Frenemies (2012) Movie Script

Hey, I'm Halley.
My Best Friend And I--
That's Her, By The Way--
The Cute Redhead--
We Created This
Awesome Webazine--
Geekly Chic.
Hey, I'm Avalon.
We Had Tons Of Fun
Writing The Articles,
Doing All The Graphics,
Until It Almost Turned Us
From Best Friends
Into Total Enemies.
Has That Ever Happened
To You And Your Best Friend?
It Happened To Us,
But We're Getting
Ahead Of Ourselves.
It Happened To
This Kid At School, Too.
Except His Best Friend
Wasn't Even A Kid.
Mom: Jake,
Time For Breakfast!
( Groaning )
( Groaning )
( Passes Gas )
Oh, Murray!
That Reeks!
Oh, Man, Look At The Time.
Help Me Get Dressed.
I'm Thinking Of Painting
The Dining Room
Dusty Rose.
What Do You Think?
( Belches )
( Belches )
Gee, I'd Never Know
You Two Were
Best Friends.
Fine, I'll Pick
Another Color.
Mom, Has The Mail
Come Yet?
I Know You're Expecting
That Science Space
Thingy From N.A.S.A.
It's Not A Science
Space Thingy.
It's An Award
From N.A.S.A.
For Outstanding Work
In Molecular
Poodle Pink. It's Like
This Dog Can Read!
He Can.
Murray, As Much As I
Want You To Come
To School With Me,
You Know Dogs
Aren't Allowed.
Hey, There's
The Mailman!
Go Recycle
The Junk Mail!
Go Green!
I Guess
The Mail's Here.
( Barks )
I Wish You Could Do That
To My Parking Tickets.
Alternative Energy
Can Anyone Here Name Some--
Besides Jake?
Wake Up, People.
I'm Talking About Solar Power,
Wind Power.
For Your First Assignment,
I Want You To Partner Up
And Create Your Own
Personal Energy Source.
Hey, Owen, Want To Do
This Project Together?
Can't, Man.
I'm Doing It With Jake.
Forget It, Dude.
Last Time We Worked Together,
I Did All The Work,
And You Sat On Your Butt.
I Sat In Wonderment
Of Your Talent.
Your Brilliance
Rendered Me Incapable
Of Moving My Legs.
Not Happening, Owen.
Okay, Folks, You Have
Two Weeks To Finish
Your Projects.
So, Pair Up And Use
Your Ingenuity! Ha Ha!
Wake Up, Eisenblatt!
Hey, Jake.
You--Are You
Talking To Me?
Isn't Your Name Jake?
Yeah. Yeah, I Just
Didn't Think
You Knew That.
Check It Out.
Julianne's Actually
Talking To Jake.
Boy, It's Always
So Difficult
Finding The Right Person
To Partner With
On These Projects.
I Don't Know About You,
But I Just Hate Doing
All The Work.
That Happens
To You, Too?
People Who Use People
Are Totally Lame.
So, Um...Maybe You And I
Should Team Up.
Or Is That
Totally Lame, Too?
No! That's Totally Cool.
So, Why Don't I Come
By Your House After School
And We Can Get Started
On Our Project Together?
Dawg, She Is
So Into You.
Nah, It's Just Science.
It's More Like
( Laughter )
Murray, I Have Someone
I Want You To Meet.
This Is Julianne.
Oh. Heh!
How Cute.
He Wants You
To Shake It.
( Groans )
Even Cuter. Heh.
Here. It's Nice
To Meet You.
( Cell Phone Ringing )
Oh. Hmm.
Gotta Take This.
Don't Go Away.
What Up?
Where Are You?
You Ducked Out Of
School So Fast.
Is There A Sale
Going On That We
Should Know About?
Heh. I'm At
Jake Logan's House.
She's At
Jake Logan's House.
There's A Sale At
Jake Logan's House?
No, I'm Using
This Nerd
To Get Myself
A Nice Grade
In Science.
Oh. Why Didn't I
Think Of That?
'Cause I'm Smarter
Than You.
And I Know I Need
To Get Someone
Even Smarter
Than Me.
Jake: Julianne,
Check This Out.
You Can Harness Energy
From Cow Poop.
I Have To Go
Look At Cow Poop.
Uhh, This Better
Get Me An "A".
( Growling )
( Hisses )
Jake: Julianne, I Think
I Found Something.
( Groans )
Grab A Chair.
So, The Cow Poop
Is Kind Of Smelly.
I Was Thinking
Instead We Could
Make A Wind Turbine
That Ignites
An Electrical Spark.
Murray, Come On, That's
Julianne's Chair.
Isn't My Dog Smart?
Like Some Trained Dog
They Use In The Movies.
( Groans )
Now, Scram, Einstein.
( Groans )
We Have A Project To Do.
Mom: Jake?
( Whining )
Murray, Cheer Up.
You Look Like You Lost
Your Best Friend.
Hey, Mom.
What's Up?
Guess What Just Came,
Special Delivery?
I Am So Proud Of You.
What'd I Miss?
I Got A Certificate
From N.A.S.A.
Pretty Cool, Huh?
Oh. Heh. Like
A Gift Certificate?
How Much?
Hi. I'm Julianne.
It's Nice To Meet You,
What Are You
Oh. Ha Ha! The Den.
I Love That Shade
Of Pink.
Matches My Lip Gloss.
Don't You Think So,
Mom, Don't You Have
A Second Coat
To Paint Or Something?
Right. Yes,
A Second Coat.
Oh, Hey, Why Is Murray
In The Hall?
He's Been Acting Up.
I Don't Know What's Up
With Him.
Nothing A Breath Mint
Wouldn't Cure.
( Kiss )
( Growling )
You Want The Ball, Murray?
You Want The Ball?
Okay, Go Get It, Buddy!
( Barks )
That's Beyonce--
Murray's Girlfriend.
Hey! Hey, No Sniffing!
Be A Gentleman!
How Much Longer
Do We Have To Be
In This Smelly Park?
I Hope This Mud
Doesn't Ruin My Shoes.
This Is Mud,
Isn't It?
Dogs Need Exercise.
So, How's
The Research Coming?
Any Good Articles
We Can Use?
Oh, Tons.
Espadrilles Are Back.
You Want To Go Toss
The Ball For Murray?
Come Here, Buddy.
Come On, Murray.
Uhh! This Dress
Is 50% Silk!
Now It's
10% Slime!
You Want To
Play, Doggy?
( Barking )
Let's Play.
That's A Toss?
Hi There.
Aw, Hey, Cutie.
Is This Yours?
What's Your Name?
Murray. Yes,
You're So Cute.
Whoever Your Owner Is,
I'm Totally Jealous.
( Laughs ) Aww.
So, Jakey,
I Was Thinking--
Maybe It'd
Be Better For You
To Finish The Project
Without Me.
Wait. So, You Want Me
To Do All The Work?
No! Heh!
No, I Want To Help.
It's Just That--
I'm So Embarrassed
To Even Say This
To You, Jakey--
But I Can't Think
Straight When I'm
Around You.
Uh-Huh. You're
Just So Darn Cute.
But...I Bet
You Already Have
A Girlfriend.
Right? Your Own
Little Poodle.
Actually, Uh,
At The Moment,
I Don't Have A Poodle.
I Mean Girlfriend.
Then Today's
Your Lucky Day.
( Laughs )
Whoa, Julianne--
Check Out Murray.
Whoa, Look At That.
( Laughs )
Come Here, Buddy.
Come On, Murray.
( Laughs )
You Seriously Have
The Coolest Dog
In The World.
I Know, Right?
Hey, Thanks For
Bringing Him Back.
No Problem.
I'm Savannah.
I'm Jake.
I've Seen You
Around School.
Are You, Like,
A Science Whiz?
Yes, He Is,
And He Just Happens
To Be My New
So, Thanks
For The Dog,
And Bye-Bye.
Get Lost.
Heh. Okay.
Bye, Murray.
Savannah Seems Cool.
Like Tony Hawk.
Only Prettier.
More Like Tony Gawk,
If You Ask Me.
Well, I Gotta Go.
Mani-Pedi Time.
Gotta Look Pretty
For When We "Hand" In
Our Project.
( Both Laugh )
Get It?
( Groans )
Stay Out Of
My Way, Doggo.
Bye, Doggie.
( Sneezes )
Ohh! Uhh!
( Barks )
Mom: Jake,
Time For Breakfast!
That Tickles. Stop It.
You're Gonna Be Late
For School!
( Passes Gas )
Whoa. I Gotta
Get Dressed.
Gotta Look Good
For Julianne.
Well! Look At You.
( Whimpers )
Is That My Scarf?
No. No, No, No.
This Is A Guy's Scarf.
They Make Guys' Scarves?
Forget It.
I Gotta Go To School.
Whoa, Wait A Minute.
What About Breakfast?
You And Murray
Always Eat Together.
Mom, Julianne
Is Waiting.
( Murray Barks )
( Groans )
( Whining )
The Junk Mail.
Wait A Minute.
Is That From Julianne?
Murray, Drop It!
Drop It!
I Didn't Mean For You
To Drop It In There.
( Whimpers )
Dumb Dog.
Dude, You Look
So Duded-Up.
Totally Crackin',
If I Do Say So Myself.
Yeah, Still Not
Doing Your Project,
Come On, Man.
I Just Can't
Help Myself.
Fashion Intervention!
So, How Long Have You
Been On Scarves?
What's Wrong With It?
Serious Fashion Faux Pas.
That's French
For "Lose The Scarf."
Even Zac Efron Isn't
Rocking It Anymore.
But I Saw Him
In A Magazine.
Was It In Your
Dentist's Office?
Those Are Never
Up To Date.
Oh, Man.
I Was Trying
To Look Good For
My New Girlfriend.
Whoa, Back Up.
Julianne's Your Girlfriend?
For Reals?
Yes. For Reals.
Well, If You Want
To Date Her,
Then We Gotta Update You.
Collar Down,
Un-Tuck The Tuck,
Lose The Scarf,
Fake Earring Out--
Fluff The Hair.
( Snaps Photo )
How Cute Is That?
Cute Enough
To Put Online?
( Both Shriek )
Come On, Let's Go.
Do You Know Those Girls?
Me, Neither.
Oh! Jakey!
You Look So...Fly.
As Much As I'd Love
To Show You Off,
Somebody Has
A Project To Finish.
So...Time To Fly.
Heh Heh. "Jakey".
It's Even Worse
Than The Scarf.
( Laughs )
Oh, Yeah.
( Murray Barking )
I Never Thought I'd
Value A Dog's Opinion,
But, Murray,
I Think This Color
Looks Really Good.
Mom, I'm Home!
Julianne And I Are Gonna
Work In My Room.
Okay, Honey.
Aren't You Gonna
Go With Jake?
No? Okay.
Well, You Can
Help Me Paint.
( Sighs )
Okay, Where's That
Other Can Of Paint?
( Whines )
What The--
No. No Way.
There Is No Way
Murray Did This.
This Was
A Love Letter!
Not A Liver Treat!
I Know. I'm So Sorry.
He Likes To Take Out
The Junk Mail.
Not That
That Is Junk.
Thank Goodness I Taped Up
My N.A.S.A. Award.
I Have Got To Get
This Thing Framed.
No, You Have Got To
Get Rid Of That Dog.
He's Just A Big,
Hairy Disaster
Waiting To Happen.
I Think He Was
Just Looking For
Some Attention.
Well, That Makes
Two Of Us.
Oh, My Skirt!
Poodle Pink?
Look At What He Did!
You Better Send Him
To The Pound
Before I Pound Him!
You Know What?
You're Right.
Not Really, But...
I'm Gonna Go
Yell At Him.
If You Won't Get Rid
Of That Mutt,
I Will.
This One's
For You, Doggo.
Hey, Murray,
What You Got There?
Hey, That's My--
Murray, No! No!
( Flushes )
( Gasps )
Why Would Murray
Do That?
This Is The Worst Thing
You've Ever Done!
You're The Worst Dog!
I Hate You! Get Out Of Here!
Get Out!
( Whimpers )
Murray, What Are You
Doing Here?
Are You Lost?
Here, Come Home
With Me.
( Barks )
Come Here, Buddy.
I've Looked
All Over The House.
I Don't Think That
Murray's Hiding.
I Think He Ran Away.
Jake, I Know
You're Mad At Him,
But He's Still
Your Best Friend.
Mom, We Were
Best Friends.
Now We're Enemies.
Look, If You Don't Mind,
I've Got A Lot Of
Work To Do.
I Need To Finish
This Project.
Where's Julianne?
I Thought You Two
Were Partners.
You're Doing
This Whole Project
By Yourself, Aren't You?
Mom, That's Just
What A Guy Does
For His Girlfriend.
You Think Murray
Will Come Back?
I Don't Know.
I Guess It Depends
On What Guys Do
For Their Dogs.
Jake Logan, President
Of The Science Club.
Found Him.
What, You Think
I Marked This Page
'Cause I Like Jake?
Fine, I Sort Of
Have A Crush On Him.
But He's Never Gonna
Feel The Same Way,
So Who Cares?
Plus, He Already
Has A Girlfriend--
( Whines )
( Laughs )
What's Important
Is That We Get You Home.
Murray, Give That Back!
Don't You Want
To Get Found?
Guess Not.
I'm Gonna Be Late.
Why Didn't You Wake...
( School Bell Rings )
So, Leonard,
How's My Report
On Scarlet's
It's Called
The Scarlet Letter.
I Like Mine Better.
It's Really
A Thought-Provoking Book.
I Argue That Hester Prynne
Is Actually--
Whatevs, Leonard.
You Are So The Best
Boyfriend Ever.
I Thought Jake
Was Her Boyfriend.
Is It Ready?
Yes! Ha!
( Squeals )
Two Boyfriends, Plus Jake?
That' Disgusting.
And Slightly Impressive.
( Whimpers )
( Barks )
Yes, You Did.
No, I Didn't.
Hey, Isn't That
Missing Something?
Where'd You Get That?
It Was Taped
To Your Locker.
Who's Savannah?
Why Does She
Have Murray?
He, Uh--
He Sort Of Got Loose.
Look, The Truth Is,
He Ran Away...From Me.
But Murray's
Your Best Bud.
He Wouldn't Do That.
I Was Spending All My Time
With Julianne
And Ignoring Him,
So He Started Acting Up.
I Feel You, Murray.
Then He Tried To Flush
My N.A.S.A. Award
Down The Toilet.
I Was Pretty Rough On Him.
Dude, Murray Would
Never Trash Something
If He Knew
It Was Important.
That's What My Mom Said.
Wait A Minute.
Wait A Minute, That's It.
That's Why I Smelled
Perfume On My Award.
Julianne Must've
Sprayed Some On,
Knowing That When
Murray Smelled It,
He'd Think It Was Another
Love Letter From Her
And Trash It.
Dude, I Hate
To Tell You...
But Your Dog Was Framed
By Your Girlfriend.
Your Dog Was Dogged.
I Cannot Believe
She Did This To Me.
And I Was Dissing
You Two For Her.
The Next Time I See Her Face,
She'd Better Watch Out.
Hey, Jakey.
Hey, Julianne.
As Soon As Jake
Comes Back To Earth,
He's So
Blowing You Off.
Yeah. Revenge
Of The Mutt.
I Love Murray.
I'm Heartbroken
That He Ran Away
And Is Never Coming Back.
You Used Me, Julianne.
And I Wasn't Smart Enough
To Realize It,
But My Dog Did.
And That's Why You Wanted
To Get Rid Of Him.
Come On, Guys,
We're Out Of Here.
After You, Jakey.
I Mean Jake.
( School Bell Rings )
Jake! Me Using You?
That's The Most
Ridiculous Thing
I've Ever Heard.
You Did Finish Our
Project, Though, Right?
Jakey! You Are
The Best Boyfriend Ever!
Yeah, The Best
Out Of Three.
Heh. Norm. Leonard.
I Could Totally Explain
This Whole Thing.
I Can't When You're
Staring At Me Like
I Did Something Wrong.
You Think You're
So Clever, Don't You--
Punking Me Like That?
Yeah, Actually,
I Thought I Did
A Pretty Good Job.
Well, This Little
Stunt Of Yours
May Have Cost Me
Some As,
But If You Think
It's Gonna Make You
Any More Popular, Wrong!
You Will Always
Be Weird.
Well, I Think
Savannah's Awesome.
Yeah, Like He Said.
This Science Project
Is Done.
So Are We.
We're Done...
Just As Soon As You
Hand Me That Project...
Jake, No! She
Doesn't Deserve It.
I'm Waiting...Jakey.
You Think I Care
About This?
I Can Always Get
Another "A".
And Maybe One Day
I'll Get Another
Girlfriend, But...
After The Way
I Treated Murray,
I May Never Get
My Best Friend Back.
And He's Worth
More Than Anything.
( Scoffs )
( Barks )
The Project!
Whoa! Ha Ha!
Oh, No, He's Gonna--
( Laughter )
Bad Dog!
( Growling )
Did I Say, "Bad Dog"?
I Meant,
"Good Doggy!"
( Barks )
Good--Good Doggy.
( Barks )
( Barks )
( Barks )
Man, Am I Glad
To See You.
And I Promise,
If You Come Home
With Me,
It's Just
You And Me, Buddy--
No Girls...
Ever Again.
So...Guess I'll
Just Be Going.
Maybe I'll
Catch You Guys
At The Dog Park.
I'll Miss You,
Come Visit Me,
( Growling )
You Hate The Scarf,
Too, Huh?
( Laughs )
Halley: I'm So Glad
Jake Didn't Let Julianne
Come Between Him
And His Pooch.
Avalon: What Do They Say?
A Dog's A Boy's Best Friend?
Halley And I Put Jake's Story
On Our Webazine Geekly Chic
Because It Almost Turned Us
Into Frenemies Once.
I Was At Home,
Finishing Up An Email,
When It All Started.
Halley Brandon,
You Are An Awesome Writer.
Too Bad The Rest Of The World
Hasn't Gotten The Memo.
( Sighs )
( Dialing )
It's Finished.
It's Perfect.
And It's Sent.
I'm So Excited.
I Am So Excited.
When Burns Publications
Opens That Link
To Our Webazine
Geekly Chic,
They Are So Going
To Want To Be
In Business With Us.
I Know. I Mean,
Between Your Fashion Tips
And My Articles,
How Could They Not?
Speaking Of Fashion Tips,
Shade Up, Girl.
Okay, So, Am I Working
This Referee Look?
What Do You Think?
Thank You.
Oh, And Score With
That Belt, Too.
Like He Ever Wears It.
My Brother's Pants
Fall Off His Butt So Low,
I'm Forced To Look
At His Boxer Shorts
With Smiley Faces
On Them.
How Is That
Possibly Attractive?
It's Not. Although...
It Does Make It
Way Easier For You
To Give Him A Wedgie.
( Laughs )
( Call Waiting Beeps )
Okay, We Gotta Go.
We're Gonna Be Late.
Shade Down!
Were You And Avalon
Just Talking About Me?
Yeah, We Were
Just Discussing
How You Seriously
Rock Those Pants.
What Do You Want?
Could You Drive Us
To School?
Hey, Is That My Belt?
I'll Pay
For Belt Rental.
I Like It.
But I'm Not Waiting.
I'm In Really,
Really Tall Heels!
Come On!
I'm Trying!
I'm In Tall Heels!
Female G.P.S. Voice:
Turn Right On Addison.
Baby, Could You Repeat
That Last Direction
For Me...Slowly?
Turn Right On Addison.
Uh, Kendall,
Why Do You Need
A G.P.S. System?
You're A Senior.
You Know How To
Get To School.
He's In Love
With Her Voice.
I'm Not In Love
With Her Voice.
"You're Not My Type,
"I Hate Smiley-Face
( Both Laugh )
You Guys Can Laugh
All You Want.
But This G.P.S. Can Be
Programmed To Speak In
12 Different Languages.
It Can Even Give
Directions In Urdu.
I Hardly Know You."
( Both Laugh )
So, Anything From
Burns Publications Yet?
Not Yet, But We Have
Been Talking For,
Like, Three Seconds,
So I'll Check Again.
Well, If It Isn't
And Tweedle-Chic.
Well, Uh,
Hello, Walker.
Wait, What's Today--
To-Work Day?
Funny. Here You Go.
Um, Wait.
What Is This?
We Paid For An Ad
For Geekly Chic
In The School Paper.
Yes, And, As Senior Editor
Of That School Paper,
I Have A Standard
Of Quality To Uphold.
But--But, Walker,
Kids Need To Know
About Our Website.
Have You Even Read It?
It's Full Of Stimulating
And Superbly Written
Yeah, Not To Mention
The Latest
Fashion Trends,
Like Your Sweater.
Oh, Wait. We Didn't
Have An Issue In 1982.
Look, We Even Have
Business Cards.
Yeah. Pretty
Professional, Huh?
You Know What?
You Could Actually Put
One Of These Cards
On Every Locker
In The Whole School.
It Doesn't Matter,
Because Nobody Will Care
Unless I Tell Them To.
I'm Sorry, I Didn't
Hear What You Said.
Could You Repeat That?
Clean Out Your
Pretty Little Ears.
Is For Losers.
( Snaps Photo )
( Dialing )
( Phones Ringing )
( Overlapping Chatter )
Oh, By The Way,
Thanks For The Free
What Are You
Talking About?
We Are Out Of Here.
Thank You.
( Laughs )
That Was Awesome, Av.
You Totally Put
That Jerk And His
Wannabe Jerks
In Their Places.
Why, Thank You.
But, Halley,
You'll Have To Learn
How To Stand Up To
People Like That.
Uh, Heh--
No, Thank You.
You Know I Get Flushed
Around People,
So, If You Don't Mind,
I'll Stick To
The Writing,
And You Can Do
The Talking.
That's What Makes Us
A Good Team.
All Righty.
Hey, I Got Something
Really Cool To
Show You. Come On.
So, Every Time
Someone Logs On
To Geeklychic.Com,
A Red Dot Will Pop Up.
You See Those Red Dots
In New Jersey?
That's You, Me...
And My Mom.
She Spends A Lot Of
Time Online.
( Beep )
There's Another Dot
Over There
In New York City.
Who Could That Be?
Well, I'm Not
Really Sure,
But They're
Definitely Logged On.
( Cell Phone Ringing )
It's A Private Number.
Maybe It's...The Dot.
Oh, Stop That.
Just Answer It.
Yes, This Is
Halley Brandon.
You're Calling From
Burns Publications?
Are You Serious?
No Way.
Look, Kendall,
You're Gonna Have
To Do A Lot Better
If You're Gonna
Get Back At Me
For Making Fun
Of Your Little
G.P.S. Girl.
Yes, I'll "Hold" For
Miss Cherie St. Claire.
You Are Really
Pushing This,
Aren't You, Kendall?
( Gasps )
Yes, Yes, It Is.
Yes, Yes!
Okay, Tomorrow.
All Right. Um, Okay,
Thank You, Miss St. Claire.
All Right,
Thank You, Bye.
Oh, My Gosh.
That Was Really
Cherie St. Claire,
The Head Of
Burns Publications
In Manhattan?
Yes, It Was. And Tomorrow,
We Have A Huge Meeting
With That Red Dot!
( Both Shriek )
All Right, We Have
So Little Time
And So Much To Prepare.
So, Which One Of These
New Fashion Looks
Says, "I Have A Meeting
With One Of The Most
Powerful Women
In The Publishing
Give Me Them Bright Lights,
Long Nights
Party Till The Sun
Is Rising
High-Rise, Overtime
Working Till The Moon
Is Shining
Hot Guys, Fly Girls
Never Thought I'd Say
I Feel On Top Of The World
I Feel On Top
Of The World, Hey
Glamour, Glitter And Gold
Nothing Is Stopping You
Nothing Is Stopping Me
In This Frenzy,
Out Of Control
I'm-A Stay In Pursuit
Do What I Gotta Do
Give Me Them Bright Lights,
Long Nights...
( Cell Phone Ringing )
( Turns Volume Down )
Shade Up, Girl.
Oh, Okay.
Is This Professional
Or What?
Yeah, Professionally
What? I Don't Think
This Says Scottish.
I Think It Says Stylish,
In A Plaid-Ish,
Wool-Ish, Kilt-Ish
Sort Of Way.
( Sighs )
Shade Down, Girl.
We're Going To
New York City!
( Both Shout )
Party Till The Sun
Is Rising
High-Rise, Overtime
Working Till The Moon
Is Shining
Hot Guys, Fly Girls
Never Thought I'd Say
I Feel On Top
Of The World...
( Both Shout )
The Hat, Too?
It Was Calling Me, Okay?
"Wear Me. Wear Me."
Are You Sure
It Wasn't Calling You,
"Trash Me, Burn Me"?
Oh, Thank You.
Thank You.
( Both Shriek )
( Sobbing )
I Meant On The Couch.
Right. Okay.
We Knew That.
You Two Are A Lot Younger
Than I Thought You'd Be.
Is That A Problem?
'Cause We're Very
Mature For Our Age.
Yes, People Think
We Are, Like, 30.
I Want Young.
And That's When
We Tell Them,
"Hello, People!
We're Only 14"
Right, Av?
Well, Burns Publications
Has Been Looking
For A Fresh Voice,
A Young Voice,
A Unique Voice.
And I Think Geekly Chic
Is That Voice.
It Is? I Mean, Uh,
Of Course It Is.
Wait, You Really
Liked Our Webazine?
Loved It. Which Is Why
I Want To Use It
To Launch Our Brand-New
Website, Our New Magazine,
And Our New Fabulous
Clothing Line.
It'll Be A Media Empire.
Are You Kidding?
Do I Look Like A Person
With A Sense Of Humor?
No, Not Really.
( Gasps )
Geekly Chic.
Don't Smudge It.
Av, There Will Be
Red Dots Everywhere.
Don't They Sell Creams
For That?
Miss St. Claire,
You Have No Idea
How Long Halley And I
Have Been Dreaming
About This Day.
Wait A Minute.
"Halley And I"?
I Called This Meeting
With Halley Brandon,
The Editor-In-Chief.
What Are You?
Her Assistant?
Heh. If I Were
Her Assistant,
Do You Think I Would
Let Her Out Of The House
Wearing That Skirt
With That Hat?
Sorry. Um...No.
I Am Avalon Greene,
Yes, We're A Team.
You're A Team?
That's Adorable.
I Hate It.
What? Why?
Because If I Buy
Your Webazine,
On Staffing It
With My Own Underpaid
Web Designers.
However, I Want One Of You
On Board As Editor
So Geekly Chic Maintains
That Fresh Voice
Of Zit-Faced Kids
Sort Of Breaks Up Your
Little Team, Doesn't It?
So...Flip A Coin, Girls.
Who Shall It Be?
Wait, You're
Asking Us To Choose
Which One Of Us Gets
To Live Our Dream?
( Groans )
Sounds So Terribly Sad
When You Put It That Way.
Don't Put It That Way.
But--But We're
Best Friends.
We Worked Really
Hard On This.
How Could We Compete
With Each Other
For A Job?
Hmm. I Understand.
I Once Had
A Best Friend Myself.
We Were So Close.
In Fact, I Got Her
Her First Job.
Really? As What?
My Maid.
But She Wasn't Very Good,
So I Fired Her.
But Back To You Two.
I Have An Idea.
To Make This Fair,
I'll Give Both Of You
One Week
To Come Up
With A Cover Story
Of Our Very First Issue
Of Geekly Chic.
Whoever Does The Best Job
Gets To Be My Senior
But--But We Worked
Really Hard.
And This Is Kind Of
Like A Joint Effort.
This Is Not Fair.
It's Either One Of You...
Or None Of You.
You Can Pack Up Your Bagpipes
And Go Now.
Oh, Sorry.
Okay. Bye.
This Is The Worst Day.
This Is
The Worst Skirt.
And Hat.
So...Have You Found
Anything Interesting Yet
To Write About?
Not Really. You?
Can You Believe
This Is All I Can Afford
For Breakfast?
Since When Did Pancakes
Go Up $1.50?
I Need To Collect
My Belt Rent.
Not Now, Kendall.
I'm Busy.
How About You, Avalon?
I'm Not Really Busy.
I Just Don't Really Care.
I Found It.
A Sock To Stuff
In His Mouth?
No, Better.
You Know That Indie
Singer Jean-Frank?
He's Coming To America
For His First Concert
Outside Of France.
Um, Excuse Me. How Is This
More Important Than Me
Getting My Pancakes?
Because Jean-Frank
Has An Amazing Sound.
We've Been Following Him
Online For Months,
And Once He Comes Here
And Performs Live,
He's Gonna Blow Up.
That's Why He Needs
To Be Interviewed Now
Before He's So Hot That
Everybody Wants Him.
This Would Make
An Awesome Cover Story
For Geekly Chic.
Um, That's My Story.
Your Story?
But We Thought Of It
At The Same Time.
That Editor Job
Is Mine.
No, It's Not.
It's Mine.
Uh, Hate To Burst
Both Your Bubbles,
But It Looks Like
Neither Of You Is Gonna
Get To Interview Him.
Says Here Jean-Frank's
Concert's Sold Out.
So, Unless You Two
Can Find Tickets...
Man, Did It Just Get
Suffocatingly Hot In Here.
I'm Getting
Into That Concert.
Really? And Then What?
Let's See You Get
An Interview With Him.
You Get All Flustered
Around People, Remember?
I'm The Only One
Who Can Talk To Him.
Well, You Might Be
Able To Talk The Talk,
But Let's See You
Write The Right...
Words. Ahem.
I'm Not Losing Out
To You.
Took The Words
Right Out Of My Mouth.
( Busy Signal )
Here. You Need This
More Than I Do.
Ah, Thank You.
Oh, Very Nice,
Very Nice.
I'm Calling The Radio
Station Z.V.F.M.
If I'm
The 100th Caller,
I Get A Free Ticket To
The Jean-Frank Concert.
Hi. Um, I Was
Calling About The--
Man: You're
The 101st Caller.
I'm Number 101?
But--But I Need
That Ticket!
Sorry, Miss,
Try Again Next Time.
Okay. Okay, Fine.
Yeah. And F.Y.I.--
Your Music Stinks.
Smooth. Laying On The Charm
To Get Your Ticket.
I Like It.
Look, Kendall,
The Concert Is Friday.
What Am I Going To Do?
I Wonder If Avalon's
Doing Any Better.
( School Bell Rings )
Hey, Team!
Expert Fashion Advice
In Exchange For
A Jean-Frank Ticket?
( Laughing )
Oh, Hi There.
I'm Doing A Free
Fashion Makeover Today
In Exchange For
A Jean-Frank Ticket.
See, You May Not
Know Him Yet,
But He Is The Hottest
New French Singer,
And You Could Look
Just Like Him.
But Not
In Those Pants!
Hey There.
You Look Like
The Type
Who'd Know What's Hot
On The Indie Scene.
So, Today I Am Doing
Free Fashion Makeovers
In Exchange For
A Jean-Frank Ticket.
You're Outfit Is Cool,
Zippers And Ripped
Black Tights Are...
So Edward Scissorhands.
You Really Want To
Freak Out Your Friends?
Wear Hooped Earrings
With Stripes.
What? But--But That
Was Great Advice!
Fine! And Your Mother
Bought You That Outfit!
You're Not Fooling
Well, Well, Well.
If It Isn't Miss Avalon.
So, Where's Your
Little Sidekick?
I Hear You Kicked Her
To The Side.
How Do You Know?
Well, As A Man
Of The World,
I Make It My Business
To Know Everything.
And I Believe You Need
A Ticket To See
Some French Singer
Tomorrow Night?
Yeah. Jean-Frank.
But His Concert
Is All Sold Out.
Is It?
Unless You Possibly
Have One.
( Laughs )
Now, That's Amusing.
So, I Take It
The Answer's No.
Um, I May Be Persuaded
To Look Further
Into The Matter.
Whoa. Dude, What's With
The Eyebrow Dance?
Have You Been
Torturing Me
Since School Started
Because You Actually
Like Me?
( Snorts )
That Is Amusing.
Well, Thanks Anyway,
Well, Actually, Um,
You Might Be
Interested To Know
That I Have
A Cousin In France
Whose Roommate Happens
To Be The Nephew
Of The Guy Whose
Daughter Is Engaged
To The Dry Cleaner
Who Fluffs And Folds All
Of Jean-Frank's Clothes.
Walker, That--
That's Amazing,
I Think!
Well, Why Don't You
Just Take Out Your Phone
And We'll Give Him A Call?
On Your Minutes,
Of Course.
( School Bell Rings )
Oh, Hey. Halley,
I Just Left A Note
In Your Locker.
But That's Okay,
'Cause It's So Well-Written,
I Memorized It.
"Dear Halley,
I Have A Ticket
"To The Jean-Frank Concert,
And You Don't.
Doesn't Your Life Stink?
Love, Avalon."
Wait, How Did You
Get That Ticket?
I, Uh...Called Him.
A Little Yellow-Sweatered
Gave Me His
Phone Number In Paris,
And Now Jean-Frank
Is Giving Me An Interview
Right After The Concert.
Um, Mrs. Cross,
I Need To Call My Mom.
She Just Had A Baby--
Three Of Them. Triplets.
There Might Be One More,
So I'm Gonna Call Her.
( Feedback )
( Shouting In French )
( Cell Phone Ringing )
( French Accent )
Is This Jean-Frank?
( Speaking French )
Why Did I Take Spanish?
( Sighs ) This Is
Avalon Greene's--
How You Say--
She Would Like To Have Me
Give You A Pre-Interview
Before Her Interview.
( Speaking French )
Yeah. Fantastique!
Um, So, Her Ticket
Will Need To Be Put
Under My Name--
Halley Brandon.
Bon. Mademoiselle?
I Mean... Oui?
Speaking English
With A French Accent
Is Still
Speaking English.
I Mean...
( Vacuum Whirring )
( Speaking French )
Oh, No, You Di-In't.
Oh, Yes, I Di-Id.
( Cymbal Crashes )
( Cell Phone Ringing )
Shade Up, Girl. Now.
You Sabotaged My Interview
And Took My Ticket?
What? He Told You?
Wait, Does Walker
Have A Thing For You?
My Gosh,
That's Why He's
Always In Your Face.
Right? Wait, Stop--
I'm Still Mad.
You're Not Getting
That Interview.
That Cover Story Is Mine.
It's Mine!
I Can't Believe
We Were Ever B.F.F.'S!
Best Friends For-Never!
Good One. Write Much?
Talk Much!
For Crying Out Loud,
Just Pull The Shade Down!
( Sighs )
Excited To Go
To The Concert?
Yeah, I Guess.
Well, I Already
Programmed J-Lo,
So She's All Set
To Get Us There
On Time.
Stop With
The Eyeballs.
A Lot Of Guys
Name Their G.P.S.'S
After Hot Singers.
If I Gotta
Get Directions
From A Woman,
It's Gonna Be
From J-Lo.
( Speaking
Foreign Language )
What The Heck Was That?
Why Can't I Understand
A Word She's Saying?
If I Didn't Know
Any Better,
I'd Say She's
Speaking In Urdu.
You Programmed Her
To Speak English!
I've Got To Get
To This Concert!
All The Settings
Are In Urdu, Too!
This Is Totally Wack!
How Did This Happen?
( Overlapping Chatter )
Excuse Me. Sorry.
Sorry, Pardon Me.
Excuse Me.
Ooh, Cute Shoes.
Excuse Me.
Hi, Um, I Have A Ticket
Waiting For Me.
My Name Is, Uh...
Halley Brandon.
And I'm Doing
A Pre-Concert Interview
With Jean-Frank.
Could You Tell Me Where
His Dressing Room Is?
Aah! You Poked Me
In The Eye.
Hey, Look--
The Jersey Shore.
Okay, Hey, Situation--
Help Me Read
This Thing.
A Map? Who Uses
Maps Anymore?
I Don't Know.
People Whose
G.P.S.'S Are Lame.
She Didn't Mean That.
What Am I Looking At?
( Both Shouting At Once )
( Shouting In French )
Hi. I'm Avalon Greene.
I'm Here To Do The
Interview With You.
Where's Halley Brandon--
The One Who Speaks
The French-English?
Uh, She--She Couldn't
Make It Here Today
Because She--
She Has The Flu.
The--The G.P.S. Flu.
It Makes You Lose
All Sense Of Direction.
It's Very Contagious.
You Don't Want To Be
Near Her. Heh Heh.
Okay, Right Here.
Wait! Who's Gonna
Help Me Fold This Thing?
Ask J-Lo! Okay!
Man: The Concert's
Sold Out.
You've Got To Be
Kidding Me.
Get Your Tickets
In Advance.
Come On, Guys,
Move Along.
This Way.
This'll Work.
So, Jean, Tell Me
About Your Music.
Do You Know Anything
About Music, Huh?
Uh, Not Really.
But I Know
About Clothes.
So, Are These
Your Favorite Jeans
That You've Totally
Worn To Death,
Or Did You Just...
Buy Them Pre-Ripped?
The Truth, Jean-Frank.
They're Pre-Ripped.
And, Uh, I Have Them
Dry Cleaned.
And You Call Yourself
A Rock Star.
Don't Answer
Another Word!
Oh! My First Crazy
American Fan!
I've Made It!
Halley, What Are You
Doing Here?
Says Who? Smile.
No, Don't Smile For Her!
She's Contagious!
I Got Here First.
Well, I Have Better
Questions To Ask Him.
So, Jean-Frank--
Do You Ha--
Your Style--Uh--
You Know--
The G.P.S. Flu--
It Makes Her Talk Like That?
No, That's Totally Normal.
Give Me That.
Give Me Back
My Questions.
Why? I'm Asking Them.
So, Jean-Frank,
Your Style Of Music
Has Been Compared To
Traditional African
Tribal Poly--
What Does This Even Say?
It's A Drumbeat
Found Mostly In
West African Mu--
Wait, Why Am I
Telling You,
Give Me Back
My Questions.
Why? I'm The Only One
Who Can Talk.
Uh, In Urdu!
And You'd Better
Reprogram J-Lo,
Or Else--
What, She's Gonna
Vote Me Off Of Idol?
( American Accent )
Hey! Hey! Stop It!
You Two Are Giving Me
A Headache?
Uh, Wait--
What Happened To
Your French Accent?
Oops. I Mean...
Yeah, That Didn't
Even Work For Me.
Wait, You're Not
Even French?
You've Been Lying
To Your Fans
This Entire Time?
Why Would You Do
That, Jean-Frank?
It's Really
Johnny Frankewski.
I Couldn't Get Anyone
To Listen To My Music Here,
So I Tried Paris.
That's When I Decided...
( French Accent )
...To Do The French Thing,
You Know.
Just To Look Cool
Back Home.
Nuh-Uh. Kids Don't
Want Some Poser.
Fake Is Out--
Unless It's Fur.
Look, Your Music
Is Already Cool,
And Staying True
To Yourself
Is What'll Inspire
Your Fans...
Well, You Know...
I Always Wanted
To Go Acoustic, And--
You Girls Are Right.
You Know What?
This Scam Is Over.
And Johnny Frankewski
Is Back!
Wow. We Totally
Unplugged Him.
I Know, But This Is
Going To Make
An Awesome Story!
I Know!
Ha Ha!
Whose Story Is It?
This Article
On Jean-Frank Is...
I Love
The Pre-Ripped Jeans.
Very Inside.
And Then Finding Out
That He's Not Even French?
That's So Inside,
It's Outside. Love It.
Gonna Be Hard
To Top This Story.
Okay. Where's
The Other Article?
There's Only One.
I Told You To Write Two.
Best One Gets The Job,
Yeah, But...
We Couldn't Do It,
You're Just Gonna Have
To Choose One Of Us,
And The Other One
Goes Home.
I Feel Like Heidi Klum.
You're Either In
Or You're Out.
So, I Choose...
Neither Of You.
Auf Wiedersehen.
I Thought I Was Dealing
With Professionals.
But Apparently I'm Dealing
With Two Little Girls,
Best Friends,
Who Can't Do Anything
Without Each Other.
You Can Both Leave...Now.
And We Don't
Validate Parking.
Oh, Wait, You're
Too Young To Drive.
Wait A Minute!
What's Wrong With Wanting
To Share Something
With Your Best Friend?
You May Not Care,
But I'm Proud To Be
Friends With Avalon.
Geekly Chic
Is Our Baby,
And If You Don't
Want To Work With Us
On Our Terms,
Then These Two
"Little Girls"
Are Gonna Go Find
Ourselves A Bigger
And Better Playground.
Heh. Meaning?
I Am Not Sure,
But It Sounded Really Good,
So We're Going Out On That.
Let's Go.
Woman: Yes,
Miss St. Claire?
I Feel Sweat Coming On.
Bring Me Some Deodorant.
You Know, Halley,
I Am Really Proud
Of You Today.
So Much For Getting
Flustered Around People.
Thanks, Av.
Maybe You Should
Do The Talking
From Now On.
Well, Well, Well,
Look Who We Have Here.
Bad News Certainly
Travels Fast.
Okay, Look, Walker,
If You've Come Here
To Gloat--
I Was Actually
Very Impressed
When I Heard How
You Two Stood Up To
That Big Corporation.
In Fact,
I Was So Impressed,
I Made A Phone Call
On Your Behalf.
It Seems That I Have
A Cousin In Memphis
Whose Sister Happens
To Be The Hairstylist
For The Guy
Who Drives The Limo--
Walker, Get To
The Point.
Teens Now Wants To Do
A Huge Story
On Geekly Chic
And The Two Best Friends
Behind It.
Okay, We've Gotta
Go Put This On The
Website Right Now.
Okay. Okay.
Thank You.
What You Did
For Us Was...
Really Amazing
And Sweet.
I Could Just--
Hug Me?
Uh, Well--
Well, Um...
See, I Was Gonna Say,
"Shake Your Hand,"
But, Uh...
Okay, Show's Over.
See Ya.
Huh. Well, That Wasn't
Exactly The Hug
I Was Hoping For.
Halley Brandon
And Avalon Greene
Had A Chance At Fame
And Fortune
When Media Giant
Burns Publications
Offered To Buy Their
Webazine Geekly Chic.
But The B.F.F.'S
Turned It Down
To Stay True To
Their Own Indie Vision.
You Go, Girls.
( Both Shouting )
...An Exclusive Story
On French Singing
Sensation Jean-Frank,
Written By Both Halley
And Avalon.
Both Girls Will Continue On
As Chief Editors,
And They'd Love
To Hear From You,
So Keep Posting
Those Comments.
This Is Lucy Delgoosy
From Teens Now.
Avalon, Look.
There's Red Dots
Geekly Chic
Has Gone Global.
( Both Shouting )
Stop Jumping On That Bed.
Yep, Geekly Chic
Blew Up.
They Made This Movie
About It, Right?
And Remember
That Girl Savannah--
The Skater Chick With
The Crush On Jake?
She Almost Got Frenemied
By A Girl She Didn't
Even Know Existed.
( Lyrics Indistinct )
Savannah, Come On In.
Hey, Guys.
Take It Easy.
Hey, Gimme!
That's Mine.
Some More, Dad.
Some More Juice.
Hey, You Little Food Monsters,
Leave Me Some!
( Horn Honks )
Guys, School Bus!
Let's Roll!
Ryan, Here You Go.
Here You Go.
Got Enough? Okay,
Go Get To The Bus.
Bye, Dad.
Sorry, Sweetie.
You Snooze, You Lose.
I Saved This.
Oh, Thanks, George.
For Me.
Love You.
I Swear, Living Here
Is Like Living In
Some Frat House.
Okay, Well,
How About This?
How About I Give You
Some Cash
To Buy Some Breakfast
At School?
And After School,
You Go To The Mall
And Buy Yourself...
Something That Is Pretty...
And Your Brothers
Won't Eat.
Awesome. 'Cause I Saw
The Prettiest Sneakers
The Other Day,
And Now I Can
Get Them.
Thanks, Pops.
( Sighs )
Roger, You Need A Maid.
And That Would Be Me.
Okay, Murray, You Have
Peed Nine Times Already.
There's No More Trees.
Hey, Savannah.
Okay, Time To
Go Home, Buddy.
Where'd She Go?
That's Weird.
( Sighs )
Oh, Hey, Murray.
I'm Okay, I'm Okay.
I Just Get A Little
Nervous Around Jake.
Don't Tell Him,
( Barks )
Hey, Doggy!
( Groans )
( British Accent )
I Wish I Could Have
A Dog, Pemberly.
Well, If You Could
Find One That
Didn't Bark,
Didn't Shed,
Didn't Drool,
Didn't Eat,
And Didn't Poop,
Then I'm Certain
Your Parents Would Be
Very Open To The Idea.
So, That's A Big No.
That Would Be Correct.
Especially In Regards
To The Poop Part.
( School Bell Rings )
Oh, Here. Let Me
Get That For You.
Oh. Hey, Jake.
Uh, You Don't Have
To Do That For Me.
I'm Not Helpless. See?
Wow. Nice Guns.
Bigger Than Mine.
No, They're Not.
Well, Maybe A Little.
I've Gotta
Get To Class.
You Had To Show Him
Your Guns.
Emma, Darling,
How Was School?
It Was Fine.
Um, I Did All My Homework,
So Is It Okay
If I Go To The Mall?
I Need Some Shoes.
Of Course.
A Young Lady
Could Always Use
A New Pair Of Shoes.
And What About A New Dog?
A Dog? What Dog?
No. Father, There's No Dog.
I Just--
Thank Heavens!
For A Moment There,
We Thought You Were Asking
If You Could Have...A Pet.
No One Likes
A Smug Butler.
Ooh, Come On, Halley.
Let's Go Check Out
The Espadrilles.
Avalon, You Hate
See, Now, I Did,
But Then I Bought
This Fabulous Organic
Spray-On Tan,
And Summer Legs
And Espadrilles
Are Off The Hook.
Wait, Look Who's Here.
Savannah O'neal.
Wrong. That's
Emma Reynolds.
She Goes To
Liggett Academy.
Hence The Bland
But Uber-Expensive
Wait, Are You Sure
That's Not Savannah,
The One Who Goes
To Our School?
No, That's
Whoa, That's
A Mind-Blow.
Ooh! Espadrilles!
Do These Come In 8?
Do These Come In 8?
Wow. You Look
Just Like Me.
No, You Look
Just Like Me.
Miss Emma, It's Getting
Rather Late.
Perhaps I Should
Have Jacob Bring
The Car Around.
I--I Took The Bus.
Oh, Dear Me.
I Thought You Were--
I'm So Sorry For The
Misunderstanding, Miss.
Miss? Man,
Your Grandfather
Is So Polite.
Mine Picks His Teeth
With A Credit Card.
Pemberly's My Butler.
I Love A Good
But This Is Just
Getting Ridiculous.
All Right. Savannah,
Meet Emma Reynolds--
Debutante Ball Queen
Who Carpools In A Limo.
And, Emma,
Meet Savannah O'neal--
Artsy Jock Girl Who Rides
A Mean Skateboard.
You Two
Are Like Twins...
From Different
Hey, Are You Thinking
What I'm Thinking?
Free Mall Massage?
No, This Could Be
An Awesome Story
For Geekly Chic.
( Snaps Photo )
And Then A Free
Mall Massage.
( Both Shriek )
( Chattering )
Do You Know
Those Girls?
I've Never Seen Them
Before In My Life.
Me, Neither.
( Both Laugh )
My Mum Would Kill Me
If She Saw Me
Eating Mall Food.
And I'm Not Even
Using A Napkin.
I Never Do.
So, You Have Three
Little Brothers
And A Dog.
How Great Is That?
Not If You're Hungry.
And Murray's Not
Technically Mine.
He Belongs To
This Guy Jake,
Who's Crazy Cute
And I Have A Major Crush On,
But I'd Die If He
Ever Found Out.
Savannah, Your Life
Sounds Totally Insane
And Totally Awesome.
Me? Emma, You're
The One Cruising Around
In Limos All Day
And Mall-Hopping
With Frederick.
Pemberly, And It's Not
As Easy As It Sounds.
Please. If I Could Have
Your Life For One Week,
I'd Be The Happiest Girl
In The World.
If I Could Your Life
For One Week,
I'd Be The Happiest
Girl In The World.
Okay, Everybody's
Thinking It,
So We're Just Gonna
Go Ahead And Say It--
It's Time For
The Old Switcheroo.
What Are We
Duh. Your Lives.
You Two Look
Exactly The Same.
Yeah, So Just
Trade Up For One Week,
And It'll Be
Totally Awesome.
Or A Disaster.
Either Way,
It's Going On
This Is Just Too Good
Not To Blog.
Wait, You're Saying
For One Week,
I'm Going To Be Her?
And I'm Gonna Be Her?
I Love It!
I Get To Have
Three Brothers, A Dog,
And No School Uniform
For A Week!
And I Get To Have
A Huge House
And All The Food
I Can Eat And--
And Him!
( Slurps )
( Laughing )
Be Right Back.
We're Just Going
To The Washroom.
You Go, Girls.
( Both Laugh )
Shall We?
I Can't Believe
We're Doing This.
I Know, But It's Such
A Brilliant Idea.
Uh, You Okay
Riding That Home?
I'll Be Fine.
Good Luck.
Oh, Did I Mention
There's Five People
Living In My House,
And One Bathroom?
Home, James!
It's Pemberly!
( Sighs )
How Hard Can This Be?
It's Just A Skateboard.
See? Easy As--Aah!
Man, I Am Living
The Dream!
Eww, And I Have Got
To Shave My Legs.
I Always Open The Door
For You, Miss Emma.
( British Accent )
Of Course You Do.
'Cause I Always Let Guys
Open Doors For Me.
Wow. I Am Loaded!
Oh...With Books.
Can You Take These
For Me, Pemberly?
Now, Don't Forget,
Miss Emma--
You Have A Dress-Fitting
Before Supper.
A Dress? I Mean--
A Dress! Whoo-Hoo!
Off To My Fitting.
How Fitting That I'm
Off To My Fitting.
What Exactly Am I Being
Fitted For Again?
Why, Your Birthday Ball.
I'm Going To A Ball?
Who Am I--Cinderella?
I Guess
I Am Cinderella.
What Are You
Standing There For?
Waiting For You
To Open The Door.
( Sighs )
I'm Gonna Get You!
Missed Me!
( Imitating Gunfire )
( American Accent )
Yo, Yo, Yo!
It's Me--Savannah--
Your "Sista".
What Up, Dawgs?
Just Kidding! Ha!
Mind If I Join You Guys?
Get Her! Get Her!
( Shouting )
( All Shouting )
( Oven Beeping )
Hey, Dad.
Hello, Father.
Did You Just
Call Me "Father"?
Uh, I--
Just Kidding...Dad.
Whatever Happened
To "Pops"?
Here, Mind Putting
The Napkins Out?
Yeah, I Know It's
Kind Of Formal, But--
Uh, Exactly What
I Was Thinking.
You Know, I Think
I'm Just Going To Go
Freshen Up First...
You're Gonna What?
Oh, I'm Sorry. I Thought
This Was My Room.
It Is.
Sorry I'm Late!
I Was Trying On
Ball Gown Number 23,
And Time Just Got
Away From Me.
Um, Hope You
Haven't Started.
I'm Starving.
Emma, We'd Never Start
Eating Without You.
Really? Cool.
I Mean, That's
A Lovely Tradition.
It's Just
A Little Game We Play.
Mmm, This Smells Divine.
And Tastes Even Diviner.
Ahem. What Is This?
Bon Appetit.
( Swallows )
Chow Down, Gang.
All Right,
I'm Starving!
Mmm! That Looks
Good, Dad.
Uh, Excuse Me.
Hey, Give Me That!
I Want The Leg!
Save Some For Pops.
Excuse Me?
I Want More!
Pardon Me.
Mmm, This Is
Good, Dad.
So, Emma, Dear,
Your Mother And I
Have Arranged For
Some Wonderful Music
For Your
Birthday Ball...
At The Country Club.
You Guys Got A Cool D.J.?
A D-Who?
Forget It.
Who Did You Get?
Martina Molinara--
The Famous Italian
Opera Singer.
You Know, As Incredibly
Entertaining As That Sounds,
Wouldn't It Be Easier
Just To Chill Out
With Some Friends
And Get A Taco Truck?
What's A Taco?
( Whistle Blows )
Wake Up!
It's Time For Your
Fencing Lesson.
En Garde!
( Toilet Flushes )
Just Warning You--
You May Want To Open
The Window.
I Call First!
En Garde!
She's Crazy.
( Sighs )
That Is Nice Music
To Nap By.
No Napping.
It's Time For
The Ballet Lesson.
( Sighs )
Up, Up, Up.
And Down, Down, Down.
Come On.
( Thud )
Don't Let Her
Get It!
Quick, Pass It!
( Cell Phone Rings )
I Want My Life Back.
Me, Too.
I Had No Idea Being Rich
Could Be So Exhausting.
Did I Say I Wanted
A Big Family?
I Take It Back.
I Love Being An Only Child.
Let's Switch Back
Tomorrow, Okay?
Pemberly: Ahem.
Excuse Me, Miss Emma.
I've Come To Remind You
That You Have A--
Please Don't Say
Another Lesson.
I Can't Feel My Legs.
No. You Have A Date
With Lance.
He's Waiting Outside.
Lance? Who's Lance?
Can I Tell You
A Little Secret?
( American Accent )
I'm Not Really Emma.
I'm Savannah.
( Gasps )
No. I'm Shocked.
You Won't Tell?
You Have No Idea
The Secrets I Keep
Around Here.
That's Why
My Christmas Bonus
Is So High.
Lance Is Your Boyfriend.
Ahem. Lance Is Waiting...
Miss Emma.
Hey, Emma.
You're Lance?
Who Knew I Had Such
A Hottie Boyfriend?
I Mean...I Knew.
I Just Have To Keep
Reminding Myself.
Well, We Do Make
A Magnificent Couple.
Heh. So, Ready To Go
Down To The Field?
The Softball Field?
Ha Ha! The Polo Field.
Oh, Guess What?
I Named One Of My Ponies
Emma...After You.
Uh, Aren't You
A Little Old
To Have A Pony?
It's A Polo Pony.
It's A Horse.
Oh. Oh, Of--
Of Course It's A Horse.
I Knew That.
Just Horsing Around!
Shall We Go, My Lady?
Hi, I'd Like To Make
An Appointment
For A Manicure.
Tomorrow? Perfect.
Hey, Savannah.
Hey...To You, Too.
I Just Sent You
The Coolest Video
Of Murray Dancing
The Macarena.
Oh, You're Jake!
She's Right--
You Are Cute.
Who's "She"?
I Mean, Me.
She's Me.
You Think I'm Cute?
Way Cute. I Guess
I've Just Been Too...
Shy To Tell You
That Before.
Would You Like
To Go Out With Me?
I Thought
You'd Never Ask.
( Both Chuckle )
Aah! I Have A Date
With Jake? No Way!
I Know. I'm Good, Huh?
I Get So Nervous
Around Him.
I Always Say
The Wrong Thing,
And Do Dumb Stuff,
Like Show Him My Guns.
I'm Not Even Going
To Ask About That.
I'll Tell You What--
I'm Going To Be You
For One More Day
So That I Can Go Out With Jake
And Show You How Easy It Is
To Be With Him.
Just Don't Let Him
See You There.
Don't Worry.
I'm Gonna Be Invisible
Around Jake.
Jake, I'm So Glad
We're Finally
Going Out Together.
Personally, I Think
It's Long Overdue.
I Didn't Know
You Felt This Way
About Me.
I Mean, You're
Usually So, Um...
Right, But A Girl
Can Be Self-Reliant
And Still Be Interested.
I Don't Know What's
Different About You,
But I Like It.
( Laughs )
( Gasps )
Who Threw That?
I'm Gonna Go Yell
At That Busboy.
Okay, That Was
Really Gross.
You're Lucky
I Didn't Throw
The Busboy At You.
What Were You Doing
Holding Hands With
My Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend?
If It Weren't For Me,
He Wouldn't Even Know
You Existed.
Oh, So, Now He's
Your Boyfriend?
Maybe So.
That Doesn't Matter,
Because I Happen To Have
A Boyfriend Of My Own.
Yeah, Like Who?
You Can't Even Talk
To Guys?
Lance Doesn't Mind.
Less Talking,
More Hugging.
Lance Is My Boyfriend!
Not Anymore.
See You Around
The Polo Fields,
This Is My
Favorite Place
For, You Know,
Bumping Into People.
I Wouldn't Know
Anyone Here.
Oh, Wait A Minute.
Is That My Pool Boy?
Hmm. I'd Know For Sure
If He Was Holding Some
Towels Or Something.
For Reals? Lance,
Do You Ever Even
Listen To Yourself?
Only When I Sing Karaoke.
I'm Quite The Entertainer.
No, I Prefer Looking
At Myself.
Oh, By The Way,
Are My Bangs Clumping?
Jake: Come On, Murray!
Quick, Put Your
Arm Around Me!
( Barking )
( Laughter)
Did I Say Here?
I Meant Over There.
( Overlapping Chatter )
Ahem! Savannah.
Emma, How's It Going?
Whoa. You Two
Could Be--
Yeah, We Know--
So, Have You Met
My Boyfriend Lance?
Isn't He Cute
And So Squeezable?
No Scrunching.
Italian Leather.
Italian Leather!
Isn't He...Divine?
Wait. I Just
Got An Idea.
How About
We All Go Out
On A Double-Date?
Wouldn't That
Be Cool?
Not Really.
That's A Great Idea.
In Fact,
What Are You Doing
This Saturday?
You Could Come To
My Birthday Ball.
Your Birthday Ball?
That's My...
Favorite Thing To Do.
We'll Be There.
Let's Go, Guys.
( Groaning )
Wow, He Acts
Like He Knows You.
Miss You, Too, Murray.
( Woman Singing Opera )
( Yawns )
I've Never Seen You
In A Dress Before,
Really? Never?
Well, I Mean,
Since Fourth Grade,
When You Started
Wearing Pants To Ride
Your Skateboard.
That Pretty Much
Sealed The Deal For Me.
I've Had A Major Crush
On You Ever Since.
So, You Like
All That Tomboy Stuff
She Does-- I Do?
I Even Like Your Guns.
Didn't They Used
To Be Bigger?
( Song Ends )
Jake, I Think There's
Someone Here You Should
Get To Know Better.
Thank You!
( Overlapping Chatter )
Oh, You Look
Wow. Emma, I Thought
I Was The Best-Looking
Person At This Party,
But You Have
Got Me Beat.
Nah, You Got Me Beat.
Nah, It's Your Party.
I'll Let You Have It
This One Time.
Thanks, Lance.
You're So...Generous.
I Am, Aren't I?
Ha Ha!
What Are You
Looking For?
Just Seeing If Savannah
And Jake Are Here
To See This.
The Dog Park People?
Who Cares About Them?
They Are Not Our Kind.
Not Our Kind?
Lance, Remind Me Again
Why We Started Dating.
Because Mumsy And Daddy
Set Us Up In
The Third Grade.
They Wanted Me To Marry
Somebody Just Like Me.
But--But Emma's
Nothing Like You!
She's Sweet
And Kind And--
Uh, Hello? You're
Talking About Yourself.
Boy, People Say
I'm Conceited. Ha!
Lance, I Want
To Break Up.
You Can't Do That.
What'll I Tell
Mumsy And Daddy?
Tell Them You Found
Someone You're
Totally In Love With.
Oh, Man,
I Love This Product!
Walt! Look!
Two Emmas!
I Didn't Give Birth
To Twins, Did I?
Darling, We Would've
Remembered That.
Savannah, I'm So Sorry.
Jake Only Likes Me Because
He Thinks I'm You.
I'm Sorry, Too, Emma.
This Was Supposed To Be
Your Big Night.
It's Really You?
Now Do You Believe Me?
Ooh. Sneaks And
A Ball Gown. Cute.
Already Blogging It.
Good Look.
Oh, Emma, There's
Something Else
You Should Know.
That's Who You
Dumped Me For?
Dog Park Boy?
You--You Dumped
My Boyfriend?
That's The Other
Thing I Thought
You Should Know.
I'm So Sorry.
Don't Be!
I've Been Wanting
To Dump This Jerk
Since The Third Grade,
And I Never Had
The Nerve!
Wait A Minute. Now I Have
Two Ex-Girlfriends?
( Woman Singing Opera )
This Is All
Because Of You.
Hey, Hey,
Calm Down, Buddy.
( Shouting )
( All Gasp )
Martina, Darling! Oh!
Ohh! It's Over.
No Kidding, It's Over!
This Is Terrible!
Oh, Our Little Girl's
Party Is Ruined!
No, No, No!
People, The Party's
Not Ruined!
It's Just
Getting Started.
Time To Party!
Taco Truck!
( Cheering )
( Overlapping Chatter )
Put Your Hands Up,
Hands Up
Life Is Just
A Crazy Ride...
Come On!
Dance, Dance, Dance
I Want To Reach
The Sky Tonight
I Want To Breathe It In
Whoo! Whoo!
Wait, Did You
Invite Those Girls?
No, I Thought
You Did.
( Indistinct Chatter )
( Both Laughing )
Put Your Hands Up,
Hands Down
Now Turn Around,
When You Hear That Sound
You'd Better Stop
And Pose...
This Is Heavenly.
Darling, No More
Poached Salmon.
Let's Make Tuesday Night
Taco Night.
Yeah! Whoo!
( Cheering )
Put Your Hands Up,
Hands Up
Live Is Just
A Crazy Ride...
This Party Rocks!
Happy Birthday,
Miss Emma.
Oh! Pemberly!
( Whimpering )
( Laughs )
But My Parents--
Well, We'll Just Have To
Pick Up The Poop Together.
Here, Sweetie,
Uncle Pemberly's
Going To Hold You Now.
Mummy's Hitting
The Dance Floor.
( Laughter )
Dance, Dance, Dance
I Found A
Crazy Photograph
Of You And Me
( Cheering )
And Now I'm Through
With Being Bad...
Ha Ha Ha!
( Laughing )
Gotta Freak That Beat,
Make 'Em Beg For More
Everybody Gotta Get
On The Dance Floor
Gotta Live Your Life,
But Live Original
We All Got Ups
And Downs, You Know
Life Is Just
A Crazy Ride
So, Relax And
Break It Down Tonight
If It's Rough,
That's Enough
Dance, Dance, Dance
Put Your Hands Up,
Hands Down
Now Turn Around,
When You Hear That Sound
You've Gotta Stop
And Pose
Let It Go Tonight
Step To The Right
Turn Around And Smile,
You've Gotta Stop And Pose
Go Ahead And Scream More
Do A Little Dance
On The Dance Floor
So, Just Forgive
And Forget...
( Cheering )
Put Your Hands Up,
Hands Up
Dance, Dance, Dance
( Cheering )
I Guess This All
Just Goes To Show
That If You Really Care
About Your Best Friend,
Anyone Can Overcome
( Laughs )