Framed By My Fiance (2017) Movie Script

So, trivia tonight, or are you
still bogged down by boards?
Oh, I am way behind on that.
But I need an outlet for
all this useless information
I have stored upstairs, and
I like winning free appetizers.
I know you do.
Oh, it's Daniel.
It's always Daniel.
Hey, you.
Hey! So, I made reservations
for an early dinner tonight.
Oh, babe, I just made plans
to do trivia with Rosa.
Babe, come on.
I had to use up a favor
to get the reservation.
Well, she has her heart
set on it.
Well, tell Rosa
that I have a coupon
for a free appetizer
she can have.
I could hear that.
How did he know?
How did you know?
Every time you have me
and Jenny over for dinner,
you serve chicken wings
and potato skins.
Are you complaining?
Absolutely not.
Uh, go have fun.
We'll do it next week.
Are you sure?
All right, I'm in.
I'll come right home after
work and pick you up.
And dress fancy.
Dress fancy?
Ooh, la, la.
Ooh, la, la.
This is really happening.
It's actually happening.
All these years,
all those treatments,
all those mis...
I know.
We made it
to the second trimester.
We're going to have a baby!
Oh my God!
So, this sweetest
little boy, Jeremy,
he's the one that has the, um,
the thing with his hair.
Cowlick, right.
Yes. Yes.
Um, he goes to me today,
he says, "Nurse Jenny,
you are the best nurse
in the whole world."
Wait. No, wait.
So then I said to him,
"Jeremy, even though
I'm the one who gives
you your shots?"
And so he thinks about it
for a moment and he goes,
"Sometimes you're the world's
second best nurse."
You should get it made up
on a t-shirt:
"World's second best nurse".
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What are we celebrating?
Certainly not me being the
world's second best nurse.
So, I got a call today
from Harold Barnes.
He's a friend who works
for the Governor,
and he asked me come down
to his office,
said that he had something
he wanted to discuss with me.
And I sit down, very nice
leather couch, by the way.
Oh, oh, come on, tell me!
So Harold tells me that
with the sudden retirement
of Judge Reynolds,
the Governor asked him
to make up a short list of names
to replace Reynolds
on the bench.
My name is at
the top of the list.
That's fantastic.
It's not 100 percent guaranteed.
They still need to do
the vetting process.
So, I just need to keep
my nose clean
for the next month
or two, but...
That's exactly what you wanted.
I know. First I was the
youngest partner at the firm,
and now I'll be the youngest
judge in the state.
And who knows how far
I can go with enough time.
How... how far do you
want to go?
Oh, okay, big shot.
Let's toast.
To Governor Daniel Hackett.
What's wrong?
You're lying.
You're up to something.
No, I'm not.
Okay. This has been
my little secret up until now,
but you always do
that little nervous
tapping thing when you're lying.
I'm so sorry, sir.
This is the glass
for the young lady.
So, if I'm going to make
it big in politics,
I'm gonna need a
smiling wife by my side.
It's beautiful.
Jenny Fischer...
Will you marry me?
Yes, yes, yes!
Sorry, I'm late.
It's all right.
I stopped by the club.
Judge Parker says hi.
Where's my ice cream?
May, I'm sorry.
I texted you.
Rocky Road ice cream.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
Michael, I need
my ice cream, please.
Can I get it in the...
Don't be too long.
Be right back.
I love it.
I love the stone,
I love the setting.
It's just... it's perfect.
Yes, but do you love me?
Almost as much
as I love this ring.
Oh, no! No!
No, it's okay.
I think it just went right
in between the seats.
Daniel, look out!
Jenny, hey.
Oh, my God.
Oh, thank God.
911, what's your emergency?
Yeah, there's been an accident.
My fianc, she's injured.
She's unconscious.
Do you know your location?
Uh, we're on...
we're on Route 38.
I think we just
passed Kingman Road.
Emergency personnel
are on their way.
Was anyone else injured?
Yeah, I think so.
There's a... there's another car.
I'll go check the other driver.
Is the other driver okay?
No. It looks like he's
in pretty bad shape.
He might be trapped in the car.
Just hang on, sir.
Help will be there
in a few minutes.
Okay, thank you.
I'm going to stay on the line
with you until they arrive.
They still need to do
the vetting process,
so I just need to keep
my nose clean
for the next month
or two, but...
Oh, that's exactly
what you wanted.
Congress? Governor?
Sir, are you still there?
Mrs. Langford?
I'm sorry.
We tried everything.
We lost him.
I'm so sorry.
No! No!
Not my husband!
Not my husband!
I'm so sorry,
Mrs. Langford.
Don't touch me.
Please don't touch me.
Don't touch me right now.
What are you doing here?
I got a call that
you were involved
in some sort of an accident.
Thank you, but you didn't have
to come all the way down here.
Well, the governor wants
to make sure that everything...
Well, everyone is okay.
Of course.
Let me tell you what happened.
Hey. Are you okay?
They told me you were okay.
Yeah. Yeah.
Just a little sore.
I must have hit my head.
It... it still hurts.
Yeah, I bet.
You, uh, you took
a pretty good hit.
Yeah, I'll be all right.
You okay?
I just feel terrible.
I, um...
I just found out
the other driver has died.
Oh, my God.
Jenny, what's important
right now
is that you remember
it was an accident.
I just... I can't believe it.
It all happened so fast.
I know, and you're going
to be fine, but...
We need to talk about
who caused the accident.
What are you talking about?
You were driving.
No. No.
See, Jenny,
we can't think like that.
We need to say that
you were driving.
You took your eyes off the road.
That's our story.
We have to stick to it.
Think about it.
If I was driving
and I caused an accident
that killed someone,
there's no way that the governor
is gonna appoint me to judge.
But if you were driving...
Well, you're just
a nurse, right?
It's not like you're a doctor.
My career needs to be safe.
It has to be, for both of us.
Our, our future life
is at stake.
I don't understand
why you're... what are you...
It's just a little lie.
That's all it is.
And the only two people
in the whole world
that'll ever know the truth
is me and you.
The two of us.
A team.
So you want me to lie for you
because you think your career
is more important than mine?
Jenny, it... this isn't
just for my career.
This is for the both of us.
Daniel, I... I love you,
but I don't feel
comfortable lying about this.
Jenny, you're not
seeing it clearly, okay?
I know people
in the DA's office.
This will just be a slap
on the wrist for you.
A... a little speck
on your record.
It won't mean anything.
It means something to me.
Someone is dead, Daniel.
All you have to do
is tell one little lie,
and soon you'll be the wife
of a very important man.
You didn't even think
this through, Daniel.
Even if I did lie to the police,
the paramedics pulled me
out of the passenger seat.
They're gonna know
that we're lying.
I'm not gonna do it.
I'm really sorry that you can't
remember the accident, Jenny.
It did happen so fast.
I do.
See, you were so excited
when we left the restaurant,
that you begged me
to let you drive my car.
You said that you wanted
to feel the thrill
of racing down an open road
while blasting your music.
You were singing away, happy...
not paying attention
when you swerved into
the other lane
and you forced that car
off the road.
It was horrible.
I was in the passenger seat.
And when the paramedics arrived,
you were in the driver's seat.
The mirrors were set for you.
The seat was adjusted for you.
You see, Jenny, I remember
the accident so clearly now.
Maybe, someday you'll
remember it the way I do.
I can't believe
you're doing this.
They're gonna know
that you did this.
No, they won't.
You could have had
a hell of a life.
You still could.
Just think about it.
Hi, yeah.
Thank you.
Judge Parker.
May, I am so sorry
to hear about Michael.
What are you doing here?
You should be home.
Let me take you.
No, thank you.
I don't want her
walking away from this
like nothing ever happened.
The woman that
killed my husband.
I want her to pay for this.
I'm sure that the police
and the DA's office are
going to look into this.
Michael was your
best friend, okay?
I expect for you
to make sure that she...
May, what is it?
Oh, my gosh.
I'll get some help.
We need help!
Hold on, May.
The baby.
May, what is it?
It's the baby.
Oh, my God.
Help us, please!
Oh, my God, please.
Oh, God.
Thank you for
bringing me some clothes.
Of course.
You sure you're okay to go home?
I've been here for three days.
How long do you want me to stay?
I was just concerned
with the home part.
You know, the one
you share with Daniel.
Yeah. Well,
I'm not going back there,
obviously, other than to
just grab my stuff and go.
Maybe if you give it some time?
You do believe me, don't you?
Of course I do.
I just mean...
I always liked him.
You guys were great together.
Maybe Daniel will
come to his senses.
He won't.
If you'd have seen him
the other day, you'd know that.
Well, you're welcome
to sleep on my couch.
Thank you.
Come in.
Jennifer Fischer?
That's me.
I'm Detective Logan.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
but I'm going to have
to place you under arrest.
What for?
Involuntary manslaughter.
Oh, come on.
I already told the other police
officer that I wasn't driving.
We can talk about it
down at the station,
but I do need you
to come with me.
This is ridiculous.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Langford.
We no longer detect
a fetal heartbeat.
Mrs. Langford?
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
You have lost the baby.
I'm very sorry.
There doesn't seem to be
any damage to the, uh...
You know it's taken years
of treatments
for my husband
and I to conceive.
Now they're both gone.
Given your recent losses,
have you had any thoughts
about harming yourself?
You think I'm suicidal?
Don't worry.
I have plenty to live for.
Hey. You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
If you can get these
signed by tomorrow,
I can push them through.
Thank you again for doing this.
I really appreciate it.
You're... you're the only lawyer
I know
other than Daniel
and his partners.
Of course.
I heard things went
badly between you two.
That's putting it mildly.
Well, you're out of jail,
so just try and relax.
I just don't really
understand all of this.
Daniel said that it would
just be a slap on the wrist.
Normally, he'd be right.
But the other driver, the one
who died, was Michael Langford.
He was in construction.
Very rich, very well connected.
I'm gonna guess one of
those connections has been
calling the District Attorney
and pressuring him
to give you the maximum
charge possible.
Oh my God, this is crazy.
Jenny, this is very serious.
These charges, they can hold
significant prison time.
But I wasn't even driving.
It was dark, and there
was a car stalled
on the side of the road,
and Daniel was driving.
I keep telling them that,
but they won't believe me.
You'll get your chance.
I'll do my best.
This is unbelievable.
That is fantastic news, Harold.
Thank you,
and thank the Governor.
No. I... I will not
let you down, sir.
Yeah. I will see you at
the swearing in ceremony.
Thank you. Thank you.
Sorry, it's not much of a couch.
It's fine.
It's much better than what
they offered in jail.
Get some rest.
Thank you.
Oh, my God. So good.
It was so good,
but I am so full now.
I just couldn't stop eating.
I know, I don't think I've
ever seen you eat that much.
I couldn't help it.
It was really good.
Hi, Mrs. Evans.
How are... how are
you feeling today?
Did you see that?
I guess word travels fast.
Yeah, no kidding.
People must really
think you killed that guy.
Not me, obviously.
I can't believe
this is happening.
Look, they're a bunch of idiots.
Don't let them get to you.
That's easy for you to say.
You're not the one
walking around with
a scarlet letter on your chest.
I... I'm actually excited
for the trial to start
so I can finally tell
my side of the story.
It'll happen soon enough.
I just can't take this anymore.
I know.
A plea bargain?
But she didn't do it.
I get that this is
a hard pill to swallow,
but you'll avoid jail time.
But like she said,
I didn't do it.
I know you don't want
to hear this,
but it doesn't matter
if you did it or not.
You don't believe me.
And it doesn't matter
what I believe.
It only matters what
a jury is going to believe.
I wasn't driving!
You were in the driver's seat.
Your fingerprints are
on the steering wheel.
The mirrors, the seat...
Daniel manipulated all of that.
I told you.
While you were unconscious?
Then you're not a very
reliable witness, are you?
Are you trying to be funny?
I'm trying to show you what
a terrible bind you're in.
Look, I've been going
over this for a week,
and I can see
two major problems.
One, if we go to trial,
I have to make a jury believe
that you were not
distracted while driving,
and it was a terrible accident.
And two, I can't do that
if you keep telling people
you weren't driving.
Then prove I wasn't driving.
All of the evidence
says that you were.
I'm not lying!
Jenny, it just doesn't matter.
Look, I know you probably feel
like tearing your hair out,
but we are gonna have
to make a decision here.
We can go to court,
you're probably gonna lose
and go to jail or you take
the plea bargain
to a lesser charge
and you avoid jail time.
So you want me to admit
that I... I did something
that I didn't do that
resulted in someone dying?
Call it whatever you want.
What would you do?
Take the deal.
I just wanted to let you
know in person,
the woman, Jennifer Fischer,
she accepted a plea bargain.
A plea bargain?
It was always
the likely outcome.
I wanted her in court.
I wanted a jury to hear
what she did.
May, it was an accident.
I wanted her in prison...
for the rest of her life.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
I like the Spartan dcor,
very empty chic.
Corner office, big windows.
Somebody's looking out for you.
It won't be empty
for long, right?
I can't thank you enough,
I know you had a lot
to do with this.
Friends take care of friends.
That's how our world works.
Excuse me.
It's time for
the swearing in ceremony.
Thank you, Helen.
Harold, this is
my assistant, Helen.
I brought her over
from the old firm.
You take care of the judge.
He's going places.
Well, right now he's going
upstairs to the ceremony.
Behind every great man
is a great woman.
I'm glad you finally found one.
Let's do this.
So Dr. Green fired me today.
I heard.
I'm sorry, I was with a patient
or else I would have...
I don't what I would have done.
What did they say?
They said that too many
parents had been complaining,
and that they didn't
feel comfortable having
the children around a nurse
who had killed somebody.
That's crazy.
You can sue them.
Yeah, maybe, but the
State Medical Board
is now reviewing my license
for unprofessional conduct.
Oh, man.
Jenny, that's awful.
I mean, I... I lose my job,
and now my license is
in jeopardy,
so I'm probably not gonna be
able to find another job.
I'm sorry.
For what?
Somebody complained
to the landlord.
There's only supposed to be one
person living in this apartment.
You're kicking me out?
I'm not kicking you out.
The landlord is.
I... I don't have
anywhere else to go.
I... where am I supposed
to sleep?
Stay here tonight.
We'll... we'll deal with it
Well, at least I have
somewhere to sleep tonight.
Finding an apartment
when you have zero income
is gonna be super easy.
I'm so sorry.
I know, it's not your fault.
I'm gonna get a glass of wine.
Bring the bottle.
You're up early.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
I'll bet.
So it turns out someone's
really out to get me.
What are you talking about?
May Langford.
She's the wife of the guy
who got killed in the accident.
It turns out she and Dr. Green
went to college together.
They're actually pretty close.
They belong to the same
country club and everything.
So, you think
Mrs. Langford
pressured Dr. Green
into firing you?
And there's more.
Do you remember how Randy
said the Langford's
made all their money
in construction?
Well, guess who built this
entire apartment complex?
Langford Construction.
It seems like your owner was
pretty close with Mr. Langford.
He hired him on a dozen other
jobs after this one.
So, the wife gets the
charges against you bumped up,
gets you fired,
and then calls my landlord
and gets you
kicked off my couch.
That is some serious
vengeance at work.
I just don't understand how
she found out I was even here.
Somebody probably
tipped her off.
I'm gonna go to her house.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
I'll figure it out
when I get there.
Be careful.
Don't worry.
Open up, I know you're in there!
There is a doorbell right there.
Pounding is
so much more satisfying.
Well, you're here.
What can I do for you?
I need you to stop
messing with my life.
Wait, I'm sorry, have you been
inconvenienced in some way?
You are unbelievable.
Look, I don't like airing
my dirty laundry in public.
So, why don't you come in?
We can be more
civilized about this.
You got me fired.
You got me kicked out
of the place I was living.
Okay. You... you killed
my husband, okay?
I... I lost my baby.
You've ruined my life.
I mean, what do you think
I'm just gonna let all that go?
I didn't kill your husband.
I wasn't driving that night.
My ex was.
He was afraid it was gonna ruin
his career, so he set me up.
You are such a liar.
I am sorry for your loss.
I truly am, but
spending your days
trying to ruin my life
is a waste of yours.
I have to disagree.
Look, I know it sounds crazy,
but Daniel was driving
that night.
When I was unconscious, he
moved me into the driver's seat,
and he got to tell everyone
his version of the story
before I even came to.
I've been telling mine
ever since I woke up, but...
no one believes me.
That's because it's absurd.
Look, I just need to work.
I just need a place to stay.
I don't care whether you
believe me or not,
I just need you
to stop harassing me.
I don't think so.
This is... this is pointless.
You're obviously
very sad and angry,
and you're really good
at ruining people's lives.
But I just wanted you
to know that the person
who actually killed
your husband,
he's doing quite well
for himself now.
But if you don't care
about that,
then there's really
nothing else I can do.
Okay, just wait.
You can't do this.
You can't... you can't just...
just come in here and... and...
and make me doubt...
Look, I need to know,
100 percent certain,
I need to know
who killed my husband.
Please, just give me
one shred of proof.
He does this...
this little nervous tic
tapping thing with his fingers,
every single time he's lying.
You should just go talk to him.
Ask him point blank.
Maybe then you'll believe me.
Excuse me, your Honor?
You'd be the first person
to actually...
Mrs. Langford, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize it was you.
May I speak with you?
Of, course.
I just came to see you
because... okay.
This is really awkward
to talk about.
Oh, please,
you can say anything.
It's just, your fianc
came by to see me.
I can assure you,
she is no longer my fianc.
I'm sorry that she did that.
It must have been very traumatic
for you to have to see her.
Yeah. I think the thing
that upset me the most
is that she refused
to apologize to me.
That's awful.
Did she, uh,
did she say anything?
She said you
caused the accident.
She said you were driving,
and after the accident,
you moved her into
the driver's seat
having her take the blame.
I just want to hear you say it.
I mean, you can understand that.
Yeah, of course.
Were you driving?
No, Mrs. Langford.
I was not driving.
And you didn't move Jenny
to the driver's seat
after the accident?
I can assure you I did not
do anything like that.
Thank you.
I just wanted to make sure.
Of course.
I understand.
Congratulations, by the way,
on your new appointment.
Thank you.
You were right.
What a bastard.
So you finally believe me?
Look, I... I think I know what
you're gonna do next, and...
But I suggest you
just try to move on.
Okay. The only thing that's
been getting me
out of bed every morning
is figuring out a way
to ruin your life. Okay?
Moving on is not
in the cards for me.
I just have a different
target now.
Speaking of that, do you
think there's any chance
you can get my friend's
landlord off her back
so I can at least have
a couch to sleep on?
But can you please help me
get even with Daniel?
I... he ruined both of us.
Look, May, I... I get
why you wanna do that,
but I pled guilty.
I'm jobless, I'm homeless,
and I am completely heartbroken.
I just wanna try
to get over this.
I don't... I don't wanna have
to relive it every single day.
Okay. But Jenny, just wait.
I was ready to kill you.
I got you fired and kicked out
because I wanted
to piss you off.
I was hoping that you were
gonna come looking for me.
I had a gun hidden in my couch
when you were in my living room.
I think you should talk
to someone about this, May.
I am. I'm talking with you.
Someone who's not me.
Some... someone who can
help you get through this.
Who else could I talk to
that even would come close
to understanding
this situation, Jenny?
I mean, it's you.
It... it has to be you.
I'm not the vengeful type, May.
I don't want any part of this.
Okay. Okay.
So you don't... you don't
want revenge.
Then... then... then what is it?
What... what... what do you want?
I want my job back.
I just want my life
to be normal.
We can get your job back.
We just... we... we... we have
to clear your name.
Yeah. That would require
Daniel admitting that he lied.
He's not gonna do that.
Admitting that he lied
would ruin
his entire political future.
There's a charity event
Okay, it's a
ribbon-cutting ceremony,
and every politician
and anyone who wants to be
a politician is gonna be there.
Okay. We need to find just
the right dress for you.
I'm starting to feel
like an experiment.
I want to throw Daniel
off his game, okay?
So the easiest way to do that is
show him what he's missing.
Well, now I feel
like a piece of meat.
Meat is good.
After all, the quickest way
to a man's heart
is through the stomach.
Once we have the heart,
we can rip it out.
Try this one.
Oh, and I almost forgot.
I like this one.
Try that with it.
Is that valuable?
I... I don't want to wear
anything expensive.
It was my mother's.
I want you to have it.
May, I... I can't possibly
take that.
Jenny, it's... it's just
something that you pass along.
I'm 40 years old.
The love of my life is gone, and
I'm never gonna have children.
I want you to have it.
This museum is officially open.
I have not.
Thank you.
Appreciate this.
Jenny, relax, okay?
You're like
the prettiest girl here.
Just enjoy it.
Enjoy it?
I feel sick to my stomach.
Hang in there, okay?
Come on, we're in
charge tonight.
Remember that.
I'll see you then.
Judge Hackett.
Oh, Mrs. Langford.
It's, uh, it's good
to see you again.
You look great.
Go to hell.
I just wanted you to know
that I've switched sides.
Excuse me?
I know that you
were driving that night.
Look, I don't know what Jenny
has been telling you, but...
Only the truth.
Well, I...
You're gonna stop talking.
I focused my energy
on an innocent girl
while you waltzed off Scot free.
It's your turn now,
Mr. Hackett.
Here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna admit
what you did, publicly,
and then you're gonna
go beg for forgiveness.
It's that simple.
Do you think
he's gonna go for that?
Not in a million years.
Didn't think so.
Or you can just keep lying
and I'll start making
your life a living hell.
And how are you gonna do that?
I'll call in every favor I have.
I'll find that skeleton
in your closet.
Believe me, I will.
I... I will link your name to
every scandal that comes along.
You're gonna be
in the papers constantly,
and it's gonna be for
all the wrong reasons.
And most importantly, I'll get
you kicked off the bench.
You're gonna lose.
You're a cowardly liar,
and you're gonna lose
everything you have
and everything you ever
dreamed of having.
Enjoy the rest of the party.
Aren't you glad
you came along with me?
I know it's been a rough
couple of weeks for you,
but I'm glad to see you
out again, May.
It's good to be out.
You've loaded me up with scotch.
Now, what do you need?
Daniel Hackett.
Fine young man.
He'll be an excellent judge.
How do I get him
kicked off the bench?
Look, May, I made
a few calls for you
about his fianc back when
the accident happened,
but we were both in an
emotional state at that time.
I know. And I'm not asking
you to do anything unethical.
Okay. You're a Judge.
Let's say that I decided
to remove you from the bench.
How would I even
go about doing that?
Well, in this State,
Judges are appointed.
Since they can't be voted out,
they have to face
a judicial review board
if complaints are filed
against them.
And how often do they
kick out one of their own?
They'll do it.
Not often, but
if there's a smoking gun...
And what do they
consider a smoking gun?
You're really serious,
aren't you?
Deadly serious.
That was pretty incredible.
He was speechless.
He couldn't even say a word.
Probably because
you told him not to.
May, I know you're not
doing this for me,
but I really appreciate it.
Well, I'm glad to have
someone on my team.
Being a vengeful bitch,
it's just such a lonely job.
I'm sorry, Jenny, for
everything that I did to you.
I... I understand where
you were coming from.
The truth is, I blame myself.
I still do.
I made Michael
go out that night.
It's my fault that
he was even on the road.
May, you have got
to stop blaming yourself.
Nothing that happened
was your fault.
That whole night was just
a series of unfortunate events.
And nothing that you do is
ever gonna bring him back.
I really suggest that
you just try to move on.
I'm afraid I'm not
as good a person as you are.
Okay, so he said that
we need to find something
from one of Daniel's past cases.
Something or somewhere that
he cut a corner, knowingly.
Like, withholding evidence?
I mean, that's normally
a problem for prosecutors,
and Daniel,
he was a defense attorney,
so, I mean, maybe.
We really can't
rule anything out.
Where do we even start?
According to Judge Parker,
he said we need to go
to the courthouse.
We need to ask to pull
the public records,
find everything that
Daniel's been working on,
and then just start
sorting through it all.
That's gonna be a lot of stuff.
We're gonna need some help.
I've got to call it a day.
It's getting late.
I gotta work in the morning.
Thanks for your help.
I'm not sure how much
I actually helped.
It's like looking for
a needle in a haystack
when you don't know what
a needle looks like.
Thank you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Bye, May.
She's right.
Gosh, this is such
a waste of our time.
We don't even know
what we're looking for.
No, no, no, no.
I... I think I found
something here.
This... I remember this one.
I don't remember why
it was important,
but Daniel was really
nervous about it.
He... he said he had
to be really careful.
I'm gonna make photocopies.
Mrs. Jackson?
Hi. I'm Jenny Fischer
and this is May Langford.
We were hoping we could talk
to you about your son's case.
Case? What case?
My Omar is in prison.
Well, that's kind of what
we wanted to talk to you about.
Come in.
Thank you.
Thank you for speaking
with us, Mrs. Jackson.
We just wanted to clarify
a couple of things here.
Your son Omar, he was convicted
of stabbing someone
to death during a
drug deal, correct?
My son made some
bad choices in life.
I know he sold drugs
when he needed money,
but he did not stab anyone.
Okay, I don't mean
to sound rude,
but how can you be so
certain about that?
Because there was a witness.
Did the witness testify
at the trial?
There wasn't any trial.
My son's lawyer convinced him
to take a plea bargain.
I told Omar not to, but the
District Attorney scared him,
told him he'd
get the death penalty
if he was convicted.
And your lawyer's name
was Daniel Hackett, right?
That's right.
Okay. I'm... I'm confused,
Mrs. Jackson.
If you son had a witness, then
why didn't they go to trial?
Mr. Hackett told him
the witness
wouldn't be allowed to testify.
Why not?
Some legal reason.
But without his testimony,
the lawyer said Omar
didn't stand a chance.
Was the witness
a friend of your son's?
Just some kid looking
to buy drugs.
He and Omar were both in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
Do you remember
the name of the witness?
It was a Kenny, um...
Kenny something.
But I... I kept some notes from
my meetings with the lawyers.
Let me go get it.
Who did you say you were again?
We're just a couple of women
who might be able to get
your son out of jail.
Kenny Barnes.
Does that name mean
anything to you?
Well, Harold Barnes is
the Governor's right-hand man.
He's also the guy
that put Daniel's name
at the top of the list
to become judge.
What do you figure
Kenny Barnes is his son?
If the case went to trial,
then Kenny would have to testify
that he was buying drugs.
So then Daniel lies
to his client
and says Kenny can't testify.
He keeps Kenny and the Barnes
name out of a messy trial,
boosting his future
career prospects.
Puts an innocent kid
in jail in the process.
I think we've got him, Jenny.
Yeah. Let's not celebrate
until this kid's out of jail.
"This is to inform you
that a complaint
"is being prepared against you.
"Once the material is received,
you will have 30 days
to respond."
May Langford.
Both took notes during
their meeting.
If we can get his,
we can prove their story.
Yeah. But do you think he'd
really save something like that?
He saves everything.
Even something that
might be incriminating?
He literally saves everything.
Okay. How?
How do we get our hands
on the notes?
Well, he used to keep his
old notes
at the law firm's offices,
but then they remodeled,
so he temporarily put them in
the firm's storage facility.
Do you think
they're still there?
It's Daniel.
He must have heard
from the Review Board.
Go upstairs and listen.
You here to confess?
I didn't invite you in.
You invited me in the moment
you started screwing
with my life.
Okay. I think you have
that backwards.
Look, Jenny is lying to you.
She killed your husband,
and somehow in your grief
she has convinced you
of that lie.
You've convinced me of that.
You need to back off.
Or what?
Or I will sue you for defamation
and take everything
that you've got...
which is clearly quite a bit.
Okay. Look, you don't
have to sue me, okay?
You can take everything
I've got.
You're just not gonna be
able to enjoy it
when you're sitting in jail.
Why did you call
the review board?
We found something
very delicious, Daniel.
A case from your past.
All I've gotta do is
put everything together,
take it to the review board,
and then it's bye bye, judge.
You're bluffing.
It doesn't really matter
what you think,
because in the next
couple of weeks,
you're not even gonna know
what hit you.
Seriously, you might
as well resign now.
Save yourself
the public humiliation.
All I've gotta do is
put everything together.
I've gotta dot the I's,
and your whole world
is gonna come crashing down.
Jenny, open the door.
Oh, my God, Daniel,
get away from me!
You made me do it.
You just wouldn't leave it
alone, would you?
Open the door!
Open the damn...
Think, think, think...
911, what's your emergency?
Hello, are you there?
911, what's your emergency?
Hold on, we're gonna
trace the call.
Help is on the way.
Judge Hackett's office.
Helen, hey, it's me.
Hi, yeah, I, uh,
I came in early today.
Uh, listen, I'm stuck
down in the hearing room,
and I forgot something.
Could you pop over to the file
room and grab me a case file?
Yeah, it's uh,
People V. Demko.
Sure, I'll go get it.
Okay, great.
Hey, Judge, I just got the file.
Oh, good.
I'm, uh, glad I caught you.
Look, I may need to go out
later and I think
I left my car keys on my desk.
Do you mind running them
down here for me
so I don't have to come back up?
Sure, I'll go check.
Okay, thank you.
Here are your keys and
the files you asked for.
Is there anything else
that I can get for you?
No, thank you.
You've done enough already.
What time did you get in?
Oh, I don't know,
maybe 7:00.
Just couldn't sleep.
Thought maybe
I'd get some work done.
Well, you can always
call me to come in early.
Don't be silly.
I'm sure I make your life
miserable enough already.
Hey, uh, one thing
you can get for me.
Can you make a list of
every case
I was personally involved
in back at the old firm?
That could take a while.
Thank you.
911, what's your emergency?
I just saw someone be attacked.
I think she... I... I don't...
I don't know if she's...
Daniel did it.
I saw him attack her.
I was standing right there.
Where did this occur?
25 Hamilton Way.
Units have already
responded to that location.
Oh, thank God.
Can I have your name, please?
Jennifer Fischer.
Okay. I'm going to have
some officers meet you there
so you can give your statement.
Okay, that's fine.
I'm on, uh, I'm on the corner
of Allen and Mariner.
Wait right there.
Officers will be
with you shortly.
Oh, my God,
Jenny, what's going on?
Oh, Rosa, you are never gonna
believe what just happened.
I was just about to call you.
The police were just
here looking for you.
Jenny, did you really kill May?
Oh, my God, what?
No! No!
May's dead?
I guess somebody saw you
arguing with her the other day.
They found a search for airline
flights in her computer.
This is insane.
We'll tell the police.
I just need to get this
one piece of evidence.
If I can get it, it can prove
what Daniel is capable of.
Tell the police.
Let them get it.
Daniel has connections.
If I tell them, someone's
gonna leak it to him
and he's gonna
destroy the evidence
before I can even get to it.
Well, whatever you're
gonna do, do it quickly.
They said they're tracking
your cell phone location.
What? Oh, my God.
Hey! Hey!
Hi. Can you take me
to the airport?
Not right now, Miss.
I've got a pickup
at the Canadian border.
Which way is that?
West, in this direction.
Well, thank you anyway.
All right.
Unit T646, the signal's
headed west.
She may be heading for
the Canadian border.
We're in pursuit.
Excuse me, your Honor.
Detective Logan.
What can I do
for you, Detective?
Have you seen or heard
from Jennifer Fischer today?
No, I haven't.
Has she gone missing
or something?
She's wanted for questioning
in a murder investigation.
Murder? My God.
You mind me asking whose?
May Langford.
That's terrible.
I just... just saw her a few
days ago at a charity event.
She was with Jenny, actually.
They seemed friendly.
What happened?
Uh, well, we're still
looking into that.
Tell you, I really thought
I knew Jenny, you know,
but murder?
Well, I didn't say
she was a suspect.
Which brings me
to why I'm here, actually.
Ms. Fischer called 911
this morning
and said she saw you
kill Mrs. Langford.
That's absurd.
What reason would
I have to kill her?
If you could just
tell me where you were
this morning between
8:30 and 9:00?
I was here.
I came in early today.
Um, anyone see you here?
No, I mean, it's pretty much
a ghost town before 8:00.
All right.
Anybody see me there?
No. Uh, Mrs. Langford
has security cameras,
but they're not
currently working.
Hmm, that's too bad.
Yeah, that's too bad.
Okay. Well, let me, uh,
let me see if I can
clear this up for you.
Hey, Helen?
Your Honor?
Yeah. Uh, what time
did you get in today?
Oh, well, there you go.
Um, and you were here with
Judge Hackett at that time?
Well, no.
I didn't actually see
the Judge until
around 9:30 in
the hearing room.
Ah, yeah, that's right.
The car keys.
You had me get
the car keys from your desk.
Oh, yeah.
No. Yeah.
I... I came in early
before 8:00.
I dropped my keys on my desk,
and then lent down to
the hearing room to work.
He called me after 9:00
to bring them to him.
I was at my desk
the whole time before that.
So, you had to have
dropped your keys
on your desk before 8:30.
Just needed to clear that up.
No, of course.
And if Jenny contacts me
for whatever reason,
I will definitely let you know.
Thank you.
I can show you out.
Where did you go?
Hello, you have a collect
call from A.P. Tizer.
I'll accept the charges.
All right, I'll connect you.
I know you were hoping
to get together tonight,
but my boyfriend is
being really clingy.
Uh, if I can get away
I'll swing by our usual place,
but I can't promise anything.
Did you get what you needed?
Not yet.
I had to dump my car
when I found out
they were looking for me.
Take my car.
I... I don't want them
to know that you're involved.
I'll say I gave you an extra key
when you were living with me.
This should get you
a motel room for the night.
I can't.
Are you kidding?
Take it.
You can't use your credit card.
Thank you.
My car's parked on
the corner of Main and Collins.
Now go.
Get a motel room,
get some sleep,
and then in the morning,
get up, get whatever you need,
and call your lawyer.
You're right.
Thank you for everything.
It's gonna be over soon.
Oh, God, I hope so.
Thank you.
I've been looking for you.
What do you mean?
Where is she?
Where is she?
She's gone.
Where? Tell me!
Where did she go?
I... I don't know.
Tell me!
I don't know.
I think the waiter was
totally checking you out.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, are you okay?
Is she dead?
I don't know.
Call 911.
You were right about
everything, May.
I'm going to make
sure he doesn't get away
with what he did to you.
Good morning.
You have that list
I asked you for yesterday?
It's... it's right here.
Hey, Helen?
My old handwritten notes, when
the firm renovated the office,
did I put them
in storage anywhere?
Yes. I think they went into
the firm's old storage facility.
Didn't Jenny help you move them?
That's right.
I'm gonna go out for awhile.
Don't take messages.
Don't try to reach me.
You've got a hearing.
Cancel it.
Cancel it? But...
Just cancel it!
Excuse me, ma'am?
Is the judge in?
No, He left maybe
20 minutes ago.
He didn't say where
he was going.
I can let him know that...
No, that's all right.
Uh, don't bother him.
Maybe you can help me.
Now, you said the judge
was here all morning
because he had to have arrived
and placed his keys on his desk
before you got here at 8:30.
Right. I was at my desk
the whole time.
Now, think, are you certain
you were here all morning?
Of course.
Well, the Judge did call me
before that and asked me
to get him something from
the working cases file room.
And where is the file room?
Down at the end
of the hall, turn right.
So, you can't see your desk
or the Judge's office
from inside the file room?
No, but I was there
for maybe a few minutes.
Does your phone have
a call log on it?
Of course.
He called me at 8:55.
From the phone
in the hearing room?
No, from his cell phone.
But maybe his cell phone
was next to him.
It would be quicker than
using the office phone.
Yeah, maybe.
Thank you.
The body of the victim
has been identified
as 30-year-old Rosa Harris.
Police would only say that
they have not ruled out
the possibility that
last night's murder
was related to the earlier
killing of Ms. May Langford.
When reached for questioning,
police said that they have
identified one suspect
who still remains at large
and is wanted for questioning.
Please still be here.
Oh, please be here.
Yes. Yes.
Omar Jackson.
If I had thought about him
yesterday at May's house,
I wouldn't have had to kill her.
I could have just come down
here and destroyed my notes
and you and May could have
gone on with your little
"let's destroy Daniel club,"
year after year,
getting more pathetic,
drunk, bitter.
I think I would have
liked to have seen that.
I'm sure you would have.
Too bad you'll be in jail.
You're never showing
those to anyone, Jenny.
What, you killed May and Rosa,
and now you're just
gonna kill me too?
No, see,
that's where you're wrong.
You killed May, and
then you attacked Rosa,
and feeling remorseful, you
then killed yourself
using the gun that you
stole from May's house.
You are unbelievable.
I can't believe I was
actually in love with you.
I never imagined that
you'd be such a monster.
Love is blind.
All you had to do
was play along.
One little lie, that's it.
Now, look at all
the trouble you've caused.
You actually think you're
gonna get away with this?
Yeah. Yeah.
Because all it takes is
a little brains, Jenny.
You're desperate, Daniel.
You may have had enough time
to think the accident through,
but May's house?
The cops are gonna
find something
to place you there, I know it.
Shut up!
Shut up and give me
the document!
Yeah, Jenny, I'm not kidding.
Give it to me!
Who's down there?
Hey, is somebody down here?
Oh, hey, Ed.
Oh, hey, Mr. Hackett.
What are you doing down here?
Oh, I just, uh, I was
trying to find a file,
and old file I couldn't...
couldn't place.
I thought I heard voices.
Oh, yeah.
That was me.
I was just, uh,
a little frustrated,
but it's all good now.
Hey, congratulations
on the promotion.
Yeah, thank you.
Ah! No, no!
You're not going
anywhere, Jenny.
You just couldn't do it, huh?
One little lie and you
just couldn't do it, could you?
Far enough, Jenny.
I'm sorry it has to end
this way,
but you're coming
with me right now.
All right, stop right there!
Put it down.
Detective, it's
a good thing you're here.
She tried to kill me.
Step back.
Yeah, of course.
How did you find us?
Train engineer reported
some trouble over here.
Put the gun down.
Now, turn around,
get on your knees
and put your hands
behind your head.
No, no, not you.
You, Your Honor.
You heard me.
I will have your badge
for this, Logan.
Well, good for you.
In the meantime, I'm placing
you under arrest
for the murder of May Langford,
and the attempted murder
of Rosa Harris.
Rosa's alive?
She can't be.
You said she was dead.
That's the story I put out.
I was afraid you might
leave town
if you thought she survived.
So she... she told you
She did.
And that sent me out
looking for this.
What's that?
You ran a red light in your
hurry to get back into town.
It turns out the traffic camera
does a pretty good job
of catching the driver's face
and license plate number,
a half mile from
May Langford's house,
five minutes after the 911 call.
The same time you claimed
to be at the courthouse.
Detective, I... I have
some important documents
I'd like to surrender.
They... they could help
free an innocent man.
Let me guess who they belong to.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Watch your head.
Harold, you have to help me.
They know about
that thing with your kid.
A friend in the department
gave me a rundown on the notes
you had on the Jackson case.
Nowhere does it say
I had any knowledge of my son
being witness to a murder.
But we talked about it.
You and me.
No. No, we didn't.
Yes, of course we did.
You told me that if I did
this one favor for you...
I have no knowledge of
how this poor young man
got sent to jail for something
that he didn't do.
And frankly, I'm appalled
by your involvement.
Clearly I misjudged you.
Harold. Harold!
Harold, please!
It must be so frustrating
to know the truth
but no one believes you,
especially when all
the evidence points to you.
Dindursky, get him out of here.
Right away.
Well, I have to admit it.
He framed you pretty good,
but, you know, there
was just enough
that didn't quite add up,
and that made me
question his alibi.
Well, I suppose
his luck had to run out.
I just wish it
had run out sooner,
then May would still be alive.
I am truly sorry,
Ms. Fischer...
for everything.
And I apologize,
but I still need
to get a statement from you.
I'll have someone give
you a ride down
to the station in a few minutes.
You sure you're ready for this?
I am.
Omar Jackson is out of prison.
Daniel's finally on
his way to prison,
and I get to take care
of the kids again.
I just wish May was here
so I could thank her.
And thank you, by the way.
You've already thanked me
like a thousand times.
I know, but
it'll never be enough.
You never doubted me.
Here, this is for you.
What's this?
Just open it.
One coupon for a lifetime
supply of chicken wings.
On me, whenever you want.
Just don't take advantage of it.
Oh, I am. I am.