Frida (2022) Movie Script

That's right.
I am a painter.
I do.
I keep my paintings with me.
I can.
My name is Frida.
Hi! How are you?
I've been painting.
Yes, a new one! What about it?
I know.
I haven't sold them yet. None of them.
What a shame.
I don't know how I will pay the rent.
No idea.
Thank you for the suggestion!
I've never thought of myself as
an implementer of erotic fantasies.
Come on!
Yeah, to be someone's erotic fairy...
You know that I'm
more attracted to women!
What shall I do?
I'm an artist...
I wanted to make a
career... as an artist...
Do you mean I now have to
change everything I've cherished?
That's not exactly friendly!
I know.
Thank you for your ideas
anyway! I'll think about them.
Ok. Take care. Bye.
Not much.
No, I haven't sold it yet.
But I could.
There's a client.
Next week they want to look if
the painting matches their upholstery
in the living room.
Right. The color of
upholstery and wallpaper
is all what matters.
That's the only criterion now.
If I sell the painting and get paid,
I'll be able to pay the rent.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
All is fine.
Ok. Bye.
And you?
I did.
Your presents arrived yesterday.
I like them.
I like them.
We can.
That one is one hundred.
Two hundred.
Five hundred.
I will.
Do you like what you do?
It's not always about liking.
You try your best,
use different ways,
keep trying...
to get through.
You rarely ask yourself
a question if you like it.
How many paintings have you sold?
We do have money.
We are fine now.
We won't starve.
Don't worry about us.
We are fine.
I can't talk right now.
Send me a message.
Is this Ms Maguire?
Hello. My name is Amanda.
I'm secretary of your
son, Jonathan Maguire.
Right. How are you?
Ms Maguire, I'm just
calling to let you know
that your son will be late tonight.
Right. That's a very busy
season now in the office.
Thank you for your understanding.
He won't be that soon, I'm afraid.
It will take several hours more.
Mr Jonathan has asked me to call you
and let you know that
you shouldn't worry.
Thank you. Have a nice evening. Bye.
All of us have little dark secrets.
From our childhood.
We've seen something
that we should not see.
We've learnt something too early...
that we were not expected to learn.
We've heard our parents.
We've heard noises
we should not really hear.
And then our parents
made awkward explanations.
They never knew...
that I do...
that little dark secrets...
will grow into...
incomprehensible monsters...
that keep poisoning your life.
There's really no cure for that.
You just can't come
without these monsters.
And you still keep
thinking that nobody...
can be as good as them.
This is your legacy.
Even when you grow up...
you keep cheating,
trying to justify yourself.
Nobody can blame you...
for what you have suffered.
All you can do is...
just try and leave it.
And live with it.
There's no way out.
How can you?
All this is somewhere in
your brain, it's deep inside!
Wishful thinking, that you could forget.
You keep hurrying,
thinking of an excuse...
What a boy!
Everything will pass.
And your sadness will go away.
you will want to come back.
Come in!
What are we going to read tonight?
This one.
Mollie's family.
Where did you take this book?
Our class teacher gave us.
All right.
Mommy Kate and Mommy Jennifer
decided to spend the weekend together.
They wanted to go
and see the countryside.
Do you have a girlfriend at school?
Yeah, I do.
What's her name?
Lucy. Can I go to her home tomorrow?
Sure. Have you been
to her house before?
No. It will be my first
time at her home.
Well... perhaps you could take a
small present for her mom and dad.
She has two mommies.
All right...
Maybe you could take a small
present for her two mommies.
Do you know what you'll give them?
It will be this book.
Heather has two mommies.
And to Lucy?
I want to give her this book.
In our mothers' house.
All right.
It's interesting.
When the family finally arrived home,
mommy Kate cooked delicious dinner,
and mommy Jennifer read
an evening newspaper.
Then they watched TV
until it was time to go to bed.
Sarah felt how happy she was with
her two mommies loving her tenderly
and taking care of each other.
Sarah smiled, wished her mommies
good night, and fell asleep happily.
Hi, it's me.
Hi, darling.
Would you like to come over tonight?
I see.
Maybe tomorrow then?
Yeah, give me a call.
Love you.
Big Donkey.
Hi, darling... morning.
Wanna meet?
Sorry, I have a second line. Hang on.
That's right.
Sold my painting?
Excuse me, what gallery
are you calling from?
I see.
I think I can ship it today. Which one?
What do you mean?
All of them?
Yeah, they're ready.
All right. Thank you!
Are you still there?
No, I can't meet you today.
No, tomorrow no.
Not on Sunday.
No next week.
That's it.