Fray (2012) Movie Script

Go, go, go.
Fucking dumb ass.
You better fucking calm
down you fucking asshole
because if you don't,
I'm gonna fucking knock you out.
Do you hear me?
Do you fucking hear me?
So, last week I had
you read excerpts from
"A Wealth of Nations",
and we learned
that Adam Smith's
idea of captitalism
was designed to
free the consumer
from a producer and
state dominated economy.
Over time, however,
various dysfunctions in
the capitalist economy,
concentration of wealth,
market power,
manifested themselves
and the intended efforts
of the system eroded.
Today's capitalism
is dominated by
large corporations,
political interests
and social pathologies,
and fails to achieve
the original intent of
serving the common man.
So, let's talk about ways we
can start bringing capitalism
back to its original intent.
Thank you, sir.
Shut the fuck up!
Damn right,
you're fucking quiet.
That should get me
down the block.
Hey, man.
You're new here, right?
Sort of.
Been here a couple months.
Only working in the
evenings or something?
No. I used to, but with
cutbacks I just fill in when
they can find a slot for me.
Ah, that sucks, dude.
At least they
didn't fire my ass.
I'm Matt by the way, man.
Good to meet you.
Hey, you ever go up
to Gales Creek Tavern?
No. I never been.
Aw, dude.
You got to come, man.
Me and my buddies are there
like about every night, man.
Well, I better get back to work.
Nice meeting you, dude.
I should get back, too.
Hey. Yeah.
No. No, I wasn't.
Sorry, I wasn't there
in class today.
Yeah, I did...
I did the essay.
I don't know if it's any
good, but it's written.
Yeah... no,
I'll be there Monday for class.
Tomorrow's payday,
so I'll be there, okay?
Okay. Friday morning?
Yeah. I can do that.
That's 200 units of
Douglas fir and 30 cedar for me.
Sounds good.
We'll let you
know next week.
Don't have too much fun
with that snow down there.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, it's not much.
Trying to get you in more,
but sales are down again
this quarter.
How's that leg
of yours doing?
It's good as long
as I got my meds.
I was in therapy on Monday,
they say I'm making really
good progress.
I still can't put much
stress on it, though.
You doing okay sleeping?
A couple nights
a week still.
I wish I can say
it'll go away soon.
I still have my nights,
and that was 30 years ago.
I know I'm your boss.
If you ever need to talk
or have a warm dinner,
you let me know.
Thank you, sir.
More than anything,
I really just like to work.
I'll do what
I can for ya.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
So assuming we all
did our reading, let's see
how much we retained.
How are the profit
motives of business
served by good ethics?
Good ethics
result in good business?
That's the standard
motto, but in the short term,
bad ethics can be profitable,
so when seeking a profit
motive, how do good ethics
become beneficial?
-It keeps 'em out of trouble.
Well, it can be good
PR to be ethical,
but it's not against
the law in many cases
to be unethical.
The law merely specifies
the lowest common denominator
of acceptable behavior.
How would bad ethics
effect the bottom line?
Customers won't buy
a product that's harmful
or bad for their health.
That is one reason
why ethics are good
for the profit motive,
but selling risky products
like high interest loans,
credit cards
is still profitable
even though it's often
bad for the consumer.
So if a customer
is still willing to buy
these dangerous products,
what's the motive to be ethical?
Well, if they keep
swindling everyone,
our consumer-based economy
will have no consumers left
with money to spend.
That's another good point,
but that addresses the long
term profit motive.
How do you see
ethics being beneficial
in the short term?
I don't.
How has unethical
business hurt Wall Street?
Well, it's true. A lot of
banks have profited a lot,
but it's also true that
a lot of banks have gone under
and are continuing to do so.
Yeah. How does that
hurt that personal profits?
Well, that's another topic
we'll be addressing later.
Business ethics
and human values.
Right now, we're just
focusing on ethics and
the profit motive.
So, you don't see
ethics being beneficial
in the short term?
Ethics are for little people.
I mean, if it's just about
this quarter's profits,
then the only role
they play is a burden.
Let's try and find some
reasons anyway, shall we?
Okay, so just remember to
read the rest of that chapter
and answer the
questions in the back.
So, how is everything
else going?
Um, I went for a hike
over the weekend.
My leg was sore as hell
when I got home, but it
felt good to do it.
I know I should've been
going over my school work.
No. That's great.
I'm happy you were
able to do that.
Yeah. It was like a little
taste of freedom again.
Well, you need that,
you know?
Get caught up here,
but I don't want you
to burn out either.
I don't know. I don't think
I really got the mind for it.
Are you kidding me?
You stumped teacher today
with your anti-moral shpeel.
I'm not anti-morals.
I just don't think they
mean a damn thing to the
people running things.
Don't tell anyone,
but I agree with you.
We can't teach that, though.
I just hope this new
generation sees a bigger
picture like you do.
I hope they can
understand that their
actions effect others.
That's why I know
you have a mind
for this stuff.
It's just...
this stuff, you know?
These fancy words
and big theories.
Oh, don't play that shit.
Acting like
you ain't smart?
You ain't some dumb old
grunt like me, little lady.
Well, grunt boy,
you too will be one
of us hoity-toity types
if I have
my way with you.
What makes you think
I want to be one of you
hoity-toity types?
Well, I don't blame you.
Neither do I.
That's why I'm a teacher.
I'm just kidding.
Hell, I don't even know
what I want to be.
Well, a secret for you.
Uh, most of us don't.
The important thing
is to know who you
don't want to be.
I should get going.
I got the
early shift tomorrow.
Thank you so much
for taking all this
time to help.
That's my job.
I promise I'll be
here on Thursday with
my papers finished.
Well, I'll believe it
when I see it.
Hey, the least you can
do is walk me to my car.
Am I your bodyguard now?
Hey, Justin.
Me and my buddy
are going to the bar
tonight, wanna come out?
No. I can't.
I got to study.
Got a test on Thursday.
Oh, good luck, man.
I'll have a beer
for ya then.
Have a few.
I'll need 'em.
All right,
catch you later.
I got that cash you dropped,
but where's the rest?
I'm still short.
Well, I need it by the end
of the month or I got people
who are ready to move in.
I can't keep
playing this game.
Here's 50 bucks.
I'll get the rest
to you next week.
End of the month's
in a week.
Oh, shit.
Look who made it out.
-What up, man?
Hey, Pete.
This is my boy, Justin.
-Good to meet you.
Have a seat, man.
Game's getting good.
Get a beer?
-Hey, it's on me.
-All right, thanks.
No problem, man.
So, you're done
studying everything?
-Yeah, sure.
-Yeah. That's right, man.
Fuck school.
That's all that's all about.
Fuck school.
Cheers to studying hard
and becoming somebody.
Thank you, man.
So, Justin,
where you from?
I grew up in Jersey.
Follow basketball much?
No. I don't really
follow much.
Dude, we fucking
live it, man.
Yeah we do.
High school, I was point guard.
This guy was a forward.
Put up more bricks
than a mason worker.
That's cool.
What brings you
down here then?
It's a long story...
basically for work.
All right.
You should have
called it in an instant.
Would have done
you some good.
Another foul.
-Hey, Pete.
-Thanks, asshole.
Can I have one
of those for the road?
No problem, man.
I didn't know
you smoked.
I haven't in awhile.
There she goes.
Got a light?
-You gonna work tomorrow?
I'll see ya tomorrow.
Good to meet you.
-You too, Justin.
-Thanks for the beer.
No problem, man. Justin,
if you're gonna live here...
...I'd start drinking.
You wanted
to see me, sir?
John called in sick.
I wonder if you could
work for him tomorrow?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
I've got some
not so good news.
I just talked
with the big boys.
I'm gonna have to
start making some cuts
starting next month.
I'm not gonna
lay you off.
I just don't know how
much work there will be.
Got to figure things out.
I just wanted to give you
a heads up so you could
do what you need to do.
Thank you, sir.
Don't go spreading
that around.
I don't want the others
to know until I've had
a chance to sort it out.
I won't say anything.
Sorry, son.
Times are just
tough around here.
See you tomorrow.
Why have you
been cutting class?
I don't know.
I'm just having
trouble with the V.A.
What about
your disability pay?
Oh, hasn't been
approved yet.
It's been almost a year,
and they still haven't
paid your disability?
They still haven't paid
my tuition yet either.
How are you getting by?
It's tight.
You know, I have to
walk to and from work,
skimp on some things.
I try not to dwell on it.
I mean, there's guys
who have it a lot
worse than I do.
Oh, sorry I took so long.
This is great.
I could talk
to you all night.
It's been good talking.
Do you want to
join me for dinner?
We could go to that little
diner on Knott Street.
Come on.
Teacher's new to
hick town too, and
you're like the only guy
who's been passed the
county line since birth.
Yeah, well I wouldn't
have the Middle East as
my first travel destination,
but I guess
it still counts.
Well, it's more
interesting than here.
I was only married
to the guy for a month,
and he was
completely useless.
You should've seen
him trying to take
out the garbage.
Oh my God.
I told you...
it was completely stupid.
No. Not stupid.
-And the difference?
-The difference?
You marrying some fat,
greasy douche 20 years
older than you
that you met
backpacking in Greece?
That's dumb.
That's you.
I was serving amidst
two wars and believing
the sales pitch
of a better life waiting
for me when I got out,
and thinking the
government who I took
a bullet for would give a shit.
-That's stupid.
-That wasn't stupid.
Idealistic nave?
Yeah. Maybe.
Brave, noble?
Brave, noble bullshit.
I joined up because I
didn't see another option.
I come from shit.
I thought I could just
crawl out of that shit,
you know, climb the ladder.
What is noble, Justin?
Is what I do noble?
Is anyone here doing
anything that means a thing?
I mean, are the
assholes that sent
you and thousands
of people like you
to fight and die
brave and noble?
Leave it up to our
base human instincts,
and nobody would
do anything that
means anything.
You were there,
you know?
You did what most
of us don't do...
think about, and you
did it all expecting
nothing more than
a little thanks in
the form of a handout.
That is noble.
Well, when you
put it that way...
It's fucking true,
and you know it.
-Come on, it's on me.
-No. I can't...
You know what?
Shut the fuck up.
I'm done talking until you
accept what I told you.
In the future, I recommend
you not sneaking up on me.
Just take me home.
Yes, Miss Teacher.
Hi. I'm calling about the job
you have listed in the paper.
Yeah, the job opening.
Okay. 11 a.m.?
Yeah, I could do that.
Hi, Justin.
My name's Becky.
-Nice to meet you.
-How are you doing today?
Good, thank you.
Just some
basic questions.
Do you have
a food handler's card?
Okay, you need to get
one of those before
you can work here.
It's very simple.
You can go online
and get 'em.
It's just a few dollars.
And transportation...
you have transportation?
-Yeah, I have a truck.
-Okay, good.
That's important,
and um, black slacks?
Do you have black slacks
or black pants?
No, I don't
have black slacks.
Those you need to have
before you can start
working here, too.
So, um, what do you think
qualifies you to work in
this establishment?
Well, I just got out
of the Marines.
I don't see how
five tours of duty are
gonna help me here.
Well, you never know.
It's kind of a battle field
in here at times, especially
during the summer.
Um, it's... you know,
right now we are
doing some hiring for
spring and summer,
so um, we do have
a lot of other applications
that we're looking at.
Yeah, so apparently
I'm not the right fit for a fast
paced career at Dairy Freeze.
Yeah, I don't give
two shits about it.
I could just use the
extra cash. That's all.
That is not the uniform
women find sexy.
No. I picked up a few
applications on the way home.
Oh, by the way,
I got your note.
No excuses now, huh?
That was really nice of you,
but you don't have
to be giving me money.
You teachers don't make
enough money anyway to
be giving it away.
No seriously.
I'll be fine.
It's good to walk... builds
up strength in my gimp leg.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up!
Fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck!
Like I've said, poverty
consists not in the decrease
of one's possessions
but in the increase
of one's rate.
So let's talk about how
this relates to the sub
prime mortgage crisis.
We have a couple of groups...
She followed this band
around for six months.
God. My friend Danielle,
she could get back stage
to any show.
Wow. Life must've been
tough for three hot
chicks on the town.
It had its perks,
but I don't miss it though.
My party days
are long gone.
Sounds like it was a blast.
Yeah, it was, but you
know, it was also fake...
pretending to be hot shit
when in reality
just a couple of young brats
looking for attention.
Sowing your wild oats?
Consider my sown.
Let me see.
You were a groupie,
and you're still
married in Greece?
You're a published writer
and now professor?
Don't forget I'm sharing
a day in the park
with the most amazing
guy I've ever met.
Come on.
You fucked rock stars.
No. I fucked
C list rock stars.
You're a great guy, Justin.
I wouldn't be here freezing
my ass off if you weren't.
Won't you let this
great guy take you home?
Hey, come on.
Tell me about the girl
you almost married.
You don't want
to hear that shit.
Yeah, I do.
I told you about
my crazy past.
You tell me about yours.
There's not much to tell.
She got tired of me.
She got tired of you?
Well, you were
engaged to an idiot.
Of course,
who would marry me?
Okay. Fine.
Don't tell me.
You wicked woman.
You're gonna
make me feel bad?
No, I'm just gonna pout.
It's up to you whether you
want to feel bad or not.
Okay, fine.
We were engaged and planned
on marrying when I got out.
Right before my last rotation,
I had two weeks off.
She told me she
couldn't take it.
I wasn't the guy
she loved anymore.
That was it.
So she gave me back
the ring, and I went
back to war.
I'm sorry.
No, she was right.
I wasn't the same guy.
I never was much,
but at least I was happy.
I wasn't a wreck.
You'll get there again.
You've got me.
I'm not going anywhere.
This morning, I got
an e-mail from my buddy.
Two of my guys
died yesterday.
It was an ambush in
the middle of the night,
around three in the
afternoon our time.
Same time I was
interviewing for a job at
Dairy Freeze, my guys died.
I wasn't there to protect
'em because I'm here.
Doing what?
What the fuck
am I doing here?
I'll never be
that guy again.
John, I'll let Paul
know that you called.
Okay, great.
Thanks. Bye.
-Hey, Justin.
-Hey, Maggie.
Just seeing if
you have my check.
You didn't get
it yesterday?
No, and I haven't had
a shift in a few days.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-Have a good weekend.
-You, too.
-See you Monday.
You got your I.D.?
You just get here?
I just got here.
Nice, nice.
You good?
Hey, you need a shot.
You need a shot.
Bartender, bartender.
Can I get a couple
shots of whiskey?
Do you good.
Thank you.
-Yeah. No problem.
-Right on.
Down the hatch.
Down the hatch.
Hey, play some darts.
One of these nights,
we'll have to go camping,
I'll show you how
to get the fish.
-Hey, Petey boy.
Look what the cat drug in.
-How you doing?
-Justin, right?
Nice seeing ya.
All righty.
You gonna play?
You any good?
-I've played before.
-Right on, let's play.
Good. I'm tired
of beating this guy.
All right.
New guy goes first.
Loser buys
the next round.
Who's the next contestant
on "Buy Us Beers.
Oh, shit.
Uh-oh, Petey.
Looks like we got
ourselves a ringer.
You owe me beer.
All right.
I'll take the challenge.
All right.
Get ready for
this good stuff.
-Yeah. Oh man.
Oh. He's actually hitting
something for once.
No, not that time.
You want to buy me a beer
and end the game now?
Think I'm gonna
lose still?
Just getting
warmed up, man.
Let's do this.
He's gotta take
a lot of warming up.
Let's go, Matt.
What you got?
-He's got nothing.
-I got this guy beat.
You got nothing.
Come on.
Don't screw up.
-Better luck next time, right?
It looks bad for you.
I got an 18.
Consistently bad.
It's all right.
Bad for you.
A bad bridge.
Here you go.
Yeah, buddy.
Thank you.
To victory and
beating Pete's ass.
Beating Pete's ass.
Nice. You give lessons?
He might want some.
How'd you get
so good, man?
I had a lot of down
time in the service.
You're a soldier?
Dude, you never
told me that.
Dude, dude.
GI fucking Justin.
we need to toast.
We need to cheers for him.
Everybody, a true
American hero
just got back from
fighting for our country.
Nice, but I'm not a hero.
Oh, dude.
Justin, GI Justin,
you got to tell me.
How many of them shit
stains you kill over there?
I don't know.
A lot. It's my job.
A lot?
What do you mean a lot?
How many?
A lot.
So what's it
like over there.
I mean, is it crazy?
Yeah, it's crazy.
People die.
It's like I just came
home with a bad leg.
What happened
to you over there?
A grenade or something?
A bullet.
Anymore fucking questions?
No, man. Sorry.
Fuck you, too.
Aw fuck.
Fuck you.
Michael McMillan just
strolls in 20 minutes late
and spends the entire rest of
the class on his cell phone.
I swear. These kids don't
pay attention to a damn thing
unless it's a text message.
I'm gonna start giving F's to
anyone I catch fucking around
with their cell phone in class.
I mean, what makes
these academic brats
think anything they do
is so amazingly important
that they must text back
and forth about it all day?
I mean, whatever happened
to internal thoughts
and self-reflection and
letting your mind wander?
That is why
you are so great.
You okay, baby?
Yeah. I'm just having
one of my days.
That's all.
Well, after this
hopefully edible dinner
that I'm screwing up,
I've got a desert
to make you forget
about all that stuff.
Get back in
that kitchen, woman.
Ooh, play nice.
So, um, I've been
thinking about
how much I love
having you here
and spending time
with you and just how safe
I feel when you're here.
I want you to
move in with me.
Live with you?
Yeah, plus it
would be easier.
We would have each other.
Thank you.
It really means a lot to me
to know you're here for me,
that you're willing
to take me in.
I wouldn't
just take you in.
I want you here.
You've got to stop
seeing yourself that way.
Get that through
your thick head.
You love my thick head.
I do. I love them both
even though this one
is a pain in the ass.
Um, I still have a lot
of crap to deal with.
Let me think about it.
Let me get back to
dinner before I burn it.
-Jesus Christ.
Sorry. Didn't mean
to startle you.
I heard you were up
and wanted to see if
you were okay.
I'm fine.
My stupid head is just
filled with so much crap.
You're not stupid.
You're gonna
get through this,
and no matter what,
you got me.
Why? What do you want
with a fuck up like me?
I want everything
about you.
You don't know
everything about me.
What I've done?
Trust me, you don't want me.
How do you
know what I want?
You think you're
gonna scare me off?
Yeah, actually I do.
Well, I'm not as
fragile as you think.
You don't know me.
You're gonna hurt me?
You're gonna hit me?
Come on. I can take it.
I love you.
I love you, Justin.
You're just gonna leave?
That's it?
What the fuck, Justin.
Where are you?
Come in.
-Hi there.
-Excuse me, sir.
I'm here about the
stock room position.
Come on in.
I appreciate
your time.
We'll let you
know next week.
-Thank you, sir.
-Have a good day.
-I appreciate it.
-You bet.
You need a lift?
Come on. Get in.
You doing okay?
Sorry I haven't
been there.
Yeah. You could've
give me a heads up.
Made more work
for the other guys.
Made my job easier
with the cutbacks.
You find work
or something?
I'm still looking.
My offer still stands,
you know.
Struggle ain't
gonna be easy.
It helps to talk.
You can't just
run away from it.
Thank you, sir,
but I'm good.
Sure you are.
You ever want a warm meal
or something, let me know.
You can drop
me off up there.
You sure?
Yeah. Right here.
Look, Justin. I've got some
side jobs I could use you on...
not at the mill,
just at the house.
It's not a lot
but it is something.
Come on.
You owe me.
Besides, you're a good worker.
When you show up.
You remember
where I live, right?
Show up at 7:30
before I go to work.
I'll get you started.
Thank you, sir.
Stay warm.
Good morning, sir.
Where's your truck?
You walked?
It's a good stroll.
How far? It must be
five or six miles.
I have nothing else
to fill my time with.
Why don't you sit down
and rest your leg awhile.
I got to
get off to work.
There's coffee
in the kitchen.
Call me if you
need anything.
I'll be back
just after five.
Thank you, sir.
You bet.
Don't have too much fun.
Dear Lord, we are
grateful for this day
and for all we've
been able to accomplish.
We are grateful
for the food and
thank you that Justin
was able to join
us today and help,
and we are grateful
for all... many blessings.
So, Paul says you were
over there in Iraq.
Yeah. I was in Iraq
for three deployments
and Afghanistan
for another two.
Wow. You know,
we prayed for you boys
so much over there,
and we're so proud of
what you were doing.
Yeah, we salute you men and
women for all you been able
to accomplish over there.
Cindy, our daughter,
she's about your age.
Maybe a little bit younger.
Her high school organized
some care baskets a few
years ago for the soldiers.
She wrote these cards and
sent socks and things like
that so has our church.
Every year there's
a Christmas drive.
Oh yeah?
That's really nice.
We always appreciate a
little gift from back home.
You know, we wanted
you to know that we're
rooting for you...
to do our little
part in the effort.
Thank you.
Sorry it's
a little cluttered.
Thanks. It's great.
I appreciate you
coming out today.
You did a good job.
-Thanks, sir.
-Sleep tight.
-Just paying my phone bill.
I'm sorry.
Where are you?
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Just out of town now.
Just getting my act together.
I'm glad you called.
I just wanted to
hear you're okay.
I'm sorry I should've
been more understanding.
No. Don't apologize.
You're perfect.
I fucked up.
But I'm gonna fix it.
I'm sorry I'm such a mess.
Can I see you?
I will go wherever.
I just want to see you.
Justin, are you there?
Yeah. I'm sorry.
I'm here.
I just need more time.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
I miss you, Justin.
I miss you, too.
I'll call you, okay?
I love you, Justin.
Take care of yourself.
You, too.
Hello. I'm calling
to see if you made a
decision on the job...
...yeah in the stock room.
Yeah. Okay.
Well thank you for
your consideration.
If another job opens up,
keep me in mind.
Yeah. I appreciate that.
Thank you. Bye.
Hey, yeah.
I'm calling about the job.
This is a temp agency.
All right, just come
out and fill the form?
I can come tomorrow.
I'll be there tomorrow.
Thank you.
Take care. Bye.
Hello, Morris family.
It's Justin.
Just wanted to thank you for
your kindness the other night,
and if you still need some
stuff fixed that I can get to,
I have some time this week,
and I'd love to come
and finish the job.
Thanks. Bye.
I'm calling to find out
what's going on with
my disability rating.
Justin Williams.
It's 115-64-5709.
Sure. I'll hold.
Justin, I'm Cheryl
with Direct Labor.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you, ma'am.
I was looking through
your application,
and it looks like you did five
tours with the Marine Corp.?
-That's correct, ma'am.
-I thank you for your service.
That's wonderful.
I really appreciate that.
Um, it looks like
you have a lot of
physical job ability
in your background.
Now, let's talk about any
limitations that you might have.
Currently, are you able to
stand on a shift eight hours.
Uh, four hours, ma'am.
The doctor said four hours.
Four hours with a
break at that point?
For two hours,
another two hours.
And then another two.
Okay, and how about lifting?
Is it 40 pounds or more or less?
It's at 35 pounds
right now, ma'am.
Thirty five pounds.
But I'm improving daily.
I think I can be getting...
getting the weight up
an then the hours on my...
on my leg, on my feet.
Okay. We would need
the doctor to give a note
that says that you can,
so we would need that...
a doctor's note.
Um, as you know
or I'm sure you're aware,
there are a lot of people
looking for work
and not a lot of work,
and I'll tell you.
It is going to be a
little difficult to find
you a quick job here
because of the industry
being slow and your
current limitations
together are going to be
a little more difficult,
but I'm going to do my
best to see what I can
do to get you going.
Thank you, ma'am.
Okay, and I thank you for
coming in today, Justin.
-It was very nice to meet you.
-Thank you.
You have a wonderful
day and good luck to you.
You too.
Got that room all
set up for ya if you want
to stay for awhile
until you get back
on your feet.
I appreciate it, sir,
but it's actually better
for me out there.
It's cold out there.
It's a lot better than
winter in Afghanistan.
You can't stay out there
forever. That's crazy.
Of course not. But I don't have
to deal with loud neighbors
or landlords breathing
down my neck.
You can't expect an employer
to seriously consider you
if you're meeting him and you
can't present yourself well.
I can walk in wearing a
designer suit and $100 haircut,
and it wouldn't matter.
With my injury and background,
I'd still get turned down.
You guys mean well,
but you don't get it.
Who's gonna hire a cripple
who's only work experience
is shooting people?
Yeah, I planned on working
one of those private security
forces or the police,
but I can't even get a job
as a security guard now.
You know, maybe in a
few years if my leg improves,
but there's no guarantee.
Just trying to help.
I appreciate your help, but it
doesn't change much out there.
I gotta go.
-Thank you for your charity.
-I'll drive you.
No, I'm fine.
Calm down.
What the fuck are
you doing here?
I just came to pay you
for helping the other day.
Make yourself at home.
Sorry I can't
offer you dinner.
What's your problem?
You of all people
have to ask me that?
Don't see me lashing out,
running away from
everything, do you?
What do you
really want from me?
Am I your project?
Your way of making you feel
like you're still important?
I thought you
were a good kid.
I figured
I'd help you out.
And I already thanked you.
Now, what more
do you want?
You think an extra 50 bucks
is gonna make a difference?
Battlefield ain't the only
place you can save lives.
The battlefield isn't
the only place a soldier
becomes a casualty either.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm good.
How are you?
I'm good.
It's so good to hear your voice.
Just on the road now.
I don't really got much to say.
You don't have to say anything.
I've been reading
for class still.
I don't know what good it's
gonna do, but I'm doing it.
You know, maybe
when I get settled down.
That's great.
I don't know if I'm coming back.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'll come to you
when you're ready.
When you're ready, Justin.
I love you.
I love you, too.