Fourth Quarter (2018) Movie Script

Come with me, that's it.
Johns, where you going?
Karma lets go
I don't know why I can't just stay here,
and live with mom
Come on Karma, walk with me.
Listen you're gonna love your new school
and I promise you can visit mom every weekend
but right now honey I have
to do what's best for us
Guys, how are your feel?
- Good
- Good, we are okay.
Fine, now look, that was awesome. OK?
What you really did up there, made me happier today.
I wanna see us a little more on difference. OK?
I wanna see more of hands up.
you should keep your eye on the person in front you
of nobodies look for your open man. OK?
- Yeah
- yeah
that was a great practice
everybody get to the showers
One, two, three,
- its time.
I'm tired of shit bro
Nigga, I'm tired
You can ask my shot
from down the wing bro
You can't shoot me
how many are they?
I know but you can't shoot
I don't
what you're doing later on
you wanted to talk to me
About what?
I don't know bro,
but I hope you should tell me.
Sorry Kushan, give me their offer
no I told you stop stressing it
you're gonna be alright
let it go, on come on.
you will have a good year
they gonna be in a stance,
stop stressing it man
I'll be back down there
a'll be up there in a minute
stop playing so much man
knock! knock!
yeah, come on in
hey, yeah, have a seat
hey nobody season opener starts in a few days
yeah no coach, I can't wait man
Jay I want to thank you
for what?
I want to thank you for being a good kid in
I'm just a basketball
but ease schoolwork as well.
we proud of you son
thanks I appreciate it
hey look, I know it can be rough
how's the family?
has grandmother doing ?
she good man,
she came
home last night for my Hospital
So, she is back to walking
I know I'm being grown, cooking up in that kitchen
Oh, yeah
Hey look, tell my ass the batter would you
oh well close
now back to this here,
listen I want you stay focused
I want you to keep you here in the game all right?
you've had a lot of big colleges looking at you son
I want you to be
I want you to go far in this thing
you hear me?
I got you coach, that's it?
that's it
I got a trouble sign man
you scared me.
Barna doesn't practice
hey Jay
what's up
make sure we bring home that trophy this year
come on coach, don't worry about that,
will bring it home
that's what I want to hear
all right
shut that door on your way out. all right?
all right.
Thank you
Oh, here we are you new school,
what do you think?
honey listen, I know you're upset
that you had to switch schools
but it's for your own good
and you're gonna make a whole bunch
of new friends here, I promise
cheer up honey
all right thank you
Karma, right?
I'm principal Williams
first day jitters?
can I help you with anything?
I need
to go to Mr. Allan
Oh Mr. Allan's class
he's right up the
horror 147
you know what, follow me
excuse me one second
Charmy, please don't forget to follow up on
that 201 classroom situation
- Okay, I got it
- I'll be on my way
We had to go this way, just around the corner
all right guys, lets break it up make a class
bell rang like few minutes ago, lets go
okay everyone, come in
gather everything to settle down
come on in,
gather your things and settle down
if you have any trouble at all
don't hesitate to come by
my office alright?
Thank you
have a good day. Bye!
hey Jay, can I talk to you for a second?
did you see the
new girl I was just talking to?
I just need you to look out for her
mom, what's wrong with her?
nothing, being as though you're the leader of this school
and everyone looks up to you
I just think she needs a friend
to help her get adjusted,
all right I knew I could count on you
how we looking, are you ready for this season
yeah, tomorrow we're balling
all right, get in that class, get that education
I'm Jay
you new here right?
I see you on a math class
oh yeah, I didn't notice
as far because as you
sit behind me
where you from?
Hey, whats up Jane?
Hi, jay how are you?
Am good, how are you?
Hey jay, whats up?
I'm good, what a you doing here?
what a you doing down here Nigga?
Oh, man!
I know what I meant to ask you
Whats up?
Who is that white, you used to talk to earlier?
That's a new girl, she is in my math class
what's that bitch name?
Karma, Karma some shit like that
Where is the bitch from?
I don't know
She tried to play me fuck when I asked her
Nigga, did you get any information?
she did play the master
she saw what I shake comming
from miles away man
you ain't slick
just trying to put another one under your
belt man
my numbers is everything you talk about though
knock them down
you know how I go Jay
and don't act like you give a fuck
talk about these holes
that's what you think
Pretty fucking much man
but I'm going to
show you don't know me bro
I know you enough to know you
and your fucking
feelings right now man
Why are you acting so sensitive man?
Nigga, ain't nobody acting sensitive
think about it like this Jay,
you bought BNA MBA,
fucking bitch-ass, white bitches
rich ass white
parties my nigaa
and what that got to do anything
you must forget I got a girl
Erica, everybody girl
fuck you,
never mind that door man
I got my own thing going on
yeah, what's that?
don't worry about me man, just know
I got my own thing going on
I here you
Hey yo, you gonna share miss clawdy?
I heard them fine-ass Westside chili just won't be there
and do you export Samantha?
I don't know man,
because today there's
gonna be some shit
ain't got time for that I just won't focus
worried about the state championship,that's it
you do just that,
me, I'm gonna have the time I'm on my fucking life my Nigga
in being here every, I don't understand book
I don't read books man,
I read dollar bills
let me tell you
something man
Here he go
the difference between me and you
I could do what you could do
but you can't do, what I could do
see that basketball, I should think
but them strees
their money that get pussy thing
that's my shit
all right man, get out this paper man
I'll bail you out Nigga.
This guy
Hey horny, how is your first day?
Here we come,
can't be mad at me forever
dad please, lets just go home.
dad, please
Mom I fucking hate it here
I don't want to stay
so what if dad wants to be here?
so what!
I can't believe you too
No, this is my last year
and you let him take me away
from all my friends
I can't mom, I can't take you again
no goodbye
Bye mom, bye!
Hey, hold on
hold on
what do you want?
whoa! calm down all right?
I'm just trying to see if you're okay
I seen you walking in the dark by yourself
I just want to give a ride, you okay?
I'm fine
don't say you're fine,
I don't think you want to be walking here at night
you're right
I'm not fine
I don't wanna be here
you don't you don't wanna be here
like suicide or...
just leave me alone,
look, I don't know what kind of day you had
not the area you wanted to be walking around at night okay?
So, if you need a ride or help,
I'll be right there in my Car waiting, okay?
are you coming along or not?
I said so,
alright, if you said so
let me go get my shit, alright?
- Whoa!
Lets go!
Lets go!
That shit fucking boy
come on bro, now get the fuck out of here man
Oh, my God!
what was that about?
there was two guys fighting
if you want to survive around here
you hear nothing, you see nothing
by the way, why a you ever suck, I get you home?
you know what, just let me out right here
I'm sorry all right?
Shut the door
No, no, I just want get you home all right?
Thats it.
I actually feel bad if something happened to you
So where is it you live at?
West side
I live on the West side
All right
See you tomorrow?
You could have said, thank you
- Thank you
Whats up baby?
- Hi,
Whats up Jay?
you so funny
Oh, my God
You know I called you last night
I know I saw, but I was so sleepy
That's why you gone to sleep without talking to me
I'm sorry
I wanna only hear that again
I was helping the girls with routine
Hey Karma
Yeah, you, come here
I wanna introduce you to
my girlfriend Erica and her friends
That's Ms. Karma
- Hi,
Hey Kammy?
Its actually Karma
With "K"
Oh, karma with "K"
She's from Long Hannah
Long Hannah what part?
Not sure
- Not sure
In the world of what people stay?
What brings you on Jersey?
I don't know
Hey, thanks a lot for last night Jay
Oh, no problem
anytime, alright?
If you need anything, I'm here, alright?
So, what was that?
Whats she mean?
Thanks for last night
- that's my "Q," Erica call me
I'm star
I Just get to go to ride, so
Also you're fucking with white girls now?
What are you talking about?
I'm just trying to help her out
Like everybody else?
Britney, Tiffany, Tina
Should I keep going?
Because I'm not trying to get played again Jay
If you would have answered your phone
You would have known
I'll see you later before we started
Jay wait
Stop it
Stop it
You're hurting me
Get out over me, stop it.
You followed me?
No I'm not following you
I've seen you ran out of the classroom
I wanted to come and check on you
Making sure, you alright
I'm fine, just my allergies
Okay, good luck,
If you mean doing that tonight
tonight is our first open game
and the whole school gonna be here
You should come out
I don't know
Come on, cheer up
I can use this little crazy place we call school
So, am I see you tonight?
I'll think about it
The first game in the season
we gonna play it like---
Everything in this season counts, alright?
- Yeah
Win! win! win!
That's it, alright?
Its our first game, we got
to crash like all that alright?
- Alright!
Hi, Jay
Whats up Karma?
Hey, you know my boy
Bro, I'm gonna get out of here
See you at the practice
So, whats up Karma?
Yeah, you can say that
I'm gonna head to practice, I will see you later
Hey Jay
Whats up?
The game was great
Youre really good
Alright Karma, see you later alright?
- Bye!
Hi dad
Hi, honey, bye
you seem like you're in a good mood
How was the day today?
It was alright
I'll be upstairs doing my homework
Okay, I'll be down here believe me
Thanks Dad
Alright sweetheart
Man, fuck that
my best card will have right nice dick
maybe if you have some to ride
you go away and be so stiff
Fuck you bitch, you wanted to talk
you did ask that shit last light
Fuck you, you wasn't sayng that shit
when you zip my Pussy
- Whoa!
Alright, alright, alright
watch your mouth!
We can't have mature conversation
without all you get nerd here?
Now Karma, what do you think about love?
I don't believe in love
I think, love will get you killed
I told you that bitch was crazy
Leave the girl alone man
Alright, alright, alright
Let her explain
What did you mean by that Karma?
Sometimes when person can love higher than the other
Sometimes one will do more for the other
it hurts
It hurts for your emotions you enjoy with
You may want to hurt them differently
like killing them
Alright first,
you all have a paper June mid next week
I don't want any excuses
Have a good day!
D Jay
Whats up?
Jay, just checking up on your class today
That was really nice
Look, if you really do wants tonight
so friends gonna have times together
you should come through
They'll be fine
Okay, I'm gonna let you, do what you all do
I'll see you there
You going in a cafeteria?
Bad language
I'm sorry
I didn't mean to be rude
She is always like that
So, whats up?
Yes, so far
Good game last night
You know, I'm trying to make sure,
is going to the championship
So, all stop.
what up boy?
what are you feeding crazy bitch
Fuck you, you so scared? huh?
You scared?
Hey Karma, see you later
I need you stop fuck up with that girl
Yo, man
I don't fucking care
What up player?
Weve been just talking about you
You know you fucking up, right?
Alright, what I do?
Erica girl...
Is not what you did, is what you're not doing
you better not hurt her
here you go again Sarah,
live worry about that one nigga
Yo, my Nigga chill, what the fuck yo?
I'm just saying
Besides, is my babe
let nobody talk about her
Yeah, I heard you got a new boo
- Hmm
Yo, yo, yo!
I need you to stop coming at my boy
Personal, all over,
we love pretty about James
Since when?
you big, doop, gup bob
big for nothing ass here
I got money, and that's all you fuck need in life
Yeah, we're done
Where is she anyway?
Over there, minding her business
She mad at me
I want you to go over there,
and find out for yourself
But don't you say to my girl?
Oh, didn't say anything
but is there something I should be saying?
Thats investigators
Especially you
Is that now your new boyfriend?
Oh, one who just run, and disappeared when I came?
Just a friend Jay
I'm not you
I don't give everybody my attention
What that supposed to mean?
You know exactly what it mean, okay done.
I'm not playing it up
So, I'm gonna see you at the practice?
I don't know
Its your white girl gonna be there?
Not even if I wanted to
I'm just playing man
Ha, ha, ha
Dont get fucked up Jay
I mean, I realize like your body spills from Cardassians
something like that
I'll see you at the practice
Can I get a kiss?
put it
Come on, lets go!
Come on, lets go!
Everybody to the line
You knock this down, we're done
If not,
you'll still be here practicing
Hey Jay
How was practice?
It was good
Youre alright?
I just wanted to knowing
if you're not busy at all
Would you want to grab a bite to eat?
Oh, man, I'd love to but
got home
Erica is outside waiting for me
maybe next time
Yeah, definitely
See you later
Hey dad
Hey honey, how was school today?
It was good, really long
Yeah, well soon enough
it's gonna be over and you'll be off to college
Hey Dad
Have you ever--
Dont mind
No, no, what...
you goes those damn headphones again
That feels so good
So why can't it be always be like this?
what's up my Erica?
You know
Like this
Laid up
Quality time
Good sex
What are trying to say?
My sex bad, any other time?
You really want to know?
don't playing with me
Jokes babe, jokes
sex is great
but somehow quality time
You know however I see you all over with some girl face
Oh, boy, here we go
Dont do that
I'm serious
That bothers me
Especially that new chick
I'm telling you, I think she's crazy about you
Babe, I think everybody's crazy about me
if you want me leave her alone
stop being her friend, like everybody else,
I will, Okay?
Is not about you leaving her alone
and I haven't friend
it's about to leading her on
I'm a female, trust me
If you're not saying or doing anything wrong
Definitely, I'm a female I know
She danced for thinking it can be something
Maybe you right, maybe you wrong
do not put a long eye,
tonight, its all about you, alright?
So can we gonna up around?
All right it's okay
Listen, we still in the game right?
Were doing good on defense
but we need a little bit more all right?
Antoine, Audrey, we need little more hands up OK?
that's true
Rob, James you big guys,
we need more rebounding all right?
This is a team effort all right?
We gonna win this game, you hear me? all right?
I'm I pretty clear?
- Yes!
- Come on inside, lets clear this game!
Alright, come on inside
- Big game coach
Figure it out
I'm chilling tonight
Good game bigger
yeah, you got mine D Jay
That was I
Yeah, you were
Gonna make it already
Don't make it bigger
By the way, whats going on?
(TOGETHER) -Nothing
We're talking about party
What are you about to do though
you gonna share party?
I don't know about that
Because, I haven't finish that paper Man
Excuse you
We were talking
See I didn't lie, I don't like this Nigga
And this is why I'm not fucking with you no more
So, we even
Oh, my God, they'll go and fuck later man, tonight
Let me try something else
Alright bro
Will you take my girl along?
wait a minute, I wanna go
I'll catch with you all later
I think they're still fucking
Of course yeah
Yes they are
Will you take her home for me?
like if you care about shoe the girl
Sarah wants to give me a ride
Alright, I'll see you later alright?
Have fun, bye
Bye too
yeah, yeah, yeah
Stop being like that
Come on, lets go
look, I'm gonna meet you at the party
Hurry up
Alright bro, I'll be waiting for you.
I fucking Knew it
- get the fuck out of here!
You better now say nothing
Now you get your ass, out of here
what a you fucking doing though
Nigga, I thought you hasn't fucking her no more
that's how you,
you fuck crazy
Just trying to find a James Locker sir
You live fucking with your old thing
Fuck you, we out
Cool man
You sure, that's isn't right there?
I don't know, come on
alright, okay
Dad can I talk to you for a second?
Sure Karma, whats the matter?
I kind of got invited to a party tonight
I didn't even know you met any friends yet?
I met one friend
and he invited me to a party
And, what's the problem you can go
Can I?
Of course, are you kidding me?
Listen sweetheart,
I want you to go out
I want you to make friends
I want you have a good time
Thanks dad, you're the best
Alright, you're too sweetheart
Can I talk to my boy?
Can I talk to my boy?
Who invited you all?
We invited ourselves
Well, uninvite yourselves
The door is that way
Listen, we didn't come here
to argue with you ladies
We love bad bitches like ourselves
so what happens on quartz,
stays on a quartz
no love laws
First of all, this kind of a thing, won't do with cheerleading
Second there is no love laws
This must have something to do with Jay
Hes on mood, and now I want him
you can have my trash
Jay, Jay
Now whats going on man?
Come on, can we just chill
we came up to have good time about buddy trying to fight?
Hi Jay?
Samantha cut it out
Come here man, let me talk to you
you gonna stop.
sometimes these girls gonna get me skinned
you all I want babe
I like the past go long time ago
and you sure to it
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure
What about your friend?
Friend, what you talking about?
The one you invited
Come on babe
It doesn't
Hey man. You good?
Yeah, I'm good man
you see this shit all right?
Look at this bitch boy, why is she doing that?
I'm worried about Erica
Youre not worried about
you also real sucker shit right now
Kelvin, I don't like that shit
Man, fuck that, I got it
You'll really fucked up, you know that?
what will you do
You get the fuck out of here man
- Oh, my God.
Jay, stop
Yeah, stop
Are you serious?
Oh, that's your new boyfriend huh?
- What about the girl outside
Oh, this is how you're making me jealous?
Youre fucking funny yo
Its over!
Were out man
- come on man
Come on man
Fuck man
Hey Jay, I told you when James
he was everybody's girl man
D Jay,
Jay, what up?
Are you alright?
I'm good, why?
Wanted to make sure you okay.
Look, none of this shit would ever happen
if I know your fucking ass
You like what you see, don't you?
Oh, my God you scared me.
Good, you should be
This is my baby Kelvin
I'm fucking keeping my baby
Youre not keeping it
Get your hands off me
Bitch, are you fucking crazy?
Come here bitch
If you tell anybody
what you saw in here today
am gonna fucking kill
You understand?
- you understand me?
yes, yes!
you can settle
What are you doing here?
Can we talk?
Go talk to your girlfriend
Erica, wait, alright?
First of all, she's not my girl
Second only did that to get you mad
for dancing homeboy at the party
That kiss they mean nothing to me
Babe I'm sorry all right?
And I love you
How you know you love me?
Because I do
there's only two things I'm afraid of losing
One, my grandmother
and two is you
What about basketball?
Basketball not to sing when I'm not
with my number-one cheerleader
That was cute
Thank you
Two conditions
One, you tell that crazy white chick
that you cannot talk breather
or even smell around her
Got it
Two, come here
Come on
Dad, what's going on?
Oh, hi honey
this is Peggy, she's gonna look after you
for a little while when I'm gone
Hi Karma? nice to meet you
am I missing something?
honey come here, have a seat
no I'm fine right here
whats going on?
Oh, I got called back to duty
I'm gonna be gone for a half a month
maybe a little longer
but Peggy's gonna look after you, while I'm gone
I knew this was gonna happen
this is why I want to stay in little bit with mom
Oh, does she know about this?
Actually, I haven't had a chance to call her
but Peggy-- -
- I'm gonna call her
Shes not gonna like this
And I don't need some lady watching me
she's not my mother
John I think I should go
No, Karma, listen up I'm your father
I make the rules around here, you got it?
Right dad
What is she? your new bitch or something ?
Whoa! whoa! watch your mouth
Its not about that
and you don't talk to me or Peggy like that
Just leave alone
Karma come here
I hate you
I hate you!
I made dinner, are you hungry?
Dont talk to me
I got it
Whats up Karma?
You got a second?
What do you want?
I just wanna talk to you for a second
Go back!
Look I want to apologize about everything
that happened the other night
Its okay
I'm glad you understand, because
you and I we can be friends, no more
Always is Erica,
But I thought we had something
Come on Karma
we will have nothing
you may negate a little depression alright?
But you know I got a girlfriend
And how many-- -
- Did you do this to get her jealous?
I should have known
Well, you don't do that to people
you don't do that to people
You don't make them think that it can be something
and it's nothing
Karma look
You need to leave
Karma look
Jay, leave
you called me back for more?
Karma come on now
This is getting a bit uncomfortable
Here you are
You nice and comfy?
Could be better
don't worry
A few minutes you will be
You ready?
Karma what the fuck
I don't talk to him no more
But what a you laughing for?
- excuse me
- what about you?
I got nothing to do with this,
Get me out of here
Is this bitch staring at me?
But I know she's better starering at me
I'm about to go over there
asked the bitch if she got a problem
No, no, just leave her alone
Hey yo, you got a problem?
I said, do you have a problem?
This bitch she thinks she big yeah,
Dont touch me
That bitch is crazy
You know why I tell over there messing with her
I'll see all of them
- Alright
Hey Jay
whats up Karma?
You look different
Is that a good thing you're about?
For me, you look different
Like it
Hope you are
I'm see you later all right?
Stop, okay
I told you, there's nothing between us
You don't mean that
Karma, I'm serious, stop
Stay the fuck away from me
Yo, wait up man
Look, it's not what it looked like
Then please explain it to me
Tell me I didn't just see my man put the same bitch
I told him to stay away from
he same bitch you swore you had no feelings for
You right
You know,
you arent shit
you were supposed to be different
Jay you're just like everybody else
You know what,
at times I wish I would have cheated
You wish you were to what?
I wish I would have cheated
- whats going on here?
Ask the super star
Whats going on Jay?
Ms. William, do you remember you asked me
to keep an eye on you on a new girl?
Well I did,
Erica got the wrong impression about us
Oh, Erica, I'm sorry
Yeah,I did ask Jay,
to just show her around the school
she really needed adjusted to this place
Its totally my fault
don't be mad at Jay
Is great, its just...
I don't know, its hard
He gives so much attention
Baby girl, let me tell you something
If Jay cheats on pretty little things like you
Jay is a great athlete
he's the star
But he's a great person over all of us
and you, you're one of the good girls
And trust me, and believe me
he does not want to lose you
I don't
I'm sorry right?
All right you two up, lovebirds
go to class before I put both of you in detention
I don't even know what to think
Whats up babe?
I ask you why looking all sad as shit
You didn't hear what happened?
No, what happened?
Ms. Williams, they found her in the school parking lot
and she's dead on her car
Sarah, stop playing like that
Yeah man,I heard she was suffocated over the bag
Suffocated who with a bag?
Just hold your mouth
Ms. Williams
Well talk bro
Get the fuck out of here
She was such a good person
this is so fucked up
- babe
- I got to go
Hey Jay, hold up, yo hold up.
Let me go
let make sure this Nigga is alright
Hey Jay, come here
- Fuck man!
She was like mother to me!
Everyday fucking morning
She was there for me
When my mother passed
when my girl lost her joy
all of that!
Oh, my God!
Wait Sarah
- Oh, my God!
Sarah wake up, Sarah please
Oh, my God
- Erica!
Oh, my God
babe, babe don't go
We just found Sarah dead upstairs So,
Dont play like that
I'm not playing man
Ouch! Jay!
So whats going on?
Guys, guys wake up
we got to get out of here
Wait, wait
we got go, come on
Whats going on?
Guys, we really need to get out of here
I'm detective Lopez
this is my partner, detective Raymond
Ready to be taking over this case
I'm sorry about what happened to you too
That must have been very traumatizing
It was
Whats going on?
We were just wondering if there's anyone
that you might know of
that might want to do this to you
No one that comes to mind
Nobody I can think of
Especially I was thinking this for her
Jay, we hear that you were close
with your principal Ms. Williams
is that correct?
Ever since my mother died
she played a big role in my life
Damn man, a she didn't deserve this
She didn't deserve this man
Do you think these things are connected?
We just gathered some information
so we could do our job
Our top priority is keeping
the people in this building safe
Anything, any information could help
we were told that Sarah was one
of your closest friends, is that correct?
She is one of my best friends
Did you know about her pregnancy?
I'm sorry if that comes as a shock to you
but would either one of you know
but you know, might happen to be for
come on, we got to go
you have to understand
this is a tough time for you
But if anything comes, anything
just give us a call
Wed like to lock up sick person up
Stay safe in the meantime
will do the best we can
Hey Karma
We just wanted to say thank you
again for being there
Youre welcome
I know you guys probably
would have done the same thing for me
Okay, gonna catch up with you
So you saved me huh?
Guess I did
How did you know I was in a locked room?
What does that matter Jay?
Youre safe, right?
Because it does matter
How did you know
I was stuck in the locker room?
with all that was going on all Karma
How about I tell you tonight?
a dinner at my place
I want you to stay away from here
and stay the fuck away from Erica
Shes weak Jay,
I'm warning you
Shes not good for you
Hi Kelvin
What the fuck you want yo?
I just wanted to say hi,
- Hi
Do you need this stupid bitch?
She fuck crazy If you don't know
Since you saved my boy and all that
Maybe I can show you how
Yo, that bitch is crazy
I told you
Whats up?
- come on in
I'm moving,
come over here
Hey yo, this you right here?
This a cute baby, and then what happened?
So why the fucking am I here?
You sock me a lot of shit earlier
Well, I figured since I have the house
to myself tonight
and since we really didn't get
started on the right foot
you know what?
Lets get better acquainted
better acquainted
Lets do it.
What the fuck
Karma, you stupid bitch
Is that Jay's Jersey
what the fuck a you should doing on my horny Jersey
Jay, Impressive writing
You might wanna consider
majoring in Jazz in next year
Thanks Ms. Susan
Erica, much better sweet.
Checkingit out
Okay, I really want see you my class more often
Keep up the good work
Very good
Wake up, that's why you got a "D,
Get to go
Nice job
Very, very nice
Okay James, I'm very gonna need you
to bring out the grade in the next assignment
I'm giving you one last chance
and give off your hat
you too
Karma, this is some interesting writing
I want to talk to you after class
Is there something you got
to talk to me about?
Hello, Karma
Is there something you'd like to talk to me about?
- what do you?
I just wanna talk to you, that's all
I wanna know if there's anything
bothering you
You know you can always talk to me
whats up sergeant?
Do you know this guy?
Well, he's missing
and no one knows where he is
Do you know where we might find him?
We wanted to question him about Sarah
Weve been told they may have anything
that's why I was wrong
but nothing he really knew
we also remain friends though
I don't think is responsible for this right?
not accuse him yet,
but we hear that they were still sneaking around together
I don't think he may have a...
it's possible,
but we won't be able to clear him
until we found him
and he might be able to help us out
Look, I'll see you
I'll let you know, alright?
See you later sergeant
Okay Jay, happy big game
Thank you
Oh, hi Jay,
Whats up coach?
Everything alright?
Look, we really need you in this game tonight
I'm ready men
Its a really big game for us
and I need my superstar to be ready to go
Coach I'm already
Hey, yo, did you see Kelvin?
No, yesterday they just left
with the white chick
The white chick?
That boy hate that girl
Whats up bro?
Did you see Kelvin?
Bro, relax man, you know you're high
from the game by yourself
- quite
Hey fellas whats up?
Are you fucking with me?
What the fuck!
Fuck yourselves in here man
Fuck away from me?
You crazy bitch
You didn't hear, you fuck away from me?
What the fuck you Karma
Damn boy!
Whats up Erica?
You see Jay?
Excuse me,
James, this is championship game
I need you at the worm up line,
Forget it, come on, lets go
- Alright coach, thank you
- Wake, come up Jay!
Whos that?
Why doing this Karma?
You wanna know why Jay?
Because I wanted to be, you wanna know
I did, I feel I did
With that boring,
Bitch Erica that gain at you
Fuck you!
Oh, no, dinner the drinks first
Then you get to fuck me
You so cute
You not gonna do away with this
Yeah, I'm
- Help!
- help
- Help!
Fucking idiot Jay
I'm gonna do to you
What you did to me
Damn it!
Have you seen Jay?
Erica, what are you doing down here?
I can't find him
I won't cheat on you,
I tried to kill you
Bitch, come here
I want Jay to watch, while I kill you
I know you're down here
Where the fuck are you Erica?
I know you're in here
I'm right here bitch
Stay the fuck away from my man
He doesn't want you
Oh, my God
Babe you okay?
Are you okay?
Dont talk, don't talk
Oh, my God
Come on, we got to go out of here
Jay wake up
Now I got to go home, I'm getting tired
Of course sweetie
Yes it was,
It was knocked down
Snoring all in my ear
No I'm so tired
I'm so glad, I passed one season over
Me too
Now I can have you all for myself
You crazy
I'll try and miss about her
Hey, babe
Left the door open?
This girl man
Got you
- Oh, shit!
Stop playing man
I thought you left
No not yet
Come on, what you still doing?
You gonna stay tonight with me?
No, you know I can't
Yeah, but if my mom finds out
I'm staying here with you,
Shes gonna kill me, so
Just tell her its time we still sharing
With all this crazy stuff going on
and it's because of you
come on
Bye, bye babe
I'll see when I
Love you
- love you too
What you forget?
Miss me?