Fresh Hell (2021) Movie Script

(soft purring)
(ominous whistling)
(ominous music)
(static crackling)
- [Newscaster] Has
to date claimed
over 100,000 American lives.
- [Newscaster] Following
the death of George Floyd,
the movement, Black Lives--
- [Newscaster] An
unprecedented 1.6 million
new unemployment claims.
(soft music)
- Another shit day in fuck town.
Bitches, late to your
own damn funerals.
Oh, my heart. My
heart overfloweth.
- Classic Grace.
Oh, I like this, this
hug thing. (laughs)
Sorry I'm late.
You look...
Jesus, it's been forever, Grace.
- God. How long
has it been since-
- How are you holding up?
- Seven years.
- Great, great. Keep going.
- Oh, I really
didn't have any...
(both laugh)
- Hey, Grace.
How you doing?
- You know.
- [Todd] I know.
- The world.
- [Todd] This year.
- And it's not even June.
(Todd sighs)
God, you know what?
I think it only gets
worse from here.
- I hope to hell it doesn't.
Sorry I'm late.
Zoom call with a
needy theater student.
You know the type.
- Must be nice, babe.
Having a J-O-B.
- I'd trade ya.
Life of an artist.
- Please, fucker.
Trade me. I'll trade you.
Give me the 401k, the health
insurance, Todd, the benefits,
and I'll give you the lonely
nights and financial terror.
(Grace chuckles)
- It's a gift to see you, Grace.
The world should end more often.
- Dad.
(Grace gasps)
- Ella. Ella, come and
say hi to my old friend.
- Old?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Why everyone
get meetings but me?
You and mom have meetings.
Work, yoga and therapy meetings.
And all I get to do is play.
- Oh!
Well, isn't that the
cutest damn, oh shit!
- I don't care. Bye.
- Sorry.
- Fuck it.
(all laugh)
- Cynthia, you're on mute, babe.
- We can't hear you.
- Cynthia, unmute yourself.
Jesus, this one.
Once the baby of the
group, always the baby.
- Oh, what's up, motherfuckers?
(all laugh)
- Damn, girl.
How do you look younger?
- Drugs.
- Awesome to see you
besides just on TV.
- Sorry. Sorry.
Sorry in advance if I'm
like weird or like...
I just dabbed.
- Dabbed?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's like a really real deal
intense way of smoking weed.
- Crack cocaine
equivalent of cannabis.
My students tell me.
- Yeah, my Bumble date
got me into it. (laughs)
- Girl, your Bumble date?
What the fuck? What
happened to quarantine?
- Oh, we're social
- What? He's got
a six foot dick?
- I follow CDC guidelines, okay?
Mask on, pants off.
No kissing, no butt stuff.
Stay home if you sick,
come over if you thick.
- (laughs) Jesus.
- Hello, old friends.
(Todd laughs)
- How you holding up, Brian?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you know, I'm 33
and I just had to move
back in with my parents.
And the kicker is, I
probably would've had to,
even if a plague
hadn't ended the world.
And yeah, I'm not the
svelte baby boy I once was,
and that's all before
I gained the COVID 15.
So, you know, I'm lonely
and I've got a belly
and a double chin that
I hide with a beard.
And I'm bald now.
(all laugh)
And I don't know what I'm doing.
So, that's how I'm doing.
I'm 33.
Jesus died when he was 33.
- Brian, look at me,
because this is real.
You are fine as ever.
- Yeah, Brian.
I'm like, Jesus didn't have
a monster cock like you.
- Jesus, Cynthia. (laughs)
- Hey, that's okay.
I am proud of my monster cock.
- Doy!
I'm grateful I met
you before you decided
you were into boys.
- Cynthia, I didn't decide.
Okay, I just didn't think
much of myself back then.
So I thought I'd give it
a go with girls like you.
- Someone says what's up?
Hey, Kara.
- Hey!
(Todd laughs)
Dear hearts, I'm
so sorry I'm late.
- Actress turned fancy, big
time lawyer, Kara Huff, Esq.
Big trial over Zoom?
- Oh, no. No.
I took a personal day to
reflect on my privilege.
- Well, must be nice for you.
Hey, don't worry
about being late.
Everyone was late.
Bunch of actors gonna be late.
Need a stage manager.
- I need a stage
manager for my life.
- Cynthia's a life coach.
- Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.
I haven't done that
dumb shit in ages.
Not since I booked my
Lass Wipes commercials.
- Lass Wipes?
- Ass wipes.
Flushable ass wipes, you know?
For ladies with assholes.
- Well, that is just great.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's one way to pay off a
mountain load of student debt.
Shakespeare couldn't
do that for me.
Not like Grace, a shining
little classical star.
- Shakespeare
doesn't pay my debts.
He keeps me in it.
- Hey, but you
haven't given up yet.
And that's what matters.
- [Grace] Thank you, Kara.
- Oh my God! (laughs)
Look at you.
This is such a blessing
to see you all.
- You get outta New York, babe?
- No, still here.
One day at a time.
It's been a time.
- Are you okay with like money?
I mean, Facebook said
you were catering events
between singing gigs,
but now those are like...
- Those are gone. Yeah.
I'm hanging in.
You keep going.
It's what you do.
Survive till you thrive.
Being me in this time,
in this place, I just...
It's not like I'm
not used to it.
So I don't sing for now. Fine.
Except for the nurses
changing shifts.
And my survival job is
delivering food for the elderly,
and it's enough for now.
- God, an essential worker.
That is so impressive.
I donated to BLM.
- Thank you, Kara.
- So there's six of us.
Who are we missing?
- Laura, and yeah, the fuckhead.
- You're so...
He's a total fuckhead.
He's like a total,
total fuckhead.
Like, fuck Scott!
Scott can suck my fucking dick.
- Well, damn, Kara.
- (laughs) Hey, remind
me why he's our friend.
- He's not.
It's just when you have a
class reunion of eight people,
you don't not
invite one of them.
- Speak of the devil.
- What's up, sluts?
- How's your podcast, Scott?
- I don't know, Cynthia.
Audience is two
million worldwide.
600K a year in endorsements,
and I just bought my girlfriend
a beautiful pair of new tits.
So I don't know.
I guess it's going pretty good.
- Why are you wearing
a mask inside?
- Well, James,
I'll tell you why.
It's because I'm taking
this whole SARS-CoV-2 thing
very seriously.
(laughs) No, I'm
fucking with you.
- Okay, look, I know your
little podcast traffics
in conspiratorial thinking,
but please tell me you're
not an anti-masker.
- Yeah, we gonna get into
it right away, Karen?
- Kara!
And I would appreciate it
if you didn't use that word.
It's a slur.
- [Grace] It's really not.
- So how do we get
this orgy started?
- [James] Jesus.
- Where is that cow, Laura?
- Boo!
- Boo!
- Jesus Christ!
You guys still not get comedy?
It's funny because
she was anorexic.
- Scott, you are the worst.
- Wow!
That's the first words you've
spoken to me in what, years?
Hi, Grace.
- Okay. Okay.
I know Laura's not here,
but I only have
little windows of time
when my children
aren't terrorists.
So if we're gonna do
it like we used to,
we have to start if
we're gonna go for it.
- Uh-oh.
Is it that time, my guy?
- Ah, yep.
Speech time.
(clears throat)
The eight of us.
Man, oh man, we had some times.
- Woo!
- Every day together
for three years.
Intense ass program.
Learning how to act,
or in Scott's case,
not learning how to act at all.
- Oh, wow! Hey, cool.
Fuck you in fact.
(all laugh)
- And we laughed. (laughs)
And we cried, and we fought
and we got through it.
We loved each other.
- God, we did.
When we weren't busy
hating each other.
- Miss that. I miss that.
The good and the
bad, the both of 'em.
And these days, this
year, the pandemic.
- Plan-demic.
- The psychotic conspiracy
theories tearing us apart.
The isolation, the
deep, ingrained,
systemic racism of our country.
And thankfully, the
calls to end it.
- Amen. (snaps fingers)
(ominous music)
- The deaths, the failure
of the whole fucking system,
the whole goddam thing.
And it's times like these
when you just wanna reach out
(gentle music)
to the people that you love.
Some of us have done better,
keeping in touch
with each other.
We're all spread
across the country.
We're all doing different
things now but...
Man, here we all are.
The world is falling
apart, but here we all are.
So, thanks for
indulging me there.
Without further ado,
let's do something
that we haven't
done in seven years.
Motherfucking power hour.
(intense music)
(Brian grunting)
- Yeah!
- Woo!
- I hope 2020 would be
better, 'cause 2019, woo.
- We got old.
We got fucking old.
- Every day brings a new horror.
- I'm in a bad marriage
and I'm okay with it.
What are you gonna do?
- Fuck 2020!
- So she lifts up the skirt
and it's completely prolapsed.
So I was like, fuck
it, I bought a gun.
I am a feminist, all right.
I would fuck Lena Dunham.
I would. I wouldn't like it.
(people grunting)
- I'm a drug person now.
- Ouch!
- Georgia passed in March.
(somber music)
- Oh my God, Grace. Your sister?
- Yeah, my older sister.
- Jesus! Baby, I'm so, so sorry.
- I haven't cried yet.
- [Todd] You're okay?
- No.
(heavy breathing)
- [Cynthia] The board.
- [Todd] Hey.
- [Brian] Nailed it.
- [James] Laura.
- Laura, we can't see you.
- [Stranger] Can you see?
- [Scott] Laura?
- [Stranger] Can you hear me?
Witness me.
- [James] Laura?
- Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
- Hello there.
Hello there, I said.
- Hello there.
You're not Laura.
- Hello, there.
(Scott laughs)
Hi. Hi.
Hi. Hi.
Hi. Hi, fuckos.
- Hi.
- [Kara] Who is this guy?
You guys, this is ridiculous.
- Do we know you?
- Do you know you?
- [Grace] I beg your pardon?
- You do not know
yourself. (laughs)
- [Kara] What in the world!
- How did you get in here, and
why does your name say Laura?
- I don't know how
I'm here or why,
and I'm real sorry if
I've troubled you all.
It's just...
I haven't seen another
person, a human, in months.
I've seen my brother, my
one, my little brother.
He passed.
I mean, he died.
Can I please stay?
- Jesus!
- It's really weird.
- Yes.
- Thank you for inviting me in.
Thank you for this.
Thank you, Grace.
- How do you know my name?
- Your name's on
your little box.
Hi, Grace.
Hi Todd.
Hi, Cynthia.
Hi, Brian.
Hi, Kara.
Hi, James.
Hi, CumDongmillionaire.
(Scott laughs)
- What's up?
- Fuck it!
You know what? Hey, what's
your name, stranger?
- [Grace] Yeah.
- Ouch.
Call me, yes.
Call me stranger.
That's perfect because
that is what I am here.
And because I'm stranger
than you can know,
a man for these times.
(all laugh)
Todd, may I have some
of what you drink?
- What now?
(ominous music)
- Cool.
- Okay.
Okay. I like this guy now.
How you do that?
- Cynthia, may I have
some what you smoke?
(ominous music)
- [Kara] That's fucking crazy.
- [Scott] It's fucking David
Blaine shit up in here.
(stranger coughs)
- Well, this is weird shit.
(stranger laughs)
(ominous music)
- Like an old-fashioned thud.
- Hey, that trick you pulled,
this beer is local
to the Bay Area.
You here?
- Am I here?
What an immense question.
The implications.
One I am not equipped to answer.
- [Grace] So...
- No.
- No, what?
- No, I will not answer.
- All right, cut the shit, bro.
Where are you from?
- I am from, and in Athens.
- [Cynthia] Greece?
- Ohio.
- That's where we
all went to school.
All of us.
- Oh!
Like, oh yes, I see it.
I see it.
The actor training program.
- How did you know that?
- The sole divergent
reason a sane person
would find themselves in Athens
would be for the
nursing program.
And I venture to
guess that none of you
are medical caretakers.
- Jesus Christ! What
the fuck, dick nose!
Are you a medical caretaker?
- Heck no!
- [Scott] Are you an actor then?
- No.
- Well, then by your own
fucking logic, you're insane.
- Well done.
- Listen to me,
you fucking incel.
Do we know you?
- No.
I'm after...
After your (indistinct).
- Oh.
See, I would've guessed before.
- No!
- Okie-dokey.
- Yeah.
- We had our fun.
- No! No!
(menacing music)
- Oh, God!
- That's the first virtual
dick I've seen all day.
- The first?
- Please, please, please.
Do not make me go.
- You can stay, but please
put down the shears.
Please, for me.
- Come on.
- All right.
This is worse than
jar squirter by far.
- [Brian] This man
needs help like now.
- More like the long time ago.
- [James] I'm calling the
police. I'm calling the police.
- Don't call the police. We
have to defund the police.
- Call the police!
(stranger speaking indistinctly)
- Mister, please, you need
to tell me where you are.
- Fucking nowhere.
Goddam everywhere.
(menacing music)
- [Todd] Oh, God!
- [James] No!
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God! Oh my God!
- Oh God!
- Oh my God! Oh my God!
- [Scott] Man, I'm fucked up
and everything, but this is...
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
- Oh my God!
- [Scott] Oh my God!
(stranger panting)
- Touch me. (indistinct)
(static buzzing)
(menacing music)
(singing in foreign language)
- [Stranger] Open.
- I think that woman is Laura.
(cultists laughing)
- He sees you.
(static buzzing)
(stranger laughing)
(alarm blaring)
(ominous music)
(soft music)
(phone beeping)
- [Grace] Laura, it's Grace.
Call me like as soon
as you get this,
like now would be good.
(dramatic music)
- [Newscaster] It
announced it will roll back
reopening plans following a
substantial rise in COVID...
- [Newscaster] Were
arrested outside the home
of Kentucky's attorney general,
as they protested the
police killing of...
- [Newscaster]
Expressed great concern
that President Trump would
deploy federal agents.
- It's been 38 days and nothing.
This is some cult, death, murder
don't even wanna
go there type shit.
And all of you are like,
just like, whatever. (scats)
This is weird. Let's move on.
I mean, what the fuck!
- Grace.
This is a stressful
time for all of us.
Okay? Especially you, babe.
Come on.
You lost your sister at the
beginning of this awful year.
And now I think
that you're afraid
that you've lost
another sister in Laura.
- Last time I checked,
you were a lawyer, Kara,
not a psychiatrist.
So why don't you stick
to the fucking law?
- Did you ever think
that maybe Laura
just doesn't wanna talk to you?
- Fuck you!
Yeah, you know what?
Fuck you, Kara, and your
whole performative woke act
that goes so far
overboard, it's offensive.
- You know what? You're being
a real B-I-T-C-H. (sobs)
- Fuck!
I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(doorbell dings)
Hey, just a sec, okay.
Just one second.
Please, don't go.
This is so weird.
It says, "Do you see now?"
(menacing music)
(Kara screams)
- Kara.
- These are...
They sent you the
less offensive ones.
Oh my God.
Oh my God! (sobs)
- What is happening?
- Oh my God!
Is this real?
I don't know.
Oh, no.
- Kara!
Kara, behind you.
Look, makes me
lost (indistinct).
Can you hear me?
Get out.
Get out.
Get out.
- What?
What is...
What? What?
- Leave. Leave!
- What?
- Behind you.
Get out.
(Kara screams)
(Kara screams)
(Kara whimpers)
Come on.
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
Please send someone.
Someone is in my friend's house.
- [Kara] Oh no, no, no.
- Ohio. Ohio, Cincinnati.
Her name is Kara Huff.
She lives in
downtown Cincinnati.
(Kara whimpers)
Loin Street.
She lives in a house
next to the grocery.
Oh, please. Please.
- [Woman] Stay on
the line, please.
(ominous music)
(phone beeping)
(stranger laughing)
- Okay, Miss...
- Williams.
You can call me Grace.
- Grace, okay.
Well, my name's Will.
Hey, how about that? (laughs)
Will and...
Okay, well, Grace, I know
you're worried about your friend
and hey, believe me when I say,
I believe you believe
you saw something,
but what you described to me,
there's no physical evidence
to support what you saw.
- I'm not crazy.
- Yeah, I mean, I would
never think to suggest it.
Regardless, we swept
her whole house,
and we found no sign
of forced entry,
no sign of struggle, no blood.
- I know what I saw.
- Okay. No.
I mean, your friend, Ms.
Huff posted on Facebook
one hour after initial
call to the police.
Going on the road and off the
grid for a few days, #blessed.
I'll give you a call if I
have any new info, okay?
(menacing music)
- And Laura.
- Who?
- And they didn't find anything?
- Nothing.
- So look, I don't know
how to say this, Grace.
I'm just gonna come
out and say it.
Kara called me right before
I hopped on with you.
- So?
- So she called me.
I talked to her.
She's alive, Grace.
- No!
No, no, no.
I saw, okay?
We saw.
She's fucking dead.
And Laura is dead
and someone is-
- Hold up, okay?
Just listen now.
What I think is that this is
a terrible and strange prank
and that you are the victim-
- This is not a prank and I
am not a fucking victim, okay?
You too, Todd?
- I think you've
faced a terrible loss
that you didn't
tell anybody about,
that you didn't share, Grace.
That you held onto
all on your own
and I think it's taken a toll.
- I am not fucking crazy.
(doorbell dings)
Do not answer that door!
- Grace, I don't know
what to tell you.
It's just Ella's play date.
- You'll fucking die!
- I think you should...
(somber music)
You have got to talk
to somebody, Grace.
Look, I have to run.
I'll call you tonight.
- Promise?
- I promise.
(ominous music)
- [Newscaster] 27
wildfires continue to rage
across the state.
- [Newscaster] Two
protestors were fatally shot
with an AR-15 by 17-year-old...
- [Newscaster] Has declared
a state of emergency.
(phone beeps)
- [Grace] You never called.
You never called me
like you said you would.
I'm sorry.
I don't usually drunk dial.
I don't usually drink.
I never drink, but there's
a time for everything.
(ominous music)
- [Officer] Okay, and
then they touched you?
- They touched my hair.
- [Officer] Sounds scary, ma'am.
We'll send over a
patrol unit, all right?
And in the meantime, why
don't you send that video
to my email.
- Wait, the video, it's gone.
(dramatic music)
- [Officer] Ma'am,
have you been drinking?
- I've had this
feeling all summer.
Someone is watching me.
Last night, my diva
cup was out of me.
It was on my bed stand.
- What's a diva cup?
- For periods.
- Oh my God.
It's fucking gross.
- Dude, women bleed.
We all bleed.
- Well, I don't know, Grace.
Maybe you're just fucking crazy.
- She's going through it, man.
- I'm right here.
- I know.
Look, we all saw what
you saw back in June
with our own damn
eyes, but look,
I didn't wanna go there
at the time, but maybe-
- Well, no, listen.
I've done some thinking
on that actually.
- God, Scott's
done some thinking.
- Whatever, fuck boy.
What we all saw last
month was a troll.
It was a classic troll.
Sad man in mommy's basement
finds some people online
and decides to have
some twisted fun.
- What about what Grace saw?
- It's deep fakes.
All right, look, I
am a public figure.
(James laughs)
What? I am.
Laura is my ex, someone
is fucking with me.
- You always gotta
make it about you.
You are an AltRight
conspiracy theorist troll.
But when something actually
happens like a conspiracy,
Russia, fucking this, you
can't go there, can you?
- All right, I am
intellectual dark web, okay?
(James laughs)
I'm not fucking AltRight.
- Okay.
Situation at hand, Laura, Kara.
And where the hell is Todd?
- Hey, hey, hey, are any
of you guys on Snapchat?
- No, it's a
Chinese spying tool.
- Get your apps straight you
xenophobe, that's TikTok.
Todd just sent me a
snap. I'll screen share.
(dramatic music)
(static buzzing)
(upbeat music)
(Todd coughing)
(Todd heaving)
- Help.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
(stranger laughs)
- Gu-gu, ga-ga, cunts, dicks.
Bye bye till breakfast time.
(Scott laughs)
- What the fuck is your glitch?
- Oh my God, it's not real.
Jesus Christ. It's
a classic troll.
I mean, it's epic, but
can you play it again?
- I can't. It self deletes.
- Oh, hold on.
- [Todd] Hey, sorry.
Hey, kids. Bath time.
- So, you're alive?
(Todd laughs)
All right, see, everyone thinks
that they just saw you get
brutally murdered on Snapchat
by some person in a dog mask.
- [Todd] I am definitely
alive. (laughs)
Oh, hey.
I just got off the
phone with Kara.
Laura called her.
Said she sounded
drunk, but she's okay.
- You talked to Kara?
You're telling me
you talked to Kara?
- Yeah. Hey, I gotta run.
Call ya.
- Hey, did I miss anything?
- Only Todd getting murdered?
- What?
- No, I hate to be
a contrarian here,
but Todd is fine and Kara
is fine and Laura is fine,
and everyone is fine.
- I saw.
- I mean, we heard him.
Grace, I hate to say this.
I really goddam
do, but I just...
I think that Scott
might be right.
I think this is some kind
of bizarre ass cruel joke.
- I know what I saw.
I am not fucking crazy!
- Grace, we're not
saying that you're crazy.
You're not.
- So what?
So what then?
Do you believe
your eyes, Cynthia?
(soft music)
- I believe that it's a joke.
And maybe that's what
I wanna believe, but...
That's what I'm going with.
- Okay.
- I want to just...
I don't have room for anymore...
I wanna move on.
- Just...
- [Newscaster] Ginsburg
died at the age of 87.
Her final request...
- [Newscaster] Declined to
charge officers involved
in the shooting death of...
- [Newscaster] Has
exhausted all 21 letters
used to name hurricanes.
The agency will begin
using the Greek alphabet.
(phone ringing)
- [Todd] Hi, this is Todd.
Leave a message.
(phone beeps)
- [Grace] Call me.
It's been months. Call me.
(phone ringing)
- [Kara] Hello, you've reached
the voicemail of Kara Huff.
Please leave a detailed message
and I will get back to
you as soon as possible.
(phone beeps)
(gentle music)
- [Grace] Call me,
call me, call me.
Fucking call me.
(phone ringing)
- [Laura] This is Laura.
You know what to do.
(phone beeps)
- [Grace] Laura, I
don't know what to do.
I really do not.
- [Newscaster] Returned to
the White House last night
following his discharge
from Walter Reed.
- [Newscaster] Been arrested
in the plot to kidnap
Michigan Governor
Gretchen Whitmer,
and overthrow the state...
- [Newscaster] Cases and deaths
spike ahead of Election Day.
(fire blasts)
- [Man] Consider this
your trigger warning.
Let me tell you what
your little bitch means.
We're gonna put you in
a choke hold of truths.
We are the victims here.
RBG was a dog.
(women moaning)
- [Woman] Your kids being
fucked by the deep state.
- We can't figure
out what is real
and what is fake.
It's everywhere.
What are we gonna do?
(fire blasts)
Boy, oh boy, we've got a be
beautiful show for you today.
It is a real honey of a show.
You battle boys better
get fucking hard
for this show today.
We got two professors
emeritus from Moscow's...
(loud farting)
(upbeat music)
- Good time, ladies.
I have journeyed threw
that filthy dirt track
to talk to you about
your last hopes.
(upbeat music)
Keep your down underparts
fresh and clean
with 100% biodegradable
and flushable Lass Wipes.
- Yeah, so, you know,
I am thankful to be
in the great outdoors.
It's nice, but damn,
we are isolated.
I mean, there's not even a place
within an hour's drive to
go protest or whatever.
But that comes
with the territory.
Oh, hey.
Look, this is the tree where
I had my sexual awakening.
- Hi, my name is James Howard.
I am five foot eight
and willing to shave.
And I cannot tell you how
excited I am to get back to work
whenever that can happen.
Thank you.
Every morning, every evening
Ain't we got fun
Not much money
Oh, but honey
Ain't we got fun
- They've just all gone
back to their lives
like this traumatic, awful
thing didn't even happen.
Something is horribly off and
feeling it, acknowledging it.
I'm the crazy one.
The police, my friends,
they all refuse to see.
- Your sister's death may-
- This is not about that.
- Grace, I'm gonna call in a
prescription for escitalopram.
It helps with
anxiety, depression,
obsessive trains of thought.
- Thank you.
- [Man] The hardware store
was fresh outta handcuffs,
my sweetie, so it looks like
- Ah, ah!
- We're getting pregnant
- Ah! (laughs)
- [Man] The old-fashioned way.
- I'm so sorry,
Grace. Excuse me.
Working from home...
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
(phone beeps)
- Grace, it's Scotty,
your favorite person.
Did you get that Zoom
invite from the stranger?
- [Stranger] Hello? Hi.
Open your eyes now.
(dramatic music)
Ain't we got fun
- I'm not gonna lie, I'm
a little freaked out.
As you beautiful people know,
I am kind of out in
the middle of nowhere,
and just looking
through my dating app,
and it says that I
got matched to someone
who is 0.1 miles away.
Yeah, so it's weird.
That says 600 feet.
Yeah, that can't be right.
(stranger howls)
- What?
- Get trek to-
- Cut, cut.
All right.
I know it's weird
shooting this from home.
Just give us that
old Cynthia magic.
We'll take care of the rest.
- Got it.
So when it comes to your
lady bits down under,
do you want me-
- Cynthia!
- Hello?
We'll stay as we are
(James coughs)
Goddam, James.
- [Stranger] Hi, James.
Every morning, every evening
Ain't we got fun
Not much money, oh but honey
Ain't we got fun
(Cynthia screams)
(James screams)
The rent's unpaid, dear
We have in a car
But anyway, dear
We'll stay as we are
- [Cynthia] No,
please, all right.
Pay the grocer
Still we have fun
Tax collectors
getting closer
Still we have fun
There's nothing surer
The rich get richer
and the poor get poorer
In the meantime,
ain't we got fun
(gun fires)
- Trust your eyes.
(dramatic music)
(static buzzing)
(phone rings)
(doorbell rings)
- Shit!
(ominous music)
Well, this is officially
the most disturbing
unboxing video ever.
(static buzzing)
- Hi.
So I thought maybe
you should see my face
because I love you
and I miss you.
I think I'm free tomorrow.
Let's talk, and love you.
What he says.
He's cutting me.
My left foot is gone.
He bit me in my toes.
He's gotta keep (indistinct).
(stranger laughs)
(static buzzing)
- I am going to kill you.
(ominous music)
(phone ringing)
- [Scott] Grace, someone in
a dog mask was at my house,
and he ran for me and I got away
because I'm fast.
Grace, and I'm...
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
I fucked up!
They're all gone.
- [Grace] Scott,
you need to breathe.
Where are you?
- I'm on my way to you.
(indistinct chattering)
- This is fucking insane.
- Wait, listen.
- All right, it's a good point.
- No, no.
- No, Grace, listen.
It is a good point, that I
as a cis straight white male,
I should listen
to your point of-
- No, shut the fuck up!
Listen. Over there.
- Oh, fuck.
It's one of the eye symbols.
How much do you know
about the Illuminati?
(dog growling)
- Scott!
- No, sh!
I got this.
- Scott.
(gun fires)
- Hello, Grace.
You have blood on you.
Clean yourself then come to me.
(intense music)
I am sorry you cannot cry.
Perhaps tonight is the night.
Well, my cock's not
gonna suck itself.
Come on in. (laughs)
I joke.
I joke.
You were to come
sit in the chair.
On the chair is a pill.
The pill will calm you.
The pill will make you see.
You were to swallow it up.
You would ask questions
to receive answers.
You were not to leave until the
last sex curtain is dropped.
You do not do this,
you do not see Laura,
you do not walk out of here.
Is that a deal or what?
I said, or what?
- It's a deal.
- Sit, sit, sit.
Take your medicine.
Sit, sit, sit.
I have waited so long for this.
(menacing music)
- Is this real?
- You are that far gone.
Shine a light on your
madness. (laughs)
- Do I know you?
- Ouch!
Well, just another
shit day in fuck town.
Huh, Grace?
That was a great line.
I almost stole it for
the title of this.
(upbeat music)
Smile for the cameras.
They are everywhere.
(audience laughing)
Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.
- Fucking I am.
- Right. Ooh.
Hard to remember
all this dialogue.
How do you learn
all those lines?
You don't recognize me?
Huh? I said you
don't recognize me?
- You shaved your beard.
You got a haircut.
- Oh, sure. Superficial
surface stuff.
Now, have you no idea...
- I don't give a
shit who you are.
I came here for Laura.
I followed your instructions.
I came in good faith.
So where the hell is she?
- Sit ass your
back, amazing Grace.
Let the pill work its magic.
- Where is she?
- Oh, she dead.
Dead and gone, dead!
As a doornail, dead!
As your sister, dead!
As dead as your dreams, dead!
I did that one myself,
January before the virus.
What friends you are,
what a bond you share.
- That's not possible.
I spoke with her
every day until you-
- Fake news!
You cannot fathom the technology
that floats all around us.
You should have heard her.
The real her.
Please, why are you
doing this to me?
I'm pregnant. I'm
pregnant, please.
I'm still editing
that one, Laura.
I can't let go.
- Editing?
This is...
- Yes or no, not a movie.
More of a...
More of a...
Multi social media platform,
art installation
by way of Godard.
(speaks in foreign language)
- That's what this is?
- A snuff film?
(dramatic music)
Sit down!
Or I will stab you dead
in that chair you sit in
because this is Q&A time
and you will listen to me,
because I am not done with you
by a fucking long
shot, sweet pea.
- The cult, the eye.
- Oh, I threw that in just for
Scotty boy, little Qanoner.
The eye is a motif, see?
20/20 vision.
And I wasn't sure then
what kind of movies...
Beginnings are difficult.
- And the penis thing?
(stranger laughs)
- That's your question?
Just felt like a
neat, funny, cool,
strange, sexy thing to do.
Something my character would do.
I was Toobin before Toobin.
Your face is OMG.
And don't worry,
if you are worried.
I didn't really do it.
Special effects.
I still got my wiener.
- And the masks,
all the men that-
- And women, Grace.
Reductive much? Ugh!
You would not believe the things
people will do for money.
For insurance, for their little
poor old little families.
I mean, you should visit
Craigslist sometime.
Or 4chan. (chuckles)
The depravity there.
Those hires, they wanted
to, they were horny for it.
See, when you have
money to throw,
the world opens.
And when you build an app
that changes the world...
The buyout legally prohibits me
from revealing name of said app.
But let's just say you use it
every single day of
your stupid little life.
And let's just say the
money, having the money,
everyone wanting the money.
Oh, the places you will go,
the things you will see.
In short, Craigslist and
cryptocurrency, 4chan grievance,
because babies
love their Bitcoin.
Next question.
(intense music)
- Why?
- Why?
Why, why, why?
Me, me, me, me.
You ever written
an autobiography
without using the letter I?
Because I have. (laughs)
The why is the who, bitch.
(menacing music)
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- [Grace] Who are you?
- Athens, Ohio.
I was a fellow student.
- No.
You weren't in our program.
- No?
But boy, I remember you.
Is why I saved you for last.
- [Grace] What did...
- What did?
What did?
What did?
Use your voice, Grace.
Your big, beautiful stage voice!
Did you mean, what
did you do to me?
Did you mean that?
Well, let's see.
What did...
What you did is you made
my life fucking hell
on fucking earth is
what you fucking did!
What doesn't kill you...
- No, no.
You're hunting us
down and killing us
because you got your
feelings hurt years ago?
That's it?
- Yes.
Laura, she never
knew I was even there
James, he sang late and
he knew it bothered me
Kara, she mocked me
in front of my face
Brian hit on me,
but only as a joke
(woman groaning)
Cynthia stashed her
marijuana in my room
And got me into
trouble with the law
And Todd was
But a few eggs, they crack.
Oh, you and Scott though?
Scott and you.
- That's not a reason.
- Who said anything
about reason?
See, Scott, he once told me,
you look like a woman
afflicted with Marfan syndrome
fucked a Down's syndrome boy,
and you were born out
of the ass of a...
Direct quote, so forgive me.
Out of the of a ass of a...
It is hilarious.
I mean, even I laughed.
Then I was done laughing and
I went home and I cut myself.
- Why am I here?
- Great question, Grace.
(ominous music)
You should know, you whore.
- Whore?
- Fuck me, whore.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
You did fuck me, Grace.
Back in your party girl days.
Back when you and Laura
liked your little cocaine,
liked to hop the
bars, liked to fuck.
- I don't remember that.
That's not real.
- What is real?
(somber music)
Fuck you!
See, it was my first
time and that meant.
It meant to me.
It did.
(Grace laughs)
- Someone called you a
bad word and you got laid?
Tell me, psycho film nerd.
When did it ever
work out in a movie,
when a bad guy monologues
endlessly in a fucking lair?
When did it ever
work out for him?
Tell me Zucker fucker.
Tell me, you shit stain.
Why are you doing this?
- Why are you doing
this? (laughs)
(stranger babbles)
Pathetic. Are you
fucking thick, Grace?
I told you.
You wanna watch
the instant replay,
'cause I have it all.
All the footage.
I'm in everything.
Your phones, your computers,
your smart fridges, your apps,
the things that keep
you sane and safe.
I ramble. We'll edit
this later to the crux.
In the meantime, keep it coming.
We have great chemistry.
- You...
(dramatic music)
- You're not the
hero of this, Grace.
I'm not the bad guy.
I'm the hero.
And you're nothing.
Back in your chair.
Up, in your chair.
(dramatic music)
- You think you could just
kill us with impunity?
- Pretty much, I do.
One thing your little
Alex Jones wannabe
got right about
the world is this.
Money buys power.
And with power, you are pure.
You are free to
do as you please.
- You sick fuck!
(stranger laughs)
You fucking sick.
You sick fuck!
- Grace, what's about
to happen to you,
what I'm gonna do to you,
I'm gonna play it back on repeat
to all my friends in the room,
and I'm gonna masturbate to it.
(dramatic music)
- You're a monster.
- Current state law
says what you just did
with respect to
COVID is assault.
Naughty bitch.
Grace, are you familiar with
the film genre of torture porn?
See, it's a crude
sub genre... (laughs)
Oh my God!
Oh! Oh! (laughs)
Your face.
Your face is too good.
Of course that's what's expected
in matters such as this.
Spurned man.
A past, come back for revenge.
And for a moment, you
believed you mattered.
But alas, nope.
None of it is real.
- What?
- Some of it was, is real.
The tools are real,
the chairs are real,
your friends are
dead, that's real.
Some details are bound
to be real, but no.
See, the story, the identity,
the who, the why, the reason.
No, it is a show!
(audience applauding)
(upbeat music)
How was I?
My performance, I mean.
I had stage fright.
You're my first actor.
- What is...
- [Stranger] What is?
- What is...
- Real, what is real?
- Yes. Yes.
(ominous music)
- Begin with this.
What is unreal?
Do I know you? No, but now I do.
Your friends, no, but
I got to know them
as they got to know me.
- Are they dead?
- [Stranger] Yes.
As I have said, trust your eyes.
- Me?
- [Stranger] You are not dead.
You are alive.
- But why me?
- [Stranger] I found you.
Or you found me.
- [Grace] I don't understand.
- When did that
become necessary?
- You're evil.
- Now, there's a word.
Tell me, Grace.
What is evil to you?
The wrong behavior.
Evil is nature, ours.
We own it.
All of us.
And that is what it is.
Because I can.
Because I want to.
For you are weak
and you will let me.
- I will not let you.
- [Stranger] No.
Why are you here?
- For Laura?
- [Stranger] I told you
she was dead long ago.
Why are you here?
- To kill you?
- No.
- Yes.
- Why did you let me in
all those months ago?
Why did you invite
me into your life?
- Because I felt sorry for you.
- [Stranger] It is not pity,
just a coward's hatred.
- No. It isn't.
- See, Grace.
You are here tonight
because I felt the desire.
The frivolous want to
tell you the why and who,
even if there is no why and who.
Because you believed
and you wanted to know,
and I wanted to see your face.
I wanted to see your face
fade away from
what you call you.
For all of you, I gave
you the sweetest dance.
(stranger hums)
(ominous music)
You should be asleep now.
(drill buzzing)
(dramatic music)
(both screaming)
What the fuck have you done?
- What fucking needed doing?
- My friends will come for you.
You'll never escape.
You will always be my friend-
- You don't have any friends.
- This is not how I dreamed it.
(stranger coughs)
Will you hold my hand?
(soft music)
Hold my hand, Grace?
Will you hold...
- No!
- You see?
I see you.
(somber music)
(Grace cries)
(both screaming)
- Fucking die!
Fucker, die!
Fuck you!
(Grace screams)
Fuck you, white boy!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
(Grace sobbing)
Fuck you!
- [Newscaster] Called the
state of Pennsylvania for...
- [Newscaster]
Announced a vaccine for
COVID-19 that is 95%.
- [Newscaster] His refusal
to concede the election,
businesses and world leaders
have acknowledged Joe Biden
as the 46th president
of the United States,
bringing a contentious
campaign and year to a close.
(dramatic music)