Freedom Strike (1998) Movie Script

Syria has gained the upper hand
in the two-year-old Gulf Wars
between itself, Iran, Iraq,
and Saudi Arabia.
US Intelligence reports confirm
that a nuclear weapons center
outside Damascus, Syria... days away from becoming
completely operational.
An experimental computer chip,
developed by the Syrian military,
has kept the United States
out of the war to this point.
The chip, when activated disables
any and all enemy communications
including radar, cellular,
and computer-guided transmissions.
The existence of this chip
has made the impending nuclear threat
all the more serious
for the US Government.
This is Robin Scott,
reporting for ZNN World News.
-We cant launch our missiles.
-That is correct, Mr President.
As long as that signal
is being transmitted,
our missiles, land or fighter-based
are unable to lock onto their targets,
never mind arm themselves.
Now we cant send the planes in,
weve already lost Lieutenant West
going to that route.
If hes still alive,
hes being held hostage.
Sir, our best guest has
Syrian nuclear site very close to
if not, 100 percent operational.
At that current pace, theyre not going
to waste time in using it.
President Sayda has assured me
that on no uncertain terms,
they will not be using
nuclear capabilities.
Its not President Sayda that worries me.
Theres a multitude of forces
we know nothing about
that could seize control at any moment.
Mr President, with all due respect,
we have to strike now.
Admiral Torrance.
Yes, sir.
Green Light Freedom Strike.
Okay, the objective is
to secure the transmission site
and retrieve the chip.
The Battle Group will be staging
an air-engagement with the enemy,
as a decoy to buy us time to crossover.
The billion dollar technology
is no bigger than this,
and Washington wants it intact.
The chip is located
in the central mainframe.
Ill need two minutes, maybe less,
to shut down the program.
I cant just rip it out
because its already been activated.
The enemy command centers located
underneath a Mausoleum
in the center of a war-torn village.
Now, if we can position ourselves
across the way here at a high trajectory,
well be able to pinpoint
the best mode of entry.
The drop of point is 300 yards off shore,
in the beautiful Mediterranean.
Now that should provide us
with an adequate cover.
The underground entrance is secured
by a standard punch code lock.
We have enough fuel to last 20 minutes.
So, in and out in 15. Questions?
Yes, sir, fighters are being launched,
they are being deployed.
Yes, sir.
Birds launching, sir.
063, this is Ring Leader, check in.
Team Leader, this 063,
Falcon is ready to play, sir.
Alright, proceeding to checkpoint Zebra.
Colonel, two US fighters approaching.
-Redirect Squandron 17 immediately.
-Yes, sir.
063, this is 064.
Im not showing anything yet.
How about you?
Negative, 064.
I have a feeling it wont be long though.
Alright, keep looking.
Here we go. Bandit, bandit.
12,000 feet bearing 05, and 40 miles.
Nose is hot.
Maneuvering to intercept.
Roger, 064.
Freedom Strike, this is Command Center.
We have contact.
Repeat, we have contact.
Prepare for take-off.
Were going up.
-Whats that?
-The enemy is engaging.
Move east, twelve o'clock.
I think weve got their attention.
Here they come.
Looks like were going
to have our hands full.
-Its working.
-Engagement of one-one-eight-niner.
Sir, were free and clear.
-Launch the Freedom Strike helo.
-Aye, aye, sir,
Launch the Helo.
Freedom Strike, youre clear for take off.
Here we go.
Theyre coming around, what do we do?
Just sit tight.
Lets see how serious these guys are.
Approaching insertion point.
Bearing zero-four-niner, 2 miles!
Suit up!
Weve reached the insertion point.
Prepare to disembark.
The winds are high
but our hold is steady. Good luck, guys!
Big Eye, this is Freedom Strike.
Assault Team is deployed
proceeding to Alpha Point Two.
Sir, Eye in the Sky has picked them up.
Theyre on course
for the Syrian coast line.
This asshole is taking a position
behind me.
If he gets any closer
hed better introduce himself.
Hang in there, Falcon.
Dont forget
our target locks ineffective.
Im going to lead the one of them away.
Lets just keep them busy.
Eye in the sky confirms deployment.
Theyre taking up positions.
Theyve landed
on the Syrian beach head, Sir.
Hes on my tail, hes on my tail.
I cant shake him loose.
-Hes going for weapons lock.
-Falcon, break hard ride, now!
He is still behind me.
He is gonna fire, he is gonna fire!
-Ive got incoming!
-Break left! Break left!
That was way too close for comfort.
This could get to be
one expensive diversionary tactic.
Ive got this one in my sight.
Switching to guns,
Its time to reach out and touch somebody.
Come on, come on, get in there.
Close enough.
Got you!
We have an aircraft down, sir.
-Call in more support as soon as possible!
-Yes, sir.
Lets go.
Lets go, Maddie.
Geez, so much for a quiet break in,
lets go!
The fighters are still in the air.
Is this going to take long?
Radar jamming signal
has been aborted, sir.
All systems are back online.
Targeting systems are back.
Okay, I've got enough of this bastard.
Im going after him.
Here we go, Im on his six.
Hes got nowhere to go.
Im going for weapons lock.
Oh, no you dont.
I got you baby, youre mine.
I got tone, I got tone.
Sweet, baby, sweet!
Geez, you better speed it up, Maddie.
Come on.
How do you know which board?
Womans intuition?
Lets go!
Get the chip out of here.
Ill watch your backs, move!
Help! Im in here! Help!
Help me! Please help me!
Get me out of here!
Lieutenant West, you are alive.
Help me, I'm in here!
Are you okay, West? Shit.
-I thought you were dead.
-So did I.
Big Eye, this is Team Leader,
we've secured the skies.
-No sign of enemy aircraft.
-Copy, Team Leader.
Maintain position
and await further instructions.
-Follow me, alright?
-I'm ready.
-Stay close.
Freedom Strike, Freedom Strike,
this is ground team.
-Request immediate extraction.
-Roger, that.
I think we can get out this way.
-Freedom Strike, whats your location?
-I'm right on top of you, Im coming down.
Secure the package, Im going back in!
Gary, meet Lieutenant West.
-Ill be damned.
-The pleasure is mine.
-Lets get you out of here.
-Im ready. Lets go.
Ive got one more.
No, stop!
Lets go, up!
Big Eye, this is Freedom Strike,
Bird is in hand, repeat, bird is in hand.
We have one casualty, Lieutenant Nelson.
Proceeding to bingo point, over.
-Recall all squadrons, keep me posted.
-Aye, aye sir.
Send down the flight-fighters.
Okay Falcon, lets see
if we can find us an aircraft carrier.
Copy that.
Ready in three, two, one, cue her.
The two-year Arab Wars
officially came to a close two weeks ago,
when US Forces took control
of downtown Damascus.
A UN peacekeeping operation fell victim
to violent anti-treaty demonstrations... in Syria.
The last nation to agree to the cease-fire
has undergone several civil uprisings
since the announcement
of the agreed-upon truce.
Preparations are underway for
Mondays official ending of the Arab Wars.
Leaders of the four nations, along with
NATO officials and President Mitchell,
will be convening on board the USS Nimitz
for the signing
of The Arab World Peace Treaty.
In other national news,
Lieutenant David West...
...feared dead after his plane was
shot down over Syria six weeks ago,
was welcomed home in Washington today.
We'll be back after these messages.
Hi, youve reached Maddie.
Im not in right now.
Leave a message and Ill call you back.
Hey Maddie, its me again.
I was hoping you got the invite.
I was also hoping youd be home.
I guess I hope I see you there, too.
Anyway, bye.
Its just like you to be stuffing
your face.
Hey, I learned from the master.
Hey, muscle, muscle, man.
Yeah, muscle.
All muscle.
How you been, man? Since
Good, good.
Hows Maddie?
Oh, Maria. What did you do now?
I dont know. Paradise just
isnt always perfect, you know.
I told you this would happen.
So shes not coming?
I don't know.
Hey, speak of the devil!
Well, you didnt think
Id miss history in the making, did you?
Theyre starting to load up. Lets go.
Paradise isnt perfect?
And so its time that we as a nation,
stop and recognize those brave
but forgotten men and women
who risk their lives day after day,
year after year,
all in the name of safety.
Let me be the the first to salute you,
the crossing guards of America.
Good Lord.
-Im Norman Sears.
-And Im Amanda Crawford.
Thanks for joining us tonight.
Stay tuned for "Jerry Jacobs Live",
and have a pleasant evening.
Good night.
Stan! Stan!
Hey Amanda, really good show,
-but I dont have any time right now.
-Then make time.
-What is it?
-Is it true?
Yes, its true.
Ive been in love with you
ever since I laid eyes on you.
Ive spoken with my wife,
and she understands completely.
Thats not funny, Stan.
How could you give it to Norman?
He leaves in an hour.
Hey listen,
could we talk about this later?
Ive got to put together, a competent
camera crew to work with him over there,
and so far its been a disaster.
Oh, Stan, when youre through there,
Ive got a few things to go over with you
about my trip. In my office.
Excellent timing as always, Norman.
Ill be right in.
Sorry, I couldnt hear you.
Ive got three Emmys stuck in my ear.
How could you?
That was mine from the start.
I flew all over the mid-east
in God knows what conditions...
I didnt get married because of it,
and you give it to Norman?
Amanda, you did a kick-ass job
on the story.
I mean it, top drawer the whole way down
but Normans got seniority.
He asked to go, Ive got to let him go.
Thats not fair, I bust my ass,
he gets the payoff.
Hes only going to be here a few
more months, then he retires.
And Im going to need a new lead anchor.
I thought I was the lead anchor.
-Amanda, dont be like that.
-Get bent!
This way, please.
The Admirals waiting for you.
Yes, thank you.
Come in!
Tom Dickson in my stateroom,
and I dont even have an autograph book.
We all feel that way, sir.
Well, come on in and sit down.
Can I get you a cup of coffee?
-No, thank you.
-Thank you.
How was the flight?
Well, to be honest, a little bumpy.
Bumpy! Youll have to excuse
my friend here, Casey, Sir.
You see, being a pilot himself,
he thinks hes the only person alive...
who can correctly fly an aircraft.
I assure you, sir, I am not that bad.
Well as the only pilot
on this special ops mission,
I cant blame you
for being a little cocky.
Thank you.
Weve met before,
very briefly as I recall.
Im sorry, sir.
Madeline Reese, Admiral John Torrance.
Madeline here was SAS,
British Special Forces
before she got smart.
Or ignorant,
depending on your perspective.
Well, you had the honor
serving the Tom Dickson,
who is one of the finest men
Ive ever served with.
I have had the first-hand experience
of his brilliance, sir.
See, the Admiral here, he was my commander
while we were on Team Six.
That was before Tom was named Commander
of this United States Special Ops Team.
Excuse me, sir,
but whats up after the signing?
Do you head back home?
No, we stay to observe
the disarmament process.
There are a lot of folks out there
who have invested a lot blood in this war,
and they dont want peace.
Were going to stay around
for about three months.
Sir, speaking on behalf of the whole team.
I just wanted to thank you very much
for the invitation.
Aside from the medals
which you all will have,
the Joint Chiefs asked
for you all be here.
Come on, let me give you the grand tour.
Were going to have
the whole thing out here.
Flight deck.
Flags and everything,
just like the Battleship Missouri
at the end of World War II.
And the weather's gonna beat us up.
We're gonna go blood on.
With all due respect, sir,
I dont see how a piece of paper
written by us
is going to bring an end to a holy war
thats been raging for over 2000 years.
Captain, you may be right.
But somebody has to start
the ball rolling.
This is the first step.
Who knows maybe the rest
will be a little less difficult.
Oh, Im sorry.
I shouldnt have come calling so late.
No, its all right.
Would you like to come in?
So, whats on your mind?
What makes you think
Ive got something on my mind?
Because I know that mind,
its always working a mile a minute.
I just wanted to thank you,
away from the others.
I know your history with the Admiral,
so its obvious that he would invite you.
Thank you very much
for inviting the rest of us.
I wasnt expecting it
because of our recent...
Sometimes I can be a jerk.
But I would never hold back
something someone deserved.
And you deserve this.
I should be leaving.
Yeah, youre probably right.
So youre it?
From the network, camera crew?
You must be, theres no else around here.
Oh, damn, is it hot.
Im sweating right through my jacket.
I dont know how you people deal with it.
Do you speak English?
Oh, screw it.
What the hell, as long
as you point and shoot.
Come on, lets get going.
Ive got a bad back.
Amidst all the celebration
the Arab World Peace Treaty has produced,
there is backlash to todays signing.
Syrian Leader Ahmald-Amar Sayda
was under heavy dispute
for agreeing to terms which members
of his own staff called unreasonable.
But at what costs?
The effects of this peace treaty...
...will be more detrimental
than 10 times the aftermath of war.
In a few minutes, well be going live
to Norman Sears
whos on board the "USS Nimitz"
for todays coverage
of this historical signing.
Hey, come on, come on, guys move it!
I smell Emmy.
Here's your camera, sir.
Hey, here, get this shot.
Oh, my God!
What the hell are you doing?
-Sacred pen.
-Sacred wrist.
I hope our Navy coffee
is as good as your Army stuff.
Oh, look, there are some people
I want you to meet.
Casey, Tom, Maddie,
this is Tyler Haynes
of the Army Special Forces.
Hes here as a guest of the Joint Chiefs.
-The pleasure is all mine.
Now, Major Haynes is
up for re-assignment.
So I thought perhaps
you two should have a talk?
That sounds good to me.
-What are we waiting for, Admiral?
-The President is a tad late.
He's arriving by a helicopter.
You know, for all the great Clinton,
you could always depend on him
being on time.
Com, this is zero-one-niner
approaching on port bow.
Permission to land.
Zero-one-niner, you are clear to land.
Mr President, welcome.
Speak of the devil.
Excuse me.
-Very good to see you.
-You too, sir.
-Mr President. Right on time.
Minister, please sit down.
Everyone, take your seats, please.
Thank you!
Thank you for coming and welcome.
Welcome, to the distinguished dignitaries,
the honored guests,
and indeed to a whole world
yearning for peace.
I must tell you that it is a very great
honor for me to host this occasion.
I first must thank
the four great world leaders
who have made this day possible.
When I was a young man,
peace in the Middle East
seemed unattainable,
rather like a dreamers fantasy.
For the wisdom, the energy, the work,
and devotion of these four great leaders
have made that dream a reality.
Now of course,
I know that this one single document... not going to erase
the many centuries of discord.
However, perhaps if we can agree
on one issue,
other issues will not seem so far away.
There are people all over
the world today watching us,
yearning, believing
that perhaps we can have
a peaceful settlement here.
And if that is so,
perhaps there can be peace everywhere.
Get the President out of here.
Stop! Stop!
Sound the alert! Secure all stations!
Sir, the Syrian President
has been wounded!
Get the medic.
Maddie, stay with me.
Casey, Tyler, that way!
-Im fine, Im fine.
-Go! Go! Go!
Corporal, we need to get him to OR stat,
Hes going into shock,
we need to do this now.
Colonel, incoming message.
Wait, don't move him.
Take her to the infirmary.
-What happened to her?
-She bumped her head, possible concussion.
Is that bullet still inside?
Yes, its about two inches deep.
Look, he doesnt have the time for this.
I need to get him to medical.
He has a massive amount
of internal bleeding.
Hes not going anywhere.
That bullet contains
an explosive element of some kind.
If you go in there blind
or make the slightest wrong move,
you may trigger it to pop.
-Okay, supply room now.
-Okay, easy.
Com, this is Admiral Torrance,
get the President out of here now.
Yes, sir, the eagles on the pad.
Its about the lift off.
We need to keep him stable
until we find out exactly
whats inside of him, okay?
Look, if we cant take him to medical,
were going to bring the medical to him.
I need an IV, a respirator, the works.
My gun! Thank you.
I lost him.
-Can you give me your gun?
-I got it right here.
Let's go.
Did you find them?
Dickson found one
but no luck on the other.
There are a million places
he could hide on a ship like this.
Lets go.
Not much is known at this hour.
President Mitchell,
rushed off the aircraft carrier,
moments after conveyed
his deepest condolences,
for the breakdown of the treaty signing.
He wished for all sides to put
this event aside as soon as possible,
and to resume the peace process.
-Anything further from Shaval?
-Negative, Colonel.
I wonder if President Saydas
alive or dead?
It doesnt matter one way or the other.
If he is alive,
he is being held against his will.
If he is dead, theyll have to assume
full responsibility.
Either way, our objective
remains the same.
President Saydas condition
maybe a good opportunity for propaganda.
But the nuclear weapons center
remains our only means of bargaining
with the Americans.
Captain, I dont want to take any chances.
Get those birds in the air now.
Ill report to Central.
Any new information?
The battle group is securing the region.
And the assassins?
One confirmed dead,
the second one jumped off the ship.
SER teams are in the water now
searching for the body.
President Mitchell?
Hes on board Air Force One
and heading home.
Alright, I want to step up security
in the Gulf for the time being.
This may only be an isolated incident
but we dont want
to be caught with our pants down again.
Yes, sir.
Two-zero-seven, this is Two-zero-one.
Any signs of life out there?
Negative, Coast One.
Nothing out there but blue sky.
Roger that. Well head back.
Let Dragon Squadron take the limelight.
Roger that.
-How are you feeling?
I think Ive got every drug
loaded to my gun inside me.
Which accounts
for my euphoric disposition.
-Hows everything in the real world?
You sound as convincing as me.
Well, good news is we got the bad guys.
Bad news is, we dont know
the who, where or whys.
All the important stuff.
You look tired.
Why dont you just rest up a little bit,
Ill be back.
-What is it?
Thank you.
Amanda, wait up!
Where do you think youre going?
Sizzler! All you can eat salad bar
ends at 11.
Where do you think Im going?
I should have been there
in the first place.
It was Normans crew that took the shot.
If I had been there,
like I should have been,
the peace treaty would have been signed
because I would have checked
their credentials
and not made an ass out of myself!
Now, Im leaving tonight
Ill be in the Gulf in the morning,
and I'm going to win my Emmy.
Amanda, I need you here. Im warning you!
Alright, youd better get me
some good stuff then.
I hate my job.
My friends, yesterday was to have been
one of the worlds finest hours.
Alas, it was not.
An assassination attempt was made
by an unknown group and failed yesterday,
aboard the "USS NIMITZ".
Unfortunately, President Abdul Amil Sayda
was wounded in the chest.
Although, details are sketchy,
we believe the perpetrators may
have been renegade factions
from within the presidents
own country, Syria.
Safety measures will not allow
the president to be moved
until he has stabled.
Let me assure you,
that despite this cowardly act,
the US and Syrian governments
remain firmly committed to peace.
Soon as new information is available,
I shall share it with you, of course.
Thank you.
I mean, they had all the proper IDs.
Ive picked up foreign crews
hundreds of times over the years,
and Ive never had any trouble.
When I turned around, and I saw that gun,
I didnt know what to do.
This guy doesnt even have the stomach
to be a terrorist.
-Now what?
-Let the FBI have him.
Hes all yours, gentlemen.
Theyve got to have on video
of these guys entering the room.
With all the cameras that were there
plus security, Id say so.
Well, maybe we can isolate the image,
feed it off to Langley,
and see what weve got on the guy.
Ill call Lieutenant Green, and get him
to send up the available footage.
We have the right to know the truth.
It was enough
that we came down to their level.
Agreeing to a deal that was unjustly
balanced against our beliefs,
But we did.
We did it for hope
and the promise of peace.
What is our thanks?
We are spat in the face.
The Americans have not given us
one straight answer.
We do not know what is
and what is not the truth anymore.
Whether our president is alive, dead.
That son of a bitch is making us out
to be the bad guys.
We have received several inquires, sir
from many nations regarding
the Syrian Leader situation.
They want to know exactly what events
transpired aboard the "NIMITZ".
Alright, I want a secure line
I want to know Saydas condition.
Everything else is on a need-to-know basis
until I know what statement
the President is going to make.
Also, get in communication
with this Rama character,
or whoever else is in charge,
before this thing blows out of control.
Yes, sir.
Tom, you have anything yet?
-Still looking. Any news on Sayda?
-I was about to check.
Lieutenant Blakely.
This is Admiral Torrence. Any changes yet?
Negative. He is stable.
But we are waiting for the lab analysis
of the other bullet
before we proceeding any further.
-Alright, keep me posted.
-Yes, Admiral.
Got it.
A clean image of both terrorists.
-Lets get it into Washington right away.
I assure you, Colonel, were doing
everything possible that can be done.
Im afraid thats just not going to do.
If you were serious about peace, sir,
you would be doing
much more to restore our faith.
And how could I do that?
I want hourly report
on his health and not from you,
from someone directly on the carrier.
No more middlemen.
Ill see what I can do.
Brilliant, sir.
Theyll never suspect this is
just a decoy for our real plan.
The images of the assassins
are coming in, sir.
Run that through the mainframe.
I want to cross-reference it with every
known militia or terrorist group.
Yes, sir.
Stan, its Amanda.
-Where are you?
Listen, I started talking to this man
sitting next to me on the plane...
Was he sick?
No, why?
Well, I always get stuck next to guy,
with bubonic plague or something.
Hes always sneezing
or telling me his, whole life
story all within about two...
Shut up and listen, Stan.
About 10 miles from here, theres a weapon
center that the UN has taken over.
I found out, it had just become
capable of launching nukes
when this peace treaty stuff came down.
And nobody knows this, Stan!
-Well how does the healthy man know this?
-His nephews in the military.
So why is he telling you
the family secrets?
I paid him 8,000 piastres.
Good God, Amanda, thats...
Actually, I have no idea how much that is.
Could you bargain for 4,000?
Good bye, Stan.
I could really love her.
Get me accounting.
How much is 8,000 piastres?
What is this?
Wish that whoever designed this
was on our side.
What have we got?
Oh, not much, just a regular 25 shell
right here except for the tip,
which can I call a beanie.
The metallic compound found inside
this beanie, right here,
is explosive by nature.
But its only harmful
when the two elements come together.
One of which is this green stuff
right here that looks like paint.
-But its not.
-No, its not.
Actually, its some sort of a solvent
which acts with the trigger effect,
when it comes into contact with something
real hard like concrete or steel.
-Bone, exactly.
This thing right here causes a spark,
which creates the explosion.
So there should be
no problem taking this bullet out?
-I dont think its going to be that easy.
-Why not?
Well, we dont know
what kind of state its in now, sir.
The slightest movement
or scrape could set it off.
-Thats right.
What could be done?
Youre going to have to diffuse the bullet
before you extract it.
Can that be done?
Probably, but its going
to take some time.
Thats one thing we dont have?
Look, the longer that man sits here
with that bullet inside of him,
the more at risk he becomes.
Lieutenant, if President Sayda dies,
so does all chance of peace in this area.
Kabala, this is Rama.
Launch Operation Aerial Diversion.
We will be proceeding towards the weapons
center as soon as the jets are airborne.
Yes, Colonel.
Hey, good afternoon, how are you doing?
I have four unknown aircraft.
100 miles, at 140, at 300 knots, sir.
Control tower, this is command center.
Green light the birds immediately!
Yes, sir.
Yes, Mr President, Ill have it for you
as soon as it comes in.
Yes, sir.
Sir, reports have come back
on the ID terrorists.
I think you should see
who their commander is.
Is this information correct?
Yes, sir. The assassins were taking orders
from Colonel Abdul Rama.
Get me the President.
Big Eye this is Ghost One.
I have multiple contacts.
Bearing 081, 60 miles, 16,000 feet.
Nose Eye, that is confirmed.
Big Eye, bandit, bandit, red in frame,
two of them just broke formation.
Theyre coming right at us.
Roger that 201, stay on course.
Get me the CO.
Admiral Torrence.
Ill be right there.
The Syrian jets
just crossed the no-fly zone.
Check and see what the doctor
need in terms of assistance.
Im going with Torrence.
Ghost One, do you see this?
Okay, weve got him, Falcon.
Lets just keep our heads.
Approaching 30 miles.
Increase speed up to 500 knots.
-Weve got 10 miles closure.
-Copy that.
As soon as those hornets are ready,
I want them airborne.
Aye, aye, sir.
Here we go.
-Check points secured?
-Yes, Colonel, all check points secured.
Everyone, down!
Ghost Two, sorting left-hand bandit.
Roger that, Ive got one in behind.
Hes coming around.
Break away,
hes going target missiles lock!
Falcon, where are you? Hes all over me.
Stop! Stop!
Hes stuck to me like a glue.
I cant shake him, damn it!
Hes going for weapons lock.
-Hes got a lock on me.
-Falcon, break hard right, now!
Shit, that was close!
Hang in there.
Im going to try to get behind him.
Come on, you bastard.
I got him. Im going for missile lock.
Come on baby, lock.
I got sweet lock, baby,
switching to missiles.
That one made it.
Alright, now,
lets see what his friend is up to.
Secure the perimeter.
And back some cover.
The rest stay with me.
Were going in.
Move! Move!
Okay, hes following me.
Im going to lead him
into your line of fire.
Shit. As soon as you have a shot,
take it, Falcon!
If you're clear, Hollywood,
I think I can get it.
Come on, come on.
Here we go. Come on, come on, lock!
I got lock!
Look at him go!
Theres a new sheriff in town.
The other two are still out there, Falcon.
Lets just wait and see what they do
before we make a move.
This is Amanda Crawford
in a "ZNN Exclusive".
Were coming to you
from the Syrian Weapons Center,
just outside Damascus
where around the clock,
workers diligently labor to disable
the nuclear launch code program
executed by Syrian technicians
during the war.
What was that?
This facility is now the property
of the Syrian Government.
-Whats that?
-Info on the terrorists.
Admiral, ring any bells?
Karbala, operation close down.
Recall and stand by.
Yes, Colonel. Recall!
Big Eye, this is Ghost One.
Remaining bandits are bugging out.
I think we spooked them.
Copy, Ghost One.
Stand down and return home.
Roger that.
Bring up A-57 on the map.
-Whats that?
-A stress signal.
-From where?
-Syrian Weapons Center.
Its a decoy.
Its a decoy.
General, we have
Center Com on the "Nimitz" on line.
Tom Dickson is here
at your request, General.
Good, thank you.
I dont know if youre aware
of this or not,
but early today while our jets
were engaging the Syrians,
a weapons center in Damascus
under guard
by the United Nations was taken over.
This facility contains
nuclear capabilities
not yet dismantled by UN officials.
Our best Intel tells us
that it could be fully operational
within 12 to 18 hours.
Our prime suspect is the man
in the photograph we sent you.
-Colonel Rama.
Ramas made it clear
that he was not in favor of his
countrys intentions to end the war.
Hes win-at-all-costs colonel.
Our sources have him connected
with starting many of the
anti-treaty terrorists groups,
as well as bombing and Tel Aviv.
And we believe that Colonel Rama,
planted the assassins.
Damn, thats the same lunatic
thats been on ZNN all day berating us,
for not protecting their leader.
These are massive manipulations here.
Hes planting the seed,
that were the bad guys
in the worlds eyes.
More importantly, sir,
in his countrys eyes,
Giving them a logical excuse
to start the war back up again.
So, he not only has the motivation
for war,
he has the devices
for starting it himself.
Excuse me.
Hello, I dont know
if youre familiar with my work.
Im Amanda Crawford.
Im a news reporter.
If you allow me to say so, sir.
I completely understand
your side of this.
-You do?
-Absolutely. I feel your pain!
If you would let me, I would love to do an
exclusive expose on you and your people.
I think the world needs to know.
These people make me sick.
The world will know my story
soon enough without your help.
-Take them outside.
-Yes, Colonel.
Yeah, Ill be right there, boss.
Shes doing better.
I got to go, sugar.
Whats going on?
I dont know,
but Ive heard that tone before.
-Let me know?
Weve got him.
Mr President?
-Are Cent Com on the "NIMITZ" tied in?
-Yes, sir.
Were here, sir.
Mr President?
-President Michelle here.
-Mr President.
I wish we could be speaking
on better terms.
Due to your recent unprovoked attack
on our country,
we have no option but to assume
that your request for peace is no longer.
Unprovoked? I believe that your aircraft
fired on our first.
I beg to differ.
I have no choice but
to report you to NATO
for violating
the cease-fire agreement.
Well, that shouldnt
be too big of a problem.
We have a contingent stationed
at the Weapons Center Damascus.
Weapons center?
I know not of what you speak.
I hear in your voice, however,
that you truly care to make amends
for your actions.
That makes me very happy, sir.
What are you proposing?
The immediate withdrawal
of all UN forces from my country.
And the swift and safe return
of President Sayda.
You know very well,
the man cannot be moved.
And how can I trust you?
If my demands are not met, Mr President
I will create problems
that you cannot possibly fathom.
You have 12 hours.
Stay on the line, Admiral.
Mr President, there is not doubt
in my mind
that no matter what we do,
he is going to launch his nukes,
as soon as he is capable.
I dont think we have any choice.
We should launch a full
strike immediately.
Im not going to start this war
again because of a hunch, General.
Sir, our best intelligence men,
all CIA profiles, any and all signs
all say the same thing.
This lunatic is not going to reason,
hes not going to bargain,
hes going to launch
as soon as hes capable.
Sir, you said it yourself,
he has the motivation and the devices.
Before I fire missiles, General
I must be sure that
weve exhausted every possibility.
Mr President, there may be another way.
We dont have much time
before theyre completely operational,
Id like to volunteer my team to go in.
Commander, your bravery is duly noted,
but I have short-ranged
nuclear armed warheads
pointing all over Europe and Asia.
There's simply isnt enough time
for strike force to go in
while we wait for result.
Sir, I wasnt suggesting you wait.
If were not out
by the determined strike time...
Commander, you are putting your life
and the lives of your men in jeopardy.
Sir, there are a lot of lives
at stake here,
American lives, if we dont at least
make an effort.
What are we waiting for?
Give the devil his due.
Okay, get me command.
-I want to go.
-I was counting on that.
Head down with Casey, start gear check.
Well meet in the ready room in 10.
Im going with you.
-Absolutely not, out of the question.
Im not going to risk you out there,
not in your condition.
Tom, this is as much my team
as it is any of the others
and Im not sitting this one out.
Im not going to make
the same mistake twice.
Well the doctors given me
a clean bill of health, a mild concussion.
Tom, I know what Im getting myself into,
and if youre going in, Im going in, too.
Besides, exactly how are you going
to shut down a weapons mainframe
without a technology expert
along for the ride?
We come in right here,
just north of Damascus.
Okay, we leave in 15 minutes.
Sweep One will locate
the weapons control room.
Sweep Two the hostages.
Tyler, youll have a new partner.
One of the Admirals Navy Seals
is going to be your point man.
Whos going to stay with you?
-Man, are you crazy?
-We need her to disable the system.
I wouldnt put myself or the team at risk
if I wasnt 100 percent certain.
Welcome back.
Alright, UN Intel correlates
with our most recent TARPS Pod imagery.
Fences line the building.
Satellite photos reveal 10 or 20 guards
outside at any give time.
They seem to be working in shifts,
so we should be able to find a hole.
You have four hours and 15 minutes
until they are fully operational,
and we have to let one country sign.
Now, there is no set detention center,
at least not one that we know of,
which means the hostages
can literally be anywhere.
We dont know how many soldiers
are in the facility.
So discretion is a top priority.
Also, we dont want them pushing
the panic button
before we destroy the mainframe
to keep them from launching.
Got it.
They wont even know were there.
Don't worry ma'am, were the good guys.
Come on!
Come on, come on! Come on,come on.
Follow us. Let's go! Let's go!
Let's get out of here.
Okay. There it is. Ill watch your back.
In the middle of a mission,
they keep radio silence with the outside
so that we are unable to contact them.
If anything, and I mean, anything
happens out of the ordinary,
report to me before firing.
I know this isnt an easy assignment
for any of you.
But it is for the greater good.
God be with you.
Oh, shit.
Big Eye, this is Ghost One,
Im ready for final checks.
20 minutes and counting.
Ill be approaching Syrian air space
in 10 minutes.
Roger that, Ghost One.
Maintain speed and course.
Hey, so much for a quiet get away.
Come on, come on!
Okay, okay.
Big Eye this is Ghost One.
Im entering Syrian air space,
advancing to designated
target coordinates.
Roger, Ghost One.
Proceed with caution.
They have 10 minutes.
Target coordinate set.
Entering data into the computer.
-How's it going?
-Is it working?
Madeline, we dont have
a lot of time here!
Do you want me to stop
and explain this to you,
or do you want me to shut down
the thermos-nuclear missiles?
-The missiles.
-Good choice.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on. Lets go, let's go, let's go!
Come on, come on. Lets go.
Big Eye, target is visible on radar.
Ill be within firing range
in three minutes.
Copy, Ghost One, stay on course.
Come on.
Got it!
Big Eye, this is Ghost One.
Requesting final clearance
for weapons release.
Stand by, Ghost One.
They still have two minutes.
Dont we have a call to make?
It was supposed to be a New World Order,
but once again youve drained me.
You may have won the war,
but its going to cost you your life.
Ghost One, this is Big Eye,
you are go for weapons release.
Repeat, you are go for weapons release.
Copy that, Big Eye.
-You okay?
-Yeah, you?
Hes tough guy to kill, huh?
This is for you.
-Pretty sure hes dead this time.
-Yeah, I think youre right.
Big Eye, Im on final approach.
Weapons system on line.
Arming missiles.
Big Eye, this is Sweep One.
Mission accomplished.
Nuclear threat aborted.
-Recall the birds.
-Recall those squadrons, abort mission.
-Thank God they did it!
Ghost One, this is Big Eye. Disengage.
Repeat, disengage.
Stand down and return home.
Roger that, Big Eye. Im heading home.
This is Freedom Strike,
whats your position?
Im heading out on the north.
Ill be on deck in 60 seconds.
Affirmative, were on our way.
Come on, lets get out of here, come on.
-Come on.
Got it.
Be careful, that thing
could still be hot.
And after several failed attempts,
today marked the completion
of the Arab World Treaty.
President Mitchell was quoted as saying,
"Today will be a day long remembered
in the history of the modern world."
We thank you for joining us tonight.
Stay tuned for my special expose,
"Hostage: The Amanda Crawford Story".
This special takes you
through the odyssey of my capture,
to how I was able to help comfort
my fellow prisoners.
This is Tom leave a message.
Tom, it's Tyler.
I'm calling to see how you were doing.
Anyway, I know youre probably
going through some awkward times at home,
about Maddie being transferred.
I just want to let you know
Im there for you.
Hey, how about a trip to Vegas?
It'll help you live
to get your mind off something
Let me know. Ill see you.
Do you think we should tell the boys?
No. Its more fun like this.