Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943) Movie Script

[Wind Howling]
Lawrence Stewart Talbot.
who died at the youthful
age of 31.
That's it.
Give me the chisel.
Suppose they didn't bury him
with the money on him.
Everybody in the village
knows about it...
his gold watch and ring
and money in his pockets.
It's a sin to bury good money when
it could help people. [Chuckles]
This gives me the creeps.
What do you think it will
look like after so many years?
Just bones
and an empty skull.
Watch the lamp.
Get me the light.
Even a man who is
pure at heart...
and says his prayers
by night...
may become a wolf...
when the wolfbane
and the moon is
full and bright.
It looks like
he's asleep.
Let's get on with it.
First the ring.
We won't have to worry for a long
time. I thought the dead was stiff.
Shut up.
It's holding me.
Help me.
Help me.
Help. Help!
Don't leave me!
Here. Now.
Come up.
Come on. Wake up and get along with you.
You've got a home.
haven't you?
Or do you want me to
take you to the station?
Good heavens!
How is the patient. Nurse?
He's conscious. Dr. Mannering.
And talked. He insists upon sitting up.
Conscious? Talked?
But that's impossible so soon
after a critical operation.
The nurse tells me
you're well enough to talk.
Why. Yes.
Pulse. 72.
no fever.
There's no pain?
Where am I?
Queen's Hospital.
Queens? Yes. Queen's
Hospital in Cardiff.
How did I get here?
You were found in the street more
dead than alive with a head injury.
How did you get
that skull fracture?
I... don't remember.
This is Inspector Owen.
I'm Dr. Mannering.
What's your name?
Lawrence Talbot.
Where did you come from?
Llanwelly Village.
But... how did I get
to Cardiff?
That's enough for now.
You must rest.
You'll be fit again
very soon.
If there's any change.
call me immediately.
Yes. Doctor.
Hello? Put me through to the
police station at Llanwelly.
Just a routine checkup. Doctor.
Then we can close the case.
[Phone Rings]
[Continues Ringing]
Llanwelly Police Station.
This is Inspector Owen
speaking. From Cardiff.
Have you got anything in
your file on a man named...
Lawrence Talbot?
Why. Of course.
He lived here.
Good. That's all right. Then. We've
got him up here in our hospital.
Huh. I wouldn't want him
in our hospital.
He died four years ago.
Why. Of course I'm sure.
I was present
at his funeral.
That'll be all.
Inspector. Good-bye.
Lawrence Talbot died four years
ago. Your man's an impostor.
That's a harsh word. Inspector.
Poor devil of unsound mind.
I'll wager he's sound enough
to remember his own name.
I'm gonna have
another talk with him.
That man is my patient.
not your prisoner.
I'll decide when
he can be questioned again.
Very well.
It's in your hands.
I found this bandage here
when I came in this morning.
I didn't open the window.
The patient must've done it himself.
You'd better
cover him up.
You're all right.
Nothing has happened.
Better get some more bandages.
We'll renew the compress.
Now. Don't excite yourself.
Please be calm.
Doctor... something
terrible has happened.
You must've had a nightmare. It's
evident you were walking in your sleep.
Call the police.
The police? Yes. You'd better call them.
I'm a...
I'm a murderer.
Yes. Of course.
Anything you say.
Ask Inspector Owen to come
here at once. Yes. Doctor.
What is all this
about wanting the police?
Last night. L...
I killed someone.
But you were in
this room all night.
I tell you. I did it.
I killed someone.
But you couldn't have.
You must've heard
the nurses discussing it.
Mr. Talbot. You're suffering
from a delusion.
It's true someone was killed last night.
But it happened many streets from here.
Moreover. He was attacked
by some sort of wild animal.
That's just it.
I turn into an animal.
Well. Mr. Talbot.
Decided to remember
your real name?
Mr. Talbot seems to have heard about
the unfortunate constable last night.
It's disturbing him. But
he doesn't understand.
There's a curse upon me.
I change into a wolf.
It's a bit difficult
to believe. My good man.
See that scar?
That's where I was bitten
by a wolf.
Only it wasn't a real wolf.
It was a man.
A werewolf.
I killed him.
Now I change into a wolf
at night when the moon is full.
It's the truth.
Ask Maleva. The old
Gypsy woman. She knows.
Maleva? Gypsy?
Mr. Talbot. You must
get back into bed.
Oh. Are you blind? Won't
you believe me? Help me.
Just tell us your real name.
Let us do the worrying.
I told you.
Lawrence Talbot.
Lawrence Talbot!
Why can't you understand?
Lawrence Talbot died
four years ago.
Four years?
Well. I did...
I can't die.
Mr. Talbot. if you want us to
help you. you must do as we say.
Now. Please lie down.
You think I'm insane.
You think I don't know
what I'm talking about.
Well. You just look inside that grave where
Lawrence Talbot is supposed to be buried.
and see if you find
a body in it.
Please get back into
bed. Get on with it.
You're treating me like a lunatic.
Well. You're as stupid as all the rest.
Come along. Inspector.
[Struggling Sounds
You mean to say that Talbot actually
experienced that murder last night?
I'm afraid so.
People with brain injuries sometimes
develop supernormal mental powers...
that are
quite extraordinary.
Certainly he got up
and opened the window.
The borderline between delusion
and reality is very narrow.
Sometimes a patient may
unknowingly overstep that line.
Then that man's dangerous.
He ought to be behind bars.
He's a lycanthrope.
A what?
What's that?
A man who imagines himself
to be a wolf.
Poor devil.
We should try to do
something to help him.
Well. Doctor. I think I'll run
up to Llanwelly and find out...
You know. Inspector.
I had the very same idea.
To be able to cure this man.
I have to know who he is.
We'll go up together.
Somebody's broken
into this vault.
How long since you were
here last. Sergeant?
Not for months. Nobody's
died in Llanwelly lately.
and nobody comes here
if he doesn't have to.
The door...
What about it?
It's broken from inside.
Here. Give me that.
Someone must've taken
the body out of the tomb.
That's not Lawrence Talbot. Not Talbot?
Do you know who this is here?
Yes. That's Freddy Jolly.
Who's he?
Been up for vagrancy.
What would you say
he died of. Doctor?
Severed jugular.
This man bled to death.
Same as the constable
in Cardiff.
Looks rather like the bite of
an animal. Aye. That animal.
We remember it well
And it must've carried away
the corpse of poor Sir Lawrence.
What animal? Why. didn't you know. Sir?
There was a wild animal
around here a few years ago.
It killed people. Bit through
their throats. drained their blood.
Did they kill it? Sir John
Talbot thought he did. Sir.
He attacked it in the dark
one night. or so he thought.
But it was his son he
killed. Poor Mr. Larry.
Where is
Sir John Talbot now?
Over there. Sir. Died
of grief shortly after.
Let's get out of here.
But the body. Sir.
Mustn't touch that.
That's evidence. Yes. Sir.
Sergeant. If it's convenient. I'd like
to see a photograph of Lawrence Talbot.
There's one up in my office. Sir. Good.
Here's Mr. Larry's
photograph. Sir.
Take a look at this face. Doctor.
Isn't that our man in Cardiff?
Yes. There is a similarity. But I
wouldn't swear it's the same man.
Of course it's not
the same man.
If it were.
I'd be off me top.
I think the sergeant here better
come back to Cardiff with us...
and see if he can positively
identify this man.
That's the thing to do. Do you
mind if I use your telephone?
I'd like to check up on my patient's
condition. Of course. Doctor. Over there.
Hello? Put me through to the
Queen's Hospital in Cardiff. Please.
I want to talk to
Dr. Gordon.
Have you ever heard of
a Gypsy woman named Maleva?
A Gypsy woman?
A vagrant. Eh?
Mm-hmm. We always register them.
Hello. Dr. Gordon?
This is Dr. Mannering speaking.
How's Lawrence Talbot
You know. The head-injury case
that went violent yesterday.
Did you notify the police?
Well. I suppose that's all
we can do at present.
I'll be back tonight. Doctor.
What happened to Talbot?
Did he die?
No. He tore off his straightjacket
during the night and escaped.
Tore off
his straightjacket?
Bit right through it.
Tore it to shreds
with his teeth.
With his teeth?
Stop it!
What do you want here?
I'm looking for
an old Gypsy woman.
Maleva is her name.
Is she here with you?
Maleva? Yeah. She is with us.
You'll find her
over there.
They told me
you'd left England.
I've looked all over Europe
for you. From town to town.
Now that I've found you.
you must help me.
Come in.
What do you want
from me?
here I still carry
the sign of the pentagram.
The mark
of the werewolf.
I kill people.
When the moon is full.
I turn into a wolf.
It's not in my power
to help you.
You're the only one
that understands.
Nobody else in the world
will believe me.
But you...
you know.
Your own son Bela
was a werewolf.
He attacked me. He
changed me into a werewolf.
He's the one that put
this curse on me.
You watched over him until
he was permitted to die.
Well. Now I want to
die too.
Won't you show me the way? I can't.
But I will guard you
and take care of you...
as I took care of
my own son.
You're not leaving us.
You're not going with him.
He has the sign
of the beast on him.
He is dangerous
only when the moon is full.
I shall watch over him.
He will murder you.
No. I shall take him
to a place I know.
I know a man...
who has the power
to help you.
Help me?
Is that the town?
Yes. That is Vasaria.
At last.
[Clicking Tongue]
Let's ask in here.
Are you the proprietor? I am.
What do you beggars want? [Maleva]
Wejust want to ask you, sir,
about the Doctor Frankenstein.
Frankenstein? Don't mention
that name around this town.
Oh. Please. Won't you
tell us where he lives?
That's his
burial place.
The fire destroyed him
and all his misdeeds.
He's dead?
Oh. But he can't be.
He didn't die
any too soon for us.
We all wish that
he'd never been born.
What did you want
with him?
I heard he was
a great doctor...
who could help people that
other doctors couldn't cure.
Him? Murder and crimes
was all he ever brought us.
He harbored a monster
in his house,
a thing created
by black magic.
Dr. Frankenstein. Dead.
Thank you. Sir.
for the information.
Come on.
Get out and stay out.
We don't want your kind
around here.
Oh. Keep your hands
off of me!
Now I must
go on living.
There's no hope
for me to die.
Wait! Stop!
Don't go!
Don't go!
[Wolf Howling]
Who coulve done
this terrible thing?
Could it be
the monster again?
No. The monster was burned
to death by Dr. Frankenstein.
Yes. We found his bones
and buried them.
How do you know they were
the monster's bones?
She wasn't killed by a monster.
An animal bit her to death.
I saw the wound
on her throat.
What animals are around
here that can kill people?
[Wolf Howling]
A wolf.
Yes. A wolf.
That's his cry. Come on. Let's get him.
[All Clamoring]
[Dog Barking]
Come on!
Come on!
[Dog Barking]
There he is!
[Barking Continues]
Where is he?
He was here a moment ago.
[All Chattering]
[Dog Barking]
The Gypsy woman! What
are you doing here?
Come on.
Speak up. Old witch.
Where's that strange man
that was with you?
Let's take her back to town.
We'll make her speak.
[All Chattering]
Dr. Frankenstein
must've kept records.
A diary.
You know where it is.
Show me.
It isn't here.
"To my dear father. "
she's the one...
that can tell me.
And this man. he wishes to buy
the ruins of my father's estate?
[Man] Yes. That's why I asked
you to come here, Baroness.
He wanted me to give him
your address.
I refused.
But since I knew you were anxious
to get rid of the property.
and all the memories
connected with it.
I thought that in
my position as mayor...
I would take the liberty
of sending for you.
- Did he say his name is Taylor?
- Yes.
And that's all
I know about him.
Baroness Frankenstein.
Mr. Taylor.
- Baroness.
- Mr. Taylor.
Come in, Mr. Taylor.
Come in, come in.
Do you mind if I speak to
the baroness alone. Please?
Why. Uh... Why. Uh.
Certainly. certainly.
Now. Uh. If. Uh...
If you need a witness for the
contract. Baroness. I'm at your service.
Thank you.
Won't you please
sit down. Mr. Taylor?
Thank you.
I understand that
you want to buy our land.
No. L...
I wanted to meet you.
I don't understand. I
didn't know how to find you,
and the mayor wouldn't
give me your address.
so I felt that if I offered
to buy your land...
that you'd be
sure to come.
It's certainly a most unusual
way to make an acquaintance.
But now that you have gone to
all this trouble to meet me.
what can I really
do for you?
I want
your father's records.
His experiments
with life and death.
The records of the creation
of the monster.
My father's diary.
Yes. You must
give it to me.
I don't have
any records.
If I had. L...
I would have destroyed
them long ago.
My father was
a great scientist.
but all he created
brought unhappiness.
Oh. But you don't
I must have them.
Won't you help me?
I'm sorry. Mr. Taylor.
There is nothing I can do.
The house burned down.
and I have never set a foot
on that ground again...
and never shall.
And that's all the
information I can give you.
Well. Is everything
settled. Baroness?
We decided not to go through
with the sale after all.
## [Orchestra]
Why. That sounds like...
Yes. Baroness.
It's the Festival of New Wine.
It begins tonight.
It's beautiful.
Takes me back
to my childhood.
## [Continues]
Why don't you join us tonight.
Baroness. as our guest of honor?
You would take the first
train in the morning.
Thank you. Mayor.
Of course I'll stay.
You. Too. Mr. Taylor. I hope
you will accept the invitation...
to be our guest tonight.
on behalf of our community.
Thank you.
I'll be there.
# Come one and all
and sing a song #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# For life is short
but death is long #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# There'll be no music
in the tomb #
# So sing. Rejoice
Down with gloom #
# Tonight the new wine
is in bloom #
# Faro. Faro. Faro. lo #
# Fa. La. La. La. La #
# Tonight we toast
our happy host #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# For he's the man
we love the most #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# He's barrel-bellied
Dipper-lipped #
# For drinking wine
he's well equipped #
# But where's his chest
It must have slipped #
# Faro-faro-faro-la #
# Fa. La. La. La. La
la. La. La #
# The wine tonight
is nobly blessed #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# By such a lady
and her guest #
# Faro-la, faro-li #
# Faro-la. Faro-li #
# To them I toast
Come drink with me #
# That may they ever
happy be #
# And may they live
eternally #
# Faro-faro-faro-la #
# Come one and all
and sing a song #
# Faro-la, faro-li #
# For life is short #
# But death is long #
# Faro-la... ## Stop that! Stop this!
Quit that singing!
## [Continues]
Eternally! I don't
want to live eternally!
## [Ends] Why did you say
that to me? Get away from me!
Stay away!
Go away. All of you!
Let me alone!
Stay away!
[All Murmuring]
Good evening.
Mr. Talbot.
I beg your pardon.
You must be mistaken. My name
is Taylor. I know you by Talbot.
Lawrence Talbot. You carry your
identification on your forehead.
## [Resumes]
Baroness Frankenstein.
Dr. Mannering.
How do you do.
Dr. Mannering?
Won't you sit down?
Thank you.
How does it happen
that you're here. Doctor?
I've been looking
for you. Mr. Talbot.
And you were
very easy to find.
The newspapers told me
where to look for you.
Fontainbleu. Aachen.
and finally Vasaria.
I simply followed the trail
and found you.
Very clever of you.
wasn't it. Doctor?
Mr. Talbot is returning
to England with me.
I don't think that I care
to do that. Doctor.
Baroness. Will you give me
the honor of the next dance?
Of course.
At our Festival
of New Wine. Gentlemen.
it's a man's privilege
to ask any lady for a dance.
And vice-versa.
Excuse us.
Why have you
followed me?
you're a murderer.
Prove it. You're insane
at times. and you know it.
You're sane enough now. though.
To know what you're doing.
Why don't you let me
take care of you?
Do you think it would do any good
to put me in a lunatic asylum?
You know that's where you
belong. It's the only thing to do.
That wouldn't do any good. I'd
only escape again. sooner or later.
We might be able to cure
you. Might prevent you...
I only want to die.
That's why I'm here.
If I ever find peace.
I'll find it here.
You understand.
Why don't you help me?
Sit down.
How can I help you?
Dr. Frankenstein
left a diary.
In it are his records of the
secrets of life and death.
If I can find
Dr. Frankenstein's diary,
I can break this curse
and find peace in death.
[Dr. Mannering] That's morbid. Besides,
Dr. Frankenstein's experiments were
considered rather extraordinary.
Medical science never.
never recognized them.
That's just it. Why don't you
ask that girl. His daughter?
She can tell you about
things Dr. Frankenstein did...
that your medical science
has never heard of.
Talbot. I'm appealing
to your better nature...
while you can still
think normally.
The moon will be full again soon. You must
come back with me while there's still time.
Isn't there somebody
that could understand?
Gentlemen. Why those
serious faces?
[Both Screaming]
[Man] The monster! The
monster! The monster!
[All Screaming]
[Screaming Continues]
No. No. It's me.
Come on with me.
[Screaming Continues]
[All Chattering]
[Chattering Ceases]
Not a sign of them. We shall
have to wait until morning.
It's clear to me
they're hiding in those ruins.
Much as I'd like to kill the
monster. I'd hate to crawl around...
through the dark catacombs of Frankenstein's
castle in the black of the night.
What about that Frankenstein
girl? She has lived up there.
[All Clamoring]
Let's bring her in here.
Stop. Stop.
There's no need for us all
to storm after her.
She'll come in
if I ask her.
Why should we treat her so
fancy? She's a Frankenstein.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
She's a young woman
who's done us no harm.
Now. Stay here.
the men would like to
talk to you. Baroness.
The Gypsy woman is still
locked up in the prison.
Let's find out what she
knows about all of this.
[All Clamoring]
There's the daughter of
the accursed Frankenstein.
That name has brought nothing but
misery and misfortune to our village.
We want an end of it.
do you hear? Tonight.
Now listen to me.
The baroness and I want
nothing but to help you.
I tell you. He's lying.
I heard him this evening...
talking to that stranger
about insanity and murder.
I heard it with my own ears. Don't get
excited. You won't get anywhere by raving.
Dr. Mannering is right. To find and
destroy the monster. we must have a plan.
We know that it's hiding
in the Frankenstein ruins.
I can lead you there.
if you want me to.
I know those cellars well.
Don't trust her! Don't let them fool
you! They're all in this together!
[All Clamoring]
Here she is.
And the Gypsy too.
She's one of your gang of
murderers. You know these people?
Speak up. Old witch.
I never saw them before.
What's your name?
See? He knows her. Why don't
you arrest them. all of them?
Lock up these murderers. As long as
I'm mayor. justice shall be preserved.
I shall decide what is to
be done in this village.
Haven't we tried before to get
rid of the monster by force?
We burned down
the sanitarium.
and yet we didn't destroy
Frankenstein's fiendish creation.
We must be
more clever this time.
Let's use our brains
for once.
Whose brains? Yours? I'd
rather depend on my fists.
There's no use
in storming the ruins.
We must pretend to be
friends with the monster.
Yes. Why not elect it
mayor of Vasaria?
This monster was created
It must be destroyed by the same
means. [Murmuring In Agreement]
I'll take you to the ruins now.
I'll go with you. of course.
I promise you. If you'll help me. I'll
rid Vasaria of this curse once and for all.
where are you?
we're your friends.
They must be there.
I saw the smoke.
- What do you want?
- We have come to help you.
What do you mean?
You wanted to find
my father's diary.
Yes. Of course. I'll show
you where it is hidden.
She speaks the truth.
my son.
I... I guess
I'll have to trust you.
They're friends.
This is Dr. Mannering.
He's come to help you.
to make you well.
Yes, that's why I'm here.
Dr. Mannering.
But the diary... You said you
knew where your father hid it.
It isn't in there.
I know.
The Secret of Life and Death.
"Matter ages because
it loses energy.
"This artificial body
I have created...
"has been charged with
superhuman power...
"so that its span of life
will be extended.
"Its lifetime will equal the lives
of more than a hundred human beings.
"This. My creation.
can never perish. Unless...
"unless its energies are
drained off artificially...
by changing the poles
from plus to minus. "
But that's the secret of life.
What good does it do me?
I'm not interested
in life.
I wasn't created
I'm a human being. I've
got real blood in my veins.
What can we do
to end my life?
"Energy which cannot be
destroyed can be transmitted. "
if that's the case.
then the energies from my
body can be drained off also.
Dr. Frankenstein must've...
performed his experiments
in this room.
With these machines.
The don't seem to have been
destroyed by the fire.
You must fix them...
and help me be rid of this thing
that keeps me alive eternally.
When you were talking
to the monster.
I was afraid you meant
what you said.
What did I say?
You said you'd help him.
Of course I can't.
I mustn't.
It shouldn't be difficult
to connect these wires again.
Yes. I'll need
these machines.
I believe they can be
repaired again.
day after day!
What does Mannering
need machines for?
Remember Dr. Frankenstein?
He ordered machines too.
I tell you. that English doctor's
no better than Frankenstein himself.
Ho. Hum. Always grumbling.
Vazek. Always complaining.
We've got to trust the
doctor. What else can we do?
But doesn't it strike you as strange that
Mannering and that Frankenstein girl...
never tell us what
they're doing up there?
If it wasn't for
that old Gypsy witch...
driving her wagon down to buy their
provisions. we'd never see any of them.
I think we ought to go up there
and see for ourselves. [Man] Right.
Oh, they're not hurting us. It's
none of our affair what goes on there.
[Vazek] Do you want to wait for
disaster to strike at us again?
I'll tell you what
we ought to do.
Here are the ruins.
In here are
all of them.
Here runs the underground stream that drives
the turbines that Frankenstein installed.
But the water comes
from up here...
to the dam below.
Blow up that dam and
they'll all drown like rats.
All of them.
You're drunk. Vazek.
That's why I don't take
your word seriously.
Otherwise. I'd have you arrested
for conspiring to endanger...
the lives
of this community.
That's the water.
The water rushing down
to turn the turbines.
That'll make
the machines work.
Aren't you almost ready?
I'm setting the machines now. Everything
will be ready for you in a little while.
Yes. But there's
so little time.
I don't want to live
through another spell.
Yes, I know. But please don't
bother me now. I have work to do.
Remember. Doctor.
It must be tonight.
Why don't you
lock him up...
so you can give your full
attention to do what you promised...
to destroy the danger
of the monster?
Please. Elsa. I know
what I have to do.
But he's insane! [Maleva] Insane?
He's not insane.
He simply wants to die.
Frank! Frank!
[Machinery Powers Down]
Listen to me. Frank.
I saw my father become
obsessed by his power.
He died a horrible death.
just as my grandfather did.
Yes. I know.
You promised the people to rid
Vasaria of this monstrous creation.
I want to be sure
that nothing.
nothing whatsoever.
can sway you.
It is in your hands to undo the crimes
my father and grandfather committed.
We must clear the name
of Frankenstein.
All right. Tonight. I will
draw off the monster's energy.
And I hope I'll bring
peace to both of them.
"Connecting the plus poles
to the minus...
"will charge the energy output
of the nervous system...
as by connecting
the minus to the minus. "
Connect the minus
to the minus.
I can't do it.
I can't destroy
Frankenstein's creation.
I've got to see it
at its full power.
[Whirring, Buzzing
[Buzzing Intensifies]
[Humming Grows Louder]
Frank! You're making him strong again!
Frank. Stop it!
Stop the machine. Frank!
Don't pull that switch!
Where's Vazek? He said
he'd blow up the dam.
[Screaming Continues]
[Excited Chattering]