Francesco (1989) Movie Script

She never goes out anymore...
she won't come.
Yes, she will
She'll come! I know my cousin well...
All of them are beautiful
I'm just making one with onyx.
- Have you got more?
This one.
Look, this is like the one my
grandmother gave me
and I gave it to my sister Margherita
on her wedding day. Do you remember
Yes, I remember.
- Beautiful. Do you like it?
Yes I do.
With two kind of gold. Chiara?
The sight of him filled my existence
from the time I was a little girl;
He was always elegant and kind.
He had very beautiful hands.
And lots of money. His father was
crazy about him.
He wanted his son to be a gentleman
and he was serious about it.
His father planned to turn all of his
business interest over to him
And they were numerous. I well know,
I was his advocate.
It comes from France, it's good.
This time you bought in grand style.
It was my son's doing. "Buy this for
the ladies and that for damsels...
French fashion!" Careful!
That stuff is delicate.
This year I have things to satisfy
every taste. No my purse is empty.
We'll have to go over some account.
And this?
- That's special... upstairs'.
And what is the French fashion?
It's velvet with gold embroidery.
I recommend it. It raises the spirits.
Les gaufrettes!
Room for me!
- No, you dirty my water!
It's wonderful!
- You think you left so clean?
Flanders lace!
I bought it for you...
He grumbled, of course...
That's not true! I paid, didn't I?
- Thank you!
You tell him, too, that he can stay home.
We do our share, in any case.
If I have to leave in this city I have to
take the bad and the good weather.
Let the nobles deal with it.
For once you can take the advantage
of not being one of them.
But you with you were one of them
and they are fighting.
That's all they know how to do.
Perugia will win. You can bet on that.
They are better armed and more ferocious.
- Aren't you going to eat?
I have finished. They're waiting.
- Just a moment...
But you have hardly eaten a thing.
Now at least have some wafers.
Ah, you made them!
Something for you.
Give it to me!
- No, to me!
I want it!
- Give it to me, to me!
Should I write those things?
- Yes, write them.
You could have bet one thing: he would
have become a great businessman.
Less cautious than his father, but
more alert to trends.
His father had a craze, he really
wanted to become a noble.
Not really, his craze was his son.
Events came to a head...
It was a ferocious war
and ended in slaughter...
As I foreseen, Perugia won
and Assisi lost her finest youth...
For days no one knew who was dead
and who had remained alive...
Give them everything they ask.
We know the jails.
It's impossible to survive in there.
All right, let me think about it.
- No...
There are other prisoners from Assisi.
At least forty, it seems.
it would be best to negotiate
a general ransom.
No! No!
- That's how it's usually done!
No, I want separate negotiations, just
for my son! Even if it costs more.
You can't ruin yourself however.
- First let's hear their demands.
Everything. Give them everything.
Everything that's necessary.
Of course. But keep calm. Tonight
nothing can be done. Am I right?
Nobles, out! Nobles, out!
Come on, hurry up.
Out of the way!
Stand back! You're not a noble!
They're being slaughtered. Because
no one has come to claim them.
Keep moving! Move!
- There's nothing you can do.
Perugia is faithful to the Church
They come from the North and they
proclaim themselves messenger of justice.
But they spread only
hatred and revolt!
No, don't close your eyes, open them!
The enemies of the Church are
the enemies of Perugia!
heretics who want to come here
and stir up trouble.
Look! We know how to deal with them!
- What is it?
This is our ways with the godless.
It's a Gospel... not in Latin.
- In what language?
Our spoken language. That poor
heretic probably translated it.
Throw it away. It's dangerous.
- Later.
The negotiations were endless.
Francesco was prisoner
for almost a year.
Stop that!
- Leave him alone!
Here life isn't worth a thing, your sleep
isn't worth anything either.
You're wrong, first they sold
the dead meat...
now the living.
Do you have someone who'll pay for you?
- Maybe, if the price is low enough.
And you?
- My father.
I bet your friend has someone
who'll think of him.
Isn't that so?
Hey, you there! Man of learning!
Will you tell us who are you?
I'm a great prince of the region. And
when you speak to me, bow your head or...
Francesco started to behave oddly and
his father was very upset about it.
He blamed the year
spent in prison on it.
And most of all, he didn't like that job
and he couldn't decide what to do.
Fortunately a great Lord
turned up in Assisi
to recruit the sons of the rich.
There was a great plan
for conquest in Apulia.
A unique opportunity for young men
seeking glory and adventure.
To become a knight was his dream and
naturally he responded to the summons.
That was the second time I saw him.
He was as mixed up as a child.
This one?
- No, the other one, the next one.
Look... This is the latest fashion
among the ladies of Provence.
You were saying?
Excuse me, you were saying?
This is the latest fashion
among the ladies of Provence.
Go away! Go away!
Go! Go!
Just add up.
Including last purchases makes...
let's see... seven houses in Assisi.
Three in Foligno. Rented.
Six barns, five oil mills. The commission
on the slaughterhouse in Foligno...
Four dairy...
- Interesting...
Fifteen farms.
Plus the grazing land
and the handling of the cattle
Here's the schedule
of cash receipts and payments.
I already told you about the weaving
and dyeing factories.
Ah! While you were away, your father
employed more dyers.
Yes, yes, now let's go to the
book of wonders!
Your father has also started an activity
of loan at interest.
It's legal, but it's better not to
make it too public.
You suggested to sell on credit
and I sell money on credit.
all the details. What's mine, is yours
Chiara, come on!
Why are you doing this?
They're in need.
You do it for your own good.
And you? What do you do?
I do nothing.
That time he hurt me.
Was I being charitable only
because I had been taught to?
Were my actions habitual
and not spontaneous?
Who was I? What did I want.
Do you know I'm leaving?
Where are you going?
Maybe... Jerusalem.
If you have to go off
with a lord like that...
you have to be fitted out properly.
Beside our armor, we have
to provide a horse.
With suitable trappings, a squire
with mount, all of our provisions.
It will cost as much as two farms.
But that doesn't bother me. Because
you'll win the family a coat of arms!
You are both mad!
Think of the risk! You've barely
regained your health!
This will loosen the catarrh.
If you don't risk, you gain nothing!
Your mother is right. You're still
in a daze. How can I be...
It's my only chance.
A second separation
from their beloved son
was difficult for his parents, but
they wanted a brilliant future for him.
# Because I have a lady with cook
and scullion, maid and companion...
A leper...
Get out!
Get out of there!
Get out!
Go away!
- Francesco!
Do you want it?
- Of course...
It's yours.
But what about you?
My horse.
Francesco! What are you doing here?
Weren't you supposed to conquer the word?
It's done. Can you lend me some clothes?
I can't go back to my house like this.
Have you been robbed?
- No.
What happened to you then?
- Nothing.
Really nothing.
- Don't you believe me?
I don't understand you. Didn't
you want to become a count or a duke?
And now? What will your father say?
Will you be back at the counter?
I don't know.
Is there a woman behind this?
That one who...
Do you still have that book? You know
The one of that character that they...
Do you need it?
I don't know.
What happened to you?
What are you doing here?
Have you forgotten where your home is?
Where is your armor? Your horses?
- Don't hit me!
Are you crazy? Are you sick too?
It's all right...
It' all right... it's all right.
What need is there to go to Foligno?
to sell these things...
Aren't you going
to wait for your father?
There's no time. Someone's waiting.
- Who? A customer?
Don't worry. Don't worry.
He sold the cloth to give
money to those in need.
He started living among the poor and the
lepers. His father was beside himself.
If Francesco had lost a fortune
in misguided business venture,
well, Pietro would have understood it.
He unburdened himself to me.
He said he considered his son a failure.
It was his own fault for spoiling him.
He asked my advice.
This should be a normal civil suit
between a father, who is suing his son
for removing property and
squandering it and then...
Wait, the son didn't ask to be heard in
this tribunal, it was the City's consuls
who decided the matter came
under the ecclesiastic court...
The wrong tribunal. As far as I know, my
client's son is not a priest or a monk...
true, but he has declared
himself to be a penitent.
A "penitent!" A penitent
toward his father, perhaps.
No! A "penitent" toward God.
A meaningless expression.
Here some quite specific
things are involved,
such as the question of the
patrimony of father and son.
The son is the owner of goods that
the father has already passed to him.
And that the son could now
squander in the same way
Not to mention
the rights of inheritance...
No! One moment! The "penitent"
publicly declares that
from this moment on, he will make no
further claim against his father's wealth.
My boy, reflect. From this moment on
you could be stripped of everything.
Of every rights
in the present and in the future.
He says he has thought it over
and has decided.
What have I done to you?
What did I do wrong?
Yes, I was annoyed by those
things you took away,
but I have already forgotten that.
After all you wanted to give alms.
That's only right.
You thought that household things
were also yours to dispose of.
And so you did. Right.
That, too, must be done, otherwise
what sort of Christians would we be?
But now you must be
yourself again. Let's go home.
Think about your mother...
We have disturbed
the consuls and the bishop
for a family matter
and I apologize...
my client has embraced
a different life.
He cannot go home.
What life?
The life of a beggar?
Some gratitude!
He cannot do this, my lord bishop!
You cannot allow a son to
trample on the rights of a father!
I've spent a fortune to
bring him up like a gentleman.
It cost me his weight in gold
to free him from prison.
I equipped him with armor and horses
for a venture that never came off!
But I was ready to put
my faith in him.
Everyone will confirm that!
What are you doing Francesco?
These are yours...
I have another father.
What are you doing?
I was waiting for you.
I'm coming with you.
- Wherever... I mean it.
Go home, go home.
We'll meet again.
Sir, I wish you peace
and well-being for you and yours.
Sir, I wish you peace and
well-being for you and yours.
Get out of here! Get out!
It was for the dogs, but if you want it...
Thank you. Peace be with you.
Go away! That's Tano's place!
We don't want outsiders!
You're stealing our bread. Go away!
Don't touch, this stuff is mine!
And you go away! I said no!
Soon you'll have
a roof over your head.
Youre ill, you must cover yourself up
and take a rest. Do you realize that?
I won't go home till you've started
to take care of yourself.
She must have made ten miles of bandages.
Have you emptied your dowry chest?
- What is it?
My little brother's dead!
I had no more milk...
Come away! Come away!
I ran away too the first time. And I
would have gladly done without my nose.
I'll kill myself!
I'll kill myself!
Let me go!
Out! Out!
Here comes the bread at last!
Be off with you!
- No, wait!
Hey look, that lunatic Francesco!
You started to come in,
then you ran off. I saw you!
Sit down, eat with us.
- I was ashamed... but not anymore.
Let's show him a good time!
You're kind, just a little something
- Ah, it's for you
Oh stop it!
Take a bath and come to the table!
I have an important engagement
- Who with?
With my mother, my sisters
and three children.
Stay with us.
- Don't go away!
Francesco, wait...
Where are you going Rufino?
Make yourself at home!
Thanks... I must go.
This is my friend Rufino.
My mother can't walk,
her legs are sick.
My sister has lost a child.
Forgive us if we are silent.
I was in a panic, like never before,
not even during the war,
so I run away as fast as I could.
I wanted to forget and I couldn't. I kept
telling myself, Francesco is crazy.
Peace to you... peace to you... peace.
Mister, alms!
- Mister
Hey look who's there!
- Francesco?
He's Francesco!
- How are you?
Come here, are you all right?
What's wrong? You're not well?
- Hey Francesco, don't you recognize us?
Are you hungry?
- Take a little of this.
He's hungry!
- Do you want some?
Come on eat it!
Come on take it!
Do you want some more?
- Let's give him something to eat!
What wrong? Don't you recognize us?
- Do you want some more? Do you?
That's it, now he will be warmer.
But don't you see? It's a delicacy!
- Do you like shit?
Let's give him some more.
- It's good! It's good!
Is it true that you like shit?
- Come on have some more, eat it!
Let's give him alms.
You must wrap yourself up, or
mummy will scold you!
At least he'll wash himself!
- And he will refresh his mind.
Cling to me!
Lord, the rain is beautiful.
It washes and relieves our thirst...
Lord, our houses are flimsy,
and made of mud straw.
Lord, help our houses,
and speak with the rain.
Blessed be the Lord.
Who speaks with the rain.
I have a list of the goods your father
is prepared to give to the poor.
That's fine!
provided of course, that you go home and
lead a normal life, like everybody else.
I live a normal life.
You don't belong to this people.
In the city archives they don't exist!
They don't exist?
What do you think you
can resolve for them?
The poor live on nothing,
and I can learn from them.
I don't understand.
- So, what shall I say to your father?
Tell him... that he can
come and live here
I should give away everything I have
and become a nobody, like him!
The two of us' a fine
old age in store for us.
He loves you and he respects you.
- Respect?!
He really does. I thought about it...
- Out of here! Shut the door!
It's hard to explain.
It's as if he'd found...
something wonderful
and wanted you to share it.
Then he really has gone crazy!
In the midst of that filth...
a wonderful world!
My dear notary you've thought about it,
but you don't make yourself clear.
And what do you have to say, lawyer?
I don't know what to say.
The notary has told what we saw...
I can distinguish order from disorder.
I saw there a kind of order.
I can't explain it, but I saw it!
- You are a man I trust.
What do you think of my son?
- To say what is happening to your son...
I've thought about it too.
it's kept me awake.
I spied on him... and you
were also spying on him.
I had to prepare a report...
- But I saw you approach a leper and...
Because Francesco was there...
- No, he wasn't there anymore.
I admire your son. But I realize
it's possible not to agree with him.
And, in fact, I do not agree.
I was lying,
and Pietro Cattani knew it.
I had always been a precise,
orderly man, even fastidious.
Well, I couldn't sleep, I ate at odd
hours, I forgot appointments.
I was spying on Francesco,
as Pietro Cattani said.
And he saw me, because
he was doing the same thing.
Until... It was a beautiful
sunny morning...
I'd be very happy!
But when it comes to a program...
I understand your question, Bernardo.
you are a very precise man.
But I really don't have one.
I don't know anything about it.
Thank you.
I have these words.
If you would be perfect, go sell what you
possess and give everything to the poor.
Take nothing with you, no purse
no money, no sandals.
He who would come with me,
must renounce himself,
and take up his cross, and follow me.
That's all I can say.
There's nothing to fear.
I hardly have any fear now.
I hardly have any fear now.
Not anymore.
Would I have the courage to give away
everything for that piece of bread?
Out of the way, we are in a hurry!
- Be careful!
Let's go that way!
- That way! Quick! Move!
Out of the way!
They already took everything.
You're not poor!
- And you are a fool!
Out of the way!
Hey! Cousin, this stuff is also mine!
Do not touch it!
It would be yours if I was dead!
- Yes of course as you like...
Just pretend I will never die!
Aren't you happy
- Get out of my way!
Out of way! Watch out!
- That way! That way!
There is the house, lets go!
- They already took everything!
Let's go!
- Give it to me! Give it to me!
Move, or theyll take everything!
- Out of the way!
Stand back!
- Excuse me... Excuse me...
I was there that day.
I knew that Bernardo had three
grey-hounds and I wanted to take them.
The poor, I said to myself, won't be
interested in those hounds.
Leone, Lamb of God, where are you going?
Can I help you?
I was thunder-struck.
"Leone, lamb of God!"
Why did he call me that? My mother
used to say that when I was little,
but he couldn't have known.
You gave me nothing!
- They are giving money too!
Don't push!
There's plenty for everyone!
Don't push!
There's plenty of money for everyone.
Don't push! Don't push that way!
- Wait!
Calm down! There's plenty
for everybody, calm yourself!
Do you realize what you've done?
Don't push! Don't push!
- There's some more!
Finish! Finish!
Wait! Wait! You can take it!
Suppose they regret this?
Not the clothes!
- Let's throw him in the water!
It hurts, stop!
Hold him! Hold him!
- Let him go!
Some gratitude!
- Ingrates!
Did you expect them
to say "Thank you gentlemen"?
Hey! You look like a beggar!
- If you could only see yourself!
Me? Am I like him?
No, he's more handsome!
He soaked!
And now?
And now you're beautiful!
I moved from the grieving
eyes of my parents,
and my horse Omar,
to the eyes of Francesco,
who became my father and
my tender mother.
I'm sorry. Angelo, you speak.
How did I arrive
at the seat of Lord?
I've already told you
how I met Francesco.
I came back to Assisi after my
adventures to give him back his armor.
It had brought me luck and
I wanted to compensate him.
Actually, I must confess: I wanted to
see that pensive cavalier again.
Do you know where I found him?
Nino! Nino!
Please, don't hang him. He's my brother.
- Brother...
Get out! Get out!
He's my brother!
Hey you' leave him!
- My brother! My brother!
Let's go away!
Nino! Nino!
Do you recognize me? What's happened
to you? have you become poor?
Business gone badly?
They're killing him.
- That man's a thief!
He's our brother.
Our brother? Then you're in a bad way.
"Fraternitas... I kept repeating
fraternity to myself until
I got the word into my head.
That was what I wanted,
to my enormous amazement.
Write that, Leone, it's beautiful.
I grew up with Francesco.
Everything happened before my eyes.
But I was hesitant, a fearful man.
Fearful since my childhood.
Nightmares. Then I was afraid
that I would lose my inheritance.
Because my father became involved
in business ventures.
The first rain, it'll fall down.
- Eh, so it goes.
Wouldn't it be better to use stone and
mortar? If you need, I can...
Don't worry. It's like those.
I've brought you something to eat.
Oh good idea!
please, you fix the meal.
Somebody else can kill it. Not me!
Oh! What a fuss!
I don't know where to strike.
I was a notary, not a butcher!
You do it. You've had more experience.
And roast it with horse mint!
You're no better than women.
Come here, you.
He looks like Leone!
If a lamb stayed alive,
among those hungry men,
then, I said to myself, that is
truly the house of the Lord.
I didn't go home again, and
I no longer felt any fear.
Fear, no! But plenty of hunger.
Write that, Leone!
I'm dying. I can't keep it up.
Bad dreams?
- No, hunger.
Don't be embarrassed. Eat in peace.
Where does this gift of God come from?
- It's like a rock.
A peasant had given it to his rabbits.
- And the poor rabbits?
They were very happy to share. I asked
them, and they said: "yes, yes, yes... "
This big one is my wife,
and the little one is my son.
I've been tempted, forgive me.
We must separate for a while.
You two go North, and you two South.
You and you here, to Assisi.
No, please. Send me somewhere else.
I'd be ashamed here.
Ashamed? Then you should go
right into the cathedral.
It's Sunday and it's full, and
you can preach a sermon.
I don't know how to speak!
And besides, everybody knows me!
Then go naked.
- Naked?
No one's ever seen you before.
You should wash your face.
- No!
Ite missa est.
Hey! Look, it's Rufino, look!
- Rufino!
Peace is everything.
Those who are at peace with God
are already in Paradise.
I swear it's true, I give my word.
No! no!
- Let's go away. Don't act like that!
Brother, forgive me,
I was carried away.
Speak to them, try again.
They will listen.
I am a son of God.
We don't want you!
But I didn't know that before, so are
all of us, I give you my word.
I give you my word of honor.
Peace is everything.
- Peace is everything.
It is easy to worship
wooden images.
They never suffer hunger or cold.
Would you drive away a man
who wants to become a saint?
Would you? Drive away a man
who want to become a saint?
Would you? It takes courage.
And others have this courage.
I'm speaking of those
who live outside the city, the poor.
Who live outside of the wall of
the city they have this courage.
Will you help us? will you pray with us?
Blessed Irene paralyzed and peaceful.
Blessed Irene paralyzed and peaceful.
Blessed Irene paralyzed and peaceful.
Blessed Matteo, orphan full of hope.
Blessed Eugenia, leper
who does not curse
Blessed Bonizio, blind man,
who sees sun and stars.
Blessed little Luca, in heaven.
Blessed his mother,
without milk, but with faith!
Blessed are the stupid fools like you!
Let's throw them out!
We took a beating.
But afterwards many young men joined us.
The period of persecution was beginning.
You can fill a lot of pages with that.
It was also my fault.
I will write that it was
also your "merit"
You can still come here, as you
used to do from time to time.
All or nothing.
Like him. Like you.
I couldn't bear it if you
were humiliated or hurt.
Mater Carissima,
love has a price.
I'm afraid.
The only fear I have left It's for you.
Are you afraid I may be hungry and cold
that I might be raped or killed?
Let me offer up the safety
I have enjoyed.
Tell her no.
My cousin cannot live here
with the life she's used to.
She can't stay here or go along the
roads at the mercy of violent criminals.
Have you finished?
- No.
Chiara says she love Christ, may be
she loves you and she doesn't know.
Go on!
You say you love only her soul,
but Chiara is also beautiful!
Chiara is beautiful,
But don't tempt me with your fears.
- You trust yourself to much.
I trust her.
They'll insult us more than ever.
They'll imagine who knows what.
You know very well what people imagine
when they see a girl with some men.
Chiara wants to become a brother.
Fantastic! I'm serious.
I have seen a lot of women around
the world, gypsies, adventurers...
Nobody is going to recognize her
if she dresses like us.
Women are even between lepers, poor...
- Christ trusted them.
He was the Christ, but what about us?
We are only men.
Why limit the grace of God?
- That's right! You're all a bore!
I'm with you even
when my body is here.
I have found that life is beautiful
only because your life is beautiful.
Fathers, mothers...
Brothers, receive me.
Father, mother, sister,
brother, pray for us
Father, mother, sister,
brother, pray for us
Are you sure?
Don't worry.
I know, I know
"he who lose gain", but...
Chiara, poorest of the poor.
Chiara, pilgrim of the world.
Chiara, mystery of God.
Chiara, pray for us.
Chiara poorest of the poor.
Show your face!
Hey you belong to the
Offreduccio family!
Yes you do.
They are looking for you, you know?
Let's take her home!
- What if she isn't?
Let's take her somewhere else.
She has a little pretty face.
What is wrong?
- My cousin.
She's alone on the road.
I'm worried.
I sent her out.
What happened?
- Nothing.
Stand back Bernardo!
Ah! There you are! Hey listen to me.
Where is my niece?
I want my niece!
Idiot! Where is my niece? Tell me!
Where is she?
Where did you hide her? Idiot!
Take me to her.
They're hunting Chiara!
- Where is she?
At the lazaret.
- Bring her to San Damiano.
Most lofty and all powerful Lord.
You are strong, you're great,
you are true...
You are our guardian, our
protector and defender.
You are safety, you are peace.
You are beauty, you are meekness
Uncle, leave them alone, here I'm.
Come home! The farce is over.
- I'm already home.
I have made a vow!
To whom? To these fools here?
I have made a vow to God
and you are in his palace.
Come on!
- Stop!
Why is he coming out?
- Push!
He must right where he is!
Good... keep on pushing
very good... push! Push!
He must stay inside!
Saint Lady, Saint mother of God
Lady full of grace
Saint your home
Saint mother of God.
Lady full of grace
Saint mother of God.
Lady full of grace
Saint you home.
Saint mother of God.
Lady full of grace
Use this.
Thank you.
If we only had some wool.
He is beautiful!
- Another unfortunate.
He's the King of the Kings
- Stop talking rubbish!
They've came to tell me
that you're a disturber of the peace,
provoking scandals. And now, women!
People have come to me to protest! They
expect you to set up a convent,
a house, a charitable institution.
There are offers, building, lands...
I can't accept.
You're not alone! The women, they are
exposed to all kind of dangers.
What are you going to do my boy...
You cannot go around like stray animals,
with no roof over your heads,
half naked, so vulnerable,
you must realize that Francesco!
I cannot defend you. Cause only
the Pope has the power to do that.
Listen, it's necessary
that you see him.
With his permission,
they'll leave you in peace.
You must come to a decision. Only he is
able to resolve your problems.
Can you borrow me the needle?
- No... I'll do it for you.
It's an excuse for not washing yourself.
- Let me finish my job.
Do you want to go to the Pope
with tears?
Patches are all right, tears are not.
Stop it!
He will never grant audience to us.
- Why not?
Innocenzo llI used to study
in Bologna with me.
He is a clever man,
very sensitive...
So you are the who'll talk to him.
I'll do what you want, but
in my opinion you should do that.
Cut it out!
- Come on you need a bath!
But, there must be a mistake.
Paupers are received on the floor below.
- Cardinal of St. Paul's orders.
Follow me.
Full power is here.
Tell the bishop of Rennes
that we alone are the vicar of him
whose eyes see justice.
We alone have the proper
remedies against evil.
I feel a weight here.
- It's all the lemons you eat and drink.
The only thing I can digest.
Now I'm as bitter and yellow as they are.
You bring the alms seekers up here?
The Cardinal of St. Paul's, my lord.
He's the one who ordered it.
Come on, come on.
What do you accuse us of?
Everybody accuse Rome of something.
They are not accusing anyone.
They speak no words of hate.
They love everyone, including us.
They want to live following the Gospel
and ask their rules to be confirmed.
This is the life of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, that the penitents of Assisi
The penitents must live in poverty,
love and chastity,
following the teaching
of Jesus Christ, who said:
go, sell what you have,
and give all to the poor etcetera.
Renounce yourself.
- Yes we know the Gospel, thank you.
These groups always begin
following the Gospel
in humility and poverty, then
vanity takes over!
and before long they proclaim
themselves the true Christians,
the only Apostles,
and cover the throne
of Peter with insults.
I will guarantee against that. They have
the recommendation of their bishop,
a man of proven faith.
And I myself have observed them
for more than a month.
How can you guarantee the impossible?
What man can strip himself of everything
to live like a lamb
at the mercy of the wolves, who
are so many and so fierce?
Should we declare that it is impossible
to live the life of the Gospel?
We certainly cannot declare that!
And we should not.
Who is the leader?
Speak. The pope is listening.
I don't know...
I'm confused.
Do you believe it's important
to dress like beggars?
It's... a first step...
dress as a new man.
Good, a fine quotation, St Paul,
epistle to Ephesians.
You were rich, now you are poor, how will
you survive in a world spoiled by sin?
The footprints.
- The footprints of Christ.
They're covered with dust! Trampled
by the prints of impostors.
"We" are not poor.
How can you love us?
without judgment.
We will never try to restrain
any possible grace.
We shall see
if you are truly "new men"
then you will come back.
In nomine patris, et filii,
et spiritus sancti.
Well? Tell me.
- He gave us his blessing.
We did it!
Francesco! Francesco!
Calm! be gentle!
He can't breathe.
You're crushing him!
- Stand back!
- Gently! Gently!
Let's lift him up!
- Don't hurt him!
No, don't do that!
Stand back!
Stand back. Please!
If the Pope or the cardinal had seen us
they wouldn't have taken us seriously.
Did anybody take us seriously?
Plenty took us seriously.
Too many perhaps.
The reason was...
- He was the reason.
You always loved him.
Yes, I did. I always will.
That goes for me too.
- "Amor... Ardor".
For me he was an earthquake.
it changed everything.
Before I was a dumb ox,
and I didn't know it.
And afterwards you knew it?
Yes, I owe him a beautiful life.
"Novae gratiae...
"Novae gratiae verbum"
The word of new grace
spread so widely,
that young men of every country
wanted to become our brothers.
We became so numerous
that it was decided we would
all gather at least one a year
for Pentecost, here in Assisi.
"Ave Maria, gratia plena, dominus
tecum, benedicitas tu in mulieribus...
et benedictus fructus ventris tui. "
"ll fault le suivre" (let's follow him)
How will I ever meet everyone?
- That one is Francesco!
How can we feed them all?
Tomorrow belong to the Lord.
- No...
- No! Get up!
Where are you from?
Come from Freiburg.
Pedibus, on foot.
Peace to you. And you?
- Venice.
- Paris!
- How can I be like you?
You must announce peace.
First you must find peace in your
heart and in yourself.
You say: "Take nothing with you. "
Do you mean stark naked?
As naked as a hand.
What's falling?
- What's going on?
Be careful!
- What's that?
Francesco! What are you doing?
- This is our house!
My brothers have no house!
- our baggage is in there!
And some provisions.
It's Francesco,
he's destroying the house.
A holy man with his own ideas!
With his poor eyesight, he could fall.
Francesco, Francesco, please!
This house belongs to the city,
which offered it to us.
We cannot accept it!
- But it's no right!
There are more delicate brother,
noblemen, scholars...
Would you have them all
sleep under the trees?
Yes! Under the trees
with the squirrels.
You should come down!
The Pope's envoy has arrived.
Nobody obligates us,
we are the brother without anything.
We do not judge those
who are above us.
All I say is that we have
chosen to be lower,
with nothing, and therefore
those without fear, free!
What do you mean
"those who have nothing?"
We've come here to come to conclusion.
We would like a program, a rule.
I believe I am expressing the general
opinion of those who protest.
The rule exists, it's the Gospel.
Brother the program
is there waiting for you.
What are you meaning
"is there waiting for us"?
Don't be absurd!
- The Gospel is a serious matter!
We want a program!
- Yes, a program!
With a rule!
- A program, we want a program!
- Let him speak!
Brother, you take the Gospel
literally like a simpleton.
Yes, literally, like a simpleton.
Brother, you're an intelligent man,
aren't you?
At the university I studied "grammaticam
divinitatem et legem"
By any chance, did you have a fellow
student by the name of Jesus of Nazareth?
What do you mean?
You are the one who studied.
Learned brothers,
you know how to speak.
I am so low.
That I mingle with the dirt.
I know nothing.
I've been only able to listen.
To listen, listen.
And finally I have succeeded
in hearing these words.
"Blessed are the poor"
and blessed are those who weep.
For they shall laugh.
And blessed are those who have
something to laugh about!
This is a farce!
Be quiet!
- Brothers! Let Francesco speak!
Sometimes I laugh instead of crying.
I have heard also this:
Woe to you when everyone
speak well of you!
Bless those who insult you,
and love your enemies.
Really love them, embrace them.
There is no great merit in loving
those who already love you.
Do not judge.
Who are we to judge anyone?
Besides our Father's mercy
is beyond knowing.
Forgive, ten times,
even a thousand times.
And most of all,
give, give, always give!
Give what? We have nothing to give.
- That's right!
He won't allow us to have anything.
- Be quiet! He hasn't finished!
Father, I am blind.
Can a blind man lead other blind men?
We can't do anything, Francesco
keeps on telling us, don't judge.
Don't take offices.
No buildings and so on.
Francesco has the uprightness of a hero.
- Of a saint, let's face it!
But not everyone can be like him.
Without a serious rule, all the
people who want to join us will become
a group of wanderers, instead of
an army that serves the church.
Our community is getting so
wide that it can't be controlled
just by his inspiration.
Francesco accepts anybody.
If someone wants to leave he can do that
in fact a lot of people come and go.
We don't have any disciplinary rule.
He lives from hand to mouth.
He has no theological qualification,
he can't control a religious order.
But his ardour and his
obedience to the Church
make of him a very precious man.
Sure, but our movement
has reached a turning point.
At the beginning it was just ten of them
but today we are thousand
we have brothers
all over Italy.
Most of the time they are refused by
the local authority because
they don't have any document
to prove they are reliable.
But in this way we are free.
Documents tie people.
They are mistaken for beggars
and mistreated.
We need to be organized,
we need a hierarchy.
We need headquarters and branches,
This indescribable place is not enough!
I've studied hard, now I can't stand
that everything is summed up in
"Blessed are the poor and the ordinary"
he want us to serve paupers and lepers
It's dangerous
to carry things too far.
Francesco's popularity is huge.
I'm amazed.
Here we are just a few, there are
a lot of young men who want to join us.
We need to take control of the situation
as soon as possible.
Heretics of every sort make the
Church a plaything of the godless.
We are forced to fight hateful
wars to defend ourselves.
With loving envy we look at those like
you who can stand to one side
and live the Gospel wholeheartedly.
Don't you think the practice of the
Gospel should be more accessible?
You cannot ask the
impossible of a human being.
Confine your dream. It's less beautiful
I understand that, it's also sad.
But necessary. You must be reasonable.
Won't you speak?
Francesco! Francesco!
Francesco! Francesco!
- Francesco!
We were waiting for you.
It's my turn to remain silent.
You should speak.
No, my son, speak. Nothing
will be done against your will.
If I should speak...
Then I should say...
go through this world...
empty handed...
as this child.
Forget me,
I am as if dead.
from now on.
Our new leader
will be Pietro Cattani.
We will obey him.
Francesco! Francesco!
Stop! Leave him alone!
Please leave him alone!
You've come back? I knew it.
I kept saying to your mother,
He'll come back, I won't change my will.
No, because he'll come back.
A son is a son.
Forgive me.
The coffer!
It's all written here.
The new plans, too.
You understand better than anyone else.
My son on the Crusade!
Did you really go?
Is it true you spoke with the Saladin?
That he would speak only with you?
They say you're famous.
You've won! You're a knight, aren't you?
I knew it... I knew it... I knew it.
He's still cold.
Where are you going?
- To look for some blankets.
- I don't know, I don't know what to do.
The same quartan fever?
Yes, but it's worse than ever.
He needs a doctor!
- He refuses!
In the Gospel there is a strong, meek
man, vigorous and tender, a man who
knows how to cry and knows how to laugh,
a man who can be excited or desperate.
A man who faces the cross with his heart,
a man like you, in other words.
A man who doesn't draw back.
We are alone. You can raise your cloak.
Francesco? Francesco!
Let us learn from the stones!
- Learn what?
Write, the one who doesn't work
won't eat either
- slow down a bit please.
Today you've gone to town and
begged alms for two lazybones!
Write Leone...
being poor is a warrant for freedom
Wait I've got just two hands!
I'll write it later.
be always kind to everybody,
write this as well.
And be like a mother each other
You're trembling like a leaf.
- NO, no...
Yes, and since I'm your mother
I must insist.
Stop! Leave him in peace!
We are writing the rule!
Precisely, that's why we are here.
Francesco, are you all right?
What do you want?
They're afraid you'll write too
stern a rule, something inhuman.
They want you to know that, if so, you
write it just for you, not for them.
"They want you to know that, if so, you
write it only for you, not for them".
They? And you?
Lord I said that they
would not heed you.
The lord has said that the Rule is his!
He says to follow it to the letter!
To the letter!
Those of you who do not
wish to, should leave.
No one is obliged to!
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
We must persuade him. He must come
down with us. He can't stay up here.
Francesco is ill.
- His stomach, his eyes.
It's cold here, impossible. Come down
to the valley, I'll find you a house.
He would be worse.
We are not learned man, are we?
- No.
They want us to write out a Rule.
- You dictate and I'll write.
We know the Gospel, and we like it.
What do you think we should do.
Write what we know and like.
Jesus says...
"Come follow me".
And what does the man who's called to?
He gives up everything
and follows. Shall I write that?
Shall I?
This rule is a suicide.
The same all words.
He's as stubborn as a mule!
We should go around like vagabonds,
dreadfully poor, with no protection.
The cardinal is waiting for a document
to present to the Pope.
We can't show him this text!
We're back where we started.
He must rewrite it!
He'd write the same thing.
I don't think he could rewrite it.
He's not able, he's ill.
In that case, appropriate brother
must do it, us in other words.
But what about it? One can't ignore it.
This one will be lost.
- No! What are you doing?
No! No!
Little lamb of God,
we have to start again!
What's going on? Where are we?
Do you have a good memory?
- Why?
We have to rewrite the Rule.
- No!
This time we'll bring it to the Pope
ourselves. He's in Perugia now.
When did he die?
Yesterday. They're already running off
to the election. Up, go up! Take it up!
What did you tell him?
To open his eyes.
- But he's dead!
To open them elsewhere, in peace.
Leone, the Rule!
We came here to give it to him.
But... he's dead!
Do you think because he's dead
he cannot read? Go on give it to him.
Lord, answer me.
Lord... Lord...
Lord, answer me, answer me.
I, Leone, lamb of God,
would have been very strict
before accepting so many brothers.
Especially those, who
were the most glib talkers.
Just come out and say it, what
with all the criticism and objections,
they bewildered and humiliated
and depressed him.
You must also write that
we saw him in despair.
He had the impression that
he had done everything wrong,
and that he was really insane,
just "God's madman".
Yes, Leone, write it down.
It was his darkest moment.
Leone! Leone don't leave me!
I'm here.
- Yes.
I have not studied Grammaticam,
divinitatem, et legem.
All the same,
"Deux mihi dixit"...
"Deux mihi dixit". God spoke.
Do you understand?
Yes... it's true.
Leone, what if I'm a fool?
No! You responded without reservation,
yes, without reservation.
But he was suffering.
- You were suffering too.
But I have seen many suffer much more.
For us it was easy. Wasn't it, Leone?
Not always...
- I see so many...
so many faces, and what have
I been able to do to help them?
Nothing. Nothing.
I desire to be alone. But if
it's necessary to you to come, come.
Speak to me...
Speak to me...
Speak to me...
Speak to me...
Speak to me...
What's happened?
Let me see. Let me see.
You've hurt yourself.
He answered!
"Deux mihi dixit... "
God spoke to me again!
"Deux mihi dixit... "
God spoke to me again!
That's exactly what happened.
After so many days finally
he smiled and embraced me.
You saw nothing?
- Saw? Silence.
For some moments
there was a total silence.
And he didn't talk to you about it?
- No, it remained a secret.
Except for Chiara.
- What did he say? What did you think?
He said nothing.
I tended the wounds,
without asking any questions.
I thought that love had made his body
identical to the Beloved's.
And I asked myself if I would ever
be capable of loving that much.