Franck Spadone (2000) Movie Script

There are only a few rules ...
First rule :
to be a good performer .
technique also an art .
Rule two : never
interested in him whom rob .
Third Rule :
Trust in Providence .
Trust in Providence
or change jobs .
Laura !
What is new?
I told you everything I know .
You must be
back here ...
... tomorrow.
I need this.
Finish with a slog.
Should not
zaebavash the middle.
Laura ?
Come on !
I'll drive you .
Thank you.
I'm so fucking .
They say Redlich
wants to raise prices .
Of course , these are rumors
but there is no smoke without fire .
There 's nothing to say .
A good businessman must
be flexible .
And sometimes change the method .
And he did not change them .
- Do not change them .
Now he seeks here
To achieve oligarchy
fuck up transactions
with foreigners.
It seems to me that we began a
us confused with fat Americans.
So what can we do?
I wanted to run
another " handset"
It will not raise prices
and kshte them fall.
These are just ...
wonders of arithmetic .
Who will undertake the
this work yourself in the middle of what?
Champagne ?
Excuse me , can you help me?
As if I was mistaken ...
Two hundred francs.
So what now?
Sadly it is ..
just like me ...
Maybe you
take less?
... I can not buy it.
Is pretty pricey
This will bring us trouble.
The material will
be brought to the hotel.
Maybe we have
being with masks.
You will need to work with gas.
All are famous palace of Redlich .
The doors will be people .
Hardly foreigners WILL start
to cheat on their habits .
It is clear that before
its gates will be people .
Inside there will be a crowd .
- Sure ...
That's why we work
gas . - But ... unnoticed.
Well, if you suddenly enter the room
nothing they can do .
That's why we will work with gas.
And the room will have to be
close to each other .
Who are you ?
I am .
Is there no one there?
Can I?
In the corridor I met a guy
and we found in his pocket.
He says he wants to give it back .
Everything is
in place ?
Yes, it is
Where is he?
In the yard . Sit down .
Want to talk to him ?
I let him go ?
Well it arranged .
No longer glimpse .
Well, that's good.
Missing more.
Stupid work.
Why do it?
I was sick , and
feel ...
cheated and lonely.
All right.
The price ?
A Addis ?
Put your hat.
Today it's cold.
Go back
rubbish !
Baavno .
Bravo .
Bravo .
Now - hands on your head !
Breathe calmly.
Very nice
you remembered us.
Like I smell like coffee.
Lucky you ...
... As they say .
Who falls now this honor?
Well ...
What wonder that
his eyes are gone ?
And what can we do now?
Damn ...
We need garbage bags .
I have bags.
Thank you.
Nothing .
Dirty story dirty ...
Maybe it 's wacky temporarily ...
- But you have to understand what 's going on!
And is disappearing abroad.
If you understand that it sent you
will they stroked his head.
I know some people will
send in Brazil
You must understand
why are they taken at gunpoint .
That in Argentina .
Maybe you have any suggestions ?
- But you do not have much time.
Here pickpocket already
sets . This is not normal .
Our whole life is insane .
Thus , either way ,
in South America.
Unexpected acquaintance .
In you have confronted new forces.
Laura !
- Yes.
Are you okay?
Yes, I just - now ...
Can I get you anything?
Do not bother .
I want to know
why they want to kill me.
Worried as before.
Because you Lina ?
No, because pickpocket .
let's wait
Thursday .
And then ...
will become clear . that's what
was your principle?
Are you okay?
Funny you?
No, not your 's
What should I do
to make you laugh ?
So you think
I'm old.
You're not.
I mean ...
too old.
Will you come with me?
See you Thursday.
You will need to
do one ment .
I can take you.
At home you going?
Sit down !
And what do I owe
this honor ?
I just want
to ride .
Smezaedno worked . Why
ever not help each other ?
Got tired appearance.
If I do not go alone ,
will me into it?
You're right ...
dog fucking life ...
Fuck !
I just talked to you.
What is new?
Think well?
And there's nowhere to go.
- Especially under an assumed name , the world is small.
And then I will
we can work together.
During the season of fairs .
Then the tourists are plenty .
Will try more
not to leave " the world."
And my work
Are not you interested ?
You nothing
to hide.
With whom will I live?
Do not worry,
I'll be quiet as water.
Hey , careful ,
Are you waiting for someone?
Good morning - Good morning.
Looking for Frank Spadone .
What is it for you ?
We need to talk .
Are you alone ? - Yes.
Then enter .
Well, now what?
We'll leave .
Make yourself at home .
Of a cup of coffee.
Ah, but you have already pitched .
Here you are.
- All the pink.
Coffee? - Yes.
Sugar ?
I'm here to help. You must let me
abducted from a hotel .
It's so complicated.
So tell me if you can
help me ... I will.
I have not be walking
down the street with someone.
Nice 's
To sit , huh?
I once walked me
about orphanages .
And I thought ,
that it is the nature .
This is for you .
Where is this hotel?
A coffee, please .
Skive them only those ads ...
" pay for beauty
and remember that your 40 "- Sport .
January Skive What piece
they put here?
What's your sport here ...
I'm just saying
do not love him , that's
I love ... I do not like ... there
matter? There is no dough ...
Well, if you have money
another will not is ..
This is not a sport
and occupation for morons
who chase the girls .
Do you agree ?
Of course, you're right.
' As we can crushed nerves ...
with such nonsense ...
Well, finally we saw .
I am awfully glad .
We met at last.
So what are you all right ?
I think here in this great
hand, we will very well.
Yes ... The road home was long .
So it worked.
My little companion
rather let me down ...
So much worse
the better .
Whatever was - was ... And nothing can be
so, thankfully, everything is backwards.
Offensive is somehow ... After suddenly
all deserted me . Thank you.
To our success !
I do not feel good.
Will go.
Come on !
First rule:
to be a good performer .
technique also an art .
Rule two : never
interested in him whom rob .
Third Rule :
Trust in Providence .
Trust in Providence
or change jobs .