Freunde (The whiz kids) (2001) Movie Script

Stop it!
Marco! This is not a kindergarten!
Gimme a cigarette!
You going on vacation?
No idea.
Arent you going away?
Dont think so.
Look, Matze and Sandra ...
III go say hi.
-Hows it going?
-Fine, and you?
Havent seen you around ...
-Yknow, Iots to do ...
But youve got time, I see.
What are you up to tonight?
-WeII ...
We were thinking of going to WiIIiams.
To WiIIiams?
CooI, maybe weII drop in, too.
Both of you?
WeII, see you Iater then.
Come on, turn it off, OK?
Cause theres a woman in it?
Im outta here.
What about you, you staying?
Whats with your parents, anyway?
What do you mean, nothing?
Whats your father Iike?
Like my mother.
And whats your mother Iike?
Like my father.
Lets see if its stiII raining.
I mean, the dripping might just be the roof.
Look Iike its cIearing up aIready.
Look there.
Are those dams? To keep out the water?
If it rains too much?
Looks Iike a rampart,
an anti-semitistic rampart.
Whatre you gonna stop with those?
-Ossis ...
Ossis and communists.
Lets count the drops.
You take the Ieft, III take the right.
First to finish wins.
We have to start together.
-OK. On your mark ...
-Get set ...
Ive finished. Ive won.
Why did you Iock the door?
Open up!
I have to go, Im in a hurry.
Sorry, mum. Wasnt on purpose.
-Hurry up!
Hey! Stop it.
Or at Ieast shut the door.
Danger turns me on.
Oh, my mother is SO dangerous.
Lick it off.
I want to touch it.
-Come on.
-But cooI, OK?
-CooI, very gentIy.
Wait, make it stop there somehow.
Dont kiII it.
Id never kiII PauIine.
Want to hoId her?
-Wait a second. No ...
You hardIy feeI it. It Iooks weird ...
You dont feeI it, reaIIy.
Put it on your hand. Come here.
What kind of dump is this?
-Shut up, man.
Hey, we need something.
Then get some.
Let me see.
Cares and protects, quickIy absorbed.
Ever fucked a girI?
-No ...
Ever wanted to?
Want to watch?
Hi, Tanja!
Didnt you say youd come alone?
Missed me?
Whats going on here?
-Come on, you want it, too, right?
Thats enough.
Thats not funny. Stop that shit!
In a fiIm by
Based on the story by
A.M. Homes The Whiz Kids