Freshwater (2016) Movie Script

(eerie music)
(upbeat instrumental music)
Follow us for the weekend
Tall is the ceiling
In these unforgiving arms
they crawl and go gently
Oh they spill
You can always make me laugh, Matty.
I can be more than funny, you know.
Come on, just one date.
Look, it'll do your
image good to be seen
with the resident nerd.
You're a geek, there's a difference.
In a good way.
What about dinner tonight then?
Aren't you going to Travis's tonight?
How about I ride out
to Travis's with you?
I'll meet you at the main tree at four?
Yeah, yeah, okay, fine.
See you then.
Wait, what no goodbye kiss?
See you tonight, Matty.
(engine revs)
(water bubbling)
(water splashing)
(eerie music)
BRENDA: Hey, Sam.
It's kind of small to do so much damage.
Well he's a good five feet.
And you're sure he's the culprit?
Those idiots gutted him.
I mean I really should've
been called you know.
How many did they kill
before finding this one?
You don't wanna know.
Well you know how these
podon towns are run.
I mean hell, they called
me out on this case.
The big CSI guy coming
out on a missing dog case.
At least it wasn't a kid.
Yeah as the victim or the culprit?
When you going to the big city?
Next week.
Oh yeah?
You gonna miss working around here?
Oh yeah.
Gator bites and knife fights,
the dream of every young CSI agent.
Well you know it's gonna
be different in Nawlins.
I hope so.
You wanna grab a bite to eat?
I can't I have this nuisance
call I have to go check on.
You're kidding me.
That makes four this year already
and the summer just started?
Well my money is on the fact
that this is one probably
not a gator.
SAM: Oh yeah?
Yeah when you put it
like this I have been out
to this house,
four or five times I think
she just likes the attention.
Gotta love those people.
But you know it gives me a
chance to do some research
out there so.
What's up there?
Well it's either a really
big daddy gator or a
new pod has moved in.
I'll check it out, yeah.
Well I tell you what if
you find a monster gator
up there you just give me a call and
I'll coming running back.
Monster gator, right.
I will.
You have a good time in Nawlins.
I'll call you before I leave.
(engine turns over)
(upbeat guitar music)
I was born with feet so heavy
So I'm gonna show him around town.
You know, help him get his
bearings, show him the ropes.
What's he like?
The sheriff?
He's kinda quiet.
A bit of loof.
No but cool, really cool.
He's done real police work, Marion.
He's very handsome.
I think I'll take him
around and introduce
him to all the folks in town today.
He stopped in here a few mornings.
No wedding ring.
I didn't notice that.
I did notice Travis Beecher
racing around town in his truck.
time for the summer crowds.
I'm just glad they spend all their time
out at the lake so they don't bother us.
I thought those kids
were friends of yours.
I have a serious job now, Marion,
I've got lots of responsibilities,
to serve and protect.
Thank you.
Sorry about that.
(phone ringing)
It's the sheriff.
Morning, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yeah I can be right
over to the bait shop.
Alright see you there, sir.
Gotta go.
Duty calls.
Thanks for breakfast, Marion.
Sorry about that, Bob.
You going out fishing today?
That's what I do.
Alright be careful from those gators.
Ain't the gators you gotta
worry about out there.
It's those lunatic lake people.
Just kidding.
Gators I get.
It's people who are mostly crazy.
Alright Bob.
Be safe out on the lake, bye Marion.
Little late to be heading
out fishing, don't you think?
Well what else I got to do with my day?
I heard the rich kids are
back in town for the summer.
Stupid kids.
Ruined my fishing spot.
I thought they stayed on that
island with the big house.
Yeah so did I.
have a good day on the luck.
Thanks, Marion.
(soft piano music)
(exhaling sharply)
BRENDA: Mrs. Biggins.
Did you get rid of it?
So here's the thing.
SO this is the same log I
got called out for last week.
BRENDA: No it hasn't moved.
This was different.
Gators move so.
If you saw this one moving.
Here's the thing.
If you leave an alligator
alone, they'll leave you alone.
It was no log that I saw, it
was at least a 20 foot gator,
it was a gator.
Okay I'm sure that's
what you thought you saw,
but if there was a 20 foot gator
I promise you I would know about it.
I know what I saw, it was
a gator, it was massive.
Yes ma'am.
Yeah, huge.
(dog barking)
I'm just glad it didn't
get my Fluffy, scary.
Fluffy, hey.
Your little
You have nothing to
worry about with Fluffy,
I think Fluffy's
fine, it's more
the Yorky size ones that
we have to worry about.
You know what?
Just sign that just
saying that I came out,
that would be helpful, yeah thanks.
And thank you Mrs. Biggins.
It was no log.
Okay, have a nice day.
See you next week.
Hi, it's me.
It's fine.
It was a log.
Alright I'm gonna
check on that big nest.
I'll check in with you later.
(water splashing)
(somber piano music)
Stupid fish.
Stupid rod.
Stupid log.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Dude, dude, Matt.
Watch the land.
Sorry, Jason.
That's a pretty girl.
Sure is.
Thought you only had eyes for Jamie.
MATTY: I can look.
JASON: Yeah.
Having luck with her yet?
Well we spent the entire
morning together on the lake.
Look at you.
How far'd you get?
Hey a gentleman does not kiss and tell.
Yeah a guy who doesn't get
any doesn't kiss and tell.
She's a classy girl, alright, I gotta
take it slow.
Glaciers move faster than you, Matty.
Well she's going out to Beecher's
island with me tonight.
Can't get lucky at Travis's place,
can't get lucky anywhere.
Getting lucky.
Our dorky friend Matt here.
Hey I am a geek, not a dork.
There's no difference.
Yeah of course there's the difference.
Do tell.
Geeks are sexier.
Maybe there's hope
for you and Jamie yet.
Oh I love Jamie.
Are you guys coming
to Beecher's tonight?
That's the plan.
Yes, we're gonna have so much fun.
Babe, I thought we were
gonna have some alone
time this weekend.
Oh come on but everyone's
going to the island.
Exactly, no privacy.
Travis's place has tons of empty rooms
and therefore tons of privacy.
Well my place only has
empty rooms and therefore
actual privacy.
I promise you'll be rewarded
if we go to Beecher's.
Okay you guys are gonna, I'm gonna.
CLAUDIA: Bye Matt.
(upbeat guitar music)
Now this right here is what you need.
Can I help y'all find something, Clyde?
Deputy Barnes.
You know you're suppose
to call me Deputy, Kim.
Yes, sir, Deputy Kim.
And you must be the new sheriff in town.
Sheriff Jones, please to meet you?
KIM: Kim.
Kim Whitley.
I hear you're from New York City.
Yes ma'am.
And yet you sound like
such a polite southerner.
It's because the Sheriff's
originally from Atlanta, Kim.
Well welcome.
Are y'all looking for
anything particular
or just checking out the locals?
No I'm looking for some
line and a spinner bait.
You don't have any line
that's over 100 pound test do you?
I don't think so, why?
I just been fishing the
same spot the past few days
and I broke my line twice nearly
took my arm the second time.
You fishing a spinner
bait and breaking line?
Seems to be.
Well that must be one
hell of a bass to break
a 100 pound test.
You sure you're not getting hung up?
I think the Sheriff
knows what he's doing.
Well maybe not, Deputy.
I am new to this lake lap but,
pretty sure it was a fish, Kim,
cause I took the line on the boat.
Well I don't think we
have anything stronger.
Sorry, Sheriff.
No worries.
Can I help you find something, Clyde?
I just thought Jamie was
suppose to work Friday morning.
What is it every guy falling
in love with that girl.
She's not that special.
Who's this girl, Deputy?
No one, sir.
Just a girl.
She was suppose to work this morning.
She's never late.
Probably texted her a dozen times.
Nice to meet you, Sheriff.
Same here.
KIM: Hello, boys.
You know Sheriff.
I'd like to go check in on Jamie.
You know just to make
sure everything's okay.
She's not the type of girl
to miss work without calling.
Go ahead Deputy but I'm sure she's fine.
You know the whole reason
I moved to this town?
The slow down, go fishing.
Be in a town where
nothing ever happens and
people only die of old age.
Well you picked the right place then.
Yeah I'm sure she's fine, you go ahead.
Make sure you check in.
Yes, sir.
(eerie music)
(engine racing)
(tires screeching)
You okay, kid?
Yeah, yeah.
BOY: You could've
been road kill.
Oh shut up.
You just watch yourself, Jeter.
What can I do for you, Sheriff?
What's your name?
MAN: My name?
Travis Beecher.
Watch where you're going there.
You almost hit these kids.
What kids?
You don't kill anybody
on my shift you got it?
Whatever you say, Sheriff.
Here you go boys.
Don't be strangers.
Hey there, girly.
What you doing flirting
with all these fella's
when you know I'm here.
You know you're the only guy for me.
Come on grab your stuff
let's get out of here.
I have to be here all day now
that Jamie didn't show up.
Oh come on baby this place is dead.
Everyone who's anyone is
coming back to my place.
I thought you guys weren't
leaving till' the afternoon.
Don't you wanna get there early.
Of course I do but not all of
us have big jobs in the city,
some of us have to work a
whole shift to earn a living.
Oh come on.
How much do you need?
Don't treat me like that.
What? Come on I'm sorry.
Alright I didn't mean that.
I'm Travis.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah I'm here every summer.
Or Jenny?
Jenny it is.
KIM: Are you kidding me?
I was just
being friendly here to our neighbor.
Oh come on, baby.
You know you're the only girl for me.
Better be.
Six o'clock.
So do you fish?
You should come out this weekend,
we're going to Beecher's Island.
We're gonna be doing lots of fishing.
Thanks, maybe I will.
So um.
See you at six.
You know I didn't mean anything by that.
Just remember who your girlfriend is.
How could I forget?
Ran into your granddaughter
Melody at the store.
Yeah, she looks different.
I'm sure she'll make
friends this summer.
That girl can be so mean.
(water splashing)
Stupid summer people, give me a break.
(dog panting)
(slow piano music)
(eerie music)
(dog wining)
(eerie music)
(knocking on door)
It's Deputy Barnes.
Are you in there?
Hi, Mrs. Castell.
It's me Deputy Barnes.
I'm a friend of Jamie's,
Deputy Clyde Barnes.
I've never heard her mention you.
Well have you seen her
today because she didn't
show up for work and we, her
boss was a little worried.
Oh Mac.
He's probably drunk as a
skunk, he wouldn't notice
if she was there or not.
Well I just wanted to
make sure she was okay.
I'm sure she is, she went
down to the lake earlier
and she's probably still there.
Well when you see her can
you have her check in?
I just wanna make sure
everything's alright.
Thanks, ma'am.
(eerie music)
Matt, it's five o'clock.
She's obviously not
coming dude, let's go.
She said she'd be here alright, just,
let me call her one more time.
Hi Jamie it's Matt um,
I'm, we're waiting for you at the dock.
So just give me a call let
me know how far you are okay?
I just texted her and told her
to catch a ride with Travis.
We wanna get out there
and choose the good rooms
before other people get out there.
JASON: Get in the boat.
Besides after she has to
ride out here with Travis,
you're gonna look like a prince.
Come on dude, get in the boat.
Get in the boat.
Get in the boat, yes.
Let's go!
(upbeat rock music)
(photos snapping)
SHERIFF: You gonna be okay now?
Yeah, I think so.
How you holding up Mrs. Castell?
Who's that? Who are you?
This is the new Sheriff, ma'am.
I am so sorry for your loss.
What's that smell?
Got a little sick.
Something ain't right here.
Where are you pushing me.
I'm sorry ma'am I thought you'd just be
more comfortable back inside.
I can get there myself.
Are you sure that's her?
Are you sure that's my Jamie?
Yes we're sure ma'am.
We'll keep you informed
of the investigation.
I'm sorry.
Looks like you boys got a gator attack.
No way.
Look at those edges.
That's not a gator.
What you have here, Sheriff,
is an unfortunate alligator attack.
Victim looks to be female.
Early to mid 20's.
I'd say the rest of her is
either in the belly of the beast
or fish food.
How we gonna catch this gator?
The bite marks, you're
dealing with a larger
than average predator.
Have to run a few tests though,
get back to you with exact dimensions.
It's a big lake.
It's a big lake.
Probably have to keep people
off it till' we find it.
Nah a thing like this rarely
happens, gator attack.
I'd say he's gonna be
full for a long time now.
Time enough for you boys to find him.
Still say that's not a gator.
We'll get everything
wrapped up here, Sheriff.
Sent off to the morgue for you.
I'll probably have something
for you in a few days.
Thank you, agent.
Thank you.
Thank you, hell of a welcome party.
SHERIFF: Yes it is.
(upbeat rock music)
CLAUDIA: I always forget how
far away this place this is.
JASON: Yeah.
No one can here you scream.
Later we'll be something
Kids can't wait for Summer
Mom's can't wait for Fall
I'll go get things opened up.
Jeez, Claudia, it's just a gator.
I swear it just looked at me.
Hey what's happening up here?
You act like you never seen one before.
They're all over the place, come on.
Not one that looked
at me like I'm lunch.
Yeah it's a huge one.
That's what she said?
(eerie music)
So still no sight of the pod.
Judging by the size of this nest.
This is one really big group of animals.
Or just one really big one.
Come on.
I've seen you before.
Come on.
What do you mean you have no service?
Come on no reception,
you're a satellite phone.
(bushes bristling)
Scared the shit out of me.
Not you.
Looks like you were right
about your large gator.
What do you mean?
Some poor girl went and
got herself chomped.
Is she?
Yeah, dead.
That's why I'm here.
And did that happen
around here somewhere?
So who's in charge?
You'll like this guy.
He's just your type.
What is that suppose to mean?
Nothing, he's very professional.
From up north.
Came here to retire.
Okay, so I'm gonna give him a call.
Make sure he doesn't do anything
stupid before I get there.
And then I'm gonna go see him.
You coming?
After you.
Welcome back, Sammy.
(calm piano music)
Hi can you connect me to the
Helena of Sheriff's department?
Sure, I'll hold.
(eerie music)
SAM: Binoculars?
(phone ringing)
Will you get that?
Sheriff's office.
Look, Sheriff Jones
already gave a statement.
Who's this again?
Just tell em' no comment.
Says she's from the
Wildlife Ecology Institute.
She's an expert in reptiles.
Sorry, an alligator expert.
Says she needs to come down
and check out Jamie's remains.
We're not even sure it's Jamie.
It's Jamie, sir.
Tattoo on her ankle.
We still have to go
through all the forensics.
We've got a hell of a lot
of paper to do which I hate
so you just tell this
gal thanks, no thanks.
Yes, sir.
I appreciate your time ma'am but.
Well I guess we could
use your help then.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, we're on Main Street and.
Oh you'll be here in 30 minutes?
Closer than I thought.
Well thank you Mrs. Gray.
Sorry miss, see you then.
Whatcha lookin' at?
I can swear I just saw.
You're never gonna believe me.
Okay come on try me.
I think I just saw a white gator.
An Albino gator?
God I wish it was an Albino gator.
I mean I just caught
a glimpse of it but.
No, would've been a Crane,
Diamond fur fish, you
see a flash of white,
a splash of water.
You know, I don't know, how
many drinks you had today?
Very funny.
Albino gators are
incredibly rare.
If there was one in these parts I would
definitely know about it.
You're the expert.
Yes I am.
And I'm off to see the Sheriff.
I'm gonna go start the
reports on the victim.
(door slamming)
What's going on?
Oh she's gonna come down
and check out the remains.
Who is coming down and
why does she need to
check out the remains?
Her name's Brenda Gray.
She's the alligator expert
in the area and she's
contacted whenever a report
of an attack happens.
Why does she need to
get involved in this?
She says from what she heard
from what CSI brought in,
it's not a gator attack.
I know working in New York
City the past few years
doesn't make me an expert
in homicide by gator.
But if it walks like a duck
and it quacks like a duck
and it leaves a gator
tooth in its victim.
It's just your.
There's something off.
Alright Clyde, well
maybe this gator expert
will give me some hooking.
What's the name again?
Brenda Gray.
I think she spells
that E-Y or A-Y.
No, A-Y.
Nice ride, Trav.
Hey, it got us here.
And in so much style.
Oh please.
I thought money things didn't
matter to you, princess.
Where's Jamie?
I called her a dozen times when she
didn't show up to work.
Wait, she didn't show up to work?
It's no big deal, maybe something
happened to her grandma
so we brought Melody, yeah.
She's a model.
Uh, hi, I'm Matt.
Yeah I know.
I come to this town every summer.
Oh, uh.
What's the matter with you bro?
You could totally score.
You're a real dick, Travis.
Yeah okay thanks.
Oh by the way,
cells don't work out here.
Oh great.
A little help there, man?
What's the matter?
You coming up?
Cassie and I are gonna go have some
alone time before dinner.
So will you?
Oh, okay.
Let me help you with that.
(country music)
You think I'm
Lookin' over your shoulder
I swear
It happens over and over
Staring at me
Wiggle round and round I look at you
And I want this and
I wanna see what can it
be feeling your heart
Oh wow.
This place is amazing.
Oh thank you, why don't
I give you the tour.
Or maybe not.
Can you give her the tour, Matty?
Matty, give her the tour please.
You give me a tour.
Oh I'm in trouble now.
Oh come on, Matty.
I'm sure Jamie's fine.
we have the whole summer.
Think he was counting on
his summer starting tonight.
Well, here's to the first day of summer.
It's already been a doozey.
It's so nice to finally be here.
Come on, you've been here before.
Yeah everyone's been
out here at some point.
Hey you remember that huge
party we had right after
we all graduated from college?
Yeah the one where Travis
burned down the kitchen.
Oh Travis I can't
believe your parents let
you back here after that.
Well I paid for the damages and look,
we got a great view of the lake now.
Oh come on, Melody, I am
sure that I've invited
you for some event of debauchery.
You know Claudia, you've
always been nice to me but
I wasn't exactly in
this crowd, you know?
Back braces.
Russian grandma chick.
Oh, metal back Melody.
Now I remember.
Okay well you look
hot now with all that.
Okay, I think we should
all get unpacking.
I'm hungry.
Let's go eat.
Let's go.
(upbeat guitar music)
[Cassie God this is beautiful.
Yeah it is.
CASSIE: I have a better idea.
(water splashing)
Hey Kim.
Oh thanks for helping out, Travis.
Hey I'm routing dicks.
So why don't you make
yourself useful and
throw me a beer, babe.
Did you just call me babe?
Yeah you got a problem?
Are you serious.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Big mistake.
(water splashing)
Not yet.
Oh yeah?
Playing hard to get?
Not that hard.
TRAVIS: She's got
a set of lungs now.
CLAUDIA: What the hell?
TRAVIS: Cassie and John,
was that screaming?
Got ya.
You ass.
That's not funny.
I was just playing around.
Come here.
Stop it, stop playing around.
(thrilling music)
JASON: John!
Somebody help me.
Don't go in the water, don't go in.
Let's take the boat.
Hold on Cassie!
TRAVIS: It won't start.
MATT: What the
hell just happened?
That was a crocodile.
Crocodiles aren't in
Lucien, we have gators.
You guys who the hell cares what it was,
it just killed our friends.
Can we get inside cause I think,
I am freaking out.
Yeah I think we're all
freaking out, Matt.
Hey Travis is there a
phone inside that works?
Alright let's go, let's
go inside, call for help.
Go, go, go!
(eerie music)
Brenda Gray.
On the phone.
But you can call me Brenda.
Nice to meet you I'm
Clyde, Deputy Barnes
and this is Sheriff Jones.
Brenda Gray the same Brenda Gray
who recently had a DUI
and assault charges?
Sheriff, those charges
have been taken care of
and should be no concern
to you or this case.
I'm the alligator expert in this region,
I'm called upon successfully
I might add for all matters
concerning gator attacks.
So here I am.
Well I don't mean to
judge you Ms. Gray.
I just don't want any
trouble in my town is all.
Well that seems
you already have a little trouble, sir.
That's non-human trouble,
nothing I can do about that.
So what can you tell us about
our murderous gator friend
that would help us?
firstly murdering is what humans do.
This creature is killing for survival,
they don't have a modern compass.
Killing is killing, I don't
care about them though.
Okay well I can help you capture it
and then we can remove it from here.
No wait, wait.
You wanna catch and save
it and not destroy it.
That is interesting.
It's only doing what nature
will have it do, sir.
It does not deserve to
be destroyed for that.
Sheriff's office.
Hi Ms. Peterson.
Uh huh.
I'll let him know.
Ms. Peterson's calling
to complain again
that the brunette boys are
shooting off their BB guns
in her backyard.
Put her on standby.
Sheriff will come talk
to the boys again.
Thanks, ma'am.
Clyde, I'm sure you
can help Ms. Gray here
with whatever she needs.
Gosh thanks for your help, Sheriff.
It's just,
he thinks it's such
an open and shut case.
Well then I guess I bet
he's not coming with us.
So you agree with him that
this isn't an alligator attack?
Okay I don't know anything for sure.
well, I believe every case deserves to
be investigated properly.
I'll know straight away
when I can examine the body.
Let's go to the morgue then.
What are you following me?
Just came to drop these
files off to the Sheriff.
He left but
here I can take them.
I take it you two know each other.
He thinks it's a
straight up gator attack.
Has all the markings of one.
Why do you think I called you in?
Well we're heading to the
morgue, you wanna join?
I'll go put these on the Sheriff's desk,
I'll be right back.
Well Dudley Dooright
sure does wanna make this
a bigger case than it is.
Be nice.
You don't seriously
think it's not a gator?
Well I don't know what
it is which is why
we're going to the morgue.
I'm ready, we can go.
After you.
(doors slamming)
So which way?
BOTH MEN: Take this road
straight out of town.
So Clyde,
how long have you lived here?
My whole life.
Well I'm sorry.
I like this town.
A lot of people like this town.
You gotta like the
tough guy Sheriff Jones.
Yeah didn't he come here to retire?
(engine turning over)
(thrilling music)
KIM: I think I'm gonna be sick.
How could 911 be busy?
Dude will you shut her up?
She's in a bit shock man, we all are.
Dude, crying is not gonna
solve anything, alright?
You're trying 911 again?
No, Sheriff's office.
This is Travis Beecher,
if you get this message,
something's happening
at Beecher's Island
so can you please.
(electricity buzzing)
Guys the electricity's
off in half the house.
The phones dead.
What the hell is going on?
Okay well we're safe inside here, right?
Gator can't open doors, right?
Right, right, right, yeah, right, right.
That's what it was.
I mean the phones out and
the electricity's out, why?
It's an old house, Kim,
alright, you know that,
you've been here so many times.
Okay, calm down.
Claudia can you get her a drink,
I think it'll calm her down.
Travis, where's your fuse box?
It's out back.
Screw that we got electricity
in this part of the house,
I say we just hover down here,
try to get the speedboat working.
No, no, hovering it down
man, I'm not gonna sit here
until the morning with
my thumb up my ass.
Let's go get your boat.
No, no.
Don't go outside.
I'm not going in the water, okay?
I think we should all drink.
I second that.
It's all we have.
I don't really have much need for one
so we're lucky this clinic
lets us use the back room.
What, no one dies in this town?
Die of anything except old age.
Well till' now.
Easy there, cowboy.
I'm okay.
He's not okay.
I think Barny Fifa's sweet on you.
I think anyone who uses
the term sweet on you
should be over 80.
Yep, gator.
See these
edges here.
SAM: Yeah.
Oh come on Sam.
These tear patterns are not
consistent with alligator.
I don't know.
Looks like an alligator to me.
Case closed.
You know what, let's
not be in such a rush to
get out of town that we
overlook the obvious.
Yeah and let's not be
in such a rush to prove
it's not a gator that we
overlook the evidence.
Obviously there was
a gator involved but.
But what?
But something is not adding up, Sam.
Prove me wrong.
Oh what the hell is this?
Oh I don't believe this.
Alright you know what
let's take the jet ski.
No it's broken.
I have the kayaks.
I'm not getting on that little ass boat
with that alligator out there.
Yeah you're right.
Okay let me think.
Alright I got this, look.
I'm gonna tie the rope around my waist.
That's a bad idea.
No wait, I'm gonna jump into the boat
and you're gonna pull me out.
I can tell you this is a bad idea,
it's like 20 yards you're
never gonna make it.
Dude, I'll make it, alright, watch.
Oh wait, hold on.
Why are you taking your shirt off?
Dude, it's Italian, it's expensive.
You're a douche.
For the record this is a terrible idea.
No it's not, watch.
You ready?
(water splashing)
See I told you, you wouldn't make it.
You're floating it the other way, idiot.
Get out of the water.
Just face it.
There's nothing out here
alright, you're freaking me out.
Still man, just get out of the water.
Almost there man.
You just need to relax man,
there's nothing out here.
Come on man, just get out of the water.
Just get out, come on.
Come on.
Not gator.
Gator, not gator.
Looks like you got this one solved.
I have seen this before.
I know I have.
Hold on.
Yeah excuse me.
Oh god, not the book.
Okay you mock me.
You just wait.
I swear I.
You don't see the similarities?
Where's this?
You were called in for a
gator attack in Atlanta?
Exactly, even you know they're
not suppose to be up there.
Yeah but you were
called in because there
was a gator attack.
Yes, there's evidence
of gator involvement.
And he was found?
Sorta, yeah, yeah, he was but.
Jeez, Brenda this is like
serial killer porn.
You know what Sam, there's
something going on alright.
There's something at play
that's more than just a gator.
If you could stop being a fat head,
just open your eyes for a second.
Fat head?
I'm sorry I called you fat head.
But you,
you have to trust me.
Let's take a look.
Thank you.
See this.
I mean.
Wait, do you see this?
No, what is it?
I don't know.
You think you can get it?
Explain that, Sam.
I'm really sorry about that, guys.
Well deputy, it seems
you just might be right.
What do you mean?
He means we are going back to the lake
to find out exactly
what happened to Jamie.
Alright but I'm never
getting in that water again.
Okay you know what Clyde,
you have more chance
of being struck by lightning
than being bit by a gator.
There's still an investigation
about 30 miles from
here on a lightning strike.
[Clyde And Brenda] Not helping.
Yeah well.
You kids have fun out
there on the water.
I'm gonna stay back here
and see how long it takes
to get a full report back on this.
You know I said I'd never
go in the water again
but I never said anything
about going on it.
Oh yeah that's a nice head, Clyde.
What are you even doing out here?
Kim was crying out for Travis
so I came out to get him.
Come on we gotta go.
Are you just gonna leave him out there?
JASON: Yeah.
We heard screaming, what happened?
Where's Travis?
He's dead.
He's dead.
CLAUDIA: Okay what
the hell is going on?
Okay, okay we can't just,
we can't just stand here,
we need to calm down
and figure out what to do.
There has to be an
emergency phone right?
Someway to get in touch
with the mainland?
Yeah you would think, Matt.
I've never seen anything like that.
This has gotta be a dream.
It's gotta be a dream.
It's not a dream.
It's not a dream buddy.
Hey, hey, hey!
I need you to focus, okay?
I need you to focus and
help me figure out a way
to get off this god damn island.
You're right I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I snapped at you.
Say what we do is we just
bunker down for the night.
Nobody else leaves, nobody goes outside.
Maybe in the morning
the phones will be up
and we can call somebody to come get us.
Yeah that's our best bet,
we'll just stay here, look it.
At least in this room
we still got the lights.
Well fuck.
CLYDE: Now what do we do
if this gator attacks?
BRENDA: Well if you're feeling
brave you could whack it
on the ears and the shock
will send it running.
CLYDE: How do you know
where the ears are?
BRENDA: Well I know because
I'm the gator expert.
Shouldn't we have a bigger boat?
I mean this is a pretty big
gator we're looking for, right?
But you know what he shouldn't
be hungry for at least
a week or so.
Oh, well that makes me
feel so much better.
Do you want me to head
back towards the dock?
I wanna stay here along
the shore for a bit.
I can handle being close to shore.
You know.
You don't seem much
like a DUI kind of girl.
Sometimes dead bodies
are hard for me too.
And the assault charge?
You got a boyfriend who likes
to punch you enough times
at some point
you wanna punch back.
How much longer do
you wanna be out here?
Wait, sh, sh, sh.
Slow down, slow down, slow down.
Okay, okay what is it?
I don't know.
It's like a log but.
You know what is this?
No, no, no, don't it's.
Oh my god it's a gator, oh my god.
Okay hold on.
BRENDA: Deputy calm
down, deputy calm down.
You were gonna flip the boat.
But I gotta get us to.
BRENDA: I know, I know.
Yeah but your hand, it's bleeding.
I know.
Yeah I am.
But that's okay.
That is okay, I've done this before.
Tell you what.
That was no gator.
What was it?
No but that was not natural.
Hang on.
Hand me that stick.
BRENDA: Hand me the stick.
What are you doing I need
to get you back to land
and to the doctor.
Sh, sh, hang on, hang on.
Got it, okay got it.
Got what?
I don't know, hang on.
Oh god.
What is it?
It's a snare.
CLYDE: For what?
I don't know, catching something.
Okay now just get in
the boat, can we go?
We will be fine.
We'll be fine.
(thunder crackling)
Oh god, okay we're going home.
Okay it's time to go.
We're going home, okay.
(eerie music)
Alright Jason, grab your flashlight,
we should go flip the
breaker see if we can get the
lights on in here.
I don't wanna sound like
a girl in horror flick but
I say we just stay here.
In view of each other.
K, that was probably
just the wind moving a
branch or something.
Even if it was.
We've got food, plenty
of beer, the fire.
There's no reason for
us to leave this room.
Are you afraid of the dark?
No, I'm afraid of what I
can't see in the dark, Matty.
Yeah, yeah, you're right,
there's no reason to leave this room.
Um, guys.
I have to pee.
Yeah I'm gonna say she
leaves the room for that.
Okay come on, I'll go with you.
No, don't leave me.
Honey, I'm only gonna be gone a second.
Matt can you just?
Come on.
How drunk are you?
Pretty drunk.
Is it helping?
The nightmare's a little
Does that work?
No don't make me laugh,
I'm gonna pee my pants.
Where is it?
(eerie music)
Is that you?
(door slamming)
Who you talking to?
Thought I saw someone.
I don't see anybody.
Yeah me neither.
It's weird.
Come on.
What are you whistling?
It's just something I learned
in high school French class.
That's a terrible song
about skinning a bird.
It's the only one I
could think of, okay?
(thunder crackling)
Could this day get any worse?
Yeah I guess so.
(piano music)
You know this thing is
actually pretty fascinating.
How so?
Well the way the hinge snaps
and then drags like that
I mean that's like a real bear.
When the gator attacks,
it slams its jaws shut
on its prey, dragging it
to the bottom to drown it.
Exhibit A would suggest this
is what happened to our victim.
However, something metal was used
possibly to
mimic a gator's attack.
Waiting on analysis of
metal object found in
victim's body known as exhibit B.
Oh we've got a message,
please be the Sheriff.
Careful, do you have
any tools I can use to
play around with this thing?
Where you going?
Travis Beecher and his idiot friends are
stuck out on Beecher's Island.
I gotta go get em'.
Okay, you want any company?
You stay here, figure what
this is and who made it.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
You know what.
Taking the Sheriff's boat, it's bigger.
Hey, hey, I need tools.
Check the Sheriff's cabinet over there.
See you in a bit.
Well Clyde I don't know what
tools you were talking about.
I think you weren't my friend.
What about you Sheriff,
you got any tools?
(eerie music)
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
[Answering Machine] Hi
this is Deputy Clyde,
please leave your message,
I'll get back to you soon, thanks.
Clyde as soon as you get this message
you have to call me back,
alright, this is urgent.
You have to call me back, okay?
Don't talk to anybody in Dibutula, okay?
Especially the Sheriff.
I mean it.
Yes, this is Brenda Gray.
From the Wildlife Ecology Institute.
I need state troopers
here on the double.
Yes I have the right to
order back up alright,
I am working the case here.
Listen to me.
People are being killed.
Okay, I need state troopers here.
Right now.
Thank you.
Where are you Clyde?
Beecher's Island.
Boy am I glad to see you.
Been trying to get
a hold of you all night.
Where have you been?
Took a little longer over
at the Peterson place
than I thought then I
got the call that these
folks are stuck up here.
Yeah me too, that's why I'm here.
Some knot out back.
I'll show ya.
Grab your flashlight and follow me.
Yes, sir.
(somber piano music)
(electricity flickering)
Where you going?
I'm gonna go check the fuse box.
We had power for a minute there.
Wait don't go by yourself.
It's fine, it's like six in the morning.
Think the boogeymans asleep.
Be careful.
(printer beeping)
Holy shit.
You are not gonna believe this.
Yeah well you're never gonna believe
what I just found out.
BOTH: It's the Sheriff.
Have you heard from Clyde?
No, just sit tight I'll
call in the state troopers.
I already called the state troopers,
I'm going to Beecher's Island
it's where I sent your phone.
No just sit tight
until I can get to you.
We don't have time.
Alright let's see here.
(electricity buzzing)
Good job, Jason, electrocute yourself.
That's just what we need.
Oh hey.
Man am I glad to see you.
what was that?
Where are Matt and Jason?
Was that one of you?
Jason was checking the
fuse box, where were you?
I was in the bathroom.
It sounded like it came from outside.
Let's all go together.
No, this is safe place, I'm not going.
Fine stay, just don't move.
Hey man what is your problem.
Go back, go, go.
(eerie music)
That looks like a
brutal alligator attack.
Right is that what you think, Matt?
Wait where's Melody?
Jesus Christ, Kim, shut up.
You're not helping
anything by screaming.
Where were you?
You were not inside with us
when we heard Jason scream.
What are you talking about?
She's right.
I was in the bathroom, I told you that.
Do you think I did this?
No, okay no, we've all just
seen Scream too many times.
No, Claud, don't fall
for it, it was you.
What are you talking about?
I was down at the docks with you.
Whatever got Cassie and John came,
Claud, you guys.
Look it's the same night but
you know me.
You told me I'd kill her.
What was that? Kim!
Come on we have to get here.
No, no, no, don't go back out there.
What are we gonna do, Matt?
Let's just,
just stay inside.
Oh my god, Sheriff.
I'm so happy to see you.
You have no idea what's been
happening, everybody's dead.
Oh my god, Travis is dead.
It's that Matt and he's
crazy, he's insane.
Matt's not the murderer.
(knife thudding)
Oh god, Clyde.
Clyde, it's you.
He put the suit in me.
Okay we gotta get you out of here, Okay?
Stop. Listen.
The Sheriff.
I know, you were right.
CLYDE: And there's.
I gotta get this off your leg, okay?
Roll over here.
Brenda, Brenda.
It's not Jones.
Yes, yes it is, it is.
It's not just Jones.
Okay look.
We're gonna get him, okay,
we're gonna nail his ass
to the wall, it's okay.
CLYDE: It's not just him.
What are you talking about?
Okay well you're losing blood I think
you're going in to shock.
It's his pet.
He raised it.
He told me the whole story.
Tell me the story.
What did he tell you?
He said.
He took such pride in telling me.
He was chasing a guy through the sewers.
he heard a chirping sound.
there have been legends
of people flushing gators
down the toilet, it's true.
I guess.
He raised it and he
says the only think he
ever had a connection with.
had a pension for human flesh.
Wait, he's
trapping humans to feed his gator?
And he seemed to really enjoy it.
But he did this to you, right?
Clyde are you telling me
that the gator is still here?
Okay we,
we have to get you out
of here Clyde, okay?
Hold tight.
Put pressure on it.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
This might hurt Clyde.
(steel creaking)
I got it.
I got it, Clyde.
I got it, okay.
(alligator hissing)
(alligator growling)
(alligator roaring)
I've seemed to have
misplaced my favorite one.
What are you doing?
Why are you doing this?
Cause I can.
Hush, sh, sh, sh.
This next one's gonna hurt.
And then there were two.
How funny.
Okay we have to do something cause
I'm about to lose my mind.
Slide a ride, you wanna
go try and fix that boat?
No I'm not going near the water.
I'm not going near that fuse box.
Can't run anywhere cause
we're on a freaking island.
Maybe we could light a fire
and send smoke signals.
(fans powering on)
Is that the power?
The phone.
(eerie music)
(alligator hissing)
(thrilling music)
BRENDA: What have
you done to Clyde?
What's your next move, huh?
I'm deciding.
Either turn you in or
just kill you right now
you sick piece.
Oh you think that's funny?
I think you're funny.
I sent troopers, they're
on their way right now.
What are they gonna find, huh?
A very disturbed wildlife
worker with an assault charge
holding a knife and
decorating an officer.
I have all the evidence I
need in a neat little pile
on your desk.
What does that even say?
Says that you're a sad,
twisted sociopath and you have been
for a long time.
That's not nice to call
people names like that.
You're caught.
It's over.
I don't think so.
Jeez, Jones.
Didn't know you were in
to such a body count.
So um,
what are you gonna do with her?
(gun firing)
I don't like loose ends.
You didn't have to do that.
Didn't I?
Yeah, I mean those rich
pricks, they all deserve
what they got, but her?
Hey listen to me, listen to me.
You did such a good job.
I could've never of done
this without you, sweetheart.
You know I'm not gonna lie.
It's been exhilarating.
I mean,
when you said I could get
back at these rich jerks
who treated me like shit my entire life.
I didn't know what you meant.
This has been amazing.
You know?
We're like modern day Bonnie and Clyde.
You know they didn't even
notice what I was doing.
You proud of me?
I did good right.
I'm very proud of you.
And I couldn't pull
this off without you.
But like I said,
I don't like loose ends.
Still nothing?
No nothing not even a dial tone.
Try it again.
You think something's changed
in the passed few seconds?
Matty, just try it.
(phone ringing)
OPERATOR: 911, what's
your emergency?
Oh my god you have to help
us, we're on Beecher's Island,
people are dying.
OPERATOR: Okay slow down,
has their been an accident?
No, no, I don't know
our friends are dead,
you have to get us off this island.
[Operator] The Sheriff
called in a little while ago,
he's heading out your way,
he should be there soon.
Stay on the line with
me until he gets there.
(knocking on door)
OFFICER: State police.
Oh my god.
Is there some trouble out here?
You have to get us out of here.
what I came to do.
The police are here.
Let's go.
OFFICER: Sheriff, we got
a call to head out here.
It's terrible.
25 years I've been a
police officer and I never
seen anything like this.
Have you seen Melody?
Or Kim?
Sheriff, what the hell's going on?
It seems that we had a unique
serial killer in our town.
Got all the evidence back on
my desk in my office and the,
the killer, she's down there.
Yeah, if only I wish I
would've gotten to her
before she hurt somebody.
OFFICER: Did you?
I had to shoot her.
She won't be killing anymore.
Oh thank god.
I'm sorry about your friends.
Deputy Clyde,
he was right about everything.
MATT: This is all so surreal.
It's over now.
Guess I'll call for backup,
get things cleaned up.
I'm gonna take these two back.
I'll send someone over
for evidence interviews.
Alright, thanks Trooper.
Come on, guys.
I guess,
I don't understand why she did this.
There's no understanding it.
Sociopath just does what he does.
No rhyme or reason.
Just can't wrap my head around it.
We're alive.
That's all I can wrap my head around.
(engine turning over)
(eerie music)
We're okay.
We're gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.
(upbeat bluegrass music)
(singing in French)