Frantz (2016) Movie Script

- The white flowers. - They are 20 pfennig.
Thank you.
Pretty lady.
- Excuse me. - Yes?
Do you know who left flowers on the grave?
Which one?
Frantz Hoffmeister's.
Oh yeah.
Must be the foreigner.
Where is he from?
A French coin.
He left flowers on his grave?
Yes, roses.
Do you know who it might be?
Maybe a French friend from before the war.
Don't tell Hans.
How is he?
He has not left his office.
It is hard for him.
For all of us.
Still sore?
It bothers me at night when I've walked a lot.
You'll be able to dance again.
The French didn't get your leg.
Thank you, Doctor.
We haven't seen you at our meetings for months, doctor.
I love Germany,
but I loved my son even more.
I understand.
But must we endure this defeat?
This humiliation?
You share our wish for a strong and powerful nation.
You came here for your leg,
Mr. Kreutz.
Keep up the treatment for a week and you'll be fine.
I forgot to talk to you about one thing, doctor.
It's about Anna.
She has no family left
and she loves you like a father.
I know she was your son's fiance,
but I would like to ask you for her hand.
She loves you?
She will love me.
- Anna. - Yes?
Mr. Kreutz wants to talk to you.
- To me? - Yes.
Come in.
Good Morning.
Good morning, Anna.
Sit down.
How's school?
I stopped going.
What a shame.
I lost the taste for studying.
We have all lost loved ones,
but we have to carry on,
It's what Frantz wrote to me in his last letter.
I know how you feel.
You would not be here.
With me, you will forget Frantz.
I do not want to forget.
And your patients?
seasonal colds.
It's spring.
Are you going to the ball Saturday night?
They received a new shipment of dresses downtown.
Who would I go with?
Mr. Kreutz.
He only wants your happiness.
Who could that be?
A patient at this time?
Come in.
Your name?
Adrien Rivoire.
You're not from here?
Where do you come from?
I am sorry, I can not see you.
Doctor, I must talk to you...
Please leave.
I'm not sick, I just want to...
Shut up.
every Frenchman
is my son's murderer.
Now leave.
You are right, doctor.
I was also a soldier
and I am also a murderer.
In Frantz's room?
What did the Frenchman tell you?
You know him?
I saw him at the cemetery.
At the cementery?
For the past couple of days he has been visiting Frantz's grave.
This morning, he was crying.
What did he tell you?
I refused to see him.
But Hans,
he must be a friend of Frantz's,
he met in Paris.
Tell me,
Is this person staying here?
Yes, but he's not here right now.
Are you looking for someone, Anna?
Me, for sure.
Please give it to him in person.
You can count on me.
I upset you yesterday,
but will you come to the ball Saturday?
Dr. Hoffmeister doesn't mind.
I don't feel like dancing.
Goodbye, Mr. Kreutz.
Who is the letter for?
For the Frenchman.
Are you sure he's coming?
I hope so.
If Hans had not sent him away, we would not have to do this.
Will Hans come down?
I hope so.
That's him.
I am Frantz's mother.
And Anna, who is like our daughter,
Frantz's fiance.
I saw you at the cemetery.
I'm the one who left the note at the hotel.
May l?
Your coat.
My husband.
You already met.
Come in please.
Have a seat.
You must have so much to tell.
How old are you.?
Frantz would have turned 24 in February.
You speak good German.
I'm OK.
And you knew Frantz?
From France?
During his last trip?
Excuse me.
Thank you for your tears
and the flowers on his grave.
We are very touched
to be talking to a friend
who knew him well
and remembers him.
And I'm not saying this because I'm her mother,
Anna also.
We were going to get married in the fall.
His favorite season.
There is a poem by Verlaine
about autumn he taught me.
In French.
We understand
that you have a hard time talking about it.
It must be difficult
meeting his family.
Do you still think of him?
And you will never forget him?
How could I forget him?
Forgive my husband.
He loved Frantz so much,
our only child.
He would rather have died instead.
So would I.
Will you tell us
how you met?
The first time.
And also the last time?
Yes, how was he the last time?
The last time?
The last time
I saw him...
He was happy?
Was it in Paris?
Before the war?
It was in Paris.
I went looking for his hotel,
to go to the Louvre.
Between friends.
It was a beautiful day.
He was happy to see the paintings.
And so was I.
we stopped in front of Manet's paintings.
I remember,
I remember... There was one he particularly liked.
The painting
of a pale young man,
His head titled back
Tonight, it was as if Frantz had returned.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Thanks for this night.
You made them feel better.
Not Mr. Hoffmeister.
Him too.
It's a good thing you came.
I do not know.
Good night, Adrien.
Here lies Frantz Hoffmeister
There's nothing under these flowers.
They buried him in France,
anonymously among other soldiers.
We only know the date of his death.
Sometimes, I think he is not dead,
he will return.
I'm sure he hears us.
When a sighing begins
In the violins of the Autumn song,
My heart is drowned in the slow sound
Languorous and long, pale as with pain
Breath fails me when the hours toll deep.
My thoughts recover
The days that are over
And I weep.
And I go
Where the winds know
Broken and brief, to and fro
As the wind blows a dead leaf.
Your accent is beautiful.
We spoke French often.
It was our secret language.
Frantz so loved France.
But he never told me about you.
What was between you?
A woman?
So what?
A friendship, that's all.
I had forgotten this.
The sound of the wind in the leaves...
It's the sound that makes me love spring.
Do you come here often?
This is where Frantz asked for my hand
before leaving for the war.
And how did you meet?
He never told you?
It was in a bookstore when we were students.
He was looking for a French poetry book.
I was looking for a German poetry book.
He asked who my favorite poet was.
I said, "Ruckert".
He replied, "Verlaine".
He could have told you about me.
I was jealous of his studies in France.
I would have liked to join him, but...
I think he preferred to be alone,
far from his country,
his family.
He promised me we'd go there on our honeymoon.
He would show me Paris,
the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre,
The Great Boulevards...
I'm hot!
Don't you want to go swimming?
We do not have swimsuits.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter. Let's go.
Come on.
Ah! It feels good!
You should have swam.
It's just ... I don't know how to swim.
Oh no?
It is easy. I could have shown you.
Are these
war wounds?
You suffered a lot.
My only injury is Frantz.
He looks like him.
Don't you think?
Not physically,
but his personality.
Shy and tormented.
I'm glad he's here.
Do you have brothers and sisters?
I would have loved to have a brother.
And your parents?
My father died when I was a child.
My mother took over the farm after his death,
but with the war, it was complicated.
What did your father do?
He was a businessman.
Above all he was a musician.
He gave me his passion.
I joined the conservatory
and then I became a violinist in...
the Orchestre de Paris.
Now, after this war,
I can not anymore.
You do not want to play anymore?
I can no longer hear the notes.
Frantz played the violin for us.
He was not a great musician,
but he played with all his heart.
His room.
It is just as he left it.
His books,
his folded clothes in the closet.
Frantz must have been happy here.
But I broke everything.
I forced him
to enlist.
I sent him into battle.
It was his duty.
Serve our country.
So I was told.
like my son's heart.
Take it
to France.
You can say an old German gave it to you.
I can't.
This is Frantz's last picture.
The next day he was leaving for the front.
Frantz hated war.
He always said the French were his brothers.
Stop that.
Read it aloud.
"Dear Parents,
I would love to escape,
be close to you,
away from this chaos.
This morning, we were in front of a dead soldier
and as if he had opened our eyes,
We discovered a sea of corpses.
Who could tell?
In school, French children learn German
and Germans learn French.
And when they grow up, they kill each other. "
I have to go. Thanks for everything.
Before you leave,
a favor, please.
Play something for us.
Do not be afraid to make us happy.
Are you going to be OK?
You may have caught a cold at the lake.
Frantz was a pacifist.
You didn't know?
I'm sorry it's upsetting you.
It does not upset me. I was like him.
- Are you feeling better? - Yes.
Will we see you tomorrow?
What for, Anna? It does not make any sense.
It does. You're helping them.
And me too.
Well... How do you feel about going to the ball tomorrow?
- The ball? - Yes.
I saw a poster. I...
I thought... - Okay.
You are beautiful, Anna.
It fits perfectly.
- Really? - Yes.
Frantz would have liked.
You are absolutely ravishing.
But, don't tell anyone,
this model is French,
it comes directly from Paris.
Thank you.
This Frenchman!
What is he doing here?
I don't think it's a good idea, Anna.
Do not worry.
I'm here.
Oh no, no. I...
You do not know waltz?
No. Rather, yes. But no.
Enjoying this?
Thank you.
Would you like to dance with us?
So, don't feel like dancing...
but someone changed your mind.
He's a friend of Frantz.
Yes. A Frenchman.
A Frenchman today,
in a German party.
Don.t you read the papers?
The war is over.
You should be ashamed.
I wanted to offer you this dance.
I can see I should not bother.
Take my jacket. - Thank you.
I've never drunk so much.
I've never danced so much.
Frantz loved to dance.
But he was not as successful as you.
Had he come back, I'm sure he would have been.
Why do you say that?
I would have married him and would have watched him.
I understand why you were friends.
Your jacket.
Oh yeah.
Thank you.
Thanks to you.
Can I help you?
Feeling better?
Are you okay?
Don't touch me, you make me sick.
"Dear Anna,
"I must...
"this letter.
"I must
"tell you..."
Good morning friends.
I thought our meetings no longer interested you, Dr. Hoffmeister.
More than ever.
to apologize for my absences,
this is my round.
Waiter. - Yes?
Eight beers.
Not for me.
- Seven then. - Six will be enough, doctor.
A beer for me, please.
We were talking about you.
So it's good that you came.
You should have brought your new friend.
Of course.
It is a good idea.
this young man has come from France
to leave flowers on my son's grave.
So respect him.
Do you also want us to sing the Marseillaise?
I no longer sing since my son's death.
And who killed your son?
And my son?
And my two sons?
And my son,
Your son,
and your two sons,
Who sent them to the front?
Who gave them ammunition and bayonets?
We did.
their fathers.
Both in this and in the other side.
We are responsible.
And when thousands killed their children,
we celebrated our victory
drinking beer.
And when our children were killed,
they celebrated their victory
drinking wine.
We are fathers who drink to the death of their children.
Good Morning.
Good morning, Adrien.
How are you today?
Much better, Mr. Hoffmeister.
Good. Good.
Will you be coming for dinner?
Yes Yes.
Magda prepared her specialty. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you very much.
Until tonight.
Dear fatherland
no fear be thine
Dear fatherland, no fear be thine
Firm and true stands the Watch
The Watch at the Rhine!
Firm and true stands the Watch, the watch at the Rhine!
My key, please.
I introduce myself. Kreutz.
Adrien Rivolre.
You were a friend of Frantz's?
And you came to dance with his fiance?
I do not know what you're talking about.
They're pretty, our young German girls, and they're good dancers, uh?
Stop that.
- Goodnight. - Goodnight.
Is Mr. Rivoire here?
No, miss.
Has he left?
No, his train leaves tomorrow.
And tonight?
He left without saying anything.
I was waiting for you.
How did you know I would come?
I was hoping.
Why didn't you come to dinner? Why didn't you tell us?
Yes, you're right.
You're hurting their feelings.
This has to stop! Frantz...
This masquerade!
What masquerade?
Franco-German friendship...
I have to confess the truth.
Confess what?
"The noise is terrifying.
"You can not imagine.
"The battle will be awful.
"They won't all die and with a bit of luck I might make it.
"I keep in my pocket, over my heart,
"The pressed rose you sent me ..."
How do you know this letter?
It was on September 15.
On September 15, 1918.
My regiment camped beside Dormans, in Marne.
That day, we awoke just like any day.
We were crossing the countryside,
scouting. Quiet.
Suddenly, in a field, assault was started.
Some of us were immediately hit.
So I ran.
I ran to a trench to seek refuge.
Take refuge!
- Help!
Suddenly, I found myself facing a man.
Him, a German soldier.
Me, a French soldier.
His gaze was so huge, so hopeless.
I will never know if he expressed the sadness of dying
or the pity to see me kill him.
So I fired.
I shot first and he fell.
It was I who killed Frantz, Anna.
Not you.
If at least he had shot,
if he had hurt me, but...
His gun was not even loaded.
It was not defending himself.
Then a shell exploded near us and threw me against him
Our two bodies,
against each other.
And I, alive.
In his coat, he had a letter.
I read it.
Since then it is...
engraved in me.
That letter...
It was for you, Anna.
Why did you come here?
To ask for your forgiveness.
To break free.
To know the man I killed.
Since my arrival
I wanted to tell the truth, but you saw me at his grave.
You believed in our friendship. And I was afraid to disappoint you.
And thanks to this lie, I discovered who Frantz was.
His family, his home...
his fiance.
Every day, I loved him a little more.
Every day, my pain got worse.
the Louvre,
Manet's paintings,
violin lessons...
You lied to us?
Because I'm a coward.
And maybe because it helped us, all of us.
Anna, wait.
My train leaves tomorrow at noon.
I will go see them before to tell them everything.
See you tomorrow.
Good Morning.
Good morning, Mr. Rivoire.
The check, please.
I was on my way to join you at the Hoffmeisters.
No need. I told them everything.
How did they react?
Like parents would.
They do not wish to see me again?
I understand them.
Wagon 6. Have a good trip.
Do you think I may write them in a while?
I don't think so.
I need to write them.
Then, send the letter to me.
I'll read it to them.
You're right.
Thanks for everything, Anna.
Have you sent a kiss from us?
I hope his mother is not too sick.
Did you tell him that we would love for him to come back to play the violin?
Yes, I told him.
And when will he be back?
That depends on his mother and his work.
Surely soon. In two or three months.
Dinner is served.
He could have come to say goodbye to us.
He apologized.
All is forgiven to the youth.
My dear Anna,
I write this letter in French,
so that my parents can not read it.
I hope you get it. I write in the cold and mud.
The assault could start at any time,
The noise is terrifying.
You can not imagine.
The battle will be awful.
They won't all die and with a bit of luck
I might make it.
I keep in a pocket, over my heart,
the pressed rose you sent me in your last letter.
Promise me, dear Anna,
Should something happen to me,
To keep your "joie de vivre" and be happy.
Why did you do that?
We've had enough dead with this war.
Do you live in Dr. Hoffmeister's house?
Do not say anything.
Still a little fever.
You must eat.
It's piping hot.
I'm not hungry.
You've always had a good appetite.
The bookseller has received the book
you ordered.
Thank you, Magda.
Some fresh air.
When Frantz left us,
you gave us strength
and helped us survive.
Now it's our turn.
But you must get up,
you must get out,
you must live.
I have something for you.
- I'll be back. - Yes.
- What's going on? - A letter from Paris.
At last.
"Dear Anna,
I write, as promised, a few weeks after my departure.
My return to France was difficult.
But I try to survive.
Enclosed is my letter to Frantz's parents,
which, I know, could not atone for my crime.
but might help explain my presence among you.
I know that forgiveness is impossible.
I beg of you, answer me. I hope for your letter, Anna. "
"Since my return,
I took care of my mother.
She is better.
I told her my wonderful stay with you,
dear family of Frantz's.
In Paris, life is returning.
Everyone tries to forget the suffering of war.
I'm happy to be playing with the Orchestre de Paris again.
Music soothes me ...
Music soothes me
and it makes me happier.
We're a few months on tour.
As soon as I can, I will try to come visit you
And I promise Dr. Hoffmeister I will play Frantz's violin again.
Dear friends, I hope you are well.
I miss you, and the pure air of Quedlinburg.
See you soon,
Did you read everything?
We received your letter well.
You know my lies
and all my torments.
God hears you, my child.
He condemns lying,
but your silence about the death of your fianc
is a pure intention, that excuses your deception.
Should not I say anything?
What would the truth bring?
More pain,
more tears.
What do you feel for this young Frenchman?
I do not know anymore.
He killed the man I loved.
This French soldier
came to Germany
to ask forgiveness.
Forgive him.
As Jesus forgave his executioners.
I give you absolution, my child.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
Good morning, Anna.
Good morning, Mr. Kreutz.
Are you well?
I am, thanks.
I was told you were sick.
It's over.
I'm glad.
I behaved stupidly.
So many Germans have died in France
we take our anger out on every Frenchman.
I know.
I do not share Dr. Hoffmeister's ideas,
but he was courageous to welcome a Frenchman
who could have killed his son.
Forgive me for speaking about this again.
I know how much you loved Frantz.
I met this afternoon with Kreutz.
He asked for my hand again.
He is tenacious.
And if I said yes?
Do you want to marry him?
It was your wish.
Before I met Adrien.
Dear Adrien.
Forgive me for taking so long to reply.
Our pain is still deep.
But we know that you are, as Frantz,
a victim of this horrible war.
You had to kill an enemy in wartime.
You have fulfilled your duty as a French soldier.
I can understand and accept your lie.
The French.
Early Autumn announces a beautiful season end, and we are ready to see you again.
Please write and be sure that this time,
I will answer promptly.
Your Anna.
Return to Sender?
No longer at this address.
Do you have another?
Then we must find him, like he found us.
That's impossible, Magda.
You know his name,
his former address.
You'll find him.
What if something happened to him?
It's best to know.
You can not live with doubt.
You are young and beautiful,
Your whole life ahead of you.
Do not pass up your chance, go to France...
and bring him back to us.
Bon voyage, Anna.
Be careful.
Kiss Adrien for us and tell him we're expecting him.
Everything will be fine.
Bon voyage!
See you soon.
Good Morning.
Thank you.
Passports, please.
What brings you to France?
- I come to see a friend. - A prisoner?
No, he is French.
A small coin, ma'am, please?
There will be something for everyone.
Good morning, young lady.
Where can I take you?
Camelia Hotel, Passage des Arcades.
Very good. Hop in.
Thank you.
First time at this hotel?
My fianc used to stay there
Before the war.
I understand your fianc...
I'm sure he had a great time.
It is #3
on the left.
Thank you.
Excuse me madam.
I'm looking for Mr. Adrien Rlvolre.
Did he live here? - Yes, but not anymore.
- Since when? - It's been a few months.
Do you have his new address?
He didn't give it to me, I even have mail for him.
- Do you know how I could find him? - Not at all.
Goodbye Miss.
- Good morning sir. - Good Morning.
I'm looking for violinist Adrian Rivoire.
Do you know him?
Sorry, I do not know the names of the musicians.
But he works here at the Orchestre de Paris.
If you are interested, there are tickets left for tonight's performance.
Dear Magda, dear Hans,
I had a good trip and made it to Paris.
Everything is different from what Frantz had told us.
The war has also changed many things.
As planned, I'm staying at the same hotel
Frantz stayed at for his studies.
Tonight I'm going to the Opera,
looking for Adrien.
Before that, I'll go to the Louvre, to see the paintings
Frantz loved so much.
Good morning gentlemen.
Stay seated.
For all our children,
who they were slaughtered by France.
Arise children of the fatherland
The day of glory has arrived
Against us tyranny's
Bloody standard is raised
Bloody standard is raised
Listen to the sound in the fields
The howling of these fearsome soldiers
They are coming into our midst
To cut the throats of your sons and consorts
To arms, citizens
Form your battalions!
Let impure blood
Water our furrows
Good morning sir.
I am seeking a painting by Manet,
a young man with his head tilted back.
- Manet is at the end, on your right. - Thank you.
Excuse me. May l? Thank you.
I took care of him
for a week. Then he was moved to a different ward.
He was very sick?
Listen, there are those who get out, and there are the others.
So he killed himself?
I did not say that, Miss. But he was fragile.
He was an artist.
Listen, the best
is to check the patient registry.
Are you all right, miss?
Excuse me sir.
I am seeking the tomb of Mr. Rivoire.
He died in August.
Oh yeah. At the end of the street, on your right.
Thank you.
- Good Morning. - Good Morning.
- Is this the home of Mrs. Rivoire? - Yes.
May I see her?
Come in, Miss.
Thank you.
My husband was wounded in Verdun.
Both legs amputated.
After that, he lost the will to live.
And he made sure to end his life.
But it is not Anatole you're looking for... It's Adrien, isn't it?
I remember
meeting him him at the Opera, before the war.
He was a good looking man.
His mother was not in speaking terms with my husband.
Some inheritance matter.
Do you know where he might be?
You come from Germany, don't you?
Who is Adrien to you?
We are friends.
Thank you.
- Excuse me sir. - Yes?
I'm looking for the Rivoire family house?
- The castle is this way, right outside the town. - Thank you.
Good Morning.
- You're the little Anna? - Yes.
Good morning, ma'am. - What a surprise!
My son has told me so much about you.
He will be delighted to see you.
Let me kiss you.
Felicie, help this young lady, please.
Adrien will not take long. He went on a horseback ride.
Follow me.
But... You understand me?
You speak French well? - Yes.
Ah, great!
Since his return, nothing has been easy.
But he's doing much better now.
He left Paris, his orchestra.
And he came to live here with me.
He helps me take care of the estate.
Here he is.
Adrien. Look who's here.
My God, Anna!
You here?
In France?
How did you find us?
I was in Paris
for a visit and...
Your aunt gave me your address here.
I'm so happy.
Sit down.
What hotel are you staying at, Anna?
I do not know yet.
- There is a charming hotel in town, and... - No,
We have plenty of room here.
Oh yes of course.
We are having a dinner
with a few friends and there will be
a small concert. You will join us.
Thank you.
Tell me, Anna
How are they?
The Hoffmeisters.
Very good.
Life goes on.
Why did you never answer my letter?
I was desperate. I was waiting for an answer.
I know.
I should have written before.
It was not easy.
Because the Hoffmeister?
They have forgiven you.
I came to tell you in person.
And you, Anna?
I have too.
Thank you.
It is the most beautiful thing I wanted to hear.
Although I will never forgive myself.
Time, Adrien.
Only time will help you forget.
Do you still want to swim?
Would you join me this time?
Did you learn to swim?
I was waiting for you.
You know, Anna ...
On my return from Germany, I...
I wanted to die.
I did too.
I did not want to feel anymore,
or be unhappy,
it was selfish.
You also have to live for others.
Anna, let me introduce you to Fanny.
- Good morning, Anna. - Good Morning.
Nice to meet you.
Adrien told me very beautiful things about you.
You will hear her tonight, Anna.
Fanny has a wonderful voice.
Don't exaggerate.
But Fanny sings divinely.
Doesn't she, Adrien?
Yes, that's true.
Good. Your room is ready, Anna.
Felicie will accompany you. It is on the first floor.
Here's your room, miss.
Thank you.
Come in.
Excuse me... am I bothering you?
Not at all... I was unpacking.
I was wondering if you'd like to borrow clothes for dinner.
I suspect you did not plan on tonight's dinner.
We're about the same size.
It's perfect.
It looks great on you.
I'll help with the belt.
Thank you.
Thank you, Anna...
for all you have done for Adrien.
I did nothing.
Yes. You have welcomed him,
listened to him,
when You could have rejected him.
His whole family thought Adrien had lost his mind.
I was the one who supported him when he decided to go to Germany.
He wanted to be forgiven,
take the place of the man he had killed.
these things are impossible.
Loved ones can never be replaced, can they.
I do not know.
Your fianc's name was Frantz?
My brother's name was Franois.
He was 20 years old and...
He died at the front, too.
Adrien told me that you played
the piano very well.
Yes, a little bit.
So you will accompany us tonight?
The bells rang all day, they did not stop an instant.
Even the deaf heard them.
It was maddening. We wondered if we could sleep.
And we didn't.
You should have stuffed cotton into your ears.
And you, Adrien, were you
in Paris on Armistice Day? - Yes... In the loony bin.
And you, Anna?
How was it in Germany?
How dare you ask that question?
Excuse me, I messed up.
But it is also interesting to know, right?
The bells also rang.
We feel relieved ...
and even there was
Who danced.
You see, Fanny,
It was not only in France
that people danced. - Yes ...
On corpses.
Would anyone like some cheese?
- With pleasure. - Ah ...
Armand, cheese, please.
Night of Stars
Beneath your veils
Beneath your breeze
And your perfumes
Sad lyre
Which is sighing
I dream
Of bygone loves.
I dream
Of bygone loves.
Serene melancholy
Comes to blooms in the depths of my heart
And I hear
The soul of my beloved
Quiver in the dreaming wood.
I can't do it.
Forgive her,
She had a long journey and she's very tired.
Thank you.
What exactly did she come to France for?
To steal Adrien, I suppose.
Anna, what are you doing?
I'm sorry, I should never have come.
Why do you say that?
I don't belong here.
I understand you, I couldn't play for the Hoffmeisters, do you remember?
Did you think of Frantz?
Is that it?
No, I was not thinking of Frantz.
I was thinking of you, Adrien.
So you have not understood anything.
Anna ... Anna. Please calm down.
Where will you sleep tonight?
Stay. Leave early tomorrow morning, if that's what you want.
Noone is angry at you.
I will explain to them,
Forgive me, Anna.
You're right.
Do as you want.
Good night, Anna.
Are you taking her?
- Fanny didn't say anything? - No.
She's not jealous?
She has no reason to be.
So why make her come here?
I already told you that Anna came here on her own.
Please. I was not born yesterday.
She came to...
To say he had forgiven me. That's all.
What innocence! What naivet!
That's why I adore you.
- Do not touch me. - Adrien...
My darling...
Anna... You're ready.
- Yes - Very well.
I'll get the car.
You know, Anna,
my son is very fragile.
Do not torment him.
I am not the one tormenting him.
It's Frantz.
Thank you.
How long have you known Fanny?
From childhood.
We lost touch when I left for Paris.
And when I came back from the front,
we found each other again.
She helped me a lot.
She too
has lost family. - Her brother?
I liker her brother very much.
You know, Anna...
It's my mother who wants this marriage.
It makes her feel better.
She's courageous and she's always loved me.
Tell me...
Would you come to our wedding, next month?
Fanny and I ...
would like that.
I don't think so.
Paris Express is leaving. Close the doors, please.
It's too late.
Be happy, Anna.
A letter from Anna.
- Anna? - Yes.
"Dear Parents
I am writing from Paris
where I finally found Adrien.
He's fine
and sends his love.
He is now first violin
for Orchestre de Paris,
and every night I go to the opera
to listen to him play.
For private concerts,
sometimes he asks me to join him at the piano.
We have a wonderful time,
he is showing me Paris
and all the sights
Frantz was telling us about.
Yesterday at the Louvre,
We saw Manet's paintings.
I would love for you to
be here
to share these moments.
I do not know when I'll come back,
I am happy in Paris,
in the city
Frantz loved so much.
Take care of yourselves,
Take care of yourselves,
All my Love,
Do you love this painting too?
It makes me want to live.