Freaky Profiling (2023) Movie Script

Excuse me. What
are you doing here?
I live here. What are
you talking about?
You live in this neighborhood?
Yeah, I live in
this neighborhood.
I don't think so.
You need to come with us.
- You need to back up.
You should not
be this neighborhood.
You are way to close
to me right now.
You should
not be in this-
You are way to close
to me right now.
Ma'am, you need to come with me.
- Hey, hey. - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, get them back.
To me, right now.
You need to back off.
- You stop resisting.
- Hey, don't touch her!
- Stay back!
Don't touch her!
Hey, hey!
Hey! - Stop resisting.
What are you? Officer,
I didn't do anything.
So what's your plans
about the rally?
I've been working on
a couple poems for us.
We gotta bring the people out.
Hey, that's my crew.
What's up, my boy?
- Hey, my guy!
Oh, oh, oh, don't hurt me.
Ooh! - Ooh!
You clean with it. Hey.
So what do you
need for the rally?
Hey, that's what
I'm saying, though.
We gotta do something
about this injustice, man.
I can handle social media.
And I just know some
people down in Dayton.
We can bring them down here.
I can make some fliers
and hand 'em out.
Make sure I get
some before I leave.
- All right, I will. - Yeah.
We gonna make them hear us.
And we gonna do it for Latasha.
Y'all look, look, look.
They got an update on
Latasha's injuries.
Nine News reporting live
outside the Cincinnati
police station
where police are reporting-
Oh, no.
Latasha Crawford
has passed away due to
severe brain injuries.
Oh my god.
Man, they killed her!
Severe head injuries.
I knew this
was gonna happen.
- Oh. - Man, this some bullshit.
We can't let them
get away with this.
We've got to do something
about these murders, y'all.
Latasha was one of us.
The public now eagerly
awaits to find out
if the officers
involved will be charged
with excessive force.
- You can keep it, man.
- Thanks.
You know, people are
already on edge around here.
You might wanna put
something else on the TV.
Have a good one. - Thank you.
For Channel Nine News,
I'm Gabby Alvarez.
Yo, watch it, kid.
I'm sorry.
Go on and get outta here.
Before I give this poem,
I would like us all to
take a moment of silence
for my friend, Latasha.
I do not know how to capture
all this pain in a poem,
but I do know that
I hope these words
hit like billy clubs
hittin' Black backs.
I hope they steal
the wind from lungs,
like children stolen
from Black homes
then sold into slavery
to pave the way
for America to be great.
I know there will be no empathy
for people who look like me,
who wants critical race theory
to teach children about slavery,
who says defund the police,
who says don't talk to me
about Black on Black crime,
but not black codes,
which restricted
Black people's rights
to conduct business, buy or
lease land or even own property.
Do not tell me all lives
matter when Black lives don't.
Being a minority is exhausting,
and that's before
you have to worry
about jogging in Georgia,
sleeping in Louisville
or a missing front license
plate in Cincinnati.
It is exhausting seeking
justice for Latasha Crawford,
knowing that instead
of a prison sentence,
a city funded settlement
will be offered instead.
It is exhausting hearing
racism doesn't exist
because people
don't feel racist.
Is it statistics that
suggest Black people
are twice as likely to get
pulled over than whites?
It's just a myth?
New York had stop and frisk.
Even the most diverse
city in America
has laws that are prejudiced.
So how can this be home of
the brave and land of the free
when people who look like me
are being detained
The fabrics of our nation
were knitted by racists.
That is a fact that
will not change.
It is just as much a
part of our history
as any American Revolution,
Boston Tea Party
or Towers being
decimated by planes.
White people cannot
escape the fact
that their fore fathers
enslaved Blacks,
beat Blacks and built an entire
country off of Black backs.
Racial injustice has
been a part of America
since its inception,
but now it's time for
Black people to revolt
and to begin the insurrection.
Hey guys, give it
up one more time
for our very own Micah King.
Thank you guys so much.
He's an amazing young man.
If you wanna see him again,
come down to the Justice
for Latasha Rally tomorrow.
Thank you guys so
much for coming out
to The Portrait tonight.
We'll see you guys again
tomorrow at the rally.
Babe, you did so
good tonight.
Man, I wish I could stay
and celebrate longer,
but I have to be
back at the hospital
early tomorrow morning.
It's all right, I know
saving lives is important,
so I just appreciate
you being here.
Well, babe, you don't
have to thank me
for coming to support you.
Okay, hearing my man fight for
lives is just as important.
Okay, we get it. You two
are perfect together.
Stephanie, don't start.
I'm not hating.
I just, I hate being
around the perfect couple
when Josh is such an asshole.
I know.
Wait, you speaking
to Josh, where is he?
Babe, don't ask.
No, it's, it's fine.
That loser broke up with
me via text tonight.
Mm, I know... Look.
Four years together and
he ends the relationship
on a dumb misspelled text.
Dang, that sucks.
I never expected that from Josh.
Never really know what
someone's capable of.
My guy.
- Yo. - Ah.
Yo, that poem was incredible.
I don't know how you speak
in front of so many people.
It's nothing really.
Once I get going, I just
tell myself, "Don't stop."
Yo, it wasn't bad.
I like that you kept it real,
but we need more than words.
Yo, Gates, come on. Don't
start that again, okay?
I'm just saying,
fighting justice
means fighting fire with fire.
Well, I believe the pen is
mightier than the sword.
How about I break
into your house
and you stop me with a pen?
Or I can stop you right now.
- Or you can do somethin'-
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa..
- Yo, what's up?
- Don't hurt nobody.
Okay, all right.
I see the suburbs ain't
made you soft yet.
You know I'll always
be from the city.
Y'all coming to
the rally Saturday?
- Of course. - Yeah, sure.
Come on now.
Latasha was one of
us. We have to come.
Yeah, it's messed up with
those cops did to her.
- It's sick. - If I ever see
one of those cops, bro, I'd
get justice my goddamn self.
Come on, bro. Chill, all right?
We gonna get
justice for Latasha,
but I don't need you
doing nothing crazy.
You got your way
and I got mine, so.
Hi, I'm Stephanie.
- Hi, Stephanie.
- Okay, Stephanie.
It's time to order
you a ride home.
But I'm gonna get one
more shot before I leave.
I can take her home.
Stephanie lives in
Iron Heights, right?
Are you sure?
I mean, I'm headed there anyway.
Okay, text me as soon
as you make it home,
so I know you made it safely.
Don't worry, I got it.
And don't let her
go home with Gates.
It's all right. I got it.
Or do anything that
she's gonna regret later.
I said I got it.
All right. Love you.
Love you more.
Be safe.
Maybe we should break them up?
You ready? - Um, yeah.
Yeah, I'm taking you home.
Um, your phone, okay.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I'll help you.
It's all right.
All right, this way.
of a possible 1060,
suspicious vehicle
in Iron Heights.
This is Officer Jones,
badge number 43920.
I'll check it out.
All right, we're here.
You're home.
- Is this my house? - Yeah.
You're the best.
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome. - Okay.
I'll tell Jasmine you made it.
You got it.
Hey babe, just watch
Stephanie make it in her house
and now I'm heading home.
I love you.
Dispatch, this is Jones.
I found the suspicious vehicle.
Copy that.
What's your location?
District Seven. 508 Plum Avenue.
There are
two units in your area.
We're sending them now. They
should arrive in four minutes.
Copy that.
Hey babe, you make it home?
I'm outside my house,
but a police officer
just pulled me over.
W-w-w-wait, Micah. Are you okay?
I'm good, just confused.
I'ma go inside.
No, no, Micah, you
can't go inside.
What if they think
you're running away?
It's right there.
Micah, no.
Listen, baby, I need you to
stay in the car and stay calm.
And keep your phone on so I
can hear everything he says.
All right.
And Micah?
I love you. - I love you more.
Hi, Daddy.
Hey, baby girl. Is
everything okay?
I went shopping with mom
and we found the
perfect prom dress.
Oh, that's great news.
I can't wait to see it.
But hey, can I call
you right back?
Yeah, I'm in the
middle of a stop.
Yeah, be safe.
Love you.
Love you too, honey.
Let me see your hands.
Officer, my hands
are at 10 and two.
All right, I need you to take
one hand, turn off the car
and then slowly open the
door and exit the vehicle.
Sir, can I ask why
you pulled me over?
You made an illegal U-turn
and your windows are too dark.
Sir, I was just trying
to drop my friend off
and now I'm trying to go home-
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Turn off the vehicle
and slowly exit.
I said slowly! - Okay.
Okay, I'm grabbing the door
and exiting the car now.
Turn around and put
your hands on the car.
Why don't you tell me why
you're in this
neighborhood so late?
I live here.
If that's true,
let me see your ID.
My wallet is in the car
you told me to get out of-
Don't get smart with me, punk.
Did you really have
to call for backup?
Everything okay?
Yeah, he's clean so
far but search the vehicle.
Search the vehicle for what?
Just have a seat.
What's going on?
Watch him. I'm
gonna help search.
All right.
- Let my son go! - Freeze!
I will shoot! - Dad!
Drop it.
Drop it. I will shoot.
Do what he says.
I'm a pig!
I'm Black.
I'm blacker than an
NBA player.
This cannot be ha...
Man, and I'm as white as
an unseasoned chicken.
This cannot be real.
All right, think, Micah. Think.
This has to be a dream.
Wake up, Logan.
Wake up!
Pull it together.
This isn't real.
This isn't real.
No, no.
Think back to your training.
Wait, that's stupid.
There's no training
for waking up Black.
Wait, I'm Black.
I'm pretty sure that
means I have a big now...
Thought it would be bigger.
Okay, all right. We gotta
get back on track here.
What is the last
thing you remember?
All right, I was
at open mic night.
Then took Stephanie home.
Then got pulled over
by that dick cop.
Oh shit, I'm that dick cop.
Let's think.
This is like the movie Grace
made us watch for family night.
Yeah, what happened
in the movie?
"Freaky Friday." Yeah, yeah.
I remember the
daughter being a brat.
Yeah, but the mom
was pretty hot.
Jamie Lee.
Then the daughter became the mom
and the mom became the daughter.
So, how does this connect?
And then my dad got shot.
Oh shit, my dad got shot.
So if I'm this random Black guy,
that means the random
Black guy is me.
And that means my
family is in danger.
Let's go, Logan.
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
Oh, shit. This
man's got a family.
Oh, if they're home,
this is gonna get
really interesting fast.
Come on, dad. Pick up, come on.
Come on.
Oh, Pops. Pops, are you okay?
Who is this?
Pops, listen, it's
me, Micah, all right?
I just need to know
that you're okay, man.
Like something really
bad happened last night-
Look, I don't know what
games you're playing,
but my son is upstairs.
Don't call here again.
Wait, wait, wait, wait...
Oh, hey, sexy.
You know I love it when you wear
your uniform in the bedroom.
So did you pick up an extra
shift or, let me guess,
you're just trying
to get me excited.
Not, not,
not really, no.
Baby, I need your hands on me.
Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Yo, um, yeah, can
you like put some,
put some clothes on first?
Since when do you
ask me to cover up?
It's not like you
haven't seen it before.
Oh, okay.
Oh, okay, okay.
Okay, now you're
acting super weird.
Okay, look.
I know, okay, okay, look.
I know you're nervous, okay?
Uh, what?
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be okay, all right?
Okay, I know Grace's prom
is freaking everyone out.
Came a little faster than we
thought it was gonna come,
but, I really need your support.
Yes ma'am.
Yeah, yeah.
- Okay. - I'm your guy, yeah.
Well, if you're my guy, then
come and give me a kiss.
Uh, no.
I gotta go.
Who is this?
Look, I don't know what
games you're playing,
but my son is upstairs.
Don't call here again.
I know you're not trying
to sneak outta here
without saying something.
Now come have a
seat. Drink some tea.
Thank you, sir, but
I really have to go.
I said sit, son.
Now what's this nonsense
I hear about you leading
a rally tomorrow?
What rally?
Don't lie to me.
The posters are all over town.
And you're wearing
one of the shirts.
Now I agree, Black lives matter
and what those police officers
did to Latasha was not right.
But your mother and
I, God rest her soul,
did not move you to
this neighborhood
for you to to go off and
put a target on your back.
Now why can't someone
else lead this event
and let them be the voice
of justice for Latasha?
Sir, you know what?
You're absolutely right.
There shouldn't be
a protest at all.
Good, so you're going to stop
with this activist foolishness?
Sir, you have my
word. I'm no activist.
But I really need to go.
Thanks for the tea.
Be safe, son.
I said freeze, nigger.
Officer, I promise
you, I'm not Black.
Good, turn around and
put your hands up.
Why don't you tell me what
you're doing out here?
Officer, if you
would let me explain,
I didn't do anything wrong.
How about being Black in a
white neighborhood?
Doesn't feel too
good to be stopped
for no reason, now does it?
What the hell did you do to me?
I want my body back now.
What did I do?
We wouldn't be in this mess
if you didn't pull me
over for no reason.
I had a reason.
I told you, I pulled you
over for an illegal U-turn.
Bullshit, you pulled me
over 'cause I'm Black.
Why does everything have to be
about race with you people?
Everything has to be about race
because you people won't
let us live any other way.
Is everything okay?
Yes, everything is
fine. Don't worry.
I was talking to the officer.
Yes, everything's fine, ma'am.
I just love your
dogs, by the way.
Oh, thanks. These are my babies.
Have a nice day, officer.
It's not too fun being looked
at as a threat, now is it?
Very funny, kid.
Get over yourself.
Now let's get back
to switching places.
Wait, you still
think I did this?
Well, I sure as how
did and ask to be you,
that's for sure.
Hey, and you think I
asked to be you, my man?
All right, neither
of us asked for this,
so what do we do?
We gotta go see my boy Jai.
How is seeing one of your
homeboys going to help us?
He's not my homeboy.
He's like level 10
with this nerd shit.
If anybody knows how to
help us, it'll be him.
All right. Where does he live?
Okay, but I'm driving.
Not looking like that you ain't.
I got the badge
and I got the keys.
I'm driving.
I'm not riding in the
back of my own cruiser.
Even I know civilians
don't ride up front.
In ride alongs they can, kid.
This shit ain't a ride along.
We gotta keep up appearances
until we can get switched back.
You're in the back.
Oh, watch that head.
Yeah, ain't too fun, is it?
Ah, you know I've always
wanted to do this.
Do what? Steal a police car?
Run a red light.
Absolutely not.
Stop the car.
Pull over.
Ah, calm down, man.
Nobody likes a backseat driver.
When I get my body back,
you're going to jail for that.
Ha ha, good luck
explaining that to a judge.
Do you see what I see
Do you see what I see
Can you see it from
my point of view
Do you feel what I feel
Do you feel what I feel
You can see it from
my point of view
Do you see what I see
Do you see what I see
Can you see it from
my point of view
Do you feel what I feel
Do you feel what I feel
You can see it from
my point of view
Trying to counteract
Opinions believed as facts
Fighting against agendas
Being pushed to the max
Empathy has been lost
Still being
pushed to the back
It's sad they only see
three-fifths of me 'cause I'm Black
Came a long way from
segregated bathrooms in schools
Still have a long way
Hey, man, while
you're in my body,
don't commit any more crimes.
Stop cappin', bro.
I see police use sirens
for fun all the time.
You watch too many movies.
In the real world, sirens
are for emergencies only.
"Sirens are for
emergencies only."
Get a grip, bro.
I got this.
Who the hell is
knocking on my door
like the goddamn...
What's up Monica?
Here to see Jai.
Uh, what kind of officer
comes in unannounced
with no badge... Ooh!
No warrants, lookin'
for my brother?
I don't know what
you want with him,
but you gonna have
to go through me.
I'm sorry, ma'am. But we
don't want any trouble.
Micah, is this
white man with you?
Um, yes, we're together.
Shit, my bad, my bad, Monica.
My, my, my bad.
My bad.
And how do you know my name?
Micah, Micah told me...
What the hell is going on?
Is Jai home?
It's really urgent.
We gotta talk to him.
He's in the back
playing his game.
Is he in some kind of trouble?
- No, he's not.
We just need his help.
Take that, BeastMode6911.
Travis, I'm on your left.
Come on. - Are you sure this
is the guy who is
going to help us?
One-hundo, bro.
Freeze, scumbag!
Officer, please don't shoot.
Hey, what are you
Calm down man.
Bro, you should see
the look on your face.
I think you just
shit your pants.
Micah, what the hell. man?
Is this some sort of prank?
I wish it was. That would
be a lot easier to explain.
Explain what?
Bro, bro, bro. Brace yourself.
That's not Micah. I am.
Okay, I get it.
Okay, you're an actor,
this is a prank.
Wait, you had
Monica hide a camera
or cell phone, didn't you?
This isn't a prank.
He's being serious.
Yeah, you're not
about to go viral
off me being stupid, all right?
No, bro. This is real.
Man, this guy's a good actor.
Where did you get this guy?
I told you this guy
couldn't help us.
We're wasting our time and I
need to get back to my family.
No, no, no. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
I just gotta say something
that only Jai and I would know.
All right.
Do you remember when
we went to camp as kids
and you cried the
whole first night?
Do you remember what I did
to make you feel better?
We rapped "In Da Club"
by 50 cent like 10 times
before the camp counselor
threatened to break my iPod.
I can't believe
you would tell him
that story for a stupid prank.
It's not a prank.
Bro, if anybody can help
us, it's you, all right?
I really need my best friend
to come through
for us right now.
Wait, wait, wait.
Y'all are being deadass?
Go, go, go shawty
it's your birthday
We gonna party like
it's your birthday
We gonna sip Bacardi
like it's your birthday
And you know we
don't give a fuck
'Cause it's your birthday
You can find me in the
club, bottle full of bub'
Look, mami, I got the X,
if you into takin' drugs
Oh, bro.
- Boy. - Yeah, boy.
Okay, okay, cut
the shit and focus.
I need to get back to my family
and I can't go
looking like this.
Oh, bro. You know you
ain't never looked so good.
Man. How did this happen?
We don't know.
We don't know, man.
We're hoping you
could figure it out.
Oh, man. This is so cool.
You wouldn't be saying that
if you were someone else.
Okay, here we go.
The body swap movie, made
famous by the original
"Freaky Friday" is one of
the classic movie genres.
Look, this happens
in all kinds of ways.
There's "18 Again" where
grandfather and grandson switch.
Ooh, vice versa, where
father and son swap.
Ooh, "The Hot Chick".
Remember that?
Where a thief and a
hot cheerleader swap?
Oh, yeah, you can't forget.
Lindsay Lohan's "Freaky Friday,"
which I think is a very
underrated performance by her.
I gotta say. - Oh, I love it.
Oh yeah, "The Shaggy Dog."
Remember that? Where a
guy and his dog swap?
I'm sorry, but how are
these movies going to-
Let him finish,
bro. Let him finish.
Look, all of these movies
have a catalyst moment
that causes the
body swap, right?
Once the two parties
figure the catalyst out,
then they can reverse the
swap before it's too late.
Before it's too late?
What do you need too late?
Yeah, are you saying we could
be stuck like this forever?
Well... No, no, no, no, no.
It depends on what caused
the swap, but yeah.
Almost all of these
movies up the stakes
by making the pair switch back
within a certain time period
before it's permanent.
I don't want to be a Black
guy for the rest of my life.
- Whoa! - Whoa!
I didn't mean it like that.
You didn't have to.
Jesus, all right, Jay, so
all right, back on track.
What can we do, man?
Okay, what's the last
thing you two remember
before switching bodies?
Did you guys touch
something magical? Huh?
Did you say the same
thing at the same time?
I remember pulling him over.
Yeah, for being Black
in a white neighborhood.
- Not this again.
- Oh, okay, guys-
Just admit it.
I told you I pulled you over
because you did
an illegal U-turn.
If that's true,
why didn't you pull me
over when I did the U-turn?
If I remember right,
you followed me
for at least five blocks
before you put your sirens on.
We had reports of
multiple break-ins
happening in the area, so
I was placed on the street
to look for anything suspicious.
There it is, ladies
and gentlemen.
A few break-ins happen
in a nice neighborhood
and now any and every
Black person is a suspect.
No, that's not what I said.
You didn't have to say it.
I have been profiled
my entire life.
I know when I'm
seen as a threat.
Oh, don't give me that,
"I'm Black, I have
life so hard bullshit."
Why don't you walk
outside right now
and see how the world responds
to you in my skin, bro?
Gladly, maybe then you'll stop
making excuses for your
own people's mistakes-
This isn't helping us
solve what happened, okay?
Now, Micah. No, you.
What happened after
you got pulled over?
All right, um...
I remember, I remember my
dad running out of the house
and then like I
ran towards my dad
and one of your
officers shot at him.
You shot at an innocent man
unarmed trying to help his son.
Wait, Pastor King got shot?
No, not really,
because like all this
freaking magic happened.
I don't know.
I saw him this
morning and he's fine,
but he agrees that there
shouldn't be a protest.
Why don't we talk about
what your wife said
to me this morning?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, guys! Stop!
All right, we can work this out.
Now, Michael, can you please
just finish telling me
how this whole thing happened?
So, my dad's running out and
I start running towards him.
I bumped into a cop and
they dropped the taser
and then like I'm
on the ground, too.
I picked up the taser and I
turn around to point it at you
but it it looked like
me and then like you,
I looked up and you were
pointing it, looking at me.
It's so confusing, man.
And then we both shot our
tasers at the same time.
That's it.
W-w-what's it?
The freaky catalyst that
started all of this.
The two of you
must have channeled
some electric energy that
made you to switch bodies
the moment you tased each other.
So if we tase each other
at the same time again,
then we both switch back... Ah.
Possibly. You know,
there's no clear answer.
You know, in some movies
you have to repeat
the catalyst event, but
in other movies, you know,
you might have to do
some mutual bonding
that helps you see the
other's perspective-
Oh, no, no, no. That
ain't happening.
Us bonding? No, no, no, no, no.
Let's just shoot each other
and get this shit over with.
Worth a try.
I have a second
one in my cruiser.
All right, you ready?
- Let's do it. - All right.
Leave him alone, he
didn't do anything wrong.
Wait, stop, stop, stop, stop!
What the hell? Are y'all mad?
You can't have a Black man
and a white police officer
firing each other in the
middle of the neighborhood.
You trying to start
World War III?
Think about it.
Hey! Stop harassing
Black people!
You guys are totally right.
He has done nothing wrong.
This is just a
training exercise.
You know, now we're gonna
take it somewhere else.
Quick thinking.
Listen, listen,
listen, listen, listen.
- What do we do?
- Okay, I suggest you guys
to go back to the
spot this all started
and try to recreate
the moment there, okay?
The closer you get to
how it actually happened,
the better your
chances, all right?
You can do this.
- Yeah. - It's worth a shot.
- You coming with, bro?
- Hell no.
This is not on me. I don't
have nothing to do with this.
- Your loss. - Yeah, I bet.
I'm out here
Yeah, I'm out here
Aye yo I'm out here
Gettin' switches,
I'm out here
In the city, I'm out here
Oh, this is my jam, yo.
Makin' change, I'm out here
Time is drippin', so
I'm gettin' on the go
On the floor
I be dippin'
Oh, what's up, my nigga?
What'd you say?
I said, what's up?
You lucky you got that
badge on, for real.
Nobody on that.
You can't say that anymore.
Say what?
The N-word.
At least not while
you're in my body.
You're gonna make us go
viral and get me canceled.
Oh, damn man.
I almost forgot I was
still you for a minute.
Yeah I'm out here
Aye yo I'm out here
Makin' moves, I'm out here
Off the couch, I'm gone
Hittin' switches,
I'm out here
In the city, I'm out here
With the team I'm out here
Off the couch, I'm gone
Makin' change, I'm out here
Talk is cheap
Yeah, I been
about it, tried to
Wait, you're telling me
you ain't never said it?
Said what?
You know, nigga.
Heck no.
Bullshit, man.
Not even in a song?
I don't see why anyone
would want to use that word.
Man, everybody wants to say
it, but only a few of us can.
That's some Black privilege.
Hey my man, we gotta take
what we can get these days.
Since we're asking questions,
you know what I
don't understand?
Why you wanna go and make
things worse with this protest.
It's not a protest,
man. It's a rally.
Okay, fine.
I don't get why you wanna
go and make things worse
with this rally.
I mean, I agree, what those cops
did to that girl is inexcusable.
But now the whole town is
on edge with your rally.
That girl's name was Latasha,
man. She was my friend!
People don't fight for girls
that look like Latasha.
You know, it was
like 60 years ago,
Malcolm X said the most
disrespected, unprotected
and neglected person in
America is the Black woman.
And it's still true today.
I mean, Black women are
the most pushed down
of all minority groups.
And I'll be damned
if I stand around
and watch a grown man push
my friend to the ground
without me fighting for her.
That's what the
justice system is for.
That police officer is
in jail as we speak.
He's gonna get his trial
just like anyone else would.
You don't need to scare the
town by marching through it.
Man, you've been Black for
what, like 12 hours now?
You still don't get it.
You're right. I don't get it.
That's why I asked the question.
You know, when I was a kid,
I thought I wanted to
be a police officer.
That dream sort of
came true today.
This isn't a
dream of mine anymore.
So what changed?
It's just, it's so hard
to respect this uniform
and would wanna wear this badge
when you're so afraid of it
every day of your life.
Do you have a legit
reason to be afraid?
You know, the way the
white lady with dogs
looked at you earlier today?
That's the way police officers
looked at me my
entire life, man.
I've never committed a crime
and I've been arrested twice.
Is that legit enough for you?
What happened?
Are you sure you
didn't have it coming?
Believe me, I don't go around
arresting people for no reason.
You wanna know the first
time I got arrested?
I was carrying a pink gym bag.
I stayed the night
at my girl's house,
and I was gonna hit
the gym in the morning,
so I needed a bag
to put my stuff in.
Loaded it up, put
it on my shoulders
took off for a run to the gym.
I guess I must have
looked suspicious
or something, you know?
Cops stopped me for
being a Black man
carrying a pink gym bag.
They thought I stole
it from a woman.
You know the next time I was
arrested? I was in college.
I was asleep in my own bedroom.
I woke up to a flashlight
and a handgun in my face.
Cops said, "Get
up, get outta bed."
I said, "Man, get outta
my face, I'm sleeping."
I pushed it away,
thought it was a prank.
The cop could have
shot me right there
for not complying, man.
They got a report that
there was a break in,
so they broke in.
Didn't even knock or anything.
Woke us up in the
middle of the night.
My roommate and I were
handcuffed in our living room
on our knees while they tore
our entire apartment apart.
All we could do was just
sit there and watch, man.
We had to prove we even lived
there and we were college kids
and not some drug
dealers or gang bangers.
I don't know what they
were even looking for.
Drugs, weapons?
That was the most embarrassing
moment of my life.
It's exhausting, man.
I feel like I'm always
just one wrong move away
from somebody having to
lead a rally in my honor.
Sorry that happened
to you. I had no idea.
Well, now you know.
All right, let's do this.
- All right. - Ready?
It has to be at the
exact same time.
Okay, I'm going to count three.
Oh, shit, dog.
Why didn't that work?
Maybe we didn't do it right.
No. No, no, no.
You tased me and I tased
you at the same time, man.
It didn't work. We're gonna
be fuckin' stuck like this.
Let's walk back through
the night, okay?
You were, you were at the car.
You ran after your dad, you fell
and then we both
shot each other.
Okay, so what?
Maybe we have to recreate
it exactly, okay?
Okay so, you were down,
I was standing up. - All right.
All right.
I'm counting this time.
Are you ready, man?
Aw, shit.
Damn, nigga, I thought
that would work.
Nigga, what?
Did you just say the N-word?
Um, yeah, I guess
I must be getting
a little too
comfortable with you.
I knew you wanted
to say it, my man.
Everybody does.
So now what are we gonna do?
I don't know. I'm out of ideas.
We gotta go back to Jai's.
He clearly can't help us.
He's the only one
that knows about us.
We can at least hide out there.
All right.
Get your shit.
Man, I need to get some food.
How can you eat at
a time like this?
We haven't eaten all day.
That might be the only thing
keeping me from going crazy.
I still plan on making it
home for dinner tonight.
We don't have time
to stop for a meal.
I'm not talking about sitting
down at a fancy steakhouse.
I just need to get a
piece of pizza, man.
Something to take the
edge off, you know?
Then turn left here.
Good Fellas Pizza's
right around the corner.
Me and my buddies eat
there all the time.
I'm not sure I wanna run
into anymore of your buddies.
Trust me, you won't
find a better option
for pizza in the city.
Hey, Stephanie.
Hey, welcome to Good
Fellas. What can I-
Hey, Micah.
I didn't know you
two were friends.
It's new for us too.
Yeah, we kind of ran into
each other the other day.
You know, I dropped
you off at home?
Um, yeah, that night
was the worst I ever.
I'm so sorry you hadn't
seen me act like that,
but thank you for
taking me home.
Oh, you know, that's okay.
We all have those days.
I was talking to Micah.
No problem.
Are you feeling better?
Oh, yes.
Social media says
that Josh leaving me
was the best thing
to ever happen to me.
Now I can learn what it's
like to be my own person.
I'm not in a relationship.
I got a new dog
and I think I might even
get my real estate license?
That's awesome, Stephanie.
I'm so excited for you.
Yeah, screw that asshole.
Hey, Micah, what type
of pizza do you like?
Logan, your usual? Sausage
and banana peppers?
No, I hate banana peppers.
Good one, Logan.
You love banana peppers on
pizza. It's your favorite.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, can I get
a piece of cheese
for my new best friend here?
Yeah, sure, Logan.
I'll get that right
out to you guys.
Oh wait, do you want drinks?
Two Sprites.
She probably thinks
we're so weird, man.
Small world.
Oh, shit.
Here you go.
- Thanks. - You're welcome.
- Hey. - Good evening officers.
Cut the act, kid.
Sorry, did I do something wrong?
Yeah, that shirt is offensive.
We don't wanna see
that crap in here.
Keep it in the city limits.
I just want to eat
my pizza and go.
I don't want any trouble.
Why don't you take
your pizza to go,
so we don't have a problem?
Hi, here's your slices.
Oh, evening officer.
Evening. Thank you
for your service.
Oh, yeah.
Listen, I'm sure
you're not a thug,
but this pizza parlor
is a police hangout.
Out there, you can wear
whatever you want to wear,
but in here, you need
to respect the badge.
You don't know who
you're talking to.
- Is that right? - Whoa, yo, yo.
Whoa, whoa, back up.
Back up, back up.
Is there a problem here?
He with you?
It would appear that
way, wouldn't it?
All right,
let's go eat somewhere else.
Have a good evening.
What the hell was that?
That, my brother, was
your first experience
with the police as a Black man.
I think I lost my appetite.
Oh, I'll take that, then.
Thanks for having my back, kid.
Well, I couldn't let my body
get thrown into prison, right?
Ha, plus it was pretty
cool to stand up
to those assholes for once.
When all this is over,
I won't be like that.
Don't make promises
you can't keep, my man.
This is a good
Yeah, you know that
slice wasn't too bad,
but you want some real
pizza in this city?
You gotta come down
in my hood, man.
I'll have to take you
up on that sometime.
Hey, dude.
You left one
example out earlier.
An example of what?
An example of the time
the police profiled you.
The night this all happened,
you were right earlier.
I didn't pull you over
because you did a U-turn.
I mean, in my head,
that's what I told myself,
but as I told you earlier,
we had a streak of break-ins
in your neighborhood.
I saw a Black car
with tinted windows,
and I don't see many
of those out here.
I just assumed that you
were Black and suspicious.
Thanks for admitting
the truth, man.
The sad thing is if this whole
body switch didn't happen,
I don't know if I could
have admitted that.
Today has been the weirdest day,
starting with that dog
lady totally dismissing me,
and those police officers
harassing me for your shirt.
Last time we tased each other,
something didn't feel right.
I was laying down,
looking up at myself,
holding a taser at me.
I felt the fear
you must have felt
when I looked down
on you last night.
Yeah, man, it's been one
crazy day for me too.
You know, when I was in the
bathroom looking in the mirror,
standing there in this uniform.
Man, it must be hard
to live like you.
You know, before he died,
my granddad was the
first Black police chief
in the state of Mississippi.
I don't know how
he had the courage
to wear this badge every day.
I would've loved
to have met him.
get rich off them.
- Man. - Come on, man.
You catchin' dice more than
Black people catch COVID, man.
I don't, man.
Maybe Jai has a different
idea or something, you know?
Hey give me somethin'.
Give me somethin', man.
Four, five, six, man.
Drop that
a little, shit.
No, look, come on, bruh.
Aye yo, Gates,
ain't that your boy, Micah?
- He can't help us, clearly.
- He's the only one, though.
Yeah, man, it look
like that white cop
that killed Latasha, ain't it?
Nah, but they all look the same.
Man, they probably arresting him
for leading that
protest tomorrow.
Man, it don't matter
if you move to Africa.
You run around butt naked
with lions and shit.
- Man. - You can't get away
from the cops around
this motherfucker.
Man, it's crazy.
I don't even know.
Micah, move.
Gates, yo boy, it's me.
We switched back!
What happened?
I'm Black!
Thank you, God. Whew.
- Freeze!
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Stand down, officer.
Stand down. This man
just saved my life.
Who fired?
I don't know. He
ran down the alley.
You could probably
still catch him.
Oh, shit.
I gotta get home.
My wife is gonna kill
me if I miss dinner.
Oh. - Yeah.
Yeah, I need to
prep for my rally.
Think you can give
me one last ride?
Yeah, this time you
ride up front with me.
So, what happened back there?
I mean, don't get me wrong,
I'm happy it worked, but how?
I don't know.
I saw him about to shoot you
and I knew I had
to do something.
Next thing I know,
we're on the ground
and we're switched back.
Well, maybe Jai was right.
Maybe we did need to bond.
I don't care what it was,
but I'm just glad it worked.
You didn't answer
my phone calls,
you didn't answer my texts.
Now you getting dropped
off by the police.
What's going on?
Dad, I promise you it's
not what it looks like.
It's been a long day.
I need some rest. I'll tell
you about it in the morning.
I promise.
What the hell, Logan?
You said you were gonna
be home at dinner.
I really tried my best, babe.
I swear I did, but
you would not believe
the crazy day I had.
Mm-hm, and I see you
wore your nasty shoes
upstairs for the 50th time.
No, no. You know what?
Not better because you
left me home all day
to deal with Grace by myself
and you didn't even
pick up the phone.
What's going on with Grace?
I can't, okay? I
just can't right now.
I'm going to bed. Goodnight.
Did it work or am I still
talking to the other guy?
It worked. I'm back, baby.
It's good to have you
back in Black, my brother.
Yo, being white was a trip.
I mean, I was accepted, but
not as myself, you know?
I can't even imagine. How
did you guys switch back?
Did the taser guns
work? Did it wear off?
Did you guys have to solve
some sort of mystery?
Wait, did you fall in love?
Your idea about the tasers?
It didn't work.
Only left us both with a
scar and a heart attack.
I was afraid that
was a one trick pony.
We were on our way back
to see you, actually,
at your place when
Gates tried to shoot me.
Logan tackled me,
we hit the ground-
Wait. Gates tried to shoot you?
Well, he tried to shoot
Logan, but I was in his body.
I told you.
All you guys had to
do was bond in time
before switching back.
I don't know what ended it,
but I'm glad to be
back in my own body.
I mean, bruh, could
you imagine if Logan
had to be me at
the rally tomorrow?
No, that would be
I'll catch you tomorrow.
All right. Love you, brother.
All love, fam.
All right.
I won't be discouraged
Lord, thank you for allowing
everything to work out today,
putting me back in my own body.
I pray that you helped
me find the strength
and the power to
lead my community
and help me find
the right words.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Greater than the storm
Said I will trust the one
who is greater than the storm
I don't need another reason
I don't more convincing
The same God who made a way
Is the same God
who's here today
Even in my darkest moment
This will be the
truth I'm holding
The same God who made a way
Is the same God
who's here today
Grace, take your headphones
out when you're at the table.
Good morning, beautiful family.
- Morning, dad. - Hey, champ.
What are you eatin', there?
Did you tell that boy
that you're not going to
the dance with him yet?
I don't understand
what the big deal is.
Okay, I'm
not talking about it.
Would you mind saying
grace before we eat?
Heavenly Father, thank
you for our family
and waking us up this morning.
Lord, I pray that I can
go to the dance with Kobe-
Great. - And bless this food.
Um, who's Kobe?
It's a boy from school
that Grace should not
be going to the dance with.
If Kate can go with Cooper,
then why can't I go with Kobe?
You know what? I don't
need to explain myself.
- I hate it here.
- Okay, here we go.
I love it here.
What's going on with you two?
You would know if you
weren't gone yesterday.
Well, I'm here now.
You should eat
your cereal, buddy.
- Morning, dad. - Morning, son.
Before you go, come and
sit, have some tea with me.
I can't, dad.
I really need to head out.
Sit, it'll only take a second.
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm not, dad.
I just have a lot
going on right now.
I wanted to talk to you
about you leading
this rally today.
And before you
say, "What rally?"
I found this.
Dad, I really don't have time
for this right now, okay?
Did I ever tell you about
the time I got arrested?
Don't laugh, I'm serious.
Okay, now I gotta hear this.
Okay, so what's going
on with you and Grace?
You heard her.
She wants to go to the
dance with a boy named Kobe.
Okay, is there something
wrong with him?
You're really gonna
make me say it?
Okay, I don't want our
daughter going to the dance
with a Black boy.
You know what? I'm serious.
What would our friends say
when they see these pictures?
I mean?
All right, look. I
understand, okay?
I will talk to her.
It'll be okay.
So how did Granddad respond
after hearing that
you got arrested?
He was furious.
You should have seen the
faces on those white cops
when they realized they
had just falsely arrested
the police chief's son.
So you of all people
should know why me leading
this rally today
is so important.
I do.
And I don't want you
to face what I faced.
I'm not a police
chief. I'm a pastor.
If you get falsely arrested,
I don't have the strings
to get you out of trouble.
And that terrifies me.
It terrifies me too, dad,
but it also terrifies me
to sit back and do nothing.
What if what happened to
Latasha happened to me?
Latasha was one of us.
We grew up together and now
she won't even get the chance
to experience the
rest of her life?
That's not fair, and I won't
sit on the sidelines, Dad.
I'm pretty sure when I got
arrested, I wet my pants.
But here you are leading the
charge, fighting for justice.
Your mom would be so proud
of the man you've become.
Thanks, dad.
Knowing this rally
means so much to you,
I will be there to support you.
Hey, kiddo.
So I was talking to
your mom about Kobe.
You know, she's
just trying to do
what she thinks is best, right?
I don't understand
how me going alone
to the dance is best.
You can have just as much fun
going with a group of friends
as you can with a boy.
It's my first prom
and, I don't know,
I guess I just wanted
it to be special.
Well, you know, I'll
be there chaperoning.
I can make it special for you.
We can dance.
Come on.
I promise to not embarrass you
and bust out any
dad moves, either-
- Oh, please don't do that.
- No?
You know what? I got
an idea, sweetie.
Let's take a ride.
See me for who I am
Let's examine, I'm a
gift to this planet
Not a threat,
no need to panic
This ain't a flex
but I'm outstanding
A son and a father
Husband and I'm a friend
Diligent till the end
Despite the odds,
I play to win
Wise, intelligent, love
the melanin in my skin
Love my culture
I'm embedded in
But this world is sick
and need a medicine
I try not to sweat it
When I'm treated
differently 'cause I'm Black
Most of the time
it feels like
I have a target on my back
We're fortunate
There are many who can't
speak for themselves
That's why we really
and we yellin'
Hope justice will prevail
Fightin' for a future
that I might not even see
Hopin' my children's children
have it better than me
So I'm fightin' for a day
Where there's
justice for all
Yeah I'm fightin' for a day
Where there's
justice for all
I said I'm
fightin' for a day
Where there's
justice for all
Where I'm seen for who I am
We gotta break
down these walls
So I'm fightin' for a day
Where there's
justice for all
Yeah I'm fightin' for a day
Where there's
justice for all
I said I'm
figthin' for a day
Where there's
justice for all
Where I'm seen for who I am
We gotta break
down these walls
Bloody Sunday
wasn't long ago
My granny lived through it
You'd be surprised
how many people
Walkin' around
here so clueless
Just 'cause the laws changed
Doesn't mean their
hearts have done the same
I feel oppression every week
Going through these
check out lanes
Might grow a grudge
that's intentional
Exhausted by
these subliminals
I'm darker than they are
So they treat me
like a criminal
Still wonder why Colin didn't
wanna pledge allegiance
I can give a million reasons
Man I'm tired
of being cheated
Even though I feel depleted
On my brothers I am leanin'
All my sisters got me
clingin' onto hope, undefeated
This thing's deep
It's systemic, still we rise
Everything okay?
Hey. I just been in my
head about everything.
Is it the rally?
Do you think any of
this will make a change?
I mean, is it always
gonna be like this?
Us needing rallies and protests?
Will we ever see a real change?
Babe, I can't answer that.
But what I do know is
that God has a plan
and that he's using us
to make a difference.
- Hey, what's up bro?
- Hey, what's up, man?
Hey, you ready for this?
Ooh. - Ooh.
After the day I had yesterday,
I'm ready for anything.
Wait, what happened yesterday?
The "Freaky Friday"
stuff, with Logan?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, "Freaky
Friday," the movie?
And wait, who's Logan?
You mean Lindsay Lohan?
Listen bro, I love that movie
and I think Lindsay's
performance is so underrated.
Man, listen, you gotta
watch it with me sometime.
This guy right here.
How you been, man? Why
you acting so strange?
Gates. Should you even
be here right now?
Where else would I be?
Yesterday you tried
to shoot Logan.
I was at the crib
last night, fool.
Yo, Micah, are you sure
you're feeling okay?
Last night I had the
wildest dream, I guess.
Feeling a little off. My bad.
Well get it together.
You gotta bring your A
game for this speech.
Really, man. You're
gonna kill it, okay?
Just relax.
Dad, what are we doing here?
Supporting a new friend.
There he is.
- Micah. - Logan?
Yeah, I saw one of your fliers.
I figured I'd come
see you speak.
That's love, man.
Appreciate you comin'-
- So this is Logan, huh?
You do know what this
event is for, right?
Yeah, man. How's those video
games working out for you?
I'm sorry. Do I know you?
Yeah, just for a little bit.
But you, you know... Logan.
I'm so glad you came out.
Is this your daughter?
Look just alike.
- Yeah, this is Grace.
- Beautiful family.
Good morning.
This is Gabby Alvarez
with Channel Nine News
reporting live at the Justice
for Latasha Crawford Rally.
Community residents
that knew Latasha
say she was full of life,
fun and a bright young woman
who had dreams of
owning her own business
right here in the
community she grew up in.
Emotions are running high
in Cincinnati this morning
as we are still waiting
to see what charges
the city will bring
against the officers
involved in Latasha's death.
As the community members
begin to walk in,
we will ask them what brings
them out to the rally today.
Good morning.
Can you tell me why you are
here today at this rally?
I'm here to support my community
and protect Black women.
I'm here because
Black lives matter
and Latasha's life
matters to me.
Can you tell me why it's
so important for you
to be here today supporting
the Crawford family?
Yes, I'm here to be an ally
and support my
boyfriend who's Black.
It just made us sick
watching that video.
Thank you.
Yes, it's devastating
what happened to Latasha
and my friend Micah, he's one
of the only ones brave enough
to speak out against
this injustice.
We all need to do better.
People have mixed emotions
about why they're here supporting
the Crawford family today,
as we still await to see
what the city will
decide later today.
For now, I'm Gabby
Alvarez reporting live
at the Justice for
Latasha Crawford Rally.
I know we're early. Can we
help set up or anything?
Yeah, my fiancee,
Jasmine, could use a hand.
Could Grace and Jai?
- Sure, yeah.
- You wanna go ahead?
All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Chill, bro.
Don't go drawing your
gun on anyone here.
That's the guy that
shot at us last night.
That's the thing
about yesterday,
nobody seems to remember but us.
I guess that makes sense.
All morning, I felt like my
family was like a day behind.
It's the same for me.
I thought it was all a dream
until I saw you walk in.
It was real for me.
It was real for me, too.
I need to go prepare
what I'm gonna say.
All right. Good luck, man.
Appreciate it.
We can ride with my
brother to prom tonight
so that we don't have
to go with our parents.
Yeah, well about that.
I'm sorry I don't think I can-
Kobe, right?
I'm Grace's dad. It's
nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. Mr, Jones.
You can pick Grace
up at our house,
but you better make sure
she's home by curfew.
Oh, what about mom?
I'll talk to her again.
I have a seat over here.
Would you like to join me?
Go ahead.
- But it's okay. - Yeah.
Welcome, everyone, to the
Justice for Latasha Rally.
I'm the owner of
this establishment.
Her family always came down,
always got a couple drinks.
Her family was incredible.
I love them all, but
Latasha especially.
She was so particular
how she wanted
to get her life
together, her career,
everything to make a better
future for her family.
But it is so good, so
good to see so many people
coming together
from the community
to support the Crawford family.
Today we will have Micah
King deliver a poetry for us.
I'm so glad that he's here
today. He's an amazing man.
But first, we'll be led
in prayer by Pastor King.
There you are.
Are you ready?
I don't think I can do this.
Micah, what do you mean you
don't think you can do this?
You've never had an issue
sharing your poems before.
Some things changed yesterday,
to the point that
I don't even know
if I believe everything I wrote.
I can't go out there.
Then don't read what you wrote.
Micah, I have always
loved what you just shared
from your heart, no pre-written
words or memorized lines.
Tonight, I need you to
do this for Latasha.
I've been thinking about this
Martin quote all morning.
It goes, "Hate cannot
drive out hate."
"Only love can do that."
Babe, hate is too great of
a burden for anyone to bear.
You're right.
Thank you, babe.
I love you. - I love you more.
Go do your thing.
Let's get it.
I'd like to thank
you for having me.
This is such an important
day for our community.
I'd like to open
an award of prayer.
Lord, we thank you for this day.
We thank you for your
justice and your mercy.
Lord, we pray for the grieving
families that are here today.
And Father, we, we know you
are God of reconciliation,
so Father, we pray for
reconciliation for this community.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Thanks for coming
out today, everyone.
This rally is for my friend
and a member of our
neighborhood, Latasha Crawford.
This poem is dedicated
to her memory, her life
and the justice we're
all looking for.
Every morning we
wake up not knowing
if we'll make it
home that night.
Some of us have the
luxury of never needing
to have that thought
cross our mind.
We go from our
college graduation
to whatever occupation we
decide should occupy our time.
Neglecting the
problem with politics
as long as they do not affect
our checks getting deposited.
See, generally I
too am complacent
until I become irritated
with the situation
that seems racially motivated.
It reminds me of how minorities
have faced discrimination
in our nation for generations.
We must begin the process of
eliminating the gray areas
where Black and white collide.
Instead, there should
be collaboration
on ways we can erase
the color lines,
ways to make our differences
a cause for celebration-
Instead of segregation.
Yes, amen.
Yes, sir.
Every police officer
is not responsible
for the murder of Latasha.
I've noticed that it has been
a big contradictory of me
to ask for empathy but not
extend the same to police.
So here is my plea.
Here is my willingness
to hear what goes through
the minds of those charged
with fighting crime,
a dangerous and
virtuous job indeed.
But one that is only virtuous
when it is fighting
crime and not color.
Exactly, exactly.
Yes, sir.
You see, we can begin
burying these barriers
against one another when
Black, brown, blue and white
learn to unite and
fight for justice.
- That's right, Micah. - Yes.
Then we'll achieve
true diversity.
Come on, son.
As a society that
we can celebrate
one that loves
and opposes hate.
One that truly
makes America great.
Say her name.
Latasha Crawford.
- Say her name!
- Latasha Crawford!
- Say her name!
- Latasha Crawford!
- Say her name!
- Latasha Crawford!
Let them hear you say her name!
Latasha Crawford!
- Say her name!
- Latasha Crawford!
- Say her name!
- Latasha Crawford!
Even when I'm discouraged
I'll remind my soul of
all you've done before
I won't be distracted
Even in the distraction
I will trust the who is
greater than the storm
Said I will trust the one
who is greater than the storm
I don't need another reason
I don't need more convincing
The same God who made a way
Is the same God
who's here today
Even in my darkest moment
This will be the
truth I'm holding
The same God who made a way
Is the same God
who's here today
Oh oh oh oh
I won't be shaken
Even when I'm shaking
Having done all I
can do I still stand
And I will worship
Yes I will worship
I will face whatever
comes with empty hands
I don't need another reason
I don't need more convincing
The same God who made a way
Is the same God
who's here today
Even in my darkest moments
This will be the
truth I'm holding
The same God who made a way
Is the same God
who's here today
Oh oh oh oh