Freedom Fields (2018) Movie Script

Oh, free one
We truly missed you
We will stay here
So the pain goes away
We will live here
The melody will sweeten
My homeland, my homeland
Home of pride
My homeland, my homeland
My homeland is me
We struggled so long
To achieve the dream
We'll walk towards the pain
The reward is worth it
We will live here
So the pain goes away
We will live here
The melody will sweeten
We will live here
So the pain goes away
We will live here
The melody will sweeten
- Tomorrow, the real thing begins.
- God willing.
The banging starts, as we say in
Libya. It starts to get real.
I will shrink.
The last ice-cream. Bye.
I hope it's a sweet beginning.
We had many beginnings,
but only beginnings.
It's the same old story,
beginnings without truth, without...
beginnings without endings.
God willing,
this time will be different.
These power cuts are a problem.
Pass me a candle.
This is Rasha.
She won best player
in the championship.
No, top scorer.
She won top scorer in the championship.
This is Fadwa, she won best player.
And I won best goalkeeper, of
course. I won best goalkeeper.
This is Tarik El Taib,
he plays for Libya.
He is the best player
in the Arab world.
And from the rest of the world
there is... Iniesta, Xavi and Messi.
This is Messi.
Messi needs no introduction,
of course.
Who doesn't know Messi!
When we were kids, football for women
in Libya didn't exist.
We should support and
encourage them.
They might even bring home the cup.
We never get to participate.
In Germany they've been playing
women's football for a while now.
Yeah, I mean their team is huge.
They play in the European Championship.
The Germans are strong.
Maybe we'll beat Palestine!
Or at least get a draw!
- God willing.
- Or a decent result at least.
We'll just defend and that's it.
Tonight, they have a meeting
with the Women's Federation.
There's a 70-80% chance
of them approving the budget today.
They haven't even approved
the budget yet?
The girls have been praying all day.
We were recruited two weeks ago
to work with the Libyan women's
national football team.
We're selecting from the Tripoli area
and awaiting arrivals
from the eastern region.
Hopefully in a week or so
the team will be ready
and we can start preparing
on a more serious level.
How many women will you select?
There will be 35 athletes in total.
I didn't buy them. They were a gift!
Put your hands like this.
You really do look slimmer
from behind, Halima.
Stand as if you're waiting for
a free kick.
Abood will shoot and miss, come on!
- Should we move forward a bit?
- Yes, more... Forward.
- More?
- Okay, forward.
Fadwa, shoot!
You're playing number nine?
I've been positioning you next to me
this whole time,
and now you're the striker?
I've always played number nine.
I'm here to discuss
something you know all about.
It's the tournament in Germany,
which will take place
during Ramadan.
It's a tournament for
six Arab countries.
Is that leaked information?
- No, we approved it with management.
- No problem, it's fine.
And they chose
the Libyan women's team.
Come on, girls! Come on!
Determination, will, strength!
Whose daughter is this?
Is she the daughter of a Jew?
Or the daughter of an atheist?
It is written in her father's ID
cards that he is Muslim.
Just what our country needs...
A women's football team!
And what's more, they chose tall,
young, beautiful girls for the team.
And for months,
their legs will be exposed.
Where are God's boundaries?
Where is the fear of God?
Shooting from the sidelines
and shaking up the defense,
hoping to play
an honorable international match
despite the lack of support
from the Libyan street.
Their problem isn't football,
or girls playing football.
Their problem is that
if they let girls play football,
it means they'll have to let girls
play basketball, volleyball, go swimming
and let them do a lot of things.
That's their problem.
So you're pioneers for a new Libya.
I'm here today to show the support
of the British government
for the efforts the Libyan FA are making
to encourage women's football.
In terms of support and
encouragement, it will happen.
At the end of the day it's a cultural
problem. We are an Islamic society.
grow up
to get married.
This is it.
The story of life.
If you didn't go through this...
all of it,
you didn't do it right.
It's wrong.
My mom, she's not mad because I
play. She's not against it.
She thinks it's time to quit,
though. She wants me to get married.
I'm supposed to get married
by the end of next year.
What do you want to do?
You should stop everything you do
and just focus.
And think.
It's hard to do everything.
And you can't have everything.
It seems like the revival
of the Libyan women's football team
is facing risks and struggling
to convince society to accept them.
If I have a desire to be a football
player, then that is my desire.
One should not forget
one's religion.
And at the same time
one must also fulfill one's desires.
My dream is to have
a home and a family.
My bigger dream is for
women to advance.
So far, everyone that got married
had to quit playing.
So, this is something
that there is no escaping.
Ismail, do you want the washing tub?
Take those blue ones to Ismail.
My family says,
"Nama, go. There's no problem."
It's fine, I'm free.
We don't allow our spirit
to weaken, no matter what.
She's brave for herself
and for her country, Libya.
Nama is good.
Was Halima about to cry? For real?
It's best not to read that rubbish
on Facebook.
My brother said, "I didn't agree
with you going to practice,
but I got over it when you told us
that you wear decent clothing."
I told my mom to ask
Dad to talk to me.
He said, "It's not about you.
I'm not against you.
It's not shameful."
You think we're comfortable with
this? They're making fun of us, too,
not just the girls.
You see it on the net,
you hear the talk,
a women's team
is never going to happen.
Why not? It will happen,
and you can play.
I want you to make us proud.
We want you to own this.
- Who is it from?
- Ansar Al-Sharia.
Ansar Al-Sharia.
"Ansar Al-Sharia."
"Statement number 12
on the Libyan women's team."
"We, like all Muslims,
strongly refute
what the supporters of immoral
westernization are doing
under the pretext of
women's freedom."
"This might lead to other sports
with even more nudity,
such as swimming and running."
"This matter should be prohibited."
"Whoever sees evil,
he must change it with his hands."
"If he can't, then he must change it
with his words."
I'm just not afraid.
Why can't we girls play?
We're the same as the guys.
We can represent our country.
Really, no sugar or anything,
and it's not even expensive.
It's just mint, yes.
It's green tea, healthy!
We'll get stuck here.
There must be a celebration
Maybe I'll just spend
the night with you.
Yeah, sure.
Actually no, let's go home!
Bullets? Not fireworks?
Even if it's bullets,
tell me it's fireworks!
That was bullets being fired.
I sewed my buttons today.
I sewed this for the
first time ever.
I sewed my button before you came.
I swear, all by myself!
What's happening?
What's their problem?
- She said there's fighting.
- But why?
Why is it happening?
Is it the Zintan militia?
Is it between two militias?
- It's on Al Jazeera.
- Ah, okay.
The bombing is on Al Jazeera.
They issued a statement saying
that any armed group on the streets
is out of the State's control.
If this is happening then it means
that Gaddafi's side has reclaimed
the revolution after all.
Shut up, you idiot!
A lot of people are terrified
and terrorized...
It's Fadoush. Fadwa...
I swear, I cried actual
tears that day.
Why would Halima cry over a trip?
I don't have any luck.
God, I want to travel!
I imagine myself catching the ball
at the farthest corner.
I picture myself going out of goal
to defend.
I picture you scoring
and me hugging you.
Unforgettable moments!
We just have to get on the plane.
Yeah, that's it.
God willing, it will be fine.
Pray for us.
It's a pleasure to
meet you all today.
As you know, there was a vote
within the Football Federation,
and we supported
having a women's football team.
Ms. Soad is here.
The main concern
of the Football Federation
is keeping all the players
of the Libyan Federation safe.
From what we have seen recently
there was a really horrific campaign
against the women's team.
You're probably following it on
Facebook and seeing the comments.
There was a really, really
vicious attack.
Be assured that the decision
not to participate
was for your benefit.
If we wanted to dissolve the
football team no one could stop us.
If any of you have something to say,
please do.
You've said the issue is security.
We couldn't go
because we were in danger.
Another match, another tournament,
can you promise we'll get to play?
Hold on a moment! Just a minute!
You said that the problem was security.
If it was security,
we wait five, six more years...
You don't understand
the security situation.
We were afraid that someone
would assault you.
So, for future tournaments,
hopefully it won't be during Ramadan,
that's one thing.
We can put that aside.
You knew we would be traveling
during Ramadan, right?
On 20th July.
How didn't you know?
Wasn't it set for 7th July?
We didn't calculate.
Asia, these are administrative
They started mentioning us by name,
me and Mr. Anwar,
saying that we are ruining morals
in Libya.
This talk reached our homes.
We're not only talking about
Islamic extremists.
There was always some new problem,
Ansar Sharia, and all that.
And we were all set
to go, no problem.
And then at the very last minute you
say it's cancelled. That's an issue.
Wait a second!
Wait, I'll explain to you!
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance
for us.
Why once in a lifetime?
For us it was
a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
This is no solution. Even if we didn't
go, we want you to support us.
We are fighting
because we are girls.
Nice to meet you.
I have two things to say.
First, I want to introduce you to the
players of the women's football team.
You have players from all areas,
from all over Libya.
Daughters of respectable,
conservative families.
You have dentists, doctors,
language and economics graduates.
We are not girls who have nothing
to do but football.
The way the Football Federation
handled this issue
made us feel marginalized,
discarded, as if we're nothing.
Everything was late.
This team is like a seed.
If you don't help this seed,
if you don't water it and don't take
care of it right now, it will be ruined.
You say that you will help the team.
We want to know
how you're going to help us.
If we're left hanging, everyone
will move on with their lives
and the team will automatically
be dissolved.
The revolution is not ours anymore.
The revolution is gone.
It evaporated.
It was my goal
to play on the national team.
But the Football Federation
is not respected by us,
is not helping us and doesn't...
We tried really hard,
me and the other girls.
So that's it.
While the circumstances and the people
in charge remain the same,
I'm lying to myself.
You reach a point
where you have to make a choice.
I shouldn't have to choose marriage
over football.
Or football over marriage.
But that's what I did.
That's it, I don't regret anything.
Circumstances made me do it.
- Did my dad sit down?
- Did you make him breakfast?
The bread's over there.
Please put the leftovers away.
Abadi the pee-er.
Did you poo?
In the nappy?
- Nappy.
- Nappy.
I swear I'm really tired.
The house, though,
the house is nothing but work.
It's been years now
and not a single person has returned
to our home town, Tawergha.
It's a dark, abandoned town now.
It's empty.
Everyone who passes through it -
Misratis, people -
say that Tawergha is dark.
Tawergha is abandoned.
Tawergha has checkpoints.
How can they tell us to go back now?
How can we go back
when there is no safety or security?
We'd all be killed.
But even if we go back now
when it's not safe,
it's still better to die on our land
than another's.
We no longer understand anything.
No one cares, really.
May God forgive
whoever was behind all of this.
It looks like something involving
the Taliban or Afghanistan.
You'd never think this was in Libya.
God help us. chase these terrorist groups,
these murderers,
they must be chased out of every
street and every house.
Their program is all organized. The
only problem is how to get to Tunisia.
But via Tunisia... My family won't let
me go via Tunisia alone by road.
But I'll just say I'm traveling with
Fadwa and the other girls via Egypt,
not alone.
I want to go to a coach training
session in Cameroon.
It's a shame Fadwa is not going.
Honestly, she's one of my
best friends on the team.
I have fear, yet no fear.
The roads aren't safe, to be honest.
It's not safe for a girl to travel alone
on the road from Libya to Tunisia.
It makes me feel on edge.
At the border...
I'm scared because it will
soon be night on the road.
No, there is no need to be scared.
You should be scared here in Libya,
not in Tunisia.
I ask God for forgiveness.
Peace be with you.
Where are you going?
- What federation? Football? Basketball?
- You're Libyans, right?
- Yes.
- Football.
I have an event I have
to attend, please.
Libya is in turmoil
and you're thinking about sport?
Listen to me, with or without
documents, they won't get in.
Plus, they don't have a male
guardian, so they can't pass.
Sorry, why?
It's the first I've heard
about needing male guardians here.
- Here are my papers!
- Safe trip home.
I swear it's for my
education, please!
I'm in sports too, by the way.
- Please, God bless you, please!
- The gateway's closed. Leave!
I must attend. Please! Please!
For the love of your
family, please...
Please don't stop me. Please!
Turn around and go home.
I'm living my dream right now
doing work that I love.
I moved forward with
my life, my journey.
I'm completely satisfied
with how far I've come.
To work comfortably
in the oil sector,
to be an engineer,
and have the whole
company rely on you,
it's beautiful, it's amazing.
I still have dreams,
dreams that I left behind,
like football.
Dreams that didn't work out for me.
I put them aside.
Maybe I should just give up.
I can't go to Germany.
I can't go to Cameroon.
Why? Who knows.
Everyone hates us in this country.
Here in Libya we live and breathe
killing, fighting, war, problems -
so-and-so is dead, so-and-so
has been kidnapped, and so on.
So, to be honest it hurts.
My country really breaks my heart.
Thanks to God,
my sister is about to get married.
I'm waiting for that moment
as if it was my own wedding.
The groom's family has come!
Hamoodi, come here!
I'll change your clothes
later, come here!
Look, Sumaya, those poor people.
- Who is it?
- It's ISIS, God take them away!
45 dead in Benghazi,
there was an explosion.
Their flesh was in pieces.
How sad.
ISIS took responsibility for it.
This is what Gaddafi was talking
about. He said you will suffer.
In the past, all of Libya was good.
But now there's war everywhere.
No security, nothing.
Give me some of that.
Mom, you can smell
it from over here.
I swear Mom, it tastes like...
It has too much fat, Nama.
We grow weary from this estrangement
I want to go back to our home...
Show me.
People of kindness and principles
And God willing
you will return my home town...
- It's nice, I told you.
- It's amazing. Yeah.
I want to go back to our home town,
We grow weary from this estrangement
Where are the state and the law?
We grow weary...
These are the palm
trees of Tawergha.
Currently, I'm single.
I'm not in love with anyone.
I love the people who love me,
and that's it.
But a special loving relationship,
I don't have that yet.
I was in love, but
it didn't work out.
Some people love with their hearts
and some don't.
Some just play at it.
It's not good to love.
I love my studies.
I love my profession.
My family asks why I'm
not married yet,
but they know I'm studying.
That's all they know.
I love you so much, Adele.
Who do I have, other than my child?
If I get sick, he cures me
Who do I have, other than my child?
If I get sick, he cures me...
- In the name of Allah the Merciful.
- In the name of Allah the Merciful.
That is the basis for human urbanism
and competitive conflict
in the development of...
Sadness alone is her enemy
Blessed is the night
that brought her...
Do that, and he will soon sleep.
Hey, the electricity
has been cut again.
Are there any lights outside?
No, it's out up to Uncle Ziad's.
Ah Hassan, can you
bring the candles?
Where did Hassan go?
Who is screaming over there?
Stay here! Go, go, go! Go inside!
Mom, move over!
They're at the checkpoint, I
told you. They're Misratis.
Mommy, Mommy!
The boy is crying. Come here.
Oh, my God! My son!
Your son is crying.
Just go! Go!
You're asking me what happened?
I don't know, exactly.
They said it was a fight.
You were closer than me.
Didn't the fight happen next to you?
Aisha said, "They came in on me.
My heart almost stopped."
She said she will build
a metal gate.
A metal door?
We're into four minutes
of extra time
in Libya versus Zimbabwe...
It's going well so far.
It's the first time they've reached
the semi-final. It's all good.
Hopefully, it will work out.
Hopefully they will do their best,
God willing.
One more goal!
I'm happy for the players who won,
but not for Libya as a national team.
It's okay for men but not for women.
How come we don't have all this respect?
What do you mean, it
doesn't honor you?
I swear... Take it or leave it,
but I swear we used to play
in the previous regime.
In this new era,
we were proud and said
that Libya is free.
I didn't see any freedom
or anything.
Nothing but abuse and malice.
Even in Tehran, they play football.
Afghanistan play football.
Saudi Arabia play football.
These countries that uphold Sharia.
Why can't we participate?
It's always boys, boys, boys.
Our national team
Our precious, always up high
Your love is always with me
Oh, how precious you are...
Hello? Hi, Halima. How are you?
Photocopy the English part
from the passport?
And the passport number?
Okay, God willing.
Okay, I'll send it when I get home.
Is it safe for the players?
Because we would not want that
any player puts herself in danger...
This is why we stopped training,
because in Libya it's not safe.
This is very dangerous
now for women.
So, the only thing that could be
a problem is, when it's very unsafe
there won't be any flights
from Libya to Lebanon.
No, no. I hope in July, I hope
Libya will be better than better.
You said you would be joining
with the team,
but not officially
from the Football Federation.
- Yeah.
- It's more like a private team.
Yeah, it's a private team. We can do
everything to get us to come to Lebanon,
to play there.
Maybe one week...
next week, we will start training.
Would it be the first international
match that you would be playing?
That would be so cool
if we can make this happen.
Where have you been, Halima?
Gosh, you got fat! Eman lost weight.
Look, your arms are up here.
How can you compare?
Look at you and your shoulders.
She pretends no one is passing to her,
when really she's too tired to run!
Hello, Myriam! How are you?
I wanted to tell you that we have a
trip on the first day of Eid.
God willing, we're going to Lebanon.
So, your mother agreed
and all is good?
Okay, good!
How are you?
How is everything? How are you?
I stopped exercising
after the Germany disaster.
Yeah, I seriously need
to lose weight.
When is your wedding?
- I'm not having a wedding.
- You're done?
- That's it, you quit?
- Yes, I quit!
- I thought you were engaged?
- No, I tried, but it didn't work out.
It's tough.
Too many restrictions.
I was in America recently.
I swear, it was unreal! Paradise.
What kind of a life are we living here?
It was crazy.
People live in a weird luxury there.
People are nice, hanging out in
their pajamas in the supermarket,
and they are all okay with it.
They don't look at
you or bother you.
Okay, Fadwa. We really are going,
I swear to you.
I told her we're going privately.
Neither the Federation nor Libya
has anything to do with us.
And we will start practicing next
week, from next Saturday.
And in Ramadan we'll train at night. God
willing, it'll be calm during Ramadan.
I'll talk to the guy
who owns the field.
He said it will be made
completely secure.
No one will harass or talk to you.
He said it's completely safe.
It's better if we don't arrive together
by bus, so we don't attract attention.
Think about it. You have
until tonight, if you want to go.
We have to practice quietly,
softly, under the radar,
if we want to get there.
You never know how
people will react.
Anyone can sabotage our plans right
now and stop what we are doing.
It's been cut.
People helped us and
brought their cars.
Some people do help us,
but there are those who are against us,
and we are honestly scared.
So, what can you do to us?
I mean if we go, what will you do?
Kill us?
It's not that big.
I thought it would be bigger.
Easy for you to say from here!
Try running from here to there.
I'm only playing for 10 minutes.
We want to play. We don't care
whether we win or not, we want to play.
Okay, but we want to get
a good result at least.
I'm going to play like I always do.
I want to give it my all.
We would win if we played in sevens,
but if we played elevens
we wouldn't have a sub.
If we don't have a sub, then
so be it. Let's play elevens.
It's a big pitch,
the girls are not used to it.
Don't get ahead of yourselves,
you won't be able to handle the size.
- So we quit?
- Not quit, but...
- I mean, we're playing, aren't we?
- We play, of course.
We were doing everything ourselves.
I mean, there was no help from
the Federation or anyone else.
Suddenly, they said to Hadhom,
"Either we go with you,
or you are not going".
This was where all
the problems began.
They have a need to control,
and they create problems from nothing.
All of you, use deodorant.
All of you.
All of you, let's go.
Asia, did you put on deodorant?
Myriam, did you put on deodorant?
Eman, did you put on deodorant?
Zuba, did you put on deodorant?
Fadwa, did you put on deodorant?
Nama, did you put on deodorant?
Unfortunately, we are not ready
to play in this situation.
But whatever happens, we go with it.
First of all, we came here thinking
it's seven against seven.
But our biggest problem is that
we don't have a real defense.
My second point is,
we didn't practice offside.
- Or throw-ins.
- Or throw-ins.
And fouls?
For fouls, you get hit
and you keep moving.
For throw-ins, it's unfortunate,
although in Libya nobody does it right.
Even the professional players
make mistakes.
But despite this...
We can make these mistakes
in our country,
but here, they expect
our team to be good.
It's good that we came, anyway.
We should have eleven,
like Mr. Yousef says.
They shouldn't force it on us.
Keep it together girls, please.
If everyone stays in their
positions, everything will be fine.
We'll clap whenever someone
makes a mistake.
No shouting.
Take it easy. When you get tired
just try to walk.
No problem.
You run when you have to.
When the ball's out of play,
try to take a breath.
Don't put yourselves under pressure.
It's okay. We're playing, having fun.
We're still enjoying ourselves.
Remember this.
Change direction.
No, no!
- Let's understand what happened.
- Just listen.
These are the wingers.
This is the striker.
It's her right to want
to understand.
Fadwa. Stop talking!
My job is to help.
I can't teach you anything new, now.
This needs months and years of work.
Promise me, girls. Let us all go out
together and come back together.
Just like in practice.
We go together and come back together.
This is Aziza, this is Fadwa,
this is Zuba, and this is you.
All right, girls.
God willing, we will win.
If the worst comes to the worst
we bring Nama in!
I swear we can beat them.
All praise to Allah, Lord of the
Worlds. The Beneficent, the Merciful.
Master of the Day of Recompense.
Thee only do we worship and thee we ask
for help. Guide us to the straight path.
The path of those upon whom
you have bestowed favor,
not of those who have evoked anger
or of those who go astray.
Okay, girls. Bring it in, yeah?
By determination, by power, by will,
God willing.
Nice one, Ahlam. Nice one, Ahlam.
Mark her, Asia!
Pressure Hadhom, pressure!
Pressure, Ahlam!
Go, Mariam. Go!
Well done, Mariam. Well done!
- Zuba!
- Go down, Zuba.
I don't understand their strategy.
They work hard and then they play.
Rasha, Fadwa is with
you at the front!
The only ones that stayed
are Fadwa and Rasha.
Shoot! Shoot!
Go, Asia!
Well done, Asia!
Hey, referee! Referee!
He didn't point to
the ball, referee.
Come on, girls!
Doing good!
They don't pass the ball!
Oh, she did not give it back to Hadhom!
Hadhom was asking for the ball.
She is too far away.
- What does Hadhom have to do with it?
- I swear she was asking for the ball.
- Hadhom is over there.
- So, what am I, blind?
That's enough, Soad!
- Soad!
- Take it out.
Shouting at them is good.
It sorts them out.
Halima, what's wrong?
Halima, come on. Calm
down. It's okay.
Libyans are not lucky,
from their first days.
Halima, Halima.
What's done is done. It's okay.
I see how the other teams'
managers deal with each other,
and how we remain ignorant,
backward and ashamed.
They were against anything.
For some, it was the first time
they'd left Libya,
and they wanted to mingle,
see another world.
They don't want the girls
to mix with anyone
or to learn or participate
in workshops.
Is it a love of control? Or fear?
- How is your national team doing?
- National team? The male?
- Female.
- Female? Actually, it's us.
Do you have the chance
to talk to people from Egypt
or from the other countries,
what's their situation?
To be honest, we have
really controlling management,
and they keep us from other teams.
I don't know why.
And what would they think...
Is it okay that you give this interview?
I don't know, and I don't care.
She talked to the driver. Just go.
Nadia, she's coming for us!
Really, she's coming for us.
Come on, guys!
I'm going to go out
and push the bus!
Don't stop for them!
We're afraid they'll follow us.
They don't know the place.
It's okay. We're in the bus, still.
We're suffocating!
We're suffocating!
Now free!
Now free!
Another thing,
they cannot stop us from playing,
neither her nor Mr. Yousef.
Even according to the
law, we can play.
They can't stop us.
Thank you, Libya.
You're more than welcome.
- Where is she?
- Over there.
Come here, Fadwa. Come.
- Move. Don't touch me!
- Come!
- Come!
- Don't touch me!
Go inside!
Be quiet!
Leave her alone!
Go inside!
You hit me, Soad! That's a red line.
She's not allowed to touch me!
Respect and consideration!
This is management.
I don't want management.
Management like this,
I don't want it.
- I was relying on you.
- No, no.
- I'm not afraid.
- I'm not afraid, either.
She made you like this.
She brought you here!
Soad didn't bring me here!
Enough! Enough!
Enough, leave her be.
I will book her flight back today.
She goes back today.
She takes her documents.
They're like, useless.
They're using us to get money.
They're using this trip
so they can have money
from the Federation and take it.
She didn't have anything on me.
She didn't pay for my ticket.
She's not paying. I'm 25!
- You're 27.
- I'm 27!
You're making yourself
two years younger!
We are all one.
We faced so many challenges
to come here.
We're good people.
We're here to participate and play.
We will play and Fadwa will play
with us, and we will finish our journey.
- I'm with you.
- Exactly.
I'm 42, I'm responsible for
two families in the house.
Nobody has any authority over me.
They're annoying you, aren't they?
Fadwa, we are now one group,
and we are in this together.
These guys are with us, right?
We'd never abandon you.
Now, go out there!
- Don't abandon the field.
- They're not your father or mother.
Hold onto each other.
They can go to hell.
We played when we were broken.
We bought our own clothes
and did the impossible.
My knees are finished,
and I still play.
We're here to play.
Whether they like it or not,
we're playing.
Girls, it's important not to give up
on the team.
We got tired of the ignorance.
And you can say a revolution
- Hello! Hello!
- Which one is Fadwa?
- She is Fadwa.
- You're Fadwa?
No, this is Fadwa.
You're Fadwa? You're Fadwa?
- No. No.
- We're all Fadwa.
Fadwa, Fadwa, Fadwa.
You start to run.
It breaks your fear barrier.
It purifies the soul.
As far as I'm concerned,
I could play until I die.
I really love it,
and I loved playing with the girls.
I loved playing against people.
In our country
little girls grow up too fast.
I'm tired of this situation.
You feel imprisoned,
as if Libya is a prison.
I hope to God
that together we can do something good.
Soon, but nothing comes easy,
and everything must start somewhere.
We are in the position
of wanting to achieve another goal.
Something bigger and better.
So crazy...
We were just in Lebanon.
You represented Libya honorably.
As well as the matches,
we had workshops where we taught kids.
When we went to Lebanon,
we learned a lot.
We learned how to instill
an athletic spirit in youngsters.
I'm behind you on this.
It's enough that you girls were able
to play and you did Libya proud
with your high moral standards.
We got them all to chant,
"Libya has called!"
Libya has called!
I swear, all of them!
In the residence, in the hotels,
we could hear the Jordanians
and Palestinians chanting it.
I swear to God!
Libya, we are all for Libya.
A girl can be different.
She does not have to adhere to the norm.
It's okay to break with the norm.
When a family gives their daughter
hope, they give her everything.
You have a safe field right here
if you want it.
Who's changed their perspective
on men and women?
I want you to be something
professional, something strong,
for example, a scientist.
Why not?
Or, why can't she be a president?
Why not?