Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) Movie Script

- What's that?
- Come on, now!
Come along!
Quiet! Quiet!
- Well, what are we waiting for?
- The preacher, fool!
Bah! He won't do much good...
not where I'm going.
You're late, Father!
- You nearly missed the show.
- I'm sorry. I didn't hear the cock crow.
Think nothing of it,
my dear sir.
Well, gentlemen...
shall we, eh...
At once, Your Holiness.
And I trust you'll
accept my apologies for
bringing you out on
so raw a morning.
Come on!
Pardon me, Your Holiness, but if that's
for my benefit, could you speak up a bit?
That's better!
Not that I can understand
a word of it.
never was much of a scholar.
I never had time for it.
Nearly had me.
That would never
have done, would it?
That would have spoilt
your day for us.
Get him away from here!
Get him away, do you hear?!
Get that boy away from here!
Get him away!
I think it would be best, Father!
- Away! Away, Hans!
- Here, boy!
Do it now.
Come on. It's my head.
You're going to have it off anyway.
Get him away from here!
Get him away, do you hear?!
Get that boy away from here!
Get him away!
Away, Hans!
- Hans, is that you?
- Yes, Doctor Hertz.
Come quickly! I need you!
Sixteen, Seventeen...
- Sorry I'm late, Doctor.
- Quite alright.
Is he in...?
Your gloves, boy.
A drink, in Heaven's name.
Thirty Five.
I needed that.
Forty Seven.
Forty Nine.
Fifty One. Fifty Two.
Fifty Three. Fifty Four.
Fifty Five. Fifty Six.
Fifty Seven. Fifty Eight.
Fifty Nine. Now!
- How long this time?
- One whole hour, to the second.
Come on. Come on!
No, don't touch it!
You'll freeze your fingers off!
Open it.
Close the door.
The room is not warm enough.
Stoke up the stove.
Stand by the switch.
Again! Again!
Again! Again! Again! Again!
He lives!
- The brandy?
- Smelling salts over there.
Take that foul smelling
stuff away, please.
He lives.
See Hans? He's alive.
Of course I'm alive.
Didn't I tell you I would be?
Oh, yes, but...
Hertz, I am constantly surprised at
your lack of faith in my work.
- But you were dead, was he not, Hans?
- Technically, yes.
But my soul had not left my body.
For one whole hour, I was dead.
It was an hour wasn't it?
Exactly an hour?
Oh, to the second... eh, Hans?
For one hour my body had died...
and yet my soul remained.
Now, why? Why was it?
Was it...
trapped within me?
Could it be trapped forever?
Could I... could I trap it myself?
Oh, this is all too much for me.
All I know is that you're here
and that you're well.
You are well, aren't you?
You're well? You're well?
- I've never felt better, thank you.
- That's wonderful. He's well.
In that case, we must
have a party and celebrate.
That's very flattering. To celebrate
the success of my experiment?
Oh, experiment nothing. I want to
celebrate your safe return. Hans?
- The brandy.
- Oh, no thank you, no.
I know your brandy...
but a glass of champagne
would be very welcome.
Champagne? You think I'd drink that
stuff if I could afford champagne?
Hans, does the local cafe
have champagne?
I'm sure they would, Baron.
Run down and get a bottle.
There's a good fellow.
Run along, boy.
Off you go, boy.
They'll want paying, sir.
- Give him some money.
- Me? I haven't got anything.
Everything I had
was spent on all this.
Tell them I'll pay later.
- Well, I'll try.
- Boy!
- Do you have an overcoat?
- No, I've never had one.
Well, it's stormy outside.
You'd better have mine.
I rarely go out.
One hour.
Dead for one hour.
Yet my soul did not leave my body.
Now, why?
Hello, Christina.
- Where is Father?
- He's out
He'll be back in a minute,
- and if he catches you here...
- So? I'm here on business.
- Oh, yes?
- It's true!
What business?
Wine buying. The Doctor
sent me for some champagne.
And how is he going to pay for it?
Or are you treating him?
The Baron says he'll pay.
- What's the matter Christina?
- The Baron.
I wish you didn't have to
work for him, Hans.
I have to earn some money
somehow, Christina.
- I know.
- But...
You know what they say about him.
No. What do they say about
him behind his back?
- You know.
- I don't know. But I can guess.
That he's some sort of monster
in league with the devil himself.
That he practices witchcraft
and performs the Black Mass.
Is that what they say?
Something like that.
Have they told you
he eats little babies,
or can turn himself into a toad?
I'll tell you
something, Christina:
If it's a choice between him and
they, I'll choose him every time.
There's no cause for you
to get upset with me, Hans.
Who are you talking to?
In God's name, haven't I told you
to keep away from here?
I'm here as a customer, sir.
That doesn't give you the right
to hang around my daughter.
I have enough trouble
with her without...
- What is it you want?
- Some champagne.
- Dr Hertz sent me for it.
- Go on, out!
- What have I said?
- Out!
- It's true!
- The money...
He'll pay, or at least
the Baron will.
I'll pay, then!
That is, if you've got any
real champagne, which I doubt.
What with?
What will you pay with?
With this!
Very well.
- For a dozen bottles!
- One bottle!
Will you take it, or not?
And keep away from
my daughter in future!
I don't want your type
hanging around her.
Landlord! Wine!
The best.
Or the best that your
establishment can offer.
Yes, gentlemen.
White or red?
A selection, gentlemen.
And which do you recommend
to your own taste, landlord?
- The white is very good.
- "The white is very good. "
Excellent. We'll have the red.
And see that it isn't corked,
unless you want to
lose your license.
In excellent condition,
gentlemen, I assure you.
It had better be,
or my father will hear of it.
Oh no, landlord!
Served by your charming daughter.
Now, gentlemen...
By your daughter...
She's out.
- Out, landlord?
- Yes.
She went home early... a headache.
Oh, I see.
Ah! Christina!
As pretty as a picture, today.
Isn't she?
- Please?
- Please don't tease me..
Were you teasing her, Johann?
On the contrary, Anton.
I was complimenting her.
- Karl?
- No, Anton.
You see?
- Your wine, gentlemen.
- Christina is to serve it.
It's alright, Father.
Oh dear... she nearly split it.
Be careful, my dear.
You don't want your father
to lose his license, do you?
See how gracefully she walks.
Look what you've done!
You silly bitch!
- She didn't mean it, I assure you.
- Well of course she did!
Get out of my sight!
You will apologize for that!
- Be careful, Hans.
- Don't be a fool.
- I will what?
- You will apologize.
Did you hear
what this peasant said?
They heard!
I do not care to talk to
the spawn of murderers!
Stop that, you young fool!
You'll smash the place up!
Come on, then!
Are you afraid?!
All three of you?!
Keep away!
- Give me that knife.
- Keep away!
They're going to get
what they deserve!
I'll kill you for that!
Then you'll go the same way
as your father!
You want to prefer charges?
- How about all this mess?
- I know him...
he'll come back in the morning
and clear it all up.
I want him charged with assault!
Three healthy young men
against one...
that won't sound so good
in court, will it sir?
Oh... never mind.
Oh, leave that, Christina.
You go on home.
You have to be up
early in the morning.
I'm sorry, Father.
It's not your fault.
Come on.
Off to bed.
And don't worry.
- Good night, Father.
- Good night, my dear.
Mine, I think, landlord.
Thank you. And where is
our young friend?
You may well ask.
Oh, I see.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Been having a party?
What have you done here?
- You should have that attended to.
- I'll be alright!
On the contrary,
without immediate attention
it could develop into something
quite unpleasant.
- What do you think, Doctor?
- Very nasty.
I'm sure Doctor Hertz will render
first aid, for a small charge.
- Well, how much?
- His normal fee would be 10 crowns,
but since this is an emergency, and
he has a charitable disposition...
perhaps I could persuade him
to do it for five?
- Payable in advance.
- Good!
My friend and I will dine.
Your menu, please.
And will you be so kind as to
put this on ice for us? Thank You.
- Hello.
- Are you hurt?
Only my pride.
I lost my temper.
- I know.
- I shouldn't have, I suppose.
Thank you for trying to help.
That temper of mine is
always getting me into trouble.
- Get me hanged one day.
- You mustn't say that.
Because of what they did
to my father?
You know what they say:
"Like father, like son".
- Never say that!
- I sometimes think I'm like him.
Oh, you're not like him.
He was a drunkard!
Who stole, and killed a man!
I know.
But I don't remember him
like that at all.
I only remember him as a jolly old
man who used to make me laugh.
You know... he was
always telling stories.
He'd take me for long walks
in the country and tell me
all sorts of wonderful things
about what we saw.
And I believed him, every word.
I'm sure he made them all up.
Did your father take you
for walks when you were a kid?
He never took me anywhere.
He didn't like to be
seen with me.
I see. Oh, sorry. I didn't mean...
But he's been very kind
in other ways.
Every penny he gets
he spends on doctors for me.
He thinks they might
be able to help.
And don't you?
We're going to see another one
tomorrow in Innesbad.
It won't be any use.
- Do you care?
- Yes, I care!
Terribly! I think of nothing else!
It eats me up!
Just to look ordinary,
not beautiful.
Just ordinary, so I could
walk about the streets
without hiding my face in shame.
You don't have to hide
from me, Christina.
- You know that, don't you?
- Please don't make it worse.
I love you, Christina.
Please. Please.
And I believe you love me.
Ah! Excellent.
Come along, Hertz,
we've work to do tonight.
- More?
- Well, certainly.
You don't think my experiments
end there, do you?
Haven't you grasped anything I've
been doing for these last 6 months?
I confess...
very little.
As I feared.
- An excellent meal, landlord.
- Have you finished?
- I suppose I have.
- Good.
Then settle the bill, will you?
Keep the change.
Look after that head.
Oh, landlord, eh...
I find myself
temporarily embarassed, eh...
- ... financially, I mean.
- I see.
And my companions likewise.
Do you think you could
see your way clear to...
Only until tomorrow.
May I remind you gentlemen that I
was told the same story last week,
and I'm still waiting
for my money?
Oh, well!
If that is to be your attitude, we shall
have to take our custom elsewhere.
Do that gentlemen.
It will cost me less.
Throw open thy window that
I may gaze upon thy beauty!
No, Hans. Leave them.
Don't go away.
Sweet Christina, fair of face,
Blessed with beauty,
filled with grace,
Lonely on your virgin bed,
you'll stay a virgin
'till you're dead!
No, Hans, no!
In your dreams a handsome lad,
Comes creeping to your virgin bed,
Hide your face. Don't let him see,
One look at it, and he will flee.
- I could kill them!
- No!
Sweet Christina, don't you cry.
It won't be long before you die.
Then from the heavens
a star will fall,
for the ugliest angel of them all.
For the ugliest angel of them all!
Forget them, Hans.
Love me.
Love me.
This has given me a thirst...
a lovely thirst
that needs quenching.
Will you gentlemen
assist me quench it?
Open the doors.
I can't wind this.
You see?!
The energy!
The force trapped in the
rock itself is being released.
Oh, it's magic!
Anything we don't understand
is magic, until we understand it.
To me, it's magic... all of this.
Until we understand it
and master it.
Help me, man! Hurry!
Switch that anti-clockwise!
Mind your hand.
He's just leaving.
This is our night.
- You first.
- No, you.
What is it to be, gentlemen?
Drinks on the house.
Come on out.
I know you're there.
Get him!
That's enough!
That's enough!
Now watch!
You see?
A shield of indestructible matter!
We have succeeded, Hertz.
We have?
A frame of force so strong
that nothing can enter it...
and nothing can escape.
one question, please.
What is it for?
What is it for?
To give life after death, my friend.
That's what it's for.
Life after death.
We have conquered death.
Herr Kleve!
I should have thought the
whole thing was perfectly clear
even to someone as
muddle-headed as you are, Hertz.
However, if you wish, I will
explain it to you step by step.
Yes. Yes, please explain.
Now, first of all, I have
established beyond doubt
that the soul does not leave
the body at the instant of death.
- Now, you understand that?
- Yes, yes.
And you agree?
- Yes.
- Good!
The second thing...
I have succeeded in creating
a frame of force so strong
that nothing can penetrate it.
Now, if nothing can penetrate it,
than nothing can leave it, agreed?
I suppose so.
No supposition about it.
It is a fact. You saw for yourself.
- Yes, yes, alright.
- Well... there you are, then.
Where am I? What has all this
to do with conquering death?
- Do I have to spell it for you?
- Yes, you do.
I am a muddle-head.
I'm a broken down,
drunken old muddle-head,
and you have to explain it for me.
One dies because
the body dies, not the soul.
Death is a physical thing,
not spiritual.
The body deteriorates, or just
decays, but the soul remains alive.
Now, if I can transfer
the soul to my apparatus,
repair the damaged body,
and then return the soul,
I have conquered death.
Is that not so?
If you say so.
I do.
I do say so.
Then it must be so.
Oh, look! It's almost daylight.
Would you like me to
make you a nice cup of coffee?
Alright, driver.
What's happened?
What are you all staring at?
In here, you!
- What for?!
- Inside!
This is him, sir.
Show him the coat.
No use you denying it.
We have witnesses to prove that
you were wearing this coat.
I'm not denying anything.
you admit that
this is your coat.
- Yes... or rather...
- Where were you last night?!
- I was here.
- I know that!
And after here, where?
Didn't you hear me?
- I heard you.
- Well?
- I don't want to tell you.
- No.
And I'm not surprised!
- Take him away!
- Where to? Why?
- To be charged.
- Charged?
With what?
With murder, son.
I will prove, without
a shred of doubt,
that this man...
the son of a convicted murderer...
The story of a man's father
cannot be brought as evidence!
Indeed not.
As he was guillotined
in this very town,
within the living memory
of many of you,
for the same crime as has been
committed by his son!
"Like father, like son. "
I call my first witness.
- He said "I'll kill you for this".
- Those were his very words?
Yes, sir. That's exactly
what he said.
Do you recognize this coat?
Yes, it's mine.
Did you not give it somebody?
Somebody here,
in this very court?
Oh yes, of course I did...
to Hans.
He was so very cold,
weren't you, Son?
You are not allowed
to address the accused!
Accused? Accused of what?
- He wouldn't hurt...
- That will be all!
- You are Baron Victor Frankenstein?
- I am.
And what is your
occupation, Baron?
I am a busy man. Your Honor,
is this really necessary?
Please answer the question.
- Your occupation?
- I am a doctor.
- Of medicine?
- Of medicine, law, and physics.
And of witchcraft.
To the best of my knowledge, doctorates
are not awarded for witchcraft,
but in the event they are,
no doubt I shall qualify for one.
- You are a very clever man, Baron.
- Yes, I am.
- Too clever.
- Thank you.
Now, if you will kindly proceed,
I should like to get back to my work.
What kind of work, Baron?
- That is none of your business.
- Perhaps it is my business!
Your Honor, may I
state quite simply,
that I have known the accused
for several months,
and that I have always
found him to be trustworthy,
diligent, keen witted,
if not over intelligent,
concientious, abstemious,
and wholly reliable.
I know that he has been
accused of murder.
As a psychologist,
I can only say that I
consider it extremely unlikely
that he could commit
such a crime.
you think you can tell a
murderer just by looking at him?
I protest!
You say it is extremely unlikely
he could commit such a crime...
but not impossible.
No... not impossible.
And you say he had
a violent temper?
I certainly would.
And when he loses
this violent temper,
would you consider him
capable of murder?
You must not put words
into the witness's mouth.
Then I shall re-phrase
the question.
What sort of a man
would you say that is?
A murderer.
Thank you. That is my case.
Do you still refuse to tell us
where you were at that time?
You realize you are leaving me
no alternative but to assume
that you were at
the scene of the crime!
Very well.
The jury will retire.
You will be guillotined
at dawn tomorrow.
Can't you get it into your head?
This is our chance!
We might have to wait years
for such an opportunity!
And here it is right
on our very doorstep!
- Why do you hesitate?!
- But is it right?
Right?! What has right
got to do with it?!
That boy is doomed! By this time
tomorrow he'll be dead!
Guillotined, and the pieces buried!
Oh, it will be so terrible...
What do we do?
Take his soul and preserve it...
up there... in my apparatus.
I want you to see
that his body is here
not later than one hour
after his execution.
One hour! You understand?
How do I get them
to give me his body?
You persuade one of his
jailors to lend it to you
for medical purposes.
- I can ask him.
- Ask him?!
Don't ask! Demand!
You've been the doctor here for
the last 30 years, haven't you?
You must know something
about everyone in the village.
Use that knowledge.
I'm sure they've all got
something they want to hide.
When you have his soul...
what then?
- I transfer it to another body.
- Body? Whose body?
Bodies are easy to come by.
Souls are not.
See you don't let me down.
- Aughtn't you to ask his permission?
- What on earth for?
He might not want
his soul up there.
He won't know anything
about it until it's too late.
Besides, he might refuse.
Oh, it's you. Right.
I can't pay you.
They haven't paid me
for three months.
Don't know where
my next meal is coming from.
- You don't look as if you're starving.
- Wind.
All wind.
What do you want then, Doctor?
- I want you to do something for me.
- That makes a change, anyway.
When they execute
that boy tomorrow,
I want his body.
Just for an hour. No more.
- What do you want his body for?
- Never you mind.
I want it.
Yeah... it's got something to do
with that Baron Frankenstein.
You're friendly with
him, aren't you!
Oh, no. I'm having nothing to do
with him and what he's up to. Oh, no.
Do you remember that
little girl in Innesbad?
- What little girl?
- The pretty one...
that started putting on weight,
all of a sudden.
And tried to pin it on to me!
But you fixed it alright,
didn't you, Doctor?
- Did you tell your wife about that?
- Are you mad?
And the time you
came back from Carlsbad,
covered in sores?
They was food
poisoning, they was!
That's what you told
your wife, wasn't it?
Hey, what are you getting at?
I want that body.
Look! It's an execution!
Driver, faster! We'll miss it!
Looks like a young man.
Driver, faster! Faster!
Is there no one
who might be of help?
No one.
Very well.
Hans! Hans!
Hans! Hans!
And there he is.
I'll pick him up again tonight
as soon as it's dark.
- You won't go spoiling him, will you?
- No, no. Please go. Please go.
- What's that noise?
- Nothing. Now, please go!
- Got him.
- Excellent.
Come on. Get him upstairs.
Just a minute. Right.
Ask who it is.
- Who is it?
- May we see you a moment, Doctor?
Hide this first.
Alright, answer it.
She drowned herself, Doctor.
Is there anything you can do?
Do what? A miracle?
No, I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do.
Doctor Hertz and I
will do what we can.
Bring her in.
- But there is nothing I can do.
- Oh, yes there is!
Our young friend will live again
sooner than we thought.
In her body?
Why not?
No. She's twisted,
deformed and broken.
I'll have no part of it.
A blood clot somewhere
near the brain.
Nothing you can't put right.
Under my direction.
In six months time,
she'll be as good as new, Hertz.
Cut it.
- Keep still.
- It's alright, my dear. Alright.
There Doctor... your handiwork.
- You can be proud of it.
- My handiwork... but your brain.
Better get rid of that.
See... the hair has changed color.
Yes. Yes.
Well, the face is alright.
Now, let's see if she can walk.
Oh, Baron! Not now. She's
still suffering from shock.
Alright, tomorrow then.
who am I?
Now, walk on your toes.
Stretch up as high as you can.
Do you feel any pain?
No discomfort?
- None
- Excellent.
- Now, lie down please.
- Baron.
- Please, may I ask something of you?
- What is it?
May I see my face?
See it? What on earth for?
I want to know what I'm like.
The scar has healed perfectly. Nothing
to worry about. Lie down, please.
When are you going to tell me?
- Tell you what?
- Who I am.
Where I'm from.
How did I come to be here.
Your name is Christina, and
you're a very healthy young girl.
That's all you need to know
for the time being.
Rest now.
Go on.
Don't be afraid.
Who am I?!
You're a very, very
lovely girl, my dear.
Just where do you
think you're going?
Out. It's such a lovely day.
you are not to leave this house
without my permission.
- But, Baron...
- She is not to leave until I say so.
- This is entirely my fault, Baron.
- Naturally.
Oh, Christina...
I shall be needing
the top room for my work,
would you please arrange
to sleep downstairs.
Doctor Hertz will help you
with your things.
Christina, my dear...
there is something that I must
tell you about yourself...
and about him... the Baron.
He told me not to,
but I feel I must
so that you can
understand him a little better.
Is it about who I was?
That I cannot tell you. Not yet.
Come and sit down.
Now, then...
When you first came here, you were
not as you are now, you know.
Your face was terribly scarred...
and your body was
deformed and twisted.
He made you as you are now.
But, how?
By surgery... unbelievably
brilliant surgery.
- But his hands...
- No, no, the hands were mine,
but the skill was his.
He directed my every move.
Christina, my dear, that man
posesses such power...
such knowledge...
why, sometimes I don't even
understand it myself.
But he is a wonderful man.
Coming, Baron!
- But, will it be safe?
- I've no idea.
But if we are to learn anything
we must be prepared to take risks.
This test will be interesting
and possibly informative.
That's enough reason
for me to carry it out.
Now, will you please tell
Christina to get ready?
We'll be leaving in half an hour.
I'm going to show you something.
When you see it,
I want you to tell me whatever
thoughts come into your head.
Now, will you do that?
What did you say?
He remembered. He remembered
his father on the guillotine.
Hans. Surely you
understand by now.
- His soul is in her body.
- Yes!
Not all the time... not all the time.
We must have some more tests.
Oh, no, not now. She's sleeping.
This was a shock to her.
She doesn't understand
what is happening.
She's bewildered.
What's the matter?
You've come in here
as if you'd seen a ghost.
I tell you, it was nothing!
Look, deal me in, eh?
And let's have some more wine.
Come on. Another one, come on.
- No.
- Double or nothing.
Nothing. I'm going home.
What's the matter with you?
The matter? With me?
There's nothing the
matter with me.
There's nothing the
matter with me!
Alright. Alright.
Anton... calm yourself down.
"Calm yourself down. "
Alright, go on home.
I'm having another drink.
Landlord?! One more!
My friends have to go "bye-bye".
Leave him.
Don't forget to say your prayers.
Here.. I'll show you a trick.
Now... take a card. Any card.
What's the matter with everybody!
Oh, God.
Right. Out!
No! I want another drink!
I said out! I'm closing up!
- Go on! Get out!
- I'll report you!
- I'll tell my father!
- Get on home!
Who are you?
Does it matter?
- What are you doing here?
- Is that important?
Well, no... I suppose not.
It's just, um...
just that I've never
seen you here before.
- You're very pretty.
- So they tell me.
And who tells you?
Men, I suppose.
I suppose you've, eh...
been with lots of men, eh?
And you have been
with lots of girls.
Of course.
- Do you want to come with me?
- Where?
There's an empty house
just around the corner.
- We could go there.
- No.
Where, then?
I don't know.
Well, alright then.
You know... I used to know
the girl who lived here.
What was she like?
She was ugly.
All twisted. Like this.
You know, I don't believe
you're real.
I am real.
Prove it.
I shall... in a minute.
- Hey, where are you going?
- To change.
You know,
I don't believe you are real.
I think you're a "mirage".
A mirage.
An oasis in the middle
of my desert's life.
Can you help me off
with my boots?
I say, can you hear me?
Are you there?
Where are you hiding?
If you've been tricking me...
Kill, Christina!
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
Christina, my dear,
with fresh rolls.
Oh... I love you.
When you've finished,
I'd like your assistance.
Christina, my breakfast
on a tray, please.
I'm going.
Are you coming?
What's the point?
I shan't be able to sleep.
Might as well stay here.
Have another drink
to quieten you down.
I don't want another drink.
who did it?
Who killed him?
God knows.
Yes. God knows, indeed.
You don't think
it was a punishment...
for what he did?
- For what we did?
- Shut up.
Don't tell me...
Shut up!
I'm going.
Good night.
Can you help me, please?
I can try.
I was on my way to Innesbad,
and I missed the coach.
There isn't another until morning.
I'll stay here and
keep you company.
- Oh, you are very kind.
- So they tell me.
Would you care for
some refreshment?
I'll fetch the landlord.
The fellow appears
to have gone to bed.
You really are very kind.
Are you sure it's not
too much trouble?
Trouble? Of course not.
It's a pleasure.
Clumsy fool. I'm so sorry...
My dress.
I must wash it or
the wine will stain.
You will wash it?
It won't take a moment.
I'll do it in there.
You have another drink.
Kill him!
Kill him, Christina!
Oh, my dear child. You shouldn't
be doing that. Let me.
It's for the stove, for coffee.
Even so, a nice young lady like you
shouldn't be chopping wood.
It's your friend.
I know. It's terrible.
He's come back.
he's... come back!
If he's come back
from the grave...
somebody's brought him back.
What the devil's going on?!
How dare you!
Get away from here!
Baron Frankenstein!
We want to speak to you!
I'm busy!
You'll have to see them!
They've threatened to burn down
the house if you don't!
And he had written the name
of his assassin in his own blood!
And what was the name?
Is this why you interrupted my work?
To tell me this fantasy?
I realize that you are
an educated man, Baron,
but there are things even the most
learned of men cannot understand.
Are you suggesting that
my late assistant
has been brought to life again
by witchcraft?
You said the word, sir... not I!
Then you believe that I have
been practicing sorcery.
We do not know what it is
that you do here, sir.
We only know that we have
heard strange noises...
and seen strange lights,
in the middle of the night.
You are wasting my time.
I'm afraid you've got to
listen to us, sir,
or we shall have to take steps!
What do you mean by "steps"?
That there are procedures laid down
for the disposal of witches,
as well you know, sir.
You mean you'll burn me?
- I see.
- Gentlemen, I do assure you...
This has nothing to do
with you, Doctor. We know you.
This is between the Baron and us.
What can I do to convince you
that you're wrong?
Produce the body?
If I show you his body,
will you be satisfied?
How do you mean?
By digging it up, of course!
How else do you think?!
It's been tampered with!
The screws are loose!
There you are.
Where's the head?!
I have done what you told me.
What am I to do now?
You will kill Johann.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him!
- Christina!
- She was here. I saw her this morning.
- Had her bed been slept in?
- I don't know, it was very early.
- What was she doing?
- She was chopping wood.
Those fools are nearer
the truth than they know.
Hans is alive. His soul is
in her body. He's seeking revenge.
Two of those ruffians killed.
The third is still to die.
And what do you want?
Stop! Stop!
Are you traveling far, sir?
How can I make you understand?!
It's not only for my benefit that
you release me, but also for yours.
The murderer is out there! She will
strike again if I don't get to her first.
- Her?
- Her! Christina Kleve.
What are you talking about?
It is true... absolutely true.
She lives!
She lives, but her soul
is not her own.
It belongs to young Hans Bernau.
You sentenced him to death.
It would appear you
beheaded the wrong man.
- Both dead.
- Precicely!
And Johann?
I saw him this morning,
running for the coach to Innesbad.
What is all this nonsense?
I think you'd better explain
yourself, sir... from the beginning!
Would you care for
a glass of wine, sir?
That's very kind of you.
Yes, yes, I would indeed.
You know, I...
I can't get it out of my head.
Have we met somewhere before?
- We have.
- Where?
Drink your wine.
- It may help you to remember.
- Yes.
Do you expect us to believe
all this childish rubbish, sir?
- Do you take us for fools?
- Yes.
He is telling the truth, officer.
He really is.
In that case you can rely upon us
to apprehend the creature. And...
- And what?! Destroy her?
- If necessary.
In the name of Justice, I suppose.
I'll get him!
I give up.
Who are you?
I'll tell you later.
Much later.
Go on!
Won't you even...
tell me your name?
- What is it, coachman?
- Horse has thrown a shoe, sir.
- How long will it be?
- Can't say, sir.
I know where we are.
We can practically walk
from here. Through there.
Well, eh...
- ... if you're sure.
- Of course.
We can picnic on the way.
Thank you.
My hat box.
Follow me.
- It's warm.
- Yes.
Would you like to rest for a while?
Are you hungry?
Pass me the basket.
Stop! Whoa.
Some more?
Another kiss, first.
Do you really want to know
who I am, Johann?
How did you know my name?
I am Christina Kleve.
You have done what you
had to do, Christina.
You may rest now... in peace.
Stop there.
Now, listen to
what I have to say.
It wasn't you who
killed those young men.
You didn't know
what you were doing.
Let me tell you who
you really are.
- I know who I am.
- Please.
And what I have to do.
Forgive me.