Free Money (1998) Movie Script

Damn it.
We just wanted to
tell you something.
Daddy, we wanted to let
you know that...
Don't you ever, ever
wake me up like that again.
It's extremely
- Daddy? Daddy?
- Yeah?
We're pregnant.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What did you say?
We're pregnant...
Both of us.
You mean
you were raped?
What? No.
Daddy, no.
We've been with them
for, like, 3 months.
Daddy, you don't know
what you're talking about here.
These people
gave you a drug,
and then
they raped you.
- I'm gonna kill them.
- Daddy, no!
You're gonna be a grampa,
not a murderer.
I'm going to kill...
Daddy! No!
Oh, oh, help me, Jesus,
in my time of need.
Please take your seats
and prepare to share.
Look at the Swede
in that suit.
Are we not twice blessed by
this beautiful, beautiful sight?
Dearly beloved, we gather today
for this double wedding
doubly happy, celebrating
the purity of commitment,
doubling our Joy
as we redouble our efforts
to double up on love.
She was afraid
to come out of the locker
She was
as nervous as she could be
She was afraid
to come out of the locker
She was
afraid that somebody would see
Ia la
ha ha ha!
It was an itsy bitsy,
Yellow polka dot bikini
that she wore
for the first time today
An itsy bitsy,
Yellow polka dot bikini
so in the locker
she wanted to stay
She was afraid
to come out of the ocean...
So, your
folks here?
Nah. They got a place
up in loon falls.
Too far to drive,
you know?
Mine didn't
come, neither.
Ha ha ha!
Gee, in town 3 months,
I'm married.
That's lucky, huh?
So, how'd you
propose to Inga?
It was
real romantic.
You can't
be pregnant.
Well, I am.
Do you have to be?
Oh, the Swede
is gonna kill me.
We're just gonna
have to get married.
I know.
You're gonna be
a daddy, too.
What do
you mean, "too"?
I proposed to Liv
in the same fashion.
I'm pregnant.
Oh, the Swede
will kill me.
I'll have to
marry you, you know?
I know,
and daddy knows.
Is he happy?
Ha ha ha!
We're lucky the Swede
didn't kill us.
Oh, that day, I thought
he was gonna.
I want you stinkballs
to come over here.
I want your asses
in this chair right now.
Come on.
First off, I hate you.
Mr. Sorenson...
Shut up!
If you interrupt me
once more,
I'm gonna tear your nuts off
and sew them in your mouth.
I'm sorry.
Now, my daughters
are the flowers of my life...
And you ripped them,
and if I had my chance
right now,
I'd kill you
with my bare hands.
Real fun guy, huh?
Yeah. He's fun.
I suppose we're
in this together.
your name again?
Larry Lundstrom.
It was an itsy bitsy,
Yellow polka dot bikini
I'm so glad we're getting
to be brides together, Inga.
I told you Larry was the way
to go to get like me and bud.
Oh, for sure.
Now I got to really
get pregnant.
You better, Liv.
You have to.
Oh, I know.
There they are.
Hi, guys.
True love
is a two-way street
Ha ha ha,
it's a happy feat...
- Have fun, guys.
- Later.
Oh, Larry,
it's so romantic.
Oh. Think they
got candles here?
Hey, is that
genuine velvet?
What's that?
Wow, they
wasted no time.
That can't be too good
for the baby.
Does that mean
that we can't...
You know. What?
Why not?
Well, because
of the baby.
No. We'll be fine.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Watch this. Watch.
Bud Dyerson, you get off
of my daughter.
Stop humping on her
and get over here,
or I'll rip your
spinal cord out.
Ha ha!
Where is he?
Well, what
took you so long?
Tuck in your shirt.
Cover up your belly.
Where is he?
That was mean.
It was him
You don't ever do that voice
around me again, Larry.
Get over here.
I mean that. Never again.
Hee hee!
Hurry, boys!
Sir, it's Billy, sir.
We got him. Over.
Wounded, bleeding
but alive.
Sir, should we
bring him back here?
Rolf, your call.
Sky is clearing.
Gonna be a nice day.
Ha ha!
You're not coming, judge?
You don't need me.
You know what to do.
Come on.
Let's go, huh?
Here he is, sir.
Well, what are we
looking at here?
Oh, yeah.
Well, he's tore up
pretty good.
You get
the ambulance.
Better get a tourniquet
on this fella.
Turn him around.
Turn him around.
All of tinseltown
is buzzing about them...
Those star-studded
television spots for...
Look at this place.
I feel like I'm living
in a mailbox.
I don't see daddy or Liv
anymore, and nice job.
It's ok. Honey.
Honey, honey, it's ok.
It's ok. Relax.
It's ok.
Come here. Sit down.
It's ok.
It's all right.
You're all right.
Here. Have
a wine cooler.
We'll watch these
together here. Ok.
You ok?
...leading to 7 bedrooms.
"Why 7?" You ask.
One for each night
of the week, of course.
We raise our glasses
with a hale and hearty cheer.
I want to go visit Inga.
Why? You see her
in school every day.
Well, let's have them
over here, then.
I'm lonely, Larry.
I'm here,
your husband.
Yeah. Well, just that
ever since the wedding,
I really miss Inga,
and I miss daddy, too.
You do?
Yeah. I do.
Federal agent just cleared
the east checkpoint, sir.
I'll be right down.
There's somebody
here for you.
Hello, warden.
Please sit down.
Special agent
Karen polarski, FBI.
Oh, yeah.
You're FBI?
Yes, sir.
For heaven's sake.
It's the first time I get
to talk to a lady agent.
If they're all as pretty as you are,
let's change them all.
Ha ha ha!
Thank you, sir.
What can I do for you?
I'm here...
Hey, wait a minute.
Wait I minute.
I know who you are.
- Your name is Karen, isn't it?
- Yes, sir.
Not anymore.
It's polarski, my mother's maiden name.
You're judge rausenberger's daughter.
Yes, sir. I am.
Well, I'm here to talk to you about
last week's prison escape attempt.
Well, oh, boy,
that was a mess.
That was a real
fish fry there.
Can you tell me a little bit about
what happened that morning?
Yeah. We chased him
through the woods there,
and this guy,
he was real dangerous.
He was what they call
a stumper, you know?
He'd run out, and he'd
hide behind a stump,
and, boy, he'd
take you with him, and...
You were there
when they found him.
No. I wasn't.
I saw him
when he was wounded.
He had a wound
in his leg.
Yes. That's the wound
that brought him down,
but the wound
that killed him
was in the back
of the neck...
Possibly a Colt
or a Magnum.
Oh, that's liable
to happen.
You know, when
a guy like that, you know,
suddenly makes
a move on you, boy...
Is that what he did?
Did he do that to you, sir?
I don't know.
I don't remember.
It was all such
a blur, you know?
Did you shoot the prisoner, sir?
Did you shoot
the prisoner, sir?
I don't remember.
Sir, do you have
a memory problem?
I think I do...
But I'm gonna remember
this moment, boy.
Be on the witness
stand there.
Yes. Yes.
Have you shot
other prisoners, sir?
You're talking to me
like I'm, you know...
Well, I'm asking you
a question,
and you're not giving me an answer
now, are you?
I'm giving you
the best answer I can.
Man on radio:
Come in, sir.
Just a second.
Can we start back in
without you, sir?
No, no, no.
Full negative on that.
I'm coming over there.
Got you.
I got to go
over there and...
Well, when your
memory clears up,
I'd be very happy if
you give me a call,
and if not,
I'll call you.
All right.
All right?
All right.
Very good talking to you.
Yeah. Say hello
to your dad for me.
You say hi, too.
you goddamn slut.
Pretty ass.
Son of a bitch.
Goddamn bitch.
Jesus Christ.
The fuck you doing here?
Daddy. Daddy. Ha ha ha!
I'm gonna finish my smoke before
we have to meet the warden.
Hey, lar.
Lar, come here.
Come here.
Come here.
I don't know about you, but I got
a bad feeling about this.
Gee, I've never been
away from you this long.
Oh, my gosh.
My, gosh,
look at you.
What are you
eating, daddy?
Oh, that's
my supper.
A can
for dinner?
Oh, that
doesn't matter.
I'm just so glad
you're home.
No. You can't eat dinner
out of a can.
Daddy, this place looks
like a mess, eh, Inga?
That's it. No.
We're coming home.
Yeah, to take
care of you.
Ha ha ha!
we're serious.
Ha ha ha!
I want you
to come back home.
we're home.
I want you
to come back home.
I miss you a lot,
gosh darn it.
Oh, we
missed you.
We're coming
back home.
All be one family
under one big roof.
and absolute freedom to do
whatever you want.
Last beer
of the day for me.
Now that they made me
senior engineer,
you got to watch
every inch of them tracks.
You never know when
you have to stop on a dime.
You're still singing that same
lame old song there, Dwayne?
Bud, bud, bud,
man gets a job
like mine in these parts,
he becomes part
of the legend of the train.
How many beers
has he had?
Tapster, how much
do I owe you?
You owe me
for 3 beer.
Hey, Dwayne, what, you steal those
the old money train, or what?
Now that I'm in charge of that run,
you don't even joke about it.
You're in charge of the run?
Come on. No way.
I'm the engineer
on the old money train.
the old money train?
Once a year,
the Canadian exchange trust
collects enough
worn-out U.S. currency
to ship back to the U.S.
international exchange
you're looking at the man
in charge of the midwest states run.
Pretty tall words for a grease monkey
that rides the rails.
What, do you think
you're a banker now, Dwayne?
Come on.
I don't know
a hoser around here
who's gonna pay
for a tow
when they can just get
a pull from the rope
and their neighbor's
4-wheel drive.
Who needs you
and your truck?
Why don't you get
a real job, bud?
See you around, boys.
Take her easy, Dwayne.
These are
on the house.
I don't need
your charity...
You know, maybe
things'll loosen up
once we moved in
with the Swede, huh?
I ain't
moving nowhere.
Come on, bud.
Daddy is gonna
kill us.
In this house,
we live by these rules.
Bible. I'm gonna
read you something here.
"If a man seduces a virgin
"who is not pledged
to be married
"and he sleeps with her,
then he must pay
the bride's price."
You understand that?
So, you're gonna
work around here.
You're gonna have to pay
the bride's price.
Now, I hear you're
a pretty good cook.
That's what they say.
I'm good.
Now, ok. Then you cook,
and you're gonna clean...
And, you, you're gonna
chop the wood.
You're gonna
mow the lawn.
You're gonna shovel
the snow...
And, most of all, you're gonna
take care of my truck.
Your truck, sir?
You know about that,
don't you?
No, sir.
You don't?
No, sir.
Well, the whole town
knows about my truck.
I don't know
where the hell you been.
Well, I was
with him when...
All right.
Just hold it there.
This truck
is my life savings.
Outside of my daughters,
there is nothing more important
in my life than this truck
that's coming to me.
You're gonna
keep it in show c...
Don't be drinking when
I'm talking, goddamn it.
You're gonna keep
that truck in "a" condition.
I don't even want to think
about what's gonna happen.
Now, that's not all.
I want you to hear another verse
from the Bible.
"Marriage should
be honored by all
and the marriage bed
kept pure."
Pure. You got it?
Pure. Yeah.
You know
what that means.
No fornication
under this roof
unless it's the designated
once-a-month conjugal visit,
and then never
on Sunday ever.
Your duties start now,
and my duty is
to straighten you pagans out,
no matter what it takes
because if you two
don't cut the mustard,
you'll both be
in the lake of fire.
Lake of fire!
oh, yeah, yeah
I want to love you tonight
waah ha ha ha!
Oh! Honey.
Whoo hoo hoo!
Morning, sir.
Morning. All right.
Let's have a smile.
Come on, you bubbies.
Hey. That's better.
Sorry, sir.
All right, everybody.
Back to your cells.
Where are
those fornicators?
Daddy, it's ok.
It's our
visiting day...
Tuesday, not Sunday.
Tuesday, sir.
Oh, where were we?
Where were we?
We were, um, right into...
Oh, right. Ohh...
Uh, sir...
I want your asses...
Liv, are these what
you were looking for?
Wow, Inga, your baby
is really showing.
Yeah, and you're
really not, Liv.
When are you really
gonna get pregnant
well, it's tough for me
and Larry to make a baby,
especially with
daddy's house rules.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna do it.
You better.
They're downstairs
with daddy having fun.
Hey! Nngh!
Now, you both have committed fornication,
have you not?
Yeah. I guess so.
Did you say,
We are not to take
the lord's name in vain.
Holy m...
Now, in addition,
the cardinal sin
which was committed by you
was that your broke wind
in church.
Well, I saw you hunch up
on one cheek
before you
blasted one off,
and that makes it
a double sin.
Aah! Aah!
Life is hell.
I'm not even
happy anymore.
I always get my ass
kicked around
and tortured
by that damn Swede.
Wait till he gets
a new truck, huh?
I'll be down in the wheel well
with a toothbrush.
Maybe when the babies come,
everything will get easier,
you know,
soften the Swede up.
I know when my baby brother
Scotty came along,
I stopped
getting the belt.
Dwayne, I knew
I'd find you here.
Want a beer, huh?
Huh? Ha ha!
Hello. Hello.
this is Louis.
He's the other half
on the old money train.
Louis guards the loot
in the mail car.
I don't know Dwayne
for long,
but I can say
he's my brother.
We're gonna make our
first currency trip
between our two
countries quite soon,
right, boy?
Sure you don't
want a beer, huh?
What is this dude
talking about?
Louis is proud as hell.
We're riding
the big ghost,
making the big money run
in a couple of weeks,
right, Louis?
Yes, sir, with assistants.
You mean, between the midwest provinces
and the U.S. banks?
That's us, right, Louis?
Yes, sir, with assistants.
Sure you don't
want a beer, hmm?
Huh? Huh? Huh?
Can I buy
you guys a beer?
Oh... Why not?
Oh, yeah.
Get them a beer,
will you, Larry?
I can't do it.
Another beer
of the day for me.
Tell me
about your trip.
Let's see what you got.
Warden Sorenson,
I'd like to present you
with what must be
the culmination
of a great man's work.
How about letting me
get my hand back,
and then you can
give me the key?
Ha ha! Yes, sir.
Of course.
Here are the keys to this
wonderful piece of engineering.
I bet the Swede is getting a boner
for the first time in years.
Don't you just want
to caress it?
My god.
Hold it.
the chicks.
Oh, ha ha!
The guys.
Ha ha! Yeah.
That's it.
God bless America
and the truck
that she makes.
God bless me.
Thanks, god,
for these gifts.
I'll jump first.
What's the matter with you?
I can't swim!
Ah, shit!
Ah, you see that?
See how butch has all the ideas
and the kid follows?
But they're
partners, right?
Yeah. Like all partners,
one has the brain.
The other
does the following.
But they're
still partners.
You're damn right
they're partners.
How many times can he drive
to the end of the road and back?
Oh, the Swede don't care how many times
you have to hose off the mud.
He don't.
"Arrismense a la pared."
They're against
the wall already!
Look at the ceiling,
will you?
Look at the blue glow
from the TV.
It's beautiful,
isn't it?
Look at this
golden hue.
You know what
you're seeing, Larry?
You're looking at what
life is really about,
not what we thought it would
be back in high school...
The blue glow of that TV,
these aluminum cans of gold.
These are my life.
What the hell happened, Larry?
Where'd we go wrong?
Well, heck,
a lot of guys
like drinking beer
and watching TV, bud.
I love drinking beer
and watching TV,
but I love my wife,
too, and i...
The girls
aren't the problem.
They're big on the blue
and the gold and all,
but they're never gonna be
the wives we want them to be
as long as we're
all still living here.
Escape takes a plan.
Ha ha!
Got a lot of mud
on that truck for you.
Catch it.
Right. I'm on it.
to be continued.
Apparently, warden Sorenson has
a long history of dead escapees,
and this turk guy... number 9
in the past two years,
all shot in the back.
Yeah. We'll he's trying
to stonewall me,
but I'm gonna
track him down tonight
at Florence point day.
It kind of celebrates the time
that the railroad
first came to town
about 200 years ago.
She was afraid
to come out of the locker
She was
as nervous as she could be
She was afraid
to come out of the locker...
So, boys,
that's my offer.
they're just dancing
with those fellas
the cha-cha.
Bud, are you listening?
Let me
get this straight.
You got this job opening
for Larry cooking guard food.
Is that it,
120 meals a day,
and you want me
to be your janitor?
First of all,
cooking the guards' food
is gonna pay him
a whole lot more...
Thanks, lauter.
Bud, a guy could do much worse.
Much worse,
a guy could do.
I got a great deal
for you, Larry.
Where we going?
Tell him.
Tell him.
Liv Sorenson lied
to her father.
Look, Kim. You're certain
the Swede is not aware of this?
Yeah. I'm sure.
Liv lied to him.
Ms. schmidt, your
daughter has a duty.
It's time
the Swede knew.
I know. I know.
I ain't robbing
no trains, bud.
Larry, I know something
about you and your wife
you hear out my plan,
and I'll let you in on the secret
that only you and that big,
dumb Swede don't know.
It's about your kid.
You're scaring me.
Hear out my plan,
and I'll tell you the secret.
You want to know why this may be
even easier than stealing a watch?
Nobody robs trains
The two hosers running the show,
Dwayne and Louis,
well, they've been dumb enough
to give me insider information.
Kid, picture this.
Next Wednesday...
The train with all
that old money on it
comes cruising
past north point.
It crosses there at noon.
I stopwatched it.
It's gonna stop when Dwayne
sees the tracks blocked.
See, the night before,
I'm gonna tow a big rig
or a giant semi,
whatever I can get my hands on,
under the cover of darkness
out of birch county.
How you gonna get a rig
up on north point?
Shh. Shh.
Oh. Sorry.
I got to go
to the ladies' powder room.
The cab that I swipe will have enough
horsepower to make it up the goat trail.
Then the next day at noon...
Well, a bit before, really...
You and I are gonna drive my truck
to the end of the goat trail.
Now, we're gonna have
ski masks on, black ones.
Yes. Black ones
and guns we've taken
from the Swede's kitchen.
When Dwayne stops
for the track blocker,
you'll subdue him
and his brakeman
by brandishing
your weapon.
In the meantime, I'll
be brandishing Louis
and the other canuck
in the mail car,
and they'll fill them bags
with the prize money
under the watchful eye
of my revolver.
In the meantime again,
Dwayne and the brakeman
will be running for their
lives up the open track.
You got to scream and shout
and get them to run,
but don't forget
to come pick me up.
See, you got to fire shots in the air
to get them to run first, ok?
Wait. Shh.
It was an itsy bitsy,
Yellow polka dot bikini
so in the water
she wanted to stay
Cha cha cha
jeez, my junior-high sweetheart.
Karen, is that you?
Is that
Karen rausenberger?
Judge, is that
your daughter?
My love
I'll never find
the words, my love
Lord almighty, Karen,
we all heard you
went off to run the CIA.
Oh, well, don't say, "CIA,"
to an FBI agent, now.
They might
arrest you.
Hey. Hi.
Wow. Karen.
So, you're really
with the FBI?
You know, tonight I just wanted
to see my hometown,
see all the people.
Would you excuse me
for a moment?
So nice to see you.
I know her.
Mr. hock,
Mrs. schmidt.
Hey, Karen.
How are you?
Oh, well, it's agent,
but hello, warden. How are you?
You're looking pretty slick there.
It's been real hard
to get a hold of you.
I've got some new facts
about our case
why don't you go talk to
your father about that?
But I want to finish my conversation
with my friend here.
You know, see you
around later.
You better be careful.
You're getting that on your mustache.
Well... see you later.
Tell him. Tell him.
I wish...
What do you want, darling?
What do you want?
Mr. Sorenson,
sir, uh...
Let's start over
in the beginning.
What is it that you
want to tell me?
Come on.
Come on.
What do you want me to say
after all these years?
I don't know,
something like,
"how are you?"
Or, "nice to see you."
This is where you
pick for your visit.
What, to show me up,
to humiliate me
in front
of all the people
I deal with every
day of my life?
Dad, I didn't come here
to humiliate anybody.
I had business here.
I had people I had to see.
You want to talk?
Come home.
Your room is there
just waiting,
just the same.
You make me
feel brand-new...
Daddy, what's wrong?
You lied to me.
No, I didn't.
She lied. I'm Inga.
She's Liv, daddy.
Did you lie to me?
He made me do it.
Who made you do it?
8 weeks from now,
us, the girls
and all the money
we'll ever need
will be in a nice,
warm place a world away.
Larry, think about it...
Air-conditioned bungalow,
32-inch television,
a keg of beer,
and our self-respect,
the blue
and the gold, Larry,
the blue and the gold.
Think about it.
What do you say?
I say no.
Now you keep your end
of the bargain, bud.
What about my baby?
Ok. Fine.
You asked for it.
Here it comes.
Ok, you little cornholes.
You're in here.
You're in there.
Well, not there.
All right,
you son of a bitch.
Ha ha ha!
Well, on 3,
here comes Santa.
Here comes Santa.
Got a couple mice
in there.
Now, you little
stinkball fornicators,
you're gonna be
in a lake of fire now.
Drop your weapon, warden.
I said,
drop your gun!
Fuck you, you little...
Aah! Aah!
You guys get
out of here.
It's ok, bud.
Are you all right?
I certainly hope so.
I'm in.
I'm in with your
blue-and-the-gold plan.
You are the kid.
Kid, you are a winner.
The masked avenger wasn't
even finished fighting...
Liv: Inga, bud
is setting the table.
Maybe now is the time.
What do you think?
Ok. Bud?
Yes, honey?
Me and Inga think,
you know,
maybe now is the time
to mend the fence.
You husbands are talking
to father in his own house.
Yeah, and if you and Larry
take those prison jobs,
the squabble you're referring to
is attempted manslaughter,
but you girls
do have a point.
Like we say
in the tow-truck business,
a wreck is something
you put behind you.
I'll do it
for you, Inga.
Baby, come look
at this.
We're going down the road
of my crotch here.
We want to talk
serious now.
The boys want to
make it up to you,
they want to take those prison jobs
you gave them.
Bud. Bud.
And if they don't dissolve,
people will see them,
and if they see them,
they won't eat them,
and if they don't eat them,
they won't sleep.
Soup is on.
Stew worked
like a charm.
out like mackerels.
Yeah. Right.
Listen to that.
Think god is saying
something to us?
Yeah. I think he's
saying, "bud, haul ass."
What if you can't
find a rig?
Don't worry.
You get
some sleep, Larry.
That schuyler "bud" Dyerson
planned the job.
Hmm, daddy
is up early.
I don't know, Liv,
but he looks a little bit weird.
You win some...
And you lose some.
Ha ha ha!
What? What?
What's going on? What?
Oh, my god! Daddy!
Oh, my god!
Oh, the truck!
The truck
has been stolen!
Larry, go call 911!
Bud, go call
the police.
I'll call
the police.
Oh, lift his feet.
I'll get his head.
All right. Wait.
Let's roll the Swede.
Sheriff, bud Dyerson.
You better get over here.
Somebody stole
the warden's truck.
Are you sure, bud?
When did
you discover...
What do you mean,
"don't worry"?
It's not your truck.
It's my truck.
And we're gonna
get it back by tonight.
You know, that
sounds like bullshit.
God is gonna
cut his nuts off,
and if you don't get him,
I'm cutting your nuts off.
Well, we'll
find out.
Sorry, Jesus.
Boy, you'd have to be crazy
to fool with the Swede's truck.
Or have
a death wish, huh?
You know, the whole town
is gonna be talking about this.
Which is a blessing
in disguise for us.
We're gonna use your car for the job.
Bud, you said we was gonna use your truck.
I think it's best
for all involved
if we establish
"bud's tow truck"
bud, this is already different than
what you promised.
Don't worry. It's still
the utopian picture I painted.
You and your car be ready
for that goat trail, yeah?
We're gonna be
late for school.
Good morning, ladies.
How we doing?
What say we
get there on time?
We better.
Come on. Come on.
Whoo hoo!
Come on, car.
Come on, car.
Come on, Larry. Push.
I'm pushing.
Push, Larry. Push.
Ugh! Uhh!
Push harder, Larry.
I fell down.
I know you
can do it, Larry.
Push harder.
That's it.
Stop. Stop. Quit.
That's it, lar.
We're running.
Come on.
1, 2, 3.
I bet a nickel.
All right.
I'll see your nickel,
and I'll raise you a nickel.
Ok. What do I got?
Ha ha ha! Got you.
Larry, Larry, it's ok.
That's the Swede's...
It's the only rig
I could find, Larry.
Why'd you do it?
The man tried
to kill us, dehumanize us.
A lot of guys wouldn't want to put
themselves in that position.
Yeah? Well, then a lot of guys would
get the heck out of here.
Come here.
We've crossed
the line, Larry.
I did when
I swiped that thing.
You did
when you saw it.
What line?
Trust me.
This is
the high life.
Ha! Ha ha ha!
Here's your gun.
Here's your egg timer.
You just sit tight
and wait for the train, ok?
It's gonna stop about
10, 15 yards from here,
and when it does, you set
that timer for one minute.
That'll give me 60 seconds
to call the loot,
and when you egg
is done,
you and the truck
come get me.
What do I do
while I'm waiting?
Get your
shoulders up.
Bulk up. Think big.
Be big like the Swede.
It's a great day
to be big, Larry.
It is a great
day to be big.
Be big, Larry!
Here she comes.
Here she comes. Here she comes.
1, 2, 3.
Hey. Hey!
on the tracks, Dwayne.
I don't see nothing
but my bet.
Stop. Stop. Stop. Hey.
N... no. No!
Yaah! Ooh!
Maybe that was a moose
you saw out there.
Maybe the old gal
I think there's something
out there, Dwayne.
Well, I ain't stopping
the train, Doug.
Now bet.
I'm stopping her.
You went
and hit something.
Maybe we hit a cow.
Cows don't
burn, Doug.
Sure, they do.
Well, not that much.
You ok, Larry?
No. I'm not ok.
This ain't going
like you said.
What you're hearing is
the silver lining, Larry.
It's fourth and long,
and we ain't punting.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
We're into plan "b."
Let's go.
Dwayne, Louis.
Doug really nailed
something big this time.
Got to go get your car, Larry.
I don't think my car will make it up
that goat trail.
Yes, it will.
Just do it, go.
He says we hit something.
Oh. Hey.
This is a stickup.
Freeze! Don't move!
I say, "you freeze.
I don't move."
No, no, no.
You freeze.
You don't move.
This is a stickup.
All right. Yeah.
Where's the money.
Where do you keep the money?
Oh, the dollars.
Just right in the back.
Do you hear me, Louie?
We think it's a truck...
And I think
it's the Swede's.
Can't tell you if he was in it or not,
but if he's alive...
How do you turn
this thing off?
You just turn off
the knob.
Which one?
The big one.
...because I'm not taking
the blame for this.
Well, you said
it was a cow.
Well, you said it was...
Aah! Oh!
Oh, shit.
Hey, what...
Now, you'll
need this.
You know what to do.
There you go.
Take the bag.
Take the bag.
I'll give you the money.
Oh, shit.
There you go.
Lock it up.
Yes, sir.
Oh, absolutely. My ass,
I don't want to be shot in there.
Come on, Larry.
Goat trail.
He's gone.
You can...
He's gone.
Yeah. Well...
Maybe we should
call the police.
Yaah! Yaah!
Oh, bud!
Bud. Where were you,
You were supposed to be
at the mail car.
We're dead.
We're not dead. Hand onto something.
Ok, Larry?
You're going back
to the diner
like as if nothing
has happened.
We made it, Larry.
We made it! Yes! We did it.
Bud, where are you, bud?
Pick up, bud.
This is sheriff knudson.
Go for bud.
Hey, bud, we're gonna
need you and your truck.
Got a tow job for you
out here at north point.
North point?
Yeah. Well, this guy pointed
a gun at me,
and I just put
my hands up like this,
and I told him, "freeze.
Don't move, please,"
and so he took
the money bag
and picked it out.
Ok, but the only thing
you two guys are certain of
is that
they were black?
Oh, black, yes,
all over black.
Ah, oui.
All over.
They let you guys deliver
all this cash
with the security
of a dump truck?
The mail car
is an armored car, hmm?
Jacques himself
is armed, as you can see.
Uh-huh. Eh?
Yeah, sorry.
All right.
This is the part
that I don't
get, ok?
If you know that the door
is all you got,
why'd you open it?
He knocked, yeah?
Brand-new truck.
What a shame.
Oh, no.
a souvenir, sir.
Really sorry
about that.
What'd he say?
Must be Swedish.
Mm... Mm.
Man, I haven't been
this hungry in years.
Warden, what I was saying
is that I can't help
but think this whole thing
was personal.
The sheer volume
of malice is incredible.
If I was you,
I'd be checking
all recently released prisoners
or escapees.
When I find this man,
I'm gonna eat his brains
with a teaspoon
while he begs
for mercy from me.
Oh, yeah.
I can't wait to
go to jail, sir.
You know, when I go to my kitchen job
at the prison.
That's what
I was talking about.
Maybe you need a ride
because your truck
was hit by a train.
Reminds me, warden.
I won't be clocking in tomorrow
on account of a guy I met when I was
hauling that wreck off the tracks.
Offered me steady pay
at the salvage yard
it's a much better offer
than Mr. lauter's deal,
so, uh, hey.
I need to talk
to you, a chat.
But taking that jail work
isn't something
you should've shot me
out of the blue.
You don't
get it, bud.
I'm out.
You can keep the money.
I'd rather go to
jail than touch it.
You got what we call in the trade
the post-heist jitters.
You don't talk to me anymore.
You caught me every
step of the way
on that truck
and the whole thing.
It was nothing like
you said it would be.
You got the whole state
on a manhunt after us,
and we're living
in the executioner's house.
I mean it, bud. I don't trust you,
and I don't know you.
Ok. Don't crack, Larry.
Whatever you do, do not crack
there will be
no cracking, all right?
You go to hell, bud.
Larry, I love you.
He'll thank me.
Morning, warden.
Morning, sir.
Better not smile.
Now get to work.
All right, everybody.
Back to your cells.
The best things
in life are free...
Hey, rockefeller.
Thank you.
I want money
what I want
That's all I want
what I want
That's what I want
that's all I want
what I want
Money don't get everything,
it's true
What it don't, baby,
I can't use
I want money
what I want
That's all I want
what I want
That's what I want
that's all I want
what I want
what I want
Oh, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, judge.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
I want you to shut every hole
in your body now.
Yes, sir.
You don't have
much of a case here.
You don't.
Let me tell you
He's buying steaks,
buying tennis shoes,
and he's spending
this worn-out money left and right,
and I say
let's go get him.
This is federal court.
You got to keep it out of it.
He goes into federal court
straight into a federal prison.
I want this monkey
behind my bars.
I'm beginning to have
a problem with this meeting.
Rolf, why don't you let me
remind you of something there.
Remember the turk,
that convict
that was determined
to take you,
kill you,
blow you away?
I let him loose so
I could get rid of him
at your request.
Remember that?
No. I don't
remember that.
At my request? Oh, no, no.
You don't remember that?
Oh, no.
Ho ho ho! Oh, no.
Ha ha ha!
I know all about him,
and I'm up to my nuts in this thing.
I even got this
wonderful polarski girl
climbing up my ass,
asking me a whole lot of big, fancy
Washington questions.
You know, I really should do
something about that.
You know that, Rolf.
I'll deliver Dyerson to you.
I will deliver
Dyerson to you!
You just keep your hands
off my daughter.
We got a deal.
Larry, what's going on?
Son, stay down here!
Norm, back him up.
Come on, bud,
get out of there!
Anything you say
can be used against you...
If you decide not...
You still have the right...
He's not even
dressed yet!
Bud, what's
going on?
what's going on?
I don't have
one hint.
Um... Father showed me
a list of your charges, bud.
42 offenses? Did you
really do all that?
Nah, they want
a scapegoat.
So they trump up everything
I ever did since I was a kid.
Joyriding, parking tickets,
the whole package.
Well, what about
sex with a minor?
What was that?
Honey, that was you.
So I copped to it
to avoid a trial where
you'd all have to testify
about my character.
Liv, your father, Larry.
Why not?
Can't put Larry on the stand.
Mr. and Mrs. Dyerson?
Hi, I'm agent polarski
from the FBI.
And, uh,
deputy knudsen.
Miss Dyerson,
I was hoping to have
a little word alone
with your husband,
if I may.
Inga: Sure.
Can you step aside
for the nice lady agent?
Ok. Bye, bear.
Bye, honey.
See you later.
You got a key
for this? Miss, uh...
Oh, you don't
remember me, hi.
I kind of thought
that you did, but...
Well, I'm thinking I do,
but then I'm also
thinking I, uh...
We went at
the same time.
Yeah, right, Karen!
Hi, how are you?
You were a little bit
chunky and shorter
with the glasses, right?
Yeah, uh,
listen, bud.
I'm here to talk to
you about your plea
'cause you're gonna
have to change it.
Warden Sorenson can
put you in his jail
the public defender told me
I can get probation,
the judge can hand out
any sentence he wants.
Tell me that you put the
truck on those tracks,
and I'll put you in
a safe federal facility
where your life
will not be in danger.
You're good.
You're real good.
That's what all this
is about, right?
Want me to cop
for that truck thing.
I'm sorry, lady,
your trick didn't work.
Listen, bud, I know
that you did it,
I'm just trying
to help you.
Ma'am, visiting hours
are over.
Yeah, I'm sure
that they are.
Change your county plea,
or cop to federal.
See you in another
20 years, there, Karen.
You know what?
I really hope so.
For pronouncing sentence,
this court...
Yes, what is it?
May I approach
the bench, sir?
Now, it has come
to the FBI's attention
in the currency-run
train robbery.
What does that
have to do with
this particular
Father-in-law's truck
in order to rob that train?
Rolf, she's goin'
overboard a little here.
Please, for god's
sake, sit down.
Daddy, don't do this.
Sit down. I'm trying
to save your life.
Sit down.
Sit down!
Everyone in this town
knows what's going on here.
Now, if you put that boy
in Sorenson's jail,
then you can just
kiss his ass good-bye.
Because even two weeks
will be as good as a death sentence.
Wait... wait a second,
you're not showing
proper respect
for this court.
This is
a court of law,
ah, this is not
a soapbox.
You just take your seat
like the judge says.
Is it lawful to shoot
a convict in the back?
Oh, come on.
Shuyler Quincy Dyerson,
this court
sentences you
to 20 years hard labor
in the state
Hand the convicted over
to warden Sorenson.
Ha ha!
Your honor!
This is a mistake!
My baby!
My god... her baby!
So I guess you heard
about Inga, right?
I'm sorry, bud.
Me, too.
Maybe it's
for the best.
Maybe losing
the baby will give
me and Inga a new
lease on life,
well, what was it you
wanted to talk to me about?
I keep getting these notes
from the guards from you...
I got a plan, Larry.
Oh, I should've seen
that coming.
I'm leaving, bud.
Larry... Larry?
I can turn you in.
I could, you know.
You'd probably be a lot
better off if I did,
'cause your life is hell
right now, isn't it?
Someone has a big bag
of cash out there
with your name on it,
and you know where it is.
You get shit on in here.
At home, you're the
warden's whoopin' boy.
You got the escape funds
but you're screwed,
Larry, you are screwed.
I think maybe you got it
backwards, bud.
I got a wife
and I got a job.
You're the one that's
sitting in here for 20 years.
You'll come around,
You'll come around.
Warden wants to
see you right now.
Come on, move!
Get back to work.
Hey! Get back
to work.
One, two.
Sometimes I feel
like a motherless
Ah, there he is.
Well, how you
doin' there, son?
I like your outfit,
you look pretty good in that.
Thank you, sir.
Ha ha ha!
Glad you stopped by.
Come on in.
You know, I haven't
had a chance to...
To talk to you
since... no, no, no,
sit over here in... in
the boss's chair.
Go ahead, sit down.
You know, one thing
I like to do
with the young guys
that come in here
to... to give them a...
You know, a little bit
of advice.
Eh, you know,
so you don't have to
go to the gladiators,
ha ha ha!
Hey, you know you got
a lot of tension
in these shoulders, there.
That... that hurt?
Not too bad.
You know, listen,
there's a fellow around here
really gives good massages.
He's a good-looking guy,
we call him handsome.
I heard the warden
gave you special orders
said any con can do
what they want with him.
Anything that can
look like he fell down
a flight of stairs.
But easy on the face.
Easy on the face.
Goofing off again,
Sit down over there,
come on!
My nose ring...
My no... my no...
Get up!
Warden Sorenson,
congratulations on
your new truck.
I'm... I'm sorry...
Bullshit. Just give
me the keys.
Yes, sir.
Sure am glad you got
that insurance plan.
See you later.
Yes, sir.
Born again.
Anyone looking for
a new truck?
true love
is a two-way street
Bum, bum
it's the happy beat
Of a two-way street
I repeat that love
true love
is a sugar cake
Bum, bum
if you give and take
Then your heart won't ache
or break
I don't want to kiss you
unless you kiss me back
I don't want to hug you unless
you're hugging me back
I don't want to hold you
unless you're holding me back
So don't hold
back with your love
'Cause love
true love
is a two-way street
Bum, bum
it's the happy beat
Of a two-way street
and they were kissin'.
They're married women,
what are they thinking?
Ah, face it, bud.
You got a girl pregnant
you had no plans
to marry.
She and her sister
were just playing wives
and having fun,
and now the fun's over.
And we were dumb.
Any other news
to report, Larry,
besides the fact
that we were dumb?
Well, my car died.
For good.
So I'm walking.
But, hey, how's
it going in here
with, uh,
the beatings?
One day at a time.
One day at a time.
What, Larry?
What is it?
I'm in, bud.
I'm in!
With your plan.
Larry, you better
be sure about this.
'Cause I'm gonna tell
you the truth for
the first time
since I've known you.
It's a one-shot deal.
It's not
going to be easy.
It'll make that train
look like
just another day, partner.
What do you say, kid?
Um, may I speak
with you
Mr. Swede, sir?
Who the hell is it?
It's the husband of
your daughter.
The husband of my...
Ha ha ha!
Heh... heh... oh, jeez.
Come on in, Gary.
Um, the name is
Larry, sir.
Yeah, well...
Gary's ok, too.
Husband of my daughter,
sit... sit down, there.
I'm gonna gut
that mutt...
One thing that's
plain as the nose on...
On your face is that
you're finished,
it's all over between
you and my daughter.
And it's not because
I like these other
punks better than you,
it's just that...
Now I got a whole
new set of problems,
thanks to you
and this other mutt.
But I'll tell you
what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna ask the judge
to give you
a quickie divorce.
Ok, and from now on
I'm gonna take
all my meals here
in the prison,
and that'll give you
lunch hour to
clean my truck up.
I'm gettin' a little
long in the tooth.
The only thing worse
than being a loser
is not knowing when
to cut your losses
and get the hell out.
Can you understand that?
Good boy.
Now... I got
your record here...
Somewhere in the drawer,
I want to show you something.
Come on!
Lauter, bring bud Dyerson
to my office, now!
Bring bud Dyerson to my...
Ah... eh!
Lauter? Bring bud Dyerson
to my office, now!
It's getting better.
Good punch.
Ready to die?
Dyerson, you're next.
I'll shoot you
like I did him.
Lauter, bring him on up
here, I need to talk to him.
Lauter? Shove
Dyerson in here
and go downstairs
and do a headcount.
Do it now!
And close that
dad-gum door,
it's gettin' a little
chilly in here.
Come on, he wants
that headcount.
Bud... Bud!
Oh, my god!
Bud. Bud, I shot
that big scarred guy
and I think
I killed him.
I shot that guy. It's ok.
Don't crack.
I won't. Don't fall apart
on me now. Not now!
Shut the fuck up!
Ok, shh, they're
taking the headcount.
Everybody's busy,
it's perfect.
Now's our chance, let's go.
Bud! What about
the Swede?
Well, lauter
finishes the headcount
and he comes back up here.
And finds a
bashed-in Swede.
No, I just hit him with
the microphone a lot.
And we'll only be
a mile down the road.
You got a point.
I do?
Let's see.
All right...
Catch him!
Catch him!
Get him!
Swede, go back in!
Take it easy.
Load him up.
Load him up? Ok.
There we go...
Sir, he's got
the headcount for...
Two unaccounted for.
Inmate bud Dyerson,
kitchen staff
Larry Lundstrom.
Warden's gone, too?
I better go
and check downstairs.
I better go check
Hey, you! Was that
the Swede in the truck?
I think so, sir.
Something's wrong here.
Get out of my way!
We made it. Hah!
We made it, Larry!
Good job. Good work.
All right!
Larry? Larry,
what are you doing?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?!
Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
Not here.
Come on.
Those scheming
sons of bitches!
Son of a bitch.
Earl! Come in!
Earl, do you read me?
It's lauter!
There's been a prison break,
for Christ's sake!
They stole the Swede
and his truck to do it!
I'll be there.
I'm on their tail
for Christ's sake!
I need backup!
What's he doing,
He's weaving like us.
I think I'm gonna be sick again.
No, no, no!
See if you can cut 'em off
at wander road.
Move your ass!
I've got the pooch, lauter.
We're gonna take
a left up here. Right.
No, left!
Right! Hold on!
Lauter's coming
across that field, bud.
I can see him!
where are you going?
This way!
I don't know!
Hang on, Larry!
Where's the road?
I'm gonna get you
sons of bitches!
Oh, jeez!
Oh, shit!
- Oh!
- Whoo!
Bump, Larry... bump!
Larry, bump!
Larry, bump!
Ow, ow, ow!
Where did you put
the money, Larry?
Go up this way.
Go this way!
Where's Larry?
Where are you, lauter?
I'm currently stuck
in Jake's sandpit,
and they're headed east
just past the landfill.
I know that dump.
Go that way.
The garage is up there,
where I put the money.
Ok. All right,
good work, Larry.
Thank you.
Right there. The garage
is over there.
I got it. I got it.
Right there.
I put it right
over there last night,
and the money's
in that barrel.
Yes! Good work, Larry.
Good job.
Let's get out of here.
Wa... wait. What do we
do about the Swede?
We'll find something
to tie him up with.
We'll leave him here.
Go check on him.
Might be time for another
conk on the head, you know?
Ha ha! Guess who's
back in town.
Santa claus.
Yeah. You know,
I don't feel too good.
Somehow, you know,
my head hurts.
And somebody gave me
a terrible...
Bang on the head.
Could it... was it one
of you fellows
that did that?
That was Larry.
It wasn't planned.
I'll tell you what
we're gonna do.
We're gonna take a ride
in my old truck.
And, uh, you guys
ride in the back
and I'll be
in the front seat.
Where are we going,
Maybe we'll go
all the way to hell!
Come on. Come on.
Real slow, now.
Real slow.
Oh, take your
laundry there.
Go on.
That's the stuff.
Now, I want you to
hop in there, uh,
hog snot. Get in
there. Go on.
Take your laundry
with you.
Well, I'm
gonna give you
a multiple choice,
Either you're gonna
get this...
Right through
your schnoz,
or you can go with
the trash chariot.
What's it gonna be?
Lead or trash?
Trash chariot.
Trash chariot. Trash
Ok, ha ha!
I'll see you in church!
We're gonna get squished!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, shit.
Ha ha ha.
Hi there!
Oh, yeah,
we had a little rumble there.
Yeah, you got
a cut there.
Well, I'm ok now.
Are there people
in that truck?
Oh, I wouldn't...
I wouldn't...
Are there people in
that... did you put...
Stop it.
I don't know how to stop it.
Turn the truck off,
I don't know
how to do that.
Turn it off!
I'm not the garbage man.
Then back away.
Back away.
Back away.
I'll have to get rid
of this little popper here,
that's it.
You better take your shoe off.
Fuck you!
I'll break your
fucking wrist.
I think there's
a door over there.
You used a bad word.
I'm gonna give you
a little... mm!
Aah! Aah!
Sick old man!
You sick old man!
You know, this is
hurting you a lot more
than it is me, and that's
the way it ought to be.
I want you to go
back home to Washington
and tell all your
muff-diving friends
how we take care
of business out here, huh?
Right, heh heh.
Ok. Okey-dokey.
Get us
out of here, Larry!
Hey, you dingleberries!
Stop it right
there, warden!
Huh? Ohh.
Are we gonna have to go
through all this shit again?
Jeez... fuckin'...
I got to sit down.
Ahh... Oh, god.
Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
I think we should
leave this way.
Yeah. Go.
Come on. Come on.
You hurt me.
I'm gonna call
an ambulance.
Let's leave in
this truck.
Polarski here.
Listen, we need an
ambulance right away
down at Jake's garage.
I'm coming home.
What day is it?
It's Friday
the 19th, warden.
I'm mad about my truck.
We made it, Larry!
We made it!
We made it,
we're free!
We're free!
We're free!
We are free!
Come in, lauter.
Where the hell are
those convicts?
Where did butch
and Sundance go?
Andale, Bolivia!
Ha ha ha!
Let's see what
we got here.
While we're gonna be
in here for a while,
I want you to clean up
everything around here,
it's brown and I don't
like anything brown.
You understand?
Yeah? What do you want?
Inmate Sorenson.
You are out of uniform, sir.
Well, you're out
of line!
What do you think
about that? Hah!
Hey, who are you?
You don't recognize me?
I think I know
who you are.
But, uh...
I don't know,
there's something
about you I don't like.
I'm glad
to hear that, sir.
I'm the new warden.
This is gonna be fun!
Gosh, this must be the nicest
restaurant in
the whole world.
Order a drink,
We can afford it.
Where is juanita?
She's got a surprise
for you, Larry.
For me?
Oh, look!
There she is.
Larry, you're about to meet juanita's
sister... vita.
She's pretty.
Mi padre.
Mi padre.
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