Frank and Penelope (2022) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(tense music)
(speaking in foreign language)
(engine revving)
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
(speaking in foreign language)
I once was lost
- I'm gonna keep
reading this to you,
and not just because the
story means a lot to me,
but because I know it
means a lot to you.
What the world needs now
Else wise you wouldn't
have wrote it down.
"January 21st, 11:45 PM."
"I called her as I drove home."
- [Voicemail] Hey
there, this is Becky.
I'm not here right now,
but I can't wait to hear
what you have for me.
(machine beeping)
- Hey babe.
I actually told him.
You would've been so proud.
I told them "You're
gonna have to find"
"someone to cover me tonight"
"and every night for
the rest of the week"
"or until the project's done."
And I gotta say,
it felt liberating.
I really feel like
I'm turning a corner.
Anyway um, I'm on
my way home and uh,
I got a bottle of
that kind you like,
and uh, I'll see you soon.
I love you, babe.
To the end of time
What the world needs now
(Becky squealing)
Is love, sweet sweet love
It's the only thing that's
there's just too little of
- [Becky] Oh, fuck me!
(Becky screams)
(man grunting)
- [Man] He fuck you like this?
- [Becky] God no!
Oh God!
(Becky screaming)
No not just for some
But for everyone,
for everyone
Lord we don't need
another meadow
There are corn fields and
wheat fields enough to grow
There are sunbeams
and moonbeams
(Becky screaming)
Enough to shine
Oh listen, Lord,
if you want to know
What the world needs now
- "Hush now child,
it's gon' be okay."
- [Nurse] What's
that you're reading?
- A journal.
It was with him
when they found him.
- Ain't that called evidence?
- It's called
personal belongings.
- Why read to him?
Ain't he supposed to be brain
dead on some kind of coma?
Can't even hear ya.
- Can't help that I care.
His eyes sort of
blink when I do.
Keeps him grounded to something.
That's what I think, at least.
- Why don't you just
lay your hands on him
and do that stuff
you say you can do.
I mean, if you're a real
clairvoyant and all.
- Medium, I'm a medium.
And I assure you that
if it's God's will
that he should happen to pass,
I will lay hands and
we'll have a conversation.
A private one.
And I will tell him that
I appreciate the life
and love that he's lived.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
- You do you, sugar.
I'm a take a smoke break.
- "Monday night, first
night, hell of a night."
"The second my eyes
locked on her,"
"something powerful
crazy inside clicked."
"She was the medicine
my life needed."
"It was indescribable."
Mm. (chuckles)
Whispered something
in your ear
It was a perverted
thing to say
But I said it anyway
(light buzzing)
Made you smile and look away
Nothing's gonna
hurt you baby
As long as you're with
me you'll be just fine
Nothing's gonna
hurt you baby
Nothing's gonna take
you from my side
- Thinking about fucking her?
- What?
Uh, no, no.
I was um,
I, I, I was just uh, was just-
- Something's wrong with your
trouser worm if you weren't.
Go on in.
Can tell you wanna-
- No, I'm just uh, just,
just passing through.
- Oh yeah, where are you headed?
- Just, you know, um, away.
- Yeah.
I've been headed that
way for a while now.
Just don't come up on
Google Maps though, does it?
- No, it don't.
- Know a direction at least?
- West.
Nothing's gonna
hurt you baby
You ever see "Thelma & Louise?"
- Nope.
Why, is it good?
- It, it's not bad.
(Frank stuttering)
There's a road they
drive down at the end, I,
I'd like to drive
down that road.
- Is that road pretty?
- I hope so.
- So you like pretty, huh?
Then I think you need
to meet Penelope.
What's your name?
- Just Frank, but I,
I, I don't have time.
- Shh.
Come on in, Just Frank.
I think she's gonna like you.
Come on.
(monitor beeping)
- It's okay, sweetie.
You want me to keep reading?
Okay, I will.
"Embarrassed of my
journal to even know"
"that I'd never been in
one of these clubs before,"
"but my God, she was just
breathtakingly beautiful."
(calming music)
I was dancing when I was 12
I was dancing when I was 12
I was dancing when I was out
I was dancing when I was out
- 2:15, let's wrap it up, huh?
Last dance.
I danced myself
right out the womb
I danced myself
right out the womb
- Wanna buy me this drink?
- Yeah uh, sure.
- It's 25.
- Dollars?
- Well, it ain't cents, baby.
I danced myself
right out the womb
I was dancing
when I was eight
I was dancing
when I was eight
- Well?
- Well what?
- Well, you're gonna have to
move the table out of the way
if you want me to
sit in your lap.
Is it strange
to dance so late
Is it strange
to dance so late
- Now's when you lie to me
and tell me all the
ways that you'd fuck me.
Leave me in an epileptic
twitch and pool of sweat.
I danced myself
into the tomb
Go on, Just Frank.
Tell me, how exactly
would you fuck me?
Is it strange
to dance so soon
- Most likely with a blatant
disregard for your pleasure.
- Oh.
Well, that's either incredibly
honest or incredibly selfish.
- It's just that I,
I never had a girlfriend
as beautiful as you,
so I don't think I
could last long enough
for all that
twitching sweat stuff.
I mean, if I'm being honest,
it seemed like a really good
opportunity to be selfish.
- Can you tell me
that first part again?
- I just know I'm not, I'm not-
- No, no, no.
The part about doing it again,
and girlfriends and the
kind you ain't ever had.
- I'm just saying if you
were wanting to blink
and not miss it,
we'd have to do it a few times,
'cause I'm all ready...
You know, um-
- Shh.
Do you wanna do it
a few times, Frank?
- Oh, God damn, girl.
You have no idea.
But I, I don't want to get
you in any kind of trouble.
- So that road you're going to,
one you wanna go down?
You got a shotgun for
that passenger seat?
Oh, I guess you already
got one though, don't you?
- No, I don't.
I lost her about 45 minutes ago.
Actually probably
lost her years ago.
I just happened to
see it 45 minutes ago.
- What'd you see, Frank?
- My wife getting fucked
by some dude who looked a lot
like her CrossFit instructor.
- Oh baby.
You kick his fucking ass?
I bet you did.
- No.
- No?
Well, then it means
you ain't in love.
If a man don't fly
into a fit of rage,
it means he ain't in love.
- Gave her an
heirloom ring, too.
It's been on the hand that
held every child in my family
for five generations.
Never even wore it.
Said the stone was too small.
- Dirty bitch right there.
So what are you gonna
do with this ring?
- Throw it away, far away.
- You need some help?
(Penelope moaning)
Might die way too young
Hey, the only way I'm gonna
shotgun with you on that trip
is if you make that
throw away permanent.
- You're right.
Fuck her.
I'm gonna sell it, tomorrow.
- Are ya now?
God damn you, boy,
you make me wetter
than the Pontchartrain.
(Penelope sighs)
- Hey!
Watch the hands.
You got it?
Fuckin' pussy.
- So what do you
want me to do Frank?
- About what?
- About that shotgun seat.
You for real want
me in it or not?
- You serious?
- Mm-hm.
- You'd leave here and
go somewhere with me?
- Yes.
- Why?
Uh, why me?
- 'Cause I got a fault line
running through my head
and I ain't felt it shift once
since you walked up
to that door outside.
- Shit.
I'm kind of scared of that.
And, and attracted to
it at the same time.
- So what about that seat?
- Yeah.
- No.
- Yeah, sure.
- No, that's not gonna work.
You have to ask me.
Ask me proper.
And tell me why you ain't
gonna leave me nowhere.
'Cause you said it yourself,
first time inside me,
you ain't gonna have no control.
But what about the 10th time
when you have plenty of control?
How do I know you're
not gonna leave me
on the side of the road
or anything like that?
- 'Cause I'm not.
I made every decision in my
life based on logic and reason.
I took my time, weighing
out the pros and cons.
I had a ton of dreams but I
ain't never chased a single one.
Maybe I'm due.
Maybe I'm due for
that crazy chase.
Especially for that 'Nelope
that was outside
in them overalls.
I might never catch her, but,
fuck it, I'll do my best.
- Oh.
- Will you come with me?
(Penelope crying lightly)
Why do you, why do
you, why do you lie
what, what's wrong?
- I could fall in
love with you, Frank.
I know it.
'Cause I read about it in books.
Yeah I'll go with you.
- Penelope!
In the office now.
- Oh please tell me
that's not your boyfriend.
Well Jesus Chrysler, is he?
- Asshole thinks he is.
- Well is the asshole right?
- Well he was right up
until about 45 minutes ago,
but I'm gonna go
get my stuff, okay?
And time was winding down
You're not gonna chicken
out on me, are you, Frank?
Like everybody else does?
- I ain't everybody else.
Hurry up.
And time was winding down
- You get it?
- Yeah, I got.
(man snorting)
Just run it for 1,000.
50/50 split each.
He's married, so he's
not gonna contest.
Just make sure I'm
gone from the lot
before you kick him out.
- 50/50 split, fuck you.
You get you normal 20%.
And since when do
you kiss a John?
- He's not a John,
you fucking asshole.
I didn't fuck him.
- Well, it looked like you
were trying to fuck him,
didn't it?
- Yeah, well I had to kiss him
in order to get
the fucking card.
- That right?
Had to kiss him.
You wanna make it up to me?
- I, I'm just, I'm really tired,
and I just, I wanna go home.
- Oh you're tired?
You're too tired to suck
a little dick, that it?
Are you too tired
to suck my dick?
- Just wanna go home.
- Hey!
- I just wanna go home.
- You're too tired
to suck my dick?
Fuck over here!
(Penelope screams)
- No, no!
(head crunching)
(man yelps)
No, stop!
- [Man] Fuck!
- Penelope?
(people fighting)
(tense music)
- [Man] You!
(hand slapping)
- [Penelope] Stop it,
you're hurting me!
You're hurting me!
Let go!
(tense music)
Stop, you're hurting me!
(Frank panting)
- Oh, come on, Frank.
Come on, Frank.
- [Man] Think you
are talking to?
(Frank yells)
- What are you doing?
Let her go!
(intense music)
(Frank panting)
Penelope, you okay?
- I'm okay, I'm okay.
(tense music)
- You have no idea what
you've done, you little punk.
I will fucking bury you.
- Where?!
Where, motherfucker, where?
'Cause she's gonna
want to send flowers!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
Slow down there, pussy boy.
She ain't gonna send you shit.
I think you and I both know,
you ain't got the sack for this.
(gunshot firing)
(Penelope screams)
(man grunts)
- Tell her it's over!
Tell her you want to break up!
(gun cocking)
- Fine, fine!
I wanna break up,
God damn it, fuck!
- Penelope, do you accept his
resignation as your boyfriend?
- You're God damn right I do.
- The fuck?
- I hate you, you
dumb fucking cunt.
Fuck you.
Insurance, 'cause I know
that me holding this
scares you more than
him holding that.
- Run out the door, 'Nelope!
- You fucking cunt.
- Fuck you. (spits)
(hopeful music)
(tires screeching)
(man grunting)
- 827KCWD.
- I don't know what
happened back there,
but I'm really, really sorry.
- That was rage.
That was pure rage,
and I don't ever want you
to be sorry about that.
'Cause if a man don't
fly into a rage, then,
then he isn't in love.
- "I shot a man."
"My God, this girl is
drugs, good drugs."
- [Frank Voiceover] And the
sum total experience with her
is nothing short of the
Controlled Substances Act.
But that man deserved it,
and I shot him.
- Hey.
What if I told you that,
I don't wanna be
no shotgun no more?
- The fuck you talking
about, 'Nelope?
- Well maybe I want
an upgrade, baby.
To ride or die.
- God damn it, girl, that
makes no fucking sense at all,
but I love it!
- So what other crazy
thing should we do?
Spur the moment like.
(tires screeching)
- Even with the Prius trade in,
that'll leave us almost broke.
- Well, I don't care
about what you got, Frank.
I only care about what
you're capable of getting.
I believe in you.
I don't need a
whole lots of money
I don't need
(engine revving)
(tires squealing)
A man could want
I got more than
I could ask for
And I don't have
to run around
I don't have to
stay out all night
- Woo!
'Cause I got me a sweet
- What's wrong, Frank?
- I just feel so
fucking alive right now.
I just, I just, I,
I just gotta.
- Gotta what?
- Oh, I just can't stand it.
I just need to...
I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry.
- What?
(tires screeching)
Don't you know that she's
She's some kind of wonderful
She's some kind of wonderful
Yes, she is, she is
She's some kind of wonderful
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
When I hold her in my arms
(lively music)
- What are you doing, baby?
- I don't wanna
get these seats...
(couple moaning)
- Fuck the seats, Frank.
Woman, take me in your arms
Rock your baby
Woman, take me in your arms
Rock your baby
There's nothin' to it
Just say you wanna do it
Open up your heart
And let the lovin' start
- "She was that mutiny"
"that only a certain level of
lust can have on reverence."
"And I hope they fight
to the death, daily."
Mm. (chuckles)
Oh child.
I'm always scared to
read this next part,
but I'm gonna keep on reading.
Guess that you'll
be leaving now
Even in your deepest doubt
Have you got it all
Figured out
- Hey.
Hey Frank.
Can I tell you something?
- Can I tell you
something first?
- Um, yeah, it's just that-
- It's important.
- Okay.
- You wanting the throw
away to be permanent.
- Mm-hm.
- I wasn't sure,
but I am now.
I wanted you to know,
I'm gonna leave it in
some dirty truck stop
tore out somewhere.
- Frank-
Frank, what are you?
God damn it, Frank.
You should have let
me go first. (crying)
- Baby, what's going on?
- I was gonna leave you, Frank.
At the club, Frank.
God, I've done it
hundreds of times.
I run the credit card
and then I'm gone before you
even get kicked out, but,
I didn't know that he was
gonna yank me around and, and,
God damn it, you weren't
supposed to burst in, Frank.
Nobody ever fucking bursts in,
nobody ever fucking bursts in!
- But...
- I coulda handled him, Frank.
I coulda handled him.
You didn't have to do that.
It's fine, you can just, um,
drop me off at a bus
stop or something.
I can...
- But you, you told me you
wanted to come with me.
- Those are just words, Frank.
Everybody says them
and nobody means them.
Don't, please don't
look at me like that.
(calming music)
I was dancing when I was 12
- Hey.
I was dancing when I was 12
It could all be a lie.
It's okay.
Every word in that club.
I don't care.
But was this real, just now?
'Cause I gotta know.
- I swear to God, it was, Frank.
I ain't never had anyone
do this for me before.
I never felt this
way in my life.
- And that part about
ridin', and dyin'?
- Yeah.
- Then we're stuck
together, baby.
Hot gum on tarmac stuck.
Ain't never coming apart.
- Oh Frank.
I was dancing
when I was eight
Is it strange to dance
(ominous music)
(Molly gasps)
(engine rumbling)
(tense music)
(knocking on window)
- Ma'am.
I, I know you scared.
Hell, hell I would be, too.
You know, but, but, but
ifin you popped the trunk,
I, I could change
that tire and you,
you could stay seated up in
there nice and, nice and safe.
- I, I checked the trunk
and there's no spare.
And I'm just really
scared of you.
- Well uh,
God bless.
- Sorry.
(tense music)
(ominous music)
- Yeah, you right.
There's no spare.
I could uh, tow you
into Quicksilver,
about four miles up.
We, we could probably
get you rolling again
by tomorrow afternoon.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
All right.
You gotta get in
the driver's side.
Well, slide on in.
(tense music)
(phone dialing)
- Yeah.
Yeah I got one coming in.
- Um, do you think
maybe that I can use it?
- Oh, sorry.
Business use only.
You know that, that rolled up
glass wouldn't protect you,
if, if someone really
wanted some of you.
And, and I, I can think of
plenty of romantic things that,
that some fellows would
want to do to you.
Hell, just over and over again.
And you, and you all
the way out here, alone.
But, but they sinners,
and I, I know that.
You know?
And, and, and, and
running away from sin
is what keep me focused
solely on, on that flat tire.
I mean,
unless you wanted it.
'Cause Chisos says that,
that, that little want
makes all the difference.
He says that that, that want,
is what bring the
carn, the carnal,
into the cathedral and the,
the hole into the holy.
(ominous music)
(radio static buzzing)
I, I was just, I was
just talking is all.
I, I, I don't mean
nothing by it.
(sirens blaring)
- Baby, baby, baby.
- Hm, what?
- Fuck.
Fuck, okay.
Okay, put the money
away, put the money away.
Where's the gun,
where's the gun?
Hurry up.
- It's okay.
- Hurry up, hurry up,
hurry up, hurry up.
- [Penelope] It's gonna be okay.
I, I'll just talk to him, baby.
(tense music)
- Beautiful.
Say hello to sin for me.
I love this time of the year.
Classics all over the blacktop,
all going at the show.
Y'all showing or selling?
- Both.
Who knows, you might even
pull us over on the way back,
driving in something
even sweeter than this
if I see something that
makes my thighs twitch.
(Officer chuckles)
- I don't know, sweetie, it's
hard to beat a 68 B, but uh,
damn, likes cars, too.
Got yourself a good
one there, son.
- Please, he ain't got shit.
He's my brother.
- Oh, is that right?
- Mm-hm.
- Well.
So what you got under there?
- Underwear.
Just kiddin'.
It's a V8, fuckin' big one, too.
- I'll bet it is.
So what, you gonna
keep it a secret?
- Well, you know what they say,
it's the secret
that's never told
that offers the most
extraordinary suspense.
- Yeah, that's a good one.
Who said that?
- Tell him it's from
Big Daddy Don Garlic.
- Fucking Big Daddy Dan Garlic.
- Don.
- That's what I meant.
- It's Garlets.
- Don.
- And I believe his last was-
- Garlets.
- Oh yeah, he was a hell
of mopar driver, wasn't he?
- Sure as hell was.
Hell, I love the way
he drove them mopers.
He fuckin' owns 'em, he does.
- Hey, look honey,
you got anything you wanna
show off on the way back in,
you just gimme a holler, hear?
- Well you better keep
your ears on, good buddy.
- (clears throat) Well, anyway,
the real reason I
pulled y'all over
is you're about to hit a
stretch of about 30 miles
with no cell phone towers,
and no gas for another
40 miles after that.
You may wanna keep a
close eye on that gauge.
I mean, you can get gas in
Quicksilver about 12 miles in,
but get in and get outta there.
Mercury got in the
water from that mine
and left them Appalachian
transplants bat shit crazy.
What's left 'em, anyway.
Well, I don't wanna keep y'all.
Hey, you ever let
her drive that thing?
- Every once in a while.
- 'Cause I would
love to see a beauty
behind the wheel of the beauty.
(gun cocking)
What was that?
- Cricket.
Damn things been caught in here
since we got gas in Marathon.
And yeah, I only let him drive
when I need to take a nap.
Let's switch, Tommy.
- If y'all wanna smoke 'em
up on the way outta here,
ain't nobody looking.
You won't see no berries
and cherries from me.
- Well, I'm a give you a
front row seat, law man.
(lively music)
(engine revving)
(tires squealing)
(Magda whimpering)
- Well, this is it.
It, it's humble.
But rooms are clean though.
I, I make sure.
The, the office is
there on the right.
(Magda whimpering)
(tense music)
(phone dialing)
(tense music)
- Hi daddy, it's Molly.
Um, I'm calling from
a motel phone 'cause,
'cause I'm on that
dead spot on the 16.
And I know, I'm sorry,
but, but listen.
(people chattering)
- [Woman] Women
I would like you.
Too bad I like guys.
Like you. (giggling)
- All right.
Find out a lot more
about you than I like.
- I told you...
- Anyway, I hope
you get this soon
so you can come and get me.
Hopefully I see
you in the morning.
I love you, daddy.
(tense music)
- Didn't recall you asking
to use any extra services.
- Oh, I'm, I'm sorry.
I just had to make a quick call.
Um, you can add it
to my bill though.
- It was up to me, I, I
wouldn't charge you at all.
Well, five's my favorite.
Just always it's
always smells good.
Don't know why.
- Need a witness, Cleve.
Oh, oh I'm sorry.
I didn't realize
you had company.
- Oh no, no, we, we
was just finishing up.
Oh there, there's free
drinks in the bar later.
- Oh thanks.
I'm, I'm just so tired though.
- Surprised you didn't
rip your britches.
(melancholy music)
- Shut your damn mouth.
(engine revving)
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
- Baby.
Baby, baby.
Baby, wake up
Was blind but now I see
Baby, baby, wake up.
I think we got us in
Appalachian weirdo.
- Well hello, you two.
Pardon, but I always
put my hands together
in the time of need,
and low and behold.
Seems we like the same vintage,
just from a different branch.
Stopped, don't know why.
Think you too could
give me a ride?
- Yes.
- No.
Can't help you.
But this is a friend of mine.
And if you give him a
call, I'm sure he can.
- I'll make due.
- Suit yourself.
(smooth music)
(bells jingling)
- Sorry I had to
step out, Ophelia.
We have a leaky faucet.
I had to put maintenance on it.
So you were saying that uh,
you left your husband
when you met this
fella at a conference?
- I did.
Within the hour, I was
in a car with him and,
and we were leaving everything
that I forgot was
important to me.
David was six when I left.
And, (cries) little
Laurie was three.
I haven't seen or spoke
to my babies in 37 years.
37 years.
- Does it serve you right?
- I suppose it does.
- Hm.
I saw you listed on the
register as an Ophelia Wendall.
Is that your maiden or his?
- Oh no, I never wanted
to change my last name.
- You know, it don't
really seem right
sharing names with little ones
when you only donated the nature
and ran away from the nurture.
Hope you got your heart
right with the Lord.
- I think I'll
take my check now.
- No, no, there's no
check for the truth.
You told it fair and square.
- Have a nice day.
- Well it's settled.
You don't hold no
truck with adultery.
- Nothing.
You got Chisos pegged.
Hell, if he was here, I,
I reckon lightning
come down from heaven,
strike that adulterer
dead on the spot.
- You know damn well the
Lord don't work like that.
We gotta do his will.
- Well, I'll go tell Cookie now.
- Yeah.
(engine rumbling)
Melody day what have I done
Now our hearts are
locked up tight again
And when I pray
it's all begun
And when you smile
it melts away again
(Magda whimpering)
- So say so, that's why.
Be there
Car, car, car, somebody coming.
Somebody, somebody, somebody.
Excuse there.
Can, can I help you?
- Just looking for a room.
- Honeymoon suite
if you got one.
- Yeah, if you got
it, and a fill up.
- You, you, you two ain't
on the marijuana, are ya?
'Cause uh, 'cause we don't
keep with no drug addicts here.
- No.
No sir, none of the above.
- Nope, definitely
not drug dicks.
- Yeah.
Okay then.
Well uh, uh Cook,
Cookie here can uh help
you out with the fill,
and uh, we'll see if we
can find you a clean room
fitting for a, a new union.
All right, if uh, y'all
could just sign in here.
Now we have a, a king with
a flower back headboard.
That's uh, uh 40 per.
That okay?
- Mm-hm.
- Oh no, no.
We, we'll settle
up in the morning,
if, if y'all gonna eat.
- Damn, she's beautiful.
- What's that?
Oh uh, yeah, they all are.
- Who'd a hung her?
- She took the bite, didn't she?
- We'll take the
flower back, please.
- Now there's uh, there's
drinks in the bar after dark.
If y'all sit with Mabel,
just, just give her this.
- Who's Mabel?
- Oh, Maybelline, she,
she's my, she's my wife.
She, she runs the, the
bar and the, the diner.
It gets kind of lonely
out here, so uh,
so ifin y'all got
a story to tell,
she'll be happy to listen.
First two are free.
What's TOT mean?
- Table of truth.
And uh, she'll know
if you're lying.
- We can't miss out on
an opportunity like that,
now can we, baby?
- Did they move the car?
- It's right in
front of the room.
(intense music)
- I got it all topped
off and ready for you.
Parked it in front of your room.
Even washed the
windshield for you.
- Hey, you mind if I freshen
up and meet you at the bar?
- Okay.
- [Penelope] Yeah?
- Can I swat you on the
ass as you walk away?
I, I always wanted to do that.
- You don't have to ask, baby.
Just swing it.
(endearing music)
(eerie music)
(ominous music)
(Cookie grunting)
- I'm sorry about this,
But you shouldn't have
done what you done.
Don't worry, we'll fix ya.
Right after I fix this one.
(flesh squelching)
(tense music)
(ominous music)
(Molly gasps)
(tense music)
I think that girl heard me.
And, and then she was, she
was staring right at me.
- And what would she
have heard, Cookie?
The sound of a wrinkly old lady
being strung up by her foot?
She couldn't even name that
tune with all the notes.
- You didn't tell me there was
somebody in the corner room.
- Well, I just
checked her in today.
- But you didn't tell me.
There wasn't supposed
to be nobody.
I wouldn't have been
carrying that lady's,
I mean, if I knew that
there was somebody
I wouldn't have been
carrying the leg.
- Okay, okay, okay.
I'll go check on her.
(knocking on door)
- [Cleve] Miss?
You, you, you okay in there?
- Yep, all good.
- Oh, okay.
Well, you know, I
was, I was just uh,
I was just checking
on you 'cause um,
'cause, 'cause you ain't
take no dinner and,
and hell you, you ain't poked
your head out all night.
So uh, so I was just
checking on you.
Make sure you, you's okay.
- I'm okay.
I just, I just get migraines.
- Oh, I could bring
you something if, if,
ifin that would help.
- Nope, that's okay.
- Oh, sure, sure.
Well, I just, I just um,
I, I just wanna say um,
I'm, I'm sorry about before.
When I, when I,
when I touched-
- That's okay.
- Okay.
All right then, uh.
- Goodnight.
(tense music)
(eerie music)
- Chisos says most people
take double helpings of a lie
if it tastes good.
Leave a healthy plate of
truth out for the dogs.
- Not me.
- Yeah, I guess it depends on
who you're sinning against.
- Chisos words don't lie, child.
- Wait a minute,
who's Cheese Sauce?
- It's Chisos.
Ain't nothing more powerful
than won't come outta his mouth.
And I seen his words
bring a screaming freight
train to a complete stop.
- You mean like an actual train?
- Like a choo choo?
- Yes, darling, an
actual choo choo.
He done it from the front
window in the diner upstairs.
A bunch of doubters heard the
Stud of Butte line coming.
He rose up and held out
his hands like this,
said a few of
those Gaelic words.
You could hear those
brakes from miles away.
All 36 cars come
to a complete stop.
Few more words, he
even made it back up.
- You sure it wasn't
just side tracked?
(bells jingling)
- It was side tracking.
I'm sure you two have
seen it done to a car.
Am I right?
- I see you got it running, huh?
- It's just a fuse.
Just a little tickle
with my middle finger
and it fired right up.
- Oh my God, baby, did
you just hear that?
Somewhere off in the distance
a freight train just
made a fucking U-turn.
(people laughing)
- I'm Chisos.
- Oh, I'm Frank.
- Frank.
Hey, you two are honeymooners.
Is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.
We got your king size
with the flower back
headboard and everything.
We'll try not to wake you.
- You know what they say,
you throw a lie in a river
five days before the truth,
the truth is gonna catch up.
- Especially at this table.
- Most don't make it out
here without a reason.
Being that we're off
the beaten path and all.
So tell me, where are
you newly weds headed?
- Well, see, as a,
as a wedding gift,
my new husband, yeah,
he's promised to take me down
the prettiest road in
the whole fuckin' world.
- Oh well, you-
- Well this is the
wrong part of the world
to find the prettiest road.
- Yeah, it ain't
in this stink hole.
It's west.
My baby here, he said that
he saw it in some movie,
uh, "Thelma & Louise."
It's this road that they go down
at the end of the movie,
and my baby here, he's
gonna take me for a ride.
- Wow.
What a generous and
kind man you are.
I've seen that movie.
To see two love birds about
to take each other for a ride.
You mind if I join you two?
- Well only if you have a story.
You know, seeing as how
that's the rules and all.
- Get us two.
- Just, just two?
- Just for us men.
- [Mabel] Oh.
- So uh, what is
it you do out here?
- But the short version though,
'cause I'm about ready
for that headboard.
- Well the truth
can't be truncated.
- Well, try your best.
- How's this for Cliffs?
Family came out from
Appalachia in 1903.
This mine's been in my
family for generations.
We were the mercury
capital of the world,
till the mine collapsed.
My grandfather was trapped
underneath that mine.
He was leading a prison work
release program for murderers,
rapists, all kinds of filth.
They were left there for dead,
until he came walking
out 11 days later
when the plate shifted.
He was the only
one that made it.
Three dead felons left
below, gnawed to the bone.
- That's crazy.
- See my grandfather,
he survived by
eating those sinners,
organs and all.
Not a secret.
Made the papers everywhere.
What is a secret is
that we are still
Appalachian sin
eaters at our core.
We have been for centuries.
It's in our blood.
So all the drifters, the
travelers, all the runners,
they come and sit down here
at this table and confess,
and we consume in proportion
to the severity of the sin.
Sometimes it's just
a BB behind the ear.
Sometimes it's an
unsurvivable filet,
enough for a table of six.
- What's he doing?
- What he always does when
he ain't gonna let 'em leave.
Fills them with a truth
that's too hard to believe.
- We take the cell phones
down the Juarez, we dump 'em.
We burn the bodies and the cars.
No one has any
idea that it is us
that takes on the burden
that the world would
otherwise have to carry.
I'm equal opportunity
to at fault,
even when it comes to myself.
Sometimes I consume a
taste of my own sin.
- Ugh.
- Jesus Christ.
- I'm just kidding.
But the train part, that's true.
At will on a dime.
And just not
inanimate locomotives.
- Like what else?
- People.
I know all about incentives,
motivations and
overall psychology.
- Okay.
Try me, Freud.
- My family owned over
6,000 mercury rich acres,
but now I'm the only one left.
So last April, I sold almost
all of it for $24 million.
Now I have no one
to spend it on.
No one to give me a child.
And I really want one, for
more than just legacy reasons.
That modest little house up
there at the top of the hill,
you might have seen it.
All of it could be yours.
I'm honest and faithful,
almost to a fault.
So if any of that interests you,
then get up and head
out to the white car.
- 'Nelope.
- I'll meet you there.
(people chattering)
- I'm gonna have a word here
and make sure he's
equally compensated.
- 'Nelope, look at me.
'Nelope, 'Nelope!
- Son, son, son, she's a
stripper, she's a grifter.
They all sell it.
If she hasn't taken you
for everything, she will.
- No, she's not.
- So I'm gonna get a nice
little wad of cash for ya.
When you check out, it'll help
to heal that broken heart.
- Morning coffee if he
won't take it today.
- Hey, aren't you
gonna finish that?
It's a wonderful vintage of
distilled damnation right there.
(hand slamming)
- [Penelope] Hey.
- God damn I love you, 'Nelope.
- Sorry, I had to tinkle,
and I couldn't take any more
of that garbage he was spewing.
Hey, you know all those
ways you never told me
how you were gonna fuck me?
Well, could you just
forget about 'em
and come over here
and make love to me
for a really long time?
- After that, girl, you
don't even get a say.
(romantic music)
You leapt from
crumbling bridges
Watching city
scapes turn to dust
Filming helicopters crashing
In the ocean from way above
Got the music in
you baby tell me why
Got the music in
you baby tell me why
You've been locked
in here forever
And you just
can't say goodbye
(Chisos inhales)
(tense music)
- The tow truck driver,
he put, he put his
hand on my, on...
I'm okay though.
(tense music)
- You fucked up really bad,
and you're gonna have
to make it right.
- Okay.
- You got a newborn not
two months in the ground
and you're already letting
your lustful ways lead you.
- Do I?
Do I?
- What do you whine about?
- Oh shut up, just shut up.
- What?
- You tell me how Mabel give
me a, a boy two months ago,
and she ain't late with
me in, in three years.
You tell me how, huh?
Make me understand-
(ominous music)
- 19 Calls from her
daddy to this number
starting at 6:24 AM.
I researched the number, he's
a Sanctus County Sheriff.
He'll be 616 South, and Cookie
said she saw him holding-
- Go.
You too.
(car doors closing)
(engine squealing)
- Come on, daddy.
Where are you?
- God damn I love waking
up next to you, 'Nelope.
- I can't believe you
thought I was gonna leave you
for the Cheese Sauce.
That idiot doesn't stand
a chance against my Frank.
- [Frank] We're
stuck together, baby.
- Like hot gum on tarmac stuck.
(whimsical music)
Holy shit.
Is this real?
- Is that another?
- Oh my God, a Bugs Bunny level
of karats if I ever did see.
- With this diamond
will thee wed?
- Don't!
And don't you never do that
again, unless you mean it.
- Okay.
I was just kidding.
- I'm serious.
- Okay.
- I'm not a joke.
- Swear to God I'm gonna
surprise you one day, 'Nelope.
- They's just words.
- Morning.
Just uh, two for
breakfast, please.
(tense music)
(bell dinging)
- Uh, yeah, anywhere you want.
- I'm a go with
them cakes, Cookie.
Damn, this is amazing.
- Hm?
- My dad was a Marine.
- You two close?
- Yeah, were really.
Lost him when I was 16.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Don't be, 'cause
my 16 with him
was better than 100 would've
been with any lesser man.
I planned enlisting myself,
but uh, after my dad died,
I had to take care of my
mom and little sister.
- I bet he's proud
of you, Frank.
- Hope so.
- He is.
And what about you, Frank?
Do you want any
babies of your own?
- Never not wanted 'em.
- Well, I haven't until now.
Take him.
- What?
- Take him.
(endearing music)
- Get your ass outta the car.
What did I tell ya?
- No, please!
- What the, you're
the one that made me-
(sirens blaring)
- Take him.
Take him with you.
He'll be our protector.
Your dad.
(Magda whimpering)
Just take him.
(Magda squealing)
(bell dinging)
(sirens blaring)
(Cleve yelling)
- Hey!
Hey, knock that shit off.
Get your hands off of her!
Turn around, turn around.
- She was-
- Turn around, put
your hands on the hood.
You okay, sweetie?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I'm okay.
Thank you.
- What kind of man puts his
hands on a lady like that, huh?
What is wrong with you, boy?
(gunshot firing)
(hopeful music)
(Magda squealing)
(bell dinging)
- Hey!
- Freeze!
Uh, something!
- Yeah, freeze it right,
you fuckin' weirdo!
- 'Nelope, go get the car.
- I'm on it.
- You, drop that shotgun!
And you, shut the fuck up!
Thank you.
(hopeful music)
- What the hell just happened?
Turn right.
Turn right.
Turn right you motherfucker.
(tires screeching)
(phone ringing)
Two in the green car.
- Copy that, they
will not get past us.
(ominous music)
- Speak of the devil.
- Fuck.
They're making a U-turn.
- Go, go, go.
- It's okay, baby.
It's probably just
that guy from before.
I think he likes me.
(tense music)
- Who's that?
- Hm.
(Frank grunting)
Hey, where's my buddy?
(Penelope gasps)
(taser buzzing)
(intense music)
- Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, the, the girl!
- You bring the long?
- Uh.
(gunshot firing)
Go get her.
What the world needs now
Is love sweet love
It's the only thing
(girl screaming)
That there's just too, oh
What the world needs now
Is love sweet love
No, not just for some
But for everyone
For everyone
Lord we don't need
another mountain
There are mountains and
hillsides enough to climb
There are oceans and
rivers enough to cross
Till the end of time
Hope you got your heart
right with the Lord,
you filthy whore.
Is love sweet sweet love
It's the only thing we think
That there's just
too little of
That the world's
got too little of
What the world needs now
Is love sweet sweet love
No, not just for some
But for everyone,
for everyone
Fellow here goes to the pit.
(tense music)
- What about her?
- We're cleansing, but
I ain't touching it.
- I can't lift 'em.
(tense music)
- Take this one
and get her stowed.
He's on his way and we've
got a burden to consume.
Hey, use this if there's a need.
(tense music)
(Cookie sniffing)
(tense music)
(Cookie lightly growling)
(Magda whimpering)
(tense music)
- He's, he's already up there.
- Good.
(Mabel gasps)
Get her cleaned
and ready for me.
- Okay.
- And with a gentle touch.
(Mabel panting)
- Hand me the hose.
Gentle touch.
- Ain't you supposed
to sponge it?
- Told you, I ain't touching it.
- You wanna sponge it
head to toe, go ahead.
You just don't understand,
there ain't no harvest
between our whore's legs.
(Penelope whimpering)
- Dear Lord, we
take this Eucharist,
your your last living gift,
the righteous man's sustenance,
and we thank you Lord for
bringing us a fertile vessel
so that we may
continue your work,
to discern the sheep
from the shepherd,
and only then will
we dine and cleanse
until the sheep are no more.
- [Followers] Wash me
thoroughly from my iniquities,
and cleanse me from my...
- Sin.
- [Followers] Amen.
(tense music)
(Frank grunting)
- You tried longer
than all of them.
(Frank panting)
- Where is she?
- Waiting for me.
- No, no she's not,
and she never will be.
- Oh, I think
you'll be surprised.
- No, I won't be, not this time.
I've waited my whole life
to spend the last
48 hours with her,
and even if that's
all I ever get,
it'll dwarf anything
you've ever felt.
She and I have a love not
even death could steal,
and you know that.
It's the kind you've only
ever read about in books,
and you'll never get it.
- You know what I hate
more than anything?
The whole world's full of
uneducated finger pointers,
pointing mostly
at people like me.
But make no mistake about it,
we save souls from
eternal damnation.
That's what sin eaters do.
Son, that's a 60 gallon
drum of purified water.
That's survival for at
least a couple weeks.
Unless, of course, you starve.
So tell me, punk,
how long until you take a
bite and become one of us.
- If you touch her,
I swear to God,
somehow, someday,
I will find you.
- This isn't a Batman episode.
You're not getting outta here.
- 'Nelope!
I'm coming!
- Where is he?
Is he dead?
- One thing's for sure,
he's, he's not coming for ya.
- You don't know Frank.
- Oh, I think I do.
- What do you want?
- What you've been giving
away your entire life.
All of a sudden I want it and
you take it off the shelf?
Why is that?
- I ain't for sale.
I never have been.
- I bet there's a lot of
inflated dicks out there
that would disagree.
What's one more?
- Fuck you!
- You should have taken
that walk last night.
I know you thought
about it, but you know,
you went to him and that
just breaks my heart.
- You don't have
a heart to break.
- You're going to
give me a child.
That's a fact.
I'd rather do it with
a coddle then a claw.
I mean originally,
every single act procreation
in nature was a rape.
Only humans asked.
- You ain't touching me.
- Why is it so valuable
all of a sudden.
I mean, you've been using
God's reproductive system
as a tool your entire life.
I mean, either sex is
meaningless or rape is bad.
Can't be both.
- It's the hand
that holds the gift
that can change
what's in the box,
and I ain't ever willingly
held it out for free.
Not once.
Not for nobody.
Except Frank.
You think you's talking over
a lowly stripper's head
all the time, don't ya?
Just eats you alive
that I got a freight train
of love headed only for him,
and not even you can budge it.
- I could love you,
if you let me.
Think about it.
I'll see you in the morning.
- No.
Somehow in my heart I
know he's coming for me.
- [Radio Preacher] Who
will be put to shame.
(speaking in foreign language)
In Greek,
you will be humiliated by
this misplaced confidence.
(Radio chattering)
So he says in Psalms 5...
(ominous music)
- Daddy.
Dad, daddy.
(Molly screaming)
(Molly panting)
(Molly sobbing)
(tense music)
(intense music)
(Molly panting)
(tense music)
(Molly crying)
- I'm sorry,
for all of it.
(tense music)
- Stare all you can do?
- I'm supposed to watch ya.
Chisos said so.
- You know staring and
watching aren't the same thing.
And I feel you staring
something powerful.
Powerful like a freight train.
Do you mind if I call
you Freight Train?
- Whatever you want,
I'm just here doing
what I'm supposed to.
- You know, I felt them
hands on me earlier,
longer than was
strictly necessary,
and they felt powerful, too.
But gentle.
You a gentle fella deep down?
- Not with ladies.
I don't mean to be, but,
I get excited,
handle 'em too rough.
Everyone they brought
me, even my wife,
got a hold of her too hard.
Now her windpipe
don't work right.
Shy's away from me
touching her at all now.
- Well you know, rough ain't
so bad when you're used to it.
In fact, rough makes some girls
wetter than the Pontchartrain.
Can you keep a secret?
I'm one of them girls,
and I ain't felt
nothing in them hands
that I don't find
myself wanting,
and I think you want it, too.
Them hands all over me.
(Magda whimpers)
I ain't trying to
trick you to get out.
Hell, you could even come
in here if you wanted to.
I gotta touch you proper.
Come on, you can't get me
out like this then deny me.
- Chisos wouldn't stand for it.
- Fuck Cheese Sauce.
(Cookie laughs)
Besides, I thought we
was keeping secrets.
You know, it's a secret
that's never told
that offers the most
extraordinary of suspense.
And I don't know about you,
but I ain't gonna tell a soul.
(light dramatic music)
- Stick your leg out.
- Okay, I'll do what you say,
but then when I get out, you
gotta do what I say, too.
Teasing makes the
pleasing so much better.
Once you get that thing
fastened, sit down, okay?
Go on, sit down now.
Gonna have to scooch
away from that table
if you want me to
sit in your lap.
(light suspenseful music)
- I need you to know
that I'm a religious man.
I am.
I do believe in, in,
in carrying the weight of
the world by consuming sin.
I do, I just do.
(stuttering) even if you people
think we's crazy and all.
- No, nobody thinks
you're crazy.
Nobody thinks you're crazy.
- It's just, I, I, I, I,
I can't find nothing
wrong ya done.
- Like I said, nothing's
wrong, nothing's wrong.
Nobody did nothing.
- If you'd have
done some sinning.
- [Frank] Nobody did nothing.
- I'd a had no issue.
- Just gotta help me.
Help me outta here.
Look, just, just
throw me a rope.
- No, no, no.
- No, no, no.
All you gotta do is-
- No, no, shut your mouth.
- Help us, please.
- Just shut your fuckin' mouth!
Shut your fuckin' mouth!
Just shut it, now!
I ain't gonna save you
and cross my own people,
but you can save yourself.
- What are you talking about?
(stuttering) What are
you talking about?
- You gonna have to commit
a sin just like me to do it.
- What are you talking about?
(intense music)
The fuck?
(intense music)
(monitor beeping)
(intense music)
- No child, no.
(defibrillator squealing)
(defibrillator shocking)
Bless you, child.
I'll tell him you loved
him by dying today.
(intense music)
(defibrillator squealing)
(defibrillator shocking)
You're still out, ain't you?
(intense music)
You keep that love alive.
You hear me, child?
You hold on tight.
Don't ever let it go.
(intense music)
(light dramatic music)
- Scooch.
- You get in that
corner and turn around.
This ain't a wifely
thing to watch.
(Magda whimpering)
- Uh-uh-uh.
Teasin' first, pleasin' second.
Here you go.
Just look.
You never laid eyes on anything
like this before, have you?
You ready, Freight Train?
Tell me.
- I'm ready.
- No, look at me and tell me.
- I'm ready.
- If you meet him, tell him
I'm sorry about the past.
(intense music)
(Cookie screaming)
(bird squawking)
(dramatic music)
(Cookie grunting)
- 'Nelope, I'm coming!
(Penelope screaming)
(Cookie grunting)
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
(Cookie screaming)
- Frank, Frank!
Oh God damn it, Frank!
- 'Nelope!
- [Penelope] Frank, Frank!
Frank, I can't reach the keys!
(intense music)
- 'Nelope, let's get outta here!
(Frank yelling)
(Cookie screaming)
'Nelope get to the car!
'Nelope, get outta here!
(skull crunching)
(phone ringing)
- 'Nelope!
- Frank, Frank!
- [Frank] Gotta get outta here!
- [Penelope] Frank,
help me grab the keys!
- [Frank] 'Nelope,
just get outta here!
- [Penelope] Frank, Frank!
- [Frank] 'Nelope!
- Frank, I'm coming, I'm coming!
- [Frank] Get to the car!
(Frank grunting)
(intense music)
(Magda whimpering)
- Frank!
(haunting music)
- Left, left, left.
That a boy.
(peaceful music)
There are two of us
- Oh my God.
- This motherfucker.
Going so fast every doubt
we had is coming undone
- Freight train, huh, buddy?
We'll see.
(engine dying)
For far too long
(engine choking)
- Oh my God.
Here he comes.
- Oh, not today, buddy.
They could come along
I wish they'd been told
(engine choking)
- Wait, wait.
- Baby, what are you doing?
What we know
It's not unheard of
- Try, try, try.
(engine clicking)
- No, baby.
(engine starting)
(Frank panting)
Come on, baby.
Let's go.
(tires screeching)
This motherfucker!
(Frank grunting)
One last second for this
motherfucker to see!
(Frank yelling)
(body crashing)
(Penelope screams)
(Frank yelling)
(Penelope screaming)
(body thudding)
- He's under the car!
(Frank grunting)
Freight train my fucking ass!
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!
- It's okay, baby, it's
okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Selves now
(light upbeat music)
There's no race
there's only a runner
Just keep one foot
in front of the other
There's no race there's
only a runner, oh oh
One, two, three, even
when you get tired
Just keep one foot
in front of the other
(Molly peeing)
There's no race
no ending in sight
No second too short
no window too tight
Turn off the lights
when you leave
'Cause we got everything
we're gonna need
(Chisos moaning)
We're on the run, we're on the
run, we're on the run child
(gun cocking)
We gotta run, we gotta
run, we gotta run child
(gunshots firing)
One day we tell
Our story of
How we made something
We made something
of ourselves
- Hey,
I know that they go over a
cliff at the end of the movie,
"Thelma & Louise."
- That road was ugly,
and it wasn't fit
for any car of ours.
Besides, we're going in a
different direction now, baby.
- Please don't go in there.
Please, whatever we
need we can go get.
We can get it somewhere else.
- I'll just be back in a sec.
- Please, I'm scared.
I'm really scared that
if you go, if you leave,
you're gonna see her.
You're gonna-
- Don't be.
I'm coming back.
- I know.
They're just words.
I've heard 'em before.
- No, you haven't.
Those are my words, my words.
And I'm coming back.
You know I need your love
You've got that hold over me
Long as I've got your love
You know that
I'll never leave
When I wanted you
to share my life
- No.
- You don't give
a shit about him.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- You can't possibly.
- What are you doing here?
I told you that we're over.
- You were screaming
my name for months.
- Get out of here, right now.
- Gagging for it.
- Get the fuck off
of my property!
Frank, Frank, please.
- That?
That's your husband?
That's who you're staying with
after I hollowed
you the fuck out?
Maybe I should start
hollowing that out.
Changes that
I've been through
They've left a mark on me
You've been as constant
as a Northern star
- What?
I trained UFC, motherfucker.
Bring it, bitch!
(Frank grunting)
Whoa, whoa, hey man.
Whoa, whoa, man.
(man grunting)
- No!
- Oh God, no!
(Frank grunting)
(bone crunching)
Just wanna say
this is my way
Of telling you everything
- Frank, please.
Baby, please, please!
Frank. (crying)
Yeah this is my way
Frank. (crying)
Of telling you that everyday
Baby, please! (sobbing)
I'm loving you so much more
'Cause you believed in me
Baby, please!
Through my darkest night
Put something
better inside of me
You brought me
into the light
Threw away all
those crazy dreams
I put them all behind
- That was rage.
Real rage.
Well, it's okay, you know?
It's okay that we didn't
get any the clothes
or anything you needed
because we can just
stop at Walmart and get-
- Shh.
Just wanna say
this is my way
I got exactly what I came for.
And I got one more question.
Will you wear it?
Yeah this is my way
Telling you that
everyday I'm loving you
- Yes, yes, yes.
I, I will, and I'll
never take it off.
If I'm losing ground
I love you, Frank.
- I love you, 'Nelope.
I swear to God, 'Nelope,
you're the girl at the
end of the rainbow.
It's been you, woman,
right down the line
(ominous music)
- Yeah, I got an eye
on 'em right now,
'cause nobody fuckin'
steals from me.
(speaking in foreign language)
(engine revving)
(ominous music)
- [Singer] One, two, three.
Don't you ever
Be sad
Oh lean on me
When the times get bad
When our day comes
And you are down
In a river of trouble
About to drown
Well just hold on
I'm coming
Just hold on
I'm coming
I'm on my way
Your love
Ooh when you get cold
I'll be your cover
You don't have to worry
Because I'm here
I don't need to suffer
Because I'm near
Just hold on
I'm comin'
Hold on
Yeah I'm comin'
Hold on
I'm comin'
Ooh hold on
I'm comin', yeah
Just reach out to me
For satisfaction
Oh just call my name
For quick reaction
Oh don't you ever
Don't you ever be sad
Won't you lean on me
When them times get bad
Oh when the day comes
Oh and you are down
You're in a river of trouble
You're about to drown
Oh, hold on
I'm comin'
Just hold on
Darlin' I'm comin'
Just hold on
I'm comin'
Won't cha hold on
Ooh I'm comin'
Hold on
I'm comin'
Just hold on
I'm comin'
Just hold on
I'm comin'