Francis in the Haunted House (1956) Movie Script

What was that? Only a mule.
Everything all right?
Mayor Hargrove's residence.
David Prescott, please.
Who's calling?
Never mind who's
calling. Get him.
Yes, sir.
Oh, Mr. Prescott.
Your pardon, madam.
Mr. Prescott's wanted
on the telephone,
but I can't seem to
attract his attention.
I'll get him, Mrs. Hargrove.
I think he wanted to
say something to you.
I think he wanted to
suggest that I break a leg.
Maybe you
could cut in, Mr. Frazer.
The privilege of being
Lorna's guardian.
Oh, no. Oh!
You're wanted on the phone. Oh!
Excuse me.
Hello? FRANCIS: Dave?
Yes, who is this?
Francis? Francis who?
Aw, now what difference
does it make?
You won't remember me anyway.
I've got to see you, right now.
That's impossible.
This party for Miss
MacLeod is very important,
and with Mayor Hargrove out of town,
I'm practically the official host.
After I see you, you
might want to resign.
Pronto. Look, are you crazy?
If this is some sort
of practical joke...
Don't you hang up, bub.
Meet me in the back yard.
I'm coming right over.
You will not. I can't allow
strangers to come barging in here.
What'll everybody say?
If I have to come in after you,
you've no idea what they'll say.
Now, be there!
Wait a minute! Francis! Wait a minute!
Listen! Francis!
What's wrong, Prescott?
No. No, nothing like that.
Excuse me, just a moment,
will you, please?
All right! I'm here!
Who needs you?
Charlie, I'm sorry.
How did you get in here?
Go on, beat it.
Psst! Prescott!
Come back here.
Who said that?
I did, sonny. Me.
Look, I'm in no mood
to play hide and seek.
Where are you?
Now, just turn around real slow.
Steady... I'm Francis.
Don't let it floor you, bub.
If this trip wasn't necessary
I wouldn't be here.
Snap out of it, boy.
I don't like one-way
It's a trick.
It's a trick. Some wise guy
around here is a ventriloquist.
Nobody's here but you and me.
I must be off my rocker.
Entirely within the
realm of possibility.
This is ridiculous.
Mules can't talk to people.
Why not?
People talk to mules.
"Nice muley! See what
Davey's got for you?"
"A great big juicy carrot."
Why, you're the mule
from the Fletcher Farm.
What I have to go through
with you animal lovers.
You remind me of a mule that was on my
uncle's farm, when he used to own it.
I, I used to ride it.
That was me.
Well, I used to call
you "Sarah."
Shows how much
you know about mules.
No. No, it's, it's impossible.
You never talked to me before!
Never had anything to say.
Why, I don't know,
but your uncle always
had a weak spot for you.
So, out of respect
for his memory
I've got to keep
you out of trouble.
Trouble? Who's in trouble?
You are. Stay away
from MacLeod Castle.
That joint's unhealthy
for outsiders.
You don't believe that "haunted house
nonsense old Hector MacLeod started
because he was feuding
with the town, do you?
And now that Lorna's
inherited the place,
you're gonna help
end the feud, huh?
Why, certainly. That's why
the Mayor hired me, to...
How did you know?
Davey, you're not
doing a very good job.
I just saw a couple of characters
from the castle kill a man.
You what? Neat, clean and tidy.
They used a boulder to
knock his car off the cliff.
But that's murder!
Have you told the police?
What? And have
to be the star witness?
Not me. I like the quiet,
simple life of a mule.
Chief Martin is inside,
I'll go tell him right away.
To the rear, march!
Remember your
army training, Davey.
Keep your eyes open,
your mouth shut
and never, never volunteer.
That includes information.
But, it's my civic duty and I...
Let the police handle it.
They're smarter than you are.
So is almost everybody else.
Well, well, if you didn't want me to do
anything about it in the first place,
why did, why did you
tell me all of this?
So you could start running.
I don't want your head mounted
in the castle trophy room.
Francis, come back!
David, is that you?
Terribly sorry that
I was so long.
Why don't you invite her in?
Francis? Oh, Francis is a...
I mean, it's not a "her."
It's a "him." He
spells it with an "[."
Well, why don't
you invite him in?
He wasn't dressed
for the occasion.
I'm telling you. I saw it again.
The ghost of MacLeod Castle.
On his white horse.
In that suit of armor.
Shining like it was on fire.
And don't tell me
I was drinking.
Six passengers
in my bus saw it, too.
Neil, what's wrong?
Oh, Miss MacLeod.
You know what's wrong?
Every time the ghost rides,
somebody turns up dead!
Superstitious nonsense.
Is it? The first
time I saw that ghost was
20 years ago. The night you
and your mother ran away.
An hour later, the cab driver who
took them to the station was killed.
It was raining. His cab
skidded into a brick wall.
Three months ago Miss MacLeod's
father fell down the castle stairs
and broke his neck. That
night the ghost was seen, too.
We checked that out. College
kids playing a practical joke.
You can invent
explanations till doomsday.
I'm warning you all. Something
terrible's going to happen again!
It already has happened. Some one's
been murdered on the Castle Road.
It's Roger!
Roger Andrews, one
of the estate's lawyers.
I gathered that. We
found this in the car.
I'm awfully sorry, Miss MacLeod.
My man Willoughby was right.
Maybe he did see the ghost!
Frazer, you better
take her home.
Don't take her back to the castle!
She might not be safe!
Prescott, I don't
believe in ghosts.
But, but... Try and stop 'em!
Hopkins, have 'em clear that boulder
off the road so they can get by.
Why? Why not?
Well, they might be
destroying evidence!
What evidence? Are you off
on that murder kick again?
Don't you think you ought to
investigate a little further?
I already have. It was
obviously an accident.
The boulder rolled
down on the road.
But it could have been pried loose
by a crowbar or something like that.
Don't you think you ought to
investigate for scratch marks?
Well, I can't have you losing any sleep.
I'll go look.
Well done, blabbermouth!
Have you been here all the time?
I heard every
cotton-picking word.
Hoof and mouth disease.
That's what you've got!
Every time you open your
mouth, you put your hoof in it.
Well, how else was I gonna
convince him that it was murder?
I'm worrying about what happens
to you when they are convinced.
What could happen to me?
Why that's the silliest...
You're out on a limb.
Now before it's sawed off, get
the Chief up to the castle.
On the double! Right!
But what are we looking for?
The killer's 1925 Rolls Royce
and a screaming
dame in a window.
Right. Thanks, Francis.
Now look, you lay low.
I'll handle everything
from here on in.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Well, Prescott, you were right.
There were marks on the rocks.
They were made by two crowbars.
Oh, that's fine work, Chief.
You're pretty sharp yourself.
Just trying to be helpful.
Don't think you haven't been.
There's just one
question I'd like to ask.
Fire away! I just
may have the answer.
I'll bet you have,
and I intend to get it.
Prescott, how do you know
so much about this crime?
Huh? Unless you're involved.
Involved? Me?
Why, that's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
Come clean, Prescott. You're
in this up to your neck.
You knew Andrews was going to be
killed before it happened, didn't you?
Certainly not! I say you did.
I say you wanted him killed.
I... Why would
I want him killed?
I never
even knew the man!
But you knew he wanted
to marry Lorna MacLeod.
I did not. What
are you driving at?
The motive, Prescott, jealousy.
Or is it the MacLeod
millions you're after?
Is that why you bumped
off your competition?
You're accusing me of murder?
But, gentlemen,
I wasn't even there.
I was with you, sir. Remember?
At the Mayor's house?
Smart alibi.
Who did you hire to
pull the job for you?
No, no one. I don't know
anything about anything!
The coroner fixed the
time of death at 9:00.
At 9:12, I heard you
talking on the phone
to some dame named Frances
and you were plenty upset.
She was reporting in for
the killer, wasn't she?
Francis is not
a "she," it's a "he."
Oh, a "he," huh? The
killer himself, huh?
No, no. It's not
a "he," I mean...
Funny thing, if you
knew who Francis was
you'd know how silly
this whole thing is.
I want to know Francis.
Who is he?
Who's Francis?
Just find the two fellows who were
driving the Rolls Royce on the road.
Who's Francis? Look, they
might be in the castle now.
Lorna might be in danger.
Prescott, who's Francis?
If I told you, I might
be in a worse fix.
You couldn't be!
I'm holding you as a material
witness until you crack.
By then I'll have enough
evidence to book you for murder!
Keep working on him.
I must apologize for Hugo.
Few visitors ever come here.
But I gather this
is an official call.
If you don't mind, we'd like to
look around, question the staff.
More information from Prescott?
It's my job to check out everything.
Of course.
Uh, Chief Martin,
Lieutenant Hopkins, Mr. Jason,
the castle curator.
Since Mr. MacLeod's
death, there's only Hugo,
Mrs. MacPherson the housekeeper
and Malcolm the handyman.
He's at the forge,
I'll fetch him.
Malcolm, you're wanted inside.
In a moment.
I've never been up here before.
It's kind of weird, isn't it?
Hector was the last
of the MacLeods.
This was the castle
of his ancestors.
He brought it here
stone by stone
and restored it just as
it was 500 years ago.
We'd better go inside.
Where do you keep
the rest of the cars?
There be none.
Only Mr. Frazer's.
Didn't MacLeod have
an old Rolls Royce?
The mistress did.
When she went away,
the master, in his rage,
had it driven into the moat.
That was 20 years ago.
Miss MacLeod, exactly when
was it you told Prescott
that Roger Andrews was
coming to see you?
Yesterday. But I told him
nothing about Roger,
other than he was coming
here to discuss the will.
How interested was
Prescott in the will?
Very. Especially in the codicil
which provides that Lorna must
live in this castle six months
a year or be disinherited.
What happens to
the estate if she is?
Your city inherits it. What?
To be turned into an art museum.
The paintings alone
are worth millions.
MacLeod hated this town!
Not nearly as much as he hated
my mother for leaving him.
The will was his way of
forcing me back from Europe.
Hasn't it puzzled you why Prescott
was so determined to prove that
Andrews was murdered?
Yeah, but I meet a lot of
weirdies in my business.
In my opinion, it's part
of a calculated plan.
This "ghost" nonsense
and the rest of it.
Someone is trying to frighten
Lorna away from here.
You're way off base. No official in
this town knew anything about that will.
Any motive that Prescott
had was a personal one.
I refuse to believe that
David's involved in any way.
He just couldn't be.
He's our one lead to the
killer, Miss MacLeod.
Unless someone in this place would like
to tell me who murdered Roger Andrews.
Aye, it was the
ghost of the MacLeod.
I warned the master 30 years ago
not to tear the castle from
the lands of his ancestors.
As long as it stands
on foreign soil
the ghost will seek revenge.
No one will ever live in
peace within these walls.
Mrs. MacPherson,
that's quite enough!
Now, just a minute.
I have a question.
Mr. Jason tells me no
one left here last night.
Did any of you
hear a woman scream?
We all did. It was the
wail of the banshee.
Oh, banshee ghost!
This is the 20th century!
There's been a
murder committed here
and I Intend to find the killer,
and I don't expect
him to be a ghost!
There's no sign
of that Rolls Royce, Chief.
They say they got
rid of it 20 years ago.
But even if they dumped it
yesterday, it's gone forever.
There's quicksand at
the bottom of that moat.
Keep working on Prescott. I've
been on my feet for 36 hours.
I'm gonna get some rest before
I start seeing ghosts myself.
Martin speaking.
I'm sorry to disturb you, Chief,
but this is too hot to keep.
Go ahead.
It's a telegram
addressed to you.
"Edward Ryan, of Andrews, Ryan, Grisby
and Biddle, on his way to MacLeod Castle."
"Stop him or he'll
be dead before morning."
Signed, "Sarah."
Sarah? Sarah who?
Well, I checked the telegraph office.
It was phoned in by a man.
When they said they didn't
take anonymous wires,
he said to sign it "Sarah."
I'll be right down.
All right, Prescott. On your feet.
On your feet.
What's the matter? You told
me I could get to sleep.
That was five minutes ago. Does
this make any sense to you?
Why, this must be from Francis.
I told you Prescott
was behind all this.
All right, let's start
at the beginning.
Who's Francis? Do you tell us
here, or do we go back upstairs?
Gentlemen, what would you
say if I told you that
Francis was a talking mule?
Oh, Prescott, this is
no time for nonsense.
That's what I'm
talking about, Chief.
You'd better do something
about this telegram!
Chief, just checked New York.
Ryan planed out last
night, arrived an hour ago.
That means he's had plenty
of time to get to the castle.
Chief, you'd better get up
there before it's too late.
Maybe you're right. But
you're going with us.
Me? Well, why me?
Because I'm not gonna
let you out of my sight.
This might be some
trick of yours.
And I don't trust
your friend, Francis.
Well, now, wait, wait a minute.
Wait. Wait a minute! Don't...
Mr. Ryan was too tired
to even wait up for.
Miss MacLeod and
Mr. Frazer to return.
He left strict orders
not to be disturbed.
I'll take that responsibility.
Mr. Ryan, open up.
Mr. Ryan? Maybe Mr. Ryan
is dead already, Chief.
Break it in.
Mr. Ryan, you...
You're all right.
Why shouldn't I be? What's
the meaning of this?
Take a look inside.
I am Chief Martin, local police.
We got a tip that you
might be killed tonight.
You can't be serious.
Well, it's obvious,
I'm very much alive.
May I enquire the source
of this so-called "tip"?
If you don't mind, I'd
rather not go into it.
There's nothing, Chief. Balcony
over the moat, no way to climb up.
I hope you'll excuse us.
Get him out of here.
But we can't leave, Chief. Remember,
we got it on good authority...
If he opens his mouth
again, muzzle him.
But, Chief! Look you
can't, you can't...
Funny. That wasn't there before.
There's some more up ahead.
We'd better give him a hand.
In case you get restless.
Psst. Hey, Dave.
What are you doing here?
I was gonna ask
you the same question.
Your telegram got me into this.
Why did you have
to sign it "Sarah"?
Why, I have to give
'em some name.
Why did you have to
play Sherlock Holmes?
Well, you're not
doing so hot yourself.
I saw Ryan and he's alive.
Well, he won't be for long.
We've got to get the
police back to the castle
before they break
through my road block.
Your road... You mean to
tell me that this was your...
Grab those keys.
Oh, no. No, no. I'm not gonna
drive off in any police car.
You're right.
In fact, nobody is.
All right, let's get moving.
Did either of you take the keys?
Well, you left
them in the ignition.
Quick, back to the castle!
We'll have to break it in.
Oh, help! Ooh!
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Wait... Wait a minute! Chief!
Look, I didn't...
threw Ryan into the moat.
Here's his bathrobe to prove it.
We fished it out.
I tell you, I don't
know nothing about it.
The last time I saw him,
those two men were dragging...
Those two men with the things over their
heads, so you couldn't see their faces?
I'm through buyin' fairy tales.
You tricked me into
taking you to that castle
so you could murder
Ryan yourself!
I did not, you forced me to go.
Is that why you
tried to shoot us?
I didn't try to shoot you. I don't
know how that gun got in my hand.
Look, you, you...
You all saw the ghost.
That proves that I'm innocent.
It only proves you've
got an accomplice.
Francis, probably. Come clean.
Was he the ghost?
Uh, believe me, Francis
could never ride a horse.
Why not?
Because, Francis is a...
Oh. Look, if I don't get a little rest
I'm not going to be responsible for...
For what I'm about to say...
Prescott, you're not
budging off this stool
until you talk. Is that clear?
Well? Toughest nut
I've ever had to crack.
Maybe you're using
the wrong approach.
David. Hmm?
David, wake up. This is
the District Attorney.
Oh! Oh, Mr. Reynolds. What
are you doing here, sir?
I've just talked long
distance to the Mayor.
He wants me to do everything
I can to help you.
Thank you. But you have
to level with us first.
Well, I have been leveling.
I'm innocent.
Then you must be
shielding somebody.
Who is it? Your elusive
friend, Francis?
David, you're a
bright young man.
You know everything is going
to come out sooner or later.
Sooner or later.
I guess you're right.
All right, then.
Where do we find Francis?
Find him at the Fletcher
Farm, in the barn.
Is that his hide-out?
No, that happens to
be where he lives.
Arnold, take this down.
What does he look like?
Well, he's got big long, uh...
Why, he looks about just
like any other mule.
Mule? Prescott! I...
I thought you were
going to cooperate.
I am, sir. Francis is a mule.
He was an eyewitness
to the Andrews murder.
I'll bet if you went to see him right
now, he could tell you where Mr. Ryan is.
He could tell me?
I forgot to mention,
but Francis can talk.
How do you mean, "talk"?
Oh, you know... Just like,
like we're doing now,
you know, talk, kind of...
Oh, I know how you'd take it.
I didn't believe it at first
either, but nevertheless it's true.
Francis can talk.
You see what we've
been up against?
Now, he's setting
up an insanity plea.
I am not setting
up an insanity plea.
You can send me to the electric
chair, you can burn me to the stake.
But I will not plead insanity!
Maybe he is nuts.
Only a lunatic would insist
on going to the chair.
He's as sane as we are,
but he's not very smart.
Even a jury of lunatics wouldn't
buy that talking mule story.
Good afternoon. I'd
like to speak to the DA.
Come in, Bertha.
Bertha! Bertha! What...
What's this beast doing here?
Don't wake the poor girl.
She'll only faint again.
Let's not waste time.
I'm Francis.
Oh, no. No, it can't be.
By the tail of my great aunt,
Regret, who won the Derby,
you've been in
politics for 20 years!
What's so strange about
a talking jackass?
It's milk and you
haven't even tasted it.
It's all this overwork.
I'm having nightmares
in broad daylight.
Let's get down to business.
I want you to spring Prescott.
Spring him? You must
be out of your mind!
I'd be impeached.
Need I remind you,
you haven't found Ryan's body?
No corpus delicti,
no murder charge.
I demand Prescott's release!
No! Absolutely not!
According to every precedent,
I have the legal right to hold him.
Okay. If you want to debate
law with me, let's start.
Check your Supreme Court
Decision, Volume 32, page 614,
paragraph seven. Get the book!
The defense rests.
I hope you realize you're
using a legal technicality
to turn loose
a dangerous killer!
Look, pal, I give you my
word, Davey is innocent.
What's more, I guarantee to
dig up the real killer for you.
Now use that phone.
This is an election year. The
opposition papers will crucify me.
Well, what do you think
they'll do if they're tipped
you just lost a
legal argument to a mule?
Now make that call!
Lorna! Lorna, I didn't
think you'd see me.
When I saw those... I read them.
But I don't believe
a word of it.
Honest? Honest.
I'll never forgive Neil for saying
the things he did to those reporters.
Does Mr. Frazer think the Mayor hired
me to frighten you away from here?
The last thing I would want
is for you to leave here.
You're sweet. Don't worry.
I'm not going away.
But you can't stay here.
It wouldn't be safe.
I know, Chief Martin
was here a while ago
and he insists upon putting a
police guard around the castle.
It's about time. It's the first
intelligent thing he's done.
But David, he says it's
to protect me against you.
I told him, there's no one in
the world I feel safer with.
But, from his attitude, I don't think you
should be here when the police arrive.
Maybe you're right.
David? Yes?
Help me!
Oh, brother!
I set a mantrap
and catch a mouse!
You rigged this? For who?
It's "whom." And
I don't know yet.
Anybody that comes out.
Out? Out of where?
When you're through standing on your
head, come here and I'll show you.
Gesundheit! Danke schoen.
No wonder you've been sneezing.
You're wringing wet.
A brilliant deduction!
Been swimming around
in that fool moat.
Look here.
Just came up with this beauty.
Francis, there's a ramp
running down there.
What'd you expect,
an escalator? Let's go.
Would you mind telling me
what we're looking for?
Just as soon as we find it.
You don't have to treat me
as though I was a child.
No, but it sure helps. Let's go.
It's leaking down here.
We're under the moat.
I don't think it's
safe down here.
You're half right.
On this trip you don't think.
This is a dead end.
It's nothing but solid rock.
There are no dead
ends in this joint.
Grab that.
Grab what? What, that?
Uh-huh. For what?
I want to see if you
can chin yourself.
What are
you tryin' to do?
Trip into your own coffin?
I'm sorry, but that... That
cat caught me off guard.
Well, make sure
nobody else does.
Check that door.
All clear.
Say, I just saw that
painting in the great hall.
Hold up your thumb.
My thumb? What for?
Because I can't hold up mine.
I want to check something.
A little to the right.
Over to the left.
Why would they bring
a priceless Rembrandt
down here to the basement?
Rembrandt my hoof!
He was right-handed.
Those brush strokes
were made by a southpaw.
You mean to tell me
these are forgeries?
I hope to kiss Whistler's
mother, they are.
what do you know about art?
Someday I'll
show you my landscapes.
I should've known better.
Tell me, Francis,
do these paintings
have anything to do
with the murders?
You're gettin' smart.
These are being swapped
for the originals
by somebody in this castle.
But they're worth
over $10 million!
Ten million good
motives for murder.
I'll go and tell Lorna.
Later. Hightail
it over to the DA.
Tell him I'm making progress.
Well, don't tell me you're working
on the case with Mr. Reynolds!
Why do you think he let
you out of the pokey?
I promised him I'd dig
up the real killer.
I should have known it was you.
And I haven't even thanked you.
But why are you doing
all of this for me?
When I was young, I was
kicked in the head by a man.
Now beat it.
I'll meet you back at the barn.
Make a thorough
search of the castle.
Then post two men
at every entrance.
That won't be
necessary, Lieutenant.
I have the killer out
in the car right now,
but I'm gonna give you the
pleasure of bringing him in.
Two squad cars will join you.
Didn't you hear what
I said, Lieutenant?
I have the killer out
in the car. Come on!
Prescott, if this is another
gag, you're gonna choke on...
No gag, Lieutenant.
Hurry! Quick!
There you are, Gentlemen.
Jason, the castle curator,
gift wrapped for the occasion!
Confess, Prescott, and with luck
you might cop a life sentence.
Quit stalling. This
time we've got the body.
And the murder weapon.
With your fingerprints
all over it.
You're just jumping
to a conclusion.
It's all nothing but
circumstantial evidence.
You delivered that body
to us yourself.
But Jason tried to kill me to
cover up all of those forgeries.
We searched that
storeroom. It was empty.
Whoever killed Jason
must've hid those paintings.
Ask Francis. He'll know.
Oh, you're not gonna start
with that mule again!
Look, Prescott, we
get paid by the month.
We can outlast you.
He's back on that
mule kick again.
Look, why are we wasting time?
We got him nailed on
the Jason Killing.
He can only get the chair once.
That won't get the
Administration off the hook.
Mayor Hargrove's had me
on that phone all morning.
Insists on a complete confession
clearing the Administration.
Uh, but how? Prescott's
driving us as batty as he is!
The three top criminologists
in this state.
The Mayor borrowed them.
All right, gentlemen.
He's all yours.
You can set up shop
in my office.
Do you know
a mule named Francis?
Does this Francis,
the mule, talk?
Have you ever conversed
with this mule?
Yes. In what language?
In what language? What language?
We used the, uh...
The same as you and myself.
Chief Martin.
Oh, hello, Mr. Mayor.
Uh, no, sir.
He hasn't cracked yet.
They're giving him the
lie detector test now.
Here's Doctor Nelson.
The Mayor.
How are you, sir?
We've run into a little trouble.
Our lie detector seems to
have gone a little haywire.
According to the graphs,
Prescott actually believes
that there is such a thing
as a talking mule.
That is the most ridiculous
nonsense I ever heard.
I didn't send you down there to have
that boy make idiots out of you.
Sir, we know he is lying. It's
just a matter of convincing him.
The truth serum ought to do it.
I'll call you back.
He wants to hang on.
This is the most unusual
case I've ever encountered.
Even the subconscious
mind of this man
is convinced there's
a talking mule.
We're not licked.
Dr. Bentley is trying hypnosis.
Watch the watch.
Do you know a
mule named Francis?
Have you ever heard
this mule talk?
Are you sure you have
conversed with this mule?
A hopeless case.
Mind's all gone.
Watch the watch.
Watch the watch.
Watch the watch.
Watch the watch.
Watch the watch.
Watch the watch.
All right, Prescott,
on your feet.
You got visitors.
More doctors?
I won't see them.
I won't see anybody.
Not even Mayor Hargrove?
Is he here?
We thought you might like to
look a little more presentable.
Oh, that's very nice
of you gentlemen
to bring along something
for me to wear,
so that I can be a
little more present...
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
What is this?
A precautionary measure.
I know. But
this is a straitjacket!
That's right.
But you know, it's, uh, it's...
You don't...
Hello, Prescott.
Oh, Mr. Mayor!
Come in. I'm so happy
to see you, sir.
Can you help me out of this?
All in good time.
This is Mr. Grisby
and Mr. Biddle
of the law firm
of Andrews, Ryan...
I guess it's just
Grisby and Biddle now.
How do you do, gentlemen?
Are you going to handle my case?
Handle your case? Prescott!
You've wiped out half our firm!
What's the reason for
this mad vendetta?
Gentlemen, we'll take
that up later.
I'm here to help you.
Well, then, Mr. Mayor, just
get me a lawyer. Any lawyer.
No one wants to handle my case.
I promise you that your legal
rights will be protected.
But I thought when you got here,
Mr. Mayor, that this
would all be cleared up.
And the sooner, the better.
My whole political
future is at stake.
Of course. It's about time.
The whole thing is outrageous.
You're the finest mayor
this town has ever had.
Francis even thinks you
ought to run for Governor.
He says you have the most sensible
farm program in the state.
Well, I'm glad to hear
that some of the voters
are still loyal to me.
Sir, Francis is the name of
his imaginary talking mule.
He is not Imaginary, sir!
David, you've made a shambles
out of the Police Department
with that nonsense.
Three great criminologists
are ready for retirement.
Now you must realize that
nothing can save you,
but, why drag my
administration down with you?
I appeal to you.
Please issue a statement that
you committed those
crimes on your own.
But, I could not do that,
sir, because I'd be lying.
Are you insinuating that we
hired you to kill those people?
Of course not.
But, I'm innocent.
You're my only hope.
Just talk to Francis.
Oh, there he goes again!
He's your hope, too. He's
been working on the case.
He could help.
If you talk to Francis,
why, he could get us
all off the hook!
David, if I do visit
this, uh, creature... Yes?
Will you issue that statement?
Of course, I will! But I won't have
to, once you've talked to Francis.
Mayor, you can't be serious!
Well, think of your position.
I am!
Line up a police escort!
Well, I for one am not going
to let any imaginary mule
make a jackass out of me!
Make yourself
comfortable, Mr. Mayor.
Mr. Mayor,
Francis will never talk with
all these people around.
We'll have to go in there alone.
Better keep your men back here.
Is that the animal? Yes, sir.
He hardly looks
intelligent enough to bray.
Shh! Francis is
liable to hear you.
I'd like you to know our
distinguished Mayor Hargrove.
Oh, he heard you.
I'm afraid you've insulted him.
You're gonna have to apologize.
What? You'll have
to apologize to him.
I'm sorry, Francis.
You do look intelligent
enough to bray.
Francis, I...
I know you don't like
to talk to strangers,
but this is serious.
Francis, you want to
help me, don't you?
Then talk to the Mayor.
No, no. No, don't
make faces. Just...
Just say something.
Say anything at all.
Maybe he's trying
to sing for us.
No. No.
I can't understand it.
Francis, do you know
what this is doing to me?
Unless maybe...
Oh, your cold come back?
Your throat is feverish.
Head is hot.
Francis, you haven't...
He has laryngitis.
A mule with laryngitis?
Who ever heard of such a thing?
What else would it be?
What else would keep
him from talking to you?
The fact that zoologically
it's impossible!
Please, don't insult him again.
It'll only make things worse.
We've got to nurse him
back to good health.
Prescott, our bargain
didn't include
my playing nursemaid to a mule.
Now you're going back to jail
and issue that statement!
But, Mr. Mayor!
Martin! Send some men in here!
Come back here!
Any news?
There are a dozen
trails out of those hills
and that mule can
run like man-of-war.
How could I have
been so gullible?
Send for the State
Militia if you have to.
We've got to catch Prescott
before he strikes again.
Sure, but who knows where that
maniac will show up again?
Why didn't I listen to Grisby?
He was...
Prescott has killed two
members of that firm already.
Maybe they're next!
Mr. Grisby?
Mr. Grisby, open up
it's Mayor Hargrove.
Well, what's happened?
Where's Mr. Grisby?
I'm afraid we're too late.
Three days ago I was
a junior partner,
and now I'm head of the firm.
Well, these murders
are happening
faster than we can
change the letterheads.
And it is
feared that the missing attorney,
Howard Grisby, met the same
fate as his associates,
Roger Andrews and Edward Ryan.
According to Chief Martin, Ephraim
Biddle, the sole survivor of the law firm,
is under 24-hour
police protection.
The statewide dragnet for
Prescott continues unabated.
All law enforcement officers have orders
to shoot the deranged Killer on sight.
I'm listening to my own
funeral arrangements.
How's he doing?
Well... Oh, I must've been
crazy to let you hide out here.
It'll only be for a little
while, Mr. Reynolds.
Beside, this liniment
is guaranteed.
On people, Prescott!
That's a mule.
The first mule in medical
history to have laryngitis.
Yes, but don't forget, the
first mule that ever made a deal
with a District Attorney.
Don't remind me!
Do you realize what'll happen
if the police find you here?
They'll shoot me on sight.
That's the most encouraging
thing I've heard all day.
I didn't mean that. I...
I think I'm really
having a nervous breakdown!
He's a family man.
Look at the trouble
I got him in.
Look at the trouble
I got you in.
Maybe I ought to give myself up.
Now I don't even know
where to start looking.
I thought I had the killer
when I had Jason,
then somebody turns up
and kills him.
Get back in there!
What're you doing?
Are you trying to
show me something?
You know who the murderer is?
You're a bird dog, pointing?
Well, you're
pointing at the car.
Are you trying to tell me that
Jason was killed by a car?
I saw him myself with a
knife sticking in his back!
Oh, look, Francis, I'm
not very good at charades.
Can you tell me the
name of the killer?
Can you give me some
sort of a description?
He's upright?
Lots of hair?
Mrs. MacPherson?
Long black hair?
Hairy eyes?
Uh, moustache? FRANCIS: Mmm-hmm.
Who wears a moustache?
The Mayor?
You're pointing at the wheel?
Sounds like wheel? The name?
The wheel? Keel? Jeel?
Neel? Hmm...
Hmm. Neil?
Neil Frazer!
But he's Lorna's guardian.
He supposed to
be protecting her.
I've got to go and warn her.
I know.
I know you think I'm gonna
get myself into trouble.
Well, I've gotta risk it.
And look, I can take
care of myself.
Even if I can't,
I've got to think of Lorna.
Where's Chief Martin?
Up ahead at the castle gate.
I'll ride up with you,
if you don't mind, sir.
Jump in.
What's that for?
Present from the
Police Department.
Prescott is still on the loose.
Lorna, look out!
Lorna, get the gun.
He's the murderer.
I can prove it.
Keep him covered till
I go get the police.
Be careful.
What are you doing?
We heard shots! What's wrong?
That maniac Prescott.
He tried to kill us.
Get all the men in here!
Where is he?
Hey! Hey, hurry up!
They're trying to kill me.
No sign of him in the moat.
We saw him duck in here.
Well, there's a narrow ledge
out there but he'd have to be
a human fly to crawl to
one of the other rooms.
He's liable to be anything.
Stay here. He may crawl back!
I don't want
to inconvenience you,
but we must take every precaution
to protect Miss MacLeod.
That's very considerate
of you, Mr. Mayor.
Oh, Mr. Mayor,
there's something
that I've got to, oh...
How do you open this?
I have no idea. I
never knew it existed.
Get Chief Martin. We're
gonna have to break through.
You better take
Miss MacLeod to her room.
And don't worry,
we'll catch Prescott
if we have to tear this
place down stone by stone!
The curse of the
MacLeods on all of you!
MacLeod ghost! The real one!
Pick up that thing before
you give yourself a hot foot!
It isn't the ghost of my great
aunt, Regret, who won the Derby!
Your voice, you got it back.
The liniment worked.
Only after I drank it.
Boy, am I glad to see you.
Francis, do you know
who's trying to kill me?
Your blue-eyed bundle
of loveliness, Lorna.
Got it straight from
the horse's mouth.
The ghost's horse.
The ghost horse?
Where did you find him?
Same place I picked up
this tin jockey.
There's a hidden stable
next to the storeroom.
Well, we ought to
tell the police about it.
Oh, but how am I gonna do that?
Every time they see me
they start shooting at me.
I know just the
people to handle it.
Climb aboard.
Keep your hands off
the hardware.
We'll need it for evidence.
I'll handle it.
Hey, this is a dead end.
The only dead end around here
is what you're thinking with.
Francis! Help!
Mr. Grisby!
Mr. Ryan! Why, I... Why
I thought you were dead.
We might as well be,
in this dungeon.
Gentlemen, who is she?
Lorna Ann MacLeod. The real one.
Lorna upstairs?
An imposter, brought
here by Neil Frazer.
He knew that no one in America
had seen me since I was a child.
Except the estate lawyers.
That's why
Andrews was murdered.
We'll never get
out of here alive.
There's your "ghost,"
you superstitious idiots.
It was Prescott's
confounded mule!
The police have broken through.
They'll blast walls until
they reach the dungeon!
Neil, let's get out of here!
They won't find
anything in the dungeon.
Flood it!
There's no way we
can turn the water on.
The police are all
around the sluice valve.
We've got to get them
away from the castle.
The passageway to the
stable is still clear.
Not me!
When those police go after the
ghost, they'll be shooting!
You fool! It's our only chance!
Get the bagpipes!
We've already taken enough risks for
our share of the MacLeod fortune.
If you want the ghost
to ride, you do it!
Very well, I will.
Malcolm, you've
given me an idea.
It'll solve everything,
if the police
do catch up with the
ghost and find him dead.
I think I've got it.
What you need is a
do-it-yourself safecracking kit.
Who is it?
It's Fran...
It's a friend.
We're as good as outta here.
Boy, have I got news for you.
It's dated. I was bringing
you down here to get them out.
Never mind about the small talk.
Just kick in the door.
It's solid iron. I'm
not a battering ram.
Well then, get some keys
or a hacksaw, anything.
With a little help from me, the
police can be here in a few minutes.
I knew you'd think of...
The police? They'll
shoot me on sight!
Not if you're a small target.
Hide, let the others
do the talking.
Drop everything!
The ghost is out there!
Hey, come back Not
thataway, thisaway!
What's happening out there?
I don't know, but the police are
supposed to be on their way here.
There they are now. Now
remember, Mr. Grisby, talk fast.
My life is in your mouth.
Psst! Clarence! Come here!
So long, fellas.
All right! Upsy-daisy.
How did I get into this?
You've been booby-trapped.
They were going to air-condition
you and let the police
find a nice dead ghost.
Well, get me out of this.
Hey, we've got to
get 'em out of there!
And Malcolm's got the key!
And who's gonna bite
through the leg irons?
Well, how do we
shut off the water?
Oh, hop on, Galahad!
Hang on!
Francis, move!
We can't outrun 'em, Davey.
We gotta out think 'em.
Hang on, Davey.
Made it! The water's off.
We're gonna have to fight him.
Grab a sword!
Let's go!
Scram, bub!
Use your sword!
He won't let me!
We've got him, Dave.
Clobber him! Use your mace!
How do I stop it?
Miss MacLeod, this city will
always be grateful to you.
But are you sure you want to
name it the Prescott Museum?
Very sure. David made
it all possible.
And I haven't really
thanked him yet.
You know, there's
a customary reward
when a lady is rescued by
a knight in shining armor,
even if he was on a mule.
Wait until he tries to tell
her that mule also talks!
Hey! Fellas!
Don't you think we ought
to leave 'em alone?