Freddy's Fridays (2023) Movie Script

(suspenseful electronic music)
(traffic humming)
(brooding music)
(group chattering)
- Yeah, I'm the
same lot. (laughs)
(Anastasia laughs)
(Anastasia laughs)
(siren wailing)
Mm, that sound.
- Not here, not here.
It's just a little farther.
- Come on, big boy, I want you.
- There's far, there's
too may people about.
- Exactly, it's Friday.
It's time to get naughty.
You feel like you're ready.
- Look, just five
more minutes, okay?
Five more, okay?
Five more then we're there.
(group chattering)
(Anastasia giggles)
(Anastasia giggles)
(ominous music)
(group chattering)
- I've been in worse places.
(chain clanging)
Come on, baby,
let's get started.
(heavy breathing)
- [Todd] What's the rush?
There, there's still
some Friday left.
- Hmm, how romantic, baby.
- Todd.
My name's Todd.
- I know, baby.
I remember.
(ominous music)
What's this?
You gonna read me some poetry
or is this some
kinky Kama Sutra?
- Actually I'd like
you to read for me.
Start reading.
- What is it?
- It's actually Latin.
It doesn't matter if
you can't read it,
just, just sound it out, yeah?
- What does it mean?
- Look, I've paid for you
and I owe you at least
until Friday's out.
So will you just fucking read
the words please, please.
- Frederique.
(speaking in Latin)
(speaking in Latin)
(speaking in Latin)
(speaking in Latin)
(suspenseful music)
(speaking in Latin)
Did you like that?
Did it make you hard?
Did you want me
to read some more
or do you want me to do
something else with my mouth?
(suspenseful music)
(wind blowing)
(papers rustling)
(hand clicking)
(chain clanging)
(bones cracking)
(panting) No.
No, no, no, I'm scared.
I'm scared.
- Anastasia, Anastasia.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
(hook thuds)
(Anastasia panting)
(flesh squishing)
(Anastasia screaming)
(Anastasia screaming)
(Anastasia screaming)
(hook thuds)
(Anastasia screaming)
- No!
(group singing in
foreign language)
(hook thuds)
(hook thudding)
(Anastasia screaming)
(hook thudding)
(Anastasia screaming)
(Anastasia screaming)
(Anastasia screaming)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(ax thuds)
(ominous music)
- Two.
Two more.
(dramatic music)
- It's just not like her.
Ana has never been
gone this long before.
- When was the last
time that you saw her?
- Last Friday.
She was working.
- Where does she work?
What does she do?
It's okay, Connie,
you can tell me.
I'm gonna need us to
know as much as possible
if I'm gonna help you.
- She's an escort.
- And she work independent
or of an agency?
- An agency.
English Rose, I
think they're called.
- Go on.
- It's just she's the only
person who looks out for me.
You know?
Please, please, she's the
closest thing I have to family.
She's like my sister.
- I understand, Connie.
I understand how difficult
this is for you, I really do.
Look, I'm gonna do
everything I possibly can
to help you find her, okay?
- Okay.
- I think I've got
enough to go on here
so if you do think of
anything else at all, Connie,
that can help, you
give me a call, okay?
Did you say it was English Rose?
- Yeah, I think they work above
a nail salon on West Street.
- Oh, West Street, okay?
Well I'm gonna look
into that for you, okay?
Come on, let's get you going.
Anything we can to help
you find her, okay?
(door clicks)
- Hey, you got a sec?
- Chief.
I've just been talking with
this young girl Connie.
Her friend has gone missing
and goes by the
name of Anastasia.
She's the sixth girl to go
missing in as many weeks
and it's the first one to
give her some information.
Escort agency uptown.
- Look, I don't mean
to be dismissive,
but she's probably
holed up somewhere
with a needle in her arm
waiting for her next paycheck.
Or she got tangled up
with the wrong guy.
- So all escorts become
drug addicts now,
is that what you're
saying, Chief?
- That's not what I'm saying.
- She was asking for it,
got what she deserved.
- That is not what I'm saying.
All I'm saying is these girls,
they go missing
sometimes they come back,
sometimes they don't.
And a lot of them,
they live off the grid.
- Well we, we don't get
to choose who matters
and who doesn't.
Now I'm gonna look into this one
and I will let you
know what transpires.
If you care that is.
- I care.
Look, I've seen a lot of this.
Don't get your hopes up.
(urine splashing)
(water splashing)
(Todd spits)
(suspenseful music)
(traffic humming)
(ominous music)
(siren wailing)
- Come on.
Let's walk and talk.
We'll go down here.
Don't want any of my
more high profile clients
seeing me liaising
with the detective.
- How did you know who I was?
- Darling, I picked you
out from a mile off.
The only thing that's missing
is the blues and twos.
That and one of those hats
that makes you look like a tit.
- So about this girl.
- [Patricia] Not here.
- [Lila] Right.
- Her name was Anastasia.
Nice girl.
Very pretty, very popular.
Good little earner.
Connie was a little
sister, lovely girl.
Her and Anastasia lived
together a little flat in town.
They arrived here a few years
back when their parents died
and they needed to get out.
Couldn't pass up the
opportunity for a better life.
Anastasia was only doing
this for a couple of years.
She wanted to get a real job.
She was studying when
she wasn't working.
- All right.
- Something to do
with computers.
I don't know.
- So she wanted out.
- Can you blame her?
It's not the best life.
- So why do you do it?
- Money.
- But doesn't it worry you
that things like this happen?
- Detective Lila,
can I call you Lila?
- Of course, Patricia.
Can I call you Pat?
- (laughs) No, you cannot.
I'm not a hundred
years old just yet.
I'm not gonna feel responsible
when something like this
happens to one of my girls.
Yes, my girls, that's
how I see them.
Anastasia could just as
easily have gone missing
off the street if she worked
at a local supermarket
or walking home from
the post office.
World's a mean and nasty place.
Sick men on every corner.
We probably pass two
or three of the fuckers
on our walk alone.
- But don't you think a job
like this makes it more likely
that they're gonna
come to bad end?
- Possibly.
But a lot of these girls
don't have anything else.
Maybe they're here illegally
just trying to get enough
money to settle down.
Maybe have someone
that relies on them,
like Connie for example.
Or maybe just maybe
they enjoy their job.
(Lila chuckles)
(laughs) Oh yes, Lila,
women like to fuck too.
- I, you don't have to tell me.
The lady right
here likes to fuck,
just not with some sleazy man
who can't get a real date.
- Oh, you'd be surprised.
A lot of our men
are very handsome,
very wealthy who's very busy.
They don't have time
for a real relationship.
Or maybe they're
married and their wives
don't put out anymore.
- Mm.
Sound like jammers.
Listen, do you keep a record
of who the girls meet?
- Of course I do.
- Yeah.
- You never know when
it's gonna come in handy
knowing who my
girls are meeting.
- Well, you might not
wanna talk about extortion
with a police officer.
Just a little warning. (laughs)
- What can I say?
You got a trusting face.
That being said, you
could make a lot of money
in my line of work.
- I'll pass, thanks.
So who was Anastasia
with last Friday?
- Some yuppie prick.
Something to do in
the stock market.
You know the type more coke
in their system than blood.
- Does he have a name?
Has he used the agency before?
- Todd Fisher.
Never used us before.
Never will again, I
can tell you that.
- Todd.
Well, if he does
make contact again,
you'll be sure to call me, okay?
- If he makes contact again,
you don't have to worry,
I'll chop his
ballocks off myself.
- Gotta remind you
who you're talking to.
- Don't worry sweetheart, if
I did it, you'd never find me.
Anyway, if that's
everything then I'll be off.
- There's actually
one more thing.
Look I probably
shouldn't show you this,
but do you recognize this girl?
I know I shouldn't show
you these pictures,
but Anastasia is the
sixth girl to go missing.
The other five,
they've turned up dead.
And I'm sorry to say,
I don't see anything else
happening to Anastasia.
I'm pretty sure that we are
gonna find her body soon.
Look, these poor girls that we
know, nothing of these girls.
No one's come forward.
Look, do you recognize
any of these girls?
Any girls gone missing
from your agency?
- Darling, girls go
missing all the time.
Doesn't mean they're
missing missing.
Some of 'em just move on.
Some of them are nomads.
We don't exactly
have a HR department,
but I don't recognize
any of those girls.
Not that it's easy to with
their faces like that.
- Sorry.
Thanks for your help.
Honestly, I do appreciate it.
And Connie will too.
- Just find my girl, sweetheart.
And if she's hurt,
make the bastard pay.
(tool whirring)
- I don't know about
this one, babe.
I don't want you getting
involved in this.
I mean, what six
girls already missing.
I don't want you
to be number seven.
- I'm not a princess, John.
This is my job.
And like if I can track this
guy, then maybe I can stop him.
- You don't even know it's him.
I mean just because he
took her out that night,
that doesn't make him the reason
that she didn't come home.
Maybe she just skipped out.
- Well, in that case,
he's gonna have fuck all
to worry about then is he?
Well, she wouldn't
have skipped out
'cause she's got a sister or
like her sister the girl said.
- Is that what
this is all about?
- What?
- Finding these girls.
It's not gonna bring Sarah back.
- Don't John, don't do this.
- No, I'm just saying.
I know this one might
hit close to home.
- Don't bring my
sister into this.
- The fact that Sarah was
taken when you were a kid,
I shouldn't be the reason
that you run headfirst
into danger all the time.
I'm just trying to.
- I need some time alone.
- But I.
Okay, all right.
I'm just trying to
look out for you.
- I never liked him anyway.
You know he never likes
any of my Instagram posts.
Not even the ones from Bali
when I'm sat on that
trained cute elephant.
It's like, what
more do you want?
Do you know what I mean?
He knows that's my
livelihood, right?
The more likes I get,
the more sponsored I get.
- I know Jess, you've
told me before.
- Aw, you can do better
than him, you know?
Don't need a man
telling you when you can
and can't run into danger.
That's what your
best friends for.
Do you want me to shit on
him some more or are we good?
- We're good.
I know he just cares about me.
(yawns) I'll call him later.
- Okay, well if you do,
tell him to start
liking my fucking posts
or at least follow my podcast.
- Yes, Jess, I will do
all of those things.
Talk about being my best
friend and all that.
- Hmm.
- Oh rather, my only friend.
Look, I might need your
expertise on something.
- Oh, you need me to stalk
someone online for you,
don't you?
Who is it?
Is it an ex?
Oh that's my girl,
forget about Johnny,
you are a strong
independent woman.
- Oh, calm down.
No, it's not an ex.
I do want you to look up
someone online for me though.
A suspect.
- Okay, well if it's a suspect,
does that make me an
honorary detective?
Oh, do I get a badge?
- No, it doesn't make you
an honorary detective,
but I do need you to
look someone up for me.
All I can find so far is a
couple of minor drug offenses,
pissing on a fence.
But I need to find
more about him.
And I thought, you know,
you and social media,
maybe you could have a
little look online for me.
- Absolutely babe.
Time to watch a master at work.
Right, all I need is a name.
(ominous music)
- Six.
Six, oh, why can't that be?
I can't do this anymore.
Two more, two more.
You got this.
(suspenseful music)
Just leave me alone, please.
Leave me alone.
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
Need a girl.
- Okay, Jess, you are a genius.
- Yeah, I know.
- All right, so this guy is a
stockbroker from South London.
Couple of drugs,
priors, nothing much,
a string of no doubt
disappointed sexual partners.
(Jessica laughs)
And until, till very recently
like zero luck on
the stock market.
But now all of a sudden
his luck is changing.
Money is rolling in.
I mean how can you go
from having zero luck
to practically
winning the lottery?
- Good at his job, I guess.
- That's good.
I mean, look back here
this guy looks like he can
barely afford a happy meal.
Now what?
He's driving sports cars.
Uh-uh, something
doesn't ring true here.
- Insider trading.
- Insider trading.
- Yeah, like tips and shit.
- Yeah, I know what it is.
I just didn't think
you would, no offense.
- Uh, well I am
offended actually,
I do watch "Billions" you know?
You know Damian Lewis is fit.
- He's not bad.
What I wanna know is
if we can work out
where this guy is
gonna go tonight
'cause judging by his Instagram,
he goes out every Friday night.
- Oh well actually
now you mention it,
he is out tonight
at Clara Bells.
- Clara Bells.
- Yeah.
- Isn't that that like
exclusive kinky place?
- Mm-hmm.
Do you wanna use
my membership card?
- You never told me at a
membership at Clara Bells.
- Didn't think it
was your thing.
- It's not my thing, but this
could be very interesting.
- Yeah, well they gave
me a membership card
after I've gotten like 20,000
likes on one of their posts.
- Clara Bells.
It's not a normal club, is that?
- No, it's hard to explain,
but it's just like people
standing around talking,
like music drinks,
just, you know,
the high members of society
rubbing shoulders together.
- And they gave
you a membership.
- I'm very influential,
have you know.
- I'm sure you are, right.
Okay, Clara Bells it is.
- [Jessica] Well you
can't go like that.
No, no, no, no.
- I'm gonna need
your help aren't I?
- Yeah.
(group chattering)
(nose sniffing)
- Thank you, Jess.
Gin and orange.
- [Bartender] All right.
- Hello, gorgeous.
Seen you here before?
- Yes, first time.
- My name's William,
and people, mostly women
call me Big Willie.
- Listen, I'm meeting
someone here, Willie,
so I don't think they're
gonna be too happy seeing me
chatting to somebody,
so affective,
so I'm gonna have to decline
that oh-so tempting
offer of yours, Willie.
- No probs.
Big Willie doesn't shit
on another man's doorstep.
- Oh my God.
- Oh.
- Oh.
I'm so sorry.
- Oh.
- Look here, here.
Let me get you another drink.
- It's fine, don't worry.
- My name is Hugo and I,
and I work in banking.
And you are?
- Not interested.
- Hello, beautiful.
- Oh.
- Never seen you here before.
- First time.
- How are you tonight?
- Yeah, I'm meeting
someone else.
- Love one of us?
- Excuse me.
- Okay.
No, come on.
- [Lila] Thank you.
- And who the fuck are you?
You come in here all
pretty and dressed up,
do you know who I am?
Get the fuck outta here, bitch.
Yeah, mm-hmm, keep
struggling, that's great.
I need a drink.
- Come on darling, I
really to see your place.
(suspenseful music)
(brooding music)
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
(doorknob jiggling)
(ominous music)
This is the ugliest thing
I think I've ever seen.
(both laugh)
- Family heirlooms, I couldn't
bear to get rid of 'em.
- You should cover
them up or something.
Unless it turns you
on letting 'em watch.
- Know what does turn me on?
Hearing a bit of Latin.
I might like that.
This passage in particular.
- I don't speak Latin.
- You don't need
to understand it.
Just sound it out like
a, like a child reading.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Really gets my motor running.
- Okay.
Freaky Friday indeed.
If that's what you
want. (panting)
Here we go.
I'm going to sound so-
- Just read it you
dirty fucking slag!
(Chantelle whimpering)
(Chantelle speaking in Latin)
(speaking in Latin)
(speaking in Latin)
- Is that okay?
- Perfect.
(suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
(bones cracking)
(suspenseful music)
(Chantelle panting)
- What the fuck is going on?
Please. (whimpering)
Please let me go.
You can keep the money.
(screams) I don't care.
I just wanna see my
daughter. (whimpering)
(door banging)
(Chantelle whimpering)
(mallet tapping)
Please don't hurt
me, please, please.
(whimpering) No.
(Chantelle whimpering)
Please, please.
Please, don't, please! (crying)
(hook thuds)
(Chantelle groaning)
(hook slices)
(body thuds)
(Chantelle groaning)
(hook thuds)
(suspenseful music)
(ax thudding)
(Chantelle gurgling)
(ax thudding)
(ax thudding)
(ax thudding)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
- One.
One more time next Friday.
(door clicks)
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
(door clicks)
(ominous music)
(flashlight clicks)
- What's this?
(suspenseful music)
(book thuds)
(ominous music)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(wind blowing)
(papers rustling)
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
(Lila whimpering)
(siren wailing)
(light clicks)
(brooding music)
There's been another
murder, John,
at least I think there is.
And I know who it was
'cause I followed him.
- Lila, why alone?
Why would you do
something like that?
Are, are you okay?
- I think that this
is something more
than just a serial killer, John.
I think this might be satanic.
I found this book.
- Yeah, I, I can't believe I
let you bring that in the car.
Is that actual skin?
- I don't know, I think so.
Look, I mean I started to
read some of it at the club,
but it's just oh, oh it just,
I freaked out so
I just, just left.
Thank you.
- Hey, you don't
have to thank me.
I'll always be
there for you, okay?
No matter what.
And Satan couldn't stop me.
So what's in there?
- Hey guys, what's going on?
Oh, we're doing some
more investigating.
- Well.
- Do my Googling skills again?
- Mm.
- How was the club?
- Wait, you knew she went?
Why didn't you go with her
or, or talk her out
of it or something?
- Because she's an
independent person
and doesn't need a
permission slip to go places.
- Yeah.
- Is that okay with you?
- Guys, guys, please.
Got missing girls here.
- Right, yeah, sorry.
- But I don't know what
the fuck all this is.
It's just in symbols and Latin.
And I started to read
some out in the club
and, oh, I don't know, it
just, it felt important
so I just took it.
- Shouldn't we,
um, call your boss-
- Wait.
- Or something?
- Wait, no, wait.
- Especially
there's been a murder.
- Yeah.
- I mean, did you just
leave the body or?
- Well, technically
there wasn't a body.
- Then how do you know
there's been a murder?
- Because there was blood.
Look, tons of it.
- Shouldn't we
call in the troops
and go and arrest this guy then?
(Lila and Jessica chuckle)
- Call in the troops.
Oh, call in the troopies.
- I'm an artist, not
a police officer.
- Sorry.
- But should arrest him.
- Well look, technically we
don't have much to go on.
Right now it's just
some missing girls,
who all be hookers so
nobody seems to care.
And this guy, what
he's been with,
at least two of the girls,
but then so has
countless other guys.
And then there's the fact that
he's rich, albeit recently.
And he could just pay
for a top notch lawyer
to get him back on
the street in no time
so it's just, I
need something more.
Or catch him at it.
Look, your deepest desires
will all be fulfilled
when the blood of eight
is willingly spilled,
but only off on the fifth day
or Frederique will
be here to stay.
Wait, wait, this all
happens on Friday.
The fifth day when the blood
of eight is willingly spilled.
Tonight was the seventh
girl to go missing.
- You think there's one more?
- Yeah, I do.
- This one's marked
Frederique. (speaking in Latin)
What the fuck does that mean?
- Who the fuck knows?
I'm too tired to
even think about it.
Now what I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna take this
all to my boss tomorrow.
But right now I need sleep.
It's 11 o'clock.
You gonna stay?
- No, no, I've, I've
gotta get going.
I've got work to do.
Yeah, here.
Talk to your boss tomorrow.
Try not to do anything stupid.
- Scout's honor.
- Goodnight, Johnny.
(door bangs)
- Right, I am going to bed.
- Oh, what no research?
- No, look tomorrow
we work I promise.
Look, this all
happens on a Friday,
so nothing is gonna
happen until then.
Come on, bed.
(ominous music)
- Rachel, lights on.
Rachel, turn on the lights.
Rachel, fuck you.
(Johnny sighs)
(switch clicks)
(switch clicking)
Just brilliant.
That's exactly what I need.
(body whooshing)
(body whooshing)
(suspenseful music)
(knife thuds)
(Johnny groaning)
(knife clangs)
(Johnny groaning)
(Johnny groaning)
What, what the fuck?
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck are you?
(knife slashes)
(blood splattering)
(book thuds)
(siren wailing)
- That is something I found
at a crime scene, sir.
What I believe to be
involving those missing girls.
- The prossies?
- Yes, sir.
So I followed a suspect
to an abandoned warehouse
with a girl.
- Did you see a crime scene?
Did you see any dead bodies?
- [Lila] No, sir, but that was.
- And did you see anybody
get killed or hurt even?
- No sir, but there was-
- Well it sounds like
a lot of nothing.
- Sir, there was a lot of blood.
- Blood, an abandoned
warehouse, rats.
- Yeah, not rats.
Of course there was rats,
but there was also blood.
- It does sound like you're
saying an awful lot of nothing.
- If you shut up for a minute,
I'll be able to get a word in.
(sighs) Now, I
followed a suspect
to an abandoned warehouse
and he was with Anastasia
and he was the last one
to take Anastasia out
before she went missing.
And then this girl-
- Like was she another hooker?
- Yes, sir.
Anyway, so he and this
girl went to this warehouse
and then they locked the door,
I couldn't get in, so then-
- [Banks] And that's when you
should have called for backup.
- I know, sir.
But look, anyway,
I went around the back trying
to find another way inside.
And then I heard this
noise at the front.
This door opens, people
come running out,
so I go round to the
front, go in the door
through the
warehouse to the back
and there's this
room full of blood,
dried blood and a big
pool of fresh blood.
And also this table with lit
candles on and, and that book.
- Dolls.
- Yes, and dolls.
But somebody had to
put them there, right?
This dolls, these blood,
they had to come from
somewhere, right?
- Look, it could
have been druggies.
It could have been winos.
The sounds you heard
were people running out
because you spooked them.
- No.
This is ritualistic, sir.
- So you're saying that
this book and lit candles
are what killed these prossies?
- No, yes, no, yes.
I, all I'm saying is
that if this guy think
that's what happened, then
that's all that matters.
- Right, okay.
Who's the guy?
- Todd Fisher.
He's some slimy
stockbroker type.
- Well, I mean we, we could,
we could bring him in and
we could question him,
but we've got nothing
to hold him on.
Any old lawyer's gonna
get him out in seconds.
- I don't think there's
any need for that service.
Well, last night was
Friday, so nothing,
we're gonna be safe
'cause nothing is gonna
happen until next Friday.
- Why Friday?
- One sec, sorry, sir.
I've got to go.
- Got an emergency crisis,
I'm gonna have to call you back.
Ma'am, ma'am, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Step back, step back right now.
- What's happened?
Tell me what's happened?
Tell me what's happened?
- I'll tell you,
I will tell you.
They cut off his head.
(melancholic music)
(Lila crying)
You all right?
Do, do you need me to
call someone, ma'am?
(Lila crying)
(ominous music)
(birds chirping)
(Lila panting)
(brooding music)
(Lila crying)
(wings fluttering)
(melancholic music)
(Lila crying)
(tense music)
(train rattling)
(ominous music)
(tense music)
(ominous music)
(tense music)
(ominous music)
(tense music)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
(teapot whistling)
(Lila panting)
- Lila, Lila, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
It's just a nightmare,
it's just nightmare.
(Lila crying)
- Oh God.
What time is it?
- It's about 5:30, babe.
- What day?
- [Jessica] It's Sunday, babe.
- Six days.
- Six days till what?
(brooding music)
- What are you doing?
- Oh, I was just trying
to do some more research.
- Research what?
- This book, Frederique.
(speaking in Latin)
- No, no, no, no, no!
- What, what, what?
- Don't read anything
from inside this book.
Nothing at all, do you hear me?
Not even one word.
- Okay, sorry, I'm sorry.
Okay, sorry.
- I know, I know
you're trying to help.
I do, I do appreciate it.
But don't do anything
without telling me, okay?
Not before I ask.
- Okay, yeah.
(door clicks)
(Jessica gasping)
(Jessica groaning)
Need to rest, babe.
- Resting comes after.
- After what?
- After we end this.
Are you game?
- I'll put the kettle on.
(dramatic music)
You all right, babe?
- Yeah.
Let me just get all
this straight, okay?
So this, Frederique guy, he's a,
he's an ancient demonic being.
- Yeah, he's a demon.
- Who grants wishes.
- Well, not wishes exactly.
Not a genie.
He gives you shit, but
he wants stuff in return.
- You summon him using that
monstrosity over there.
- Yeah, exactly.
Once you summon old Freddy,
you better deliver otherwise.
(tongue clicks)
- You summon him using the book
and here's what you see
pictures and everything.
- Yeah.
So says here, summon him using
the incarnation sacrifices,
eight souls, riches, blah,
blah, blah, fifth day.
- Friday.
(tense ominous music)
- Or Thursday.
- No, Friday.
It's the fifth day Friday.
- Yeah, but some
calendars start on Sunday.
- Some calendars are wrong.
Okay, all of these women have
gone missing on a Friday.
Johnny and Johnny too.
So let's just assume that
this all happens on a Friday.
- Uh, look babe,
you don't actually
believe in all of this do you?
Like demons and sacrifices,
it's all of it out
there, isn't it?
- How else do you explain it?
- I can't.
- Let's just say for a
second that this is true.
- Okay.
- Is Johnny dead because of me?
- Oh, Lila, no, no.
You can't think like that, okay?
- I read the incantation
in the book and Johnny
read the Latin parts.
- It's not real.
- So that means that
he's offered himself up.
- It's not real.
- What does it say again?
Tell me, tell me what
it translates to.
- Frederique, accept my
soul as an offering to thee.
- See, he's offered
himself up to Frederique.
- Stop, okay, just stop.
This is all a bit mental, okay?
There's there's gonna be some
normal rational explanation
for all of this, okay?
It's just gonna be
like the local nutter
or something, all right?
Plus I read it and I'm
still alive and kicking.
(Lila exhales)
- Yeah, yeah, you're
probably right.
Probably a nutter.
- Nutter yeah.
- But if this guy Todd
thinks that this is true,
then well he's all
this information
so we can understand
why he's doing this.
- Yeah, I guess.
(Lila sighs)
This is not a good idea.
I'm going on record
to say categorically,
this is a bad fucking idea.
- I'm gonna be fine.
- Well, let me come
with you at least.
- Absolutely not.
- Let's, let's call
your boss then.
Get some back up.
- No, he won't understand.
And if he doesn't know,
then he can't stop me.
- Well, he'd be right,
Lila, this is idiotic.
And if Johnny were here, he.
- Well, Johnny's
not here, is he?
And I'm the only one
that can stop this
happening to anyone else.
- No, I know.
I'm, I'm sorry, I just, (sighs)
I'm just scared.
- I know, but look,
I'm gonna be fine.
I'm gonna take my car so
I've got a getaway this time.
- You're not fine
though, are you?
I've heard you a week you
know, having nightmares,
seeing things, shouting at
things that aren't there.
You need some help, Lila.
And you need to talk to someone.
Even if, even if you
won't talk to me.
- I know that you don't
believe this and that's fine.
Look, I will talk to
somebody, I'll grieve,
and I'm gonna wallow in the
willies of the one that I love,
but after tonight.
I'm not gonna let Freddy
kill anybody else ever again.
(Jessica sighs)
- (scoffs) Oh, fuck sake.
(Jessica sighs)
(brooding music)
(group chattering)
- Drink this.
Barman, two margaritas.
And salt the rims, yeah?
- Coming up.
- I'm just going
to the toilet.
Have a little taste of
that while I'm away.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You need to leave.
- Beg your pardon?
- I don't care what
you do with your body.
The way I see it, your
body, your choice.
But, but that guy you're
with he's bad news.
You need to leave.
- How, how?
He's gonna see me.
- Just get through the door,
down the stairs out the back.
You're on the main
road, turn right.
Just be careful.
- Where's my woman?
- She went that way, mate.
- What's that?
- That way.
- Sorry, I was
expecting someone else.
- No. (giggles)
Looks like you
found someone else.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
- My lucky night then, is it?
- It's your lucky night.
Sooner we get outta
here, the better.
- So early.
- Why waste time?
- Let's go.
(ominous music)
(screen whooshes)
(Jessica panting)
(suspenseful music)
(Jessica screaming)
(ominous music)
(Jessica panting)
- You're not real. (panting)
(Jessica screaming)
Oh, oh, God.
You're no real.
You're not real.
(suspenseful music)
(Jessica screams)
(pitchfork thuds)
(flesh squishing)
(pitchfork clangs)
(Jessica groaning)
(mallet thuds)
(dramatic music)
(siren wailing)
- Basement, hmm.
Ooh, hot.
- Yeah, that's just right.
You got me there.
- Oh, yeah.
(Todd laughs)
So do you come here often?
- Only on a Friday.
- Friday.
Why Friday?
Is that when you
like to be a bad boy?
- You could say that.
You could also say
it's a bit of a ritual.
How about we have
a bit of fun first.
I would love to hear
you read for me.
Where is it?
(chains clanging)
- Where's what?
- My book!
My fucking book is always here!
- The library isn't gonna
like you, tolly boy.
There'll be a
bitch in late fees.
- Where is it?
- About this big, made of skin?
Full of creepy shit?
- Yes.
- Never heard of it.
(Todd laughing)
Something funny, Todd?
(Todd laughing)
- I don't need the book.
I have the passage memorized.
Seven times already, haven't I?
- Oh, good for you.
- Oh, it is, it is,
'cause this is the last
time I've got to do this.
Now repeat after me, Frederique.
- Absolutely fucking not.
- Don't make me make you.
- Well you'd have to make me,
there's no way I'm saying
your creepy bullshit.
You're a murderer and
you're gonna spend the rest
of your days behind
bars where you belong
being someone else's bitch.
- I've never killed anyone.
- Yeah?
- Not really.
- Splitting hairs
now, Tiny Todd.
- They were whores,
what does it matter?
- Speaking like the
true misogynist you are,
who can't get it up.
(Lila groans)
- Say it!
- Say what?
- Frederique.
Ah for fuck's sake!
Frederique! (speaking in Latin)
Just fucking say it
you fucking slut!
(suspenseful music)
(wind blowing)
(papers rustling)
(ominous music)
Please oh, it's not me.
It's her.
She's the eighth one.
I've given you souls.
It's not me, please.
Freddy, no.
She's the eighth one. (screams)
(knife thuds)
(Todd groaning)
(blood squishing)
(Todd groaning)
(fist thudding)
(dramatic music)
(fist thudding)
(fist thudding)
(ominous music)
(blood dripping)
- Jess, Jess, they're
real, they're all real!
(Lila screaming)
(melancholic music)
Fuck you!
(Lila crying)
(nose sniffling)
This book, there must be
something in his book.
(brooding music)
There will be blood.
Book is key, weakest
when summoned.
War between heaven and
hell destroy the book.
Use his weapon and
send back to hell.
Jess, you fucking genius.
(door clicks)
(ominous music)
- Ah.
- Oh.
(Lila exhales)
- What the fuck happened?
- My house mate
has been murdered.
We need to stop
whoever is doing this.
- What?
- Look, this is Friday and
we only have 45 minutes left.
This only happens on
Friday, we need to move.
- No, we need to
call the police.
- We are the police.
- Oh, fuck you know what I mean.
We need to report this.
- Well, this book, this is the
only thing that can stop him.
This is his weapon.
We need to use this and we
need to put a stop to this.
Otherwise, every Friday is
gonna be Freddy's Friday.
- I want you to
tell me everything.
- There is no time.
- No, I am not leaving here
until you tell me
what's going on.
First your boyfriend,
now your roommate,
that's enough for me to take
you in and question you.
Now talk.
- There's a demon
called Frederique
and we've be calling him Freddy.
You summon him and he gives
you anything you want.
He gives you riches,
he gives you power.
But you have to
sacrifice eight souls.
And it only happens on a Friday.
- (scoffs) Why Friday?
- I don't know.
Maybe he's busy during
the week and I don't care.
All I care about
is stopping him.
- So why kill your
boyfriend and your roommate?
- Well that's my
fault because I,
I took this book from the scene
and I read the incantation
before I knew what it did.
So now I owe him eight souls
and they took them two
as part of the deal
and we have to stop him.
- You do realize that this
sounds absolutely insane.
- Yes, I know.
But please, please, Chief,
come with me tonight and
I will show you, please.
- All right, I'm
giving you tonight.
That's it.
After that I take you
in and I question you.
- Deal.
Let's go now.
(traffic humming)
- These are easy to swing.
(wood thud)
- Got this.
- What's the plan?
- Follow me.
(siren wailing)
(tires screeching)
- God, it smells
like death down here.
- Mm-hmm.
- So what's the plan?
- Well, you are gonna
read the summing.
Tell that Freddy that he's
gonna get his sacrifices.
I'll read the Latin
parts, offering myself up.
And when he comes to claim
me, we try and kill him.
- [Banks] How?
- Look, just like I said,
it has something to
do with this book
and I don't know his own weapon.
So when he comes down here,
he's gonna be at his weakest.
So that's is when
we have to do it.
- What if she's wrong?
- Jess won't be wrong.
- I thought you said that
you already summoned him.
- I did tell you that.
But now that's why
I need you to do it
so then I could
be the sacrifice.
(Banks sighs)
- Okay, let me see this book.
(Banks sighs)
- Okay, so you,
you read that poem.
- And you read that?
- [Lila] Yeah.
(suspenseful music)
- Frederique.
(speaking in Latin)
- [Lila] No, no, no, no!
- What the fuck is that?
- It's just like Jess said,
the wall between hell
and here has come down.
So this is when
he's at his weakest.
We're gonna get him now.
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(bones cracking)
(body thuds)
(bat thuds)
(Lila grunts)
(pipe thuds)
(bat thuds)
(Lila grunting)
(pipe thudding)
(pipe thudding)
(pitchfork thuds)
(Banks groans)
(pitchfork clangs)
(pipe slashes)
(head thuds)
Oh, my God, are you okay?
Oh, you're bleeding.
Oh, my God.
(Banks groans)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
(clown screaming)
(Lila screaming)
(knife thuds)
(Lila screams)
(arm thuds)
(knife thuds)
(blood splattering)
(clown groaning)
(Lila panting)
(foot thuds)
(Bank panting)
(Lila grunts)
(pitchfork whooshes)
(cleaver whooshing)
(cleaver thuds)
(cleaver whooshes)
(cleaver thuds)
(body thudding)
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
This is crazy.
We need to get out of here.
Come on.
- What the fuck?
(hook thuds)
(Lila screams)
(Lila grunts)
(blood splattering)
(body thuds)
- Oh, my God, let me see.
Let's get outta here.
Come on, they're all dead.
Give me your arm.
I've got you.
Come on, let's get out.
You've got this.
Let's get you help.
Ah. (panting)
(ominous music)
(brooding music)
(wind blowing)
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
(suspenseful music)
(cleaver clangs)
(brooding music)
(suspenseful electronic music)