Fraud Saiyyan (2019) Movie Script

"Beware! O beautiful ladies,
This man is amateur."
"Falling in love, his routine."
"He get settled beautiful girls."
"Narrates his love stories."
"He fall in love with rich girls."
"Fraud husband."
"Fraud husband."
"He will thug you for sure."
"Fraud husband."
'My name's Bhola Prasad Tripathi.'
'You must be wondering
why was I running.'
'To know that, you'll have
to come with me to Lucknow.'
'This is Sunita.
She's works in a government bank.'
'We met regarding a loan.'
'The loan got passed
and she's paying its installments.'
Good evening, grandma.
'After all, she's my wife.'
Oh God, Please help me.
Why trouble god for
such a small thing?
I have got this imported balm,
you will feel better.
Let me see.
-Thank you.
What's for dinner?
I spent 650 bucks at
Lovely Beauty Parlour.
Didn't you notice anything different?
Did you shave your moustache?
You look exactly the same.
What a waste of money!
Come on,
serve me dinner.
You'll have me for dinner today.
All this teasing's fine.
But, nothing beyond it.
I don't have protection.
Great! I don't even want protection.
I want a child.
You should be encouraging
your unemployed husband to get a job.
And not increase his expenses.
In unemployment,
how will I raise a child?
Did I ask you for
money to raise a child?
Even if you are unemployed
for the rest of you life,
I can fend
for you and your child.
Don't spoil the mood...
I have the better idea...
I have bought this ring for you.
We've been married for three years.
Please let's have a child.
Why do you need another one when
I'm still like a child!
I'm glad you're here.
Look, the Neighbour's daughter is
adam-teasing me.
I treat her like a sister.
And see the way she's looking at me...
You are too cute!
Girls tease my little Bhola.
Here's 15,000.
For this month's groceries
and the rest is for you.
If my money wasn't
stuck in Benaras,
I would've never touched
my wife's money.
Neither do you want to touch
me nor my money.
What is it that you want?
Listen, my uncle's arriving.
He should be here by 11:30.
Please pick him up
Charbaug railway station.
But how will I recognise him.
He doesn't recognise you either.
Carry a placard with his name on it.
I'm late for the bank.
-What's his name?
-M.L. Chaurasia.
I'll message it to you.
Sunita, my dear...
Yes, uncle.
I can't find Bhola (Son-in-law).
I was about to tell you that...
...I wouldn't be able to come
with him anyway.
I have to go to Benaras
for some work.
I'll finish that and then come to you.
I'll send you Bholaji's photograph.
At least meet him.
Attention, please.
Train 1356 from Benaras to Lucknow...
Fatso, let me go.
-Is this any way to talk?
-Shut up.
Just a minute.
Please move.
He's my son-in-law.
My love,
I'm missing you... loads.
Aastha, I love you.
As much as Romeo loved Juliet.
Enough, don't sweet talk me.
You always win me over
with your sweet talk.
But, why couldn't
I get through your phone?
It isn't working.
Do you know what
I'm thinking right now?
Our wedding day!
You arrived in my life
like my heroine.
'Not entirely true.'
'We met in a sugarcane field.'
'I learnt that her father
owned all of the 100 acres.'
'So, I married her.'
You are now husband and wife.
Thank you.
I've to take this call.
Please sit in the car.
I'll pay him and be there in
a couple of minutes.
Come soon.
Change the bloody board.
I don't want to talk to you.
-Why not?
Just stay out all day.
At least ask me where I was.
I am wearing the sweater you knitted
and going to Benaras for work.
-I won't let you sweet-talk me this time.
Do you feel like give me a kiss?
I do.
On your cheeks.
On your lips.
Shut up, you donkey monkey.
'She's right.'
'Only a donkey monkey
would get married to such a girl...'
'Why did I marry her?'
'Because our wedding gift
was a 32-room villa.'
Who the hell is it?
My mistress.
Let it be, You try to act all macho
but you're not.
It must be your
business partner.
Tell me.
Sunita, don't stress.
I'll call you as soon as
I reach Benaras.
What an ass.
I have to do something.
I've told you umpteen number of times...
I don't want tea.
Madam, coffee?
The coffee's cold.
I don't want it.
I've served it.
Now, you have to take it...
Don't force me.
I said I don't want it.
And your coffee's so cold.
Why are you forcing me?
Think of it as cold coffee.
What the hell!
Why do we have to take it?
Don't worry.
He's just out to trouble
a young beautiful woman.
We have to account for every cup.
One less and it will
be cut out of my salary.
Keep it.
Sunita, it's your uncle.
Yes, uncle.
What sort of man is your husband?
What do you mean, uncle?
Something's wrong.
Not a problem.
Please don't ever
consider yourself alone.
But, why did you pay?
How does it matter?
Keep this.
My money's back.
You can pay for a woman
only in two scenarios;
if she's your wife
or your girlfriend.
Unfortunately, you aren't either.
And I'm both.
-Sir, I don't have any change.
-Keep it.
And I've told you so many times
not to eat this rubbish.
You fall sick and my mood suffers.
Give it to me.
Brother is absolutely right...
Something strange is going on.
He was supposed to reach in time
for the train and didn't show up.
Uncle, he must've got busy
with some work.
Your son-in-law is a gem.
Who are you?
My name is...
Rana Bholapratap Singh.
I am on my way to Benaras...
and noticed that sister-in-law
was being troubled So I came for help.
I respect you.
But, I won't hear
a word against my husband.
Not even from you.
I asked you even during your wedding
what your husband does for a living.
I have 4-5 cloth mills
and some shops.
And other such small things.
These bridges...
I have their contract.
A simple man with simple needs.
You are quite a modest fellow.
I'm Badri Vishaal.
My job is to chill.
And to spoil this lady.
I have so much ancestral money
that I don't need to do anything.
She's my wife... Payal.
-Namaste, Payalji.
Please come.
Give it.
Ok then until we meet again.
-Where are you?
Yes, brother.
You were going to follow us.
Where did you disappear?
I didn't get lost.
I stopped.
What a turn of events.
I'm taking a detour.
What are you guys doing?
The plan will get messed.
Don't worry.
I will catch him for you...
with proof.
Got it?
I'll hang up now.
Look there.
He isn't here. Come.
Who? What?
Get out.
Will you take me to Benaras?
I can't.
The car's going to Lucknow.
It's very important that
I go to Benaras.
It'll cost you 10,000.
Fine. Deal.
Yes, love.
Did you meet uncle?
How could I?
Didn't I message you that
I had to go to Benaras?
Uncle had called saying that
he's going to Benaras, too.
Don't worry.
I'll meet him once I am back.
Take care.
What the hell are you doing?
Are you insane.
You're suspecting everyone.
When I was orphaned
and had to stay with grandma,
you didn't bother
showing concern then?
Look, Suni...
Now that I'm married,
you're jealous.
Have you gone mad?
Are you insane?
Drive properly.
I was distracted...
thinking of something else.
Concentrate on the road.
Has a gas bomb exploded
in your tummy?
Why are you stinking up the place?
Put down the windows.
I can't.
Why not?
I have a slight cold.
Do you want me to die of the smell?
If you open the windows, I'll die.
Who'll take you to Benaras, then?
Never have I heard a hole sing
so much!
Stop the car.
I said, "Stop!"
What a tragedy!
What have you eaten?
Who the hell is it?
What do you want?
Chanda Yadav never asks
for anything... she demands it.
the biggest mistake of my life.'
'One I can't ignore
even if I want to.'
Have you bought a SIM card shop
that you keep changing...
your number
and threatening me?
I haven't changed my number.
You've changed.
And it's going to cost you.
If my brother Dulaara doesn't hear
our wedding bells,
he'll be singing your eulogy.
I'm coming...
-I can't hear you, Chanda.
the network's bad.
Chanda... hello.
Your lordship,
please come to Mother earth.
Why have I stopped
hearing your voice?
What are you thinking?
Oh no...
He's frozen.
Throw him in the furnace.
-That'll get him really fired up.
-Are you mad?
Is there no doctor here?
We have a lady doctor.
"Your youth is a quivering leaf..."
"Make it a stiff one, brother."
"Demands the world..."
"Make mine a double!"
"My youth is a quivering leaf"
"Demanding undivided attention"
"But, I'm the queen bee"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Take a taste!"
"Sweet as can be"
"Skin soft as velvet"
"I'm giving you your chance"
"Skin soft as velvet"
"I'm giving you your chance"
"Leave your virtue aside"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Take a taste!"
"Sweet as can be"
"One sting from me"
"Is enough to destroy you"
"My eyes shoot daggers"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Take a taste!"
"Sweet as can be"
"Your youth is a quivering leaf"
"Demanding undivided attention"
"But, you're the queen bee"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"Let me take a taste!"
"Honey, honey, sweet as can be"
"My youth..."
"A quivering leaf."
She sings like a songbird.
Buddy, you also sings
like a songbird.
"You're not so bad yourself."
Brother, listen.
On a serious note...
Tell me about yourself.
I get that but what about you?
Like... what do you do?
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
I know you're going to Benaras.
Tell me something about yourself.
Are you married?
Do you have kids?
Where do you stay?
I stay in Benaras.
Bro, I get that you are from Benaras
and are headed there, too.
I'm going there.
My home's there.
You have to tell me
where in Benaras do you stay.
I'm going to Benaras.
You're the worst kind of
man there is.
Wake me up as soon as
we get to Benaras.
Bastard drank up alcohol worth
1500 rupees but didn't reveal a thing.
-Okay... thank you.
You'r so selfish.
I won't forget your generosity
in my lifetime.
At least give me my 10,000.
That's what I'm talking about.
Where is it?
Where the hell is it?
Where did I put my phone?
where's my phone?
Why are you asking me?
You'll find it at the bar
you were drinking last night.
It's all your fault.
You're always on my mind.
I lost my bag.
And now,
I've even lost my phone.
I swear you wouldn't have been
so worried if I were lost.
You lost your bag, phone...
one day you'll lose me, too.
My love, your cheeks get all rosy
and cute when you get angry.
It's only morning!
Last night all I saw was your back.
I was exhausted.
I'm no stud who can get into
action immediately.
Don't talk nonsense!
Go freshen up and
I'll make you some tea.
Where did I keep my phone?
Here's his phone.
What do I do?
Get it checked.
It'll all be clear.
We are married since two years.
-Are you listening?
My relatives are complaining.
You haven't even
met anyone as yet.
You're still the new son-in-law.
You're not old yourself.
Still young and fresh.
Neither will I look any other way.
Got it?
Have you managed the 30,000
I need for the 10 lakh tender?
Oh God!
It's in the box.
And take 5000 extra for your phone,
as well.
I have a gift for you.
Is it?
Like it?
Should I tell you something
I find you very hot.
Shut up.
There's a lot to do.
Stop it.
I've to go to the market
for groceries.
I have other devious plans.
How about we play
You're unbelievable.
I need groceries.
Save me!
Oh Lord!
-My buttons will break.
Just a minute.
What happened?
Where are you going?
Where's my wallet?
-I'm not asking for money.
-Where is it?
Got it.
What the hell is going on?
Who's she?
Who's who?
Pass my shirt.
Shameless man!
You've been caught red-handed
but still won't admit it.
Shut up.
How dare you speak to
my husband like that!
Are you her husband?
Who am I, then?
You're mental.
I'll slap you if you
don't leave right now.
This is my ring.
Bholaji had given it to me.
-Remove it.
-Let go of my hand.
-Take it off.
-Let go of my ring.
Just a minute.
You'll are fighting over a ring?
You should be ashamed.
I'll throw it away.
Sunita, this is
Shraddha and vice versa.
Sunita is my wife and
I am Shraddha's husband.
-Got it?
Are you crazy?
He is both our husband.
Unreal... I'm your wife.
Not a policy
that you can have multiple one's.
There can be only one wife.
And that's me.
Isn't it?
I made a mistake.
I was about to tell you.
But circumstances got so crazy
that I couldn't...
-What circumstances?
-Shut up.
Just tell us who's the real wife
and who's the catastrophic mistake?
You are.
-Have you seen your face?
-Look at yourself.
-Let it be.
Get out of my house,
you are mistake.
Miss India...
you are the mistake.
Why should I get out?
What are you'll doing?
Try and understand.
We can sort it out.
Is this an ambulance
or a police siren?
The cops.
I've called them.
You called the cops?
You swore on your love
and you've called the cops on me?
You should've at least discussed it.
I made a mistake
and I deserve to be punished.
Up there.
The cops will put me behind bars.
That'll be so humiliating.
I won't be able to bear it.
I'll commit suicide.
I'm going.
No! Wait.
I'll explain to the cops.
That's the house.
It's no good, Sunita.
It's too late.
Go and hide inside.
We'll manage the situation.
She's right.
Go and hide in the garden outside.
Big sister?
How dare you.
I'm younger than you for sure.
Tell me your date of birth.
You first.
What's happening?
What are you doing here?
I'm going.
He must be inside.
Arrest him.
Child, don't worry.
We've come to save you.
-He isn't her to save us.
He's here to destroy us.
And you are?
-I'm Sunita.
Bholaji's only wife.
She's my niece, sir.
She's my uncle.
But, he's mad.
He's run away from the asylum twice.
He called me saying
that my naive Bholaji is a fraud...
that he's marrying again.
And I'm so stupid to have believed him
and came here...
to her home
and started abusing her.
I'm sorry, sister.
-It's been a mistake.
-She's crazy in love.
Ask her where's Bhola is right now.
He's at home.
He's been asking me since morning
where I've been all night.
What do I tell him?
I'll explain to him.
He'll understand.
Don't cry.
-Go inside.
-Listen, child...
Come here,
you fatso.
What's all this?
Sir, this girl is madly in love
with her husband.
We have proof.
Look at the phone
I gave you last night.
You'll know the truth.
I did.
It's in the name of a Chunilal.
-Are you calling me a liar?
No, sir.
I would've slapped you
and taught you a lesson if I could.
Look at yourself.
Don't you have any sense?
Don't go walking alone.
Come on.
Is this the way
you want to play the game?
I won't spare you.
Bholaji, where are you?
Bholaji, please come out.
They've left.
Boss, how's life
treating you?
You're timing's perfect.
Drop me to the highway.
Sure, I can drop you.
But, the cops will catch you.
You're up for grabs.
Who the hell are you?
An honest man trying
to earn an honest living.
But, the world keeps
meddling with me.
I met you and thought...
that's life!
Bholaji farts and the world
stops to take in the fragrance.
What do you want?
Your partnership.
I want to learn your ways...
and maybe earn a couple of bucks.
You want me to carry
your dead weight around?
I'm not dead weight,
I'm your boon in disguise.
I saved you earlier,
I'm saving you now and will
be helpful in the future too.
Think about it.
I'm worth it.
You are the worst kind of man but
that's the only thing right about you.
'Once I'm out of Benaras...'
'I'll get rid of you and
you will never find your way back.'
'From today...
your fate changes.'
"The mind races ahead"
"Leaving the world behind"
"Innocent to look at"
"But, not so"
"With all their might Steal and fight"
"To open every locked door"
"These thugs"
"Unique in style"
"They steal from under your nose"
"These thugs"
"Unique in style"
"They steal from under your nose"
Yes, brother.
I'm on the job.
Don't worry.
I'll get him caught.
"A pairing knife"
"Cuts friendship and strife"
"Flowers galore"
"Yet, only thorns to throw"
"These bigwigs"
"Can dupe anyone"
"These thugs"
"Unique in style"
"They steal from under your nose"
"These thugs"
"Unique in style"
"They steal from under your nose"
Hindu prayers
Put the vermillion for the bride.
Everything's done, brother Dulaare.
All done?
Here's your gift.
Brother Dulaare, congratulations
on getting a brother-in-law.
To you, too.
Sister... are you happy?
Brother-in-law, here are the keys
to the Benaras home.
Your wedding gift.
Sister, look away.
I want to speak to brother-in-law.
The bullets that flew at
Lucknow station...
...were to scare you off.
I'm your brother-in-law.
Forgive me.
But, listen carefully,
If you even think of leaving my sister,
you will depart from this world.
Got it?
Sister is looking.
Smile now.
Very good.
Time for blessings.
-Long live.
Let's go.
Can you see anyone behind?
Then drive faster.
I'm very eager to go to Benaras.
To start my new life with my love!
I will furnish the home
so well that you will die with joy!
We'll paint one room green.
Another yellow, another blue...
and one, aubergine purple.
Aubergine purple?
It's not the best vegetable
but the colour's gorgeous.
We'll have golden curtains
and silver bedding...
so that you have royal dreams.
Brother Murari, where will you stay?
We will convert the cowshed into
a guesthouse and he can stay there.
Brother Murari,
are you married?
If not,
I can get you married.
I'm married.
So what?
We can get you re-married.
What nonsense am I saying?
You can't get re-married.
That reminds me...
Brother Dulaare was telling
you that he'll shoot you...
if you think about
another marriage, isn't it?
I told him, "No!"
Who's husband is he?
I will shoot him.
If you leave me,
I'll shoot you thrice on your backside
and some thrashing, too.
Murari, please stop the car.
What happened?
Where are you going?
He must need to pee.
Aubergine purple, my foot!
The bitch will kill me...
What are you looking at?
Give me that book.
No. I won't.
I'll educate myself, become
a great leader and serve the nation.
I'll give you 50 bucks for the book.
Serve the country?
100 bucks in bribe is all it took.
Uncle, buy mine, too.
Shut up.
Where's your coat?
I was hot.
So, I took it out.
And this book...
I'm thinking of educating myself
to serve the country.
You told me that
you had a gift for me.
Give it.
Give me your finger.
Isn't it looking lovely?
It's beautiful.
Once again stop the car.
You are looking so beautiful.
Let me take some photographs.
This pose is great.
Go back a little.
A little more.
Maybe a little further back.
I'm clicking from the car.
Stay there.
Start the car! Hurry up!
Where... ?
My fate is doomed.
I joined you so that
I could earn a quick buck.
I got zilch.
Instead, I'm in deep shit.
And you... her brother
gave you keys to a bungalow.
Even if you sold it for 15-20 lakhs,
I could've made a neat 2-4 lakhs.
And you dumped the girl!
Murari, you're a dimwit.
I'm thinking of millions
and you're counting pennies.
And where the hell are you
going to get the millions?
-Who's going to give it to you?
-Here are the millions.
Mala Dubey from Allahabad
Wins Two Million in the Lottery.
Boss, is this your new game?
Hardly new...
she's an old wife of mine.
She turned out to be a smart cookie.
I got home drunk one night.
She got pregnant.
And I become Mr. Invisible... poof...
I disappeared!
-You ran.
Then how will you return to the scene?
Look, I've just averted a thrashing.
I may not get lucky again.
Have some faith in the expert.
Don't worry.
Everything is fine, Murari.
It was fine.
What the...
What are you doing?
He's my brother-in-law.
Let go of his collar.
But, not him.
do you have wings on your feet?
You run a lot and
make us run behind you.
What's to be done, brother?
Beat his friend.
I'm innocent.
For example...
hit him.
Listen... wait...
what are you doing?
he's saying something.
At least listen to him.
You don't understand words.
Maybe bullets?
What's this?
-What's this, sister?
-Were you to stop him or kill him?
-It's between my husband and me.
Everyone, get lost.
Half my problems are due to you.
Give it.
Neither a lover, nor a wife...
I've become a fool for you.
I want to blow your brains out
and become a widow.
Should I?
Kill me.
Kill me.
Death is better than this life.
I can't live with your brother's
obligation and his threats.
I can't live like this...
I love you.
I was so ashamed!
I ran because I needed some time.
I thought I'd make something of myself
and return to my Chanda.
You haven't done anything
for me to trust you.
Yet... how much time do you need?
It's a government tender.
And they want a hefty bribe.
I can't confirm.
As soon as I save some money,
I'll get the paperwork going
and come rushing back into your arms.
How much do you want?
I'll make do with 1.5 lakh...
Dulaare, give me 2 lakhs.
Sis, how do I dispense it?
I'm not an ATM machine.
This is all I have.
Brother, check with the others, too.
Give it.
Out with it.
It's a bit less...
might take a couple of
months more but I'll manage.
Thank you.
15 days.
I give you 15 days to wrap up
your things and settle down with me.
Otherwise, I'll destroy you
with my own hands.
15 days.
Should I get the car?
Can I leave?
What proof do you have, madam?
The sacred vows we took
during our marriage is the proof.
And this locket that Bhola
gifted me on our wedding.
Vows and locket!
What nonsense. I can't arrest
anyone on these grounds.
It would be best if he'd been
arrested that day itself.
I'm so stupid to get swayed by him!
He has disappeared.
He isn't even answering
his phone now.
Hello... yes, Durgalal.
Your niece was here.
She spilled the beans against Bhola.
when I explained it to you
You didn't believe me .
Forget it.
Let's catch him now.
-We have evidence.
-No, Durgalal...
Don't do anything.
He's very smart.
He's a tough nut.
I'll have to do something.
Stay ready.
I'll throw the bait, you catch him.
Forget 2 million,
I won't let you take a single penny.
Come on.
Let's go.
At least tell me the strategy.
-I'm thinking about it.
Have you seen my face?
First think and then knock.
-Please move!
Where are you barging in...
you swine!
You runaway maggot,
what do you want now?
Madam, let him speak...
It's been 1.5 years,
two months and 21 days
since your husband went missing...
and you are chilling here?
Did you even once try
and look for me?
Know whether
I was living or dead?
Why couldn't you
get to the hospital I was in?
I met with an accident.
I was so happy to
hear about the baby...
...that I wanted to
come running back to you.
I had bought a ring for you.
Oh damn!
Brother, what did you do?
-It's nothing...
-Let me see...
I had a little bump yesterday...
Just a minute.
A little...
Look up.
Come on.
It won't burn.
-You're getting me scared, too.
-Thank you.
What're you doing?
I seek blessings
from my older brother.
No no... I am not your older brother.
For me you are an older brother.
Such a cute child.
What's his name?
What's your name?
His name's Munna.
Munna, go to your uncle.
Here... hold him.
What a cutie!
Here you are..!
I'll get you some tea.
Stay with uncle.
Excuse me...
What are you thinking about?
Both of you.
I can't take care of you...
can't cope with the expense
of his upbringing.
I should've died in that accident.
God forbid!
Our family has
reunited after so long.
We're so happy.
instead of money, you should be
thinking about us.
I can give up millions
for this moment.
I don't have a penny
and you talk of millions.
-I'll be right back.
-Where're you going?
-What's this?
-Open it.
I am.
So much cash?
Mala, if you've done anything wrong,
tell me and I'll forgive you.
Are you mad?
I've won the lottery!
Come on , child...
pee on me.
-2 million.
You can't believe it right,
touch it and see.
-I can't even see so much cash.
-Oh no!
What have you done?
Just a minute, brother.
Look at what he's done.
Munna, you've
sprinkled uncle with holy water.
He's soiled my shirt.
Take it off.
I'll iron it for you.
No... please do this instead.
No, child...
This is a very important
paper for Bholaji.
Please iron it.
The child peed on me.
Murari, forget the shirt.
I'll get you a suit.
Partner, I don't think
it's a good idea.
Two million is no small amount.
We'll get caught.
-The cops will flog us.
I'm flying off tomorrow...
Don't worry.
I'm sorry.
I can't run anymore.
Can't you do anything properly?
How did the paper reach her?
I had it in my shirt pocket.
Everything was fine until
your son peed on me.
-What to do?
-I've lost two million.
I'm new to the World of Fraud.
It was a rookie mistake, brother.
You are such a bad luck!
You've caused serious damage.
That was the plan, boss
Where ever I go I get beaten up
because of you... I've decided
to disguised myself... that in case we have
to run nobody can catch us.
Even I keep getting beaten up.
"My anklets... are jingling"
"My anklets... are jingling"
"Our hearts connected
while looking at each other"
"A foreigner has flown
away taking my heart"
"I fall in love at first sight"
"A foreigner has flown
away taking my heart"
"I'll come close to you
and settle in your breaths"
"I'll come close to you
and settle in your breaths"
"I'll steal your sleep away"
"My anklets are jingling"
"My anklets are jingling"
"My anklets are jingling"
"My anklets are jingling"
"Your anklets are jingling"
"Your booty shakes
with the local beats"
"I can't stop to see it"
"You are my desire"
"Your lovely round earrings"
"Just listen to me ones"
"You are out of the world"
"Your booty shakes like fire"
"State UP..."
"State MP.."
"State UP..."
"State MP.."
"...will shakes with my booty.
"For these dance moves of yours"
"I'm willing to lose Mumbai,
Patana, Calcutta."
"Your waist is slim
and your eyes are sharp"
"Make me your lover"
"My waist is slim and
my eyes are sharp"
"Lots of lover buzzing around me."
"You can't get me."
"My anklets are jingling"
"My anklets are jingling"
"Your anklets are jingling"
"Your anklets are jingling"
"My anklets... are jingling"
"My anklets... are jingling"
Paro (Juliet)
Paro? (Juliet)
I will return all your money
Did I even ask for it?
You dont even remember my name
Forgotten your
beloved chandni?
I said Paro (Juliet) because...
...I meant you are Paro (Juliet)
and I m your devdas (Romeo).
How could I forget my beloved chandni.
I looked for you every city...
Every lane...
Every website,
every app.
Looked for you all over
the internet.
Why arent you on face book?
I am.
Should I send you a friend request?
Do you need my permission
for anything.
Should I follow you on Instagram?
Do it Bhola ji.
Do it Bhola ji.
Do it.
Do it.
Flip kart?
Do it.
Big bazaar?
Please do it.
Please do it.
Make my trip.
Make my trip!
-Please do it.
-Make my trip.
Do it please!
Who the hell are you?
I'm her husband.
How dare you look at another man
And is it ok if other men
sit and look at me the whole day?
He makes me dance
wearing these clothes.
You make Chandani dance in your bar.
Cheap !
How cheap !
What are you looking at !!
Arrest them.!
Wait a minute.
For what?
Who the hell are you?
He is...
He is my lawyer...
very big lair
Now tell me on what ground
do you want to arrest them?
For adulatory.
Under section 497.
Dont you know the Supreme Court
has cancelled the section 497.
Brother listen...
...adulatory is no more a
crime only if its consensual.
He had my consent...
...not him,
but I touched him..
Now wait and watch...
...the way I treat you...
I will ruin you
Dont you know all the property
and the papers belong to me.
You are going to get nothing from it.
She needs it.
Brother she doesnt
even care for5 your money
She cares only for him.
She will go with Bhola ji.
She will marry him.
She doesnt need
your money for that.
Then they will settle down.
Then they will live happily ever after.
They will have multiple children
They can live in poverty too.
So they dont need your money.
Let's go bhola ji-
So what were you saying?
From where did
this idea come to you?
I've never mentioned it to anyone...
but I'll tell you.
'My father had a scrap magazine stall.'
'And in parallel, I used to run
the business in school.'
'A penny for a peek.'
'One buck for legs only.'
'In the meantime,
I fell in love with Srishti.'
The questions were so tough.
Say it for me.
I've told you so many times
to leave me alone.
-Leave me.
-I won't.
-Let me go.
-I'll tell my father.
-Tell him.
But, you have to tell me 'I love you'.
'I was so charged that
I married her symbolically...'
'but couldn't sleep a wink wondering
what would happen the next morning.'
'The mountain I created
was actually a molehill!'
Please eat your lunch.
'That one act set me up for life.'
'That's when I realized that
this was the best job.'
'Marry a woman and
you will never need a job.'
Then I've decided.
I will not say, 'I love you.'
I will say, 'Will you marry me?'
You're as cunning as a fox.
Means you take their money
But not their responsibility.
What responsibility?
I just need to collect some cash.
And shift abroad..
how will you go?
Of the 15 days granted by Chanda,
one has been wasted.
And Mala is no longer an option.
You don't know me yet, Murari.
I'm still that stubborn child.
If she's goes,
The next one will come.
If she goes as well,
another one will come.
Our country has too many options.
You're very talented.
That's the spirit.
Murari, the gap between one peg
and another shouldn't be too much.
Step on it.
Sure... but I need
to find the keys first.
Keys... of a rich girl's vault
would be perfect right now.
Patience, my friend.
We are done.
I've got 15 days from your sister.
But, sister forgot to tell you that
you have to report to her everyday.
What? How?
The same way you visit
the temple everyday.
you must pay your respect
to my sister the same way.
We're traveling to different cities.
How's it possible?
Don't give me any explanations.
I'm following her orders.
Call your sister.
I'll talk to her.
-Oh, man!
-What nonsense.
Sis, he's arguing about
the daily reporting.
If you can't meet sister
then you have to send me and her,
a selfie everyday.
So first take a selfie
with your beloved brother-in-law.
Very good.
How can I ignore it, Murari.
Sunita and Shraddha are
out of the picture.
I lost the two million...
and this witch Chanda has me
where it hurts the most.
The game I used to be king at...
I've become a Joker in the pack
Your destiny is
changing my friend.
You've ruined so many lives, Its
time for you to face the music now.
I mean...
You talk about stuff
you know nothing of.
What have I ruined?
One wasn't getting married,
one's lover left her,
another was divorced.
I've given them a reason to live.
So what if I took
some money from them?
Why are people judging me?
I'm spreading joy... for free.
You talk about ruining lives...
Boss, tell me something truthfully.
You found so many women,
lived with so many...
didn't you ever fall in love?
Murari, love has ruined
the mightiest of men.
I won't make that mistake.
You'll lead a lonely life my friend.
Where the hell have you got me?
There's nothing wrong with me.
Why are we at a hospital?
It's me.
I've got acute pain in my chest.
I've got a heart attack.
You were fine five minutes ago.
Stop over acting Murari.
Oh, the pain!
What did you eat
for breakfast today?
A lot of greasy food, doctor.
That's horrible.
You should be eating salad
tomatoes, cucumber...
Doctor, you're sounding like
a vegetable vendor.
Give him some medicine.
Why are you selling him vegetables?
Doc, don't listen to him.
I feel I'm getting
a major heart attack.
Nothing's wrong with him.
I think he's got acidity.
Fart a few times
and you'll be fine.
What nonsense!
If farting could solve all problems,
everyone would be
a farting the whole day.
Doc, check me properly.
I know you have a lot of money madam
You millions are no good
for finding your husband.
-He would be dead by now.
-Please don't say that.
You can at least try again.
Madam, the car fell from 500 feet
into the river and crashed to bits.
If the car couldn't survive the fall,
how could your husband?
Who knows where
the body may have floated.
Console yourself and take care.
A firefly's backside and
Bhola's destiny can shine anytime!
Hello, Payalji.
I'm so sorry to hear
about your husband.
We met in the train.
Cold coffee... tea...
I met Badriji only once.
He was such a good man.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
I understand what you
must be going through.
But don't you worry.
I'm here.
'So my arrangement to leave
the country is taken care of.'
'It's time to switch from Bhola to
Rana Bhola pratap Singh.'
Is Payalji there?
And yourself?
Rana Bhola Pratap Singh.
I've got her some fruits.
If you could please
give them to her...
Come in.
I have some orchards in Kashmir.
The apples are from there
and I thought you might like some.
There was no need for this...
Please sit.
Thank you.
So... how are you?
Just a minute.
Hello, Bholaji.
It's been 3-4 days...
I'm missing you lots.
I'm busy.
We'll talk later.
First give me a kiss.
Only then will I put down the phone.
I told you, I'm busy.
I'll call you later.
First the kiss.
I'll hang up after that.
Fine? Bye.
Some apple was stuck in my teeth...
Eat something, child.
You haven't eaten anything
since yesterday.
What? You haven't eaten anything
That's bad.
I'll get you something.
Here, eat.
I know it's difficult to
live without someone you love.
But, why are you angry
with the food?
Please eat.
Here it is.
Have some.
No way.
There's a still a bite
for the rest of the family.
That was only grandpa.
There's grandma, gramps...
That's how I talk to the kids
in my school.
Are You a teacher?
You act like a child though.
That's it.
I want to say something to you.
this is our last meeting.
I don't want anyone to malign me,
hearing which husband's
soul will get hurt.
Please don't come home.
If that's what you want.
I don't want to make
a mockery of your pain.
Take care.
Murari, is this a
criminal case or a game?
When will we catch Bhola?
We have already got him...
just need to pin him down.
I don't get it.
He is here. Get lost before
he sees you. I'll meet you soon.
So Bhola Rana pratap Singh,
you've already lost
six of the 15 days...
that Chanda had given you.
And she fires more
bullets than words.
Do something!
All sorted...
from Chanda's warning...
to Payalji's good morning greetings.
What're we doing here?
Murari, we're waiting
for the right moment.
Let me know when it comes.
-Where's my money?
-What are you saying?
What money?
Is something happening?
There's a thug-looking guy.
I think he's threatening her.
And what are you doing here?
Waiting for the right moment.
He'll threaten her and leave.
I'll go after.
Are you mad?
Slap the guy a bit
and become the girl's hero.
Do I look stupid to you?
-Go away!
-I won't.
What's happening here?
What do you want?
Who the hell are you?
I'm Rana Bhola Pratap Singh.
Now that we've been introduced,
get out of here.
You're acting up because of these
new goons you've hired.
Get out!
-Who was he?
-I don't know.
Now that Badriji's not here,
he's harassing me.
If The debt was genuine,
I would've thrown
the money on his face.
But, he looked like a crook.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to come here.
I was passing by and couldn't stop
myself when I saw what was happening.
I'm leaving.
Bholaji, won't you come inside.
If you insist.
My phone...
-Take the call.
I'll make you some tea.
Thank you.
How are you, my love?
I want to give you
a big fat kiss.
I miss you!
My anger vanishes
when I hear you talk like that.
Today was my birthday.
You didn't even wish me.
What to do?
My watch is spoilt.
Please ask your father to get me
the new Rolex.
Happy birthday!
Please say what I love to hear...
My little chu-chi poochie face.
Bye now.
Bye, bye.
I'll call you later.
Do You love kids?
Yes... that was my friend's daughter.
She's naughty but really loves me.
You're such a wonderful person...
anyone can fall in love with you.
Except you.
Anyway, at least you think
I'm a wonderful person.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I asked
you not to come home.
I was worried about
what people would say.
And I hurt a dear friend like you.
What has this society given me?
Why are you looking at me like this?
Every morning you are in
and out of Payalji's house...
have you fallen in love with her?
Me falling in love?
Are you mad.
-Excuse me.
-Yes, sir?
Is Payalji here ...
No one's here today.
It's a holiday.
Payalji has disappeared
like a fart ...
in thin air.
Couldn't you think
of a better example?
Such a beautiful woman.
Show some respect.
You're equating her to a stink.
He can't even take a joke.
I'm coming.
I'll check the jewellery store.
-Maybe she's here.
-Yes Aastha tell me!
-Where are you right now?
At the government office.
Where are you?
I am fasting tomorrow
for our long marriage..
So I'm shopping for it.
I'll call you later.
Okay... bye.
So this is your government office.
What are you doing here?
Don't you have anything to say?
I told you we shouldn't
have come here.
You could think of only place
this place? We're caught now.
Shut up.
What are you doing here?
We are caught red-handed.
So I should tell you the truth.
You are fasting tommorow so I thought
I will buy you a surprise gift.
Now the surprise is ruined.
Anyway, this is Murari...
my partner.
Hello, Nirmitaji.
Nirmita's good...
suits you better.
You never get names right!
From now on whenever
you meet her,
you'll address her as sister-in-law.
Hello, sister-in-law.
Forget all this.
What's the surprise?
This ring is for you.
Like it?
It's beautiful.
Are You dieting a lot.
It's so loose for you.
Your fingers have become so thin.
I'll bring it back after refitting.
I have to go now.
We have something
very important to do.
-Will you come tomorrow?
-of course yes!
And be ready with...
What I love the most.
Naughty mood.
I'll see you tomorrow.
-Be sure to come tomorrow.
-I will.
-Bye, sister-in-law.
Why did I get married to his sister?
So Brother-in-law, are you enjoying
with these butterflies?
Butterflies, what butterflies...
-I don't know what you're talking about.
-Who was she?
His daughter.
Why were you hugging her?
She considers me her brother.
She adores me.
Tomorrow's an important fasting day.
I thought I'd buy her a gift.
And That woman from
the bungalow, who is she?
She works in the government officer.
She is helping me with the contract.
Brother-in-law, I don't care
about any contract.
But, if you don't come
back to my sister on time,
there will be consequences.
I'm might let you go but
if she gets mad, she'll kill you.
And why ain't you sending
selfies these days?
My people are in every city.
You can send it from anywhere.
The biggest problem is that
you don't listen, brother-in-law.
You'll get thrashed
by me for it someday.
The phone...
he's my brother-in-law.
Come on.
I've found everyone here
except for Payalji.
Where the hell are
we going to find her?
God knows.
Here she's come. Come on.
I go to Benaras every week
for my Social work.
When I'm here,
I miss Badriji a lot.
Feelings are so ungrateful.
They hurt the very heart
they exist in.
Can I say something?
I've never felt so weak...
So weak in the knees.
I could have handled the mind.
But, how do I control my heart?
It aches for you.
Bholaji, we're friends.
That's it.
I'll get you something to eat.
Please tell the maid.
There's no one at home.
What are you doing?
-She's getting food.
-That's for me.
Not for you.
How is it okay, Bholaji?
Everything is good
when you're with me.
Please don't talk like that.
What happened?
Did I disturb you?
Don't bother... carry on.
Why did you steal my husband.
I will take care of her.
Bholaji, are you okay?
Murari, what did you do?
I'm taking her.
Like this?
Oh man?
Oh God...
Badriji had two wives?
What're you saying, Bholaji?
He must have promised her
His wealth but you got it.
She must have gone crazy.
My husband
can't do something like this.
I thought she your wife?
I told you I'm unmarried.
Didn't I?
This is not possible.
Bholaji, you must be
in a lot of pain...
You risked your life for me.
If I could give up my life
for the one I love...
it would be an honour.
Bholaji, please don't talk like this.
You know I am Badriji's widow.
Badriji was your past.
I am your present
and could be your future.
Why can't you be mine?
I swear I will keep you very happy.
Badriji gave you only one part of him.
I will remain faithful to you forever.
The same thing again and again!
I beg you...
please don't curse this friendship.
That's it.
I won't listen to you anymore.
I'm tired of living
this compromi sed life.
I love you.
If I stop today,
I'll regret forever.
And I don't want to regret.
I've been waiting for the perfect girl.
So I can give this ring to her.
This ring belong to my mother.
She wanted her
daughter-in-law to have it.
I think of you as my soulmate.
Why can't you think
of me the same way?
- Let me put this in your finger.
Please wear it.
-Bholaji, what are you doing?
-Please don't stop me.
-Bholaji, what are you doing?
-Please don't stop me.
I beg you.
I'll die.
Bholaji, please don't
ever say that.
May you have a long life.
You can wish for my long life
but why can't you be a part of it?
What have you done?
Bholaji, this is wrong.
It's a sin.
There's nothing sinful about it.
If my love is a sin,
I'm willing to commit one.
But we can't, Bholaji.
-Why are you holding back?
I beg you.
Look how happy Badriji looks.
His soul will finally be...
at peace knowing that you are
getting your fair share of happiness.
-Bholaji, it's a sin.
-Just once...
I'm 35... yet, celibate.
Please, Payalji.
Enough, Bholaji.
We won't go the whole way.
Maybe just half way?
Bholaji, don't be stubborn.
It's a small small request.
Bholaji, this is wrong.
But it feels so right.
Oh... we've automatically
fallen on the bed!
Even god wants this to happen.
-Bholaji, please stop.
-Okay... just a peek then?
I'll manage with gazing at you.
What happened wasn't right.
I'm a widow.
And now...
Promise me that
you'll marry me.
That you'll never leave me.
The prodigal lover
has returned!
Boss, you look very tired.
Is everything okay?
Payalji wants to marry me.
Congratulations, brother!
-Isn't that what you wanted?
Now I don't want to get married to her.
-What do you mean?
-I mean... I've fallen for her.
And I can't marry
the one I love.
Everything will get ruined.
Let's forget about her
and find someone else.
Where's the time?
Look, you're getting very confused.
We don't have time.
If Chanda wakes up,
she'll shoot us.
-How can you fall in love?
-I couldn't help it!
You're my Boss.
Don't lose confidence.
Just get married,
get the cash and get out of here.
We don't have any other choice.
What the hell!
The milk split.
Lets get you a suit.
Let's get to work.
-Everyone please sit.
-I'll be right back.
Please move.
How could he marry her?
Have you seen yourself?
Be alert... okay?
Murari, where has
the groom disappeared?
He must've gone to the bathroom.
The pressure increases in such times.
Are you done?
Then why are you pressurizing me?
Keep going.
When will we catch Bhola?
What are you waiting for?
I was waiting for his harem.
They're all here.
Get him.
Let's play our trump card.
I swear if I didn't love you,
I would've married you, Payalji.
But, what to do?
I've fallen in love.
Murari, your Fraud groom has vanished.
Why are you screaming?
Can't you be quiet for some time?
What happened?
He's coming.
Bholaji's coming.
Don't lie.
You want the truth?
Payalji, the truth is that Bholaji
has run away.
You're lying.
This is Great...
you want to know the truth
but you don't want to believe it.
Go and catch him.
I'm on it sir!
Come on. Hurry up!
Wipe your tears, Payalji.
Look who's here.
I looked for you everywhere.
We couldn't find you.
Where did you go...
leaving me alone?
I had gone to gather
the entourage of your husbands.
I've found about half a dozen.
Are these all?
Or are these all I found?
It would have been better
if you had dead.
How could I?
-The accident was fake.
- just like you, payalji
there are many cases against you.
Six marriages.
Six robberies...
The cops have been looking for you
since eight months.
We've got you with
a lot of difficulty.
You have six husbands!!??
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Bholaji's here.
Why are you getting so angry?
Your 12 wives are here
to welcome you, too.
Please meet them.
12 wives?
Yes, Payalji.
He's one from your breed.
What are you laughing at?
Aren't you both partners...
peas of the same pod?
Not at all!
My name is M.L. Chaurasia.
I'm a private detective...
hired by your husband to spy on you.
Get it?
I knew you were tricking me.
I doubted you the very moment, I saw
this cop at the rive bank.
What have I done wrong?
-Why did you stab me in my back?
-I was on duty.
I was following you on the train
when I met him.
I realized that
I had to catch both of you together.
That's why I forged
a meeting in the hospital.
-Arrest him.
-How dare you.
I'm not done talking.
And you...
have you ever heard of commitment?
Really!! look whose talking!
Look at your name...
Rana Bhola Pratap Singh...
as if your the heir to a kingdom.
-Bloody fraud!
-You are no different.
I thought you are a saint. But,
you turned out to be exactly like me.
What are you sulking for?
Why did you come back?
-Because a mad dog bit me!
even dogs don't have
standards nowadays.
How heartless of you to play
with my feelings and emotions.
And what you did with me?
That was love...
which you will never feel.
Do you have copyright on 'love'?
I am in love, too...
with you!
Come on, arrest them.
Murari, it was such
an enjoyable lover's tiff.
Such fun!
You stopped it.
Come on, Bhola.
Murari, sit.
I will kill the girl if anyone
tries to stop me.
Bhola, why don't you kill her...
for real.
You would've served six years of time,
now you will serve a life sentence.
I'll count to 3
and you kill her.
Why don't I kill you instead?
Will you kill your friend?
You chameleon.
Bhola, listen to me.
Payal, take the bag and run.
What are you doing, Bhola?
Are you mad?
Run, Payal.
If our love is real,
we'll meet again.
-Bhola, she'll run away.
Murari, stop.
She's gone.
She isn't coming back.
Bhola, listen to me.
Don't think you've won.
Put down the gun.
You've gone mad.
Catch him!
Don't let him get away.
"His promises are
not valuable"
"His a morden lover boy,
or firefly."
"He got married every day."
"Only one ring and lot of girls."
"Only one ring and lot of girls."
"Find his match."
"He get settled beautiful girls."
"Narrates his love stories."
"He fall in love with rich girls."
"Fraud husband."
"Fraud husband."
"He will thug you for sure."
"Fraud husband."
Rana Bholapratap Singh,
you have been granted bail.
I'm wondering why a crook
like you would bail me out.
Catching you was my job.
Bailing you out is my need.
There's no money
in being a detective.
Badriji promised me
a hefty amount.
But after tax deduction
I barely got anything in hand.
Have you got me out
to pay your taxes?
She ran away with all the money I had.
She did.
But, Payalji...
Don't utter her name!
I've been rotting
here since seven days...
and she didn't
even come to meet me once.
My biggest mistake
was falling in love with her.
If I see her, I'll strangle her.
Do it.
She's the one who paid for your bail.
She paid me
a commission to get you out.
Boss, our film has ended.
Let's get married.
Our marriage can wait.
There's a Rich girl in Nasik city.
The husband keeps unwell.
The wife's young.
Up for marriage?
What are you thinking, Bhola?
I'm thinking of taking
a picture of you.
You're looking gorgeous.
Go there.
A little further back.
A little further back.
And to your right...
near that wall.
Look there.
Yes... face the wall.
And forget about me.
Murari, I wonder why my parents
gave me such a naive name... Bhola.