Free Fall (2014) Movie Script

Keep it high.
Babe, you promised we
were gonna get away.
You know I want to. I can't.
Maybe in a couple years.
You're not gonna be
thankful when you're 50
and wasting your life in a cubicle.
You don't feel the same way, I see.
All right, badass.
Come on, you're the only
thing keeping me here.
Come on, I'm done
losing the rat race.
There are things I want in life and
my job helps me get those things.
Come on, keep it high.
You've never been there.
There's a calm that comes over you.
The water.
We could be the ones.
We could be the ones that got away.
And what about the mortgage?
I just refinanced.
And I have my student loans.
You know how important this job is.
It's a pleasure to be here.
Our first question...
Look it. Your real love's here.
You can box with him.
And we want jobs here in America.
You know he's the 38th
richest man in the world?
Yeah, well, if that's rich,
then I don't want to be rich.
Will you stop?
...really hard to get it down,
but our companies are
making huge profits.
And which have you become,
ignorant or apathetic?
I don't know and I don't care.
...only half cheaper
but maybe even a three quarter...
Oh, come on.
It was a joke.
A good one.
People trust our company
and what we do.
And I just hope that I
can always live up to it.
I believe I can because,
not knowingly,
I have never, ever done
anything that's been dishonest.
Left your key card on
your desk again?
I got you.
So, any plans for the 4th?
No plans. I'm just gonna
enjoy the holiday weekend.
Bet you can't wait
to get out of here.
No, working the double shift.
I can use the holiday pay.
Your kids all right?
Yeah, they're fine.
What's with the long face, then?
This is you.
- There you go.
- Okay.
If you need to talk, I'm here.
What's wrong?
Something terrible's happened.
This can't be easy to hear,
but they found Mike dead
this morning out front.
Apparently suicide.
He threw himself from
the top of the building.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm sorry.
You okay? I'm so sorry, Jane.
They already packed
all of Mike's stuff.
I can't believe they moved so fast.
What do you expect?
Can you gather around?
As soon as I heard the
very distressing news,
I wanted to be here in
person with you all
at this very difficult time.
We all have a huge hole
in our heart this morning.
Especially me.
Because not only was
Mike my employee...
he was also my friend.
We are like a family here
and we must all stick together.
As Winston Churchill said,
"Success is not final.
Failure is not fatal.
It's the courage to
continue that counts."
We will continue Mike's great work.
God bless you all.
God bless Mike.
Jane, a word.
Oh, of course.
How could a man...
It's interesting, isn't it?
This must have been the
last view that he had
before he jumped off the building.
Poor Mike.
You knew him well, didn't you?
Yes, sir.
What was his mindset?
That's just the thing.
I never thought Mike would be
capable of something like this.
Well, we never know
what we're capable of.
You know, it seems to me, Jane,
you are the ideal candidate
to take over Mike's position.
That hadn't even occurred to me.
Oh, please, don't be coy with me.
This is one great opportunity.
Does that excite you?
With all due respect, sir,
it's difficult to be excited
about anything right now.
Very well.
Remember, time waits for no man.
Oh, more good news.
- Hello?
- Jane, it's Pam.
Oh, my God. Pam, I am so sorry.
I don't know what to say.
I didn't know who else to call.
I just don't understand.
Mike would have never...
What can I do for you?
Mike has some photos on his
desk of him and the kids.
I just can't come to the
office and face everyone.
Do you mind getting
them for me, please?
I will grab every photo I see
and make sure you get
them right away.
I can bring them over to you,
too, if you want some company.
Pam, if there's anything
else that we can do,
me or Ray, please don't
hesitate to ask us.
We're here for you, okay?
Thank you, Jane.
Damn it, Colleen.
You can't just barge
in here like that.
I know, I'm sorry. I come in peace.
You've got to eat, babe.
- Jane.
- Thank you.
I'll eat it.
We have secrets between us now?
You're learning the game.
I didn't think he even liked Mike.
If you think Taft or anybody here
cares about anything but
their own job, you're nuts.
I want his job and he
wants Gault's job.
Did you know what
Mike was working on?
- What he was into?
- Into?
- Yeah.
- What was he into?
What is it you think we
do here, cure cancer?
I'm not quite sure what
you're getting at.
What is he doing?
Let me give you the same advice
I got when I started here.
The only way a woman is gonna
get ahead in this boys' club
is to keep her head down and be the
biggest bitch on the block, period.
God, who said that?
You did.
My Lord.
This doesn't make sense.
Of all people...
You don't think Mike
was the suicidal type?
I don't know what
the suicidal type is,
but it wasn't Mike.
Then why'd he do it?
I found this taped to the
bottom of Mike's desk.
What is that?
Financial data
that implicates someone in this
company of major embezzlement.
The large pension securities accounts
have been completely depleted.
- The amount missing is staggering.
- Stop.
I need you to double-check the files
and be absolutely certain before
you make any accusations.
I already have.
But I'll do it again if you want.
Jane, let's keep this between us.
I don't need to tell you
how serious this is.
What are we gonna do if it's true?
If you have actually have something,
there are procedures.
We'll wait until the office is
empty and we'll call the SEC.
But I need the proof.
I'll go get your proof.
You're not bailing out on
happy hour again, are you?
I just have to finish this stuff up.
- Couple more hours.
- You need a drink.
We all do.
I can't.
Can you babysit Ray
for me until I get there?
Are you sure?
You've seen me when I drink.
Then behave yourself
and be a good girl.
Are you serious with this?
I really can't come. I'm sorry.
Okay, just call me
when you finish up.
I will.
Well, Mike was onto something.
Big. Bad.
- You know, illegal.
- Okay.
Get everything ready
for a formal review
and I'll have someone
here in 30 minutes.
It'll be okay.
It's me.
Unfortunately the problem has spread.
No, it's beyond my control.
I'll be in the lobby.
Hey, babe. How you feeling?
I thought I knew him.
Just crazy to think how
someone can be here one day
and the next day they're
gone just like that.
I know.
I'm sorry, babe. I love you.
Can I do anything?
I don't know.
Do you want me to come and get you?
I will come and get you right now.
No, please don't do that.
I... I have to do this on my own.
Got to do what?
It's nothing to worry about.
Anyway, you're gonna be proud of me.
I'm always proud of you.
I want to take care of you.
I'm gonna be fine. I promise.
Colleen's on her way over.
I love you, Ray.
I love you.
Let's get this over with.
- We need to see the surveillance room.
- Surveillance room?
Anybody on duty besides you tonight?
It's okay, Lamont. He's with me.
Come on, Frank, let's go upstairs.
Let's not waste time here.
Anybody else on duty tonight?
No. Why do you ask?
Let's go to the surveillance room.
Thank you, Lamont.
Right through here.
Wow, look at this place. How long
you been with the company, Lamont?
- Five years.
- Wow, five years.
- All the latest gear?
- Yup.
- You got a family?
- Yeah, wife and two girls.
Oh. Which ones are
the main video drives?
These two.
This one and this one?
- Yes.
- How old are your girls?
Four and six.
- You got life insurance?
- Life insurance?
I'm gonna need to pull these drives.
Jane, this is Frank.
He's one of our crisis managers
here to get us started internally.
A pleasure. We need to
get out in front of this.
These things tend to
accelerate if we don't.
Just a brief interview until
the legal team gets here.
Of course.
Thank you.
- What a view.
- Yeah.
That's what the corner
office gets you.
I'll try to make this as
painless as possible.
I need to get a very
clear understanding
- of what it is you've observed.
- Of course.
- Regulations, you understand.
- Okay.
How long have you been
with the company?
- Three years.
- Three years?
And was Mike your
supervisor the entire time?
Yes, but he was more
than a supervisor.
He was a mentor.
Kind of like a big brother.
I can only imagine how
difficult this is for you.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, well, tell me
now what you found.
Bullet points. We'll get
to the specifics later.
Of course.
It's not good.
The transfers were made
to overseas accounts
which were practically untraceable.
Wow, those accounts
should have been under
the direct governance
and control of...
Someone who has full
access and authorization.
Well, there can't be many
people on that list.
Did you have a name?
I do.
Who is it?
I can't say with absolute certainty.
Who is it?
It's Gault.
I've checked all the data thoroughly.
He's the only one.
Thaddeus Gault?
The man who built the company?
This is quite explosive, Jane.
I know.
I don't want to take
on a man like that.
That's why you're here.
That's right. That is why I'm here.
But I need to know,
have you discussed this
with anyone else since
making the report?
Phoned anyone?
Received any phone calls?
- Besides Taft, no.
- Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Do you think that this may
have had something to do with
your recently departed
colleague's demise?
Yes, I think he's who uncovered it.
- I'm gonna use the restroom.
- Out of the question.
We're almost finished here.
Well, I really need to go.
Sit down.
Copies... yes or no?
Did you make any copies?
I don't think it would be in
your best interest to lie...
Who are you?
yes or no?
Yes or no?
I made a copy.
Where is it?
In my friend's cubicle.
I hid it there just in case.
In case of what?
Let's go get it.
Come on.
Come on.
Take the elevator.
Okay, I'm in the room.
- I'm in the room.
- Stop the elevator.
This panel makes
no sense whatsoever.
We're screwed. She's probably
called the cops by now.
I took care of her phone.
Do me a favor.
Don't think, all right?
Just do what I say.
I'm trying.
Stop the elevator.
No. No.
Oh, I think the entire
system's fried.
Yes! Yes. Yes.
Damn it!
Mr. Taft, come on.
What's going on here?
I'm so sorry, Lamont. I'm sure
Mr. Gault will approve all of this.
Was that necessary?
You need to get ahold of yourself.
We've got a lot to do.
Now let's go.
We need to get into the elevator room
and turn off this alarm.
What about the cops?
It's internal only.
They couldn't hear it unless
there were parked right outside.
We're wasting time.
I need to find one of
those elevator keys.
Let's go.
Please let someone hear this.
Do you even know where you're going?
No. No.
No, no, no, no, no.
No. What is...
Emergency call.
My name is Jane Porter.
I'm stuck in the
elevator at Gault Tower.
Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody hear me?
You're supposed to be fixing the
situation, not making it worse.
I am fixing the situation.
I'm cleaning up your mess.
Watch it, Frank.
You may be the muscle,
but I still run things around here.
Don't forget your place.
You're absolutely right.
All right.
How do we get her out?
Cut the elevator cables.
It won't work.
Elevators all have emergency brakes.
All right, well,
how about we burn her out?
The sprinkler system will kick on.
There's no guarantee she'd die.
Then turn off the sprinklers.
Look, the fire department will
be here in five minutes, okay?
That's no good.
Okay, well, let's hear some of
your ideas, 'cause I'm fresh out.
Tell me everything you
know about our Jane here.
Husband? Boyfriend?
Significant other?
A boyfriend, I think.
I try not to concern myself
with their private lives.
Do we have his information?
It's in her profile.
Everything's on the computer.
Smart girl.
It's not over. She's got
a lot of fight in her yet.
Open your eyes, Frank. It is over.
This girl's gonna be the end
of the company and Gault.
- It's time to split.
- We're not going anywhere.
Very athletic. Impressive.
That poor guy. He didn't
even see you coming.
- Come on, he did it to himself.
- No.
This is Ray. I'm not
available right now.
Leave me a message and I'll get
back to you as soon as possible.
Ray! Ray!
Hey, be patient.
She'll be here.
You know Jane. Her two
hours always turn into five.
Take it easy, cowboy.
Hey, you know she loves you.
No, she loves her job.
I'm a close second, though.
Cut her a break.
It's just hard.
She doesn't let anybody in.
Let's give her one more hour.
If she doesn't show,
we'll go and get her.
- One more round, all right? On me.
- Perfect.
Excuse me. Can we get
another round, please?
No. No, no, no, no.
You can't open it.
You can't open it, you jerk!
You little bitch.
Okay, we need to start using
our brains here, okay?
This thing has spiraled
out of control.
You got to start listening to me.
- Listening to you?
- Yeah.
Look, I have access
to several accounts that
this company holds offshore.
Large accounts. Let's cut our losses
and let someone else
handle this crap.
What's wrong?
- You.
- Oh, great.
What's that supposed to mean?
Your lack of loyalty disgusts me.
Now wait. Hold it, damn it.
- Call Gault.
- And tell him what?
Okay, no, look, Frank.
Frank, I'll pay you all my options.
The offshore account.
You offering me a bribe?
I could pay you more
than Gault ever will ever.
You know it and I know it.
Look, hey, you can kill me...
or you can be $5 million richer.
A wire transfer?
Yes. Instant.
I work in cash.
Frank, please.
You had one job...
to protect the company.
I did.
No, you didn't.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
How's that?
How's that feel?
No more.
Where you going?
Frank, I'm sorry.
Frank, I'm sorry.
No. No. No. No, no.
No. No.
No, Walt, listen,
this is turning into a witch hunt.
Listen, are you just
going to let the SEC
continue to investigate these
Mickey Mouse allegations?
All right, all right. I understand.
I understand.
Well, when are you gonna get
back to the private sector?
You know there's always
a position for you here.
Sure. Yeah.
All right, good night.
We have an interesting problem.
You stuck in that elevator
and me stuck in this building.
Stasis until something gives.
I don't want to talk
to you. Put Taft on.
Mr. Taft is not available right now,
but I'd be happy to take a message.
Okay, put Lamont on.
Lamont's resting.
You monster.
You're about to find out.
Go to hell.
Where are you going now?
No! Let go! Let go!
What's next?
You gonna stare me to death?
I'm trying to remember.
It's a thing about a cat.
Some guy's name. Schumer's cat.
It's a paradox.
The cat in the box
that's both alive and dead.
Just like you, Janey.
You think you have me beat?
Look where you are.
Savoring the moment.
You're gonna look back and
remember this as the night
that everything came crashing down.
You and Gault will
make great cellmates.
- Daddy!
- Hey!
- Oh. Sorry I'm late.
- Hi.
I thought that I would never
get that elevator running.
- Can I stay up late?
- No.
We made a deal. 8:00.
Tomorrow night you can stay up
as late as you want for your party.
Will there be a pony
ride like at Hudson's?
No. No smelly animals.
Absolutely not.
- But Dad said...
- Okay, loudmouth.
- Time for bed.
- Tell me you didn't.
- He didn't.
- I didn't.
But you know my dad.
He can't say no to the squirt.
And neither can you.
All right, come on, monster.
Good night, buddy.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Let me know if I should wait up.
- Okay.
This is Robert.
- Gault Towers.
- Just returning to inform you
that a service man has been contacted
and should be there shortly.
Thank you very much. Good night.
Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
If you could do something,
you'd do it.
Oh, I'm doing something.
You're screwed.
But you can't leave 'cause
you're just Gault's janitor.
That's all you are.
I'm a whole lot more than that.
Like your friend Mike found out.
He couldn't see the bigger picture.
Just like you, Janey.
You could have been sitting pretty
right now if you'd played ball.
Now you're just another loose end.
It's a sacrifice for
the greater good.
What do you think of that?
I never thought of anybody else.
But I have your word?
That's right.
Do this one thing and
your family is set for life.
I can't.
I can't do it.
Let me help you.
Come on, then.
Do something.
I'm waiting for you.
You hear me?
Do something!
Come on!
Do something!
I'm talking to you!
Hey, thanks for coming out so late.
Oh, it's not a problem.
It's part of the job, right?
Someone stuck?
Yeah, I got a lady
trapped in elevator two.
She's freaking out.
Can you believe that?
What happened to Lamont?
You're wearing his shirt.
Jeez, he didn't get fired, did he?
Oh, no, no, no. He went home sick.
And I'm the new guy and
I didn't have any shirts.
They didn't have 'em made up for
me so let me... he's a nice guy.
- Frank.
- Robert.
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
All right, I'll check
the machine room.
Should probably be able to
get it started from there.
You know what? Lamont left sick
and he left in such a hurry
he never gave me those keys.
How am I supposed
to reboot the system?
Can't you just get on
top of the elevator,
take her out through
the emergency hatch?
It's against regulations.
Extracting passengers through
the hatch is strictly last resort.
My job's kind of on the line here.
- Your job?
- Yeah, it's my first day.
I got this hotshot exec yelling
about how she's gonna get me fired
because I can't get her out.
I've been on unemployment for a year.
I got a wife and kids.
I need this job. Please.
One time.
You owe me one, Frank.
If anyone asks, I tried to fix the
problem downstairs first, okay?
Absolutely. 100%.
Something wrong?
Oh, no, it's just my
wife saying good night.
Well, the sooner we get done here,
the sooner you get
home to her, right?
Yup. Amen to that.
All right.
All right, here we go.
Did you open the
doors already, Frank?
I did. I was just
trying to get her out.
I guess you need some kind of special
tool for that bolt or something.
Yeah, there's a very
good reason for that.
It's so that untrained
people like yourself
don't get yourself killed.
Elevators are the safest
form of transportation
and that's an actual fact.
But that doesn't mean they won't
squish you real good if you get unlucky.
Believe me, too many people do.
I have seen some things.
Anyway, in the future when you
have a problem with an elevator,
call a professional.
You might live longer, you know?
That's good advice, thanks.
- Hello.
- Help!
Hey, you know what?
Don't get her stirred up again.
I finally got her calmed down.
She as kind of flipping out.
You know, she got it in her
head I was trying to hurt her.
- Can you believe that?
- I've seen it before. No problem.
People, when they get
into closed spaces,
sometimes they get a little crazy.
I'll just get her out.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What are you doing?
- I'm just gonna help you.
Yeah, don't.
This is what I do, Frank.
When you get a license
to fix elevators,
you can play around in
the shaft all you like.
But until then, just,
you know, give me a break.
Help! Please, get me out of here!
Please, you've got to
get me out of here fast.
- I'm going to go crazy.
- She's totally lost it.
Just take it easy, lady.
It's okay.
We'll have you out in
just a second, all right?
No, get me out of here now, please!
I'm gonna go crazy in here.
Please, please.
Get me out of here. This guy shot me.
Shot you, ma'am?
Yes, he shot me.
I have the gun in here.
Okay, just relax, ma'am.
Nobody's trying to kill you.
I promise I'm gonna have you
out of there in just a second.
If you just...
Something wrong?
Looks like there's...
there's, like, a bunch of...
dirt or something caked in here.
Get me out now!
Oh, yeah.
I'll have you out in a second.
Actually, I'm gonna have to grab
a screwdriver or something.
No! No!
- You're a terrible liar.
- Huh?
No! No!
No! No!
No. No. No.
Whoa, no! No, no, no!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Calm down. Calm down. Look.
Look. Look. Look. Look.
Look, I'm just a repair man.
Calm down.
Calm down. Stop. Calm down.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
I'm assuming since
I'm still breathing
- that that gun is not loaded.
- No.
Is he still out there?
Yeah. What the hell is going on?
He's still out there. Did I call you?
No, no, no.
He just did what everybody does when
someone is stuck in an elevator.
They call a repairman.
Oh, wait. Wait, you are shot.
Yeah, but I'm okay.
Listen, we need to get out of
here before he comes back.
Listen to me.
Where does that ladder go?
It goes to the roof, but just relax.
I closed the outer doors.
He can't even get into the shaft.
He did before.
Yeah, but before he had this.
It's the building's elevator key.
He can't get into the
elevators without it.
This is the safest place.
In an hour, when my wife starts
to wonder what's happened,
she'll call someone.
Can't he just get another key?
There is no other key.
Not in this building anyway.
How can you be sure of that?
Take a look.
What, Robert Brown?
You're Robert Brown?
Well, Robert Brown, Jr.
I work for my dad.
You are?
Jane. Jane Porter.
Well, it's nothing personal,
Jane Porter,
but it has not been my
pleasure to meet you.
So he's not getting in here?
You promise?
I promise.
You pack a mean wallop, by the way.
Couldn't he just get a key
from another building?
Not all buildings
have the same elevator key.
What's he gonna do,
break into every one on the block
and risk more witnesses?
I don't think so.
Drink up.
She'll be here.
It's getting pretty late.
I better go get her.
Oh, hey, Jane. I will
bet you a million bucks
that we are both gonna be fine.
A million?
Elevator repair business
must be booming.
It's pretty good.
It's honest work and it's steady.
My wife and I have a beautiful house.
We put a little money aside
for our kid to go to college.
What more does a man want, right?
You're right. You really are.
Yeah, I see people just
chasing more, you know?
More stuff, more money, more power.
Never satisfied.
Those people are more stuck
than we are right now.
Thank you, Mr. Robert Brown, Jr.
What for?
For rescuing me, of course.
Well, we're not out of this box yet,
but, yeah, we're gonna be fine.
In fact, I will bet that guy is
probably a million miles away by now.
Just doing whatever...
3-4-1 -8-2...
What? What did he say?
...Ramble Hills Drive.
3-4-1 -8-2
Ramble Hills Drive.
You hear me, repairman?
Robert? Robert, what's wrong?
You say you fix elevators.
Well, I'm in a different
line of work.
You hear me, repairman?
You hurt my family, I will kill you!
Do you understand? I will kill you!
You have 60 seconds to open this door
or I'm gonna go down
to Ramble Hills Drive
and introduce myself to your family.
They'll get to see up
close what it is I do.
Oh, God.
Your wife's kind of hot.
I may have a look.
60 seconds and counting, Robert.
45 seconds, repairman.
You care about a stranger
more than your family?
I'm sorry, I've got to do it.
I got a kid.
No, wait! Wait!
- Let me go. Let me go.
- No.
This is my thing. He wants me.
I'm not leaving the lives of my
family to you or anybody else.
Now help me up.
Okay. Okay. Okay, okay, okay, Okay.
- Help me.
- Come on. Come on.
Okay, you got this.
15 seconds.
You don't know where to go.
I need to borrow your key card.
I don't...
- All right, hold on.
- You're quick on your feet.
- Stay right here.
- Jane always said that.
I got it. Come on.
You've been a lot of trouble.
But not anymore.
Get off!
I'm gonna keep doing it until all
the tendons in your wrist snap.
The copy, did you make one?
No. No.
Make me believe you.
Okay, okay! Okay, just stop, please.
How's that feel?
No, get off!
- Get off!
- Jane, what's going on?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Yes. Take the elevator
down to the garage.
What? Why?
It's been a long night.
I just want to go home.
Going down.
Oh, my God! Baby!
Baby, are you okay?
- Yeah.
- What's happening?
- What...
- Don't worry, I'm okay.
My God, what happened to you?
what happened to you, baby?
Oh, my God.
I'll tell you everything.
Could we go home, please?
Yes. Yeah.
Oh, baby.
I love you.
Your vitals all look really good.
- That's good.
- Comfortable?
All things considered, yeah.
When do you thinks the earliest
I'll be able to get out of here?
I'm gonna keep you overnight
and if you're feeling well,
probably get you to work on Monday.
- Babe.
- Hi.
- I'm so glad you're okay.
- Hey. Thanks. I'm good.
I'm okay. I love you.
- Hey.
- What happened?
What's up, man? How you doing?
- Good.
- Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Jane, oh.
There was a woman on the
elevator with me named Jane.
Yeah, she called and checked on you.
- She okay?
- She's gonna be fine.
I'll be back to check
on you in a little bit.
Well, Jane, you look
surprised to see me.
Pleasantly so, I hope.
No, I knew I'd see you again.
I just thought you'd be in handcuffs.
Well, Jane, you know
how these things work.
By the way, I've ordered a complete
and thorough investigation
into this whole sorry affair.
Don't insult me, Mr. Gault.
I know what you've done
and I'm not gonna let
you get away with it.
Jane, please don't be foolish.
Pick your bets very carefully.
You know, a wise man once said,
"He who controls the
nation's money supply
cares not who makes its laws."
You're going to jail.
And if I don't?
Do you think I'm going
to forget about you?
I don't think you or I can afford
to forget about one another.
Such a shame.
You know, power would
have sat so beautifully
on those elegant shoulders of yours.
You would have been a strong,
extraordinary leader in business.
But as it is, you've got
no sense of humor.
Did you ever consider that
maybe you're not funny, sir?
say hi to Walt for me.
Are you sure you're ready
to leave this all behind?
Everything I need is right here.
Thaddeus Gault appeared before
the Securities and
Exchange Commission today
to answer charges of
fraud and embezzlement.
If found guilty as CEO
of Gault Capital,
he could be facing up
to 20 years in prison.
There is also an
ongoing investigation
into the suspicious
and untimely death
of one of Gault Capital's
financial advisors.