Fragile Heart (2022) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(soft music)
(bell dings)
- [Announcer] Train 933
now boarding.
933 now boarding for San Diego.
(clock ticking)
- [Woman] Leave us alone!
- Hey. Guys, come on.
Please, sweetie.
It's gonna be okay, sweetie.
Angel, please, please.
- Leave us alone! (screaming)
- Hey! (groaning)
- Derek! Derek!
Please help!
(woman yelling)
Help me!
(Savannah crying)
- Dinner and a show.
(woman yelling)
- [Woman] Somebody
help me please!
(monitor beeping)
- We're going to do
everything we can.
(Danny grunting)
(Danny sniffing)
- Whew. (clapping)
Start the day.
- Knock, knock.
Come on, man.
- Who's there?
- We don't have a door.
- Your jokes are horrible.
They're worse than the
smell around here.
- Nah, that ain't true.
Did Dustin leave?
- Yeah.
- With a couple of guys.
My senses are telling me,
they're not good for
your brother.
You know them?
- Troublemakers.
If they come back, stay
away from 'em, okay?
You, uh, hanging around
or you moving on?
- Thinking about staying
a little while longer
if that's okay.
Mi paso elevado es su overpass
- Hey, Scout.
I'm sorry you're in
this situation.
I'm glad you're here.
(Savannah screaming)
- What? What?
(bird talking)
- Can I please have a
cup of coffee?
(Greta sighs)
- Drama queen.
- Quit it, Chubby. I'm
not in the mood.
- I'm gonna have a heart
attack in this damn place.
I mean it!
(soft music)
- [Chubby] It's my
birthday. It's my birthday.
- No, it's not, Chubby,
it's in two days.
I told you that.
Wyatt, why are you
walking around naked?
- I don't swim fully clothed.
That's your thing.
I got nothing to hide.
- Put some pants on, please.
No one wants to see a
malnourished anatomy.
- That's fake news, sis.
Have you seen Insta lately?
It's ridiculous.
I take my shirt off, a
thousand views.
Tells the story of man
destined for...
- Where did you...
Give me the gun, Wyatt.
- Can't.
I need it to shoot
rodents while I'm sunning.
I may even take these off.
Oh no, selfie in the buff.
- Give it to me or I'll
take it. I'm not joking.
- Why? It's my house now.
No one lives here anymore.
I can do whatever the
hell I want.
I'm an adult. I have the right.
(solemn music)
- I know you're hurting
just like me.
- Yep. Got it.
- Stop it.
- You live at the train
station and they're dead.
Catch up, sis.
- Don't disrespect them!
- Nothing says rich
kid like a pool,
a half naked teen, and a gun.
Guess I'll have to make
it work without the gun.
I'm an influencer, baby.
- [Greta] Your coffee,
Miss Savannah.
(soft music)
- We've never gotten
along and now-
- He loves you.
- I love him too but...
Did my dad tell you to
wear that maid thing?
'Cause you know, you
don't have to wear it.
It feels oppressive.
- Oh, gosh no.
Your parents have always
been good to me.
It's my uniform. I
like wearing it.
It gives me purpose.
(upbeat music)
Keeps things straight. You know?
- Uh-huh. I can see that.
You wanna dunk it in my coffee?
(Greta laughing)
- You went again.
(Greta sighs)
Miss Savie, nothing
good can come-
- This is really good coffee
so that must mean that
Aldo is off today.
- He is.
See, that's the thing.
- What?
- I don't wanna speak for Aldo,
but, you know me, I don't
like gossip and stuff.
You know that.
- Land the plane, Greta.
- We love you and your
family, but hard truth.
- Yes.
- You haven't paid
us in a while.
- You don't do that?
(Greta scoffs)
Sorry. I just haven't
been thinking clearly.
I just, just kind of
thought you do everything.
(Greta laughing)
- I do do everything.
- Yeah.
- We're heartbroken.
We, we love it here.
We love you and your
shit head stepbrother.
He has bills.
Me, I could stay on for free.
- No, no, no.
There's plenty of money.
- Well that's good 'cause
I've got bills too.
- Okay, um, I'll figure
something out before I leave.
- You're leaving?
- Yeah. I've been thinking
about it, you know,
getting away for a while.
- Well that's great.
You could use a vacation.
What do you want me to
do about Jade?
- Who's she?
- He.
- He then.
- Your 15 year old cousin
on your stepmom's side.
He's being dropped
off next week.
Oh, more.
His parents are leaving the
planet for some space adventure.
I'm serious.
- So I'm not sure how
long I'll be gone.
- A week?
A month?
- Wyatt doesn't need me.
He doesn't listen to me.
He's 19. He's an adult.
Okay. So we'll work out
all the financial stuff,
you'll have access to
whatever you need
and you can live here
as long as you'd like.
- I see.
Well, let me clean this up.
and tell Aldo he's
still got a job.
Now I won't have to bust
my arthritic hump
doing twice as much around here,
cleaning the toilets
and cooking the meals.
It's not very sanitary
if you ask me.
- You don't have to do it
in that order.
Probably not the point.
(soft music)
- Come over here.
- Now she's coming over.
She's so depressing.
- Callate, Rickey.
Her parents were murdered,
demon child.
- Well, I didn't do it.
- Hey, Emma.
- Why do we have to do time?
- Hey, you look
serious this time.
You're really leaving?
- Bye.
Good luck.
- Bye.
- He doesn't like me.
- Poor thing got his
own problems.
See that guy over there?
Think his name's Danny.
He got Rickey his job here.
This yours?
- Oh, no.
- It's yours.
Seen you wear it.
- Okay. Just give it to me
and no I'm not dissing Jesus.
It's just complicated right now.
Must have fallen off.
- Mm-hmm.
All that luggage for real?
- Yes.
I'm leaving.
- I've been praying for you.
- I need it. Thank you.
- Where you going, sweetie?
- I don't know.
Um, to explore life, I guess.
Find myself, heal. Forget.
I don't really have a plan,
but you've always been
so incredibly nice to me
and I appreciate it.
Thanks again. I'm
gonna go sit down.
- Hmm. Emma Bristing,
here's your chance.
Hold on.
You don't feel like talking?
- If that's okay.
- Uh-huh.
You know you ain't talked
to get better.
- Oh?
Tell me more. Enlighten
me, information booth.
- How you feeling right now?
- Well, I'm not sure what
I'm sensing from you.
Did I offend you or?
- We talk and we talk and why?
You don't have to like
being a victim to be one.
- What the hell? I'm
not the victim.
My parents were the victims
and no one heard them
or cared to help.
- So, are you saying
that's how you feel?
- Okay. You're
acting so strange.
Bye, Emma.
- 22 911 calls.
People cared.
They were scared.
They rushed to help your father.
- Yeah, they might as well
just stepped over his body.
- That's not what happened,
You won't want what
words can't give.
I've been there. I'm
not judging you.
I'm just pointing out-
- I said I appreciate
it so good day.
- When you pull out the good
day, you know it's over.
- Shut up.
I don't know why I said that.
It's not nonsense.
- It's always so difficult to
know the right thing to say
to a person when
they're suffering.
You'll just sit right there.
I wanna comfort you and
tell you how sorry I am,
'cause I am, but I'm running
outta ways to say it, sweetie.
- Why are you upset with me?
- I'm not upset.
I'm listening.
Your heart is getting bitter,
not better.
That's real.
That's Emma's love.
- I can't just turn it off.
Don't you think if I could,
I would?
All right.
I'm not a light switch
clicking on, clicking off.
Click, click, click, click,
click, click.
- Well, I think we've
gone off track.
- Gosh.
Oh, Savannah, how are you?
Oh, I'm great. Fantastic!
That's what everyone
wants to hear.
No one really wants to know!
Just shut up you whining victim!
- Can I help?
- No.
We're trying
something new today.
- Gosh, you weak,
pathetic victim. (sobbing)
Gosh, and I'm weak and I
can't do this without them
and I don't...
Gosh, I just want to speak
in deep scary voice right now
and I'm losing my mind
and I, ugh, I just...
I don't know how to move on,
- There it is.
Let it out.
Those feelings don't
wanna be held.
Or that demon voice
inside of you.
- Just, I'm just really confused
and I just wanna go sit down.
Okay? I just wanna go sit down.
- Yes. Sit down, like a
broken record.
The needle is stuck.
- I honestly, from the
bottom of my broken heart,
didn't realize a heavy burden
that I've placed on this booth
and in my defense, if I
truly need to defend myself,
I'm new at this.
- That's good.
What does that feel like?
- All I wanted to do was
sit on my bench.
- [Emma] And wait for what?
- I'm not hurting anyone, okay?
And I've told you, I'm
trying to figure things out.
- That's all crazy talk.
You got to buy a ticket to
get on a train,
and I've been standing
here the entire time.
No ticket.
Listen to me, Savannah.
You're paralyzed.
you're not mourning, Savannah.
You're obsessing.
Anyone can see that.
A blind squirrel can
find that nut.
But until you see it,
you're not leaving.
Not those days. Not today.
Not any day.
- But I am. Yes, I am.
I just haven't
decided yet where.
- You're like my laundry,
your cycle is on extra spin.
It hurts me to see what
you're doing to yourself.
- Just keep hurling
those analogies.
It's really helpful.
- You always look so lost.
- 'Cause I am, Emma. I am lost.
All right? I'm lost and I'm
lost and I'm lost, lost.
- I know, baby. Let it all out.
- Gosh, you guys sell
a ticket to the past?
I'll take one ticket back
to life I used to have
before this filthy inbred,
cockroach, bastard, little-
- Okay.
Get it out, but let's
keep it down.
- The low life scum
sucking waste of humanity,
jackal, parasite, ass
wipes destroyed my family.
Hold on. Wait right there.
- I may have pushed too hard.
- I'll take one please.
I want a damn ticket anywhere,
but here.
- Maybe we should
apply the brakes.
- I'm suffocating!
I can't breathe, I
can't function!
I'm so sick of having panic
attacks while I'm eating
or I'm crapping or I'm
showering, or shop
I'm sleeping, that's the only...
And the only time they leave
me alone is when I'm here
because when I'm here,
I'm numb. (laughing)
Isn't that, the most psychotic
thing you've ever heard
is I'm in absolute agony.
And you are like the only
one willing to listen.
I just feel...
(Savannah sighing)
I just...
I have no friends.
Well I have like one and Greta,
I guess.
I just actually
thought you cared.
- I do.
Okay. That's enough for today.
Don't look all sad.
I am your friend.
Who else would risk losing
their job doing this?
I was challenging you.
Purging the junk.
I took a self-help
quasi-psychology class at night.
It was mostly because of you.
I won't lie.
I got scared.
I almost lost you.
Your toes were in the deep end,
but you came back.
- You swapped out the
bar stool for a couch.
- I just ran with the
moment given.
- I'm on the brink of a
nervous breakdown.
Surely you can see that.
Would you like me to tear
my clothes off,
run naked through the
train station
and throw my body on the tracks?
- I'm still learning.
- I'm sure, deeply confident,
there were less antagonistic
ways we could have done this.
God just, I don't know
where I'm supposed to be.
I mean this, this
stupid train station
is the only place
that makes sense.
(solemn music)
I can't leave them here alone.
I don't know how to help them.
- You'll see them again.
That may not be as comforting
as it should be right now,
but you know where they're at.
That's a promise.
But until then, there's lots
of life needing to be lived.
That's what they would want.
- Okay. You've given me
lot to process.
I'm just, I'm gonna go sit down.
(Savannah sniffing)
Can you please not stare at me?
- Sorry. You seem upset.
- Wow, how in the wide world
did you come to that conclusion?
Look, I don't mean to be rude.
I just don't feel very
social right now.
- Absolutely.
- I apologize. I'm not
myself lately.
- It's okay. Believe me,
I've seen and heard worse.
So, you traveling far?
- Why is everyone so
damn worried
about my travel plans today?
- You wanna prove her wrong?
- What?
I'm sorry. Can you please
sit somewhere else?
This is my bench. They
told me I could have it.
Or something.
- I could, but that would
make it harder to talk to you.
(soft music)
I don't have an angle. I've
seen that stare before.
I'm not a serial killer.
I do enjoy eating cereal
maybe a little too much,
but I don't live with
my mom or a lot of cats.
You wanna leave?
I'm not trying to
pick up on you.
- Leave with you?
- Yes.
- Oh. She put you up to this.
Nice one, Emma.
- I don't know him. Promise.
But he is handsome.
Don't act crazy.
- I want to take you out
for the day. Have fun.
No strings attached,
just two strangers enjoying
a break from the norm.
Best people to talk to are the
ones you owe nothing to so.
I think.
Listen, I know you think
I'm nuts, but I-
- Actually I'm starting to
think that you're a mind reader.
- Why not?
One day, throw caution to
the wind. Be spontaneous.
Two young people being free.
Problems at are back,
wind in our hair.
You like tacos?
(Savannah laughing)
- Am I on camera? I don't...
No, I don't think so.
I don't know you and
it's just not who I am.
Trust me. I'm not a fun
date right now.
It just seems strange.
- It's not a date.
Hi, I'm Danny. Danny Scott.
- It can't be any stranger
than sitting in a train station
all day with nowhere to go.
- Excuse me. You
think you know me?
You don't, okay? You don't.
- You're right.
I only know what you
shared with,
well, all of us here earlier.
- Wow. Insulting.
That's an interesting choice.
I've been down out of
the dating scene a while.
Is that the new bad
boy approach?
It's not working for you.
Jack ass alert!
Ha, Am I right? This guy.
No, I didn't mean you!
That's right. Keep walking.
Just mind your of business.
The human race, everyone.
Whatever you do, don't
get too involved.
Scared little rabbits! (sighing)
I'm getting it all out,
Emma. It's working.
It's really working.
- I'm just gonna say it.
You seem like a very fun person.
- You're still here.
- Yeah. You don't scare me.
- She has zero plans
for the day.
Possibly for the rest
of her life.
Her schedule is wide open.
Wide open. Good luck.
I've seen you around here
before. (camera clicks)
Now I got a picture of
you just in case.
Have fun, kids.
- Oh gosh, please.
Please, please leave me alone.
Or something bad is
going to happen.
I'm not emotionally
stable enough
to have this
conversation with you
or be hit on right now.
Trust me. Thank you for
the effort, but trust me.
- You can keep saying trust you.
If we're sharing, I don't
trust a lot of people.
Hasn't really paid off for me,
but I like you and I
don't trust you,
but you have this certain,
I don't know,
call it certifiable
quality about you.
It's hard to resist.
- How cool, you really get me.
- And for the second or third
time, I'm not hitting on you.
I don't come to train
stations to pick up on girls.
That's creepy.
I'm just trying to help.
Not that you're a charity case
or anything else I might say
that would provoke
you to hit me.
I just like being nice.
- Why?
- Because people should be.
Remember that guy that
just walked by?
- I remember, it just happened.
- I want do something
nice for you.
I bet I could make you smile.
Can't be opposed to that.
- No, not smiling in general,
- Perfect.
- I smile.
- Funny thing is you haven't
actually definitively said no.
- Give up.
She's not leaving, Danny.
Savannah just gonna sit on
that damn bench
and wait for God knows what.
Come back tomorrow.
She'll be here. She's not
going anywhere.
- Yes I am old lady. I know
what you're doing, Emma.
- Let it go.
- Oh, I need to think.
- You know what they say?
Laughter is the best medicine.
- Got it. Thank you Dr. I
appreciate it.
Are you least a nice guy?
- I think so.
- Oh, I don't care.
You seem honest.
Look, Emma, I'm
making a decision.
- You go, girl!
- My life is a spiraling
tragedy so let's go.
Oh, and my mood swings are
out of control. They're scary.
You want out?
- You don't scare me.
- It's over when I say
it's over. Agreed?
Trusting you. This is stupid.
Keep the picture.
If I'm not back at 8:00
p.m., call the police, okay?
And Emma, I swear if
this goes psycho wrong
and I end up in a shallow grave
or the sicko's twisted
demented torture basement,
I'll haunt you.
- Okay. Have fun.
I'm off at 7:00.
- Exciting.
(upbeat music)
- I'm driving.
- I don't have a car.
Rise to the occasion
Sociable, watered-down soul
Hide behind the curtains
Count your breath
and blessings
Little star, fallen
Where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Raining in the kitchen
Temperamental kitten
Lose your cool,
everybody's fool
- So, Danny, you do that often?
- What? Save people at
train stations?
- No, stare at people.
And I did not need saving.
- I was joking. Sorry.
Yes I do. I look at something
or someone and I drift off.
It's like I'm in a trance or a-
- What were you doing there?
- I'm sorry for staring.
- I mean, it makes me
a little uncomfortable,
but it's not just you,
it's when anyone does it.
It's me, I'm a little
but I'm getting better.
Seriously. What were
you doing there?
- Uh, I was looking for
someone, wasn't there.
Meant to be. I met you.
(Savannah laughs)
- Who?
- It's a long story. I'm still
trying to figure it all out.
- What do you see when you
drift? Is it...
I cut you off.
I do that. Sorry.
- That's all right.
It's hard to explain.
It's like I'm being
told a secret.
Sometimes like I'm
allowed to see beauty.
Something that's being hidden.
Something only I can see.
That's how I process I guess.
It's weird. I know.
- No, it's not.
I actually-
- Stop!
- What the?
What are you doing?
Okay. I'm gonna leave.
- Wait, you didn't hit it.
- That's good. Hit what?
(dog barking)
- Come here.
Ah, he's fast.
Oh, he's playing with us.
- [Savannah] Come here. Come on.
- Oh. I wonder if he
lives around here.
Hey, get over here!
Get over here!
Come here. Sit
(dog barking)
Here. Come on, humans.
Is that all you got?
(chime dinging)
(upbeat music)
- You think he'll
like this kind?
- I would.
- That's disgusting.
- I got it.
Um, I'm almost done here.
There's so many choices.
- I'll pay for it.
It's okay.
- I'll get the next round.
- Okay.
(register beeping)
- 7.48.
- Yeah. Um.
(register opening)
Just keep it. It's okay.
Please just put it in
the tip jar or something.
- No.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Savannah. It's not
what you think.
(engine revving)
- Get out of the way!
- It's not what you think.
Give me one minute to explain.
60 seconds.
- I'll drag your body down
the street. Move liar. Thief!
- I believe you will murder me.
I do.
Please just listen to me.
- You're not a good
person. You lied to me.
You're just a con man,
petty thief.
Oh, I hate...
- Listen to me, please.
- Stupid.
What the hell was I thinking?
For a split second I
believed you!
Gosh, you suck! (sighing)
If you needed cash,
I have money.
Oh wow, that's it.
You heard that my parents
are rich and...
Oh, wow!
Gosh. Idiot!
- Oh, you.
I really want to cuss right now.
- So do it. What are you,
a child?
And who says that? It's weird.
(Danny grunting)
What are you doing?
- Nothing. It's just, it's
something I- you know what?
- Are you crying?
- No, I'm not crying.
What's wrong with you?
I don't cry. (grunting)
- Then are you okay?
You rich people think
it's all about your money.
Your world starts and stops
with the cash coming
out of your ass.
- Rude. Not true.
And you don't know me.
- But I'm a liar and a thief.
You know me?
- No, I don't. Isn't
that the point?
- I was just trying to do
something nice.
I made you smile. I
made you laugh.
I kept my word.
Give me my dog.
Rogue, come.
- She doesn't know her name yet.
You're crazy.
- You've be wrong
about a lot today.
You should quit talking
and start listening more.
- Well, you should work
that out with Emma then.
She wants me to talk more.
You want me to talk less.
- You don't get it.
To be clear, for those
not listening,
she implied you need to
start speaking with purpose.
But to do that, you have
to at least hear yourself.
(soft music)
And by the way, I have money.
Lots of it.
I could dress a small,
no, a large village.
People clothed in money,
large bills.
I don't need your money.
- I have Rogue's food.
I bought it.
My bird's finicky. He
won't eat it.
So take it.
I don't feel guilty. I
don't owe you an apology.
Will you please stop,
okay? I'm not good at this.
I'm gonna crash into
a parked car
or I'm gonna hit a
bicycle person.
- What.
- I want to listen.
I'd like to know why you
stole the candy.
- I'll be right back.
- Hola, Mr. Scott.
Mr. Scott brought more candy.
Eso estoy viendo.
Guardalo para
despues de la cena.
- What do you say?
- Thank you, Mr. Scott.
- You're welcome, Mr. Isaac.
- How can I teach him not
to take candies
from strangers when
you keep coming around?
- Hi, Liz. Sorry.
You mentioned pretzels
last time I was here.
- You're too kind.
Thank you.
- I have to go, my friend's
waiting in the car,
but I'll be back next week
to clear out the gutters.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good people.
(soft music)
Isaac and his mom were cheated.
The store owner, the guy
at the register,
he stole from them.
I was there, I saw him do it.
So I'm righting your wrong.
Maybe not the way others would,
but I'm making a difference
the way I know how.
- The guy's a jerk.
I understand your point,
but stealing?
I mean, he stole from them
and you just steal from him-
- He overcharged them.
Kept their money. Money
they don't have.
I'm just giving them back
what's theirs.
They deserve some justice.
He did it 'cause he
knew he could.
He knew they wouldn't
say anything.
- I know a little thing
about wanting justice.
I get it.
- Yeah.
Taking advantage of someone
because they're weak or
less fortunate
it's the worst kind of person.
I'm gonna give them
back what's owed
from the thief who took it.
- Maybe you could have
confronted him.
- Being the upstanding
citizen he is,
I'm sure he would've
apologized and given it back.
(Savannah chuckles)
- You make a compelling point.
- I don't know why.
It's a childhood thing.
I freeze in moments like that.
Ever since I was a kid.
My mom used to make fun of
my dad for doing it too.
I hate it.
(Danny sighing)
Freud would've lost sleep
over my family.
Too much?
Time to go?
- No.
I just understand.
- If I have time to think,
process it,
things start to make sense.
I'm gonna take what's owed then,
till it makes sense to stop.
That might be awhile.
- Let's go shopping.
- Liquor store?
- Complicated works for
me right now.
So, you are a good person,
- Scott.
You forgot.
- Dan Scott. (chuckles)
- I'm not sure if I am,
but I'm trying to be, Savannah.
- Biel.
- I know.
- Oh. (chuckles)
Really, did that have
to be awkward?
- Can I hug you back?
I'm gonna hug you back.
- Okay.
- I bought the pretzels.
(Savannah chuckling)
- Hey Danny.
- What's up, Caesar?
- Come here often?
(Danny laughing)
- The food's amazing here.
You should try the carne
asada burrito.
It will wreck you.
- Burger special's good too.
- Um.
- Unless you're vegan.
- No, I'm not vegan obviously.
So wreck me and he's
paying so wreck me hard.
I'll take onion rings and
something diet.
- A burger cut in half,
no onion, extra pickles
and chili cheese fries,
five burger specials and-
- Oh, you're probably
gonna need six today.
They've been coming
around out back
since you started doing this.
- Six is good.
And a bottle of water to go
with each of those, please.
Actually eight specials.
I'll need two to go.
You'll, uh, hand out the rest?
- Sure. Cool.
It's nice of you.
- I'll grab the two
when I leave.
Oh, and you got something
for my new friend outside?
and some water?
- No problem.
That's $86 and 13 cents
minus the employee discount.
- Thanks, man.
- Total $77 and 52 cents.
(register beeping)
- Does he also touch our food?
- Um, my feet are clean.
- Hmm. (chuckles)
Can we sit here please?
- Sure.
- Okay. Cool.
What just happened?
- You let me pay for your
meal. It's a big step.
I really thought you were
gonna fight me on that one.
- If it's done with respect
I'm good with a man
paying my way.
- I hide it in the left shoe
because muggers always
check the right shoe first.
- Hmm. So that's your story.
- I'll answer your question
if you answer one for me.
- I accept the challenge,
but I'll see your question
and I'll raise you one.
When my parents were alive,
my dad and my stepmom,
my, my real mom died
when I was really young.
We used to play this game
called "Say Anything".
You could ask any two
questions and say anything
with full impunity, no shame,
consequence or judgment.
Two each.
(upbeat music)
- Hi, Danny.
- Thank you.
- You in?
- Uh.
- Hmm?
I think it was you that said
the best people to talk to
are the ones you owe nothing to.
Oh my God.
Wow. (laughing)
That was really hot.
Was not expected.
- Why didn't you wanna
sit next to Carla?
- Okay. Game on.
Wow, the roof of my mouth,
it's like,
it's like the coating's
way rougher than I thought.
It's like shag carpet
up in there right now.
- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, the homeless woman?
- Yes. The woman that no
longer has a place to live.
- Careful. Your tone
sounds like judgment.
- Sorry.
- Because I'm mad at
all of them.
- Can I give a rebuttal?
- Hm, not usually how the
game is played,
but I'll allow it.
And it counts as your
second anything.
- There are 7,000 plus people
living on the streets in
Orange County.
You think they all conspired?
- I'm not really holding myself
to a rational
standard right now so
(sighing) probably not.
- Most of them are good,
kind people,
hurting and down with little
support to get back up.
- Well I'm afraid of them,
- They act crazy.
Like Carla over there,
talking to herself.
Okay. Not a good look.
But mental illness sucks.
Our system sucks.
The organizations that do help,
they can't force someone
to stay if they wanna leave
so they don't get the
care they need.
The two guys that attacked
your parents, they're...
I'm sorry. I'll
change the subject.
- No, it's, it's fine.
I'm listening.
- They're a small percentage.
We have to help each other.
- You're right, but
like you said,
some of them don't want help.
What then?
- Let 'em go I guess.
I'm still working on
that answer.
We're an evolved society of
intelligent creative people.
We have to figure out an answer.
We just shouldn't give up.
At least not on the ones
that can't make the choice.
I think my time's up. Your turn.
- Um.
How do you know all
these people?
- They're all around us.
You just have to see them.
I'm just gonna take this over.
- Okay. Yeah. I'm gonna
go to the bathroom, so.
- Oh my goodness.
Thank you.
No onions though, right?
- And extra pickles. Your
a picky bag lady, Carla.
- You know, my son is
about your age.
I have his letters.
Ah, here they are.
Look at, see, it says, "Mom."
- Hmm.
- I sure do miss him.
(Savannah panting)
(dramatic music)
(Savannah coughing)
- It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay.
Oh my God.
Okay. Okay.
Oh God. Please don't
do this to me. (crying)
It's okay. It's okay.
Keep it together.
Keep it together.
Thew walls are white.
Um, it's filthy.
This is the most disgusting
bathroom I've ever been in.
Except for those.
That's pretty I guess.
One, two, three, four, five.
Three, two, one.
Two. (sobbing)
Three, four.
Three, two, one.
Okay. Okay. Phew.
All right.
Hear the water.
Oh my God.
I hate this.
Hear the water. One,
two, three. (exhaling)
Pull it together, girl.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
(soft music)
The smile that's
on your face
The warmth of your embrace
- You good?
- Yes.
And in case you were
thinking I was tearing up
the toilet there, no, the
burrito didn't wreck me.
(Danny chuckles)
- You didn't eat any.
- True.
It's not the words
that you say
It's what you do everyday
- Oh, my grateful days.
This is like Thanksgiving.
Oh wait. But are
those onion rings?
'Cause I don't eat onions.
They, they make your soul cry.
Just like your eyes.
Oh, but where are my manners?
Bless you.
But I don't eat onions.
- Okay. Well maybe the
breading maybe or burrito.
- Oh, well the breading
touched the onions.
No, I don't, can't do that,
but maybe I could give it away
'cause I don't like to waste.
So I could give it to someone.
- Thank you.
- I'm ready to go home now.
- Okay.
(soft music)
I hope I didn't do
something to upset you.
- No, today was
unexpected and fun.
So thank you.
- I'd give you my number,
but I lost my phone.
I don't remember
where I left it.
- It's okay. Really.
No one was asking for it
and I understand.
- No, really?
- Okay.
- Hey, Say Anything.
You didn't get your turn.
That's not very fair.
It's like, uh, Jungle-manji.
Whatever that game is.
Play till we finish.
- All right. Yeah.
That's how it works I guess.
All right. Um.
I haven't hugged anyone
since my dad died.
Actually, it's been a while
since I let anyone hug me,
touch me.
And I love hugs, but
I've gained a few pounds.
So I wonder if they can
feel the small,
I don't know what you call them,
ripples, I guess,
I have on my side
under each arm,
That was really vulnerable.
- Yeah.
- So thank you for
the hug earlier.
I needed it.
And for the burrito I
didn't eat. (laughing)
And the liquor store
we knocked off.
We'll likely do time for that,
which I did say I
was going away.
And I'm nervous so I'm
talking a lot.
Oh, and the dog.
Who gets Rogue?
- We can share custody, right?
- I feel like you have more
to give than I do right now.
- That's when you need
a dog the most.
Hey, when did we meet?
- Mm.
A long time ago.
- That's what I thought.
You got one more.
- You use it. I feel
sufficiently bare right now.
- Is that allowed?
- We make up the rules as we go.
- Okay.
Well, I have something I
want to tell you.
- How about we don't play
the game and you just say it.
- Uh, I'm nervous too.
I need impunity.
(both laughing)
- Okay.
- I think you're beautiful,
I know you don't know me-
- That's nice to hear.
Thank you.
Get a phone. I'm going home.
- Come on, Rogue. Meet
your new roommates, huh?
(dog barking)
I'm glad your travel
plans changed.
- And I'm glad the person
you were meeting flaked.
Should you be worried?
- It was my brother, Dustin.
He's a good man.
He's homeless.
He hangs out at the
station sometimes.
(Savannah sighing)
- Hey, um, you go to save
the world again,
take me with you.
- Rogue, come here.
(dog barking)
And there he goes.
- Yeah.
(dog barking)
Oh, who is this handsome boy?
A boy. Right?
- This is Rogue. Rogue,
this is Carol Singer.
And this guy is-
- Oh, you're so friendly.
We call him Boy Scout,
B-Scout for short.
- Nice to meet ya.
Can you sit?
- Sit.
Aw, look at that.
Of course he can.
He's so smart.
- Is Dustin back yet?
- Yeah. He's in the tent.
He's been loud, been
yelling things again.
- Sorry.
Is he okay?
- Seems like it.
- Hey!
Who is he?
What's his name?
- I don't know.
- Came through about
two hours ago.
- I only bought two meals.
- Oh, I already ate.
- Smell good too.
Homeless life seems to
agree with you.
- I'm good, Danny. Thanks.
- Well.
- I'm coming.
- Do you mind sharing
this with him?
- Split it right
down the middle.
- And
I got snacks.
Lots of snacks.
- Never say no to snacks.
- Thank you.
- Did you hear about the liquor
store that got looted today?
- Uh,
What happened?
- Place got cleaned out.
They found him in the
bathroom, gagged and tied up.
- He's a jerk.
- And a pervert.
The police found
recordings and pictures
of some really bad stuff,
- Shameful. That's shameful.
- Bonus.
- [Dustin] I'm okay, Danny.
I'm working on something
really important
and I need to think so okay.
- I haven't seen you
for a while.
- It's big.
It's bigger than than the best
idea I've ever had, Danny.
- You keep disappearing.
Can I come in for a second?
- [Dustin] It's
really important.
No one gets it, I just
have to think.
- I have snacks.
- Okay. You can come in then.
(soft music)
- What are you working on?
- Don't tell anyone.
It's gonna make us rich.
- I won't.
Hey, you remember those two guys
that came through camp a
few weeks ago?
Kind of mean, you said
didn't like 'em.
You remember?
- I don't know, Danny.
You told them to leave.
- Yeah, those guys.
Have you seen 'em around?
- Hey.
Do you think mom would
loan me the money for this?
I, I'll give it back.
- I'm happy to take the
smaller half.
- No, no, no.
You're, you're too thin.
- Will you ask her for me?
- I don't think so.
She doesn't really understand.
- Well, she's got it.
I know she does.
I'll ask her on her birthday.
- Dustin.
Have you seen them
around lately?
It's okay. I just, I need
to know if you've seen them.
- I went with them a few times.
Scout knows.
He asks me questions about them.
- Yeah. He told me.
B-Scout's looking out for you.
You can trust him.
- They're not really that bad.
They're nice to me.
I need friends too, Danny,
and I need money too.
- Listen to me.
I don't want you to hang
out with them anymore. Okay?
- I can.
- No, you can't.
- Okay.
It's time you leave my tent.
- It's gonna be like that. Huh?
You kicking me out?
- Whoa. You don't
feel well again?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- You always say that.
I'm gonna sleep.
- Okay.
We'll talk more in the morning.
All right?
You wanna get some breakfast
with me at the beach?
(Dustin chuckles)
- It's a date.
- What?
What'd I do?
- Uh.
It's a funny story.
That's why you don't
sharpen a knife on skin.
- You all right? Let me see.
(somber music)
Who said that to you?
Was it them? Do you know
where they are?
- I'm okay, Danny, don't worry-
- Dustin.
- No, I don't know.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- You don't have to
worry about me.
I mean, just because I'm
younger than you
doesn't mean I can't take
care of myself.
You know, Danny.
- I know.
(soft music)
I know.
We'll take care of each other.
- Yeah.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
(Danny shuddering)
(people chattering)
(upbeat music)
- Birthday.
- What the?
- Happy birthday.
- You okay?
Huh, you good, Chubby?
- Happy birthday.
Chubby birthday.
- Are you Savannah?
- Who are you?
Where's Wyatt?
- Not sure. Upstairs maybe.
- I'm Jade. Your cousin.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
- You weren't supposed
to be here until, at all.
- Yeah. I'm sorry.
I just go where the
rents take me.
- Rents?
- My parents. I'll stay
out of the way.
- No, that's not what I-
- Oh, thank God you're here.
I am not okay.
I did not allow this.
Wyatt, he's out of control.
I am alone here.
Aldo wouldn't come in.
Just fire him, fire him!
These people, they don't
have any respect.
They keep calling me
the hobbit lady.
I am not that short.
- Okay, calm down. I'm home now,
It's just a party, right?
Just tell them to leave.
- Since you've been gone,
I have bitten all my
fingernails off.
I've eaten my weight in skin!
I can't stop chewing.
I'm like a goat.
If I could reach my
toenails, they'd be gone too.
- I've been gone nine hours.
- You said you
weren't coming back.
You know I don't like stress.
- Excuse me. Someone's taking
a dump in the pool you have.
- Oh gross.
- And they told me to
tell the Hobbit.
- See?
- Please don't call her that.
- Hey Savannah,
would you like me to turn
down the music
so you can kick these
losers out of your home?
- He's an angel.
- Yes, please.
That would be great.
- All right, losers, get out!
Go sponge off someone
else's kindness.
Bunch of dejects.
- You got your way, didn't you?
Crazy little bird.
Puppet master from
the gilded cage.
(person knocking)
- Come in.
- Hey.
Nice party.
- Chubby's birthday.
- In two days.
- It was a surprise party.
The music stopped.
What happened?
- Can we talk?
- No.
I thought you moved.
Didn't expect you back so soon.
- Can see that.
I met someone.
I don't know. It's only been
a day, but it's insane, I...
- You deserve to be
happy. Let it happen, sis.
- Thank you, Wyatt.
He's different.
(solemn music)
Drinking isn't the answer,
- You're right.
30 year old bourbon tastes
like lighter fluid anyways.
I'll take a cold deer.
- I know it's easier
to ignore it,
but we need to figure this out.
We need to work together.
I need you.
We can make it work.
- You sound like a bad
environmental ad.
- Yeah. I felt that.
I've been doing it all day.
I, I got upset and I told
my friend, Emma, good day.
- You're weird.
Speaking of, our cousin
Jade is here.
- Yeah. I met him.
Seems polite.
- Well, he does this
weird nose thing.
- I saw that. It's funny.
This is nice.
It's been a good day.
I wanna talk to you.
- We are.
- I wanna talk to you
about mom and dad.
- I'm good.
Maybe tomorrow.
- Okay.
But you're at least gonna
come downstairs
and help clean up, right?
- I'm gonna hang up here.
I'll do it tomorrow.
Just leave it.
- Okay.
(soft music)
Feels like I'm
praying to a wall
How could I think that
you know me at all
Maybe it's my fault that
you seem so far these days
But I think I've seen too
much to just have faith
They say you give
and take away
But it feels more like
all you do is take
I need more than just
a touch from your cloak
(person lightly knocking)
I don't wanna speculate,
I wanna know
I need you to show up now
- Son of ah!
- Let's fight crime, want to?
- Whose house is this?
- Someone that doesn't
deserve to have it.
- Okay.
- Do you trust me?
- Trying.
I can't, Danny, I-
- We're fighting crime.
- Cool, but you still haven't
answered the question.
Details, please.
- Then let me show you.
- Okay.
- I'm driving.
- All right.
You can reach out
for the stars
Or wait around til they fall
We all know life is hard
But we try, try, try
- Am I dreaming this? (laughing)
- I sure hope not.
You won't like what you see.
(ominous music)
Stay close.
Touch nothing.
- I shouldn't be here.
I can't breathe.
Can't, I need to go,
I need to go.
I need to go.
- I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have
brought you here.
- Why are you here?
- We're leaving.
- I'll shoot you.
You're a hard target to miss.
(gun cocking)
- Okay.
(tense music)
(camera clicking)
(Savannah laughing)
I think we make a good team.
- Yeah. I mean, how are we
gonna help those people?
- I've tried. It's complicated.
- Oh my gosh. I'm shaking.
I just pointed my gut at
someone, that just happened.
- Yeah. Where the heck
did you get that thing?
- My brother's.
- I don't have the keys.
- Oh my god. (laughing)
- Why the gun?
You brought that for protection.
From me.
- No. (laughing)
- That's my girl.
(engine starts)
I've tried to buy the homes
they use for their operations,
including this one.
But they won't sell.
I have a friend who
works for the city.
He tells me when and where
they're gonna buy the next
They have houses everywhere.
Other states, drug sales,
Everything you just saw.
They've warned me to back off.
- Yeah, but how is
busting up this place
gonna help those poor people?
I mean, we need to do something.
We need to do something more.
- I've called the police.
I've tried.
Places are cleared out,
more arrive.
The dealers are ghosts.
trade and use people like...
Savannah. These guys,
they're not human.
- You think they could
have to do something
with my parents murder?
- I don't know. In a
roundabout way, maybe.
- If I was in my right mind,
I'd burn it all to the ground.
- [Danny] You consider that
to be in your right mind?
- Well, I'd say a few
holes aren't gonna matter.
- True.
But I know this girl.
She's in a lot of pain,
could use an outlet
and that matters.
I'm no Emma, but I can't
think of a better way
to blow off some steam.
It's a twofer.
- Hmm.
(soft music)
Oh. (laughing)
That felt so good.
Anger art. (laughing)
Oh. That felt good.
- You got a big canvas
to work with.
- Yeah. What?
Come on.
It's only fun trashing a house
when you do it with a friend.
- Oh, that's not good.
- What?
- Slipping into the friend zone.
- Oh. Shut up. (laughing)
- I'm gonna watch for a second.
Just giving you a head start.
You've got more, uh,
more to get out than I do.
- That's true.
- Well, unless you
factor in my mom,
she's a complicated woman.
Maybe I will help.
- [Savannah] You okay?
- You really need to quit
asking me that. I'm fine.
- Okay. Well, here we go.
- Oh, ho, ho.
Whoa. (laughing)
- [Savannah] Whoa.
(Danny laughing)
- You're a hard target to miss.
- Just never know what
you're gonna say
in moments like that.
- And you've given that
a lot thought, have you?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
One day when I'm in a drug house
facing the shadow of death,
what on earth am I gonna say?
Hey goon, if you know
what's good for ya.
Well, that's, that won't do.
Oh, I know.
You're a hard target to miss.
Yeah. That hits the spot.
- You enjoy yourself, don't you?
(Danny laughing)
So you wanna come in?
Not like that. That's stupid.
- I didn't say anything.
- Yes, you did.
That grin guys get.
I haven't ever had sex.
Oh wow. All day.
The most intimate and
embarrassing thoughts
for everyone to hear. You
wanna guess my weight next?
(Danny laughing)
I have no gate right now.
I'm clearly delirious and tired.
- Well, good day to
you then madam.
- Yep. That's what I mean.
(soft music)
- Truth is I wanna wait,
for me and for my
parents and for God,
even though I'm mad at Him.
- I respect that.
Anyway, even if you were
putting out, yeah, (laughing)
I can't, I'm taking my
brother to breakfast.
- I'm sorry about earlier.
I was being insensitive.
- Oh, that's all right.
I brought it up and it's
hard to know what to do.
- I know, I have a brother,
He's not doing well with
everything and just trying to
So, are you just gonna
walk home or?
- Yeah.
It's a nice day out and
I walked here.
- I can't figure you out.
- Is that important to you?
- It is if I'm gonna
keep seeing you.
You wanna keep seeing me?
- Yeah. That'd be nice.
- I'm gonna say one
more stupid thing
before I get some rest
and overthink it.
- Say anything?
- No, judge me if you must.
In comparison to other
things I've said today,
it's not really that
big of a deal.
I've never been on a
real date before.
My dad, I love him,
but third grade father/daughter
date doesn't count.
I've never had my
first kiss either.
I want it to be something
I tell my grandkids.
Is that weird?
- No.
Hey Savannah.
- Hmm?
- I was wondering if, uh,
you might wanna go on a
date with me.
- Yes. I will consider it.
It's not a pity date. Right?
- Nice. I'll call you.
I'll get a phone, and
a car maybe.
Actually a truck.
I, I like trucks better.
- How did you find my house?
- I have a friend.
- You have a lot of friends.
Danny Scott, you do not add up.
- I like it when you
say my last name.
(ceiling thuds)
- Ugh, what now?
He's probably with someone
He will hate me for
Wyatt, I just need to
know you're okay.
Okay. I'm coming in so.
(suspenseful music)
Oh, shit, Wyatt!
God. Come on!
Help me! Help me!
Do you need to leave?
It's okay. It's just.
- I've seen this.
My mom.
It doesn't look like
he took pills.
It's, it's something else.
- Okay.
- Is he breathing?
- I think so. I don't know,
I don't know.
- Where are you?
- We're here in Wyatt's room!
- Help!
- Then check.
- Okay. Okay.
(gun fires)
(Greta screaming)
- Did you finally kill him?
- Call 911!
- Oh, help me.
Please, God, help.
- [Jade] Call 911!
Get him up.
- Take the hand. Help me
get him into the shower.
Greta, turn the shower on!
- We need help! And a
firearm went off.
- [Jade] Don't mention the gun!
- I didn't need firearm.
Fire alarm.
- Arm on the shoulder. Come on.
- I didn't mean firearm.
He took drugs!
- Greta, do you know where
my dad keeps this black book?
- His office.
- I'm gonna need you to
make some calls for me,
starting with the mayor.
Listen to me!
(Savannah panting)
(Savannah sobbing)
- It says information.
- I understand.
- So ask me a question.
I don't need all this
misguided anger
and emotional
transference thrown at me.
I didn't make you late or
buy you the wrong ticket.
And sir, I'm not responsible
for raising you wrong.
- What?
- So ask me a question and
maybe we fix it together.
- Look.
- My turn.
- Hey!
- You had your chance.
- Y'all tripping.
- Have a nice day.
- Cheating on me.
- What?
No, he's just a patron.
He meant nothing to me.
He asked me a question.
He bought a ticket.
Unlike some.
- You know what? Get past it.
Why did God allow my
parents to die?
I mean, he had the
power to stop it.
Why is he trying to kill
my entire family?
- What?
Did something go wrong?
What triggered this?
Our session went so
well yesterday.
- Come on, Emma. Dig deep.
- Did the date go wrong?
- No, it was amazing.
I think I love him.
- Hey, you been drinking?
- He's God I-
- Who? Danny?
- No, God! Please stay focused.
- I'm trying.
- He could have stopped it.
Why didn't he stop it?
- Blaming God.
We're so good at that.
Savannah, God doesn't have
to try to do anything.
He just is and He just does.
He doesn't owe us an
- So He's a bully.
- Not now.
He's not a dictator.
He's not a genie.
Not a wishing well.
It's not all about you.
- It's about me.
They're my parents.
My brother almost died of
an overdose a few hours ago.
It's about me.
- We want so bad to
believe that.
Help us not to feel so
small in such a big world.
Is Wyatt okay?
(Savannah sighing)
- I think so. He's at
the hospital right now.
- He didn't cause your
brother to hurt himself.
Free will mixed with bad
choices did that, Savannah.
If you let him, he'll work all
things together for the good,
but we have to trust him.
Just let him be God.
- Then,
then I wish you would've
stopped some of their choices.
- Yes.
As a parent, I know what
that feels like.
But truthfully, what's the
use of looking at a menu
if someone's just gonna
order for you?
What those monsters did,
that's not God's will.
He gave us the right to
make up our own minds.
Some do all kinds of wicked
things with that freedom,
and others do great things.
- I'm angry, Emma.
- Be pissed off, have a party.
That's part of the plan.
Aim it in the right direction
and it may even bring
change and a lot of good.
I didn't learn that in
some classroom.
I learned that in life.
- You're right, Emma, I'm
gonna make some change happen.
I'm mad, Emma, but I'm
finally thinking straight.
- That doesn't sound good.
Make good choices.
Poor thing. She got issues.
- I'm sure his brother Dustin
knows where they're at.
No, I can't push him
because he is not all...
Look, I don't know who's
involved yet so leave it.
I'll check in.
(phone beeps)
(ominous music)
- You have a cell phone.
- Hey Carol, why are
you up so early?
- Because I'm old.
- Ha.
Okay. Well.
- Don't hurt my friends, Scout.
(people chattering)
(solemn music)
(Savannah laughing)
- You can't hide from me.
Not since we were kids,
- I still do.
I'm sorry.
- [Savannah] I
brought you snacks.
Some dark chocolate,
soda and stuff.
I got this from a liquor store
I robbed earlier with a friend.
The guy deserved it though.
I guess.
- That's really
specific for a joke.
- [Savannah] Yep.
- Thank you for everything.
- Sure.
- I didn't try to kill myself.
I didn't want to die, but I
didn't want to live either.
- I know.
You don't have to explain
it to me. I've been there.
I mean, unless you feel
like talking now then...
- No, I'm good.
- Are you good?
- No more.
They're suggesting I go to this
drug treatment group thing.
- And?
- Are you kidding?
- Wyatt!
- I said, yes, it'll help me
boost my Instagram followers.
- Idiot.
- They help with more than
just the drugs.
I'll try it.
Tired of feeling like this.
(Savannah sighing)
- Can I tell you something
I've never told anyone before?
There was this time in high
school, you were like 11.
And I started gaining weight.
It's like no matter what
I did, I couldn't lose it.
All the girls were getting
looked at by all the guys
and asked out and the same
ones I had my eyes on too.
And I did everything I
could to get noticed.
That changed.
I did everything I
could to hide.
I just hoped to blend in
that my thighs and my pimples
wouldn't be the reason
to point me out.
It's always a laugh, making
fun of the fat girl with acne.
- Dude, that pisses me off.
Who do you want me to hurt?
I got lots of resources.
- That's sweet of you for
wanting to kill someone for me,
but I didn't get bullied.
Not like some did, not
physically anyway.
That seemed to be
reserved for the loners
and heavier boys who
couldn't defend themselves.
But the emotional and
warfare was just as bad.
The girls at my school
were shamed for having sex
or for not having sex
or for being too skinny
or being too fat or worse,
just ignored
by the self-appointed elite.
It was death by a
thousand whispers,
most of them being my
own in my head
because I allowed myself
to believe social media
and the bullies.
- I've said things too.
I'm sorry, sis.
I'm a jerk.
- No, you were still young.
You didn't become a
jerk until later.
And by then I'd built
up a tolerance.
- I didn't know.
You always had the
best comebacks.
- Lots of practice.
You remember Rebecca?
- Hm. Yeah.
Cute. Not nice.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sucks.
- Yeah, so first day
of school, junior year,
she walks up to me
and she's like,
"Hey Savannah, what happened?"
And she was my friend
so I smiled and made a
joke at my own expense.
I actually thought I
looked good that day.
I spent like an hour picking
out that dress. (sighing)
And then I spent hours hiding
in the bathroom that day.
And I don't think I even
truly stopped.
It's like I just let that
simple comment
just make its way in and I've
just been trying to forget
how ugly and self-conscious
it made me feel for years.
It's like I wanna be healthy.
I feel better when I am.
You know, no one wants to
be uncomfortable or obese.
Just, I just wanna be
free to make a decision
without considering the
Rebeccas of the world first.
It's pretty screwed up.
And no one knew.
I wish I would've told someone.
I know that now.
But our mom once did tell me,
you don't have to
perform for applause,
we're not all entertainers.
- She was smart.
- She is.
And I'm glad you're here
for me to tell.
And I'm glad I didn't do
some of those stupid things
I thought about back then.
Because if I had, who would've
been there to save your butt?
- I know what it looks like,
but I have fun with the
popularity I have.
It's nice having followers
and people who want to
hear what you have to say.
- There's nothing
wrong with that.
Just don't slip into needing it.
(soft music)
- They're gone.
- Yeah they are but you
know you're not alone.
I'm here.
And I'm not going
anywhere for a while.
- I'm glad.
Love you, sis.
I've always admired
your strength.
- Really?
(phone vibrating)
- Get it.
(phone vibrating)
The guy.
- Unknown caller. Can I?
- Hello?
- Hey.
How are you? It's Danny.
- You got a phone.
- I did. It's date night, right?
Or too soon or?
- I'm here.
I, I want to, but there
was this accident
when I got home this morning
and my brother Wyatt
needs me right now.
- Is he okay?
- He's good, they're
releasing him tomorrow but-
- I got people waiting
for updates. Just go.
- Yes.
Date night. (chuckles)
(upbeat music)
- What? Nurses love it.
- Okay.
I'll call you in the morning
after I have breakfast
with my brother.
- [Savannah] Bye.
- Woo! (laughing)
(soft music)
- What?
- Dustin almost drowned.
- Well, did you?
- Okay, Then we're all
better now, right?
- Dustin!
What are you doing? I said
I'd pay for it.
- Hey, Danny.
Hey, I have money.
Hey, I can buy us breakfast.
- What's that?
- A package.
I'm gonna drop it off
after breakfast
to take to my friends.
- A package. Let me see.
- Hey! Dumb ass!
Don't touch the package.
Dude, mind your own business.
- Come, come on, Danny.
Let's, let's go.
- Me?
- No, the seagull behind you.
- [Dustin] Danny, stop!
- Dude! What's your problem?
- I called the police.
- What? You did?
Call 'em back.
- Let's go, Danny.
Here, take it back.
- You just got your
friend in a world of shit!
- What are you doing?
I told you to stop
doing that. Not do that.
- I need money too.
- Not like that you don't.
- You're just like mom.
- What's that supposed to mean?
I'm nothing like our mother.
- Leave me alone.
- Leave you alone?
That crazy woman is the
reason you're on the streets.
I'm the only reason you're safe.
Nobody else gives a shit,
Dustin, nobody!
I'm living like this
because of you,
but you won't let me help you.
- It's that crazy woman's
birthday tomorrow.
I was trying to buy
mom a present.
Now I don't have one for her.
Yeah. Thanks Danny.
(soft music)
(kids yelling and laughing)
Mom used to bring us here
all the time, remember?
- Yeah.
- You always saved me.
I'm sorry.
Molly said it was
important for us to come.
- When'd you talk to Molly?
- Just a couple days ago.
I used Scout's phone.
- Scout has a phone?
- Well, I used it
without him noticing,
so don't say anything, okay?
- Yeah. I won't.
(upbeat music)
How long
Do we have
- What?
- Pizza.
Jade and I are going for pizza.
- [Jade] Yeah, come.
- Don't we ever eat
healthy in this house?
- [Jade] What?
- I'm starting a diet.
I need healthy food.
- You're losing weight
because of that guy?
- No, I'm losing weight
so I can scratch the
middle of my back.
And how do you know about-
- I've seen you leave with him.
Greta knows too. I told her.
- I heard he's handsome.
Oh, the mayor said it'll
be taken care of
tonight before 10:00 p.m.
It sounded serious.
- Thank you, Greta.
- [Greta] What did I just
get myself involved in?
(phone ringing)
- Hey.
- [Danny] Hey.
Hear me out.
I don't want you to think
I'm backing out.
I have to take care of something
tonight. It's unavoidable.
- What's going on, Danny?
I can hear it in your voice.
(Danny sighing)
- [Danny] If I tell you,
you have to promise not
to get involved.
- Bullshit. I'm involved.
I'm bringing down some drug
dealers. Don't wait up.
Oh, wait. Where are
the ski masks?
- Garage.
- Okay.
- They close at six.
Nothing risky. Please. I
don't want you getting hurt.
You're just gonna be the
lookout. Okay?
- We walk in, take the cash,
destroy the drugs, we leave.
Easy peasy.
- No, I didn't agree to that.
- Oh, wait. Hey, hey, sorry.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but, um, can you help me?
I was, I really hurt myself.
I was jogging and I just like-
- What'd you do?
- I, I don't know.
I just, I really hurt myself.
- Okay. Let me...
I'll bring you some ice.
- Thank you. But, um, can I
just borrow your phone actually?
I just, I just don't think I'm
gonna make it home like this.
- Well, I can take you home.
- No, just your phone please.
- Yeah, sure.
- I really appreciate it.
- Wait! What are you doing?!
That's not cool!
I was helping you!
- [Savannah] Cameras.
- There's two.
- Yeah.
We're going back inside.
I'll hurt you, but I
don't have to.
(suspenseful music)
- I know where the money is.
No worries, dude. We're cool.
Whatever you need.
This shit-hole ain't worth it.
- [Danny] Talk to anyone
and our friends will
be visiting your home.
- I won't. I swear.
- Who else is here?
- No one.
- Where are the drugs?
- Please, man.
They'll kill me.
(suspenseful music)
- [Savannah] For your
phone. Sorry about that.
All right. We'll break
the door lock.
They'll think we broke in. Okay?
You won't tell our secret.
We won't tell yours.
- Can I get one more?
- Don't get greedy.
Where are the drugs?
- I swear I don't know.
- Okay. I'm gonna get
a diet cola.
- Don't move.
(dramatic music)
- They made me.
- Why aren't you bleeding?
They'll deal with you later.
(gun fires)
(man groaning)
- Thank you.
Get up!
Get up! Move!
Let's go! Move!
- Get over there!
- The safe in the office.
- Combination.
- I'll tell you.
If she climbs on top of
me like you did.
That's kind of nice.
- My brother almost
died last night
because of losers like you!
- Shoot me, but please,
spare me to the sermon.
- Tape him up. Hands
and feet quickly.
- [Man] All of you are dead.
- The combination.
- Stop. Give it to me.
This isn't you. I got you.
(dramatic music)
Say good night.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Eight, zero, five, eight, six.
Doesn't matter.
They're gonna kill me
and all of you.
- [Operator] Hello, 911.
What's your emergency?
- I dialed 911.
We should open that and leave.
(dramatic music)
Guess I quit.
- All right. Okay. We're
going to the hospital, okay?
- Okay. Sounds good.
(Savannah sighing)
Okay God.
I've gone off the
deep end I admit,
but I believe you brought
Danny into my life, (sighing)
so please heal him, okay?
Just let him be all right.
(soft music)
I know it's crazy, but I
really think I love him
and not because he's
literally the first guy
that's ever treated me
like this, but because
my heart, it knows.
Okay. So please, God, please.
- Well, that's good to hear.
- Dr. Conrad, this is Savannah.
The woman that saved my
life tonight.
Savannah, this is Dr. Conrad.
- I've been Danny's
cardiologist since well,
Dr. Harris handed your
case over to me,
that was like 14, 15 years ago.
- And a great friend
of the family.
I'm sure you now have
many questions.
- Yes. It's very nice
to meet you.
What a relief.
Um, so how's he doing?
- Well, his heart-
- She means the laceration.
- Either one, actually.
- He's lucky.
A quarter inch or so
and it would be more than
just stitches.
Well, I'll let you two get
back to your dinner plans.
It was wonderful to meet you,
Tell this one to take it easy.
And his heart could use rest.
Oh, and Danny,
stop running with knives
on wet kitchen floors.
- You good?
- I'm great.
- I think I need some
answers now, Danny.
- Wanna come to a FATAL
group with me tonight?
- What's a FATAL group?
- This just breaking.
We have our very own
Natalie Lewis
from the Eye On You News
special reporting team
out in Anaheim with a story
that seemingly keeps getting
stranger by the hour.
Natalie, what do you
have for us?
- It's starting to look
like Orange County
has its very own
vigilante on the loose
and they may be robbing from
the crooks to give to the poor.
Sir, come here for a second.
How much money do
you have there?
- I have a lot of money here.
Look, a lot of money.
- And what are you gonna do
with all that new found cash?
- I'm might give it to my
And, and, and stay in the hotel
for a whole week if I can.
- Best of luck to you, sir.
- That's what I wanna do. Yeah.
- Yes. Thank you so much.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- But unlike
yesterday's food drive,
this one had a more
deadly outcome.
A body was found with
multiple gunshot wounds
according to police.
And for the second day in a row,
investigators are reporting
that this could very well-
(people chattering)
- So many choices.
- Danny's here.
Hi, Danny.
Oh, how sad. I wonder
what she's dying from.
- I don't think she's dying,
but this meeting
just got longer.
- Rickey.
- So, bring all your dates to a,
what do you call it, a
fatalist group?
- I guess I would, but never
been on a real date before.
- Oh, I know him.
He doesn't like me. Um.
- I'm living, Dan.
- We're not fatalists.
Most of us don't even
believe in fatalism.
- You know all these people?
- We help each other.
The group's actually
called FATAL.
It's an acronym,
Fighting Against a
Terminally Altered Life.
- A group I obviously
needed to attend.
Look, I appreciate it but
you don't need to fix me.
- I know.
- Well, they admire you.
- I admire them.
They're tough.
- Okay, everyone, before
we get going tonight,
Danny has brought a friend.
Her name is Savannah.
- Hi, Savannah.
- Hi, Savannah.
- And apparently she has
brought a gift for you all.
- Remember not the clinicians.
You be Robinhood
I'll be Maid Marian
And maybe we can make
some difference
May not be the brightest
idea you've had tonight
But hey, at least
we're doing something
- Oh wow, thank you.
- Oh my gosh, thank you so much.
- Oh.
- Thanks.
- Wow.
- That was absolutely,
hands down,
the most fun I've ever had.
- If you were running for
office, they'd all vote for you.
(all laughing)
- Who is that?
- She is like a sister to me.
- Okay, okay.
Um, let's get started please.
My name is Dr.
Bernadette Krause.
I'm your supervising clinical...
Oh, and this is interning
psychologist and resident PhD.
- My name is Emery as
most of you know,
emotional support liaison and
not in need of pontificating
my credentials at the
start of each meeting.
- Yes.
- Hi, everyone.
- Hi.
- Hi, Emery.
- When you're coming
here on time.
- Don't start with me.
- Hmm.
- Good to see you all again.
Would've been a dead
room otherwise.
(group chuckling)
- Yes.
- [All] Anger, bargaining,
acceptance and whatever
else gets me by.
- This is good.
- Um, sadly, Carrie won't
be joining us anymore.
- She died?
- No, Tyler.
She simply moved to Cancun.
- Oh.
- You may have wanted to
lead with that
given the group condition.
- I agree with Emery.
That didn't make me feel good.
- It was insensitive.
- Well, maybe you're being
too sensitive, Marisa.
- I don't think so.
Expressing their feelings
is why they're here.
- Ugh. Get off me.
Somebody's cranky and perhaps
needs to find some decaf
or a new group.
- Danny hired me. Not you.
I've almost got my hours
and then you can leave.
Mm, we'll see about that.
- They really don't work
well together.
- Yeah. I'm getting that.
You hired her.
- Yes.
She's actually pretty nice.
- Why don't we go around the
room and in a word or two
say how you're feeling today
or even this past week.
- I'm tired.
(solemn music)
- Confused.
- Left out.
- Scared.
- Angry.
- Uh, sad.
- Emotional.
- Sick.
- Invisible.
- Um.
Stuck. I guess.
- Dizzy lately.
- Wait.
- Okay.
One more time around the
room. Let's just get it out.
- Let's get past the denial,
- I'm dying.
- I'm dying.
- I'm dying.
- I'm dying.
- I'm dying.
- I'm dying.
- I'm dying.
- I'm
(group laughing)
- I'm gonna go the
bathroom for a second.
- [Dr.] Okay.
Now I wanna hear who's
living in the moment,
who's taking life back.
(Savannah vomiting)
(toilet flushing)
(upbeat music)
- Hello.
My name is Frank.
I'm the guy that prays
for everyone here.
I've seen lots of miracles.
If you don't mind me asking,
how can I pray for you?
What are you dying of?
Most of us have different
types of cancer.
- I'm so sorry to hear that,
I'm, I'm not dying.
I'm not sick.
- You don't have to be
sorry for living.
Praise God. That's great news.
Well, I'll let you get
back to Danny.
He's a good Christian man.
He makes all this happen.
It's nice of you to be there
to support him in his last days.
He deserves it.
- Yes, it was very nice
to meet you, Frank.
- Bye, bye.
(solemn music)
- I'm very proud of this group.
- Let's huddle up.
- So how's your side?
- A little sore, but good.
- How's your heart?
- Fine.
- Good.
So did you mean it, about
not being on a date before?
Or did you just say that
to make me feel better
about myself?
- You just found out I'm dying
and you're concerned
about my dating resume?
- Well,
are you
- No.
I've had a heart thing
since I was 12
called Eisenmenger syndrome.
They've been counting me
out since I was a kid.
And here I am.
You wanna see my scar?
- I'm not blind, Danny.
The parking lot, the house
we trashed, I saw you,
but you don't seem all
that concerned about it so
should I be?
- No.
- I'm not a doctor so I don't
know if you're being honest
or just being a man, but
I'm starting to have
feelings for you.
And I'm not needy.
I don't need you to say
things to protect me
or make me feel better.
I just want the truth.
- I'm gonna be really
honest with you.
Dying or not, I don't have
a lot of time to waste
and I haven't been this
happy maybe ever.
And I want you to be happy,
really happy.
If I can make you feel better
the rest of your life I will,
but I don't have time to
treat you like porcelain
or cater to you more
insecure qualities.
- Hmm.
- I'm trying
not to get punched.
- Yeah.
So no, you don't have to
worry about that.
I didn't tell you to make
you feel better,
told you because it's true.
My heart has never
been more full.
You're welcome to Google it.
Savannah, in the past 24 hours,
you have aimed a gun at a giant
and pistol whipped a
drug dealer.
I think you can take it.
- Thank you. (chuckles)
- And while we're on
the subject,
I didn't bring you
here to fix you.
I invited you because I
needed you to know the truth
before I take you out
on our first real date.
I've never gone out
with anyone else
I felt needed to know.
- Why me?
I know, insecure, but
still answer please.
- So I could stop
fighting the urge
to fall in love with you.
I wanna let you in if
that's what you want.
- Where and when are you
taking me on this elusive date
you keep talking about?
Do you live somewhere?
Like, do you have
family members?
Or why do you have so
many friends?
It's such a mystery.
- I don't want to tell you.
I'll show you.
- Oh my gosh.
I feel like I'm in the
film "Christmas Carol."
Which ghost are you?
Ghost of Christmas past,
future, or I'll show you?
- Run.
- Wait. (laughing)
Why are we running?
- I'll show you! (laughing)
- The stars are so bright.
Why are we here?
Is this where Dustin lives or?
- We can go.
- No, no, I, I, I like it here.
Seems oddly safe for
some reason.
It's like peaceful.
- I worry about him.
He's been living out here
for about six months.
He can't be left alone
and he won't stay home.
He doesn't like people
telling him what to do.
- Ah, he's the one that
can't be forced.
- He won't let me help him.
He knows the guy that
we hurt tonight.
And I'm afraid that
they'll come for him.
Tonight was a lot and I'm
sorry I got you involved.
- You're wrong, Danny. Okay?
I like the person I became
tonight better than who I was.
I'm, I'm tired of being a
coward and I loved helping.
I mean, did you see their faces
when we gave them the money?
It was like seeing the value
in something for the first time.
It was like opening
I just, I just, I wanna
feel like that every day.
- Okay.
Me too.
But we don't have to
become like them to do it.
- I wanna see a scar.
- Really?
(soft music)
- Can I?
It's real.
You know, this all seems
so fast maybe.
I mean, I'm not sure what's,
what's real.
- I didn't bring you into
my life to get you hurt.
I didn't intend for it
to go this way.
- No.
- I'm a grown woman. Okay?
And I'm finally awake.
Okay, you helped me with that.
It's okay.
- Wait here.
- What?
- Okay. Close your eyes.
- Uh.
- Keep your eyes closed.
- What are you doing? I...
Okay, they're closed.
- Eyes closed.
- Okay. Okay.
- Okay. Um.
- Okay, you can open them.
Date night.
- Uh. Thank you. (chuckling)
Mm. They're beautiful.
- Not exactly how I'd planned,
- Always wonder what that
would be like.
- And?
- It was pretty good.
(soft music)
Okay. (chuckles)
Bags are packed are
you ready to go
This time tomorrow
we'll be on the road
Riding with you in the
sunnier days
I wouldn't want it
any other way
- Danny.
I wanna see where you live.
I wanna meet your family.
and I'm just gonna keep
asking and asking.
- You don't.
Eventually. Maybe.
- No, I want this to be real.
- You're sure?
This isn't the part
where I tell you too much
and you leave?
- You don't scare me.
- Promise?
- Promise. (chuckles)
Taking the good with the
ups and downs
- Wait here.
- Where are you going?
Oh, you're gonna show me.
I know.
- They're not involved.
We know who they are.
Have you been able to
locate them?
Do you even know if
they're still in the state?
Didn't think so.
We know who they are now. Let
me find out where they're at.
I'm here.
I don't care.
A couple of upstanding
social-tard parasites
got it handed to
them for change.
And I'm supposed to cry?
So what?
We're close to catching
the real bad guys here.
Hold off.
(phone beeps)
(soft music)
Hey Danny.
So I'm upping my game.
Why doesn't a seagull
live by the bay?
Because then he'd be
called a bagel.
I take, I can't take
credit for that one.
- Who are you?
- I'm the scout.
I'll be here all week.
- Yeah. Not funny as usual.
Who are you?
- Your herd.
Nobody sleeps around here.
I'm not after you or
your brother.
You've been nice to me.
I like you guys.
- Why are you here?
- Because a man and
his wife were murdered.
She was raped and tortured
before they did her the
favor of cutting her throat.
The FBI thinks your
brother was there.
Were you there that night too?
- Leave.
- Your brother Dustin
knows where they are.
I'm not after you or-
- You're gonna get my
brother hurt.
We didn't do anything wrong.
- I don't think you did,
but you and
your girl.
Savannah is it?
Have been doing an awful
lot of photo bombing lately.
Want to see?
Now, I don't care about that,
but they're an awful lot of
people that do on both sides.
Let me help you fix it.
Where are they?
- Were you there, Danny?
- I can't think.
- Danny!
- Uh, so if you look
over here to the right,
uh, you'll see the hotel
that I sleep in.
I didn't get a chance to
tidy up before I showed you,
uh, because detective-
- Agent.
Ian Mesa.
- Uh, Agent Mesa said he
had some photos.
- I heard everything. (panting)
Were you?
(Danny sobbing)
- Yes, I was there.
- Oh my God. Okay.
Okay. I have to go.
I'm not running away. Okay?
I just, I just need to
clear my head, all right?
- You want her back?
Let's find her parent's killers.
I don't know.
I'm sorry if I let you down!
Damn it!
Rule number one.
Never get attached.
(fire crackling)
- So this is how you
clear your head?
- Glad you came.
I'm not upset, just scared
and confused.
- Your fingerprints on this?
- Yes.
(soft music)
Did you see it?
My parents get killed.
- I assume you got all
the people out.
- Of course I did.
I made the call.
Well, Greta did.
I'm not crazy, you know?
- That's good.
- Mm-hmm.
I can finally put a check in
that box, mark it off my list.
- Answer the question.
- No.
But I was there.
I saw the men who did it,
which is probably why the
agent's there,
why they're watching us.
They were bothering your
parents when I walked by.
- You're always helping people.
Why didn't you stop
to help them?
- Savannah, nothing
I'm gonna say is gonna-
- Please.
- I went into the bathroom,
looking for Dustin.
When I came out,
your father had just been
stabbed and was on the ground.
Your mother was already gone.
I should've...
I want so badly to fix this.
I wish I would've paid
closer attention
or yelled at them or...
But I didn't.
I didn't freeze this time.
Savannah, your dad, he,
he looked like he had it
under control.
- Yeah. That's my dad.
- I'm so sorry.
- You're not to blame. Okay?
I'm not blaming you. I'm
not blaming you.
- I've tried to find them.
And every day I've sworn
to make it up to you.
- You don't owe me that.
You were worried about
your brother.
- I'm gonna fix this.
- Is that what this is?
Is that what we're doing?
- I'm not a pity date, remember?
Savannah, you never
needed saving.
I did.
- We should probably stop
talking and maybe go.
I have another house to burn
down before I go to bed.
- You know, Agent Mesa
probably has pictures of this.
- I'm joking.
It's too close to the
other houses.
I don't know how I feel
about you watching me
without me knowing
all these weeks.
- I'm not a stalker.
- And I'm not a pyro.
(Greta laughing)
- Jade, you can live
here as long as you like.
Your parents are negligent.
- Well, the mayor called,
he asked me to ask you,
if you had a bonfire tonight.
- You can tell him yes and
he's lucky it wasn't bigger.
They need to do more.
- Bonfires are nice.
Hey, did you hear about
the vigilantes,
they were helping the poor?
They struck like 20 times
in the past two days.
There's bodies everywhere.
- Mm-hmm.
- Said you wanted to
meet the family.
- It's big.
- You don't have to do this.
- They say that in every
movie. Of course I do.
- Ah! Ducky!
- Oh!
Hey kid.
- My brothers!
And a stranger.
- This is my girlfriend,
- Hi. Nice to, ooh!
- I'm Molly.
I didn't think you'd come.
- Dust said it was
important to you.
- Thanks. I really
appreciate it.
- Uh?
Where's Mom?
- In her room.
All morning. She's nervous.
- Hmm. Great. The
less I have to-
- You should listen to her.
Should Savannah be here?
- Oh, I don't have to be.
It's like a family thing.
I understand.
- She's staying.
- Are you sure?
- Are you sure?
Oh my.
- The beast, making
her appearance.
(all laughing)
(soft music)
- Please don't call me that.
Dustin, please.
For Mom, don't sit there
in those filthy clothes.
I'm sorry. I just, you
know how I am.
- If he gets up, we leave.
- That old hat.
I haven't seen that ugly
thing since your father died.
- Shut up about the hat.
- He wore it everywhere.
- You're pushing your luck,
- Hello, boys.
- It's a beautiful dress.
- It's my birthday.
- Same as my bird, Chubby.
- Have you showered?
- I did.
Can you loan me some money?
- No.
- Okay. I want a piece
of candy then.
- Please.
- What do you want?
- Peace.
I'm sorry for everything
that I've done and
I wanna make amends.
I want to make it up
to you, to all of you.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
I'm Savannah.
- Did I miss anything?
- Thank you, Mom.
Can I move back in?
- Yes, but with certain
conditions, but yes,
that's part of the
forgiveness part of course.
- No, you realize
this is my house.
Dad left it to me. You're
a squatter here.
(mother laughing)
- He didn't mean to do
that. I'm, I was his wife.
- Yeah. He drank himself
to death because of you.
- Danny.
- Mom said sorry.
- I thought-
- What?
We just embrace you from
afar and say all is forgiven?
- No, I'm a really
messy cookie eater.
- I thought you'd be grateful.
- Well, Katie,
maybe it's hard for
someone to accept the care
from the person
causing the injury.
- I never laid a hand
on you children.
- You were afraid of our germs.
- You never hugged us either.
- My son obviously values you.
So what's your opinion,
Are you homeless too?
- Okay. That's enough.
- Danny.
- This isn't done yet. We
shouldn't leave.
If this were any of my business,
I might have an opinion,
but thankfully it's
not so I don't.
Oh and no.
I'm just dealing with a broken
heart over the brutal murder
of my parents by
evil transients.
It's tough out there.
- You let your son live
on the street
while you enjoyed the
comforts of my home.
- I didn't tell you to leave!
You're living like a bum
on the streets
of your own free will!
- I meant Dustin!
I've been camping with my
brother, an extended vacation,
while I figure things out.
Takes me a while, six months,
but I've got the solution.
We're moving back in and
you're leaving.
Now, I'll show you
more compassion
than you ever showed
the three of us.
I'll buy your own house
so you can live alone
in your spotless,
sanitized little world.
But after that,
you're on your own.
Thank you for making
this happen.
I love you, sis.
- Love you too.
- Bye mom.
- Bye Dusty.
- [Dustin] I'll visit you.
- You always were the frail one.
- I understand you struggle
with mental illness.
It's colored our entire lives.
You can't help it,
but that never excused
your lack of love.
That's all you.
- Mrs. Scott, Danny is
the strongest man I know.
So with all due respect,
you couldn't be more wrong.
So good day to you.
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
- You sleeping?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yet so capable of
answering me.
- I always love the breeze.
It reminds me of something.
How did you find this place?
- I didn't.
It found me.
(Savannah laughing)
- Oh my gosh.
Look at my man. Trying
to be all deep.
That was so cheesy.
- Kind of cute though. Right?
- I love you.
- I'd love to gain feeling
back in my left leg.
It's been asleep for like
the past hour.
- Shut up.
- I'm kidding. Geez.
- Okay, so what I
just heard was,
hey, your size
triple X beast leg
is cutting my circulation.
Kindly get a crane and remove it
so I can regain feeling
in my lower extremities.
I think you just called
me fat, which is sad
because I'm not gonna diet.
And I'm not changing for no man.
No man.
What you see is what you
get until your last breath.
Is that okay?
(soft music)
You're looking at me.
- Yeah.
(Savannah chuckles)
We're more alive and
beautiful than I imagined
- I'm so blessed.
My heart is full.
So much bigger, so much
brighter than I first imagined
- I love you.
- I know. (both chuckle)
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be we finally
- When are you dying?
- Not right now.
- Please.
- Please.
- No.
- Savannah.
- Danny.
I need to know.
- Doctors have said
different things for so long.
Some say that I-
- Bullshit.
I call bullshit.
You can't do that to me.
Okay. I know it's soon.
I can tell and so can you.
You're looking at me.
- Yeah.
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be it's finally
- How much time do we have?
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
Could it be it's
finally happening
- Wanna head back to camp?
- Yeah.
Is Dustin still not back?
- Oh, I'm sure he's okay.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Rogue.
- We should go. Okay?
Let's, let's call the police.
(man grunting)
- You two really made a mess
of things for our bosses.
- I'm okay, Danny. It's
gonna be okay.
(man laughing)
- Go.
- She's not going.
We have plans for her.
(man laughing)
- I pistol whipped the
shit out of your boss.
You don't look like
much of challenge.
- Savannah, stop.
- Wait a minute.
Where have I heard that before?
Angela stop.
This is starting to sound like
a certain train station
visit I remember.
(man laughing)
- Me too.
(Savannah panting)
- I'm going to kill you both.
- You guys take me. Okay?
I did-
- You're both going to die.
That's nonnegotiable.
Put him down.
(Dustin groaning)
- That's not gonna happen!
- Danny.
Shoot him.
- No!
(man groaning)
(Danny grunting)
(Danny groaning)
(man groaning)
(Dustin grunting)
- Get up. (panting)
Get up!
(man groaning)
- Give me the gun.
- No.
I made my brother a promise.
I thought that burning
down the portal to hell
was the best I could do,
but this is way better.
- Please.
Please don't.
- Yeah right.
- Savannah.
- This is so surreal.
- Let's let this go. Okay?
Let's just let this go.
We don't have to be like them.
- Everyone else put
your guns down.
We don't need a bad
situation getting worse.
- Don't.
- I'm so sorry, Danny.
- Don't.
- I'm so sorry, Danny.
- Savannah.
- I'm so sorry.
- He's making a move.
It's my kill.
I made the call.
(Savannah panting and sobbing)
- It's done. It's done.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I'm excited. I heard
this movie was good.
(both chuckle)
You okay?
- I'm fine.
Just tired.
Taking it all in.
- Mm.
(soft music)
Thank you.
- For what?
- For sitting on my bench.
And for the extra
butter and salt,
you must really love me.
- I do.
I love you, Savannah.
- You want some.
Huh? (chuckles)
- How long have we
known each other?
(Savannah sighing)
- Forever?
- That's what I thought.
Thank you.
- For what?
- You know.
- Hmm.
Don't get too relaxed,
you're gonna fall asleep.
You know, I always love the
stuff before the movie starts.
It gives me a good
feeling inside.
It's weird. I know, but.
Oh my goodness.
Are you sleeping?
No, that will not do. Come on.
Hey. (sobbing)
You're so dumb.
How am I supposed to carry
you to the car?
(soft music)
I've never known a
love like this
What king would die
to call us His
And everything else, I
count as loss
'Cause your all that I
could ever want
From the beginning of time
You have chosen me
For your greatness
You chose me
And you stepped into my life
(soft music)
How long
Do we have
- Traveling far?
- No, not today.
How long
Do I have you
- I miss you.
You think that
time will stop
Do we breathe again
- You asked me what I
was waiting for,
sitting on that bench
day after day,
I was praying for God to
help me, send me a sign.
He brought me Danny.
- And you put up a good fight.
(Savannah laughing)
- Yeah, I did.
I'm staying, Emma,
but I don't think I'll
be coming here anymore.
You can come visit me.
There's too many ghosts
in this train station.
It's getting crowded.
Anyway, I think the boys
at home need me.
Greta, too.
Thank you so much.
- Just doing my job.
- I gave you a five-star
review on Yelp.
- Oh good
- Bye Dad.
Bye Mom.
You're in my heart.
We don't have to meet
here anymore.
I'm gonna make you so
proud of me.
Keep watching.
How long
I have you
(upbeat music)
Where does the time go
Where does the time go
Where does the time go
Oh, darling
Where does the time go
(woman laughing)
Speak, they're
waiting for you
Rise to the occasion
Sociable, watered-down soul
Hide behind the curtains
Count your breath
and blessings
Little star, fallen
But where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Raining in the kitchen
Temperamental kitten
Lose your cool,
everybody's fool, oh
Make me what you want to
Branded replication
Take control, with
your bible
But where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, where does the time go
Oh, oh, oh
Tie her up in ribbons,
red green and gold
Tame the wild
fluttered heartbeat
Of her unorthodox soul
If she disappoints you
better bow and pray
For the lord works in
mysterious ways
(soft piano music)
Standing here
All flushed with spirit
We're more alive and
beautiful than I imagined
And the light has changed
And the sky has shifted
So much bigger, so much
brighter than I first imagined
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be we finally
No more falling stars
They're falling from my eyes
No more falling stars
They're falling
from your eyes
I'm gonna make it better,
Gonna be tomorrow
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be we finally
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be it's
finally happening
Could it be we finally