Framed (1975) Movie Script

Good morning.
Solid 16 months
in the black, ron.
Did you notice
that balance?
How's everybody?
Fine. How are you?
My man!
Oh, that's really nice.
~ and roses ~
~ or blankets of snow ~
~ my love for you
will grow ~
~ and i'll be nearer,
my love, to you ~
~ wherever i go ~
~ whatever i do... ~
well, what are we
hanging around for?
Let's get on with
the inventory.
Ok. I'll
see you guys.
Ok. Take care, now.
~ nearer, my love ~
~ to you ~
oh, the key changes.
~ la la la ~
~ in treetops ~
~ or cold autumn storms ~
~ i'll hold you ~
~ and kiss you ~
~ and keep you... ~
One minute,
Long distance.
Mr. Stoner.
God damn it!
Hello, a.j.
How are you?
Sure, i'll
be able to come.
I don't know if i can get a flight out
this afternoon
or not, though.
Oh, really?
Well, tell them to pick me up
at the smyrna airport.
What time
they leave new york?
Ok. I'll see you
for dinner, buddy.
Thank you. Bye-bye.
Ha ha.
There's going to be a big
game in dallas tonight.
A bunch of turkeys
coming down from new york
to go duck hunting.
Been waiting for months
for a game like this one.
Ron, what do you
need that for?
What do you mean, what do i need that for?
I'm a gambler.
Rich today
and poor tomorrow.
Come on, partner.
But, ron, those stakes!
Yeah, and you win some,
and they lose some.
I knew that was coming next.
I thought we were going to make the
last payment on the club this month.
Let's just
don't rush things.
Ron, i got a thousand
ain't working.
Can i have a small piece of the action?
Me, too, ron.
I got 1,500.
Right here, man.
Look at that!
I told you he been ripping
us off behind that bar.
Man, i ain't been eatin'
apple behind the barn on you!
That's lmy/l money!
Ok, i tell you what.
Let's stash this here for
a stake in case i bust out.
Meantime, we all got
a piece of the action.
Ok? All right.
I got to go to the bank,
and then i got to
catch the airplane,
and then i got to pick up a change
of clothes on the way. Come on.
Go get 'em, tiger!
Go get 'em.
See that?
Picking up your partner in
a little old private plane.
Oh, ron, i wish
you weren't going.
I'll win you a bundle.
I don't want you to win me
a bundle. That's not im...
Look at... get this
off of me! A bird!
Please, get it off!
Get it off, ron.
Give me a second.
No. Oh, i knew it.
This is a bad omen.
It's no bad omen.
It is too!
Didn't happen to me.
Oh, ron!
See you 2
and raise you 2.
I call.
I'm out.
I'll call.
You run me out.
Me, too.
I'll call.
Now, what do i got?
Jacks over 6s.
Beats my little straight.
My best hand
Don't worry, gentlemen.
I'll buy the coffee.
Ha ha ha!
Hey, fellas, what do you say
we break for something to eat?
That's great.
~ i got a thing for him ~
~ and i've got it bad ~
~ his way of makin' love ~
~ is the best i've had ~
~ his lips are gentle,
and his arms are strong ~
~ he sure can
turn this woman on ~
~ and best of all ~
~ he's my lover ~
~ oh, best of all ~
~ he's my lover ~
~ ooh, best of all ~
~ he's my lover ~
written by him.
Have a good time.
Y'all have
a good time, now.
I didn't expect you
to be back so soon.
Well, they brought me in
their little old lear jet.
Hmm. My, my. Haven't
we come up in the world?
Well, isn't that what it's
all about... coming up?
Oh, here.
I brought you my laundry.
I knew it.
I just knew it.
Well, aren't you
going to open it?
No good, ron?
You better get me
that envelope.
Hey, emmett.
Come here.
Just take a peek
in there, will you?
Man, oh, man!
Ha ha ha!
Emmett, i want you to bring
me a drink just like that,
only make mine
a double.
For you?
For me.
Quit, ron.
Why don't you
just quit
while you're way out
in front for once?
You know, put it in a savings
account, municipal bonds.
The interest
and we've got
this place.
Well, what would i do?
I mean,
i'm still a gambler.
Yeah, but you see, this is
not gambling money anymore.
No. This is
high finance.
You bet it is, honey.
i already spent it.
Oh, i should have
known that.
I should have
guessed that.
Ok, on what?
Well, i bought 1,000 shares
of the caravan hotel.
Never heard of it.
Well, it's being built
in las vegas.
That, i've heard of.
Yeah. Well, a.j. Stoner offered
me the job of managing the casino.
See, from now on,
we gamble,
but we gamble with
other people's money.
Hey, you know any talented
young little girlie singers
who want to hit
the big time,
better give me
a break, old girl.
That'll be the day.
Yeah? Yeah?
I am lit./l
oh, boy.
This i've got to see
with my own eyes.
Ok. When do we
have to leave?
We'll leave
soon as we can.
See you.
Need any help?
What the hell
you doing?!
Put your hands
on the car.
Put your hands
on top of the car.
What the hell's
going on here?
You know who was shooting
at you on talbot road?
No. Do you?
Don't get smart.
Did you report it
to the sheriff's office?
Not yet, but
somebody must have.
How else
did you find out?
Radar, lewis.
Now get in that car,
real nice and easy like.
Why, haskins?
Because i said to!
Where we going?
To the morgue,
you son of a bitch,
if you don't
get in the car.
Get in!
Damn son of a bitch!
Aah! Aah!
Move back.
Out of the way. Come on.
Reed! Smith! Come on.
Help me with these people.
Move out. That vehicle's
going to be moving.
Take care of this.
Oh, my...
you know,
armed or unarmed,
i can't imagine anybody
taking haskins like that.
Me, i'd have shot first
and fought later.
You know, this is
gambling money.
Gambling's illegal
in this state.
Therefore, this money
doesn't legally exist.
Now, isn't that so?
I just came from
mr. Ney's law office.
And he is getting
absolutely nowhere.
The police insist
there was never a shooting
out on talbot road.
Now, the
dispatcher's log
shows that haskins
did call in.
He was in pursuit of
an erratic driver.
He gave
the description
of your car
and license plate.
Oh, that's a lie.
He knows about
the shooting.
He was there.
He said so.
Hey... you hire...
private detectives.
Check talbot road.
2 cars...
footprints, shells.
use the money i won
to pay for it.
Ron. Ron.
The sheriff said there
was no money in your car.
Now, stay
where you are.
Now, look.
I'll hire 6 private
detectives if i have to,
but will you please just lay here and rest
so those ribs
can heal?
Now, look.
I've got to go now,
but i'm going to keep
on digging, all right?
You gonna keep your mouth shut, hear?
Shh, shh, shh.
You're not
gonna scream.
You're not
gonna talk.
You're just gonna
listen, you hear?
Ow, my breast!
Hush now.
You're not gonna need no
private detectives, hear?
What you need...
what you need is a couple of bodyguards
to protect you
till this whole thing blows over, hear?
One of our favorite jobs
is protecting bodies...
one like yours.
Oh, no!
Oh, god!
oh... god...
help me.
Help me.
I talked to the
district attorney.
There's an outside chance we
can make some type of a deal
and plead to
a lesser charge.
Let's just wait till all
the evidence comes in, huh?
Then we'll decide
how we want to plead.
My investigators haven't
been able to find any evidence
to substantiate your
version of what happened.
Haven't my private detectives
come up with anything yet
about that yellow chevy,
that other car?
Any footprints?
What private detectives?
Didn't susan
tell you to hire them?
What in the hell's
going on here?
I haven't been able to
reach susan for over a week.
She hasn't been
at the club,
and a maid at the house
says she's ill.
Oh, that's crap.
Look, you go out.
You hire them.
You go to the club, and you
talk to emmett or the bookkeeper.
They'll give you the money
to pay for them.
I'll do what i can.
What we've got right
now, we've got no chance.
Believe me, ron...
no chance at all.
lprivate/l detectives!
We have to hire a couple
of private detectives.
So you hire a couple
of private detectives.
Tell you what i'll do.
I'll give you
a couple of names.
Ha ha ha!
Hey, why didn't you hire
private detectives?
I tried.
I just couldn't
find anybody.
You want to run that
by me again?
Hey. What's the matter?
I'm just discouraged, that's all,
and i'm
frightened, ron.
What does that mean?
what's happening here?
Come on.
What's wrong?
I did all i could.
You'll have to
believe me, ron.
I did all i could.
Feeling better?
Private detectives
turned up nothing...
not a shred
of evidence
to substantiate
your story.
Ron, we have to decide
ltoday/l how we plead.
This isn't
an ordinary crime, ron.
You killed
a police officer.
Sheriff morello is pressing for a
quick trial and first-degree murder.
Now, in view of your
war record, i don't know,
but i might be able
to accept a lesser plea
and get you off
with a 2-to-10.
It was self-defense.
Don't you understand
that it was self-defense?
I'm not going to plead guilty
to something i didn't do.
They lwant/l you
to fight them.
Go ahead.
Egg them on.
They'll nail you to the
cross... life without clemency.
Make your own choice.
Look, i'll fight them
to the last ditch.
I'm innocent.
I'm not a cop-out.
Go find the evidence.
You go ahead.
You fight them.
I can't do you
any good, lewis.
I'd like to withdraw
from the case.
For christ's sake, be...
let me talk to you,
at least?
I've been
in enough poker games
to know when i'm
up against a cold deck.
Talk to your prosecutor.
See what kind of deal
you can come up with.
Damn it! Why me?
Ney, goddamn it, why me?
Take your clothes off
and throw them over here.
Now, what have we got here...
another victim of society?
Killed a deputy sheriff.
That's a no-no.
33. 36.
Yeah, what?
Give him anything.
This bastard might not live
long enough to break them in.
You can't bury a man without shoes.
Ok. Your 3 minutes are up.
I got some busted ribs.
Do you mind?
We live by the rules
around here.
If you don't like it...
hey! What's wrong?
What's going on up there?
Ok. It's ok.
I just slipped
on the wet floor.
What the hell happened
to the mop?
Half of it's
down here.
I tripped on it.
It busted when
i fell. That's all.
I'm a little wet
but ok.
Ok. Get in.
You had your fun,
Everything you do
here has a price!
Get me the squad up here
with masks. Quick!
Hurry it up!
All right,
you big bastard.
You either come out of that
cell and walk to isolation,
or we'll come in
and carry you out.
I don't
give a damn which.
All right!
I'll walk!
Come on out of that cell.
Come on out,
You're just making it hard on yourself.
They got his door locked!
They're gassing him!
They're gassing him
with his door locked!
Shut your
goddamn mouth!
Keep your goddamn
mouth shut!
All right. We gave you a
chance. Now we're coming in.
Hey, ritz, eh?
Well, ain't you
Like it?
Want me to order you
a half a dozen?
I'll stick
with my number.
Still with
numerology, huh?
This is it.
Oh, lewis.
You know, normally
they'd have just thrown
you right into isolation
for the next
6 months,
but you got yourself
a powerful friend
right here
in the population.
Sal viccarrone,
no less.
What's he doing here?
Ha ha ha ha!
I'll take your hand.
Go get lewis.
Man wants to talk
to you... personally.
Listen, buster brown,
you owe him.
He's the one that kept you
out of isolation.
I got a blitz going.
Now, don't blow it.
Well, i hear you're a
fair-to-middling gambler.
Won a few hands
now and then.
Ray, get up.
I want to try out
a new act here.
You got a visitor... again.
Susan barrett.
Tell her
i'm still out to lunch.
Why don't you
see the broad?
You're every bit
as good as i heard.
I'm going to back you in the game.
You and vince are going
to play for me exclusively.
I think
i'll back myself.
I have some money
on deposit.
So your girlfriend sent
you 500 bucks. Big deal.
I pick up
dinner checks
for more scratch
than that.
You know, that gin game
is 10 cents a point.
We just took in
2,000 bucks.
I'll give you 50%
of the winnings.
Look, between
you and vince,
i can own this whole
goddamn prison
and sell it back
to the state.
I'm telling you,
he's got fast fingers, no mouth.
My kind of people.
You know, vince,
i still think i could do better
playing against you and sal.
Sal has got to win...
at everything.
With all his so-called
influence and power,
what in the hell
is he doing in here?
It's ironic,
isn't it?
Well, he comes down south
here to open memphis,
and he falls in with
some big-mouth blonde.
She drops a dime on him,
and he winds up in here
on some stupid
bribery charge.
Ha ha ha ha!
And what's
your sad story?
Hmm... 15 arrests,
4 suspicion of murder;
one conviction,
Actually, i'm... quite
embarrassed at the conviction.
Well, no wonder
they step aside
when you walk
through the yard.
Oh, you noticed
that, huh?
You know something?
To tell you the truth,
i wouldn't hurt a fly.
You really
noticed that?
150 on red.
You got to help me,
mr. Viccarrone.
Let go, junkie.
Vince, let's get him
to the infirmary.
Aw, kick him again!
Hi, kenny.
How ya doing, sal?
Hey, did you get that
bundle the boys dropped off?
It was 5,800.
Yeah. Say, how's the slot machine
deal working out in biloxi?
Cleaned up.
I took care of that matter
in cleveland you talked about.
Didn't get it
in full, though.
Wanted 3 months
on the balance.
Well, give it to him.
Say, kenny, i want
a fresh order of meat.
I want you to handle it exactly
the way you did the last one.
I'll call you
early part of the week.
Ok, sal.
Let the man
eat his food.
You heard the signal. Pick up
your tray, and pick it up fast.
Eat your food.
Don't crap me, lewis.
You pick up your tray, too.
Springer, he's on again.
Ok, you ugly bastard. We're
gonna pick it up for you.
We're gonna
pick you up with it.
The whole world's never
been able to wipe you out.
What's your secret, huh?
Or do you hate back just enough
to balance the scales?
You want to teach me?
Yeah. Come on, teach me.
How'd it go?
Look, i never really
had a chance to thank you.
But they moved
those 2 jerks
to another prison in a meat
wagon... alive, i think.
I'm going to
go play cards.
Listen to me, punk,
when i'm talking to you.
I don't waste my time
with just anybody.
If i could have gotten you
when you were young,
i'd have made you
as big as me.
I don't want
to be you, sal.
No. Why don't you
wise up?
Nobody gives
a good goddamn
whether you take a shower
in 4 minutes
or whether you leave the dinner
table before you finish your meal.
You're in the can...
out of sight, out of mind.
The only time...
when you get out that gate,
that's when you get even.
But as long
as you're in here,
you stop swimming upstream,
and that's an order.
You live your life here
like you gamble.
Now go on out there
and play cards and win.
You hear me?
You're the coldest-assed son
of a bitch i've ever met...
except me.
a thousand.
That's your
limit, jerry.
No. Just a minute,
I told you last week you
don't get back in the game
until you square
your debt.
Come on. You know the money
will be here for me any day now.
Any day
you pay your tab,
you can get back in the line. Now beat it.
Aw, just a minute.
You, too, mr. Bank president.
Out. You're a crook.
Hey, ron, vince is leaving
us in a day and a half.
Why don't you do
something to keep you here?
Then you can
keep me company.
I'll keep you company.
I'll run for senator.
Don't worry, sal.
You and i are going to
win this whole damn prison,
and vince, he's going
to be sorry he left us.
You're not interested in
winning this whole damn prison.
You just want to get out
of here to kill somebody.
Now play cards.
If you worked that hard
putting muscles in your head,
you'd be better off.
31/2 years
together, friend,
and you don't even come
down and say good-bye to me.
i forgot, sal.
You didn't forget. You were
burned up. You were jealous.
That's no crime. It's a normal
reaction for an honest man.
But you almost
missed the big news
by not coming down
to see me.
I don't know if i ought to tell you.
Oh, come on, sal.
Heh. In 60 days, you're
coming before the parole board.
They're going to
pass you.
Sal, did you...
shut up!
Sentiment is for
weddings and births.
Come and see me
when you get out.
I'll bankroll
your game.
Here's a number.
When you call,
you tell them
it's the dealer,
and then i'll know.
This game
i'm going to play,
i don't think you
want to be a partner.
Well, have it
your own way,
but you got
the number.
You got any
problems, call.
what i told you.
Don't be a schmuck.
Play the odds.
Here. I'll bankroll
your game.
Mr. Lewis?
If you intend
to stay here,
you got 24 hours
to register at the sheriff's
office as a parolee felon.
Gee, thanks a lot.
Of course,
on the other hand,
you might save everybody a lot of trouble
if you just
get back on the bus.
Well, thanks again,
but there's just
no other place i'd rather be.
Are you coming?
Now you want to
tell me why?
Why no detectives?
why no help?
Why no search?
Why the hell did you of all
people throw me to the wolves?
What's the matter?
You trying to think
of the right lie?
they came.
Who's they?
2 men. I don't know
who they were.
I still don't.
They came,
and they used me.
What do you mean,
they used you?
I mean they lused/l me.
They told me it was
the first lesson.
If i did one thing
to help you,
they'd kill us both.
They put me in the hospital for a week.
I believed them.
And i
understand them,
because that's
the way they are,
but you, ron...
i don't
understand you.
I promise you,
i'll get them.
I don't want you
to get them.
You listen, susan.
i don't even know
took everything i had
away from me.
I'm going to
make him pay...
2 for 1.
Oh, please, ron, no.
Yes. Yes.
Ron lewis. I'm here to
register as an ex-con.
Yes, sir.
Would you please...
wilson, christ almighty. Never say please
or call a cop killer "sir."
Would you come in?
Don't ask him.
Tell him.
Lewis, first i want to
ask you some questions.
Later i'm going to
fingerprint you.
And after i'm
finished with you,
i think sheriff bundy
wants to talk with you.
Bundy's sheriff now?
Mr. Morello
is mayor.
Your full name.
Ronald s. Lewis.
"S" for stinks.
In some kennel.
north carolina.
I knew a broad
from winston-salem
when i was a marine
at cherry point.
Great lay.
Couldn't get enough.
Her name was lewis, too.
Maybe, uh...
maybe your sister?
Or your mother?
Who are you?
Nate bickford.
And remember it.
How could
i forget it?
First time i ever saw
a tub of shit in a suit.
Huh? What?
Lewis, come
into my office.
Sit down, lewis.
I'm sheriff bundy.
I was morello's deputy
when you had your trouble.
Warden notified us
last week
that you made bus
arrangements to come here. Why?
Find out some answers.
That's why.
Look, i just spent
4 years in that can
because i wouldn't
lie down and die.
Now i want to know
who sicked haskins on me,
who took a shot at me on
talbot road, things like that.
Does that answer
your question, bundy?
I suppose it does.
But if you find
answers, what then?
Then my curiosity
will be satisfied, won't it?
What the hell do you
expect me to say?
I'm going to go out
and kill somebody?
What can you tell me
that will help me?
Absolutely nothing.
Excuse my impertinence,
but that's pure crap.
Haskins will be a long time
dead... longer than 4 years...
so if i'm wrong,
i'll apologize!
a little advice.
Don't you lean
on anybody here.
I mean, if you cause any
trouble, any trouble at all,
i'll have you back in
the can in 15 minutes.
Thanks for the advice.
Just a minute.
I think
you should know that
sergeant bickford outside
is haskins' cousin.
He's only one aspect
of the trouble
you're likely to
stir up. Understand?
I understand.
By the way, one thing.
Who was the dispatcher the
night that haskins called in?
Pop jameson.
Like to talk to him.
Buy a shovel.
His remains are in
crestview cemetery.
He died of a heart attack, at home, in bed.
~ and i'll do all i know ~
~ to satisfy ~
~ and i'll try
to make it easy ~
~ for you to say
you love me ~
~ but i'll never
make it easy ~
~ for you to say good-bye ~
~ dim the light ~
~ anytime you feel
the need to ~
~ and let my love ~
~ make it easy
on your mind ~
~ and, babe,
in the night ~
~ if you should wake... ~
get in.
Why should i?
'Cause i got some
things to tell you.
Why should you want to
tell me anything?
Your piano player
he's a friend
of mine.
He asked me to.
Now, i don't have
much time.
You want to get killed
just like that?
Not especially.
You hang around
bucking the system,
something no man
can handle alone,
and you just might.
Well, thanks
for the threat.
Tell sheriff bundy
that i just don't buy it.
God damn it. I didn't
come from sheriff bundy.
I'm here for me and jeremiah... and you.
Go ahead. Play hero.
At least i tried.
Ok. So tell me.
I'm hoping we can do
each other some good.
How's that?
Let's begin with
the dispatcher's log
the night
you killed haskins.
I usually make a point of checking entries
before going
off duty.
When i checked
that night,
there was no entry of haskins
pursuing a reckless driver,
but 2 nights later
there was...
2 nights
after he was dead.
Somebody just added
a call from haskins.
The handwriting
was even different.
Well, who do you
think did it?
Could have been
but sheriff morello
made a point
to ask me to check the
logs 2 nights before.
Something about the way
he asked me made me say no.
Well, did me a hell of a lot
of good for you to keep quiet.
The day i cut my throat,
i want a hell of a lot
better reason.
There is one more thing
that might help you.
There lwas/l a yellow chevy
in town that night,
just like you claimed...
vanished into thin air
along with all the motor
vehicle records on it.
Well, didn't somebody
get a make on it?
Did they?
This is the hard part,
the part you better
understand clear.
The car belonged to
a kid named dean tatum.
Means nothing.
His father is the senior
state senator.
Did you question
the kid?
You're damn right
it figures.
Well, i'll take it
from here.
You'll have to.
I've given you all the
help i can afford to give.
you, uh... you got plans on being the
next sheriff or something, sergeant?
In a way.
You know, lewis,
you're lucky.
Somebody had the key to
unlock your cell door.
Most of my people up
there, they're doing life.
Well, being sheriff
might help.
Hey, um...
was there anything on that
other car, the plymouth?
I heard about it, but i
don't know anything about it.
You think you could dig
around, find something on it?
Now let's split before this
gets in the society columns.
Hey, i appreciate it,
Without the "bo."
Drink, ron?
You look like a kid
who just lost his ball.
Oh, yeah...
both of them.
Do you know...
that one of those 2 cars out there
that night out on talbot road...
it just might have belonged
to the son of a senator tatum?
Can you dig it?
Well, then that just about
settles things, doesn't it?
Say what?
Ron, use your head.
What are lyou/l
going to do?
He has just
been mentioned
as a candidate
for governor.
You want to go campaign
for him next or something?
Mr. Ney,
your old lawyer...
the one that
got me 4 years?
Him, i remember.
Well, he is district
attorney now...
mayor morello's man.
You ever notice
these guys are real team players, you know?
Look, ney called
and said to tell you
that if you'd just mind your own business,
they'll forget they
ever heard of you.
Oh, that's white
of them.
You playing with
a full deck, girl?
Maybe i better
go do some thinking.
Well, you can't
think dead!
You're dead.
Oh, god.
what the hell you...
ha ha ha!
How did you get here?
Through the same
door you did,
only my credit card
works faster.
Guess i must have
jammed the tumbler.
You glad to see me?
Yeah. I got a girl
lives here with me.
She wouldn't be
too excited
if she came in
and found you.
I saw you. I saw you
drive up alone.
I knew you were alone.
Besides, when i tell you why i came here,
you're going to
be real glad i came.
Well? Tell me what's going
to make me so happy. Come on.
If they'd sent
anybody else lbut/l me,
you'd be dead
by now.
Well, lthat/l
makes me happy.
If who sent
anybody else?
Come on. What kind
of a host are you?
Come on. Give me
a drink, will you?
Yeah. Vince?
If who sent somebody else?
Well, let's say there's
some people in cleveland
that i do a little
business for.
they phoned me.
They asked me
to make
a little business
trip down here.
Seemed they
want some dude
to disappear...
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
And then they gave me
your name and your address,
and i didn't have to ask for a description.
When did they
call you?
What time?
Let's see. I was having
lunch. Uh... about 1:00.
We played softball
this morning.
Our team won.
Mm-hmm. Well, good.
Who hired your people
to hit me?
Aw, come on, ron.
I don't ask questions.
Bad business policy,
you know?
Oh, you jive-ass.
You're kidding me.
You're not...
you're not
going to kill me.
Well, they gave me
24 hours.
The question is,
how do we both get
out of this alive,
'Cause if one of us
has got to go,
well, it ain't
gonna be me,
because, you know, i got
a selfish streak in me.
I appreciate the warning.
I'll stay on my toes.
For christ sake, you're
a sitting duck, ron.
Bet you're not even
carrying a piece.
Could sal's people be connected
in any way with these people?
Well, i wouldn't
be surprised.
Got to make a phone call.
He gave me a number.
He gave you
his number?
He never gave lme/l his
number to call if i got in a jam.
I know guys who'd give their
right nut to get that number.
If it makes you
any happier,
li'll/l give you
the frigging number. Ok?
Ron, now, who's doing who the favor here?
Uh, hello.
Is sal there?
Oh. It's the dealer
Well, what time
in the morning?
Ok, look.
This is important.
Have him call the dealer
at 615-213-2096...
as soon as he can.
It's important.
Thank you.
Want another drink?
No. Take me
somewhere, huh?
I don't like to drink
in a broad's apartment
when she's not home.
Makes me feel like
an impatient pimp.
Come on.
We'll take your car.
Are you walking?
No. Mine's stolen,
but it's all right.
It's parked around the
corner. Plates are cool.
Come on.
2 bourbons, doubles.
you're getting
as cold-ass as i am.
The only difference is, you
haven't learned how to smile.
We all got
our own game, vince.
I heard that.
Play it
the best we can.
2 bourbons,
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here's to sal...
i hope.
Here's to vince.
excuse me. Got to
hit the john.
My kidneys need
a little tune-up.
Uh, 2 more, please.
Saw your car parked down the street, lewis.
Figured you would
be in here.
Since you didn't think the
office was the right place,
what about here?
Well, there must be
a better time.
I mean, there's too many
witnesses here, lard-ass.
Listen, you
son of a bitch!
There was no witnesses in the alley.
You claimed you took my
cousin with your bare hands.
You take me that way, and i'll believe you.
Oh ho ho!
Doubles. Ho ho ho!
Oh, that's nice.
That's going to make
it twice as easy.
How's your wind, tubby?
You'll find out.
Let's go.
You mind if i finish
my drinks, roly-poly?
Ok, ok, finish them.
When you get your nerve
up, i'll be at the bar...
Excuse lme./l
You want to
take him on?
No! Hell, i'd lose
no matter what happened.
I'll take care
of it.
You just give me
a couple of minutes,
you walk out
that front door.
When you get out there,
don't stand too close to him,
and i'll handle it.
Are you crazy?
You can't kill a cop
in the middle of town.
Leave it to me,
Let's take a walk.
Follow me.
Oh, man!
Oh! Ohh! Oh!
Just another
drunken policeman.
Ha ha ha ha!
Goddamn you, lewis!
Call an ambulance.
I'll call one from home.
I can save a dime that way.
You bastard, lewis!
You won't get...
you won't get away with it!
Ron. Ron, wake up.
Sheriff bundy's
here to see you.
ron, wake up. He is
really steaming.
will you, please?
Good morning.
spit it out.
What the hell happened to bickford?
Oh... something fell
on him, i guess.
He's in the hospital with
a cast from head to foot...
broken clavicle,
dislocated shoulder,
broken arm,
broken ribs!
They have to call
a plastering contractor?
My men checked
that building.
That roofing paper didn't
laccidentally/l fall on bickford.
Those rolls were stacked
2 buildings away.
They couldn't have
fallen from there.
I don't know.
Well, the bar waitress said you
were drinking with someone else.
Who was it?
Aren't you ever going to
light that cigarette?
Not if i can help it.
All right, who was it?
Insurance salesman.
What's his name?
I don't know.
I lost his card.
He didn't think i was a
very good insurance risk.
He may be right.
What were you doing outside
that bar with bickford?
He tried to pick a fight
with me that i didn't want.
You know what
i think, sheriff?
I think he was
setting me up.
I think that tarpaper
was meant for me, not him.
He's not
that clever.
I warned you about leaning
on anyone in this town.
That goes especially
for my men.
You cause them
any more trouble,
and i'm going to bury you
personally, you understand?
Ok. It was that
vince character
you brought in the club
last night, wasn't it?
Get rid of him, ron.
What's for breakfast?
I don't know.
The menu didn't come
down from the mafia yet.
Now, who is he?
Vince is an old buddy
of mine from prison.
He came here
to kill me.
Oh, come on!
No jokes.
What is going on?
There's a contract
out on me.
Vince drew it.
That's one
of his specialties.
Oh, my god!
Ha ha ha ha!
Hello. This is
the dealer.
Have you been able
to reach sal yet?
He's due back today.
I'll tell him...
hang on a minute.
There's a guy on the phone,
called a couple of times.
Says he's the dealer.
Oh, hey, ron, baby!
How goes it?
Sal, i got
a problem here.
what's your problem?
Well, some contractors in cleveland
are trying to kill my business.
I was wondering
if you might know them
and could put
a stop to it.
They sent vince down
here to take care of it.
Ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Sal, it ain't
all that funny.
Ha ha ha!
Listen, ron, tell vince
to call me, will you?
Sure, it's ok
to give him my number.
Of course.
I'll get the word out
I'll call everybody off so
you can go about your business.
Thank you, sal.
Now, remember, ron,
we're not the only wholesalers
of this... merchandise, you know,
so be careful.
Thank you.
There's one more thing.
There's a state senator
down here named tatum.
I was wondering
if you could give me
some sort of a rundown on his son dean.
Now, wait a minute, ron. Don't
fool around with politicians.
They're a bunch of
shitbirds. You'll get burned.
Well, ok.
Ok, i'll try, ron.
Hey, thank you, sal.
Thank you.
Ha ha ha! Vince?
Get down!
Stay in the car!
Back the car down the
driveway, block the street,
and get out
of it, quick!
You all right?
They're both dead.
Who were they?
No idea.
I spotted this car with 2 guys
in it parked down the street.
The second time around,
there was only one.
Then i saw this guy go
in the apartment,
so i went around and came in
the garage through the back.
I was just deciding how to
play it when you drove up.
How do you want to
handle this?
Sheriff bundy's finest are going to
be swarming this area in a few minutes.
I thought they were just plain
house burglars. Didn't you?
Ow! Burglars?
They were...
shh! Deputy perry's
a trained observer.
You, ronald lewis,
that you can consult with
an attorney at any time,
that you don't
have to speak
other than
of your own free will,
and any incriminating
admissions you may make
may be held against you
in a court of law?
My name is ronald lewis, and
i do want an attorney now,
providing there's an honest
one still left in this city.
I've been held incommunicado
in a room for over 3 hours
with my hands
chained behind my back.
According to the supreme court's
ruling of the miranda case...
ok. Take the cuffs
off of him.
God damn it!
Will somebody take the
goddamn cuffs off of him!
Look, lewis.
I got to establish what happened out there.
I've already got sergeant perry's version.
Now, if you got
nothing to hide,
you should be willing to tell me yours.
I know you want
to get some sleep.
Come on. Let's get it over with, huh, ron?
Well, tad, i haven't
had my breakfast yet.
Breakfast, tad.
I haven't had any yet.
Well, god damn it, neither
have i! None of us have!
We've been out there
cleaning up that mess
and trying to find out
what the hell happened!
Prisoners upstairs
had theirs yet?
Of course they have.
Then i want mine.
You ain't
no goddamn prisoner.
Well, that's good.
Then i'll leave.
You get your ass
back in that chair
until you tell me what the
hell happened out there!
Now, get down there!
You want to turn that tape
recorder back on and record that?
Damn it, you con! Sit
your ass in that chair!
Let me talk to him.
I believe
i'm hungry, too.
Why don't you go get some
breakfast for mr. Lewis and me?
And bring coffee
for everybody.
We can solve this, can't
we, ron, like gentlemen?
Like we solved
the last one, hmm?
I spent 4 years in prison
for something i didn't do.
This is different.
Sergeant perry has signed
a complete statement
concerning the deaths
of 2 burglars.
We'd like a simple corroborating
statement from you, nothing more.
This story
will make page one,
and sergeant perry most likely will
receive a citation for his bravery.
Now, you can understand
why mayor morello
would appreciate your
cooperation, can't you?
I'm beginning to.
Stop treating him
like a v.i. P!
He's a convicted
Sheriff bundy,
mr. Lewis is a human being
with the same rights
you have.
As district attorney, i will not
tolerate any more of it!
Heh heh!
Get your goddamn feet off my desk!
Tell his honor i'm deeply
touched by his concern.
You damn well better be,
you understand?
Give his honor the mayor
a message for me, will you?
Tell him to
go fuck himself.
Well, welcome, hero.
Hand me your
driver's license.
could be watching.
What do you hear
about those burglars?
Yeah. Pardon the expression,
they're 2 ex-cons.
Been nosing around
I checked on reports about
the time of your trouble.
There was a
missing person's report
filed by
a drug pusher's wife.
He drove a '64 plymouth.
Both he and the car disappeared
completely the same night.
Things are beginning
to fall in place.
Thank you, sam.
Oh, by the way, the mayor pulled
a couple of deputies off duty
to protect his house.
Claims there was a phone
call threatening his life.
Would you know
anything about it?
No. He's
probably scared
somebody's going to steal his
stamp collection or something.
Never mind. I won't be in town
long enough for the raffle.
Take it.
My compliments.
Thank you, sam.
May i present
dr. Brimson, sir,
physician/surgeon, at your service.
I'll have you know,
i am one of the few left
in my profession
who make house calls.
Oh, by the way, i got a call
from our friend sal this morning.
He said for me
to tell you
that senator tatum's son died
from an overdose of narcotics
3 days lbefore/l
you killed the sheriff.
Oh, how about
that sal?
For 4 years,
everywhere i turned
just led to
a brick wall.
He said for you
to sit tight.
Senator tatum's got
to have the answers.
I mean, his son's
addiction, the dope pusher.
Both of their cars, they
disappeared the same night.
If the senator's son wasn't
driving the car, who was?
Oh, i got to...
i got to go to the state
capital, see senator tatum.
What the hell do
i got to lose, huh?
Your ass.
Now, look.
Come on.
About those attacks
you've been having, son.
We got to take strong
preventive measures.
Come here.
Still in
the original wrappings.
Comes from a small town
in canada...
so small the mounties
can't even find it.
Take about a year
to trace.
Now, i want you to take
6 of these at a time.
Just 6. an overdose
may be fatal. Understand?
You know what
i found out today?
Mayor morello has put a guard on his house.
Uh-huh. Now, that lis/l
interesting, huh?
Why would a tough ex-sheriff
be needing a guard?
I don't buy that. You?
There's something...
well, dr. Brimson
will examine the patient
and will give you
a diagnosis tonight.
Sit. Stay.
Hey, man,
who are you?
What in the hell do you
think you're doing here?
Well, i might ask the same thing of y'all,
threatening a doctor
called away from his dinner
table on an emergency.
What emergency?
Well, uh...
let me check this.
Is this not
924 maple street?
This here's
the mayor's house.
This is oak.
Maple's 2 blocks over.
Oak. Oak. Well,
i'm terribly sorry.
Well, that's all right.
It's a good thing you didn't try
and get through this here gate.
You'd need every stitch you
got in that there bag of yours.
Thank you kindly,
You're most kind.
Hey, dewey,
this... this...
well, i'll
drink another!
Ha ha ha!
Tell him. Tell him about this whiskey.
Ain't it the best
whiskey made?
You want to get the hell
off the car? Come on.
We'll do that,
fella, but first...
all right, gary.
Stick your hands
through the wheel
and lace your
fingers together.
Check him out,
All right. Hit the highway and turn south.
Now, if you drive
real careful like,
we're going to let you take
us all the way to kentucky,
but if you even so much
as turn a corner too sharp,
we're going to get us
a brand-new driver.
Just for the hell of it,
what's your name?
By god, i thought
we had the wrong guy.
You know, they told us you
was going to be tough to take.
Turn right here.
What do you think,
This guy ain't
so tough, is he?
We might even have to give
them some of their money back.
It don't seem hardly right, us
taking all that money for nothing.
Don't cross
no roads or nothing
without making sure this
car behind can stay with you.
Yeah. Ain't no sense in you
trying to run off from old frank.
That would just
make him meaner.
So who hired you
guys for the hit?
I don't know.
Don't seem to matter
none now, does it?
You don't know?
Frank makes
all the arrangements.
You know, frank don't hardly
even come out on no jobs no more.
Sure could have stayed
home on this one, though...
that is, unless you've got
some kind of wild ideas.
No, not me. No.
Turn right here.
You ever
been here before?
No, but dewey
and frank have, though.
They had them one
sweet job there once.
Actually got paid
for laying some singer.
Ha ha ha!
I guess that makes you
some kind of a male whore
or something, don't it?
Shut your mouth!
No, no!
No! No! No!
No! No!
Aah! Oh!
Get up.
Get in the car.
Screw you!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
You want to get in that car
like i told you? Huh? Come on!
Uhh! Uhh!
Come on.
Now, who hired you
to kill me?
Ain't gonna
tell you nothin'!
Get me to a hospital.
Frank, you're going to tell
me everything i want to know.
Up your ass!
What are you
going to do?
Oh, no. Don't do me
no more. Please.
So you got paid for laying
a girl singer, hey, frank?
Oh, god...
oh, god!
Was she good, frank?
Was she as good
as this?
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
You want me to
hook you up again,
or you want
to talk?
I'd tell you
if i knew. I would.
Honest i would,
but i don't.
There was just...
there was just the boss on the phone.
He sent me 3,000.
He said...
he said there'd be 3,000
more when i finished.
Here's the money.
No, no. Take it. Go on. Take it, please.
Get your ass back
to kentucky, frank,
and if you ever think about
coming back here to see me,
just reach up there
where that ear used to be.
It'll remind you that you
don't owe me a damn thing.
We're even now,
We ain't even,
I'm going to
be back!
You better be looking
over your shoulder, lewis,
and i'm gonna
kill you!
I'm going to
kill you, lewis!
I'm going to do it!
You know, frank,
i honestly believe you.
i believe you, frank.
Yeah, yeah,
but you screwed up,
and that's $3,000
down the drain!
What the hell
are you doing here?
Get out there and pass
the word to your men.
Shoot that bastard
on sight.
But, morello...
"but, morello" shit!
Do it! He killed 3 men!
that you hired!
And who can prove it?
Look, they're dead.
Now, don't miss.
Jesus christ,
This whole damn thing's
getting out of hand!
Tad, get going.
Don't think we don't
appreciate this, senator tatum.
all right.
Senator tatum.
My name's ron lewis.
Oh, hi.
Get the hell
away from me.
You make the wrong move, and i'll kill you.
Shut up.
Come on. Come on.
You're going
with me. Come on.
You don't expect me to buy
that crock of crap, do you?
It's the truth.
It's the truth.
Why would i get mixed up
in anything like that, huh?
I mean, after all, i do
have a sense of justice.
The man driving that plymouth was a pusher.
Who was he? Your
son's connection?
What's that got to do
with this? My boy's dead.
Your son was a junkie. That's no secret.
He died of an overdose of narcotics.
a goddamned lie!
I'll tell you
some damn lies.
You know who was driving that
chevy that night. That's a damn lie.
You know who took a shot
at me. That's a damn lie.
And your son was a
junkie. That's a damn lie.
I spent 4 years in jail.
That's a damn lie, too?
Do you realize how utterly
preposterous your accusations are, huh?
Don't you know
my record?
Well, i'm considered from one
end of the state to the other
as an honorable,
humane man!
Ha ha ha!
You just shut up.
You're not
on a senate floor.
You know
there's 6 men dead?
Do you realize that?
6 men?
Why do you keep
giving orders
for those bastards
to come and kill me?
Why, i never gave
anybody orders to kill.
Come here. Look,
you got secrets
you want to take to
the grave with you,
your privilege.
This is the end
of the line, baby.
Let's go take
a walk in the lake.
Come on. Let go
of me, will you?
Where do you think you're
going, for crying out...
what the hell's
the matter with you?
Hey, what do you
think you're doing?
Let go of me,
you fool!
That pusher
killed my son!
He killed my boy!
What else?
Come on!
That pusher
threatened my life!
I had to kill him!
So? So what?
I killed him!
I can't believe it,
but i killed him!
I... i was driving
my boy's car that night.
I was driving his car!
More! What else?
What else?
I shot at you! I shot at you, believe me.
I'm sorry, but it's...
i... i can't believe...
i didn't know what i was
doing. I wasn't thinking.
I wasn't thinking.
I wasn't...
i wasn't thinking.
Let me go!
What are you...
let me go!
Let me go!
Go on!
I wasn't thinking.
I wasn't thinking!
I wasn't thinking.
Believe me, i...
i just wasn't thinking.
I... i...
senator, now that
you're thinking,
how come haskins
grabbed me in that garage?
i called morello.
He was
the sheriff then.
I know.
And he promised to
straighten everything out.
He handled the gun,
got rid of the cars
and the pusher's body and
everything, including you!
Including me?
At what price?
Signed confession.
This is one frame-up you're
going to pay for, senator.
I know it ain't gonna be
much consolation to you,
but i've been
thinking about you
a thousand times
in that jail.
I swear, we both been in
jail for the last 4 years!
You know,
4 years ago,
i would have torn that
damn senator's head off.
he's dead already.
He's been dead
for 4 years.
Thank god
it's all over.
Well, it will be soon.
You've got enough
evidence to have the mayor
and the senator
Ron, let's get this
together, huh?
You're going
to morello.
what happens
there tonight
just might be more than you can live with.
There's a right way and
a wrong way to do things,
and you and vince have reduced everything
to an animal level.
Who else is going to pay me
for the last 4 years of my life?
For god sakes, what are the
two of you trying to prove?
Bundy, i'm not going to tell you again.
God damn it,
you heard me!
the state police
and put your men
on double duty.
I want that bastard dead, and i mean now!
Yes! Kill on sight.
All right. How much?
How much you want?
Make me an offer.
Well, when the banks
open tomorrow morning...
no, no. Now.
Well, there's
no more than
a couple of thousand
in the desk.
Open it!
Now, if either of
you two are holding,
you'd better unload
right now.
On the floor, quick.
Hands over your head.
Ok, not so quick,
mr. Mayor.
the alarm setup?
Well, there's no alarm setup on a desk.
Ha ha ha!
Now, if there is an alarm
setup and it goes off
and it causes
any kind of a rumble,
i'm gonna blow
your honorable head off.
You understand?
Well, there's no sense
in trying to kid you guys.
Yeah, there is a pivot switch
there on the corner of the desk.
You got to throw that to prevent
the alarm from ringing downtown.
Do it.
All right.
I got to get the key
out of the drawer, ok?
Get the key.
All right.
Ok, mr. Mayor,
now where's your stash
with the real money
in it, huh?
What are you
talking about?
Come on.
Where's the real bread?
Look, i told you, there was only
$2,000 in the desk, and that's it.
wasting time!
Hey, what the hell do you think
you're going to do with that?
I'm going to cut off your
fingers one at a time.
There's a safe
in the bookcase...
bottom shelf, right-hand
side, middle section.
You son of a bitch!
You gutless
son of a bitch!
Oh, you...
The wires run
into the paneling.
Have to rip the whole wall
down to find the alarm.
No, you won't.
Pitch me
your sticker.
His honor's going to tell us all about it.
you dirty son of a...
shut up! Shut up!
Shut up!
Now, morello, if i
ask you to explain
einstein's theory
of relativity,
you better not wait
more than 2 seconds
before you
start answering,
or i'm going to cut
you someplace else.
the combination?
Come on. Come on!
2 to the left,
9 to the right...
ah, you do it!
All right,
come on, come on.
Now, what's
the alarm setup?
There's no alarm setup
on this one, believe me.
Open it! Come on!
Come here, you...
holy christ, ron,
we found it!
We did?
We found it!
Money! Money!
Tapes, records,
Use this.
You want all these
papers and files in here?
Yeah, that's
all i want.
Mr. Lewis, i know
what you're after.
Give me the file on me, and
i'll make any deal you want.
you ratfink bastard!
Back up towards
the desk!
Drop that gun!
Gun them down!
Gun them down!
drop that gun!
Ok, ron.
Do like he says.
It... it can't
happen this way.
It... it...
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
It was
the deputy's gun.
Aah! Aah!
Lewis, that dog
will kill him.
You want to help
him, you go ahead.
Uh-uh. I just don't
want that dog to get in.
What now?
I'll make any deal
you want, lewis.
I closed up early,
sent everybody home.
I may never open up
again here.
Go home.
Pack your things.
We got to get out
of here tonight.
Where's vince?
He's dead.
Who else?
Mayor morello.
The deputy sheriff.
Jesus christ.
Your business is really
finished here now, isn't it?
too much for me.
Pack up all that stuff
and get it out of here.
Your clothes are
in the back of my car.
Disappear, ron.
Just disappear.
I can't live by
your rules anymore.
What choice
do i have?
You have a choice.
When i get set up,
i'll call for you.
Don't bother.
Just like that, huh?
Not just like that.
I loved you, ron.
You want to get
on the phone
and have deputy perry come over here?
Yes, yes!
Oh, thank you
for coming.
Good god.
You had a busy
night tonight.
You could say that.
Susan, bring me another,
only a double this time.
Make mine
2 of the same.
I know you got a pistol in your hand.
You know, ron, you're
through with your fight.
You've killed
all your dragons.
What about ney?
Oh, he lucked out,
He's just got
a bump on his head,
but it's one he'll
remember for a long time.
Sam... sam, i want
to ask you something.
So ask.
What would you do if you had
documents and ledgers and tapes
that would put about half of this
state in the palm of your hand?
What the hell
do you think i'd do?
I just want to be sure.
Power corrupts.
Oh, come off it.
Don't lecture me about
power and corruption.
I've been on the dirty end of the stick
all my life, and i
still fight it every day,
and i'm able to look
in the mirror.
For openers.
Oh, excuse me!
Senator tatum.
Oh, no. Not him.
The judge.
State's attorney.
Good god!