, all right?
[everyone laughs]
Who always make sure
we call your parents,
every Christmas, every birthday?
We do that together.
Yeah, well who
sends your grandma
a Christmas card, every year?
- [Anna raises her voice]
- Fine. You're the woman.
That's not what am saying.
[Joe] That sounds like
that's what you say.
Joe, you're not helping.
- [Anna giggles]
- Your insecure like a woman.
That's why you got
those hair implants.
- [Tom] What the fuck, baby?
[Tom laughs] No fucking way!
[Susan] What?
You're the one to talk.
I spray your hair, every morning
with fibers.
[Anna giggles] What is that?
[Susan] It's a powder that I
have to put on the bald spot...
Okay, am not bold, right.
I had an accident,
as a child.
I have scars on the top
of my head.
The follicle is dead.
- [Tom] Yeah, sure.
- [Anna] Whatever.
It doesn't matter.
It's nothing to be ashamed off.
- [Joe] I'm not ashamed.
- It's part of getting old.
Well, am ashamed and that's why
I got a hair transplant.
- And I would appreciate,
- [everyone giggle]
If no one fucking talks about it
or knows about it,
- thank you very much.
- [Susan] Never be able to tell
you have an implant.
Looks natural.
- [Joe laughs]
- I would have shaved it off,
but Anna wouldn't like it.
[Anna] Me?
- No, the other Anna.
- [girls giggle]
You fell in love with me
because I had long hair.
You used to call me Samson.
Baby, that was 15 years ago.
Oh, so you wouldn't care
if I shaved it off?
Might be a nice change...
[Tom] Really?
You're telling me this now?
- It would make your eyes pop.
- [Tom] All right. Let's do it.
Your eyes would pop.
[Joe] Come on.
I dare you to shave your head.
[Tom] Oh, my God. No.
[Joe] Anna.
Anna, you have clippers?
- No, I don't.
- [Joe] No.
All right. You know what,
am gonna go buy some clippers.
[Tom] Oh, you gonna
buy some clippers?
[Joe] Let's do this.
It's gonna be fun.
I dare you to shave your head.
No. Oh, dare me.
That's gonna work.
- [Joe] Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Chicken.
- [Tom imitates chicken sound]
First of all,
am not shaving my head,
second of all,
I don't even look good...
Who give a fuck
if you look good?
I'm daring you
to shave your head.
Stop daring me. What are we?
Back in college?
Yeah, you were chicken
back then, too.
- Who drank his own piss?
- [all] What?
You don't know this story.
I never said I was gonna drink
- my own fucking piss.
- Yes, you did.
- No, I didn't. Didn't say it.
- Okay. He says,
let's drink our own piss,
as a dare.
- No.
- We both pee in this
- shot glasses...
- You can't pee in shot glasses.
- We pee in the shot glass,
- [everyone giggles]
I take a shot first,
on my own...
- Oh, my God.
- And this, asshole...
This is a good story.
Didn't happen but nice, yeah.
- Such a chicken.
- Never said it, never said it.
Okay, I'll shave my head but you
have to shave your balls.
[Anna] What the fuck?
[Joe] I would do that but Susan
likes it all natural.
- Oh, jeez.
- [Joe] True or false?
- Oh, come on.
- [Joe] True or false, Susan?
True, guys.
I like it bushy down there.
[Joe] It's all natural
and 100% organic, baby.
[Tom] You throw those
fibers on the bush?
[everyone laughing]
[Joe] Those are natural hair
building fibers.
You lose, again.
- As always.
- Oh, right.
- 'Cause you always win.
- I do. I always do.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. I do. You know what?
- I'm gonna prove it again.
- [Anna] What's happening?
- It's been too long.
- What are you doing?
[Joe] You know what am doing.
All right ladies,
you are in for the treat.
- [Tom] Okay.
- [Susan] Okay.
- [Joe] Let's do it.
- [Tom] You want to go
- over the top.
- [Joe] I'm going over the top.
- Is this a rooster fight?
- [Joe] It's a cock fight, baby.
- [Tom] Who-ho!
- [Anna] I like it!
- Let's see who is the big cock.
- [Joe] All right.
- You sure you want this?
- No. Susan?
- [Susan] Yeah.
You gonna count?
Did you just spit in your hands?
- I'm not fucking around.
- [Joe] It's disgusting.
- I'm not fucking around.
- [Joe] Go wash your hands.
- It's all or nothing.
- I'm not doing this now.
- It's organic, babe.
[Joe] All right. Gross.
- Count us down.
- Okay.
Three, two, one, go.
- [loud thud]
- [Tom grunts]
- Boo-ya.
- I wasn't set.
Oh, you cunt,
you fucking cheater.
I cheat?
I got two witnesses here.
Here come the excuses.
Oh, I cheated.
My wife doesn't let me eat
enough meat.
[Joe] That's true. My wife
doesn't let me eat enough meat.
I don't let you eat enough meat?
- [Joe] No.
- No. I'm not your mother.
[Joe] Yeah, you kinda are.
You know how I hate
when you say that.
[Joe] You know it's all that
tofu stuff you give me, baby.
[Tom] Don't worry. He could
never be the champ, Suzy.
- [Joe] Yeah.
- A man needs his meat.
[Joe] Enough with the broccoli.
Broccoli has the same
amount of protein as beef.
[Anna] Right. I, uh...
-[Susan] What? Am curious.
No, I know, you believe it.
Yeah, you think your stronger
then me because am vegetarian?
[Anna] I don't think so,
I know so.
I mean, look at Joe.
What about him?
Baby, he didn't loose
because of a diet.
- Of course he did.
- No, it's because am stronger,
but way smarter, way smarter.
[Anna] Oh, do you wanna
arm wrestle?
- [Susan] No. No. What?
- [Joe] Yes, yes.
[Anna] 'Cause you know
your gonna lose?
I'm gonna lose what?
The big award here?
Baby, do with Joe.
- [Anna] Why?
- Come on, do it.
You want me to wrestle a girl?
[Tom] Yeah, maybe you'll have
a chance then.
Hey, I dare you.
[Tom laughing]
[Susan] Guys...
Baby, do not let me down,
all right.
- [Anna] Don't hurt me.
- Here we go.
- [Anna] I'm fragile.
- [Joe] Ready?
[Tom] Come on. You got this.
- She's strong.
- [Tom] Yes, she's strong.
- Go. Come on.
- [Anna yelling]
[Tom] You got it. Oh, yeah.
- [Joe laughing]
- Give the man some steak.
- Come on baby.
[Susan] You can eat whatever
you want. I don't care.
- Just thought you believed it.
- I do believe it.
Believe in what?
- Nah, it's a long story.
- Don't be embarrassed, honey.
Share with your friends.
Yeah, nothing can
be more embarrassing than
- [Tom giggling]
- what just happened.
[Joe laughs sarcastic]
- What?
- Okay. All right.
You wanna know the truth?
If the world keeps eating meat,
the way it does,
in about 30 to 40 years
we're not gonna have much
of the world left to live in.
Who says so?
- Everybody.
- Everybody.
- Scientists...
- [Tom] What scientists?
- Doctors...
- Which doctor? What name?
You know what? The corporations
and the politicians
they don't want
you to know the truth.
- That's right.
- They want to treat
you like puppets.
Like keep you not knowing
what's really going on.
[Anna] I think you
are a little paranoid.
- No, am not.
- This is serious.
You've heard...
They are cutting down
the rain forest
in South America, right.
Right? Animal agriculture
is contributing,
more greenhouse gases then
the transportation industry.
And we can stick our head
in the sand all we want,
but eventually,
it's gonna catch up.
To the non-believers, Anna.
And by then,
it's gonna be too late.
Look, the world
it's gonna be unfixable.
It's not that
we are non-believers,
but the problem
in your argument is [giggles]
Your standing on this
vegetarian soap box,
but you are wearing
leather fucking shoes.
- I never said I was perfect.
- Yeah, come on.
It's part of the process.
He's slowly transitioning.
- Takes time.
- Joe, you can't do this.
Who am I gonna eat hotdogs
with at the Mets games?
You know what they have?
They have tofu dogs.
- That's right.
- [Tom] Those are disgusting.
No, they are so good.
You can't tell the difference.
They are delicious.
You know what,
let's cook a veterinarian meal
at our place,
and you guys
can have a rematch, too.
- [Tom] Fine, you can lose again.
- No, you can cheat again.
- [all giggle]
- That's all right.
Today, I want
you to be the winner.
- I don't want you charity.
- Yeah?
- [Tom] Okay,
let's do it next Sunday.
- Let's do it.
- That's perfect.
You guys are gonna love it.
- Next Sunday?
- Yeah.
All right. Wait, I got to make
sure am not in LA.
- [Tom] Are you chickening out?
- No, no, no.
I wanna be there,
I just have to make sure...
Oh, fuck!
Goddammit. This isn't charging.
[Tom] Oh, sometimes
that plug doesn't work.
Sometimes this plug
doesn't work?
- [Tom] Sometime it does.
- You saw me plug, my fucking,
phone in here, man.
[Tom] Well, just use
the other plug.
- Jesus Christ.
- [Susan] Baby, can you just
turn it off?
Do I have to answer that, Susan?
Am waiting for a call from Ray.
Am I not?
When Ray calls, I pick up.
- End of story.
- [Susan] I know.
Can you turn it
off after Ray calls?
- [Ray's phone ringing]
- [Ray] There he goes.
Excuse me.
Hey, man.
- [Tom] Want another one?
- [Susan] Double.
[Joe] No, no, no, no.
Come on, man, we...
No, I told you people.
If he doesn't sign
by the end of the day on Friday,
he's not traveling tomorrow,
end of story.
[Susan] Is it me or what?
- I don't understand.
- [Joe] No, no. We waited,
the studio waited...
Everybody's waited
for two weeks.
It's fucking bullshit, come on.
- [Joe] Yeah...
- [Susan] I don't know.
I don't like to sleep.
-[Joe] Okay.
That's what
am talking about, baby.
I only close
the restaurant on Sundays.
[Joe] All right.
Hey, hey, am not your side.
[Susan] You do this so you
can stay with your husband.
[Joe] As soon as my assistant
confirms she received the email,
I will call you back.
Or you call me. Okay, all right.
Good, good, good. All right,
talk to you soon. Peace.
Jesus. Fucking idiots.
I love it. Mr. Big shot.
[Anna] You are the walking
clich for what someone
thinks of when they say
Hollywood agent.
I live in New York, okay.
And you know what?
Am a care taker.
- Is this gonna work?
- I think so.
- Yeah? Should I try it? Jesus.
- Sometimes.
But, you know, am a care taker,
But no matter how many times...
Thank fucking God.
No matter how many times,
you lay out all the details,
they try to pull
the same old bullshit, okay.
But they know me by now,
they know am the bad cop,
and they know,
my clients always win.
[Tom] So, who was that?
- I can't tell you.
- [Tom] Come on.
- But he's fucking huge.
- [laughing]
There's no movie without my guy.
Got them by the balls.
Where's my drink?
[Susan] Okay, enough
work talk, now.
It's Tom's day today.
How do you feel?
[Joe] How is he supposed
to feel?
He's working for himself.
- I'm excited.
- [Joe] Yes. Yes.
All right, everybody.
A toast. Come on.
- [Tom] All right.
- [Susan] Oh, yes. Finally.
All right?
Baby, want a margarita
or something?
- No, am okay with water.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Oh, come on.
You can't toast with water.
[Anna] Am not really feeling...
[Joe] Poor some AppleJack.
It's very smooth.
[Anna] Don't make a big fuss.
- [Joe] It's very smooth.
- That's right.
I make the rules and the rules
are everybody...
[yelling] I don't want
a fucking drink.
Fuck off.
If she's not feeling up to it,
that's totally fine.
I get you some lemon, honey.
[no audio]
Fine, it's not a big deal
I'm gonna get another drink.
I'll get some ice.
Can you, please,
turn the oven off?
[Tom confirms mumbling]
I'm gonna use the bathroom, Joe.
[Tom grunts]
[whispers] See that?
It's never my day.
You know what it is today?
It's not my fucking day.
Yeah, but you should relax, too.
What am I supposed to do?
- She always takes the fun away.
- Not always.
Come on, she just doesn't
want to drink.
Yeah, 'cause it's always
Either she's got a headache
or she's got anxiety,
'cause she's working too much.
I mean, it's always something.
Don't project.
Whose side your 're on?
I want you to enjoy
and relax together.
- [Tom grunts]
- It's your day.
Hey! Live in the present.
- Okay.
- The present is the only gift
we have.
Nothing else.
Well, then I have
very shitty gift.
-[Susan giggles]
Is she still taking hormones?
Those mess with you, big time.
Stop that months ago.
I thought you guys trying again.
No, no. Nothing's going on.
Oh, except for that am making
the biggest carrier move
of my life while
at the same time
my relationship with my wife
is falling to shit.
Other than that,
everything is perfect.
Maybe she's just being messing.
For entire year?
[Susan laughing]
- Okay.
- [Tom grunts]
[Susan shushing Tom]
Listen. It's always good
to defuse the situation.
- [Tom confirms]
- Right...
And an apology always does that.
Even when you are right, Tom,
I know it's hard but let it go.
- [Tom sighs]
- Breathe.
- You are saying right.
- Yeah, I know.
- But...
- I'm breathing.
- Very good.
- I'm breathing.
[both inhale and exhale]
[no audio]
[Anna sighs]
- You're in a good mood today.
- Please, leave me alone, Joe.
- Yeah, I leave you alone.
- Really, am not feeling...
So hormonal.
- How do you know?
- 'Cause I know women.
Oh, sure you do.
This is his special day, right.
It's about him today, okay.
He work his ass off
and you should be happy for him.
Am so happy.
Just hate it when
you are sarcastic.
Well like I care what you think.
- What the fuck is going on?
- Nothing's going on.
You are acting like
a goddam teenage girl.
I can act whatever
the fuck I want.
Jesus Christ, would you tell me
what is happening?
I'm not Tom, okay.
- No you're not Tom.
- You can tell me
what's going on.
I'm pregnant.
[Anna exhales deep]
I'm pregnant.
How did happen?
No, I mean I know how did happen
but how did that happen?
I don't know. I guess my body
finally decided it was ready.
[chuckles] Oh, fuck.
Well that's fantastic.
What I've been telling you?
You guys stress out,
it sucks all your money
and gives you anxiety,
and the second
you relax it happened.
It's beautiful.
What did Tommy say?
What do you mean?
I haven't told him yet.
Well, why not?
He is going to be thrilled.
This is reason to celebrate.
Are you fucking crazy?
What did he do this time?
He told me he wants
to buy an original Botero.
- [Susan] Oh, that's a new one.
- [everyone laughs]
What your talking about?
I mention that weeks ago.
Oh, I don't know.
It's hard to keep up with you.
- Honey, your lemon is there.
- [Anna] Thank you.
Thank you, Susan.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, babe.
[Joe] All right.
Let's have that toast.
Everybody got their glass?
- [Susan] Yes.
- Anna has her lemon water.
[Anna laughing]
[everyone giggles]
- To Tom,
- Hey...
and his future successes.
To the most dedicated,
annoyingly cheery,
son of a bitch I know.
I am very proud of you, Tom.
Thank you.
[Susan] This is great.
Can you feel the positive
energy flowing again?
I wanna give
you my blessing, too.
Let's hold hands
and close our eyes.
Let's hold hands
and close our eyes.
- Just do it!
- Really?
- Yes.
- Let's do it, let's do it.
Let's hold hands
and close our eyes.
[everyone giggling]
Imagine yourself, right in front
of the big beautiful mountain.
The sun is warming up your skin,
breath the fresh air in,
[everyone inhales]
And let all the negativity out.
- [everyone exhales]
- [Tom grunting as exhales]
- Very good, Tom.
- [everyone laughs]
What the fuck?
You should see a doctor.
- [Susan shushing them]
- Come on, Joe.
Look on top of the mountain.
Who's there?
Yes, it's you on top of
the mountain enjoying yourself,
and look down.
Now it's time for you
to let it go,
to let all the negative energy,
all the fears, everything out,
you can scream your heart out.
Tom first.
- Me?
- Yes!
I don't know what to say.
Yeah, come on. You do.
I really, I really don't.
Come on, just listen to yourself
connect with your emotions,
don't judge it.
Just go. Come on.
[yells] I'm horny and hungry.
- [everyone laughs]
- [Susan] Your such a kid, Joe.
[knocking on the wall]
[male] Keep it down over there.
Sorry, Mr. Shwartz.
I thought that guy was dead.
- Yeah, so did we.
- [Anna giggling]
Is this dude that makes
the weird noises like he's...
like jerking off while
having a stroke?
Yeah, that's the guy.
[Anna] Yeah, I think
he has Tourette's.
Well, he's got something.
[Tom] We haven't heard from him
for few weeks.
[Anna] Yeah, we though
he was dead and then last night
he started screaming again,
he started screaming;
"Are you there? Are you there?"
- [Joe] So what did you do?
- I felt compelled to reply
- to him.
- [Susan] What did you say?
I just said;
"Yeah, am here, am here."
[Joe and Susan laughing]
- And then he just shut up.
I don't know.
I think he spy's on us.
[Joe] I bet he does.
I bet he has a peep hole
right through those books.
- [Anna's disgusted]
- [Joe laughs]
Well, he's only knocked
one time before so...
good job, Joe.
Susan, told me
to let it all out.
For the record, it was Tom who
was supposed to let it all out.
I thought it was
an open invitation.
Hey! You took the words
right out of my mouth.
[Susan] Uh, whatever you
are about to say, honey, don't.
Yeah, please.
Hey, you guys
have to try this cheese.
An Italian client of mine brings
it down to me every year.
- From Franco, right?
- He's this cute little old man,
who hikes this mountain
in Italian Alps just to get it.
- He's oppressed with Anna.
- [Joe] Who isn't?
[Susan] Is it with cow milk?
- Oh, come on.
- Yeah, it's all natural.
[Susan] Yeah, I know. But cow
milk is not good for you.
You know the only good
cheese are sheep or goat.
Cow milk in general is not good.
[Tom] You're crazy.
This is good for your bones.
No, it actually
increases calcium
level and produces mucous.
[Tom] All right. Give it to me.
- [Anna] Yeah.
- I'm gonna die of my own mucous.
- I have to die of something.
- It's worth it.
- Cheers.
- Cheers to cheese.
[Tom giggles]
We tell Franco to bring some
down from the Alps
next time for me.
I want to send it
to some clients.
[Joe] How's that going, man?
You get the people
to take the leap?
Not exactly but,
I'm working on them,
doping hints, you know,
sending them little samples...
[Susan] Are you going
to be Tom's client?
[Anna] Actually no.
We already discussed it.
We think it's healthier
this way.
Yeah, it's better this way.
Keep things separate but...
you know,
maybe sometime in the future.
I don't think so.
Never, never?
But right now it's better that
I establish myself on my own.
You'll see.
She'll be begging me
for my business soon.
[giggles] Sure.
Maybe you'll finally
let me get involved.
You know I know
my liquors and my wines, right.
That means by the AppleJack
today, delicious
Right? I'm looking to diversify,
I could invest some capital.
I could help you find some rare
and prestigious labels.
Okay, maybe.
But, maybe not.
[all laughing]
I'll have to talk to my partner.
Your partner, right.
Honey, don't start.
He's my partner.
- You did everything.
- Yeah, well he found us
our number one investor
so as far as am concern,
he did he's job already.
- [Joe] Wait, it's Steve, right?
- Yeah.
I met that guy. He seems great.
[Anna] Great at doing nothing.
Honey, will you give
the guy a break.
He's going thorough
a nasty divorce.
Sounds like an excuse to me.
It's not an excuse.
Listen to this.
He walks in on his wife
sleeping with the neighbor.
Now he's got the kids,
he's got to move out.
He's dealing
with a lot of anxiety.
- [Joe] It's fucking brutal.
- Yes. A tough situation.
Actually, I wish I could
do more for him.
- [Anna] Really?
- Yeah.
[Anna] I just don't
understand this.
- You constantly defending him...
- Okay, am not...
I'm not defending him.
He walked in on his wife,
fucking the neighbor,
what else is there to say?
You make it sound so black
and white, Tom. It's not.
The man obviously has his flaws.
She didn't wake up one morning
and started fucking
the neighbor.
[Susan] The truth is always
in between.
- Yeah, in between her legs.
- Yeah, thank you. Exactly.
[mobile phone ringing]
[Joe sighs]
[Joe] He has a "not believe"
who is calling me right now.
- Who is that?
- [Joe] Can't tell you.
- Come on, man.
- [Joe] He's fucking huge.
And he's always
asking me to rep his kids.
No fucking way. You know what?
My number one rule is: no kids!
Baby can you, please,
turn the sound off?
Your like a broken record,
Susan! Are you thick?
I'm waiting for Ray! Right?
What was I talking about?
- [Tom] Some famous actor...
- [Joe] Right...
Look, actors
are like kids, right.
So you can imagine
having to rep a child actor.
No fucking way.
It's the last thing I need.
Some snot knows kid
and his parents
telling me what to do. Fuck off.
I understand why actors
are like kids.
They have to be raw.
Vulnerable, in touch
with their emotions.
That's why kids
are such fantastic actors.
When you see them in movies,
their creativity is so free
and effortless.
I love kids.
They always amaze me.
- I'm sorry.
- [Anna] What? No.
Guys, I didn't mean to...
[Anna] Nooo, don't be silly.
Are you still thinking
of firing your GM?
[Tom] Jack?
What? Your firing Jack?
[Anna] Well, am figuring it out.
I'm trying to see
if he can handle the stress
and the responsibility
but honestly the idea
of interviewing people
is making me anxious.
[Tom] Honey, you just expect
too much from him.
Hire somebody else
to work the door...
[Anna] The door?
The door is important, Tom.
You don't just hire a random
colleague student looking
for a part time job.
Jack is great.
Everyone loves him,
but sometimes he gets
in his head and he just...
he can't think straight.
[Susan] See, Joe,
my idea could work.
You know I think you are genius.
- [Susan] I'm genius.
- [Anna giggling] What is it?
I've been reading
many articles and interviews
about how high levels of anxiety
decrease productivity
but in 30 minutes
you can, actually,
rebalanced yourself.
And turn the negative
energy into positive.
So, I created
this little package,
where I offer my services
and teach you how to do that.
I have to say she's always
preparing my package
with her services
and it definitely
makes me more productive.
Can you quite with
all the pro magnum
male bullshit and be serious?
- I am serious.
- Well, I don't like it.
[Anna] Me neither.
I just said something good
about you, good and true.
It's annoying and degrading.
[Anna] You know what? Fuck it.
I will have that drink.
And I will have you to come
and fung shai the restaurant.
[Tom] Hey, that's my girl.
[Anna] It's so draining.
See, am telling you.
- You just need a break.
- [Anna] It's my life.
And I love it.
I just wish I didn't have
to be on the floor all the time.
Double checking thing.
You can talk to Jack,
and I can focus on other things.
Is something burning?
- Huh?
- Did you turn the oven off?
Oh, shit.
Jesus, can't you do one
fucking thing right?
- Let me help you.
- [Anna] Look at this.
You wanna burn down
the fucking house?
Now, our food is gone.
[Tom] I like it crispy.
You sure?
- Hey. You wanna get high?
- Fuck yeah.
We can order some pizza's.
[Joe] I thought we didn't want
to eat cheese.
[Susan] Don't worry
about it for today.
[Joe] All right
and I want mushroom.
[Susan] Everybody is fine
with mushroom. Anna?
[Anna] Yeah.
I don't fucking care.
[Tom] I don't like mushroom
but I'll get it for you guys.
Let's call the new place
and get a grandma.
- [Anna] You call them.
- I'll call.
[Anna sighs]
[Anna] Fuck!
He can't do anything right.
I swear to God he makes
me wanna fucking scream.
If everything was perfect
we would all be robots.
From pain comes pleasure,
vice versa.
[Anna] Well, yeah, it seems
like mostly pain to me.
Wish he could just act like
a fucking grown up for once.
Man, they show us what we wanna
see first to impress us.
Then we fall in love,
they slowly start changing,
they back to being
two year olds.
Then we shouldn't get married.
I don't think marriage
makes the difference.
Just women are more mature.
- I need a real fucking man.
- Oh, you have one.
Hey, you may be going through
a rough time but he's under
a lot of pressure, too.
It's a big decision you made.
It's a grown up decision.
And Tom adores you.
Love isn't the fucking
point here.
And I don't think it was such
a grown up decision.
He left a good job,
he was making good money.
And he left it to chase
a silly fucking dream.
Tom's a dreamer,
that's part of who he is.
Tom needs a reality check.
Oh, you know what they say?
When you are pointing the finger
at someone there are three
fingers pointing back at you.
- I never heard that.
- I know but am the same.
We are both really
good at pointing the finger.
I think the woman
in general are.
But it's just because
we are smarter. Right?
That's a good point.
Okay, let's do this.
Let's try to focus
on the positive side.
Those two
aren't always idiots, right.
Just most of the time
but not always.
I do love, Joe.
He's funny and...
strong and smart,
but he's also so quick to react
and always inappropriate,
I don't know.
I'm not easy either.
[Joe and Tom laughing]
- Our two Benjamin Buttons.
- Yeah.
Nobody's perfect.
- Not them, not us.
- I know.
I just feel like
I have nobody I can talk to.
- [Anna sighs]
- Well, am here.
[Anna] I don't even know
where to begin.
Still like every fucking
thing that I do is wrong.
I'm spiraling down,
I can't make it stop,
I feel like I've reach...
- ...rock bottom.
- Great.
You should celebrate that.
'Cause from the bottom there
is just one way to go. It's up.
I'm lying to myself
and to my husband.
Oh, you know, we all have
It's natural.
There's this client of mine,
she's been married for 62 years.
She told me; "Suzy,
you have to have secrets
to keep your relationship spicy.
- [both laughing]
- She's so funny.
- I don't know about that.
Things are pretty messy.
My body... I even feel like
a cranky old lady.
- I can test your chakras.
- What?
Yes. Do you want?
- Sure.
- Your gonna feel much better.
You'll see. Okay.
- Lefty?
- Lefty.
Okay. On the seventh,
this is the seventh chakra.
All your strength in here,
am gonna try to open it.
- Okay. Are you ready?
- Okay. Yeah.
Very good.
The sixth one.
- If the see us.
- [both laughing]
Very good. Now the fifth one.
You gonna feel much better.
- You'll see.
- Oh, that's impossible.
Don't say that.
It doesn't exist.
Break the word down.
I am possible.
- I like that.
- I know.
- Repeat after me. I am possible.
- I am possible.
Okay, the fifth one is weak.
But am not surprised.
It's because you're not
saying something.
- Do you have a sore throat?
- Actually, I do.
It's even hard to swallow.
Do you think that's what it is?
Oh, yes.
So the sore throat is because
you are not communicating,
and the swallowing is because
you can't let it go.
You can't accept it.
Don't be afraid, Anna.
Tom is a very sensitive man.
He's always gonna be there
ready to support you,
and be on your side.
Maybe that's what am afraid of.
[Susan sighs]
Let's go ahead.
Let's check your heart.
It's the fourth one
You're ready?
Don't check the heart, that's...
Well you never know.
- There are always surprises.
- It might not be beating.
[both laugh]
[Susan] All your strength
here, okay...
[Joe and Tom laughing]
Oh, man.
She's gonna give me such a
a hard time, man.
You got to give
her your hard time.
- I'm serious.
- So, am I, man.
You guys need to have a baby.
I mean...
Don't give up hope.
A baby could fix everything.
You know, that's the worst
possible thing to say to someone
who's miserably failed
in trying to have kids, right.
I'm just saying, keep on,
keep it on.
What is that?
What does that mean?
Sounds like fucking
bumper sticker.
Did you try
that trick I told you?
- Yeah, we tried everything.
- It works.
It worked for my brother.
You cum and then you got
to scooch her ass up in the air
and you got to...
...grab her by the ankles,
hold her upside down,
make sure she doesn't get
too light headed.
Actually, haven't tried
that one.
[both laughing]
Seriously, though,
you got to fuck on.
Are you fucking a lot?
Because every chance you get,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, even
when you don't feel like it.
Sometimes, Susan and me...
- Yeah...
- ...get into a fight,
we have great, aggressive,
rough sex,
forget what we were
fighting about.
Well, Anna is definitely
not Susan.
I know but am just saying
but you should try it.
It worked for us.
[Joe exhales]
We haven't been exactly
very active lately.
It's not good Tommy.
No, it's not good.
We used to have sex
all the time. Everywhere.
And now it's like...
...once a month.
And she doesn't even
seem that into it.
I love her but she is...
Not making it easy, man.
[window closed]
You are a patient man.
I would have lost
my shit by now.
[Joe] Well, maybe
she's having an affair.
No way.
Anna's not that
type of girl, man.
We love each other.
You can't brake that bond.
- [Joe] I know, I know.
- We are trying to have kids.
[Joe] Maybe it's becoming
a bit too much, you know.
No, no, no, no. No, it's not.
[Joe] I know. But what if she
did break that bond?
- She wouldn't.
- No, no, neither would Susan.
But am just saying, you know.
I think about it.
I mean what if,
What if,
you caught her with the next
door neighbor, you know,
like with what happened
with your buddy Steve.
- With Mr. Shwarz?
- Yeah.
- [both laughing]
- Have you seen this guy?
- No.
- She'll be shit out of luck.
Might be her fantasy, dude.
That's pretty funny, actually.
No, but seriously man.
- What?
- What would we do? What if?
You really want
to play this game?
- Yeah, yeah. You first.
- Really?
If I caught Anna sleeping
with another man,
- what would I do?
- What would you do?
Well, shit. This would depend
on few things.
Such as...
Such as, whose the guy.
Where they doing it?
How are they doing it?
- What is she wearing?
- [Joe] What is she wearing?
Well, am not finished.
How long have they
been doing it for?
Look, look.
If she was sleeping
with a good looking guy,
with a hard body,
I'll be less likely to kill,
maybe even understanding of it.
- What? Why?
- Yeah, because it shows,
that she still has good taste.
And that she can attract
a handsome young gentlemen.
I would be way more pissed off
if she was fucking
some ugly bad ass.
[Joe] That makes,
absolutely, no sense.
Makes perfect sense.
Next, where they doing it?
This is not as important,
as who is she's doing it with,
obviously but still,
it's major.
I would factor this in.
Because, if they were
sleeping in a place
where we did it all the time,
that would drive me deep shit.
But if they were just,
if they did it in a place
where we only
done it a couple of times,
that would ease the pain.
- [Joe] Yeah.
- You know.
[Joe] What about if...
What about if they're doing it
in a fucking kinky position?
- Like you guys never doing it?
- Yeah, the how,
that would, also, piss me off
but it's not as much as were
they doing it.
If I caught some son of a bitch,
sleeping with my Anna,
in our special place,
am telling you,
I would scalp that mother fucker
with the quickness.
- [both laughing]
- Serious business.
What's a special place?
I can't tell you that.
- Oh, come on, man.
- No, some things are personal.
Come on.
- It's at the restaurant
- [both giggling]
I come in and I would pretend
am the last customer
you know,
do a little role playing.
- Yeah.
- And we would just
start fucking.
And am talking about everywhere.
I'm talking about,
in a walk in freezer.
I'm talking about
on top of the register,
on tables,
on the counters,
If the health inspector
ever found out about it,
- she'll be shut down for sure.
- I am never eating there again.
- What about you, man?
- What about the outfit thing?
- Oh, the outfit.
- Yeah.
Okay, I love lingerie.
- You love lingerie, right.
- Neh...
- What?
- Neh...
Everybody loves lingerie.
You're weird if you don't.
I got to, fucking,
beg her to wear it.
She's all the time;
[imitates Anna's voice] "What,
you don't find me attractive
without all that
trashy stuff on?
Fucking absurd, right.
So, if I found out
that she's banging
some handsome young gentlemen
in the walk in fridge,
while she's wearing
a lingerie...
[both chuckles]
Go get fire engine ready
in point zero seconds.
Fuck. Yeah, I hear you.
I hear you. But, but...
You got to consider
the flip side, right.
I mean, you...
...would be free
to fuck other women.
This is true.
you know, the dating scene
has changed a lot with the apps,
and websites. That seems like
a lot of drama.
Truth is, I love her, man.
So, what about you?
She's married to me.
I'll be cool with it.
[both laugh]
[Susan] What would
you be cool with?
Jesus, ears like a hawk.
- Spying on us.
- I'm not spying Mr. Paranoid.
Oh, my God, that's so good.
Yeah, Joe, tell her what you'll
be cool with. Just tell her.
No need.
What were you guys
talking about?
[Joe] What were you guys
talking about?
Like am gonna answer.
'Cause I'm sure your
conversation is much more
- interesting the ours.
- We were talking about
how immature you two are and how
sometimes I just wanna scream
- and run away.
- Oooo...
Ouch, yeah, okay.
Our conversation was more
interesting than that.
Yeah. You wanna know
what we were talking about?
What would we do if we found out
that our spouses
were cheating on us.
Yeah, what would you do, Suzy Q?
If you were cheating on me?
Oh, no.
That's stupid.
Really? You never
thought about it? Come on.
If you trying to be funny,
it's not working.
I'm not...
Who's trying to be funny?
I'm not trying to be funny.
You asked us what
we talked about,
I tell you what we talked about.
What you are talking about?
Joe is this your stupid idea?
You always telling me to share
and be more communicative,
- and there you go.
- I have no problem sharing
or being communicative.
Well, I do.
Well, you shouldn't.
This is a safe environment.
You want drink?
- I don't think it's a good idea.
- [Joe] It's a very good idea.
Why don't you guys wait
to eat some food first?
Why? So we can be communicative?
This is been nice but I think
am gonna go and lay down now.
[Joe] Everybody gather around
the table, we gonna hold hands
- and meditate.
- You got smoked.
You freaking high?
[Tom] Let's play the game.
I like games.
[Joe] What would you do
if you caught your spouse
with someone else?
- Let me go, let me go.
- [Joe] Tommy's first.
I've already thought about this.
[chuckles] If I found out...
If I found out that you, Anna,
were sleeping with another man,
this would depend
on some things, now.
Like what?
Okay. Who is this fucker?
Where you fucking him?
This was horrible idea.
Why did you bring this up?
No. Now I wanna hear.
Oh, now you do?
- Now, I do.
- Well, I don't.
And I am not a fucking robot.
All right? Do this, do that,
don't do that, don't do this...
You do whatever
the fuck you want, anyway.
Oh, guys, come on.
- [Joe] This is getting good.
- This is getting really good.
I can even swallow now.
[Joe] That's what she said.
Joe, shut the fuck up.
Hey, everybody calm down.
I am calm. And I am seeing
very clearly now.
[Tom] Oh, yeah?
- 'Cause you know it all?
- No!
I just happen
to know a lot of shit
and you don't.
[Joe] Tom, are you gonna
say something?
Yeah. I'm going to.
Well, am sorry...
I'm sorry...
...sorry am not born into
a reach family like you.
- [Joe and Tom laughing]
- [Joe] Self made man.
That's right. I'm a self made
man, motherfucker.
Yeah, and we are all here
celebrating your future failure,
because that's exactly
what it is.
Get a reality check.
- Let's take a deep breath.
- No, no, Susan. This is good.
Her real colors
have finally come out.
- Keep it coming, baby.
- More AppleJack for everybody.
You need to stop
fucking drinking.
No, he's my friend. He knows me.
He's your friend?
I'm just saying what everybody
here is fucking thinking, Tom.
But you all are too afraid
to tell him because he's so nice
and you don't want
to hurt his feelings!
Well am sick and tired being
married to a man with no balls.
Would you listen to the poison
coming out of this one's mouth?
- I can have another one.
- Your poisonous.
- Have another one.
- No wonder you can't bear
a goddam child.
Fuck you.
Hey, fuck me.
For the record, somebody really
likes this man with no balls.
She respects me,
she doesn't give a shit how
much fucking money I make.
And she wears lingerie,
and she lets me
fuck her in the ass.
[Joe] Boom!
What did you say?
I said I cheated on you.
- [Joe chuckles] Oh, fuck.
- [Susan] We should leave.
No, Susan, stay.
I was just getting
to the past part here.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
- I wanna go home.
- It's okay.
I'm sorry, Joe.
Man, good for you.
Why are you apologizing to Joe?
Because I got something to say.
Scusi, Suzy.
No. Everybody needs
to hear this.
I'm at the top of the mountain,
I'm gonna let it all out.
- [Joe] What the fuck
are you talking about?
Susan and I,
had an affair.
Oh, shit.
You, you and who?
Susan and I...
...we had an affair.
- [Tom grunts]
- [Joe] Fuck!
- [Susan] Joe!
- Goddammit!
[Tom] God, you just said
you'll be cool with it.
We were "what ifing"
and I was fucking lying.
Jesus Christ!
How could you do that?
You are like a brother to me.
I can't fucking believe that.
- Un-fucking-real.
- That's fucking disgusting.
Your fucking disgusting.
Well, you can't walk
away from it.
Can not fucking believe you.
- Believe it.
- You can't blame just him.
Are you defending him?
You two had an affair.
No, it only happened twice.
- No, it was three times.
- Tom!
Shut the fuck up! How many times
did you screw him?
- It was something that...
- [yelling] How many times,
- goddammit?
- Three times!
- Jesus Christ!
- We were both looking
for someone that
could listen to us!
We couldn't find it with you,
Your both working
all the fucking time.
It's tough.
[Joe] So, you decided
to take it in the ass?
It just happened
at the right time.
Shut the fuck up!
- [Anna] This is a nightmare.
- Well, it happened.
It would have been worse
if we wouldn't have done it.
Are you listening
to yourself, Susan?
- Please, try to focus...
- I can't focus.
- He fucked you in the ass.
- Joe!
Focus! Okay!
It's cool! We were...
There were sexual tension,
now we are friends.
- It's better this way.
- [Anna] I am gonna throw up.
Now we have each other
understandings how much
- we love you, guys.
- Shut the fuck up!
- You fucked my wife in the ass?
- Stop saying that, please.
She doesn't even
let me fuck her in the ass.
Take it as a compliment?
How could?
How could either of you...
Anna, I know it's hard.
Try to breath for once...
- Don't fucking tell me...
- If you come in with your goddam
and try your new age bullshit,
Susan, am going to explode.
Recognize that your ego
is talking right now.
Your ego is hurt.
[Tom] Maybe you should
listen to her.
[yelling] I see, your dick
going in her ass.
That's all I can see.
We can decide to come out
of this and we learn something.
Our marriage can grow.
[Tom] She's right.
Our marriage can grow, baby.
How the fuck? How the fuck
can our marriage grow?
I love you, Joe.
- [Anna] Please...
- How can you say that to me?
It's true!
You need to let yourself
be vulnerable with me.
We can climb
this mountain together.
All this pain,
that now seems unbearable,
is gonna be a gift.
[Tom] A gift from God!
[Anna] I wouldn't bring up God.
[Tom] I don't know
why I said that.
Please, listen to me.
We can take the challenge,
and make something more
beautiful out of all this.
Oh, my God.
You are fucking delusional.
- No, my love.
- Yes. Don't call me your love.
No, don't be afraid.
Don't judge yourself.
[Anna] I am gonna throw up.
Please, just stay with me.
Just listen...
- Get the fuck away from me.
- [Tom] Don't push her, please.
You both betrayed us
and you act like it's nothing.
[no audio]
[Tom] I'm so glad you're not
freaking out about this.
I think you should let it out.
It feels good...
[Anna sobs]
[yells] I'm pregnant!
[Anna sobbing]
You? You what?
[banging on the wall]
She's pregnant! She's pregnant!
Shut the fuck up, Schwartz!
Let's all clam down a second.
[Anna sobbing]
Oh, my God! This is amazing!
When did you found out?
In hour or so ago.
Why didn't you tell me, baby?
I was confused.
Joe open the window.
- It's time that we left.
- No, it's time we talk.
- Suzy get your coat.
- [Susan] Let Anna talk.
- I'm leaving.
- Joe, you're not going anywhere.
Who gives a shit?
He is the father.
[Tom] Whose father?
Of the baby.
- [Tom] Of my baby?
- It's not yours.
How is that possible?
[yelling] Sex!
Tom, sex!
We've been doing it everywhere
for the past ten months.
- Is she having your baby?
- [Joe] No!
How can you say that?
- I was feeling guilty...
- Yeah, you should feel guilty...
[Susan] You didn't even
use protection! I'm shocked!
[Tom] This is not real!
- [Tom] This is not happening!
- [Susan] I was so stupid!
[Joe] I didn't intend
to go this far.
[Susan] I believed
everything you say.
[Susan] I'm so stupid.
[yelling] You two laying
pieces of shit!
Kettle black! Kettle black!
- 10 months!
- [Susan] Oh, gosh!
[yelling] We only hand out
every fucking week.
I bet you were laughing at us.
- [Anna] Susan, please.
- Please, what?
Where did you had sex?
- What difference does it make?
- You don't get to decide.
Makes a huge fucking difference.
We were fucking everywhere.
- [Susan] It doesn't matter.
- [Tom yells] It matters to me.
Where did you had sex?
It doesn't matter, Tom.
sometime things
happen in life, right?
[Joe's phone ringing]
Hey! Hey! Come on!
I need to take that call.
[phone still ringing]
- Susan, come on.
- Come on, nothing!
You have nothing to say to me?
You are a coward.
Just like your buddy, Tom.
You are wrong, Anna.
- She's right.
- No, she's not.
Then, who are you,
Mr. Hollywood?
You are fucking back stabber!
[yelling] We are all fucking
back stabbers!
But am the one that's pregnant.
A fucking...
[Anna panting]
...a fucking baby.
A fucking baby!
What do you want to do?
- I don't know.
- I thought I wanted to have
- a child.
- That's what I always wanted.
[Tom] What are you
talking about?
[Anna yelling] No, I don't
fucking love him.
Anna, stop! Breathe!
Don't say things
you can't take back!
- [Anna] I'm leaving.
- I'm leaving.
I'm the one who doesn't have
a place here. Don't touch me!
I thought since I did it once,
I can just keep doing it.
One time or hundred times.
What's the difference?
I didn't...
I didn't tell you the truth
because I was terrified
that if I did,
I was gonna lose you.
You think sex
is the problem for me?
Lies are!
You not telling me the truth.
[Anna] Now, you know the truth.
Not all of it.
There's more?
I can't...
[no audio]
I can't give you a baby.
I can't have children.
You shoot blanks?
I can't give you a baby.
[Tom chuckles]
[Joe] And I am not...
- Mr. Hollywood shoots blanks.
- Shut the fuck up!
[Joe] I am not the father,
of your baby, Anna.
[Anna] How the fuck...
How long have you known for?
10 years ago,
I couldn't conceive
with my ex wife,
it ruined our first
marriage and...
I didn't want that
to happen to us. So, I lied.
[crying] You should
have just told me.
That is fucking bullshit.
Come on, really.
You're just...
You're just trying
to turn this around.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I would probably try
to do that but am not.
I'm telling the truth
and I have proof.
Believe it or not.
So, am the father?
[Tom sighs]
Please, tell me he's the only
ass who you been fucking.
I am not gonna answer that.
You couldn't get pregnant.
So you just decide
to sleep around?
Are you calling me a whore?
- I didn't say that.
- No, because you don't
have the courage
to fucking say that.
Oh, like you with the board?
Oh, stop. There you go,
twisting things again.
Am not twisting,
just stating the fact.
[yelling] Your stating dreams.
- Is there any difference?
- I should have just fucking
push you overboard.
I should choke you
and watch you drown.
[Anna sobbing]
Look at me.
[chuckles] I fucking hate it.
I fucking hate it.
I lied, Anna.
You were never in my dreams.
- [Susan] Oh, Tom, don't...
- Susan, shut the fuck up!
No wonder he stopped
fucking you.
You speak and nothing
but fucking bullshit comes out
of your mouth.
Your nothing but a hippie freak
begging for fucking love.
- [Susan sighs]
- [Tom] Hey, Susan.
That's what she wanted.
[Anna and Susan sobbing]
Don't cry, Anna.
We should be happy.
We are finally cleansed.
Back to zero
with an opportunity.
It's up to us.
We can decide to keep sleeping
or we wake up.
What do you wanna do?
[no audio]
[door bell rings]
[outside car noise]
[outside police sirens]
[Susan crying]
[sirens and traffic sounds]
[guitar music]
Don't run away tonight
Don't be afraid tonight
Don't run away tonight
Don't be afraid tonight
'Cos we did
Have a deal
You and me
Yes we did have a deal
You and me
Don't run away tonight
Without me
Don't run away tonight
Don't be afraid tonight