Fred Won't Move Out (2012) Movie Script

Good morning!
Good morning!
Come on.
Stand, Susan.
Stand, Susan.
Step, it's right here.
I'll give you eh, three,
four minutes in there.
Good job, my Susan!
Okay. And slowly...
no, no, I haven't let you go.
See, I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Right here.
Susan miracle...
Hey, hey, okay.
Here we are.
Fred, come and eat.
Eat, eat, eat.
Mr. Avidma.
Good morning, Susan!
Whoop dee doo!
Fred, sit.
Queen Victoria.
Yeah man.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome!
Did you sleep well?
Did you dream?
Oh, yes.
Yes, yes.
What did you dream?
That I was
going upstairs.
Very good!
Let me hear you
say the line,
"but wait there's more."
"But wait there's more."
Far too realistic.
Far too genuine.
You've got to
make it totally phony.
TW again.
"But wait, there's more!"
What do I do when Fred starts
talking about his dead cat?
Well, you... you play
it by ear that's all.
Play it by ear.
You remind him very nicely
that it's dead, or not.
I mean, as soon as
it's alive it's just...
it's just going to
forget it's dead again.
How much Nova
did you get?
Pickles and lox killed
more Jews than Hitler,
we'll be fine.
Can I listen to
music or something?
Sure, 10 minutes.
Did you hear me
say 10 minutes?
Yeah, sure, whatever.
When he's up there by
himself we have no idea
what medication
he's taking, how much.
I'm sure he's been
taking her medication.
I mean, Victoria is
just a nurse's aide.
He's the one
who's responsible
for physically
giving her medicine
and then he
has to take his.
I agree, it's
totally nuts.
I forgot the
cream cheese.
Oh, don't even
worry about it.
I'm sure I'm going to have
to make a supermarket run.
I mean, he tries to go
to the store himself,
he forgets what he's
supposed to pick up.
It's insane that he's
even driving, if you ask me.
I know.
Listen, did you
get the three everythings?
You know, he hasn't
even paid his taxes yet?
You're kidding me!
That's unbelievable!
This has got to stop.
This has got to
stop on this trip.
That's the end.
Lila, come on!
Hi dad!
Robert, hi!
- Captain!
- Grandpa!
- How are you?
- I'm good!
Oh, you're so
grown up for your age.
Thanks! Everyone
in my school is.
How are you doing, dad?
Oh, I love you!
I'm going to go
see where Susan is.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Hi! Nice to see you too!
Did you bring a
book with you?
Hi mom!
Hi! Oh, it's okay.
It's just me.
It's Carol.
You're having
a good rest?
Do you want anything,
something to drink, refreshment?
I'll have water.
Okay, good!
- Nothing for me, thanks.
- Nothing for you?
Do you remember?
You're not sure?
You don't know.
Hey, look who's here.
Lila came.
You think you
had saltines?
- No.
- No.
Okay, all right!
That's all right.
Look, I'm going to
be right back, okay?
- You rest some more.
- Okay.
I love you!
Victoria! Can you
come in here a moment?
Yes, Ms.?
Did my parents
get saltines today?
Yes, I gave them
this morning.
Well, I just want
to make sure
it's clear that the reason
Susan takes saltines
is to keep her blood
pressure up so...
I... I know...'re the
one who told me.
I know, but it seems
like we're almost out.
Umm, okay.
You know, Fred,
sometimes he forgets
to do the shopping.
And I... I refused,
I told them I wouldn't,
I'm not going
to drive that car.
No, no, no, no,
you're totally right.
I'm so sorry.
You know what I think
we're going to do,
and then I'm going to
go shopping right now.
Okay, Captain!
I told her not to
use the front door.
She keeps doing that.
So... so just
tell me what happened?
So Susan, you know,
she went unconscious again,
so I called the
ambulance and I...
I had to get
in with her
and I waited until
she was admitted.
And... and then
when I came home,
I saw that your father here
just collapsed on the ground
and he couldn't
get up.
You know, I'm sorry I don't
know how long that he was there
and I can't be in both
places at the same time.
No, no, no.
I'm in the barn!
Come here, sweetie.
- Hey mom!
- Listen,
I want you to
remember that
Fred doesn't like people going
out the front door, right, huh?
What were you
doing in the barn?
Me and Gran Susan
used to have tea there.
I haven't heard you call her
Gran Susan in a long time.
What's that?
It's an emerald frog.
It's from when we
used to have tea.
Hey, you know, umm,
I want you to
hold on to this
and you show this
to Gran Susan, okay,
a little later on?
And then when it's done you
give that right back to me
I've got to put it back
where it went, okay?
Right now I'm
going to the store.
You come with me please.
Go close the barn,
do it first though.
You know, Fred, I've been
thinking about this time
before Carol
and... was born,
you left grandma here to
take care of me in the house.
And I went away to play
with a friend at his house
or something like
that and I came back
and grandma must have
gone out to go shopping
because there
was nobody here
and the door
was locked
and I couldn't
get in the house.
But grandma had
left me a note.
I found it on the door
and it said,
the schlizzle is in
the hunschdizzle.
I didn't know what the
hell it was talking about.
The schlizzle is
in the hunschdizzle.
And then I realized
hunschdizzle meant dog dish.
So I looked down
in the dog dish
and there was the key.
So I figured it out.
The schlizzle is in the
hunschdizzle is the key
is in the dog dish.
So I understand you
put in a new oil tank.
It's in the basement.
The old one was outside.
I'm amazed they were able to
get the thing down the stairs.
What did it cost you?
Too much.
You have to
do it, right?
By the way, I noticed
while we were driving up
looks like it can really
use some new paint.
I got a guy who's
cheaper than the Mexicans
and he cuts the lawn.
Wow, cheaper
than the Mexicans.
I'm not being racist,
I'm being realistic.
So how's the
movie business?
That's, uh,
not so realistic.
It's very different than
I thought it was going to be.
I mean, it's all about
the small screen now,
you know, downloads and
all that kind of thing.
Well, how did the movie
about the clown do?
Not so well.
People didn't find it funny.
I thought that
was the point.
You're right,
that was the point,
but when people download
something about a clown,
they have a
certain expectation
it's going to
be hilarious.
It was during
and my father was making
wine in the cellar.
So a cop
was walking by
and he saw this large
amount of grapes.
Walked to my
father and said,
hey, Bub, what are
all those grapes for?
My father pointed to me
and my brother and he said,
my kids love them.
And he believed it.
Because it was true.
I mean, you still do
love the grapes, right?
But I guess it was also
a lie at the same time.
So what?
That's show business.
Bob, sometimes you remind
me of Yogi Berra, you know.
Someone once asked him
what time it was and he said,
you mean now?
You know, I saw your
old tennis playing buddy
Steven the other day.
Still plays very well.
Fuck him.
Dad, don't you think
it would be better
if you got some kind
of regular exercise?
I mean, you know,
therapeutic exercise?
All that stuff would be...
would be so easy.
Oh, is it time
for our vodka?
Not yet.
Put her on the couch.
Okay, Susan.
She can stand.
Hold me.
Stand Susan.
Susan, stand.
Let her walk.
- One step.
- She can walk.
No Fred, she cannot.
I got her.
I got her.
- Put her on the couch.
- Okay.
I got you mom.
Okay, okay, great.
You look good mom.
Oh yes.
I'm alive.
Well, that's...
that's good!
Listen, umm,
do you remember when you
went to Goucher College,
remember how you used to
live in a dorm there?
Well, that's what it's
going to be like again.
You're going to be
living in a situation
very much
like a dorm.
I mean, back
in those days
when you guys
got married,
you didn't get a
chance to finish,
but now you're going
to have an opportunity
to really finish things.
It's going to be great.
Sounds good!
It is.
It really is good.
I mean, you'll
be close to me.
You'll be
close to Carol.
It's going to
be really good.
You'll see.
How is Aris?
Oh, Aris is
doing good!
Both boys are great.
Jess had some
sort of a bug,
but she's more
or less over it.
Come on,
I want to thank you.
Drink, drink, drink.
UP, UP, up you go.
Come on.
A little bit of
juice, little bit.
Drink, drink.
My dear, swallow.
Hey, what do you think
about Susan living near us?
I like that.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
But Fred,
he's going to...
he's going to stay
where he is for now.
Why isn't he going
to move with Susan?
Well, I just think he
wants to stay out here
I mean, he's lived here a
really long time and I...
I just don't think
he's ready to leave yet.
You know, eventually he's
going to miss Susan a lot
so he'll probably
move down to the city
and he can even live in
the same building as her.
That's pretty
cool, right?
Yeah, yeah, I think it's
going to work out really well.
Dad, this is the best
possible situation.
Mom is going to be able
to get the care she needs.
You can be with her
two floors below.
You can go to the office
every single day if you want.
And listen, if you're
not happy, you can leave.
I'm not going to make you stay
there if you don't like it.
I'm too old.
Could you get me
another vodka please?
Bottled or tap?
Tap, it's all we got.
Hi sweetie!
The Captain is here
with her mom and Robert.
Oh, she's fine.
Oh, yes, she's fine.
Hold on.
I'll give her to you.
Here, take the phone.
Hold the phone, Susan.
Susan, hold the phone.
Hold the phone!
- Fred!
- Calm down, dad!
Give me that!
Sit down.
I said sit down.
Don't treat
someone that way.
Hold on.
Hide afl
Oh, I don't... umm,
me too.
You put it right
on the table.
Right there?
Oh, my shoes
are untied.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Are there anymore
bags in the car?
Oh yeah, just one.
You know what,
let me get it though,
I have no idea
how this kitchen is
organized anymore, so.
I'll be right back.
Hey Susan!
Do you remember this?
That's okay.
Carol, did you
get cream cheese?
- Yes
- I love you
You want it across the board
on toasted sesame, Fred?
How about you, Susan?
Whoop dee do!
Two across
the board
on toasted sesame
for the youngsters;
I'm going to
make a salad.
I want pie la Mode.
Aha, not until
after you finish lunch.
So what are you guys
doing for the summer?
Actually, so
for me and Jess
have made zero
plans for the summer.
How about you
and Patrick?
What can I do?
If you don't mind,
the ones that grandpa
likes, the big ones.
You know, we are
probably going to end up
just staying
in the city.
Well, that can
be really nice.
I mean, the summertime
is really quiet
and you really
get to know people.
It's different.
Well, you make it
sound so appealing.
Oh, I'm
sincere about it,
it can be very nice.
By the way, how late are
you planning to stay?
I mean, I can
always take a train
I'm sure we're all going to
leave around the same time;
definitely before
dinner though.
Of being able to avoid
Maestro if possible,
but if I can't,
I guess I can't.
Victoria, would you mind
getting me some cream cheese
from the fridge?
Jesus, that's hot.
That oil tank
is the bomb, man.
Yeah, you have to finish
help making lunch though.
I just want to see it,
then I'll come help.
All right! Uh, you're going
to help clean up afterwards?
But be careful there's a
lot of stuff down there.
Umm, listen,
I think maybe we
ought to consider
packing up a lot
of mom's stuff today
so that Tuesday is not a big
ordeal, you know what I mean?
It's not going
to be a big ordeal.
I'm just going to take
the necessary things.
Really, I'd rather
just wait till Tuesday.
All right!
Hey, how did
it go with Fred?
Victoria, do we have
a peeler anywhere?
Hold on, I'll get it.
All right! Thank you!
How do you like
the salad, Fred?
Very good!
- It's great!
- Thank you!
Pick it up.
Pick it up. Pick it up.
Hey, you can
finish your lunch
you can have
that pie la Mode.
- Great!
- Uh-huh.
When do we hear about the
schools for the Captain?
She's going to
Horace Riverston next year.
She got a scholarship.
- That's great!
- Congratulations!
- Wow, fantastic!
- Thanks!
That's so wonderful!
I'm so proud of her.
I'm proud!
Oh, you know,
well, your dad and I
are talking
about that one.
My life depends on it.
Susan, you're going to be
seeing a lot more of us
You're going to get to
see us all the time.
Will live in the same building
as you, just two floors below.
- It's going to be wonderful!
- I'm not going.
Oh! Dad, you've got
to at least try.
I'm not going
without Ginger.
Where's Ginger?
Did you see Ginger?
I'm not going anyplace
they don't allow pussy.
Grant me strength, idiot!
Oh, I think I
know who's here.
Maestro's here!
Listen, I promise, I promise,
I'm going to be nice.
Okay, if you say so.
- How are you?
- Maestro's here. -I'm okay.
- Hey Bob!
- Hi Carol!
- How are you doing?
- How are you?
It's good to see you.
Nice to see you!
Did you guys have lunch yet?
Yeah. I've got
a special treat
I'm making, you might
want to sit down.
You know, Susan is resting
in the other room today
so can you come and do
the music session there?
We'll just pull my keyboard
into the room and...
Move it in.
- Lila, you'll help me, right?
- Yeah.
Do you mind going to the
fridge and get me the...
like the nova, the cream
cheese, maybe some vegetables.
You know, we don't
have any left.
Sure, there is.
There was a lot left.
I'm going to make
Bob's Bagel.
No, I told you,
there's nothing.
What happened to
the Everything Bagel?
- Hi everybodyl
- Bob! '
- How are you?
- Good to see you!
Oh, you can just take
that stuff straight through
We'll be there
in a minute.
I got it.
Listen, Carol,
just because you happened
to be a psychotherapist
doesn't mean you see the dark
recesses of everybody's hearts
or their
stomachs either.
This has nothing to do with
me being a psychotherapist.
You asked if I had brought
three Everything Bagels.
I think you had a personal
interest in those.
That's exactly
my point,
if I wanted to
have all three
would I draw attention to
it like that in the car?
Yeah, I think you would.
I like Bob.
I want to give him
something special.
He has a personal
relationship with mom.
I'd like to
give him a gift.
Come on, he works for us.
He's in our employ.
He doesn't need
a gift basket
every time he comes
to our house.
I'm not giving
him a gift basket.
I'm giving him an
Everything Bagel.
He's an artist.
A wonderful,
wonderful artist!
Pretty soon he and I are
going to be working together.
He's going to be ticking out
Hava Nagila at a bar mitzvah
and I'll be committing the
whole thing to eternal video;
And anyway, the two of you
would work horribly together.
What have you
got against Bob?
I'm Bob.
There can only be one Bob.
And speaking
there can only be
one everything.
Not three
everythings, not two.
There can only be one
everything in the end.
Now, there are
no everythings,
so why don't you go in
there and at least help him.
I certainly would be
delighted to help that
wonderful artist.
What am I
going to do now?
You know Susan,
you are my
favorite student
and I promise you
we'll sing all of your
favorite songs today.
How are you
feeling, mom?
Ah, listen, Maestro,
is there anything that I
could do to, you know, help?
You want to help?
Yes, I want to help.
Well, I'm setting the
chairs up around Susan here
so why don't you help me
finish with these chairs?
- Hey Bob!
- Yeah?
Hey Bob!
I'm so sorry, it
seems that all three
Everything Bagels
have disappeared.
All three of them.
That's too bad.
I, umm... I could
give you some carrots.
Oh no, thanks, I'll pass.
Sorry dad.
Listen, do you think
maybe we could get...
We could get
Victoria in here
No, let Victoria please finish
cleaning up in the kitchen.
I want Victoria
to sing with us.
Okay, go get her.
Go get her.
Can you sing with us?
Here we go.
Okay, come sit
over here, sweetie.
- Good! Can you sit next to me?
- You can sit by Fred.
Go ahead, sweetie.
Thank you!
And come sit over here
between me and Fred.
Lila, would you
do me a favor?
Listen, just for
my own information,
just for my own sort of
understanding of things,
this whole thing is really kind
of for mom's benefit, right,
is it really necessary
that all of us have
to get together
and do the whole
singing bit?
Come on!
It will be fun.
We go over this
every week.
It will be fun.
You know something, if you
really want to help your mother,
everybody enjoying this
together is extremely helpful.
All right, fine.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
All right!
Susan, why don't we start
with our very favorite tune?
I'm sorry, this is
just depressing.
I'm just going
to kill myself.
I cannot take this.
It's not that bad.
I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Oh, come on, come on.
Look, look, I've
got a beat for you.
Here we go.
All right, let's
hear it fellows.
Who remember Silvery Moon?
- Oh.
- Oh, Silvery Moon.
Come on.
- Silvery Moon.
- What's that smell?
Silvery Moon.
With a spoon, yeah.
Here we go.
Here we go again.
- Very nice!
- Beautiful!
Very nice!
What happened to the
painting of the horse?
Umm, Fred gave
it to a museum.
Well, it made him feel like a
very wealthy, important person.
Is he wealthy?
And when she's happy it makes
it much better for all of us.
- I used to...
- Thank you! Thank you, Fred!
I used to be involved in a
way with the music business.
I made boxes
and at the time when
there were record albums,
we would manufacture and
produce the sleeves, the jackets
that the albums
would go in;
Broadway shows
and different artists
and all kinds of things.
So we really love music.
You know, there was
something so romantic about
going into a
record store
and seeing those big boxes
all lined up on the shelves.
I couldn't wait to find
my most favorite new artist
and bring that...
that record home,
take the packaging off,
smell it, read everything,
even before I
listened to the music,
it was such a
big deal to myself
and all of my
friends growing up.
Oh, I didn't know
that people smelled it.
I used to like
to smell books.
Well, you know, it's like those
mimeograph smells from school.
We all thought it...
it just meant something
to have such a great
new record and...
and every bit of the
sensation attached to it
was important to us.
We used to listen to
Glenn Miller and Bing Crosby.
Oh, Susan loved
Bing Crosby.
I had an album of...
for Dumbo,
the movie Dumbo,
and each side of each
record at that time
was a different song,
you know, it was great.
I never saw an elephant
fly, and oh my goodness,
and Pinocchio also was
really great, great music, so.
In a little way I was a
part of the music business,
as far as the
packaging of it.
- Hey Bob!
- Yeah.
Can you come on
in here for a sec;
I'd just like
to talk to you?
I guess it's going
to rain anyway.
Are you sure?
I think it's clearing.
Come on.
Look, I know I
haven't been entirely
what you might call
supportive of the whole
music therapy thing.
Well, the thing is I see
that it has been good for them.
I mean, it has really
made a difference.
I want to thank
you for that.
The thing that I didn't
get to tell you before was
next Tuesday my mother is going
into a facility in the city.
So like all good things
I'm afraid music therapy
is going to come to an end.
Oh, that's such a shame.
Well, you know, at least I
can still come once a week,
because there's
still Fred to work with,
Yeah, I know, I could see
that he really enjoys it.
But the thing is
the following week
Fred is also going
into the same facility.
You know, he didn't say
a word to me about this,
are you sure,
because if s.
Well, he may not yet
understand it fully,
he will definitely be going
into the same place.
I just had a 10-minute
conversation with him,
we talked about music
Bob, you've got
to trust me on this one.
It's my
company's checks
that pay for you and
that pay for Victoria
and all the
support they get.
He definitely is moving
to that same facility
two floors below her
a week after
she goes in.
You've got to
believe me.
Actually, you
know something,
because I do a lot of
work in these facilities,
it's just a keyboard
and a stand.
I'll just bring it
into the facility.
Well, I'm not sure
what the facility's
policies are about
that sort of thing,
It's... it's done
all the time.
- Is it?
- I assure you.
Well, I'll certainly be
happy to research it
and give you
the answer.
We could certainly
give it a try.
Okay, all right!
Fair enough.
In the meantime, I just
wanted to give you this,
just sort of a
little thank you.
But just to say
our extra thanks.
- Thanks!
- My pleasure!
Oh, by the way,
I downloaded ten minutes
of the film of yours
the other day
on my cellphone.
No kidding! Which one?
It's that clown thing.
That's a comedy,
I think, right?
Well, thank you
for everything!
I appreciate it!
Think about
what I said, okay?
I sure will.
Hava Nagila Hava
Nagila Hava...
So how did
he take it?
Well, it
wasn't great,
but he will
be all right.
I need a jump.
A jump?
A jump.
That guy shows
up one more time
I'm going to have to put
a stake through his heart.
Hey, isn't this where
mom's frog pond used to be?
Oh yeah.
I guess they covered it
over after mom got sick.
You know, it used
to be just a fountain
and then this
frog showed up.
I wonder if
mom kissed it.
I mean, that's
how she met Fred.
Come on.
Let's go get Susan.
Nice night, huh?
Here you go.
- Captain?
- Yeah?
- Want to play catch?
- Yeah.
- Go ahead.
- Okay.
Wait for me.
Do I have to?
Dad, can I get
you something?
You want to go outside;
I can get your cane?
I don't use a cane.
All right! Do you
want to go outside?
Fred, have you paid
your taxes yet?
I don't owe anything.
I got it!
I got it with one hand.
Come on, throw the ball.
Look, come here,
let show you something.
See those two trees?
You know who Zeus
and Hermes were, right?
They were Greek Gods.
That's right.
Back in the olden days
Zeus and Hermes heard
weren't acting the way
they wanted them to.
They weren't
being nice
and friendly
to the others.
They weren't acting with
what the Greeks called xenia,
which means
like hospitality.
So they decided to
check it out themselves.
So they got dressed
up in costumes
and pretended to
be ordinary people.
So they went walking
around among the Greeks
trying to find somebody
who would be nice to them
who would let them stay at
their house for the night.
They couldn't find
anybody to do that.
And finally they found
this one poor old couple.
They were called
Philemon and Baucis.
Would let them stay
over at their house.
In the morning Zeus and
Hermes were so happy
they told Philemon
and Baucis
they could
have one wish.
What did they wish for?
They wished
that they would die
together at the same time
so that neither one would have
to go on without the other.
You know what
the Gods did?
They turned them into two big
oak trees standing together,
just like that.
They went on
like that forever.
So what really
happens after you die?
You and me and mommy
and grandma and grandpa
but, uh, I don't know.
Look after grandma. I'm going
to get some stuff, all right?
All right!
You don't mind if I
leave you in Lila's care
for a minute, do you?
Over here!
We gotta motor!
It's time to say goodbye.
Come on!
Fred, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Is everything all right?
Stop bothering me.
Good morning, Fred!
Good morning!
Hold on, let me get
that coffee for you!
No, no, no, I'll get it.
No, I got it.
Just sit.
You know,
your son and
daughter, Carol, Bob,
they're coming today?
Are they
bringing the boys
and the Captain
with them?
No, they're coming to help
you pack up your things
and, you know,
move you into the city.
Why am I going
to the city?
You agreed that
it was for the best.
Best for what?
For you.
I wouldn't ever speculate
about the future,
not when it has to do with
where I'm going to live.
That wouldn't make
sense, would it?
Yes, but you agreed.
Well, who would be here
when Susan gets back?
Fred, you know
they love you, right?
I love them.
I know that you do, Fred.
How's your husband?
He's fine.
How did Ghana do?
They lost.
I'm sorry.
Was it a close game?
You know what, I don't
want to talk about that.
I know how you feel.
Yes, I think I do,
Queen Victoria.
You know, you really
should be with Susan.
She doesn't even know
who I am anymore.
Yes, but if she sees you
then she'll know who you are.
In this I think that
your children are right.
You know, Carol,
she told me this
story about you.
She told me that
when they were younger
you used to take
the three of them
into town on Saturdays
to the supermarket.
- She told you?
- Yeah.
I mean, who else
would tell me?
She said that, uh, you did it
to give, uh, Susan a break.
- She remembered?
- Uh-huh.
You see, that's
what I'm saying,
your children,
they love you.
That's very sweet.
Hi dad!
Hello Robert!
time to get
ready to go.
We came today so we
could help you decide
whatever it is you want
to take so you can be,
you know, comfortable
in the new place.
Didn't you bring the
boys or the Captain?
No, we didn't think the, uh,
the timing
was right for that.
I'm not going.
Dad, look, nobody is saying you
have to go today, all right?
I'd like you to try
and think of us
as your family/image
In other words, we're
going to help you decide
what of your possessions
you want to take with you
so that you can keep
the same sort of, uh,
public persona you've always
had there when you
when you... when
you're in your new place.
Nobody is saying you
have to leave today,
but the thing is you have
to understand that in two days,
you really do have to
get ready to go.
Once I shared space with
a public relations firm,
they were sort of
sleazy characters
and they did quite a bit of
business with prostitutes.
They offered me a key.
The government shut them down
for not paying their taxes.
This is
condescending bullshit!
Always, dad,
will you listen?
- Bob!
- Same bullshit again and again
I want you to take
a break, okay?
Drive into town,
go do some shopping,
come back in
like a half hour.
You know what?
You are a stubborn old man.
You're getting like a child.
No, I'm serious.
You have to deal
with what is.
I'm sorry. I'm just
getting tired of this.
These are all yours.
No, just go.
All right! Okay.
Excuse me.
Don't use the front door.
The melon is sweet.
Dad, I...
you know, I can
really understand why
why you want
to stay here.
Freddie, you
know you could, uh,
you can always
get me back.
There is no everything,
just this place,
and I want to stay here.
Yeah, I know, I know,
but why don't you just give
this other thing a try?
So Oedipus was
very depressed
and his friends
said, Oedipus,
you need a vacation,
why don't you
go to New York,
see a few plays, relax?
So Oedipus flew to
New York and he got a cab,
and the impatient cab
driver turned to Oedipus
and said, where do you
want to go, motherfucker?
I need a vodka.
Susan is not
coming back.
Her Alzheimer's
is getting worse
she just needs more care
than she can get here.
Now, you can... you
can live right near her
and you can
see her everyday
and we'll both
come and see you too,
us, the boys,
the Captain.
- Bob!
- Yeah.
I've got the whole
Wolfman Jack thing going on.
I'm doing good!
Thanks. How about you?
Gee, you look great.
How often do you run?
Two times a week;
three. What do you do?
Well, I get the urge to
workout every so often,
I like to lie
down till it passes.
You know, I hear
about you all the time,
you're like a big success
story around here.
Since I gave
my life to Jesus.
That's great!
Well, you must still
work pretty hard, right?
I still have
time to volunteer
at the animal shelter
on the weekends.
No kidding!
How's your family, your
mom and dad still around?
Yeah, thanks for asking.
They're doing well.
They're retired.
They live up in Nantucket.
They love it.
Hey, how's your folks?
I run by their house
every once in a while.
I haven't seen
them for a while.
Your dad is such
a force of nature.
Yeah, he certainly is.
Well, they're
doing okay. They're hanging in.
Oh, that's great!
How's the film business?
The film business
is very interesting.
It's always changing
and evolving.
It's taken sort of a turn
towards the Internet now.
That must be so exciting.
Yeah, exciting is, uh,
is exactly what it is.
You really should
think of working out,
you know, get the
endorphins going.
Listen, I've got to
keep my heart rate up.
Good to see you!
Great to see you!
Give my regards
to Jim Jones.
Remember the swing
that used to be here?
Yeah, that was fun, huh?
Oh my God! Great!
Yeah, yeah, he agreed
to leave this Tuesday.
That's great!
He's just going to forget
that he agreed to it.
He would sit there and
zip his tap water vodka
and again not want to go,
or if he does go,
he's going to
want to return.
Listen you don't mind
if I take the car, right,
I have sort of an idea?
No, where
are you going?
It won't take long.
I'll be right back.
Can I see
outside for a sec.
Don't use the front door.
What's up?
What is that?
A ginger cat,
freshly plucked from
the animal shelter.
Yeah, but it's not Ginger,
it's another fucking red cat.
Bob, you're crazy.
I mean, he'll know.
I think you've really
gone crazy this time.
Listen, your father,
he's not a well man.
You cannot play these
kinds of games on him.
I'm not
playing any games.
What do you guys
trust me, please?
One Time! But what is
this supposed to do?
What is this going to do?
Here we go, sweetie.
Come on, come on.
Just give me one
minute, all right.
Hey Fred,
look who I found?
I was in the back looking
at the two old trees
and I see this little
orange ball way up at the top.
And I tried waving, but I guess
she didn't recognize me,
so I climbed up the tree,
and I guess then
she knew me,
because she came
down into my arms
and here we are
to tell the tale.
Hey guys!
How is it going?
Robert found Ginger.
Watch out!
Come here, kitty,
kitty, kitty.
He's not going to
answer to Ginger.
Why not?
Here kitty.
Where did you go?