Frank & Lola (2016) Movie Script

Come on.
Just fuck me.
Maybe we should wait.
Wait for what?
For the next time we see each other.
- What?
Oh, no.
Now I just feel like, um...
Like a whore.
That's no good.
Is this your go-to move or something?
You just hook me in,
and make me believe
that you're this gentleman.
I never said I was a gentleman.
But I'm not playing games.
Well, sometimes games can be fun.
- Let's do it. Let's fuck.
- No, it's too late.
- It's too late.
I think... I think you're right.
Let's wait. It's a great idea.
- Oh yeah?
- Mm-hm.
Maybe you could hold me down
while you do it.
- Tighter.
- Tighter.
- Jefe?
- Yeah?
Luis just finished. Cleaned up.
What, you got a party to go to? Fiesta?
- Si.
- MAN: Ah.
- Night, Frank.
- Bye-bye, sweetheart.
I'm going to the Tiki Bar later
if you wanna come.
Yeah. Maybe. I'll let you know.
L'addition, s'il vous plat.
- Oh, merci.
Happy Halloween.
FRANK: Voil.
Oh my God.
Is that caviar?
Ossetra, from the Black Sea.
What else is in this? This is...
fucking incredible.
Crme frache. French butter.
Sea salt. Chives. Brioche bread.
GIRL: Actually, the name of your place,
Rue Galile,
I lived on that block once.
FRANK: Me, too.
GIRL: No shit?
FRANK: Yeah. It's where
I learned to cook when I was a kid.
Dropped out of high school,
bought a plane ticket with the money I'd
saved up baking pizzas in Queens, and...
flew to France.
You're pretty cool, Frank.
Ooh! I just love this tequila!
It does wonders for the nerves.
FRANK: Hm-hmm.
OK. Lick.
This restaurant is exquisite, Frank.
And you are a doll
for arranging the reservation.
I was the sous-chef here for five years,
so they take care of me.
You still haven't told me
why you're here.
Tina Turner has a house in Nice,
and Architectural Digest
is sending me to write about it.
FRANK: Oh, wow.
I love the South of France.
Tina has a one-night-only show tonight,
so I'm getting a ride
in her jet tomorrow.
After Tina, I'm off to Paris
for some fun.
LOLA: Where are you staying?
At Alan's spare flat.
He sends his regards, by the way.
Tell him that I say hello.
So... Lola tells me
that you're classically trained.
I mean, I learned on the job
in France, which I guess would qualify.
I didn't go to cooking school.
I started young.
How young?
- 16.
- Mm.
Quite an image.
I can't wait to taste your food.
It would be my pleasure.
Perhaps I could bring Wayne
before I leave tomorrow.
- FRANK: Wayne?
- Newton.
He's absolutely lovely.
Would you like to meet him?
Yeah, I'll be there. Thanks.
But I'll be at school all day.
Not my fault, Lola.
You don't need to be there.
- Mother.
- What?
Stop being patronizing.
Frank... was I being patronizing?
Yeah, you were.
But that's alright.
You OK?
What you did with my mom,
calling her out...
You really looked out for me.
I'm not used to it.
Hmm... Well, get used to it.
Goodnight, Lola.
Do you fall in love easily, Frank?
No. Do you?
I just don't think
I'm gonna be any good at this.
You know... I've been married.
I was sure she was the one,
even though I really barely knew her.
And I dove right in.
Do it.
What I'm saying is...
the way you're feeling right now,
this fear...
I'm with you.
MAN: She's coming? Really?
Your mother? That's cool, alright.
Well, listen, I-I, uh, I know
how to navigate those waters.
So, listen. How about this?
How about this?
How about, uh, I take you both out?
You and your mother.
Right? Because it's not every day
a girl graduates from college.
That's a big deal.
- Well, I graduated last month.
- Alright.
- She doesn't like insurance salesmen.
- Wow, whoa. Really?
Yeah, I don't sell insurance, so...
LOLA: She doesn't like men
who look like David Schwimmer.
MAN: David Schwimmer?
I am David Schwimmer.
(CHUCKLES) Just kidding.
So, y-y-you find a job yet?
Because that's tough, right,
right out of college?
Well, there's not much of a market
for aspiring fashion designers in Vegas
who don't make
stripper heels or thongs, so no.
(CHUCKLES) You're mad funny!
Stripper heels... I don't know, though.
I wouldn't be so sure.
- Oh, yeah?
- There's a place next door. KVD.
You ever heard of it?
LOLA: Yeah. There's one Downtown, too.
Yeah, it's cool.
MAN: So check this out.
The owner has made a real effort
to showcase Vegas-based talent.
So he's set up this fashion incubator
to help him out with that.
Let me guess.
If I come back with you tonight,
and we see where the night takes us,
maybe you'll introduce to me
to the owner.
No, what I will do
is set you up with the person
who decides who'll be
the designer for the incubator.
- You know her?
- Do I know her? Yeah, I know her.
She works for me.
(CHUCKLES) I'm the owner.
- Oh.
- Is your work any good?
Yeah, yeah. I, uh, I just had my show,
my thesis show.
Oh for real? Alright.
Yeah, well, I'll set up a studio visit.
- LOLA: You're not kidding?
- No. I don't kid about that stuff, no.
Why are you offering me this?
Maybe because you're being mean to me.
And I like it.
I like a little sass.
And it's not an offer, OK?
It's just... it's just an interview.
And I should make it clear that I don't
sleep with anyone who works for me.
- I learned that lesson the hard way.
- Mm-hm.
- There you go.
- Keith Winkleman.
That's right.
If you're interested,
call me on Monday, alright?
- If I'm interested, then I will.
- Alright.
- Hi, sweetie.
- You with Patricia?
No, she's still up in her room.
I've been here for over an hour.
- Are you close by?
- Yeah, turn to your left.
Hello, handsome man.
Who was the mook?
The mook?
Yeah, that tool
that was trying to fuck you.
Come on. He was harmless.
Ah. I guess it's fine.
Are you OK?
Well, they closed the deal,
so, you know...
New owners, new chef, new everything.
It's done.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
You knew it was coming.
I'll be fine.
Yeah, of course you will.
We're gonna miss our reservation.
I'm gonna try
shaming her out of her room.
You look beautiful.
Is it too late
to make an adjustment to the menu?
I was thinking salmon
might be a nice second option.
Dinner's in two hours.
That's not gonna happen.
Maybe we could just add a second
entre option, then, without meat.
No problem.
LOLA: Yeah. OK. Amazing.
I can't wait.
It's... I'm really excited.
Do you wanna get a drink afterwards?
I will try not to be a fuck-up. OK.
(CHUCKLES) You, too. Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Who was that?
- My new boss.
- What?
(CHUCKLES) I got a job!
Wow. Alright. With who?
It's working
with this fashion incubator,
and they just pay young designers
to come up with clothes for their store.
Thank you very much.
You're not working
for that douchebag, huh?
No, for this woman.
- But it's where he works, right?
- He doesn't work there.
He just owns the company.
Why didn't you tell me you were
up for it? That's a little weird.
Because I thought you'd be mad.
Which you are.
I'm not mad. I just don't like that guy.
What? He's been very professional.
How was the banquet?
Little old rich ladies who lunch.
They're killing me.
They booked me again.
That's... That's really good.
That's great.
It's catering.
Cooking for private parties
isn't catering.
You're working almost every day.
But nobody knows how to eat anymore.
They all want gluten-free salads.
Might as well open a salad shop.
Call it Salad Guy.
(CHUCKLES) Exactly!
Do me a favor.
Tell this, uh, boss of yours...
What's his name?
- He's not my boss.
- Oh.
- Keith.
- Keith.
You tell him you're in love with a man
who owns
an extremely sharp set of knives.
I guess we should celebrate.
- Hey, gorgeous.
- Hi.
Will's picking us up
at seven, alright?
He wants to be on the road to LA
right after rush hour.
I'll be on time. I promise.
I love you.
Me, too.
- Alright, I gotta go.
- OK. I'll see you at nine.
- What?
- (CHUCKLES) I'm just kidding, dorko!
I'll see you at seven.
This is Lola. Leave a message.
You know what? You guys should just go.
Stop. We will wait.
No, I got this. It's OK. Go ahead.
If something's up, we'll stick around.
Seriously, you guys go ahead. It's OK.
- WOMAN: You sure?
- Yeah.
Where were you?
Baby, are you OK?
Um... I was...
What? What happened?
I-I think we should go inside.
You need a... a...?
You want one?
Uh, no.
Honey, listen to me.
I-I know you're upset, and...
Do you wanna have a seat?
I wanna know you're OK. I just wanna
know what happened. That's all. Please?
Well, can you please have a seat?
OK. Alright. Here.
I... I think that...
I made a mistake.
What kind of mistake?
(TUTS) Um...
MAN: Hi. I'm looking
for the owner of this phone.
- One second.
I'm with her.
Right now, I'm sure she'll be relieved.
May I speak with her?
By all means.
Who is it?
I'm calling
from the concierge desk of a hotel.
A guest said his girlfriend
left her phone in his suite.
- Is that you?
This number keeps popping up
as a missed call.
Hope your friend
doesn't mind we reached out.
No, it's fine.
And just for security purposes,
what hotel were you visiting?
- I was at the Encore.
- That's us.
You can pick it up at the concierge
any time. Have a lovely evening.
The Encore used to be the Desert Inn.
- Did you know that?
- No.
Well, it was a little before your time.
I was a saucier there for five years
at the best restaurant, and...
Sometimes, after work, a rich woman
would take me up to her room, and...
The older ones,
they taught me how to fuck.
Oh yeah. So I like that hotel.
- Stop.
- Stop?
I'm just letting you know that I
have fucked some very beautiful women.
Good ones.
That aren't worried their mommy
is gonna steal me away from 'em.
Two hours ago, I would have crawled
through glass for you,
and while I was worried sick,
you were...
We're done.
No, Frank!
You're only with me
because you can't be alone, right?
I was alone when I met you.
- Oh, yeah? For what, 24 hours?
- No.
Of course not.
So you wait until we're together
to start fucking dudes
in fancy hotel rooms?
Good plan.
Who was it?
It was... It was no one. It was...
- (SOBS)
(SHOUTS) Who was it?
It was a guy from California,
and he's already left town.
You know, it was awful.
It was nothing. It meant nothing.
I get it. This is what you do, right?
- I could be anyone.
- That's not true.
You are incredible.
You're a real man.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
A real man
would walk the fuck out of here.
No. Please.
I'm not gonna let you go
without a fight.
Don't look at him.
MAN: Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Frank Reilly?
Do you remember
when we had dinner with my mother?
She said she was staying
with someone in Paris called Alan.
Kinda. Why?
He's an old boyfriend of hers,
and we lived with him in Paris
for a few years when I was a kid.
He raped me.
When was this?
Over the summer. Before I came here.
I... I'm sorry.
I thought I'd tell you.
No one else knows.
You didn't tell your mother?
I was afraid that she...
she wouldn't believe me.
You said his name's Alan?
- Yeah.
- What's his story?
- Why?
- Just tell me.
He comes from a rich Swedish family
who lost all their money.
He moved to France
to start over from nothing.
Then he wrote a book about it.
It was a hit.
He left my mom.
Found a rich wife.
She lets him do what he wants.
It's very... you know, French.
I'm not making...
an excuse for what I did.
It's just what happened
had an effect on me...
that I can't understand.
But you think... you wouldn't have done
what you did yesterday if he hadn't...
If he hadn't, uh...
I guess. I-I don't know.
It definitely, like,
fucked me up, though.
May I borrow you for a moment?
Yeah, sure.
...this guy walks out and she...
It boils over,
and she follows him inside...
this is Frank Reilly, our chef.
- I should get back.
- Of course.
This is Gra-blah-blah from,
you know, from France or whatever,
- from some foreign country.
- Excuse me.
I guess she likes cheese. (CHUCKLES)
Hey, hey, Lolita!
- Hello.
- I should've known that was your food.
- Mm.
You didn't get my text?
What are you doing here?
This is Keith's partner's house.
You didn't know?
No. So, are you that fucker's date?
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Oh, my God! There he is.
Bro, you fucking crushed it!
That was phenomenal. Believe me,
I know about good food.
My dad owns a bunch
of fine-dining restaurants in LA.
So I kinda grew up around a lot of it,
and that was one
of the best, the best I've ever had.
Seriously. Incredible.
Glad you enjoyed it.
Keith Winkleman.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry, was I interrupting?
You guys know each other?
This is my boyfriend.
Frank Reilly. Frank, Keith.
Shut up! You have a boyfriend,
and he cooks like this?
Are you kidding me?
Why didn't you tell me about this guy?
This dude is amazing!
Frank, what are you doing here?
Excuse me?
You need your own restaurant.
Yeah, that'd be cool.
Yeah, it would.
That's an understatement.
- Mm-hm.
- Frank had his own place.
He's just in between restaurants
at the moment.
Alright, alright. Well, not for long,
'cause I'm gonna check around.
You know how Vegas is.
These huge casino joints
keep opening and closing.
You really gotta stay on top of it.
I'll get your information
from Lola, and...
I-I'll look... look around.
- Thanks. That'd be great.
- Yeah.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'm gonna head
back in, Lola, so I'll see you in there.
- Cool. I'll see you in there.
- Alright, for sure.
- Come on, that was pretty funny.
- Yeah. It was fuckin' hilarious.
Especially the part
where he said he didn't know I existed.
He never asked me about
my personal life, so I didn't tell him.
I kinda owned his ass, huh?
So now he'll really try to fuck you.
- Ow!
- Shit!
Hey, baby.
Yo, Frank, it's Keith.
Winkelman! (CHUCKLES)
Your lovely lady's
sitting right next to me. You good?
Yeah. Where are you?
I'm with your girl.
We're at the space. Uh, you got a sec?
You ever heard of Henri Ricard?
Of course.
Dude's got more three-star Michelin
restaurants than anyone in the world.
Was that a question?
Now, listen.
So, my dad financed Chloe, right?
It's Ricard's spot in Santa Monica.
Ever heard of it?
Yeah, I've been there.
So, now we're all friends. And now he's
opening up a new spot at the Encore.
It's a big fucking deal.
Auditions were in Paris two weeks ago.
Yeah, cool. I get it. You're connected.
Well, listen, my man.
He doesn't wanna bring a celebrity chef
to Vegas. It's been done.
People are over it. Gordon Ramsay,
all these people. Blah, blah, blah.
He wants to launch
a new star right here, OK?
But he doesn't like any of the chefs
that he auditioned.
Frank... I got you in.
His mansion. In Paris. This Friday.
Boom! It's gonna be a mystery basket, so
you have to improvise. Hope that's OK.
Wait a minute. You... You what?
You're cooking for Henri fucking Ricard
in three fucking days.
Don't worry. I took care of
the flights, the tickets and all that.
My commission's gonna
come out of Ricard's take.
All you gotta do is show up
and cook the meal of your life.
Are you fuckin' with me?
He says, "Are you fuckin' with me?"
(CHUCKLES) No, my man, I'm not.
What do you think?
Uh, it's amazing.
- I don't know what to say.
- Say yes.
Hey, listen, man.
Thank me when it's all done, OK?
I got a good feeling about this.
LOLA: You're gonna kill it out there,
one-handed or not.
- Hm.
- I know it.
It's not that.
Then what is it?
Is it me?
I just wish I could go back in time,
and protect you
from that fucking scumbag.
Then we'd be fine. I know it.
That's me.
I love you.
Don't forget that.
Good luck.
This is Lola. Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
I'm going into this thing, so, uh...
I just wanted to call, and say hi.
Anyway, call me.
I love you.
- Mr. Reilly?
- Hm-hm.
I'm Charles. Monsieur Ricard's attach.
- Bonjour.
- The house is just across the place.
- Let's walk.
- OK.
The ingredients are in the kitchen.
Anything in the pantry is yours.
We have one sous-chef for you. He speaks
English, but French is preferable.
- OK.
- There'll be two people eating.
Hello, Chef. I'm Khalil.
- Bonjour.
- Nice to meet you.
Um, the, um, basket.
Alright. Alright, alright.
I got this, man. I got this.
- Merci.
- OK. Bon courage.
- Truffle?
- Oui.
(SNIFFS) Smell it.
- Oui?
- Yeah.
- Couper et confit.
- OK, Chef.
(IN FRENCH) Roast chicken?
You know where you are, right?
FRANK: Bon apptit.
- You used truffle, yes?
- Yes.
That was not the agreement.
Yeah, I know.
OK. I have an appointment.
You can show yourself out.
Thank you for your time.
(IN FRENCH) Make me a report
of the ingredients that were used,
and prepare for the next candidate.
- BARTENDER: Bonsoir, Monsieur.
- Bonsoir.
BARTENDER: OK, come on, playboy.
Try your martini.
- Your English is getting better.
- I practice.
Well, practice your martini
American style. Much more important.
American style?
We like 'em dry in America.
(IN FRENCH) Only a little bit.
BARTENDER: Et pour vous?
Un whiskey, s'il vous plat.
How's it going?
New York?
It's Queens, right? Queens? Yeah?
How can you tell?
Keith. I'm sorry.
So what brings you to Paris?
I was on vacation with my girlfriend.
- She left, I stayed.
- Oh.
Well, you don't seem
too broken up about it.
Hm, these things happen, I guess.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Oh, c'est trs bien.
Merci beaucoup.
- Alan, right?
- ALAN: Mm.
Yeah. You know, you look so familiar.
I'm trying to place it.
I know I've seen your face before.
I doubt that.
I got it.
You're Alan Larsson, right?
Yeah. Have we met?
No. I've seen the picture
on the back of your book. Your memoir.
I studied it in college.
Northwestern. Really...
Really fucking brilliant stuff.
Am I right?
(CHUCKLES) C'est moi.
Well, thanks for the kind words.
Hey, you know, I'd like
to buy you a drink if you don't mind.
Wait. Don't be silly.
You're the one with the heavy heart.
It's not every day you run into a fan,
so cheers to that.
- Cheers.
So, um, if you're up to it,
I can show you around Paris.
You know what?
Why the hell not?
So, let's grab one more
and then have some fun.
Sounds good.
Make yourself comfortable.
So, you live here alone?
Well, occasionally. I'm married.
So, I have this for when I need it.
If you catch my drift.
- Your wife doesn't mind?
- There are rules.
Certain behavior is permitted,
certain behavior is not. Cheers.
- With other girls, right?
They have to remain strangers.
But my wife has the same privileges.
Only lovers. No feelings.
You always play by the rules?
You have a lot of questions,
you know that?
Oh, excuse me.
Hmm, no problem.
Excuse me.
So you read my book
at the Northwestern, right?
- Mm. Yeah.
- Yeah, that makes sense.
I was an adjunct professor there
for a couple of years.
So where did you live?
Off campus.
Oh, let me guess.
Marty Summers taught you my book?
Oh yeah. Yeah, Marty Summers.
He's a great guy.
Yes, great.
You never went to Northwestern,
did you, Keith?
Why would you ask that?
What are the chances that
an American knows my book so well
and then just runs into me here in Paris
at my local bistro?
Marty Summers is my American accountant.
He's not a teacher.
What do you want?
What have I done to you?
You don't just rape a girl,
and get away with it.
I never raped anyone in my whole life.
- Now who told you that?
- It doesn't matter.
Of course it matters.
It matters for me.
You know, you have
to give me a chance to defend myself.
Queens. Is that where you live?
So let me guess.
It's Las Vegas, right?
I start to know what this is all about.
Come on. Hey, hey.
ALAN ON VIDEO: Play with her.
LOLA: Ask me nicely, Alan.
ALAN: I'm not going to ask you nicely.
Play with her. Do it.
LOLA: Fine.
ALAN: Keep going.
Now, look at me. Both, both of you.
I think I know what you want.
- ALAN: No, you don't.
- Yeah, I do.
ALAN: No, you don't.
- Put it back on.
- Could you please put down your knife?
Put it back on.
You want us to get rough.
You want to see it really fucking rough.
You want to be a part of it.
But it's just the two of us
and you're left out.
ALAN: No, I'm not getting left out.
LOLA: We're gonna love it.
You want us to love it so much,
and we will.
We're gonna fucking love it.
ALAN: Do you want me
to give it to you rough?
LOLA: Yeah, I want you to give it to me.
ALAN: Come here.
Come here, come here.
Come here, now. Come here.
(SIGHS) You asked me before
if I ever broke the rules.
I did once with her.
So it was serious, huh?
I mean, you, uh...
(SIGHS) It was real?
Yeah. Quite real.
And I'm dreadfully sorry
that you have to see the tape.
No man should be exposed to that.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I had no idea.
She can be very convincing.
Are you two still together?
Who was the other girl?
ALAN: We met her at a club.
I was actually planning
dropping by there tonight.
Maybe you wanna to come along?
Merci. Come on. Come on.
- Bonjour.
- Hi.
Sorry, I have an early appointment.
Will you be alright by yourself?
Yeah, man, I'm fine.
I'm coming to Las Vegas
in a while for business.
Here's my card.
I stay at the Encore Hotel.
Hey, Alan...
(IN FRENCH) You aren't participating?
Not really my thing.
Then why are you here?
It's where I ended up.
If I'm gonna fuck,
I don't need an audience.
A floor. A bed. Not this.
Then that's why you're here?
To find someone,
and take her somewhere more private?
I haven't decided yet.
Let me know if you do.
I might be able to help.
- FRANK IN FRENCH: How much?
- A hundred.
The restaurant I am planning
is not small,
and there will be a lot of visibility.
You are very impressive in the kitchen.
But are you strong enough
for the pressure,
the responsibility
of what will be in front of you?
Does the ride that just dropped you off
mean what I think it means?
I was watching from the balcony.
Yeah, I got it.
- Yes!
- Hm-hm.
I knew that you would!
You hungry?
Yeah, sure.
Good, 'cause I'm taking you out.
You saw him.
In Paris.
What did he tell you?
Come on. Let's eat later.
Do you have any idea...
what it's like
to watch someone you love...
take orders like a little whore?
Down on her hands and knees?
(SIGHS) Oh, what a beautiful cock.
LOLA: He showed you the video.
He knew I was gonna hurt him.
Because of what you said, you know.
He took me to his favorite club.
(SOBS) Did you go home with anyone?
Some rich lady and her friend.
So now I'm rotten.
So are you.
So is this.
I'll come back and get my shit tomorrow.
You said you'd be gone by six.
It's nearly seven.
I just wanna know what happened.
The truth, you know.
He played you.
You got played.
The woman
who picked you up in the club...
what did she look like?
What difference does it make?
Did she live in the Seventh,
in a mansion?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's Claire. That's his wife.
Getting her to misbehave
allows him to do whatever he wants.
He's the one
you fucked in the hotel, right?
Pour me a drink.
I went to Paris to study.
And Alan was the only person
that I knew.
He said that I could
have the place all to myself.
And I remember my first night there.
I was sitting in the kitchen,
and I was looking
out the window over Paris,
and I thought, "Wow, for the first time,
I'm not surrounded by chaos."
And then I went to bed.
And when I woke up,
he had already tied
my hands and feet to the bed.
It wasn't the rape, and he did rape me,
that turned me into this...
this crazy person.
What fucked me up
was that I didn't leave.
I stayed with him.
What fucked me up...
was that I fell in love with him.
I found out that I was pregnant.
And he just disappeared.
And I freaked out
and started calling the house,
and his wife said to me
that if I got an abortion...
if I left France immediately, she was
gonna write me a check for $400,000.
So I came here...
a week later.
And that's when I met you.
And that morning...
he called me, and he was begging me
to let him apologize.
And I had...
I had no intention of fucking him.
And then I... I think...
I just... like, I think I shut down.
I just let him do it.
And when it was over...
I started to panic.
Because all I could think about was you.
And what I'd just destroyed.
I didn't think that...
you'd just take me back.
But you did.
Baby, why didn't you
just tell me this before?
Why did you track him down, Frank?
You said that what we have is rotten.
And you're right.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I-I just think that it's... it's time
that we let each other go.
- You can...
- No.
You can leave your keys on the table.
The new shit comes Monday, right?
S, jefe.
You think you could handle
that delivery by yourself?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. No problem. (COUGHS)
- CHARLES: Bonjour.
- Bonjour, Charles.
- How is everything?
- Oh, yeah, we're here now. It's great.
- It's perfect.
- Super, Frank.
Well, I wanted to come to Paris,
and cook Henri the complete menu.
- Well, yes, of course.
- Yeah.
Trs bien. When?
- I was thinking maybe next week.
- Terrific.
Bravo, monsieur.
- (IN FRENCH) What's your business here?
- I'm here to see Madame Le Tellier.
- Then give her a call.
- No, it's OK. I know him.
we would be talking
about that troublesome little girl,
I wouldn't have invited you in.
I understand. I'm sorry, but...
I need to hear it from you.
Because you don't trust her?
Because I need to know that I can.
And if I don't want to discuss it?
FRANK: That's up to you.
Yes, Alan got her pregnant.
And yes, I gave her money to go away.
You can let yourself out,
and, please, don't come back.
He came to see her, you know. In Vegas.
- When?
- December.
December? He was on business in Chicago.
FRANK: Oh, yeah?
You sure about that?
Alan can be reckless,
but he's not a fool.
His heart is with me.
I was very clear
about what would happen
if he made another mistake with her.
Well, why don't we pay him a visit?
Let him prove it.
Impossible. He's traveling.
- Business trip?
- Hmm.
When did he leave?
- This morning.
- Hm.
FRANK: How's Vegas treating you?
I should have known it would be you.
Aren't you supposed to be in Chicago?
As far as Claire is concerned, I am.
You have a very trusting wife.
I do, indeed.
- Keith...
- My name is Frank, not Keith.
This is my restaurant.
Want a drink?
Yeah, why not?
Have a seat.
Or not.
Well, you're very clever, Alan.
You're always one step ahead of me.
Uh, no knife this time.
You wanna frisk me?
I shouldn't have played you that tape.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you loved showing me that tape.
Come on.
So, uh, why are you here, man?
I mean, I know you wanna fuck her,
but is it really worth all the...
transatlantic travel?
I don't think you understand.
- Why is that?
- Because you're a fucking monkey
who lies to himself
about what turns him on.
And I'm not like that.
And neither is Lola.
Lola needs to be left alone.
She deserves that,
after what we've put her through.
Right, so...
You're gonna go back to Claire.
You're gonna leave Lola alone,
and you're gonna do it today.
Huh. And if I don't?
You will.
My wife is someone, a thing,
that I tolerate.
Lola is my prize.
Your flight's in four hours.
Oh, I'm sorry. It doesn't work.
Hey... see all these?
They record sound, too.
Claire gave me her email address,
so she could be watching all of this
in less than an hour.
- Right.
- You're not 35 years old anymore.
Getting a little long in the tooth
for this shit, don't you think?
Something to think about.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Just do yourself a favor, Pops,
and get the fuck out of here.
- Yeah.
You got your passport?
- Your fuckin' passport!
- Do you got it?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna drive you to the airport,
and you're gonna fuckin' disappear.
- Am I being clear?
- Yeah.
- OK.
If somebody ate me, all my, like,
rage and my sexual, you know, energy
would go into that...
and I got a lot of it, you know?
- She here yet?
- Nope.
Make sure there's a martini
waiting for her.
Uh, yo yo yo yo.
I want everyone to stop for one second.
Just look up here, pay your respects
to the man who made this all possible.
Frank Reilly, everyone. Raise a glass.
Frank... you've really
outdone yourself. Cheers.
Thank you, Frank. Mm.
Alright, now, you just gotta do it,
right? Toss it in there.
- Wow. Look at you.
- Mm.
This is pretty cool, Frankie.
This is pretty fucking cool.
Yeah, it's alright.
I'm sorry that I'm late.
I'm used to it.
- They need you back there.
- FRANK: Yeah. I gotta...
Go. I know. We can talk... later.
Hazel'll take care of you.
What should I order?
The first meal I ever made you.
It's on the menu.
FRANK: So, I got some other good news.
I'm back to being me.
That psycho, I sent him home.
That's 'cause I'm not around.
It's not true.
Why do you want me back?
Because all the reasons to stay away,
they don't work.
And every day, I tell myself,
"Yeah, you blew it."
"Get over it."
And every morning when I wake up,
the first thing I think of is you.
Do you still love me?
I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
It's your... big day.
You know, it's your triumph.
It's so well deserved.
I'll tell you what,
I'm gonna go get changed,
and you think about it.
And if you're here when I come back...
I'll have my answer.
I'll be back.
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