Frankenweenie (2012) Movie Script

Victor, I don't know that it's...
Mom, you have to
wear the glasses.
- It's 3D, honey.
- Yes, Of course.
So that's where my candlestick went.
Isn't that your
grandmother's tablecloth?
- That looks great.
Whoa! I just felt
like I was attacked!
Send in the marines!
Over here, men! This way!
- Oh!
- Whoa!
Watch out!
- - Sparky!
- Sparky, that's you!
You tell them, Sparky.
Oh, my!
- Bravo!
- Oh!
- Oh, Oh!
- Oh!
- Um...
- Oh!
Maybe just unplug it.
Well, it certainly was exciting.
Yeah, it was a big finish. Well done, son.
I can fix this. Come on, boy.
All that time he spends up there.
A boy his age
needs to be outside with his friends.
I don't know that Victor has friends,
dear. Other than Sparky.
That's my point.
I don't want him to turn out,
you know, weird.
There's nothing wrong with Victor.
He's just in his own world.
Easy, boy.
See you later, sweetie.
Have a good day.
Victor! Come on, honey.
You're going to be late.
Go put Sparky in the back yard.
Come on, Sparky!
Good morning, Mr. Burgemeister.
Your dog has been
sniffing around my Dutch Dazzlers.
The other day
I caught him peeing on my flamingo.
I'll keep an eye on him.
You better.
Yes, sir.
Go on, Sparky. That's right!
Good boy. See you later!
Where do you think you're going?
What about that dog of yours?
She's not in the house
and she's away from your tulips.
I want you to remember something.
While your parents are away,
I am in charge here.
Yes, Uncle Bob.
Dutch Day is coming up,
and I don't need any trouble.
- How's your song coming?
- Okay.
Keep at it!
Dutch Day is a big day for me.
Yes, sir.
Good morning, children.
I am Mr. Rzykruski.
I will be your new science teacher.
Apparently, Mr. Holcomb
had an incident.
He got hit by lightning!
Well, that is bad.
But he did not get "hit" by lightning.
Lightning does not hit a person the way
one is hit by a baseball or a cabbage.
Lightning is simply electricity.
The cloud is angry. Yes. Making storm.
All the electrons are saying,
"I am leaving you!"
"I go to the land of opportunity!"
The ground says,
"Yes, we need electrons
trained in science just like you!"
"Come. Come! Welcome."
So both sides start to build a ladder.
This man, he comes out
to look at the storm.
He does not see the invisible ladders.
When the two ladders meet... Boom!
The circuit is complete
and all of the electrons rush
to the land of opportunity.
This man is in the way!
But it is very rare
to have such an incident.
But it's not rare.
Lightning happens
to people all the time here.
There's a thunderstorm
almost every night.
My dad got hit twice.
They built New Holland
on an abandoned gold mine.
I heard it was a cemetery.
That's where they buried the miners.
It's the windmill that does it.
Turning, turning the air until
the sky itself rages against the night.
No. Cemetery. Definitely.
Students, on your way out, take
a permission slip for the science fair.
First prize is a huge trophy!
- Hello, Victor.
Mr. Whiskers had
a dream about you last night.
How do you know?
Because this morning he made this.
Did you get that out of the litter box?
It's an omen.
Last month he dreamed about Bob.
He fell in a manhole.
He dreamed about Toshiaki
the day he pitched a perfect game.
And Nassor the day
he got knocked unconscious.
If Mr. Whiskers dreams about you,
it means something big
is going to happen.
You can keep it.
One day you'll dream about me,
won't you, Kitty?
Hey, boy. How are you doing?
You'll be my partner, right, Victor?
Because you have to have a partner
for the science fair,
and whoever is your
partner is going to win.
You know the most about science
so pick me as a partner.
I have lots of ideas!
We can make a death ray!
It says no death rays. See?
Oh, man.
I still want to do it. Come on.
Who else would be your partner?
You don't have friends and neither do I.
I'm sorry, Edgar.
I just don't need a partner.
I like to work alone.
Will you sign
my permission slip?
Dinner's ready.
Victor, have I ever talked to you
about what I do for a living?
You're a travel agent?
I sell dreams.
I tell people, "You can sail to Italy."
"You can do the hula in Hawaii."
- Will you sign my form?
- I'm getting to that.
In my job, sometimes you have people
who don't want quite
the same thing, right?
Say a husband wants to
play golf in Scotland
but the wife wants to
paddle down the Amazon.
All right, you've got two
conflicting ideas here.
And it's my job, Victor,
to help them meet halfway.
Say... Scottsdale, Arizona.
He gets to golf, she gets Indians.
But there's no river. And no jungle.
- Nobody gets what they want.
- Exactly.
And wrong.
They both get what they want
because they compromise.
You'd like to do the science fair
and that's great.
I'd like you to try a sport.
Say, I don't know, baseball.
Science fair, baseball.
Science fair, baseball.
How do you choose?
Guess what? You don't have to.
No reason you can't do both.
You meet in the middle.
Everyone's happy.
Look at what Toshiaki's doing.
He's keeping his eye on the target,
never losing his concentration.
Strike three! Next batter!
I want you to concentrate
on your project for the science fair.
Come on, honey!
Whoa. Nice catch, Sparky.
Come on, Victor, please.
Tie Sparky up and get
your head into the game.
Time out!
Sorry, boy.
Hey, Sparky.
Play ball!
Strike one!
Nice try, son.
When conducting an experiment,
trying is the important thing.
It is okay to fail
as long as you keep trying!
Come on, Victor. You can do it, honey.
- Strike two!
Come on, honey!
Victor, run!
He was a great dog. A great friend.
The best dog a kid could have.
When you lose someone you love,
they never really leave you.
They just move into
a special place in your heart.
He'll always be there, Victor.
I don't want him in my heart.
I want him here with me.
I know.
If we could bring him back, we would.
Try and get some sleep, sweetheart.
Things will seem better in the morning.
Just like lightning,
the nervous system is electricity.
We are wires and springs and cables
to send the messages.
Even after death, the wiring remains.
Watch as the muscles
respond to the electricity.
Hi, Victor! How was school?
- Shoo!
I'm sorry, boy.
You're alive!
You're alive!
- Sparky!
You're alive!
I can't believe it! You're alive!
I can fix that.
It worked.
It really worked.
Victor, breakfast!
Are you up here?
- Shh.
Quiet down, boy.
Sparky, Shh!
French toast or waffles?
Uh, waffles.
Then I'll need my waffle iron back,
Mr. Director.
It's my science project. It's a robot.
- A robotic bucket?
- Yes.
- For mopping, I suppose?
- Yes.
Maybe when you're finished,
you'll let me use it.
Sorry, boy, but I can't let
anyone know about you.
They may not understand.
So, you need to stay here today.
No, couldn't be.
I know. And Helen said
she thought they were
putting up some
kind of TV antenna on top of the roof.
In the middle
of a thunderstorm?
That's what she said.
I don't believe it.
And did you get
that big power surge the other night?
Jack thought it was a fuse box,
but apparently it affected
the whole neighborhood.
Sometimes I wonder
just what goes on in that house.
I just don't feel safe walking by there.
Sweetie, you okay? Here you go.
So anyway, Jack loves it here,
but if the schools weren't so great,
sometimes I wonder
if we'd be better off closer to my mother.
- Hi, Victor. How was school?
- Good. Got to go.
There you are.
Good boy. Sorry you had
to stay here alone all day.
What's the matter, boy? Are you okay?
Hmm. You're a little low.
Are you hungry, boy?
All right, here. Let's top you up.
Could you come down here, please?
Your friend is here.
Edgar, what are you doing here?
- I know.
- What?
I know.
- Know what?
- You know.
I think I know what you know I know.
Look, I don't know what you think
I know, but I don't know it.
Your dog is alive!
That's impossible.
- I know.
I know it is so impossible, but you did it.
You did it!
So, show me how, or I'll tell everyone.
- Oh, Mrs. Frankenstein!
- Shh.
May I have a cookie, please?
Oh. Yes, of course.
All right, come on.
I think the wind and the lightning
are part of the same thing,
some kind of strange force.
But the wind isn't strong enough
to bring an animal back from the dead.
For that, you need lightning.
So when can I do it?
You can't. This isn't an experiment.
It's my dog.
Show-and-tell, Victor.
You show me, and I won't tell.
Can I help you, young man?
I'd like to buy a fish.
Certainly. Which one?
This one.
What do we do now?
What happened to it? What did you do?
I don't know. It should have worked.
It's invisible. It's an invisible goldfish.
- Why is it invisible?
- I have no idea.
You can't tell anyone.
You understand that, right?
Not until we figure out how it works.
Okay, Okay.
- Promise?
- Promise.
How are we supposed
to see an invisible goldfish?
Put your finger in. You can feel it.
Ah! It bit me!
Let me see it.
It's my science project,
and it's top secret!
Yeah? Well,
our science fair project is even cooler.
- What is it?
- Double top secret.
We got to come up
with something better.
- Bigger.
- I know.
The science fair is in two days.
I know.
- You're the smart one!
- I know.
Okay, okay. Sit still. Shh.
Sparky, no! Shh. No! Shh!
Sorry, boy, but
we can't risk anyone seeing you again.
Toshiaki says you
have an invisible fish.
- No, he didn't.
- So, you don't?
I didn't say that. Who said I did?
Toshiaki says it's your
science fair project.
If it was, I couldn't tell you.
So it isn't,
or it is?
No. Yes.
I'm confused.
Do you have an invisible fish?
But you have to keep it a secret.
Swish your finger around.
You can feel it.
It's just water. There's nothing there.
No, it's invisible.
I don't know what kind
of game you and Victor are playing,
but that trophy will be mine.
Something's wrong with my fish!
- What is it?
- It's not there any more.
Maybe it just hopped out.
Did you have the lid on it?
Yes, ever since
I left your house.
I mean, it was there when I went to bed.
I'm thinking maybe they don't last.
They're only there for a little bit
and then they're gone.
No! Sparky!
- Sparky!
Don't worry. I can fix that, too.
Good night, boy.
Are you sure this is going to work?
No. That's why it's called
an "experiment."
We have to collect data.
Do we have to collect it on me?
- Ready?
- No.
Ten, nine, eight...
We could use a test
dummy or something., six, five...
Computer simulation.
...four, three, two...
- I have to pee!
Whoa! Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. Oh!
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ah!
It's working! It's working!
What were you boys doing on the roof?
- Science.
- Science.
As mayor of New Holland,
you have entrusted me with your safety.
So I can't sit idly
while a teacher endangers our children.
The man is a menace!
She's right! He's crazy!
Have you looked through
this science book they're using?
Apparently Pluto isn't good
enough to be a planet any more.
When I was a kid,
Pluto was a great planet.
This guy comes along
and rewrites the rules!
In fairness, he didn't write the textbook.
Mr. Mayor, Edward Frankenstein.
- Your neighbor, of course.
I just would like to say
that our son Victor
is just crazy about the new teacher.
Thinks he's great.
My Cynthia has been asking
all sorts of strange questions
about things I've never even heard of.
Shouldn't we at least give the man
a chance to explain himself?
Please come up, Mr. Menace.
Ladies, gentlemen.
I think the confusion here
is that you are all very ignorant.
Is that right word, "ignorant"?
I mean "stupid," "primitive,"
You do not understand science,
so you are afraid of it.
Like a dog is afraid
of thunder or balloons.
To you, science is magic and witchcraft
because you have such small minds.
I cannot make your heads bigger,
but your children's heads,
I can take them and crack them open.
This is what I try to do,
to get at their brains!
Oh, my.
Thank you.
Oh, jeez.
Be quick, boy.
They'll be home any minute.
Praise be New Holland
Praise be New Holland
Streets so wide and sidewalk
The sidewalks. Okay.
Praise be New Holland
No! Shh. No!
No, no, no! Shh!
Hi, Elsa. What are you doing?
Practicing my song for Dutch Day.
It's nice.
- Did you get a new dog?
- No.
- I heard a bark.
- Yeah, that was me.
You are barking?
Hmm. You must really miss Sparky.
Uh, I got to go. Bye.
I feel so sad for him, Persephone.
He really misses his dog.
Where's Mr. Rzykruski?
All I know is I'll be teaching the class
for the rest of the semester.
Do you know anything about science?
I know more than you do.
Mr. Rzykruski knew a lot.
Well, sometimes knowing
too much is the problem.
What about the science fair?
Oh, it's still on, but it will be judged
by someone who's not insane!
Now get cracking,
and may the best person win!
I can't believe they let
the gym teacher be the judge.
She's not even interested in science.
Back home, everyone is scientist.
Even my plumber wins Nobel Prize.
Your country does not
make enough scientist.
Always needs more.
You should be a scientist, Victor.
Nobody likes scientists.
They like what science gives them,
but not the questions, no.
Not the questions that science asks.
Actually, I have a question.
That is why you are a scientist.
I was doing my experiment, my project,
and the first time it worked great,
but the next time it didn't.
I mean, it sort of worked,
but then it didn't.
And I don't know why.
Then maybe you never really
understood it the first time.
People think science is here,
but it is also here.
The first time, did you
love your experiment?
And the second time?
No. I just wanted it over.
Then you changed the variables.
I was doing it for the wrong reason.
Science is not good or bad, Victor.
But it can be used both ways.
That is why you must always be careful.
I can't believe I broke
my arm for nothing.
None of us are going to win!
E has an invisible fish!
No, he doesn't.
You fell for a parlor trick.
You're saying he faked it?
That fish you showed us, was it real?
It was, and it was dead, too.
You brought an animal
back from the dead?
No, Victor did.
With lightning, and boom, and sss.
I swear! I mean,
he already brought back his dog.
He brought back Sparky?
Victor will win the science fair
unless we can do better.
You say you know Victor's secret?
Now is your chance to prove it.
Now, where's my muffin tin?
Sparky! But you're...
Sparky's alive!
Hey, come on!
Mom? Dad? What's going on?
Sparky! No! Sparky!
Sparky. no!
Sparky, come back!
Hey, hey! Just a minute!
No! I have to go find Sparky!
Victor, what have you done?
You said yourself, if you could
bring back Sparky, you would!
Yes, but that was different
because we couldn't!
It's easy to promise the impossible.
What you did was a very serious thing.
Crossing the boundary
between life and death.
Reanimating a corpse!
It's very... Upsetting.
I just wanted my dog back.
Oh, sweetheart.
We'll help you look for Sparky
but when we get back,
I think we need to have a little talk.
Now, let's go find your dog.
Sparky, are you in there?
Mom, Dad! I'm going
to check the school and the park.
You guys do the town square, okay?
Got it.
It has something
to do with the lightning.
I don't really understand it.
Oh, but I do!
Tonight, we shall bring the dead to life!
Sparky! Where are you?
Sparky! Sparky!
Thank you. Thank you so much.
And now it's my pleasure
to introduce this year's Little Dutch Girl,
my niece, Elsa Van Helsing.
I don't think this is safe.
Nonsense! We have
the fire chief over here.
You know, a lot of girls
would kill to be in your place.
I'd welcome death.
Praise be New Holland
Streets so wide and sidewalks clean
Modest homes at modest prices
Everyone's hope and dream
I'm going to win.
No, I shall win the science fair.
In our houses tight and safe
We have nothing to fear
The tomb of Colossus.
Soon you shall be awakened
and we shall be reunited once again!
Ah, Shelley.
Praise be New Holland
May your windmills spin forevermore
Isn't she adorable?
Mr. Whiskers?
Mr. Whiskers?
Is someone there?
Rise, Colossus.
Rise from your tomb!
Sparky, it's okay, boy. It's just me.
I thought that you were gone.
I never want to lose you.
Promise you'll never go
running off, okay?
Come on, boy.
Was someone else here?
- Victor! I need your help.
- Did you see those things?
- They were like...
- Sea-Monkeys!
You know how on
the package, they're like,
in a happy kingdom
and everyone's smiling?
- Yeah?
- They're not like that at all.
- Victor! I need your help.
- I asked him first!
My problem bigger!
Yeah, he's right.
Okay, let's go!
And now for our next act,
we have something really big.
No! Get away!
Oh, oh!
This way! In here!
Go, Colossus.
Kill! Kill!
Mm! Mm-mm!
Get away from me!
Get away from me!
Your Sea-Monkeys.
Are they freshwater or saltwater?
Freshwater animals can't tolerate salt.
Hey! Over here!
Get back!
Stay away from us!
No, no, no, no!
Whoa, stop!
You put me down! I gave you life!
Victor! Victor, I need help. Please!
Persephone, are you okay?
- Here, Mr. Whiskers.
Here, kitty, kitty, Mr. Whiskers.
- No!
Bring her back!
Mr. Whiskers.
I'm coming, Elsa!
What happened?
Sparky! There you are.
Are you all right?
What you got there, boy?
Let me through!
I knew it. It's the boy's dead dog!
That's Elsa's wig.
Where's my niece?
He's killed the little girl!
After him! Kill the monster!
Stay away from us!
Get him!
Where's my niece?
Look out! It's on fire!
There's Elsa!
- Help!
- Hang on! Don't let go!
I can't reach!
Hang on!
I can't hold on much longer.
Stay back. It's too dangerous.
That's my son in there!
Oh! Oh!
- Victor!
- Honey, are you all right?
is there anything we can do for you?
You said that I need to let him go.
Sometimes adults don't know
what they're talking about.
Start your engines!
Give it more juice!
Turn off your engines!
It's okay, boy.
You don't have to come back.
You'll always be in my heart.
- Sparky!
Love is strange
When there's beauty on the inside
The outside there's
nothing to ch-ch-change
Oh, after! know
Oh, after it I want this
song to love
With someone watchin' over me
Rain or storm
the only place I wanna be
Is close to the heart
of everything you'd ever need
The lightning's not frightening
When you are with me
Oh, 'cause love is not always
What you think it'll be
Love is strange
When there's beauty on the inside
The outside there's
nothing to ch-ch-change
Strange love
Strange love for one another
Can't judge a book by its cover
Strange love
Strange love for one another
Love is strange
When there's beauty on the inside
The outside there's
nothing to ch-ch-change
The lightning's not frightening
When you are with me
Oh, 'cause love is not always
What you think it'll be
Love is strange
When there's beauty on the inside
The outside there's
nothing to ch-ch-change
Strange love
Strange love for one another
Can't judge a book by its cover
Strange love
Strange love for one another
Can't judge a book by its cover
Strange love
Strange love for one another