Framed by My Sister (2022) Movie Script

[door creaks]
I--I couldn't
help what happened.
Please forgive me, please.
I'm-- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
None of this should be
any surprise to you.
I don't see what
you're so upset about.
David, are you kidding me?
She didn't show up
to her own mother's funeral.
I'm walking
right into that house,
and we're having it
out once and for all.
Look, it's just raina
being raina.
She'll snap out of it.
But I still think this
is a big waste of time.
[knocks on door]
Come on.
I know you're in there.
So you want to do this
right here on the front porch?
I guess not.
You want some water?
So, you missed a hell of
a funeral reception.
Everybody wondered
where you were.
I didn't.
I knew you were here in
the bottom of a pill bottle.
I haven't had anything
in over a year.
You know this.
I'm still going to meetings.
From the smell of it,
I'd say you should switch to aa.
Why do you
always do that, alex?
Why do you have to be
right about everything?
I didn't want to see our
mother in a coffin, okay?
I couldn't do it.
She'd still be here if
I hadn't gone out that night.
And where exactly were you?
I was at the bar.
I am not proud of myself,
and I know that
you hate me for it
because all I want to do right
now is curl up and die, too.
Raina, I'm....
Mom was always on your side,
even during your troubles.
I was out of control, okay?
Mom was the only one
that would talk me through it,
all through rehab.
You didn't even come see me.
Did you want me to?
Of course I did.
You're my sister.
I didn't know.
We've been so angry at
each other for years.
You know, mom wanted me
to give you a real job.
She called me last month,
begging me to do it.
Maybe it's not a bad idea,
make it be a family business.
I don't know anything
about fashion.
Plus, we'd kill each
other in one day.
I've never known
what I wanted, alex.
Maybe I will someday.
Oh, so that's your excuse
for shutting me out
and the whole world.
You don't understand how I feel.
Let me grieve in my own way.
How dare you?
I don't understand?
She was my mother, too, raina.
I love you.
[phone rings]
what are you doing? I told
you not to call me this week.
I know I promised,
but I need to see you soon.
I'm lonely, david.
And I'm busy.
My wife just buried her mom.
It's not a good time.
When am I going
to see you again?
Look, I will call you later,
I promise.
David, wait.
Well, that went well, I guess.
Yeah, I guess.
I hate to say I told you so.
Seriously, david?
Who were you just talking to?
We're closing on that
really big deal,
the higgins property,
next week.
Turns out we're going to
make condos there, anyway.
Condos are nice.
[engine revs]
I didn't expect you
to come in this week.
You really didn't have to.
Girl's got to keep busy.
Plus I need the tips.
Well, you know
if you need money,
you can always come
to me and mom.
I appreciate that, thank you.
Thank you.
Yes, great, great.
I will have my assistant,
mary, set something up.
Okay, speak then.
You need to leave
in 20 minutes.
Your rideshare is here,
but I told them to wait.
Oh, and david is on line 3.
You're amazing.
Yes, darling,
I got the flowers.
What are you
apologizing for now?
I got a meeting
in a few minutes,
but I just wanted
to call
and wish you good luck
on fashion week.
I know it's a big deal for you.
Well, you have
a good vacation, too.
I don't know, a couple
of weeks, home alone,
it all sounds kind of sad.
Convenient timing.
I'm sorry?
Look, I can't talk.
The car is outside for me,
and I have to catch my plane.
All right, just do
one thing for me, okay?
Yes, darling, what is it?
Go kick some ass.
I come back Friday.
I'll call you from the hotel.
Can't wait; love 'ya.
[phone rings]
I was wondering when you'd call.
Ready to be happy?
Tomorrow morning, first thing,
you drive out
to the lake house.
I am going to finish up
some things around the office
and meet you out
there for lunch.
What's wrong with the hilton?
You promised me
a real night out.
We cannot be seen together.
I'm pretty sure
she suspects something.
Look, this is the gameplan,
all right?
Are you in, or are you out?
You know I'm in.
Then I will see you
tomorrow afternoon.
Damn it.
raina's keys are in the car.
I'll text you the address.
[doorbell rings]
hello, david, it's been a while.
Were you expecting your wife?
Like what you've done
with the place.
Look, raina...
I have to admit, I've always
been jealous of this place.
My sister has it all,
doesn't she:
A hot, rich guy;
million-dollar mansion?
She's even got
the good fashion gig.
Got to love that, right?
Keeps her busy.
And while the cat's away....
Why am I not surprised?
You know, you didn't show up
to your mother's funeral.
Alex was pretty
upset about that.
You have such an admirable grasp
of the total obvious, david.
You know, I sling a
lot of these at work.
You know, joey is really sweet,
but he's not going places,
not like you.
What are you getting at?
I just was not expecting this.
The last time that you
and interacted,
you slapped me
in the face really hard.
Yeah, well, that was then,
and this is now.
I mean, a girl can change
her mind, can't she?
What makes you think
I'm still interested?
Because you are.
Look, I'm sure I'm not
the only kept woman
that you have hanging around,
but maybe you can squeeze me in.
Yeah, I might be able
to arrange something.
You know that house out
in the country where you
and alex used to go
when you were kids?
Yeah, mother's house
by the lake.
I bought it from her.
The perks of being big
in construction.
Alex was always telling me
how you two would
play hide-and-go-seek
as kids out there.
What do you say
we continue that tradition?
How totally inappropriate.
I love it.
Let's go to the bedroom.
I see you brought toys.
now close your eyes and
open up your mouth...
Because you are going
to get a big surprise.
Surprised yet?
Get up.
Get up!
Closet safe.
I want what's in there.
Hurry up.
You're making a big mistake.
no, you made the mistake,
mr. Hand in the cookie jar.
Now do it,
or I'll blow your head off.
This'll do.
There is damn near
a quarter-million
dollars in there.
Take it; it's yours.
But you better
disappear forever.
Oh, I intend to, david.
That's the whole point.
And guess what?
You're going to
disappear forever, too.
[phone buzzes]
oh my head.
[buzzing continues]
what the hell?
[knock on door]
I've been trying to call you.
So I guess you
haven't heard the news.
What are you talking about?
It's about david.
well, the housekeeper
discovered the body.
We're thinking time
of death was,
like, 10:00 last night,
something like that.
And we're just about
finished up here.
Can we move him?
Joey, this is insanity.
Is that david they
just took away?
Look, I think
we should just wait
and see what's going on first.
Hey, I'm detective
randall rhodes, and you are?
Raina winston.
My sister lives in that house.
Can you tell me
exactly what's going on?
I tried to call her, but she's
not answering her phone.
Well, your sister, she's on
her way back from new york.
She took the first
flight out this morning.
She'll be arriving soon.
Over there is my boss,
lieutenant sarzo.
Do you mind answering
a few questions
while I wait for your sister?
Of course.
I'm on my way there now.
Did the police say
anything else to you?
No, just that renalda
had phoned them
about a body in the house.
They wouldn't give
me any details.
Okay, okay, I have to go.
Just keep your phone on, please.
She's here.
Hey, I came as soon as I heard.
Alex, I am so sorry.
This is a nightmare.
Don't--don't touch me.
I feel like
I'm going to be sick.
We can do this later
if you want.
No, I'd rather
get it out of the way.
Okay, if you'll step this way.
[clears throat]
so the safe in the bedroom
was mostly empty.
The cash that you mentioned
on the phone was gone.
Probably knew they couldn't
fence the jewels.
Whoever it was knew exactly
where to look and what to take.
Was there any physical evidence?
No signs of forced entry.
And something odd,
the entire house security
camera system was deactivated
just prior to the incident,
certain footage erased, too.
The system was passkey encoded
to mr. Maloney's cellphone,
which could mean
he did all that himself,
or someone erased
it after the fact.
So he might have let her in.
It could've been anyone, really.
I believe that my husband
was having multiple affairs.
Were you aware of
who these women were?
Most of them, yes.
I knew holly personally.
Did you ever act on that info,
divorce proceedings?
I was hoping that we could
still work through it somehow.
And it was a rocky marriage,
but I still cared about him.
Fair enough.
I'm sorry for your loss.
[knocks on door]
who is it?
Let me in, holly, it's alex.
Nice decor.
I see david spared
no expense setting you up.
Look, what do you want from me?
I spoke to the cops
already on the phone.
I'm supposed to go in
for questioning tomorrow.
And what exactly are you
planning to tell them?
Alex, this is all so awful,
and I'm so sorry for everything,
but I would never hurt him.
I was in love with david.
He let someone
into our house last night,
then he turned off
the cameras,
someone he knew,
someone who knew exactly how
much cash we had in our safe.
I don't care about money.
I just wanted him.
You can punish me all you want.
I should be punished.
I'm guilty of trying to take
your husband away from you.
But I would never do
anything to hurt him.
I would never hurt him.
I guess we're all guilty
of something, huh?
[phone beeps]
[phone rings]
Hello, gloria.
What do you want?
I thought we were done.
The situation has
become complicated.
I still need your help.
Well, I don't trust you anymore.
You didn't tell me that you
were going to kill david.
You're right, I didn't.
So who says I did?
You were alex's assistant
for four years
and now have $10,000 in
your bank account.
How would that look
to the police
if someone tipped them off?
Now you've got
the money you were owed
from your old boss, alex.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
You'll do as you're told.
Am I making myself clear?
Now listen very carefully.
Thank you all for coming.
David wasn't really
a particularly religious man.
But I know he would like to
thank each and every one of you.
David was a man of
generosity and compassion.
In the days ahead,
I'd like to remember him for all
his achievements in his life.
And he was a good friend
and a good husband.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm not sure
if you want me here, alex,
but I have to let you know....
Save it.
There's nothing to discuss.
At least you showed up
to this funeral.
Alex, we came
to show our support.
Please leave now.
Fire and ice.
We've always been like that:
Big fights and
no damage control.
Let's hope
we can find our way back.
I think she'll come around.
I know she will.
I just have
a really bad feeling.
Let's go.
Hey, you'll get through this.
[knocks on door]
what can I do for you, officers?
Do you mind if we come in?
Have a seat.
Wh-what is this?
Our dna tests all came
back inconclusive,
but our people were able
to pull images
from three cameras in the area
surrounding your sister's house.
All just so happens to be
from the night of the murder.
It appears to be a dead ringer
for your vehicle.
We were able
to trace the license number
from a scanner at a stoplight.
I'm afraid that matches,
as well.
I was here alone that night,
I told you.
You can track
my gps on my phone.
That doesn't mean a dang thing.
You could have very well
left your phone here.
I mean, I think that would've
been a good idea, myself.
Anyone at all who
might have seen you
come home, a date maybe?
Please, be candid.
No, I mean, I don't know.
We'd like to have
a look around your place.
Of course.
I have nothing to hide.
All right.
Nervous, ms. Winston?
This is my mother's home.
She wouldn't have liked this.
Duly noted.
Well, well, well.
So, getting back to
the whole candid thing,
are you the kind of sisters
who share everything?
Figure that's about $250k,
which is exactly how
much was stolen, right?
I don't know how this got here.
You're going to have
to do better than that.
Now, let's go through this
again from the top.
There's nothing to go through.
This isn't my money, and
I didn't kill my brother-in-law.
You have the right
to remain silent.
If you give up the
right to remain silent...
What? No!
...Anything you do say can
and will
be used in court against you.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,
one will be provided
for you by the courts.
I didn't do it.
Why don't you believe me?
It's risky, lieutenant.
With evidence like this,
charges will be thrown
right out of the window.
Think about it:
The mistress doesn't
even have an alibi, either.
She could've very well
have been the....
The profile on
raina winston fits.
She's got a criminal record,
a history of alcohol blackouts
and a rich sister
who hates her.
We're fools if we don't
at least sweat this woman down.
All right, let's go.
I appreciate your kind words.
It's a terrible tragedy, and
I'm just trying to keep busy.
We have been a small boutique,
but we have interest
in a major department
store chain,
and I'm going to have a sit-down
with them while I'm in new york.
Okay, thank you for your time.
well, your trip is set up,
your flight is booked for
the day after tomorrow,
and you get back Saturday.
And all those arrangements
are set up, too.
You are a godsend, mary.
I swear I had
the executive assistant curse
before you came along.
You weren't cursed.
Gloria was a crazy woman.
Good riddance.
You know, it's funny,
I feel like you were
the closest thing that
I've ever had to a friend.
You never had a school bestie?
No, it was just raina and I.
Our problem was
we were always fighting.
Well... Sometimes we're richer
than we think, you know?
[phone rings]
yeah, who's this?
Joey, it's me.
They arrested me this morning.
They're about to book me
into city jail.
They think that I killed david.
What evidence do they have?
I need someone to post bail.
I called alex,
but she's not answering.
Joey, I'm scared.
We're going to get you out,
I promise.
Okay, thank you.
Are you going to say anything?
Do you really think
that I came into your house
and killed your husband?
Alex, someone is setting me up.
They had your car on camera.
They have the money.
Are you hearing me?
How stupid would I be
to put that in my place
and then have the cops search
my house without a warrant?
I don't know what
you were thinking.
The evidence that they're
holding against me is thin.
The bail isn't
even set that high.
One million isn't high?
I just need 10 percent.
And what am I supposed to do,
jusalex, for .... Sakes.S?
What am I supposed to do,
bail you out on this?
You have to believe me,
I didn't do it.
you know, the first time
you got in trouble,
you also said it
wasn't your fault,
and you broke our mother's
heart when she found out
that you stole from her.
Alex, I am begging you....
When we were kids,
mother gave you everything,
and I was the pariah.
Look, you're not thinking
straight; she loved both of us.
Don't try to deny it, raina.
You loved being her favorite,
and I made good,
and you made the gutter,
and you finally did
something about it, didn't you?
Okay, take that back.
You know that that's not true.
Mother would be so
ashamed of you right now.
You let mother die!
How could you say that, alex?
How could you?
I need you to help me, please.
I don't need to do anything.
Damn it.
I'd like to set bail
for my sister.
She was brought in earlier.
Oh, my...
Yes, I booked
ms. Winston in myself.
You look an awful lot like her.
I know.
Can we just do this?
I'm afraid it's already
been done.
What are you talking about?
The bail's been paid
by that gentleman.
What a surprise.
I was unaware you had that kind
of money to throw away for bail.
I put my bar up for collateral.
How kind.
Well, I guess she didn't
need my help after all.
Good luck to the both of you.
You know she didn't do it.
She needs us to believe in her.
I don't know what to believe.
Ms. Winston,
you're free to go.
thank you so much.
It's okay, kiddo.
Now let's get you the hell
out of here, all right?
Happy birthday, old woman.
You were a mistake.
You never should've been born.
You've become a monster.
You've ruined my life.
I would've been free
without you.
You should've gone away
with marcie.
You destroy everything
you touch, trinity.
You're right mother.
And guess what?
There's nothing that
you can do about it.
Stay away from me.
Don't touch me!
[phone rings]
How's tricks?
She's out on bail now.
I also need access
into alex's email.
Can you do that?
I hacked into her email
when she fired me,
put spyware in her system.
Anything else?
Release the tape
to the police.
On it.
So you holding up okay?
I talked to a public
defender this morning.
He says the case
against me is weak.
It could go either way.
I need to figure
out who did this.
Someone set me up, joey.
Yeah, no, I think you're right.
Did david have any enemies?
Take your pick.
He's in the construction
Most of those guys
are mobbed-up.
But I....
What are you thinking?
I don't even want to say
what I'm thinking,
but david was rich, millions,
and I know for a
fact he wasn't faithful,
and alex was never happy.
Now she's bound
to inherit a fortune.
You don't think she
would hire someone to...
No, I know my sister.
I have to believe that she
wouldn't do something that evil,
especially let me take
the fall for it.
I'm going to look
into david a little.
I got a buddy who can help.
You've already done so much.
Not nearly enough.
[phone buzzes]
Ms. Winston?
Lieutenant sarzo.
I'd like to schedule
an interview with
you and your attorney,
tomorrow if possible.
I'll have an officer reach
out for a time to confirm.
We'll speak then.
Thank you.
It's the detective.
She wants to see me tomorrow.
Look, we're going
to figure this out.
Everything is going
to be okay, all right?
I was thinking
about something alex
said to me when we were kids.
What's that?
She used to say
that we were half a person
and that part of us was always
missing because of that.
There was one time when
we were playing hide-and-seek,
and she locked herself
in the closet,
and she said she wouldn't
come out until she felt whole.
What happened?
Then I got it open.
I always do.
It wasn't easy.
I have to go.
My interview's soon.
Be careful.
That cop wants you bad.
I'll be over as soon
as it's done, okay?
Okay, I'll see you.
[clears throat]
I'll come straight to the point:
We have a new witness.
What witness?
I was not informed of this.
A neighbor apparently
saw ms. Winston's car
driving up to her house
just 45 minutes after
david was murdered.
This was corroborated
by the woman's husband.
They'll both testify in court
that it was ms. Winston
in the car.
You failed to mention that
you took a drive that night.
This is outrageous.
That's sheer speculation.
There is no evidence of that.
How about this,
mr. Bellingham?
We also have security
cam footage of you getting
into your car with what
looks like that bag of money,
two blocks away
from david's house.
Who is that?
That's not me, I swear.
Not another word.
This is an ambush.
Your client has a history
of alcoholism and blackouts,
and she looks damn
loaded in this video.
You want to know what I think?
I think you're guilty as sin.
You just don't remember it.
That video is not admissible
as evidence.
That's not what we think.
Well, on that we shall
have to agree to disagree.
I think we're done here.
We're not done, ms. Winston.
Not another word.
We'll see you in court,
detective sarzo.
[phone beeps]
you hear all that?
So we're still
ruling out the sister?
Her alibi is airtight.
Start working on
that court order.
I want raina winston's
bail revoked.
That's going to take
a day or two,
but I know the right judge.
We'll get it done.
Dear alex, I'm so sorry
for our troubles.
Please understand that I want
to try and make things right,
no matter what you think
of me right now.
I swear on the
grave of our mother
that I had nothing to
do with david's death.
I'm going to work
hard to prove that.
Whatever happens, we're the
only family we have left.
I would never hurt you.
I have great empathy for you
now, in your moment of loss.
You have all my love.
I believe in
the best parts of both of us.
Your sister, raina.
See you in three days, sister.
Enjoy new york city.
[computer beeps]
don't worry, raina,
you're going to have a chance
to show your poor
sister alex
just how much you
love her very soon.
I don't know what to do.
It was me, right there
in that video,
and I don't remember it,
not even a little bit.
Do you think it
could've been alex, you know,
pretending to be you?
She'd never do that.
Well, if it was you,
it's not like you
really confessed to murder.
It just looks bad, that's all.
Please tell me that
you found something.
My guy did a pretty
deep dive on david.
Just wish it was better news.
He had some shady stuff
going down, but....
So nothing that helps us.
As far as figuring out who
he might have pissed off
and why they would come
after him so hard,
we can narrow it down to
a few hundred possible suspects
if we had a few weeks.
I don't have a few weeks, joey.
We need to get you
a real lawyer, raina.
I can borrow some money.
I'll keep digging,
but all my instincts tell me
that david's a dead end.
All my instincts are
telling me to run like hell.
Don't, they'll find you
and arrest you,
and you'll be in
even worse trouble.
Raina, no matter what happens,
I will stand by you.
We know you're innocent.
I'm not going to let you fall.
Are those for your mom?
Yeah, I was going to drop
it by her place later,
but, you know, I'm stuck here
waiting for this place to open.
I'll do it.
I could use her particular
words of wisdom right now.
Okay, well, call you later?
Hey, it's not over yet.
[phone dings]
raina, I'm very busy.
What do you want?
Alex, I have made so mistakes,
and I've told so many lies,
but I swear that I am
innocent, and I can prove it.
I have new evidence.
What are you talking about?
I know who really
killed david.
A witness has come forward,
but she doesn't want
to talk to the police
unless she speaks to you first.
She's afraid for her life.
It's that holly stone girl,
isn't it?
I can't say that over the phone.
Okay, we have
to do this in person.
She's terrified
to even answer her phone
or even go out in public.
Well then what, raina?
This is crazy.
I'm going to take her
to the lake house,
you know the house that we used
to go to when we were kids?
I told her that
she'd be safe there.
Will you
please just meet with us
as soon as you
get back in town?
Raina, come on.
It's a matter of life
and death, alex.
Please, just meet us there,
and we'll explain everything.
Okay, I'll be there Saturday.
My flight's going to be late.
You won't regret this,
I need to go.
Thank you.
I love you, sister.
There's no way on earth
you could've
ever done this terrible thing.
People don't stop being good
just because
they had a few drinks.
They make a few mistakes, sure,
but they don't
start being evil.
I don't know.
You haven't heard the stories
from my support group.
I've heard them all.
I just wish I was smart
enough to figure it out.
You know,
I've been thinking myself.
Your mother died less than
two weeks before david did.
I know they ruled
it an accident and all,
but what if it wasn't?
What if it was done by
someone who really is evil?
So maybe I'm looking
in the wrong direction.
Maybe the answer
is closer to home.
You know,
I'm one lucky old lady
to have a friend
who brings me flowers.
They're actually from your son.
I'll see you Saturday
for your birthday.
That means so much to me.
You get some rest.
Yeah, she's been in there
for like an hour or so.
I checked, and the property
is registered
to some old lady named
faye jones.
I don't know if that's going to
help you any, but there it is.
You've been a
big help, believe me.
Oh my, you have
a birthday coming up.
How nice.
[phone rings]
hey, what are you doing?
I was just closing early.
It has been pretty dead tonight.
Could you come by?
What's going on?
Your mom's got me thinking
about looking in
a different direction.
There's nothing unusual.
What is this?
"dear marcie, my feelings about
everything have not changed.
"you can apologize all you want,
"but it will never make
right what you did.
"my life is now a living
hell because of you,
"and one day I will find
a way to get even.
joey, oh my--
oh my god, oh my god.
What's wrong?
I think is from
our birth mother.
You never even
knew her name before?
The records were sealed
when alex and I were adopted.
Look here, s.
This has to be her.
Okay, look, this is nuts.
There's no return address.
You're drawing some
pretty fast conclusions.
What do you want to do,
go to the city records
office or something?
This letter is a direct
threat to my mother,
and now she's dead.
And so is my sister's husband.
Maybe this is
a connection somehow.
Help me, please.
You know I'm in.
Thank you.
You're here early.
Early bird catches
the worm, right?
What's this all about?
Stop right there.
So at first I just
figured that we were going
to frame raina for robbing
the money in david's safe.
I was happy to help with that,
and I helped you steal her car.
But you never told me that
you were going to kill him.
Okay, grow up,
get to the point.
So I've been thinking
about this, every little detail,
and I realized that if alex
were to die next,
and no one knew about it,
you could just slide
right into her identity,
inherit everything.
Of course, you'd eventually
have to kill raina, too, right?
Oh come on, trinity,
no witty comebacks,
no veiled threats?
I guess you figured out
my entire evil plan.
I guess I did.
That's why I want one million
dollars every year
for the rest of my life.
You can afford it.
I'm not being greedy.
But, see, if those payments
ever stop coming,
well, that'll be
a problem for you.
of course I could
just cash you out.
Stop right there.
Oh, have you ever fired
a gun before, gloria?
I said stop right there.
Well, the safety's on, girl.
that's okay, shh.
The safety actually was on.
[phone dings]
hello, raina.
Will you be here soon?
Are you sure you want
to do this today?
I just got home.
It's important, alex, please.
Okay, I'll be there about 5:30.
Raina, I don't know how
I feel about all this.
I promise that
I will make it clear.
Please, trust me.
Trust has always been
hard for us, hasn't it?
I'll see you at
the lake house soon.
I'll be waiting, sister.
We'll be waiting.
This was all the rest
they could dig up.
Check this out.
They said it was related
to your adoption,
some kind of sealed file
that got unsealed
about a year ago
by a family member.
Did they say who
that family member was?
No, but I don't think
they can give out that info.
It looks like some sort
of nondisclosure agreement.
A lot of legalese.
But it was signed by my mom.
And bingo, now we
know who "s" is:
Sally dryden, 26,
my birth mother.
Okay, nancy drew.
What about the address?
Right here: 6750 crocker street,
culver city,
if she even lives there still.
I think it's worth a shot.
-Okay, let's go.
-All right.
Happy birthday, faye.
Oh, you startled me.
Well, you didn't think
I'd forget, did you?
I thought you had
important things to do.
Nothing's more important
than your birthday.
Where's joey?
Oh, he'll be along soon.
Honey, I apologize.
I thought maybe
I was forgetting things.
You want to know something?
You remind me of my mother.
Are you okay?
-That's not new at all.
-Honey, what are you--
my god, raina.
It's me, mike, come to help
you fix your wi-fi like we said.
I'm just going
to let myself in, okay?
Damn it.
Mrs. Jo...
Mrs. Jones, mrs. Jones.
Help, help!
[knock on door]
who is it?
My name is raina.
Get out of here.
I said get the hell
out of here, trinity.
I don't know who you think I am.
Who's trinity?
Please no.
You're one of her
sisters, aren't you?
My sister's name is alex.
She's not the only one, is she?
Come in, please, come in.
My name is raina winston...
And by the time you see
this video, I'll be dead.
[phone dings]
I'm sending this to
the police
as my confession before
I commit suicide.
I must bare my soul.
I can no longer live with
the choices that I have made.
I have committed
unforgivable sins on my sister,
I tried to kill joey's mother,
and that wonderful woman
meant everything to me.
And she is dead,
and it is all my fault.
And that is why
I'm making this video.
I got something to send you.
You are not
going to believe this.
Where is this sally dryden?
[phone rings]
Oh my god.
Okay, I'll be there
as soon as I can.
What's going on?
It's my mom.
She's in the hospital.
She's in critical condition.
I have to go to her.
Okay, well, I'm going, too.
No, no, no, no, no,
you have to stay here
and talk to this man.
This is important.
Take my phone.
I'll call you when I get
a burner phone, all right?
You can tell me later.
All right.
Ms. Winston,
please come to the door.
You're only making
this harder on yourself.
Lieutenant, wait, wait.
We just got in through the back.
She's not here.
She left her cellphone
on the kitchen table,
probably because
we were going to track her,
and she figured
we'd be coming for her.
Okay, plan b: Issue an
apb out for raina winston.
By midnight,
she'll have nowhere to run.
Let's go.
You, with me.
Go, go.
My wife's dead.
This is your birth mother.
Sorry for my reaction earlier,
but you look and
sound just like trinity.
The three of you were
born to my wife, sally.
I only married her
after you were born.
She was tortured, even
then, by what happened.
What did happen?
Your adopted mother
could only afford
to take you and your sister.
It was her sophie's choice
just to have two.
But any one of you
could've become trinity.
What she became...
Was a monster.
I believe it;
I've seen the damage.
No, you haven't.
You didn't live it.
Trinity was 16
when I married her mother.
She was--
she was violent, immoral.
She made our lives hell.
She drove sally mad.
She blamed your...
Your adoptive mother for...
For not taking her.
A letter to our mother.
By the time she was 18,
trinity was...
Beyond hope.
She'd done so
many horrible things.
One night when I was
out, she, uh...
She attacked sally.
My wife died in the hospital.
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
I tried to tell
the police what happened.
They wouldn't--
they wouldn't believe me.
Soon after, she tried to kill me
and left me for dead.
I've, uh...
I lived in fear ever since
that she might come back.
Mr. Barrister, I can't imagine
what you've been through.
But I think she has come back,
and I think she's responsible
for killing my sister's
husband and maybe my mother.
Yeah, you see, it's all
a big game to trinity.
It's a game
I lost a long time ago.
This is jane craig
with channel 6 news.
I got to live with
that every day.
...For raina winston,
now suspected
of first-degree murder.
Can you turn that up?
...Murdered her
sister's husband
on the night of July 29th.
Ms. Winston's bail was revoked
this morning by a state judge
when new evidence
came to light.
The police believe
the suspect has fled the area.
If you have any information
regarding her whereabouts,
please contact the lapd.
It's been trinity
this whole time.
[phone rings]
excuse me.
Hello, who is this?
Raina, it's me, alex.
I'm at mother's old lake house.
I just saw the news.
The police are looking for you.
I figured that you
would be with joey,
so I tracked down his number.
It was a longshot,
but I guess it worked out.
I want to help you.
Come here so I can hide you.
Three days ago
you thought I was guilty.
That was then.
You're my sister.
You're right: I think
someone's setting us up.
Come here,
and we'll figure it out.
Then we can go to the police,
try to get them to understand.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
I love you.
Alex has never said I love
you to me her entire life.
That's got to be trinity.
Well, I'm screwed.
I mean, the cops
are looking for me.
Well, if you want my advice,
I'd get the hell out of town.
If you're going to go
out there and settle this,
you're going
to need some protection.
Here, take it.
You only get one shot,
so make it count.
My car is parked outside.
I just bought it last year.
She won't recognize it.
I don't know what to say.
You just get out of this town.
You get out of here, go.
[engine starts]
she hasn't regained
consciousness yet.
But she just stabilized
just before I got here.
Is she going to be okay?
Yeah, I think so.
But you're all over the news.
You need to stay hidden
or turn yourself in.
Yeah, well, there's something
I have to do first.
Just take care of faye.
I love you both.
Raina, what are you
going to do?
Hello, raina.
Hi, alex.
We're going to figure
this out, I promise.
I'll hire the best lawyers.
I know that you're
innocent, raina,
and I promise I'll stand by you.
What did you find out?
It's complicated.
She couldn't make it, but
I'll explain everything inside.
Of course.
Come on.
I didn't let david
change anything
when he bought
the place from mother.
Bring back memories?
Of course it does.
You and I,
the games we used to play.
Do you remember
when we were kids,
and we used to come
here every weekend?
Of course.
I really loved this place.
I loved how peaceful it was,
big house with the three
of us lost in nature.
We were always fighting.
Mother used to make us
play hide-and-seek.
Do you remember
why she used to do that?
It was a long time ago.
We were just kids.
I remember I was hiding
in our secret spot,
and you were looking for me,
all by yourself,
and you got scared...
Because it was so silent,
and you felt so lost.
I came and looked for you,
and you hugged me,
and you cried,
and you said,
"never leave me alone again."
that's why mother
made us play that game,
so we always knew
that we needed each other.
You told me you'd always
remember that moment, alex.
We were children.
I guess I finally
just pushed it away.
I worked so hard
to be my own woman,
to not be you.
You were never me.
We just lost each other.
Now you're reaching out to me,
which is not like you.
I need to know what you know.
I know who killed
david and mother.
Tell me.
She's a woman who knew
that everything
she ever believed in was a lie,
and she was told that
at five years old, raina.
Could you imagine that?
Your mother sits you down
and tells you the truth,
and you discover all the
reasons why you felt so empty?
So alone?
What are you
talking about, alex?
Who killed david?
You're scaring me.
Am I? Good.
Because you see, sister,
this woman,
this monster
who killed david,
she is capable of anything
because she knows that
she already lost everything.
She embraced being bad
because it was the truth,
and she loves being
angry because it's strength,
and she knew that she
could use that anger
to get everything
that she never had.
I see you have daddy's gun.
Had a little talk, huh?
Pathetic old man.
And what's your plan, huh,
frame me for killing david,
then take alex's place?
Yes, and I get all
of her money, too.
And then you're going to die.
Want to know how?
You've already confessed
to all the crimes.
I made sure of that.
Yeah, well,
you can't just shoot me.
I can do whatever
I want, sister.
Do you want to know how your
real mommy died?
And why?
You killed her.
Because she wouldn't shut up
about how I ruined her life.
She'd remind me every day.
Guess you had to be there.
You need help, trinity.
This is insane.
Raina, are you in there?
Alex, don't come in here.
raina, are you okay?
Raina, are you in there?
Raina, hello?
Hello, sister.
So nice to make
your acquaintance finally.
Weird, huh?
It's like looking
at yourself in the mirror.
Who are you?
Well, our mother
named me trinity
because there was three of us,
not just two.
And I should've had everything
that you had and more.
I should've been the alpha.
Alex, run, hide and seek.
you sneaky little barmaid.
Very clever, you two.
Hide-and-seek, huh?
Well, guess what?
I didn't grow up here, but I
still know how to play the game.
I also changed all
the locks on the doors.
You can't get out of here
without coming through me.
So I guess the game
is already over.
Come out, come out
wherever you are.
She can't help you.
I'm coming.
All right.
Are you having fun yet?
You're not going to win, alex.
I thought of everything.
And don't worry, your money
will be well spent.
Where, where can she be?
you're not very good
at this, are you?
Raina, where are you?
sisters, come on,
I'm getting bored.
there you are.
Trinity, you were right.
You are the sister that
we always longed for.
Now I see that.
Please, please don't
do this, please.
No need for tears, sister.
I'll make it quick, just like
it was for dear old david.
I promise: You won't
feel a thing.
Tag, you're it.
You heard the lady:
Drop the gun.
[panting, grunting]
[gun clicks]
one shot.
I guess I made it count.
Now don't move.
oh, you won't kill me.
I said don't move, please.
I'm a part of you, alex.
You're so weak.
I love you.
I love you, too.
This is still so strange for me,
being in her life again
after all that,
and we have a whole houseful
of memories to go through.
Mary, let me call you back.
-Hello, sister.
-Hi, sister.
Well, got to open the bar.
You guys play nice.
I'll tell mom
you're coming by later.
-She can't wait to see you both.
I love you.
All right.
Way to go, sister.
Raina, could you
do something for me?
Of course.
Never leave
me alone again.
Come on.