Frazier Park Recut (2017) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
TOM: Nowhere to run.
[erratic music]
[mic turns on]
Mic was off.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. That's nice.
Check one, two.
This is my apartment.
Spacious, friendly, clean.
Hey buddy!
You filming already?
Yeah, might as well.
Oh, shit.
-Hey, hey.
-Welcome, welcome.
I brought some of the
outlines and shot lists.
-And my iPad.
This is our home office
during pre-production.
We want to shoot,
well, technically we want
to leave on the 29th
and start shooting on the
30th of April.
Here is the script.
I actually helped you
revise this so maybe we could
update the cover,
and put something like
"revisions --"
-We'll talk about it later.
When Sam and I both want
to be in front of the camera
at the same time --
Oh, look --
Here's a little blood left over
from one of our short films.
There will be plenty
of blood in the movie.
SAM: So does this lens zoom?
So if you want to zoom you
have to move the tripod closer.
"This is Louis Melbourne,
this is my brother,
Will Melbourne."
"Say hi, Will."
"The camera points to
the person driving the truck,
Will. Will gives the camera
a slight smile."
"Hello. Hi."
"Will, where are we going?"
-"Going to Mom's."
"Because she died."
I like that.
I think that it sets the tone
pretty quickly.
TYLER: Every movie has to
have some storyboards
and we've started
We have Will,
played by Sam,
driving up with his brother,
Louis, played by your's truly.
They venture up into
Frazier Park to their
mom's cabin,
where they end up being
greeted by the groundskeeper,
who isn't all that
he seems to be.
I'm not the greatest
Sam's much better
than me,
But, you know,
you get the idea.
This is a guy unpacking.
[Sam laughs]
Here are the audition sides
that we have for
the groundskeeper.
I imagine it will be a little
something like this --
[creepy voice]
"I'm the groundskeeper,"
"I saw a strange car outside
and thought I would check in."
SAM: I think you should play
the groundskeeper
and we'll get another
guy to play Louis!
-I love it.
This scene here, I really
think it needs to get pushed.
-Maybe we can push --
[iPad rings]
-Hold on, sorry.
-It's all good.
-Give me twenty minutes.
Hi Jen!
I didn't mean to interrupt.
I was hoping we could get
some of this for the
Is that cool?
We're taping everything
behind the scenes.
Is that cool?
-Sorry! [laughs]
TYLER: What do you have to say
about this movie?
I think it's really great.
I think you guys are really
and I love my boyfriend,
and I support him.
I think it's going to turn out
really great.
I'm excited for you guys.
-Thank you.
-Thank you! [laughs]
Ok, I'll leave you guys alone.
-Bye, Jen!
-Thanks for doing that.
[phone rings]
GENE: Hello?
Hey Gene, this is Tyler calling
about your Airbnb cabin.
Oh, yeah. Hey Tyler.
What's going on?
I just had a couple of
wanted to run some stuff by you.
Me and a friend are making a
and we were wondering if
we could shoot at your place?
It would be super small,
just three people.
Yeah, I guess so.
There was actually a film shoot
out here before.
-Yeah go right ahead.
-Oh, wow.
SAM: I actually have a question
about the location.
This is Sam by the way,
friend of Tyler's.
How is the cabin?
Are there a lot of other cabins,
or is it pretty desolate?
There's a little village about
a half-mile away,
but besides that
it's just you guys out there.
Ok, that's great.
We were just curious
if there were any neighbors,
specifically for script
We'll finish the booking
and get this thing settled.
No problem, have a great night.
I appreciate it.
Alright, you too. Take care.
-We're making a movie!
SAM: So this is my apartment.
It's doubling as our
casting and audition location.
-We'll set up the tripod here.
And then we'll use the
white wall for the audition?
They can stand right here
and this is their space
to do whatever they want.
This looks really good.
-How's it going?
-Hey, good. How are you?
SAM: These actors that
are coming in today
are going to be judged
on their acting abilities,
as well as their
willingness to go out
into the middle of the woods
with Tyler and I for a week.
Hello, my name is JR Bourne.
I'm Tom Morris.
My name is David Krater and
I'm auditioning for the part
of the groundskeeper.
Unique New York.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
is Miss Melbourne home?"
"Is Miss Melbourne home?"
TYLER: "Who are you?"
"I'm the groundskeeper."
"This is uncomfortable,
but your mother actually
owed me a couple weeks
worth of payment."
"Didn't you find
the picture?"
"It would have spelled it out
for you perfectly."
"I was in love
with your mother."
"I was in love
with your mother!"
"You killed our mom?"
"That's right!"
"And now it's time
to get rid of the evidence."
Todd Berger.
TYLER: I think Todd
was just a little too...
What do you
think about JR?
SAM: I think that he delivered
a really good performance,
but my only fear is that he's
too good-looking for this role.
I liked Tom the best,
I think he has the
best look of all these guys.
-It's him.
[phone ringing]
TOM: It's Tom.
Hey Tom, it's Tyler Schnabel
from "Frazier Park."
you are the groundskeeper!
Oh, cool.
I know this is a quick
as far as production goes.
If you have any questions at all
about your character,
the script,
please don't hesitate to shoot
Sam or I an email.
I do have one question.
Is this the whole cast?
Is it just us, are there any
other family members?
No, it's just Groundskeeper,
Will and Louis.
Wow, ok.
I don't know if
you noticed,
on my rsum, under skills,
that I play guitar.
So I'll probably
bring that.
You know, honestly,
I don't think we need it.
That's cool.
You can leave that at home,
we have a lot of equipment
in the car.
Thanks a lot, Tom,
can't wait!
-Alright, thanks Tyler.
-Yeah, no problem.
-Bye bye.
[wind chimes]
It would be cool to have
something that looks really
old and rustic.
TYLER: Can we take
that blade off?
I don't know,
that would be tough.
Dude, those are huge.
That would be tough
to rig.
-What's that?
-This thing?
-You use it to cut roots.
-Pruning saw.
[loud static]
Wait, go back.
Alright, I'm going to
Now just hold it up
in the air.
Yeah, now come at me.
Oh, that's creepy.
[Tyler laughs]
Ok, alright.
-Do you have a bag?
-Thank you.
-Thanks a lot, take care.
[blade unsheathes]
[Tyler whistles]
-Oh, that's nice. Is it sharp?
-Yeah, it's really sharp.
Check this out.
Can these unscrew?
Ok, so I think what we'll do
is make a fake blade
out of cardboard
or something,
and we fit that in
for the dummy one.
SAM: More of like
a serial murderer.
TYLER: Nice. Hey what are we
going to do for his shoes?
-Thank's a lot.
-Thank you.
TYLER: Is it hot?
No, maybe a little small
on me.
I think Morris is a little bit
shorter than I am.
Oh, shit!
-Where's the weapon?
-It's pretty good?
Yeah, grab that knife.
[Tyler screams]
[both laugh]
Here are some of my clothes
that I'm thinking about packing.
Hard to do this myself here.
Yeah, something like that.
"Hello, my name is Louis."
"Hello, my name's Louis."
"I am Louis."
"Hi, I'm Louis."
-Hey dude.
-Just working on my wardrobe.
-How's it look?
-Looks like Louis.
SAM: We're both doing two
or three changes
of wardrobe for
our characters.
It's supposed to take place
during the weekend.
I'm going to bring,
just to be safe,
probably four
or five options.
That way we can choose
on the day,
"Oh, this actually looks
better in this lighting."
Alright, well, I gotta
figure out mine too.
I might have to go
[both laugh]
We got all our shit
packed up.
Or, sort of packed up.
We got all our shit.
[bag zips]
TYLER: How do you feel
about tomorrow?
I won't lie,
I'm pretty nervous.
This has been building up
for a long time.
My hope is that
everything goes smoothly,
and if not, we went out
there and we did it.
A lot of people have that
initial idea of making a film,
writing it down on paper,
but to actually go out
and execute it like
we're trying to do,
that doesn't normally
TYLER: I'm just really trying
to focus on my acting
to be honest with you.
SAM: I'm not an actor, so you're
comparing yourself to me.
While you guys will be the
anchors of this whole thing,
I'll just try my best.
[wine pouring]
TYLER: Man, this is some
good-ass filmmaking.
To tomorrow,
us driving out to Frazier Park
to shoot this thing.
To a film that will
make us famous!
To a film that will
make us infamous.
Oh yeah!
I want to be real for a minute.
You are leaving soon.
I just want to say,
this past month has been
one of the best months that
I've ever spent in Los Angeles.
Thank you for being
a great friend,
and an awesome person to work
and I wish you
all the best
in your future travels
with your new woman.
-Thanks man.
-Hope it works out.
Because it's scary, you know?
That means a lot, dude.
You know it, dude.
Hey, great acting!
[Tyler laughs]
Just bring that to the film,
and we've got something!
Alright, cool, good,
yeah, it's all bullshit.
-Let's do it.
-Let's do it.
SAM: Everything that
doesn't fit in the cab
has to go in this bed.
TYLER: Careful with
those two bags.
Look at all this shit.
Did all the perishables
fit in the cooler?
Apples, bananas,
ok good.
So this is all the
dry stuff, right?
Let's take out these boxes
and let's lay them down
in the bed of
your truck.
You mind if I hang up my
shirts next to yours?
SAM: Ok, so it says
it's around here.
No, this isn't
the right street.
No, it's --
This isn't it?
It's saying it's up here
on the right.
-Is that him?
-I think that's him.
-Why does he have his guitar?
-Hey Tom!
-What's up?
-How's it going?
Just put your stuff back
there if you want.
-He's bringing his guitar.
-He's bringing his guitar!
[door unlocks]
Sorry about that.
You guys still shooting
behind-the-scenes stuff?
TYLER: Yeah we'll be rolling
the entire time.
-That's cool right?
TYLER: Are you staying
at a motel?
Yeah, my place is getting
fumigated for termites.
-That sucks!
TYLER: I've actually had a
bed bug problem before.
-That wasn't very fun.
Brought the guitar, huh?
TOM: Yeah,
if you want,
I'd love to put some
music in the movie.
It's found footage so I don't
think there's going to be
any need for it.
And the groundskeeper
doesn't really play guitar,
I don't think that's
his character.
But, we can figure
something out.
TYLER: Hey, you can always play
some nice background music
while we're shooting.
-Sounds good.
Maybe we could start a fire
or something and just --
-Sing "Kumbaya?"
Yeah, get to know
each other a little bit.
-Sounds good.
[happy guitar melody]
[happy guitar melody]
[happy guitar melody]
[happy guitar melody]
TYLER: Here she is,
[weird voice]
the Frazier Park cabin!
SAM: The what?
The Frazier Park cabin.
Oh yeah, this is nice!
-Nice man! Look at this!
-Good call with this place.
Look at this!
Thirty-five eleven.
[jingles keys]
-Got em'.
Alright, moment of truth.
-Oh, yeah!
How is it?
Is it everything you
imagined it to be?
We'll take a look around
once we get everything.
Ok, cool.
[Sam grunts] There you go.
-Got that?
[bag thuds]
Careful with that. Lights.
Bulbs. Good job.
You want to give me the camera
and you can get some stuff?
Careful now, careful.
-I'm good, I'm good.
[Sam laughs]
-Pretty nice.
-Yeah, this is good.
SAM: How does that bed
work out for you?
-Gonna be fine.
[door slides]
SAM: Oh, cool.
Look at that.
Can't see anything because
it's so over-exposed.
Oh yeah!
-Yeah this is really good.
Ooh! Super cozy!
It feels really good too.
I was expecting it to be
kind of hot in here.
Yeah, right.
There's no AC but it feels
really cool for the afternoon.
It's that cool mountain air.
How do you do this?
-What are you trying to do?
-Open it.
[door slides]
There you go, nice.
TYLER: So this porch could
work too for the final scene.
There's been so much wildlife
running around.
I saw a rabbit and
some chipmunks down there.
It's isolated.
Yeah, very much so.
TYLER: Help yourself to
any food.
I've got turkey
and cheese
if you want to make
yourself a sandwich.
-Oh, thanks.
-No problem.
Here it is,
the special effects blood
[creepy voice]
that you will be covered in.
What is it?
I think it's safe.
You think it's safe?
-It's not real blood.
-It won't stain your skin.
-Oh, that's good.
-And there are no chemicals.
It's all safe.
Movie prop blood.
Real blood will stain
your skin for a few days.
-Oh, does it?
-Are you serious?
Yeah if you ever cut
your knee or whatever.
It just dyes your skin.
-Oh, wow.
We were thinking
the groundskeeper could be
creepily stalking
Will and Louis.
I like this garden area.
-Oh, cool.
-Do you play?
Yeah, I've played
a little bit, sure.
Are you challenging me?
-Yeah, later on, absolutely!
-[laughs] Ok.
I suck so you'll
probably beat me.
SAM: What is this?
-A little bench, I think.
Oh, look he's actually
-You see that?
-You got one?
-I got two!
Oh, my God.
This backdrop is amazing!
Come on down.
Watch out, these are
SAM: You're a pricker.
You smell that?
It's just so fresh.
I love this.
This is the tree right here.
-This is the tree.
-This is it.
-So this rock is his gravesite?
SAM: Maybe we can --
I don't want to etch anything,
but yeah, this works.
Down here is where we see
the killer with the knife.
No, stay there.
He's back here.
We're thinking back
here for you.
When you show up
with the blade
and you start chasing after us.
[bird squawks]
[rock rolls]
Heads up!
[rock rolls]
Thanks, Tom!
TOM: Sorry.
[fire crackles]
TYLER: What was his name again,
the homeowner?
SAM: Gene.
Gene told us to pour water
in this thing because
it humidifies the cabin.
Apparently when you run
the wood stove it can
dry the place out.
I never would have
guessed that.
TOM: Dry air will give you
Oh, yeah?
Go in for more!
-I'm going for the middle.
-That's the good piece.
Sam got us a nice pie.
Already ate half of it.
Thank you Sam.
No problem.
Oh, yeah!
[bottles clink]
-Cheers, dude.
[soft guitar music]
[soft guitar music]
-That's very pretty.
[soft guitar music]
Who's he talking to?
Oh, his girlfriend.
He's actually moving in with her
in about a month.
She's all the way in
and he's in the middle
of a big move.
[muffled] Hey.
TYLER: Hey, come on in here!
-I'm talking to Jen.
-I know you're talking to Jen.
Give me five minutes.
[door slides]
He's not listening to me.
TYLER: Oh, Jen!
I hate to break you guys up
but I've got to steal
Sam right now.
We're having a filmmaker,
actor moment.
-Classic, I get it.
-You heard him.
Alright, I'll just talk to you
tomorrow then.
-Have a good night.
-Have a good night.
-Love you.
-Love you too. Bye.
TYLER: Kiss the iPad.
Yes, yes, yes.
What's going on in here?
The gang's all here.
Dude, we're just
drinking some beers!
-Tom's playing some music!
-Sounds good!
Here take this.
Take it.
Tom, put down the guitar.
Grab your beer.
There isn't anybody else
I'd rather be with
this week to make this movie
"Frazier Park."
We are some talented
and we're going to make
a great fucking movie.
Thank you.
-Amen. There you go.
[bottles clink]
Cheers, cheers.
TOM: Hey, I want to say
something too.
Yeah, go ahead.
I just wanna tell you how happy
I am to be on this project.
It's a real pleasure,
and a challenge.
I think it's great to see
you guys have passion
You have a great
rapport, it seems.
That goes a long way to
making things go easy.
You know?
During the whole project.
TYLER: Totally.
I think if it stays like this,
in the end it's going to be
something beautiful.
So, yeah.
Cheers to that!
Thanks, Tom.
[bottles clink]
Hey man, bring it in.
-There we go!
-Happy to have you here.
-This is great.
We need to go over
a lot of those scenes --
I think I'm going to
call it a night.
-Ok, yeah.
Let us know if you need
If not we'll see you
tomorrow, man.
Be camera-ready at 7:30,
first shot's up at 8.
-You got it.
-Ok, awesome.
You and me.
[bottles clink]
You and me, brother.
No one else.
[door slides]
[door slides]
-Do you know where Tom is?
I can't find him anywhere.
-Is he not in his room?
[door slides]
-I'll give him a call.
-Yeah, ok.
It is our first day of shooting
and our lead actor, Tom,
is missing.
-He's not answering.
It's ringing but no one
is picking up.
[shouting] Tom!
SAM: Tom!
TYLER: [yelling] Tom!
SAM: Yeah, I'm pissed now.
Yeah, I can tell.
I'm pissed too but we can't
let it get in the way of
the project, you know?
We're going to have to
shoot the beginning.
We didn't plan on doing that
until later
but we've got to do it now.
It's the only --
You're right, you're right.
-We can't --
-Your'e right.
That's fine.
-Let's pick it up.
-Let's do it.
What jacket are you
wearing today?
-I'm wearing my jean jacket.
I'll wear my tan.
-Tan jacket.
"Hi, I'm Louis."
SAM: Testing, testing.
TYLER: Testing, testing.
Check. One. Two. Check.
Check. Check.
-Rolling sound.
-"Frazier Park," scene one.
"Hello, my name is
Louis Melbourne."
"This is my brother, Will.
Say hi, Will."
"Hello. Hi."
"Where are we going today?"
-"We're going to Mom's."
"Because she died."
TYLER: "Here we are,
home, sweet home."
"It's been a long time since
we've been here, huh?"
TOM: Action.
[guitar music]
[music intensifies]
[guitar screeching]
TYLER: What's my line?
SAM: I say,
"Mom, you home?"
You go, "Wow that's
fucked up."
Ok, here we go.
SAM: "Hey Ma, you home?"
TYLER: "That's really
fucked up, dude."
"Wow, Mom really kept it
the same in here."
TYLER: "Yeah."
"She could have made this
a guest room."
"If she ever had any."
[door slams]
TYLER: Shit.
-Hey, don't --
-No, I can't.
Where were you?
-I went for a walk and --
-Did you get my calls?
No, I didn't.
Did you call my phone?
Yeah, I called you
a dozen times.
You're three hours late.
-Production started at 7:30.
-I know, you told me last night.
-Here it is 10:30 --
-TYLER: Ok, alright.
I went for a walk
and I got lost.
Every day that we're in
this cabin costs money.
We just wasted
the whole morning.
You can't do that again.
Ok, I'm sorry Sam.
I'm going to get your wardrobe
but we have to pick it up.
-We have to shoot.
We have to do it now.
Shit, dude, I'm sorry. I --
TYLER: Yeah, I know.
What happened?
I just got lost, that's it.
I got lost.
For three hours?
I was yelling
some of the time.
Could you hear us
yelling for you?
What can we do, what do I --
Just, you know,
fucking nail it today.
-Just nail it.
He's getting wardrobe,
what else can I do?
Here's your mic.
Run this up through your shirt.
Put that in your
back pocket.
-I'll make it up to you. I'm
-It's ok.
We'll knock everything out.
-Ok, great.
TYLER: And, action!
"Keep or trash?"
what are you doing?"
"What, do you want that?"
"Yeah, that's my favorite
stuffed animal."
"Mom gave it to me."
"Hey, if you want it you can
snuggle up with it tonight."
"Cut it out, man."
"Love you, Mom."
[loud knock]
[door opens]
"Mrs. Melbourne here?"
"Who are you?"
"I'm the groundskeeper."
"I saw a strange car out here,
I thought I'd check on her."
"Yeah, that's mine.
We're her sons."
"We're packing up the place."
"I guess no one told you,
she passed away
a couple of weeks ago."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."
"You mind me asking
how she died?"
"We're not really sure,
doctors think she had
a heart attack."
TYLER: Cut. Hold on,
one second.
Why is it that the doctors
aren't sure?
If she was suffocated,
I feel like the doctors
would be able to tell
within two weeks
whether or not she
had a heart attack,
or was murdered.
I feel like I've heard
of people that --
The excuse would be
a heart attack --
I just think the audience is
going to call bullshit on this
and it just seems
like a plot hole
that we didn't really
think through.
It's not your fault,
I was here with you
through all this.
I think Tyler's right.
It makes this scene pass.
I don't know how much
that's going to affect
us shooting later,
because we have to
work that in somehow.
Let's say that
the groundskeeper
pushed her down the stairs
and that everyone thinks
that she had a fall.
"You mind me asking
how she died?"
"She had a really bad fall."
Ok, things are moving
pretty good.
Just wrapped our first scene
the groundskeeper shows up.
Tom, great work.
Killed it.
Uh, huh.
Now we're going to do
a horseshoe scene!
SAM: Alright.
Good job.
Alright, so come on out.
Right there.
Actually, it's a little too far.
Right there.
That's where the sun
is hitting your face.
TYLER: Yeah, that's going to
be good.
Alright, so if you're here--
[yelling] Yeah, creep behind
the back just a little bit!
TOM: You about ready to roll?
TYLER: Yeah,
just setting up the shot!
Ok, now come on out.
-Exactly. Beautiful.
-That's great.
TYLER: "Frazier Park,"
scene nine, take one.
"You know, Louis,
you were probably too young
to remember this."
"I think you were
a little baby,
I was outside in
the front yard playing --"
TYLER: Cut. Don't say Louis.
Just say, "you know?"
-It's just too forced.
This is to be added
to that last take.
TYLER: Action!
[phone rings]
Oh, is that you?
Yeah, sorry.
[phone rings]
Hey, you mind putting that
on silent?
Alright, we've gotta
go again, sorry.
TOM: We're losing sun here.
-I know, I know.
We'll do it again,
last time I promise!
TYLER: Right now I'm dumping
all the footage
from the memory card
onto hard drives.
We don't really have time
to sort through it
and review it all.
We're kind of in this
"shoot-and-go" rhythm.
That's what we get for
giving ourselves barely
any time to shoot
this movie.
SAM: Ok, final scene
of the day.
This is scene eleven,
where the brothers find
the picture frame.
TYLER: Ok, wait,
say that one more time.
This is where the two brothers
find the picture frame.
There's some weird feedback
on your mic.
There's like a "hum"
or something.
-How does that sound?
-Hello, testing, testing.
-Still hear it.
TOM: It's the fridge.
Fridge! He's right,
it's the fridge.
TYLER: Yes! High-five.
You know, common stuff,
shooting in a house,
you gotta turn off some
appliances that make noise.
Refrigerator. Air-conditioning.
Common sense.
Nice catch!
TYLER: Action.
-"Hey dude."
"Check this out.
I found this in Mom's room."
"What the hell?"
"Do you think
Mom did this?"
"I don't know."
"Why would she
scratch out Dad?"
"I know they had
their differences but,
I don't think Mom would
do something like this."
"So weird."
[guitar sting]
"There's someone outside!"
"What are you talking about?"
"I just saw a person
standing outside the door!"
[door slides]
"There's no one
out here."
-"I swear I saw someone."
-"Did you get it on camera?"
-"Yes I did!"
-"Play it back."
[yelling] "Hey!"
"Yo, what are you doing?"
"Just trying to scare
whoever the fuck that was."
"Let's go back inside, dude."
-Alright, good job everyone!
-Good job, hey --
-Right there.
-Great work.
That's a wrap on day one!
Wrap on day one.
-We killed it.
Good stuff.
Oh, dude --
Make sure we plug that
fridge back in.
-Yeah, I got it.
How about that, man?
-Day one.
-Good stuff.
[phone rings]
Is that who
I think it is?
Yep, sorry guys.
I gotta take this.
Ya'll have a good night.
Great job!
Thanks, buddy!
TYLER: Alright man, so...
Little interview here.
Anything you want to say?
Before we call it a night?
Does that get
distracting at all?
The girlfriend.
-Who, Jen?
[laughs] No, no. It's --
Seems like he takes
those calls all day.
Yeah, well, he's moving
to Indianapolis.
He's got a lot on
his mind.
He's kind of getting
things in order, you know?
It's not distracting as
a director is it?
Does it bug you?
Uh, no.
No, it's all good.
It's cool.
I guess we're on
schedule, so --
Yeah, we're on schedule.
It's all good.
[mic turns on]
There we are.
I'm slowly figuring out
how to work this thing.
Hi, there.
Can't sleep.
Filmmakers at work.
Living the dream, guys.
Living the dream.
[horseshoes clank]
Tyler and Sam have
gotten soft.
And, we need a spark.
Like rocks crashing
A little "Film-101."
All drama arises
from conflict.
Look at this.
TYLER: Dude, you forgot to plug
the fridge in last night.
SAM: No I didn't.
Yeah you did!
I woke up this morning,
it was unplugged.
Now all the food's bad.
No, last night you told me
to plug it in,
I remember plugging it in
right before I went to sleep.
Then why is it
Are you filming this?
[door slams]
Hey, Tom.
You're not even going
to plug it in?
TYLER: No, I wanted
you to see.
[mutters] I plugged it in
last night.
This food is still good.
Psh. It's been sitting
there for ten hours.
I'm not eating it.
SAM: It sat overnight. It's not
going to go bad overnight.
-This is fine.
-Alright then you can eat it
and get sick.
What are you
afraid of?
Getting sick!
Tom and I aren't
eating that, right Tom?
[mutters] I plugged it in
last night.
Yeah, well maybe you forgot
to plug it in
when you took that
phone call from Jen, huh?
Very possible.
Very possible, Sam!
[wind chimes]
[muffled arguing]
He never sees the monkey.
He doesn't hear what we're
talking about.
So how does he know --
[muffled] SAM: We had this
conversation earlier.
-We did?
-Yeah, he overheard!
He's been stalking us
so he's been
looking through windows.
He's been creeping out
on us, he saw the monkey.
He knows that it's special.
And this is his message
to you --
TYLER: Do you really think
it's realistic that he heard
that conversation
through the front door?
SAM: I don't know,
what do you think?
I can't, we can't just keep
changing the script!
We don't keep changing
the script. This is --
We did it earlier with
the heart attack thing
at the front door.
We nailed down the script --
Yeah, but we all
agreed on that!
Tom agreed on
that one too!
Look, this is all
I'm saying --
What if we're out by
the grave, the dog's grave,
and he sees us out there.
He's like,
"This is significant, they're
grieving over a dog's grave."
Then he takes the gravestone
and it ends up on our
front porch --
No! We can't do that,
because that scene
happens after.
When we see him out there,
That's when he starts
chasing us back,
-So the whole
gravestone thing --
He would have already
been terrorizing us,
He can't just throw it on
the doormat after that.
He throws it through the window
while we're in the house.
Are we going to break
a window in here now?
I guess we can't break a window,
but he does --
Sorry, do you mind?
We're actually
in the middle of a --
We're just trying to figure
something out right now, sorry.
It's not a good time.
So here we are on the
second day of shooting.
As you can tell,
these two guys are a
prime example of
"amateur filmmaking."
[horseshoe clanks]
With an emphasis on
We'll be lucky to get this done.
But, I'm learning a lot.
I'm glad to be here.
[horseshoe thuds]
I'm going to help
them out as we go.
There's a good story
to be told here.
And they're making the
classic mistake of
focusing on
making their days
rather than
fleshing out characters.
[horseshoe clanks]
I'll get them focused.
We're going to have a good story
by the time we get to the end.
[horseshoe clanks]
[fly buzzing]
"Frazier Park,"
scene fourteen, take three.
TYLER: "Come on."
SAM: "How could you possibly
know where you're going?"
I'm just sort of, you know,
figuring it out as I go.
SAM: "Oh, that one.
You see it?"
TYLER: "Yeah."
SAM: "Alright, Louis, why don't
you say a few words?"
"You were an amazing dog."
"Hope you're keeping Mom
company up there."
[phone rings]
SAM: Sorry.
TYLER: It should sell, right?
From far away?
SAM: Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, hold it up
in the air.
Just like in the shop!
Oh man. Tom,
you're going to love this!
Sam's you right now.
[Sam yells and swooshes]
[laughing] Yeah, but
a little bit more graceful.
[rock rolls]
TYLER: I don't want him
tripping over this path.
This should be good though.
Yeah, we've gotta get this
really quick.
We're losing daylight.
Hey man, we may have to
run through this
The sun's starting to go down.
That's cool, right?
TOM: Are we losing light?
Sometimes when you're making
a movie,
daylight is not always your
best friend.
Gotta make due
with what you got!
TYLER: "Hey man, do you
think this is it?"
SAM: "What do you mean?"
"I mean after all this."
"Do you think we're going to
see each other again?"
I want to stay in touch."
"We'll make it work, right?
I want to."
"No, no, I want to too."
"It's just that everytime we say
we're gonna stay in touch,
we end up lost in our
own separate worlds again --"
-"Wait, hold on."
"Who is that?"
TYLER: "Wait a minute.
Is that the groundskeeper?"
-"Yeah, here, look!"
SAM: "Yeah, that is him."
TYLER: "Hello?"
SAM: "Can we help you
with something?"
TYLER: "Wait, wait.
What's he got?"
SAM: "Yo, what do you want?"
-"Oh, God."
[erratic guitar strumming]
[heavy breathing]
TYLER: "Will!"
TOM: I'm going to to some
B.T.S. if that's alright.
-Yeah, totally.
-I'll get you guys.
-Ok, cool.
TOM: Au revoir.
Beautiful day out,
if you can see.
Kinda blown out, isn't it?
Look at that.
Fun fact, whenever you're
doing a scene like that --
We just did the scene
where I chase those guys
with the blade.
Real actors have to really go
through that in their mind.
Have to really kill somebody,
just so they understand
what that's like,
to be motivated to kill.
And, um --
How to do it...
In your mind.
Fun stuff.
SAM: We are rolling.
Mic is on. Action.
TYLER: "Look, I don't know
how much longer I want to
wait in here for."
SAM: "I think we're ok."
"We haven't heard
from him in hours."
"He could be out there."
"We can't just be in here
forever though."
"What was that?"
"I don't know."
[window slams]
[erratic guitar music]
[both scream]
TYLER: "Shut the door!"
SAM: "How is this
"I need to tell you
"I know I've been a
bad brother to you."
"I know that once Dad died,
I just left."
"And I left you and Mom
here together. Just --"
Hold on. Line?
Look, it's, "And if we make it
out of this alive, I promise
I'll be a better brother
and be in your life more."
Dude, you know this.
SAM: Ok.
What, did you not memorize
this scene?
It's been a long day man.
-Let's just do it again.
-Just roll it, roll it.
-Alright, we've been working
-on this scene for the past --
-I know, I know.
hour so I'm just getting
a little frustrated here.
-Come on, alright.
"Louis, I need to tell you
"I know, I haven't been
the best brother --
when Dad left --"
-Cut. Nope.
[Sam groans]
Here, page seventy-two.
Are you really going to throw
a fucking script at me?
TOM: Hey, Sam,
if you don't mind,
if I can just give you
some advice?
I think you're going in
the right direction,
you just need to forget about
the words verbatim,
and just tell your story.
And know what you want,
and go for what you want.
In this case,
it's an older brother,
with a difficult past,
who wants to protect
his little brother.
That's what you want in this
scene, so just deliver that.
TYLER: No, it's a good note,
but Sam,
-Make sure you add the beat --
-I like Tom's point on this.
-No, it's a good note --
I'm not going
to use the script.
I like that. I'm just gonna
go from the heart.
Not going to use the script.
-Alright. Fine.
-Let's get it. We'll get it.
Hey, whatever.
Let's give it a try.
Let's give it a try.
And, action.
I need to tell you something."
"I know I've been a bad
brother to you."
"When Dad died,
I left you and Mom behind."
"Alone. And I feel selfish
about that."
"I don't know if tonight's
our last night together."
"But I promise you, I will
always be there for you."
"I love you."
"And I will never
leave you again."
-And, cut.
-That was really good, Sam.
-Really good.
-That was ok?
Yeah it was.
TYLER: Hey, great note Tom.
Seriously, that was good.
SAM: That was great.
Hey, maybe Tom should be
the director.
Ok, alright,
enough of that.
Well, he directed me
better than you just did.
-Uhh. [scoffs]
-Alright, well --
I think we got it tonight.
-Yeah, we did.
-Was that good?
Yeah it was great.
Well, I'm going to call it
a night because I'm tired.
TYLER: You going to go
take another call from Jen?
[Sam scoffs]
TYLER: Tell her I
said, "Hi."
Oh, Jesus.
Look, it's not about the lines.
It's more than that.
You were right.
TOM: What's that?
He's so distracted.
Look, that's why we couldn't
get through the scene,
he couldn't stop thinking
about calling Jen.
You see that, immediately
after the scene he gets up
to go talk to her?
Yeah, I did.
I did.
-It's affecting the project.
TOM: I could talk to him.
I'll talk to him.
-You're going to talk to him?
That would be great.
I can't get through to him.
You clearly have
some kind of rapport
with the director thing
so maybe he'll listen to you.
Hey, please. Alright?
I need to get him
back on track.
TOM: Ok, I hope he does.
You understand this, right?
You see where I'm coming from?
Yeah. I do.
I'll talk with him.
-See what we can do.
-Awesome, thank you.
I appreciate it.
Hey good work today.
Thanks, brother.
-Yeah, no problem.
SAM: I don't know how we're
going to get
through this thing.
We have a couple of
days to shoot.
Every scene that we do,
Tyler wants to change it up.
Every night that we're here,
it's like $120.
So we're just burning through
money right now.
JEN: Why does he want
to change it?
SAM: Because he doesn't
like it or something --
TOM: Tyler wants to talk
to you for some reason.
I'm busy right now,
can you give me a sec?
He said it was important.
JEN: It's ok. I'll wait.
Alright, I'll be a second.
Hold on.
JEN: Yep.
-What does he want?
-I don't know.
TOM: Hi there, I'm Tom.
I don't think we've met
officially yet.
Yeah, no, I've heard a lot
about you from Sam.
Is that right?
How are things going
over there?
Well, it's gotten a little tense
here recently.
I think the boys are just
discovering how difficult
it is to make a film and
it's starting to sink in now.
Yeah, I mean, I told Sam
it was a lot to take on
right before he moves.
So --
You're a smart girl.
That's what I've been told.
Smart cookie.
[Tom laughs]
You're very pretty too.
Oh jeez, stop.
It's starting to make sense
to me now.
What do you mean?
Well, he's been really
He's distracted?
Yeah there's something
I should probably tell you.
SAM: Hey.
What are you doing?
Just keeping Jen company
that's all.
Well, Tyler didn't want
to talk, so can you leave?
It was very nice
meeting you, Jen.
Nice to meet you.
[Tom laughs]
SAM: Alright,
good night.
TOM: Night night.
[muffled] SAM: What was he
talking to you about?
JEN: Fucking creep.
[crickets chirping]
[whispers] TOM: Big dreamers
never sleep.
And listen!
And react!
[light clicks on]
Big dreamers never sleep.
Big dreamers, never sleep.
Big dreamers never sleep.
[creaking floor boards]
[light clicks on]
[door slides]
[crickets chirping]
No more distractions.
[iPad thuds]
[muffled arguing]
TYLER: You checked
under your bed?
SAM: Yes, I checked under
my bed, it's not here.
TYLER: How about these
drawers, there's a lot of --
SAM: I didn't put my
iPad in a drawer.
[slamming drawer]
No, there's nothing
in these. No.
I plugged it in and I left
it right here.
-I swear I did!
-Check under your pillow.
It's not under my
fucking pillow.
[slams clothing]
TYLER: Hey, hey.
Calm down.
SAM: I think you took it.
You took it.
-You took it --
-Are you serious right now?
-You've been saying how --
-Are you serious right now?
You've been saying
how distracted I am
and I think you took it.
You have been distracted,
but I would never steal
something that belongs
to you!
I have not been distracted.
We've been shooting every day,
I take these calls at night.
I'm not distracting us at all.
You have taken a couple
during the day, ok?
It's not fucking here anyway.
[slams pillow]
We can't keep looking
for your iPad.
We have a long day
ahead of us.
We've already spent
half an hour searching
for this damn thing.
It's in the house,
where else would it be?
-I don't know.
-I didn't take it!
You have to believe me!
Look --
I'm looking upstairs.
[annoyed] Can you
shut that off, please.
Dude, dude.
Enough, enough!
TYLER: We're done, alright?
The show must go on.
We're done.
Come on, get in wardrobe.
We're done.
[guitar strumming]
SAM: This is "Frazier Park,"
[guitar strumming]
scene thirty-two, take seven.
TYLER: "Why are you
doing this to us?"
"I left the picture for you,
thought you would have
figured it out."
[guitar strumming]
"I was in love
with your mother!"
"And when she didn't
return that love,
I couldn't live,
with her still alive!"
"You killed our mom?"
"Yes, now it's time to
get rid of the evidence."
"Louis, run!"
[stabbing noise]
[Tom screams]
TYLER: "No!"
[Tom screams]
-"Oh, Jesus."
[Tyler screams]
"Oh, God! Oh, God!"
[Tyler panting]
TOM: "Louis!"
[Tyler screams]
TYLER: "Oh, shit."
[guitar strumming]
[door slides]
[guitar strumming]
"Nowhere to run."
"Stay away from me
you freak!"
"Oh, no."
"It's a long way down --"
[stabbing noise]
[guitar strumming stops]
TYLER: "What?"
[Tom groans]
"The only ground you're
going to be keeping,
"is the dirt in your grave!"
TYLER: "Will!"
"It's ok!"
"We're going to get you
to a hospital, man."
"Oh, God."
[prop blade thuds]
He's running after me --
Why would I still be
shooting him?
SAM: It's suspension
of disbelief.
It was a good scene,
you didn't like that scene?
No, I didn't.
And you know what?
A lot of these scenes
I don't like.
I know you don't
like any of it.
You've been changing every
single thing
since we got out here.
Yeah, good.
If it wasn't for me changing
all these little plot holes,
you wouldn't have
a good movie.
Great, well thank you
so much.
Sorry I couldn't
help at all.
-Fuck you.
Whatever man.
Look, you've been way too
distracted with Jen,
-with this move --
-Oh, there it is!
You haven't put any
focus into this film.
That's the point I was
bringing up this morning.
I knew you thought that way,
so you took my iPad.
Oh, my God! I didn't
take your fucking iPad!
Yes you did.
-No I didn't!
Yes you did!
-SAM: I'm so fucking done here.
-TYLER: Seriously?
-I'm done at this cabin!
-After all we've been through?
You're just going to
throw it all away?
No, we're done.
I think it's time
to wrap this up.
TYLER: Fuck you, fuck you
and your ego.
[sink running]
TOM: Hey, bro.
I heard you guys
fighting outside.
I think you guys
need to just cool off.
Maybe separate
for just a minute here.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to get you into this.
No, it's ok.
It's understandable.
It's a creative environment,
there's a lot of
decisions to made.
You guys are doing
a great job.
Why don't --
I'll go talk to Sam.
I'll get him squared away.
Why don't you go for a walk,
or why don't you go
replace the groceries?
Go get some fresh food.
Is there a place nearby?
We just need to --
That sounds like
a great idea.
-I'm going.
[door opens]
TOM: Sam?
Hey Sam.
I'm not in the mood
right now.
Can we not do that?
How's it going?
I sent Tyler to get
some groceries,
so that we could
cool down,
and pull ourselves
I know you're
stressed out.
Moving is really difficult.
You think that's why
I'm stressed out?
I'm stressed out because
this whole thing's a mess.
We got this cabin,
we've been out here
for a couple of days,
and it's already
gone to shit.
No. It's me and Tyler.
That's what's stressful.
He's changed the script so much
since we've been out here.
We had an idea nailed down,
and he came out here,
and he's just changing it
every single day.
No, it's not because
of the move,
it's this film.
It was supposed
to be fun,
but it's not anymore.
I'm moving,
and I'm so ready to.
That's not why
I'm stressed.
TOM: Ok, Sam.
Well, I hope we can
pull it together
and finish this film.
Well, I don't think
we're going to.
I can't work with Tyler,
not after today.
I know, I know
he took my iPad.
Sam listen,
I gotta tell you something --
Tyler and I took your
iPad away from you.
-Are you serious?
-And we hid it.
Are you serious?
It was a distraction, Sam.
-I knew it.
-We talked about this yesterday.
Where is my iPad?
-It was getting in the way --
-[louder] Where is my iPad?
-And we thought it was time --
-[louder] Where is my iPad?
-make a good film --
TOM: We're going
to do that.
-Bullshit, stop filming me!
-Ok, ok!
Where is my iPad?!
Out by the
-This is bullshit!
Sam, it's time to finish
my film.
Sam, Sam, Sam.
Where are you, Sam?
[firewood knocking]
[horseshoe scrapes]
[horseshoe thuds]
SAM: Oh, God. Stop.
[loud horseshoe thuds]
[Tom grunts]
[fly buzzing]
[birds chirping]
[fly buzzing]
[horseshoe thuds]
[Tom grunts]
[birds chirping]
And scene.
[guitar strums]
TOM: Ok.
[Tom hums]
Let's see.
[guitar strums]
Over here.
Ok. Let's see.
[guitar strums]
No, no, no, no.
I've got it!
Here we are, ok.
[guitar strums]
[Tom laughs]
There's something.
Let's try this.
[Tom laughs]
Little hot!
Let's get a little drama!
See if we can add a little
drama to the picture!
Specifics, guys!
Making it real specific!
[blinds lowering]
Ok, ok.
Clear these boxes
out of the way!
Very good.
Coffee cup.
Adds a touch of humanity.
What else?
P.D. guys.
It's these details that
make the difference.
Labels guys, labels!
Legal's gonna be all up
our asses if we don't
turn these around!
Refrigerator's plugged in!
[Tom laughs]
Get it?
[unplugs refrigerator]
Well, I made a couple of
changes to the scripts fellas!
I wanted to talk them
over with you.
It's just the last
couple of pages,
I want to make a
real clean cut.
I think you're gonna like it.
[paper rips]
We'll just fix that up,
what do you say?
Let's put that in here.
We'll talk about it later,
shall we?
[car horn lock]
Did you hear that?
[guitar strums]
The talent has arrived.
[Tom laughs]
[guitar strums]
This is "Frazier Park."
Last scene, take one.
[guitar strum stops]
[door opens]
[footsteps up stairwell]
[paper bag rustles]
[footsteps down stairwell]
[footsteps up stairwell]
Are you fucking
kidding me?
[plugs in refrigerator]
Un-fucking believable.
[horseshoe thuds]
[wind chimes]
[birds chirping]
[horseshoe clanks]
[guitar melody]
[guitar melody]
[guitar melody]
[guitar melody]
[traffic sounds]
So it's been a few weeks
since I left the cabin.
And I've been working
really hard on this film.
And I'm really
proud of it.
So --
I've sort of gone back
and forth about this
but I feel like there's just
one piece that's missing
and it's closure
on all of this.
All the events
that led up to
Sam and Tyler,
and our time at the cabin
have led to this moment,
and this film.
And the fact that
I'm a filmmaker.
It's a good feeling.
I don't care what
happens next, because --
I got to do
what I wanted to do,
really, in the only way
that I could do it,
which was --
no boundaries, no rules.
And no one there to tell me
how it could be done.
So --
So, there it is.
I hope the whole world
enjoys this film.
I'm a filmmaker.
[guitar scratching]
In a dream,
you shot me through
the neck with a gun.
Before I could die,
I drew my own gun.
And I held it to you.
You had always wanted
to die, I knew why.
You said for
being a girl.
So I sat on the ground
and wondered
what the hell I could do.
Suddenly, your life
passed before my eyes
Don't be surprised at what
these delirium tremens will do.
And I wept for the things
you would come to bear,
the force and its heirs,
coyotes in the pen again,
You were a
burial at sea.
Burial at sea.
Burial at sea.