Frank & Jesse (1994) Movie Script

Remove your hats.
You men will repeat after me,
and raise your right hand--
"i, state your name,
do solemnly swear"--
I, Jesse woodson James,
do solemnly swear--
I, Alexander Franklin James,
do solemnly swear--
"...that I have always been
"truly and loyally on
the side of the United States."
That I have always
been truly and loyally
on the side
of the United States.
"Against all enemies thereof,
foreign and domestic."
Against all enemies
thereof, foreign and domestic.
"And will constantly
do my best"--
and will
constantly do my best--
"to prevent it from being
so threatened ever again."
To prevent it from being
so threatened ever again.
"I make this oath without
any reservation on my part."
I make this oath without
any reservation on my part.
"And I hold it to be
totally binding on me."
And I hold it to be
totally binding on me.
He's a mute.
"So help me, god."
So help me, god.
It was four years
after the civil war,
and the south
was still occupied
by union troops,
who protected the carpetbaggers
and railroad men
in the pursuit
of their business.
For frank and Jesse,
the times were hard.
They tried to forget
their rebel ways
and travel
the straight and narrow.
But I guess some things
just aren't meant to be.
That'll get her.
We gotta dig it out
some more.
I mean to tell you,
I'm just not cut out
for this goddamn monkey work.
Hell, be it as it may, dingus,
we gotta get this field
cleared and plowed by sundown,
or this family don't eat.
A lot of ways
to feed a family, buck.
Yeah? Name one.
You want to be doing this
your whole life?
Hand me the axe.
You can't tell me
you don't miss the old days.
Raiding, riding.
No, I can't say I do.
It's a hell of a lot
more exciting than
what we're doing now.
Take pity
on the boy, lord.
He thinks
he's still a reb.
The war's over, dingus,
in case nobody told you.
We lost.
Come here.
Is that all you got?
Come on.
This be the James farm?
You heard me, boy.
This be the James farm?
It be.
Did quantrill men
once ride through here?
Don't lie to me,
you white Southern trash.
Did quantrill's men
once drop their pants
and empty their bowels
on this land?
Who are you?
I am the vengeance
of the lord jehovah himself,
sent by
the rock central railroad
of Chicago, Illinois,
to purify this land.
Get off our land, mister.
Oh, I will.
But first,
the land must be cleansed.
You get to live today, boy.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Get to the house.
Get to ma. Go on, hurry.
Get on back
to your ma, son.
Go on, Archie.
What can I do
for you, mister?
You ever heard
of the rock central railroad
of Chicago, Illinois?
Yeah, I've heard something.
They're offering you
a dollar an acre
for your land.
What's your answer?
You get away from my house.
Wrong answer.
No, Ben! No!
Check pa, frank!
Archie's still in there!
My son Archie was robbed
of his time on this earth.
We're all being robbed
of something these days--
of our pride, of our dignity.
But my son Jesse, his wife zee,
and my son frank,
will see that
the name of this family
will always be honored.
Can't even bury our dead
in peace.
Easy, Jess, easy.
Hear 'em laughing?
Nobody's laughing.
They're laughing.
I hear 'em.
Nobody's laughing.
Lord, isn't it time
for our suffering to end?
You're not gonna do anybody
any good going off half-cocked.
I don't care.
This isn't my first time
at the dance.
Don't you see
what's going on here?
This isn't one man
you're taking on.
It's a den of thieves.
Railroads, soldiers,
They're all
in it together.
He needs to die, frank.
I can't argue that.
All right.
How you gonna do it?
What's your plan?
I'm gonna find me
that paint horse.
I'm gonna kill
the son of a bitch
sitting on his backside.
That's my plan.
You ain't good enough.
Let's see you
hit that bucket.
Go on. Let's see you
draw and hit it.
All right.
If it's gotta be done,
I'm the one to do it.
Son of a bitch will be dead,
no one will be the wiser.
Besides, you got a wife
to think about.
Put that thing away.
Sorry, frank.
This can't wait.
Why don't you stop
right there, railroad man?
I let you live, boy.
What do you want here?
I come to kill you,
old man.
You better stop walking
or pull iron, boy.
Well, if that be the case,
I expect it's time we put
some bark on that tree.
Your time has come, boy.
The lord is calling you.
This time the lord
calls you, old man.
You boys weren't planning
on detaining
my little brother,
were you?
Let's go, dingus.
Grab a horse.
Adieu, gentlemen.
Thanks for the use
of the ponies.
Hyah! Hyah!
Halt! Halt! Stop!
Seen an old cree man
do this once.
Maybe it just works
on old crees.
I'm cold, frank.
Yeah? Bet you're
hungry, too.
Yeah, I'm real hungry.
Where'd you get that?
Now you see what I mean
about planning?
Hey, boy.
Don't you ever hit me
in the head like that again.
Forget it.
Boy, we're in it now.
They ain't never gonna stop.
Not anymore.
Killed us
a railroad agent today.
That makes us rebs again.
Yep. Yeah, and it means
we're on the run again.
Oh, those weren't bad days.
Memory plays
lots of tricks, dingus.
They weren't good days,
They're the only days
we got left.
I been thinking.
If we get out of this,
lie low,
maybe the whole thing'll
just blow over.
We were guerrillas.
We can't even vote.
We can't own no property
without their permission.
Hell, we can't even be
deacons in our own churches.
We could leave.
Go out to California.
This is our home.
If we're gonna be hunted,
let's be the hunters.
To hell with them
skin butchers.
Easy, boy.
Besides, I like living
with a gun in my hand.
That's how I want to die--
on my feet
with lead flying,
a round of buckshot
coming straight at my nose.
That's crazy talk.
You're just a kid.
You got a whole life
to be lived.
Then let me live it.
I seen my share of killing.
And blood.
I don't ever want
to visit those days again.
Don't give me that.
I watched you in those raids.
We blew guys' brains out
and laughed about it.
Don't tell me
you've changed.
I don't talk about that.
There's spirits here, frank.
Hear that?
Just a possum.
Easy, boy. Easy, now.
Beg pardon, ma'am.
My brother's been shot.
He needs seeing to.
We'll give you a dollar
for food and found.
Come on in.
Hey, dingus.
I didn't think you were
ever gonna wake up.
Where are we?
I found us a safe place.
Don't worry.
How long have i
been sleeping?
Hard to say. Two days.
Here. Sit up
and drink some of this.
I'll check back on you
in a while.
Much obliged to you.
Hyah! Hyah!
Whoa, whoa.
Hold on. There's
too many of them.
Couple of shots,
they'll break and run.
What if they don't?
That woman done right by us.
We can't let her come
to no harm.
Sorry to say, it's
that time again, Mrs. Miller.
If you don't have
the money that's due,
I'm afraid you'll
have to move on.
Well, I'll be hung.
Better pack
your things, ma'am.
Hang on.
Who be you, son?
Tom woodson.
The good widow here
is my cousin,
if you must know.
Who be you?
John a. Sheets.
Vice President of the Davies
bank of gallatin county.
And who be you?
B.J. Woodson of Kansas way.
Tom here's my brother.
We both come down
to this lovely garden spot
to visit our fair cousin.
Are you all right, Emma?
I guess so.
And what brings you
out here all this way?
Well, it seems your cousin
owes my bank $350.
Sir, our cousin has worked
this land for a long time.
Sorry, son. It ain't me.
I speak for the people
who own the bank.
And who might that be?
The rock central railroad
of Chicago, Illinois.
Now are you folks going
to move peaceably, or not?
Now hold on there, Mr. shits.
I'd like to make good
on our cousin's debt.
Where'd you get
all that money, son?
the gentleman, b.J.
Why, tom,
I've always had it saved
for just such occasions.
I agree with you, sir.
330, 340...
It's all here.
Now aren't you
forgetting something?
The receipt for the good woman
that says she's paid in full?
Why, don't you
trust us, Mr. woodson?
No, but I'm working
on the problem.
Weren't you two
rebs in Kansas?
That's right, sir.
We rode with
the Kansas regulars
under general Blake.
Well, I always respect a man
who is honest and fought
for what he believed in,
but, uh, here in Missouri
we had some of the worst scum
that god ever put a breath in.
We had cowards
who hid behind
guerrilla trash
like quantrill
and bloody bill Anderson.
In fact, I once led
a detachment of union cavalry.
We cornered bloody bill
and killed him dead.
You were there when...
Captain Anderson was killed?
Son, I ordered the attack.
And then I gave the command
to have his head cut off
and placed on a stake
in the middle of Liberty.
Made the little children
watch the ants
come crawling out
of his dead rebel mouth.
Glad you came up
with the money, Mrs. Miller.
But I do believe
we'll be talking again.
I know what you're thinking.
The rock central railroad's
got a mighty nice bank
in gallatin county.
Maybe we ought
to pay them a visit.
Maybe we should.
All right, then.
Let's get the old gang
back together.
Who do you have in mind?
Clell Miller? Bob younger?
Good idea. You know Bob
can keep his mouth quiet.
Yeah, we'll get
his brother Cole.
He's out of prison.
You know he's always
itching for a fight.
And the stutterer,
arch clements.
We'll get him, too.
We'll come riding into town
in the afternoon,
about the time the bluecoats
are having their supper.
One more thing.
No bloodshed.
I want your word.
You got it.
Why, good day, Mr. sheets.
Mr. woodson.
Nice to see you again.
Well, I beg your pardon,
but there seems
to be a discrepancy
regarding my name.
Really? What's that?
Well, my middle name
is woodson,
don't you see?
But my family name
is James.
Jesse James.
That's my brother frank.
Frank and Jesse James.
Didn't you boys used to ride
with quantrill?
That we did.
Then you boys
were guerrillas.
That we were.
And for a time, I rode
with captain Anderson myself.
He was like a pappy to me.
We were raiders,
and we're gonna do
some raiding again.
Pardon me, ma'am.
Who are you?
We're bank examiners.
Fill it,
and nobody gets hurt.
You'll never get away
with this.
What'd you say?
I said that I'll hunt you
till I find you
and then I'll hang you.
And after you, I'll hang all
the rest of that rebel trash
who rode with you.
That's a promise.
Hurry up, Jess.
You know something,
Mr. sheets?
I do believe
you'd keep that promise.
God damn it, Jess,
i said no bloodshed.
You gave me your word.
He was provoking me.
I don't care.
You gave me your word.
Killing's a risk you run
when you operate
behind enemy lines.
Enemy lines?
This isn't a damn raid.
Ah, hell, let's go.
Get the money!
We're not moving.
Giddap! Hyah!
This way, Jess!
Come on! Hyah!
Come on! Ha!
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Coming through!
I tell you.
Boys, they stood tall.
Captain Anderson
would have been proud.
Think he'd be singing your
praises today, little brother?
That man, he needed killing.
He got it.
"Murder most foul,
as in the best it is.
"But this one is most foul,
strange and unnatural."
"Haste me to know
"that I, with wings
as swift as meditation
"or the thoughts of love,
"may sweep me
to my revenge."
Read me a bit
of the bard myself.
I thought you youngers
w-w-was-- dead.
Hell, no. We're too smart
to get killed.
That old trick?
Archie, give me that money.
Clell, stand guard.
I'll count it fair.
Who died
and made you ramrod?
That man at the bank.
You figure different?
I'm not afraid of you,
if that's what you're thinking.
I shoot faster
and cleaner any day.
Always did.
Then why don't you
get at it?
Chew on something else, Bob.
This is between them.
What's it gonna be, Cole?
I know I can kill you.
I'm just not convinced
you'd stay dead.
Well, then.
Bob, you got anything
to say about that?
I didn't think so.
The youngers are in.
What about you, arch?
Always have be-- be-- been.
Answer a question, dingus.
What's the most important
weapon you've got?
No, it's not that Navy Colt.
It's the people.
When we were guerrillas,
the people saved us more times
than any pistol ever did.
And they'll protect us now,
if we go after the ones
that do them harm.
We can't go around killing
like a bunch of wild dogs.
We lose the people,
we lose everything.
Here's your cut, frank.
What's so funny?
Come on, what is it?
The look on that banker's face
when I popped him.
"I'll hang you out--"
oh, god. Jesus, Jess.
You got a stone-cold heart.
Oh, and you're
Saint Francis of assisi.
That's right.
Ah, I'm just settling
old scores.
Yeah, well,
maybe we ought to stop
before you try
to settle them all.
Hey, you better
watch yourself.
You can't see it,
but I can.
Hell, is it my fault
the only thing I'm good at
is robbing banks?
You seen the reports,
Mr. pinkerton?
They robbed nine stagecoaches
with our payroll.
And 14 express offices owned
and operated by the railroad.
It's a personal war
against us,
and I want it stopped.
Mr. Buchanan,
the James-younger gang
has also robbed banks
in Kansas, Arkansas,
You know what I have to say
about Tennessee?
Fuck Tennessee.
My only concern
is rock central railroad
of Chicago, Illinois.
The James-younger gang
has become an itch
i can't scratch.
I want to see 'em killed.
I want you
to take personal charge.
The New York times
runs stories on them,
and look at this.
A dime novel
making heroes of them,
calling them
"the Robin hoods
of the frontier."
I've seen that book.
It's very stupid.
It may be stupid,
but people pay attention to it.
The James brothers
are getting sympathy.
Especially after some soldier
blew off their mother's arm.
That was a mistake.
That was
a very costly mistake.
Just bring them in,
Mr. pinkerton,
across the saddle.
Look, Mr. Buchanan,
I am a field man,
and my men are the best
in the world.
But this isn't easy.
Half the people
in their part of the world
are their friends now.
The other half
are their relatives.
No one will talk about them.
No one will say
they've even seen them.
I don't care, Mr. pinkerton.
Just bring them in
before they bring us down.
You're our first
Harvard man, John.
Oh, I certainly hope
to do well, uncle.
John, you're my
favorite sister's son,
but when you're on duty,
you address me
as Mr. pinkerton.
Oh. Yes, sir.
Now I was looking for a little
adventure after college,
and I felt Boston wasn't
the place to find it.
I think on this trip,
you're going to find all
the adventure you can handle.
See you on board. Hyah.
Gainesburg. How much?
How much?
The lady asked you how much
a ticket to gainesburg is.
We haven't got all day.
How much is the ticket?
Huh? I can't hear you.
What's wrong, boy?
Cat got your tongue?
What is this, three fingers?
That's just plain rude.
You don't know your arithmetic?
Three dollars.
$3, ma'am.
Gotta learn yourself
some manners.
Speak up when a lady's
talking to you next time.
It's time.
Stop the train.
I'm robbing it.
No one's ever robbed
a moving train.
And now I know why.
Pull it.
Stay calm, good people,
and nobody gets hurt.
I can't believe my eyes.
"The spirit I've seen
may be the devil.
"And the devil hath power
to assume a pleasing shape,
"that my weakness
and melancholy,
it accuses to damn me.
Now it turns to rob me, sir."
Oh, you're wonderful.
Thank you, ma'am.
Your appreciation of the
classics will enable you
to keep
your personal treasure.
All right,
ladies and gentlemen.
Kindly put your money
in the sack
as I pass amongst you.
Oh, my lord.
Give generously, friends.
Clell, get the horses.
Watch the door.
Show me your hands.
We don't take money
from the working man.
Bless you, son.
Don't be scared, miss.
Sorry, friend,
but I can't oblige.
Hey-- hey, boss,
you better
get a look at this.
You sure I can't
oblige you to oblige?
What are you,
some kind of sheriff?
No, Jesse,
I'm a pinkerton man.
Actually, I am
the pinkerton man.
My name is Allan pinkerton.
Who's this Jesse
you speak of?
Oh, now, Jesse, please.
Don't be so modest.
You can hide behind a mask
or a herd of elephants here.
I'd still recognize
the world-famous Jesse James.
It's Jesse James?
And that's Cole younger.
And this young man here
with the speech problem,
that's arch clements.
And the fellow
with the big grin
in the back there,
that's Charley Ford,
and the tall gentleman there,
the tall gentleman,
that's your brother frank.
Hello, frank.
I don't believe you know
the rest of the family.
Meet the twins.
Do it, Jess.
Give him lead poisoning.
He's got his job to do.
We got ours.
The hell with him, frank.
He'll keep after us until
he catches us or he kills us.
Is that true?
He's right, Jesse.
You like hunting people down,
don't you?
I consider it
a noble profession.
Especially when
i meet people like you.
He's got brass, this one.
Let me get him.
No. We had an agreement.
No unnecessary bloodshed.
Hell, at least we know
what we're dealing with here.
You're dealing with
a relentless pursuit
of justice.
"He that leadeth
into captivity
shall be led to captivity."
My associate in the mail car
just blew the safe.
We'll be going now.
I know our little visit
cost you all some money,
but you'll be able
to tell your grandkids
you was robbed
by Jesse James.
And Cole younger.
Don't forget you was robbed
by Cole younger, too.
And Charley Ford.
Don't forget y'all was
robbed by Charley Ford.
That's f-o-r--
relax, ladies and gentlemen.
I have just caught
a member of the James gang.
"I could see
the excitement in his eyes
"when he finally found me.
"He was a nice and kindly man--"
did you speak?
He who smelt it,
dealt it.
He who denied it,
supplied it.
"But I do not think hunting
desperadoes like me
is his game."
They printed
that whole letter?
Every word.
Here, listen to the rest.
"Mr. pinkerton
was most helpful.
"He did nothing
when I announced myself
on the train.
And he quickly handed over
$40 in paper and gold."
He did?
No, but I thought
it sounded good.
"You must realize
that my cause is just.
"He may work
for the railroad,
"but it's hard to defend
a bunch of land-grabbing
"...especially when you
have to do it with your life.
Signed, Jesse James."
You signed my name?
That I did.
Damn, frank, you're
making me famous.
Hell, people are
gonna remember me.
Huh. Yeah, as long as they keep
writing those letters
to support us, too.
You've done it.
You've become
crazier than me.
Me, crazy?
Hell, "of all the things I've
lost, I miss my mind the most."
What the hell?
Bugs. I hate bugs.
I hate bugs, too.
Who the hell's
shooting in here?
Who are you?
I'm the owner, that's who.
Now you listen to me.
I rent these tubs out
to gentlemen,
and wranglers coming in
off the trail.
I do not provide
a shooting gallery
for pistoleros and gunmen.
We're not
pistoleros, ma'am.
We're just trying to help you
with the vermin problem.
We hate vermin.
I don't trust you,
so I would like you
to vacate the premises,
or I'll call the sheriff.
No need to call
the sheriff.
We'll be glad to leave
just as soon
as we get dressed.
Hang on.
Don't you have
any shame?
Ma'am, looks like
I'm gonna get shot
long before I die of any
embarrassment or shame.
I'm ready to leave now.
I thought you were
getting dressed.
Ma'am, when an outlaw's
wearing his hat and his gun,
he is dressed.
Oh, you're an outlaw.
Yes, ma'am, but I'm not
a common pistolero.
We take pride in our work.
We rob banks.
And trains.
Even a stagecoach or two.
You wouldn't want to forget
that express office
there, frank.
Right you are, Jesse.
Y'all the James boys?
Yes, ma'am.
Perhaps you've read of us?
Yeah, I've read
all about you.
They say you're pretty good
with that thing.
Well, ma'am,
i don't like to brag.
So why don't we let you
be the judge of that?
I'll be leaving now.
You're leaving him
all alone here with me?
I don't intend to stand here
and watch him showing off.
I've seen what he can do
with that thing, frankly,
and I'm not impressed.
Buck, I'll see you
in a few months.
See you, dingus.
I thought you were
getting dressed.
Would you consider
getting undressed
and helping me pass
the pleasant time of day?
I'm not partial
to vermin myself.
Yes, ma'am,
i see your point.
Well, you better hurry on up,
or you just might lose yours.
Ha. Yes, ma'am.
"And god made two great lights,
"the greatest to rule the day,
the lesser to rule the night.
"And he made the stars, also.
"And god placed them
in the firmament of heaven,
to cast a holy light
upon the earth."
But the greatest light of all
he placed in my zee's eyes.
Thank you, reverend.
If you'll open your hymnals,
we'll all sing.
It's pretty
tonight, Jess.
You know,
i really think
I've grown to like it
here in Farmington.
Well, any town looks good
without gunsmoke in the air.
This one is special.
Well, don't like it
too much.
We can't stay.
I'm scared, Jess.
I never heard that
out of your mouth before.
Things are different now.
I've never known you
to be scared of anything
in your whole life.
Well, it ain't you or me
that I'm concerned about.
We're having a child.
Heading out.
Come on aboard, friend.
Evening, folks.
That was quite a sermon there
tonight, Mr. Howard.
Well, thank you.
Or should I say,
Mr. James?
There seems to be...
Some mistake.
No mistake. I just caught
the great Jesse James.
I'm gonna be famous.
Easy, miss.
If I were he, would i
walk around unarmed?
He would if he was
living a double life.
If I am this Jesse James
you speak of,
well, they say
I'm a wily one.
Yeah, that's true.
So I guess it'll be
easier for me
to just bring you in dead.
Now I want you
to think about this...
Real careful...
Before someone gets hurt.
The only one
that's gonna get hurt...
Is you.
It's all right.
We'll be leaving
Farmington now.
Is this your nephew,
Mr. pinkerton?
Yes, it is.
You sure you didn't
see anyone?
The detective was last seen
coming down to your ferry.
I didn't see him.
I didn't see nothing.
Who killed that boy?
Was it Jesse James?
I didn't see nothing.
Was it?
I didn't see nothing.
Was it?
Don't ever tell me
what to do.
Mount up.
Even if I did,
i wouldn't say nothing..
Not to a man
Jesse already
made a fool of.
The man called me a liar,
so I called him out.
Mr. dry goods
had a pretty loose tongue.
getting out of it wasn't going
to be so smart and easy.
I'm ready.
You gotta talk
to Jesse for me.
Dress front, boys.
I'll clear this path.
Take it easy, kid.
They might just be travelers.
Ain't no travelers.
Who be you people,
and what do you want?
Who are you, son?
John younger.
I don't think
i know you.
You know my brothers.
One day I'll be
just as famous.
We are the youngers, sheriff.
I reckon we're the ones
you're looking for.
I'm Cole.
The ugly one here
is my brother Bob.
The one
with the big mouth, though,
he ain't got nothing
to do with us.
Hell, he's only 15 years old.
He don't ride with us,
and he don't rob with us.
He rode with you today,
didn't he?
It don't have to
be this way, boys.
Oh, hell.
You'll burn in hell
for this, pinkerton man.
Hyah! Hyah!
Holy Mary, mother of god.
The boy is dead.
A 15-year-old boy.
Two of my men are dead.
And sheriff baylor is dead.
But that little bastard
wasn't old enough
to be weaned
from his mother's tit.
That boy was a butcher.
That may be, but so far,
the only thing
you've succeeded in doing
is to create more sympathy
for Jesse James
than I ever thought possible.
I will get him.
On that I stake
my reputation.
All right,
pull it right in there.
Thank you
for the contribution.
Sorry about the
unscheduled stop, good people.
We believe this coach
is uncommonly burdened.
We're here to relieve you
of the rock central payroll.
You could be wrong, sir.
If it's payroll you're after,
they switched it to another
stage at the last minute.
Who did?
Mr. pinkerton. It's--
it's his new policy
to protect against robberies.
Here, I'll show you.
God damn it, Jesse!
I just wanted to show you
the only box we're carrying.
There's a way
these things are done.
Ain't anybody taught you?
No, sir, I'm sorry.
I'll be more careful
next time.
I was only trying
to do my job.
You did it too damn good.
See how he is.
Seen worse.
You better pull yourself
together, Jess,
and you better do it fast.
All right, but don't you ever
grab me like that again.
Let's go.
The hell with this.
I'm heading home,
and that's it.
Fine. You do
what you have to do.
So will I.
These James and younger boys
are called outlaws by some,
but to many more
they are heroes--
two victims of the recent
unpleasantness between
the states.
Now that our wounds
are supposed to be healed,
I propose that a full
and complete amnesty
be granted to these...
Casualties of Mr. Lincoln's war.
It's time for them
to go scot-free.
Let those who have
pursued them cease and desist.
And let this damn war
be finally over.
So that we may have peace
and justice once again... Missouri.
Excuse me, Mr. pinkerton,
do you have a comment?
If this legislature votes
an amnesty for Jesse James,
it will be
a great injustice.
Well, they do seem to have
the votes, don't they?
Who are you?
Zachary Murphy,
Chicago tribune.
Well, things would
be different, Mr. Murphy,
if you people
would print the truth.
So you think the press
created Jesse James?
You have created the myth,
and in that, you share
the responsibility.
Mr. pinkerton, what
about your responsibility?
My responsibility
is to catch a killer
and a thief.
You know why he robs
trains, Mr. Murphy?
Because people hate
the railroads.
Jesse knows when people hear
a train's been robbed,
they don't form a posse,
they make a parade.
And you blame
the press for that?
I blame the press for not
telling the people the truth.
And the railroads
are the only thing
that's gonna pull the south
out of the hole it's in.
You people,
you're fighting
the war all over again
for the south.
Well, now, Mr. pinkerton,
maybe that's because
you people with the badges
keep trying to re-win it
for the north.
Is that what
you're angry about,
Or is it because Jesse James
has turned your agency
into a public joke?
I wouldn't worry
about that, Mr. Murphy.
I think the last laugh in
this little drama will be mine.
Where in the hell is he?
Tired of waiting.
You shut your gob.
Have another.
Good poker playing.
Gentlemen, so I'm late,
but I got a bit waylaid.
Where the hell
have you been?
You ever heard
of a honeymoon?
Well, congratulations, frank.
Thank you, Cole.
Come on over and--
h-have a toast.
You got married?
Can you prove it?
You go away
for a week at a time.
I don't know where you are.
Maybe you made a deal
with John law.
That's right.
They're on their way
over here this very minute.
If they was
to come after you, frank,
how far would you go, hmm?
Would you turn me in?
I'm not gonna stand here
and listen to this.
I won't play that game.
Come on, big brother.
Let's see who's fastest.
You scared?
Scared of what's
become of you.
Don't be.
You, captain Anderson,
you taught me everything I know.
What you see before you,
is a happy man.
Let's ride.
Frank, what is it?
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
What is?
What's your fault?
I seen his eyes
in Lawrence,
and I didn't do anything.
He shouldn't have been there.
He was my little brother.
I'm supposed
to take care of him.
He was 14.
Frank, it was war.
You were taking orders.
Some orders
should never be followed.
We rode into that town
bold as brass,
killing every man we saw.
We started to march in
towards the town.
We'd only gotten
about 200 feet.
Then we were ordered
to shoot.
The men fell in piles.
I saw a young woman
throw herself
over a man who was
not yet dead.
She begged us to have mercy
on her husband.
They lifted up her arm,
and shot him
through the head.
There was gunfire
all around me.
Jesse was standing nearby.
I remember
my ears were ringing.
I started to vomit.
I dropped my gun.
Jesse picked it up
and kept on firing.
I saw his eyes.
His eyes were like
black coals.
And he was smiling.
Look, I got one.
Something came over him
that day.
And I allowed it.
He shouldn't
have been there.
None of us
should have been there.
You've got
to leave him, frank.
You've got to leave him.
Frank tried to stay away,
but in the fall,
when Jesse's son was born,
things seemed to change.
Jesse's general outlook
and so frank came home.
Charley Ford
was still in prison,
but we all got together
like any other family,
hoping that we could finally
enjoy the fruits of our labors.
I'll catch you!
How do you like
your new house?
Daddy calls it
the peace ranch.
d-don't you g-go
be with the party
for a while?
G-g-go on, Bob.
G-g-give me the gun.
Come on, g-g-give.
Hey. Chicken.
You haven't eaten yet.
Oh, hello.
There you go, little Ben.
It's nice of you
to bring me
a housewarming present
there, clell.
Who is he?
He's a reporter.
He's been going
all over Liberty,
offering $1,000
just to jaw with you.
What's your name?
My name's Zachary Murphy.
I'm a reporter for
the Chicago tribune.
Well, for $1,000,
you can talk
to my brother frank here.
It'll cost you $2,000
just to pass the time
of day with me.
All right. All right.
You're Jesse James.
You got a deal.
Damn, Jess, that's the first
time we've robbed a newspaper.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
How do I know
you're Jesse James?
That's an impertinent
You ask another one, and I'll
send you to hell directly.
Well, I guess
if you aren't Jesse James,
you'll do till
a better one shows up.
Have a drink.
You're a most
obstreperous young man.
Come on.
Meet the rest of the gang.
You know, you've been at this
work for quite some time now.
How do you explain it?
Well, that's a good question.
It's kind of like holding
a wolf by the ears.
You don't like it,
but you don't want
to let go.
Well, that's the second time
I've seen Jesse smile
in a whole year.
And when was
the first time?
When his baby was born.
Jesse is an outlaw
and a bandit,
and yet he still captures
the imagination
of the country.
It's-- I admit,
it baffles me.
It baffles me, too.
You mean you're surprised
that America isn't ashamed
of him.
Yes, ma'am.
Well, maybe it's because
he's bold and lawless
like everybody wants to be,
just for a little while.
You'll have to forgive
my wife.
She's educated.
That she is.
Times are hard, Mr. Murphy.
The south didn't get
to keep much after the war.
Not even their dignity.
Mr. Lee is dead,
and the whole struggle
seems like a bad dream.
All we got now is frank
and Jesse and the younger boys
poking their finger
in the north's eye.
It isn't much, but it'll do
till something better
comes along.
Like what?
Like a real peace.
Some honor.
Now I know why
i married this woman.
She makes bank robbery
almost sound noble.
Would you end it all
if you could?
There's only one way
it can end.
You're wrong, frank.
The state legislature is ready
to vote on a general amnesty,
if you give them your promise
there'll be no more trouble.
Is that the truth?
That's the god's truth,
Mr. James.
You just let me go back
and print your promise.
Yes, sir?
Go get Jesse and tell him
i need to see him.
Have another drink.
Thank you.
Bob here told me the news.
What do you think?
They took everything
we ever had.
I wouldn't trust any of 'em
unless they were dead.
Maybe it's worth the risk.
I mean, hell, boys,
what have we got to lose?
If we hang up our guns,
they'll know where we are,
and they know who we are.
And they'll take us
one by one.
Maybe we ought to put
a vote to it, Cole.
You know my vote.
You speaking for Bob, too?
What about you, arch?
You're the ramrod, Jess.
What about it, Jesse?
What about what?
That dance
you promised me.
Go ahead.
C-c-can you say, "arch?"
Do you know
what you've done?
My job, Mr. pinkerton.
That's all.
If that bill passes
because of that article,
I'll shoot you.
I swear on the grave of
the great Abe Lincoln himself,
I'll shoot you,
for the lying
son of a bitch toad you are.
But you may get lucky.
And what does that mean?
You may get to live.
It means I have a witness.
Within 24 hours,
i intend to indict
Jesse James for murder.
And when I do, no amnesty
will do him any good.
That's enough.
He's done now.
Gentlemen, I have
a prepared statement.
"One Harry mcguff was prepared
to testify against Jesse James.
"But he was brutally murdered
before appearing in court.
"Mr. mcguff was prepared
to testify
"that he witnessed Jesse James
"committing the murder
of detective John whitcher,
a special agent in my employ."
Mr. pinkerton, do you think
mcguff's murder
will have any influence
on the amnesty vote today?
I can only hope
wisdom will prevail.
Thank you, gentlemen, very much.
Must've been quite a while
since the train, Charley.
How you doing in here?
You heard me,
Charley Ford.
What do you think,
- Come on.
- Hey!
for a long time now,
I have said that the people
who killed Lincoln--
people like you--
would never be able
to shatter this union again.
No John wilkes booth
is going to take
a little pistol
and shout
"sic semper tyrannis" again.
Not on my watch.
What are you doing?
What do you want from me?
I want you to be
my booth, Charley.
I want you to tell me
about Jesse James.
I want to know his plans,
his dreams, everything.
I am the only hope you have
in this world.
how'd Charley Ford
get out of jail?
Good behavior, I guess.
Just goes to show you,
you keep your nose clean,
you can get ahead in this life,
even in prison.
You w-w-want me
to keep an eye on him?
Why don't you let me
and Jesse worry about that?
We should
bring him in slow.
I tell you what,
why don't you tell him
to go out and fetch us a paper?
So he says to the squaw,
"i ain't got
no money to pay you,
but I'd gladly pay you in corn."
She said, "no, no, no.
That be the money hole.
This be the corn hole."
The corn hole.
Here's your paper, frank.
Thanks, Charley.
Go on. Get yourself
some supper.
Thank you.
Hey, Charley.
Get that bartender
out of here.
Oh, right.
Yo, Tommy.
What do you want?
Yes, sir.
It's two weeks old.
The amnesty bill is dead.
Says who?
Chicago tribune.
We gave them our word.
I reckon our word
ain't good enough for them.
There's more.
You're to be indicted
for murder.
It says
you killed a witness--
somebody who was going
to testify against us.
That's a lie.
People believe
what they read.
Hammer's going to fall now.
They'll hunt us for sure.
Should've killed
that pinkerton
we had the chance.
"All liars
shall have their place
in the lake of fire."
Things gone bad.
Maybe we should quit.
He might be right, boys.
It might be time
to pull up stakes and disappear.
With what?
Not much left in my poke.
We need to find
something substantial.
Something unexpected.
I see it.
I've seen the rain
falling on its roof.
I've seen the square-heads.
They're putting
their money in it.
Hundreds and thousands
of dollars...
I've seen the faces
of the tellers
at their windows,
and I know we can take it.
Where is this place?
Northfield, Minnesota.
No. Uh-uh.
I've heard about that one.
It's too dangerous.
That one can't be taken.
Two weeks' ride.
Don't know no hideaways.
Don't know no peoples.
And they don't know us.
Maybe...Our luck
has run out on us.
I make my own damn luck.
Yeah, but do we have to die
to prove that?
It's not our fate
to die on the trail, Cole.
But if none of you men
wants to come with me,
that's fine.
I'll get a thousand others
that will.
I made you rich.
I'll make you rich again.
I've seen my destiny.
And if you need to find me,
I've headed north.
I didn't know Jesse'd
been to Minnesota.
He hasn't.
Good morning, sir.
Can you change
this $20 gold piece?
I-- I can't, sir.
Then back up against that safe,
and I'll change it myself.
Don't shoot me,
Mr. James.
How do you know his name?
I know you, too,
Mr. James.
I mean, Jesse.
Shut up.
Come on.
I can't.
It's a time lock.
Time lock?
It's set to open at 3:00.
We knew you were coming.
Who told you
we were coming?
Cole, how bad is it?
I don't know yet.
What do you see?
Shooters on the roof.
Let's go, frank.
Leave him!
We gotta go now!
Get over here.
Please, I have a family.
So do I.
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Go on!
Don't shoot!
He's going to the icehouse!
He's in here!
This way!
There he is!
Get him! Get him!
Come on!
Hell, the whole damn town
was shooting at us.
They weren't even lawmen.
They were just people.
I thought they was
behind us.
We lost them.
We lost them a long time ago.
Hold it, boys.
Gotta keep moving, Cole.
Bob can't go any further.
He's dying, damn it.
you know I can't
leave you here like this.
You want to lose what little
bit of brains you got left?
Cruel decisions
have to be made.
He's your brother.
You do it.
I gotta stay
with my brother, Cole.
Get out of here.
Damn, I didn't want to die
in Minnesota.
I reckon we should've
stayed home.
I reckon so.
"I play not marches
"for accepted Victors only.
"I play marches for conquered
"and slain persons.
"Have you heard that
"it is good to gain today?
"I also say
"it's good to fall.
"Battles are lost...
" the same way which they are won."
We'll start again, frank.
A new gang.
Hell, there's banks
we ain't ever even thought of.
I'm tired, Jess.
I feel like the tiredest man
that ever lived.
I'm getting out.
Annie's meeting me
in St. Louis.
We're going to head down
to Texas and start anew.
That's good.
You deserve a family, frank.
So do you.
I got one.
Time to stop running.
Take your family
and go somewhere safe.
Give up this life.
I can't.
I don't know how to stop.
You hear that?
Good-bye, Jess.
Charley, you were right
about northfield.
You got us the youngers,
you got us clell Miller,
you got us arch clements.
Now is the time
to finish the job.
Well, how so?
Governor crittendon's
going to make you an offer.
Well, go on.
He's going to give you
$10,000 each,
plus a full pardon
when you deliver to me
the bodies of frank
and Jesse James.
Wait a minute.
We do murder,
and you're going
to guarantee
a full pardon?
That's the offer, yes.
Well-- well,
i must admit, it's--
oh, it's a pleasure
to do business
with the great state
of Missouri.
Mr. pinkerton,
you got yourself a deal.
What if we
can't get Jesse?
I'll get it, honey.
Boys! What brings you?
Well, we seen frank,
so we brought you word.
Well, come in.
Nice. I like
the new place, Jess.
I like it myself.
Zee and the baby are upstairs.
I'm just getting me some--
some supper.
Oh, Bob,
sit down over here.
Can I offer you
something to eat?
No. We'll-- we'll wait.
I'm not hungry.
Well, Charley,
you could eat scraps
off a buzzard's beak.
You sure you don't want
something to eat?
Uh, yeah.
Well, suit yourself.
So, um, where do you
hear word from frank?
Oh, well, we seen him
in Alabama.
Why do you lie
to me, Charley?
I know for a fact
frank is in Texas.
Come on, Jesse.
Oh, my god!
Oh, god!
Jesse, please!
Please let me explain!
You don't understand!
You don't understand!
He made us do it!
Let me explain to you--
Jesse, what's that?
Just some company.
Jesse Jr.'s coming down
to say good night.
No, no.
I'll be up presently.
Put your arms up.
Here's your favorite pony.
You tired?
You going to go to sleep now?
Daddy say good night.
He's got some company,
but he'll try.
Will we have
to move again?
I don't want
to move no more.
Well, we may have to.
I don't want you
being sad.
Your papa's
trying real hard.
We're proud of him.
If we have to move,
we'll do it,
'cause that's what
families do.
They do what's best
for each other.
Who sent you boys?
He's going to
get you, Jesse.
And frank, too.
We told him
we couldn't find frank.
But pinkerton
told us that,
well, if we brought
you in dead,
that he wouldn't even look
for frank no more--
that he wouldn't have to.
At least he'd
show the world that--
that he got
Jesse James.
He'd let frank go?
Yeah, that's what he said.
Why, hell,
you're the ramrod anyway.
Why, everybody
knows that.
...this house needs fixing.
Come on! You said
you're gonna do it. Do it.
- You gotta do this.
- Do it.
All right.
Do it.
Do it!
Hyah! Hyah!
I always told frank...
I'd go out with
a round of buckshot
coming straight at me.
Do you think he'll forgive me
for doing this wrong?
Of course he will.
Of course he will.
Jesse James,
I love you.
Governor! Governor!
Do you have a statement?
Governor crittendon! Governor!
Governor! Governor,
since you hired the fords
to kill Jesse James,
don't you consider that
state-sponsored murder?
Absolutely not.
We offered a reward--
dead or alive.
The fords just carried out
their part of the contract.
Jesse James
was shot in the back.
Will they, or will they not
be charged with murder?
That matter is being considered
at this time.
What about the murder
of Harry mcguff?
You have no evidence
linking Jesse James
to that crime.
No, we don't,
but we're still investigating.
Governor, does it bother you
at all that the mcguff murder
ended the amnesty bill?
No, it does not.
Well, now, of course
it doesn't, Mr. pinkerton.
Well, you and your employer,
the rock central railroad,
you had the most to gain
by that now, didn't you?
How dare you
say that to me.
It's frank James!
Frank James!
Pinkerton, this is arranged.
It is frank!
It's really frank!
It's frank James!
Frank James
is surrendering himself
to my newspaper
and the state of Missouri.
Mr. Murphy.
I haven't let another man
touch my gun
since 1861.
Look this way, Mr. James.
Frank-- frank, do you have
anything else you'd like to say?
It isn't worth it.
Like hell it isn't.
Hey! Hey! Get him! Hey!
You son of a bitch!
Go ahead and hang me.
At least my back
won't be turned.
Let's go, Mr. James.
Come on. This way.
Justice will be served, frank.
He deserved it, frank!
He had it coming, frank.
Good luck.
Justice, ladies and gentlemen,
has been served.
On October 10, 1882,
frank James
was indicted for murder,
robbery, and conspiracy.
He was tried three times,
and was acquitted
on all three occasions.
Allan pinkerton
pinned his hopes
on frank's final trial.
Later on, while he clamored
for a fourth trial,
Mr. pinkerton suffered
a heart attack and died.
Some say Charley Ford never
got over what he had done.
About two years
after killing Jesse,
Charley put a gun to his head
and emptied his brains
on his living room carpet.
His brother Bob
didn't do much better.
A short time after
Charley committed suicide,
Bob Ford opened a bar
in Colorado.
On opening night,
a cowpoke walked in
and shot him dead, yelling,
"this is for Jesse James."
After being captured
in northfield, Minnesota,
I served 25 years in prison.
When I got out,
I joined up with frank,
and we traveled
the rodeo circuit together.
Frank lived
with his wife Annie
until his death
at the age of 72,
and in all that time,
he never served
one single day in prison.
Not one. In the end,
the world will remember
frank and Jesse
as outlaws and legends.
But to me,
they'll always be brothers--
the damnedest brothers
I have ever known.
j.R. Media services, inc.
Burbank, ca