Frau Ella (2013) Movie Script

(Family of the Year:"Hero")
- (radio announcer) 'Good morning, people!
- (a rooster crows)
'... the funniest morning show in the city.
'What a day today!
'I have a quick question for you:
What are you doing?
How do you really surprise someone you love?
Candlelight dinner?
Picnic in the open? Red roses?
Call in, you romantics out there.
- As always call 0800-7777.
- (cellphone rings)
Nah? Didn't she come?
You're getting there,
and look at this.
"Fish should play the lottery today.
"When the sun hits Pluto,
everything is possible in this zodiac sign."
Sasha! Wait a moment.
- The fish did not come, right?
Yes, yes.
it ... is a bit late.
Do not turn it down, Sasha.
This is an important constellation.
It looks really good for you! Here:
"Give yourself to today.
"'Cause it could be that today is the
most important day in your life! "'
(Brakes squeaky)
(Sasha) Dude, I'll be fine!
Um ... taxi?
- Where are you going?
- To the University.
(Clears throat) So ...
I rarely drive such hot cargo.
(Turns on the radio)
(Man with strong Saxon accent)
'Hello Hello?
'Do you know what I am doing?
I put on a white suit.
'And then I'll get it all.
A string quartet and 99 balloons
'if necessary,
and then I kneel at her door
'And then I proclaim, "I tell you!
"I love ..." '
- (Sasha turns off the radio)
- Oh, god, oh, god.
- How so? It's cute.
- Please what?
Sweet? It could not be more embarrassing! Hello?
Well, he's probably honest.
And, I think that's good.
Do you have a boyfriend?
You are not my type. Let it go.
But can you know
if you did not try it?
Say, you heard the saying
"playing a role"?
Yes, sure. It's part of being a taxi driver.
Cursing, dressing up.
Yes, I bet
you can do that really well.
Oh yeah.
I forgot
to turn on the clock.
But instead
maybe could get your phone number?
- Hm.
I have something better for you.
You can already see the heart beating.
7th week.
But you said, you only went
to a check-up, So...
- That means you are pregnant?
- Yes.
- (car door is opened)
- Hello, are you free?
- No!
- But.
- Please, we'll talk about it this evening.
- No, Sasha.
- But, Where do you want to go?
- I have to go to the airport.
- OK. Please. Yes?
- I'll miss the plane otherwise.
- Can we start? Fast! Please.
- Such an asshole.
That's so typical of you.
(Swiss accent) Why, goddamn.
did not he sign?
What? He has a thousand times
promised me. Shit, again!
No, the taxi driver drove straight
through a red traffic light.
One moment. Is everything ok with you?
Is everything ok with you?
(Quiet music)
- (roars) Hello!
-Yes, man, everything is ok with me!
- I've never been so good!
- (roars) Caution!
(Music overlays everything else)
(Outcry, bang)
(Continue quiet music)
(Music is getting quieter)
(Snoring sounds)
(Music fades away)
(Snoring louder and louder)
(Further loud snoring)
(Still loud snoring)
Hello! Ha...
(Snoring dies)
(Again loud snoring)
What are you doing, Mr. Hanke?
Now stop it!
- Here, she snores!
- She's not snoring at all.
But now off to bed!
I'm entitled to a single room.
You were very lucky
with your eye.
A few millimeters further
and it would be very dark.
This is my lucky day today.
The sun is in Pluto,
sister Erika.
Oh? Are you a comedian now?
What's this?
We had a water pipe break
at the substation.
We had to move her here.
I have a right
to a single room! So...
Be glad that we are not putting one more
patient in here, So, quit bellyaching, please.
Listen, I mean.
why give me a grandma? Um ...
Ah! Man! Ouch, shit!
That's shit!
I'm not a toddler, man, ey!
- See you later.
- (loud snoring again)
Shit, man!
It seems you too
need to recover.
And you really want to
go through with this, yes?
And how will we provide for the child?
By my taxi income, or how?
Get your medical degree.
No, I will not do that.
The topic is through.
- Somehow we can do it.
- But how? So...
Man, Lina!
How did you get pregnant?
That's shit!
We discussed that!
I do not want a child.
What would I do with a child now?
I imagined it differently.
But that's not how it played out.
- What's so bad about that?
- What's so bad about that?
You keep your parents on the hook.
I live with Klaus.
We are together.
We are not together.
The world does not need another child
that does not know its family!
You do not love me, right?
What? That has nothing to do with it!
You know what?
I do not want to wait.
What an I supposed to do now?
I'm thinking about the child?
No, it's about you, Sasha.
It's always about you.
And if it's not about you,
then you're blaming it on a fucking accident.
As if I would have caused the pregnancy on purpose! How stupid is that?
- (fast steps take off)
- Lina?
Lina, Where ... Where are you going now?
(Quiet music begins)
Do you also need fresh air?
(Quiet music fades away)
(TV plays)
Ah, there you are!
Good morning, Ella Freitag.
It's been a long time since I
shared a room with a man.
And yet so young, much prettier.
What was your name?
my hearing is a bit bad.
- What did you say?
- My name is Sasha!
Well, you do not need to scream.
Like this! I am alert but often fall asleep, Sasha.
Well, I am also
alone most of the time.
But I have my flowers, you know?
I have flowers on my balcony,
built a garden, you know.
The boxwood trees,
they make me a little worried.
There is a beetle
he eats everything up.
Not even my gardener friend
has any advice.
Hm! My TV is not working anymore.
That's when they invented a new system
and now the TV is gone.
Everything changes in the moment anyway.
The TV is digitized.
- Digi ... What?
- Digitized.
The TV no longer understands the signals.
Ha, That sounds dangerous.
Are you not feeling well? Does your eye hurt?
I'm good, It's all ok, yes?
So, Mrs. Freitag.
You need to come with me.
Enjoy your single room, right?
We'll be back in half an hour.
Oh, sister Erika, has your daughter
passed the math exam?
Yes, with flying colors, She's faster
than a calculator.
- "Faster than a calculator!"
- Yes, quite the mother, huh?
"Quite the mother, huh?"
Could you please kindly
close the door?
Dude, you do not know
how lucky you are.
Lina is something of the Porsche
among the women.
I would have bagged that long ago.
So classic, you know?
With a ring, a wedding,.. .Maldives.
- Coconuts, children, the whole deal.
- (Sasha) Yes, yes.
What is with the fish?
- That ... is in development.
- Yes.
- Clearly it didn't come through.
- She had a breakdown.
- Aha.
- (cell phone signal)
- Who is that now?
- I text.
- With whom?
- With Nastasia, from Lithuania.
She has me on "Love 3000"
teases and likes my humor.
Klaus, you are a hopeless case.
You tell me something about palm trees,
coconut milk, a wedding and Trallala.
and yourself ... Hey, you're chatting here
with a Russian minor!
One hundred per cent.
Horny device, ey?
- That's never.
- Of course that's that.
Dude, you do not want to see the sun,
even if it shines in your face.
Or, Sasha?
Give it to me. Give it to me!
- What are you doing there?
- I'll call these numbers here.
Dude, stop it, you will not do that!
Give me the shit phone.
- (hissing)
- Oh sorry.
Man, pay attention!
Serious nerve damage.
Cardiac arrest.
Young man, have you also
signed this death letter?
They want to hedge,
if something happens to you.
But the doctor said
nothing can happen there.
Something can always happen.
Well, I do not understand that.
I came to the hospital after all
because of the eye.
And that was it,
just a little scratch.
And now I'm here:
"Cardiac arrest".
That's dangerous.
I am perfectly healthy!
What am I to do?
Show me.
- Do you want a general anesthetic?
- What?
Do you want a general anesthetic?
The doctor said i am required to have it.
The doctor said that, yes?
- Aha, Do you have high blood pressure?
- Yes.
I'll be right back.
(Clears throat)
So, in your place,
I would not sign that.
In your condition the risk frin
a general anesthetic is extremely high.
You could have a cardiac arrest.
Did your doctor not tell you that?
- I have already signed.
- You have already signed?
Mrs. Freitag, you have
not eaten yet?
The yoghurt has to be eaten, ok?
You need to be very strong.
Did you read the consent and sign, Mrs. Freitag?
Give me that.
I'll get a new one.
So, No general anesthesia
and no surgery.
- Thank you.
- Crap.
They know each other so well.
Are you a doctor yourself?
I used to be one.
Do you want to drink something, too?
(A German tonic for colds, etc.)
You drink Melissengeist?
Yes, I have been drinking for years.
That's why I'm so healthy.
Do not you want a dose too?
I'll try it.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Wah, that ... I thought, you use that
to rub on your feet.
or as antifreeze.
(Chuckles) As antifreeze.
I do not know that.
but the feet...
You can rub yourself with it.
(Chuckles too)
Do you want another sip?
Come on.
Cheers, Sasha.
Cheers, Mrs.... Ella.
(Laughs) Mrs. Ella ... Hm.
No one has ever called me that. Hm.
Tell me, what
happened to your eye?
Oh, I hurt myself, you know.
The boxwood trees are
threatened by a beetle.
And they have to
be cut very short.
And then the doctor said to me
"That's not bad at all,"
And then they have a Malu ...
A Maa...
- A macular degeneration.
- Yes.
Macular degeneration detected.
You do not have to operate on this now.
You can treat that differently.
Do you understand? They only want your money.
They just want to cash in from you.
That's the whole fucking system.
It's just about this ...
Will surgery be ok?
Yes, Well...
- Do we want to drink one more?
- Come on.
(Clears throat)
(Singing) 'OnIy you
can make my heart shine bright.
'OnIy you
can make my world feel safe.
'What I want to say is
'I Iove you, I do.
'I do Iove you.
'I do.
'I'm just you.
'So much ...'
- Woah!
- Good morning, Mr. Hanke, breakfast.
Thank you, sister Erika.
Bon apptit
(Soft singing)
- Uh!
- Terrible, the coffee, right?
Yes, Tomorrow, Mrs. Ella.
Morning, (Continues to sing)
What are we going to do now
with your surgery, huh?
Oh, the doctor will already know
what is good, (Continues to sing)
- Did they already give you something?
- Only one grape sugar pill.
Man, Mrs. Ella,
we must make a change.
- Did you sign the orders?
- Yes.
- You signed the orders?
- Yes!
Do not move!
I'll be right back, right?
Yes! (Continues)
Ok ... I want to
talk to the senior physician.
- That's not possible, he's in the OR.
- Then get him out, please.
Any other wishes?
Mrs. Freitag is not consenting to being
under general anesthesia!
That is completely stupid!
She may never wake up!
Let's leave that to the doctors
who are familiar with it, yes?
Nobody here has surgery
against his will.
Mrs. Freitag is seriously ill with heart disease.
Please get the doctor ...
- (Telephone rings)
- Hello?
Mrs. Freitag
is called in room 3
All right.
All right.
So, then just a little different.
OK let's go, We're getting out.
Ok ... (puffs hard)
Ok, ok.
(Ella is still humming
quietly to himself)
May I help you.
(Sister Erika) Mr. Hanke?
(Sister Erika) Mr. Hanke!
Caution, caution, caution! Ah!
Where is he?
Oh! Many Thanks.
Come on...
(Sister Erika)
There He is! Mr. Hanke!
Mr. Hanke! Mr. Hanke!
Smoked secretly.
Can you help me? OK thanks.
- Many Thanks.
- All right.
Klaus? I'm home again.
Listen, you have to
do a favor, yes?
Can you please go to the hospital?
and get my things out of the room closet?
And please be careful
because of the head nurse, yes?
I'll explain the rest later, OK?
(Cellphone rings)
Hello? Who's there?
Hanke? No, do not know Hanke.
Are you connected wrong?
- (Hangs up)
- Oh, crap.
(Quiet music begins)
(Continue soft music in the background)
Sasha, Sasha!
Wha ...? Oh man! God!
Mrs. Ella, why are you scared
me? What is it?
Where am I here?
What? They are at my house.
My dear Johnny.
How did I get here?
I need a coffee.
Usually, you have it here.
Is this your girlfriend?
She's pretty.
Would you mind.
making me a coffee too?
I'm making a coffee right now.
And a true one.
- Not the dishwater from the hospital.
- With this machine?
Yes, that's a coffee machine.
Makes espresso.
Espresso? Hm?
Try it first, it may help you.
Delicious, this expresso, Hm!
But against a cup of Jacob's Kronung coffee,
nothing would be comparable.
How do we do it now? you want to
but determined to go home quickly.
- I can bring you.
- Nope.
I do not want to go home.
No one is waiting for me.
(It rings)
You ... you stay here.
(The bell continues to ring violently)
Captain Ahab, open the door! My shitty key
won't work!
- Open, I have to pee.
- Wait, wait, wait!
Captain Ahab had a wooden leg
you said.
Ahab, Hook, Longstocking, shit.
A pirate needs a bathroom stop!
(Peeing sounds, groaning.
then toilet flushing)
Sasha, maybe there was something going on
in the hospital.
This is the snoring person that was with you
in the room you just left?
Uh ... good day.
Ella Freitag.
Mrs. Ella.
- And who are you?
- I'm Klaus.
Klaus von Wied-Lietzow.
And you are the ...
Sasha told me
You are almost 90?
There's snow on the roof,
but still plenty of fire in the oven.
- You have my hat on.
- That's your hat?
- It's beautiful, it's up to you.
- Come on, man.
-What are you doing here, huh?
- I took her with me.
- You took her with you?
- Took, yes.
You kidnapped her
from the hospital?
Dude, now I understand!
Sasha Robin Hood Hanke.
You're a real hero!
I already see the headline in front of me:
"Metropolitan Cowboy
saves grandma from the clutches of evil! "
So, now take a look at the
the libations, Mrs. Ella.
We have to celebrate this!
"On your courage to go new ways
"To try new ways of life.
be subversive ... "
That's the good ol' "progress" shit.
You know, like at that time of the Commune,
only without sex of course.
- Well, blow away the puddle.
- The puddle?
Yes, puddle. Puddles, Champagne.
Drink on ...
Mrs. Ella do not wait long.
" Kopp in n Nacken."
(Turn your head to drink from the glass)
- I am so proud of you.
- (both laugh)
(Doorbell rings)
- Who is this?
- I do not know.
(It rings again)
- The cops! It's the cops, man!
- What?
- Hey, man, fuck! We are not here!
- OK.
Beautiful breath....
Uncle Klaus has everything under control, ok?
Do not open the door, man!
- Yes?
- Klaus von Lietzovif?
Wied-Lietzow, yes.
We are looking for a Sasha Hanke.
he allegedly lives here with you.
Sasha Hanke ... Oh yes, Sasha ...
Oh, God, yes, yes, I know him.
He used to live here.
I threw him out.
Complete idiot.
- Did he eat here recently?
- Nope.
Do you want to come in?
- No, it is not necessary.
- Nope?
But if you see him.
please inform us.
OK, I hope I could help you.
- Man...
- (Klaus chuckles)
(Doorbell rings again)
- Yes?
- Is that your car in the driveway?
Oh! Yes, sorry.
I put that in the garage.
It's a 68er, huh?
Yes, You are a connoisseur!
Hm! Has already a few years
on the hump, the lady.
but still purring like a kitten.
Nice car.
Take good care of her.
-Yes I do, Thank you, Ciao.
- No offense.
- Have a nice day.
- Bye.
Were the gentlemen from the police
here because of me?
Um, the police, the ...
Klaus has his car ...
I parked my car wrong.
Oh, so.
Mrs. Ella, what do you think of that?
We re-park the car together, huh?
If Mr. Klaus does not mind?
Klaus does not mind at all.
Gorgeous! When I was with my
friend we always rode a motorcycle
- that was wonderful.
- Wonderful, yes.
(Music from the car radio)
This is a beautiful car!
Well, maybe a bit old.
But old is not bad.
But old is not always useful.
I beg your pardon?
The car is Klaus's tear-jerker.
Aufreiss-schleuder ,,.
(Tear jerker...)
So he tears up women?
Not a bad idea.
If that worked, yes.
But the Klaus and women,
that's a sad story
Mrs. Ella.
But that is a pity. Mr. Klaus
is such a nice young man.
I do not know who I am
these days.
No car rides. No champagne ,,.
I am so happy
that you kidnapped me.
(Still music from the car radio)
- (music stops)
- Well. I'll bring you back.
I beg your pardon?
I'll bring you back now
to the hospital. ok?
- OK. Get out Mrs. Ella.
- No.
Mrs. Ella. please get out. Yes?
- No!
- But!
First, you take me with you,
and then you put me out again
as it suits you.
I officially kidnapped you
against your will. Yes?
They are after me.
Do you understand that?
Yes. but it is still me,
what I want or not.
Mrs. Ella. please be reasonable.
Come along now. Yes?
No! What should I do?
Tell the police?
Where have I been all this time?
- Now get out. Come now!
- No!
- Help! Help!
- Come with me!
Oh ,,. fuck.
(Loud voices and music)
(Swing music)
Sasha. What are you doing here?
I thought you wanted to trick the hospital.
Yes. I wanted to,
but she just would not get out.
Klaus, listen. Hey!
She wants to blackmail us, ok?
She would blackmail us!
She literally said:
"What should I tell the police if
they ask me where I have been? "
- Oh that's not good.
- Nah, that's not good!
We are deep in the shit! If she says that,
then we have a problem!
- What should I do?
- What should I do, Sasha?
I would suggest you just stay
here and have a nice evening.
We're talking about the police, and we
certainly do not want them to come over.
Ok, and if necessary, she sleeps with us.
Nah. She does not sleep with us. She
do not come to our house. Nope!
Hey, Sasha. Stay cool.
Today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow.
- Klaus. please. We have to ,,.
- I'm already thinking of something!
Excuse me.
Mrs. Ella. You brighten our house!
That was a wonderful evening!
That was so much fun!
Those funny steps.
- Oops! Oh!
- Mrs. Ella! Sit down first!
And now here's an observation, you're
still a really hot lover.
- But Mr. Klaus!
- No. That's just the name, Mrs. Ella.
What was the name of the bar?
Where we ate?
- Doner.
- Doner. Delicious!
- (loud rumble)
- What was that?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I'm packing my things.
What does it look like?
I was never allowed to move in here.
That makes the whole thing easier.
Man. Lina. Wait. Really?
I'm sorry
that I reacted stupidly. Yes?
But would you prefer me to no one?
What's up, or what? So,,.
Do not act like this. You treat me
all the time like a fool.
Sorry. It does not work
for the child. I do not get it.
No, Sasha, you do not get it.
Lina. now ,,. man!
- What the hell are you doing here?
- What the shit is going on here, Sasha?
- That's it. I'm going.
- As?
And what about the child?
- It is not your problem anymore.
- How is not my problem anymore?
Wait a moment.
You can not go now! Man!
You can not just go!
What should ,,.
Well go! Man!
Stop it, dear!
(Steps approach.
Crockery rattles)
Well...people..."hot love"?
So, Mrs. Ella,
they are not together anymore?
Sasha, your hot love melts me.
That was not nice.
Oh. do not worry
Mrs. Ella, they often argue here.
We do not argue. Yes? We are
not a couple. You heard that.
- Do not you still love each other?
- Please, Mrs. Ella. Leave it. ok?
People just don't get it. So ,,.
Even if I look like
ancient lavender, I was also young.
And I know
that courage belongs to love, Sasha.
is the only important thing in life.
You have to be careful.
-So...Sasha...better ,,.
- Klaus. Shut up.
That's enough for me, Mrs. Ella. You know what?
The police are focused on me...
You are afraid to go home,
because there is nobody waiting for you.
Please shut up.
And I do not care. I'm not concerned
about what is important to you!
Yes, and do not lecture me.
I am not 12!
I'm not in the mood for that!
And courage and love. What is that?
You can say that
without it meaning anything.
Ancient lavender. so ,,.
Shut up!
- Man.
- old ,,.
(Quiet music begins)
(Klaus) I'm sorry, Mrs. Ella.
He is not himself. It has to be
really bad, if he is like this.
Now try it.
(Continue quiet music)
(Ella whispers) Mr. Klaus...
(Further loud snoring)
Mr. Klaus!
Oh God.
Oh, you scared me.
- Mr Klaus, I need your help.
- Yes.
- Come?
- Yes.
(Cellphone rings and vibrates)
What is it?
- Good morning, Sasha.
- Morning.
What's going on here?
We need to take a trip.
- We need to do what?
- We take a trip.
I want to show you something.
After that, you can calm me down and
take me to my home.
I will not betray you.
I feel like Grace Kelly.
You are Grace Kelly!
Hopefully your grandmother
does not mind
that we
have borrowed her clothes.
Oh. Mrs. Ella, you look nice,
like a goddamn Grace!
Grandmother certainly does not mind.
Do not you, grandma?
- Grandma?
- I do not want to disturb you. but ,,.
- Where are we going right now?
- We're almost there.
There you have to turn to the right
Mr. Klaus.
(Ella) That used to be a hospital.
I worked here after the war.
(Klaus) Dude, it's haunted here.
Actually it was a hospital.
There were many injured soldiers here.
- And that was the entrance hall.
- Is that gone?
It was always crowded with people.
Doctors. Sick people. Orderlies. Relatives.
There was a lot of suffering back then.
Tell me, Mrs. Ella.
You really witnessed the war, yes?
I mean, really everything.
Weimar? Economic miracle?
The beginning and in between.
Adolf's Millennial Kingdom.
Yes, and there.
There were the dining rooms.
And there were the baths.
I have to, um, just a minute ,,.
And up there. There were the sickrooms.
What is he typing?
Always on the thing?
- He's looking for women.
- (Ella laughs)
But he does not think they can be
found in such a small box?
Yes, and what are we doing here now?
Come with me, Sasha.
Here. Here in this bed. There he laid.
Lieutenant Alexander Jason Grines.
He came from Tennessee and he was black.
Black as the night.
I came every day and
changed his bed,
and he always laughed at me
with his white teeth.
"You are pretty girl. Uh, woman,"
he always said.
And when he was healthy,
we often met there.
We went dancing.
We talked ,,.
Once he told me about
the Peloponnesian War.
On a small napkin
he painted a map. Hm,,.
(Klaus. away) Hey! Where are you?
Excuse me, but why
do you tell me everything?
I loved him, intensely loved him.
(Quiet music begins)
One day his unit was recalled.
And he ,,. he absolutely wanted
me to come to America.
But me. Me the stupid goose.
I did not have the courage.
I... I was from the village.
"Negro whore" the villagers used to insult me.
And suddenly, he was gone,
and I was pregnant.
I had a child of his,
and they took it away from me.
"A devil child,"
my mother said.
But it was my child.
- (Continue quiet music)
- (Klaus. removed) Sasha? Mrs. Ella?
Where are you? Man,,.
(Clears throat)
And ,,. have you never tried to find Jason?
No. I was ashamed.
How could I tell him that?
That I was pregnant with the child?
We were so far apart.
I never loved another man.
But life. Life just keeps going.
It does not matter.
Here. He gave me this.
That's the only thing
I have from him.
And ,,. so is that why you brought me here?
Yes. That's why I
brought you here.
When you are as old as me,
you do not regret the mistakes
for what you have done,
but you regret the mistakes
for what you did not do.
That hurts. You really regret that.
(Continue quiet music)
Be together with Lina.
Do not make the same mistake.
(Continue quiet music. Fire crackles)
(Music fades away)
Where have you been?
I have ,,. a few sticks
I found for the fire.
Oh, Sasha,
I have been single for 8 years now.
(Belch) Somehow I have the feeling
women can smell that.
- Not just the women, dude.
- No. Really. Seriously!
There is somebody here who ,,.
...I have the impression that he is
really interested in me.
I mean. For what, I ,,.
...he wants to know who I am,
and why I am the way I am.
or what I think, or ,,.
Are you drunk?
By the way. You're right. It's a man.
- Who?
- Well. Nastasia.
- Huh? Is she a man?
- She is a man.
She called me
because you called him.
His name Hartmut and he lives on
Lake Constance, the asshole.
- (Sasha laughs)
- Stop it.
Maybe he's nice,
this Hartmut.
Hm? Hartmut ,,.
What are you doing here?
- I'm looking for Jason.
- Jason? What Jason?
Jason. That's the big love
of Mrs. Ella.
Seemingly the only man
with whom she has ever found love.
Sasha. Just imagine
you are as old as that,
and then you have had only one man
in your life.
- And his name is Hartmut. (Laughing)
- Fuck.
Hey. Shit. Oh. Look here!
I have him.
-Who? Hartmut?
- No, man. Jason! Look here!
Hey. That's awesome!
Jason Alexander Grines ,,.
Here! Lieutenant of the US Air Force.
Born in 1924 ,,.
Hey. He lives in Paris.
Oh! Paris!
The beautiful little French women...
- Baguette,,.
- Look here! Rue Ie Marois.
Jason ,,.
- Klaus!
- La mode ,,.
Hey. that's awesome!
She has not seen that for 70 years.
and we found him. Hm?
L'amour ,,. Paris ,,.
- Hey?
- Say. Is it possible?
- Well. Awake?
- Where are we?
- France.
- France?
- France, my dear.
Here, please. I have you
brought a Noisette.
- What's that?
- That's a coffee.
Hey. And always nice to
breathe fresh air, yes?
Mr. Sasha has everything under control.
Where is Mrs. Ella?
Ah! Mrs. Ella? Mrs. Ella!
I brought you a coffee.
A really good filtered coffee.
What are we doing here?
We're driving to Jason.
I beg your pardon?
Yes. We're driving to Jason.
He lives in Paris.
Nonsense. Jason is American.
He does not live in Paris.
Yes. Mrs. Ella.
Look here...Rue Ie Marois, eh?
And there's his phone number.
Hey, we can call him.
- What's he doing in Paris?
- No idea.
Ask him yourself!
We should call him, yes?
- No! No.
- How so? Do you not want to talk to him?
Yes I do, but,,.
but what should I say?
Hello? Uh, bonjour Jason.
I am coming to visit you.
- Paris? Yes. Paris!
- Mrs. Ella, the city of love!
Sasha ,,. sorry,
can i talk to you briefly?
Do you know what you are doing here?
I only have one set of clothes with me!
I have at 1 o'clock
a dentist appointment at the complex.
- How can I even go to the appointment?
- Klaus, hey, this was your idea!
- Was my idea?
- You suggested that, man!
Last night.
The little French women?
And we can really go there?
We are leaving immediately.
Here we go.
- Come.
- Do you think he really lives there?
You can take my car.
(Quiet music
accompanies the following scenes)
(Continue quiet music in the background)
- (Sasha) Here we are.
- (Ella) So here is where he lives.
Yes. that's number 6.
- Nervous?
- Yes.
How do I look?
Super? So great.
M-m. That's not true.
At least I would have
washed my hair.
Oh. Mrs. Ella.
All right, let's go.
Will he recognize me?
Um. Look, Mrs. Ella. So!
That's what you look like.
So. Attention. So.
Crap. Watch out.
Attention, now. Thank you.
Attention ,,. and ,,. back.
(A baby screams)
Here. Here, Grines.
Ey! He really lives here.
- Shall we?
- Yes.
(Door is opened)
- Oui?
- (loud music in the background)
Jason Grines? um. uh ,,.
He lives here?
Jason. Jason Grines? Non.
Qui, mais... h, I c'est ecrit Grines.
(Who? But... it says "Grines.")
Ah. oui ,,. Non mais, il faut queje change ca! Desole!
(Ah. Yes. No, but I have to change that. Sorry!)
- What did he say?
- That the person whose name is on the sign does
not live here, but, uh ,,.
Quoi encore?
(What now?)
Pardon, mais nous cherchons un vieil homme, americain, noir.
(Sorry, but we are looking for an old man, American, black.)
Morgan Freeman?
Morgan Freeman?
(Baby is still crying)
I'm sorry, Mrs. Ella.
But look ,,.
He lived here. yes? Um ,,.
Sasha. I do not want to be a spoilsport
but he is not here anymore.
The only thing left is
is his door sign.
Since so much time has passed.
Maybe he is watching us from above,
already pushing up daisies from the grave.
Klaus. Please, man. Be sensitive,,.
Please, just shut up. OK?
Yes? Just shut up.
- You can say that ,,.
- No.
Now wait.
Mrs. Ella. Klaus,,.
Sasha. we have not driven so far in vain.
Now we are looking for him!
Ah! Monsieur. Excuse me please.
Do you know Jason? Jason Grines?
- Jason Grines?
- Yes.
Oui. Un vieux monsieur. Americain. Noir. II habite I..
(Yes. an old man. American. Black. He lives in LA)
Ah. Jason. Bien sr! Mais ca fait Iongtemps que je ne Iai pas vu.
(Ah Jason. Of course! But it's been a long time since I've seen him.)
Uh ,,. uh ,,.
Yes? What?
Well. he has
not seen him for a while.
- But. Um ,.
- Ah. Well.
- Monsieur. do you know Jason Grines?
- Je ne comprends pas que ,,.
(I do not understand what you are asking)
Nous cherchons un vieux monsieur americain noir, Jason Grines.
(We are looking for an old black american gentleman, Jason Grines)
Vous connaissez un vieux monsieur noir qui sappeIIe, Jason Grines?
(You know an old black gentleman who's name is Jason Grines?)
- Jason Grines?
- No? No?
- Vous ne parlez pas francais?
(You do not speak French?)
- No. OK thanks.
Monsieur ,,.
Do you know a Jason Grines?
Jason Grines?
Older man ,,. no?
Monsieur ,,.
No. Sorry.
Uh. Pardon. Jason Grines?
Monsieur ,,.
Mrs. Ella you are inexperienced at this.
"Do not be discouraged.
"Even if you are the god Mercury,
They put stones in the way.
"Setbacks are a chance
to discover new ways.
"Stay calm and relaxed,"
Are you that way?
- Mrs. Ella?
- Mrs. Ella?
Mrs. Ella! Mrs. Ella?
Crap. Where are your pills, huh?
Where are your pills, Mrs. Ella?
Crap! Oh man.
Without a prescription, we are screwed.
Then write one. You're a doctor
Klaus. I'm not a doctor, ok?
I'm not a doctor at all.
- But we're going to one now.
- No.
Now wait a minute!
They will ask questions.
Who is she? How do you know her?
Why did she come in your car?
But she needs her pills. So, huh?
Maybe they have some.
You have some snow on the roof, yes?
- and very rarely fire in the oven. but ,,.
- But,,.
- Sadly, hopping?
- Sadly, hopping.
- Bonjour.
- Bonjour.
(Ladies) la!
Bonjour, ladies!
Ok. You wait here.
No. Can't you wait?
I can not speak French.
Do you know the difference between
diuretics and aspirin? Huh? Nope.
So, please, Klaus. Wait here.
Keep a look out.
Well, great.
Excuse me. I have a question.
(Speaks broken French)
So. it's about something big ,,.
Uh. Amour!
Two old people find ,,.
Grand Amour!
Yes? Well, not in my case.
It is not really my specialty, although I am not a virgin.
Oh. God. What am I talking about?
You really do not understand a word, right?
God, you are really beautiful.
And I stand here before you and make a fool of myself.
while my buddy in there clears the medicine cabinet.
- Sasha. Where are you?
- Excusez-moi.
(Excuse me)
No sorry!
You can not go in there. You're not welcome.
Why can not I go in here, huh?
Oh, you shit.
Bonjour. Come on.
That, uh, isn't what it looks like.
- Oui.
- I'm Klaus.
(French TV voices
in the background)
Mrs. Ella?
Oh, man. Mrs. Ella.
Man, there you are.
Here. I have your pills.
Everything will be fine again.
Yes? So.
That makes no sense, Sasha.
Now take your pills and you will
feel better.
You can not turn back time.
- We are driving home.
- What?
We are driving home.
What are you grinning so stupidly?
Come on, get in. Mrs. Ella wants to go home.
This is Jason's new address.
What? Who did you get that from?
From the nurse?
- How awesome.
- Mrs. Ella.
There was a beautiful young woman in there.
And she knew Jason.
He lived here in this house.
- She knew Jason?
- Oh yeah. She said
he was very nice, "tres fort".
- That means "very strong".
- Very strong.
Klaus! Here, look.
The town of Landevennec.
This is,,.
that's right on the coast.
That's ,,. 582 km. 6 hours.
- Mrs. Ella. Hm?
- Yes,,.
- Please. Mrs. Ella. Please. Please. Please!
- Do you think so? Yes?
All right then.
- Yes? Yes! Great!
- Well. (Ella laughs)
But this time, I want to wash my hair.
- Hair washing included.
- Yes.
Are you coming or what? Hm?
Is this the phone number of Jason?
- (Klaus) No. That's for me.
- (Sasha) Landevennec! Yay!
(Quiet music)
(Sound bells)
(Klaus sings in the shower)
(Groans well)
You, Sasha?
Imagine. Tomorrow, Jason opens the door
and then Mrs. Ella finds out he
did not love her as much as she loved him.
Oh, God, then we sit
maybe in the shit.
For 70 years they have heard nothing
from each other.
You have to get that.
(Sasha chuckles)
- Whether they can still have sex at this age?
- (Sasha still chuckles)
I heard sex can go
right again. Really.
(Still chuckling)
Ey! "My blood flows like the harbinger,
a New Year's tsunami.
"The memory of you
makes me drunk
"And lets me freeze
like a hare in the headlights"?
Tell me, what's the point?
"You are like a thunderstorm
over a withered salt lake "?
Wait a minute. Hey, Marie ...
Marie? That ... you have that ...
Is that the Marie
from the nursing home?
You, that's not for you at all, ok?
You sent that?
Hey, Klaus, you're whining at me that for
8 years you were single, yes?
No wonder.
"Hare in the headlights". Come on!
Can you not even tell the women
what you think and feel and want?
Oh, God, the great womanizer
has spoken, yes?
May I ask you why you
are playing this game in France,
instead of being at home in front of Lina on your knees
sliding your arm around her and telling her
what you think you want, what you feel?
So, now give that shit thing back.
- (Someone's Knocking)
- (Both) Enter!
Excuse me. Could one of you gentlemen
maybe help me with washing my hair?
In this shower, I might break my neck.
- (Both) Well, sure.
- Yes?
- I'll do it.
- You do that.
You can not stand any criticism.
You can not stand criticism.
- You can not stand criticism.
- I can not stand criticism?
- I'm sorry, Mrs. Ella.
- For what, Sasha?
Well, the whole thing here, the journey and stuff.
I should have asked you.
I'm happy that you did not ask me.
Tell me, you mean
you would be happier today,
if you were with Jason and had gone along
with him back then?
(Quiet snoring)
(Ella) Did you see that?
If you keep this up, you will
be a master at darts, Mrs. Ella.
Yes. Jason taught me that.
He was a really good one
(Master arrow thrower)
- Arrow thrower?
- Yes.
This is called darts. It's darts.
- (French)
- Anything?
- Um, Melissengeist?
- Yes.
- Oui. Deux eau de melisse.
(Yes. Two waters of Melisse.)
- Pardon?
- Eau de melisse? Melissengeist? Non?
(Watters of Melisse? Melissengeist? No?)
- 2 beers, s'iI vous plait. 2 beers.
- Oui.
- We'll take 2, right? Yes.
- Yes.
I think we have done well.
Your hair. You are looking very beautiful.
You should be careful with that,
what you say to women.
Why did not you become a doctor?
- You would be a good doctor for sure.
- Perhaps.
But I am not interested anymore in becoming a doctor.
Why not?
Tell me,
or I'll get the police.
OK. (Clears throat)
I once screwed things up.
Well, it was a routine thing.
A man came to the hospital and
he had a stomach ache.
I suspected it was his appendix and ...
well, we already had everyone
working very long, 24 hour shifts, and
my boss demanded something be done, and yes ...
then we operated on him.
Everything went smoothly.
But yes...
The guy had heart problems, so ...
extreme ... extreme hypertension,
just like you, and ...
yes, he died immediately.
Voila, 2 Melissengeist.
And who took care of you?
Well, when the man died,
surely someone cared for you?
Was very cute.
She wrote me a song.
- And your parents?
- My parents?
Her mother.
- Nah, my mother does not know about it.
- And your father?
Why are you asking me so much today,
Mrs. Ella?
Because I'm curious.
(Clears throat) My dad, yes, the ...
he has been gone for a long time.
Everything is just different.
And everyone always talks about love
as this super poetic,
unbelievable thing.
Yes, but that does not work.
I think that does not work.
- (beating the bell)
- (Ella) This reminds me of Jason.
But ... he was
Black as the night?
(Ella laughs) Yes.
But he also doubted life.
(Waltz music in the background)
It works, Sasha.
- What?
- The poetic thing.
Oh, you mean the love.
Excuse me, but ... why
are you sure of that?
I just know.
You can not fool me, Sasha.
You love your Lina.
I see it when I look at you.
- And if it were like that?
- Do something. Call her.
Take the first step.
(Next Waltz music in the background)
And the second.
(Waltz music fades away)
(Quiet music begins)
(Klaus) Have a nice evening
yesterday, yes?
I'm sorry, you slept.
I did not want to wake you.
Yes, that's alright. The nuts in the minibar
were not bad.
Hey, but you your sleep. So...
Yes, maybe I am
just the 5th wheel on the car here.
What? Nonsense! So...
(Loud clacking)
- (Sasha) What was that now?
- (Klaus) We are angry.
- Both of you, or what?
- Yes, both of us.
(Car radio continues, it thunders)
Your idea with the community was not so stupid.
Imagine, we started with a shared flat.
Ella, you and me.
That would be
an ingenious business model!
- Of course, that was my idea too.
- Man, Klaus, think about it!
We bring young and old together!
Like agents!
That the life experience of each can
benefit the other.
What is going on between you? She's over
90! She's older than your grandmother!
That's completely ... unnatural.
Are you jealous? Klaus, ey!
- Did you have a crush on her, yes?
- What?
- Did she fall in love with you?
- Hey, explain to me ...
- What is it about? Is it about sex?
- About sex? Do you mean that seriously?
- Why was not I allowed to be there?
- How did you come up with that?
Why did you want ...
(Both) Mrs. Ella!
- Mrs. Ella, wait!
- Do not wave, hand on the steering wheel!
The handbrake!
(Further excited
incomprehensible shouting)
(Klaus) Ah yes, I know this, yes.
There she is.
She swallowed it,
yes, and then...
but actually this is...
You just have to do it a bit ...
La cable du delco, elle est foutue!
(The timing cable of the car, it is fucked!)
- What did he say?
- The ignition is gone too, ok.
J'en ai un. II est pas bon.
Dan's quelques heures ... tout sera fait.
(I have one. It is just acceptable quality.
Dan will need a few hours ... then everything will be done.)
- What to do? Fish?
- That can take a few hours.
Man, ey, real, bastard.
Tell me, can you do that,
take care of Ella for a while? Hm?
- Where are you going now?
- To pee.
- Is everything ok, Ms. Ella?
- Yes. Everything is OK.
Mr. Klaus, look,
this is incredible.
Jason used to ride such a thing.
That's crazy
this is an old 35s.
It was built in the 40s, built just around here.
Yes, we always
pulled it out to ride to a dance.
Your Jason had a good taste.
(Ella laughs)
Shall we
turn time back a bit?
- Hm?
- Why not, Mr. Klaus?
Klaus! Hey!
Hey! Hey, Klaus, man!
What the fuck?
Out of the way,
here come the Hells Grannys!
(Klaus) It was worth it,
all this nonsense in France?
Mrs. Ella,
do we want to do another round?
- Yes. Yes.
- Even in the rain?
- It does not matter!
- Yes!
- Faster, Mr Klaus! Faster!
- Hold tight! Hold on, Mrs. Ella!
(Ella) That was nice!
(Quiet music)
(Cellphone rings)
(Lina's voice)
'Hi, Sasha. Just so you know,
I have decided to have the baby.
I'll do it on my own and take full responsibility.
I'll keep you out of this.'
(Quiet music begins)
(Cellphone rings)
- Oh, God, Mrs. Ella.
- ... this is very hot, yes?
Hey, Sasha. We are a bit wet,
but I have everything under control.
Mrs. Ella, are you alright, huh?
You are very cold.
Are you alright?
Look at me, yes?
Do not worry.
I'm really fine.
You have to promise me you will take the
hot drink, ok? You do that?
I'll just go out with Klaus.
I have to talk to him, right?
- Come.
- I'll be right back, Mrs. Ella.
And drink slowly, it's hot.
I just want to say,
I want our fight behind us.
Sasha? Sasha, I'm sorry, ok?
- I just wanted to make her happy.
- Nah, to make it right.
It was just about showing her
who is the hotter guy between us?
Nothing happened
now calm down!
What? Klaus,
you do not know her values!
- Did you look at her?
- Yes, she's a bit cold.
She is a bit cold?
She is totally frozen!
She is 87 years old and if she
has an inflammation, then it's serious!
(Klaus) Do you really think you are
the only one she cares for?
- Is she your problem?
- Say, do you even check whether she was cold?
You could have killed her!
Yes of course! Seems you do not care.
Do you know what?
Don't be a shit here!
- What a shit?
- Oh you, man, yes?
- OK.
- Look at you!
- It's logical that you are lonely.
- I beg your pardon?
Yes! You're like a little kid, hey!
You have to scream first loudly
and then be center of attention.
Please, Klaus, yes? Stop doing that.
- That's how it is?
- Yes, that's the way it is.
Why is my talent failing with you? Why am I able
to reject people other than you?
You're an idiot! This whole
idiocy you have with the horoscopes.
Man, Klaus,
Life is not a tabloid newspaper.
Sasha, do you know,
why I am your friend?
Because I'm the last one,
who can still stand you.
You are so intoxicated with yourself
and your shit-do-gooder,
you prefer to drive a taxi than
to work as a doctor.
Do you know what you are?
You are a coward.
- Oh yes? Hm-hm.
- Yes!
You know, I would be glad,
if I had what you have.
- What do I have?
- Lina! Have you already forgotten?
She loves you,
but you do not see that!
Instead, you drive through France
with some old woman,
which has nothing to do with you at all.
You are not just near sighted,
you're blind, Sasha.
Lina is pregnant.
And I do not know what to do.
Ok, and when did you remember
to tell me that?
Then this is a therapy trip,
that I'm doing with you,
- but you did not tell me the reason?
- Man, it's not about you!
You see, you are no help to me.
- I am no help to you?
- Nah!
-Oh, I'm not helping you?
- No, you are no help!
I got it. You know what?
The idiot logs off.
- Yes, then stay in touch.
- Yes! Watch,
how you return to your home alone.
You are an asshole yourself!
(Car is started)
(Sasha) Come on, fuck yourself! Drive!
Just drive off,
come on, go!
Yes, drive off! You can
not even handle a blowjob, man!
(Lina's love song)
(Ella moans softly)
(Birds singing,
distant children's voices)
Mrs. Ella?
Mrs. EII ...
Dear Sasha, I do not want to hear
you two arguing about me.
Do not worry about me.
Mrs. Ella?
Mrs. Ella!
Hey, mon velo!
(Hey, my bike!)
Mrs. Ella!
- Bonjour, sheriff.
- Bonjour, monsieur.
Um ... Oh, now it starts again.
Uh, I can not speak French.
Police, Police, Raid, Bumm-bumm.
No, joking aside, I'm looking for
a young German man,
blond hair, blonde eyes,
a bit shabby clothes.
II est assis Ia derriere.
(He's sitting in the back)
- What did he say?
- That I'm sitting here.
- Merci.
- Pas de quoi.
(You're welcome)
You will not believe it.
A bird pooped on my shoulder.
Just when I wanted to hit the highway.
Full load on the bathrobe.
I thought that's a sign,
and I'm going back to the hotel,
but there was nobody there.
For 11 years I drove a convertible,
- and I've never had a bird ...
- I'm sorry, Klaus.
What actually?
The idiot? Or the tabloid newspaper?
I like the idiot.
That you're an asshole.
Incidentally, I meant that seriously.
Do you really think
that I am a coward?
Hm, a little bit.
But I understand it.
(Quiet music)
(Continue quiet music)
(The bell sounds)
Ah. Excuse me, Jason lives here?
Jason Grines?
- Un moment! Anna, viens ici!
(One moment. Anna, come here!)
- Qu'est-ce qui se pass?
(What is happening?)
II ya quelqu'un qui veut voir Jason.
(There is someone who wants to see Jason)
- Bonjour.
- Bonjour.
Attends, Lily. Bonjour. Qu'est-ce que
je peux faire pour vous?
(Wait, Lily. Hello. What can I do for you?)
You are his daughter, right?
(Excuse me?)
May I...
Will you tell me your name?
You have his eyes.
What do you want?
I'm looking for Jason.
Is he here?
- You are Ella?
- Yes.
Is he here?
I'm sorry, he died last year.
He is dead...
(Melancholic music sets in)
There, look! Yes, Rue Guenole, great.
2 ...
Now stop it!
Back there is number 12!
- No, this is only number 7.
- If there ... There was number 12!
Now just drive a bit ...
(Continue quiet music)
He fell asleep peacefully.
He loved you very much.
"Le temps passe, l'amour reste"
Time flies, Love endures
Hello my young one.
(Continue quiet music)
(Quiet music becomes more dramatic)
(Music fades away)
I want to go home now.
- What are you doing?
- She's going home now. Uh ...
- Mrs. Ella?
- Wait, Mrs. Ella.
Please wait.
(Both) Mrs. Ella!
- Mrs. Ella!
- Ella, wait!
(Klaus moans, Sasha laughs)
(Chris & Thomas:"Into The Sun")
(Cellphone rings)
(Still "Into The Sun"
in the background)
So, we would go home again,
Mrs. Ella.
Number 19. Isn't it right, right? Hm?
So! Ah, so you live here!
It's nice. It's beautiful.
Why are you grinning like that? Hartmut?
- I'm going to Paris.
- We just came from there.
Yes I know.
Me, I have an appointment.
- With whom?
- With Marie.
- Nah!
- Yes.
- Really?
- Next week.
- Really? (Laughing with a laugh)
- Yes.
- Geil, dude, cool, I'm happy.
- Mrs. Ella, did you hear that?
Mrs. Ella? Mrs. Ella.
Hey, she has hardly any pulse left.
Call an ambulance, Klaus.
Man, call an ambulance, please!
Mrs. Ella?
Mrs. Ella. Mrs. Ella! Mrs. Ella?
Everything is going to be alright, right?
Thanks for the good time, my young one.
Mrs. Ella?
Yes, good day, Wied-Lietzow is my name.
We have an emergency.
In Berlin, in Wilmersdorfer Strasse,
House number 19.
An old woman, yes.
Yes, come quickly, please.
Thank you, thank you.
I do not need more.
Respect, Mr. Hanke.
That younger people help the elderly is rare today.
Nice story.
Excuse me, so ...
What's next?
- Take me with you now, or ...
- I have nothing against you.
The hospital has made a complaint,
but Mrs. Freitag
called and clarified everything.
- Really?
- It's all right, young man.
Many thanks. Thank you.
Just bring the apartment key
to the building manager later.
- It was a pleasure.
- Thank you.
See you at home, ok?
(Door closes and locks)
(Quiet music starts)
Lina? Listen to me, I ...
Man, please do not hang up, ok? Oh...
Lina! Lina, please, please do not hang up!
OK? Listen to me!
I was totally stupid, ok,
I had no idea.
Do not hang up! Please listen, ok?
Please do not hang up.
Where are you?
I have to tell you something, ok?
I screwed up, ok?
I, um ...
Please give me another chance, ok?
What? Nah, I ... I'm in the subway.
I, yes, I'm in the subway.
I wanted, I ...
I said that about me. I
totally screwed up. Yes I...
Please give us a chance!
Now listen. You know,
it's not the things
you did wrong in life,
but the things
that you did not do,
they are regretted.
- Can I hang up now?
- Yes, uh ...
I'd better go then.
Listen, uh ...
We will sort it out.
We can do that, yes?
Me, I'm going to be a doctor, and, um,
and if it's not enough,
then I drive a taxi.
I know, it's not about me,
it's about us.
To us 3, and me ...
I was a complete idiot.
So, if you want, then ...
I just do not want to be without you.
I love you.
Do you want to see our child?
Well, I would need a doctor,
I, um ...
Oh, well, yes, sure.
(Whispers) Look very nice.
It's the hormones.
(Calm instrumental music)
(Instrumental music fades away)